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Hello all this is Raisa George from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in BA Besides commerce and science, arts is another
major stream of subjects that is offered since high school. Arts is a comprehensive stream
in itself that offers innumerable future career options to students. Subjects such as foreign
languages, English literature, history, sociology, economics, and psychology are the core subjects
of this stream. Securing a bachelor’s degree in this stream is highly lucrative as one
learns to deal with music, literatures, histories, social sciences and cultures of numerous societal
aspects. Studying arts can be valuable as it equips
students for all aspects of life. A degree in arts can help individuals to discover their
interests, abilities, and talents, and develop to the best potential levels. As an arts student,
you can not only secure prestigious jobs in India, but can also look for lucrative career
options in foreign countries. This is because BA offers you to choose specialization in
almost 25 major subjects. In India students can select their core subject after passing
their 10 + 2. If you select arts in your high school, then you even become eligible to prestigious
government exams such as IAS, IPS, and other kinds of government and civil services. Major subjects that one can choose in order to secure a Bachelors of Arts degree are sociology,
anthropology, archaeology, Asian studies, language, political science, English literature,
hindi literature, economics, law, psychology, and biological sciences. The number of courses
offered under arts subject, clearly portrays that this is a versatile stream that can help
students to gain prestigious career gains in future. In order to become eligible to
this degree course, it is essential for students to obtain a 10 + 2 pass degree. Also, it is
required to have first division in main subjects in order to get admitted to a reputed university. A Bachelor’s of Arts degree can be a ‘pass’ degree or ‘honors’ degree. The pass degree
is a full time degree that does not offer any kind of specialization to the students.
An honors degree on the other hand, is a degree tend to impart subject specialization. It
is essential for students to score more than 80% in order to get admission to the Bachelors
of Art, Honors program of a reputed institute. In case students are not able to get through
a full time degree course, they can then go for the distance learning program offered
by few well known institutes. The BA (general) course consists of 24 credits,
each credit having an aggregate value of 100 marks. It includes not only theoretical training,
but also imparts practical training to the students. In case individuals intend to secure
a BA degree from foreign nation then the admission and eligibility criteria may vary for different
countries. Countries such as Canada, Japan, Scotland, Russia, United States, New Zealand,
Norway, Australia, and Singapore can be looked up to in order to get qualified as a bachelors
as well as masters of Arts. In India, there are numerous universities
that are known globally for offering BA degree. Calcutta University, Mumbai University, Loyola
University, Chennai; Indira Gandhi National College, Delhi University, St. Joseph College,
Bangalore; and Christ University, Bangalore are the names in the list. Besides these,
there are other universities as well that offer both BA pass and BA honors degree to
students. Obtaining a BA degree opens up a comprehensive range of prospects for the students
in advertising, journalism, marketing, politics, management, police force, administration,
psychology, teaching, and more. Once they are able to gain a degree in BA,
individuals can then look for lucrative employment areas like:
• Broadcasting • Advertising
• Civil Services • Policing
• Law • Business Process Outsourcing Units
• Community service • Film Direction and Editing
• Printing and Graphics Industry • International Relations
• Professional Writing • Library and Information Science
• Public planning • Public Administration
• Professional writing • Religious studies
• Social work • Teaching
Securing a job in some fields is easy, but for others it is mandatory to clear the yearly
held competitive exams. The remuneration earned by arts students is very good, but may vary
depending on the employment area selected by them. In order to clear the entrance test
for civil services, it is essential for students to prepare in advance. There are numerous
kinds of competitive exams held for students with a BA degree. In order to know everything
about them, individuals can log
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CAREERS IN MA – BA,P.Hd,Researcher,Teachers,Lecturers,Job Opportunities,Salary Package

HELLO all,this is Raisa George from to our video channel on jobs and careers.Today i ll be talking about the career opportunities in MA. Masters of Arts or MA is a postgraduate degree
program in Arts stream. Not only universities of India, but even of the foreign nation offer
this course. The overall duration of this course is two years which is non-extendable
if an individual opts for a regular, full-time MA program. Besides this, students also have
the option to opt for correspondence MA program if they are not able to score too good in
their bachelor’s degree. The MA program is attainable in numerous subjects
including multiple languages such as English, Hindi, foreign language and more. The entire
two years course is taught in 2 semesters, each having certain numbers of papers. One
has to certify successful in all papers in order to acquire the Master’s Degree. Besides
these papers, there are seminars, lectures, and practical assessment also organized that
has to be cleared to gain the level in hand. Students who love studying for a longer period
and who want to gain post graduate specialization in their respective field can go for this
course. Just like a post-graduate degree in science
and commerce, even a Masters of Arts program is extremely beneficial for students. It is
because it offers them with a strong academic background that can help them to secure bright
future ahead. Achieving such degree can help them to get hired to prestigious jobs not
only in India, but even in abroad. Successfully completing the MA course also makes one eligible
for the doctoral program. Once completing the MA and Ph.D. in arts, one can then become
a researcher and can even work as a head of the department on the desired subject.
The specialization offered by Masters of Arts subject depends on the program that a student
selects for the bachelor’s program. The varieties of specialties provided in the Master’s
program are: • Master of Arts in Education
• Masters of Fine Arts • Master of Arts in Philosophy
• Master of Arts in History • Master of Arts in Economics
• Masters of Arts in English, Hindi, or any other language
• Master of Arts in Music • Master of Arts in Archeology
• Master of Arts in Public Administration • Master of Arts in Psychology, and more.
The candidate who applies for a master’s program must have completed the bachelor’s
course in the respective subject, with Honors. Some universities even organize an entrance
test to get admission to the MA program. After the exam, the universities may even hold a
personal interview and even a group discussion. Once the candidate passes all three stages,
he can then get admission to the desired school or college. Some top ranking universities
in India that offer MA degree program are Jawaharlal Nehru University, Alagappa University,
Delhi University, Assam University, Punjab University, and more. There are also universities
such as IGNOU, SCDL, and more that offer correspondence courses in this field.
Individuals possessing a Master of Arts degree can have bright future ahead. They can look
for career avenues in numerous areas after securing their degree. Economics, Archaeology,
Psychology, Political Science, Public Relation, Sociology, Journalism, Philosophy, History,
English Language, and etc. are the areas in which one can get a job after an MA degree.
From teachers to college lecturers, corporate professionals to industry leaders, bank professionals
to the public administration officer, one can look for multiple opportunities in this
field. Here are some top-notch employment areas that students can look up to after completing
their MA program: • Business Consultants
• Administrative Officers • Finance Managers
• Marketing Managers • Production managers
• Teachers • Lecturers
• Development and Research Managers • Social Worker
• Labor Management Relations Specialist • Public Administrator
• Economists • Film Making and Direction
• Music Teacher • Language Expert and more.
Individuals who successfully achieve a master’s degree in arts can get reputed jobs not only
in the private sector, but also in public and government sector. The remuneration offered
to them during their initial job duration is around 20,000 to 25,000 INR. It may also
be around 10,000 to 15,000 INR depending on the specialization chosen. But with experience,
the remuneration increases to a great extent. Students who wish to certify some prestigious
entrance exams, after completing their MA course, may need to have detailed information
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Why work with Librarians and Knowledge Specialists?

[Background music] In historical times [key turning in lock] the secret of
literacy was jealously guarded [scratching sound of quill pen writing on parchment] because knowledge is power by the time the NHS
came along literacy was widespread there was still an imbalance of power between the people with medical knowledge and their patients Now, the
world has been historically transformed! The Internet has freed access to
knowledge and enabled the easy exchange of information For the health service
this has meant greater transparency and a more equitable partnership with the
public But, the free flow of information has also made healthcare
decision-making harder [Popping sound as each bubble appears] There’s so much information we can’t make good use of it What we need is someone to make sense of it all. [Emergency vehicle siren] Call for the NHS Librarians and
Knowledge Specialists! Our service filters the information from reports and
studies and journals and the internet plus the information that’s right under
our noses the knowledge that’s locked up inside people’s heads [doors closing] and we convert
this into knowledge that powers change [chime as light bulb switches on] We help teams to use knowledge more
effectively using best practice and sharing know- how All this saves time and
money More importantly, it improves healthcare outcomes Health Librarians
and Knowledge Specialists: bringing you the power for change [Closing music]

Teacher pay: Sketching a win-win solution | IN 60 SECONDS

Amid this spring’s teacher walkouts, the
outlines of a sensible deal on teacher pay seem pretty clear. First, there’s a need for additional taxpayer
support. Terrific teachers are woefully underpaid and, in many states, average pay should be substantially higher. Second, an across the board increase isn’t
the whole answer. Some lousy teachers are currently overpaid,
even as exceptional teachers are wildly underpaid. Current pay scales simply
don’t create room to use or appropriately compensate teachers who are doing great work. New taxpayer investment should help change
that reality. Third, retirement benefits for educators
cost twice as much as those for other workers. Teachers need to do their part, and agree to overhaul outmoded and expensive pension systems. Doing so will help free up substantial dollars for teacher take-home pay. Such a deal on taxes, pay systems, and pensions
involves short-term sacrifices. But such a bargain has the potential to yield
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Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities | Invisible Disabilities

and our final award tonight it’s the
corporate award oh yeah yes it goes to big round of applause Paula Vieillet and
Employment Options they’ve been selected to be the 2019 recipient of the
Invisible Disabilities Association Corporate Award through her
passionate leadership as CEO of Employment Options Paula has helped to
create successful resources which provide employment opportunities in hope for people living with illness and pain and disability daily ladies and
gentlemen a big round of applause and dang does that dress look cute Paula
Paula Vieillet Employment Options who would’ve guessed back in 2002 when I first started doing ticket to work and helping people on Social Security Disability and
Social Security Income and I placed 16 people that year who would guess that this year already we have placed double the people in this room [audience applause and cheers] thanks to my staff thanks to Invisible
Disabilities for this great honor and privilege I didn’t just start doing job placement it kind of found me and for me invisible
disabilities has always been part of my life my family I have to thank my family
my mom died when I was 16 from an invisible disability and before she died
she she had a really great job somebody a dentist that hired her to
be a receptionist and that just made me feel so good and then my dad had
invisible disabilities he was Type A times five he had a heart
attack at 40 well I’m a chip off the old block I got his entrepreneurial spirit I’ve got his fire I would say that I’m only
about a Type A one and a half though right Emio so I thank my family my sister who’s
been with me all the time and helped us grow as a company
I thank my board of directors who supports me and gives me great advice
and their Toastmasters too so thanks Toastmasters for making us such great
speakers and I have to thank the Ticket to Work Program the Social Security
Administration I’m gonna thank the Social Security Administration for this
incredible program that helps so many people by providing choice of providers
now you can choose who you want to help you go back to work it’s great I thank I so support the mission of Invisible Disabilities of awareness advocacy and resources and we are just delighted to be able to be a resource to
this community [audience applause and cheers]