Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Ellen Are Definitely Not Running for Office

Hi, it’s me Ellen. And it’s me, television star
and America’s sweetheart, Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Me– me, too. And then we’re both
registered voters as well. That’s right. For instance, if you wanted
to vote for me and Julia as president and
vice president, you would have to register to vote. Not that we’re running. But I mean if we were,
it seems much more likely that I would
be president and you would be vice president. You really have to
register to vote first. That’s our point. Yes, of course. And each state has
its own deadline. So if you live in Montana– For instance. –check your
deadline to register. Or New Mexico, or New York, or– Right, or Colorado. Or Michigan. Or-ee-gon. Or-ee-gon? Mm-hm. I think it’s Or– Or-i-gon. Or-i-gon? No, that’s incorrect. That’s why you’re more
vice president material. [BEEP] Oh, it’s Or-gan. No, that’s– it’s not Oregon. Oregon sounds like
you’re playing an organ, like in church. Oregon. That’s– no, it’s Or-gan. Not– it’s not Or-gan. No one says, where are you from? Look it. I see what it says. But it’s not saying the– It’s Or-gan. No, Or-e-gon. Or-gan. Oregon. You’re saying– You’re– Now it sounds– what
you say is crazy. What you sound– you’re crazy. Again, we’re not running. No. But we will be registering
and voting in that order. Go to ellentube.com
to find out more.

Ellen’s Emotional Reminder to Celebrate Life Every Day

Thank you for being here. I appreciate it today
more than ever, more than I did yesterday,
and tomorrow I will appreciate it more
tomorrow than today because life is short. I have mentioned before that
we tape the show in advance, and we taped yesterday’s
show last week. Whoof. Today is Monday, and
yesterday was Sunday. It happened to be my birthday
and the Grammy Awards. I was nominated. I didn’t win. Not the point. [LAUGHTER] Yesterday was supposed
to be a celebratory day, and then we got tragic
news about Kobe Bryant, and everything
changed in a second. And that’s what I
want to talk about. Life is short, and it’s
fragile, and we don’t know how many birthdays we have. So just– we don’t have to
have a birthday to celebrate. Just celebrate life. And if you haven’t told someone
you love them, do it now. Do it. Tell people you love them. Call your friends. Text your friends. Hug them. Kiss them. Be nice to the
people at the DMV. They’re people. [LAUGHTER] Be nice to them. And I love each and
every one of you. I know that you wait for
tickets, and you get here, and you pick out
your TV outfits, and you do your TV hair. And I appreciate it very much. And I know that I
am lucky to have a wife who loves me so much even
though I don’t have a Grammy. [LAUGHTER] I get to come to work every
single day with people who make me laugh. I love everybody I work with. And I can’t believe I get to
introduce this amazing guy every single day. I love him so much. This is tWitch. [MUSIC – ANDERSON .PAAK, “COME
DOWN”] (SINGING) If I get too
high, now, Sugar, come on. I might never come down. Never come down. You know I might
never come down. Let me get down. You might not never come down. Now, let me comd down. Now, you might might
never come down. Let me come down. It took too long to get
this high off the ground. Don’t run. Just stay awhile. Come on. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it. Can’t beat it with
the big bad door. Can’t see her with these
pitch-black Gucci pants one. Let me take these bitches off. Let me get the full scope. Hold up. Huh, full screen. HD. Let me take another picture. Let me pull it to the preshow. Whoa. Cool beans, cool beans. That’s a whole lot of reefer. Let me help me you
with the preroll. You drank up all my liquor. Come on. What I’m supposed to do now? You talking all that sh–. Come on. You gonna have to back it up. If I get too high
now, sugar, come on, I might never come
down– never come down. You know I might
never come down. Let me get down. You might– [APPLAUSE] I love you. First off, happy
birthday, and I love you. I love you. I love you. Honestly, with that being
said, there’s like– and I’m sure you all can
agree that, like, this is the perfect place
to be right now. When you need this
kind of inspiration and a little boost
of love like this, there’s no better place
to be than with you to kind of get this right now. So thank you, and I love you. [APPLAUSE] Yeah, literally I was backstage
before the show started. That’s why it took me a
minute to get out here because I was seeing to
tWitch, because we’ve both been sad today– and I said, we’re
going to go out there and we’re going to just fill the
room with love because that’s what everyone needs, and then
I come out here and fall apart. I’m so sorry. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SHOUT] [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

Ellen Pays Tribute to Kobe Bryant’s Legacy

As you all know, it was
a very tough weekend here in Los Angeles. There was a helicopter
accident that took the lives of
nine people aboard, including Kobe Bryant and his
13-year-old daughter Gianna. Kobe was a legend
who will always be remembered for what he
accomplished on the basketball court, but also remembered
for his kindness and the times that he helped us give back to
deserving people on our show. Our next guest became
an overnight sensation this past weekend after hitting
two game-winning buzzer beaters in the NCAA women’s
basketball tournament. So you got a tweet from
Kobe, who is like you’re– you love him. I love him. And I named my dog Kobe
after him, actually. So for him to tweet
at me was amazing. And after we won Sunday, he was
like, wow, mission complete. I think you should meet him. Kobe, come on out! [MUSIC – MONTELL JORDAN, “THIS
IS HOW WE DO IT”] This is how we do it. This is crazy. You didn’t– did you
get one of these ever? Never. No. Never, never. Never even came close to
that, and I’ve also never had a game-winning shot at the
buzzer to win a championship. You know like, you’ve
got to understand, that’s like the
picture-perfect moment. Like, as a kid,
you dream about 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, to win
the championship, and she actually did it. Actually, I brought
you a couple gifts. Gifts? I brought you a couple of gifts. This– no. So I got this jersey for you. And I signed the back for you. Wow. This is my favorite here. Yeah, so for your dog, this is
the first time and last time I’ll ever sign
something like this. I put, “To Kobe. Bark with force.” So that’s for Kobe. Thank you. Thank you. You’re going to get one
chance to make a 3-point shot. There’s a line over there. And if you make the 3-point
shot, you win $25,000. So I asked someone
to help you out. Please welcome Kobe Bryant. [MUSIC – KANYE WEST,
“HOMECOMING”] Do you think about
me now and then? ‘Cause I’m coming home again. Go over there, Kobe, and show
her how you just do one– This is a little further then I
remember a 3-point shot being. I think it’s farther too. That’s what I said. [SCREAMS] Yeah! Yeah! Our hearts go out to Kobe’s
family and all the families who lost loved ones on Sunday. Be kind to one another. Bye.

Emily Blunt Praises Husband John Krasinski’s Work in ‘A Quiet Place: Part II’

That’s Emily Blunt In
A Quiet Place: Part II. OK. So what is– first of all,
you’re not driving, clearly. No. And so– I mean, I’m really
proud of John for that shot because it was
choreographed for two weeks. That is not a CGI bus. That is a real bus. John Krasinski, her husband,
wrote and directed this one. Both the first one,
and now this one. Yes. And then, there’s a stunt
driver on top of the car. And so really, my life is in– Wow. –his hands. So I said to him before,
I looked up at him, and I went, well, I hope
you’re good because my life is in your hands. And he just lent down and
he went, I’m the best. And he really was. But it’s sort of terrifying. I’ve never done a
stunt like that. And I sort of questioned whether
John might love me at all. Had he changed the wheel
recently or anything? That’s so interesting. I’m gonna check on that. I think he was sort of
hoping for a slightly closer confrontation
with that bus, but. So what can you tell
us about this one. What’s happening? So there’s a great bus story. Oh, OK. We heard that. What else? I can tell you nothing. Really? Nothing. I mean– really? I mean– I mean, there’s a
bit of that going on, so. Yeah. Still quiet? Yes. You still got to be quiet, yeah. There’s a bit of that. And then, there’s a bit
of that walking around. And there’s a baby now. There’s a baby now. So good luck with the baby. Where’d the baby come from? The first one. I had it in the bathtub. [LAUGHTER] It hasn’t grown up? [LAUGHS] No, it is a
direct continuation. Yeah, I see. OK. You see. All right. I was told that you’ve
brought me something. Missed your birthday. Sorry about that. So I wanted to
bring you something. This is really
elegant, isn’t it? As I sort of just
turn around to– yeah. [LAUGHTER] Well-placed, lads. This is for you. Happy birthday. So this is our creature. Hasn’t actually come out yet. So you get the first one. Wow. I know. Thank you. [APPLAUSE] Terrifying. Yes. That’s for you. And this I’m quite
excited about. This is from the first movie. Do you remember the child on
the bridge who got wiped out? I sure do. At the beginning of the film? Yes. This is the actual space
rocket that he was holding. So– I know. Poor kid. It was over for him as
soon as he turned that on. So you can have a bit of
fun with just the lights. But then if you really
want to run the gauntlet and potentially die– [ROCKET SOUNDS] Right? Wow. Remember this? Yes. Yes. That’s for you,
from me and John. It has a little
basket to sleep in. It has a little sleepy basket. A sleeping basket. But I really thank
you because you’ve been so amazing about
the movie and the movies and so supportive. And we love you and thank you. Well, first of all, my pleasure. And y’all are both so
talented individually. And then, I love that
you’re doing this movie– Thank you. I love scary movies, anyway. I know. I was sure you were
gonna scare me today. So I was slightly on edge. Mmm. Don’t say it. Please don’t. Is there someone in here? No. No. I mean, how does somebody
even fit in these things? Yeah, well. Oh-oh-oh. Well, they’re gonna ruin your
present if they leap out. They’re gonna– no. Come on. Don’t. Come on. No. All right. I’m gonna give you– we have a little idea. So I’m gonna give you a
chance to redeem yourself with Chris Martin. Yeah. OK? Yeah. I just feel particularly bad
because I really actually love Chris Martin’s music so much. I’m obsessed with Coldplay. So I feel like there’s just
sort of a way I can make it up to him. All right. All right. After the break? At some point after the break. After the break– Yeah. –you’re gonna
make it up to him. Big time. Yes. We’ll be back.

Ellen Pays Tribute to Brian McKenna

Before we go, I have some
news to share with you. We first met Brian and Jackson
almost three years ago. Brian was left paralyzed
after a biking accident. Their story reminded us of
how important friendships are, and Brian’s outlook,
given his circumstances, was an inspiration. Brian was one of the most
positive people I had ever met. He loved Drew Brees
and the Saints and his family and
friends, and we loved him. And last week we found
out Brian passed away. So I want to dedicate
today’s show to Brian. I met Brian in 2003 at Tulane. At the end of college, I
was heading to Afghanistan. Meanwhile, in the States, the
Saints just won the Super Bowl. Brian made this
cardboard cut-out of me. He brought it to Mardi Gras. And I’ve gone through
all these pictures and I get to the very last one. It’s Drew Brees and
my cardboard cut-out. Little did I know the
circumstances that would come about. Hi. My name is Brian. I’m 30 years old, and I
was recently paralyzed. In the weeks after
Brian’s injury, I go to the Saints practice– –and I see this picture
of Drew Brees with his arm around a cardboard
cut-out of me. To say it lifted my spirits
and boosted my morale is an understatement. You both love Drew Brees, and
you both are amazing friends. And now I have a
surprise for both of you. Drew, are you there? I’m here. Hi, Drew. Brian and Jackson, whenever
you guys get the chance, we would love to host
you down here in New Orleans to a football game. Bring you over to the facility,
have you come to practice. Hang out with us. You look great. You look great. Maybe I’ll [? sit up. ?] No, see. One take. Dad. Dad. I have a surprise
for the two of you. We’re going to
dedicate two chairs with plaques for both of you. They’re right next
to our friends Drew and Brittany Brees. Brian, Jackson, I want you to
be sitting right here whenever you all are ready. Tell everybody who went to
go visit you in the hospital. I don’t know if you’ve met him. His name is Drew Brees. Drew Brees? Yes. He’s a great guy, and since
you like surprises, surprise! Drew, come on out. I’ve been so inspired by
their journey and, really, their friendship. To be intertwined
the way that we have just throughout
that journey has really been incredible. It sounds ridiculous,
maybe, to most people, but my life is this
nonstop adventure. I have a positive outlook
and try to make it fun, because not having fun sucks.

Ellen Pays Tribute to Beloved Guest Lisa Jarmon – EXTENDED VERSION

If you have been watching
our show for a long time you’re probably familiar
with our friend, Lisa Jarmon. We first met Lisa
eight years ago when she was sitting right
over there in our audience. And we fell in love with
her spirit and enthusiasm. And over the years,
she became a big part of The Ellen Show family. Last week, we got the
heartbreaking news that Lisa passed away after
battling breast cancer. And today, we want to celebrate
her life and honor her legacy. First, here’s a
look back at Lisa. Here she is now,
Ellen DeGeneres. Last week, there was
somebody in the audience that got my attention. My name is Lisa Jarmon. I live in Fresno, Texas. And I’m a single working mom. I never say that I’m poor. I never say that I’m struggling
because to me, I’m not. To me, I just live like I live. All my energy comes
from the Lord up above. Come on down, Lisa. (SINGING) I’m on my way. I’m on my way. How’s it going? Oh! Ellen brought me on the stage. I sat where stars sat– my butt. And ever since I sat in that
seat, my whole life changed. OK, so here’s what happened. We saw that– OK, not yet? We saw that energy and
I loved it so much. And I said, I want to meet her. They go, uh– well, listen. And I love you even
more now talking to you. Really? And we know a little bit– I love you too. So much. So much! I love your reaction
when you’re surprised. So I want to surprise you again. No. No. Why not? Why not? Don’t do that. [INAUDIBLE] I’m going to surprise you
because I know you need this. I know you need a new– What? What? A brand new car. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] When Ellen gives you
something, she gives you life changing somethings. I just want to help
you in any way I can. I also want to give you– No, no. I also want to– It’s OK. I also– I also– I also– I want to give you
all 12 days of the giveaways. I almost lost my mind. No, no, no! Just turn your head. No, no, no, no, no, no. Who’s life wouldn’t
be changed after that. You have to promise me
that you’re going to be OK, because we have oxygen.
We have the EMT. He really is an EMT. No promises. You’re good. We want you to have
your own custom built to own home by KB Home. You’re getting a
brand new house. [AUDIENCE CHEERS] You’re going to have
your own home, Lisa. I heard that you
have been driving by the house every single day. Yup. You can’t keep doing that. They’re trying to surprise you. And every day you
drive by, they see you. They are like, Lisa’s
driving by the house. Take your blindfold
off and we’re going to open up those doors. Oh, my god! It makes us happy, Lisa,
because you really deserve it. We recently learned
that Lisa was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. It’s good to see you. And when I heard
about this, obviously, we wanted to see you. And how are you
feeling right now? Well, I feel good right now. I’m here. Are you kidding me? Yeah. This makes me so happy. I mean, everything you’ve
done, I’m so happy right now. I love this woman. She’s our family. And clearly, everyone
else felt the same way. We have gotten over 8,000
emails, just about you. Ellen, after watching
Lisa Jarmon on your show, I couldn’t fight back the tears. Her sweet spirit helped me
realize that you should never lose faith or give up. Ellen, Lisa Jarmon is my
all time favorite guest. Her amazing spirit and
attitude keep me pushing on. When we feel like someone
is a member of our family, we give them a seat
in the audience. And we found the
seat that you sat in. And we have the Lisa
Jarmon seat right there. Shut up! That was your first seat. Ellen, are you kidding me? All that because we saw
you in the audience and you had this light about you
and this spirit about you that I just loved. I don’t know how you do it. You have such a
positive attitude. A lot of people complain
and a lot of people say, I can’t do it. You can. And when you say you can’t,
that’s when you can’t do it. Right. You just never say
you can’t do it. Right. Because you want to do
it, so you just do it. And just be happy. [MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Every time Lisa was here,
her best friend Renita was right by her side. And Renita is here,
sitting in her seat today. Hi. [APPLAUSE] First of all, how are you doing? I’m doing OK. Up and down. You know, some tears. Lots of laughter. That’s how she would
have wanted it. Her family is doing the same. As well as can be expected. But they know they need
to be strong and for her, and we’re going to be
celebrating her life. Yeah, she was a force. I’m sorry, I interrupted. Oh, I just wanted to let you
know, everything that you have done, you were her family. And you made her
feel so special here. It was joy coming
here, just pure joy. The fact that you
gave her own seat, that was probably one
of the happiest moments that she’s had. And just, thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve
done for her and her family. Well, it’s our pleasure. We’ll be right back. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer. And also, some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities. If you’re into
that sort of thing. [BLEEP] God! [BLEEP]

Ellen Meets Teen Who Paid It Forward After Getting Wisdom Teeth Out

Last week, I kicked off
a Starbucks challenge where I asked my viewers
to use their rewards to pay for someone’s order. And I’ve received some
amazing submissions so far. This one, I showed yesterday–
from a 16-year-old who just had her wisdom teeth
removed, is on another level. In case you didn’t
see it, here it is. [GASPS] Mom, can
we go to Starbucks and pay for the
people behind us? Cause Ellen said, if I
pay for someone behind me, and I send her a video on
Ellentube, then I can– then I can– I forgot. [LAUGHTER] I’m here for Ellen. Ellen? Yeah. Thank you, Ellen. [LAUGHS] We good? Have a great day. How much was it? I don’t know. Are we supposed to know
how much I just spent? It’s somewhere around $4. Holy smokes. [LAUGHTER] Did they say, thank you? [LAUGHTER] Well, I hope they like it. Do you think Ellen’s
going to be proud of you? Yeah, I just payed it backwards. [LAUGHTER] Spreading kindness. [LAUGHS] Yeah, I just spread kindness,
just like Ellen does. That’s so nice of me. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Ah. [MUSIC – PHARRELL WILLIAMS,
“HAPPY”] Hi. [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] [SQUEALS] Oh, my gosh. So nice to meet you. Hi, nice to meet you. Oh, my gosh. Hey, Brynn. Hi, how are you? I’m good. How are you? Oh, my God. Congratulations on
your Golden Globe. Oh thanks. Thanks so much, Brynn. Oh, my God, I love you. Oh, thank you. Well, thanks for being here. First of all, I wanted to
tell you, I am proud of you. Thank you. [LAUGHS] So you’re from Illinois. And we got you here in a hurry. We actually called you– Last night. Yeah. [LAUGHS] And said, get on a plane. Yeah, no school today. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Thank you for being here. Thank you so much for having me. Yeah. So now, do you remember when– This is crazy. –you were recording that,
when you looked at it back, did you remember it? No, not at all. I literally went
out on anesthesia. The next morning, my
sister showed me it. And I freaked out, cause I saw
it on Instagram a few days ago. I saw what was going on and that
you had a challenge going on. So I think it was just
in the back of my brain. Right. And then, boom, I’m here. Yeah. And I freaked out. Yeah, you payed it backwards. I– [LAUGHS] Yeah. [LAUGHTER] New challenge. Yeah. So [LAUGHS] it
comes full circle. When you pay it backwards,
you go all the way around. So this was bucket list that you
wanted– to come to the show, right? This is it. This is like– I mean, this is like, peaked. I don’t need to do anything. [LAUGHTER] You need to do
nothing else in life? Yeah, I just go home after this. All right. [LAUGHS] This is the
best day of my life. I love you so much. This is crazy. That’s so sweet. Well, I love that you
saw that on Instagram, and that you thought about
that, and you were so out of it that it just still was in
the forefront of your mind. Right. So you got your wisdom
teeth out– literally, this happened the
other day, right? Yeah, Friday. How are you feeling? [LAUGHTER] I’m feeling– [LAUGHS] oh, God. I’m feeling OK. I’m still a little swollen,
but I’m smiling just constantly here. So I’m just like, it’s
like this weird push-pull. I’m like, um, I’m just hurt,
but I’m smiling cause I’m here. Yeah. It’s the best thing ever. It’s probably not the best
thing to bring someone right after they had
their wisdom teeth– Probably not. Yeah, I’m so sorry. Things happen. All right. [LAUGHS] Well, so I want to
pay– it was $4, right? Yeah. OK, let me see if I have– [LAUGHS] Yeah. [LAUGHTER] [APPLAUSE] Yeah, I have– that’s so
weird– just exactly $4. Just $4, right, on the dot. All right, so there’s your $4. So I’m paying you back. Well, thank you. Yeah, you’re welcome. You just payed it backwards. Yeah, yeah, I
payed it backwards. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] All right, we’ll be right back. So in the video, do you
remember what the prize was for when I like the video? Do you remember what it was? Not really. [LAUGHS] OK. Well, the prize is
you get to come back and sit in that Starbucks
Starbox for my birthday show. So you’re here today, but– [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, thank you. So then you’ll come
back again in a couple of weeks for my birthday show. It’ll be fun. Oh, my gosh, thank you so much. Yeah, right. [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] Oh, my gosh. This is great. Yeah. I don’t think we can fly you,
because we already flew you. So you’ll drive. But– [LAUGHTER] I would run here. I would. [LAUGHS] Starbucks also wants you
to keep spreading kindness, so they’re going to
load you with 10,000 stars on your rewards
account, and also reward you with a check for $10,000. [APPLAUSE, CHEERING] Oh, my God. Oh, my God. This is crazy. Isn’t that crazy? It is so crazy. It’s crazy. Send in your videos of paying
it forward or backwards at Starbucks, and you can end
up sitting in my Starbox, too. I want to thank Coldplay,
Aubrey Plaza, and Jamie Foxx. Oh, my gosh. I’ll see you tomorrow. Be kind to one another. Bye.

Chris Martin Nearly Embarrassed His Teen Daughter at Work

Jonny Buckland, Chris
Martin, world champion in [INAUDIBLE] Coldplay. We’re going to go on
to be such a huge band. This will be on
national television within four years, four years. It’s now the 26th of June, 1998. By the 26th of June 2002,
Coldplay, or the band, whatever they’re
called then, will be known just all over, man. We’re going to [INAUDIBLE]. Guy, Will, John, and Chris. Don’t you forget. [APPLAUSE] The band was called Starfish? Yeah. Starfish. This is the worst
day of my life. No, it’s not. No, it’s not. Listen, how old were you there? 12. [LAUGHTER] I mean, a lot of people–
look, you had confidence. And you were absolutely right. That was 20 years ago. And you– That was bravado. Sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt. Finish. No, that’s– but exactly. But you were young,
and you were right. – Yeah. But that’s– –to a point. But no one likes hearing their
voice on the answer phone kind of thing. Right. That makes me feel awful. No, awe, does it? Johnny likes it, though. Yeah, I enjoyed it. All right, well,
I don’t ever want you to be here feeling awful. That’s not my intent. No, I’m joking. But I think we dreamed
big without thinking it might be possible. Right. So when I said that,
I’m sure I half felt it, but also thought I was
saying something ridiculous. Yeah, but don’t you think
that because you said it, I think that we all create
our reality by manifestation. I mean, we all want
something and we take steps in that direction. And we can make things happen. Don’t you believe that? Yeah, I definitely do. And don’t believe that? Yeah. Yeah, so that was all
part of it happening. Yeah, it’s amazing. Yeah, it’s very cool. Thank you, everybody. Yeah. Because ultimately–
we only survived because of other people. Exactly. And so at that point,
we had zero fans. And that’s the only reason
why we’re still going is because of all
those other people. And all these people here. Especially that man up there. Yeah, that man. [APPLAUSE] All right, are your kids– are they like– do
they think you’re cool, or do they make fun of you
like my nieces make fun of me? We were just talking about this. I didn’t tell you this story
what happened on Sunday. My daughter works
in a clothing store. It’s her first job. And she’s about to be 16. And I’m so proud of her. And she’s making her
way in the world. And I didn’t tell her, I went to
surprise her, not surprise her. I went to see. And I thought I
better buy something. So I took a t-shirt
from the rack. And I lined up in the queue. And she was at the
checkout, two check outs. That’s what you call
them, right, in America? Yeah. And she saw me. And she went like this. [LAUGHTER] And I felt terrible. And so I moved to
the other line, just holding my t-shirt
really scared of my daughter. And I paid for the t-shirt. And I had bought her some fudge. She loves the candy fudge. So I said to the lady could you
just give this to my daughter. And as I was leaving, she
shouted I love you, dad. That was my– Awe, that’s so sweet. [INAUDIBLE]

Ellen’s Fan Pays It Forward – and Backwards – with Starbucks® Rewards

tWitch, I normally give you a
minute to catch your breath. Today, I’m going to do
something completely different. Andy– look at that. I like that. Yeah, no need to thank me. That came right out
of your paycheck. [LAUGHTER] Great. Last week, I announced
that we’re partnering with Starbucks rewards. If you don’t have the
Starbucks app yet, you’ve got to download it. Once you sign up for the
Starbucks rewards program, you can start earning rewards. And then you can use those
rewards to pay it forward. And I asked some of
my viewers to surprise a stranger at Starbucks
and pay for their drink. And the videos have
been pouring in. Thank you so much. This is one that I
have to show you. This one is from someone named
Michelle in Aurora, Illinois. Her daughter Brynn had
just gotten her wisdom teeth taken out, which
is always fun to watch. Mom, can we go to Starbucks and
pay for the people behind us because Ellen said, if I
pay for someone behind me, and I send her a video on
Ellentube, then I can– then I can– I forgot. I’m here for Ellen. For Ellen? Yeah. Thank you, Ellen. We good? Have a great day. How much was it? I don’t know. Are we supposed to know
how much I just spent? It’s somewhere around $4. Holy smokes. Did they say, thank you. Well, I hope they like it. Do you think Ellen’s
going to be proud of you? Yeah, I just paid it backwards. Spreading kindness. Yeah, I just spread kindness
just like Ellen does. That’s so nice of me. [LAUGHTER] It is nice of you, Brynn. I am proud of you. I want to meet you. So come here as soon as you can. All right, that was so great. I’m going to meet Brynn. She’s going to come
here someday soon. And the rest of
you, please send me videos of you paying it forward
or backwards at Starbucks. You could end up sitting
in my Skybox there. And you don’t have to have
your wisdom teeth taken out. But it always is funnier.