Payment Processing: Misleading Terms & Tactics

Welcome to today’s Maverick Minute… The five most hated words in payment processing… As a merchant you might be frustrated with the word choices that are used in the payment processing world… And the misleading terms, are no help to new business owners either. We combed through hundreds of pages of payment processing contracts and sales information… And here are our top commonly used words for the payment industry that should be banned… DISCOUNT Sounds a deal right? Who wouldn’t want the highest possible discount for their processing rate? Right? Ha! Well, NO! Because this so-called “discount” it’s actually the amount YOU are charged! So you want this so-called discount to be as close to 0% as possible. It seems honest and legitimate… Be careful with the word APPLY… It isn’t always an application to qualify, but rather a binding contract for the processing services. AS LOW AS… That bargain-basement rate sounds so good when you’re window-shopping processors! But hold the phone there… That “as low as”
advertised is usually just the lowest possible “qualified”
rate. Not actually a rate you would receive. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES No, it’s not when you run into an unusual water problem with your business or experienced flooding damages. Here’s the thing… If your processing contract has language that allows for liquidated damages to be enforced and you decided to close your contract before your term is up, then the processor has the right to collect a specified percentage of what THEY would have earned from you over the course of the remainder of your contract. AUTO-RENEWAL That sounds like a great option! …Like… when a video game respawns you when you die in a level! Except here auto-renewal is not a helpful feature! Let’s say you sign a three-year contract that automatically renews for two year periods after the initial term expires. No big deal, right? Well true… Unless you have an early termination fee! Because of six years after opening your account you want to close it? You’ll still be charged an early termination fee. And that’s because the entire contract renews including the termination fee section… BAD DEAL! What are your least favorite words or phrases in the payment processing industry? Tell us in the comments! Oh, hey! Try not to get discouraged by all the tricky language out there. We’ve got plenty of helpful content on our website, too…And Now go ahead and subscribe to our channel. There’s plenty more payment processing, point-of-sale, and other business content coming your way. Stay tuned!

Use Your Stories EVERYWHERE… They Are Your Biggest Marketing Asset

– Everywhere and anywhere that we were communicating, bless you. Whether communication’s
happening in email, live, in video, sales page, ads, you wanna be using your
stories everywhere. And you think that
people are gonna get sick of hearing your stories. But you keep tellin’ those stories. I’m telling ya, the stories
are your biggest asset. Basically, anytime you’re
flappin’ your lips, you are telling a story. When somebody asks a question you say, “That’s a great question,
that reminds me of”, you go into a story of somebody
who had the same question.

{MARKETING 101} You Can’t Market PRODUCTS the Same Way You Market SERVICES

hey everyone its Emily Benson from stylish and successful i’m back and i am really excited today I have a lot of new things to talk about since I was last year two weeks ago so if you’re watching the replay thank you very much for being here I appreciate it and I love for you to share this with your friends if you find this useful or helpful or sharing a group something like that um I am here to really help so all right so what we’re talking about today is the difference between selling a product or service i’m just sharing this over on my group page which is called do what I want club if you want you are welcome to join that and all you have to do is search in the search bar at the top of facebook for the i do what i want club for entrepreneurs and is my private facebook group where I give tips tricks and stuff so I’m trying over there and down here so hello alright so I’m gonna be honest with you I’ve been finding that there’s a lot of people who are in entrepreneurial circles who are really starting to get confused about the difference between selling a product and selling a service because there is a very big difference okay so my background is in product so for 12 years Iran product based businesses in the fashion industry in retail and fashion so i can sell the hell out of a product ok like that is the easy thing for me so when I switched over into doing small business consulting i started to learn how do i market my service that was a whole new world for me ok so now that I do small business consulting for creative entrepreneurs I’ve seen this come up a lot with crew especially creative people because we’re kind of all over the place right and we want to try whatever will work but what I find is that the confusion lies in marketing your product versus marketing your service so long to get back so if you sell a product that means you out something physical that can you touch that can be used that can be on Warren whatever that is you cell service you’re selling something like maybe your hair stylist mean your makeup artist maybe your maybe your coach maybe you are what else the service stylist maybe you’re an interior designer those are all services right you’re selling your time essentially vs selling something that is physical so the difference between marketing these is huge and this is where I see because what happens is that in facebook advertising people are selecting to advertise to you and me they’re selecting entrepreneurs right you are out there giving like inspirational things so when you sign up for their freebie you’re getting hooked in to the service based world right so I feel like a lot of products these people are kind of getting zero off track so if you have questions while we’re talking feel free to comment below also let me know if you’re here say hi and we just moved into a new place for on our travels so I have an awesome new background questions about and i always love my hair someone else commented video I saw your hair philosophers like yeah it was like my hair oh so okay so let’s talk about what happens when a product versus a service ok so if your marketing a service that’s pretty simple ok so you have your packages you have your knees what you’re really good at and you’re going to either create a freebie or something that you some sort of content or value that you know can help your ideal client right so there’s nothing different between a product or service around your ideal client right you always need to know who your ideal time is there’s a lot of fuss about lead magnets with magnets yeah I know you should be doing a lead magnet if you have a product based business I a lead magnet is another word for free be so a freebie is something where you’re giving value content and that is what I’m people are signing up for so like for me I have a download that is called it’s like a tip sheet for creative entrepreneurs how to make more money in their business so but that’s selling my service I’m service-based entrepreneur what I had a product based business how did a semi-product i sold it through on facebook advertising those products driving people to my e-commerce site i sold through auctions on my facebook page through instagram i’m so i’m going to go through the different ways to actually market your product because it’s really different and I’ve seen this happen I’ve had a lot of people actually reaching out to me that are confused around you know what happens with product basis and that is really one of my big change so I want to be here to define that so if you have a service-based business absolutely create a freebie that you can have someone go to a landing page so also free b equals lead magnet same idea so you’re you’re magnetizing leads for your business a lead would be like a person who would potentially turn and convert into a customer right I’m so did you so if your service basis you’re creating that free me you are marketing it through maybe your blog post made your facebook advertisement and then you’re getting people to sign up for your email list right so all this like yes driving people to sign up for the email list is awesome because once you got a free email list then you can keep communicating with them right so we all want big email us i don’t care what you sell the email us is key but how do you get people on that email is how do you get people interested in what you’re selling is a little bit different when your product versus service so if your service base with this absolutely and i can do a whole no live stream on that this i’m excited because i feel like product business people are a little bit confused and again I know exactly where the confusion comes from it comes from the fact that when you’re seeing Facebook advertisements on your facebook news feed the people that are targeting you like pages they’re they’re trying to target you because you like entrepreneur pages right because we’re all entrepreneurs like if you’re a small business owner you want to start a small business you’re an entrepreneur period but what kind of entrepreneur you are depends on what you sell and what you’re selling right so let’s talk more about physical products so like I said you do want to get people on your email us if you have a physical product and you want to focus on what your customer needs right go always going back to the ideal client we’re always going back to who who is it that we’re selling our product or service to we’re always going back to that we’re always like triple checking with that but when you have a product the big thing if there’s three things right that I want to talk about so number one is ecommerce like having your website so I’ve heard some people talking about SE li I have very mixed feelings about etsy I’m you yeah if you want to your business as a hobby i would say absolutely do se ok it’s a really great way because there are built-in SEO search engine optimization it’s sending you to XE you can be like a feature product or whatever but if you’re truly excited about selling your product i would a thousand percent hahira him again uh I would absolutely thousand percent have your own website where you sell under own brand name i’m under your own under what you’re doing right whatever your company name is or if like you’re selling a cool t-shirt maybe it’s like the home t-shirt com or something like that you can’t get you oh true ya SE has like a lot of downfalls I think it’s good for like a crafter or someone who just wants to like make a little extra money but if you’re seriously like wanting to go you’re banned and grow your product is possessed I don’t know starting to think that SC is the right way to go and again I’m going to a whole life you want that to my not that great but you don’t have a lot of control over who is senior stuff yeah maybe they have a bigger search engine but i don’t know i just don’t feel great about that so having your own e-commerce site is really important now how can you make your ecommerce site awesome number-one eliminate as much text as possible okay a lot of product these businesses i see you have a lot of text on their website and like I don’t really want to read that much i’m a wavy customer i just want to know what you so I don’t need the whole song and dance maybe on your about page yeah tell me a whole song and dance how like whatever change selling this product change your life like totally get it but on your on your front page of your website i want to see your featured products pick two or three of your best product they’re either your best-selling products or they’re the ones you’re most excited about or their newest right there had to be some kind of feature product that should be on your very first home page that should be like literally well what a newspaper will be called top of the fold so on your website it would be the the first screen that you see ok so on your ecommerce site focus on the product don’t focus on text i know we always talk about our product but come on facebook live stream and talk about your product right talk about your process and people want to see products they don’t always necessarily want to see the person and so I think I’m just like there’s like 80 20 rules for just about everything it seems like there’s also that 8020 rule i think with text and images on your website I think you want eighty percent images and I want you think you are twenty percent tax i really don’t think you want to be talking too much buy your product unless there’s some kind of customization situation or their special direction I don’t even know but I think it’s really all about the product what the product does for that person is there what are the outcomes that product is going to give the customer and focusing on those results ok and sometimes we have in tangible results right like I had a boutique like you’re gonna buy something in look cuter like I don’t know you know what the result really was that you were staying on top of fashion and you are seeing on the trends you are saving money because i was giving you a great price value relationship I’m so there was a lot of things behind that I would talk but i would have to talk about but there wasn’t a lot to talk about right so go through your website if you have too much text kill it it should be all the images you people are attracted to images period right a picture’s worth a thousand words cool so for everything future you have a thousand words together afterwards okay I’m the other thing about e-commerce that I think is really important to think about is trying to drive traffic to your website right so there’s a couple ways to do this actually was like I’m playing around on the website fiber last night and I’m fiber there’s like all these guys you i will call them guys people you can hire for like five dollars who will fix kind of your back and links so if you’re like a di Weyer like I am like I built on my website web sites and I love doing it but you know I’m not like an SEO expert i don’t really know how to do that kind of stuff and I know like I use square say square space is optimized you notice the best of its ability to you get you hiring google search rings however i’d spend five dollars have hookup of first that our team fix my back and links and make me hire on google pages absolutely I would spend five dollars on that I would even I saw a person on Fiverr who was like if you had youtube videos they would like help you get more views on your youtube page that was like 45 box again like I would do that ok so there’s other ways to get more traffic to your website other than the like traditional ways than you might think ok so ecommerce tell you a comer so more images in text see if you can get more traffic through SEO optimization or search engine optimization I’m my pic figure out what your keywords are around that you know what do you what our people what is your ideal client searching for to want to find you what does that look like write that down ok so e-commerce I’m and also make sure it’s easy for people to understand how to buy yourself like make them want to click make them want to buy your stuff make it organized make sure you have drop-down menu if you’re if you have things that are kind of all over the place like again I’ll go back to my boutique um if you have things that are all over the place and a lot of SKUs then absolutely like separate them into specific sections ok so ecommerce we’re not even 30 minutes about you covers so it’s important ok so second really important if you’re selling a product is to market through social selling ok so social selling what does that look like what is that even me and I’ve talked to some people lately who are like Adam even know what you’re talking about with Alan social selling social selling is selling through social media so we’re either going through facebook your business page a private group page or you’re selling through Instagram ok what is best for who so if you have a lot of SKUs which means you have a lot of styles you want to be selling through facebook ok so that’s either facebook business page or a private group depending on what you have like I know some consignment boutiques and even some regular beauties have like a first-look page where people kind of get the first look um I’m like kind of a mixed feelings about that i think if you have I kind of have mixed feelings about that and I think it depends on your situation so i won’t see my opinion here I mean if you have a facebook business page use it post on there twice three times a day I don’t post enough on this page i’m working on getting that out with my new assistant right so how much can you post now I have a lot of people say i think i’m posting too much guess what you’re not you’re not posing enough I guarantee you’re not posing enough unless you’re posting like 12 times a day like some of my like you know friends of my friends like you’re not hosting enough on your business page your business page will get more organic views if you pose more period that is how google that is how Facebook analytics are working right now that’s how the algorithms are working if you post more facebook going to show it’s more people so post more on your business page ok what does that mean what are you posting your posting your product like I want to see your products like stopping so freaking shy about sharing your goddamn product tell me what it costs tell me what size it comes in tell me what colors in comes in okay like why are we so concerned about holding back sharing their products on our Facebook page it’s another way of getting people to our website it’s another way of getting people to buy okay when I use my business page from my boo cheat i used to do weekly options and i would take things that were kind of have been sitting around the store for a while and i would sell them for a discount in my on my facebook page i never had like a private group I wasn’t into the whole groups is too much I don’t even really popular when I look at my boutique I was putting on my facebook page and I would tell them now you can run this your yourselves through and you can paypal voices you can figure out how to manage that if you want or there are some great apps that you can install into your facebook business page one that I used to use is called soul seed salty is a really great app you can install into your facebook business page basically it makes your business page like a website so it has ecommerce behind it hey okay okay hi Kara maybe your friends here hey uh huh so if you have a if you want to use your facebook business page as a as a place out absolutely please a thousand percent look at solty there is a cost involved but you know what it manages your total back end just like just like an e-commerce website would ok so make sure that you are using your facebook business page either to promote or to sell you need using it for balls okay and then you can average facebook advertising is also another again whole other life dream if you have less use maybe you’re doing you’re selling one item that has like a lot of color colors or options to it you want to be on Instagram ok you want to be an Instagram you want to be posting once or twice a day on Instagram enough you could be doing Instagram stories if you want but again if you’re doing Instagram stories like make it exciting make it fun I’ve been on snapchat for a while and there’s some people unlike your snapchat fine and I’ll follow them but like I’ll go to click through if you are going to put your face put your situation on video like making exciting make it fun for people why do I wear these earrings because they’re fun right I am having to hold my facebook pages out not sure what everything so Jay ltci have i’m sorry i can’t see very well far away I’m so you’re having trouble on your facebook business page to sell ok so how much are you posting how many friends you have how many i’m followers you have on your Facebook page to sell much more than missing also what do you sell all natural I don’t know what you sell it’s hard to tell when you sell based on her name to be very honest cltc all-natural I don’t know what that is is that like milk is that all natural what I’m so I think you’d be more specific about what you’re selling first of all and I think you have to post more and he gets to be more specific ask for the cell you know are you posting testimonials on your business page you know even if you sell something like a product like if you sell necklaces like post that XYZ a picture of them wearing a necklace that they bought from you and how excited how many people like commented on how great they liked body butters okay all natural skincare body butters ok so I think you need to talk more about the benefits of what your body butters doing I mean you could post testimonials you could you before-and-after photos people before using your body butter people after using your body butter I mean I think there’s a lot of all natural skin here on the market so the number one thing you need to do is figure out what differentiates you from everything else and talked about that talked about the results that people are going to get from using your body butter talk talk talk about the results why this is the best frickin body butter in the entire world that helpful i’m talking about results and outcomes of your product is going to add absolutely helps out more of your product guaranteed so I hope that helps ok if you’re using Instagram to sell i want to make sure that you’re using hashtags so the way you do your hashtags is also important and ok you want to be using the second comment underneath so you want to post your picture with your description and then you want to go back in and your second comment on Instagram should be all your hashtags so you want to have dot if you want to see an example of this go to my Instagram it’s at stylish and successful ok ok good obsessed with hashtags awesome Megan so hopefully you’re doing that’s where you’re posting your posting your picture with your normal like I’m subtitle and then you’re going back in and you’re putting hashtags as a comment like I said you can go into mine and add stylish and successful and you can see how I do it’s a second comment it’s like Dutch ah I keep them in my notes on my phone I have like a whole notes and I switch them around and sometimes that a different ones depending on what I’m doing but generally i always have the same hashtags and if you find their hash tags aren’t growing your followers followers they’re not getting you the life that you want you need to switch over hashtags okay go why I suggest doing is going to someone else who’s really had like like what I did and I looked at people similar to me who are maybe you’re too ahead of me and business and I looked at what their hash tags were and i just like pick what I thought were good for me and that’s how I built the hashtags ok so obsessed recommendations on how to find ones that customers are using I find that my competitors and see what Ashley’s yeah you can totally use your competitors i also would look at I’m you know are there any magazines that feature similar products yours so if you’re an interior designer go look at House Beautiful go look at Elle Decor what hashtags are they using you know what hashtags are people who they like you can even go to see who they like what they’re following right I’m so I definitely think there are ways to test different hashtags he was working like groups of hashtags again like you should be gaining if you’re posting every day and I’ve seen studies on this which I need to look more into but if you’re posting one two three times a day you definitely should be gaining around 50 followers a week something like that 30 to 50 followers a week so make sure you’re using right hashtags you should be growing pretty quickly I have been not as great growing my Instagram but I still in a matter of like a month or so two months maybe I’ve grown it how about a hundred and fifty followers so on don’t care i hope that helps and finding recommendations on how to find more ones that customers are using I’m so like I would look at what are other boutiques using that have a lot of like like find other boutiques that have a lot of likes what are other e-commerce websites that have a lot I girl well if I’d you post every four hours wow that’s a lot more hours is a lot um four hours is a lot you know I think that’s good what’s your thoughts and products parts business in comments old an email ok so Cara that’s what I’m talking about with I’m like sold see so the thing is that what you’re gonna want to do I absolutely have a hundred thousand percent think you should sell on instagram do I think it should be every post know and maybe every other fine on the thing is if you want to get your sales that you have to ask for the sale right that’s what people are doing they’re asking for the sale they’re saying if you want to buy this comments old and your email and then you can send a paypal invoice again sold see does have a function that will manage this for you so we’ll automatically spit out that invoice to that person and when I did sold CCL they were amazing i would nique I don’t know between two three four five hundred dollars a sale depending and I mean I was selling for like ten dollars and probably wasn’t even charging enough but sold so you did all that back and work for me so I didn’t I just loaded up all the products and they even timed it spit out onto my facebook page i could do it on Instagram and then when people commented it would just send them a it would send them a invoice the paypal and then they would pay the paypal invoice and even remind them like 24 hours later it’s such a great app I probably like I don’t not a paid to promote them i just use them and it really helped me grow my business and to be honest i found that once I stopped doing the options i had so many people saying like are you doing options anymore it’s like my favorite thing anger i have someone recently a friends say she was out to dinner with people and they were like I’m really this Emily’s auction was like a year and a half later so do not underestimate selling through your Facebook page it can be really great for sales it can be really great for marketing and like I said it keeps it fresh on your Facebook page right what is this app called it’s called sold seat s 0 LD s IE calm and SEO coach told me to take my face book store app off because you want people to get your website but i’ll look into it okay so kari there’s a difference people don’t buy when you do that you think it makes you look bad ok so choosing so number one SEO coach will made a taker ok so a facebook app on your business beyond your business Facebook page is different than what i’m talking about soul see yep that’s what it is it’s different so sold see is an ox as I’m only calling in an auction is almost like a flash sale right so it’s not permanently up so i would post everything on wednesday and i see luring people doing this lure people are doing this in private facebook groups and they’re having a physically enter everything we every single time they do this they’re entering the product manually I’m so this is something that i started doing God in like 2013 or something and now we will row people are just doing it all the time that’s how they mostly cell I’m and so it’s definitely working right so yes you see the difference so I’m when you have your your appt up I know what you’re talking about it’s like in the top bar that I guess don’t do it and i also don’t like the way those look I don’t really like the way they look and I don’t really think people shop through facebook that way i don’t think people are trained to shop through facebook that way people are trying to shop for facebook through advertising and through flash sales i seen a ton of great booty cheeks i know i’ve talked about this before I’m Jenny Boston and accessories concierge or two amazing examples of businesses who completely grown because they’ve used soul see when they use the flash sale the flash sale model I’ve actually even seen i know we have artists following here at like my again I’ve seen I’ve seen some artist friends do options on their facebook business pages and they actually I don’t even think they did it on their business page i think she did it on her personal page which is totally like illegal but it worked and what she did and she started off with the painting and she would say you know starts at fifty dollars and then people would bid all day and then the next day she take it down whoever was the highest bidder by a certain time that’s would get it and she fell it should ship it and that’s how she sold himself pretty cool I think she’s to do it every thursday so yeah I definitely the flash file works if people don’t buy when I did an option do I think that makes it look bad now not at all it just means that like the right people weren’t on for that product that day you know and like I don’t think anyone’s looking at your facebook business page that much that they really like no you know i mean like i think that we tend to overanalyze what we put out and we tend to judge ourselves and judge what’s happening more than really other people even notice remember a lot of people have a lot of stuff going on in their lives you know so i don’t think it makes you look bad i think it makes you look like you’re taking ass and you’re putting yourself out there and what I found with the options as people were like those options are so cool like oh my gosh I totally missed the product that i wanted her oh I wish you had it in this size but you didn’t have it in that size and I mean I only really ever got good responses from one agent auction so I love the flash sale model I think it’s a really great way to sell products so you’re embarrassed when people don’t bed well but thats what stops us is our fear right the number one thing that stops all business owners are all humans looks like put it across the board is fear we left here get that way we stopped living our dreams period i will become a lot of my fears in the past year two years a lot right so tap on it i’m actually probably gonna do a tapping on video is happening tutorial and the private group but tapping is something that has absolutely saved my life and has helped me overcome a lot of fears and it’s a physical way to deal with some of the stuff that comes up for us as business owners because it is scary to put ourselves out there it is scary to be on social media look at me i like I’m here I’m talking to guys I’m giving you tons of value I’m helping you and you just have to get over it you know i’m gonna try that we’re going to do it my facebook group with a business page i’m trying both try a different date I don’t know who’s that you can try with both like do whatever you want right they do whatever you want and do a couple times right because you do something once or twice does not mean that it doesn’t work ok that’s something i found is that you know I think even with facebook video I’ve come on a couple times in may and june and july but only till recently even like you know what I want to be amply supplied like everyday and so I’m showing up as much as they possibly can because i want to be helpful right i want to teach people so you think the morning try something the more you get over yourself frankly you know there’s a lot of businesses just getting over yourself so okay we’ve talked a lot about facebook business pages we talked a lot about Instagram the last thing i want to talk about when you’re selling a product is selling in person filling in person so what does that look like selling in person it can look like a lot of different things it can be sitting here on facebook live and showing your product saying these are the notebooks I make aren’t they gorgeous i love these notebooks they have this beautiful lining they have you know plenty of speeds to write in they have these great bookmarks where you can bookmark your PE and you know it’s leather-bound it’s nice and thick see what it looks like you can even show a demo writing in it I’m you know if you have a product like lipglass right I got my closet in here you can talk about what it looks like you can talk about the different colors you have maybe show some demos of the colors and visualize a great way to in person but not in person about your product right other ways to sell in person are absolutely through on-going and being in person somewhere so like what does that mean that looks like a farmers market that looks like this would be great for body butter right go to farmers market goes sign up for farmers market or go sign up for an open market and like set up your table get a tent-like invest the three hundred dollars to costs to do a whole booth set up and go south even honestly paintings Megan like there’s a guy at the so open market in Boston he goes every single weekend and he saw these huge paintings for three four five hundred dollars and it’s a great location for him because he sells really on large-scale pieces and everyone down there that lives there have they have lost down around there so they need big paintings because they they have all these they want to cover they don’t know what to do so you know going to set up somewhere in person is a really great way to do it now how do you find the great place is absolutely through knowing your target market knowing who you’re selling to write I’ve been doing more facebook lives and I’ve done over 60 pop-up shops and 1.2 years i do excellent affairs Maximos great you guys are selling in person right so how do you maximize what you’re doing sound person right when you go out i love that you did 60 pop-up shops facebook just seems to be not good for me ok so let’s talk about that so I love you did 60 pop-up shops there was one year that i did 45 private parties with my fashion truck 45 the parties that wasn’t even including I think I did something like 213 events that year was out of control like I was going two days but then you get to the point where you eliminate the ones that don’t work right like you can only do so much because it doesn’t always works that’s how you guys met oh cool you have a place so okay so body butters what is your real name body butter i would love to go anybody really I’m so Facebook is not good for you so when you’re converting people over from you are you do you do great at fairs and expos that’s awesome so how are you converting those fairs and expos people over to Facebook are over to your email list right so few ways that you could use in-person events to help drive some online traffic one obviously collect their email address right yeah that’s great location hi Keisha I’m glad that you’re here okay cool i’m so do you have an email list out that can just literally take a clipboard and some a piece of paper like mine was so simple I printed off the computer it was just done i’m likejust boxes and I was like name email do you want to hear about what’s going on with me you know easy you can say I don’t send out a lot of emails but I love to send you special offers will let you know when i’m going to be around right ok usually have that awesome so another thing you could do is when you have people at your booth you could say listen if you like my facebook page then I’m right here and i can see it then I’ll give you ten percent of your purchase right i would also consider hunter facebook page will be doing some giveaways right share this post share this post with your friends share this share like or comment sure like and comment you get three entries to give away something like that right facebook is definitely a way where you can get people going i also think for something like a body butter something that’s replenishable um can you create like a body butter of the month club or can you do something where on you know you you by X amount of a product and you get something for free like you by X amount of body butters you got a lip gloss for free something like that i don’t know what that looks like for you I don’t know what your costs and hotel isn’t all that stuff I’m so I don’t I don’t I can’t be like super so you have to do what makes sense for profit obviously I’m but I definitely think there’s some sort of reciprocation i’m especially with her legs that replenishable product is something that you look at the Rodian and fields model Rodan and fields that multi-level marketing or direct sales not only totally know the difference between them all but random fields is great because it’s repairable product people always need more face watch it always need warm tone are right and name so they’ve created like an auto-ship system or when you sign up you you get things at a discount but it also auto ships right so every two months we’ve got a new product so how can you create something like that so I’m kind of auto-ship someone like so obsessed you have these raving fans were like this is lakeisha makes the best frickin body butter in the world and I just I can’t live without it how can you create some sort of replenishment or VIP program you know whatever you want to call it that to me I think would be a really great way to have continuous sales let me just catch up here on the comments did you have to help my pop ups have a big one this week and I need to figure out what i want to give on right you do that as well ok so we shall have to look at your facebook page and see if i can give you any comments because it’s hard to comment when I have no idea so Cara what do you mean by a pop-up shop what do you define that as um I don’t never did giveaways that my pop shops um ok I’ll try that awesome may disappear thanks for watching you guys I am so excited that you’re here if you have questions like a side feel free to comment below say hi share this with your friends i would love for you to share i’m always looking for new people to help of course um so the pop-up thing private party a private party expo we are those two different things wait so are you doing a private party at like someone’s house or are you doing an exposé lot of people I’m i would date a private party I with private parties i always get the hostess discounts there the one putting themselves out for the party they always got a discount I never did giveaways and need to with an expo never did expose necessarily get a lot more private parties so with an expo maybe there is something around give me your email address and i’ll enter you to win something you know because there is like a lot more people there so you need to get people’s attention I think that’s a great idea or maybe there’s a buy one get if I like always used to use earrings like I’d have kind of less expensive earrings and I’d say you know spend $25 and get a free pair of earrings they were super low price wholesale and so that was a really great way to get people to try you know and if they bought fifty dollars worth they got cheaper say something like that you know you have to play okay thanks Lakeisha I’m glad you came across my life to god you’re here you set up a display yeah so I would just make sure that you have as much product as possible and make sure you bring your mirrors like i don’t know i would say you know if there’s a lot of people there i would definitely try the like hey give me your email address and not enter you to win something or enter your email address and i’ll give you something inexpensive you know spend spend $25 get this like that’s like a retail play you know what I mean like you could do some kind of like um yeah like so for me too i always I never sold so in retail if there’s any boutiques on here i’m a lot of times when you buy a necklace that comes with earrings right but I never really love the earrings this out because they’re kinda weird or I just I don’t know I don’t love earring necklace match that some kind of crazy like that I’m so i would take the earrings off i would solve the necklace itself and then I would have like all those earrings would kind of be my free giveaway your earrings because theoretically they were kind of free-thinking with the necklace so being a person is a really great weight i’m gonna jump off here in 40 minutes really long think what email her out maybe i’ll make a basket grab bag perfect that’s a great idea i think it’s i think the only thing is it’s might be hard you may have to follow up with a person to send it to them but I mean if you can affordably productivity products you know that’s a great way to get really that’s a great way to do more things i think also for people that have like body butter kara I mean there’s also the option of trying groupon you know like i did a groupon for my store it did really well I didn’t lose money from it groupon has a really bad rap and again i can do like a whole life strip of groupons on but I should be writing this down already watched myself um yeah i know people don’t like groupon but they they have a bad rap but honestly groupon is one of the best marketing tools you could use i’m especially if you’re a small business that doesn’t have a lot of reach yet if you do it in a way that I me don’t lose money it’s really awesome so you don’t never liked remember that groupon because I had a really really wonderful experience with it i think the people that tied up and lose money or the ones that don’t have to run their business to be honest um no I don’t think it does quite your brand brand equity I mean you’re not Chanel I mean like none of us are running high end luxury brands you know let’s be honest right so like I mean Chanel not on there but like the really awesome bar studio that I like on there and they’re like a boutique you know our studio so why can’t I be on there oh you don’t like the earrings you there I don’t like hearing they’re really groupon haven’t used it in awhile yeah group on livingsocial I think those are great options they have huge list when you’re using them for their email list right holidays using them for their mls and if you can do it and we don’t lose money I think it’s a really great way for certain products i wouldn’t say it for everything but I think for certain product because it’s really great way to make more money so okay I’m gonna wrap this up thanks for joining me I’m really excited that you’ve been here um thanks ok thanks for joining me again I’m Emily ben xen my private group is called the i do what i want club for entrepreneurs my website is dilation successful and I hope you learned a lot today stopped giving you a lot of great content so if you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow my life she and have a wonderful afternoon by

Freelance Graphic Designer DAY IN THE LIFE ✍️Client Work, Procreate, Illustration

good morning so the first thing that I
do in the morning is make sure that I have filled up my water bottle I try to
drink three of these a day and then I get straight on to my emails I try to
get this done because I hate doing emails so much once I’ve done that I’ll
get ready I’ll put a little bit of makeup on it just makes me feel a little bit more
prepared and then today I needed to take a couple of photos for a thumbnail so I
did that and then edited it into a studio vlog thumbnail and let me know if
you watch the studio vlog actually alright I am now dressed and ready for
the day I’m not gonna lie some days I don’t get actually ready ready I’ll sit
in my joggers and like that cozy hoodie and stay like that but today I am
actually going out I’m gonna take my grandma we’re gonna go for food shopping
and for some lunch which I think is quite good actually it breaks up my day
a little bit and I can take my lunch break at the same time so yeah I’m all
dressed I’m gonna get in the car and whilst i’m out i’m also gonna take some
things to the post office because I’ve had some orders and they need to be sent
so yeah I’ll take you out with us many hours have passed as you saw I was
shopping with grandma and then we decided or I asked it whether she wanted to
go for lunch so we went for lunch and then we decided to go to look at some
show homes on an estate like a new estate thing most definitely can’t
afford them but I get a girl can dream maybe in like five years time so we went
and look looked at them and I just got home I’ve been out of the office for
three hours which I wasn’t planning I was hoping for like an hour and a half
max so I’ll just have to make that time up later tonight which is fine so don’t
have any like evening plans and I think that’s the beauty of working freelance
because I can kind of drop everything and go and do things when other people
are free which is nice I just have to be quite strict with myself on making
sure I can catch up with myself for the rest of the day I’ve already
ticked off two things on my little to do list actually let me show you this so
this is my weekly planner I sold these on my
online store and I’m currently in the process of creating some new weekly
planners so keep an eye out on my Instagram for those if you’re into
organization station with kind of things I will leave the link in the description
and on-screen but yeah I’ve ticked off let me show you this actually so today’s Monday I’ve ticked off two
things on there so far three actually I’ve ordered my new cello
bags too I’m gonna go back and sort out my video so I’ve got a video going up
tonight and then I’ve also got a video that I’ve pre-filmed ready for next week
so I need to do the annotations for that so the subtitles and the tags and
then I’ve got actual graphic design work so I’m gonna do some drawings on my iPad
before I start doing the subtitles I thought I’d quickly show you what I do
when I’m replying to like Commission emails a portion of my work involves me
creating logos for people creating little drawings for people stuff that
involves like one single client they pay me a fee and I give them a drawing or
whatever my services so I replied to a couple of emails this morning about
Commission’s I thought I would kind of go into that a little bit more so if
you’re wondering how I go about it you can kind of get an idea so let me just
record my screen if you’re wondering by the way I use an app called screen
recorder I think screen replay yeah it’s called screen replay on my Mac I get
asked quite a lot how I record my screen and it’s just that I got it off the App
Store I have an Apple Macbook and I use an app called screen replay it was free at
the time I’ve had it for years so I’m not sure if it’s still free but I really
like it so I mean it’d be wonderful if the internet would like to work yesterday let
me tell you the internet was driving me insane the one day I had like three
videos to upload the internet just wasn’t playing ball at all considering
the Internet is my job it’s pretty pretty frustrating alright for some
reason Gmail isn’t loading my emails properly but I’ll just show you my
little template thing so here in my Notes app so this is just the app that
comes with apple devices I guess I have this note here that
I wrote ages ago and in it are some kind of blanket style emails I guess so
I don’t send blank emails per se I hate blanket emails but this is like the basic
thing I will reply with when someone asks me for a commission so I don’t know
if you can see but I have one for Commission so if you want to pause it
and like use this for yourself go ahead just adapt it to suit you and it says
like thank you for getting in touch for a portrait like the one I have attached
because I always attach something because generally people email me like
hi can you do a drawing of me and my boyfriend and they don’t specify what
kind of drawing so I want to make sure they’re clear on the style and kind of
what it is they’re going to get and what I’m charging for and just so everyone is
clear you know so yeah it says I charge this much and then I always change that
to suit and this includes the full resolution digital copy so you can print
it as you wish three opportunities to make changes to the drawing and also an
A4 physical print I ask for the full payment amount beforehand via
PayPal or bank transfer let me know if you’re interested and basically that is
the same principle for all the way through so when I did a bunch of
different kind of cartoon style portraits I made one for just cartoons I
rarely use this one anymore I could probably get rid of it and then I have
one so like YouTube banners because I went through a phase of doing them a lot
and then the one I use the most at the moment is the logo one so I have like
thanks for your email the final price depends but it starts from and then I’ll
put a fee here tell them how they receive it and then I also have this
Google Forms link which I can go through in another video if you’d like me to so
just let me know in the comments if you would but basically this form this takes
you to a little survey online for the thing I’ve created asking you a bunch of
different questions what you want your logo for where it’s going to be used any
inspiration photos you’ve found all that that’s in that form and then if someone
fills it out it emails me and I have it all in one place rather than doing like
loads of back-and-forth email so yeah I find it really really helpful
to have these notes here because I pretty much need to say the same thing
every time so I’ll copy and paste it into my email account like into the
reply and edit the name if there’s anything specific they’ve asked for I’ll add
that into my reply and I’ll send that and then either people will completely
ignore that because they don’t like the price or they’ll reply and be like yeah
that’s amazing let’s go for it I never really get a no and you forget ignore or
let’s go for it so yeah that is how I go about that so I am now quickly gonna try
quickly anyway I’m going to quickly do the subtitles for my latest studio vlog
and so I try and make sure I’ve got subtitles on like 99% of my videos
because I want them to be accessible to a wider audience and it does take extra
time sometimes it takes a lot of extra time but I think it I don’t know I just
really value having subtitles and I got into the swing of things
and I don’t want to not do it anymore so I’m doing that maybe one day I’ll end up
having to like hire someone to do it but for now I quite enjoy it and I like
having control I’m very much a control freak so I go into my creator studio app
and on the app dashboard whatever it is and I’m gonna do the annotations and
luckily YouTube generates some annotations itself and they are usually
like 80% accurate so I just need to like scroll through and change the words that
it hasn’t picked up right so that’s what on the agenda right now and I might
listen to a podcast maybe watch a video actually what’s your favorite design
youtuber like graphic design Etsy person who else did you watch online because I
need some new people to watch can you hear how loud my laptop is yeah
it’s very loud it’s currently exporting a video because that video I was just
captioning has a clip in there that I was supposed to edit out and I didn’t so
I was just trying to save it again like re-export and re-upload it because it’s
due up soon and my memory on my laptop is full this happens a lot I have to
empty my laptop’s memory so often I have a really big hard drive in my drawers
down here I did like a full little office tour video I did it recently so if you
want to go and watch that you’ll be able to see where I store everything but yeah
I have the big hard drive for like a big clear out but then I also have these
little tiny ones so I now have two I think they’re like 50 pounds like
they’re not much at all and it’s one terabyte my new one could be 2 terabytes
I can’t really remember but this one’s just a one and it’s just usb
doesn’t require any power so I can take this around with me so what I’m gonna do
before I can do anything else I can’t even do any design work really because
it’s that full I need to move some of my videos off my laptop and onto this I
think storage is a very important part of my job because obviously I have like
6 years worth of videos and I save all of them and then I have design work from
previous clients I don’t need to keep at hand immediately on my laptop but if a
client wants something changing or wants another backup of it or whatever I need
to have that on hand too so all my old client work is on these my own uni work
all that kind of stuff so definitely definitely recommend these I’ve never
had a problem with them Touch wood that’s not wood is this wood so I’ll link it in
the description for you if you want to get one I got it from like Curry’s I
think but I’m pretty sure like Amazon or whatever I’ll sell them I’ll have a look
around and they’ll be linked in the description
for you whilst I’m waiting waiting for my video to export I think I’m gonna do
a little icon drawings so I’ll put a couple of them on screen these are some of
the drawings I’ve been doing I offered them a special offer price just before
Christmas and I’m trying to get through them so I’m gonna do a couple of those I
think I’ve got four or five left and I had twelve and it takes me a long time
to do each one so it’s been a bit of a mission I kind of I think I took on too
many but I enjoy it so I’m just going with it so I’m gonna do them I’ll give
you a quick little time-lapse talk through those once I got it done
recently I actually uploaded a video completely talking you through how I
create these icon portraits so I’ll leave that linked in the clickable I
button but in short I outline all the important features of the face and the
hair then as you can see I’m colouring it in so I pick up a shade of skin tone do
the eyes fill in everything and for this I’m using procreate as always I used the
smudge tool I use the pen tool I use a whole different range of tools but like
I said if you want a more detailed version and head over to that video but
I really like how these turned out I think they’re quite cute and simple and add a
little bit of personality to people’s profiles alright
I’ve been sat drawing it is now half past seven in the evening I think I’ve
made up for the loss of time working earlier but I’m not finished yet I want
to finish my to-do list I’m determined I’ve got one more icon portrait I’m
gonna do today and then I’ve got a couple of little doodles and kind of
drawings I want to do so I don’t know if you’ve noticed but if you go over on my
Instagram I’ve been posting some little quotes like in between my regular photos
have been doing quotes so I want to do a couple more of those because I’ve run
out now I’ve done like a big bunch of them and I’ve run out so I’m gonna do
some more of those but I’m gonna go and go and do that downstairs so I will
leave you with a time-lapse I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for
following me along for the day I’ll leave all my online social
on screen in the description if you want to follow me elsewhere subscribe if
you’ve enjoyed this video I’m trying my hardest to get to 100,000 this year and
but yeah here is one more final drawing time-lapse
who doesn’t love a drawing time-lapse

How To Stop Being A Wage Slave Or Salary Slave

How To Stop Being A Wage Slave Or Salary Slave..
Hello its Neil Ball, your online marketing coach from Today,
I am going to talk about what a wage slave or a salary slave is and how to escape being
one. At the end of this video, I am going to provide you with information, that will
help you to quit being a wage slave. What I talk about in this video might not be for
you. May be you are happy being an employee, and letting someone else profit from your
efforts. If that is the case, that is ok, we need people to be employees. Obviously
every society does. But if you feel that you are not reaching your full potential as an
employee then what I have to say hear may resonate with you. The average person is a
slave and they don’t even know it. Freedom is a birth right. Prosperity is also a birth
right, no matter where you live. Everybody deserves to have prosperity. Everybody should
live to their potential. You shouldn’t give yourself permission to accept being less than.
You should never stop dreaming and having goals; to be something greater. Your life
should not be a grind. And you should never settle for being less than YOU can be. So
Are You a Wage or Salary Slave? The term ‘Wage Slave’ or salary salve is something that a
lot of people object to being told that they are. But Why. You see you are ether a slave,
or you are free. Now you may be thinking that you are free based on the assumption of your
freedom. But in reality this assumption of freedom is just an illusion, that is the contradiction
of the law and reality. The law says that you have personal liberties and therefore
you are free, because you can make your own decisions. You can choose where to live. You
can choose where to work. You can even choose whether to work at all. And so on.. This illusion
of freedom is not that straight forward, because in reality you can only live where you can
afford to live. You can only work for someone who is prepared to employ you. There is nothing
that says that you have to work, though in reality it is extremely difficult to live
without working. So the choice is that you are forced to be bound to the wages system,
which in turn involves employment contracts with employers. You are then expected to create
more value for the employer, than you cost the employer. So the employer makes a profit
out of you, and exploits your input. The employer tells you when you can and can’t have time
off. During the week your days are tied to your hours of employment. So whilst a slave
would probably be tied to one individual, you as an employee are tied to the system,
because you might not think you have an alternative. So the illusion of freedom is dissolved by
this. You are shackled to the system, because you have made choices that have resulted,
in you being locked in the system. So you may still feel an aversion to me saying you
are a wage slave out of a sense of pride. But this objection, and defending of the notion
of being a wage slave perpetuates the reality of it. Why? Because as long as you defend
it, you are not putting any thought in to how you can break free of being a wage slave.
Your misplaced sense of pride, paradoxically only serves to maintain the humiliating position.
I know what it is like you get a job, you have a family, you get commitments such as
a mortgage on a house, a car, etc. At first the job allowed you to afford to pay for this
lifestyle. But then you become locked in to it. The commitments and lifestyle lock you
into being a wage slave or a salary slave. What is the alternative? Being self-employed
or an entrepreneur? But how do you do that? Whatever is stopping you right now, has you
in its grasp. You need guaranteed income, and you are not even sure you can do it. How
do you do it when you need to keep paying the bills? I know what it is like. At the
end of the video, I am going to show you a possible solution. Even if you have dreamt
of being free and pursuing your dreams, and you have talked about it to your friends and
family, they might not have understood and supported you. You should never let go of
your dreams. You should not give up your dreams for anyone. Your friends and family may have
even tried to advice you, when they have never done anything like it themselves. Why would
you want business advice, from someone who is not a successful entrepreneur, like you
want to be? They don’t know what they don’t know. Some people know everything when they
know nothing. Right now, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. You are exactly where
you deserve to be at this moment in time. Because your best thinking has got you to
where you are right now, whether you like where you are, or not. Many people will use
blame, shame and excuses for where they are in life at this moment in time. But doing
this is holding you back. You have to take responsibility for where you are in your life,
right now. If you can do that right now, then that is a breakthrough in itself. Realising
and accepting 100% responsibility for where you are right now. The truth of the matter
is you are in the best place you can be to make a change in your life. There has never
been a better time than now. If you are not where you want to be, right now in your life,
there is good news for you. You can transform your mind-set with the right training and
the right mentors. There is a better way. There is a better way than a 9 to 5. There
is a better way than a JOB — Just Over Broke. Don’t you want to escape the shackles of being
a wage slave or salary slave? Don’t you deserve better? You deserve more than being tied to
being a factory worker, or an office worker or any other job.. You are not a slave. Don’t
you want to become a freedompreneur. You need to be willing to empty your cup, and empty
your mind, and forget what you think you know, and become teachable. You must not allow yourself
to say the most dangerous words in the English language “I already know that”. These words
could have already have cost you a tremendous amount of success, when you think that you
already know it. You need to put your ego to one side. You need to realign your divine
reason of why you are here. Its time to take back control of your life, and to live your
life on purpose. To take back control of your life. To take back control of your finances.
And to take back control of YOUR freedom. Here is the thing: You don’t know what you
don’t know. If you think about when you was a kid, and you was sitting in the back of
the car as a passenger. You actually didn’t know what your parents were doing. You probably
didn’t even think about the accelerator, the brakes, the clutch, the other drivers on the
road. You didn’t know what the other drivers on the road were doing. You didn’t focus on
any of this, because you didn’t know what you didn’t know. . You probably spent all
of your childhood in this state of not knowing. You continued not knowing what you don’t know
until one day when you got behind the wheel. Then when you did, you suddenly realised that
you don’t know much. At this point when you have decided that you want to drive, you start
thinking, and you start focusing on getting to understand, so you were are able to pass
your driving test.. Then as you kept practicing it became second nature. Eventually after
some more time it became first nature and you don’t need to think about it. At this
point you can get into your car, and do other things, at the same time as you drive. Or
you can drive somewhere, and do it on autopilot, so that when you get there you don’t remember
the journey. Right now you are living your life like the kid as a passenger in a car.
You don’t know what you don’t know. To improve your life and you need to be open to receiving,
and you need to upgrade your thinking. You need to spend time with people who have the
lifestyle that you want, and who have positive energy that will lift you up. You have to
be prepared to do things that may be uncomfortable, until they become comfortable. You can have
what you want in life, if you are prepared to do whatever it takes. But you need to have
belief. If you don’t make a decision, about how you are going to live, then you have already
made a decision, that you don’t want it. Why would you want to settle for less than YOU
can be? I have something that will allow you to break free. Now I know that society may
have programmed you to resist anything new. And I also know you may be programmed to have
a pessimistic attitude. I know that you might think that anything new sounds like a scam.
But your small thinking, may be affecting your ability to improve your life. This opportunity
that I have has transformed many people’s lives like yours. This is a belief system,
a culture, and a community. This is a system that is a complete solution, to move you from
where you are in your life, to where you want to be. It will work for you if you have enough
fight in you, to push through some of the challenges. You are going to be in some place
in your life six months from now. You are going to be someplace in your life twelve
months from now. The question is, where do you want to be. So you need to make a change
for yourself. I can’t guarantee that you will make money, because you might not follow the
system. I can’t guarantee that you will be successful, because you might not follow the
system. I can’t guarantee that you will change your life, because you might not follow the
system. But I can guarantee you one thing, if you do nothing, right now, nothing will
change. It’s time to take massive action. You are not viewing this video to be the same
person that you were when you started. You are viewing it because you know that there
is a better way waiting to be discovered. What I have got for you costs just $25 to
get started. For that you will get access, to some the best training and education, plus
some of the best marketing. As well as that, you will also get the highest level of inspiration,
with the best people. It’s time to become accountable to yourself, and lead yourself
to your future. To get started go t. When you get there, enter your email address
follow the instructions and sign up for the offer. When you have done that let me know,
and I will arrange to have a free 20 minute call with you, to plan your online marketing
future success. You will receive an email with my contact information. Just send me
a friend request on Skype. Again to get started today go to .
. I look forward to talking to you soon.

TEDxRotterdam: Work-life balance for Overachievers and Entrepreneurs – Lova Kremer – Why Not 3

Hey there as many of you know, only half
of my speech got recorded at TEDx Rotterdam. So the second half is still
the original but I tried to recreate the first half and i hope you enjoy it. The mic is over there. Imagine you
could wake up to a world where you have the freedom to pursue your passions and
become the best you can be what if i told you it’s easier than you
think and everyone can do it. But we live in a society where money rules our world
and this can have a profound effect on your life so you might get out of
college and get a job that pays the bills rather than go for a job that
feeds your soul. You might go out into the world and grab a partner that seems
nice but isn’t the one for you. Because you’re afraid of being lonely. In our
society everything is available to you so you might seek out to fill your holes
with an overconsumption of food, gadgets, and information and this makes you overstimulated. What if i tell you that with a simple little idea you can take the
first step to design the life that you dream about and actually live it. About
four to five years ago I discovered something by looking for the
commonalities between all of my successful mentors, and what I discovered changed the way i thought the world worked. And most of all it changed the
way I live and define my life. The way I define life is actually very simple there are three areas where you can put
any and every problem into. Each area has an internal and external component. The
areas are health, wealth, and relationships to give you an
example take relationships. The external is the one we see like our friends and
family, and the internal is the relationship we have with ourselves. Do
we appreciate who we are, are we happy with what we’ve
accomplished. What everyone seems to leave out is that everything is
connected. Screw up one area in your life and everything will go down slowly
but surely. Improve one area in your life and
everything will start going up, slowly but surely. Let’s take building a three-legged table
for a second if you focus on building only one leg the table won’t stand. If
you overfocus on one leg the table will be slanted, so the key is to have a balanced
focus while you’re working on all three elements simultaneously. So the other day I was talking to a friend and in the last couple of months he was over
focusing on building his fifth business and he invested too much time and money into an idea that failed. And as he was going through that horrible process he
started neglecting the other areas in his life. His relationships and his
health and his girlfriend of several years couldn’t handle it anymore and she
left him. As i was talking to him he became aware once again how the three
areas are connected and that his health could suffer next, and that by focusing
on improving all three areas again, starting with wealth, by building in
accountability and several tracking systems it’ll slowly but surely balance
him out again and give him an opportunity to focus on his health and
relationships. And it’s this idea that most of the people I talk to seem to neglect. Everyone knows it exists but not everyone actively pursues a balance in
their life which unfortunately results into many stories like my friend or
maybe you might know someone who neglects his or her health or
relationships, because he or she might live in a society that is made to get as
much performance out of us as possible to put into our jobs, while neglecting
the rest but as I just mentioned singling one area in your life can
result in a long-term collapse while actively being aware and executing on
the idea of having a balanced life with an
optimal health, wealth, and relationships can result in a
long-term success. I believe that this idea everyone should know that this idea
and these trackers and systems exist. Because those are the key to unlocking
freedom so that we can follow our passions and become the best we can be. That is why I believe this idea can make
our lives a little bit better and that’s why I believe this is an idea worth sharing.

16 Skills That Are Hard To Learn But Will Pay Off Forever

Brainy Dose Presents: 16 Skills That Are Hard To Learn But Will
Pay Off Forever Your mother had most of it covered: take your
vitamins, get plenty of rest, don’t stick that butter knife in the toaster… But apart from the obvious, there’s no manual
for life. Most of us fumble through life’s ups and
downs learning things as we go along. In theory, we know that we should be prepared
for anything. But in reality, at times we can all feel miserably
unequipped to handle all the curveballs that life throws at us. There’s nothing like being caught in a situation
that calls for one of those life skills you wish you had learned before you needed it. With that said, here are some skills that
are hard to learn, but will never stop paying dividends. Number 1 – Accountability When something good happens to people, they
don’t shy away from taking credit. But when something bad happens, they feel
victimized immediately. It’s important to develop the ability to
be accountable for your experiences – they are often a result of your actions. Sometimes actions don’t yield the desired
results. But instead of feeling like a victim, learn
from your actions, so that you get better results the next time. Number 2 – Critical Thinking We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands
of times more information on a daily basis than our great-grandparents were. Being able to evaluate that information, sort
the potentially valuable from the trivial, analyze its relevance and meaning, and relate
it to other information is crucial. This is something that’s significantly under-taught. But the truth is, good critical thinking skills
immediately distinguish you from the rest. Number 3 – Decision Making The bridge that leads from analysis to action
is effective decision making – knowing what to do, based on the information available. While not being critical can be dangerous,
so too can over-analyzing, or waiting for more information before making a decision. Being able to take in the scene and respond
quickly and effectively is what separates the doers from the wannabes. Number 4 – Research Nobody can be expected to know everything,
or even a tiny fraction of everything. You don’t HAVE to know everything – but
you should be able to quickly and painlessly find out what you do NEED to know. This means learning to use the Internet effectively,
learning to use a library, learning to read productively, and learning how to leverage
your network of contacts – and what kinds of research are going to work best in any
given situation. Number 5 – Writing Professionally There are many, many reasons why you should
know how to write professionally – from the basic cover letter to the customer service
email. Writing professionally will allow your message
to be clear, and your voice to be respected – even when you’re not speaking face to
face. Number 6 – Consistency Whether you’re tracking a new exercise routine,
or working on an important project, consistency is vital to maintaining any kind of success. People often stop working hard when they reach
the top – but to maintain the position, you have to work harder and be more consistent
in your work. Number 7 – Communicating Your Needs Your friends, family and workmates cannot
read your mind. You need to communicate your needs clearly,
kindly, and even by repeating when necessary. The more you exercise the language of communication,
the more humanity you will see in the world around you, and the less bitterness you will
carry in your heart. Number 8 – Knowing When To Shut Up Keeping your thoughts to yourself when you’re
agitated is one of the most valuable skills to learn – and of course, one of the most
difficult. Sure, it can feel good to unload on somebody,
and let them know what you really think – but that good feeling is temporary. What happens the next day, the next week,
or the next year? It is human nature to want to prove that you’re
right, but it’s rarely effective. When we are angry or upset, we tend to blurt
out everything that comes to mind. In some situations, it’s better to keep
quiet – no matter what your personal thoughts are. For instance, when someone is too upset to
listen to anything you have to say rationally, it’s useless to respond to them. Number 9 – Asking For Help Or Advice Sometimes, it’s hard to ask for help, because
you don’t want to look incompetent. But sooner or later, everyone finds themselves
in a position where they require some help. Consider what might happen if you don’t
recognize your need for help, or if you choose not to ask for any – you can end up in a really
big mess! Asking for help or advice doesn’t mean you
are weak. In fact, studies suggest that asking for advice
is actually well received and makes you look more capable, not less. By asking for advice, you acknowledge the
other person’s intelligence or expertise, which makes them feel good. Number 10 – Accepting Compliments And Criticism
A lot of people find it difficult to accept compliments and constructive criticism. We often fail to accept compliments with grace,
or we downplay them and get embarrassed. Yet, we’re sometimes crushed by criticism,
even if it’s valid – we tend to take it personally, and to heart. Learning to simply say, “thank you” when
you get a compliment, and learning to view criticism as feedback, can serve you well. Number 11 – Negotiating Good negotiation skills can save you a ton
of money, in pretty much every area of your life – from negotiating a cellphone contract
to buying a home. These skills can also get you that raise you
know you deserve. If you know how to negotiate properly, it
means you’re holding all the cards, and you’re prepared to battle it out. Number 12 – Public Speaking The ability to speak clearly and persuasively
in front of an audience, is one of the most important skills anyone can develop. People who are effective speakers come across
as more confident and comfortable – and they are more attractive to be around. Maybe you don’t have a job that requires
you to speak in public, but you never know when the time may come when this skill could
really come in handy – that big speech at your best friend’s wedding, for example. The only way to gain more confidence speaking
in public, is by practicing it regularly. Number 13 – Tracking Your Spending Sometimes it’s easier to put everything
on a credit card, and then just hope that you’ll have the money to pay it off in a
reasonable amount of time. But, you may not always have the money to
pay off the full balance – and this is a very easy way to end up in debt. By keeping track of your spending, you’ll
be able to see where most of your money is going, and how you can make adjustments moving
forward. You may find that a lot of your money is going
toward things you really don’t need, and this can be a great wake-up call to stop the
unnecessary spending in its tracks. Number 14 – Learning A New Language There are many obvious reasons to learn a
second language. It can help you advance your career, make
traveling more enjoyable, and expand your cultural horizons. But what may not be obvious, are the cognitive
benefits that take place when you speak two or more languages! Speaking a foreign language improves the functionality
of your brain by challenging it to recognize, negotiate meaning, and communicate in different
language systems. Understanding language is one of the hardest
things your brain does – making it the ultimate brain exercise. Thus, learning a foreign language is one of
the most effective and practical ways to increase intelligence, keep your mind sharp, and buffer
your brain against aging. Number 15 – Showing Gratitude The habit of showing gratitude is a great
way to gain respect, trust, and stand out from the crowd – whether it’s by sending
a thank you note or giving a small gift. It could be for the person who interviewed
you for a new job, a trusted mentor, an old boss, or even your own parents – expressing
your gratitude goes a very long way. Showing gratitude gives you and the other
party a chance to reflect on your relationship, and think of the positive outcomes of knowing
one another – and it also makes the day of another person. Number 16 – Staying Present In The Moment Living in the present moment means that your
awareness is completely centered on the here and now. But, the state that we have become used to,
is a state where our thoughts are either in the past, or in the future – instead of where
we actually are, and what is actually happening. We tend to ponder over what has been, what
could have been, and what could be or will be. When you learn to live in the present moment,
you’ll find that your struggles and unhappiness diminish, and life will begin to flow with
more joy and ease. The best things in life may be free, but that
doesn’t mean they won’t take time, sweat, and perseverance to acquire. That’s especially the case when it comes
to learning these important life skills! Look at working on these skills as a journey
with endless possibilities for growth and insight, not a box to check off, so you can
move on to the next one. Remember, these skills are hard to learn,
but they’ll pay off forever! What do you think? Did we miss anything? Surely there are other important skills that
didn’t make it on this list! If you can think of any, let us know in the
comments below! If you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs
up, and share it with your friends, so we can keep making them. For more videos like this, hit the SUBSCRIBE
button, and remember to click on the little bell. Also, be sure to check out our other videos
as well. Thanks for watching!

a REALISTIC Day in the Life (Entrepreneur & Digital Marketing Manager)

Hey there, my name is Andrew. And this is
a day in my life as a digital marketing manager and entrepreneur juggling a
high-level corporate job end business on the site is extremely time consuming and
oftentimes very stressful so I want to give you a glimpse into what this look
like I actually left the corporate life a few months ago to pursue my passion of
building online businesses so the following is a collection of footage a
few months back and no my day definitely does not include the video you’re
looking at now this is me traveling at the moment so let’s rewind back
I wake up at 6 a.m. hopefully on the right side of bed the absolute first
thing I do is always make my bed as William McRaven said if you want to
change the world start off by making your bed the next thing I do before I
brush my teeth is fit in 20 push-ups this helps wake up my body and get the
blood flowing and also help start the day off right by giving me a sense of
accomplishment within 2 minutes of waking up I’ve already technically
accomplished two things I highly recommend implementing these two quick
tasks into your morning routine if you haven’t already from here I then brush
my teeth and wash my face I spend the next 15 minutes journaling and then
meditating I used the five minute general to efficiently jot down my three
things I’m grateful for today three things that would make today great and a
daily affirmation to wrap it all up starting the day with gratitude has been
such a positive change being able to easily frame my mind in a positive light
reminding me of what is important and humbling myself daily you don’t need to
buy an expensive a fancy journal to do the same
I recommend implementing this new daily routine starting tomorrow with just a
spare notebook or piece of paper we’ll come back to the rest of this journal
later tonight to seal the affirmations and positive thoughts I spend another 10
minutes meditating on my balcony and really soaking in the morning air before
getting right into it I’ve recently cut out coffee from my diet so I find pure
matcha tea to be soothing and healthy replacement here I’m using a 100 prong
bamboo whisk bamboo scoop traditional matcha Bowl and Harouna tea to match up
I start by warming the bowl with water mixed me in the matcha powder with a
little water at 80 degrees and mixing with the bamboo whisk
full circle until fine and then I pour in more water at 80 degrees until the
ball is 3/4 the next step is to continue whisking in
quick W motions to produce to that foam on top of the matchup yes this is
pedantic way of making a tea but again it’s a small ritual I enjoy and look
forward to plus it tastes great at this point it’s around 6:30 a.m. I’m
still my PJs and I spent a solid hour or so in my home office I always try to fit
in this time to work on my site hustles before heading out the door and focusing
on my nine-to-five corporate role as a digital marketing manager I run several
businesses which I went get into detail on in this video but if you’re
interested in the side hustles I’ve built or if you are interested in
selling a site house with yourself then you may want to check out the videos on
my channel after this video within the hour I am typically doing high-level
tasks that don’t require large chunks of my time and this means replying to
emails replying to my students and at this point it’s usually really hard to
peel me off my desk to get ready for work because to be honest I’m so in the
flow when I’m working on my own business and having a blast but it’s 7:30 a.m.
now so it’s finally time to get ready for work
I take the train into work and during this time I spend the time reading
following up tasks for my business or just getting ready for the day ahead at
work I aim to get to the office at 8:30 a.m. I like to get into the office
earlier so I’m able to get on top of my workload and get out on time I work as a
senior digital marketing manager at a boutique marketing agency if you wanted
to learn more about the gig let me know in the comments below it’s a pretty neat
place check it out get free breakfast so naturally the first thing I do is make
myself breakfast say hi to colleagues before the
headphones go on and it’s go time spend the first 30 minutes going through
emails checking my calendar as you can see for the day and making a prioritize
a to-do list my role is extremely demanding and we
often juggle countless large digital marketing campaigns so being organized
and prioritizing work is quite tool as you can probably tell hi I love
marketing and getting immediate results from our efforts so checking in and
optimising ads is extremely rewarding to me I also get to work with large media
companies directly such as Google and Facebook which you’ll see later in this
video and I might be biased but a career in digital marketing is extremely
rewarding for those wanting to work in corporate 95 so as part of my role there
are a lot of client meetings both over the phone and face-to-face so usually I
get these out of the way in the morning today I have a couple scheduled over the
phone after the meetings I’m back at my desk replying to more emails working
projects and basically putting out fires and keeping clients happy by
consistently producing a strong return on adspend across all their digital
marketing and it’s finally 12 p.m. I usually have
lunch at my desk while continue working on reading industry news I’m not the
biggest fan of eating lunch at a blog desk but I do this so I can cram in an
hour-long gym session I find when I don’t go to the gym on a work day I get
really itchy and fatigued going to the gym really helps break up intense days
and leaves me feeling refreshed okay so that’s enough backing for a day now I
spend another solid our action tasks or working on projects also leaving time to
reply to emails my inbox often fills up really fast
so again prioritization is so important today I only have about two hours before
a seminar who stood at the Facebook Sydney office so I’m just finishing up
this meeting setting up a digital campaign and then hurrying out to get to
the seminar every six months we sort of retailer the strategy I’m in this
document he’s just asking what’s the best price is going to Facebook on
LinkedIn and I believe a little Cuban sent email I just went back to in with
step by step process so we’re just waiting already
cool just finish the mini red and our hog which is longer than usual
but is very productive and understand this room for a little bit longer and
just work on setting up some digital platforms we’re now on our way to the Facebook
office I personally love trips to both Facebook and Google offices as it’s a
great opportunity to be the first to market when it comes to changes to the
platform which gives us a big advantage it’s also a great being at the forefront
because I can apply the learning to my business and share it with you guys
first also it’s a great way to network snag up goodies food and of course free
booze the most impact yeah okey-dokey back at
the office now to wrap up the day I usually spend more time replying to
client emails and managing campaigns and projects you should probably start to
see a trend by now but today it looks like my colleagues have a different idea
working at a digital marketing agency we work hard and play hard we’ll go out
after work game together and of course we even play beer pong and it’s safe to
say it gets pretty rowdy unfortunately I have to cut the night
short and head home to work on my side hustles on the way home I enjoy catching
up on some light reading and today I’m reading radios principles so just got
home I shout and as you can tell it’s been a pretty hectic day so far and I’m
gonna go now go cook and take this time to sort of one wine a little bit before
I get stuck back into it but yeah let’s go start cooking tonight we’re making a
simple yet delicious chicken thigh and vegetable curry chop up leftover veggies
fresh chicken thighs and in a few tablespoons of your favorite curry paste
and coconut cream and that’s quick affordable dinner ready to go usually I
unwind a little during dinner before getting stuck into the third and final
round of work at this point I’m pretty exhausted but it’s these hours that
define my success I work usually all the way up until midnight or even later and
this is the time I do the bulk of my work usually I’m bulk editing YouTube
videos even filming videos managing any business fliers replying to emails and
fulfilling online orders received for the day with my VA s I then jot down
notes in my productivity notebook to keep tabs on my workload for tomorrow
morning and the week ahead it’s about three past midnight at this
point and I am blocked how I’m done at the moment so it’s been a pretty hectic
day obviously not every single day is like the one that you see today but the
rough schedule is about the same so I hope you do hope you did enjoy this day
in my life and as you can tell running a business or side hustle while working a
full-time particularly stressful full-time job is not easy and so if
you’re doing the same thing please let me know the comments below
otherwise if you enjoyed this please give it a thumbs up and subscribe for
more content like this and yeah I’ll see you in next few videos otherwise thanks
for watching I hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you the next videos see ya