How to report a production outage in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Having a customer down situation where they can’t use Business Central is never a good experience. But now there is a fast and direct way to report this to Microsoft through the Business Central administration center. In the production environment, this does not work for sandbox, click the option Report Production Outage. A new pane opens to provide the necessary information. The outage types are Unable to log on (all users) and Cannot access API/Web Service. Choose which one applies to your customer. Enter your name, email, and phone number. Click Next. Describe what you and the customer have tried, such as the different browsers, and if you’re able to log in to any companies. Perhaps Cronus, the sample company is working. Finally, tell us about any errors you receiving, including any correlation or operation IDs. The last thing is to enter the date and time the outage began. I will select that from the options. I mark the check box to consent to not sharing any details or personal information, and click Report. This will create both a support ticket as well as a DevOps ticket for our internal Microsoft Service team. This way they are notified immediately of the situation and can get to work on resolving the issue. Continue to use the support case that you see any outage information, as this is your avenue of communication with Microsoft. Once the outage has been declared, you can close the window, click the Reported outages to review the case number, and if you want updates, click the case number and that takes you to the Microsoft Partner Center to view the details. Thank you for watching the video and how to report production outages.

How to setup scheduled reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Set up Scheduled Reports. Business Central offers a healthy variety of reporting tools. For example, there are account schedules, analysis by dimensions, connection to Power BI, as well as several standard reports. The standard reports can be printed, saved, sent or scheduled. This video shows how to schedule a report in Business Central. When running a report, Business Central will show the Request Page, where we can define criteria and filters for the report. Additionally, the Request Page includes actions at the bottom of the page that let us choose what we want to do with the report. We can share the report, print it, or preview it. To schedule a report, we’ll choose Send To, Schedule, and then choose OK. The Schedule options page opens. Here we can define how we want to run report. We’ll choose Report Output Type to specify whether we want to save or print the report. Now we’ll define the Next Run Date Formula and the Expiration Date, and then choose OK. The report has been scheduled and a new Job Queue Entry has been created for it. If we want to edit the schedule, we can open the Job Queue Entry and do that. Every time the report is run, we will find it in our Report Inbox on our Role Center. We can choose the report to open it. It’s that easy. Our report will now run according to the schedule we just set up. Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft logo.

Multideur’s migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Worldwide millions of doors open and close each day. Multideur ensures that vital organisations
like the Ministry of Defense… …and fire departments have no worries about
their accessibility by using technology. Basically I always say nobody notices a door… …until it doesn’t work anymore. Because then you will find out that the processes
inside a factory can not continue anymore. Fire departments, the Ministry of Defense
or police departments… …you can imagine what will happen if such
a service can not be delivered… …because a door is malfunctioning. Since we are focusing more and more on the service delivery… …we see a big challenge in the speed of
information throughout our processes. In the past we had a very physical process here. With lots of piles of papers and mechanics going
to clients with physical worksheets. But also we had some various systems and
various versions of Navision… …so when a client called with a breakdown or malfunctioning door, we
had to look at different places to find the right information. So the speed and accessibility of information became a big issue. And this is something we wanted to solve with a new system. We chose for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
solution with the Field Service app. Basically it gives us the most easy way to find information. We also ensure that the information is the same at every place. And its accessible for everybody everywhere
because it is in the cloud. So for example a mechanic can now focus on
his job, which is to maintain or service the door… …and less on paperwork and all
kinds of administration instead. Our work used to be a lot of paperwork, a lot of e-mails… …no that was not a nice situation. Now we have more time with the system to
help the customer and work on the project. That makes life easier. We made a big choice to put our system into the cloud. So we do not use local servers anymore. But also no local support. We have a partner which is Prodware. They helped us with defining the system. They helped us find
the best solution for Multideur in our demands and our processes. And today they support us in having the system online
everyday. And help us improve everyday. We are now also working on implementing the business intelligence
app Power BI… …which gives us a lot of management information… …on what we are doing so we can provide
the SLA information to our customers proactively. And also steer ourselfs on our main KPI’s and
the service delivery that we have in the field. In the end we want to deliver our promise. Which is
to deliver the best service to our customers. So basically we already know when a breakdown can happen… …or when specific predictive maintainance needs
to be done before the client even notices. And this is what we are looking into. By use of IOT
which is also supported by the Field Service solution.

Polytropic’s migration from NAV to Dynamics 365 Business Central

♪ Here at Polytropic, we produce
heat pumps for swimming pools and distribute them throughout
Europe, Maghreb and the Middle East. We have a team of 12 employees,
producing about 10,000 heat pumps, for a turnover of 10 million euros. Between 2013 and 2018, we experienced strong growth,
of roughly 25% per year. We were using Microsoft NAV software and, following this growth,
we needed to improve efficiency and facilitate collaboration
between the different departments. At the time, the management
of our orders was done manually, it was time-consuming
and caused many errors. We had 2 options:
either stay on the server versions with IT teams – but this can be complicated
for a small organization like ours – or we could move
to virtualization and the cloud. That’s why we chose
Dynamics 365 Business Central. To make this transition, we called on a partner
to help us set up the tool and train the teams. The truth is that, at first,
we had some reservations. Old habits die hard… But once everyone realized
the efficiency and time savings, everything went very well. Using Business Central in the cloud has brought a revolution in our company, we have completely changed
the way we work and our internal processes, whether in the office or in the warehouse. We have created extensions to meet
our specific field and activity requirements. For example, we have set up a barcode reader system to scan the machines
when uploading from the trucks, so they can be immediately
put into stock without generating quantity
and serial number errors. It also allows us to have updates
in a seamless way for us. There was a recent software update
that went almost unnoticed. We made sure our data was secure and could be accessed only by us, by tasking specialists and professionals whose job it is to keep data safe. The fact that people outside the company have direct access to our system through the cloud version
allows us to be more efficient because we can provide
our customers with near-instant answers. We have therefore provided
our customers with an added benefit in terms of response time and support. The results after 6 months
are very positive. One of the advantages
we see in using Business Central is that we can now plan
our growth over the long term. We have an adaptable tool that will allow us
to grow over the course of several years. Business Central is a solution
that will allow us to achieve all our ambitions. ♪

FREE Cannabis Software Selection Template by Aviva Spectrum

Sonia Luna here over at Aviva Spectrum
I wanted to share a template that we created to help you decide and score
properly the right accounting software for you and your team take a look at step 1 which is making
sure you involve your team not only your internal team but anybody outside of
your team that you get a lot of advice from let me go through the template and
how it works to incorporate all these stakeholders now in the template there’s three Excel
tabs this first tab to fill out is called ERP selection tasks and there’s a
couple of things that need to be done and you can check the status of where
you’re at if you’ve completed them if they’re in progress is something to be
scheduled etc and there were a couple of criteria it takes about 30 minutes to
complete and it does highlight what kind of software package should the team even
evaluate for demonstration which we’ll get into step number two after step one you’re gonna select a few
vendors hopefully three to check out their demos of how their software works
you’re going to evaluate them on nine criteria and you’re going to rate them
from one two three one being the worst three being the best now when you rate them you’re gonna look
at nine very specific critical criteria that I have seen in working so on some
of the largest accounts but also in the mid market accounts meaning the smaller
emerging companies that have a high growth potential these are the same nine
critical criteria I would highly recommend for you to evaluate when
you’re picking your accounting package so what is the scoring when you get to
step two here you’re going to see one of the three or one of the the first three
of the nine criteria which is adherence to what you wanted to ask from the
software vendor getting their company information that’s number two number
three is does the vendor understand the project of what you’re trying to achieve
for your goals for getting an accounting package and you’ll see for the adherence
to the instructions you asked from the software vendors okay you would want to
know what kind of scoring you would give each of them in timeliness completeness
of them giving you information the quality and professionalism in
representing their software company and on the right you’ll see column E is a
basis for your score you can write in text here to describe how did you score
one two three what was the criteria for you or even some notes that
differentiate let’s say between vendor one or three and so forth now we all know that certain businesses
have unique revenue sources or supply chain management issues in the nine that
I mentioned earlier this is item five that you’ll be scoring each of the
software vendors and I’ve highlighted in yellow some of the criteria that you can
either eliminate in the template or augment to your liking based on the
actual services that you provide to your customers now once you’ve finished the first two
tabs of the template you’re going to get to a scorecard it does allow a lot of
flexibility in scoring it also allows the team and you’ll see in the various
areas that their concerns were not only heard but they could actually object
objectively evaluate where their pain points were addressed by each of the
three vendors that you take a look at and I’ll it’ll also highlight some of
the shortcomings that you want to identify and where you’re going to need
to augment your business processes to address those shortcomings that some
software packages may have now this is the scorecard summary tab
that I’ve circled here and this is what the template looks like you see the
number one through nine here when it comes to the criteria and you’ll see
that this weight actually can be adjusted my only request is that you
keep this summary score at a hundred and if you want to change this to fifteen
but you want to make this ten wonderful you’ll see that the unweighted score
this is all linked to the tab that you you conducted for vendor 1 or vendor 2
so the beauty of this template is there’s already links to the summary
total of what you scored for each criteria now the weighted score the
weighted score takes these scores that you had okay
multiplied by this weight this is how important you thought it was this
adherence to instructions etc okay and then you’re going to divide it by three
because that’s the maximum value you had so an inventor’s one one he had a two
divided by 10 divided by three get to three point three the overall weighted
score is 61 points out of a hundred now vendor two got eighty two point
eight points out of a hundred and so most of you can see how vendor two when
you weight what you felt was important and you can
change this up as you wish vendor two outshined vendor one hands
down we’re to download it go to our website
at Aviva spectrum comm and there’s a section called downloads and you can get
access to this excel spreadsheet template as well as our other templates
that we provide to our community now I’m hoping that you would have seen
some of our other videos and connected with me Sonia Luna on LinkedIn but just
to give you a general overview of the firm we have well over thirteen years of
experience we are definitely one of the thought leaders when it comes to know
not only accounting packages but mobile device and its security when it comes to
accounting and patient data client data vendor data we are also the number one
LinkedIn recommended firm I myself have over 50 written
recommendations and our CPAs typically have a CPA a CIA designations and eight
plus years on average experience we have all the insurance requirements that you
would expect from a high-caliber consulting firm I myself am a former
advisor to the Securities Exchange Commission and I am an active California
CPA as well I want you today to email me at [email protected] with a
subject header called “Accounting Software Analysis” it is complimentary to
the community I hold it twice a month and we go over not only this template
but some of your other business concerns to make sure that you find the right
accounting fit for your organization we know you have a lot of choices in
selecting a CPA firm to help you with your accounting and auditing needs we
hope that one of those that you look to is Aviva Spectrum thank you and we look
forward to connecting with you soon! Best Cannabis CPAs