[Hearthstone] Gorilla Warrior – Infinite Monkey Army! [Constructed Gameplay]

I don't have a mil robe and I don't play mil rogue it's not a deck I enjoy playing I usually play Dex I actually enjoy playing I know funny in computer games and so on is funny computer games might be a a word that not a lot of streamers understand we're saying that I'm trying to have fun in computer games that's why I only play Dex I really enjoy and Miller gets not one of those new patron technics Knights foolish star I saw a new patron deck – um that looked actually pretty interesting I'm currently missing a really working um boria deck I mean there are a lot of weird decks out there but is there a really working one out there currently and I would say new yeah this looks good the new dr. boom one faulty boom bought one working boom Bob okay backstab I would like to get a monkey butter every nine always being not add someone is being mean to my board monkey butter he looks so great in gold and the only reason why I picked this card right now because it looks so great in Golding I knew I should have bashed him but I get the monkey butter and if I don't use that you know ASAP I might not be able to use it in any near future cause I might like not have a Mac out that's like the thing I set to lose him mmm except you get rope that hard are you not having the second backstab because that would be shitty shitty bang bang and I really don't want to see Don the term interesting is I'm gonna say there I am next term replay iron juggernaut is he's just beautiful what I would really like to see is a weapon I guess they the best song in the world Oh movie Shanna Saddam is an affordance that is Luthor give him give him a heart always fun yeah weapons would be fortunate if he's able to like killed out now without getting his lip out killed it will be annoying well well well what did the cap ring there into the house [Applause] live long and suck it Leonin I'm sorry if that came out slightly offensive but it was exactly men like that I could have played monkey butter into monkey butter and it would probably be better if he has a SAP if he has no SAP this is perfect um that we'll see about in let me just clear the board here right now we can play the bumpy BOTS next turn and get some Tatars running um that's actually the perfect thing you just play him get it on air and then that we're fine about it I mean if you got a SAP there at that point I would have probably lost straightaway him so we're really happy he didn't have anything mmm and I'm nice gonna kill him hmm she's gonna kill him interesting I want to see that was that would have been great if you survived this sadly did end more monkeys in two more monkeys let me give her the screw jack larger cuz I dig the plus two plus two more and I can actually play it together with the other gorillas Bob is cooler okay it's monkey into monkey that's when the discover goes good ah someone is so annoying here okay let me see you buy that well played let me give for the gorilla bugs get another robot to get another gorilla bah it just continues just continues being awesome died just like ignore the fact whatsoever so that was the gorilla bought into the gorilla bought into um yeah gorilla bought I mean in the end you can win the game with gorillas bought so you don't need other things you you know just gorilla bought all day long and really perfect I mean this is when it actually works out but as I said this deck never works out that kyndra's and I can draw some cards if I need to with my battle rage but currently I just don't need to we had five eight ten we at lethal the second next song after we played the best song in the world um that burrito I play monkey bought and tried to get the ultra toner he's gonna start playing a bit serious here that's so much fun with the iron sugar now it's a second time second time dear there's one bomb in his deck I would be willing to like leave this game go until I like until he gets the second bomb they'd be so perfect so um we get we could try these two just survive until it we actually dig out the bomb and the explosion is gonna rack him I'd be willing to try that out okay guys do it those cars we can win I knew I knew I knew but we get two bombs we get two bombs in the air because we played two iron juggernauts now came then I see what Dad it's true two out of seven now don't don't surrender get totally wasted yep that's what we would do is we cool okay we get the war Bob's I'm gonna hide behind in an art Ron we get the weapon which is actually perfect mmm Oh deaf fine that's perfect we're gonna kill him finger for the face beautiful we're really happy about this is nurse a cleric he'll kill his girl cuz we don't like girls second mm in that attack I'm gonna attack I'm gonna battle cry I know it's a bit overkill II and yes it's probably not the smartest thing but I can draw three cards like this in that turn and I mean I have a brawl I have weapons I have ax Q's I have everything I need to make this game good for me so I feel fairly fortunately that the play I did here yeah I know other ways of the right one to do mmm we're gonna kill us dude the phase and then next turn I can play sky golem yeah that's fine that's fine we could also just clear the board and execute whatever you goes for let's say he goes for a Blackwing corruptor then I would clear the board and execute his dude where's likely see about that hey sirens gonna be the year and Ryall say I'm sorry if I missed you guys we gonna do exactly what I said is it worse this deck could actually work against priests out of one single reason um because I have pure value in this deck I mean look at that I have gorilla balls I could have killed through the odd um we have Sneed's we we have sky golems and you like we have everything like the they're really annoying max but face annoying max and that's probably we're aiming for here right now I don't know if I care for dr. boom just be like bombing next turn he will probably be like bombing next turn wait a second that's the next cool song we're gonna run and afterwards we gonna play and play this okay the dad if he plays his own doctor boom I can just finish it I will take a lot of damage for that but I will kill dr. boom yeah be more Kansas please I I don't know a lot of Kansas songs that's a problem I don't only like like one or two of their songs and I find them braids but that's already in so I could could not like play a lot of Kansas because I just don't have the knowledge of their music if it's like really good or not mmm this sucks a bit but it gets the job done another pleasure to have you there with us you greatly appreciated um it sucks but I don't know I like get the dragon kids sorcerer kill before it lays axe you know but with fire that was raging fire um before it really starts laying his axe of the air it was already 6:10 that next turn he goes for second violin shows in Hawaiian spirit whatsoever here do you want to take the risk I'm not taking that you can't take the risk if you want to but not with me okay we're gonna place needs old shredder if he kills that there's gonna be a legendary coming out so he's like the surprise box of doom I could have played dr. boom but maybe I'm gonna keep dr. boom alive whatever he plays how did you say whatever he plays we should be able to kill it how wrong it was he goes for a light bomb it might wreck him there were death Bossa degrees the good thing is we then braum his um I'm gonna breathe the divine shield and then Brahm that same I draw execute I wouldn't brawl but if I don't draw execute I will grow them yeah then we just brawl [Applause] well well well I guess I wouldn't call that uber fortunate because if Finkle Einhorn dies you summon a 3/3 I like it beast i smithy and Fingal Einhorn on the other hand he just played shadow where death so he might actually not have one there is a nice image so you're not going to complain like straight away I'm just gonna be slightly unhappy again thanks good nobody's taking we gonna bulging into holy Nova you know played well too – times facing rather slow – so we're actually able to win with the kirillov Oreo but only because our enemies are playing really slow Dex I mean weird this SEC is not good yeah keep the word bog ditch to the rest oh that's double war Bob it'd be interesting especially if this is you log it could be interesting if this is not soo dog then fellow I want to see the complete war bond hard it looks actually interesting one second war bot or stone no doesn't give away while the airplanes flying behind him their rockets starting behind him I would probably like to see a death bite now not in a second not in two seconds now came now he's playing Hobgoblin too worried that one version of the day ah we give we're coin into brother kill hmm we could trade ghormach he has it no implosion cuz I don't have no implosion cuz I don't have a right now death by interesting that he chooses not switch I would have traded all three in actually you're welcome I'm talking with myself yeah with my inner lock no okey doke I always get death mind mmm we can currently wreck the whole board it's fine it's better than not being able to wreck the whole board right perfect I hope he leaves it alive so I can actually gorilla bawd there so many annoying things to not death fight to death here but we get the oxygen going we get double – mmm be lying in no way threatened to lethal here that point high for our enemy yeah I'm gonna play the gorilla Bob just have it out and he's like yelling poor care or care and he wants to notice what happened there okay we're gonna face I'm just refusing to deal with his stuff my place needs next turn knife juggler and implosion no I'm waiting for his implosion that's the only thing that makes me so greedy waiting for his implosion I know it's strange I know I should probably not do it but tame you know I'm German I like to do German things reliquary seeker and we're gonna be reading that board and promotion down well that was fine okay that song needs to get skipped cuz you can play those two beauties next turn just attack him his next turn I get the bash lethal okay he played the Hobgoblin deck and he didn't drew a single Hobgoblin that was really devastating for him and happy times for me

JCB Constructing Road| Satisfying Video |Prabesh Aryal

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[Hearthstone] We better topdeck fireball now or trouble! [Constructed Gameplay]

Thank You bank of america that's really nice of you 32 million I would reach life on screen guys confirmed laughing rich now yeah that's a problem that you want you don't have my bank into I can sent you down like that I mean what could possibly go wrong let's let's be serious about that guys what could possibly go wrong if we sent that trustful person our our bank stuff it's my back it's real causing thanks a lot for telling me that's really nice of you I I did not know oh that's great cuz if we did if we weren't able to Gill brand there it would have been some dirty thing so we play against zoo and we're already in the advantage finally and the enemy didn't go like full troll awkward mode Pilcher hmm I'm gonna try to no no no no I'm just gonna kill him I thought about like hitting him four times you know go for life pat pat pat pom-pom the new that was knife juggler and a Belcher and bran um what the hell is he playing yep the night sugar is still increasingly confusing me right now we go for for the blast mage then we ping and we trade those two in and then we give her the face it's better than actually bringing him down like on those small minions they died to a Hellfire anyways the devastators would actually survive a Hellfire right now yeah it's a Reno dag I I assume so too guzel to the UM nitra no just makes no sense so it's some reno demon we're logging stuff beg probably yeah oh yeah I win if he doesn't have a Reno the game is over I guess now so yeah either how's reno now or not but also have a molten Johnetta taunt vid actually then he still loses Greg here's Reno south fraser team what do they always have to have lee noon before it goes for a shadowflame beer I can't we get the ancient mage frost bold um we're get the ancient mage 4oz bold yeah twisting nether cave known as surprise mmm good acting for that flame leviathan dies too easy we actually go for the claw grade 9 mm so twisting other is gone where I mean the only awkward thing if he gets the shuttle flame there now and then I'm gonna be angry if you did see I'd like you know yet the twisting nether and a shadow flame forget I hope for the best right now cuz that would be amazing i mean i like i like that frost full 45 damage just lay out of nowhere he has a hellfire at his name why not white please more please more maybe harder as if that was not awkward enough already sing him down so there is a Reno there was all his removal cards and the four damage bombs which ultimately didn't matter cuz you know earned a flame strike here and it's like feels like a waste flame strike somewhere but just get it done I don't play the Mac workers because I'm actually waiting for the next guerrilla bob reduction boom and that was the right play on his side cuz he actually gets jaraxxus blending that but on the other hand it's also a bit risky but it pretty much depends on what he's drawing there okay so bgh or no bgh that's a crooks word clue right now fireballs in supreme third pillar Harvey gallons dream ok that will slow fire yeah I get to tell you something and just care for the phase I mean I just need a fireball we're gonna do dis a straight fireball I bombs hit his face for four why not mean it can always happen okay there's nine there is not lethal and I just need a top take a fireball and we win curly good action words that so never for the best there's not having you heal if he has another heal but anybody's in Reno dad isn't gonna happen two three he'll drag so two out of yep two out of ten cars they did I already playing fireball no direct so it's two out of ten cars seriously two possible easy peasy no actually 33 yeah 3 because after Drake and as you Drake fireball easy peasy you shall not pass I'm jaraxxus blah blah of blah blah Legion get ranked