Confetti Cannon in the Office! | 10 Party Products

what’s going on guys I am Matthias and
guess what dude guess what day it is smell smell you just took my job – no
it’s smile day but we don’t make enough money to get the eat you know it’s smell
day hitting 5 million subscribers is an amazing achievement done only by me ever so as a five million present to me you
know it’s go yeah yes you do did I tweet it out I tweet it out as you can see
right here retweet if you want me to surprise Tanner tomorrow by doing this
when we shoot a video 2100 retweets alright
Tanner should try doing the show once and Mathias in the hot seat like if
agreed I can’t think of a better day this is like is like a 5ml present to
myself yeah it’s like the most selfless way of being selfish but I’m gonna like
here’s what we’re gonna do right I’ve picked out ten things just celebrate
myself but I’m letting you open them up if I the first one you’re the first one
what was that mean I’m the first thing you want to celebrate yourself with
Danner’s product number one all right tanner you want to switch switch let’s
see if tanner here’s the thing we got we got to test this out to see if Tanner
can take over this channel no one has to do it alright someone’s gonna do it dude
I hate this just keep it in keep it in so here’s the thing about Tanner right
he’s a little shy he’s a little nervous right oh that was rude not as attractive
or funny as me that is actually the truth a beard not as great but give him
a chance dude as a five million present to me I almost hit back
uncle I’m still gonna be right here in the hot seat I should have done my hair
or something today look at yourself that’s what I’m all
about that’s why I’m here I want to look at myself all right my little slave I
want to do oh you’re right I’ve never done this
before so as a match right full assistant I’m gonna be letting you guys
know if today’s products are mail-order do
whoosh plush blue birthday cake hat oh my gosh you got this for yourself for
myself you know how good you look with cakes on your head alright for myself
meaning I wouldn’t have given it to the person in hot seat I would have worn it
myself oh so you’re implying that I’m gonna
wear now just like him alright well let’s see it happy birthday to you
this plush blue birthday cake at beaches are colorful happy birthday headline
against a white background with more who cares we’re really happy about 5-mil
today aren’t we most people do like a day in the life weird over here just
like let’s good a hat measure cinches is wide that’s just like something else I
I’m gonna add it to the basket aggressive sir
I could see why you do get a little scared when we do that kind of stuff I
can’t wait to see you push it onto the table and miss every single time who
thought this was a good idea starting off what are these are these candles
it’s more like a melt like a cow it’s like if your milk you want to try out
first you want me to try them I just want to say happy 5 moly yeah thank you
I’m so happy for you they never take it off I’m gonna be honest wait dancing it
bask in it look at that did you agree because of money it doesn’t feel good it
feels like I’m almost the same person after I hit 5 melt it feels like I can’t
treat people however I want it’s kind of like getting a degree I don’t feel like
Donald Trump no cos he’s 5 bill so I have to wear Anil the entire video all
right you know what I do for you kids way too much for you kids all right six
count sparkling six foot just kidding six inches candles birthday outdoor
bottle party go I’m starting to see why you have a hard time
it’s like just like you have to take it one word at a time yeah this is tough
birthday outdoor bottle party gold candles smokeless in stock that’s good
to see the listing six piece of bottle wedding cake candles six inches it’s a
cake that pees itself it’s nice red tip goes on birthday cakes or it can be
attached bottles I’m gonna give you a challenge I want you to tell me what
that means so what it really means is that the red tip goes into the birthday
cake right or you can attach it to the bottle like the top of a bottle I get it
now I know exactly what to do with we decide to add it to cart get to me my
candles a perfect push what else what else it’s a five mill cake for myself so
which one of us is unbox more brother I ripped its neck all right here we go oh
this is the red tip what’d you think was the red tip dude I don’t know yeah so
I’m gonna go ahead and put this in the shape of an M so here’s another problem
these red tips come undone really quickly yeah baby let’s get this place
lit up are you okay dogs look at that wait wait take this that check this out
no don’t turn this sideways oh you get this point pull it up yeah listen to this that can’t be healthy wow
this looks smoky yeah so we’ve encountered another problem
look at the cream on this no take a look if you guys can see there’s actually
just a bunch of like so yeah from all the flames and stuff going up a little
carcinogens yeah all right I’m gonna cut Matt slice dude you’re breaking the
bottom of this is hard I have to really Jimmy this thing out you guys are making
fun of me this is tough the bottom is broken the bottom is
actually broken can I get an actual knife yeah I mean look at this no this
guy actually just gave me a butter knife with like a plastic like a make it work
make magic I can’t get that out with those big knife there’s no way you get
this dude what the heck yeah yeah hold on get in the bottom thank you all right
let’s taste my five mil cake dude thank you oh you need something this is mine
Cheers I’m actually going head on first into it melts in your mouth that’s
actually really good it’s that magic ink so here’s the beauty about being in the
fire see I can keep eating you gotta move on oh you’re right technical
difficulties or something just to get you guys are curious the cake is a mill
the candles also mill but make sure you do it outside yeah a killer pie next
giant Mexico Mexico it’s the second you step up here did can’t do it giant
Mexican Bowl party pinata with rope blindfold and decorated stick you know
what I use those things for something else in my life I hope you know Jesus
when you well so stick color berries stands 46
inches tall that’s 12 24 36 3 almost 4 feet there’s about an app on this
channel oh you’re right this is animal alright Oh miss click Add your cart
alright Matt you want to go into warn base warehouse to check it out we got it
set up out there to have a little fun with it alright well I’m gonna do it
anyways cuz I’m the star of the show alright here we are this is the buter
self did you pick this because it looks like me all right tanner break it show
us some aggression dude I like junk over here was like embarrassed to watch that we’re gonna disappoint Pouncy balls wait it’s a bouncy ball Tanner okay whoa you
could say I’m worried account alright put some right in the face dude dude I
feel like I just went to war right there let’s see those hands
hey girls look at me got my nails dude it’s okay bro throw confetti balloons
you be God you be good what is our it would be good goober good
okay I’ll make it uber gun giant latex balloons 36-inch filled with colorful
confetti jumbo balloons for wedding christmas Babla gallium premium material
I love that premium material you are made out of boyfriend material your to
get material yeah it’s like polyester I like it ah confetti what you wanna say
something our confetti balloons are made of high-quality and sturdy latex which
won’t break down easily at night it’s not a challenge five high quality latex
36 inches balloons with colorful confetti wide application fun for New
Year’s Eve parties kids birthday parties gender-neutral baby shower you know it’s
funny wait what wide applique
have you ever heard of a balloon described as the white application this
is the white application balloon cannot do everything you want but
gender-neutral baby shower so just any balloon that’s what I’m saying it can be
anymore it’s just a neutral balloon so it’s a balloon is what you’re telling me
right now okay they should have just put that you know love it through my sister
that’s all I saw that’s all she gets she’s a very much mr. surprise birthday
party and my I should just do her sister if you control what knowledge you take
in you can form your own perspective you know have the car baby I wasn’t ready
too bad I want another one beautiful fun grey packaging some SS to myself here’s
the real fun happens see this knives so this is some helium and oh whoa it’s got
a little legs it’s like a pig here’s the confetti that comes with it I mean yeah
that’ll put it in yourself Oh baby ugly color yeah you gotta test
it you test it you never tested balloons hi my little slave you I want you to
look this one no the other one this is the One X button I make a promise we’re
going to try I did it oh you’re smart boy actually what if I just do this I’m
just gonna stick it in there the whole bag I’m in this shape what is that sound what wait stop it
works yeah but I’m doing now that the growth
bag in it alright I want that too looks like how to get on a plane soon alright
here we go oh hey I had to get the bag out hey I’m
not a noob it’s the hardest I’ve worked my fingers in a minute I’ll tell you
that much horse fully grasp all right so that’s enough I think the confetti it
sounds like it’s dying you want the air to go in what are you doing it’s gonna blow up
like a whirlwind that’s actually do it do it all right I’m metric Oliver lesson to be
learned nothing happen in my mouth you I can taste it in my mouth how come you’re
having all of my eyes must be happy but I’m in the front seat
Oh what oh thank you so these are what it looks like when you’re not
incompetent like myself no don’t Helena this is what I think this is how I image
Tim in my head this is the voice do you think I normally have brought it up then
last better all right well my review is the balloons they’re pretty cool but
you’re just like in the wild feature the helium no it’s a mil balloon no me Liam
he’ll wait whatever I’m over it all right whoa what
is that picture feels like does likely I’m gonna take a buyout on one of these
for sure Kings store 200 pcs pieces 40 inches
giant latex spiral balloons weddings birthday parties decorated children’s
gifts it’s not getting great reviews from the peeps as you can see there um
it’s just balloon don’t think I want to Reno yeah
giving two stars because these pictures are misleading and different from the
product I was expecting the photos show a wide variety of colors and the ones I
received were red yellow so the ones he received were a variety of colors I’m
mad because I didn’t get what I wanted even though I got what I wanted this is
the packaging cam don’t do it
oh really yeah well it seems a lot of balloons few hundred pieces that said I
think right magic knives once you show them off do a little stroll I’ll do I’ll
show them stolen baby what’s on my head Oh
so they actually changed where you squeeze so if I give it more pressure in
the middle it pushes it towards the other no this is a feature okay hey man
I watched have something with you we have to have a sword fight really quick
first a small my the bagger mats got the stronger sword well those balloons
they’re weak just like my spirit nil next product hey guys you think Matt and
I are cool because we’re part of the power
thank you for watching power animations thank you for being a part of that
notification squad if you guys want to be a part of the notification squad as
well and see more of this crazy humor makes you guys hit that subscribe button
a bell icon we come back to the first 30 minutes and we love you well I do Matt
he’s just mad you know 5-mil changed him you know nostalgia electrics works with
hard candy ooh nostalgia PCM for debreu retro series
hard and sugar-free candy cotton maker cotton candy or candy cotton cotton
candy cotton candy come on man sugar free candy shoot candy ooh that’s my
jazz you know how much I like sugar for you exactly I hate it so I get those
large sodas remember oh yeah these Orbeez we just this that cocaine you put
the drug in there and you make the bigger drug wait what well you put jelly
ring second it can not even melt down why yeah cuz looking makes it into that
I like this very nice right okay you want this one yeah alright hey I’m gonna
do Add to Cart I’m Lourdes Mouse
oh good delivery thank you I’m happy for you happy for you cool alright so this
is what the candy comes in a nice fat pink box just the way daddy likes it
okay we got all these papers what’s that these are so these are but you’re gonna
put on the cotton candy on I’m gonna make you do it cuz I like the way you
work here’s the candy comes in powder form you have to buy these separate so
these didn’t come with the product I had a
friends my little friend amis they bought these set before so instructions
plug it in is a good start I’m gonna assuming can you plug this in my good
sir I’ll do it I think I’m supposed to put the candy in what do you want first
waiver cherry so I’m gonna turn her on wait I’m gonna turn it on Wow sounds
like a plane taking off or on top or that’s stuff in right I assume it’s got
to eat up first yeah I can see a coating inside I don’t
see any Khan can be where is my candy I think it’s just gonna heat up they can’t
you heat map over there you guys can see good like oils are getting here yeah you
can see right there they’re oils are hogging it’s heating up but it’s just
not really ascending like it should yeah I heard chatter maybe a little more
tanner maybe a little more than that I feel like we’ve had this one before Everyone give this video a like for Lis like for Liz come on mister this is Matt
if anyone’s curious he just likes to experiment with stuff I’m sandy that’s a
mob sandy in my destructive product out of this jail Everett
we’re gonna take it over here and we’re gonna let it heat up on its own and
we’re gonna see if we can get some cotton candy makers I really want cotton
candy six and a half hours native all right guys as you can see my
incompetence has reached an all new point I’ve gotten one of my frenemy is
here this is Dave frenemies no I just like I said we were frenemies in the
video we’re actually friends but Dave actually knows how to do this hang down
I’ve never done this before alright maybe he’s just better than me
okay so kind of happening but you have to do that the entire time I don’t know
I don’t know if it’s like a twisting motion motion motion motion yeah the
most of us were all the twists to let me just do like this
is this is faster for sure but I don’t know if it’s doing it God is it you some
hi this looks like a discontent you know maybe too much sugar but it’s really
good I’m gonna say no if you can’t run right for me
you can’t go right for anybody she’ll then DJ phone fancy shots professional
confetti launcher with wireless remote for concerts puck whoa so this is a
remote-controlled confetti launcher was this even I like to buy this is just me
you spent $300 you neanderthal I just watched the shoot confetti I guess with
a high velocity zero doesn’t do what I want to go next level okay okay so far
twice we’ve gotten Connor and Paul know with different varying confetti effects
in their office but this one’s the big leagues dude I think we could do
something crazy what are you thinking I’m thinking we distract them right we
get them to come over here we distract them we set up in their office we go
back to their office boom blow it up and then walk out like boss yes like we’re
walking away from an explosion yeah I’m all I’m all about every single word is
that right pin the tail on the donkey game this is a classic classic pic but
you on this one that’s just my life my go-to game you know when I’m celebrating
got a pin something on something else yeah you know whether it’s like some
illegal crimes on like you know a lower employee yes I can set them pin now then
something something embezzling money something something double jeopardy or
some way that I pin some stuff lots of other people got someone their
subscribers all right so this is actually pretty cheap extremely cheap
$1.99 for a bandana and a donkey I paid two dollars for way less than this
alright I’m just gonna buy it place it to my Oh I’ve seen better tosses no
worries though got a little donkey party game oh this is Matt we named him Matt
because he looks just like you it’s the ears this is Mahoney hits ten Bell right
Bostick was fall for him put the blindfold up
when he set it up bowling ball this is one thing I’d put on the wall let’s see
you walk down the block along with the other here you go Matt got you some
scotch anything to thank you all right I’m gonna say I suck in assisting I suck
at assistant I like to be boss not assistant fallin Connor and Here Come
our contestants welcome to the Tanner Channel that’s
what unites me we got some changes coming your way that’s why I’m an champ
a tan man Chad what I’m still that all right let go my hand or else I’m gonna
touchy-feely go okay we’re gonna be playing pin the tail on top you we got
ourselves a blindfold here yes master and who we don’t want to bring you any
more than two donkeys to play pin the tail the document right so I’m gonna
give Connor number two because he’s number two there you go but then I’m
gonna guess number four sticky sticky icky sticky
what was that mr. rap god yeah what number do you want bye okay you can have
five we have five or five mil you are smart oh no this video is I’m thinking
number one yes are five mil vid you’re celebrating have some respect so you’re
gonna go first look at the camera let me turn to it
look at it he looks like a really bad super hero all right Connor hi Connie
you got this no no what what you doing guys that then you got to lead with this
no yeah that’s how you put your other hand out to feel for it
keep going is it there’s a propane tank how do you know are you opening your
eyes I saw it with my eyes earlier don’t feel that you gotta push there you go
all right she’s really well done really well done
yeah mr. big Paul goes to spend yeah why didn’t I get spun because I knew you
would make it anyways I totally did I said call all right you’re doing great
Bob I know I’m doing great mm-hmm perfect all right now going down to
Matthias gross happy fine Mel Matt this is no way hold on I know you can see
right here what and if you’re right here what right here Oh what was that fine
now behind me Wow yeah hey no peeking homeboy look at his
fingers some of the wrong fingers you’re good to go Wow actually really ever it closes that
tree closes love those boys and last but not least it’s your son man
the donkey King okay all right here we go you break the window yeah I was
an ion is those I’m 19 yeah good what you’re so close good job
and I think Matt won yeah thank you for five middle take a long time to make all
those accounts so Paul and Connor we actually have our
next product we need you guys for as well
okay everyone squeeze on the couch all right so next product it’s a dog you
wanted a dog oh it must be gone this gets here to replace it biscuit can go
right into a tree that’s okay guys you know what Amazon’s it has let me down
before you know what I said just go check it out all right where is it oh I
mean it’s it’s not easy with the role reversal Matt where is it
Matt take me away where we go yeah where’s my follow me everyone okay
you’re supposed to grab my hand guys check it out bounce house ready
five no worthy right I’m afraid to go I know bounce house with the boy boys
oh my god this is too depressed I’m free I win what do you say Miller no
I say five milk alright that’s definitely military
that’s a mill because it’s such a bad bounce house it’s a good bounce house
all right guys we are going to red base right now bless you all right guys the
product happens to be in your office you know
are you talking about you guys think great aren’t you glad
about my celebration wait wait no we’re actually not done though Oh actually no all right now we’re done because it
sucks it’s fitting that out see you guys later
All Right see you guys later glad we could help you guys giant inflatable
bowling game set 25 inch ball nice something right with six thirty inch
pins that’s a good set large jumbo indoor outdoor games party toy for kids
children and adults so for people just in case you were wondering you could
where humans yeah for people and humans it’s like okay roof
roof boring ball play with history add to fart oh wow and I have a Carl thanks
yeah it’s so off your Christmas are you talking you’ve never seen that vine I
can tell fines or anything that’s funny huh Matt no longer funny cuz it’s dead
anything dead isn’t funny game on by Meridian point
thank you Meridian point six giant pins it’s so funny what you choose to look at
you find some jokes in it Julius how about the Kip on double P signs right
here chilly I can’t behind chugs they picked the most Awkward child let
me see don’t make fun of a kid why what did I make fun of the kid he’s just like
no you don’t make fun of the kid this is a heck of a bowling know what he’s doing
you don’t make fun of the kids oh the kids beautiful yeah
the P sons but that’s the directors fault it’s not the kids fault much like
mine dead the directors yeah I mean it’s like you
think you think this kid just like threw up true peace signs come on kids don’t
do that I feel like kids do and war is what you like to do either
way the kids a little creepy okay next director trying to push his political
agenda only P only families for all the bowling families that like were just
like I can’t buy this too much beats I’m just checking to see there’s anything
funny something laughing at me are you doing great
I don’t like I’m getting picked on man 630 inch pins as you guys can see
they’re my favorite one it’s a point because if you point with this finger
it’s a little offensive a point the other finger some points like that we’re
gonna go we’re gonna go set this up in the warehouse and we are gonna see who
can win a little game of bowling you ready for that love you know Matt sucks
and most things bowling also included isn’t that right baby no there we go
team service it’s time to do some bowling like Wii Sports Bowl and you
know I just want to point out I wasn’t the one to do all about blowing up with
the pins this one looks like it’s seen some stuff yeah man this is what you
look like yeah last week he had the flu his head’s
all deflated and bodies just shrivel up this is like Amanda no take it carrier
then these are the boys like playing with dolls
I think it was so gonna do a little whopper soup here little 1985 get and I
don’t see how this goes all right no trying to not suck try and Danny I
honestly think there’s like a deflection magnet on do you even get anywhere near
you nearly the only knock two or three things you better Matt oh yeah hey yeah
I’m ready show me what you got you trained butter that works I’m done just touched all the pins I was like hey
baby how you doing and then just walked away right at five mil or nil five
Miller no this one give him five mill I don’t lie put up a three why why what do
you mean why I wouldn’t board my boys my bud I’ve always wanted to hit the lanes
with my friends you know what I’m saying I don’t have a favorite check out this
video it is where we found some mystery skills flavors it’s pretty crazy
also check out this video right here we’re talking with guys check out this
video right here because we had a flan throw in that video and it’s pretty nuts
and this guy’s nuts and make sure you guys subscribe because we have so many
crazy videos coming your way and make sure we end it high five and high five
know guys like this video if you want to see tan to do this again here’s an
actual high five you

24 Hour BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT ELEVATOR CHALLENGE! Working Elevator, Gaming Room & More!

hi guys we are heading up there it goes
guys Logan’s elevator is going down coming out alright there you go guys the
elevator stop the spoon is not clean enough to be in the billionaire box
board ladies and gentlemen of this company I
have brought you here today to this investors meeting that’s the CEO Papa
Jake to discuss one thing and one thing only flaming hot cheetos no that is that
is not what we are going to be discussing we are discussing box sports
also you told me to come here for lunch I didn’t know this was a meeting you see
our company over the many years has pushed the limits of box for technology
far into the skies some people call me the Bill Gates of pop sports others have
referred to me as Elon Musk of cardboard and I’ve called you here because you
have all invested millions of tape rolls into this company for us to produce
technology that will get us to the stars now when we started out as a small
company we built the world’s first box for floating box sports that was us
ladies and gentlemen today it’s just me what do you mean ladies and gentlemen
yes okay I realized it’s just you and me okay
but I’m the CEO of the company I got to dress like a super cool CEO all right
sorry I got I did not know the cane had that I was not intending on using that
hey Bob sports on water was us box sports and space was us box for clock
club was us buck sport car was us I’m about to introduce to you the next
generation of all sports the next era of this company now will take us farther
then no man has ever gone before ladies and gentlemen and Logan included I
present to you the world’s first box sport elevator that’s all we could come
up I could have done that there is gonna be some explosions and sounds but that’s
okay all right this is us unbox for there’s
clouds this rain we’re sad but with the technology I have invented I look
gravity in the eyes I said no more I said we are gonna go up
above the clouds to where the Sun is that’s me and that’s
lonely ladies and gentlemen the world’s first production of the box sport
elevator starts today this is where you were you clapping what’s going on
everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we
are pushing look what are you doing it white and white walk around in a VR
headset Logan this isn’t VR times everyone oh what’s up guys I was just in
VR land because what we were about to build today is much cooler than what is
inside gr guys today we are gonna be building the world’s first working box
fort elevator but not just that we’re also gonna be incorporating it into a
billionaire box for now you’re probably thinking Papa Jake you’re talking crazy
you’re going mad you’re going insane there’s no such thing as elevators and I
don’t really understand the concept of this elevator Jake oh yeah what’s this you just did a squat and I might have
been a squat but Logan you can’t explain this that’s right we live in up in the
future here in papa Jake’s box fort we well actually we discover these tables
and we found out that they move up and down with the click of a button so what
better use for them than to make our very first box for elevator guys some
cool ideas on how we can do this Logan thought it would be
to do like a billionaire for using them which I agree but the cool thing is guys
oh how can you go you don’t know I’m kind of scary hi oh it’s not this is not
where I want to be right now do not want to be under here when this thing Falls
so I have the idea that we use one of these to actually be an elevator that
goes up and then this one over here would already be set to the second
storey then the cool thing is guys to take the elevator down into a secret
underground bunker maybe like a secret underground gaming room super fired up
for the spell guys we’ve never done anything like this this is gonna be
awesome and of course guys if you do happen to be brand new to the channel
and you are not already part of the greatest channel on YouTube do not
forget to join the squad all you guys got to do is super easy number one hit
that subscribe button number two hit that Bell button and number three most
important in the comments use your inside voice cuz you don’t want to wake
up your family and you guys will be part of the squad I will be picking one
amazing squad member to give a shout out to at the end of this video and of
course you’ll always be notified of our brand new videos every Tuesday Thursday
and Saturday we got awesome new content coming out for you guys that’s true
but Logan if we are going to be making the world’s first working box what
elevator we need to get our cardboard they’re on the elevators all right now
all we need is some tape and we can start building this thing well Jake has been working on the
elevators this place is starting to look like a real billionaire box for it about
VR goggles we got our xbox we got a little punching bag you know if you want
to get a little workout in all-around super cozy place that will connect into
this elevator shaft we just connected to this elevator and guys check this out
and just like that we have our two elevators connected let’s go check it
out here’s the front entrance of our billionaire box work yo guys check it
out this is the main entrance to the billionaire box for it now as you guys
can see this is currently the kitchen look what I did here got some nice bowls
cutlery lookin what is this what what do you mean Jake it’s a spoon the spoon is
not clean enough to be in the billionaire box for it well we have
everything we need – one spoon but we do have this little fancy light here in the
middle we also got another section over here where you got some of our food as
well as water I sort some food in here so in case we get hungry during the
night you know we could come all the way back in here probably Jake what do you
mean during the night same 24 hours Logan this is a 24 hour billionaire box
40 you never said this was a 24 hour challenge every billionaire box for it’s
a 24 hour challenge because it’s a comfiest places to sleep all right I
guess we’re doing a 24 hour challenge now what we haven’t done yet guys is we
have not actually used the elevators to get to the other section of the fort so
that is completely sealed off now which means not only is it super top secret
but the only way to get to it is through the elevators which means it’s also
super secure if you’re done picking your food if you’re done enjoying your time
in the luxurious entranceway to our box where you know take a look out the
window enjoy some of the water then you go over here to your elevator you simply
the elevators door to the side we come on in we got our lights inside here and
of course like every elevator we got an emergency phone in case we needed yo
call them call emergency hello you have this Logan this phone isn’t plugged in
this is not an emergency phone well for show we have a phone so in case you know
you come in here it looks like it is a working elevator but of course the main
part of the elevator that actually is the most important part it going up and
down does work so as you guys can see we got a nice view of the outside of the
billionaire box for it but I want to go to the awesome secret gaming room so
what we gotta do close the door say goodbye to Logan and
now I’m gonna press our button so we go up to the second floor oh we’re moving
guys it’s kind of hard to see us moving but we are going up so sweet
alright we’re getting to the second floor as you can’t tell how high we are
it’s really weird like when it’s moving you can’t even feel like you’re moving
up until you look out and then you’re like oh we’re a lot higher all right
looks like the elevator has arrived at the second storey oh here we go we
simply slide the elevator door which accesses Logan’s elevator so let’s uh
walk across here it’s a little shaky it’s a little scary but so far so good
okay let’s get it logos elevated Logan the elevators perfectly safe and we’ll
send Logan’s elevator back down so he can get inside and come up here and
there it goes guys Logan’s elevator is going down how cool is that the audience suck it between the two
elevators I don’t think it’s the outside all right like I’m setting the elevator
down here come on in Oh what’s up then welcome to the top
floor dude this is crazy it’s like a three-story box for world
the third storey it’s it’s a little little shaky but you know that’s okay
and now I get to go down the elevator into the secret underground gaming room
which is probably our most secure and most top-secret gaming room we have ever
made well I guess to see you in the little bit Logan as I go down to the
game going down I guess we are pretty much as tall as a three-story box for it
with the luxury of not having to move up or down we just press a button and the
box where it literally takes us up or down of stores and the elevator is
coming back up it’s time for me to head down to the gaming room a little bit
rickety but all right into the other elevator all right and taking us
downstairs to the gaming room Xbox even got a light soon all right Jacob I don’t
think we need a lifesaver for this it’s also extremely top-secret and
secure the only way down here is inside a box for up an elevator into another
elevator and down into the basement what box for a what bill do you think is your
cool suit on this channel guys if you think this base is super awesome let’s
get 20,000 likes or more of these insane crazy billionaire box for it I think we
need to get ourselves some dinner so we can enjoy our 24 hours in here and if
this is billionaire box 4 that means we don’t need to eat MREs no dry eggs for
Jake today okay but this is a billionaire challenge which means we get
the highest quality of foods okay we need to go big we need to go grand I’m
talking bigger than the finest restaurants money can buy I say we get
McDonald’s Jake I can’t really focus with these lights changing all the time
but okay McDonald’s sounds good alright guys we are heading up to the third
storey so that we can go ahead and get ourselves some dinner also guys let us
know if you love these elevators should we use them more often in forts I mean
they are a little slow but it’s pretty cool to be able to go up to the second
story without actually having to use stairs or jump up ourselves but alright
we’re in the second storey here oh I got us our dinner check it out
delivered fresh to the box for it and now we can eat it in the safety of our
secret underground bunker alright let’s dig into our dinner
I am absolutely after a long night of building we got
our dinner we got bored so it’s time in billionaire fashion to enjoy something
that only billionaires enjoy McDonald’s hamburger Jake you’re eating your burger
upside down doesn’t make a buck they just eat the
burger like you’re supposed to eat the burger like this Logan never even
burgers with you again guys I don’t know what Jake was doing but it’s time to eat
my burger like a burger is properly supposed to be eaten we just finished up
our dinner we had some fun playing on the Xbox but I think it’s time to head
to bed we spent a ton of time working on this box for but we got some more fun
stuff to do in the morning and we could fuse the elevators a lot more so I’m a
cozy up here with mr. Sharkey and get some shut-eye
and our amazing billionaire box for a brand new damn box I turned the lights
on to wake up and now the lights are off alright guys well it is officially
morning time and we were able to sleep in our super cozy bunker which is
underground and only accessible through two elevators which i think is really
awesome I got a really good sleep here cuz I knew I was super safe especially
for raccoons know raccoons are getting in here but it is breakfast time which
means it’s time to use our elevators to go back to the main area of this box for
it and have ourselves some nice breakfast so since Logan isn’t awake I
get to go first I am NOT ready to wake up I need more sleep Jake
come on we are now inside the elevator Logan it’s only one person elevator so
I’m going to take it up through the second-story and grab ourselves some
breakfast elevator heading up here we go up to the second story i lo got turn the lights on there we go so we
are all good now to make our way down for breakfast come down so you can get
in the elevator stop it’s okay it’s okay you’re only really
high up and almost touching the ceiling all right I got an idea Logan’s a little
crazy but I know how you can get it in here you’re just gonna have to jump it’s
the only way if your elevator is broken two people can’t be in here at once Jean
we’re gonna have to do with openness so make your elevator stop we are very high
right now on essentially the third storey okay all
right look you get in get out working all right guys so the max capacity
elevators is supposed to be one person Logan is now getting it okay look you
made it into the elevator I’m gonna activate it’s going down hopefully it
doesn’t break well here we going oh it’s a little rocky all right almost there
and what was that I heard something explode I might that might have been the
oh she’s still going no no no underground all stop all right I’m
getting out of here all right all right guys it’s time for our
billionaire breakfast and what do billionaires eat they eat themselves
some nice cold cereal which is why I’ve prepared for us beautiful meal all right well this looks pretty good
Jake where’s the milk we got a billionaire box for but it doesn’t come
with the fridge if we brought milk in here would go bad we got water that’s
what billionaires right longer pure icy cold water with their cereal
I’m not come on it’s just like milk Logan it’s just not like water and
cereal isn’t gonna taste good that’s what we get Logan because we’re
billionaires we got like billionaires also speaking of which you don’t have a
spoon cause your spoons Jake how am I supposed to eat this like a billionaire
with Logan with his hands maybe I’ll sit this one out
all right guys well this wraps up our amazing billionaire box for not only is
it 2/3 stories but also including working elevators but guys before we
head out and before I forget we got an amazing squad member to give a shout-out
to today’s huge shoutout goes to my boy Ivan thank you so very much Ivan for
being a huge member of that squad if you guys see Ivan down below be sure to give
him a thumbs up as well as leave him a nice little comment and of course guys
if you want to join the squad it’s super easy go down below hit the subscribe
button hit that bow but it can’t comment a little thing I like to say school and
they’ll fish will be in the spot but guys this has been Pappa Jake and Logan
and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

i AM REBECCA ZAMOLO and i Work for the GAME MASTER NOW! Mystery Clues Solved and ESCAPE ROOM Riddles

hey Sam Sam it’s Rebecca and I’m back
here in Los Angeles and just like the gamemaster had said when I got home this
was waiting for me on my bed you guys saw in my last video while in Hawaii the
gamemaster sent me on a treasure hunt to find secret hidden clues and eventually
a mystery box with a key inside that key ended up opening what looked like a
dictionary but was actually a hidden state and when I opened it that’s when I
received this letter you made it your invitation is waiting for you back in LA
now I am back with what I believe is an invitation from the game master but I’ve
waited to open it because I got a DM from him and it says only open it when
you’re alone so now is finally the perfect time to open this because Matt
is gone running errands and I am so nervous
mad I just wanted to make sure okay so Sam can before I open this letter I want
you to comment what you think it says on the inside also you guys the game master
challenged us to get a hundred thousand likes and comments on my last video and
say fam we did it and the video was not deleted so thank you guys so much if you
are one of the ones that liked and commented in the last video comment
below virtual hug thank you guys so much
alright now it’s time to open it I hope you guys commented what you think it
says see if you’re right it says this is your official invitation
to join the gamemaster and help save a youtube check the box on your coffee
table wait a sec so the game master wants me to join him and help save
YouTube does this mean that game Meister is good hates us check the box on your
coffee table is that you mister here right now alright so this probably is
not a good idea but I think I’m gonna go to my coffee table and just see what’s
there check the box and your coffee table this is this is weird because this
is usually when my little it’s all ok damn fam I’m opening it it says insert
me it looks like something that like a USB Drive but also something that you
can put in your phone ok so insert me means put it somewhere
if it’s in this room it must be for a reason right Zam Fam maybe the TV I
don’t know you guys let me know in the comment section if you think this can go
into a TV never use something like this in a TV but maybe you guys do you think
that that’s where it’s supposed to go I’m really bad at electronics so I have
no idea I got it in alright let’s see if this
works oh my gosh it worked I’ve been watching it for a very long
time and you passed the test you are the first youtuber I’ve
recruited to help save YouTube and bring justice back why don’t you say anything
because what makes you think I should trust you you’ve put me through so much
since we got our cabin and you’ve even deleted some of my YouTube videos to do
that I have to test you and train you to think like a game master so when it was
actually telling first let me take you through yeah you left a bunch of creepy
clues to complete tasks that’s why you did that if you’re part of the Sam fam
and you’ve helped me before and you’re willing to keep helping me I want you to
comment in the comment section below I am a Zam Fam fan you know you’ve put hidden
surveillance in places that I did not approve to protect you but what about
all those times you had me running around and I had to escape like in the
abandoned town and when we saw you at the abandoned second cities you needed
to feel the urgency time is always of innocence okay well everyone’s saying you
hypnotized me why would you do that if you’re good and fighting for justice
like you say you are protective what was going to happen at the mansion
you mean with projects or go and CVX I love this state as a clue for you what
about the other youtubers like Chad wild clay Steven Sharer not everyone can be
trusted well what if I don’t trust you Rebecca
have you noticed people are so strange recently
well I guess Chad and V were kind of acting strange when I FaceTime them and
it’s a little weird that Stephen was all the way in Los Angeles when he’s
normally in Virginia but if I decide to do this I have to do it on my own you
can’t force me to make your own decision can I have a moment to think about it
yes the place okay Sam Pham I need your help I don’t
know if this is a trap but the game master actually seems good let me know
in the comment section below if you think I should join and if you think I
should trust the game master he’s making some solid points which actually made me
kind of trust him right now I don’t know what to do
also he said he was going to demonize me but what if he’s actually just
hypnotizing me more and I’ll have to do more things under his control I don’t
know let me know what you think I should do I don’t know I think I’m gonna have
to trust my gut with this one okay I’ll do it I’ll let you do minute eyes me
under two conditions number one no one in my Zam fan gets her
routine number two you change back all of the thumbnails on my channel that you
messed with I coulda put a nice change okay let’s do it
Maximus now sit back watch and listen how do you feel I feel okay
let’s test and see if the D hypnosis works I’m gonna say it phrase to you and
you’re going to tell me how it makes you feel okay come to come to Cochin why do
you keep saying that I feel fine it worked now about your baby you need to
check under your seats you only have two minutes later Sandman can help you now
two minutes I thought it was done two minutes under the seat okay there’s
nothing under it here thank him if you knew it was this heat cushion let me
know okay it looks like some of its missing but read the clues is that
insight and slack slack what else could that be back stat stack okay let me know
if you think its stat and then there’s a car emoji a lipstick emoji an ice-cream
emoji you guys let me know in the comments section what you think this
clue means miss stack read the clues in sight so must be something that we can
see what if it’s all these books on the bookshelf okay Sam family let me know if
you see anything around here that has to do with a car lipstick or ice cream
nothing looks like a car maybe there’s some of the titles of the books might
have something to do with it something
the Sam fam gave me four could be a car you think that’s it you guys let me know
if you think this is the clue for the first one which is car
so now lipstick you guys do you see anything here that could be related to
lipstick nice guys there’s our I don’t know it’s exposure oh my gosh I don’t
even know all these books you guys know what I had someone come and decorate
look or again here makeup makeup you guys lipstick makeup don’t you think
that this would be the right look okay we need one more device okay have you
guys seen anything related to ice cream hurry you guys we don’t have much time
anything related to ice cream cream cream do you guys think that could be it
I don’t know we have to move fast oh this may be okay so maybe it’s supposed
to be the border if we do this on the bottom because this is like the ice
cream one and then lipstick would go on top of that and then for the car one on
top of that chase you like oh oh my gosh Do you guys see? this opened up Oh says for your eyes only and it’s a flash
drive I’m going to take this to my laptop hey guys okay you guys so by
putting this in it means that I am officially joining the gamemaster
and it says for your eyes only do you think that means that I can’t tell Matt
I mean it must mean that this has to be a secret you guys think that I should
join the game master I want you to comment below if you think this is a
good idea I feel like I have gone so far with the game master and I need to
figure out what is next I know I can’t tell Matt alright Zam Fam I’m gonna
do it so no this you

Roman Atwood Is Engaged

–Roman Atwood is engaged! Yeah its about time am I right? Last night Roman posted this picture to his
twitter and captioned it She has no idea. When she wakes up im asking her to marry me. Then this morning Brittany posted this picture
to her twitter and said- Whaaat. I have been with my soul mate for 9 and a
half years and he finally asked if I would be his wife. I can not explain how happy I am to become
Brittany atwood. Many other youtubers took to twitter to congratulate
the couple. These guys are super cute together and you
can tell how happy Brittney was. And the ring is gorgeous. Im assuming theres a video of the proposal
coming out- I mean I hope there is because its probably super adorable. And im guessing at first Brittney didn’t
believe this was real because he has fake proposed to her in the past for a prank video. Roman and Brittney started dating back in
November of 2008. So this was a long time coming. I had to wait 8 and a half years for my ring
so trust me girl I know how you felt waiting all this time. But in the end its definitely worth it. Roman and Brittney arnt the only youtube couple
to get engaged recently Pewdiepie and Marzia also announced their engagement last week. So congratulations to both of these couples
on their happy news. Hey everyone and welcome back to lp im court
mcginley. Thank you for joining me on this beautiful
Tuesday. As you guys know we have a lot of interesting
stories headed your way so without further a due lets get started. –Speaking of engaged celebrities we have
one more on the list. Its like engagement season out there. Congrats to Lea Michele who was asked for
her hand in marriage from boyfriend Zandy Reich with a STUNNING 4- Carat diamond ring. To our knowledge the couple has been dating
for just over a year. Congrats to the both of them. –Moving on from love to hate we have Stormy
daniels who is suing President Trump for defamation after he referred to her sketch of the man
who threatened her a con job. This is of course in reference to the sketch
she had illustrated of the person who apparently threatened her in a Las Vegas parking lot
in 2001 to stay quiet about her affair with trump. The lawsuit was filed by Daniels yesterday. On top of this Daniels is also locked in a
legal battle with Michael Cohen who is Trumps personal attorney. And that’s for her release from that non-disclosure
agreement weve all heard about. She thinks she has a case as the document
could be labelled as not valid because Trump never signed it. So yeah lots of drama there and we will keep
you up to date on these cases. –Next- there has been an update in the case
about the waffle house shooter. You might remember me previously mentioning
a man named James Shaw Jr. he was the man who stepped up to the shooter and wrestled
the gun out of his hands so he couldn’t kill anymore people. Well it turns out only hours after this happened
James also launched a fundraiser to help the victims families. By Thursday afternoon of last week that Go
Fund Me campaign had raised 165 thousand dollars. Which was 11 times its goal. This is absolutely amazing. James Shaw truly is an amazing man. –Next- Speaking of victims- thousands of
people have GATHERED IN Toronto to pay tribute to the Van attack victims. This happened on Sunday night during the Toronto
Strong vigil. It was to honour the dead and support the
living. Crowds walked along the stretch of Yonge Street
where 10 were killed and 16 were injured on April 23rd. Its great that everyone was able to come together
in memory of those who were gone. -Next- on a more upbeat note the avengers
have already shattered the box office records by bringing in 630 million dollars opening
weekend. Yeah that’s so insane. Talk about Avenger fans assembling oh my god
that’s crazy. The previous holder of this record was The
fate of the furious with 542 million dollars opening weekend. This movie also set a new record for an opening
weekend at the domestic box office with a projected 250 million dollars. If you havnt seen this movie yet I highly
suggest you do its amazing. If this is how part one of this movie did
I cant even imagine how well part 2 is going to do. –Speaking of Marvel the studio actually already
has movies planned until 2025. About this the marvel studios president said-
we dream big at Marvel Studios. We have very lofty aspirations at Marvel Studios. For those dreams to be surpassed is saying
something. Some of the noted upcoming Marvel movies are-
Ant man and the wasp- Captain Marvel- the 4th avengers- Spider man homecoming- and guardians
of the galaxy volume 3. Let me know which movie your most excited
for down in the comments. I think Im going to have to go with Guardians
of the galaxy volume 3. Because I just love them so much. Alright and there you have it those are all
the news stories I have for you all today. Thanks so much for watching. Don’t forget to subscribe and show us some
love by giving this video a big thumbs up and ill catch you in the next one.

10 of The World’s Tiniest Gadgets That Actually Work!

You want to try it? Yeah, I got this I don’t trust you Moments before What’s up everybody welcome back to dope Welcome back to dope or nope guys today we are… what are we doing today? Today we are reviewing ten of the tiniest gadgets that work. Always get it always get it never got it You know I’m saying. I always get it never stop So we’re reviewing ten of the world’s tiniest working products that my friend here Michael goes to Michelle formerly known as picked out for us. Now. Let’s get this all off the table We all we lost something on the table right here. Matt thinks arrowheads the best water I think Aquafina the best water, vote in the poll above. Let us know what you pick. He has facts I have opinions so follow mine Now Arrowhead is mountain spring water. That’s municipal tap water On to the first product that Michael is gonna do first Our first product video is from our subreddit: r/strangestthings You guys think you guys find products you want to review? All you got to do is go down description Click the link submit your products. The weirder they are the more likely it will be used. [Burp] Disgusting Who submitted this? Was it Prince? PurpleRain1989 How about Chocolate Rain am I right? Some stay dry and others feel the pain. The first one we got a Tetris MicroCard So, oh wow Alright, so it’s this mini little card looking thing that you can play Tetris on Wait you put that in your wallet? That’s what it says No, you put on top of your wallet like that [Chuckles] Just for looks. Your wallet Tetris micro card is the ultimate on-the-go gaming hardware for those moments when you want to take a quick break Guess which brick is Michael’s favorite? He’s a loser. Hey, what does it tell you about yourself if you suck at Tetris? It tells you that you are really bad at problem-solving, but I’m bad at Tetris But I just promoted you. Yeah, so it’s wrong. Tetris doesn’t make any sense. But wait, I promoted you probably cuz I’m bad at Tetris [Laughs] Yeah. Are you bad at Tetris too? I’m so bad at Tetris. Actually, I’ve never even tried Tetris. I looked at I was like that looks boring af It never made sense like put bricks on brick to make colors match Like oh if I want to do this, I would just you know play Legos. Yeah, that’s what I did Buy now That looks delicious and colorful and Nutritious. Lovely! Why does it come in like a CPU looking bag? Yeah, it’s bigger than I thought it would be. Alright, we got a little sponge. You know what this bag is for? Isn’t it so it like doesn’t like damage it or it gets static? Static? Static. This is a static bag suckers. It looks kinda cool. Okay I thought it was gonna be more delicate than that, but it looks like this plastic covering it It looks nice and it has the very rigid edges that I’m looking for. All right back. Ready. Set. Go. Are you good at this Michael? Oh, wait, how do I? What the heck? I guarantee you Dave is so good at this game (Everyone in the office is disappointed at Michael’s performance) Ah, I messed up. Wow Wow, okay. I’m better than this guy (Matthias is also disappointing everyone) It fits just right and so what I’m gonna do this I have to go for a walk with it He’s just gonna steal it. You really want that bad? You think I’ve stolen anything from this office? Yeah, probably. You’re right You right. This actually Amanda would really like this I’m gonna take this home. Every time we get a small gaming thing about retro gaming you’re like ‘Amanda would love this’ No, but this is so cool. What do you guys think? I think it’s DOPE. I think it’s DOPE for sure. DOPE for sure seven years ago FLIR ONE thermal Imaging camera for iOS Gen 3. Who the heck has a third gen iOS phone? Or is it talking about the case? Oh, it’s talking about the camera. Oh Dude, I’m killing it. I hope you die. I hope you not live. It’s a thermal imaging camera So pretty much what it looks like. It’s like a — Oh, I’m sorry. I’m trying to explicate a problem. Call my friend Sorry, this camera has thermal Imaging, meaning that when you point the camera at certain things in dark areas It’ll tell you where the heats at and all that stuff. It’s really dope. Right, Matt? I’m getting a high score Powerful thermal imaging camera gives you the power to see in total darkness find Palmiter on the house and explore your world and And it sounds like something Aladdin would say oh He’s cool, let’s see if I can see how hot Michael is guess what he’s a 10 So we already know that. Add to cart! Unbox that baby! Going to, I don’t know why they took video of zebra Oh, no, you restarted it. Zebras are horses that don’t know what race they are. Where are we I logged out Oh we’re filming an episode of DOPE or NOPE. No, this is a thermal camera. Oh, sweetie. No stay away. Why do we want a thermal camera? I got them both! Michael (giggles) Dude that thing is violent Okay, that looks pretty cool though, I’ve always wanted one of those is that expensive like $250? Yes, I knew it That’s why I’ve never bought one because I was like: “Wait, that’s $250 so I could use on real things.” Yeah phone here. It has an application for the FLIR. you plug this puppy in right here Hey, it says hey create your FLIR cloud account. Hey later dog. Clear a flat acam? Here we go Oh my gosh! Tanner is a million degrees. Why did you need to work on the interim portions of your nose very hot Thank you, but not attractive hot. Okay, so Tanner or put your hand on the table. Let go Whoa, I can feel it. Look at that. That’s really cool. Yeah, just some guys being did this could be like our album cover [Meh rock music] I’m gonna say it’s DOPE. I’m gonna say that DOPE. DOPE. Tiny arcade. *baby voice* Oh it’s so tinyyy *baby voices* I like clear acrylic that’s really cool Every time we get these though not every time but sometimes and we get these they don’t work But I was told that it did work. We didn’t remove like the demo tag or something. Yeah So I could be wrong I might not be because I’m never wrong I do gotta say I saw Liz building these in her office she built this so we ordered it for it to come assembled But it didn’t we still had a like assembly rush. They list light assembly It’s pretty dope Liz should feel proud Oh could not make that. Like for Liz! Both: Like for Liiiiiiiiiizzzz! To be clear we didn’t get a lot of likes last episode So I’m wondering if you are disliking because of Liz? So, let’s be clear like the video for Liz. Liz Add to cart! Look at that, It is absolutely exquisite durable tiny so aesthetic its minimalistic. I love it. Now, tell me Jim What do you think of this product? Yeah packaging starting. It has a very nice outside Thought it was gonna be in there but it’s just all the parts. Oh this isn’t it? Look at this. Look at the intricacy in the cable. Look Liz Liz did that. Yeah, Liz Are you a computer engineer? Liz inform me that there is a micro USB as well as an SD card slot above it Which is quite fascinating because you could put more games on it. You got any games on it Oh has a sound effects – what’s that? I can’t see -Tanner’s head’s in the way. Sorry Why did that guy went straight for me? What the heck? Why what why they coming after me? You hit it. You’re not going fast enough (groans) No. Oh, yes do that flappy bird. I used to be the genius of this game Oh, is that is that am I playing right now? Yeah Oh your batteries low. You died! Didn’t realize I was playing Oh Dunzo, how many was it? No, I passed the level. Oh, 26. Oh You got remarkably lucky Remarkably lucky? How are you so good at this?. Do you think I was lucky you can do it again. Michael really need wait. What is this? Dude, there’s nothing. He’s really bad. I know This is embarrassing I rate that a DOPE. I do. I do. I got a phone call from the banker Mengshin Mini. That is offensive Mengshin Mini GPS receiver trackers plus location finder With keychain you guys are you rechargeable for outdoors? Are we looking at the back of it? Looks ike it looks like a beetle or something. That’s actually kind of cool. Yeah It’s like a mini keychain that you know your exact location GPS wise Let me tell you something. You had one of those already. Guess what? On your phone. Yeah Why do you need this? I’m actually this does it too. So technically this is smaller, but is your Apple watch $40 wrong? I’m sure you can get a crashed one for like 50 bucks. That’s true. That’s what I thought for me I gave you it one for free Yeah, you give me a nice one for free I gave you an Apple watch I gave you a TV It’s like he’s my favorite. It’s something like that and just to make sure It’s like how do I get myself an Apple watch? Let’s hit the Buy Now button So we got the mini GPS never get lost again. We’re gonna be very gentle with the packaging today And that’s how babies are made.Take the USB cable and you Strangle it until it gives you all the news you need. Just a slow zoom while he was doing that too I hold the button for three to four seconds. Let go not the right button. So I switch to the next button It looks like none of these the ones I’m looking for it. Yeah, let me try the on button again I didn’t work the first time but I just press it or hold found it Now there’s no such thing as a good keychain without the key chain attached So the worst part then you have to like pry it open. Yeah, you’re right Effort. We’ve got a little spinny doodad there got four dash lines on the side Well, I think it’s trying to calibrate. This looks like musical notation. You’re right cap relay So the directions actually say that it can’t work in a building and I’m beginning to see that Are you lost if you’re in a building now, what if you will sometimes you’re a play PUBG? Gee, how do you get into a building? And you don’t know what building you’re in. How does that happen America? Sometimes you’re in a hotel you know you get lost in the hotel. You need GPS to find the exit their exit signs Legally, so this does this does anger and it does have it does ahead Yeah, so it lights up nice and blue and it flips through you can see our cellular connectivity You can see it has cellulite connectivity it’s like *merp* Magnetizes to my leg. That’s gonna be a DOPE No, that’s going to be a NOPE. It didn’t even work It’s not gonna work inside I just think it’s a NOPE because we already have things that are doing it in the pocket views every single day It’s a little bit cheaper you’re cheaper. All right, we got anti spy camera bug RF What RF stand for? Roof? Roof is on fire. No, this is a bug detector So we you can tell if we’ve been bugged which I spiked get rid of those hands do it serious It doesn’t work in here because it doesn’t it detect a specific frequency fast detection to find out all spy equipment wireless signal What frequency is it detecting RF radio for his call RF radio frequency? Really frequencies everywhere. Find out. Will range all around detector Like 1998 headphones they gave us row That’s not you’re using it It screams and vibrates at the same time. What is it doing then? What is the purpose? Well, this is for… Do you remember when headphones used to do this? Isn’t that satisfying when your heads this big that you need this much space? In between your ear bones. What are you a troll? because this frequencies all around us? So it’s just detecting everything exactly every all these electronics the TVs the cameras these things doing frequency or that’s IR so that how do you know when something is being bugged in this day and age you don’t this is for Those people that are like living out in a cabin. Alright, NOPE, NOPE, maybe soap. NOPE. NOPE without the bag and DOPE with the bag Next product Westminster’s world’s smallest RC helicopter. Oh Look at that remote though. Wait, why is left on the right and right on the left? Right trim, left trim Yeah, but why wouldn’t the right be on the left and the left on the right? It’s not that’s the right and what language? Add to cart. this it is tiny. I never sent guaranteed the rock your world That’s usually the key I like that the remote holds it I don’t know why that’s so cool. See these little things right here You just pop off *pop off* and they go on these (intense concentration) Well, wait, it just always goes forward I don’t have enough controls on this look this thing doesn’t have enough controls It’s only up and down and left and right each one of these should have Each four axis. X Y Z Yeah, so it’s always gonna go forward so I have to basically just continue to steer in a circle. Oh This is really difficult, That puts out a lot of air watch go. Oh, it’s more than my Tesla It’s also good air conditioner. Oh, yeah. It’s meant to can I fly it. Yeah go. Oh OW! That got me more than you! I mean this guy can take a beating for sure. You want to try it. Yeah. I got this. I don’t trust you Yeah, I think it’s I think it’s pretty cool This is missing an axis Z or Zed if you’re in Canada. tiny screen video game kit ask1007 Okay,1007, is this a tiny screen video game kit? Can you respond for them, please? How about no! it’s $74.95 for what looks like a cake topper Yeah, this doesn’t this looks like its made out of fondant Look tiny Oh Fondant fondant Looks actually kinda like a boom boombox. Yeah. Okay take a look here This is what it looks like in a normal person hand. Maybe it’s just a giant using it actually normals person hand Okay. I know I’m getting stuck on the wrong things, but it’s true I’m gonna be honest ever since I started working here my brain don’t function. It’s called actually being in a high stress environment Yeah, it’s called my head hurts 8 to 12 hours a day This is the funniest thing about this all. all this information description. It goes to learn absolutely nothing You will not learn anything. What have you learned from this product? Nothing actual waste of my time. All right. Well, let’s see if I can look anything from it. Add to cart She built it yes, can you bring your hands into the frame of the cook for me? Look at those hand these masterpieces these hands create. Alright, thank you Can you play Fortnight on that? I don’t know I’m not shocked at this point You can play Fortnight on your toaster at this point. Imagine liz. Has it down? Why is that? Why does it come with extra dime bags? I don’t understand. Oh, okay So these normally come in pieces like we said look, can you turn it on? To start, I don’t even know where the buttons are. Oh just he’s trying to make fun of me. Oh, I’m playing Maria jump What? How am I supposed to get up there, is that it is this the game Genius this is pretty again. She said she had a program and this is all that it could handle Oh, I see you just you’re just working.. yYou guys Liz built it coded it No, she copied pasted code “coded” but still you can copy paste code incorrectly. I’ve seen it happen Yeah, Liz. I just want to be the guy I mean, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m literally doing the same thing until I stop I’m not saying you’re not you’re a good game designer. You’re already better than whoever designed the game Brink. This is pretty cool You wanna play? Yeah turns out you don’t even have to run you could just stand still and they’ll come to you The way Liz programs she likes to make it as easy for the user as she can. Very user interface basis. You look at the top left That’s the kill count. So what is he doing? I’m running away. All you can see the refresh rate from the line There’s that progressive or is that P or I? It’s I, right? Stop tickling my knee So I’m gonna say DOPE for that little of a thing. Yeah. What is that? Like I’m not a huge computer engineering kind of guy, but it’s not like a Raspberry Pi I mean like now I don’t Raspberry Pi is bigger but still DOPE. Alright, so all the links for this next product They’re all gone. They we had to buy on eBay, but they took down the listing Instagram projector. Ah, oh, it’s a focuser. Yeah, so the pointer stars and the little Cartridges you’d be able to make your own from I’m guessing Instagram But they don’t sell those anymore couldn’t custom create one because he’s aren’t sold anymore So we just got to see what we have. Did they include one? Yeah, so this company went out of business. long story short It’s hard to believe that no one want to turn, you know, take all the time to turn their thing into a mini projector Yeah, it’s like almost like they have a phone to do that. You got a nice screen that you paid for it Let’s go ahead and buy another thing to look at it at unless quality quality. Oh look a bit hungry. Oh my god Okay, man, I’m gonna start believing yourself. We’re almost there. I think I’m getting dehydrated I’m so hungry Oh, it’s literally just a bunch a little Scions. Scions? wait, don’t you have a scion? Thank you This is my car. Oh, so this is biased biased product review. There’s a Scion Coating nice-looking final now. You’re here. Let me help can I help you? Oh, he’s gonna take and for all uh-huh back to where I had it. Well look at the back car Oh, yeah, that’s a better image. It’s like going on Scion’s website but not Want to look at a car you can buy Tells you specs. you actually can’t focus farther than this. see. What do you mean? No, you were doing this It didn’t even look like an image It was pretty distorted it was like it was like come on man I’m gonna give you credit you had it to this level just a little bit off See if it reflects on his forehead that’s pretty giant. Oh it works better. Does my pimples kind of look like the taillights? Yeah This is kind of cool though yknow what I’m saying? I think it’s the right idea just but just the fact that it’s cars is kind of stupid You love your Scion! yeah, but I don’t want a Scion projector though. Well, then you don’t love your car. Yeah I want a Chevy s10 projector, right? I want a Tesla projector. I want to uh I think it’s a DOPE I think it’s a NOPE because it’s not practical in any way shape or form. if it was like a small little gift You’re gonna give someone like pictures of you and them like your girlfriend or something. Yeah. Hey, babe. Check this out That is a good idea like you and it’s like a gesture sure but for anything else come on Mini-fridge electric cooler and warmer kind of fridge warm, so it’s kind of psycho. 4 liters 6 cans. It’s a two-in-one, bro You never had a warm sandwich like a warm sandwich, but in the fridge no, no, it’s saying it’s a great cooler and warmer But mini-fridge, it doesn’t know what it is. And that concerns me from the start. Also. It’s sponsored by own famous band AC/DC What happens if you have a churro that you find and it’s room temperature. Where do you put it? On the table it will stay room temperature. Yeah, you know warm we’re gonna get stale which is called the microwave You’re gonna microwave your churro You’re gonna dry out your churro. No, that’s no that’s correct. So you’re gonna put it in the fridge No, this is you warm it you slowly bring warmth into its body I breathe it in you do not take out moisture and you do not take out the crisp. You just warm it All right, so this is sponsored by AC/DC it’s a system it’s got a lecture exclusive on-the-go USB power bank That’s a DOPE dude. If you guys want to read through this you have one too and fast looks these sandwich I knew it scoll tanner, you know, you need to you scroll too fast. Look at that sandwich, but in Tanner’s defense Yeah, I saw it. Cameron just pause on it Add to Cart Coolio Yeah cooler And warmer, like I said, I don’t like that fridges can do both I’m gonna start that off with that comes in a bunch of different colors, which colors this one doesn’t say We’re gonna find out I have been informed it as white for offices new moms I don’t know why you’d want enter the crib. Do you don’t see anything getting warm in here? Where’s it? But I’ll drink it. Oh, this is cold. Now. How do you warm orange orange little boy, so this isn’t for me There’s a setting on the back you’ve had that coming There’s a setting on the back to turn it to warm Oh Liz can it do both at the same time? Then it is an abscess. You said it cannot do both at the same time? It is not that would it be able to do both at the same time? Separate quadrants boy separate quadrants? separate so it need to do four different things Freezer door and a regular door. Yeah, wouldn’t that be DOPE? Is it the freezer like that refrigerator’s on the bottom and you had like a separate door? I was cooking stuff that’d be sick! Want some? I have shaky legs I’m gonna give it a go. I think it’s cool Mini Tactical LED world smallest LED flashlight keychain, like gunmetal I love the color. Alright, it’s waterproof. But what is it? Oh, it’s like if you put a pill in it for your drugs, huh? Tiny am I right? Holy cow It’s a light? A light. A light. The light bright tiny light bright two modes on/off You don’t say? shines over one mile a hundred thousand hours. Shines over a mile? Let’s calm down. Are you sure? You know how many feet that is? over five thousand feet. Have you ever seen a mile? I’ve seen miles I know I know a guy named Miles. cool I guess if he’s the plural version of a mile then I could see how the plural? Emmett Miles brother Mile. Two Mile to make a Miles. Add to cart. you got there. There’s an on and off button it said I’m gonna have to ask for help. It’s okay. I’m asking for help But can you figure that out? I’m asking for help, but can you figure that out? that was hard to watch maybe set it off? I’m gonna back up on again. You set me up for failure. That was a sticker to prevent it from react well Well, well how the tables have just keep doing the same thing over and over trying to think Thats insanity You hate that don’t you? Yep For a minute, I thought I was talking to my dad That’s kind of cool I like this although why would you use this if you have a flashlight Let’s be honest the phones always in your hand anyways. Can we kill the lights? Let’s look to see how bright like how bright a brightness is impaired. Maybe wow That’s bright pretty right. But let’s compare it to a phone. Okay, you look like you have a red thumb Okay, you got all right, Dom different shades. I’d say your phone brother though. Oh, yeah, that’s bigger No, this LEDs way brighter the LEDs focused and brighter exactly. That’s the time That all right time for you really check out Yearly or early okay. Did you say yearly early? I’ma say I like it. Did you throw it away? All right guys, thank you so much for watching be sure to click one of these two videos I you might like them Well sure you will and we will see you next time


– She pretty much exposed Latoya, by saying that Latoya was engaged, at one time before me. (“No Letting Go” by Wayne Wonder) – Good morning Huntys and Huncles. Say good morning Mommy. – Good morning. – What’s up, how’s everybody
doing this morning? Yeah, we just woke up. Oh, well look who decided to join us. Okay, give mommy kisses. – (Simea) I need to
open this for a second. I need to open this for a second. – No, no, no, no. Anyways, they didn’t go to school. (kisses) No school for Simea. Why didn’t you go to school today? – I have a photo shoot today, so I am going to be in Buckhead, shooting some photos,
getting ready for 2019. I launched my fashion blog,
which is called Latoya Forever, obviously,
so check it out, make sure you subscribe, to
all my latest fashion posts. (kisses) I’m so excited. (kisses) About that. Oh gosh, he’s so cute. – Of course Simea. You’re
cute, you’re the cutest girl. – You wouldn’t like me. – What are you talking about? – You wouldn’t kiss me always. – Hold on first of all, what did I tell you to do every morning when you come into Mommy’s room? – Kiss. – Right. And whenever I kiss
you up she’s always like, “Why are you always kissing me?” – And you say cause “I love you.” – Yes because I love you. Where’s your smile? There we go, you smiling? this is new morning face. Do we approve like this Huncle? Whoa there we go! I don’t have my eyebrow scissors, so I’m using these scissors
to trim my eyebrows you guys. – (background voice) Bruh. – There we go. Geez, look at that
brow. Look at that brow. Over here, slanting the brows right now. Anyways, I’m about to
do my eyeshadow, okay? If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I’m obsessed
with Tarte products, I’m always promoting them. Look at my drawer, okay
don’t mind my vanity, its a hot mess. But look. Tarte, Tarte, Tarte, Tarte, this is Tarte. Everything Tarte bruh.
Tarte, Tarte, Tarte, Tarte. Let me show you the colors in here. I use this palate every day you guys. So, I use for my crease. And then I love Flame, I
love Sunset, I love Sunrise, and I love Simmer. Oh I also use Fireside for my crease. I love it! So I’m using Warmth and Cozy on my crease. Now I’m mixing Cozy and Fireside in the outer corner of my eye. Okay, what am I putting on my eyelid guys? I don’t know, I’m talking
to you like you can respond. – (background voice) Bruh. I think I’m gonna put – I’m
gonna use Sunset right here. (upbeat music) I’m gonna put the eyeshadow underneath, like on my waterline, after I do my concealer
and my highlighter. (upbeat music) Okay so I set my highlighter with the Shape Tape setting
powder, from Tarte of course. Okay lets dust it off. Alright, now we are going to contour. Honestly guys, I contour with eyeshadow, because what’s the point
of purchasing a contour kit when you have eyeshadow. So, I have the colors. So I mix Cozy and Fireside to contour. (upbeat music) How does my face look Simea? – Thanks me Mama! – I’m fancy, yes. Simea, did you change your pajamas? – Why? – Cause my Peppa Pig dress, – Okay. – Okay. Oh wow! So today, Simea added her pink blanket, and the subscribe pillow
is still upside down, and Peppa Pig! Was that there
yesterday, your Peppa Pig? – No, my ballerina. – Oh your ballerina-
oh yeah, you’re right. Your ballerina was there
so we switched it out. So nice, I love it. – Yeah. – Comment below if you love Simea’s work. Such a great job, I’m so
impressed. I’m so proud of you. – Make sure, because you know what, you have to clean out your closet. – Lets go show everyone your
media room. Your toy room. – Yeah lets go. – The wall, because we put the wall up. Okay let me go ahead
and show you this wall, because I am obsessed
with this accent wall. I got this wallpaper from Wallpops. Wallpops sent it to me. It’s so pretty, it was so easy to stick on the wall. And lets just say I want to remove it while it just easily peels off. I will leave a link to
this exact wallpaper in the description box below. It is so pretty, it just
brings so much personality in this room. Its like a modern cabin you guys. You guys I totally forgot
that I had these feathers. Why didn’t you remind me? Huh? Huh? I found them in a bag and I’m like, “Oh my gosh, I knew the
tree was missing something!” I love it. (upbeat music) – I don’t think I’ve ever
vlogged in this position. – I don’t think I’ve ever
vlogged in this position. – It’s pretty comfortable, I may start all my vlogs right here. – But there comfy, huh? – Moving forward, I’m going to
be vlogging from right here. – Very comfortable, stay in this position. (screams) – I’m going to be
vlogging from right here, moving forward yo. Vlogs, in between dem legs. – (background voice) Bruh. (laughter) – That’s our new vlog season. – In between the legs. – In between them leg vlogs. Anyways, I got a, what’s it called, bone to pick with you. – Yeah? – I’m not even kidding y’all, I just learnt this when I saw the video so, if you guys don’t
know, precous is Latoya’s, I don’t know, childhood, teenhood friend, and she pretty much exposed Latoya, by saying that Latoya was engaged at one time before me. – Yeah. – Okay, so, I will say one thing that a lot of people don’t know about Latoya is (laughter) – Hold up. – She was engaged before
she got married to Adam. (laughter) – No I wasn’t! – I mean but can you really
be surprised though? I mean. – No I was not engaged! – Know what I’m saying? Don’t she look like a trophy? – Okay first of all, tell the damn truth. I was not engaged. So anyways. – She was engaged. – Okay y’all, I did not
know about this, at all. Like, zero percent. – Well, are you supposed to
know everything about me? – Yes. – Really? – To some degree, I think
that’s kinda important. – Well is that really important to know? – Yes. – (Latoya) That I was engaged before? – Yes, don’t you guys– comment below. Don’t you guys think that’s important? What the heck? – (Latoya) Well that-
it doesn’t mean anything to you because- – What’d you say Zayn? – (Latoya) I didn’t marry that person. – Don’t say what the heck? – Okay I won’t. – (Latoya) I was kissing
him up on his cheek, that’s why he’s– – You see, now– I thought said that– girl you just got me. I thought you said you were kissing up on him, on his cheek, whoever that dude was, you
throwing things off right now. Don’t be talking like that. – Hey mommy kissed me on my lips. – (Latoya) Love you. – I love you too. – (Latoya) Yeah. – You know what, what I was going to say, with Simea is, I have a rule for Simea. No ones allowed to kiss her on the lips. – (Latoya) No except Mommy. – Nobody. – (Latoya) And Mommy. I kiss
my babies on lips all of them. – Family, friends, you know. Don’t. – No I kissed bab on the lipskies. – I guess only Latoya
can do that. Nobody else. That’s my number one rule,
so all everybody watching, that’d be it. – (Latoya) I made those lips. – A disclaimer. So, I think that’s important that you should’ve told me that. Why didn’t you tell me that – Because it wasn’t important for you to know that information. I didn’t marry the dude. – Did you feel engaged? – Okay well it wasn’t an engagement, he just gave me a ring,
surprised me with a ring, and it wasn’t an engagement
ring, it was a promise ring. Because we weren’t ready to get married. I wish we could find the
rings so we can pawn it. So are you mad? – You should’ve told me that. – Well, I- – I think you should’ve told
me that, that’s not right. – What do you guys think, that
a guy gave me a promise ring? – Of course. – Really Adam? Really? A promise ring? It wasn’t an engagement. He
did not ask me to marry him. So precious got it messed up, she got the story twisted, okay? – Okay, alright. Thanks
for clarifying that. – I wasn’t engaged. And as a matter of fact, the
guy he reached out to me. – When? – The other day. – For real? – Yeah and he was like why the heck would you put that up there on youtube so I feel like I need
to take down the video. – But you didn’t mention the guys name. – I know but he knows who he is. – He be watching videos? – Cause the way that I
explain the whole situation about the teddy bear, and he put the ring on the
teddy bear’s hand, and all that. It kinda embarrassed him. Well not really embarrass him, well I guess it did
because he wasn’t the one who won in the end, right? – I didn’t think that was right. But I know now. Don’t worry,
maybe I got some secrets. – Everybody does. – Maybe I got some. Maybe
i’ll let you know next time. – Does your significant
other, your boyfriend, or however, your girlfriend know every single detail about your past? About you know? Comment below. – Anyway y’all, hope you
enjoyed today’s blog. Our upload schedule for
the month of December is Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. So, hit that subscribe button, hit that bell to get notified
every time we drop a video. I’m super comfy right now right here. – (Latoya) Love you! – I know you can’t see
me cause I was bigger. I’m full- up. On my tippie toes. (inaudible) – Bye Huntys and Huncles. (upbeat music)


hey what’s going on guys, koolkev246 here and today I’m back with another video today I got a scrip for y’all it’s
gonna be for power simulator it’s been a popular game recently so this script
will help you auto-5 all your stats and stuff so let’s get on with it first you
want to join the game and of course you need a script executor um
let’s turn this down I’m gonna be using synapse which is $20 I’ll put a link in
the description where you could purchase it I think other script executors work
but paid ones work the best I will also put the download link to the
script in the description below as well so
what you want to do first is joyed the game then open your script executors
fear synapse and click attach so then Jackson here it’s already
attached let’s execute it and as you can see I’m not doing anything I’m not
moving or anything but all my stats are going up as you can see the source with
the quests as well so as you can see in stats they are going up and they will
save as you see they’re slowly increasing I think you can upgrade them
with coins so you can get more but yeah at least you don’t have to like keep on
smashing your keyboard to farm all this what else does this guy want so I’m
gonna see if I can get to like maybe upgrade one of these so I can show you
that you can actually earn more I don’t know I don’t play this game often but as
you can see it’s pretty ope I’m not like you can just afk it no auto farm for you
so hope you guys get the point you hope you guys have enjoyed and if you have be
sure to hit that like button down below subscribe and I’ll see you dudes next


ah what’s going on what are you doing
what’s wrong just find the drone cheat you can’t fly a drone inside you know
what I’ve asked you so many times I said Logan I want a helicopter I said Papa
Jake deserves a helicopter and you say I can’t have one then I said
can Santa bring me one and you know what you said you say Santa can’t fit a
helicopter in his sled I told you before you can’t have a helicopter cuz there
are millions of dollars it’s just so what was so bad okay you know what plane
a plane goes like this but a helicopter just just stays like this he doesn’t do
this this Logan okay that’s the sound they make you an get one Skype your way
well what if we make one out of cardboard without word buddy you’re
right a box for helicopter it’s crazy but it just might work Logan if we can
get enough supplies and enough cardboard to build this with a massive fan we’ll
be able to take off in a box for a helicopter we’ll save so much money
I mean it’s cardboard there’s only one issue safety don’t worry about the
safety part I’ll handle that let’s just go build a helicopter worst case this
thing goes down we’ve got a parachute in the other room I’ll take that jump out
I’ll be fine petechia only have one parachute hey-oh what’s going as father
J gear from tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys that
we’re doing something extra special we are gonna be flying again Logan I know
what you’re thinking we did it before with the airplane and it will it crash
that was not our best moment it’s gonna work right Jake good a percent man this
thing is definitely gonna work we’re making a helicopter guys I might be
kidding guys this thing might fly ticka ticka ticka ticka design a helicopter so
you guys get the point you know what a helicopter is we got to get started on
the building although we got one little issue all right I haven’t told Logan yet
I don’t know how to build helicopters I’ve seen them I’ve seen them in the sky
there’s probably one up there now but I’ve never actually don’t exactly know
how we’re gonna build this but what I do know is it’s gonna be a two seater
and it’s gonna work better work Jake I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
start out with the actual design of the helicopter make it look like one and
then once that’s done we’ll deck it out with the interior lighting the LCD
screen as well as the main part which is the actual rotor blades it’s also gonna
have some really cool systems putting a working engine inside of it so
yeah it’s gonna be intense so I know it doesn’t look like much of right now
we’ll check it out guys we’ve got our chairs here and this is gonna be the
basis for the helicopter we’re gonna cover these in cardboard and make them
look all nice you look like you’re driving the car right so we’re gonna use
this as kind of like the outline of the helicopter we also want a back part to
it and we have to have it tall enough that we can attach the rotor blade and
still have room for all of our supplies to go in it you ready to build this been
working on now for a little while and it’s coming along looking great we’ve
got the backside done as well it’s kind of like a central outline of the walls
and you check it out here we’ve got some cool detailing on the sides we still
have to work on the tail as well as the room right now guys we’re working on the
chairs so the chairs are gonna be the main part it’s where we’re gonna control
the helicopter from and as you guys can see we’ve got the two here but so far so
good everything’s coming along as we wanted to we’re gonna continue working
on the chairs get the back wall in here then we’re gonna start working on the
front and the roof I think it’s looking really cool and it’s so big we’re
thought this could be like a little helicopter this is turning into like a
massive helicopter it’s crazy but I like it Jake what do you think about the chance
it’s so awesome normally we make like ground chairs we have to like go and
kind of crawl in these are legit pilot chairs they look so sick I can’t wait to
fly the stuff it is coming along this started looking
like a real helicopter before I was a little bit worried I was like this might
not look like one or even fly but now she’s looking great we have our pillar
here which is gonna hold the actual propellers themselves as well as help
support the roof we got both of our seats ready here got a door to go into
the back storage here yeah now all we have to do guys is we have to go ahead
and do the front as well as like the roof which is probably be the hardest
part then once that’s done we can do the side doors and start customizing the
inside with all the cool stuff that you want in there originally I was gonna do
the propeller blades laughs but because we have to kind of be like standing up
inside to do it we’re gonna do them after we get the back part on and then
we’ll put on the propeller blade and make sure it works before anything else
Logan’s gonna cut it and we’re gonna start building this this helicopter is so cool and of course
it’s like a military helicopter what if we did a military box for a week where
we do a three-part series adding on to an epic military base with cool stuff
like tanks helicopters jets everything you guys want us to build if you guys
think a military week would be awesome smack the like on this video if we get
100,000 likes in this video we will do a military box fort we also put a hashtag
do it down below so we know you guys are in 24 how is Nathan it’s a brand new day
as you guys can see it is sunny out because we had a problem last night we
did not realize Logan it’s becoming colder out it’s becoming fall where are
you mister Sun it’s the Sun went down last dude he bailed on us brand new day
here but that’s okay because this is a new day full of Awesomeness and today
we’re continuing at the amazing a box for a helicopter it’s good actually it
held up pretty nicely overnight nothing seems to have broken so everything is
kind of where we left it we’re gonna continue where we left off which is
getting ready to mount the propeller we have our propeller blades here which
we’re gonna attach to our fan here all goes as planned we’ll have a working
helicopter if not they might just fly everywhere so let’s find out this is
massive spin it spin it brother yeah alright so
I think now before we mount it we should plug it in just to make sure it works
I’ll hold it like this if it does work we’ll turn it off we had to actually remove the fan piece
that it came with because everything we tried was way too heavy and we couldn’t
get spinning so this is our best bet at actually getting the fan to spin like a
helicopter and basically if you sit here you pull out through here
gravel on to the on switch you just simply switch it on and there you go
you’ve got your working box for a helicopter how cool is that they’ll be a
roof over us as well as the front we still need to do that but they don’t
want to turn it off just reach up there here we just finished putting on the
roof as well as the side doors and look how cool this thing looks it literally
looks like a stealth helicopter it is insane we also did a bunch of work on
the roof so it’s got this like nice curve to it
honestly this is probably the best roofing we’ve ever done it’s got a nice
curve everything’s done nice and clean we also have these kind of like back
tool parts that give it like a cool accent and then of course the back looks
awesome now all we have to do guys is cut out
the door so we can get inside and we also have to work on the back tail to
make it look like an actual helicopter once we’re inside we’re gonna put all of
our control panels in as well as the LCD screen the engine starter and much more
so this thing will come alive as a real helicopter look at the roof we put so
much effort into making this thing nice and curved it’s got this really cool
look it looks like a stealth helicopter so now all we have to do is put on the
back wing here slash like tail of the helicopter to make it look real and we
also have to go on the inside into a bunch of interior work the interior is
gonna be like a helicopter simulator and we’re gonna actually be able to fly it it’s got the propeller back here we got
the propeller up there and also we had the engine go inside and work on the
interior whew that looks sick my doors done the helicopter exterior is
finished let’s go inside it’s actually so big yo and guys don’t forget if you
like us doing this kind of stuff one wants to continue with an army wheat
smack that like went down below if we get a hundred thousand likes we’re doing
army weakness it’s finally time the time you’ve all been waiting for the
helicopter is ready and we are good to take off we’ve done the entire interior
I’m so excited to show you guys what it looks like inside before we get in and
start flying this baby we got to get her started there another back motor
it’s ready to go all right another helicopter song we’re gonna get inside
and start the blades let’s go inside and check this out coming in check it out
guys welcome to inside the helicopter this place is fully decked out and got a
front view here through the cockpit of the airport taking off from we’ve got
all of our control panels here we got our buttons our start button got some
extra buttons up here we have a first aid kit back here and of course we’ve
got our nice two pilot chairs behind us is the storage compartment over there
and looking straight forward we got a nice view of where we’re gonna be flying
today so now that we’re inside it’s time to start the engines and get flying you
ready dude I’m ready I’m gonna pull up here on the power switch alright the
power switches on we’re gonna turn primary rotors on and the secondary back
road is on and then of course get the turbine going here fellas should be on
and we’re good to start flying all right guys so we’re getting ready to
take off here repellers are good we’re ready to go now so we’re gonna turn it
into flight mode here we go guys pulling her up dude check it out we got this
thing flying man whoo this is awesome all right so we’re gonna pull around see
if we can’t make a landing with this bad boy see how she goes think I didn’t know
you’re a pilot man yeah well you know what I didn’t either I actually have no
piloting expertise at all oh we’re getting awfully close to the ground in
it’s a bit bumpy up here a pretty good job right now all right
airspeed is looking good vertical speeds looking good altitude
Oh hold on hold on okay in case you’re wondering how we did this it is so cool
so I basically attached my phone to the joystick and we’re playing a game on the
iPhone that uses the accelerometer so as you guys can see when I’m controlling
the actual aircraft if I pull back on the TV screen to go up which is really
sick or if for example I take this and I push forward on the TV screen become all
the way down so you get a really good feel for with this it’s a little bit
hard to control it’s like such a real simulation I feel like I’m actually
there so we kind of brought it down a little bit hard but we were able to land
the helicopter pretty successfully brought her home this has been so much
fun find our box word helicopter guys if you guys enjoyed this and you want us to
continue with these awesome builds and maybe to an army week smack that like
button down below let’s try and get a hundred thousand likes on this video if
you guys never want to miss a video smack that subscribe button as well as
click that little bell icon to turn on notifications this has been Pappa Jake
and Logan from T Epiphany I will see you next time for another awesome video

Real Working LEGO Television TV Set Custom MOC

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with my
latest custom build. It is a Lego Television Set. Here we have Jay The Surfer. On the right-hand side,
we have our controls. On the bottom, the infrared sensor. I used a few red transparent plates and transparent brown flat tiles to let the signal pass through. This is a working Lego television. I will demonstrate that in a bit. Here’s the LCD panel. This took some time to center this up with tiles and plates. I used some slopes for the bezel. We do have side-firing speakers. I was messing around with how
I was going to do the speaker grills. They turned out real nice. Here’s the rear. It’s even flat tiled as well. Here’s the other speaker. Let’s slide these two levers in to open up the back. I did use some lattice plates to let some air inside the set. Here’s the inside of course. The chassis and the speakers. This was a television rescue. The chassis is from a Sylvania television. I had two capacitors and a
voltage regulator that went bad. So I end up replacing those, and the TV came back to life. However the original cabinet
that was with the TV was brittle and falling apart. So I thought why not make a working
Lego television with the parts. Here’s the locking mechanisms. Now there is risks when
building with electronics mainly due to static discharge. You have to be careful
not to build up a charge and zap out our semiconductors which are ICs inside. One zap could pretty much
cremate your semiconductors. Here’s the bottom. It sits on four legs. Now let’s see this TV perform. We have the wall wart. I’m going to feed this through the hole. I did not want to attach
a panel on the back. It would not be sturdy enough to press on. The Lego bricks and plates that are
used in the television are not modified. Every brick and plate is stock. So no plates have been altered in any way or bricks have been modified. There we go! Feed that through. Now I live in a very rural area. We do not get TV over-the-air very easily except for a roof antenna. So I have to feed in a coax. This can get pretty tricky. Just like with the power adapter, I did not want to mount
the F-fitting on the back. Now if anybody’s interested
in more Lego projects that involves technology, let me know. I’ll sure make more of these. This was a really fun project. Very challenging. Honestly this is my favorite moc yet other my houses and
bathrooms of course. Making sure that this is
getting locked in place. It feels like it’s taking forever
to screw the F-connector in. I think I got it. Making sure that it doesn’t fall off. Let’s close up the back. Lock our mechanisms. I don’t need the back to come out. Let me plug the TV in. Okay! If everything goes well, this TV should turn on. This coax is a bit stiff. The front buttons do work. There we go! Turn up the sound a bit. Let’s see what’s on TV. It’s got a nice picture for being a small TV. I don’t get a whole of over-
the-air television channels. Seems like there’s mostly infomercials on. It is a nice television nonetheless. Trying to find something
interesting to watch. We even do have a remote
for the TV as well, and it does pass through the
transparent tiles and plates. Very handy. Really nice TV. I hope everyone enjoyed the
tour of the Lego Television Set. Thank you for watching!