“Mine Your Own Business” – Inanimate Insanity II [Ep. 13]

Fan: Last time on: Inanimate Insanity! Fan: …Hang on. Fan: WHAT THE!?– [FAN COUGHING] Fan: We were suddenly…! Fan: Down to the final eight! Fan: Uh… (Paper Rip) Fan: While Test Tube and Light Bulb went off on their B plot… Fan: Paintbrush tried to paint- with a separate brush for some reason… Fan: And got a zero! Fan: Whoa! Fan: Truly anything can happen! Hah! Fan: Uh… Fan: And that’s what you missed on… Inanimate Insa- (Turns off) [ACTIVATION SOUND] [LOUD WHIRRING] [Startup] Steve Cobs: Hello. Steve Cobs: Your name is MePhone 4. Steve Cobs: And I, am Steve. Steve Cobs: Steve Cobs! Steve Cobs: Now that you’re fully functional- [GLITCHY, STUTTERING]
MePhone4: I put the Unctional in functional! Steve Cobs: It’s the Fun. Steve Cobs: …The fun in functi- Steve Cobs: Well, we can work the humor, buddy! MePhone4: Ooow! Steve Cobs: Now you may feel nervous about your assigned tasks here. Steve Cobs: But that’s a byproduct of your highly advanced emotion emulator, and– (MePhone4 glitches) MePhone4: Hey! Got any snacks? Steve Cobs: MePhone 4. Steve Cobs: You are my most current, and state of the art creation. Steve Cobs: That doesn’t need food! MePhone4: Mmm… Steve Cobs: Rest assured… Steve Cobs: I have the means to protect you. [MACHINE CRANKING] [SCREEN CUTS TO MEEPLE] [INTRO THEME] Toilet: Maybe Master Adam can help! MePad: ….Who? Lightbulb: Test Tube! Lightbulb: How many fingers am I holding up? How many– Lightbulb: Wait- what, where– WHO THE– Lightbulb: WHO DID THIS?! Lightbulb: Yo, co-hosts! Tube and I found this jewel in the cave, and now she keeps talking about- Test Tube: CORN! AAAHH CORN!!! Lightbulb: I love sparkly gems as much as the next guy or girl, or neither. Lightbulb: So yeah, I guess I can’t complain. MePad: Gems? MePad: Just a moment. Toilet: Oooh! You know, I can teleport too! Watch! Toilet: Ooof! Toilet: Di- did I do it? Lightbulb: You don’t want to teleport, Toilet. You’ll just end up forgetting where you want to be. MePad: Congratulations, Test Tube! MePad: Immunity granted. [FANFARE] Test Tube: Wh– Wha? Toilet: Sorry, what? [MUMBLING]
MePad: They’re the gems that Mephone needs. [GASP]
Toilet: Really?! YAAAAAA– [KEYBOARD TYPING] Fan: Ah. So you think I’m not paying attention? Well– Fan: Well look what just happened earlier today! [DRAMATIC LEITMOTIF] [CRACK] Fan: [GASPS] Fan: Yeah- yeah, did YOU notice that?! Knife: What, did you drop it? Fan: NO! It– [NERVOUS TONE]
Fan: It shows the world’s changing, and Fan: and we should embrace that, and– BASEBALL: We all get dropped sooner or later. [TYPING]
[MUFFLED] TACO: Remember, we get Knife in our favor by catching his attention. [RHYTHMIC DRUM POUNDING]
Microphone: Sorry, it’s hard to hear, over….. It. [TOILET SCREAMING, MICROPHONE FEEDBACK] MePad: The challenge today is cave mining. Toilet: Over in that pretty cave over there! Toilet: Ooh, it’s so pretty…. Lightbulb, now a pirate: GARR! Of course! Lightbulb: This is like the knitting challenge all over again. MePad: You will each explore interconnecting tunnels and work to find gems identical to this one. [ELECTRONIC PLINK SOUND] MePad: Upon touch activation, you will be granted instant immunity, like Test Tube. MePad: The single contestant left gemless will automatically be eliminated. Fan: You know Toilet, Mepad, you’re doing a great job, but you guys– Fan: you’re really getting into the pattern of Fan: BREAKING THE PATTERN! Fan: WHERE’S MEPHONE, WHERE’D YOU PUT HIM, WHAT’S GOING ON?!? Toilet: You all probably have LOTS of questions, Toilet: But guess what WE have? Toilet: PERFECT CONTESTANT ATTENDANCE! Toilet: YAAAAAAY!!!!! MePad: Correct! Digital gold stars for everyone! [ELECTRONIC PLINK] MePad: No one’s loss. [REVERSED CANNED LAUGHTER] MePad: Except the inevitable losers. Disperse! Toilet: Go on, get! -Hi, Test Tube! I… NOTICED, Something was up. -I….. Saw something. Uh– A vision, it… It felt so real. [SUITCASE] -Sorry– ….You see them too? -The facilities, the screen protectors, GOLLY GEE! IT FELT LIKE I WAS THERE! -Oh…. I guess not. I….Don’t expect anyone to understand. [MUMBLING]
-Talk about emotional baggage. -Hey, Suitcase, want to talk about what you’re seeing? I’m… Noticing some funny business going on, plus, new pairs seem to be forming these days and, [UNCERTAIN TONE]
That’s fine by me! -You know what? Yeah! Why not, right? -He… isn’t… …Nah. -AAH! Haha, X marks the spot, matey! Mephone’s not fooling anyone with his cave mining coverup. [KNIFE CHUCKLING] [RISING SUSPENSE] -Achoo! Sorry, excuse me. -A sneeze. A SNEEZE?! Mic, you blew it! Who says ‘excuse me’ after you SNEEZE? -WHAT? What am I supposed to say–
Who says ‘excuse me’ after you SNEEZE? [INCOHERENT ARGUING] -Uuh, don’t hurt me! I’ll cut to the chase, join us! ….Uuuh, yeah! -Did my ‘huh’, make me seem, INTERESTED? Don’t think so! -Well! I see your savagery hasn’t devolved since our last encounters. -Taco. [SARCASTIC TONE]
It’s been FAR too long. -Get off the moral high horse, you’re clearly– [INCOHERENT ARGUING] [MIC] -We just wanna HELP! [ACTIVATION SOUND] [TV AUDIO] [TV] -They’re REALLY going for it! -Oh, come on, you’re so close! -I don’t remember putting this trash on. [TV AUDIENCE GASPS]
-It’s not trash, it’s reality TV! Look! They’re really going for it! [TV] -They’re REALLY going for it! [TV AUDIENCE CHEERS] [TV AUDIENCE CHEERS]
-So, I presume you finished your tasks and are awaiting new ones? -So, I presume you finished your tasks and are awaiting new ones? -Uh… of course I did! Calm your husk. [PAT PAT] -….Maybe later. I know /I/ have work to do. [COBS SIGHS] -Well, that guy’s got a chip on his shoulder. Trash, huh! -Ungh, wha? -Congratulations on immunity, Knife! [FANFARE] Feel free to take in the sights. -If you look at that way, you can see this WALL! OOF! -So, it’s not a bribe… -…per se… -…but, you know, if you want to join us… -Trash! -Huh? [MUMBLING] -Trash, trash… -Um, rude! [FAN] -Where– where are we going, Suitcase? Go on, narrate! -Hi, v-viewers…? Does- does anyone watch this? [FAN] – IT’S A WORK IN PROGRESS! -O-kaaay. So today we’re going on a big, uh, big ol adventure to learn about- [FAN] -The TRUE mystery behind our co-hosts being so, so… Enigmatic! Where’s Mephone? -I think there’s a mystery I’m more interested in tackling first. BAM! -Oh! -What-I- -Suitcase, I already did my intro, th– These aren’t really about me, and… -Well… they can be. -Egg’s always under better pressure than me. [CHUCKLING] [CRACK]
[GASP] [RUMBLING] -AHH!! WAAHH!! -Aw, what’s going on with Egg… -WAAAAAAAAAA! [SMASH] Pah! [ACTIVATION NOISE] -On your set, get ready, TREE! [GENERATION SOUND] [ELECTRONIC GLITCHING NOISE] I always did like that blue. -Hey, I’m blue! -I’d only give it to the best! By the end of the day, I’m expecting a spaceship. [MUMBLING] [BRIEF FANFARE] UH-UH-Ugh! -Hey, uh, need a hand? Oh, oh! G-Golly! Sorry, sorry, golly… -Heheh, no worries. I’m…. Just trying to get through this. -Well, have you ever tried using a.. [SHING!] TRANQUILIZING TRACKING DART BLASTER?! [NERVOUSLY] -Wow! Please don’t point that at me! -So… wanna DIG into what happened in the lab? -Hm, that’s quite a reach. -…Like how you REACHED for that portal? -Oof! -TACO! [EXTREMELY BRIEF FANFARE]
-YAA DID IT! GOOD JOB! WE LOVE YOU, KAY BYE– [DIZZY MUMBLING] [MIC SIGHS] [FAN COUGHS] -So wha– so wha– so what’s up with you, Suitcase? [SUITCASE] -When Test Tube said she saw a vision, I thought maybe… It just seemed so.. real. Can you relate? -Real scary! I- you know me, I’m always… This show this, this show that, When I wanna talk about me, I– I can’t, I don’t.. know how to– Words. [SUITCASE] -That’s okay! All of the words you want to say are there! You’re allowed to take time to make those words. We want to hear about you! [CRACK] [KNIFE SIGHS] [TACO AND MIC] -WE JUST WANNA HELP! -Is this you holding a grudge over my true self?
For why? Everyone knows who I am now! -…Dooo we though? -Pardon? -What are you two.. Wha? Whoa, WHOA! -WUUAH! -URGH! [CLICK] -WOOOAH! [CRASH] [GUN LOADING AND FIRING] [ROBOTIC BEEPING] -HA! IT WORKED! This way! -You know, With Suitcase… Maybe if in the maze I had just mentioned, or on the dock, if I had just said something that.. things could have changed. -None of those would have fixed it.
-You don’t think so? -Baseball, Recently, I made my own timeline. Yep, and it went HAYWIRE! You know, Lightbulb.. But, she showed me that the unpredictable can happen in experiments! Things blow up! I learned, and now… I don’t repeat.. those patterns. [DEVICE BEEPING] [ACTIVATION SOUND] -Performance isn’t quite optimal, there are definitely some bugs. Plus, I did always like that red. -Mr. Cobs! I did it! -DON’T SNEAK UP ON ME LIKE THAT! Sorry. Listen, you’re improving, so let’s… Keep it that way. Okay? -I’m… i-improving.. -YAAAAA YOU DID IT!!!!!!! [TEST TUBE GASPS] -Look, I’d like to… Apologize, to you, Mic. I could stand to be a bit more open. -Aw… Taco.. -‘Aw’? S-SHE TRIED TO KILL ME! …Open. Say Mic, Has Taco ever mentioned.. Her FIRST alliance? -NO. ENOUGH. -Gee, you know, I wonder whatever happened to ol’ Pickle-
-ENOUGH! -To hear that one day, She just dropped him. if you don’t watch out, oh, I guess she’ll just have to up and drop you too! -Look, she’s changing. If you’re not gonna join us, could you, just… …Not say anything? -…Back when Trophy blackmailed me, it made me feel… Ashamed. And I’m… not going to do that to you. But. This is not an alliance. It’s a favor. Now listen up, Fan and Test Tube are analyzing everyone, and you don’t want them catching you. Watch yourself. -Well now, who’s left? -Theories and patterns are… easy. I didn’t wanna believe… Paintbrush, because they knew the game was more. I’m scared of everything that’s happening, Because it’s… more. If I could– stay, in a shell… -Wait a minute, FAN?! Have you two just been… Sitting around?! -No, we uh– we’ve been, well, …We were investigating, you know, via vlogging.. -WHAT?! …Look, if we follow– -Oh, so it’s WE now– -Rubies are also beautiful. Oh, I can’t even tell you about those. [GLASS BREAKING] HUUH! [GASP] -Let’s. Go. -Bye, Suitcase. -Bye… Fan. [CREEPY WHISPERING AMBIENCE] [TACO] -Hello! [WARPED VOICE]
Allow me, to guide you to your goal. [AMBIENCE CONTINUES] -Oh! Uh– oh, Hey, I.. ..I gotta find that jewel. -Hey. ….Don’t…. Let me hold you back. [MIC] -Over here! [REVERSED CREEPY AMBIANCE] [TEST TUBE GASPS] [SUSPENSFUL RINGING IMPACT] [GEM GLISTENING] [SLOW MOTION GUN LOADING AND FIRING] -Ouh! -W-WHAT!? [TACO GASPS] [ACTIVATION SOUND] [🎵] [STATIC] [EXTREMELY MUFFLED]
-Belay that, troops! [EXTREMELY MUFFLED]
We cannot halt innovation when the future is so near– [EXTREMELY MUFFLED]
-They just broke through the shield! MOVE! [EXTREMELY MUFFLED]
NOO!! DON– [3GS GASPS] [BITCRUNCHED, GLITCHY PANTING] -Uh, hi. Uuuh, a-are you on..? -P-Please, Cobs, don’t. -Whuh– What…? Please, Cobs, don’t. Please, Cobs, don’t! [“PLEASE COBS, DON’T” IS REPEATED, GRADUALLY BECOMING MORE PANICKED AND INCOHERENT] DON’T! DON’T! DON’T! [3GS SCREAMS] [out of battery] [DOOR SLAMS] -Uuuhh… W-What? -OO, OOH! SIX! That’s all we need! -Excellent job, Suitcase! [FANFARE] [🎵] [🎵] -Huuh! …What? -You have been out for quite some time, sir. -I blocked it all out! Why is it flooding back?! -Your screen prompted us with a… Challenge. Not to worry, though. We covered it. -….Cool. Uh, Good job, you two. -YAY! Best team ever! I guess we didn’t need Master Adam’s help after all! -…Adam? [🎵] YOU! OUT! -E-what?! Mis- Mistah phone! -Wait, MePhone! -You thought I’d never catch on! Adam HIRED you, and WHO hired ADAM? -I don’t– I don’t know– Mistah Phone, I haven’t spoken to him in ages! -Who him, COBS?! -The corn man!? Mistah Phone, The last time you broke– -You DO know. No, no, no, no… GET! OUT! – Mephone, stop! Toilet would never– -NOW. -…Oh. -But I’ve always taken care of him! -I’ve saved IT, I’ve run tests on IT, and I know what IT needs to SURVIVE! [ARGUING] [ARGUING]
-We determined…. Fan, is eliminated, sir. [ARGUING] [ARGUING]
He too can leave when ready. -Test Tube, it’s not safe for– Oh, Mephone, thank goodness, you’re here to set things r- [SNAP] R–…. Right? -Looks like he’s ready. -Oh, Well, I mean, I just– w-we’re kinda in the middle of something, I mean, Te- Okay. Test Tube, to be honest with you? I don’t want him to have to hatch. Okay? I mean, wouldn’t that be great? He could just.. stay calm, and secure in his little protective shell, and have- ….And have his- Have his patterns, right? [TEST TUBE] -I’m.. I’m sorry, Fan. [PORTAL WHOOSH] -Next up on the agenda. [TELEPORT
SOUND] [FAN, NARRATING] -So, [FAN, NARRATING] Push comes to shove.. You gotta trust someone. If they’re your friend, and they’ve done a lot for you… Even if it doesn’t make sense, and you don’t agree… At all…. You just gotta. [🎵] [FAN, NARRATING] Because maybe, in reality, …They’re right. [NIGHTTIME AMBIENCE] [RISING SUSPENSE] [CRACK] [MEPAD] -Adamation!

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