Inspector Towelie Pays Randy Marsh’s Weed Farm a Little Visit – South Park

Randy, I think we need
to have a talk. No time to talk. The agricultural inspector’s
about to drop by. Once we get certified from him, we can start selling
like a real farm. Have patience wife.
Soon our fortunes will change. Oh that must be him now. Yes, I’m with the state
testing board. Is this Tegrity Farms? Name’s right there on the sign.
Come on back. So with this festing device, I can check not only
the TAC levels in your product, but also detect any impurities
and give you a final score based on overall
chemical makeup. Yep, that’s good shit. Now let me test the levels
in your organic house blend. Yep, that’s good shit. Now what about
the Tegrity Jungle Bud? Let’s test it out. Whoa.
Yeah? Whoa. Yeah! I don’t know what Tegrity is,
but that is some good shit. All right!

Community Town Office – Family Farm Seaside

Hello everyone and welcome to the Family Farm Seaside Youtube Channel! Today, I would like to explain the Town Office of the Community and specifically the community boosts a bit more detailed. So let us start right away! The Community Boosts can be unlocked with Community Gems by the leader or vice leader of the community. Once the boosts are unlocked you can upgrade them individually with Reputation Medals. Currently we have 5 boosts that can be applied in the Seaside Farm, the Island Farm and the Sea Resort. Let us first start with the Seaside Farm, here you can apply the Fishermen Boost which increases the drop rate
of some rare items in the seafood house. Here you can see in how far your chances to get this product will increase. The higher the level of your boost, the higher the chance to get a rare item. I am currently on level 3 and for me the drop rate is 6%. Oh see, I was lucky and I got an extra Shrimp Ball as product. Let us switch to the Island Farm now. Here we have 3 different boosts, the Explorer Boost, the Designer Boost and the Pilot Boost. The Explorer Boost increases the power gained from the Volcano. The higher the level, the more power you can get additionally from your Island Volcano. I am currently on level 5 and therefore I get 5 extra power from the volcano. Please note that this boost is only applicable to the Volcano on the Island Farm, the Sea Volcano in the Sea Resort is not affected by this boost. The Designer Boost helps you to increase the chance of getting double items from the Hardware Store and the Sawmill. Also here the higher your level, the higher the percentage. And the Pilot Boost gives you double the amount of Dev points or Helicopter Bags from the Helicopter. This happens only a certain number of times per day depending on your level. I currently get it 3 times a day. And last but not least, let us visit the Sea Resort. Here you can enjoy the Businessmen Boost, which helps you to increase the amount of Resort Points earned from your Resort orders. Currently the highest level for the Boosts in the Town Office is Level 3, except for the island Volcano. Here we increased the boost to level 5 due to the high demand of extra power. I hope this helps you a bit to understand the usefulness of the Boosts. If you have any further questions make sure to leave them in the comment section below! Also if you have any feedback on what would be a useful Tutorial Video in the future, please make sure to also leave us a comment. Thanks for watching this video! Do not forget to subscribe to our Family Farm Seaside Youtube Channel, turn your notifications on and give this video a like. Thanks! See you!

Getting Pigs Ready to go to Market

hi I’m Mike this year the group of pigs
that are here on the ranch while their time is coming to an end and last year
we struggled with getting them loaded onto the trailer and getting them off at
the meat processor doing things smarter instead of harder is this year’s model
as we try a new approach and hang out with the Hogs today on the project list
on our Wyoming Life welcome back TO OUR WYOMING life and please
subscribe and continue with us as we explore the ranch life and escape the
ordinary I had somebody ask me a few weeks ago if we are escaping or near
ourselves or is it just something we become a routine – and is the ordinary
just our life now my answer was that there’s never an ordinary day around
here things should always be changing evolving and getting better we should
always be looking for better ways to do things and of course learning from our
mistakes a few years ago we decided to broaden our farmers market business by
offering pork the first year we had pigs we actually started with five then we
went to seven and now we’re up to ten pork could probably even be a bigger
part of our business but right now we’re pretty much maxed out number wise until
we have you know some time to build bigger and better pens and handling
facilities that’s on the list but right now we’re dealing with what we have and
if you’ve ever dealt with pigs you know how stubborn they can be piglets arrived
here on the ranch back in August since then they’ve been hanging out in their
sheds along with protection from the wind Sun and the nastiest winter weather
they were ten pounds when they came here and now quite honestly I don’t know how
much they weigh but we will find out later when we get up on the scale before
we get that far we still have to figure out how we’re gonna get them on the
trailer last year we built a portable wooden loadout chute for the pigs the
chute part actually worked pretty good the pig part of the equation didn’t work
at all Aaron and I spent hours loading seven pigs onto the trailer
they were stubborn and they didn’t want to go up the ramp at all all of our pigs
each year are pretty tame we spend a lot of time with them and I’ve never had one
that acted aggressive towards me and I’d like to think that they liked me I don’t
think that they don’t want to go up the ramp because they don’t trust me I think
they knew we wanted them to do it and they
refused to go along with our plan the ramp was new the pigs don’t trust new
things so this year we’re gonna take a little bit of a different approach and
give the pigs a chance to get used to the trailer and the ramp a few days
before it’s time to go after taking the pigs last year the ramp was removed and
put away this year we’re gonna use that same ramp and first things first get it
put into place the ramp has been stored off in a corner for the last year and of
course snow has drifted in around it getting it out might be a bit of a
challenge with the ramp recovered vennett’s off to
the pig shed and we can put it in place last year after loading the pigs we not
only removed the ramp but we covered the hole with some wood which we’re gonna
have to remove pigs have access to this side of their pens so we need to limit
their movement for a little bit so we cover up a hole in between the two sides
and secure a 4×8 sheet of particle board in place this will keep them from
escaping while we get the ramp up the wood we covered the hole with is now
frozen into the ice around the building but that’s quickly dealt with and then
the ramp can be moved into position with the pigs still on the other side we
can now go and get a trailer for them to get to used to this little box contains
a tool that I like to bring out occasionally and use on my trailers this
is a light Ranger it contains a 12-volt battery it can be used to simulate all
the trailer lights and trailer brakes and allow you to perform all the testing
functions without the use of a truck today we’re going to use it to test the
lights on the trailer that will be hauling pigs with and backing up to the
chute for the next few days the process is very simple you plug in the wiring
harness you turn it on and then you select a function that you want to test
if there’s a problem you now know it’s completely isolated to the trailer and
not the wiring on the truck end but today all looks good and the truck could
come in and bring this trailer to its new parking spot vacuum the trailer up
to the chute is a bit tricky the chute is not attached and once it’s attached
to the trailer then we can adjust the fit something else that is an attached
namor is the piece of particleboard we use to keep the pigs out of the chute
side of their pen and now here they are already investigating the chute but none
brave enough to escape completely thankfully because I don’t want to be
out chasing a pig around today with the pigs pushed back we can lift the chute
into place logging it over the lip on the back of the trailer and then wiggle
it around a bit to get it in place where we want it
before we move pigs into the trailer or at least try to let’s weigh one in order
to weigh these guys we’re gonna use a portable scale that’s good up to about
600 pounds using our old gate as a pace we can bring in a cage that’ll keep the
pigs on the scale leaving them alone with it for a little bit to let them get
used to it then we can bring in the scale base and
move a peg up on to it now we’re aiming for about 250 pounds for the pigs to go
to butcher app in this group some are bigger some are a little smaller an
average-sized volunteer does step forward and into the box and the final
results are in almost perfect with the way incomplete it’s on to the final
round and that’s opening up the trailer for these guys to move into in order to
make it a bit more homey we’re gonna move their water into the
trailer and then we’re gonna get some bread and try to coax them in just a
little bit surprisingly this group isn’t shy and
it’s not long before we have over half the group up and in the trailer now some
do hang back but it looks like we might have found a smarter way to do this work
smarter not harder with the pigs get used to their trailer it won’t be long
until we’re gonna be taking them over to Sturgis for their final ride then there
will thank them for everything that they’ve done for the ranch and
everything they’re going to continue to do over the next coming months for not
only us but for hundreds of customers we’re gonna enjoy ham bacon and more
we’ll even try to work smarter when it comes to getting them off the trailer as
we’ve gotten a few suggestions for how we can do that but for now they’re gonna
get to live it up the next project list will be their send-off and I hope that
you can subscribe and join us as the circle of life continues here on the
ranch new piglets will arrive soon along with all the new personalities and of
course new squeals that that brings along with it I hope you can join us on
Thursday for another ranch Talk livestream this week with special guest
zach johnson the minnesota millennial farmer will be joining us right here you
can get check him out on youtube he is also on facebook and instagram he’ll be
joining us Thursday at 7 p.m. mountain time ranch talk live right here on
YouTube that’s it for us today pigs are pretty much ready to go and everything
went pretty smoothly I’d like to remind you to check out to head on over to our
Wyoming and check out our website you can you can get high sign up
for the herd report but you can also check out the owl store where we have a
brand new apparel available with the new logo and it’s some pretty cool stuff
I’ll see you on Thursday but until then have a great week and
thanks for joining us Wyoming life


Early morning start this morning. Well it’s not that early it’s like half six the now but it’s still pitch black as you can see. You can probably hardly see me We’re eh.. oh well that’s good. Bit of lighting. Too bright. Too early for that So yes, lambs to the market today. It’s a Monday we’re gonna go and draw some lambs take them in to Lanark and see what we get for them. What a morning again. Ok so here’s the sheep pens that I setup…. well i didn’t set them up last night, it was dark, I just dumped them off. but… saves me a run back for them. One problem about having sheep away from home there is a lot of running about to do Aye, so it is a fresh morning here in Ayrshire Beautiful morning as you can see Crisp. Still haven’t got myself a hat so my ears are… fresh this morning (Talking to dog) walk up. Here Here Sky, That’ll do. Walk up Meg Lie Down We’ve got them split into two batches here Which is handy. We’ll see if Sky will do a turn. Sky, way. Sky, way. Way, she usually only works if Meg is there. She just follows Meg because that’s the kind of dog trainer I am. Not a dog trainer… Just a guy with one useless dog and one pot licker but they are braw to look at and they do the job so… right i’ll just walk these ones up then Sky, no bother nup, she’s coming back she doesn’t know what to do That’ll do. That’ll do Sky. eh aye so.. was saying, braw morning in Ayrshire and eh, these lambs in get them in, go through them. See if there is any fleshy enough to take to the fat ring it is a Monday. We will be selling at Lanark today She’s just gave up on that lot there and came to help me. That’s handy.. then Sky just follows Meg see Sky’s no idea what’s happening there, look, where’s she going? Just trying to get in Meg’s road…. magic She’s a handy kept but… what a setup. Good job I can run So aye, I was saying, we’ll go through the lambs, see what’s ready for the fat ring Draw out… I’d say the trailer hold sixty max. If I could get sixty i’d be very happy. The lamb price is going up all the time Don’t want her to push them too hard Lamb price is going up all the time at the moment but grass is going down all the time so if we can get a wee draw out them now i’d be quite happy aye get a wee draw out them now i’d be quite happy and we could hopefully get a couple quid out them but you never know. It’s a volatile game. Up and down. It’s hard to follow. especially for a small time shepherd like myself who’s, eh, not quite got his finger on the pulse like some of the big guns but, eh, no, we’ll get them in, get a hand on them and see what they are like Meg you just gave up on those ones again? Right so there we go. Pen of lambs. No idea how many I’ve drawn out we’ll count them on the trailer. If we can get them all on the trailer. I don’t even know how many there is. A guess I would say 50 Maybe less…. Maybe more Hard to judge them in the pen there but, eh, aye.. Just drew anything out that was kind of fleshy. Hopefully it meets a good trade we’ll find out later on Let’s get them on the trailer Big pen Small pen Andy just pulling them out by eye as they run up the shedder. Man of experience there. Okay so here’s our line. We’ve got the break down here The 51 lambs. We had 27 texel lambs at 44 kilos made £82.50 then had 5 texel lambs that were pulled out. They were the shapey-er lambs. 42 kilos. £81 Then the 17 texel lambs at 38 kilos. Now this is a bit lighter than I would like to be bringing them. I’d like to get them to 42 kilos but it’s grazing away from home we’re running up to Lanark took the opportunity to fill the trailer. Grass is running out. Various reasons. Blah Blah Blah still quite happy to get £74 for them and we had those two lambs that were split out. One was a mule one was a…… black lamb not even sure where that came from but 42kgs they were and made £75 now just to compare that I sold store mule lambs 10 days ago they went through at £64 So that’s a good £11 more for selling them finished there wouldn’t be much weight wise. Those lambs I was selling at £64 would be between 38-40 kilos so wouldn’t be much in it Just shows you the way the trade’s risen recently So that gives me a total of 51 lambs averaging 41.73 kilos and the sale price works out at 189.87 pence per kilo so we’ll call it 190 because I like to round up and it sounds better so 190 per kilo, that’s cracking, and the average is £79.23 per head which again, I said when I was putting them through. £75 i’d be happy. The way the trade’s going…. i’d hope to average out about £80 so we’re not far off the mark as I said those lambs were light enough. That’s me just drawing them, not weighing them before bringing them up, just drawing them out the field. by hand so aye. A successful day I would say.

Farm It Forward backyard market gardens connecting residents

The first soil is being turned on a project that will not only transform this Blue Mountains neighbourhood but also what food the people living here will eat. We’ve realised that actually there are a lot of people here
in the mountains who want their plots to be productive but they either are young couples with children
who may not have the time or are commuting to the city for work, or they’re older who may have mobility issues or don’t have the possibility, physical possibility
to keep their plots productive. Manu Prigioni started the Farm It Forward program
to create market gardens on unused residential land to grow organic
fruit and vegetables to sell locally. It’s an idea that grew originally from
a desire to connect with others and has blossomed into something more. I struggled being a young mum with a
baby by myself in the mountains and I found that social isolation was
a very real problem out here. and that was really what fuelled
starting an enterprise like this one. And Farm It Forward turned out to be what Rosie Lee
and her husband were looking for after moving from Sydney’s busy inner suburbs. They had dreams of growing their
own flourishing veggie garden but it didn’t go quite to plan. It was more of a nice idea,
we had kind of started and had some things growing
but it wasn’t I guess fruitful and productive as we’d
like it to be especially with a seven-month-old. So Manu pitched the idea to us I thought, ‘great, well if we’re not going to use it
then someone else can’ and it just seemed like such an
amazing project to be part of. So they volunteered the land around their house in return for some of the food
produced from the garden and it has the added bonus
of community connections. Still in the early stages of
cultivating new gardens the project relies on young aspiring farmers
to get things up and running. I hope to work on the farms that we’re building and also to train young people
to be able to then take over the farms
or start their own farms Come harvest time, what’s grown will end up
at the Lyttleton Stores in Lawson. The not-for-profit food co-op
has grown to 650 members since it began in 2015. Every week, store workers prepare boxes
of organic fruit and vegetables ready for pick-up in the region. They’re working on limiting food mileage
as much as they can. So at the moment the organic produce
that we have available is kind of working on a national level,
on a national system and what we would really like to do is create a food system that is
much more localised, that we still have the variety
and the availability of nutritious, organic produce
all-year-round. But hopefully with Farm It Forward
we’ll be able to grow enough produce that we’ll be able to supply our community
members with produce from just our local area. Sylvia May loves her two-hectare bush property but as she gets older maintaining it is difficult. For her, Farm It Forward is a perfect fit
to help her stay here as long as she can and
make new friends. It does feel wonderful because I’m
very much aware that I won’t always be able to do heavy work and a big garden needs heavy work so making friends with young people
might be very helpful for me when it comes to the heavy work. Because I like the idea of people
helping each other and I like the idea of having young friends
I thought it might be a good way to have some younger people coming
to visit me and I thought it might be good for me
and good for them. It makes me feel very optomistic about being
able to continue to live on my bush block as I get older. People are joining Farm It Forward every week and Manu hopes this project is just the
beginning of something much bigger. What I hope is really to fine-tune this model so it can be used as a blueprint for
other semi-rural areas all over Australia.