What’s The Deal With Fidget Spinners?

Ow. CAMERAMAN: Mike, ya ready? Oh, yeah. The paradox of fidget
spinners might change the way we think about fidgeting. Wait, did I say
“here’s an idea?” [MUSIC PLAYING] Fidgets spinners and
other fidgety devices have been around for a bit, but
only since the end of last year have they been a
bona fide craze. “Forbes” described these
things as the “must have office toy” in December. But by this month,
“The New York Times” has described them as the
“hula hoop of Generation Z,” referencing the worldwide
adolescent craze from the 1950s. Yeah, fair– there
are five spinners here in an office of like 10 people. There’s an entire YouTube
ecosystem around them. In my neighborhood, which has
three middle and high schools, the sidewalks are littered
with fidget spinner packaging. Global sales estimates are
in the tens of millions. The assumed purpose
of the fidget spinner is to help people
particularly students concentrate, to give an
outlet to excess energy caused by stress or anxiety,
particularly that associated with ADHD and autism– something that we’re going
to spend plenty of time on in a few minutes. But many teachers have been
saying actually tool-assisted fidgeting is not an aid to
concentration but a hindrance, that they are a distraction,
with students focused on spinner color, construction,
and skills, rather than classwork. Many schools have
even banned them. REPORTER: That
distraction has prompted his school and many others
to become no spin zones, banning the gadget. What I want to figure
out is how we got here, how the constellation of
meetings around fidgeting and who does it launched
a tool reportedly suited for promoting calm
concentration to sensation status, and how that may
then feedback into how we think about fidgeting. To do that, let’s begin at the
beginning with a brief history of fidgeting. [PIANO PLAYING] Fidgets etymology links it
to a long disused verb– “to fidge,” meaning
move restlessly. But in emotion in the 19th
century, a culture of fidgets, Karen Chase points out
that in popular usage, “fidget” was also and
remains the name of a pie– one with an overabundance
of ingredients. OK, I’m going to
put this down now. Through successive literary
turns, including the character Lady Fidget from William
Wycherley’s “The Country Wife,” Chase says that “fidget”
came to name out of place actions and
people exhibiting an overabundance of motion– someone who schemes,
plots, and plans. “For a long time
then, she writes, fidget remained a fidgety
term, carrying suggestions of variety, restlessness,
impropriety, and surprise, and settling on all manner
of objects and behaviors.” She points to a late
18th century essay by Noah Webster as a possible
source for our current sense of fidget– surreptitious actions taken by
a person who is odd and tense. Someone who flaunts
social norms. I think a lot of
this sense persists. Fidgeting isn’t simply
moving restlessly. To fidget now is
often thought to be inattentive or disrespectful in
private, at dinner, in class, at a meeting, in
public, at the movies, on the train, or
waiting at the DMV. Fidgeting is distracting at
best and alarming at worst. Chase points out that more
than anything, fidgeting is seen as a release valve
for built-up irritation. To onlookers, a fidget
is a value judgment on the situation in which the
fidgeter is seen fidgeting. Like their namesake pie,
fidgeters seemingly just have too much going on. Often they’re stuck
in the situation which inspires their motion, so
they got to do something to cope with it. A student can’t simply
leave a classroom, but neither is every
lesson so gripping it fully occupies every pupil. Fidgeting, as a sign that
one is not fully engaged, is taken as a tiny commentary
on a lesson’s quality. The management of
excess vigor is the foundation of
how fidget toys are marketed and discussed. Whether spinner, cube,
bar, or even slime, people ostensibly
buy these things to help deal with
aspects of their life– classrooms, meetings, quitting
smoking, general distress. Anxiety diagnoses are
at an all time high, so maybe it’s not even people
who are tense but things. Things are tense. It’s also possible that cube
havers, spinner flickers, and slime pokers are interested
in communicating to others that they’re the kind of
person who has worries, whether they do or not. Or maybe they just
like doing tricks. [VIDEO PLAYBACK] I call this one
the hot potato. Hot, hot, hot. [END VIDEO PLAYBACK] Or something else entirely like
looking for a quick ASMR fix. The point being that
by the time anything reaches full- on craze, it
challenges simple explanation. If you use a fidget
spinner or a cube, it doesn’t mean you’re
definitely anxious. But whatever the reason,
to fidget or really to need to fidget is
in some broad view to be eccentric,
preoccupied, or both. And there’s cultural capital to
be had in being or suggesting that you’re either. For corroboration, we
need look no further than the success of
the spinner and Matthew and Mark McLachlan’s fidget
cube Kickstarter, which asked for $15,000 but ended
up raising $6.5 million and inspired a legion of
knockoffs along the way. These triumphs speak two
simultaneous volumes. First, that nervous
energy is ubiquitous. And second, that its cachet
is eminently bankable. It’s also telling
I think that much of the original hubbub
surrounding these gizmos, especially those with price tags
in the neighborhood of $200, began in the tech
sector in Silicon Valley, the legendary home
to well-funded rambunctious geniuses who make flatten
rocks filled with lightning do their bidding but also a
group of people stereotypically associated often through
their command of technology with non neurotypicality. This, I think, is the more quiet
association between fidgeting and fidget spinners. While these things are, yes,
markers of taste or affect, a pastime, or a
toy for some, they are a tool for others,
specifically those with ADHD or who are on the
autism spectrum– two groups of people with
reputations that often precede them and who are
amongst the most well known contemporary
fidgeters besides drummers. One hope is that the
newfound popularity of the spinner at all
helps normalize fidgeting, helps to shed some of its
negative associations. For those on the
autism spectrum, fidget objects provide an outlet
for self stimulatory behavior or “stimming.” Stimming is a way for
those on the spectrum to manage their
anxiety and focus by engaging with predictable
stimuli that blocks out less predictable stimuli
that’s often overwhelming. Video game critic Laura Dayle
writes that the fidget cube specifically feels
purpose-designed to help manage smaller stimming patterns but
that while it normalizes those small patterns, it may serve to
further stigmatize larger ones like rocking or twisting– source. For those with ADHD,
physical activity has been shown to
increase focus. Of course, handheld
fiddly bits aren’t exactly yoga or a dance party. But where anthropologist
Mikka Nielsen has described having
ADHD as existing in a state of temporal
desynchronization, maybe the pleasing
motion of a spinner is a way to recenter oneself
to calibrate as Nielsen says if even momentarily. I haven’t seen any
spinners specific studies, but anecdotal evidence from
friends, advocates, and news reports, some of which
apparently inspired the cube Kickstarter, suggests
that these objects provide non-disruptive physical
output for otherwise stigmatized and even
occasionally self-harming actions. They aren’t a panacea
but potentially a step in a positive direction. This I think is what could
provide a continuation to Karen Chase’s timeline
beyond her stated focus of the 19th century. The role of the non neurotypical
and their physicality can help chart a path beyond
the fidget as pie and fidget as rapscallion, to fidget as
the calming multi-faceted finger dance with objects that we’re
confronted with right now. What we might ask is if these
accessories challenge the idea that a fidget is a socially
burdensome boredom inspired overabundance of energy meant
as a non-verbal complaint. If fidgeting isn’t a release
valve for irritation, then what might it be? Maybe it’s the
self-directed creation of calm, a search
for satisfaction. Oh, maybe the ASMR fix thing
wasn’t so off after all. It may be that the
spinner toy/tool and whatever else aren’t worry
stones or not just so much as their bubble wrap or that
thing were like one cup fits perfectly inside another cup. And this just happens to be
a moment where many of us are seeking such an experience. As the objects we spend
most of our time interacting with move in steps
towards becoming perfectly smooth ingots
of glass and metal it’s possible that the
growing fascination with pens, and flashlights,
notebooks, and these things smack of a desire to be
satisfied by an otherwise diminishing tactility. Scott Stein at CNET
attributes the success of fidgets spinners and
even the Nintendo Switch to just such a desire. Either way fidgeting , has
long had negative connotations through its association
with mental inactivity and a resulting excess energy. But these things
outline a paradox, showing how
fidgeting can also be the exact opposite– an
abundance of mental activity resulting in excess energy. This paradox echoes that foisted
upon the non neurotypical. Those with ADHD
and on the spectrum are often considered
simultaneously deficient and eminently capable,
savant-like even. This drives, I think, the
mystique and therefore broad attraction
to these objects. One is able to be at once bored
and motivated, preoccupied and hyper-focused,
neurotypical and not. The neurotypical can through
certain quiet associations with fidgeting cash
in, so to speak, on the cultural cache of the non
neurotypical– insert “Big Bang Theory” jab– here. And the non
neurotypical with luck can experience at least
some amount of relief at the partial normalization
of their own physicality. And much in the same
way the hula hoop was banned in certain spots due
to fears of moral impropriety. (PROTESTING) Shaking hips? Well, I never! The fidget spinner confronts
the same– a blurry line between honest
wholesome spinning and godforsaken
immoral spinning. Also like the hula
hoop, we may ask what fate awaits the spinner
and its users when it’s no longer dizzyingly popular. Where it has perhaps partially
normalized certain actions and provided a low cost
easily acquired tool for focusing them, is there
a future where once spinners are old and lame? Those who benefit from
and even rely on them replace or compound one
stigma with the next. What do you all think? What is the deal with
fidgets spinners? Let us know in the comments,
and I’ll respond to some of them in next week’s comment
response video. And in this week’s
comment response video, we talk about your thoughts
regarding the Nintendo Aesthetic. If you want to
watch that one, it will be out tomorrow, on Friday. One small bit of news– I’m going to be at VidCon this
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the opportunity to play as NPCs for
exactly the amount of time it takes them to ask a question. And we’re also
doing a nerd night, and I’m going to
be a part of that. I don’t know why I’m
doing yet, but I’m going to talk about
something for 20 minutes. I should probably figured out
sooner rather than later, huh? If you would like
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from “double plus goodfull,” who points us towards
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word “awesome,” and the idea of
awesomeness, which is great. And just in general if you don’t
listen to the philosopher’s zone, I really like it. I listen to it a lot. I think it’s pretty great. And last but
certainly not least, this week’s episode would not
have been possible or good without the very hard work
of these fidgety spinners. I’m just– to be
perfectly honest, I’m shocked the episode
even got finished. They were so busy spinning
things– so distracted. We’re going to ban them. We’re going to ban them here. Morgan! What did I say? [MUSIC PLAYING]

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This is the triple hoop loop-d-loop coming at you Code. Ready! It looks good, it feels good! Ha ha! Plane to the chest. What’s up guys? We’re dude perfect welcome to airplane trickshots Here we go! This is the limbo lander. Loop and land. That, is awesome. Pilot ty coming at you from the top level of DP-HQ2 – as you can see I have fastened an extra sharp pointy device to the nose of my plane. Because I’ve got a blind balloon downstairs in the kitchen, and this is the blind balloon buster. Here we go boy. BAMMM. Yeah. This shot right here is about to be so lit fam. I’m just kidding. Supposedly that’s what the kids say these days anyways, this is just pure savage Feel like Cody, and Ty get a lot of credit for doing the trust shots I have done some trust shots I’m a little nervous about it. I have a plane with a death device on the front of it to pop this balloon I hope there are no bloopers on this if you get this one people are gonna like they’ll like the video if you get this Shot. I appreciate that guys. We all did this is the no-look and looper I survived I mean come on This is your captain speaking. Oh, we no longer have any wings Got our modified plane a couple wingtip adjustments, and we’re gonna go for a barrel roll. This is the barrel roll bomber. That was amazing. Mad cat this is speed bird, I’ve been hit need immediate evac going in enemy territory. My hook’s deployed, pull your chute and I’ll save you. Truth is, that went a lot differently in our minds It crashed again. It was so much safer floating down in his parachute. This the airplane boomerang…. yikes! Ladies and gentlemen here at DP, you might just want to start referring to us as rocket scientists because we have had another breakthrough in technology Number two pencils on the wings, ready to bust bottles, here we go! This is the double bottle busting laser shot. We are bringing you innovations that have never been seen before This is the Banking Gonger. This is the Twin Spin. here we go Cor’. Let’s go! Headed to the top. And when you need something delivered to you quick and fast you call the Dude Perfect Express International Swisher. It’s go time. Get in! Yeeeeeeeaaaaah!!! Yeeeeaaah! The International Swisher. What’s up guys, hope you enjoyed the video before we go to our normal outro as many of you know Hurricane Harvey has hit our home state of Texas and while being in Dallas. We’re not directly affected We’ve got plenty of friends and family that are so we wanted to encourage you guys to join us and not only praying but also Donating by clicking here to the red cross be a huge help for the people involved. Thank you guys very much appreciate it What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here So you don’t miss out on any awesome new videos also our brand new Merch Just drop backpacks shorts hats tees all kinds of new stuff makes you click down here Go check out the store also if you want to see the last video click right here signing out for now pound it, noggin see ya.

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World Record Exercise Ball Surfing | Overtime 6 | Dude Perfect

Why does he always think it
needs to be a creative intro? No one likes Ty like Ty. Oh, that was a
good sound effect. Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Overtime 6. We got a great show
for you guys today. We’ll see you after
the intro song. (SINGING) Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser– dude perfects in overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser– now, we’re headed
on to overtime. Welcome OT 6. Man, we’ve done a lot of these. We have. They’re great. Oh, got a good show
coming up for you guys. It’s time to head to a
little Absurd Recurds. Welcome to Absurd Recurds. You know, here in the past, we
have seen some pretty absurd recurds– world’s longest Lego walk. Coby perfected the pea blow– That was absurd. –which is as
weird as it sounds. And today, we’ve got
another absurd recurd. Our favorite Guinness World
Records adjudicator, Michael, is just down the street. We’re about to go meet him for
one of the most absurd recurds I’ve ever heard of. I agree. This is going to be fun. Let’s head that way. Ladies and gentlemen,
let’s welcome Michael. Appreciate you being
here once again. Always a treat to have you. Why don’t we tell the
folks at home what we will be attempting today. Tyler, today, you are attempting
to break the Guinness World Records title for
farthest distance traveled while rolling on Swiss balls. Good job, Ty! The mark to beat is
255 feet, 5 inches, forward motion the whole way. If you fall off, hands
or feet touch the ground, the attempt ends. Michael, appreciate
you joining us. Glad to be here. And let’s get to
some record-breaking. Woo! Here we go! Feeling pretty good. Got a lot exercise
balls set up here. The day’s come. It’s time to step
up to the plate. We are standing at the
current world record. All Tyler has to do is pass us. We’re going to be his visual
marker, as he comes down this line of Swiss balls. Here we go. Ty, I think you’re
ready for this. Let’s go, baby! 3, 2, 1. Oh, and he is off to the races! Nice recovery. No. Yes. Oh, it’s hurting my inner core. One ball at a time. One ball at a time. All you want to do is
get to that next ball. Yeah, that’s it. All you gotta do is
get to that next ball. Yes, that’s it. That’s the next
ball right there. Yes! Yes! Keep going! He’s done it! Tyler, the mark to beat
was 255 feet, 5 inches. Today, you achieved 290. It’s a new Guinness
World Record. Congratulations. Man, that never gets old! This and pencil-breaking,
probably the two records I’m most proud of. Because they’re absurd. Absolutely. All right, back to the desk. Thanks, Mike. I’ve got to say, I’m proud
of the exercise ball record. That’s one you can hang
your hat on right there. All right, if you guys want
to see some behind the scenes on what it took to
break that record, make sure you check out the
Dude Perfect Show, season 3, coming soon on Nickelodeon. Don’t forget to set your DVRs. It is time head to
everybody’s favorite segment– Cool Not Cool. How’s everybody feeling
about their items today? The pressure is mounting. It is. I feel great about mine. You do? Oh, yeah. Would you like to start off? Sure. Everyone’s imagined
theirselves in childhood, going through the big art books. You were like, man,
that could be me. Did you look through art books? No. I present to you, master. Oh! That’s sick! Dude! I did myself in Van Gogh,
because he’s my twin. But guys– I like where this is headed. There’s more. Yes! Ty. Oh, my. I’m so happy. Gar, I’ve got a quick question. Why is Coby so much
taller than me? Isn’t one of them a woman? Yeah, Cory. What? Yeah, that’s a dress for sure. Never mind, I love it. When you get an oil
painting of yourself, that’s when you know
you’ve made it in life. It is. Is everybody voted in? Yeah. If it was not a
husky Ty pic, I feel like I would have been there. But I’m on a horse! Yay! Great job, Gare, great job. Here, you want to
set those aside? I’m ready to go next. You’ve got a gift for us too? I’ve got a gift for each of you. Oh, I like that. On the count of three– 1, 2, 3. Yo, what’s up? Is this a tool for bank robbers? I got one for each of us. No way. Yeah. If you’re tired of your own
identity, you can switch it up. Give me Gar. Dude, that looks just like me. It actually kind
of looks like me. Wow, Cor, what’s up, dude? Hey, I’ve got a quick idea. Yeah. Let’s line up in our
show intro for, like, a normal video real quick. Oh, that’s a good idea. Hey, Ty, make sure
you intro Overtime. I got you, bro. Welcome to a new
episode of Overtime. Ah, I’m funny. Ty, you are funny. Yeah, I know. Dude, my favorite
character is this one. I’ve never had a
bad day in my life. All right, I think
it’s time to vote. I’m the leader of the pack. Well, I guess I’ll vote. No, don’t talk over me. This is my show. Yeah, I’m going to
not cool my own thing. I’m Gar, and I’ll just green
it, because I don’t really care. First of all, let
me have my face. I need that. Yeah, I don’t want you robbing
any banks with my face on it. Oh, feels good to
have my spot back. Can I go next? You guys hang right there. We’re playing chess. Should I cast my vote? I would wait just a second. Cody, please make
your first move. Nice move. Let me see what I want to do. No way. Smart move, but
not smart enough. What is happening? He moved it with his mind! What is this sorcery? Ladies and gentlemen,
magic chess. Wow, it’s really
weird, but green. That’s incredible. Magic freaks me out. I don’t like it. I hate to burst your bubble. It’s not real magic. You are playing the computer,
which is equally as cool. I’m going to dislike it
again, because you’re a terrible salesman. I would have liked that. And I actually prefer magic. So– I have to agree with Tyler. Magic’s amazing. And for the first time in Cool
Not Cool history, I like it, but I also hate it– a double. Oh, wow. I’ve got to say, I’m so
disappointed in myself for blowing that lead. It’s not the product. It was the salesman
pitch of the product. Cory, I got to say, even though
most of us said it was bad. It was pretty good. Good item, bad sales pitch. Yep, I agree. All right, keeping with
the theme of magic, I actually feel like
I could go next. I got a little
demonstration for you guys. I have four beverage
cans here, three of which are room temperature. One of which is cold. I would like for you guys
to randomly divide these up between yourselves. This is a device that
allows me to tell who has the cold beverage. Let me start at this end. Cory, your drink is
very room temperature. Cody, your face is hot. Your drink is not. Coby, whoa, that
is a cold beverage. No, it’s not. Absolutely. Ladies and gentlemen, the
thermal camera attachment for your phone. Thermal device– I’m in. That is a frosty cold beverage. Ty, I do have a quick question. Yes? How useful is that
in regular life? This is actually pretty sweet. Pitch black– thermal
looks exactly like this. You could shine this
around, and you could see it just like it is now. All right, I’m in. I like night vision. Useful. Not sure why I’m still
on the fence here. How could you be on
the fence with this? Just remember, you
still have to go. Do not try to blackmail me? Not cool! That is not what I was saying! Thank you. That was collusion. This man is abusing his power. You know, this is a warning. I just need to know,
was it the salesman pitch or was it the product? Well, mine was the blackmail. One person left to go. Cobes, what do you got for us? I cannot tell you guys how
excited I am to reveal this. That is a bad sign. I agree. The whole world is
ready to see it. Check this out. Is that an oil rig? What is this? If this flies, I’m
going to be blown away. I am proud to present
the water skipper. No way that floats. I actually went out
to the lake, filmed a little video of me using it. And I’d like to demo
it for you right now. I can’t wait to see this. Yeah, wow. What’s up, guys. Coby here. Just wanted to say hi to
both myself and the rest of the guys at the desk. And I would like to introduce
you to the water skipper. Oh, man! That’s amazing! Look at him go, dude. You’re about to sink, right? Yes. How are you going to
get that back to shore? I’m shocked you got it
back here at the office. That thing looked
like it was going to the bottom of the lake. Cool concept, but I don’t
want to take that to the lake every time. Not cool. Yeah, funny, not
super-practical. Are you kidding me? I really don’t know. Uh, red. The kid did take the
time to match the snap of his hat and the life jacket. And that is what
puts me over the top. Green button for Coby! Yes, thank you. Hey, Cobes, while
you clear this, I think we’re going to
wrap up this segment. I just need this out of my face. OK, next up– Betcha. Boy, do we have a Betcha today. This might be one of
the boldest Betchas I have ever heard in my life. Because Cody Jones has a
Betcha that is absolutely going to rock our worlds today. I betcha I can swim a mile. You lost your mind, Codes. There is no way! Who thinks he will
not be able to do it? Oh, yeah, I’ll raise
my hand for that. Not be able to do
it, I’m on board. I think y’all could do it. Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to go to the lake. We’re going to get on a boat. We’re going to drive
one mile out from shore. Cody Jones is going to get
in the water– no flippers, no flotation device– and you have to swim from the
boat one mile to the shore. Let’s go to the lake. Not even going to break a sweat. Nothing like a mile
swim in December. Well, here we are,
and it’s freezing. We layered up a little bit,
hopped on the pontoon– rental, obviously. None of us own a pontoon boat. That’d be embarrassing. And Cody is going to hop off
here when we get a mile out from the shore. Good luck to you, Codes. Yeah, appreciate it. We’ll check in
when we get there. Yes, it’s a mile, but
it’s not that far. You’re just going to
have to be patient. Yeah, it’s going to
take a minute or 60. But we’re going to get there. Woo! Here goes nothing. Oh, that’s freezing! Are you even moving? You’re doing awesome. Oh, he’s already
switched formation. We just had a
massive development. Cody already
switched to his back. Codes, let’s just save us all
some time and hop in the boat. I agree. Hey, you’re only
about 15 yards away. Be the bigger man, Codes. We’re 12 minutes
in at this point, I think he’s given
everything he’s got to be having a
positive attitude in order to not give up right now. Codes, don’t let your
pride get in the way. Save yourself! All you’ve got to do is
reach out and grab it, Codes. Well, I gotta say, he’s not
there yet, but he’s close. And I just didn’t
think he had it in him. 100 yards left. Unfortunately, all that
was on the line was pride. Codes! All right, yeah! He has to get out of
the water himself. No way. Right here. I don’t want to get DQ’d. It doesn’t count! I’m kidding. Well done. Well done, Codes. Unbelievable. They didn’t believe me. Sometimes I didn’t
believe myself and neither did you at home. Well, I made it happen. Hot towel, cocoa, something? Well, I don’t know
about you guys, but I feel like that’s
an hour that I’m never going to get back. Coming up next, we have a
delicious brand new segment for you guys called Taste Test. Welcome to Taste Test. Ladies and gentlemen,
let’s give it up for our contestant,
Garrett Hilbert. All right, so Gar claims
to be a coffee aficionado. Oh, I like coffee. OK, he likes coffee. Gar, do you or do you not spend
hours in a week making coffee? Seems right. We have created a
little coffee taste test to see if Gar really knows his
coffee like he thinks he does. We’ve got coffee ranging
from gas station coffee. We’ve got your instant cups. We’ve got our fast food coffee. Then of course, you’ve got
what fuels 90% of America– the Starbucks house blend. OK, but Gar says, no, sir,
that doesn’t do it for me. I need this. I don’t even– this is a beaker. I use this in chemistry. I don’t even know
what you’d call it. You know what? It brings me back
to my science days. And that’s kind of
what draws me in there. In your professional
coffee opinion, there should be a big difference
in this end of the spectrum and this end of the spectrum. Under my professional
opinion, I would say, yes. He’s a coffee connoisseur. Gar’s going to be blindfolded. We will randomly
select a coffee. We will port in a
glass, and then he will put them in order as he
tastes the coffees in order from worst to best. [MUSIC PLAYING] Got a nice sound to it. Gare, we’ve got a cup
sliding in on your left. Will you guys just let me
know if I’m about to dump it all over myself. Oh, this smells– oh, man. He doesn’t even know! Oh, first taste. Yeah, I can definitely say
this isn’t my pour over. It’s not very good. I’m going to say
this is on the lower end of the spectrum, boys. I do not envy Gar. This is a tough situation. Cheers. Oh, wow, he goes right for it. This is either my
chemex or Starbucks. OK. It’s got to be. This is one of the better ones. OK. Walk us through
what you’re thinking right now with those two. That was the first cup, correct? Tastes like water. OK. Tastes like a decent coffee. You’re doing awesome. How does it smell? That smells good. That’s what he said
about the last one. Man, these two are close. Those are both good. These are, like,
tied right here. It’s like, do I
want to go there? That’s a good noise. It is a good noise. OK, I know exactly what that is. That’s instant
coffee right there. That’s got to be. This right here’s your watery
one that you said is watery. I just have a feeling this
is the pour-over I make. I have a bad feeling about this. Give me the last one. Oh, there it is. Going straight for it. Oh, you know what? This is Starbucks. That hurts, because I already
thought I had Starbucks. So that is currently your
lead right now, correct? Please, in all great
things, not be gas station. Oh, man. All right, here’s
my final decision. Oh, wow. These three, I gotta say,
are, like, pretty similar. OK. I am putting money on this one. That has got to be instant. This just has a little
hint of plastic in it. Ah, man. 5 and 3 could be switched. Whatever this one is, it’s good. Dude, I’m going to go here. Oh, you’re making a switch. He’s making the switch. I’m just going to do it. OK. Gar can take the blindfold off. I believe so. I am wired right now. Woo! Sit still for just a second. This is the one that I think
I make at home every day with a little bit of
tender loving care. And this is what I
would go to on a never. Gar, starting off, your
least favorite coffee is fast food coffee. That’s pretty good. I think that’s a good job. I know this is instant. It’s got to be. No– oh, my gosh. That’s instant. You were sure about that one. Yeah, you nailed that. OK, so far, all I know
is that my coffee making finished on the podium. That’s all I care about. And that’s all he ever
guarantees, folks. So your second coffee,
you were very sure about your second coffee. I think this is Starbucks. OK, and you nailed that one. Absolutely, 100%,
second coffee– Starbucks. That is unfortunate
that I could have ranked gas station coffee number one. But hey, you know what? I never go there,
and maybe I should. All right, I am going to reveal
Garrett’s favorite coffee. It’s going to be gas station. What a horrible moment! Garrett’s favorite
coffee in the world– gas station coffee! Yes! Here’s the deal. I had this one first. You did. I had this one first,
and the flavor was great, and I said it. I said, the flavor’s powerful. And the only reason I switched
them is because I got jittery. Would you look at
the folks at home and don’t be afraid
to tell them. I mean, this could
be a humbling moment. I’m Garrett, and I’ve wasted
a significant amount of time. But I enjoy the process. I like it. Hey, give it up for him. Good job, Gar. Well done, Gar. And I’ve got to say,
congratulations to 7-eleven. You guys do it right. And you know what? I apologize for ever
thinking you did it wrong. And as always, it is giveaway
time here on Overtime. If you share this video,
and you’re a DP subscriber, we will choose 10 of you to give
away a brand new DP sweatshirt. There it is. Codes, stand up. Give us a little turnaround. There it is. Wore my skinny jeans today. Shout out to the
winners from last time. Great job, guys. Appreciate y’all. Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here, so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. You want to watch more
Overtime, click over here. If you want to buy some DP merch
for Christmas, click down here. See you next time on Overtime,
where the mics are fake, and Gar love gas station coffee. He really does! Woo! Got him! Yes! Oh, that’s amazing.

Fortnite with Ninja | Overtime 3 | Dude Perfect

Big dragons – WARRIOR Ty: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Overtime. It’s good to be back. The show is decent, the mics are fake. Kind of our tagline. Cody: I don’t think we’ve ever said that. Ty: No, I have said the fake mic thing. Garrett: I like it and that’s going on a shirt. Ty: Thank you. Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser. Dude pefect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading on to Overtime. Ty: Like to take a quick minute to give a special shout out to all the folks that joined us in the live studio audience. Thank you guys. Thank you. Good to have you. We’ve got a great show coming up for you guys today. Three segments you already know and love, one brand-new segment with a special guest. That I would be willing to bet most of you have heard of. Right, anyways I say we dive right into the very first segment of the show: Betcha. Ty: I’ve got a question for you guys. The betcha is: Could you go sit in your car right now, lay on the horn for 30 consecutive minutes, and would the honker run out of honk? I’m saying it’ll go the distance. It’ll go 30. Garrett: No way. I’m gonna say, no way it lasts 30 minutes. Cody: I’m going it’s going the distance. Ty: You’re on the honk train! Nice it feels good. Cory: Gar, I’d like to come join you, but I can’t. The horn will last. Cody: Oh, welcome. Ty: Honk train’s full. It’s fully loaded. Fail train is a lonely train. Garrett: It’s a great train. Ty: But that’s the way he likes it. Let’s head downstairs! Cody: He’s arrived! Hey, pop the hood I wanna see your honker. Ty: No, I’m not gonna expose my honker to you. Cody: Why? Come on. Just give me a quick tap; I want to know loud it is. Oh, this is gonna be a long 30 minutes. Ty: Alright quick update on the betcha board. Cory and Cody are up top with one betcha. Me, Garrett and Coby are each looking for our first. Garrett: Didn’t think there was a leaderboard. Ty: Well, there is. Garrett: Okay, cause I would actually put some thought into these. Ty: I say we get to honking. When you hear the honker engage, you start the timer. Coby: 30 minute countdown. Ty: This is borderline Mythbusters stuff right here. Cody: This is our worst idea ever. Ty: Now what do we do? How much longer? Oh, wow. Cory: It just went for one minute exactly. Ty: The newer car has the minute shut off. Chad. Cody: Chad’s 97 Corolla. Ty: We need your car. Alright! Test subject number 2! Positioning official honking device. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Cody: Congratulations! Ty: The horn goes the distance! I guess the question is: How long will it go now? Coby: We do want to know though. Oh! Garrett: It’s all it’s done. Ty: Oh jeez is that a honk? Garrett: That’s not a honk. Ty: 31, it just hit 31 minutes. Coby: There’s nothing left. Get up here, Chad. Get up here. Cory: Let’s just listen to it. Listen to it. Ty: It is literally teetering out. Coby: 31 minutes and 20 seconds! Ty: Will the lights turn on? It’s got to be dead. Now, now. Honk it now! Everybody gets points! Hey congratulations! You’re a winner! You’re a winner! Garrett: The real loser here is Chad, because his horn sounds worse than it did, and he doesn’t have to replace it. Ty: I think we should just go back to the desk, alright. See you guys. Coby: Thanks, Chad. Cory: Sorry, Chad. Garrett: Get that car out of my office. Ty: Chad, just like to apologize for ruining your horn. Feel free to splurge on the world’s best honker. I would also like to apologize in case we’re talking a lot louder the rest of this episode, kind of got a little bit of a hum here. But we’ve got a brand new segment coming up next. It’s time to pick up the sticks because it’s… Game Time! There’s a little game out there some of you may have played, might have heard of it, sweeping the world by storm. It’s called Fortnite. Is that a game reference? Yeah, didn’t even know it. I’ve never played and I would say I’m probably the worst in the world at Fortnite. I’ll be teaming up with Ninja. Coby: Oh, wow! Ty: Guys ready to head to the gaming room? Garrett: Yes. Ty: It’s really just Cory’s office. We don’t have a gaming room. Here we go. What’s up, Ninja? We got Ty here. Ninja: What’s up? Ty: I would just like to apologize ahead of time for my lack of video game ability. Ninja: It’s totally okay. Just stay close. Ty: I will be right on your tail. Ninja: I’m in. Here we go Ty, dude. Ty: Are you gonna tell me when to jump out of this thing? Ninja: We’re gonna get out at Lucky Landing, so it’s the last stop. Yeah, all right. We’re gonna go for that. Tell me when. Right now. I am flying through the air right now. Alright, good. I’m literally flying. I have a I have a spaceship right now, dude This thing’s insane. So this is your first time ever playing this game, ever. This is literally my first time. We got to give you a 100% win rate. I just tossed out something out of my pocket and it turned into a parachute. And I’m about to land on top of the building that you’re inside. Just remember the rules, man, stay close. We’re good to go I’m staying close. I’m just gonna parachuting down. I’m right here on the roof. That was perfect. You just slid right in. What are you drinking? I just drank a shield potion. Why do you have an Easter egg on your back? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Oh, wow. There’s like lava coming out of it. These are some big trees that were whacking down here pretty easily. Oh, yeah, okay? Oh, so there’s a team right here, 300. I got my crossbow out. How do you feel about that? I feel comfortable. Okay, I’m comfortable then. Oh you’re laying down some fire. Oh! You know what? I had him coming at me, and then that guy’s lucky. Tony, I had that guy. Oh. Did you kill him? Well, I gotta ahh, that’s what kills me as I had him, yeah. I mean it’d be crazy if I could get like my own kill. We shouldn’t like aim for that, but if it happens. You know that’s gonna be big. Got em! Oh! I got a kill! That was amazing. Can we dance together? Alright we should probably get back to work yeah Yeah, dude. I would build tree houses and help you, but I have absolutely no idea how you do that. This is perfect time It’s a llama a llama. What is the llama? Do are you open the llama? Oh? Guy drink some band-aids or whatever that stuff is if you have a medkit Shot go down here Oh, I don’t know what’s happening. You gotta kill this guy. Yeah kill this guy. Where’s he at? He’s above me. I got him. You’re okay, you’re okay, we got this done. I’m comfortable. I’m confident. This is easy. You’re comfortable? Cause I’m kind of freaking out a little bit right now. It’s okay, don’t freak out don’t freak out. Come here sit in the campfire. Everything’s gonna be okay I can’t tell you how safe I feel in here with you. I’m feeling you’re gonna want to call me all the time to play with you, and I want to warn you I’m a pretty busy guy. Oh My gosh dude, your building! Entire first floor of a… Exactly! I’ve killed two of the hundred people?That’s Pretty good stats. I’m not gonna lie. Dude, there’s only four players left. Do we know where the other bad guys are? Oh, no. Not yet, but oh actually, yeah, yeah, ther e. Are you ready? I’m gonna take this launch pad and we’re gonna kill all of em, alright? Okay. I am, oh, I’m shooting. Shoot the AR, shoot the AR. Yeah! We did it! Did I get the last kill? Yeah, you got the last kill, dude, I mean wow that feeling, just hold on to it. That’s what you experience everyday with a clutch. First game ever, dub. Thank you so much man, see you later. Later, guys. You know what we always say: if you’re not very good at something, find the guy that’s the best and be on his team and that’s what we did and we got the dub. Bang! Special thanks to Epic Games’ Fortnite for sponsoring this segment. If you want to play the game for yourself, click the link in the description. Below, also, Ninja’s information is down there. Apologize, Ninja if your back’s hurting a little bit put the team on your back, although I did have 3 kills. But video games are fun. Yeah, you know, I got a say, but you know it’s not fun? At least for one of us, it is the next segment of this show. Can we just take a break? We cannot take a break, Codes. because coming up next we have Wheel Unfortunate! What a segment! This’ll make you nervous. As always, here’s the hat. I’m gonna draw. You want to draw? Garrett, choose a name. Ty, I got good news! I saw a Co! Wait, wait! Hold on, hold on. Should we eliminate one at a time? Okay. Eliminated from the wheel: Coby! Need person spinning that wheel! Cory! Cory! Yeah! Come on! Welcome to my favorite segment, let’s do it! Cory, head to the wheel! Boys and girls, I’m Ned Forester, host for the most popular game show in all the land. We’ve got a special guest I think you guys have last week’s script. He was on. He was on last week. Oh Well, we’ve got a special guest that you’ve actually seen before Cory Cotton, come on up! It’s very random that we get the same person on two weeks in a row. Cor, it’s good to have you back. Why don’t you tell the folks at home something special about you? Well, you’re currently watching fake news because there’s no way I can be on here twice in a row. Absolutely. That was unbelievable! Where are you holding that? Dad’s got secret pockets all day long. Hold my mic for me real quick. Is that 40 pounds? For anybody’s out there looking to lose weight fast, carrots. It’s all I eat. You’d be shocked how well I can see. I can see a quarter-mile. Big stuff, obviously. Hard to see something really small, at about a quarter miles. All right, Cory, for the second episode in a row. I’m gonna need you to spin that wheel! Kind of a lackluster spirit, I pretty sure my Aunt Susan gonna could have spin it faster than that. All right, it looks like you’re gonna be safe from running a mile, but you might need to… eat a whole banana! Cory, you seem to be excited about that. It’s great. I love bananas. Oh, my friend, I’m not sure you’re reading it right, because it does say eat a whole banana. I have to eat the peel? You got to eat the peel, core. That’s what I’m getting that That’s unfortunate! Hey, have at it. Go have some fun. Good to see you. Goodbye, friend. Hopefully. I see you next week. Here, they have a pretty limited menu. Oh, yeah? Thank you. Hey, I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty queasy. This is eating a whole banana. You’re not gonna puke. You’re lying. He’s not too… yeah, no, he one hundred percent is. That did not go well. We gained some good ground there. His body’s shutting down. Double bite. You wanna do a double bite. You’re not giving me advice. So here’s my question: You’re stuck on an island, and you come across a banana. Are you gonna waste that nutritious peel, or are you just gonna ham down? I’m gonna waste it. I’m telling you, it sounds like velcro coming off. I do not care about the sound. He’s done eating. It’s all over, folks. And that is all we have time for. Thanks for joining us on Wheel Unfortunate. What an incredible performance by Cory Cotton. I mean, he sold out. By the way, I don’t mean to worry you but I do think you might be having an allergic reaction of the bananas. You’ve got a little bit of redness going on right here. That’s actually because I hit my head in the trash can when I threw up. Hey, just think. You might even get picked next time. Oh, what a treat. That could be amazing. Cobes, tell them what we got coming up next. next guys I don’t know if there’s anything better in the entire world than trying to break a crazy world record. It’s time for absurd recurds. All right, so you guys may remember the last episode of absurd recurds I broke the record for the world’s longest Lego walk. Well done, well done took some punishment there. But what you may not know is that was not the only record attempted that day. Later that afternoon Coby Cotton himself attempted his very own. Let’s take a look. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back Michael. It is so good to see you again Thanks so much for joining us. You’re really getting used to this place, huh? I love it. Guys, we have one heck of a record that we (by we, I mean I) are attempting today. I’m out. You might see what’s in my hand. How far can I blow this here pea on the ground? That’s the absurd recurd. And that is an absurd recurd. Michael tell them the distance I’m going for. You’re attempting to blow that pea 24 feet seven point six inches We picked the most spherical pea we could find. Let’s not spend any more time talking about peas. Let’s get going! This is Kobe’s time to shine. He might not win battles, but he can set some absurd records, okay? And it’s time to do the pea blow. Oh, let’s go Cobes. What’s your strategy? Here’s the deal. Been thinking long and hard about this. I only get one breath, but I’m gonna break it up into three bursts, so it’s gonna be like Guys, it is time for the most absurd absurd record you’ve ever seen Let’s get the measuring tape. Nobody touch the pea. Measuring tape is out. All right I’ve got the starting point mark. Come on Michael, Coby, Coby, you had 28 feet, ten and a half inches. T That is a new Guinness World Record! Congratulations! Oh my gosh, thank you! Congratulations. Thank you Michael, thank you! That feels so good. That is the definition of an absurd recurd. Yes. But well done. Way to go, Cobes. Very impressive. All right, well, Thanks for watching this episode of Overtime, as always, I believe we should do a little giveaway. Oh to the fine folks who subscribe and share this video. Whose shirt should we give away? 4th of July is coming up how about Cory’s? I like it. And here below we have a little hat as well. Nice! Good combo! So, 5 people. If you’re a subscriber and you share this video, we’ll pick 5 of you and send it your way. Thanks for watching guys, if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Great news, we’ve heard the requests and Dude Perfect now has a twitch channel. Click here to follow us, got some good stuff coming. Also, if you want to see the last video, click down here. Signing off for now where the mics are fake and sometimes We don’t wear pants. So we wear shorts.

The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect

Welcome to overtime episode 4 it is great to have you guys with us today. We have a great show planned To segment, you know two segments you don’t You’re twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple *intro* Coach tell them the first one. Let’s start off a little cool not cool, bye-bye Wow COOL / NOT COOL Here we go starting off with a bang Cubs you got something cool for us Yes, you guys are gonna have to be the judge of that You know I’m saying I brought some of my best work today. This is a portable sauna. Oh Okay, so you just have hop in and zip that sucker up Already turned it on it’s set to 160 degrees Okay, you might be asking yourself, “But Kobe what if you want to use your phone?” I actually was not thinking that… You know what I like the effort I’m gonna give you a sympathy green Yes! I’ll take it! Ty, you have lost your mind. It doesn’t look to be totally improved. Going with the red button. Oh my! Put your hand in there! Listen, this is not a toy You should not have gone first. Here’s the deal, I’m gonna vote based on how sweaty you are at the end of this segment if he is sweaty, he will get a green Cory, you want to go next? Yeah, I think I should I’d like to introduce you to the cup that cannot be spilled. Oh Oh my! I will start us off with the green, you know, I don’t spill that often but I’ve got a little kid at home Bang baby! Hold on. How do you go from this to this? Oh my! Absolutely! Nice yeah, nice. You wanna green him? Nice. Yeah, that is 100% my fault I gotta say I’m gonna keep that over here Cody or Garr Oh somebody quick if you don’t want the world’s loudest whistle That’s a pretty bold statement Okay I need everything you got at one time *Whistle gives all it’s got at one time* I’m deaf. Really? well bonus whistle. I’m giving it a great oak. I just pick one for me. Oh, yeah, I’ll give him… How about both? Hey, there’s no other whistle. I’d rather have I think I might be able to hear that whistle from the moon Oh, yeah, that is loud. I hate to like to go there, but is there sound in space if you’re standing next to a rocket? Your gonna hear the rocket! Comment below whether Cody’s right or not speaking of space. I’ve got a really cool thing. You’re gonna enjoy That is a remarkable control, I will 100% Green man, green for Kobe. Sorry, I’m not very good Not a great flyer but the product speaks for itself. Oh Mylanta! You are sweating! I did say if it was a working product I would not I’m gonna wrap up this segment right here. You guys ever seen one of these giant flashlight? No, sir codes, I’m gonna actually use your vehicle in the demonstration. I would be honored. Would you mind taking it up for me? I’m gonna stand back. I would like to introduce you to the net gun I think we have a little fun with This is how you handle the tall guy that only shoots threes Should we see if they’ll take down a twin He’s got netted we should probably go back to the desk and we’re gonna do this all day Nice round of applause great cool not cool. We’re getting better. Well, it is time to move on to a brand new segment Hope you guys enjoy it. It is called prank Jackson Okay, so here’s some various taxidermy and here’s how this is gonna work, we got a couple buddies They think they’re just coming to hang out at the office today What they don’t know is there’s gonna be a vicious garden snake waiting just outside DP HQ – ready the snake attack. I’m ready. Let’s head downstairs Alright guys here we are at the sabotage point and we’re gonna lay our snake right here in the grass So here’s how it’s gonna work snakes gonna be laying here fishing line is going to be through the crack of the door They walk up to the door ideally without seeing the snake and then here it comes Right up I Think that’s gonna work They think that this door is open. So they’re gonna walk up and tug and then the snakes just come on Okay, they’re here Tell him to use a fake coat on this door, so he’s gonna be right here Can you believe it both wesley and trav actually what their britches ha ha ha I cannot believe that that is funny That was a good time It was a good time and I hate to be that guy but you know, it’s about to be a not good time No the next segment because it’s time to head to wheel unfortunate I Hate this segment you want to I think I’ve got a new way to do this Garrett You’re gonna start take a name out. Don’t show anybody Coby same thing then me then Cody There will be one name left in the Hat that Corey will pick up that will be the person spinning the wheel All right, Garrett eliminate the first person do not show anything Eliminate someone Kobe I have eliminated someone please me money, please. Okay, okay I am queasy like my stomach hurts. Oh my gosh. My heart’s pounding. Okay, Corey. The person is spinning that wheel is This is all fun and games, but I think we got a Great show of all time it is good to be back. I’m your host ed Forrester the golden boy see the resemblance Anyways, we’ve got a great show for you guys today. We’ve got a guest at his babe Are you serious Regardless, it’s great to have you on the show this week I’ve been kind of thinking maybe he tried to steal the spotlight or something, but then again it was like Nobody could steal that spotlight. So I wasn’t too worried about it, you know to be yeah cor I’d tell you how this works But you’re pretty familiar. So if you would hold my bike real quick. Yeah Alright thanks for doing that core and I got some great new stuff on the board. Well if you’re ready, I’m ready Cory sped that way. Oh Wow power ability obviously, it’s been working on that since last time All right, Leo looks like it’s coming to a stop. You’re not gonna have to shave your eyebrows Gratulations cor what I need you to do is fly to Wisconsin D board the plane go out through security take one step outside Take a big snipper and that fresh, Wisconsin air Turn right back around and come home if that is the definition of fly to Wisconsin for absolutely no reason Cory say it with me here Hey go buy yourself a plane ticket big guy Just left the office. Guess I’m going to Wisconsin what could be better than going to Wisconsin for literally no reason Everybody’s walking around with their bags. I have literally nothing. I’m holding my hat just so I can feel like I’m holding something So boring Why are you Wisconsin no reason I’ve arrived in Wisconsin. I got my cheese hat on but I can’t keep it a reason for coming the moment we’ve all been waiting for Wow, the flights are actually really close together no offense, but it all I get stuck in, Wisconsin Excuse me. Almost miss my flight didn’t know still Dead hope would never see each other again and back and that was unfortunate back to the studio All right, and welcome back Corey Yeah, oh thanks guys I hate this game Well now it’s time to add to the next segment and that is mail time Alright and as always we’ve asked our editors to come up with a creative way to deliver our mail So, let’s see what they have in store for us today Chad. What do we got? Oh, What a treat is that a male goat Let’s see what we got boy, so starting off strong Custom VP trailer hitches. Oh, very nice Look at this a clay figurine know what your big fan of our face off series take a look at that That’s tingle baby. Oh Wow, what a draw hair got a couple of friendship bracelets here if Jill wanted a shout out and he wanted us to wear them In the overtime video. Oh, yeah like a reward Oh guys Somebody sent us some micro smoke what in the world is micro smoke not familiar. I’m unfamiliar Oh Guys, there’s a pan. No, it smells horrible It does smell like a goat. Oh, he’s definitely peeing. Oh really No Oh, yeah now the goat Smells it’s so strong. I thought we just lost real unfortunate ok, guys, you want me to pop smoke and try and run him and Get the go-ahead. (goat poops on floor) Oh, he’s taking a dump on the pee. Is this a bad idea? Yes! x4 Don’t worry guys. I’m getting rid of it. That was a horrible idea Chad come clean this up. Thanks for joining us on mail time We’ll take you to the next segment as soon as we clear the building ha ha. That’s the greatest segment ever The smoke is cleared. The smell has not still smells little goatee in here But show must go on and it is time to head to a brand-new segment at the kitchen. Mine doesn’t look like that Hidey-ho, welcome to my kitchen. I’m sure you’re like me were you scared of the Internet look for a cool project? Think you know what? I could probably do that by the end of it you go Hey, mine, doesn’t quite look like that in there. Yeah, these two teams will be battling off in a watermelon sculpture battle Let’s see. What happens Oh sup guys team tying gear here. We have picked our watermelons. Hold on I would like to be its team Garrett and I go ahead take it away. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to team twins What’s up, guys? Here we go team guarantee We’ve decided to go with the peacock We’ll be tackling a slightly simpler concept a shark Good luck boys in three two one Begin, I wouldn’t worry about this so much Y’all ever seen a shark jump out of the water Shark-tooth You guys know that cucumbers or pickles pickles or cucumbers that’s what I meant Do you ever know that pickles have scales like fish I feel like at this point in the competition I’m taking this a little bit more seriously than Gary Hey ty you remember those high school projects where you always had the team lead, you know, the team lead does absolutely nothing You know, yeah welcome to Team Gary Always wanted to do this I Love have yet to see Jarrod do anything productive for his team? And honestly, I’m pretty impressed with what I’m seeing I think we might have to change the title of this one. Mine does kind of look like that One minute remaining oh I got a good idea. I got a good idea One eyed shark currently, I would add another blueberry no need you have to alternate tomato blackberry tomato by 3 2 1 tiny shark one side. I’m sorry. Literally all that matters is the one photo being posted to Instagram. We did a one-sided shark Sure, the other side doesn’t look great. He didn’t have an eye. Okay, but all we need is one phenomenal side of this shark So that our Instagram viewers will vote on it It’s officially time to take this to Instagram to find out which sculpture is better your week And the winner of the 2018 watermelon sculpture battle is Grant Pham what happened man? So disappointed I am too Gary that was absolutely ridiculous never should happen can’t believe that peacock Look exactly That’s all I have to say about that. I believe it is giveaway time As always at the end of it over time. We’ve got a couple treats for you guys if you’re a subscriber pound and you share the video pal you get this and this I’m not a freak out there you get this bow and this valley so we’ll pick five of you guys that are Subscribers and share the video and then there you go half anity So if you’re not a subscriber Click down here So you don’t miss out on any new videos if you want to see the last overtime video click right here And if you want some TP merch click right here sign it off for now. We’re the set smells like goat pee

Model Rocket Battle | Dude Perfect

Hey! Good news! It did not kill a cow! [rock music] 3-2-1! ANNOUNCER: Dude Perfect The rules of this battle are simple. Whoever’s rocket travels the highest is the winner. Oh, and by the way, you get to add 300 feet to your height if you catch it. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for a metaphorical mind grenade. The Silver Bullet. May I present to you… Cody’s Traffic Cone. The Bumblebee. I’d like to introduce you to the Aerodactyl. Oh, I’m sorry. Could you guys already see it, because it’s absolutely enormous? Welcome to the Bounty Hunter. This thing is built for speed. It’s light, it’s fast. Wings on either side for extra velocity. The guys don’t really know this, there’s two engines in here. Silver Bullet. *Blast off sound* You gonna see a lot of that. [Music Continues] Here we go boys! 3! 2! 1! It’s so high! Oh! Oh my gosh! I think I need to go back! *Screaming in joy* Hey! I just caught it. You got the 300 feet catch bonus. This is called a altimeter. It measures the height and speed. Garrett : Take a guess. Ty: Let’s say 400 feet, something like that. Gar: It went… 565 feet! Yes!!!!! Nice!!! Cody: My friend, you’re in first place. Ty: All right, team Codes! Time for the Bumblebee to fly. Basically, I have to make a catch now. Ty set the bar really high with a… 565 plus a 300 catch bonus. Come on, Bumblebee. 3, 2, 1! Dude, that was huge! Oh gosh, Cor! I couldn’t tell what’s popping out of this guy. That thing almost impaled me. He almost got stung by the bumblebee! This thing is buried! First of all I just like to say, I’m, I’m happy to be alive. I would agree. Altitude height was 600 feet. Wow! So bittersweet, because it was better than Ty’s launch without the three hundred bonus. The bumblebee went a hundred and fifteen miles an hour. Wow! Almost straight through me. WOW! But you didn’t see it coming down. WE ALMOST LOST YOU! Thank you! I’m just over here running behind my twin, and there’s missiles falling out of the sky! Who knew?!? It is officially time for the traffic cone to make his debut. We’re gonna launch this sucker, sky-high. 3-2-1! I’m gonna be honest. I don’t know what happened there. I clearly did something wrong in the construction of my rocket. There’s a spark at the base. I gotta say, thank you, kind sir. You made my job easy. You went zero feet. But how about the catch? Yeah, technically I got to give it to him Catch bonus for Cody. 300 feet! Stakes are high here, guys. Ty is still in first place. The Bounty Hunter is ready to overtake them. Let’s do this thing, Bounty Hunter. 3-2-1! Good news! It did not kill a cow! After a while a man can only take so much and that is why, that is the epitome of why I left team Coby and joined team Cody, because team Cody doesn’t do that kind of stuff to me. After Cor’s fiasco, I decided to go back to my truck, get my safety helmet out, just in case the parachute doesn’t deploy. Like I said earlier, this has two engines. It’s gonna launch, then launch again. You guys should have just bought the one that said “Can hold two engines”. So, that’s on you guys. 3-2-1! LET’S GO! I might have to go climb a fence. THAT IS INSANE! COME ON, GARRETT! COME ON! YEAH! I think it launched so high, but it went just as far!!!!!!! I legitimately think he ran a mile, to go get that. I want to be more excited for you guys. The official height for Garrett Hilbert, the Purple Hoser with an altitude of 1,513 feet! FIRST PLACE! CONGRATULATIONS! Look, Purple Hoser nation, all right, I guarantee you a third place finisher above. Sometimes I treat you to a nice first. I want you guys to go out and join our sweet tea on me. Not really on me, for me and Hey, love you guys! All of ya! Ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and privilege to present Garrett Hilbert with the golden rocket trophy. Well done! Next time, we’ll put some parameters on the whole two engine versus one, you know. Anyways, special shout out to these people over here who won our last giveaway. You guys seem to enjoy that, so I think we’ll do it again. If you share this video and you’re a subscriber, I say we pick five people and give them the sweatshirt. I gotta wash it. We won’t give them this exact sweatshirt. Thanks for that clarification. Also, if you don’t wanna miss out on any new DP videos, click down here. If you want to see the last video, Real Life Trick Shots 2 (great video) click right here. If you want some DP merch, click right here. Signing off for now. Pound it, Noggin, see ya!

Crossbow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Going outdoors in the rain.
It’s a nice change of pace. Dude Perfect. We’re Dude Perfect, welcome to Crossbow Trick Shots. HERE WE GO! Cory’s got the ball, I got the bow.
This is The Cut-The-Line Swisher. Not the greatest swish of all time,
but hey! we made it! All that sand castle work that I worked on when I was five and under is really paying off in my new career. Here, we have a standard balloon with colored powder. With the sandcastle foundations, baby.
This is The Water Skipper. I’m gonna be completely honest. I didn’t know that was possible. What’s up, guys? Ty and Codes here, with one of our good buddies. You guys probably haven’t met him before.
This is Cameron. No, it is not. His name is Russell. Oh, and he’s gonna be helping us out with the next shot. Basically me and Russ are gonna be standing here. I’m gonna be juggling the apples, Cody’s gonna shoot one out of my hand. That would be silly. Russ… this is The Mobile Robin Hood. Let’s add some glasses. Oh wow, that’s cool. Ho, ho! We’re flying!
This is The Mobile Robin Hood. AHH!!! Hey! I’m finally not on the other end of a trust shot. I’d say you cored it right out, man.
Ho, ho, dude, we used a real apple? ‘Sup, guys. Didn’t know if you know this or not but you looking at a couple of sword wizards, right here. Looking to get a nice clean cut. Let’s do it. This is The Horseshoe Ringer. Honestly, I think that’s like five points, maybe three. I don’t play a lot of horseshoes, so… This is The Golf Cart Knife Sticker. Atta boy, Coby! Got ’em! We got our crossbow, got our target, and we are gonna put this bolt right through the middle, but first… I’m gonna ricochet it off this piece of wood, but before that one… I’m gonna ricochet it off this piece of wood. But actually before both of those two, I’m gonna ricochet it off this piece of wood,
and this is The Triple Ricochet Balloon Buster. Into the balloon, busted it. What a treat! Setting up for the next shot, got a little bit of a storm brewing. I love the rain, firstly. It’s a good feeling when you know no one else is having fun today. This is actually going to be the exit and the entry will be all the way over there. Right into the target. It’s raining cats and dogs.
This is The 180 Wrap Around. It’s like it solidified from the rain drop. Round Three. Cantaloupe. Next up, the apple. We’re using a real apple?
Yes. It’s time to shoot some skeet, with a crossbow. Here we go. This is Threading The Needle. That was Threading The Needle AKA Washer. Time to get tiny. Egg dab. Okay, wow. You know what? I’m not the sword guy. I’m faking it. Codes is setting up the orange gong across the lake. Haha, what up? I got an orange gong. We’re going to attempt to send one all the way over there and ring in game day. This is The Over The Lake & Near The Woods. Oh, that felt good! Arrow did not survive. The tip has been pushed into the arrow.
What do you guys think Cody’s talking about over there? Something like, “Hey, that’s the finale, let’s head to the outro.” Yeah, I could see him doing one of those. I’m assuming that was the finale so let’s head to an outro, baby! What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Blizzard Entertainment, and HearthStone for making this possible. Do you want to play HearthStones brand new expansion? Click right here. If you want to see the last video, click right here. Signing off for now… Pound It, Noggin, see ya!

Nerf Bow Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

This is the Billiards Bomber. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CHEERING] Whooo! What’s up, guys? We’re Dude Perfect and our brand-new Nerf bows are finally here. Let’s have some fun!
Whooo! Dude Perfect This is the Mobile Bottle Buster. Ohhhh!!! Woo-hoo!
Yeahhh! Ohh, look what you just made me do. Oh, nicely done! Shout out to T. Swift, love ya. We tied a balloon to a tricycle; let’s pop it. Here we go, Cor’. [POP] Booom! That was amazing! [POP] [LAUGHS] He missed my high-five, what kind of driving is that? This is Robin Hood on the move. Yeahhh!!! Got ’em! YEAH!!! That was splash-tastic! No way… He boomeranged! Follow us on Instagram to see behind-the-scenes stuff before the video comes out! [FUNNY SOUNDS] This is the four corner smash. YEAH!!! You know some people say the new Dude Perfect Nerf bow is so accurate you don’t even have to look. YEAH!!! Pow! This is the Through the Ring Tissue Ripper. This is the Bow Bustin’… Bulb… Buster. *snaps fingers* Haha! Nice! Let’s scramble some eggs. How you feeling, Cody? You know, I feel good in this moment; It’s when he has a bow and arrow in his hands aimed right at my face where I’m gonna get REAL nervous. Duct tape is the key ingredient. Yeah, if you want to start a trickshot channel… I’m telling you, every–
…you need plenty of duct tape. This is the Cody Trust Shot. Yeah!!! Nicely DONE, guys! I was SO nervous on that one.
Yeah, I– I thought it would taste like Fun Dip. It does not. You know who I think deserves a hug? Who is that?
Ty. Tyler: Oh, no, no…!
Oh, heyyy! All right, see you next shot! You’re my best bud! We’ve got a swinging arm pendulum up top, knocks the ball off, falls down, hits the bounce pad, off the trampoline, into the goal, and this is the Swinging Swisher Shot. Let’s do it! That worked nicely! This is the Swishy Swish. Woohoo! Another day… Another roof shot. I call this Death from Above. Ohhhhhh! Hey! Run that back with some bottle bust music. (bottle bust music playing) Ohhhhhhhhh!!!
(bottle bust music playing) Smoked him!
(bottle bust music playing) Welcome aboard the Dude Perfect Express. I’ll be your pilot, Cody Jones! we’ll be headed on a direct flight to Trick Shot Town. In the event of a trick shot being made, you will hear a loud gong sound from the right part of the cabin, followed by extreme celebration. Let’s do it!!! Woo-hoo! This is the High-Speed Gong Ringer. Here we go, Cod’. Woo! Yeahhhhh!!! Wooooo!!! Nailed it! Oh my god! *gong rings*
*cheering* Dude, how fast were you going? Like, 40! Dude, he said he was going like a hundred! Wow! I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like that deserves a subscribe. (distantly) Do it!
(distantly) I agree! I agree! Subscribe! Hit the button! Whooo! What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on the next video. Special thanks to our friends at Nerf for making this whole video possible. If you want to get your very own Nerf Dude Perfect signature bow, click right here. If you want to see the last video, click right here.
Woo-hoo! Signing off for now– pound it, noggin. Everyone: See ya!

Plunger Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

We’re Dude Perfect, welcome
to plunger trick shots. Dude Perfect. This is The Swinging Sticker. Yes! We love plungers! Let’s go! Yeah, baby! Let’s go, baby! Whoo! You guys ever seen a
Five Plunge Sticker? No, I’m kidding. It’s one at a time. It’s going to be one at
a time, but it’s still going to be impressive. [DING] [DING] [DING] [DING] [DING, DING, DING] He’s done it! The Five Plunge Sticker! Whoa! [RECORD SCRATCHES, MUSIC STOPS] Oh my god! [LAUGHTER] We’re good. We’re good! Whoo! Ha! Ha! How you like them apples? Banger. This is a Through
the Ring Sticker. Let’s do it. Whoo! Yeah! Nice, Gary! What goes up– –will probably
GLASS BREAKING] Gosh darn it. Hi-ya! Yes! First try! Bottom of the ninth, two outs. Really got to stick one here. [LAUGHTER] Check this out. [CROWD CHEERING] Let’s go! He’s a plunging wizard! You guys will never guess what’s
about to come out that door. En guard! Ahh! We got him! [LAUGHTER] You want to make sure you push
with your legs, not your back. It’s actually not that heavy. Got the plunge. Got the target. You’re probably thinking
to yourself, OK, that’s probably pretty good. You gonna stop? Wow, you’re going to keep going? OK, seems ambitious. Surely you’re going to stop now. And you’d be correct. Here we go, this is
the Trip Flip Pul– [BEEP] The Trip– [BEEP] This is the Trip Flip Plunge. Yeah? Yes, it is. Yeah! Really was hoping you’re
going to high five me there. OK. Don’t throw at the TV, they
said, it would be a bad idea. Plunge time! Let’s go! Yeah! That’s so 2018. Waterbottle flips? 2019 is the year of the plunge. Oh! Double plunge stick! Let’s go! Whoo! Ah! This is the Front Flippy Sticky. Here we go. Yeah! Let’s go! Yeah! That felt good. [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP] [BEEP] Oh my god! Sorry. I started laughing too hard. [LAUGHTER] What’s up, guys. Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our
friends at Whistle for making this video possible. Click here to check out
their brand new series, Exploring ESports, a must
watch for all things gaming. Also, many of you know,
we’re going on a live tour this summer. Click here if you haven’t
got your tickets yet. Signing off for now. Plunge it! Noggin! See ya!