Viewpoint Field Management Overview Demo

Let’s face it. ERPs are not designed for the field. The field staff need to interact with and capture data for the ERP. With Field Management by Viewpoint, pass the complexity and manage the field with ease. With Field Management, you don’t have to go into Vista. You can access it from virtually any mobile device on the web. Get realtime data on the job site, access to tools, including time, equipment and more, and a simpler experience to let you focus on stronger business performance. Let’s take a look at what field management has to offer and just how easy it is to use on your mobile device. Empower superintendents and foremen to easily enter labor time, either individually or in bulk. Leverage the power of Vista look-ups so that your phases and jobs are always in sync with the office. Simply approve time with digital signatures that speed up accountability. With progress entry, cut back on burdensome paperwork by giving PMs an efficient way to review productivity by crew, outstanding units and units to be built and compare estimates against what’s been completed. Remove delays and tedious email or paperwork by creating field POs or requisition materials from inventory from the job site. Your office Vista settings will control permissions and ensure material requisitions are coded to the right job. Field Management lets you record materials when they’re delivered and quickly create POs. Record what’s brought in and take a picture of the receiving ticket, upload it, and your generated PO number will instantaneously be identifiable in Vista. Mitigate risk by standardizing your training of skills and certification for job site personnel and track their progress of training to make sure you fulfill compliance. In daily huddles, expand communication by keeping project teams accountable to schedules and keep them filled in on important job site details, and track the usage and maintenance of equipment. Concluding equipment transfers and updating meters, extending your equipment management data from Vista into the field. Let project managers and operation managers get realtime updates, gain greater visibility and simplify workflows with Field Management by Viewpoint.

Western Allied Mechanical Talks About Using Spectrum by Viewpoint

I’m Angie Simon. I have been at Western Allied now almost 30 years. This is my 30th year. And I am the President of Western Allied, been since 2008. Western Allied is a 56 year old company. We started in southern California in LA, three founding partners put it together. We are a design build mechanical contractor. The company has grown quite a since the millennium. In 2003 we separated from the southern California Western Allied and formed our own independent company, Western Allied Mechanical. And last year we did $81 million worth of business. We are a union contractor, so our manpower in the field goes up and down based on our workload. But at our peak we’ve had about 250 people. And the Bay Area is a wonderful place to work. It’s definitely the heart of the Silicon Valley and technology keeps us moving here in the Bay Area. The culture in the company is very distinct. We have people that have been here, I mean I have been here 30 years, but I have project managers who’ve been here 22 years. I have a superintendent that’s been here almost 30 years. We have a lot of company functions and I think it keeps the culture and the people very happy. We have different trades. We have union pipe fitters and union sheet metal workers here and we try not to be us against them. We’re all under one flag, so it’s a great culture here, great company to work for. You have clients that are very dynamic. Their needs change in what is going on from the time that they have started the project to the time that we’re delivering it because they’re dynamic companies. You have startup, you have bio-pharm, you have tech and a process of design build can take six months and in that six months, those needs change. What I like about my job is that there’s something different every minute. I work for a team, so there’s constantly five, six people coming up to me asking for different things in a day. It’s getting information, passing information between the office and the field or subcontractors, making sure everybody’s all on the same page. Financially tracking the jobs, making sure that we’re going to be successful on it financially. Back in 2005 when Western Allied was looking for an alternative accounting financial management package, we were using a homegrown program that somebody had written in southern California and sold it to a number of contractor. So at that time, a search was instigated and Spectrum won out. One of the reasons we picked it in the first place was besides the accounting side that we felt was robust, we felt that they had the desire and intention to get a project management module so that eventually we would be as project managers will do everything within the program. That was the ultimate goal. That was the ultimate goal. We’ve recently started doing our work in progress reviews in Spectrum. It’s made it a lot faster. How I use Spectrum here in the shop is we’re starting to do some productivity tracking. How many pounds per hour or square feet per hour? How many pieces per hour? I can go onto Spectrum, get the full inventory of what was charged to each job. I can also go on and check the hours, how many hours were spent for each task. Using the job compliance feature has really helped in keeping us on track with knowing when all our documents are done and completed. It makes it very easy to see with the dashboard that you’re out of compliance and you can just click on that module or on that dashboard and get directly to the page that you need on where you’re out of compliance. The reason we like to do payroll in-house was because of Spectrum. Being able to track all the different codes and all the different time that the guys are spending in the field on this different tasks and codes and that way we can then estimate our jobs better and get more jobs and make more money. Spectrum allows us to take it from time entry to completion, being able to pay taxes and everything else and all of that data that we need is right there for us. Document imaging is probably the cornerstone of what we do in project management. We try to give our client an exceeded expectation, and to do that we have found that we need to have instantaneous document management, that we need to have that access. Last year when I saw Service Tech at the User Conference, I was really excited because it looked to be just what we needed. We wanted something that we could push out to our field, that where we could push out work orders and service calls and for preventative maintenance service calls to our field guys, to be able to get the time back in. This will take the billing process from a CFO. That’s always important and it just looked outstanding. The dashboards have been very helpful in my work alone to be able to just click on a dashboard and have it bring you to the place you need. Our PMs are just starting to use the dashboards and we’ve created a template that loads several dashboards onto their home screen, as well as putting folders in the right hand corner so that they can access all of the documents and information they need very quickly. One of the great things is that you can go home and be able to log right into Spectrum without having to remote in to your desktop or anything. You can pull it up anywhere. So somebody calls you with a quick question, you’re like, “Hey, I don’t know,” you’re able to go collect your iPad, go right in and find what you need. I have a tablet that I use to, I can connect in the field and log in to check things if I need to. I mean before we’d have to VPN in and then connect. One of the things that I always talk about that impresses to no end is your technical support. Invariably, I don’t think I’ve ever not called and had a live human being on the other end, knowledgeable human being that could answer my questions. And if they didn’t know the answer, they set me up with somebody that did and I had an answer quickly. It’s just a outstanding product.

Christenson Electric talks about using Spectrum

Mark Walter, president of Christenson Electric. When I came back in 2003, there was a redirect to a more core customer, core competency base as opposed to just being the standard, typical electrical contractor. We talk about exceeding customers’ expectations a lot. We peak a little over 400 to 430 employees during our heaviest summer months, typically during the heaviest construction season. From a revenue standpoint, we’re just shy of $100 million a year. Christenson’s really known for customer service and our service work and our red vans. I mean, everyone around town, if they see that you work for Christenson, they’ll say, “Oh, you’re the one with the red vans.” It’s crazy what a red van with one word on it, what it symbolizes. The first word that comes to mind is tradition. We have our fingers into everything across the trade, whether it be high voltage, low voltage, access control, fire alarm, voice, and data. Obviously, electrical work, service work, construction work, design-build, account work. The list goes on. There’s nothing in here that we can’t do. I’m getting ready to start a ground-up storage facility that’s six stories tall, and we’re carrying everything, turnkey. Christenson’s a can-do company. No job’s too small, and we’re all willing to chip in and help everyone together. We’re really wanting to build long-term relationships. We’re looking for customers that we can be a part of and help them grow over the years. Through our corporate partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers, that’s allowed us to develop additional community partners. And one of those partners has been the Portland chapter of the Special Olympics. This is just another one of the ways that we strive to have an impact in our community. We try to maintain that family-oriented type of atmosphere where people come to work and are here … Hopefully they’re having fun. We really pride ourselves on being the most customer-oriented contractor in town. We always feel that the people closest to the work are the ones that make us successful. And so we try to eliminate any barriers between our field electricians and the customers themselves. Our role is really just to make sure that they have the right tools and equipment to do that job for the customer. A company like Christenson that has multiple employees, multiple divisions, we’re drowning in data. So what we’re trying to do is concise that data and deliver it to our users in a concise manner that allows them to make real-time business decisions. Spectrum is essentially our main data warehouse. It’s where we store a lot of job cost records, payroll records, receivables, payables, and equipment records. And we’re trying to disseminate that information out to our stakeholders. Recently, we’ve implemented the equipment module to better track where our fleet is. We have a very large fleet, and it’s helping us derive of what the true cost is to operate, say, an E-350 van versus a new Transit van and help identify when we should be retiring assets, what it really costs us to run that vehicle. When my guys make purchases through the RPL system, I’ll go through Spectrum maybe once, twice a week just to prove our invoices. And by doing that, it allows us to be able to manage those projects so that the guys in the field don’t have to manage that. Like I said, they’re electricians. They need to worry about electrical work. I start my mornings off on the dashboard just looking at overall where’s our balances, where’s our large subcontractor payments and just trying to get a good overall view of how the day is going to look for job costing and accounting. And then we’re developing individual screens and dashboards for the project managers so that they can do that same thing for their jobs. I will use it to run a billing status report where I’m extracting the data from Spectrum, putting it into an Excel spreadsheet, and then distributing it, letting everybody know, “Here’s your jobs. Here’s your costs. We need to bill this,” whatever. So we created our own dashboard app. It was called My AR Aging Tools. And this gave the ability for the project manager to log in and see his customers’ aging totals versus having to drill down and pull a report from that. So they would see if the customer was 1 to 30 days off, 30 to 60 days off, or 60 to 90 days off. One of the biggest reasons that we went with Spectrum is their time and material billing process A lot of our jobs are just a quote to a customer for $1,000. We put it in the system, cost hit the job, and then we bill it. So the AR literally takes seconds to bill a single invoice. Our focus is really trying to get the information into the hands of the people that can use it quickly. So we’re looking to use Spectrum to put everything in the hands of our technician so that he can bill on the job before he leaves the site. Well, Spectrum helps us by being mobile. We have job sites all across the Northwest, including all across the United States where we might pick up a job site. So it allows our division managers and our project managers on a site to be able to instantly pick up some data they need. Being able to access Spectrum anywhere on anything at any time is really great. I’ll leave my electrician on the line and say, “Give me a minute,” go through Spectrum, log in, pull it up, and I can give him his information on his project within minutes. What I like about the low IT strain, we’re able to maintain with one IT guy, multiple users, multiple sites. It’s a stable, steady product. For me, it’s very easy. I’ve had our guys set it up to where I can just single-click and pull up what I need to look at. What’s really great is the fact that you don’t have to go in and out of the screen to get to where you want. So if you’re in a job maintenance screen, you can go right to a report. You can go right to a finance. Everything’s right there. I’d recommend Spectrum. I have recommended Spectrum. Data and information is power, and a greater clarity that we can distill that data or power, whether it’s through software like Spectrum, being able to use that information on a daily basis helps us to make the best business decisions for our company.

The Men in Charge When the Economy Collapsed

Ten years ago the American economy was on the brink of collapse. And three people — — led the fight against economic meltdown. for George W. Bush in 2006. As the crisis deepened, he ran the nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and he convinced Congress to pass TARP. He and Paulson tried to save Lehman Brothers and brokered the bailout for AIG. Then in 2009, Geithner became secretary of the Treasury. Literally a scholar of the Great Depression, [he] wrote his Ph.D. thesis about it and about the mistakes the Fed made back then that he was determined to avoid. We are talking to all three of those guys. The challenges they had, how they responded So listen, what do you want to ask them? Let us know in the comments section below.

Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later

MTGA – Bo3 Constructed – Golgari Landsmash P1

is very important to note that with the freedom of mana generation aka there's a lot of dual lands that can enter the battlefield untapped and generate two colors there's a lot of other land that can also enter the battlefield conditionally untapped and generate mana two colors because there are two of these one for each color pairing and match the gathering a lot of three color decks are now viable but if you're running the three color deck like let me actually just go here to this Esper control list which by the way I hate you'll see here that there is one island one swap and then all fancy lands there's even lands like Karns Bastion that has proliferate with the existence of Planeswalkers people trying to sneak in these types of special fancy lands into their deck with the existence of so many three color decks field of ruin only lets each player search their library for a basic land card and dump it onto the battlefield so as a result you point generally if they're due to three colored Ike generally does not have the ability to peel out more basic land and so field of ruin just becomes destroyed target land you also have assassins trophy this is destroyed target permanent they can search their library for a basic land and put it onto the battlefield assassins trophy can often just be destroy land for two mana and then we have casualties of war that actually literally does do destroy target land now I want to I want to take a moment before I talk more about this deck to give a warm thanks I'm Tula mayo – phlegm phlegm just gifted 25 subs has now gives a total of four hundred subs in this channel and then vram spanned a bunch of the five emotes in celebration and our Auto moderator bot instantly banned him don't worry it's just a five-second pad but I love that it's like hey stop spamming you bastard because the the bot has not been programmed to understand economic transactions but dude that is that is a remarkable amount of generosity blem is often here dropping five a day we've had several significant drops of gifted subs not who's a lovely a dear man who again do you have any need to providing these gift itself so generous sir affix Holt with twenty this morning when I wasn't even live yet the generosity it both knows no bounds and I hope that I perform well as an entertainer today to satiate your charitable needs this is just such a delightful deck to do it with oh my god we got left shark in the chat love to see it love to see it and it's the best with a five months every new whoo yeah I'm really enjoying this deck because it the explore and ramp package that exists in green specifically landowner elves merfolk branch walkers jade light rangers wild growth walkers even a pair of paradise druids in terms of total slots that it's not actually that many it's four eight twelve sixteen eighteen sits 18 of the typically around 30 plus spells so there's a lot of leftover room to do a plan with green and this decks leftover plans of course some land blow up and just flexible removal some land blow up and flexible removal and then just some of the greats carnage tyrants Vivian Reed and there's some simple removal ravenous chupacabra Nebraska will gari Queen Massacre girl Nyssa really enjoying playing this deck also in the sideboard we have some control hate some anti agro tools we have some planeswalker hate we have the I like to think of this as Cheaper brassicas contempt thrashing Bronte Pal is just another good anti aggro flexible tool crucible of the world who's an anti control response missile who shakes the world into control response same necklaces yesterday apps and gosh darn lately extensions should be up and running it seems okay Fras Google Gauri Queen really helps us answer a number of significant threats go ahead and play the Woodland Cemetery first we're not doing anything with our mana so we may as well play the duel land island typically an island is indicative of is it could be mono blue but we don't see a lot of mono blue this is a little weird to see hard Civic so basically if you see a basic land more often than not it is a two color or one color deck and so when I see the island I'm thinking what are the two color decks that have blue could be this is Simek joint deck that is green blue and has a lot of snatcher ship type cards it's library this and library this because I'm gonna do a second wild growth shock in the overgrown tomb bonk on it not expecting Simic Nexus I'm not alone oh there's just not been too much Simic Nexus that I've been second Levin says I find myself not using little rascal very often because I find her plus two ability to not be worth it you can plus 2 and submit zero you don't actually have any obligation to sack something fuck out of here opt plays games this is a very weird one to see Cal's dismissal but I'm 90% certain after seeing the callousness missile that it is a Simic Nexus and what do you know Joe ok so here is what we be going to do charge counters here are a little bit obnoxious yeah you know I'm just gonna do this and then I'm going to sacrifice this to blow this up just immediately let's go ahead and put the forest out I just I just don't want to get all my shit blown out by the blast zone this is a substantial amount of pressure from Lil D bandit I would expect chomping the 4 3 with the 1 1 or just playing root snare right now that is fine it's especially fine because we get to immediately replay – – it's great I'm quite excited actually for next turn where I'm going to likely be able to casualties of war does this I care how many counters Simic Nexus runs something to look a list I think it might run zero think it actually doesn't were on any ah that's right it's Lazo templating Bach well I mean I may as well destroy a planeswalker al and an enchantment and a feature Laza templating gives everything hex proof which could just absolutely wreck us but you know feels good if we don't do it there's the five for one we killed four things and our opponent kill four things in our opponent I really like MTG goldfish like a lot looks like the the core list doesn't I think checking out some other B nexuses yeah looks like there's no counters in the main in the side this looks like there's some spell Pearce's on the side all right let's see here how do we how do we nuke a thing as fast as possible well so our land blow-up is not going to be as powerful in this matchup so masker girl ravenous Chupacabra does not feel a significant I think we might even take out the Vivian Reed we're gonna bring in the duress is definitely definitely let me get our brawn to Dawn's in you know I actually don't think I want Nyssa who shakes the world probably trim a paradise drew it you know el elder spells are in option but I think I actually am more interested in just keeping the tempo up Cornish tyrant I kinda like there's times pretty pretty darn good Jimmy and palak is in right oh I do I mean if you look at van Nexus and thing what my opponent want to put in probably biogenic losses which is fine I already have the assassins trophy in there this is not a good hand so we're gonna mulligan it we can cast nothing on turn one this for sure it's good I just be worried about getting out the carnie T the never being able to attack because the infinite turns that's a fair concern I think that my argument in favor of keeping the carnage tyrants in this specific death is that we have for Lana we're elves a paradise druid and there's another Rampur and i guess we did take out vidiian even the four lateral l elves alone means that I feel like I'm going to have the consistency that I wish to have I'm gonna grave it one of these decks looks like it runs 12 basic lands 12 11 like six islands or some such I'll learn 5450 says hey day 9 ago stalker 88 plus everyone else thanks for the encouragement the last few weeks went from struggling in school to not having a job driving a class 8 truck I'm ready for my first assignment as we speak I'm very excited hell yeah well I mean if you are going to be driving the class a truck I strongly recommend checking out an excellent subreddit slash are slash trucker cats face it over here trucker cats are cats that live on the road with their I'm gonna go ahead and follow it you need to flee what's gonna get Al and out of it which arguably is Buffalo bad but I think the wilderness reclamation is a fairly important card to get out just knows it fucker Sabra I have a lot of sub Edit knowledge about things that are fuckin cat related what can I say get the thrashing brought to pal this is gonna be relatively difficult for a little D bandit to ever get an enchantment out that can do anything to us Srila GGC is like to extend my thanks to the day mikey is well for being a source of good in between and after some medical things that happen to me I'm so happy to hear that I want this place to be a comfy spot to hang out on the internet just a comfy relaxing locale I'm sorry let me move these empty mugs there you go desperate you can always there's my girl alright well I mean this is getting nuked immediately it's good yet Lassa templating we're gonna see what our opponent doesn't know I've seen worse great hope your next feelin better it is it is I went on a run afterwards after the show yesterday and that helped a lot went on a run then did some stretches and jammed my back against the point of the intersection of a pillar hi sweetie felt real nice did some scrumptious I was running fastest on the treadmill the treadmill broke when I was running on his running as fast as I could yeah does the red pink glow mean it can't be countered yes and also that it has a sweet flavor when you bite into it I Bisby right meow meow cell rasa definitely Dana I expect all day playing mini masters cuz you're streamed games a lot of fun diff it is fucking quite a bit of fun I will admit I do speak yeah oh I'm sorry did you want the lap are we in the mood for the lap oh my god this little cat is so sweet yeah we're not playing red or blue today white or blue I can handle that maybe master is just like fucking very fun and again I was giving a bunch of free shit with minion masters and I I consumed a grand total $26 of stuff and was able to easily play I mean I could have easily easily played by putting in no money in the five hours that I streamed it guys this is despi this is the twitch prime cat she's been branded with the powers of capitalism to show up and suggest to everyone that they connect their Amazon Prime to twitch Amazon Prime RT gives a bunch of great free benefits like free movies and free two-day shipping and it can also give you access to one free subscription to the content creator of your choice every month mr. riders that's not mr. riders it's mr. Withers it's all rights on our that wasn't there it's a problem with pirating let's see so this is a stomping ground possibly against guru look how dog you'll call wonder weapons which primary duck that's for the view desk first thank you sweetheart okay it looks like a mono green splashing for red for god knows what reason so we're definitely gonna enter this popper tap yeah and so horses Haiti and I no matter how bad a day I have it goes guarantee watching your stream meets being with everyone here Cheers that's as great as this PETA cat where we go where we go that's my that's my lunch you know go there wow wow wow alright so I'm gonna play this Jade laughs ah yeah I'm gonna do something slightly we're I'm gonna library graveyard it I'm gonna play to feel it illusion and just go ahead and play Jade life say pallfy slow down just block the null well that is pain in the butt really have any good attacks but I think that we just wait for that large nation start swinging in we just work around it it's like if the Phoenix swings here I just send in the team right I think I'm in the mood to look for answers library using my field of real emotion kinda stinks what are we doing what are we doing are you being a good cat yep yep that's dad's mouth this is this cat is purring so hard yes I love you diagonally I love you diagonally sweetheart this beat down dad wants to kill I find balloon to be relatively rough to play against with this deck I mean that little me out that way all right this is a bad exchange for our opponent cuz he's just get a–let's so we're gonna go ahead and pass to the blocking thingies we're going to kill the big boy with a small point with the small boy and this is the big blocks products all tapped out we're gonna take eight which is not a problem all right so we're go to the or attorney and we have quite a few options we well if we draw one land with this Jade light Ranger and that's a very good outcome for us there's a greater of this let's try to get that land let's go ahead library that that's quite a good card still out of our carnage friend in hand sitting calmly at 21 minutes hit it with the no attack Oh Dallas sooner 87 Dallas sooner ATM hanging out rocking about 461 month-aversary I will now eat a banana in your honor God as always we remove the entire peel from the banana that's a really shitty attack you know you know is a ruff attack dealer I know that's what you sub for all right I'm a little late master girl you know I actually don't like miss it that much in this matchup she feels awkward as all hell ma'am we'll definitely want that optics Alyssa's cruelty will definitely want a pair of cast downs casualties of war I think is the is the cutter Oni here plain classic says the fuck am i watching you're watching the birth of a banana but played in Reverse looks good so that's where bananas come from yeah you like that I'm also eating some chicken don't play a pelt collector this is this is probably a miss playing I just probably miss playing cappella just shouldn't played that part you played though other dude because now we're going to get a huge thing to come down and to fight our wild growth I just want to quit I'll try and drag this out I whipped I think I mean I just you see here just gonna get out give up just gone and give up okay we should need to make sure we have enough murder Merlin think I'm actually okay actually okay especially because I'm on the play maybe I should be adding a moment of cravings and try not to trim too much from the iron sure no one else's it's tough all right who here likes wild broke walking that's good what I want is my opponent to not be building out the board playing paradise druid because if we don't draw a land next turn this will give me the ability to do cast down and a wild drug Walker I'm just doing this I'm just doing this now big god dude we can just nuke with a cast down which is fine not exactly winning yet Vivian Reed will be very very very just delightful to play okay no I'm really wondering if I should be including the moments in craving mocha moments of craving I think not because I think the way that I beat this opponent is by running my opponent out of cards and so I think the assassins trophy sits very well with in that regard bing-bong all right so now now we actually like we can't block the steel leaf champion which sucks but we can block the girl spell breaker so if I double block this there can be a collision Colossus played I do like this and like this collision Colossus is a blowout but if I also block with this paradise druid that I don't care terrifically much about the collision Colossus doesn't do anything all right sweet still killing so then I can like Vivian for like a wide berth walker which turned out while red Walker and Jade like Lamaze good me this is slightly concerning because our opponent has a steel leaf this one card in hand could be the deft touch her or like a collision Colossus err this is fine I think we all collector generally goes down zoinks I've seen things that would break someone like you oh and that's the game my friends that is the game yeah trick treating offering the three for one trade a few turns back was very very good that's a super good thing to do cuz we have lots of ways to generate extra cards and our opponent is not what our opponent needs is big spiky creatures to stick to the battlefield and win with them in that way so if I can remove those while not disabling my long-term plan we're gonna win as the game goes on through 50 because the opponent spent Colossus that's correct that's what happened eventually but I was talking about the offer I offered my opponent a three for one but it's also because it was a 2 1 2 2 1 a 2 2 2 what the fuck is that noise it's driving me insane closing the entire client not gonna put up with it yeah I had a 2 1 2 2 1 and a 2 2 so I offered that three for one it's technically not a three for one exactly due to the fact that my Robbins chupacabra killed a creature and I was trading the revenues Chupacabra and them and the merfolk branch Walker had drawn a land so that there were also aspects to those cars that had already provided value so it's not a literal three for one maybe is actually correct to go for the ramp as Pampas but I felt a little uncomfortable doing that kind of want to just start playing so we don't care terrific Lee much about this we can eliminate these threats we can eventually get a car my route it's very good take a little pain next turn which is fine not too it's like find did not draw the best we kill one of these and just keep building and distribute forward actually that's extremely good in this position because I have to be marginally concerned about a massacre girl because I think this is one of those command the dread whore Dex Vivienne reads nice and those that's right get land out of this come to me farts whatever just gonna get the field everyone maybe that was a little too greedy to go for the Assassin's Creed play Assassin's Creed the Assassin's trophy apply excuse me so you Sasson screenplay I'll do some severe chomping man could also not block it at all get some better blocks next turn there's there's very unlikely to be any burn in this deck shit my god plus here the wilds are my shield this just didn't help us not even a little bit I mean I don't know finally that's how you do the two things huh now why would you tap that way now I think I just outright lose no matter what this would be one two three so I jump here yeah all right oopsie-doopsie all right what do I need to do I think these carnage tyrants are the ones I want to get on out massacre girl doesn't seem especially helpful I think I do like this cat's down in this odd mix Alyssa's cruelty quite a wee bit get a more nuclear stuff kind of playing going you shows have a change basic land art I'm actually no Zelda master elder spell i I think elder spells a bit of a trap in this matchup as my opponent is not like a planeswalker heavy planeswalker reliant deck hmm you me yeah my point is not actually a planeswalker reliant deck the Planeswalkers support the creatures to build a board so it's more important that I have creature removal and things like that that focus on the full game plan less elder spell that like if elder spells in my hand for instance anytime I see a cast down or an object's else's cruelty these would be the cards that maybe could have been an elder spell so a way for us to evaluate is whether or not this would look better than the alternatives I'm gonna go ahead and keep this because next turn I'm 99% pulling of jade light Ranger so right now I have a lot of candidates for this odd mix Alyssa's cruelty but Braska in the graveyard cuz I want to make sure that I continue to hit Lance I am going to offer this trade which frankly I mean it is a larger thing for a smaller thing but I'm exchanging it to to forma 2 or 2 to 4 a 2 – all right Gabriel Baloo so I'm not exactly agur two objects Alyssa's cruelty my opponents ravenous chupacabra my opponents Rome is chupacabra feels a little bit wasteful so I'm just gonna play towards ven sweet wholesome water all right I am invested in this game Nyssa who shook my booty now that is a good target to nuke she's probably gonna swing go swing go dingo I'm absolutely gonna object sillas this thing this is why I like this assassins trophy it's so flexible for dealing with some of these decks that have Planeswalkers that function more as a supporting role does that make them like paradise druid ravenous chupacabra or I can just Vivian I know it's Vivian but I like to pronounce things I like to pronounce that I don't care what these official pronunciations are well I'm not some square that pronounces things the way that the dictionary suggests okay so if I play the missile yeah I like this because what I can do is I can I can do this I can tap this for black and then I can untap it and tap it for black right tafakkur black pump this lando up untap it tap it for black and then play the poopoo cabra to ravenously boop upon this hybrid crazy power oh I feel so good so powerful because I feel good and I feel powerful dang it I ran after yesterday's show I rickety ran take action we pretty much always want to get the forest I ran I ran afterwards further I run rant – miles – miles in the morning and then two miles of evening on Monday then yesterday two miles in the morning at two miles in the evening don't even knows how many and I broke a treadmill that's really the cool part I broke a treadmill look that treadmill did the right help with your gross a little bit I was just a complete utter grump a doodle-doo for most of the day yesterday wild animals I like people not so much come on my play by laying the string yet I know that's a maybe the worst way to answer that question is just to pick the land look at it yeah I typically don't use the tread not to please the elliptical loves the elliptical it helps me connect with my Sonic the Hedgehog my inner Sonic the Hedgehog as well as my personal proprietary selling Hedgehog Sonic some nerd and he's the fastest thing no yeah do you guys know the song that I'm singing that I'm talking about that I'm rocking out with right here alright sometimes so we're gonna do the test we're gonna do some land blow up and we're gonna ask you how many basic waves do you have Gabriel Balu why I think you know I'm just gonna be a swan for recreational purposes oh my god I'm running a little bit low on Lando Calrissian yeah dude let me tell you like that that was the Saturday morning Sonic the cartoon theme song from when I was a wee child and it was dark man like dr. Robotnik would like capture animals like torches I remember like being up in like 7:00 a.m. I'm I would be asleep from working all week and just be like I got some being cast to play Sonic in the new movie yeah yeah Julie a large took a look at me and they were like not HAMP please that was like all right I think I shall merfolk LaBranche walk first until we get to the grave with you because we're not gonna be able to draw up this turn only Pete with vivianne we want to get something good we want to get some meat all right well this just sucks a whole bunch of laughter sonic it's got an attitude I think I think I may have screwed up with my deck building that building Gong I'll be back just like before all right our land blow up deck this is turned into a land fill up deck yeah did you guys know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic is actually like far far grittier then the children's television series would let on does it want to read the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books I don't feel a wind coming on the thing was brutal yes oh it is time for the casualties of war I will destroy round in a creature this creature that land oh yeah I've killed his green blue guy all right Oh to wait a turn oh you know maybe I do keep the massacre boil not Mulligan incorrectly this was this is like a salt I – that's incorporating missa again so it's like still a billboard beep face kind of kind of daiquiri I think I I'm dead well played Gabriel balloon get probably actually like proper destroying us sunk the knuckles into our teeth ah not your knuckles Gabriel Oh Gabriel no oh this is a good one oh my god okay speaking of children's media that was like way more real then then one would think possible who here has watched Batman the Animated Series goodbye my friend I'm in the animated series is spectacular I mean it is it is just unbelievable do the the arc in in feet of clay feet of clay part one in feet of clay part two are just stunning there was this other episode where it was three people from the police department telling different versions of seeing Batman and encountering it was fascinating dude Clayface is just like my favorite villain from that entire series oh my god beat of Clay is just such an amazing pair of episodes it's fascinating because like in the animated series like Bruce Wayne is not exactly the main character in a lot of the episodes it really sort of straddles the line between like yes it's about Batman that means in every episode a lot of the episodes are about other people and other characters fuck is going on here why would you remove a ravenous chupacabra unless this is a three-color deck that is trying to be more aggressive thought eraser to remove the removal spell would be a very weird thing to do as an expert control deck we're this an expert control deck we would have seen Vivian or carnage Tyra removed ravans Chupacabra would be utterly irrelevant in those circumstances oh my god who here has seen God I still I still go back and re-watch this even though the the CGI kind of absolutely sucks in terms of like you know fidelity and polygon count but it's still just magical and imaginative whoo-hoo you're seeing beyond the mind's eye Oh somebody lost their land somebody lost their land again this one beyond the mind's eye yawn you does not know what to yondu did I miss count my land remember 1 2 3 and then a 4 and then we have 5 no I'm good beyond the mind's eye is this abstract art CGI movie where it's basically a bunch of little abstract vignettes with sick music sick fucking music get it in high definition I think young you might be on his way out the door might be on his or her way out the door I gotta be more responsible using the wider spread TV and the bay oh the double blow up yon hammer was the composer have you seen all their films um I've seen three of the four but beyond the mind's eye is one that I've watched probably like 15 20 times and when I say it's abstract I mean like its literal abstract art in motion I don't mean like I was a little kind of weird and unusual me it's like actual proper like proper funky would Burgesses abstract films like the fountain and annihilation go over my head I liked anihilation a lot the fountain I was like alright you know it's like whatever it could be it could also not be I mean who knows so we see some red we see some white we see some blue so we conclude that it is thusly the planeswalker superfriends death i'm Dobin this is a death against which we would wish to run out but Elgar skaara often graveyard will be good on that one annihilation wasn't it was a weird-ass little story and for me annihilation felt very much like cosmic horror whole lotta bunch of elements of parties we unveil what is the unknown even so if I play field ruin tap tap and then this would die and this would come back that's not good enough for me how do we do it even um I'm actually gonna use a timeout here oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah this little guy's such a dick you know I really really don't know you know this looks a little weird but I'm actually just going to move very simply play this and I guess land cuz I mean that's that's gonna become very large choppy artifact II if we play Vivienne and blow up the three three then we've killed the three three and the two flying one one's will just kill Vivian and that's not that interesting right in this way we actually have a little bit of DeVos to be able to keep Vivian up to be able to then do something more interesting and more useful this is looking a little bit death ish this is why I spent so long on the turn because it's like do I use the assassin stroke inch to get walking in I think we're gonna give him an op here I believe that we will provide our opponent with an options have their uses this is a risk I'm willing to take if my opponent has to one man of spells we get absolutely fucking out we know our opponent has won one man a spell because cats in the limbs fell well some good old son in action for the Optus fucking hell you know I'm gonna concede masker girl is you slays Braska go guard queen is very good in this matchup because she can nuke some of those sweet old lasses we definitely want the elder spells in here what are the other ones that I want do want to duress probably I think we actually cut the wild growth walkers and replace them with the dresses I think it's debatable about the ravenous chupacabras but I think it's more important to just ramp up and shut down round this is correct yeah like it's it's a lot of our cards will have uses in almost all circumstances I'm trying to have a cohesive efficient just fucking shit on a shit game plan so for instance before the masker girl to be useful which would be have a whole bunch of tokens and stuff out like that our player isn't going to get a whole bunch of tokens out a huge percentage of the time they're gonna get it out some of the time and for that reason I'd be less interested to have the masker girl in there rather what I wish to do is to duress to remove some of those artifact generating threats because if they have artifact generating threats I can remove those if they have not artifact generating threats but have likes Archon I can remove that too so dress is almost always good such extremely rare for duress to be that and this extremely rare for her to be bad she can just some things that can haste and bump the enemies super friends right away things like this helped me have a little bit more of a proactive game plan which I like fuck do I keep this stupid looking hand I think no I think his hand doesn't do enough actively like it's the correct distribution of fangs this is a much better hand great yeah I'm keeping it a chance of Mickey Mouse ever returning uh we're shooting for fall time we're shooting for Halloween 2019 I'm the chasis okay sumail just played mid bristle back looks like I'm gonna go home and trav meet bristle back what did he do look at that horse what did the band with the plan do I'm not playing this because it's very common for this deck to have definite Clarion's as a way to deal with early boards so we're going to see what Mirage 88 does first I don't have anything I'm ramping to with the elves and right now we have a land destruction toolkit at our disposal what I'd rather have is my opponent goal and deafening clarion something like this and then I would not lose all my ship cool I'd rather have my phone ago lands deafening clarion that I can blow up the red source or goal and planeswalker which I would then sass ins trophy but now I think that this is this opens out this line of play which i think is very strong okay cool alright so I'm ash as tell me what the heck is going on with this bottle graveyard so our planet misses land here I expect concession grants this is a better car GG boots o gg boots are pipe Shiva's eggs by the end of the game o eggs by the end of the game too didn't they didn't they change bristle boys eggs where did my pen go I've been knocking shit all over all right please in the Vale this is okay o Guardian Greaves I see I mean frankly I'm I'm grateful in the we are around to getting through all the land Nissa he shakes the world can help us Oh baby that's a good one this hi what am i doing having food on my desk went it could be nice spots for you to lie down all right what is the matter with need sp look look at this nice big open area now and you know what let me dive like so many dishes over here I should just get rid of these map behind the back move what the plane things about bristle back is there's the defensive bristle back style but then there's also just they like run at you bristle back style let's actually take a peek at this let me go to wiki teamliquid gotten that the greatest website on the internet from UT didn't know is liquid pedia it is the eSports and gaming wiki operated by Team Liquid who was might imagine is the greatest website ever I think this is sufficiently good doesn't do terrifically much button let's get that red line now great just the trick for this so one plus 20 movement speed which is I swear to god this is like so fucking difficult to parse how this website functions man I have a reach our opponent only has a single basic land in the deck that's correct okay I'm gonna go back to dota Carla pedia and just look at this all right and then to undo it buff perfect now I can actually look at this shit you know what quill spray the viscous nasal gook will spray and then bristle back I see tight tight tight all right spell Pierce to your heart's content my friend smell peers to your heart's content each new one dentally we have the hand to beat it have a car indeed land one time one time has been answered spell Pierce super fine alright first iron boom probably speaking popping do you do good good all right sweet man I guess I'm just gonna be somebody who deals mid bristle back you know what I'm saying you'd said that seven to two has been so good I love it got it boom there it is I'm the way fridge like just one more planeswalker come on out or mi perfect just gonna bonk this we expected katli will likely self yep this is the lap this is the lap that you've been waiting for mine perfect super perfect SuperDuper perfect what you chewing on sweetie pie this is gonna be excellent if we can just Vivian read its immobilise district I think I mean the ability to alt on the very first turn spectacular evil must not be tolerated let's see how you were what do you know I didn't live through hell to lose to you what a good cat uh this get encountered it's fine just get encounter this it's fine it's not ideal but you know who live despi just be despi despot doesn't get off the fucking space party come on no his back at you get up god damn dude this cat was literally straight-up going to ruin everything action is basketball right now Wow hey you gonna be good now all right you're praying you're just you're such a like an unwritten alyssum cat show hazel hey that she comes over rubs your face against you it's a good you feel the lit of my flames Hey hey what are you chewing on those are my magic cards this cat is just she just wants to be invested she's like I wanna play magic too I learned that this is why cats just get all up in your shit and sit on your papers and chew on your cords because you want to hang out hey kitten my smitten darling kid I'm fuckin I wish to kill this and not bad so my opponent can just jump with the whole board and then it doesn't even matter we say this I was so curious how last night why it's not they say this was talking about just kind of feeling like you know funk and I feeling that good about things and we advise is real simple talk about for a long time was again f slumps cancer mental rut situation with it as we talked about was like hey if you're feeling kind of blue you can always just like go straight up to a restaurant by yourself and chill and just be around people and enjoy the company of human beings they say this is thanks for the Vice last another restaurant put the phone down and was just surrounded by other people no one knows the wilds like I do this is so sad this is Susan we just we just kill the car we're gonna lose our darling did the Enders but you know what he um did this is being surrounded by people and paying attention wasn't exactly what I was looking for but it helped with the slop not again so happy all right let's do some Facebook oh that's a real shitty one your prowess that's the shittiest one of them all so now there's only one way to win which is to draw casualties of war that's right that's the only way to actually get that W Vivian hopes like a small bit let's dunk a little bit I think maybe I was pretty happy with our side boarding plan but maybe we needed to do was be a little more cautious with our assassins trophy so I was pretty happy with how I did I think the non Mulligan aim was the biggest issue this is a good hand sweetheart I'm gonna scoot you a little bit there you go yeah I know you're pretty mad about that cuz you like pushing on my hand when I play we can't allow that right now at hand is off-limits because it's the mouse hand can you make my fingers tired I'll do this is our specialty the battling gets exactly this kind of death our specialty that's a really good way to lie down I really appreciate your lying down like that sweetheart oh please tell me there's nothing coming down that would absolutely tickle me damn Vampira Bam Bam Bam Bam soaring the vengeful blood hard just the plan right now I think that I Starly I think that we will surmise that I star Lee is on the hunt for some Lando's maybe not so let's do this tune it for that guy there we go I'm gonna have to ask for a forest here see if I starlet TV actually has any cuz this is a four color deck so I think that it's really light on the don't be surprised if we meet again I don't really know our opponent would just a little dub your growth Walker away but no let's get the blue one gone all right cool so our planet has no more basic lands this is very nice to see that's great here this graveyard I think we're just super ninja training you know ideally like this okay does Bo's bode well for our plan despi blame you my darling kitten I'll never draw a game No I wanna go ahead and keep the Paradise Druitt alive because if command the dread horde gets cast at some point having master girl be able to rock on paradise druid but now letting it be able to proc on the latter alphas super super duper duper nice nice nice so nice and slice this up no red lights good let's get this nice juicy little forest down feels positive feels positive I'll happily trade seven damage for three these I'm just gonna new glands doesn't really seem like a reason not to do it and I'm gonna start trading the paradise druid here I'm gonna use my lot where alph as a prop for the masker girl should that all right listen bounce back huh I just do this the fact that it prevents incident sorceries from being cast does not really matter which basically going for the kill before the command the dread horde occurs well I mean dudes kill them all his own stuff yeah feels great wonderful green black red light especially work let's build her this afternoon actually that even look like Sasa's trophy and casualties of war would be the big ones move some other red Landeskog do so I'd be minus 1 minus 2 so this would be a 5 4 here we go hear me now so right now if I swing 3 damage can get blocked four goes through it looked like we were winning it it's hoped like we were cleaning it ok so we want to get a little bit I don't think I actually changed terrifically much trim the wild growth friends I think I think this is what I do it's not right don't try this hey it's nice to have you here you little course throated kitty you drinking enough water yeah hello hi good good good good now if I if I can get a high well you're so triumphant this b9 she wishes to look father we definitely wait on the crucible of the worlds definitely definitely hey hey alright so she is pulled up right on the mouse this guy they'll be ferny it's Apple to be like a really funny make no mistake about it you're here for me den here's Dean fear all right visible worlds has a extraordinarily good synergy with Raska because I can just play braska blow up a land and then replay it I love mountain green rock I'll often like shit wob Bing bong Bing bong no I command the dread horde are you a good cat yep yep we're not now we're next to dad I'm a stellar Oh you saw a hand and you thought that that hand would Pat you well you're right well I mean there's there's a little bit of filth we can do with this field of real so Tamiya named Frasca go guard Queen to be able to blow up the crucible of the worlds all right come on come on what do you come on just lie down lie down like a good cat here it made my phone was in the lane but maybe you like maybe you like the phone historically you've been really into the phone here you go very soft top catbird 321 the 98th month subber Oni 98 month Saburo near it'll blow up all the black sources and some people want to do okay so how do I do this who can steal was on top of damn renown and five Wow just can't seem to locate that brass goggle very queen dang dang it so there's gonna be a good day to bump it to Mia I love an assassin's trophy off the top just new to this black land look at this black land maple call sis who wants to geek out over the new AMD's what what's going on in the on the technology front because I saw some folks be like oh my god the most amazing thing ever these shit is the shit damn all right let's get I guess we get the red one now good old commanded red or it's gone forest this was pretty cool let's see here energy course is aimed at a big step in instructions per clock on top of an increase in the number of CPU cores they can fit into their m4 socket it was probably going to die anyway uh who do we want to do here yes Tamils good got it to me oh it seems pretty tight supposedly single thread on Zen to us up a chunk and comparable Intel's offering these days from waiting for third-party reviews interesting well I just left to replay this to replay this if you will draw another line and play another land this can lead to ferry which is nice but I think I'm more interested in just eating the board because I've had the pleasure of meeting Lisa Hsu several times of PC gaming show and she's like she's met someone who just has like sharpness that you just hear the person talk and you're like man you are just on point no arms no us you know you know I behave in a kind of oddball way because I'm a very goofy person I enjoy goofy I didn't matter what weird thing I said least suit boom right there on point same dudes doing great that's all right he's like yeah that makes sense I think Lisa sue is a fucking baller dude so I think I think we are changing plans was saying goodbye this week it's legal guardian and I think we're on the defense for a bit I think with one karna Styron would be okay I think this is important to keep doing like on a regular turn basis because anytime i cast 'field ruin my opponent loses the land and i peel one land out of the deck so if I swing here nothing good comes from it des p-please please does be Hey started sweetheart what is this bag of garbage that I have yeah look at that bag look at that ah Dean I'm cat magician Wow what happened that's right cat mr. eshton my fury Rex is not only is AMD beating Intel in quantity more cores or PCIe lanes faster than sea lanes this might be the first time AMD beats Intel and clocks being aimed at king of everything this does to me you'll have an office use merit a volts heal heal heal heal heal heal heal heal heal heal heal heal heal revealed cards this is looking a little bit like a big al think we win this now that that's dead I'm bleep bring the wild growth friends back in because I think that basically the statement is I need to apply a ton of pressure early on by blowing things up the ravenous chupacabra and pressuring what the weed we dudes I think that I'm also going to remove Nyssa who shakes the world I think and put into cast doubts because what I'm really trying to do is beat down the shit out of my opponent early on my opponent essentially has a creature deck with a couple Planeswalkers and plan the Horde command the dragon whatever its called so I think we need to do is I need to be proactive and eliminate creatures to prevent my opponent from getting any stability because I felt like we were in a good position that game but we weren't really applying any pressure so I want to get more of the cast downs in because after command the dread Horde gets cast a couple of times I think that I should be falling behind I think it's not weird for us to fall behind when we're down several command or when our plan has played several command the dread hordes but what I want to be doing is I want to be applying pressure so my opponent cannot get value out of the Planeswalkers and if my opponent is unable to get value out of the Planeswalkers and my opponent winds up in a situation where they only have like one tool at a time which I think I'm okay with like for instance if I was applying pressure and killed off all the Planeswalkers and then the command the dread horde comes down I think I think I'm actually okay in that position so now my opponent has nothing so I think that me focusing more on being more aggressive I don't need to win by being the aggro deck but I think it's more poor community get in there like this is an okay hand I mean the wild growth Walker in the assassins trophy are acceptable cambium seized and I just started watching your videos on YouTube I'm binging them for a couple days now finally catching on stream just wanted to say it thoroughly enjoy your content I'm so happy oh I am so happy to hear it oh I'm glad to hear that I think that the streams that we've done here in the last month have been of kind of variable quality like yesterday's stream I thought I thought wasn't the best behind erroneous and said statement and passed me at a few great shows and last month I would have to balance it's important to deliver to the graveyard there is a blacks or seasonal as that we're looking to blow up so hit that with a no attack now if I can get like one of my duper duper lands in one grand shape I play that now what the fuck am i doing oh my god what the fuck I can't explain that ha this shows terrible what a fucking movie I am Jesus okay Knobloch the beguiling potentials oh hi fuck man god that's a mess a mess you and you and you sucks to suck ma'am that's going down your opponent actually does not have any land and must be 40 so if I can get like a jade light Ranger would essentially win the game for us I you know I I needed to do this first I need to do this first cuz now I wind up shuffling Assassin's trophy which sucks but I I mean it's okay I think our deck is actually just it positioned better than our opponent's deck be pieces are no cars liked fair you complained about along the meta but very ready for a while ago Walker phase-out you know um thunder mohel kite was doing a community band list tournament where like all the cards that are most well this is blue or white whoops all the cars are most complained about her band thought erasure wild growth Walker baby to ferry I think big to ferry etcetera is bad Nexxus a phase band yeah just just a bunch of the the most complained about cards me actually just check thunder thunder mode oh fuck his thunder most twitter on thunder mode Twitter Thunder my life to care it is scroll Scroll scroll yeah okay so the community band lists on thunder bows thing he's doing like a community bandulus battle this is mixes of fate both two fairies wilderness reclamation are set experimental friendly GC meanwhile don't walk applauded erasure better I'd lost it on curious obsession go that's that's kind of interesting bandulus now things are happening in the game and I'm not paying too much attention to it okay so what do we got we got what is likely to be free I mean ideally I would wish the deal I would wish to be up against a three-color deck but I still think we're okay here I'm pretty sure we're gonna have a little Phoenix get summoning so in this matchup I think that cartage tyrants are probably too expensive this is a very very yeah I mean this is looking like straight up yeah suspected it's our opponent appears not to have a plank so we should do this again and then I mean we can should get a casualties of war down we are in amazing shape evany Bri lately I have not had brie cheese in like months like one of my favorite foods of all three freaking cheese how about beer yeah I had like a beer last night to be a shocker bowl real cheese breeze my jam all right so this is looking like I'll summon up a pair of arc lights a blow up one with assassins trophy ball the second with casualties of war and den vivian-so 50 ok ok so I pretty much this is not as useful because everything they have is 4 and up Massacre girls useless furnish targets I think are very good but a bit expensive missa who shakes the world maybe not I think I want the cast downs for sure and yeah I think I actually do want the carnage friends odd mixels is cruelty there it is kind of beer do you like I formerly was a person that liked those thick rich high alcohol percentage beers but lately I just like very light beers ever since I've been exercising and losing weight and like not eating nearly as much just like fatty car be food I find it like everything hits me very hard and I don't like that I think I don't want a wild growth Walker we don't have any activators for it I'd rather just get something more useful such as this so I like my a pig you do this for bigs No I think I actually do want to do this seems seems pretty good the magical says our exes beer so tasty have to run it at ten minute okay course twice on Memorial Day then went to a brewery downtown that's how to live life right there round hey Ben carry some zvp just broke platinum and magic for the first time yeah goodbye to the bore and you'll be missed I still assert that with the carnage friend we're in very good shape very good grats ban carriers from zvp had this discussion before my understanding was you want two carriers van from CV pain because you are referring to brood one service products and apart managing those bastards it's remarkable the amount of depth that exists in broodwar despite its relative simplicity of yes and you know it's actually really fascinating to me that a lot of the depth in oh my gosh my pun doesn't have another spoke oh my god what's interesting to me is that what when you think about depth in games you think about chains of decisions that create different possibilities like a really simple example in the game of mash the gathering what cards do I put into the deck you know and there's so many cards to choose from there's a lot of things that can go into the deck and there's of the whole idea of the sequencing that happens when you're in there or in in DotA I play as this hero and there's a sequencing of upgrading my abilities which is relatively small space because your abilities can be level 1 2 3 4 but then there's like which items do I go for and in what order and when and all that sort of stuff but the thing that is fascinating to me about Starcraft is that it gets its depth by having a very limited set of options that you have a lot of multiplicity in right you get one stalker and then two stalkers and then three stalkers and then four stalkers and then five stalkers and so you wind up with like a lot of possible gradation like having four speed zealots and twelve dragoons is a very different feel than having six dragoons and eight speeds else obviously dramtic catacomb it's kind of weird to see this play first would expect either a white blue lamp or a red blue lamp okay white that's fine Z's okay show me what you thought okay so this is going to be a big signifier to us as to what the hell's going on Murph Oh Branch Walker gets eliminated so this is more than likely a control deck so I'm actually gonna nuke this land right now so what we're expecting from this is an island we're gonna get a black out of this interesting okay so this says one of two things to me Dada half-breed I believe is prepping up for a so let me see if I play that blow up those two then I get another knife in merfolk branch well it appears that dad half-breed is preparing to Kai's wrath theoretically perhaps is trying to keep up and mortify which is part of our game plan I don't I don't give a damn for against a three-color Esper deck I'm being the land blow upper and three color Esper decks have like two basic lands so I can do this click this like that target this submit one so I have my two black sources out there pretty much one green from here on out now I'm gonna merfolk the rascal that's it no more basics look at that well it's Outland so okay so our our plan of nothing here matters I'm going for longer so our plan of just blow up the blue lands is being pretty good I think this is just hard Esper control in fact there's a single amount or a single a swamp in there oh so it's not really a reason for me not to do this this could potentially mean that I am up against okay is wrath just literally has nothing to do it was a convention about calling service Protoss GDP or pvz is in the order the races is it alphabetical or arbitrary typically it is just you you speak about it as the perspective that you are representing is the first one said so like in zvp it's very important to get a fourth base quickly we'd be streaming from the Zerg players point of view so we we are of the thought and opinion that we are up against a control leo leo deck so we're going to get rid of some of these we're also going to Duras Oh massacre girl is big old pile of nil even uh so I think that I mean I guess an elder spell I allege an elder spell is acceptable I'm supposed to probably quite good here I need to get some water what are you get what do you got I feel a lot better than yesterday that's great Rutgers has any recommendations on my first deck for competitive please please please please please please play back that you just find awesome whatever you've seen that just blew take as you just do that do that that is so much more important than like oh you gotta do this for me drink so good doesn't matter what's good it matters what's fun because if you're doing something that's fun you're gonna contribute more hours to the game you're gonna get more interested in it you're gonna develop more understanding of what the heck is going on then with that are standing you can translate that to whatever new deck you want to play after that whereas if you're trapped if I'm like alright you got a power through this stuff that sucks good things I'm not gonna get lucky I always have a good feel for these kinds of things I feel like there's this arc but you'll wind up going through if you're a if your player where the early reasons why you keep playing a game that you've just sat down to play is the toy-like aspects of doing this cuz it's fun man all right I I know I know precisely what we're gonna do we're gonna get rid of the white sauce right away because we know that our opponent has only a swamp we have yeah so we have double black which is fine we're going to attack here because we don't want that the reason why you keep playing game is you just sat down to play is that it's just fun it just it causes interesting things to have the movie oh ha ha and you know what one of those things isn't strategy strategy is never something that interests someone when they first sit down to play because strategy is about developing really cool oh I see there's the other is that developing these really cool subtle complicated interactions that give you an advantage over time that is what the heck is going on oh wait a minute yeah we're gonna wait a turn on this and if you're a new player you you don't know the complex subtlety of the interactions like you know it's a really cool strategy is a way to cut units and time your gas is just right to get an extra 400 minerals so you can expand and why do you want to expand because this lets you do something strategically that you couldn't do before and what are those things well you have to understand the strategy that we were doing beforehand to understand this new strategy that's very intellectually satisfying but that takes like 100 plus hours to like croc and so what you want to just be doing that you know especially from a design perspective which want the player to be experiencing for the first long chunk of time is just fucking having fun man just doing that straight-up dicking around hurry our opponent may have just lost could also be that our firm has a dual ovens detail just the trick for this and so like whenever someone's like curious about what they should play in what they could do etc etc etc etc we're gonna do this first did that in the wrong order and I've just gotten very lucky having time we've done this healed that out of the grave to family hero domine Leah you know you're starting out just play a game I just push you do find the fun find the fun thing man the thing that's fun do that dude then discard I really know the heck's going on here let's compare two movements and Lando's you got my friend let's forget the blue ones doesn't matter too terrifically much but it's good it's going darker than the black hey here my friend library no attacks so think explorers put into hand to not draw put put that card so explore is not it's a new day it's a new day you show remorse oh we got it we do we gotta kill this guy man it's not close what the fuck ah mental flub up no time for a break boo crucible of day nine actually held longer than I realized yeah this is why I was like I messed up with the attack we need to move quickly to five skate Kyser Wow I didn't realize Eldar spell dollars can actually be so good choice have this glacial fortress my team this play sweet Vivian it's more important to me than Chris Moyles because I can just do this there's enough of blue that I'm just gonna starting nuking the white Lance no I mean actually doesn't matter I just mean I'm picking one no matter what what to note that we are running to elder spells I think we just draw an elder spell right now what do you think I think that's good make sense to me right great all right four five six seven eight play this for three then we get to play the land from the bottom okay no one knows the ones like I do nice never very bad player very very good play so that way the mana dissipates oh this little fucking asshole oh my god ah shit do these passives fuck me up so badly well me that's actually good rise and shine hesita says you're tempting fate more than day not letting for Walker sit on the board Oh lettings as strong words as data I have no tools to be able to kill the Planeswalkers what what are the choice would I have passes are slightly let's get this Oh I guess we have to kill Lily I mean if there's no counter that's actually stunning now let's talk about what happened when you target this you have to choose target a creature target a land target a planeswalker keep up the pace our opponent copied that with these effects I think is what happened but I don't know exactly I think that maybe there's the option to change the target Samara cast narcissus reversal you may choose new targets for the copy but it looks like our opponent didn't choose new targets for the copy whoa so I mean our opponent should have very obviously killed like in arsons and then killed like my land and then killed like that creature show me what you got I really did not feeling like we're gonna win like our opponent being able to draw every turn with the fairies real pain in the ass I think the only way we do win is if we start like landing a Vivian and Vivian starts getting nerds out then we can some more nerves and so on so what the I think what happened is that when you cast the spell I have pre chosen the modes by the way we're not gonna cast elder spell until we fill all of these words so let's eliminate the blue ones we can elder spell I mean you might get thought erasure but I think our clone has three in the graveyard there's one there's two let's slow this down On Dude hold that thought see one divans veto like a fun new toy let's tear this place apart just do the alright now alright yeah alright okay where where were we oh yeah that's right let's get this out these guys alright oh [Laughter] my god alright well you know sometimes I'll just play in an alter the game's fair it's a fair game it's a fair game it's an FG she's gonna briefly use the restroom oh fast here's the deck chair entertain a way I have returned dude we're here climbing and climbing and climbing whoa so much cat hair ah yes perfect perfect perfect well here daddy says you're looking especially power hot today thanks air daddy I've been hitting that gym baby keto blue dot up day says you going to ti9 this year in China now currently my plans are to go to Los Angeles to do like a little well a four or five day party with the buddies rented a house there's a lot of market la-based le is a dope-ass city perfect probably don't need massacre girl I'm gonna see what's up Red Lion here comes Ozymandias how's it to Flavius way word sorted the Sawtooth on the deck I want to see it we would sword – oh shit we are actually boned legitly uh sorta doesn't actually be very much in this deck specifically wayward sword tooth would only really have synergy with a crucible of the worlds as a sigh boarding thing and it gets easily removed graveyard suitable a draws any we will Nestle bonk Clara fair but all the destruction yeah no make no mistake about it put it away word sore tooth and the staff would be profoundly fucking hot diggety damned a flam would that be a dope-ass move man let's get our double black this deck really does not deal with Phoenix as well rule thing is the toughest matchup oh don't do it don't you dare block oh god I mean I think that nothing's good here perfect I think I don't want the Massa got a girl I think over the skies gonna take a trip to see you later town kind of like the carny friends for their block ability and by virtue of being block of bill buddies I think I cut those putting the odd mixels is cruelty call it a night now we might be dead the magical Sazerac says I think you needed like one more forest ah wait is this the pen with a good weight to it yeah I feel so good this pen ah shit this is a bit risky a bit risque we had the e3 in LA this year asks M Skinner 760 yes my dude I am the host of this year's PC gaming press conference the PC gaming show very very sweet all right when we get there it's gonna be big piece of game shows gonna be it's so good yeah actually so to to lay it out we're finishing this week's shows and then we're doing four days next week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then I'm not here on Friday well I hope our opponent spends a whole lot on this particular term I'll be gone that Friday I'll be gone the entire next week I will be back for two days and then I'm going to the mythic championship will be held in Las Vegas land enchanted creature and I'll be at that before Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday then I'll be back on that Monday and then I'll be there for a week and it'll be there for two days the following week those birds of the day just slay us you know I think this is the only option that I see is playing this and then going land casualties of war assassins trophy on the Phoenix Sta and then I'm going to be going to Southeast Asia to visit the family out there including brother plot and Papa floss I think I just don't have any other option but this and I do think that this is a good one so I sort of have like a of a shitload of work so I'm doing III work back mythic Invitational or mythic championship work Cod I'm gonna fuck that up on that and then coming back and doing more streaming then I'm gonna be taking ten days ten days a boy single time so I I'm both looking forward to those things but you know I will probably just not gonna be streaming for a while you know so it's gonna be like a week off a few days on a week off a few days on a little bit rough if it's double blocked that kind of sucks what I think I want to do is I want to wait a turn actually wait a little bit and then I'm probably gonna try and I'm going to be hoping for some sort of direct removal type spell because if I can swing with a carnage tyrant and my opponent buffs and then I can in response kill one that would be nice but until then I just got to build a huge wall of creatures that is so cool I mean yeah you got you got till the 1/1 but still I just like super duper ultra tight all right the plans have changed now oh yes a detailed line says do we feel the urge to pop on 14 schedules to you when you're taking your time off I'm as you still spend time playing video games if you are streaming stuff has been going live for an hour of three interestingly enough a big part of streaming is that the regularity is actually ridiculously important so if you start doing things I'm gonna I'm gonna describe it in a kind of she way but I think it'll make more sense when I describe it this way if you do four streams a week and each of them are a level nine in quality picking a number at random and each week I just do four streams that are a level nine of quality then people will say oh day nine regularly does level 9 quality streams but if I do those same nine those same four streams at a quality of nine and then I also throw in five impromptu streams that are of quality too then people will start to go oh yeah that's that day nine guy who averages around a quality level of five can't see what I'm getting it so like if I were to do some impromptu streaming technically it would be somewhat helpful but it can cause things like confusion if there is not an actual prepared plan for it for that particular show fucking shit if there's not a clear plan preparation for that show then if someone goes oh this is this day and I'm person I've heard about let me tune in and they tune in to some impromptu show or something that can actually hurt first stream perceptions we are getting home so hard but it's almost okay but this deck is just so sweet for opponent and I mean there's also a lot of things with expectation management for instance if I like impromptu went live we're dead next turn off yeah I am prompt to go live for like 90 minutes and then turn it off sometimes that just feels like hey it's day nine hey uh okay I guess it's off right regularity of expectation is actually a significant thing and I'm explaining it quite qualitatively right now just for the sake of clarity but regularity of shows I'm keeping it man we got the masker girl there's nothing that can go wrong there's not gonna be a mountain that comes down no matter what there's not gonna be a mountain it's not like I can't achieve a streaming structure and reputation that works like that holy fuck you hear me talking about how it wasn't gonna be a mountain oh this is your pal day9 who's dead um you know I could just stream whenever the heck doing whatever the heck mountain light up the stage oh we're gonna get them see you later alligator oh yes oh the chump the chump to end all chumps this is how it goes baby actually I like that Fox us right we should have just not played the elf I think we just don't play the elf because now that I have played the elf there's no one toughness thing to die cool that Swamp is like really cool and perfect oh yeah you can establish a reputation as someone who does that type of contact sorry any way to do this or any anything that could come down perfect that's exactly what I needed that's the one all right cotton you you you bringing it you you you you getting in this Bob Nichols is cruelty getting into Brunt pals and I think they get rid of casualties of war something like that seems pretty tight duress might be acceptable but I think I can just control the board this way I think it's possible to construct a reputation and a brand that's very casual just like whenever I'm live I'm live and do that you know just like whatever it's fine but for me historically it has been extremely beneficial the fact that I have a very regular streaming schedule that I tend to make content that has a certain quality bar to it which has been extremely helpful for just you know the brand of day9 TV it was interesting consideration yes yeah so it's good for branding yeah such a very very hairy do for branding because it there actually is a pretty damn significant danger with I'm so happy this is the situation that we're in this is so good no board no nothing bring it on in yeah there's danger in just doing things to go for views maximize the share of the viewership it's all views all the time and the problem is that like you know not all views are created equal that for sure well you know I do a lot of game analysis on this stream I discuss what I'm thinking and feeling about the game engaging with people in chat whoever thoughts and opinions and questions and inquiries about the game at play and that is a hell of a lot more interesting for instance for like sponsored content or campaigns or even just good old-fashioned engagement is the big number of subs approaching 100 month mark shows a longevity of your brand ya know like I have a super super dedicated surprise guest right here and I want some of my more powerful things and part of that is because I've established a Brandes and realized to tell stories who likes to engage who's very regular who's very consistent like is there gonna be any ambiguity about the fact that I'm going to be streaming a year from now pretty much no see what else get played I don't care about this too being 16 this deep into the game is very nice let's see let's see how deep this is gonna go now if there's a bunch of spells on top that's what could kill us at hyssop if it was like you know shock shock shock shock sort of thing things like the community building activities that we do like today 30-day projects or the festivals there's a lot of structure and clarity they're both from the you know your perspective but from I mean art so we just get any more obnoxious shit put here please I think I just actually passed for once if you trimmed a little bit too many on the high end the allosaur stuff matters it's gonna wait and see what happens your end of turn because if it's like experimental frenzy all want to do that I think my card quality is higher than Reds dad I feel like that it's cuz you are death really good me maybe a few too many removal spells oh my god farts oh you never want to see that is there anything good for me to draw do I have anything that's good right now you got me doc hi sheriff yeah hello I'm very good yeah oh my god I'm so happy to see you we just I suffered a tough loss to mana red I need my little brown cat little gray cat was here earlier and she was chewing on courts he doesn't have the sophistication of snuggling the shoulder that you have achieved all right now you're chewing on cords – all right these cats are just they don't get it Oh sheriff is very very gentle and very very sweet I know these are the cards I hold what dpi do you use for MTG arena I use the same dpi for everything I have a very weird dpi at setting it is at 10:50 which for your pal Shawn is just right let's begin to get him right away spent a very long time adjusting my settings very very long time adjusting my settings I was primarily for Starcraft and I have been very very diligent Australian stays precisely I'm destroying that one because I'm I know that a lot of these decks just do not run planes period and as we saw beforehand I mean we might just choke this person out of resources entirely do you fiddle with in-game mouse sensitivity no I force everything to use the hardware version you play most of my games in windowed mode as a result ultimate you be willing to answer a life advice question if you're not move is perfectly fine love we asked all sorts of questions liliane add red horde general ain't gonna help you ain't gonna help you today oh that's good it feels nice yes sweet sweet feels good feels good super sweet super late I hope to death you die oxygen antique well it doesn't matter it's for a planeswalker destroy land this is not enough mana for a building's veto mean that coming this is how I hope that all my games of magic go because now now here's here's my plan my plan is to go Vivian Reed plus the Vivian Reed plan is to this is actually better this is actually I really want to get that filled illusion well nice today so Wiggly something a wiggly mood green hero mural of kya so I mean we're just gonna get high as raft you know what do you do so optimises loll okay cool I recently begin my adult life people describe it and I've been battling with meaning and how to deal fulfilment since I'm so used to school and being that emotional anchor for me I've also moved away a place where I don't know anyone so juice is just someone like me cope with not having a solid anchor oh my god you're talking to the right buddy I know this problem inside and outside you can't stop nature you can't stop nature all right so here's the plan the plan is to play the Jade white Ranger to achieve the glory that is known as the field of ruin we're in a graveyard that if we if we were able to get the field of really what we'd want to do is we would want to blow up one of these white lands because this this just says I have a settler right oh that's right because of that little fucking bastard stir beer stir bitter hello my name is the bird feeder that's fine I won't hide from the world I actually did we need to move quickly all right so now that I have two cards to do this nature brings your reckoning so now Vivian Liliana will come down okay Ottoman I am so gonna tell you all about this shit I had the exact same thing happened in my life you gotta make you sack because all my shits invulnerable like a thought or a shoot so be it so boo it let's get to the good part I have such a story time for you Ultimates about the idea of having no anchor God do I have a story time for you oh my fucking fuck really holy shit second one oh my god I can't believe we've done this you might actually lose this game get me wrong this helps a bit I'm not really sure what I'm looking for honestly this is game 1 so this could make a blocker oh my god got the -9 hard running the elders filming oh my God we're dead I think I just need you to play the carnage tyrant I mean technically it didn't matter because my opponent had a second early on actually my pod got a second Liliana all right so so the one true way we can win is if we get Miss up alright cuz our things have trample we will meet again this isn't the main board she she is Jesus because this deck doesn't run that many counter spells I mean I've seen no counter spells at all which is kind of which is actually kind of weird right I'm just gonna concede those not to mind I think our side boarding plant is actually just so good against this that I feel pretty comfy I think I should take out braska even though she's quite good all right ultimate I haven't forgotten question is how do you as you're entering your adult life find an anchor to avoid that feeling of meaninglessness it's good enough for me ma'am duress and assassins trophy and feel the ruin reign v3 says do you have a bio posted somewhere I'm pretty new sub but curious I don't have anything I've written I think I mean I mean I have like a Wikipedia page very melech a pedia page doesn't that be pretty tape maybe getting rid of two fairies the better idea here what is going on word my opponents non-format well my opponents basic lame – oh they're both in the hand are they oh my god they're both in the hand okay well that's a pretty tight huh well I mean this isn't good news definitely the blue line this is the way life is meant to be green all right here we go [Applause] [Laughter] that's pretty tight I mean we kept the one Lander we have the one Lander the we get the wheel get the weird hand thank you I know hey would you be interested in the laughs hey I have got a lap for you this is our executive lap only for the finest of kittens yes no no take take a look around first tickle tickle front on the left on the lap okay well the photo raesha Scot ago yeah just oh I think you will find that the soft texture of the pants is very fine quality the professionally trained massage services the highest qualities I actually suspect that our opponent does not actually run a suspect record it's not actually run any counter spells hanging on to this this isn't a fight this it's our happy little cat just the trick for this they have the breadboard okay and this is the all right so now we're now we're couldn't move yes I'll protect you this is a very brutal hand to be up against only time will tell we're not playing Nyssa because our opponent has to fairy cast anything at some speed soreness or just insted I so we're basically preparing for big casualties of war this various absolutely right on schedule you know what right on schedule all right so destroy a planeswalker and a land that's good so we're gonna target which land do we want to target I think we'll start just chipping away at the black blues now I mean I actually think that our opponent does not run any counter spells at all I think I must train harder I'm just chilling on this one I see a reason to rush out into things if we can just keep nuking the black blues Tyne land and planeswalker done ready to land so now skies where I can't get past looking for a landing and it's good okay well how big of a Decker we feel feels like pretty big I think the key of winning this match was understanding that our opponent is not running counter spells so we're gonna eliminate the last blacks we start with the black blues because we see double black double black double black right so if we just start illuminating all the black sources lo and behold it's a black source well I mean I guess we can get kyasariro just fine I mean there's just not good office and we did it that's key god oh my god that was awesome all right now now we gotta answer our dear man ultimate question so always was asking about this feeling of meaninglessness in life that occurs when you depart from the anchor of school right question but storytime but I want to talk about this cuz this is a song that was very meaningful to me in my life that happened that relates to today so again the question that Altimas asked was you know moving from school to adult life I'm sure many of you have had this happen certainly happen to me where you step out into the real world and you have a job and you're feeling good you're a young whippersnapper you work from 9:00 to 5:00 you come home eat dinner at 6:30 what now huh decide to watch TV show you wind up watching like eight episodes and now it's time for bed and you're able to go to bed on time you get a good night's sleep you get up you get to work at 9:00 again it's 5:00 and then you eat dinner then it's 6:00 again and you're like shit I guess I'll finish the entire season to that show and then it's like 8:30 and you're like I guess dota right it's even worse when it's the weekend time I can't tell you how many times especially on the Seraph Day night TV when I wake up on Saturday be like what now it's a really sort of weird thing that I feel like life does not release a that the traditional education system America does not really prepare you for this idea of like where do you come on share um there's this question that like school system is not preparing for of just like how do you figure out how to enjoy shit it's always this aspirational thing of like climb up and become the CEO of Google which is what we're all gonna do when we're all there and it's all kind of bullshit I remember when I went to grad school cuz I went to grad school at USC for a Master of Fine Arts and interactive media whereas my undergraduate was math and when I was at Harvey Mudd doing math they originally told her exactly what to do right I shouldn't say originally told you exactly what to do they just gave you a shitload of work I had probably 10 to 15 hours of work each week for each class that I took I took five or six a semester it was just a lot of stuff and it was almost just triage trying to get it all done and at USC because it is an art program and it's trying to help students learn they're creative voice work on their personal projects and support those I heard this phrase so much when I was at USC it's about clearing a path for the students so a lot of the coursework was very different the coursework was to support you the student doing your personal project there should be a lot of free time for the student to do a personal project or several personal projects in my first year at USC I didn't get that and I remember I was actually just feeling completely devoid of all meaning because like I like working so I would like it'd be wednesday at 2:00 p.m. and I would be done with all the work that I needed to be done but for the rest of the week end up through like half a next week and I would be like well what do we do I deliver I didn't know what to do and I actually kind of struggled with it a lot for like my entire first year and my second year what I decided to do was I just started to invent bullshit for me to do I worked at an educational research games company was actually a UCLA program education researchers at UCLA I made educational games from I worked on an independent game yeah buddy Daniel super Daniel man I was still going to grad school and doing all the stuff I also started a little show known as the day 9 daily just something to do right and I just began to fill up my time with these sort of self-imposed goals and just like worked really hard at them and if the day 9 daily didn't actually become this streaming career I hundred percent would have been doing independent game stuffs now on one hand that was really positive because it sort of filled me up with joy and literally filled up the time and so it was a lot of trying to get to the next thing and like I also wound up kind of getting swept up by the sort of day 9 TV experience and I think a lot of people that run small or large businesses kind of have this feeling that the business is taking off and you're just like chasing after it you know I was like traveling all around doing tons of events I was doing 20 to 30 events a year including producing three or four of them those were the redbull gaming events and the after-hours gaming league and you know helping some with the after-hours gaming like I was doing yet 200 shows a year and for comparison that's more shows per year live than the average high school student goes to high school in a given year it was 186 days for an average student to go to high school I was rude to her shows here and I just literally was like working myself to death and so while I sort of had fulfillment in terms of meaning I found doing a lot of eSports things and commentary and analysis I found that very meaningful but I wasn't so happy right so I sort of had this existential void in grad school that I were placed with this work yourself to death situation that I care deeply about but it was actually hurting me like I gained a lot of weight and shit like that and so you know especially in the last few years I've sort of tried to go back against that and start to try to identify and name a lot of stuff that is either fulfilling that that meaningfulness as well as things that fulfill the happiness and some of the things that I've identified for myself that fill me with joy and happiness are really basic shit like eating and sleeping regularly and I don't mean that like in sort of joking 6-minute very literally like eating at the exact same times going to sleep at the exact same times making sure it's enough it's filled with a lot of joy because I feel good but then there's also actions like I need to bend at least an hour to completely alone every few days minimum most of the times I need like an hour or two alone every day where I'm just sitting there just thinking about something and like no like and not like what my fucking phone out check-in the bullshit that is social media social media sucks if you or if you have any issues in life turn the fucking social media off because it will not help it'll only make you feel like garbage I need like an hour just alone with no distractions just sitting there and thinking about something just thinking and processing and mulling over stuff that's something that's like really meaningful to me you know that social media stuff that I just shit on I need in like at least 30 minutes a day of that I treat that like junk food you know I'm just like look at that guy who fought that guy oh man that was oh there was been angry at each other up I actually need some time to like do uh turley useless stuff I also need times to have good one-on-one conversations with people going into a group setting or they just like a group we're just kind of hanging out no I need meaningful connection need that shit so I call people a lot and just chat to them doing this show is very meaningful to me there's also in terms of like the meaning stuff I really like projects to work on projects that like feel like they're sequentially building I like this because weirdly enough the act of having something in my head and articulating it is deeply satisfying to me it's fucking really satisfying to me and like notice how specific of a thing that is taking something that's in my head and explaining it clearly that process I enjoy I don't care if no one tunes in it's not that I do this because all the show is cool and actually gives me meaning the show is cool and gives me money because I can do it yeah isn't that cool the money no but the cool part is the thinking in the walking like sometimes I just have conversations with my mom and be like I played this cool game on Friday and here's how it works and I have an audience of one and it's so satisfying to me and so I think that if I come all the way back to the question that Ultima said that like you know what do you do and you're not feeling that anchor there's a few things I would think of their existing a meaning category something that resonates with you that you care about and identify that as separate from the happiness stuff for the meaning stuff I would try a couple categories of things something creative something skill-based something in terms of social connection something in terms of Health something in terms of routine a lot of these things that they're different categories and just try them like I did the day 9 daily I also did game projects so I find that I still like both of those things right I found that I really do not like event planning event planning is fucking stressful hire me to host I'm great with that stuff but man I do not want to be in charge of nothing man oh I don't want to do that just try some stuff and just throw stuff at the wall until it sticks another thing that I would recommend in there is really sinking deeply into someone else's creative work as some to wake your brain up right I view it as finding your own meaningful things is like the energy you get from eating healthy food consuming someone else's cool creative stuff is kinda like having caffeine it'll kind of give you energy but it's not nutrients you know like I remember when I was in a real funk I started to play fallout 3 and literally I played 70 hours in four days I mean it was I was like absolutely degenerate but it was so cool to just be immersed in that world that I actually felt more inspired and I had more creative energy and I had more coming out of that and so I would recommend that like you know if you're searching for a meaning and an anchoring thing you're gonna need routines you're gonna need projects that are much bigger than a week or weekend or a month you're gonna need something that you enjoy outputting every single week no matter what and hunt for those but while you're doing that please do some looking at how to name what makes you happy right and not like I like movies you know don't don't just give it like some bullshit category be specific like I really need to watch two movies a week minimum the weeks when I don't do that I feel bad the weeks when I do that I feel good the weeks where I watch six movies in a week I feel like I didn't get anything done and I wasted my time so two is actually the right amount and and I don't like watching movies that are sophisticated I don't like – I like watching absolute trash media that just makes me chuckle that's great like I'm not telling you to do anything amazing or inspiring with what you like I'm telling you to listen to what you like and to be able to name it because whatever the hell you like doing is okay I don't watch Game of Thrones I do watch shitty Korean dramas as well as amazing Korean dramas and I know that it makes me happy okay but I I also have a better understanding of how to balance things like Korean dramas with high intensity things like battling in dota so that's that's my little SH purple and I think that it's something that happens to a lot of people and don't ever explain to me that this would happen I think that where I grew up what you did is you went to school and at school you met someone that you called the one you married them you pooped out some kids and then the kids just take up so much time and you're so low on sleep all you're trying to do is stay above water until at some point magically you're 50 and you have wisdom like it's just this weird arbitrary you know like you just go through the life steps like I don't have kids and I'm not particularly interested in having kids soon because I understand the things that I like and the things that I want to be a I'm not saying I don't ever want kids and that kids are gross and that kids are dumb let's be honest many kids not very intelligent we can we all agree on that can we all agree I think what's important is this exercise that no one's ever really talked to me about directly how do you find what gives you meaning what makes you happy what makes you feel rested what are things that will eat at you that you should stay away from things like this and I've spent mmm the latter part of my 20s at all my 30s focusing on that shit so hope that was useful I am now gonna kill the shit out of some people in magic Saba's says to add on when you got your first job slash internship did you feel like you were doing nothing that you started having at my job for about three six months and it feels like I'm doing nothing at all I have basically always been a workhorse and have run my own business for ten years now so like I can just fill up my day with as much work as I want and what I have found is two things that are similar to what you're saying one people's expectations of how much work should be done tends to be fuckin below and second I've worked with a lot of people that will put in three hours of work and be like look at all the amazing work I did and I'm like great let's do that three more times or two or three more times today so that way we have like a full eight hours of productive work oh my god am I gonna get to feel the ruins right away I mean like there's a remarkable amount of times like okay here's the thing when someone says Shawn you're gonna work an eight-hour day or something like the cease shine you're gonna work an eight-hour day I'm like alright I am going to only work for 8 hours that's all I'm going to be doing or frankly I mean a lot of times I will work for like six or seven hours and I have swamp I work for seven hours and be like alright I'm good and then not work the rest of the day but like that six seven hours was fucking productive and all I did was work during that period of time I didn't stop and take breaks and wander around and go chat by the coffee cooler or fiddle with my phone or OpenSocial BT or any of that stuff I didn't do any of that I work baby and that's the thing that I'm finding that a lot of people just do not do and I don't think that's wrong I don't think that's wrong when I was younger I was like fuck you I can outwork you any day of the week and now I'm older I'm like why the fuck would that be useful that's that's like haha I am better at suffering in you ha ha I mean there's some there's a weirdness foreign vengeful douche okay so the fact that we see a Sauron indicates to us that this is a mid-range deck so I'm gonna be a little bit more sly about slamming down the masker laughs so let's just thin our deck out let's eliminate the blue source one there should be some preachers coming down soon but now that I'm older I recognize that a lot of the way that people function is they'll do like 90 minutes of work in the morning and then they'll do 90 minutes of work in the afternoon and then they go home you know they get there at 9:15 9:30 they're kind of late but you know they mosey on in and then they you know gotta get some coffee you know and they just check someone hey how's your morning been hey sit down you know check an email with two and then okay it's 10:00 time to get some work done this might be a bad idea I think I got to play a very slow slow game right now so it's 10 and all right let's worry them to work till like 11:30 and then it's like hey it's time for a law and try start winding down or I get ready take a nice hour lunch get back at 1:00 I was meeting at 1:00 and that meal is pretty heavy so you sit through a meeting you know and then it's like – they've got another meeting have some more coffee that food coma starts to wear off and now it's three all right time to get some work done work from like 3:00 to 4:30 and days done things are wrapping up around here man feels like a good time to start wrapping up to go to go home I know a lot of jobs back basically function kind of like this and I think the dumb cynical thing is to go yeah they all suck the reality is that billion-dollar businesses and industries are built on the backs of folks that work like this don't worry I got this I got a new some shit man I really gotta start roasty-toasty alright got something too new so four five six seven plate us oh yeah library oh yeah all right so very important' day we need to destroy a land a Plains Walker in the creature so we're gonna stray a creature and destroy a land where's my blue land at watery grave these are all isolated Chi apples watery grave we'll get the song out of Sora is at 10:00 any vase any freaking vase why do I say all this because I think that it's it is very important when one is finding one sort of center in terms of like you know meaning trying to you know workhorse it finding balance finding how to be efficient not dilly-dally not because I think that maximum productivity is the key to life but I think that like I should thoughtfully focus on that which genuine would you just that can't have let's do this again necessarily think a lot of those downsides I'd someone typed downside and I just immediately read it kind of all strike my train of thought getting distracted by the videogame zvt okay I've seen things that would break someone like you elf fuck yeah we're probably gonna just immediately win when the carnage tire comes down I think I'd guesstimate yeah especially as automation here's gonna start giving people a lot more free time I think that's 15 20 years could be roughest fuck until they starts being some equilibrium very neat is a new beginning I think that like eventually maybe like these these questions like how does one get meaning from life extrados thought as the kids just like so fucking weird you got it now do shit that's great a lot more else is here to proc massacre girl I can play else then I can play mascar girl two L's diastole and so forth alright guys here's quiz what's what game is this sound effect from this is actually an unbelievably accurate impersonation yeah Oh surprised it's pretty effing vague do when you when you when you hear me say anything oh you're all so fucking wrong you've got come on get it it's an old game it's an ancient game types of Zork though has no graphics or Sam it is Heroes of Might and Magic too baby when the zombies attack they go whoa boom there it is yeah fucking accurate as hell man to fish pieces wow I got a yeah you said it me 1715 cast down not massacre girl oh no no no I think I want to change reality of you this is a good game for the crucible of Evo's this is fucking terrible idea but it is tight but it is tight tight tight I think I'm gonna do my usual just get rid of rascal gari queen is ravenous chupacabra good here I think so I think that this is mostly fine elder spells probably not so good in this deck hey-ya always coming says yes became to the vampire noises well of course buh buh yes so basic but I remember calling in sick from school I like I like saying calling in sick because I was just like you can't fucking make me go to school I'm not doing it man did III fake sick constantly back I hated going to school this was horrible it's complete hellscape dystopia man here comes the shock and the thought eraser in high school or college around me high school yeah now we're doing a little ran through vampy action but you know what god I hated school so much schools shitara SMAP did I like it No hell no it did not like it what else does this thing do it's already done this little enter field eNOS and so I'm gonna do this okay so there is the watery grave isolated chapel I mean I may as well just start working on the blue Lance right you know that like utter garbage just going to school and I'm gonna teacher be mean and the students be mean how such a tender sensitive little boy I'm still tender and sensitive I'm just bigger and stronger now I can't actually believe how hungry I am right now it is it is actually dumb how hungry your pal day – so don't Jesus my god I'm hungry I haven't been this hungry years I'm Tom I'm six foot four inches how do we do this how do we do this thing you guys wait let's hang out checking our San I don't think I'm doing some sweet tasty buttery salmon really sad because not a son John all right do I this gets countered that's fine actually should have countered this this is the guild it's actually fun I'm gonna wait till there's some better stuff like I really just need to the end to stick my Fury EXA do you think therapy at a younger age would have helped you figure out life sooner do you think it's better just figure it out on your own I actually think that all schools should incorporate some kind of emotional intelligence courses or some type of therapy or something like that because I mean like land creature land creature make philosophy mandatory oh not not philosophy like emotional intelligence courses like how to reassure yourself and how to resolve conflicts how to behave if you invite someone over and then they cancel on you at the last second lanes Walker land creature this creature not the thief of sanity laughs I actually think I do need the thicker swaller deuter's I mean I the wild field let's do this again feel the let's do this again like I'm just kind of running out of things are good for finding the current tyrants is a fight you can win soren should 1000% summer FIFA thief of vanity Bom Bom damn dump dump dump down there be the ghost of choice yeah I think some missus are gonna be good here I don't actually think that there's terrifically much that should be changed idea best spell the assassins trophy rat cast down I had tried to rank that was a bit of a painful little lag out a moment cuz you hold the thing out left click and then you right-click just cancels it all right and that'll do it all right let's see here can we get an Anissa I would like a missile to start shaking the world and paradise druid is probably where I want to cut play that's actually a good enough hand I think the big mistake that we made early on is forgetting that our opponent has two basic lands so we've burned through it to us Asus trophy pretty early um this and then a merfolk grant water land nuking is pretty fine here lets us get a we can play field of ruin and blow something up thought eraser is fine hero please sing one welcome to the party who this is a rough one I think that this is probably the best one to do is this just a blow that let's do this blink traffic man says the meaning of life is to look cool and do backflips that sounds about right I'm going in man it's time to kill the opponent could potentially have this here precinct one get real huge and swole up which guy is a little bit annoying pretty much everything's fine here assassins trophy okay that's an interesting one assassins trophy kind of says to us there could and a tyrant scorned I actually think I'm trust our film this marriage I don't actually think there's good sweet brie deep reduce like getting getting just a nice wide board of small things now technically I could have bend the jade light Ranger seems like a little bit of a risk to take to try to just nail the casualties of war next turn it's like keel 11 s tronic Yulin or else they're gonna sit up a little straighter it'll relax those shoulders oh it's a piece and then maybe nothing I now I maybe now I miss my captors double block would be lovely that is actually such a good card right now you roll on a tennis ball I leaned against the wall I don't have a tennis ball I'm not sad I'm tennis ball Louis oh shit I forgot that my opponents not gonna get around this chupacabra so we know that that's a ravenous chupacabra got it oh my god that fucking sucks god midrange espera is very good I actually cannot believe how damn hungry I am I am so freakin hungry anything I want I got it pretty good we're looking pretty well looking you know I should have swallowed a lot of Ralph's that was a big mistake Oh cuz now I don't necessarily have we thought mister fucking why is this thing not attacking oh my god I just interface fuck myself man god that was a guaranteed damage map literally guaranteed I'm just I'm just making stupid interface errors I mean this is the term where we have lethal as well which is what's especially painful I'm pretty sure with you snap I'm just really frustrated that we literally had the way to win the game but I made a miss miss play and then a miss click