World’s Strongest Laser | Overtime 5 | Dude Perfect

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Overtime. Did you guys notice anything
different about my signature move there? You spun the other
way, didn’t you? I did– first time
to spin right. Well, we have an extra special
episode for you guys today. Make sure you stay
tuned till the very end because we are giving away
our brand new Dude Perfect basketball. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. No, we haven’t started yet. Now, it starts. You guys are going to
make me look silly. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading
on to Overtime. You guys want to know an extra
cool fact about this episode? You’re going to
tell us either way. I don’t know if you knew this
or not, but if you take your mic and you turn it upside
down, all of a sudden your voice becomes super deep. Oh wow. Yeah. That’s amazing. And then, if you turn it to
the right, it goes helium mode. OK, whew, it feels good
to be back to normal. OK, let’s dive right
into the first segment, and a brand new one at that– Awkward Situations. Awkward. All right, here’s how
it’s going to work. Typically, you walk into the
front door of our office, and it’s a lobby. Today, you walk into the
front door of our office, and you walk into an
occupied bathroom. Awkward. OK, what do you guys
say we head downstairs? Here we go. We’re in the middle of filming
the third season of our TV show, and there’s a new
girl who’s about to walk in. This is her first day. Welcome to the office. Oh, man. Oh, I feel bad. Oh, sorry. I’m so confused. Is that Tyler? Why would you put a
bathroom on an entrance? Codes, how you feeling? Sitting on a toilet. He’s such a weirdo. Oh, sorry. I just need a minute. That got awkward. Come on in. I need my food,
if you don’t mind. If you’re not worried
about it, then I’m not. OK. Take care, buddy. Oh, this is good. Oh, sorry. Hey, sorry– this
door is broken. Oh, it’s broken? But that other one should
work– to your left. OK. Oh, sorry, man. Somebody’s in here. So what went through your
head when you opened the door? This is not the right door. I feel like you could almost
smell the awkward in there. Well, now it is time to head
to everybody’s– but mainly Cory’s– least
favorite segment– Wheel Unfortunate. So for those of you
following along at home, you may recall that Cory
has been selected randomly for the last three
Wheel Unfortunates. That is unfortunate. That is very unfortunate. Poor kid. Let’s make it four, baby. So, in fairness to Cory–
who no longer trusts us– we’ve decided to
mix up the mojo, and we’re going to
bring in a guest picker. OK? Calling in to help us out,
one of the best football players in the game– Rob Gronkowski. Let’s go. What’s up, Gronk? What up, dudes? All right, Gronk, we know
you’re busy with football and the cool new Good
Rewards Charity Campaign from Honey Nut Cheerios, so
we appreciate your doing this. Yeah, man, I’m
definitely busy, but I’m excited to be here to
help you guys out today, especially you, Cory. Thank you, Gronk. I appreciate it. All right, Gronk, we’ve
got a bowl in front of you that’s got all five
of our names in it. We need you to
pick one name out, and that is the person that will
be spinning Wheel Unfortunate. OK, here we go. Not me. You guys ready? I can’t look. Barely. We have– Garrett. Love this game show. Gronk, great job. You definitely helped Cory out. I’m sure he’s very appreciative. If you’re ever in Dallas, and
you want to stop and hang out, let us know. Appreciate it, man. Sounds like fun. Oh, by the way, Ned Forrester? I’m a huge fan. Nice. All right. I’m sure he’ll be
happy to hear that. Thanks, Gronk. Rob Gronkowski, everybody. Hey, Garrett Hilbert, everybody. Hey, Garrett. Hey, come on. I just don’t understand
why we changed what was working for us. Whoa, Rob, that’s some high
praise coming from you. I’m gonna have to power
through this one, eh? Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m Ned Forrester, and it is stupendous to
be here with you today on the set of the greatest
game show in all the lands. I just got word that we were
nominated for the greatest game show posted online
on Monday afternoon. So, truly, from the bottom of
my heart, thank you very much. It means a lot. We have got a great
show for you today. A special guest– I actually
got word, it’s not Corey– ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together for Garrett Hilbert. For being a first timer
on the show, here you go. Also, for being a first timer,
have a little Ned Forrester golden boy. How about that? I have four of these. Well, then, I’m sure a
sixth one couldn’t hurt. You still not satisfied? Really? Goodness gracious,
you need another one? What’s it gonna take to
put a smile on your face? Do not say, you need
another one, Gar? Come on now. This is plenty. This completes my collection. That’s enough? Can’t get enough of that– Let’s just get this over with. Don’t ever do that again. Here, hold my mic, please. OK. Ned, is that chest hair natural? The chest hair is not natural. The regular hair is natural. Hey, you know what
I just realized? A couple of redheaded
brothers here. I am very sorry about that. Kids, that is why you
don’t use too much hair gel in seventh and eighth grade. Careful with that stuff. All right, Gar, spin that wheel. That’s a good spin, Gar. Well, good news– you’re
not gonna have to get frosted tips, because
that could be awkward. But you will have to
run a mile as a mascot. All right, Gar. Am I literally going to have to
put a mascot costume on and run a mile? That is what it says, Gar. Why don’t you join me in
saying, That’s unfortunate. That’s Ned–
signing off for now. All right, Gar. We are exactly one
mile from the office. I hope you know how to get back. You didn’t tell me this
was going to be in public. All right, so just take off? Yeah, see ya. Hey, there’s another
runner– look. How’s it going, man? Oh, he smiles. Absolutely embarrassing. [CAR HORN] How’s it going? Oh, I’ve got to catch
up to my buddy up there. Hold on. Hey, you won’t pass him. It’s not sprint a mile. He’s flying. Show him how it’s done, Wizard. Go, Garrett, go. Oh, yes. It’s a good pass, good pass. Dude, look at the
mutual respect there. Look at Gary go. Well done, Gary. Dude, that looks amazing. It’s not everyday you get
passed by a wizard, you know? Dude, this is the best
consequence of all time. Oh, man. I think I see a wizard hat. I see the tip of a wizard hat
bouncing over the vehicles. Garrett. There he is. Finish strong. There it is. Oh, I see how that works. I passed a guy though. I saw that, yeah. We saw that. That was nice. All right, Gar, how was your
first time at the Wheel? Sweaty. Nice. I did enjoy running
past that jogger though. That was amazing. That was a good time. That kind of boosted the
confidence a little bit. A special thanks to
Honey Nut Cheerios and Gronk for helping us out
with this segment of Wheel Unfortunate. Make sure you click the
link in the description below to support Team
Gronk and find out more about the Good Rewards Program. All right, coming up next– Cool, Not Cool. Who should start us off
in this Cool, Not Cool? I’ll start us off. Man, I’ve been working on it. I want to introduce you guys
to the air-conditioned jacket. You might be
saying, it’s summer. Why wear a jacket? Does it blow up? Oh, he’s inflating. Wow. I’m telling you right now–
my body temperature just dropped five degrees. Can I feel the jacket? Oh, yeah. Feel the air coming
out of there. Oh, wow, that is a lot of air. Hey, I’ll give it to you. I already gave it to him. I like it. I would say, another plus
is, dude, you look jack. Could you sleep in it? Oh, yeah– on your
side or something. Because you can sleep in it– OK. I was going to go
green, initially, but I did make a rule, a long
time ago, that I would never wear zip-off pants or jackets. Oh, that hurts. It wasn’t easy. I’m sorry, folks are home. Moving right along– Coby, would you like to go next? We’ll just go down the line. Today, I have a
bucket of sunglasses. You’re going to need
to put these on. Why? Gentlemen, I proudly present
the world’s strongest handheld laser. Oh my goodness. It is certainly bright– very, very bright,
very, very dangerous. Sunglasses feel
like a good choice. Cody, you will find underneath
the desk two balloons that I have placed there
for this demonstration. Cody, please hold the
balloon in front of you. I’m kind of nervous of– OK, are you ready? What’s going to happen? Oh, oh, man. No. That, ladies and
gentlemen, is not magic. That is the world’s
strongest handheld laser. Here we go. If this pops, I am super cool. OK, all right. Ty, you will find under
your chair a box of matches. No way. No way. I think we all know where
we’re headed with this. Sorry. Safety. All right. Ty, are you set? Are you moving? I need you to be still. I’m still. OK. No way. I rest my case. Thank you. Coby Cotton, you have just
erased a lifetime of poor Cool, Not Cool decisions. Is that your first
super cool product? It’s got to be. Absolutely. It’s got to be. I’m afraid my item is not– I’m not going to say it’s
not got super cool potential, but it’s not like
world’s-strongest-handheld-laser potential. My newest fashion in footwear– fish flops. OK, I want you to feast
your eyes on this footwear. OK? Why would you buy those? You know what– being a
fellow fisherman, I’m going– Wow, I’m going to be honest. I did not see that coming. OK, I was setting
myself up for failure. Well, I’m going to go
ahead and slap my answer. Yeah, you don’t
have to rub it in. This company went
above and beyond, and they put fish eyes on
the backside of the sandal. Because of the
attention to detail– –green. Yes. Wow. You all have lost your minds. Thank you, Cory. Well, thank goodness
I get to follow that. My cool thing for today– The Dude Perfect backpack. — comes inside the
Dude Perfect back pack. Raise your hand if you had a
rubber band gun growing up. Of course I did. You’ll love– fully
automatic rubber band gun. No way. Check that out. Fully automatic– there’s
a little iron sight. It’s so much better
than I thought. What do you say? I’m going to do
this thing again. Can I shoot it one time? It probably took me 30 minutes
just to put these bands on. 30 minutes to reload? It’s really an hour– Wait, did you cool
my fish flops? I did. I did. No, I did. Did you? You already voted. You can’t unvote. No, I did. Remember, I love
largemouth bass. Too late, already decided. Are you all ready to
end on a good note? I am. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d
like to introduce you– It’s a bazooka. Yes, yes. This not only shoots amazing
rings that you can see, but it’s got power. No way. Go. Rapid fire rings Rapid fire rings. No way. Can we all, at the same time– three, two, one– Well done, Cory. Thanks, guys. Thank you. Very nice. Cool, Not Cool has
gone to the next level. All right, it is time to
head to the next segment– a brand new one at that– Wives Versus Chad. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the long-awaited series Wives Versus Chad. Wives, it is great to have you. Please, join us in welcoming
Allison Jones, Amy Cotton, and Bethany Toney, for the
first time on the Overtime set. Of course, as you
all know and love, one of our all-star
editors, Chad Terrell. Big round of applause
for Chad there. That’s awesome. It’s great to have you guys. Today, on Wives
Versus Chad, we’ve decided to have a little
sports trivia segment. How about we get a little
background on each contestant? Sports could disappear tomorrow,
and I would have no idea. Once, I even played
fantasy football. My parents did
everything for me, but I ended up getting second. I have two kids and
no time for sports. For an interview with
DP, they asked me how much I liked sports
on a scale of 1 to 10. I said, six. That was a lie. It’s more like a two. And ladies and gentlemen,
those are the contestants today on Wives Versus Chad. What do you guys say we dive
into a little sports trivia? How many runs are
in a grand slam? Is this football? It’s baseball. It’s baseball. This is baseball. Well, there’s four bases. Oh, gosh Girls? What is your final answer? Four. Chad? I answered way too fast. OK, the correct answer is four. Congratulations, girls. You are going to learn
pretty quick here that the points don’t
matter, and we’re just having a little fun. So, next question– how many
points is a safety worth? I think it’s either
two, one, or six. Girls, how many
points is a safety? Two. All right, all around. Very nice. OK, next question–
what is a double double? Chad seems pretty
happy with his answer. Chad, what did you say
a double double is? A burger at In-and-Out. Half a point to Chad. Well done. Very nice. Name one current
baseball player. No chance. I say we move on, Chad. How about you? OK, all right. Ladies, please explain
to me second and five. Two are down, two
people have fallen. No, not people. Two plays down,
five yards to go. Down, like, they’re done. I’m going to give it to them. All right, OK. Here we go. Here’s another person question. Who is Lamar Odom? He was married to a Kardashian. Yeah, basketball. Chad, let’s start with you. Who is Lamar Odom? Sports player. I like it. Very nice. Girls, who is Lamar Odom? He played for the LA Lakers– Then, he got in trouble. –got in trouble, went to
Dallas for like a season– Oh, he did– –didn’t do great. He did. He didn’t do great. I am blown away by
the talent level here at Wives Versus Chad. We are headed to the final
round, the lightning round. I will ask a question,
you buzz in at any moment that you feel led to, and
shout out your answer. Name four positions in baseball. Amy– she’s a baseball wizard. Hitter, first base,
left field, catcher. What a way to get
there, but she does it. What is the mascot of
the Oakland Raiders? A raider? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Chad– seeing through the
trick question– well done. And we will end it on this– a wrist shot would commonly
be found in what sport? Basketball. Incorrect. What? Frisbee. No. Keep buzzing in. Yes? Soccer. No. Yes? Football. No. Yes? Golf? No. Tennis. No. Lacrosse. No. Man. Is there any other sport? Yes, there is. Oh, oh, hockey. Yes. Well done, girls and Chad. Very nice. So who won? The real winner was learning. Knowledge was the
real winner today. We are proud of you guys. We love you dearly. Thank you for being participants
on Wives Versus Chad. Thank you very much. We’ll see you next time. That was enjoyable. Oh, man. OK, well, last but not
least, it’s give away time. If you are a subscriber,
and you share this video, we will be picking 10 of you
to give away the brand new Dude Perfect basketball. There it is. Congratulations to the winners
from last time’s giveaway. Here they are. Nice, congrats. I’m still in the running
to get my free basketball. We’ll see, we’ll see, Gar. All right, if you want to buy
a basketball for yourself, click right here. If you want to see the last
video, click down here. Signing off for now– we’ll see you next time
on Overtime all the time. Oh, fake mic. Oh, fake mic.

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new video. Special thanks to our
friends at PUBG Mobile for making this video possible. Click right here
if you want to play the mobile game for yourself. If you want to see some more
DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

*Whir of bearings * Oh, she’s humming! She’s ready to let loose. This is the Spin Bender Shot. LETS GOOOO! Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re Dude Perfect welcome to fidget spinner trick shots! Here we go! This is the Spinning Ninja Star sticker! Lets Go! Whooo! The Long Blue Weird One vs. The Dollar Sign. *Cha-ching* FIGHT! Golden Snitch vs. Rainbow Trout! FIGHT! TKO! This is the spinning bounce to a buddy shot! This is the blow dart spin shot. Ladies and gentlemen this is the Ten Spin Tower. Got to start with a solid foundation. Ahhhhh The Golden Beauty. And of course to finish it off: The Purple Hoser. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ten Spin Tower! What a beaut! This is the super-speed-spinning-spinner-strike-slamin’-smash shot! Here we go! I say we call that good. Hey, and also if you get too sweaty from sitting Indian-style too long use one of these to clean out your pits This is the Ninja Star Skeet Smasher. The Golden Beauty vs. The Dance Party! FIGHT! OFF THE TABLE! Ninja Star of Catastrophe vs. DP. 3 hour minimum spin time. (Only if you set it next to an aircraft). OFF THE TABLE! Get that weak stuff out of here! This is The Twin Toss! Got a little game for you guys. Comment below and let us know if this is the high to low or the low to high? Here we go Experienced ninjas only. This is the Kick Spin. Cory, launch me. (Cory): Gotcha. This is the Ninja Star Balcony Bottle Blaster! Nice, the bottle got blasted This is the super tall transfer toss. Coming up Cory. (Cory): Send it. What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here because you don’t want to miss our next video Beach stereotypes It’s going to be a good one also If you want your very own DP spinner click over here if you want to see the last video click over here Signing off for now Spin it and buy it. I’m just kidding you can if you want. We’re kind of over it. Pound it! Noggin! Later!

Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Cody: Ty, You got a package Cody: Tomato me. Ty: Gotcha. Cody: Thank you, sir. Ty: Yep. Cody: It kinda smells in here. I’m gonna light a candle. Cody: Hey Cor, don’t forget to take your vitamin. Chad: Codes, can you throw this away? Cody: I got ya Ty: Cake me. Thank you. Ty: One more. Cody: Delivery! Ty: We’ve got a hat rack for a reason. Cory: Hey, T. You forgot your backpack. Ty: Oh, my bad. Hit me. Thanks. Ty: Yep Cody: Hey, Gar, try this new game. Cody: Alright, I’m taking off. Ty: Alright. Hey, it’s cold out there. Cody: Delivery! Oh, damn What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Kay Jewelers for making this whole video possible. If you guys want to win Valentine’s day go to Kay or click here. They have all kinds of can’t-miss gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Also, if you want to check out our brand new series “Overtime”, click right here. Signin’ off for now. Pound it, noggin. See ya.

Ep. 94 – Monumental Day In Our Small Business' History With Matt Hasselbeck : PMS 2.0

hello it is Tuesday July 30th and yesterday was one of the biggest days of my life some people have said monumental I would say that I'm so thankful for everybody and everything both in this room and listening you are the absolute greatest human beings on earth I've been very fortunate to do a lot of very cool things in my life and one of them was almost going back and kicking in the NFL hey Pat do you think you could still play stick I was asked by former coach of mine I said let me give it a go kind of put everything on hold after I didn't get the Monday Night Football gig so I wasn't kicked some balls a couple months of training then I went and did a full stress test for said kicking coach I got on a plane to fly back to Indianapolis and my knee ballooned up bigger than I'd ever seen it before I potentially just shaved my legs with the llama or 2.0 so everything looked bigger for sure but I was sitting on that plane with my knee blowing up and I couldn't even get up to take a leak mid-flight cuz the knee hurts so bad and I had a nice moment of peace with myself like hey here's some real closure I wouldn't kick the ball as well when I had to when somebody asked me if I could kick balls I went and kicked a ball as well when I had to it would have been cool to be a place kicker in the NFL cuz no punter has ever kicked in the NFL and no kickers ever punted in the NFL for an extended period of time with any success would have been in a pretty large city third largest in America it was all amazing but that moment of closure I had on the plane I texted my agents my people and I said hey remember when I said that since I didn't get Monday Night Football is gonna go back to the NFL like I'm Jason fucking Witten my knees just told me that is not gonna happen my body just had a nice chat with my brain and say hey cuzzy we aren't doing this again my agent said well strap up buddy there's about to be a whirlwind the last two and a half weeks we've been making a lot of magic happen we've been meeting with a lot of people in the ESPN announcement for Thursday Night Football came within the last like five days in the eleventh hour and I couldn't be happier I couldn't be more honored and more excited about an opportunity I am the luckiest man on earth I said that in a tweet and I truly mean it I'm gonna try to make the most of this for everybody but this is not our last announcement we got some other things cooking for the fall that I think everybody's gonna enjoy and I'm proud to be doing it with my boys here we're gonna try to take over the world and do things the right way and without you listeners honestly I am nothing we are nothing and we are so so thankful speaking of being thankful I'm thankful for our presenting sponsor CD what a transition right there that's a professional transition if I've ever heard one today shows good by the way really good Matt Hasselbeck who's gonna be in the booth with me who was a former teammate of mine stops by on a FaceTime gives us a tour of his office and gives us an hour-long conversation about magic John Randall gets mentioned Brett Favre gets mentioned there's a lot of stories and a lot of future ambitions being talked about and I'll tell you what whenever we do this Thursday football game I don't want to promote you go into the game too much because you won't be able to hear us but if you're gonna get a ticket to the game you got to use C key cuz C key scans all the other ticket buying platforms to make sure you're getting the best value for the best tickets at the best possible time C kick is looking out for you because they're your friend in the ticket business right right friends do it's an easy app to maneuver no both words work they're just DoubleTap bang they're out the door from a code pack get $10 off your first order promo code and mcafee get $20 off your first order football is all the way back go get tickets to a game take a friend take a loved one take bear go alone he'll do whatever you need to do any football game any other sporting event any live event on earth get your tickets through our friends at C key cuz they're the best possible price for you and right now use promo code Pat $10 off first order McAfee $20 off your first order ladies and gentlemen good friend of mine joined us earlier hey how many years you played the NFL just so I get it right I did the math on Wikipedia but I think I was wrong well Wikipedia would tell you 17 but the answer is 18 that's why I asked see that yeah ladies I've also I've also only been struck by lightning one time like Wikipedia might tell you is that real oh yeah ladies ladies and gentlemen joining us now is an 18 year NFL veteran a man whose name is synonymous with the National Football League his brother his uncle his what the hell just happened you literally just flipped it upside down there to do that I thought I could get my little how do I get my buck got it we're good he is currently facetiming in he's mastered technology in this upcoming fall I will be honored to share a booth with him a teammate of mine a good man ladies and gentlemen part of the voice of Thursday night ESPN college football mr. Matthew we want the ball and we're gonna score Hasselbeck Congrats fat were fired up for you Congrats to you too man I'm so excited I'm so thankful huh I I didn't say this publicly but I do believe you were a pretty big part of this whole thing coming to be so I thank you for that just one of the many Pat McAfee fans out there a lot of fans man you got a lot of fans it's been pretty active today on the internet I'll tell you what I describe it as a monumental day in our offices small businesses history was yesterday because we got an atom bomb about us which is a massive thing mr. chef teah broke some news and the people that support our small business or the greatest on earth the video and the announcement did pretty well on the ESPN but this all came to be relatively quickly I think people should know that this is like a four day five day thing that has just kind of got tossed not tossed together I mean like rag though but it literally has come together in the last four or five days that's a true story yeah but but I would say maybe five six who knows could be seven years ago I don't how long ago you came to me with Adam Vinatieri he said hey I got this idea what are we gonna do after football and you had an idea for like a little small radio show Adam Matt and Pat Pat Matt Matt I'm Matt Patten Adam and we all thought at the time we thought Adam Vinatieri would be done playing football before we would be done sounds like 40 years old yes but here we are you and I are now doing stuff like this and he's still playing football but you had actually brought it up and we had talked about it and so I mean you kind of planted to see No well I appreciate me getting credit for this honestly that really makes me feel good Adam Vinatieri will kick until the day he dies I honestly believe that I think you'll die on a football field I think there's a chance but the Matt and Pat thing I've always been a fan you were my first guest on my local indie star show here in Indianapolis I got a chance to do a newspaper show on the internet which is really good and the technology was fantastic and we run it out a bar here called Kilroy and I would do my show live from there and my first guest was Matt Hasselbeck and I remember your reaction like it was yesterday he was absurd you were completely mind blown by the entire fucking thing I was a little surprised that you had a show and that it was so you know well attended I mean cacked the really think I was late to the to the show because I couldn't find a place to park not only was Kilroy parking lot full but like all of broadripple was full but it was fun you're a really funny guy I don't think I was really fully aware of how funny you were and your story you know basically your story I was a college kick slash punter and you know coming in to the NFL how you got to the NFL was pretty remarkable so I'm fired up man like I think there's a there's a there's a lot of people out there who know you know your story know your comedy I mentioned that Pat Mac if he's gonna be doing Thursday Night Football their eyes light up they smile they giggle they laugh they're like cause that's gonna be there's other people they're like hmm I'm not familiar yet you know what should I know and I don't even know what to say I think it's gonna be a good parent honestly I do because I've got a chance to call two games now I was with a Jayhawk the first game and he and I knew each other so he knew me right so he knew me so I could say things to him he could say things back with Robert Smith he had no idea who I was I don't think until the day before the thing and then when we went on air he's very nice man super professional man but he had no idea what was happening like he did not know that I was coming in full speed you know knowing me is a very good thing for me cuz I'm much more comfortable with people that I know because I feel like I can talk to them in the manner that I talked to people which obviously a joking manner without them really you know taking it too serious and I think your brain you're like a Rain Man for football I mean you've been around every single style of offense ever since you were a kid ball boy for the Patriots now you've gotten a chance to really work in every single offense you've been able to bounce around your knowledge of the game with my eye pretty good little intelligence of a football IQ but also the whole thing I think it's gonna be I think we're gonna be a tough team to beat honestly I am very excited the more and more I think about it I think it's gonna be tough to beat and I think we're gonna have a great time on Thursday nights well I'm surprised that you haven't brought up the fact that I was holding your footballs for you know feel good I'll give you a lot of credit for not taking the low-hanging fruit I'm impressed actually been introducing you to some people as my former backup quarterback hey hey about because I am I was there for a while I actually came up to you whenever we had who was a Josh Freeman and a little white kid Ryan Ryan Lindley yeah yeah those two came in from the last one Andrew Luck had a lacerated kidney I believe and you were the emergency quarterback and you were really feel a lot closer to playing that you realize I think you were ready I mean that's all the way that you attacked practice meeting rooms some punters wouldn't have been up for the task some non quarterbacks wouldn't have been up for the task you were definitely ready to go I'm actually a bit disappointed you never got the opportunity because I think you would have done pretty well I think you're miss reading the whole scene I was scared shitless do you remember you guys had this plan on the offense they just plant Charlie clipboard Jesus came in right away there's Charlie Whitehurst came in after luck got killed Matt got killed Charlie Whitehurst comes in he gets chased out of the pocket so hard he blows his hamstring against the Miami Dolphins he gets killed we have no quarterbacks literally no quarterbacks on the roster at this point that are healthy Chuck Pagano on his Tuesday press conference they asked him how he's gonna get through the game and he goes you were working out from gosh and we might have a package in for Pat McAfee and I was watching at home like what the fuck did he just say I was literally mine the blood I'm like no no no Chuck no no we've already got three quarterbacks killed this is the last game of the year I don't need to be stepping into a death trap here Chuck so I see them the next day nothing they bring in Josh Freeman and Ryan Lindley and we're watching the practice me and Vinny Terry and I'll tell you what neither of those guys could complete a completed pass I mean Wednesday Thursday was bad was it not it but this to them they got the win you know the coaching staff they had one guy responsible just for help you know the two-minute section of the playbook the other guy was responsible for 1st and 2nd down red zone do you remember this do you remember this though at the end of the first half you guys subbed in Ryan Lindley because he was doing the two-minute drill and whenever me and Vinatieri saw Freeman come out Lindley go in well I look at Vinnie and I go oh my god am I the backup quarterback Freeman get hurt so I walked over to you literally right over to you and I know what the fuck's going on he's Freeman hurt and you go I know this is the way it's been planned all along I'm like well somebody should have gave a thirsty guy I was just had a heart attack over there I thought I was very close to getting a game I thought you guys pulled Freeman cuz he was hurt he just got done playing for like the Long Island like Roy we got like the roller coasters or something he was in like the the WFL whatever it was and he comes in gets a win I thought I was close to playing that I was very scared and I remember that moment I sideline were you like notice the plane all along I'm like thanks for the heads up I mean there's 45 quarterbacks in a quarter bathroom not a single one could leak the information I mean I mean what do we got going on but ladies and gentlemen we interrupt this conversation to let you know that all those things that you thought were just collecting dust you know the VHS tapes the pictures from back in the day the Polaroids oh my god we're never gonna see that again wrong all my friends or although there is a company that takes all your old and adapts them with the new all you do is you go to legacy you get a box they send you this box and when it arrives it says let's restore our mem together basically we did this with old high school highlights of mine from kicking back in the day and whenever my recruiting film we put in a legacy box we shipped it off to them then what came back was a file with all my stuff on it so I could just utilize it in the computer boom video that I thought I'd never see again because he was collecting dust into McPhee's basement hello is back in the game through legacy box Oh picture that I would guarantee was get left behind no no not anymore now it's on a file and your friends at Legacy Box do that for you ain't I right see though oh yeah right now there's never been a better time to digitally preserve your memories it's a good line by the way visit legacy box comm today to get started for a limited time they're offering listeners of this show an exclusive discount total legacy slash America to get 40% off your first wow wow I didn't know is that big of a deal they're ready right now exclusive discount for listeners of this show legacy slash America legacy slash America save 40% get started preserving your past it's really cool it is it's a beautiful thing it is a cool again you would think that it would be tough for them to do but banging that box comes back in your memories are preserved it's tough for you to do it's easy for them to do take advantage of it yeah Todd and I had to travel around the entire city looking for a VCR when we were babies it is not easy to find a VCR just to watch the tape yeah it was my punt pass and kick tape allegedly my mom recorded the entire game until literally a minute and a half before I was about to be announced we had to watch the entire VHS in his man's basement because he was the only one we knew Avicii owner we don't owe a pawn shop to get a VCR didn't work went to this man's basement watch on his VCR didn't have the right footage had we wasted three hours of our life doing almost easier to build a time machine go back and borrow that one and watch it yeah here's the final natural DC now a legacy box is looking out for your past so that you can view them in the future legacy box calm slash America get 40% off right back to the conversation we go how have you enjoyed life since retiring has the media world been exactly how you thought it would be no it's not like I thought it would be but but it's been good you know I think if I could be serious just for a second you know the thing about playing in the NFL is like you get to be a part of a team and that could be your entire 53 or it could be a quarterback room or it could be just your offense you know or sometimes it's working with the athletic trainers to get back from an injury or working with the equipment guys to just get everything right you're working as a team and so I think it's the same thing like for me at ESPN I've got my Sunday countdown team oh this past year was Randy Moss Charles woods and Rex Ryan Samantha ponder like we came together as a team it was a new team this year just like in football Charles Woodson moved on he's doing something else and we've added Tedy Bruschi to our team so you know we're gonna this week actually we're going somewhere I don't want to say we're but we're going somewhere down south and we're gonna do an axe throwing competition we're gonna go whitewater rafting we're gonna come together as a team and so that's probably the thing in the media that I've enjoyed the most is like finding people who don't necessarily get the credit there's a lot of people that aren't seen on camera that are part of the success of a show or a segment or whatever okay so it's no different in football the offensive line and there's equipment guys there's you know there's all kinds of people that go into the success of a player of offense so I think it's the same thing in TV it's been kind of fun to get to know those people the people that are supplying Adam Schefter with some stats or information or working with Suzy Kolber on Monday night countdown getting her ready so it's just I think it's a I think that's the part of the business the part of the job that I've enjoyed the most have they I agree by the way with everything saying happy hour knew Thursday night football team's going somewhere – that's awesome hey Skyline Chili bro good and take her down anyways it's interesting that you say that about the getting to know your team and all the behind the scenes stuff whenever you're on the television it feels like and I'm getting into this world so I'm excited to kind of see how it all goes are you being told what you're allowed to say and what you're not allowed to say or is it all Matt Hasselbeck being Matt Hasselbeck no no we're absolutely not told what to say now we do sometimes have a meeting oftentimes we'll have a meeting about what we're gonna talk about so I think I can think of a couple times when you know maybe we'd have a meeting the night before and said all right who should the Eagles start tomorrow should be Carson Wentz or Nick Foles and everyone says Carson Wentz and there's a Garbo do we really want to all agree is there really gonna be that good of a segment and I'll say all right I'll take Nick falls into one of those situations and then you argue it usually it happens most in the playoffs like when the playoffs are coming down you're trying to guess who's gonna make it there is it that are the Falcons gonna run the NFC or the Eagles gonna run the NFC and and so sometimes you know like you might like all like the Cowboys and then like well we don't want to all take the Cowboys and then you know Brandi or Rex or somebody will be like all right you know what give me the Eagles I'm riding with the Eagles for the playoffs and that's sometimes how it goes down and quite honestly at that point we're kind of becoming fans you're just kind of becoming a fan this isn't like my go-to team but I'm gonna make them my team for the playoffs I think we just got hit by a lightning bolt you've done that before our building is potentially on fire how did you survive that well I was struck by lightning just once not twice contrary to what might be on the internet somewhere actually at Peter Laviolette wedding he is currently the head coach of the Nashville Predators and at the time I think he was just playing for the Providence Bruins was like was an amateur Olympic US Olympic hockey player he married a girl I grew up with and 16 of us I think it was 16 of us got struck by lightning at their wedding reception and we all survived one of us spent the night in the hospital it wasn't me it was my date but she's okay now I can I can can let you know everything worked out great I mean sparks were flying but it was a good experience I hope it doesn't happen again in fact my next I was in that it's my next college ball game we were playing I think we're playing at Michigan to open the season and sure enough would come out at halftime and there the game was like had lightning or like reports of lightning and everyone's like you know we'll just play through it I remember myself being like yeah do you get PTSD whenever it's a bad lightning storm like at that Michigan game really everybody hit the deck you know at first I was a little bit like how do I feel about this but you know truthfully I think like I was kind of losing my hair I was really stressing out about it but after I got struck by like I felt like my hair was growing back so like maybe there's some science to that so you know for anybody that's losing their hair you'll do anything not to lose your hair it's like I don't I'll do whatever so if you took getting struck by lightning now I didn't work but you know at the time that was one of the things through my mind I was like hey you know that's there's all this I'll take it were you ready to retire when you retired no I really wasn't I gotten so banged up that last year I was kind of we you know we just went with two quarterbacks that season and in DeAndre like myself and then we just would bring guys in week to week and so I probably played when I played I played because I wasn't really anybody else in the locker room that knew the playbook the dead Hasselbeck I completely forgot about that Thursday Night Football in Houston I walk in there's a dead body on the finger and I like kick it in and it pulls the hoodie back in two hours bump get up yet IVC northen you're the first guy to get the the Ebola from the burritos wasn't it wasn't Ebola week I had a PICC line in me before the game I think we took it out before the game but that was an example of like I definitely shouldn't have been playing in the game I was able to play in the game I was a miracle grace of God it was like an answer to prayer and literally you know you saw it like I thought I was gonna die so my thought at the time was I had stuff coming out of the Attic in the basement that one of the porters was like so was this like a vomit or was this diarrhea like question is that man you don't like it's just it was a bad place to be was it vomit but anyway at the end of the season I was dealing with a lot of stuff I had had a giant jury where I took a Whitney merciless helmet to the chin kind of got my jawbone so much that I lost hearing in my ear for a while couldn't chew solid foods for a while I had separated two ribs made it difficult like I was driving a car I couldn't turn left cause like in the pain that I would get really yet I was playing in NFL games on that so my last injury was a shoulder injury at Miami and I just probably needed a break and so the opportunity to go to work at ESPN was was there was afforded to me I got the opportunity to join the NFL Sunday countdown show which was Chris Berman a show that I grew up watching was just a huge NFL football fan growing up and so it was a chance to be on that show I was like that's a dream come true I'm gonna take it and you know hopefully have a better career after football than I had during football and in so that's kind of what I've been working at trying to get better and have fun and educate the viewer teach them something that they maybe didn't know before they sat down and watched us and also have a lot of fun in the process we just heard a story about a man overcoming some terrible circumstances mmm-hmm when I walked into that locker room and I saw somebody with their hood 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Louis Rams it was a game where Carson Palmer tore his ACL it was a lot of fun like I had a blast I did it without calling the game calling the game was a blast yeah not not not Carson after that yeah my bad yeah Tom it was really fun it was a lot of fun it felt kind of funny after the game I was going home and I didn't win or lose the game but I talked to us like for those who play who ever played in Arizona but the great things about playing in Arizona is after the game you share a parking lot with the home team and so when I was in Seattle we'd always play there and you'd kind of go hit up a tailgate and go grab a beer from like Russ Grimm the Cardinals offensive line coach or go have a beer with Ken Whisenhunt like before you jump on the bus and go home or something like that go have a burger or something well that IV Anette tradition kept going with Bruce Arians and so I think I think if I remember correctly I saw Bruce Arians in the parking lot after that game we had a quick little chat before I headed out and it was just like a great it was a great experience you know and there's not a lot of NFL football games that I've been a part of where I you know where I felt great about the game then I'll got to leave feeling 100% healthy and so this was one of those situations where no I was like okay I could get used to this and it was a lot of fun it was a good game so I've done that I've called two college football games Thursday night games called it with my brother Dave Fleming Laura Rutledge that was a ton of fun and last year I was able to call I think was last year the year before I called the ball with Sean McDonough so I've done I've done some things but this is the college football atmosphere is different than the NFL atmosphere in that it's an event when ESPN national TV college football comes to your campus it's an event people tailgating people are getting ready it's a it's the thing of the night that's what that's one of the things that it excites me so much about this yeah shut down the school we're coming to time that's what I'm pushing all classes at night cancel no class tonight see you later Matt Pat Adam Thursday Night Football Molly McGrath are in town shut the tan bad that's what I'm pushing for hard I'm pushing for that hard man what's your style in there are you super serious or you are you like hey this is brain surgery and hey you know me bro you know me and my dad were super serious bro you're a quarterback the super citizen do I ever really I mean I could go yeah we're gonna go let's go red left swapped a closi right sprint right corner you you know sprint right GU corner halfback flat we could go that way but there's just no reason to do that there's no reason to do that plus I know you I don't know if anybody could be serious with you in the room excuse me that is not a compliment I've been told by execs that that is not a compliment when I walked in to do that Packers game I thought the story a couple times on here and we had the pre-production meeting with the team we're in the Green Bay Packers like press area it's like in the stadium in Lambeau there and there's one little door in the corner that the players and coaches walk through and we're kind of set up scattered in there as soon as all the coaches open the door and Aaron and the other players soon as they open the door and saw me they just started laughing this was week 17 no playoffs on the line everybody injured they just open the door sir laughing as soon as they saw me and they sat down and I was like well fuck I'll just ask the first question in boys I mean that's what we're here for so then I kept it moving and I think one of the executives said that uh he said that he's never seen one of those meetings as loose and he's not sure if anybody can take it serious and I'm like well I don't know if that's a good thing and I was not offered a job so I'm assuming that wasn't a great thing I'm happy yes pen took a shot on it I'm happy it's a risk it's a risk I will say there might have been someone who said to me because maybe I was lobbying a little bit for you to I heard you were by the way oh man and I think someone said like you're in charge of him or like me it's like it reminded me of this I have three kids and when I leave them with like a babysitter when I would leave them with a babysitter I would say to the oldest child I'd be like hey you're in charge of them that's kind of what I don't like you out for right you know that guy who's yours I do that with valor pitbull shar-pei Sam and I whenever we leave the house we look at Val okay you're in charge and we leave so she's in charge of four cats another dog a mouse and implant a family of deer that live outside so I understand exactly I'm happy that you're the vowel and I'm the other animals in the house in the ESPN executives I that looked you right now I'm curious about your style what are we expecting what should I expect so that's an interesting thing like are you gonna want to cover like you know typically TV people when it's a pun they're getting ready to go to commercial yeah but you I've heard you say many times the punts the most exciting play and all of football I've also heard Ashley can agree now that I know you know now that you kind of explain some of what goes on the strategy of appoint all that stuff yeah you got to watch greatness very close I mean that's the type of thing that really can change things I mean if something awesome happens in the punting game I'm gonna want to let people know that field position matters I think that is something I'm gonna want to know and I feel like I know a lot not only about punters but returners and special teams in general kicking holding all of them and I can even long stamp if you need me so I feel like I know fourth downs pretty well but I think people are getting not people because I think my people rock with me a lot but people who don't know me they see the clips that we put on the Internet in the clip so we put on the Internet like me yelling at my phone like I very much know I can't do that on TV but that works on the internet right or the clip of the Prater touchdown like that's just one play that happened in a 31 nothing blowout in Lambo right so I feel like a lot of people who maybe don't know me just think that all times are gonna be go-go-go but the go-go-go doesn't work as well if there isn't some times that are down down down you know what I mean because the the Sun is brightest after the darkest dawn you can't always be up or people are just never gonna fall you gotta let him come down before you can bring him back up and I think that's gonna be my style oh I will I feel like I have a pretty good football IQ I feel like I'll get some good stuff out of you but boy if there's some excitement happening I'm gonna feel it I'm gonna ride with the teams that are having a good time but still college football what were the best college football stadiums you played in or what's a great college football atmosphere did you experience as a college player so when I was at West Virginia where the Big East yeah I was I was at Boston College in the Big East there we go hey and this is a tough game West Virginia rest in peace there Big East by the way we had a good run back there I feel like basketball and football for a while and then big money kind of eliminated Big East I thought Big East could get big money though I mean why couldn't big E's keep up with the big boys what happened that was the end of the football Big East yeah why did they lose Miami and Virginia Tech though that's what I'm saying like why did that happen ACC paid no more that's what I'm saying though my entire thing is why didn't the Big East just go ahead and the Big East was everything anyways when I play at West Virginia we're a pretty good team okay so everywhere we went it was like the Beatles everywhere we went it was like you know what I mean and rich fraud actually had an entire pregame speech we were playing USF the Bulls and they got good whenever we were kind of juniors and seniors they got fast and the only thing that could really hurt our spread offense was if you could get penetration with speed on our offensive line right so USF knew that they got fast so all of a sudden we're playing down in Tampa and they had an entire oh fuck what was the song there was a song party like a rock party a tire op star party that song was massive so we played them on a Thursday night that guy had a concert outside the stadium before the day it was it was a massive setup for this entire game in rich rod the night before he goes he goes they want to have prime-time television they want to have a concert outside they want to fill this place up well it's only because West Virginia arrived and they think they can keep up with us and he pulled out in New York Yankees hat and he said not yet we all we all wore Yankees hats into the game we lost they did arrive they did arrive and that was the last time I ever saw Richard do anything like that it was like normally rich rod was like how you guys are gonna get your asses kicked if you do this this this it was the first time where he like one on the other side he was like these motherfuckers think they can play with you know yet got Yankees hats it was like all right rich like we're going to do this thing and then we lost and but that environment was electric that was a way to go I think Florida this year us I don't know how they are now I mean I'm gonna start have to do some real research here on college football dig sent me over a 300 page in-depth college football preview preview basically I'm gonna read that tonight going into tomorrow I feel like I'm an okay hey that might be a Halloween bro Halloween there's gonna be that's gonna be a night down there I think it's a bailar though yeah we got a game also I'm excited for that good I mean it's a good lineup it's a good schedule I think there's probably people that are you know who will look at your games and say oh there might be a bigger game somewhere I think this is a fun game I think this is there's a lot of instant offense there's a lot of creativity I've been a fan of the college football Thursday night package anyway it's like you know there's like a hundred points scored in some of these games so I mean I'm excited about it I've not been to all of these stadiums all of these cities played in a lot of stadiums but not all these places so you know Tulane came down there should be I mean it should be kind of fun I think Oklahoma New Orleans New Orleans really [Applause] very similar those are very very chewy [Applause] called the weight of course 300 page book bro don't you guys worry I'm forte come on know about this no our first game we got UCLA at Cincinnati in 10th Cincinnati my parents are from Cincinnati a cousin in Cincinnati but here's Jim the punter for UCLA an Australian punter dude he was at Maryland last year was all ACC Puneeth punter he punts lefty punts righty Holly your age the Australians are starting to dominate the college punting world yeah some of them are like 55 years old too but they are fighting over the brand you better watch it there might be a new brand hey I'm cool with the blokes down there man I am cool I'm cool with as long as you bomb balls you're cool with me man that's all I care about somebody from Australia called me a coward though I almost was completely out on the entire island but I just muted the guy I'll never see him again I'm back on board with Down Under daughter what game are what gave me looking forward to most you know we got I mean it's always the first game you know what a hilarious line there that's the quarterback in them like the next game you know Pat's the next he's a little bit but it's hard to it's hard to look past it so I was just out in LA at dinner was that a thing with Chip Kelly he's the UNH guys a new hampshire guys and when guy to Kelly I've worked with them at ESPN last year he did college football in pro football we kind of shared a green room and we were like you know two ships passing in the night well we got to say hello and kind of rooting for him I committed the UCLA out of high school before Tom Coughlin got me to change my mind to go to Boston College and Luke nickel yeah I Matthew if people don't know about Luke trickle Luke's accolade Cincinnati is an awesome coach I had a coach tell me that Luke tickles the you know the best football coach he's ever been ER and he's this guy's been around Hall of Fame guys so I think Luke's fickle he's got a strong team cincinnati should be hopping you know Thursday Night Football to open the season so I don't know I'm fired up about that game it's a little bit of a homecoming and it's the first game kicking off the season for us so I knew I I felt the same exact way you said about all those things although that stuff my resources my sources said Luke fickle damn good football coach good football coach Chip Kelly same thing UCLA information for sure I mean I'm I'm ready to go to that since then you know we do have there's actually one night where the game is not on a Thursday night this year what one night we got to do a Friday night yeah it's like a competitive advantage thing so in the NFL you know if like one team has a bye week before a big game the other team doesn't like the team basically you're just screwed I mean college is a little more leeway so I think it was it's North Carolina so it's UNC Mac Browns back Mac is back first verse wait so that's gonna be Friday I think it's September 13th and that cuz of you know what happened before and what's happening after so so it's an equal playing field for both teams well Friday Night Lights bro I'm ready to bring it so what we could you you're up for one Friday right well they're calling me mister Thursday night already but if you bring me over Friday night I mean I'll I'll try and see what I can do the boys here are all big fans there some have some questions for you if that's okay sure all right Matt you already referenced to going out the night before the game for some dinner and stuff like that I don't know if you realize Pat puts out a podcast every Thursday some records on Wednesday so I think you might just be a new member of the podcast and I don't know if dinners happenin for you but welcome to team brother well you know Adam Amin who you know just kind of been a fan of watching him he's on everything and he calls everything the last thing I saw him caught it was the hot dog eating contest and he did an amazing job so he sends me a text and he's like hey looking forward to dinners Wednesday night you know like do you have any preferences like anything you don't want to eat anything you're allergic to and I'm like nah man like I'm let's go and he was like alright this is gonna be epic so I I'm kind of the food guy like when we would go out quarterback dinners the night before games I'd be the guy to pick the restaurant I put a lot of effort into that I really respect that Adams I'm fired up to kind of hit up the best restaurants on the road in all the cities that we get to go to you know the thing go to you know the spots you can't miss if you're in that city can't wait for you guys to do that another one Matt you referenced college football being an event in the atmosphere and how it's different from the NFL what was the best college atmosphere that you played in like best Stadium venue city anything like that yeah well I'll tell you the loudest Stadium for me Virginia Tech Virginia Tech and I played it at Michigan West Virginia was great Syracuse when they were humming with Donovan McNabb and that crew in a dome played in some great stadiums Virginia Tech they do this thing where they take their car keys out and they like jingle their keys in like whatever that frequency or whatever that place is loud play there many times I think I'm West Virginia desert to I think I don't know lived in the West Virginia when we were coming out your pad I probably told you this story we were run out of the tunnel when I was there West Virginia had this prank that they would pull on us where they would drop fake $20 bills as you were running out of the tunnel and so we're all running and Shane evidently guys stop you know your college gives you don't have any money coaches most people say batteries your monopoly money for sure wait till you do Ole Miss and Mississippi State near the fucking cowbells a signal IED those things are loud I got a chance to play down there in college obviously that's a Thanksgiving Day game oh those cowbells are going to be rich ride all week man all week speakers all the way up cowbell all so not only do we have to deal with it one day we got to get our eardrums blown out for five straight days it's gonna be louder than this they say it's Pearson he used to say and then we didn't win by enough he got mad at us afterwards was wild that guy was we get the I hopefully will get a chance to talk to him this year I have not talked to him since I played for him now he's offense coordinator for one of those Mississippi schools I can't wait to talk to I can't guess what the plays are gonna be but I'll be Tony Romo in that entire like a pitch for sure bubble screen touchdown Zito I can't wait to hear this mr. Hasselbeck if you could jump in a time machine and um what is one ball a little piece of advice you would give yourself as a young child young Matt talk to young Matt before the lightning strike probably just be yourself instead of trying to be somebody else like you know different parts of my football career or really anything you know you're a freshman in college you're trying to be like the starter who's a fifth year senior because he's the starter or whatever but like that's just a that's not an authentic version of what you are saying you get to the NFL Brett Favre's the starter in Green Bay you know don't try to be like Brett Favre just try to be the best version of you same thing on TV I think the biggest thing like probably the biggest struggle with TV is not trying to be a TV person talk like a TV person dress like a TV person just be yourself like just absolutely be yourself not that you might be more like a TV person I've been sweating my attire for this at this two-day trip this is my first impression with the ice bin I'm sweating this and now you're like be a minute I think just being yourself and like even for you if that means you know wearing a cutoff tank top under a sport coat like whatever like that's what it means it's like it's all good if you want to wear jorts or shorts to show off the you know the quads like go for it man like that's kinda I think that's probably the advice I would give too much Paul Reynaud for them the farming day one thank you for that that felt good I can't wait to see what I put together now I got my lady out shopping right now that's the type of situation that happens anytime I have to dress on what stores like where does she shop for you for on-air content pretty sure we stopped JC Penney's first stop JCPenney's probably first thought and then you probably go over Nordstrom if you really gotta clean it up you know cuz they got they got good pants that fit the legs that make me look professional but this is every time I got to be on TV Sam has to do this because I ruin everything else I wear one of your sizes what's your pant size like cuz you're you're not a you're an athletic build yeah 38:32 interesting and is 830 because your waist is 38 or is it 38 cuz your quads are robots yeah it's the quads it's right everybody's like oh we're tighter pants next time it's like every pair of pants is tight pants but I don't like this since I'm like 14 years old – so I'm sorry you hate it but I hate it to be able to breathe a little bit downtown you know my thighs have touched in some nine years old what do you want to get off of my ass but anyways I'll wear stuff and then I just throw it in a corner like oh I'll never have to wear that suit again and then I have to get it like two days before I have to do something and it's like well can't wear that it's literally crimp-fold in a ball over there so every single time it's the same mistake over and over again I think I'm gonna buy a I think I'm gonna get a thing of nice clothes though cuz I'm gonna have to or drink yep they're this but one of those plastic like a garment bag I got a garment bag don't you I don't know if I have an arm whop it's actually called a wardrobe will you describe it huh what a wardrobe yeah but I want it I want it to be like visible on the movies yeah when you walk in like oh take that one you know what I mean have them hang it up there maybe they're all cleaned I don't know how that's we're gonna keep that well yeah I got to do that now if you know they have dry cleaners that will come to your house stairs I don't know if they have them where you live you're kind of you're probably out there pretty far but they've good dry cleaning services you know you like you order a pizza India night without like marinate delivered here I live in America I live in America Indianapolis is America I miss where I live what are you implying there well I'm just saying like just like ordering a pizza you don't have to go get the pizza there are like dry cleaning server is that I like pickup at your house on like Tuesday night and Friday night or something like that I could door – dryclean yeah it's a thing I'll tell you what this office is very sick at door – people not going all the way in the door there's been almost three wars at this office right in front Tim active he's leading the charge tomography is not if they don't come to the door Tim atrophy refuses to get his food he'll have them sit out there in a car all day if he has to Zito – Zetas waged war on people Zino's trying to get door – shut down because they won't come to the door so let's hope the dry cleaners come all the way to the door how many suits life entertainer what you have a tailor I can already tell I had a tailor in Indianapolis actually I was Adam Vinatieri tailor he's very good yeah and reporter and reporter are very good I ordered some stuff for and reporter yeah he's great he's great man I think I paid him to I never gone yeah you would he made out I'm gonna carry one of the best-dressed guys on that team oh yeah he started wearing like bracelets and stuff – he's moving all into the best shot in the Hat he's got the three-piece got like the little like pocket watch that goes with it yeah easy shoes Gucci shoes oh yeah I'm not sure about the brand on the shoes but I'm certain I saw him in Gucci flip-flops another day there you gotta take care of the moneymakers you know Vinny's the best dude he really is the best I mean you you are as well Todd McComas has a question for you first of all congratulations to both you guys the real winner or the college football fans for sure but also you guys win and I just wanted to look at it this way for a second like I assumed that the best guys in the booth are the best because they are both analysts and entertainers so it seems like if you look at this particular booth that's kind of a Frankenstein's project they created the perfect monster because they brought in mr. Entertainment and mr. X's knows you're a guy with one of the most knowledgeable extras and those guys do also funny and Matt well the funniest guy that came out of the league is also knowledgeable on football and Pat is there any thought that you guys this is like the most perfect situation for each of you because once you leave maybe you leave with skills from each other that you didn't have before look at that you hear what he just said you know I've actually talked about that a little bit I think teammates one year you said Pat hey like would you mind in the offseason like teaching me about the football football defense is coverage how you read cover let see things through the quarterbacks lens you know like all that kind of stuff and but I think the thing that people probably don't know it would be easy to categorize Pat as like just a funny guy or like just a pointer but he really is way more than that like wow knows football Pat was sitting on quarterback meetings he would sit in on their position meetings he would I mean he's been coached by some of the best coaches he's been teammates with some of the game's best players of all time it's played against some of the best players he could tell you what it's like to tackle devin hester or antonio brown or maybe try to like he's got the football experiences that football player and that football coaches don't have and so I think I think pacts that's gonna surprise some people with his football knowledge he's more than just a pretty face no doubt I think conversely do you feel like you're going to develop a little some comedy chops of your own it's gonna be your timings gonna be up hey when you leave there you're just a little bit funnier than you were when you first arrived Matt I am gonna set you up for some incredible moments I want you to know that there's gonna be moments for you to really and I don't say bury me but if there will be moments for you to really and I'm excited for you to seize those opportunities yeah yeah that's I'm looking forward to it bad I don't think we need to over oversell it you're gonna be it's gonna be fun here's what I think here's what I know I know our game sometimes will start an hour earlier than the NFL game let's go I know the NFL game that's gonna be on it'll be a blowout or maybe people have money on the college game or maybe they just have commercials and they want to flip over to our game that'll be so entertaining they'll forget flip back to the okay Howard whatever the reason why ever you're on Thursday night football watching the college game whatever the reason we're glad to have ya Pat's gonna make it fun Adams gonna make it fun Molly McGrath is an awesome sideline reporter she's from my alma mater BC Boston College she's been doing it a long time she knows what she's doing I think it's gonna be a great team it's gonna be a great year in college football and we'll screw up we're gonna make mistakes we're gonna say stupid things we're gonna say things and regret that we said I'm sure you do it 200 but it's gonna be you know what it's gonna be entertaining it's gonna be fun we have met director I've met our producer a producer he calls me he's produced Wimbledon so if anybody had watch Wimbledon this year Oh produce Wimbledon done very well Eddie I call him and I'm like oh man you know what's that we talked for like 45 minutes I'm like so we're you and he's like oh I'm over in London right now I'm like dude am I getting billed but it's a great crew it's a great crew and I think it'll be really fun well I get tickets to Wimbledon extra yeah if you want to go I think there's a dress code you got to be in all white uh-huh okay Joe I'm ready for y'all white party for sure I'll come in yeah I got some nice pair of white shorts like to wear Hey hi I got some day go shoes for you can wear hey now we're talking about the Gucci's automated fare combos let those things Rock the whites I'd fit right in when women would not get some big glasses on sunglasses they all wear the sunglasses and then I'm gonna be the first to clap now stop I know the timing I know there's a timing of a clap yeah I'm excited for you to go to Wimbledon that's better than anything we could have possibly done none to call Thursday night football I think bonus bonus get to go to win wouldn't talk to your point these two uh-huh iron sharpens iron oh that's what I'm thinking see that's what I see my money that first Bible verse reference proverbs 27:17 well done guys good job how about this book of Noah page three he said I need to build big boat in Cincinnati there is an actual Noah's Ark by the way and he's my guy it's gonna be I gotta tell it I get its own story is to identify lock rings you always say a prayer before it after the game okay and one time Pat and I were teammates and we're getting ready to like everyone takes a knee you say a prayer God doesn't take his hat off in the prayer and like there's a bunch of people like on the team in the locker room hey take your hat off take your hat off figure out before we pray and Pat's standing there in the back you know probably observing everything I'm not sure what you were doing but Pat goes hold on if whoever we're praying to can't hear our prayer cuz that dude's got a hat on y'all are praying to the wrong dude I say it a lot for planes like when he tell me to turn my phone off I'm like if this planes gonna go down because of this phone I don't want to be on this plane to begin with god bless you Matt on a point fair point god bless you you got anything yeah as a Packers fan I have to ask do you think you'll ever live down though we want the ball and we're gonna score and if not how much shit do you still get from it I'm totally 100% cool with it it's our first playoff game when I was in Seattle those were my best friends in you know in Green Bay though as that I was playing with I was talking trash to my buddy Ryan long well part of the reason why I wore number eight in Seattle is because he was my kicker I was the holder he was number eight he was a good friend and actually I'm gonna I can I move with you guys right now don't like Packers shrine down tube special so good timing this is my first quarter about clue right here is Andy Reed like a Doug Peters Red Fort Meyer Brett Favre's that's me the kid here right a broken nose in that picture there we're moving on we had Mike McCarthy we had Aaron Brooks Danny Wuerffel where am I going here can you guys see this Darrell Bevell for you know what the lesson was playing with Brett Favre was part of the lesson was like you gotta have spawning you got to cut it loose we had played them earlier in the year and I didn't cut it loose everyone told me hey control your emotions you're playing your old team I controlled my emotions and I played like very average so we went into that game and it was like but it loose I teen teens go into Lambo get nervous mystique Lambeau Field cold weather the message to our team the message from Mike Holmgren the message from John Randle our defensive captain who was an awesome guy really fun you should have him on some time was cut it loose believe in yourselves let's go in there just have fun and that's what we're digging you know that one didn't doubt but trust me I've talked a lot of trash and a lot of games and that just happens to be the one that got picked up and also didn't work out I enjoy trash talk by the way that's the way it's a competitive nature that's what you're supposed to do I like that line I saw recently on Michael Strahan 'he's instagram michael strain had to post the other day on his instagram in my depth talking smack against the philadelphia eagles and it was like i had to watch it twice because I was like wait what's what's the point and then I realized was like oh gosh when you watch an NFL game like you don't get to hear that stuff yeah let me just think that I don't know what you think but that's what it sounds like if you want to know what an NFL game is like for real into Michael straight hands recent Instagram post and it's just like yeah all day long and now there's some guys they talk all day long like Walter Jones my left tackle in Seattle he didn't like to talk he didn't like to hear people talk he would come up to me and he'd be like hey could you please not talk smack to anybody today because I don't want to hear that guy talk all day you know I love that though I I think more people should know that because we live in a world now where you can't say anything to anybody you know it's not expected but I mean in between the lines it's a whole different world in there that's why you can watch entire lacrosse team start swinging on each other and nobody's arrested for assault it's like in the competitive world there's just things that happened that are all fun now granted there's people that cross the line those people should not do that just like people in real life cross the line I enjoy friendly banter though I absolutely love it I mean it's kind of my it's literally my thing I think I think friendly banter is my thing well earlier in that game that Green Bay game I think we played them so many times in the winter and then the cold and I think he maybe even in playoffs but in that game and it might have been the coin toss it might not have been I go up to Brett Favre Brett Favre's a friend he's a great guy as a mentor all this and maybe I've told you this story before I don't know but he said hey did you hear I had a winter hat on it can stay here what happened last night in Milwaukee I'm like what and he pulls the hat down over my eyes he's like the lights went out friends playing against friends that's awesome you're a hell of a quarterback man you're a hello you were a hell of a quarterback and I mean that now granted you you what was that movie like Rookie of the Year or whatever where that one particular baseball player had like the snake and the voodoo snake in the locker Oh major league major league right Hasselbeck was kind of like that this dude showed up with these tights on his ankles though for the the high the three-quarter length tights on his legs during offseason workouts he had this wristband on that had like copper in it so it bounced off his sole why are you dressed the way you're dresses like I the body's getting old man gotta take care of it listen compression socks I had a guy out in California telling me he's like listen you know all you football players get in the cold tub this is like a CrossFit guy actually supple leopard Kelly Starrett look him up k-star he had told me hey listen instead of the cold tub you should try compression sock elevation you know a normal normal tech boots mark Pro and gave me all these things to try and I never felt better I was 38 years old and all of a sudden as a 39 year old I'm racing Andrew Luck and Chandler Harnish and these young quarterbacks and hanging and I couldn't hung with them when I was 35 so you know I think it's that was just an example of like when you're getting older you got to find new ways to train new ways to recover that's it looks stupid oh boy it's okay you showed up to the team I was excited for for the Hasselbeck to be here you know okay we got a new backup quarterback and then we do the first like OTA workouts this guy looks like a nine year old literally who the hell is my worries what hey that was you know that was before compression sleeves were I think you were like the first person I saw wearing compression shit like honestly you really were into bad luck it can be a bad look and I was rocking it anyway then you weren't you know I was never I was never the oldest guy in the team thanks Adam Vinatieri that was that was like uh I kind of just like snuck in him so like all the you know on every team the oldest guy gets the old jokes you know but he took the brunt of them for me so I was at all Todd's are old dude oh yeah a lot great I know um hey that video just resurfaced it's not its first time out but just resurfaced Brett Favre Ty Detmer nickel package who gives us yeah is that real it's real I mean he tell he's such a great Brett Favre was just a great storyteller I think that's probably one of the like I don't know if people know it he's a great joke teller a great storyteller that's why it's kind of a cheat it is a true story in you know not to retell it but basically the offensive coaches were like well when they go nickel it's the five percent of the time it's this and when they go nickel it's twenty eight percent of times that and farm finally had enough of a relationship with his backup quarterback Ty Detmer I was like hey can I ask you something in confidence what's it mean when they go nickel he's like well if you're serious it means that they take out a linebacker and put in another DB so five addy B's nipple and he's like so that's a little bit one of the things that I learned from Brett Brett Farve it's just that hey don't make it so complicated just go on cut it loose have fun like you're playing in the yard with your buddies like you did at recess and he still does that for Wrangler playing with him he still plays in the yard for Wrangler him and his dog and they're throwing a boy yeah he's the copper bracelet yes exactly that's why now that I go through the as-seen-on-tv aisle I just see the Matt Hasselbeck care package basically for whatever you're playing and I'll never forget then I go in there and you got this supplement for this and then while I don't know if I could take it yet you said that because it was something you just you were a man who left no stone unturned and I was so impressed by it because I did nothing and I was so impressed my house like you know what maybe I should start stretching or something this guy's been in a league a long time what did you do did you take vitamins did you do anything mostly my vitamins yeah mostly well I just remember you know those Norma tech boots were strange in sports there's like every sport they use these boots but they made like a new hip thing and I was doing it after every training camp practice and my dorm room was across from venit Aires dorm room and I put the I put those on him the next night he's like what are these things you're doing so I put them on Adam Vinatieri the game's greatest kicker yeah the next day he wakes up he doesn't feel real good and he skips practice see like misses practice and I had the athletic trainers go to me and like yell we think he's gonna be ok but we can't think of anything he did differently besides this know these Norma tech boots and I'm like I swear they're the best thing that's not what her done I swear like I left the meeting like what if I'm the guy that ended because what worked for me didn't work for him but i normal I enjoyed the Norma tech is to jump into cold zone 2 I'd go in there for like 12 minutes I used to have like a fool because people used to flush and they would alternate they would go hot for three cold for two hot con artists it had an entire science and I tried to do it a couple times I was like well I'm not getting back out of the cold I'm not getting back in this so I'm just sitting there for 12 minutes and I would have the full mental thing like you can do 12 minutes to feel better tomorrow and it did and then the Norma tech boots kind of took over for that I was just that's like a camaraderie spot with your very true teammates in the locker room that's probably the best thing about it we got these we got bees flying around guys let's hope Thursday night successful for both of us huh maybe get a better house instead of a bug infested weather Matt you're a gentleman and I'm so thankful I got to be your teammate to watch you operate honestly you came into that locker room and really turned things around from a camaraderie standpoint that is what a veteran quarterbacks supposed to do you knew your role you executed it beautifully I was lucky to be your teammate and I'm excited to be your teammate again on Thursday nights I think we're gonna do very well and I'll tell you what I'm not looking too far ahead first game UCLA you see for sure but I plan on this being a nice catapult to a prime prime prime time spot for you and not Matt and Pat and I am excited to dominate this year with you brother tonight looking forward to it man all right I appreciate you ladies and gentlemen 18 year NFL vet a man who has learned so many things and is willing to share them with everybody the book of Matt page one has just started ladies and gentlemen Matthew Hasselbeck [Applause] ladies and gentlemen our reading by Zito [Laughter] listen up Amazon Prime members for a limited time you can start an audible membership audible membership and save six sixty six percent on here first three months a total of $30 off wow that's like getting three months for the price of one that is 66 would be two thirds what kind of membership was it audible okay you said it twice as if you didn't say it right the first time yeah we think you said it right the first time I know I I don't look back and just make sure he called an audible yeah on the audible on the actual audible okay you'll pay just for ninety five per month for the first three months after that it's only fourteen ninety-five per month offers valid from seven one night July first no yeah July first offer is valid from July 1st 2019 through July 31st 2019 how we got to get on this now listen that is not a lot of days Udo doesn't know but that is one more day call an audible in your life and do this oh yeah all the members get a credit every month good for any audiobook you are store regardless of price and to audible originals so audible is an audiobook site correct yes sir that's stuff that great comedy on there too really yeah yeah okay look at audible has a large selection of audiobooks on the planet which lets you fill your summer with more stories like come on you reference the one oh you thought that was inside your head though yeah we all oh yeah my stamina [Laughter] okay let's call some action here visit audible visit slash America or text America to 500 500 to get started today well by you yeah so what is it you can text 500 500 Ericka America and you get 495 membership to audibles book club probably where you can select any of the books that they have which is an immense collection of books ones that resonate not only with me with everybody I'm very thankful for audible I'm getting into the audiobooks by the way nice the month Meister man ABC II might be a nice way to fall asleep in it yeah I think people have told me audiobooks are the way to go Sam has gotten into reading heavily she's been reading a lot I mean there's a lot of murder stuff so it's gonna freaking me out but she's been reading a lot and I think I'm gonna get in the audiobook game inaudible is the perfect place to do it because they have a very massive collection of audiobook that is slash America and what do they get they get three months four four ninety five five it's an incredible deal if you don't like it get the hell out of there but less than five bucks it's worth to see if a book is worth the trip for moddable for you lone survivors were in Medan the first one I'm gonna listen to they say to read it and spell it out so a UD IB le dot c om / am er IC yeah that was mandatory in bold now spell reason eight I mean looking up where I read it at I'd assume it's in parentheses somewhere oh yeah there is re s o n8 e resonate oh there you go welcome back that's today's show big thanks to Zito massive thanks to Hasselbeck hashtag engange hashtag endgame you know what I just I just want to give away stuff Oh as a thank you you send a funny tweet to us any of us makes us laugh free merch coming I think 20% off our entire store right now hashtag Thursday night McAfee Phil Nick the boys wanted to have a celebration sale in the store go buy anything you want for 20% off hash tag Thursday night McAfee promo code other than that I'm so thankful for everybody you guys are the absolute best this fall is gonna be awesome I think we're gonna really do some good stuff and hopefully will penetrate your ears with some happiness that's all we're trying to be as a mental vacation for you and we're lucky that you rock with a stye Schmidt hit the music

Dak Prescott: "Business is Business" | Dallas Cowboys 2019

I didn't did a lot of makeshift stuff I can't dance I'm not worried about that one yeah I mean yeah we've talked quick communications but that's all business that's for him to handle for my job right now is just come out here make sure this team is getting better I'm making sure I'm getting myself better and everybody out here that's that's our main focus is being being the best thing that we can be with everybody that's here we know he'll take care we've got a good relationship my purpose and my plan for this team as simple as I said just to come in here and get better that's my only focus that's my only goal for at the end of camp is to make sure I can say we get better each and every day and that's where my focus is is all that yeah same way I'm neither to talk about my contracts that stuff I mean talks I'm sure at this point it continuously happened but for me it's about to come out here and focus on this not be distracted by any of that that I near that stuff any of that conversation and just focus on getting better being the best player that I can be and make sure everybody around me is as well I don't get distracted as I said I put my focus into this and that's the easy part for me to do all happen when it happens I know I'll be better by the time the regular season starts so as I said it's more focus one more time what J do you say I hear you yeah just my footwork working to continuously just hammering that down being rude detailed to the footwork into the details of that when your feet are right when your feet are fast when they're urgent it allows you to make every throw every throw on the field I does a great job of staying on top of us out here at practice going in the film room and making sure that we touch up on as well and I'm seeing the improvement feels great I mean you play the game with your eyes but you so I mean obviously you have to see where you're going with it and then obviously that comes down to the feet but when your feet are in place your eyes can be elsewhere looking somebody off and you know you got to come back to a certain receiver and it helps to just have your feet there I mean every aspect of this game is hard to just say to say one thing I mean from from accuracy from leadership standpoint from just going out there and expecting a lot from for myself and from others it's huge I mean it's it's at this position there's so much that and embodies that embodies getting better embodies what the team needs so for me is about coming out here getting better and pushing everybody else around me that's my plan it was great I mean it was great all offseason Offspring having him there him just getting back in the groove spent some time over over July with him and just him coming out here I mean had had missed a beat if anything obviously he's getting better I was just just shows you another another level of wedding another chapter in his story of just how he continues to get better and didn't surprise anyone just that camaraderie I mean when you go out there with those guys the trainings one thing you know you're gonna go out there and you're gonna spend a few hours training hammering it talking about how once you here on this route or what I'm thinking on this rod and vice versa but when you leave there you play a couple of rounds of golf you have dinner those type of things in those conversations Titan is getting no receivers better me getting to know them better all that pays off and then when it comes crunch time in a game you can look at a guy and you know you've put in time that camaraderie and you've created relationship that that it's easy at that point there's is a great player I mean he's fast always continues to learn I mean the hard work as simply as you said he was on the trip he wanted to go on the trip and extended that out to a lot of people some people obviously had I had things to do a couple of weddings this isn't that so the guys that weren't there I mean it wasn't they obviously had a great great reason to not be there they wanted to be there but Adair's comes in he works hard each and every day and it's going to pay off for him every aspect but I mean just the footwork with kid 'no just just the way that i'm delivering the ball and continuing to be accurate accurate it just all goes into its at the time that I've spent in it just the work I put into the offseason when you come out here it's just it's just another day because I've been stacking good days on top of good days of training and it's just great to be out here with the team doing it getting the ball in the air and getting some completions I mean just for this year I mean each and every year you have confidence you say this is the year you say this is we've got a great team but you look around you look around this team we have this roster that we have the talent the leaders that we have it's the win and to win everything and we've got the people to do it so it's got to just come in and stay focus and make sure that we're holding each other to to those expectations or to that standards and everything we do not just on the practice field but off the practice field as well in the meeting rooms hanging around whether it's at dinner or not everything you do have to carry yourself in that manner so for me it's just about just holding everybody of those expectations I mean we have high expectations I think our expectations for this team and I know mine for this team are probably higher than than anyone so pressure is what you create you put pressure on yourself when you come in and you focus and you focus on what you're supposed to do and you focus on the things that you can control the pressure goes out the window are those type of things really don't matter because you know your can you're in control so that's my mindset I know that's this team's mindset and if we can continue for that just to be contagious and everybody have that we'll put ourselves in a great position yeah I mean you always talked about and I think that's something that you have to do is continue just to remind guys to put down the social media put down those things unless you want that stuff to creep in your mind because it's real and it will but when you when you wear the star you've got to know that that attention comes with it good and bad and I think we have a lot of great guys and I think they've done a good job as an organization of putting the guys in in these uniforms and out here that that can't handle that I've been probably been through things off the field and in their life or some some some aspect or another that scrutiny or good or bad or attention doesn't affect the way they play or go about their day so I'm in credit to all those guys for the men we have yeah I mean as I said I mean I signed up for this position as a little boy a long time ago knowing that you take the heat and you get the credit and that's part of it that's something that I love something that that pushes me is something that drives me so as I said pressures what you put on yourself off so for me is about focusing on things that I can control and as long as I do that they'll be great – Jai mean that's that's what this spring was was great for us about just in that offseason just getting those reps in I was important as much as anything to get with those guys in July just to make sure we're cleaning up some of those things as we did down in San Diego and then now I mean seasons less than a month away so I so you've got to tighten all those things up but for the most part we've got a great relationship those guys are veterans and those guys have been great in this league for a reason they know how to come in each and every day give themselves a chance and get better and so it just allows our relationship to grow faster as you saw with coop the way we just excelled to the latter part of the year last year just it's only gotten better on cobs the same way as an amazing player it's just fun to work with him really smart really intelligent and all that stuff will pay off yeah I'm sure I'm sure just knowing just knowing his love for the game knowing his love for his teammates I'm sure but business is business that's that's for him and his team down yeah says a lot about Zika because these guy that comes in each and every day and does does things the right way on as I said we're not we're not worried about it because we know wherever he is he's doing things the right way he's getting himself ready he's probably running the same drugs that GB would have him going through so we're not worried he's a professional he takes care of his business when it comes to this game and that's some we're all thankful for and then it just this team it just shows our camaraderie shows the Brotherhood that we've created that we've created over the years for the guys that have been here and then the guys in the spring that have come in and I've been thankful to be part of this we've got a great team with us because we've got a great a lot of great people off the field that we just we stayed tired we stayed tighten it and when we come on the field things are easier yeah I mean simple as that I mean you can be motivated motivated or last for so long you can be inspired that's the reason you wake up but when you're driven that never ends I'd like to say one scan once can be pleased and these can be satisfied but when you're driven it never ends and it's just important just to know that each and every day to come out here you're with a lot a lot of guys and a lot of men that are driven and driven for the same goal and we all have that in mind as long as we're coming out here and doing everything we can with that goal in mind we'll put ourselves in a great spot yeah great young back great young back that wants to learn that's continuing to get better I mean I know we're just out here going against going against the scout team right now but making great cuts being in the right spot getting out of the backfield running clean routes and he's only going to get better him that goes for him and a bunch of those other young backs are this is a great time for them I mean I talked to a couple of young girls and told him it's an opportunity don't ask why I came she's go out there and get better and they've definitely done that in day one and look for him to continue to do that throughout camp I didn't necessarily use myself as an example I guess I could have but yeah I mean is this important now opportunities happening you know you just never asked why I mean table take them and run with them and that's the important part about it because if you don't I we all know they can pass you by and then then you'll be pissed yeah it's great it's great it's great just to see just see I'm healthy I mean a great dude just being healthy being back out here knowing he's happy knowing he's doing what he loves and then when you get down there and you're getting the trenches getting X and O's and you're making calls you're somebody that that you're comfortable with making all the right calls it's good as good as it allows me to go out there and play just that much faster allows the whole offense to get going a little faster knowing we've we've got that man back so yeah thankful for him you appreciate it

Inside Cowboys Training Camp: Building to 53 | Dallas Cowboys 2019

the Dallas Cowboys training camp has begun we're in beautiful Oxnard California and it took almost a half an hour for reporters to ask the Cowboys brass anything about anything besides contract hi everybody I'm Brad sham with Mickey Spagnola here we are at the river ridge complex where the Cowboys will officially begin practice tomorrow but it won't look much like a practice more about that later we are not surprised that Ezekiel Elliott samson's from camp was the dominant story in the opening training camp practice with Jason Garrett Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones I was a little surprised at how many questions and the nearly a half hour of them that it took to talk about that and nothing else well and I think that the good thing about them talking about as extensively as they did I think they should have kind of quelled fans fears that oh this is Armageddon because zekiel Ali is not here for the first day of training camp the Cowboys don't seem like they're over reacting to this Stephen Jones understands that doing these contracts you have to work through things and so they're not panicking at all right now as a matter of fact Stephen Jones said they planned for this there's no surprises we've been doing this for 30 years and so it's a part of the game you know the great news is you know the organization from Wilda Jason de jure to our scouting staff Arco have done a great job of assembling a lot of young players and with that comes expectations from the players from the agents and it's and it's part of it and we're certainly going to work through it I think Jerry's really addressed everything there is to address about Zeke and you know we're just going to go to work and do what we do in terms of continuing to work to keep this team together I don't want to seem Cavalier Zeke is an outstanding player I don't want to seem cavalier about it but I also don't want to be unrealistic being alarmed about it this is what we do the air we breathe and if you flared and and knee-jerk tore went just because you have parts of it that need addressing you couldn't you wouldn't be a good manager and you wouldn't be functioning so I just want to put it in perspective one other thing that both Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones made clear was that they would answer all the questions today and they don't really want to talk about this anymore and they don't intend to go and fall should we hold them to that go ahead you know and it's not just a zq Elliot's contract that the Cowboys have to work on the other contracts they have to work on as Steven Jones said they need a mari Cooper and dak Prescott so all these three things are tied together it's not just Zeke they got to figure out how to sign all three guys and that's their intentions and as Steven Jones said you know we've had talks and we'll see where this goes going forward and as they both like to say they're not done until they're done by the way Byron Jones is in the same category and no one's talking about him and don't think that hasn't registered with Byron but he's gonna be on the physically unable to perform list to start camp and that also is not as alarming as it sounds so we're about ready to get on to the business of football I think and we're gonna talk a little bit more about what that will look like beginning tomorrow when they hit the practice field for the first time when we continue on inside Cowboys training camp inside Cowboys training camp presented by Ford is brought to you by AT&T more for your thing that's our thing Sleep Number the Sleep Number 360 smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store and by Ford visit your local Ford dealer Ford is the best in Texas this segment is brought to you by Sleep Number the Sleep Number 360 smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store welcome back to beautiful calm and quiet for the moment Oxnard Brad sham Mickey Spagnola inside Cowboys training camp once the conversation about contracts was put aside Jerry Jones Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett talked about their expectations for their team's starting with practice tomorrow those expectations are high they are and you know what Brad they should be high the way this team finished the second half of last season going seven in one and just big performance by a bunch of people including dak Prescott Amari Cooper the entire offense and the way the defense plays I think the Cowboys are looking at this and I think most people are looking at they need to take the next step in cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his expectations are high too I expect us to be a better team and think that our personnel supports that the experience gained as Jason mentioned earlier supports that I am real impressed with the staff that Jason has put together here so I expect us to be better everybody knows that that improvement is going to be evaluated daily and in the eye of the beholder if there are some people out here who don't think practice was sharp enough then the season is going right in the dumper because clearly they're not gonna meet those expectations right and I think the expectations are high for a couple reasons let's think about this and Mary Cooper did what he did last year not having been with his team till middle of the season dak Prescott got better when Amari Cooper now just think those two guys working in the offseason I think there's an expectation right now that Travis Frederick is going to get back in here and be the Travis Frederick of old you add Jason Witten to the offense you add a healthy healthy Zack Martin because remember he was playing that second half with a sprained knee Connor Williams looks the part of a Pro Bowl guard now he's put on strength weight and he looks the part so I think there's just so many indications at least from the offensive standpoint that this team should be better than where they left off last year on that side of the ball and there's a lot of excitement about the young defensive players and those are the things we'll be talking about in the coming days but we want to give you an impression of what to expect when they hit the practice field for the first time tomorrow and we'll do that when we come back on inside Cowboys training camp in Oxnard this segment was brought to you by Sleep Number the Sleep Number 360 smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store welcome back to Oxnard to the Cowboys training camp Brad sham Mickey Spagnola the opening festivities have gotten underway with the opening press conference so now practice today and tomorrow but it's not gonna look like what people normally expect football practice to them yeah basically that first practice on Saturday and Sunday will be mini camp practices so helmets Jersey shorts no contact and no offense versus defense either yeah walk through that or one-on-one great drills so yeah that's the way that's gonna look and and we'll see exactly who's out there practicing there's a handful of players who are on physically unable to perform which just means they're not ready to pass their physicals yet and then there's another list who are not ready to fully participate in team practice but that list is going to be according to Jason Garrett fluid it'll change every day and they have a plan for every guy because what's the most important thing that Steven Jones said after the press conference he'll be ready to play on September 8th so the guys that are on pup right now DeMarcus Lawrence Byron Jones Tyrone Crawford but when we continued talking to Steven after the press conference he said he expects all three of those guys to be ready for the season opener and I think that's big because when all this started would Byron Jones it's like we hope he's ready and he said definitely those three guys will be ready ready and you had a bunch of guys that I think the head coach said they should be ready to well in no particular order Travis Frederick and Anton Woods and taco Charlton and Connor McGovern and there's a list of them who have not done Elsie Collins who have not done a lot of work in the offseason because they're post-surgical those players are going to be evaluated each day on a fluid basis they may practice some they may take every other day that will be an ongoing thing but we'll see how it looks starting tomorrow practice day one here in Oxnard on inside Cowboys training inside Cowboys training camp presented by Ford was brought to you by AT&T more for your thing that's our thing Sleep Number the Sleep Number three six the smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store Ford visit your local Ford dealer Ford is the best in Texas and by the Dallas Cowboys football club won a tour AT&T stadium for more information call eight one seven eight nine to tour or visit ATT stadium calm / tours