What Made You Want To Work For ADP?

What inspired you to work for ADP? What made me want to work for ADP? Their training program their commitment to training. Growth, the opportunity. The atmosphere and the culture really caught my attention. A better quality of life. I also looked at their involvement in the community as well as their ratings and
that’s what really made me decide that this was a company I wanted to work for. How do you help your team succeed @ ADP? Accentuate the positive environment,
overemphasize and encourage each other. One of the things is really making sure
you listen to them, what are their concerns, what’s going to help them be
successful, removing those roadblocks that are out there and and making sure
that they can be successful in their position. How does ADP provide opportunities to give back to the community? It’s great to work for a company
that actually cares about the community. We’ve done quite a few events, charity
events, we’ve done a Habitat for Humanity. The feeling that I get when I
go out and actually do some volunteer work for this company I mean it’s just,
it touches me, the fact that you’re giving the people who don’t have, that just, I
mean that’s what it’s all about paying it forward. Ready to make a difference?

Post Office to sell 650,000 face masks amid COVID-19 outbreak

You may have found it difficult to buy a mask
in recent weeks, here in South Korea,… as the coronavirus outbreak has caused a supply
shock for protective face masks. According to the science ministry, post offices
nationwide will begin selling them on Monday, at 11 am, in most areas of the country,…
on the island of Jeju, sales will begin at 5PM due to the time it takes for the masks
to get there. Post Offices that normally open in the afternoon
will sell the masks from 2PM. The price has been set at 5 thousand won or
roughly four dollars for a pack of five face masks. But supplies are limited to 650-thousand packs
a day,… so you can only buy one pack. For more information, you can visit www.koreapost.go.kr.

how to download Ms Office all | install Ms Office 2010

Today you will learn how to download and install Ms office 2010 easily method this video will help you to find best way of Microsoft office 2010 without key activated you need to have access internet for downloading type www.google.com type in search get into pc search msoffice 2010 in this website you will find many software you can download easily select windows bit 64 or 32 if you have windows 32bit you can select 32bit download for your office if you have 64bit windows you can select ms office 2010 you will have idm software if not have dosnt matter it wil auto download if you dont have an idea what windows do u have Right click on my computer and then click proprieties there u will see 32bit or 64bit select download ms office wait for download ms office 2010 select destination place for download wait for a few mints it will take several time according to your internet speed install power iso software for extract or win rar software extract ms office 2010 select setup and install it wait for installation complete if you have any doubt any question plz comments bellow i wil answer of your comments its installing completed ms office 2010 on Run type winword Microsoft world will be open its working good enjoy!!! Like and share my video for more videos.

That Friend Who Never Pays | Teensplain

You were so stingy.
I was never stingy. She was stingy. When we were younger…
You’ve been exposed! I actually don’t remember that.
I promise you that this happened. I have this one friend
that constantly asks for money and I’m just an idiot
so I give it him. Asking for money back,
I feel cheeky, even though they’re the ones that took
the money in the first place. The worst he’s ever asked for is
£122 and he hasn’t paid me back yet. 120! I thought you were
talking about food. £120?! Yeah, I bought him
a shirt and some shoes and he said he was going to pay me
back and he hasn’t. Depends who it is, really. Yes, but it’s never really been
that much money. Yes, I would generally just
cut connections with them cos that’s not the people
I want to hang around with at all. “How do you split the bill?” Most of the time,
I pay for my friends when we go out and things. All
of the time? Most of the time. Normal people would probably split
the bill or just pay for themselves but I end up paying for the whole
thing cos that’s who I am. Pay for everyone? Everyone. I’m a mug all the time, like, once
I’ve paid, I instantly regret it. I’ve got some right leeches
as friends. If you go Nando’s
with your squad and you’re paying for someone else,
usually it’s common courtesy for the other person
to not order something big and go over the price of your meal, but if that happens,
you’re kind of like, “OK…where’s your money, then?” It’s easier for us
cos our group’s just boys. If you’ve got a mixed group… Yeah.
..boys are going to want to pay for their own, the girls
are like, “We’ll just round it up,” and it’s like, “Oh.” We’ve got
mixed groups, it’s a bit different. Mixed groups… Oh, hard. ..tricky. No, not really. 43p, 43p’s not even
getting you out your front door. Yes, if you’re asking them for exact
pennies, but if it’s sort of, “And I got this, so you get this,”
kind of deal, then I don’t think that’s too bad. “Who’s your stingiest friend?” Me?! I never had any money
to be stingy. No, but… Back in the day, when we were
much younger, Agnes was stingy. I’m not going to lie, like, it makes
sense cos my mum would give me £5 for a week. That’s exactly what
you used to say and you were like, “What?! My mum just gave me £5…”
Did you think I was lying? No, I knew you weren’t lying and
I that’s why I paid for it for you. I appreciate it, girl. Thank you. To me, buying, like,
a 99p cheeseburger isn’t going to do anything. It’s not going to do anyone
any harm, as long as she’s eating and she’s healthy and she’s fine,
then it’s absolutely fine. I never even ask for the money back.
Of all the people I know… Oh! ..if someone needs something… Like, I feel bad,
but if she offered to pay it, especially being younger,
it’s like, “OK.” It’s an amazing thing that you have cos I know friends,
they’re not outwardly stingy, but I can tell when they give me
things they don’t want to. If you actually want to give, give,
otherwise keep your mouth closed cos I have friends that are like,
“Do you want some?” I say yeah, and I can see
their face go, “OK.” I would only lend my friends
over a certain amount of money, like, over 100, if it was important.
Yeah. I wouldn’t give it to them,
just to buy their new shirt when they can wait a month because
it causes, like, so much stress. I fully believe in, like, karma.
No. No… I fully believe
that if I do this for you, something’s going to happen to me. And it might not even be
financially, like, if you’re in a place of need. Giving money to people, like,
it benefits you more than you know.

Na’amod member speaks out against the JNF’s role in the occupation

My name is Mark and I’m a member of Na’amod: British Jews against Occupation My family’s involvement with the JNF goes back at least 100 years My grandfather planted citrus groves in mandatory Palestine in the 1920s Like all the other Jewish families we knew, we had a blue box for coins for the “redemption” of the land, and proudly hung KKL certificates on our walls to celebrate milestone events Including the 70th Birthday of Chaim Weizmann, who was a friend of my grandfather, and visited at his home in Glasgow Since 1967, JNF-KKL has been involved in funding the construction, infrastructure development and land expropriation for settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. In Silwan, in East Jerusalem, the JNF funds and supports settlement activity through its subsidiary – Himnuta, using this alias to conceal involvement with hardline extremist settler activities. Using various legal proceedings, JNF/ Himnuta have evicted dozens of Palestinian families in Silwan and transferred their homes to Israeli settlers and since 1991, it has attempted to evict a Palestinian family, the Sumarins, from their home, claiming it owns that home through Israel’s Absentee Property law. They have tried time and time again to evict this family through the courts, losing many times. However, on 20 September 2019, the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court finally accepted JNF’s claim against the family, and ruled that they be evicted within three months. Those of us who believed in – and fought for – a Jewish State based on equality, fairness and justice for all, now recognise JNF for what it is An instrument of cruelty, greed, deception, expropriation and injustice used against the Palestinians. So, this Tu B’Shvat, I am expressing my solidarity with the Sumarin family by returning my JNF certificate, which was given to me on my bar mitzvah in 1951. JNF has betrayed our trust, and, like many others, I want nothing more to do with them.

Validating your new market

Hi! You’ve come to the right place
to start the process of expanding your business
into new countries. But before you start selling
your products or services abroad, it’s really important to decide
which countries make sense for you. Which markets have the most demand
for what your businesses offer? Do some pose legal
or logistical challenges that you need to be aware of? We’ll walk you through
how analytics and tools can help you decide which markets offer
the biggest opportunities for you. Let’s say you’ve got an online shop
selling hard-to-find vintage records. Business has been going
really well at home in the UK, so you’re starting to wonder
if expanding into new markets could be your next big step forward. The question is, where?>From Portugal to Finland,
and Ireland to France there are some markets
where your products could be a hit, and others where you’d be
less likely to find success. Fortunately, there are
lots of tools you can use to gauge the situation in advance. You could start by looking
at Google’s Market Finder. This free tool allows you
to quickly analyze search traffic on keywords that are important
to your business. For example, where do people
do a lot of searches for vintage records? Countries that show a lot
of search traffic for terms like these could be markets with lots of demand
for your products. On the other hand, countries that don’t tend to generate
a lot of searches for these terms probably aren’t your best bet. By using Google Market Finder you can make more informed decisions about where to invest
in expanding your business. Now, once you’ve found some countries that do a lot of searching
for your products, use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner,
or Bing’s Keyword Research Tool, to find out how much competition
there is for search ads. This will help you know whether you’re entering a market
with few competitors or whether you’re entering
an already crowded space. Another handy tool is web analytics. Whether you’re using Google Analytics or any of the other
common analytics tools, you can check whether people
in other markets are already showing interest
in your business. For example, imagine you only shipped
your products within the UK so far. You might notice that you’re getting
a lot of website visitors from France. They’re browsing your website
and learning all about you, only to realize they can’t buy
your products yet. This could give you an insight that you might have a customer base
waiting for you in France. So, we’ve looked at tools
to help you understand market demand and competition. Of course, there are some
other considerations you should take into account when deciding which markets to focus on. For example, some countries may pose more legal regulatory
or tax issues than others. You’ll want to get an idea of this
before you start investing in a project to expand your business. Some markets may seem
appealing to you on paper, but doing some research
into these kinds of issues will help you avoid any nasty surprises. Fortunately, many governments
have websites where you can find resources
to help you answer these questions. So, let’s recap. Expanding your business into a new market
could be a great way to grow, but before you jump straight in use online tools to help you understand where there’s a strong demand
for your products. Then, make sure you’re not wandering
into any legal or regulatory issues by doing some background research first. Once you’ve done that, you’re well on your way
to growing your business in a new market

GoL_2_11: BD 6703 One shall serve the other…. Bargaining products, occupation….

B. D. 6703, December 1, 1956 One shall serve the other…. Bargaining products,
occupation…. Every human being’s task is to help his
fellow human being, for this reason I endowed people differently, conferred various abilities
on them, gave them different degrees of strength and also shaped their circumstances so diversely
that the right co-existence between people also necessitates a mutual exchange of the
gifts which are at everyone’s disposal. And thus everyone shall give to the other
what he has and what the other is missing…. Each person shall be of service to the other….
because it is the human being’s task in earthly life to redeem himself through helpful
neighbourly love…. On the one hand I indeed demand unselfish neighbourly love but on the
other hand this love should also be correctly acknowledged and rewarded in a just manner.
And thus every occupational activity can also contribute to the attainment of the soul’s
maturity if the person always strives to be of service to his fellow human being, if he
carries out his work with love and thereby wants to please…. if he doesn’t merely
follows his occupation for the sake of payment. In this way people’s co-existence will always
be beneficial and also guarantee a state of tranquillity and peace and a certain lack
of worry as long as I Am included…. thus love for Me and other people is clearly being
fostered. For then everything will fall into place by itself because people live their
lives in divine order. However, people have now left this order completely, for their
every thought and intention only intends to increase their earthly wealth, and whatever
they do generally lacks love for other people whilst material desire is very dominant….
It no longer is a mutual service but rather a wanting-to-enrich-oneself at the expense
of the other person. And the attribute of almost every occupation is that it is purely
regarded as an income and not as a helpful balance where needed by fellow human beings.
Every person’s work has become a bargaining product to a greater extent, and even the
work for Me and My kingdom often lacks unselfish love…. even this work is frequently considered
an ‘occupation’ that is only carried out for the sake of income. And where material thoughts and inclinations
predominate, no spiritual blessing, no spiritual progress will be accomplished, and this, too,
explains the spiritually low level which is experienced by humanity in these last days.
People’s thoughts only revolve around matter, and thus My adversary uses his every influence
on them, for the material world is his world, and all matter is spiritual substance which
is well below the human being…. and this is what people are striving for. If they could
detach themselves from matter, then helpful love would express itself and peaceful harmony
could be recognised on earth too, and people would comply with their real task on earth.
Yet love has grown cold amongst people, and therefore My adversary has great power, and
the greed for material wealth keeps growing the nearer it is to the end. Yet people who
unselfishly consider their neighbours and put their strength at their disposal will
be doubly blessed…. Although they won’t acquire earthly riches their spiritual wealth
will be immense and remain when all worldly things have vanished. For no-one will be able
to enjoy his possessions for much longer, and woe to those who have no other but earthly
riches to show…. their desire for matter will be fulfilled…. They will become matter
themselves, and an infinitely long time will pass before they will get released again from
their hard constraint, which they nevertheless had endeavoured towards of their own free
will and therefore shall also receive according to their will…. Amen

Germany AfD-backed leader could get €93,000 for day’s work

The ousted German regional leader who was
backed by the far right AfD stands to collect at least €93,000 ($102,000; £79,000) in
salary and allowances for just one day in office. The RND (Editor Network Germany) news group
says the figure was confirmed by state officials in Thuringia. Liberal FDP politician Thomas Kemmerich resigned
on Thursday, a day after MPs in Thuringia elected him premier in a shock win engineered
by the AfD. Many German politicians were outraged. Chancellor Angela Merkel called the vote in
the eastern state “unforgivable” and said it must be reversed. No replacement has been chosen yet for Mr
Kemmerich. There are calls for fresh regional elections
in Thuringia, but Chancellor Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) are resisting that option. The CDU and its coalition partner in the national
government, the Social Democrats (SPD), will hold crisis talks at the weekend. It is the first time in post-war Germany that
a leader has been helped into office by the far right. Mainstream parties officially oppose any deals
with the AfD, which has grown to become the main opposition party. RND reports that the Thuringia premier gets
a base monthly salary of €16,617 gross, plus €766 in allowances. In addition, as a married man Mr Kemmerich
is entitled to a €153 family allowance, making a total of €17,537. Under Thuringia law, one day in office is
treated the same as a month, and Mr Kemmerich is also entitled to a six-month transitional
allowance after stepping down. For the first three months that allowance
would be paid in full, and in half for the next three months. RND reports that his transitional allowance
alone would total €75,468. Ordinary MPs in the Thuringia parliament get
a monthly base salary of €5,803. In addition, they get up to €2,782 in monthly
allowances, Germany’s Die Welt reports.

Mr. Robot 4×02 Promo “Payment Required” (HD) This Season On

♪♪♪ – I need you to do
something for me. – I’m resigning
as CEO of E Corp. – That is not how
this game is played! – Can you tell me who
agent Santiago was working with? – Elliot, I come with the news
we’ve been waiting for. – You wanna go back
to not talking, blocking each other out,
fighting for control? – No, I wanna work together! – You ruined my life. – I can get you outta this. [shouting] – We all have a purpose
in this world. But you don’t have to
look no more.

My Budget and Spendings in January on a 44K Salary (2020)

Hello hello! In today’s video, I wanted to share my budget
and spendings in January of 2020. I hope you all had a good start to the new
year. I’m really proud of the limited spending
I did in January, particularly areas that I went over budget in the last month. One of my goals this year is to help my dad
get out of debt, which is definitely a challenge – at the same time, I know I’m blessed to
be in a situation where I can help out my dad. Lately I have been binge-watching on cash
envelope stuffing videos – I don’t know why those are soo satisfying to watch and
hear the dollar bills being sifted through. I’m not a person who likes to carry around
cash though, so I made my own virtual view of envelopes on this excel spreadsheet that
I wanted to share. To break down each chunk of color here, I’m
starting out with my income in green. I left an extra line for any side hustle gigs
or cashback rewards. I normally don’t partake in side hustles,
but I did happen to find some extra work this month, which I just rolled up into one sum
within that time period. Next in yellow is my savings. I keep my savings on top, because I like to
break down my budget after setting aside money towards my savings. My emergency fund is 10% of my full-time job’s
paycheck and then the 5 Year Goal is a new goal that I kicked off after becoming debt-free,
where from Jan 2020-Jan 2025, my goal is to save $50,000. Logically, I think this is do-able because
I paid off over $60,000 in 4 years and 2 months on my student loans. And, even if my expenses go up year over year
(let’s say in higher rent or living on my own), my stance is that I should aim for increasing
my salary rather than compromising my goal. In red, we have my expenses. These are all of my bills – including my monthly
contribution to my dad of $300. I give him this money as a little extra cushion
for him. Then we have the internet and phone – which
is partially reimbursed through my company since I work from home, and gas, electricity,
and water. In the beginning of the month, I had budgeted
higher in these areas, but after the bills hit, I moved my numbers around to get it to
the closest dollar possible so that I can place the extra money elsewhere. In blue, we have my spending that I view as
more flexible / not a necessity. The ones in red font are areas that I had
gone over for last month’s budget. I am so happy that I came under for all three. I’m going to include screenshots of my different
expenses in each of these categories, so that you can see the breakdown of each cost. In orange, we have my sinking funds. This is something new that I’m trying this
year. Prior to labeling out my sinking funds, I
would just try to save as much as I can, but another very satisfying aspect of the cash
envelope stuffing videos, at least for me, is seeing the numbers add up in other people’s
sinking funds. On my list, I have my brother’s graduation
which is coming up in May of 2020; my 2020 trip with my partner – we are thinking of
going to Korea in September; my best friend’s wedding, which we think will happen sometime
in 2021; a car – this is definitely not a big priority in my life, but I would want
to pay for my next car in all cash so I want to start saving sooner rather than later;
and my wish – I have a list of big items that I would want to spend on if I had the money
to do so. Last year I paid for my Invisalign, and this
next wish is either going to be teeth whitening or laser hair removal. Honestly the only other thing on my list right
now is to get a tattoo, and I’m not even sure if I want one (lol). So, this also isn’t a high priority in my
life right now. Teeth whitening would be nice, but I have
read a lot of scary reviews. Let me know if you have any experience with
teeth whitening, especially if you’re based in Orange County. My last section in purple is what I refer
to as “Big Money.” I think I want to make a separate video about
this, but essentially in the beginning of the year, I wrote out all the expenses that
are more of a one-time occurrence for every month. So things like: birthdays, anniversaries,
holidays, any special events. For January, I had my dad’s birthday. He ended up wanting to buy marinated ribs,
which was $35 at the grocery store. I had initially budgeted $100. And the last expense is my dad’s debt. Our strategy of payment has been consistently
evolving ever since my dad shared his finances with me, right before the new year. But for the month of January, we had set a
goal to put in $1,000 towards my dad’s debt in addition to interest. So, $742.04 was my contribution for us to
hit that goal. So, my budget total was $2,566 which is the
same amount as I had anticipated my take-home pay to be for the month of January. As a zero-dollar based budget, it’s important
to name where every single dollar is going. Now, moving on to the next column, this was
my actual paycheck on Jan 10: $1,286.51. I also earned some extra income by dog walking
on Wag! as well as babysitting, which put my total to $1,371.46. Here, you also want to get yourself down to
$0 in total for column D. So I set up the formula to simply subtract from the total
above. And, you’ll see at the end of the row in
red, I was down to $0. I did the same for my second paycheck that
came in on Jan 24: I had my take-home paycheck of $1,267.96 and earned an extra $50 babysitting
for a total of $1,317.96. I also brought this number down to $0 by the
end of the month for column E. And all of the numbers in column D and E are my actuals. I like having the flexibility of easily changing
numbers since this is all in a spreadsheet. In column F, I erased what was in my remaining,
because that is now $0 since I allocated every dollar and cent towards a specific category. But, I did use it throughout the month to
easily see how much I had left within that category. I hope that makes sense. Next, you will see my total income, total
saving, and total spending for the month of January. My total income is adding up the actuals in
green. My total saving adds up the actuals in yellow
(Savings) and orange (Sinking Funds). Another distinction between my Savings and
Sinking Funds is that my Savings gets transferred into a high yield savings account, while my
sinking funds remain in my checkings account. My total spending is adding up the actuals
in red (Expenses) and in purple (Big Money). I thought it would also be helpful to share
what my monthly goal is: which is to not spend over $1,350 on myself. I figured out this number on paper after writing
out all my expenses, but since then, I have taken on my dad’s debt and added an extra
$100 towards his monthly contribution as well, so I don’t think this $1,350 is really realistic
anymore, but I just keep it on here as a reminder of what my initial goal was. I also am including my balance of checkings,
savings, and 401K as of the last day of January – this is more a tracker for myself, but I
don’t see a problem in sharing. I hope this was helpful to see how I budget
and spend my money, as well as doing a virtual cash envelope system. I am going to link this spreadsheet in the
description below as view-only, in case you would like to make a copy and try this system
yourself. If you have any questions, please leave them
in the comments below. Thank you for watching. Bye-bye!