24 Hour BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT ELEVATOR CHALLENGE! Working Elevator, Gaming Room & More!

hi guys we are heading up there it goes
guys Logan’s elevator is going down coming out alright there you go guys the
elevator stop the spoon is not clean enough to be in the billionaire box
board ladies and gentlemen of this company I
have brought you here today to this investors meeting that’s the CEO Papa
Jake to discuss one thing and one thing only flaming hot cheetos no that is that
is not what we are going to be discussing we are discussing box sports
also you told me to come here for lunch I didn’t know this was a meeting you see
our company over the many years has pushed the limits of box for technology
far into the skies some people call me the Bill Gates of pop sports others have
referred to me as Elon Musk of cardboard and I’ve called you here because you
have all invested millions of tape rolls into this company for us to produce
technology that will get us to the stars now when we started out as a small
company we built the world’s first box for floating box sports that was us
ladies and gentlemen today it’s just me what do you mean ladies and gentlemen
yes okay I realized it’s just you and me okay
but I’m the CEO of the company I got to dress like a super cool CEO all right
sorry I got I did not know the cane had that I was not intending on using that
hey Bob sports on water was us box sports and space was us box for clock
club was us buck sport car was us I’m about to introduce to you the next
generation of all sports the next era of this company now will take us farther
then no man has ever gone before ladies and gentlemen and Logan included I
present to you the world’s first box sport elevator that’s all we could come
up I could have done that there is gonna be some explosions and sounds but that’s
okay all right this is us unbox for there’s
clouds this rain we’re sad but with the technology I have invented I look
gravity in the eyes I said no more I said we are gonna go up
above the clouds to where the Sun is that’s me and that’s
lonely ladies and gentlemen the world’s first production of the box sport
elevator starts today this is where you were you clapping what’s going on
everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we
are pushing look what are you doing it white and white walk around in a VR
headset Logan this isn’t VR times everyone oh what’s up guys I was just in
VR land because what we were about to build today is much cooler than what is
inside gr guys today we are gonna be building the world’s first working box
fort elevator but not just that we’re also gonna be incorporating it into a
billionaire box for now you’re probably thinking Papa Jake you’re talking crazy
you’re going mad you’re going insane there’s no such thing as elevators and I
don’t really understand the concept of this elevator Jake oh yeah what’s this you just did a squat and I might have
been a squat but Logan you can’t explain this that’s right we live in up in the
future here in papa Jake’s box fort we well actually we discover these tables
and we found out that they move up and down with the click of a button so what
better use for them than to make our very first box for elevator guys some
cool ideas on how we can do this Logan thought it would be
to do like a billionaire for using them which I agree but the cool thing is guys
oh how can you go you don’t know I’m kind of scary hi oh it’s not this is not
where I want to be right now do not want to be under here when this thing Falls
so I have the idea that we use one of these to actually be an elevator that
goes up and then this one over here would already be set to the second
storey then the cool thing is guys to take the elevator down into a secret
underground bunker maybe like a secret underground gaming room super fired up
for the spell guys we’ve never done anything like this this is gonna be
awesome and of course guys if you do happen to be brand new to the channel
and you are not already part of the greatest channel on YouTube do not
forget to join the squad all you guys got to do is super easy number one hit
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and Saturday we got awesome new content coming out for you guys that’s true
but Logan if we are going to be making the world’s first working box what
elevator we need to get our cardboard they’re on the elevators all right now
all we need is some tape and we can start building this thing well Jake has been working on the
elevators this place is starting to look like a real billionaire box for it about
VR goggles we got our xbox we got a little punching bag you know if you want
to get a little workout in all-around super cozy place that will connect into
this elevator shaft we just connected to this elevator and guys check this out
and just like that we have our two elevators connected let’s go check it
out here’s the front entrance of our billionaire box work yo guys check it
out this is the main entrance to the billionaire box for it now as you guys
can see this is currently the kitchen look what I did here got some nice bowls
cutlery lookin what is this what what do you mean Jake it’s a spoon the spoon is
not clean enough to be in the billionaire box for it well we have
everything we need – one spoon but we do have this little fancy light here in the
middle we also got another section over here where you got some of our food as
well as water I sort some food in here so in case we get hungry during the
night you know we could come all the way back in here probably Jake what do you
mean during the night same 24 hours Logan this is a 24 hour billionaire box
40 you never said this was a 24 hour challenge every billionaire box for it’s
a 24 hour challenge because it’s a comfiest places to sleep all right I
guess we’re doing a 24 hour challenge now what we haven’t done yet guys is we
have not actually used the elevators to get to the other section of the fort so
that is completely sealed off now which means not only is it super top secret
but the only way to get to it is through the elevators which means it’s also
super secure if you’re done picking your food if you’re done enjoying your time
in the luxurious entranceway to our box where you know take a look out the
window enjoy some of the water then you go over here to your elevator you simply
the elevators door to the side we come on in we got our lights inside here and
of course like every elevator we got an emergency phone in case we needed yo
call them call emergency hello you have this Logan this phone isn’t plugged in
this is not an emergency phone well for show we have a phone so in case you know
you come in here it looks like it is a working elevator but of course the main
part of the elevator that actually is the most important part it going up and
down does work so as you guys can see we got a nice view of the outside of the
billionaire box for it but I want to go to the awesome secret gaming room so
what we gotta do close the door say goodbye to Logan and
now I’m gonna press our button so we go up to the second floor oh we’re moving
guys it’s kind of hard to see us moving but we are going up so sweet
alright we’re getting to the second floor as you can’t tell how high we are
it’s really weird like when it’s moving you can’t even feel like you’re moving
up until you look out and then you’re like oh we’re a lot higher all right
looks like the elevator has arrived at the second storey oh here we go we
simply slide the elevator door which accesses Logan’s elevator so let’s uh
walk across here it’s a little shaky it’s a little scary but so far so good
okay let’s get it logos elevated Logan the elevators perfectly safe and we’ll
send Logan’s elevator back down so he can get inside and come up here and
there it goes guys Logan’s elevator is going down how cool is that the audience suck it between the two
elevators I don’t think it’s the outside all right like I’m setting the elevator
down here come on in Oh what’s up then welcome to the top
floor dude this is crazy it’s like a three-story box for world
the third storey it’s it’s a little little shaky but you know that’s okay
and now I get to go down the elevator into the secret underground gaming room
which is probably our most secure and most top-secret gaming room we have ever
made well I guess to see you in the little bit Logan as I go down to the
game going down I guess we are pretty much as tall as a three-story box for it
with the luxury of not having to move up or down we just press a button and the
box where it literally takes us up or down of stores and the elevator is
coming back up it’s time for me to head down to the gaming room a little bit
rickety but all right into the other elevator all right and taking us
downstairs to the gaming room Xbox even got a light soon all right Jacob I don’t
think we need a lifesaver for this it’s also extremely top-secret and
secure the only way down here is inside a box for up an elevator into another
elevator and down into the basement what box for a what bill do you think is your
cool suit on this channel guys if you think this base is super awesome let’s
get 20,000 likes or more of these insane crazy billionaire box for it I think we
need to get ourselves some dinner so we can enjoy our 24 hours in here and if
this is billionaire box 4 that means we don’t need to eat MREs no dry eggs for
Jake today okay but this is a billionaire challenge which means we get
the highest quality of foods okay we need to go big we need to go grand I’m
talking bigger than the finest restaurants money can buy I say we get
McDonald’s Jake I can’t really focus with these lights changing all the time
but okay McDonald’s sounds good alright guys we are heading up to the third
storey so that we can go ahead and get ourselves some dinner also guys let us
know if you love these elevators should we use them more often in forts I mean
they are a little slow but it’s pretty cool to be able to go up to the second
story without actually having to use stairs or jump up ourselves but alright
we’re in the second storey here oh I got us our dinner check it out
delivered fresh to the box for it and now we can eat it in the safety of our
secret underground bunker alright let’s dig into our dinner
I am absolutely after a long night of building we got
our dinner we got bored so it’s time in billionaire fashion to enjoy something
that only billionaires enjoy McDonald’s hamburger Jake you’re eating your burger
upside down doesn’t make a buck they just eat the
burger like you’re supposed to eat the burger like this Logan never even
burgers with you again guys I don’t know what Jake was doing but it’s time to eat
my burger like a burger is properly supposed to be eaten we just finished up
our dinner we had some fun playing on the Xbox but I think it’s time to head
to bed we spent a ton of time working on this box for but we got some more fun
stuff to do in the morning and we could fuse the elevators a lot more so I’m a
cozy up here with mr. Sharkey and get some shut-eye
and our amazing billionaire box for a brand new damn box I turned the lights
on to wake up and now the lights are off alright guys well it is officially
morning time and we were able to sleep in our super cozy bunker which is
underground and only accessible through two elevators which i think is really
awesome I got a really good sleep here cuz I knew I was super safe especially
for raccoons know raccoons are getting in here but it is breakfast time which
means it’s time to use our elevators to go back to the main area of this box for
it and have ourselves some nice breakfast so since Logan isn’t awake I
get to go first I am NOT ready to wake up I need more sleep Jake
come on we are now inside the elevator Logan it’s only one person elevator so
I’m going to take it up through the second-story and grab ourselves some
breakfast elevator heading up here we go up to the second story i lo got turn the lights on there we go so we
are all good now to make our way down for breakfast come down so you can get
in the elevator stop it’s okay it’s okay you’re only really
high up and almost touching the ceiling all right I got an idea Logan’s a little
crazy but I know how you can get it in here you’re just gonna have to jump it’s
the only way if your elevator is broken two people can’t be in here at once Jean
we’re gonna have to do with openness so make your elevator stop we are very high
right now on essentially the third storey okay all
right look you get in get out working all right guys so the max capacity
elevators is supposed to be one person Logan is now getting it okay look you
made it into the elevator I’m gonna activate it’s going down hopefully it
doesn’t break well here we going oh it’s a little rocky all right almost there
and what was that I heard something explode I might that might have been the
oh she’s still going no no no underground all stop all right I’m
getting out of here all right all right guys it’s time for our
billionaire breakfast and what do billionaires eat they eat themselves
some nice cold cereal which is why I’ve prepared for us beautiful meal all right well this looks pretty good
Jake where’s the milk we got a billionaire box for but it doesn’t come
with the fridge if we brought milk in here would go bad we got water that’s
what billionaires right longer pure icy cold water with their cereal
I’m not come on it’s just like milk Logan it’s just not like water and
cereal isn’t gonna taste good that’s what we get Logan because we’re
billionaires we got like billionaires also speaking of which you don’t have a
spoon cause your spoons Jake how am I supposed to eat this like a billionaire
with Logan with his hands maybe I’ll sit this one out
all right guys well this wraps up our amazing billionaire box for not only is
it 2/3 stories but also including working elevators but guys before we
head out and before I forget we got an amazing squad member to give a shout-out
to today’s huge shoutout goes to my boy Ivan thank you so very much Ivan for
being a huge member of that squad if you guys see Ivan down below be sure to give
him a thumbs up as well as leave him a nice little comment and of course guys
if you want to join the squad it’s super easy go down below hit the subscribe
button hit that bow but it can’t comment a little thing I like to say school and
they’ll fish will be in the spot but guys this has been Pappa Jake and Logan
and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

PewDiePie ENGAGED! (FOOTAGE) IRL CRASH! #DramaAlert Ninja vs Deadmau5! Logan Paul vs KSI!

What is up, DramaAlert nation! I’m your host Killer Keemstar! Lets im the most hated person on earth Let’s get riiiiiiiiight… Into the NEWS! THANK GOD, I’M BACK! OMG, I’m back! I missed you guys so much! But i hate yiu We have big news! First story coming from PewDiePie! PewDiePie got… engaged! i want to marry my new shoe Today PewDiePie tweeted out… that i suck showing that his girlfriend Marzia had a big rock on her finger. guys i hate jake pauul i would be homeless without him Damn that rock so big it probably has its own gravity, and hey I know PewDiePie memes a lot But Marzia confirmed the engagement IS. REAL. Marzia posted on Instagram. These two have been together forever. I’m so happy for him. Congratulations to Felix and Marzia! Also in the news… the battle between PUBG and Fortnite got real when some superstars got involved. That’s right! we’re talking about the DJ deadmau5 started taking shots at Ninja! For those you that don’t know deadmau5 is not just the DJ. He also streams PUBG on Twitch and during his stream Deadmau5 said this! Role it! You should get good at Fortnite. I’m so gonna dye my hair fucking blue and suck Drake’s dick for views and wear a bandana. How to develop your streaming personality?
Oh, you have to recreate as well, yeah Yikes! Now after this clip got out and people started seeing this and started sending like… deadmau5 Hey, deadmau5 want to clear the air. He was just joking around So deadmau5 ended up donating $500 to ninja in a way to like say sorry. Roll it! Did Ethan you didn’t have to do that man. I know you were just messing even though it sounded a little aggressive. So the beat between Ninja and deadmau5 done over with but here’s the thing Fortnite is destroying PUBG. I mean it just is in fact It was reported that in March, Fortnite earned $223 million dollars That’s right in the month of March Fortnite earned two hundred and twenty three billion. Also In the News in real life streamers. They’re they’re walking around with their cameras They’re streaming on the YouTube, the Twitch they’re doing weird crazy stuff for views but a lot of times these in real life streamers, they end up driving around while they’re filming themselves streaming. and let me just say cuz I know this firsthand the shit is dangerous, in fact when I was in LA I ended up getting in a car with Sam Pepper ice beside in and Anything for views and do we almost died, but even before ice beside him picked me up in the car He almost got in a car accident watch this rollin Can you stop steering like a fucking artist I’ll steer Fucking car there, dude. I’ll do that over over here. Oh That was close though, I made a turn like that was closer than I thought he was Even alive right now like seriously okay in real life streamers you cannot drive while you’re streaming I mean This is something Bad’s gonna happen in fact something bad did happen to another in real life streamer who was driving while streaming small in real life stream art known as lame duck G with a thousand subscribers Well, this guy was driving around while streaming when this happened. We’re all it. I’ll stop there and get some like food Let’s see what’s around here guys Now I got I got the date free so there’s no really any rush to go home, but I’m driving in that area Oh, thank god. I’m officer. Oh God Wow now that’s just that’s just horrifying now the first thing going through everyone’s mind did he pass away did he die? No, he is still alive, but he is in critical condition at the hospital in real-life streamers. I I know all of you guys Don’t drive and stream guys you have to stop this someone is going to die and speaking about dying Okay, I’m gonna go to hell for this transition But Jake pulls YouTube career is falling off on March 20 if he uploaded a video titled we have 60 days to get out and well in this horrible cringy clickbait title of a video He ended up saying that he’s going on tour, and he announced like all these dates And you know with Jake Paul and all his kid army fans You would think that this has been sold out but it hasn’t It’s been over a month and most of these stadiums have only been half sold so it begs the question is Jake Paul falling off Also in the nose a woman gave birth in a hotel room, and she did it on her own by following a YouTube Tutorial it’s being reported today from self com that this woman delivered her own baby in a hotel room by following a YouTube Tutorial and this even caught the attention of the YouTube CEO Suzuno, Jackie who said congrats on your new baby boy Tia oh? That’s cool, I love that story also an overdose Fouseytube got swatted last night fouseytube tweeting out I just got swatted like four police trucks deep my mom was shook thinking I did something wrong to whoever did it you had fun never again, please yeah guys I’m just kind of shocked that this is still a thing like who the hell would want to risk Years in prison for like just swatting someone. I just it’s so stupid. It just blows my mind in fact like yesterday I was on the local news here in Buffalo about when I got swatted in fortnight and came and won the game But that’s a whole nother story. We got other stuff to talk about also in the news Ksi versus Logan Paul as you guys know August 25th the big boxing fight these two are going to go at it It’s gonna be the biggest thing ever well talking about the biggest thing. They have been debating who has the biggest forehead Logan Paul tweeted out target acquired showing kiss size big forehead, but then ksi responded showing low impulse Big forehead and the kiss I also followed up with a picture of Logan Paul as a nag and guys I must say we need to stop this we need to stop this bald on bald crime Okay, would be being bald as a man all it means is that you have high testosterone? Levels right that’s probably why you guys are willing to fight each other because you’re more manly than everyone else(I have DEPRESSION) Stop bullying people for being bald. Okay. It’s not cool and Speaking about being bald. I love you. I’m so sorry I’m so sorry my good friend face banks And me are launching a show not a podcast a show and it is called moms Basement and our very first episode is with Ninja the show will air this Sunday on faze Banks’s channel you guys don’t want to miss the show Ninja goes in deep in a lot of different areas that we talk about a lot of cool stuff Trust me you’re gonna want to keep up to date on all of this so make sure you follow mom’s basement on Twitter the link will be in the description for you guys to fall alright guys that is it for the news today guys I hope You enjoyed this video if you did, please take the time to slap a like on it. I missed you guys so much I’m so glad that I’m back. I will never leave you again the thing is is when I left to go to, California I thought I had someone covering for me, but they kept battling they kept bailing. I’m not gonna say who it is I don’t want to send any hate to this person, but just this just things didn’t work out And I’m so sorry that this happened, and I will never leave you without coverage again 100% in fact I am working on building an actual studio a drama lured studio in So when I go to LA I can film there and not miss work, and you guys won’t miss the news again I’m so sorry that this happened, and we’ve been a whole week without videos for you It’ll never happen again and until it does and then I’ll have to say sorry again. I love you guys I hope you enjoyed the video, please take the time to slap a like on it drama learn nation now over three million seven hundred thousand Subscribers, this song is called lighthouse Net nobody’s best son Lincoln Lincoln description It’s not out yet wait for it sounds loud in the description. What do you think? What is your kind of music

10 of The World’s Tiniest Gadgets That Actually Work!

You want to try it? Yeah, I got this I don’t trust you Moments before What’s up everybody welcome back to dope Welcome back to dope or nope guys today we are… what are we doing today? Today we are reviewing ten of the tiniest gadgets that work. Always get it always get it never got it You know I’m saying. I always get it never stop So we’re reviewing ten of the world’s tiniest working products that my friend here Michael goes to Michelle formerly known as picked out for us. Now. Let’s get this all off the table We all we lost something on the table right here. Matt thinks arrowheads the best water I think Aquafina the best water, vote in the poll above. Let us know what you pick. He has facts I have opinions so follow mine Now Arrowhead is mountain spring water. That’s municipal tap water On to the first product that Michael is gonna do first Our first product video is from our subreddit: r/strangestthings You guys think you guys find products you want to review? All you got to do is go down description Click the link submit your products. The weirder they are the more likely it will be used. [Burp] Disgusting Who submitted this? Was it Prince? PurpleRain1989 How about Chocolate Rain am I right? Some stay dry and others feel the pain. The first one we got a Tetris MicroCard So, oh wow Alright, so it’s this mini little card looking thing that you can play Tetris on Wait you put that in your wallet? That’s what it says No, you put on top of your wallet like that [Chuckles] Just for looks. Your wallet Tetris micro card is the ultimate on-the-go gaming hardware for those moments when you want to take a quick break Guess which brick is Michael’s favorite? He’s a loser. Hey, what does it tell you about yourself if you suck at Tetris? It tells you that you are really bad at problem-solving, but I’m bad at Tetris But I just promoted you. Yeah, so it’s wrong. Tetris doesn’t make any sense. But wait, I promoted you probably cuz I’m bad at Tetris [Laughs] Yeah. Are you bad at Tetris too? I’m so bad at Tetris. Actually, I’ve never even tried Tetris. I looked at I was like that looks boring af It never made sense like put bricks on brick to make colors match Like oh if I want to do this, I would just you know play Legos. Yeah, that’s what I did Buy now That looks delicious and colorful and Nutritious. Lovely! Why does it come in like a CPU looking bag? Yeah, it’s bigger than I thought it would be. Alright, we got a little sponge. You know what this bag is for? Isn’t it so it like doesn’t like damage it or it gets static? Static? Static. This is a static bag suckers. It looks kinda cool. Okay I thought it was gonna be more delicate than that, but it looks like this plastic covering it It looks nice and it has the very rigid edges that I’m looking for. All right back. Ready. Set. Go. Are you good at this Michael? Oh, wait, how do I? What the heck? I guarantee you Dave is so good at this game (Everyone in the office is disappointed at Michael’s performance) Ah, I messed up. Wow Wow, okay. I’m better than this guy (Matthias is also disappointing everyone) It fits just right and so what I’m gonna do this I have to go for a walk with it He’s just gonna steal it. You really want that bad? You think I’ve stolen anything from this office? Yeah, probably. You’re right You right. This actually Amanda would really like this I’m gonna take this home. Every time we get a small gaming thing about retro gaming you’re like ‘Amanda would love this’ No, but this is so cool. What do you guys think? I think it’s DOPE. I think it’s DOPE for sure. DOPE for sure seven years ago FLIR ONE thermal Imaging camera for iOS Gen 3. Who the heck has a third gen iOS phone? Or is it talking about the case? Oh, it’s talking about the camera. Oh Dude, I’m killing it. I hope you die. I hope you not live. It’s a thermal imaging camera So pretty much what it looks like. It’s like a — Oh, I’m sorry. I’m trying to explicate a problem. Call my friend Sorry, this camera has thermal Imaging, meaning that when you point the camera at certain things in dark areas It’ll tell you where the heats at and all that stuff. It’s really dope. Right, Matt? I’m getting a high score Powerful thermal imaging camera gives you the power to see in total darkness find Palmiter on the house and explore your world and And it sounds like something Aladdin would say oh He’s cool, let’s see if I can see how hot Michael is guess what he’s a 10 So we already know that. Add to cart! Unbox that baby! Going to, I don’t know why they took video of zebra Oh, no, you restarted it. Zebras are horses that don’t know what race they are. Where are we I logged out Oh we’re filming an episode of DOPE or NOPE. No, this is a thermal camera. Oh, sweetie. No stay away. Why do we want a thermal camera? I got them both! Michael (giggles) Dude that thing is violent Okay, that looks pretty cool though, I’ve always wanted one of those is that expensive like $250? Yes, I knew it That’s why I’ve never bought one because I was like: “Wait, that’s $250 so I could use on real things.” Yeah phone here. It has an application for the FLIR. you plug this puppy in right here Hey, it says hey create your FLIR cloud account. Hey later dog. Clear a flat acam? Here we go Oh my gosh! Tanner is a million degrees. Why did you need to work on the interim portions of your nose very hot Thank you, but not attractive hot. Okay, so Tanner or put your hand on the table. Let go Whoa, I can feel it. Look at that. That’s really cool. Yeah, just some guys being did this could be like our album cover [Meh rock music] I’m gonna say it’s DOPE. I’m gonna say that DOPE. DOPE. Tiny arcade. *baby voice* Oh it’s so tinyyy *baby voices* I like clear acrylic that’s really cool Every time we get these though not every time but sometimes and we get these they don’t work But I was told that it did work. We didn’t remove like the demo tag or something. Yeah So I could be wrong I might not be because I’m never wrong I do gotta say I saw Liz building these in her office she built this so we ordered it for it to come assembled But it didn’t we still had a like assembly rush. They list light assembly It’s pretty dope Liz should feel proud Oh could not make that. Like for Liz! Both: Like for Liiiiiiiiiizzzz! To be clear we didn’t get a lot of likes last episode So I’m wondering if you are disliking because of Liz? So, let’s be clear like the video for Liz. Liz Add to cart! Look at that, It is absolutely exquisite durable tiny so aesthetic its minimalistic. I love it. Now, tell me Jim What do you think of this product? Yeah packaging starting. It has a very nice outside Thought it was gonna be in there but it’s just all the parts. Oh this isn’t it? Look at this. Look at the intricacy in the cable. Look Liz Liz did that. Yeah, Liz Are you a computer engineer? Liz inform me that there is a micro USB as well as an SD card slot above it Which is quite fascinating because you could put more games on it. You got any games on it Oh has a sound effects – what’s that? I can’t see -Tanner’s head’s in the way. Sorry Why did that guy went straight for me? What the heck? Why what why they coming after me? You hit it. You’re not going fast enough (groans) No. Oh, yes do that flappy bird. I used to be the genius of this game Oh, is that is that am I playing right now? Yeah Oh your batteries low. You died! Didn’t realize I was playing Oh Dunzo, how many was it? No, I passed the level. Oh, 26. Oh You got remarkably lucky Remarkably lucky? How are you so good at this?. Do you think I was lucky you can do it again. Michael really need wait. What is this? Dude, there’s nothing. He’s really bad. I know This is embarrassing I rate that a DOPE. I do. I do. I got a phone call from the banker Mengshin Mini. That is offensive Mengshin Mini GPS receiver trackers plus location finder With keychain you guys are you rechargeable for outdoors? Are we looking at the back of it? Looks ike it looks like a beetle or something. That’s actually kind of cool. Yeah It’s like a mini keychain that you know your exact location GPS wise Let me tell you something. You had one of those already. Guess what? On your phone. Yeah Why do you need this? I’m actually this does it too. So technically this is smaller, but is your Apple watch $40 wrong? I’m sure you can get a crashed one for like 50 bucks. That’s true. That’s what I thought for me I gave you it one for free Yeah, you give me a nice one for free I gave you an Apple watch I gave you a TV It’s like he’s my favorite. It’s something like that and just to make sure It’s like how do I get myself an Apple watch? Let’s hit the Buy Now button So we got the mini GPS never get lost again. We’re gonna be very gentle with the packaging today And that’s how babies are made.Take the USB cable and you Strangle it until it gives you all the news you need. Just a slow zoom while he was doing that too I hold the button for three to four seconds. Let go not the right button. So I switch to the next button It looks like none of these the ones I’m looking for it. Yeah, let me try the on button again I didn’t work the first time but I just press it or hold found it Now there’s no such thing as a good keychain without the key chain attached So the worst part then you have to like pry it open. Yeah, you’re right Effort. We’ve got a little spinny doodad there got four dash lines on the side Well, I think it’s trying to calibrate. This looks like musical notation. You’re right cap relay So the directions actually say that it can’t work in a building and I’m beginning to see that Are you lost if you’re in a building now, what if you will sometimes you’re a play PUBG? Gee, how do you get into a building? And you don’t know what building you’re in. How does that happen America? Sometimes you’re in a hotel you know you get lost in the hotel. You need GPS to find the exit their exit signs Legally, so this does this does anger and it does have it does ahead Yeah, so it lights up nice and blue and it flips through you can see our cellular connectivity You can see it has cellulite connectivity it’s like *merp* Magnetizes to my leg. That’s gonna be a DOPE No, that’s going to be a NOPE. It didn’t even work It’s not gonna work inside I just think it’s a NOPE because we already have things that are doing it in the pocket views every single day It’s a little bit cheaper you’re cheaper. All right, we got anti spy camera bug RF What RF stand for? Roof? Roof is on fire. No, this is a bug detector So we you can tell if we’ve been bugged which I spiked get rid of those hands do it serious It doesn’t work in here because it doesn’t it detect a specific frequency fast detection to find out all spy equipment wireless signal What frequency is it detecting RF radio for his call RF radio frequency? Really frequencies everywhere. Find out. Will range all around detector Like 1998 headphones they gave us row That’s not you’re using it It screams and vibrates at the same time. What is it doing then? What is the purpose? Well, this is for… Do you remember when headphones used to do this? Isn’t that satisfying when your heads this big that you need this much space? In between your ear bones. What are you a troll? because this frequencies all around us? So it’s just detecting everything exactly every all these electronics the TVs the cameras these things doing frequency or that’s IR so that how do you know when something is being bugged in this day and age you don’t this is for Those people that are like living out in a cabin. Alright, NOPE, NOPE, maybe soap. NOPE. NOPE without the bag and DOPE with the bag Next product Westminster’s world’s smallest RC helicopter. Oh Look at that remote though. Wait, why is left on the right and right on the left? Right trim, left trim Yeah, but why wouldn’t the right be on the left and the left on the right? It’s not that’s the right and what language? Add to cart. this it is tiny. I never sent guaranteed the rock your world That’s usually the key I like that the remote holds it I don’t know why that’s so cool. See these little things right here You just pop off *pop off* and they go on these (intense concentration) Well, wait, it just always goes forward I don’t have enough controls on this look this thing doesn’t have enough controls It’s only up and down and left and right each one of these should have Each four axis. X Y Z Yeah, so it’s always gonna go forward so I have to basically just continue to steer in a circle. Oh This is really difficult, That puts out a lot of air watch go. Oh, it’s more than my Tesla It’s also good air conditioner. Oh, yeah. It’s meant to can I fly it. Yeah go. Oh OW! That got me more than you! I mean this guy can take a beating for sure. You want to try it. Yeah. I got this. I don’t trust you Yeah, I think it’s I think it’s pretty cool This is missing an axis Z or Zed if you’re in Canada. tiny screen video game kit ask1007 Okay,1007, is this a tiny screen video game kit? Can you respond for them, please? How about no! it’s $74.95 for what looks like a cake topper Yeah, this doesn’t this looks like its made out of fondant Look tiny Oh Fondant fondant Looks actually kinda like a boom boombox. Yeah. Okay take a look here This is what it looks like in a normal person hand. Maybe it’s just a giant using it actually normals person hand Okay. I know I’m getting stuck on the wrong things, but it’s true I’m gonna be honest ever since I started working here my brain don’t function. It’s called actually being in a high stress environment Yeah, it’s called my head hurts 8 to 12 hours a day This is the funniest thing about this all. all this information description. It goes to learn absolutely nothing You will not learn anything. What have you learned from this product? Nothing actual waste of my time. All right. Well, let’s see if I can look anything from it. Add to cart She built it yes, can you bring your hands into the frame of the cook for me? Look at those hand these masterpieces these hands create. Alright, thank you Can you play Fortnight on that? I don’t know I’m not shocked at this point You can play Fortnight on your toaster at this point. Imagine liz. Has it down? Why is that? Why does it come with extra dime bags? I don’t understand. Oh, okay So these normally come in pieces like we said look, can you turn it on? To start, I don’t even know where the buttons are. Oh just he’s trying to make fun of me. Oh, I’m playing Maria jump What? How am I supposed to get up there, is that it is this the game Genius this is pretty again. She said she had a program and this is all that it could handle Oh, I see you just you’re just working.. yYou guys Liz built it coded it No, she copied pasted code “coded” but still you can copy paste code incorrectly. I’ve seen it happen Yeah, Liz. I just want to be the guy I mean, I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but I’m literally doing the same thing until I stop I’m not saying you’re not you’re a good game designer. You’re already better than whoever designed the game Brink. This is pretty cool You wanna play? Yeah turns out you don’t even have to run you could just stand still and they’ll come to you The way Liz programs she likes to make it as easy for the user as she can. Very user interface basis. You look at the top left That’s the kill count. So what is he doing? I’m running away. All you can see the refresh rate from the line There’s that progressive or is that P or I? It’s I, right? Stop tickling my knee So I’m gonna say DOPE for that little of a thing. Yeah. What is that? Like I’m not a huge computer engineering kind of guy, but it’s not like a Raspberry Pi I mean like now I don’t Raspberry Pi is bigger but still DOPE. Alright, so all the links for this next product They’re all gone. They we had to buy on eBay, but they took down the listing Instagram projector. Ah, oh, it’s a focuser. Yeah, so the pointer stars and the little Cartridges you’d be able to make your own from I’m guessing Instagram But they don’t sell those anymore couldn’t custom create one because he’s aren’t sold anymore So we just got to see what we have. Did they include one? Yeah, so this company went out of business. long story short It’s hard to believe that no one want to turn, you know, take all the time to turn their thing into a mini projector Yeah, it’s like almost like they have a phone to do that. You got a nice screen that you paid for it Let’s go ahead and buy another thing to look at it at unless quality quality. Oh look a bit hungry. Oh my god Okay, man, I’m gonna start believing yourself. We’re almost there. I think I’m getting dehydrated I’m so hungry Oh, it’s literally just a bunch a little Scions. Scions? wait, don’t you have a scion? Thank you This is my car. Oh, so this is biased biased product review. There’s a Scion Coating nice-looking final now. You’re here. Let me help can I help you? Oh, he’s gonna take and for all uh-huh back to where I had it. Well look at the back car Oh, yeah, that’s a better image. It’s like going on Scion’s website but not Want to look at a car you can buy Tells you specs. you actually can’t focus farther than this. see. What do you mean? No, you were doing this It didn’t even look like an image It was pretty distorted it was like it was like come on man I’m gonna give you credit you had it to this level just a little bit off See if it reflects on his forehead that’s pretty giant. Oh it works better. Does my pimples kind of look like the taillights? Yeah This is kind of cool though yknow what I’m saying? I think it’s the right idea just but just the fact that it’s cars is kind of stupid You love your Scion! yeah, but I don’t want a Scion projector though. Well, then you don’t love your car. Yeah I want a Chevy s10 projector, right? I want a Tesla projector. I want to uh I think it’s a DOPE I think it’s a NOPE because it’s not practical in any way shape or form. if it was like a small little gift You’re gonna give someone like pictures of you and them like your girlfriend or something. Yeah. Hey, babe. Check this out That is a good idea like you and it’s like a gesture sure but for anything else come on Mini-fridge electric cooler and warmer kind of fridge warm, so it’s kind of psycho. 4 liters 6 cans. It’s a two-in-one, bro You never had a warm sandwich like a warm sandwich, but in the fridge no, no, it’s saying it’s a great cooler and warmer But mini-fridge, it doesn’t know what it is. And that concerns me from the start. Also. It’s sponsored by own famous band AC/DC What happens if you have a churro that you find and it’s room temperature. Where do you put it? On the table it will stay room temperature. Yeah, you know warm we’re gonna get stale which is called the microwave You’re gonna microwave your churro You’re gonna dry out your churro. No, that’s no that’s correct. So you’re gonna put it in the fridge No, this is you warm it you slowly bring warmth into its body I breathe it in you do not take out moisture and you do not take out the crisp. You just warm it All right, so this is sponsored by AC/DC it’s a system it’s got a lecture exclusive on-the-go USB power bank That’s a DOPE dude. If you guys want to read through this you have one too and fast looks these sandwich I knew it scoll tanner, you know, you need to you scroll too fast. Look at that sandwich, but in Tanner’s defense Yeah, I saw it. Cameron just pause on it Add to Cart Coolio Yeah cooler And warmer, like I said, I don’t like that fridges can do both I’m gonna start that off with that comes in a bunch of different colors, which colors this one doesn’t say We’re gonna find out I have been informed it as white for offices new moms I don’t know why you’d want enter the crib. Do you don’t see anything getting warm in here? Where’s it? But I’ll drink it. Oh, this is cold. Now. How do you warm orange orange little boy, so this isn’t for me There’s a setting on the back you’ve had that coming There’s a setting on the back to turn it to warm Oh Liz can it do both at the same time? Then it is an abscess. You said it cannot do both at the same time? It is not that would it be able to do both at the same time? Separate quadrants boy separate quadrants? separate so it need to do four different things Freezer door and a regular door. Yeah, wouldn’t that be DOPE? Is it the freezer like that refrigerator’s on the bottom and you had like a separate door? I was cooking stuff that’d be sick! Want some? I have shaky legs I’m gonna give it a go. I think it’s cool Mini Tactical LED world smallest LED flashlight keychain, like gunmetal I love the color. Alright, it’s waterproof. But what is it? Oh, it’s like if you put a pill in it for your drugs, huh? Tiny am I right? Holy cow It’s a light? A light. A light. The light bright tiny light bright two modes on/off You don’t say? shines over one mile a hundred thousand hours. Shines over a mile? Let’s calm down. Are you sure? You know how many feet that is? over five thousand feet. Have you ever seen a mile? I’ve seen miles I know I know a guy named Miles. cool I guess if he’s the plural version of a mile then I could see how the plural? Emmett Miles brother Mile. Two Mile to make a Miles. Add to cart. you got there. There’s an on and off button it said I’m gonna have to ask for help. It’s okay. I’m asking for help But can you figure that out? I’m asking for help, but can you figure that out? that was hard to watch maybe set it off? I’m gonna back up on again. You set me up for failure. That was a sticker to prevent it from react well Well, well how the tables have just keep doing the same thing over and over trying to think Thats insanity You hate that don’t you? Yep For a minute, I thought I was talking to my dad That’s kind of cool I like this although why would you use this if you have a flashlight Let’s be honest the phones always in your hand anyways. Can we kill the lights? Let’s look to see how bright like how bright a brightness is impaired. Maybe wow That’s bright pretty right. But let’s compare it to a phone. Okay, you look like you have a red thumb Okay, you got all right, Dom different shades. I’d say your phone brother though. Oh, yeah, that’s bigger No, this LEDs way brighter the LEDs focused and brighter exactly. That’s the time That all right time for you really check out Yearly or early okay. Did you say yearly early? I’ma say I like it. Did you throw it away? All right guys, thank you so much for watching be sure to click one of these two videos I you might like them Well sure you will and we will see you next time

This 6 CORE Ivy Bridge Xeon only Costs $24…! (Worldwide Deal)

– [Bryan] So every time
I do use PC Parts Hounds here on the channel, people complain that
they can’t get the deals that I can get. But right here on the table we’ve got something that
is readily available. And hopes to be some of the best value I’ve seen in a long time. For instance, I got a motherboard here, and yes that is how the
motherboard came in the mail. I guess the postman had a
little bit too much fun here. We got this for $49. Now, it’s LGA 1156. That’s right, not 1366 which is X58. It’s actually a special
breed of motherboard that supports Sandy Bridge
and Ivy Bridge chips which were made specifically
for this motherboard. They were mainly intended for
small businesses and servers that only needed one computer, and didn’t need to link
up more than one CPU since they are limited
to a QPI link of one. And then besides that, the benefit of this is that
it supports registered memory which can be had for very cheap. I picked up two sticks of 8GB each for a total of 16GB of
DDR3 memory for $35. And the CPU itself is the E5-2620 v2 which is a 6-core 12 Threaded Xeon on the Ivy Bridge architecture
that also supports PCI-E 3. Then for the CPU core that 12 box has a fan on it, and it
has two little towers, and hopefully it can keep
this thing under wraps but I don’t think it should be a problem since it is non-overclockable and it is pretty efficient already. But then we’re going to
couple that with a GTX 1660, which is one of the better
value cards from NVIDIA on their new series. And see how that compares then, at 1080p gaming, versus a 9900K. So with all that aside, let’s get our $121 barebones
kit on the test bench and see how it performs. (upbeat techno music) So there’s a little bit of
trouble here in paradise. And one of these two sticks is faulty, and I thought at first
it was the motherboard, when I tried booting up the motherboard it just kept giving me an error
upon Windows installation. But then I changed the
memory around finally, and everything is working absolutely fine. We’re just getting games
installed right now. But one thing about this motherboard, is it doesn’t look too bad so far, I mean, in the BIOS you can even set the RAM
speeds up to 1866 MHz, which isn’t too bad. And also this cooler seems to have a bit of
RGB bling going on inside so let’s get on with the gaming results, and then come back to some other tests on this system directly. ♪ That makes my heart run wild ♪ ♪ I wanna turn you on ♪ ♪ ’cause lately I been feeling like ♪ ♪ there’s somebody around your heart ♪ ♪ don’t wanna lose ya ♪ ♪ lose ya ♪ ♪ I wanna be the one ♪ ♪ don’t wanna lose ya ♪ ♪ lose ya ♪ ♪ I wanna be the one ♪ ♪ that makes your heart run wild ♪ (electronic drum beat) – So we just finished up the testing and I’m gonna say before
we move into the numbers, I am super impressed. This is a new meta going into 2019 for people who want budget
builds or budget gaming, and it’s readily available and they live anywhere in the world this is definitely going
to deliver LGA 1356 plus this 2420 v2 Xeon and 16GB or 8GB of DDR3 memory whether it’s registered or not, is going to be kickin’ hard for the money. Now, the motherboard itself, it costs $48, so it’s going to compliment that $24 CPU, and since we can then couple
it with that cheap cooler which is $12, and also the cheap memory, we’ve got ourselves a combo
that will handle a GTX 1616. We’ll get into the numbers here, and at 1080p high settings gaming, Battlefield 5 on the single player was getting around 89 average FPS when we did over a 70 second benchmark 40 FPS, 1% lows, and the 0.1% lows did dip to 10. But I’d have to say that
had to do with the fact that we used a hard drive here, since the game was still
downloading in the background. Moving over to Apex Lujends, we saw 100 average FPS on the dot, and then the 1% lows were 65 and the 0.1% lows were 43 FPS. This was a 1080 pretty much max settings except the texture
setting which was on 4GB which is still high. Then on to CS GO. We had 1080p high settings
here, max settings going 166 FPS on the community made benchmark, 57 FPS 1% lows and then 10.1% lows. Move over to Tomb Raider, the
last game we started the test. We ran the benchmark, 1080p
high settings DX12, 68 FPS, and then the minimum scored in at 47 FPS so the whole time across these
four games, except for CS GO, the other three, we saw the
GPU being utilized over 90%, which was a really good thing considering how cheap this combo is. Now, taking a quick step
back with this platform, I didn’t even know this existed. I mean, I may have
heard of it in the past, but I never really paid
any attention to it because when I heard LGA 1356, I thought, Oh okay is that LGA 1366 just a different variant? But it’s actually an improvement on 1366 in the server market where it’s still carried on
the triple channel memory, but it was then supported for Ivy Bridge and also Sandy Bridge. And in the case of Ivy Bridge
CPUs it had 24 PCI-E 3.0 lanes and that was sort of
different to the 2011 socket, as you know with things like X79 which supported 40 PCI-E Lanes, but also had the QPI Score at one. So you could interlink two CPUs together to be a double cores, double threads. But I do see motherboards out there that do have two CPU sockets. So I’m not entirely sure
what’s going on there. But in the case of the
motherboard that we got here today it was only $48 which is brand new, and that includes shipping. And it was using a H61 license, so it wasn’t actually using
X79 like it says on the box, It’s actually using H61
which is very cheap to get, and also has Dual Channel
memory support maximum as we can clearly see on the board itself only having two dim slots available. Now, the VRM of course, it does look a little bit lackluster, but since we are only
pushing 36 Watts through it, it did do absolutely fine even with no heat sync and
in 25 degrees ambiance, we saw it going up to
a maximum of 60 degrees with the thermo imaging camera. So there it is with this combo. I think it’s phenomenal value for money considering we’re getting the
whole kit here for 121 USD, which is really cheap Alls we’d have to do to get
this build fully finished, is add an SSD or a hard drive, case power supply, and our graphics card, and in the case of the
graphics cards itself you can use an RX 570. Great value for money on the
used market, the new market. It would go very well
with this combination to get a really good build,
even brand new, under 300 USD. If you guys wanna see that happen, I’ll make a build happen,
using these components. I think it’s just
phenomenal value for money I’m super excited that
I found out about this and it’s really good, I think it’s going to be a new meta, where a lot of used businesses will now be retiring these Xeons there’s just gonna be a
flood of them in the market, and at $24 I think it’s
going to be very hard to beat this kind of value. I did manage to run also
a Cinebench R15 score, and we got over 600 points, which again for $24 buy it now, is freaking amazing value for money I can’t harp on about how
good the price performance is with this combination. Now, another good thing is with the low clock speeds in
the six scores twelve threads, is you do get the low power consumption, but also on top of that a lot of games are coming in with DX12, and supporting more cores and more threads and we can see that the
game play is very smooth and if we couple it with
something like an RX 570, or if you want to go with a new GTX 1660, then a combination like this
is gonna be absolutely fine. Also on the case of the
memory being faulty, that’s just one of those things that happens when you buy
other used or new parts, in a cases of DDR4 Memory
if you buy that new it can sometimes be faulty. In this case it was used memory and I’m pretty sure the
seller should have tested this before they sent it out
as it’s pretty clear that it’s not just like,
weird randomness faulty, that’s clearly faulty when
I’m trying to install Windows, and it’s failing before it can
even install Windows itself. Anyway, there’s probably
a lot more you could do with this CPU and combination, like make a home server or a NAS, but if you’re making a NAS do keep in mind that it’s only got three sider ports on this particular board. And I’ve never heard the
brand name before, EastVita. So everything did check out
though when I was playing games, and it’s just really
phenomenal value for money. I can’t bring that home enough. And with that said I’ll leave
all the links for the stuff that I bought for this video
in the description below. If you guys have any
questions or comments, then be sure to drop them in
the comments section below. And also don’t forget
to hit that like button, if you like that used Xeon meta in 2019. With that said, I’ll catch you guys in another tech video very soon. If you’re enjoying this one, and if you’re enjoying all
the videos around here, don’t forget to hit that sub button with the bell notification. or check us out on Instagram, TechYESCity for the inside scoop. And I’ll catch you in the next one. Peace out for now, bye. (techno music)

Game Theory: The Ninja Mixer MISTAKE! (The Ninja Mixer Deal Part 2)

[Audience sounds] Calm down! Calm down! I see we got a little bit more time for questions. So uhhh… You! Girl! Uh- yeah. I was wondering if uh- You know what? Stop, sorry. I can’t be seen talking to you The internet might get the wrong idea about our relationship So instead, let me talk to um… You! Unattractive adult human male. Why are we still doing this? I mean, weren’t you supposed to telling us about why the Ninja Mixer decision was a mistake? Look, I’m getting to it, alright? But first. In honor of this new and exciting, exclusive streaming partnership with Blender, I am pleased to also announce this special edition merch… the Ninja Blender. *Audience gasps* *clears throat* What do you want now, Cap Buzzkill? You realize that’s someone else’s product, right? Huh! Clearly, it’s not. As you can tell, right here on the front has my name: Ninja. That, that’s me. Yours truly. Top Fornite game streamer. Uh, what’s say you, dead meme guy? *flossing* Well, will it blend? Uh yeah. That’s kinda the point. Well then, you can cash me outside using it. How ’bout dah? *tries to get high five* aw *becomes sad* YO DRAKE! Thanks for coming to my press conference! What say you my homeboy? *speech synthesizer* Yo Ninja bro! You know Drizzy’s got your back You’re blowing my mind with this dank merch. But can we get back to the episode, hotline bling? Yeah. You know what? All right, let’s do that. Hey offstage guy! Press the big red announcement button! *Presses big red announcement button* Thanks. See you all later. *epic Intro Plays* Hello Internet! Welcome to GAME THEORY *this is not a game theory tho*! Still running to the mail every day hoping to find that elusive check from Mixer. hmm, nothing :'( Welp… if it hasn’t come at this point it ain’t coming anytime soon. Since after today’s episode Mixer is NEEEVEER gonna want to talk to me. Either because they’re so offended by what I have to say, ooooor because they see my point at how dumb they were to spend TENS OF MILLIONS to make this deal in the first place. See, last time I talked about all the good this deal provided. Ninja totally made the right move, cashed out when he was on the decline, and guaranteed a lifetime of stability in the unstable world of online video. Mixer.. ehh True to it’s name it’s a bit more of a mixed bag. Seeing some short-term successes, searchability is up, traffic is slightly higher.. But in an ideal world you don’t just strike a deal costing tens of millions of dollars with one of the biggest talent in the world for just one week of news stories. You do it for the cash. So let’s take a quick look at the number, shall we? Ninja, on his first 18 days on Mixer got himself 10 million views. Now on Youtube, you can buy cheap views using Youtube’s ad systems for about 2 or 3 cents a view. And that’s not any sort of any click farm sketchy blackhat views. These are views that are outright purchased via Youtube’s own advertising systems. So that’s about three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) worth of viewership for the first half month of this partnership so far. Not too shabby. But since that first big push, things have started to level off with him getting twenty thousand (20,000) average concurrent viewers per stream now. that translates to about three hundred thousand (300,000) views per stream. Doing some quick back of the napkin math here. That’s 300,000 times roughly 260 streams per year, or 78 million views, times 3 cents. About two point three Million dollars worth of views at any given year. Definitely good! But it’s still far below what I assumed (and what I’ve heard through my contacts), that he’s actually getting paid. And still, that’s not the whole story. When it comes to gaming itself, our views are actually much less valuable than the views of, say, a channel that appeals to moms who are making most of the household purchases. Optimistically speaking, a view in gaming is like three tenths of a cent. Point zero zero three dollars ($0.003), my friends. So if you’re looking for the actual value of ten million views, you’re talking something more like thirty thousand dollars ($30,000). That is a really low number that rounds out the year for Mixer with two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars worth of value. If you’re paying someone eight figures to get you views, (well…) that’s still two figures short. But remember what I said last time. Most livestream platforms, like Twitch and Mixer, are earning most of their money off of you: your donations. Taking a cut of every subscription, ember, bit, byte, superchat, and sparkle that you give to your favorite streamer. So let’s look at what those numbers could look like for Mixer here. A subscription on Mixer is $6 Now normally, Mixer would take a split of that. But considering they just paid a solid eight figures for ninja’s exclusivity, chances are they’re taking his whole cut. At least for awhile as a means of making up that lost revenue. Subtracting out Amazon Prime subs, at the height of paid subscribers during his time on Twitch, Ninja had about fifty thousand (50,000). This was about the time that he had 4 million total followers. Now that’s him at his absolute height of power When he left Twitch, he was at twenty thousand, but we’re going to assume best case scenario here. Matching that 50,000 number on mixer, a relatively unknown platform with half the number of new followers is nigh on impossible. However, mixer is doing a free giveaway month to incentivize people to subscribe. And then hopefully forget about the fact that they’ve given them their credit card information and are on auto-pay. So let’s just say he gets all those Fifty thousand (50,000) people on over. That would be three hundred thousand (300,000) dollars per month going to Mixer That is the best, best, best, case scenario! It’s a great number to be sure, especially off of one guy, and it results in three point six million dollars total for the year headed Mixer’s way. Which is phenomenal, unless of course you paying tens of millions of dollars a year to keep that guy on your platform, which Mixer seems to be. What would normally be a huge payday is just your really expensive employee holding down a third of your platform. In short: Any way you slice it, the numbers just don’t add up in Mixer’s favor. No, the Ninja deal wasn’t just about pure revenue, it was a long term play. They’re not thinking about one year, they’re thinking about the next six! And that, is what we haven’t covered yet. Going back to when we started talking about Mixer, a video platform has two goals: 1. Build a creator and viewer community 2. Monetize it, with advertisers and fan contributions. When it comes to attracting advertisers, There’s a case to be made that a lot of the companies who weren’t thinking about adverting on Mixer. Suddenly are thinking about it now. But the controversies Twitch has been seeing recently and their plateauing viewership numbers, advertisers in the gaming could be persuaded to hop ship into a different streaming platform with a brand-friendly Ninja as their poster child and one with the added stability of Microsoft. Buuuuuut it’s hard to advertise on a platform when there’s only one person on it. That’s where the community piece comes in, and where the Ninja-Mixer partnership REALLY starts to fall apart. To understand why communities are important, think about each platform as a country And their community as their population Instagram is Finland where everyone is somehow leggy and blonde. Facebook is the country where everybody is over 40 and miserable. (Maybe… Russia?) And Twitch is the country that if your rich enough you could probably toss around your cat(!) Too soon? Yeah, maybe too soon. The thing about any country is that in order to make it work you need LOTS of people to fill LOTS of different roles, and it turns out that video platforms work in much the same way. There are gonna be small upstart creators on every platform. There are gonna be a couple really stand-out names at the top! But what really holds a platform up in the long run, is its middle class. Consider former president Obama’s case for the US needing a strong middle class from 2011 Summed up in a blog post written by David Madly “The middle class has a strong interest in making Government work well because… Quite simply, the middle class depends more on public services than the rich.” End quote. If your not getting held as supplies to the Ninja-Mixer situation. Basically what he’s saying is that if your in the middle class, you need the system your working in. (Or in this case the video platform your on.) To work for YOU! The things that the middle class tend to push for benefit the most people, because they representing the AVERAGE USER of the platform. Good public transportation and affordable health care are two great examples! If you’re rich, those things don’t matter as much to you because you got yourself a car, a driver and enough money to pay for the best hospitals. But for the middle class, those things matter because getting saddled with a twenty thousand hospital bill means a huge chunk of your yearly income disappearing until that bill gets paid back! Now look, at YouTube: Recently, YouTube made a huge policy change to prevent unfair copyright claims against creators. After years of pushing, YouTube came out with new features that make it harder to make false copyright claims. They EVEN started suing some of the worst copyright trolls to make an example to of what happens to people who abuse their systems! And who were the ones making the biggest push to get something like that enacted? MID-TIER CREATORS, those with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Not so much those with subscriberships in the millions, because big channels can sometimes backdoor their way out of those sorts of copyright situations. Using their agents, or their YouTube contacts. Or heck those creators may not have even known those claims existed in the first place because they have teams dedicated to handling that sort of stuff. Mid Tier creators though don’t have that luxury. Every false copyright claim is a punch to the gut. It is money directly out of their pocket. It is money that is quite frankly probably going to their rent check! At the end of that month. So they make their voices heard in HUGE numbers over the course of months, until the system started changing. And just to make it perfectly clear. There were indeed big creators fighting for this as well. I’m not saying every channel with over a million subscribers was like- “Eh, I don’t care about the copyright system.” A lot of us do. And a lot of us have been fighting for this tool for years! Ourselves included. But many other channels had other options in these sorts of circumstances. Or DIDN’T FEEL IT as acutely as the middle class. Obama also advocated for an economy grows, “not from the top down but from the middle out.” The blog post notes that the highest classes “Can easily opt out of a country’s regulations. Or even more to another country. Whereas when the when the middle class is strong, they have the political power to achieve their goals.” Think again on who this applies to us: top-tier creators on any platform often don’t have the rules apply to them. Just look at the situation Twitch is dealing with right now over favoritism And if they’re not getting the treatment they want from that platform, they just move to another country. Like the ‘United Mixer Emirates’ But the middle class has to make the system work for everyone, because they don’t have the luxuries of moving, and bringing all their stuff or fans with them. It’s also pretty well known that in economics the middle class is what drives innovation. Entrepreneurs disproportionately come out of the middle class. And the inventions that solve everyday problems comes from people who are dealing with those everyday problems! Not the rich elite. I’m not saying that Obama’s way is the right or the only way. The point of this way overextended analogy is that moving platforms forward in the long run. Requires creator communities. Not just a couple of elite individuals sitting at the top. Nothing really replaces a creator middle class. And it also doesn’t save the platform in the event that something changes, like say a game losing popularity. Let’s talk about a hypothetical scenario where Fortnite disappears tomorrow. *whoosh* What would happen to all the platforms where people play it? Well, YouTube would stop getting Fortnite videos and well basically go on as normal. Since it’s all about dem’ diamonds these days fam! But there’s just so much other stuff on YouTube that the viewership they would lose would be negligible. YouTube’s creator middle class has tons of interests. From Acrylic pouring to listicles about awkward save systems in games! Losing Fortnite doesn’t really matter a whole lot. There’s plenty of other stuff to watch. By the way Rabbid Luigi. I watch your channel EVERY week. Literally every week, just saying you got a fan over here congrats on your big move. Moving over to Twitch, if they lose Fortnite, almost 10% of the entire platform disappears. According to viewership statistics of games played on Twitch. Twitch has a much smaller creator community with narrower interests and a less built out middle class. Aaand you can probably see where this is going. The situation on Mixer is the most dire. Where Ninja accounted for 50% of the total platform viewership in his first stream. Like I mentioned earlier, accounts for 32% since then. If Fortnite disappears Ninja would still be there, but the other games he’s played typically haven’t pulled the same audience for him. Based on his Twitch stats he loses 31% of his audience when he plays Apex Legends. 78% when he plays League Of Legends. And over 90% of his audience when playing PUBG, HALO or Final Fantasy Since so much of Mixer’s viewership is based on Ninja, and so much of Ninja’s success is based on Fortnite, that investment in Ninja starts to look a little unstable in the long run. The long term problem with Mixer is buying up Ninja, and ONLY NINJA is that he’s one creator basically playing one game at the very tippy top of the creator economy. Great PR play in the short run! But in the long-term top creators don’t decide wherever the platform lives or dies. The platform spends it cash on one Mega Star, effectively making the rich richer, and ignoring the fact that you can’t create platform culture with just a single person. Presumably, the hope is that with Ninja’s move, lots of mid-sized creators will be inspired to make their jump to Mixer. But unlike Ninja, there’s no revenue guaranteed for it. No promise of financial or creative freedom like he has. For the millions that Mixer has probably paid for Ninja, they could have made the less splashy PR move, but probably much more impactful move, by giving that money to mid-sized creators. They could have encouraged hundreds, or even thousands, of mid-sized creators to build out a more diverse, and frankly more loyal, set of streamers on their land. Giving the audience more options, and hoping that some of them would indeed become hugely successful in their own right. Instead of having one creator whose income now doesn’t rely on the quality of his streams, they could have instead backed thousands of streamers who would still be hungry for their opportunity, who haven’t gotten their big chance out in the spotlight. And would still be looking to build audiences in their own right. They’d be buying for the number one Mixer position. Rather than just someone whose plopped into it and is basically unbeatable from this point forward. Ninja was a risky investment, not a diversified one. And not one that directly contributes to the platform growing in the long-term. What Mixer showed was that they care about a headline, not a community. Which, to me, doesn’t bode well for the future of streamers there. But hey! Who is to say? Maybe i’m wrong. Maybe their bet will pay of and there will be a steady stream of players headed over there to make their fortunes on Mixer inspired by Ninja’s intrepid (if not exactly risky) jump on over. Maybe we’re around the corner for the MIXER REVOLUTION! Maybe, tell that to Google Stadia. In the meantime, though, I want to say this. Doing this episode I recognized how incredibly lucky I am to have the audience that I do. To be in that proverbial YouTuber upper class. I see how hard it is for smaller creators to get discovered these days. One of the reasons I love having other shows on this channel, like: Game Exchange or Smash History back in the day was that it gave greater visibility, and ad revenue quite honestly, to other creators who are doing really good work but had smaller audiences. I love that idea of being able to pay it forward. Of working together to be stronger than the individual parts. Y’know? But, sadly, YouTube, and digital platforms as a whole have changed. Nowadays I can’t really host many other creators shows on here like I used to, just because of how digital platforms work. We gotta keep that momentum up! And the science works because it’s like “Oh, we’re practically the same show!” Spoiler alert! Don’t tell anyone! But, everything else, it just doesn’t quite match up properly, right? Anyways the reason I’m saying all this is this episode gave me an idea. Honestly, I want to try something new. Mixer may not be going out of their way to support mid-tier and lower-tier creators, but you know what? We will here. Over the next few episodes I’m gonna just, take some time to send out a little love to someone out there who’s really grinding away and doing awesome work! And who deserves to be recognized! Just to pay it forward, hopefully give them some visibility, spread some good karma out there. So today! I chose you Rabbid Luigi! I’ve watched Rabbid Luigi’s channel for years! Like I mentioned earlier in this episode, in fact! For those of you who don’t know, Rabbid Luigi does top five and top ten countdowns, which may not sound like anything ground breaking, but his topics are always fun and creative. Like: Greatest Games On Failed Platforms and Top Five Games That You Can’t Legitimately Finish. [Rabbid Luigi] I once made a video about difficulty spikes, which is where there’s this sudden rise in challenge that the player can’t prepare for, and often gets stuck at. [Matt] And in each of his lists there’s always and entry or two that surprises me or some fact that catches me off-guard. [Rabbid Luigi] Gammation, got to work on Gamma Attacks, supposedly the sole copy is owned by Anthony Denardo. Who tried to sell in 2008 for HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!! [Matt] His calls to subscribe are also things of beauty. Play the clip! [Rabbid Luigi] Even when you do get around to saving, you have to watch this stupid ad like a mobile game about this mediocre YouTuber reminding his viewers to subscribe if they enjoyed the video and hit a bell for notifications, or whatever? WHAT THE **** IS YOUTUBE? THIS IS 1996! [Matt] Right? They’re awesome! They’re like more seamless than our transitions into the sponsors at the end of videos! I will say though, Rabbid, your French episode. Nnnnnyea it’s a bit of a weird decision. [Rabbid Luigi] *Badly speaks French* [Matt] I mean the WHOLE THING was French. So if you like yourself gaming countdowns with a delightful accent and an equally delightful sense of snark, then Rabbid Luigi s a personal favorite of mine! Link is down below in the Thingy-Ma-Do. And if you have any favorite channels that you’d like me to check out, and potentially call out if I like them, let me know down in the comments below! SO ANYWAY, In honor of Rabbid, THIS has been MatPat. And remember: it’s all just a theory. A GAME THEORY!!! Thanks for watching! *End music plays*

Game Theory: Was Ninja Worth It? (The Ninja Mixer Deal)

*News reporters chatting* *Tapping mic* I know this might come as a surprise to a lot of you.. But, as of today… I’m going to be streaming EXCLUSIVELY.. On Blender. *Audience protests* I will now take questions from the audience! Umm.. Yes! You with the face! Guy: Isn’t Blender used for
making…3D modeling animations and not.. You know.. Live streaming? MatPat: Blender, Mixer. I don’t know, they’re all kitchen utensils! Heck! I’d live stream on a NUTRIBULLET if they paid me enough! *Audience laughs* Uh. Next question.. Uhhhh.. You! Outdated meme guy! Outdated meme guy: Uh, yes! Uh… What-What does this do for your future theories? Still as cringy as ever. Meme guy: Wouldn’t have it any other “da-wae”. *smacking sound with dab* Dab to you too sir. *same effect with dab* huh… uh, who else? uh- you! refrigerator full of cash! *refrigerator sounds* Oh audible, you really ARE the coolest audiobooks in town! *Matpad starts laughing and the crowd joins immediately* Thanks for sponsoring us, I’ve got time for one more question, here… uuuuh… You! Blatant celebrity cameo. What’s jabelling jabels? How do you feel about that new Mixer-Ninja deal? IT WAS A MISTAKE! [gasp] Hold on, hold on. Sit down. Lemme explain. [game theory intro music plays] HELLO INTERNET Weeelcome to Game theooory Proud to announce that we’re still here on Youtube. ALLRITE, so at this point we have all heard the news, right? Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has moved from being Twitch’s largest streamers, to exclsively streaming over on Mixer. A streaming competitor to Twitch, that’s owned by Microsoft One that up until this point in history has gone largely overlooked by the gaming community. Now, why is this such a big deal? Well..there’s a lot of reasons in fact. Ninja for the better part of the last two years has been one of, if not THE most famous gamer in the world. I mean, sure, there have been people who surpassed him in the numbers and yeah, objectively speaking there are people who are better players than him. But in the mainstream normie public eye who coudn’t tell a Dr Lupo from a Dr Disrespect If you ask them to name a famous It’s most likely gonna be Ninja He had the good luck of being the top player of Fortnite at the perfect time. when it first started to blow up. As that game shattered all performance numbers and started getting mainstream attention Ninja was right there in the same breath The poster boy for both Fortnite and its primary viewing platform Twitch It was the perfect storm A highly addictive e-sports ready game A streaming service that was already making waves and getting supercharged by it’s parent company Amazon And a brand safe face to front man the whole thing Well, mostly brand safe From there PR did the rest As celebrities wanted to get in on the Fortnite game, they were hooked up with Ninja When ESPN magazine wanted to feature a e-sports player on it’s cover Ninja became the first When Muppets wanted to present at the Video Game Awards, they were there with Ninja Don’t know why but it was a thing that happened Ninja: This award is for the best game made outside of the Triple A system Pepe – Muppet: Did you say Triple A? Ninja: Yeah.. Triple A Pepe – Muppet: It’s amazing what they do with our batteries these days *demonic Ninja laugh* After EIGHT years of streaming, grinding away It was finally Ninja’s time to shine Skyrocketing to 14 million followers on Twitch Becoming THE most followed creator on the plattform So, to walk away from all of that for him to be scooped up by a relatively unkown new plattform Well, it’s a move unlike practically anything seen in the digital landscape thus far. And so I, and I think a lot of the internet want to know: Was this a good decision? Are the millions that Mixer paid to get exclusive rights to Ninja worth it? Is it smart for a creator to just walk away from a fanbase of 14 million people? Are we all aboard the Mixer train now? WHOOT WHOOT Honestly I wouldn’t be covering this if the answer only mattered to like one mega streamer No, what this all really boils down to is the relationship between a platform and its users How places like YouTube, Twitch and yes, even Mixer foster communities of viewers and creators I think that there were mistakes made in
this whole mixer ninja deal so pay attention mixer here’s a load of free
advice heck you don’t even need to pay me for it in answering the question was
this a good decision we have to was this a good decision for whom for
who whom whom let’s start with the oof great decision on his part and that’s
without me even knowing or even speculating what mixer pay damn can I
make you guess based in my experience the deals that we ourselves have seen
brand context and relative valuation of you counts absolutely I can but here’s
the thing none of it matters there’s something more than dollar figures at
play here the thing ninja games out of this is stability stability is a luxury
that no online creator has when you start a channel on YouTube or twitch or
wherever you need to remember that you’re building your house on someone
else’s land and that at any point they could just repossess that land shifting
algorithms Moran safety regulations you name it that is them reclaiming the land
that your house is built on and that’s all before you even get into the
fluctuations of ad rates over the course of a year you know how every November
and December people pump out a bunch more of their best videos and then in
January they basically take the month off it’s all because ad rates ad rates
plummet in January and are at their highest in November in December the
value you get out of a single view depends on everything the time of year
what vertical you work on the title of the frickin video that is how unstable
everything is here but twitch is even more volatile because your primary
revenue isn’t dependent on brands who just are spending bunches of money on
YouTube as a platform instead it’s dependent on fans a couple thousand fans
paying you and specifically you and fans can be finicky in the past ninja has
gone on record saying that taking two days off of his streaming schedule cost
him forty thousand paying subscribers which at minimum means him losing a
hundred thousand dollars of monthly revenue just like that if that doesn’t
feel like instability I don’t know what is so in order to maintain a level of
success he had on twitch he was practically chained to his desk playing
the same game over and over and over again for 12 hours a day
but even then there’s no guarantees it’s no secret that ninjas twitch staffs were
going down according to statistics from twitch tracker calm April of 2018 was
his peak with his streams netting on average 125,000 concurrent viewers fast
for it exactly one year to April of 2019 and that number was a fourth of that
with each dream only netting him 36,000 viewers on average but again on twitch
your paycheck ultimately hinges on dem paid subscriptions and as you can
imagine them subscriptions were also falling away again using data pulled by
twitch tracker we see that March of 2018 was his peak 285,000 paying subscribers
on his channel it is a huge number for just one guy I mean for comparison the
WWE you know the company that pretty much owns the sport of wrestling Hulk
Hogan style I’m gonna throw you in a trash can
brother they have 1.2 million subscribers to their service so for
ninja to be pulling 1/4 of that pretty darn impressive but then again fast
forward one year to March of 2019 you’ve got yourself a number that is down to a
mere 20,000 from two hundred and eighty-five thousand a year later to 20
I mean it’s still great don’t get me wrong 20,000 people paying to watch your
stuff that’s amazing that’s less than 1/10 of what it was just 12 months prior
that is a huge blow to your monthly income add to that the declining
popularity and relevance of for tonight as well as ninjas challenge of getting
his audience to care about any other game other than for tonight that he
happened to be playing and the writing is on the wall but that mixer comes
around with a guaranteed paycheck for some undisclosed seven or eight figure
amount presumably over the course of a few years and you’ve got yourself
stability stability that truly can allow ninja to get back in touch with my roots
I mean this deal should set him up to retire or work for fun for the rest of
his life if he’s smart and wasn’t already set from that unbelievably great
2018 that he had heck if he or his team are smart and good at negotiating they
probably should have also had a deal that gives them a percent of the
earnings from all other creators who come on to mixer during the month
following his switch because they came over to mixer probably because of him
over on the consulting side of what we do we’ve been talking to a lot of
success full creators lately on exit strategies
how to successfully get off the treadmill of content that is digital
video YouTube Twitter otherwise and well in engines case the numbers were sagging
and he sold high exactly what he should have done so ninjas decision I mean
maybe I would have suggested thanking the fans a bit more than he did but
still definitely the right choice for mixer though the situation is a lot more
nuanced I mean after all they’re a part of Microsoft a multinational corporation
they’re not just a single streamer who can retire after a couple years so the
interests there are gonna be a lot more complicated as far as mixer is concerned
their goals are the same as any video platform build a community of users both
viewers and creators and then find a way to monetize that community be
accommodation of advertisers and fan donations now whether mixer is getting
those things is something I’m about to talk about a little bit later but there
is one thing we know right off the bat from this move mixer exists one of
mixers biggest hurdles since launching back in 2016 has been making their
presence known in a way that gamers and the rest of the world care about as
someone who’s been attending III since 2013 the biggest gaming expo in the
country I’ve certainly seen that mixers been there for the last three years with
a prominent and not altogether exciting booth I always pass by it in the hallway
and I’m like there’s mix oh my gosh Nintendo has a rock wall this year and
that’s pretty much it meanwhile on the same expo floor is e3 twitch has a
massive purple behemoth of a booth in the middle of the action where they’re
featuring clips from their biggest streamers like ninja but now that story
has suddenly flipped on its head looking for Google Trends results for mixer over
the last 30 days it’s clear that ninjas decision to jump platforms caused a
major spike in search ability and almost double the ongoing search traffic for
mixer moving forward you remember by Google Stadium video where I talked
about YouTube killing violent video games and I spoke a lot about the power
of earned media well everyone covering ninjas move here
that is all earned media for mixer so at least for now twice the number of people
are looking for mixer than they were free ninja pretty good boost using some
comparison search traffic between mixer and twitch it’s also clear that this was
a smart move for mixer to poach someone who is primarily on twitch rather than
on YouTube compare twitch to mixer and you can see that in terms of publicity
and search traffic mixer has been within striking distance of twitch for quite a
long time compare the two of those to YouTube though and it’s clear that mixer
doesn’t even have chance to peak above Google’s Juggernog
even when YouTube isn’t considered a great platform for live-streaming by
grabbing up ninja from twitch though mixer actually spiked above twitch and
search for the first time ever thereby forcing people who thought of twitch as
the only viable streaming site to get to no mixer – and while search results just
look like lines on a graph they translate to an industry of shifting
priorities out in the real world I mean most people don’t see a lot of the
behind the scenes stuff that happens around YouTube talent at this point
there are full teams of managers agents and marketers who are all trying to get
their creators into the next big thing so when ninja made the jumped mixer
managers and agents heading up gaming creators as well as the creators
themselves all started saying you know I probably should have a contacted mixer I
should make sure I know what’s going on over there well what we hear as
anecdotal comes through the consulting that we do we do know that those
conversations are starting now and those conversations happening is just huge for
a platform that didn’t exist in the public side just like a couple months
ago all of a sudden you are at the table you are in contention you have a shot
you have a ton of important people in the gaming and digital video industry
reaching out to your platform because you mixer might just be the next big
thing well anecdotes are buzzy though what
really tickles my theory bone is hard data sites like Twitter tracker have won
some fascinating comparisons about ninjas first couple of weeks on mixer
have shown not just how he’s doing but how the platform is benefiting from him
being there over the past couple weeks ninjas streams on mixer have accounted
for thirty two point one percent of all viewership on mixer which means that he
is single-handedly holding up a third of that platform remember that number
because I’m gonna go back to it in a minute but for now suffice it to say
that that is a huge percentage of views but smart witch tracker reports after
ninjas initial streams about 6 percent of his audience counting for a little
less than 2% of the total site’s traffic stuck around to watch a few other
streamers meaning that the rest of the platform has indeed gotten a little bit
of extra viewership spillover from ninja I mean 6 percent may not seem like all
that much it actually comes out to be about a hundred and thirty thousand
people total not breaking the bank or anything but that number could be huge
if those people do indeed come back on a regular basis and expose themselves to
more mix their creators and if that 130,000
people talk to their friends about how much they like what they see that
percentage can compound with time clearly then mixer has received a huge
boost in PR a direct viewership increase from ninja and an incremental gain from
viewers sticking around on the platform so ninja cashes out and mixer as
suddenly in the mix so to speak thereby making it a win all around right no
absolutely not I firmly believe that mixer has made the wrong move here that
the tens of millions that they put into ninja were ultimately flushed down the
drain put through the shredder like just a really dumb dumb silly short-sighted
move but to truly understand why we need to go into the economics of digital
platforms and look at the fundamentals of what makes an online community work
and that my friends is a long enough discussion to merit a second episode
trust me if you’re a creator or have ever wanted to become a creator you’re
gonna want to watch that one before you hop over to become a twitcher or
youtuber or facebook ER or mixer or linked influencer yeah that’s a real
thing a linked in fluent sir so why is Oh hey! Fridge full of sponsorship cash, good to see again. What are you doing here? *demonic void* Oh yeah, that’s right! It *is* time for your promo, thanks for reminding me! Not all of us are fortunate enough to be paid millions of dollars by energy drinks and thanks for being here have you know Yura
stepper heard of the book extra lives it’s a story about how video games have
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for today’s episode audible yep that refrigerator full of
the coolest audiobooks around from the cold open wasn’t just sitting there as a
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difference and so you supporting them means they’re more likely to support huh
so I’m gonna go let you listen to your audiobook now and leave you with this
remember it’s all just a theory a gaming platform theory thanks for watching

David Spade Deals with Hecklers During His First Show – Lights Out with David Spade

All right, everybody,
welcome to the first episode of Lights Out with Me. -(cheering, applause)
-Thank you. That’s your cue. Yeah. Thank you. A lot has happened this summer,
so let’s catch up. First thing– the movie Dark
Phoenix bombed in the theaters, and Caitlyn Jenner
was a jerk on Instagram. -(laughter) -It’s been
a rough time for X-Men. (laughter) You get it. After two crashes, the
Boeing 737 will get rebranded. They’re saying it’s perfect for
people who don’t like flying, because you’ll be back on
the ground before you know it. (laughter) (man continues laughing) (laughter) Jersey Shore mom Snooki
was criticized for posting a pic
of her drinking wine while feeding her newborn baby. Snooki, of course, responded
to all the mom shamers, or, as we like to call them,
doctors. (laughter) They’re called doctors. Jeffrey Epstein… Did you just get that one? (laughter) -That was a good one.
-Okay. This one you might not like.
Jeffery Epstein may have tried to hang himself in prison
but failed– in fairness, he’s used to having a Girl Scout
tie the knot for him. (laughter, groans) Yeah. That is an A-plus joke. Oh, you like it? Okay. That’s embarrassing,
but I guess if he were hung, he wouldn’t need to chase kids. -(laughter, groans)
-Yeah! Coming in hot, Whitney. -First show.
-(scattered clapping) (man speaks indistinctly) (laughs) Scientists
have made a new brain implant that restores vision
to blind people. Great. Now can we touch
your (bleep) dogs? (laughter) They’re so weird about it. Taking it to the blind! -(laughter)
-Those blind, I’ve been waiting
to pound ’em all summer. Uh, a teenager from Pennsylvania
won the Fortnite World Cup and a $3 million prize. This is the most money a kid’s
ever gotten to play video games that wasn’t
on Michael Jackson’s lap. (laughter, groans) I feel like it’s a record. -Even that one seems tame.
-Too soon. -It’s too soon?
-Hey, hey, do you have any… do you have any jokes
that aren’t about pedophilia? -(laughter)
-And is this the format? We’re supposed to heckle you
during your monologue? It wasn’t gonna be the format,
but it suddenly is. (laughter) Uh, I thought you’d behave.
All right, the, uh… Okay, they’re toning down. No, this is another subject. Okay, the president
of Planned Parenthood was forced out
after eight months. That joke kind of writes itself. (laughter, groans) Right? Yeah! Yeah! -It’s okay.
-We were… we were…
we were checking our phones. -(laughter)
-Okay. An Amazon delivery driver
was caught on camera defecating on the lawn
of a home he was delivering to. My question: Why was Neal
Brennan delivering for Amazon? What a burn! You’re Neal Brennan. You won’t get away with this. Easy cut. Netflix has lost
a lot of subscribers after they raised prices. Times are tough–
it’s gotten so bad, they only released 800 movies
yesterday. That still seems like
a lot to me. By the way,
I thought this was crazy. Harvey Weinstein’s team
filed a motion to dismiss
the sexual assault case.
00:03:19,199 –>00:00:00,000
the motion was this: Yeah!

VGATW Latest News – Fox Business guest compares Fortnite to heroin

Hey gamers! Gian here. Oh brother. OMG! When it comes to the news media, Fox says
the darndest things. Now, since their creation, video games have
been a very popular form of entertainment played by everyone of every age and loved
by many people, but scorned by the media, politicians, lawmakers, religious groups,
etc. Well folks, this news is about Fortnite. Fortnite as we all know is one of the most
popular free-to-play video games of all time by Epic Games. In which they immediately found a lot of success
with it. It’s a third-person multiplayer shooter where
you can play with various gamers around the world, it’s also featured in e-sports tournaments
along with other games such as Apex Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, etc. But at the same time, Fortnite has spawned
various controversies such as threats, bullying, online harassment, etc. Not to mention that Alfonso Ribeiro, who plays
as Carlton Banks in the hit sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has called out the game
for stealing his dance move. Oh Carlton Even Prince Harry himself said
that the game drained the minds of the youth. Oh brother, his Royal Majesty calling out
the game. Are you that crazy mate? Last time I spoke about Fortnite was when
a 45 year old male threatened an 11 year old while playing online and got arrested for
it. Like I said, Fox News says the darndest things
and we know that some people love it, but so many others hate it due to it’s constant
fallacious statements and so on. But now, here’s the latest folks. Fox Business guest Dr. Kathryn Smerlin, who
is a family therapist, described playing Fortnite as aking to “giving children heroin.” What?! A panel of speakers was discussing Fortnite,
with relation to the popularity of the game and Epic Games’ success, when Dr. Kathryn
Smerling was asked about families seeking help to stop children playing the game. Her response was to say that playing Fortnite,
“has been likened to something like heroin.” In an even odder twist, Dr. Smerling continues
by saying that, “Even Prince Harry in Britain said, ‘I don’t know why anyone would have
Fortnite in their home, because it is like giving a child heroin,’ and indeed it is.” Prince Harry did notably state that Fortnite
is “created to addict” and that Fortnite should be banned, but never described it as similar
to heroin. He did also describe social media as “more
addictive than drugs,” however. In my honest opinion, people can get addicted
to gaming and ignore other things in life. As a gamer myself, I always take the time
to play games and rest for awhile to focus on other things like; working on episodes
of my webseries and thinking what topic I am gonna touch on, read books, exercise and
also try to motivate myself on my drawing talents. But comparing this game to heroin, that’s
incredibly hilarious because the difference between gaming and heroin is this. Heroin is something that you inject yourself
with while gaming is something you ENTERTAIN yourself with. Banning the game is not gonna help solve addiction. To say that without any evidence or supporting
research is just blatantly absurd and stupid. Now we all know that video games have been
accused of random acts of violence. As a gamer myself, if someone tells me that,
I would ask them the following: What video game Cain was playing when he bludgeoned Abel? What video game David played that inspired
him to slay Goliath? Was King Richard playing Assassin’s Creed
at the time of the Crusades? Now when it comes to addiction, sure, people
can become addicted to gaming and LOTS of other things. But when it comes to addiction, the most common
forms of addiction are drugs and alcohol. As for social media, well, we have arrived
in an era where people are glued to their phones tweeting, snapchatting and instagramming
as well. But the good thing is that with social media
you find old childhood friends from school, your old neighborhood, etc. And the good thing about gaming is, it’s a
stress reliever from a long day that you had in school, work, etc. Well, that’s it for today. This is Gian, host of VGATW. Enjoy your end of the summer now that it’s
August, and have a good one.

‘Sceptic’ on his success in the gaming industry