The Girl Who Can’t Let Things Go | Hardly Working

(laughs) – Yes! – What happened? – Sorry, it’s just, this book is really funny,
Cooking Without Looking, it’s a Shane Crown book it’s really good. – Oh, nice. I’ll have to check it out sometime. – Wow. Look who’s recommending books to who. – Not this again. – Because I seem to recall a day– – You just can’t get over this can you? – When you asked if
anybody had a bookmark. – It was six months ago. – I didn’t happen to hear you so I asked, what was that? To which you replied– – Have you never read a book before? (laughs) – Stop! I’m just an innocent
little baby angel, please. – I wasn’t wearing a tuxedo and it was a dumb joke
from six months ago. – I’m sorry six months? Wow, I wish I could read a calendar. It must be nice to always
know what day it is. – Katie, you’ve brought up
this dumb joke every day since you’re reading too much into it. – Reading? But how could that be true? I thought I couldn’t read at all. – You know what I mean, I was being sarcastic. – Sorry, I guess it’s hard for me to read between the lines. – Okay. – Because I’m an illiterate
little dumb fuck. – Alright, everyone knows you can read. – Really because that’s not
what you said six months ago. – I know, you’re right. I was wrong and I’m sorry. – That’s what you think. – Katie! That’s my lunch. – No, how can you tell? – I know you can read, Katie. It clearly has my name written on it. – You mean these squiggly
little lines mean something? – If you’re gonna eat that you owe me at least five dollars. – Here. – There’s like three thousand dollars. – Oh. Thank you so much for being so honest because when you can’t read all money looks the same. – No it doesn’t. That doesn’t look anything
like five dollars. And what’s that on your wrist? – Oh this? They said it was Japanese for good vibes. – A tattoo? How does that get back
at me, it only hurts you. – What can I do Raph? I don’t know how to read. Your words, not mine. – Just drop it. – I guess I never learned
how to read a room. – You know what? I’m glad I said you can’t read. – I’ll beat your ass. – Hey guys.
– Frankie! – Did you guys forget what today is? – Oh yeah, I was wearing a tux. I made that joke on Tuxedo Tuesday. – Which nobody told me about. I need, I need a personal day. Okay, I just need one. I shouldn’t, I know these outbursts aren’t, they’re wacky, they shouldn’t
be happening at work. I know that. I know that! (sighs) I have so much money and no friends. – Hi, I’m Raphael from CollegeHumor. Click here to subscribe. Click here for more fun stuff and click here to leave
a detailed message. Uh-huh. You what? You didn’t. I’da did the same thing.

What’s The Deal With Crying At Work? | Strong Opinions Loosely Held | RIOT

Alright, I gotta tell you something really
embarrassing. I got caught crying in the bathroom at work again. It’s like every year, I watch these commencement speeches and I feel so inspired and so fulfilled. I would tell my 21 year old self that personal happiness lies in knowing that life is not a checklist of acquisition or achievement. Be a do-er. Not a dreamer. Failure is just life trying to move us in
another direction. But, then reality sets in and I’m in the third stall of the bathroom balling my eyes out and praying nobody hears me. And that assumes I can even make it to the bathroom in time. Look, I would take advice from J.K., Oprah, and Shonda any day of the week, but why did nobody teach us how to mentally prepare for work? Where was the class on office politics and
why didn’t I take it? In order to get some perspective, I talked
to a White House Communications Director, Jennifer Palmieri. I was the White House Communications Director for President Obama I am very easily moved to tears, it’s very
possible that I may cry in this very interview. Just when something is important to me, I’m gonna tear up. It’s happened in the oval office, it’s
happened at times in a meeting with Barack Obama. So it really frustrates me when I hear people say that to tear up at work is not professional. Tearing up, I have a full blown mental breakdown every day at work I don’t know any women who it doesn’t
happen to. You’ll hear things, “Well you know, it’s
just not professional.” I know what that word means. That word means, it’s not what men do. If you’re moved to tears but then say, “I
care so much about this, it’s actually moving me to tears.” We spent centuries – hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of years making politics and the workplace a good place for men. Yes, the modern workplace was literally designed for men. I think that we have to bring our whole selves to the office. So I feel like if we’re bringing all of our emotions and our passions, and not muting them, that’s better. This idea that we should be our full selves
at work literally flies in the face of everything I know to be true. Work is supposed to be the place where you go to suppress your true self just to get through the day. But, Claire Shipman actually talks a lot about this and she says that the qualities that women bring to the table at work, like passion, are actually really good and they shouldn’t be suppressed. Generally speaking, women tend to be better at negotiating, more conciliatory, we’re less hierarchical. Study after study shows the more women you have at the top of a company the more money you make because we’re bringing a different sort of management skill. It’s not a Mad Men style confidence. We really can’t risk giving up what makes
us unique. It’s not easy because we haven’t learned
it at an early age. Because from an early age, girls are just better at sitting still, being quiet, coloring within the lines, getting everything right. And they start to internalize that as a reason why they’re valuable. So we create this perfectionism by middle
school and high school. And if you are a perfectionist, what do you
not want to do? Fail. Or take risks. They are just excelling beyond belief academically, but they’re not learning the skills they need in the real world. Cause the rules change. It’s all about promoting yourself, taking
chances, speaking up. Okay, nobody tells us that. It’s not easy because we haven’t learned
it at an early age. That’s why entering the working world feels such a bait and switch. So what would you say are the things that
we have to teach young women today about being successful? I think young women really need to learn to take risks, they need to learn to get comfortable with failure and get through it, and also
that perfectionism is a pitfall. They really have to jettison perfectionism
because nobody is perfect and it will keep you from building confidence. Talking to Claire and Jennifer gave me a whole new perspective. I actually had a game plan. And then I found an intern crying in the bathroom stall. I had to pass these insights onto the next
generation of working women. Okay ladies, you are about to enter the workforce. Under your chairs is a working women starter pack and in it you will find a wine glass big enough to hold a full bottle of wine because you are not gonna want to get out of bed for refills after the day you’ve had. The second thing is a block of cheese, because cheese isn’t just for guests anymore. It’s your dinner. And the third thing is a monthly planner. You don’t need a weekly anymore, because you have no plans. Alright, now for some real talk. Repeat after me. It’s okay to cry at work. It’s okay to cry at work. Take risks. Take risks. It’s okay to fail. Perfection is our pitfall. Say it again. It’s okay to cry at work. You got this! I’m crying because I’m so passionate about
this project. Perfection is our pitfall! Perfection is our pitfall! Yes! Get it girls! I am so proud of you ladies! It’s okay to cry at work, you have to take
risks, it’s okay to fail, Perfection is a pitfall. You got that last one, you got it. Okay, perfection is a pitfall. You got it.

Moana Bloopers – How Far I’ll Go | Behinds the scenes with Working with Lemons

To film Moana / Vaiana in real life we knew we had to go to Hawaii. So we held auditions on YouTube, cast Angeline
and flew to the Polynesian Cultural Center. The goal was to film three music videos in
five days. That included finding locations, blocking,
some costumes and casting. With a lot of help and miracles, we did it! Here’s some behind the scenes and bloopers
from our trip. Hi
How is it being Moana? It’s really fun actually
oh yeah? I get to do different things and new things I’ve never
done before. yeah? So it’s a new experience
I’ve never been Moana so, I wanna know You should be
Hahaha Background Start walking
We have a golf cart Back to one
Sorry there was a golf cart Aloha Talofa Let me go
Let it go I can go Hai Hai – come back Sorry let’s restart False start on the offense ouch nice There’s a guy Robbie running like Moana… Currently we do not have a canoe
so we are cheating it the best way we know how. lots of close ups ummm we don’t know if it’s actually going to work
but we’ll see What do you think Skyler? Think it will work? It might
Hopefully you won’t notice So we’re here with Devinsupertramp he was
so kind to bring us and underwater camera rig so we don’t get our camera all soaked. Devin Graham: Hopefully it works out – we’ll see. I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a long time. So we finally get to work together in very
weird round about way- here in Hawaii. Let’s film it! How far I’ll go keep smiling – keep going
and cut that was pretty good So fun! We’ll she survived How far it goes One day I’ll know How far I’ll go Thanks for watching! Let us know what you thought about our Disney
Moana in real life. You’re Welcome!

Guys Talk About Dating Deal Breakers

– You’re a nice person. Give me something really shallow. Impress me. – For me, if they
haven’t seen “Star Wars,” it’s just like, “Nope, nope, sorry.” – If you start picking
on the stuff that I like. – If the other person says that they think video games are for kids, I’ll probably just pay for
the check and just walk out. – People that are too into, or into at all, even, reality television. I just don’t get it. – I think you can have different tastes than the person that you’re dating, as long as you respect each other. You don’t need to break up because, “I like country music,
and I like dubstep.” – As long as you’re talking
“Top 40” contemporary country, you’re at the bottom of the barrel and you’re stage-coaching it. – Bad fashion choices, I just think, is a big red flag for me. When someone thinks they look really nice in something when they don’t. Is that mean? – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s kinda mean. – I don’t date short guys. I’m like, “Oh, he’s hot. “Oh, he’s five four? “Not so much.” – I have dated a couple girls
that were taller than me, I’m okay with it. – A small deal breaker for
me is not having nice teeth, ’cause I had to go through
a few years to get this. – You have beautiful teeth, by the way.
– Thank you. – No, I don’t care about hygiene. – Oh, I care so much about hygiene. – You know when you’re
a little, like, (sniffs) “Ooh!” Like a little spicy. – No. – I can’t deal with spacers. Aren’t those what they’re called? Gauges? – Oh, gawl! What do you do with your
ears in the future, you fool? – If a guy has a small
dick, it’s like, “hmm…” – What if his heart is big? – If I see a girl who has problems, or is gonna drag the
ex along, it’s baggage. – It’s baggage. Also a problem when they physically bring baggage to the date. – I was with someone, very
briefly, who loved cocaine. The things that you have to go through when you’re with somebody
who really likes cocaine, it’s the biggest pain
in the ass in the world. – How do you compete with cocaine? – You can’t compete with cocaine. – Sure, drinking, drugs,
sometimes they’re fun, but when you have an obsession, “Oh, you’re not going to work now, “because you’re doing too many drugs?” That’s an issue. – [Man in Blue Shirt] Also if
you hate gays, that’s no good. You have a lot of other problems if you’re racist or homophobic. – I would say no to a racist. – I mean, if they’re
hot – I’m just kidding. – I really hate when people try to tell me about my own culture before
I say anything about it. Don’t tell me how much
you know about kimchi. – [Man in Gray] When they’re
not nice to their friends. – It’s a good indicator of how they’ll be within the relationship. – I’m a very social person, so I like somebody that is just as social. I have a few tests that I do
with guys when I’m dating them. I’ll have dinner with a bunch of friends, and I’ll take him along with me, and then I will excuse
myself to the restroom. If they’re not talking and they’re not conversing with somebody, it’s a turn-off. – I don’t like people who are constantly on their cell phones, like this. Do not keep your cell phone
on the table during a date. – I don’t like if a girl expects me to pay for every single meal. I’m not a millionaire. – Not a sugar daddy. – Yeah, I’m not a sugar daddy. I can’t even sugar myself. – Something I have
experience out on the field is something I’m calling
“emotional catfish-ing.” Girls are looking, so
smiley, in their photos, and then I’ve been on a date with them, and they’re just completely detached. You have to be a little vulnerable. – I also don’t like it
when people touch my belly. – Do you know what that is? – Testing to see if my belly’s strong. – Yes.
– Which it’s not. – [Man in Gray] I don’t
think I have that many deal breakers. At the end of the day, you’re not gonna find someone that you made up. – The things that I think that
I may not like in someone, I’m open to be proven wrong, except for the reality TV one. – Everybody needs a little bit
of love, that’s what I think. – Unless you have a small
dick, don’t call him. – Unless you have a small dick. – Deal breaker. – That’s a deal breaker.
– That’s a deal breaker. – That’s a deal breaker.

Eating Alone At Work // Colleagues

(mysterious orchestral music) (quiet chatter) – [Man] Hey.
– [Woman] Hi. – Uh, I was actually just leaving. – Oh, it’s fine. – Okay, all right, bye. (descending electrical surge) – [Voiceover] Well, here you are. Five minutes too long
on that conference call and now you have to sit alone at lunch. You could go back and eat at your desk, but somehow, that’s even worse. And your usual lunch
partner’s out with the boss. (uproarious laughter) Maybe if you stare at the
other table long enough, they’ll notice you. – Anna, come pull up a
chair, we can make room. No need to sit alone.
(women muttering) – No, uh, it’s okay, there’s no room. – No, we can make room. (women muttering)
– We can’t. – [Voiceover] Well, that was humiliating. – Did you guys see Game
of Thrones last night? – Yes! – [Voiceover] You saw Game
of Thrones last night. You have something witty and
intelligent to say about it, but that conversation is not for you. You can’t join from the
next table, that’s pathetic. Time to pretend there’s
something really interesting to look at on your phone,
nevermind you already checked Facebook, Instagram and
Twitter 20 times today, so there’s nothing new. What is it about eating
alone that makes you feel like a loser? No matter how old you get, no matter how confident you are in yourself, one empty table and it’s like
high school all over again. Oh, thank God. Oh, (bleep) you, guy. – Is this seat taken? – [Voiceover] You mean, is this seat taken by anyone more interesting? – All you. – [Voiceover] Now you
have to make small talk with someone you’d
never choose to eat with under normal circumstances. – [Man] So how’s it going?
– [Woman] Good, good. – [Voiceover] You can’t even
remember this guy’s name. Ethan? Earl? You know he works in the
cubicle across from you, but beyond that, nothing. – So, did you watch Game
of Thrones last night? – Oh, no, I don’t have HBO. – [Voiceover] Of course he doesn’t. Heaven forbid he actually do something to contribute to the conversation. Now he’s just gonna sit there
with his big stupid face sucking on his big stupid sandwich. Well, nothing left to do
now besides pick up the pace and end this nightmare. – Good salad, huh?
– [Woman] Mm hmm. Well, back to the grind.
– [Man] Yeah. Go get ’em, tiger. – [Voiceover] Ah, thank God that’s over. Eating alone is the absolute worst. – I like the part where
he’s like, “And my axe.” – Okay, that’s Lord of the Rings. That’s Lord of the– (orchestra tuning note)


Kan iemand de vloer schoonmaken? Schep vs Noten Jacob’s 1ste dag als klantenjongen Sleep situatie in Shanghai In Rusland komt alcohol naar jou toe 1 clip, 2 ongelukken Nu komt het niet goed uit Dit hoort niet bij het plan.. Kijken, maar niet aanraken ..schermbeveiliger om mijn telefoon wat de S3 is en we gaan het proberen, want dit is.. ..hamerbestendig, blijkbaar Dus.. Wie had dat gedacht?! Iemand moet dat toch gaan betalen.. Oeps.. Slechts 3cm verschil.. Probeer hier niet over te zeuren
(wine=Engels voor wijn / zeuren) Wanneer je denkt dat je dienst erop zit.. Evenwichtsverlies Van dichtbij Kraanbediener Hoofdpijn voor een maand? Werkers die haast hebben.. Wanneer een pallet verkeerd is opgestapeld Dit wordt een laaaange dag.. Ik haat deze baan.. Dure drank levering Een echte heer houdt de deur vast Dat was een hele pallet met vallende gipsplaten Geen bescherming=domino effect Wanneer je gewoon je werk wilt doen.. Deze man protesteert tegen het leggen van asfalt
op een beroemde in elkaar geflansde helling in België. Defecte veiligheidsgordels Helemaal nergens spijt van?
(REGRET NOTHING=nergens spijt van) Bruh, achteruit rijden Kan je achteruit rijden? Iets fixen, iets breken Arme postbode.. STOP MET LACHEN Maar Kan Jij Dit Ook? Oh “Ik knap”!
(Snap=knappen / verdorie ) Aardverschuiving op bouwterrein in Indië Daar gaat de gereedschapskist Daar gaat de gereedschapskist Een normale werkdag in het recyclingfabriek Kijk uit waar je loopt.. Wie zit hier fout? Chef op een zondagochtend Oeps? Ik haat mijn leven.. Bedankt voor het kijken!

“Working at the Airport” | Russell Peters – Almost Famous

I remember my dad when I was 16. My dad comes to me and goes, “Son, one day, you won’t be in school anymore.” I was like, “I’m gonna graduate?” “No, son.” “Focus, son. Focus, focus. Come on.” “That is never going to happen, okay?” “When you’re not in school, you’re going to need to get a job.” I was like, “Of course I’m gonna get a job. I’m not a freeloader!” I go, “If you know anybody hiring, let me know.” He goes, “Well, the airport is hiring.” Here’s, here’s how dumb I was. My dad said the airport was hiring, and I was like, “Oh my god, my dad wants me to be a pilot!” And I was like, “Dad you want me to be a pilot. Oh my God son. No no no my God no oh My God oh my lanta no no no no. Oh my god. Son, you are far too stupid for that job People’s lives are at stake”, And what the hell am I gonna do at the airport my dad goes “Baggage handlerrr!” What the hell is a baggage handler my dad sells the shit out of it to me “What’s a baggage handler? Son let me tell you something okay?” these people are an integral part of millions of peoples travel plans throughout the year I was like, “Damn!” “Well, what is their job entail?” “Basically” “Baggage handlers job is, you take the baggage and you put [it] on the plane?” “What-what do I do?” “You take the baggage and you put [it] on the plane” I put it on the plane?” “You put it on the plane!” “I put it?” “You put it” “Like putt?” “Like put” like “Don’t be stupid, okay? That’s putting” “Focus son, focus, focus!” I said, “Dad. I wanna be a break dancer” “Son, son. You can dance, on your break”

Trump Fakes a Deal: The Daily Show

as the Obama administration
is coming to a close, uh, unemployment has plunged
to a nearly nine-year low. When Obama came to office,
it was at 7.8%. Now it’s at 4.6%, which is really good. -(applause)
-But… but-but, you see, America’s
future is not about being good– it’s about being great. REPORTER:Trump promised to keep
Carrier jobs in the U.S.
He says Carrier’s gonna bring
back those jobs to Indiana. He, as president,
will make it happen. I’m gonna call up Carrier, and I’m gonna tell the head
of Carrier, “I hope you enjoy your stay
in Mexico, folks, “but every single unit
that you make “and send across our border,
which now will be real, you’re gonna pay a 35% tax!” (cheering) And you know
what Carrier’s going to do? They’re going to call me
in 24 hours, and they’re going to go,
“Mr. President, “we’re moving back
into the United States, we’re going to build
in the United States.” -(applause and cheering)
-That’s what’s going to happen, 100% sure! Man, say what you want
about Trump, but he really kicks ass
in imaginary negotiations -against himself.
-(laughter) “Then Carrier’s gonna say
they’re sorry, “and everyone will shout
my name. “Then, Rosie O’Donnell
will be like, “‘Donald rules, and I drool.’ “Then the failingNew York Times
will print a headline “that says,
‘Air-Conditioner Factory Stays, -Trump Keeps His Cool.'”
-(laughter) “And it’ll be a great pun, and
everyone will laugh at the pun, “and they’ll say,
‘Great pun, Donald!’, because they’ll know
it was really my pun!” (laughter) And by the way, by the way,
it’s easy to see why Trump wants more
air-conditioning in America. -Look at his face there.
-(laughter) He was sweating so much,
he looks like he’s doing an impression
of Fat Bastard. -Like, what is he…
what is he doing? -(laughter) (with Scottish accent):
“Get in my country.” (laughter) But… but…
and this is crazy. Once Trump won the election,
he actually did it. He got on the phone,
negotiated with Carrier, and he made his first deal. WOMAN: The air-conditioning
giant tweeted last night, “We are pleased
to have reached a deal “with President-elect Trump
& VP-elect Pence to keep close to 1,000 jobs
in Indy.” MAN:
The deal is extremely popular. 60% of registered voters saying it gave them a more
favorable view of trump. Wow. Yes. After Trump’s deal, some people
see him in a better light. “He saved 1,000 peoples’ jobs,
and he grabbed zero pussies? -Wow!” (chuckles)
-(laughter) “Maybe we should give
this guy a chance!” But before
you give him a chance, you may want to examine the
Carrier deal a little closer, because,
like Donald Trump’s hair, -there’s something that’s just
a little off. -(laughter) Numerically,
there are some… issues here. Donald Trump,
during his speech, said that there were about
1,100 jobs saved. It turns out it’s probably more
like 800 jobs that were saved, 300 that he was referring to were actually never going
to move in the first place. It’s not a sustainable strategy to save 800 or 1,000 jobs
at a time. WOMAN:
The deal gives the heating
and air-conditioning company
seven million dollars
in state tax breaks
over ten years.
What Trump is doing is setting
a very dangerous precedent. My guess is today,
there’s some corporation who may not have thought one
second about leaving America– now they’re going to announce, “Hey, we’re going to Mexico,
we’re going to China. Hey, Mr. Trump,
what you gonna do for us?”-Bernie!
-(applause and cheering) (Noah crying) We should have listened to you,
Bernie! -(laughter)
-(Noah crying) You know every time
Democrats see Bernie Sanders, they’re like, “Damn,
I wonder what could have been.” (laughter) But he’s right. It’s not sustainable for
the government to pay companies to keep uncompetitive jobs
in the country. But now that other companies
have read Carrier’s blackmail script, they could also
threaten to leave and wait for those sweet, sweet
tax breaks to roll in. It’s like that children’s book. If you give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want to (bleep)
you in the ass. -(laughter) -You guys had
the same book, right? -It’s the same book.
-(laughter) And by the way, by the way, I love how Donald Trump made it
like, “I told Carrier what to do,
and they did it!” No, no, no,
that’s not what happened. They threatened something,
Trump paid them the money, and they still sent hundreds
of jobs to Mexico. Like, Trump would be the worst
hostage negotiator in the world. He would be just like,
“Come out with your hands up! “Free all the hostages! “No? “All right, you asked for it! We’re sending in a million
dollars and more hostages!” (laughter) “All right, cover me, boys. I’m going in to give him
a hand job. Cover me.” (laughter) (applause and cheering) -(audience whooping)
-Worst negotiator ever. Oh, there’s another aspect
of this deal, uh, but it has good news
and bad news. The good news is:
Carrier has agreed to invest more money
into their factory. The bad news is:
it’s gonna be like Westworld. Updating the plant
will result in more automation and an important consequence. We’re gonna make a $16 million
investment in that factory… That sounds good,
except they’re doing it to automate
the manufacturing process, which will shed jobs. As bad as this deal is, what makes this so good
for Donald Trump is that it gives the illusion that he’s done
something meaningful. That’s what Trump is all about,
is the show. Because all
the headlines say is: Trump saves a thousand jobs! Which, don’t get me wrong,
I acknowledge is something for every single person
whose jobwassaved. I don’t deny that. But at the scale the president
is supposed to work on, that’s barely
a drop in the bucket. It’s all about
“the thousand jobs.” What abouteveryone’sjobs?
You got to create jobs as well. This is basically a classic
con man move, you know? A con man makes you focus
on what youthinkyou can get, and distracts you
from everything that you stand to lose. -(applause)
-That’s all it is. And look… look, the Carrier deal
might have some benefits. But it would be naive to ignore
all of the side effects. In fact, I have a proposal. Every time
Trump makes a promise, he should be forced
to include the fine print. And you know what
Carrier’s gonna do? They’re gonna call me
in 24 hoursand they’re gonna go,
“Mr. President,
(fading): we’re moving back
into the United… WOMAN:Donald Trump’s promises
are not intended
to be taken seriously.The number of jobs
will be lower than promised.
Side effects could include
massive corporate tax breaks,
higher consumer costs,and companies giving the jobs
to robots anyway.
Ask your doctor if your economy
is healthy enough for Trump.
He’ll probably say no,
but (bleep) him,
make America great again.