Angry Investment Scammer Prank #2 – Ownage Pranks

this day hello can I talk to advertise multi for loan please what I saw your advertisement on the listing of correct what are you working for I am looking for known what can alone I have a lot of good I'm trying to kind of expand the operation I want to find out what kind of ready to have a listing I have to see how you amateur you working tomorrow I'm not sure you working to borrow it is Sunday you know ma'am I make sure you're working to borrow exit sir I am NOT I am NOT a lady okay I'm good but I know it is Sunday what's wrong with Sunday I don't work on Sunday that's what's wrong with it what how much are you looking to borrow I am looking for five hundred thousand right but your advertisement does not say don't hold on Sunday I only work on Sundays well common common common damn said should tell you that I mean are the banks open on Sunday do you mean common sense should tell you that okay the advertisements take it no it does not say that it does not say don't call on Sunday does it well I said common sense should tell you that the financial services business were not open on Sunday fuck you bitch suck my cock meat sandwich don't we call me anymore you understand that don't talk to me like that okay I want to find out what is the rate fuck you asshole I said fuck you I given you no right you if you want to talk does this call me money morning but right now I'm not gonna deal with you I don't want to deal with you so you call somebody else and bother them do you want me to bend over so you can do the fucking good work no no you go fuck your mother asshole and leave me the fuck alone oh hey go fuck yourself you sorry bastard telephone got disconnect I don't know what happened right calm down man look well you know what happened your foot – you're fucking with me and I ain't gonna fuck with you now then here you know you're showing your ass here you're sorry son of a bitch and I don't want to talk to you okay I will call you in five minutes okay you get a kick out of just being a dumb fuck I don't see I'm sorry okay I thought we got off on the wrong foot so I wanna know then another you just get a kick out of being a dumb fuck don't you know you are a motherfucking asshole guy that's why I call you just you just you just get it you just get a kick out of being an absolute dumb motherfucker no you know there ain't nobody gonna do business with you Monday through Friday and then ain't certainly ain't nobody gonna do business with you after listen to your bullshit mother you're cutter you nobody want to do business with you that's why you have to use Craigslist mother bitch that is what that mother clucker gets for talking shit about Tyrone in part one if this video gets thirty five thousand likes we will call back one more time on Sunday – right and if you can you to call here you will be arrested that I can promise you what happened I called you one time to ask about your fare and you're getting all bitch mode on there like what's happening

$34.7 Million | Life For Sale

moving your fucking business that's what you fucking worry about worry about the gun you have money everything else take a backseat today's the day everything has been leading up today the biggest one single deal we've ever done one hotel or restaurant two thirty four and a half million bucks we paid about 15 per it a few years ago we close this deal I'm out of here god damn it they can take all this bullshit and all the crap that goes on with nobody working it shit I'm getting died a little bit dignity so fuckin smart but he's been sleeping and hide my fucking anything else for me to hide the phone calls and trying to take over but they get happy that easy because he ain't got his fucking shit together like he's supposed to mr. Billy worry about bullshit stuff and go maybe using light where was the fucking business that's what you fucking worry about worry about the gun you have money everything else take a back seat big shots don't think they're fucking big so I'm putting a fucking time and a fucking hours I did and live in a fucked-up places I had to live in and pay your fucking dues the bank has the joining then the money has to send the money to my attorney's office as soon as he gets the money then we execute the closing and we're done my lawyer calls me that means he's got proof to the money to his bank account the money was wired we're down to the wire we got 29 minutes to go are they gonna buy the Bay Harbor Best Western Hotel or not do yourself a favor okay learn how to cook all right you're a girl you belong in the kitchen cooking that's where you belong see what they're going on you tell me any money and I know I mean I got like a couple million but that's about it all right I'll be here let me know okay clang I think my my dealing clothes is 4:33 problem homesick is it an hourly Chicago that's why push a wall me times yes sir yeah hey Ben the bay times uh oh gee close it today you know my seems like we're still supposed to they're an hour ahead of me or earlier than me so behind but now it's not official yet I'm sorry all right well Ben thank you very much appreciate all right bye mine all right so they want to know the deal went through some dwon news for everyone Alan shit that place started and stirred up over the past three years in the city in a council and in Cleveland complaining the insurers and the music concerts and a fire department and electrical you know they said we do a ring over that place I can't wait to sell it we call happy no sale I mean I are he waiting around happy yeah we'll give it a little longer but you know I don't know I never see him go this late I hopefully I hear some next few minutes I hope all right bye waiting with the money we're waiting for the money don't do nothing if they don't good I don't know everything's quiet we're just waiting for the money can I sit down and tell you something without you fucking running your mouth about it or sticking you fuck runs him up I never ran on anybody all your friends rat on everybody I don't have any friends we're not gonna mention his name because I don't want it to be a on any kind of film but a person that we all know okay who is very close to the plaza came into some money and really means some sort of solid financial investment in his life and he's the perfect fit to buy the plaza and he's somebody that you know very well and he likes to say that we were great but we have to do now is we have to do everything we can to make that place look like and it will be once that garage is built a fucking goldmine it's going to make him a lot of money and be a very safe investment he can get a loan any data which I already know but I'm gonna help the guy and it's going to help us and you're going to make it happen I got good news and I got really not any bad news but a minor minor shortfall so anyway good news is I've got like 37 million dollars so these guys are funded the only problem is they're eleven thousand seven hundred eighty nine dollars short since it's almost 6:00 it's what I don't know whether you want to go ahead and give them possession or not I mean I'm sitting here on all that money I just can't send it out yet until I get some emails and there Brian I'm going to come to a more importance my point they said the money but did he give you authorization it doesn't make sense yeah because there's still sources and uses crap going on between the lender and the borrower are you giving them to the six o'clock cutoff which is 15 minutes but how much did they totally how much do was the total amount of funds that you received 37 million dollars 37 in seven minute 800 thousand and change if you can't wire me that money into the 1031 account or even be able to whether but no matter what time it is I hate to walk away without knowing that we have full access to the money they told me they let us call back in 15 minutes and give us authorization or yea or nay so all right let me know Thanks I'm not gonna limp take over the hotel and they don't release the fucking 34 million by seven hundred thousand dollars they pay I can't take that risk hey my life I want to retire so bad you being mute right now having a pineapple cocktail on the beach but still I'm here who means to go firing a bomb in wisdom fire you have a decision to make I think you're gonna have a decision to make I just talked to the lender owner tell me they're gonna they're getting ready to send me an email in the next five minutes telling me that funding restrictions are released now with that said fire for some reason is eleven thousand seven eighty nine short when they estimated the why're too close earlier in the day all right so basically the bank release the money to you so I got my money you got your money the worst-case scenarios we have a fight over 11 grand but I'm not really worried about that you got all the money except $11,000 at a 34 million dollars yeah all right the deal is done I have no longer a legal owner of a harbor best Westen and Beach right you just closed your Hopey deal you guys are like kids in the candy shop go buy now you're gonna be glad they're buy more real estate your attic one single building a single day over thirty four and a half million bucks you know I might let you buy you some new shoes girl I might even let you go to Macy's ain't easy managing money ain't no picnic the more money you got the more you gotta fuckin worry about it and everybody out they wants to take a piece of it and everybody wants to lie yeah and everybody wants to cheat you and you can't just have any money sitting around doing nothing you gotta have a return on your money you can't just let it sit in the bank a half a percent that you don't even at that but you got to be careful where you invested because you could blow it by putting in something stupid that's not a good investment it's not easy and I'm ready to fucking retire I was better off I was fucking in the army with just enough money to live on Michaels all happy or anything you you

Who Can BUILD The BEST HOUSE? (Fortnite)

alright now we're inside the factory which is nice it's a very old tree you know how old is about a 2 billion years old Wow Wow you knew that number out of your head and oh yeah count all right hang on a second what now we're at the third balcony face what is it a sly third isn't it whoa this is the third year we go down well I mean yeah I mean sure okay this already how this is insane oh it's a slide come on come on I'm gonna die oh my goodness Johnny that is crazy I never said it was easy okay it's true it's a challenging slide I like a challenge Josh all right guys we made it to my house Oh actually no really we gotta grab the cars go to the driving let's go let's go I gotta drive it let's drive in here we are okay look your car right over here this is a garret this is the garage kind of yeah so the air by your bottom floor of the house is my garage you like it's not exactly like criminal I think you should have secured that place yeah dude where's the or tonight nobody steals anything you know what I mean we don't need security well private server we got the first floor and the first floor is kind of the relaxing floor we we got we got two tiny little like oh no I feel terraces here too I'd like to quite relaxed it it's relaxed right you got the windows everywhere here's another one yeah so this is actually not my favorite floor this is my lease okay the cool floors are about to come but you see it got a really nice view from you hey you like it from over here a little bit wrong wrong G all right so here oh the open space starts hook up guys we got a really really high ceiling so this is our kitchen area Mary I like to cook my food in the day we still in a in the house yes this is a window Josh look you can't go through it's not letting me it's not letting me go through doctor broke the window that window is open Josh didn't know yeah Vitelli was jumping okay whatever Keiko oh yeah this is my kitchen you know I like to cook outside barbecue you know Kelly we get it so here dad needs one room on the left one room on the light on the right and these are bedrooms so we got one bedroom and a shared wait I need to put a door you see so we can go one more floor up you'll right over here look at this oh whoa this is my favorite area so as you guys can see there's like barely any support walls that's because these steel they're not steal these metal metal relaxing them stairs are so strong they can hold carry start like halfway up there's no foundation anyway no no no no no so come back down alright sorry go too fast so this is this our special terrors I call it low tank Terrace hello destroy house the first thing you said to break each other's hearts come on I wasn't trying to break the Houser dinner as they'd break us this is actually our living room we don't need TVs we can just look outside you know look outside it's not the beautiful one Josh you got the rid of you I got the loop like you with the flow island right so it's not is the upstairs and this ladies and gentlemen is where the magic happens hahaha privacy for the magic is the know you can close the curtains look yeah I just closed my dirty good one nice level good one didn't think about that so yeah this is our I'm master bedroom beautiful very nice room thanks guys so what do you think you like me it's good love it Jen all right Islands great well can we take the helipad to go through mine no we can take the cars from the garage welcome everybody to the lazy links estate house like this yes I did winter Mike Hart Goldberg only electric vehicles are allowed on this oh oh we're just gonna be driving to the gate whoa look so good the entrance ooh thank you thank you thank you oh my god let me drive all right okay so this is a nice little road towards the area smooth a very nice Jory I like this wooden roads very often but it's very right over here is a covered parking spot a covering allium I got these these little barriers everywhere you know just in case I found the basement yeah no I'll show you the basement in a second so anyways Josh you're down here wait maybe stairs as I knew you guys were actually gonna do something also as you can see the entire house is built on stilts it looks so good it is also for protection protection yeah you know what about that we're living this close to loot Lake am I say okay anyways please come and join me right over here we have a nice little entrance that we can enter very very secure into these doors can close okay close I'm now going are the windows wait it's not letting me it's the windows are open close them I can close them yet we understand we understand your room right over here I build a couch corner and yet but we can sit here and you know just chill and look at the beautiful don't do it are you kidding me the basement we also have a little balcony up here and which is beautiful I went for the very tall ceilings Jordi Jordi we how about we try to do this without saying beautiful well you know I'm trying to sell this house very pretty bathroom the toilet windows are open I still have to put some Josh and if you proceed magnificent kitchen area wow this is where you can cook you know you can you can so what's your favorite me light and very nice my meal I love cooking eggs okay great great so no no no I love cooking a cereal let's proceed downwards right now here just down wheeze through this I don't want to go down there I don't know what's down here guys I love basements we have we have some apples over here well that's mold and moldy apple oh we can eat through the cracks oh we had some wood over here and everything is supported with these stilts once again make love it you the entire struck making sure that Josh is all gonna bomb down everything you never know when a Johnny comes over okay and if we proceed this way there's one more floor up Oh beautiful beautiful Oh to this bit it's very you a dove Geordi a little balcony and the windows are open so you can look outside very nicely are you guys ready it's nighttime this is perfect oh the mosque it's a romantic proceed into the moths orbit beautiful beautiful view over here once again but there's more right over here and you can decorate it as you won because we haven't put the bathroom in there yet this could be his bathroom okay this can be hers bathroom you're about out okay but it can also function as a walk-in closet depending on if you want to advertise your walk-in closet with a toilet in there I'd like that no wait what right over here is another room which could also function as a welcome to our multifunctional crazy connected rooms that's crazy and you could even say you know I love open-plan when it's a planned bathroom and then have these welcome closets hey and maybe you know that the person you're staying here with once a bigger welcome closet buddy hall closet Georgie I gotta say Jenny I want I want I'm charging 15,000 feet bucks for this 50,000 feet box while I'm at it from the outside this is so floating area I went with a roof I love the look yeah it looks so good team thousand feet bucks take it or leave it up to you guys I'll leave it what about you Josh uh yeah I'm already a big big yeah okay maybe with your heart yeah I'll take the bedroom alright guys so which house was the best what do you think I thought Josh's house was amazing Josh's house I think that Jody's is it's my favorite what about mine mine I don't know about that come on it was original yeah I gotta say he's pretty cool Jordi's yeah thank you I think Jordy won congratulations but you still don't get your free box sex watching this video if you enjoyed it subscribe leave a like and head over to jelly check out our limited 30% sale of a jelly shirt and jelly hoodie bundle 30% everyone 30% sick

Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment

so that's the view this this is the apartment and what's the asking price Ryan the asking price is 58 million one of the many many magical things about living in New York cities that there's always something interesting going on and every once while I get invited to partake in that interestingness and I think today is one of those days look I'm that guy what's up you watch Game of Thrones last night right right like a lot of developers yeah the better it is for them and have you ever lived in Brooklyn before it's nothing Brooklyn what's this neighborhood called so we are pulling up in one block to 57th Street which has now been coined billionaires row that's we're going that's it a three-bedroom apartment in this building is 30 million like 28 750 so so that's it right there okay let's go this is all being painted by hand all right so this is Ryan here and Ryan is a real estate broker that feels like an understatement but Brian sells real estate and he has a show on TV called million dollar listing yes but Ryan also has a YouTube channel right yeah which is all that matters and Ryan's they invited me go see what are we doing we have access today and today only to take you to the top of one of the tallest residential skyscrapers in the world 111 West 57th Street Steinway Tower no one else has been to the top if they haven't let any other press or cameras or anything up there and I know the developer Michael Stern of JDS and I said listen I want to come give a tour of 111 West 57th Street to Casey nice tat and he said whoo down right now all the stands between me and a thousand foot drop this little this little door right here yeah about design come on [Applause] just high up the morning she told me [Applause] [Applause] 1,440 1423 de 1431 fourteen hundred and thirty-one feet above New York City I seriously feel like we're in everybody's way though kind of our work to do up here I mean yeah but vlogging is more important so then this is like this is the apartment that's like the show apartments they've got class up and you can almost feel what the shape of the apartments gonna be like when it's done the asking price the asking price for this apartment is 58 million bucks that's like an impossible number to imagine but if you had 58 million but you do it I guess the question is if you could afford 60 million dollars for a for your home would you live on top of New York City like this or would you buy a Island I can see what's so attractive about living up here you feel like that if you feel like a God living in the clouds so this is it this one's gonna look like when it's done yeah these images here yeah this is what its gonna look like close and like this is the unit we were just into the top yeah no I mean this by the door you never go to the top go to the top one Tom one time yeah it's amazing forget it forget it there's better boobs you're gonna get the apartment up there unify the penthouse I want a better pendant so yeah that's one of those New York City experiences that I've been here for 18 years and I've never done that but sometimes it just gets sprung on you if you need to buy a 20 million dollar apartment call Ryan I sell all price points maybe go subscribe to Ryan's YouTube channel check them out right and thanks to the lifts up here yeah no problem we're gonna leave you up here is that cool could you imagine like camping up here setting up the tent


I really hope the floor up there and stable otherwise this is gonna be bad now this is when it gets a little scary do you smell back I suppose like grass the outdoors chemicals maybe a little bit of a fart from the tacos I ate it smells like new unspeakable merch now I don't think that's it that's not what I smell I smell Legos and a lot of them ladies gentlemen today is Lego day it has been highly requested but today I built a three-story Lego house yeah yep I said that right 33333 Clarie story lego house let's do it we got all the Legos here we got some wood for the flooring we got some more wood over there we got a tripod we got a ladder we got a bow and I got a pool pump that doesn't know what it's doing you oh my gosh whoa chill bro ha here in the unspeakable jungle we got a wild species of a pool pump right over there it's really acting up affecting my life affecting my videos been doing this for days this is ridiculous this is not a water park this is not a a with it's getting my Legos wet now I'm gonna attempt to go in here dismantle this beast and take them under let's blow a 3-story like a house step number one to building my three-story Lego house is well step number one step number one is step number one does it make sense that doesn't make sense alright well let's start with that number two step number two is to build as simple as that and step number three is well I I spelt step number two wrong let me go back here okay now step number three is to enjoy the life of a king because I'm going to be a king at the top of this three-story Lego house alright well we got our steps down now how are we gonna do this the first story is going to consist of a door and then between the stories we are going to have floors so we'll lay down a giant piece of wood the second story is going to have a window and the third story is going to be smaller but it is going to have an open balcony and then I'll put a giant set of stairs or a ladder on the side so you can climb up to each floor oh I'm excited let's do this now to get this party started oh wait a second Flynn tells me I left the like on this video yet and that's just a little bit of a problem you want to know why not leaving a like on speak of those videos a little bit of a problem because when you guys don't leave likes things go wrong ladies and gentleman look at this the wild pool pump is acting up again spring water across my backyard because you guys have enough black on the video I've been defeated by the pool pump ah well some of you guys love to like on today's video all right you know after all this rambling I think I'm ready to build the first story of the Lego house whoa whoa whoa whoa hold on I gotta stretch real quick let's do it first three the Lego house is complete however we got some bad news of course we got some bad news first story here is looking good however if you go around here there's dry gasps ah great so I did my measurements wrong and there's a giant gap here that doesn't it doesn't need to be a giant that doesn't that's not supposed to happen I mean fat me yet me unspeakable is gonna have to tear this thing down and build it again what here's the thing I'm on a time crunch right now I have two other stories to build frankly I don't have time for this I'm gonna fix this really quickly three two one oh just like that my nose man according to my calculations this looks pretty good time to move on for the second story Wow that goes on the second story we're gonna lay down all this wood so the roof of the first story or the the floor of the second story will actually have a floor instead of yeah okay go ahead and line this bad boy up it's very heavy a one a three four seven one two three four seven okay whoa whoa whoa we put Legos on the side of this thing that won't happen what we need next is some nice stainless steel appliances which will probably not happen but we can we can we can wish all right let's pull the second-story a Legos why though there that's one of the guys know that the second story here is complete and well you know it honestly is a pretty cozy in here it works but now I think it's time to get on the top story ah I really hope the floor up there is stable otherwise this is gonna be back on to the third story we go I have never stepped foot on the third story I don't even know if it will hold me oh my gosh okay yo this is sick you've got to be kidding me alright I'm the king of the world the camera probably can't even see me or can it I don't know oh my god the good thing is it holds me for now now we're gonna put a bunch of Legos on top now we're not gonna do the whole entire third storey we're gonna do about half of it because well one I don't have enough Legos and two I want the other side to be like an open balcony I think they'll be pretty cool so I got the three final pieces to the puzzle just follow me home my gosh they're really heavy there's some really solid wood so this is gonna go on the third storey and it's gonna be the roof for the third storey okay this thing is huge like this is me standing next to it yeah alright all we got to do is lay this down on top there we go oh no part of our window is breaking not acceptable or unacceptable same difference there we go and we got one more piece of wood oh my gosh it's done it is done it is done it is done it is that is it another third story is complete it has a roof on it we have a balcony up there this is crazy okay unspeakable has to see this do you see that I do see that go check it out and how do you like it in there very cozy very cozy it looks nice oh my god I'm the king of the world but seriously this is crazy you guys have enough like on this video yet what what what are you doing I'm in the speakable costume in a three-story Lego house and you still haven't liked the video do you hate me that much I think the third story is a little bit too big what I miss a lot it's sunny the three-story Lego house is done most of you guys have hit the like button and subscribe but something that you haven't done yet these new golden unspeakable shirts if you guys want to check some of these out definitely be sure to do so these just drop the other day and there's some like burnt pancakes wait no they're not that they're selling well burnt pancakes wouldn't sell they're selling like leaves falling off trees and fall never mind just coming link in the description though but this thing is massive so me standing in front of it I probably should push on it it might fall gotta collapse I think I'm gonna leave this here for a little bit I need you guys to let me know what should I do in this three-story Lego house because right now it's completely empty should I put a gaming setup in it I make the top story a lemonade stand or should I do some type of challenge in it just let me know let me know in the comment section below first story is pretty really come inside it is roomy it's it's comfy the ceiling isn't the prettiest but I think we could definitely hang up some lights or something also put Legos like up here to block out more than natural sunlight I think we should do that info you can kind of peek over the edge here and look outside at your enemies the bushes so we're gonna crawl out and we're gonna go to this second kick oza dying so this is the second story uh I had to put this beam right here in the middle because this thing was completely caving in when I got on top and it was honestly kind of scary so getting into the second stories that nobody would squeeze literally a squeeze if you could just push my feet yeah yeah you know you're you're on your own okay okay all right well now I'm in a second story now if there's no one on the third story I can take out this pillar and you'll be good but if there's someone on the third storey you take out this pillar I think the whole thing might come crashing down the second story has just as much room as the first as you can see I'm sitting right now I can't really sit completely straight up but you know if I slouch down a little bit like it's coming here you can fit like two to three people in here without a problem and this is only the second story let's go to the third story now getting out of the second story again a little bit of trouble but not too bad on to the third story now this is when it gets a little scary we have this wood here and it holds pretty well but it is it is wobbly so I think it could use some more support but it holds like you know I'm up here as a fallen yet so I mean we're good we have this part over here it's pretty cozy this will probably fit about one person – if you really want to squeeze in but there is a window and then this space right here there's a big open balcony or you could just chill and enjoy the view of the pool and maybe dive in the hot tub oh it's right there that's really dirty we're gonna get new four guys this is I don't think I can build a four-story Lego house simply because I don't have enough Legos that's how many Legos I have left in that box right there there's probably about thirty thirty Legos left so this Lego house took about 1200 Legos maybe a little bit more than that this is so cool see that it's the wild pool pump he's trying to attack my Lego fort oh he backed off who's the bigger man now I can unplug you and you'll never work again but you can't unplug me but what I can plug is this new merchandise okay well guys thank you so much for watching this vlog I hope you guys have enjoyed caicos get it go inside and poop out all the tacos she just ate yeah that's what I thought yeah run yep okay and she's got guys three-story Lego house your boy unspeakable did it and pulled it off this was crazy definitely took a lot of time setting up this video getting all the wood getting all the Legos outside carrying all those boxes of Legos downstairs was an interesting challenge I may have dropped a couple on my foot helos to say this is such a fun video to film like I said I am gonna be leaving this Lego house here for a little bit that means I want to film a second video with it let me know guys in the comment section below what should I do inside this Lego house there's so many things I can do I could do a 24 hour challenge I could put something in the three floors so like the top floor could be a lemonade stand 2nd floor could be like a merch shop the bottom story could be like a movie room or something or let me know down the cop section below I'm curious to hear your ideas of what I should do with this 3 story that I go forward because it's not an empty inside and booing I mean it's cool but we need to give it some life anyways guys thank you so much for watching I'll be seeing you guys not tomorrow but the next day in a brand new vlog and seriously these brand new shirts oh I don't know about you guys but they're definitely my favorite and speakable shirts that we've ever launched and they just released and we're almost sold out if you won't want to have a link at the top of description over to WWE my keyboard Co which is my merchandise website where you can get this beautiful shirt I'll see you guys not tomorrow but the next day and a brand new bloke oh and also I just want to say you know I forgot what I was gonna say I'm just gonna leave it here at that

Renovated Apartment Tour! (Before & Afters)

hey guys it's Alisa and welcome back to my channel you guys today's video is so long-awaited I feel like I'm saying that I'm going to be over so so so so so so how long you guys have been watching since as a tonight dinner of renovations on our apartment today's finally the day where you get to see the before-and-afters I took clip so we did renovation so you guys gonna see like some nice before-and-afters so if you're new here my boyfriend and I did renovations on a basement apartment that was literally from scratch me that the floors that we built walls we painted literally everything we did from scratch so I'm really really excited to show you guys the final product let me get a little disclaimer I know you probably hear this in a lot of house slash apartment tours I'm not completely done but if I was gonna wait until I'm done it would have taken forever because you're never gonna feel completely done so as we're going through all tell you guys like what I am like planning to do that isn't done yet so you guys will get like a full picture but if you guys watch my channel and watch my vlogs then you guys will see it over time also I'm not gonna say like I'll link it down below 500 times in the video but I'm gonna try I'm gonna try and find everything that I talk about some of the stuff might not be online our cat is eating in the back but if you're punching and also I do buy a lot of stuff at Marshall's at HomeGoods which a lot of that stuff can't find online so I'm gonna try my best but if you guys want anything that I didn't link I might have forgot so leave all comments down there and yell at me for forgetting and maybe I'll find it online so without further ado let's begin our apartment tour okay so we're gonna start a tour in our mudroom this is where our apartment starts on the other side of this door is just the other half of the basement which is for Zing's family it's not ours I gotta slow down put your speed on youtube down a little bit you know you could do that what you do saves my cameramen today by the way okay so anyways lumps are short this is where our door begins this is gonna be a long video if I plot up like that for everything a little mug room sign this is from Hobby Lobby tap later no don't show that over here we kind of DIY dumpling room these are like some old shelves that were like a really ugly wood brown and painted them white we have them screwed to the wall so they don't go anywhere and then we kind of DIY we kind of DIY my dad screwed in these like are these two by fours they're definitely not whatever it's a piece of wood and then we got these hooks off of Amazon and it's kind of like our little coat rack now and then on the bottom we got these shoe racks from five below they're actually amazing for five dollars and we just keep our shoes on there and then in the middle here I got this bench from home goods for only fifty dollars and then I come to combat boots this pillow is from home goods I'm obsessed with it and then these cabinets we still use a clean nice huh we're still kind of going through renovations these are like leftover from our kitchen cabinet that didn't fit and then in here we have cat food cat litter cat things over here we have another one of those shell things and the shoes all our pet dies and then over here we have another cabinet this is like just kind of like a random one we have our laundry stuff some CDs from like shells and one that I like refuse to get rid of because I have like Justin Bieber Vanessa Hudgens dolls all that stuff our board games and then up here is kind of like random crappy stuff that I grab for not very often but I need it I have it and then moving on down here this is the cat stuff so this is like their little shoe stuff I have double because if they want to eat at the same time they argue so we have to have like be a little bit extra with our cats and I did clean all this food up before for you guys but you know real life they make a mess in here is there like extra food every time I open it Benji just wants to eat this is also from home goods we grow I've never really liked and obsesses then it gets so cute right there and it makes it really easy for when they might have a dry food just scoop it out fill up and then right on this side is just a mirror this was actually black and I had an inner pet Drummond that I just painted it actually the same color of the wall but it looks different for some reason but yeah we have this here so our shoes our jackets and stuff we have a nice full body mirror moving on down the hallway I've got my oh baby side it's not blue baby it's a little off-brand but it's up it's a little tricky to fix that up now right here on this wall is where I say that I'm not finished yet I don't know what I want to do here yet I might actually just leave it blank because I don't want much going on but we shall see okay we're gonna move on to the bathroom because it's right here so why not we've got a while Benjy boo in the sink Hey okay so we got this whole sink set it came with the mirror wow I could have Windex to that before we started sorry guys real life this whole set is from Home Depot I love is like fake wood look I think it's so cute although lesson learned I will never buy something like a square sink again because it's so difficult to keep clean I feel like every day I'm cleaning the inside of this thing including Benjy Satana can you get out please well I'm not gonna go too in depth this is from home goods yada yada we have this plant would wick favorite candles in whole entire world we got this set of lights it came with the oh hi you're back it came with the towel rack the towel rack behind the door and a rope hanger for the door on Amazon it was like a whole big set this sign is from Hobby Lobby all me loves all of you that's a nice song by John Legend Benji's literally can you just challenge all my plants are mostly from home goods so I'm not going to tell you every time I show a plant they're mostly it's not I'll tell you where it's from these rugs are from home goods it was actually a setup too but the other one is in our closet simply because I didn't know where else to put it our shower curtain and shower rod is also from home goods can you tell where it's the closet in here boring towels vacuums tanning stuff all the boring stuff vacuumed moving on we'll just leave Benji in the sink over there by a little gallery of pictures of Zayn and eyes so cute flip over this side here we've got a mirror this is another thing that isn't finished so right here I want to do like a little bar area I just need to find the right one the right size and one that has cabinets otherwise our cats will knock done all of our alcohol and then you will have a very sad ELISA moving on in here we've got a while bell oh you so cute are you happy good mummy they finally leave the apartment for the video right so speaking of cats over here is our little our little collage of our kitties they have an Instagram if you don't follow them at fella Benji and they're pretty freaking cute so those are just a few pictures from their Instagram right here in the kitchen I thought that was a cute area for them and then as you can see this is our kitchen which I am so so blessed so grateful for this kitchen this is my favorite area of the house cuz you guys know I love cooking if you watch my channels I'm in here all the time love my kitchen basically this island was DIY guys watch the renovations you know he actually got this bottom of the island from let go for like $15 and I painted it and we added new handles on it so I can't link our island wish I could but it's a DIY and I'm obsessed with it also all of our countertops are DIY so that's why it looks the same as this because we made it all ours so all the handles on the cabinets and the drawers are from Amazon I'm not going to go in-depth into all of our cabinets I feel like that would be a good another video to do so if you guys want to see like a kitchen in depth how I organized how everything is placed video let me know and then over here I'm still kind of working on it but this is like what we have going on right now it's been working for us for a while this is our air fryer that we use all the time and then we've got coffee machine cat snacks these containers are my favorite these are from Target actually and I'm obsessed with them and they actually do have flour sugar and coffee in them and it's very very helpful when I'm cooking okay moving on I actually get a lot of questions on our dish rack and you can grab it on Amazon there are some dishes at the sink so don't love advantage' likes to do that all the time he's allergic that I move on from that and ignore him and let him do this thing this is our knife set where did we get this Walmart we got that from Walmart and then we have our little Google station thing what does it call a Google display our stove microwave little decor up there self-explanatory we've got my cookbooks here that I don't actually use because I Google my recipes we should use those self-explanatory we've got the fridge and then over here is our dining table so the table is actually these are all separate pieces believe it or not I know I'm just so good oh this table is from Walmart chairs are from Wayfarer and then this bench is actually from Amazon look at this it's got storage underneath no jokes like party favors mister this Lantern is from Walmart and then it might not be which is one of my favorite pieces in our kitchen I know it's so stupid adults things are you excited over nothing older this is from Amazon I love this like I get it how cute hello I'm ready for the picnic I'm here and I'm moving on above here this gather science from Hobby Lobby and then these two sponses are from Target and are only twelve dollars each and then I actually died by the rest of it where my mom helped me she's like really good at that kind of stuff these candles are from Hobby Lobby and then also the greenery buzz but it was kind of like a long garland that's the word I'm looking for and my mom like chopped it all up and glued it all on here and made it like a DIY and we blew the candles on here because I don't actually fit in the sconce so as a little DIY right there I'm obsessed with it moving along oh I forgot to talk about these are from Amazon the cats have kind of destroyed them because they claw to jump up there so just ignore that and we have a little rainy basket here I don't know what I want to do with that guess that's there come right along this is our living room the line might get a little orange because we have different bulbs in here okay right here we have a sign that says okay first off right here we have a sign that says grateful and thankful this is from Hobby Lobby I started was so simple and I really wanted to incorporate this brown wood in our living room so you guys will see I kind of incorporated that through other things as well our couch is by Ashley Furniture and then these pillow covers are from Amazon and I just like to stuffed them there just like a cover so I stopped on with stuffing these actually came with the couch so this is something that I'm not done with you yet I'm gonna be replacing these for sure cuz it kind of just like blend in and I do not like the other side of them so we just leave them like that for now I'm still figuring out what I want to do with those up here we have a picture of Xena and I clock is from Amazon doesn't actually have batteries in it but don't tell anyone and then at this frame I obviously still have to fill because I just I just didn't print a picture yet okay I didn't print a picture this sign is from home goods and then these plants are also put some Goods you already know that moving right along all right so this table right here is from Ikea this thing you guys $30 like are you kidding me super affordable and super simple and matches perfectly with everything we got going on here this tray is actually from Hobby Lobby as well and then moving along over here we just have some cat stuff there scratch post little tunnel this poop is from Marshalls or home it's one of those two this is not done yet bear with me I'm getting there I'm gonna make this kind of liked with more succulents and maybe you like paying Vince them and add something different to the shelf but these shows are from Walmart they were like two for $15 that's a Friday there were like two for $15 and I thought they were super cute I hung them myself really easy so loved those and then down here is just a little bin full of cat toys because you know her cats go crazy well I'm speaking about Benjy novella you – tongue is out it's time was just out you missed it this entertainment centers I want to call this I don't know TV stand whatever it is from Amazon as well and we're not gonna go in the cabinets this one just full of candles this one's full of like me stuff our TV is just some like a little swivel stand so you can move it around because we're kind of fancy like that but this is just an LG no complaints here moving on this plant is again surprised from home goods and then I also put it in a basket surprise from home goods this blanket ladder I actually get a lot of questions on and it's DIY so it was from like one of Zane's beds from when he was a little boy and it was like shoved with everything down here before he renovated so I found it it was like a light brown wood I painted it white and then I just a few like it's on there this frame right here is also from home goods oh there's just a few pictures of Xena and I picture seatbelts and then this is our office so we'll start with my side because so my whole desk is actually from Ikea I just have the Alex drawers that everyone has but instead of having them this way we flip them that way because as you can see I have a podcast now so if you guys didn't know a podcast with my mother-in-law and we kind of switched my desk into a podcast desk which actually works cuz I don't keep like notebook in here and stuff and be able to like write stuff while we're recording him stuff you know sometimes I was gonna say stuff so this has become our little podcast desk I also keep my laptop here and like edit in here sometimes at the end over here I have like my little whiteboard calendar and my little sign that says it's a good say to happen say and then over here this becomes Zane's side so this is his DJ equipment and then over here we just have our printer his computer stuff like that ordered stuff and then this is whole his whole office set up with just some random drawers and stuff you know that's just it's an office but if you haven't checked out our podcast yet also these doors are like one of my favorite things that we did with this department like think about how boring this entrance would be with just one door like this makes it like so beautiful I don't know I just love the French doors I think that's what they're called by the way that door over there is just a storage room so I'm going to show you in there that's boring last room of the apartment is our bedroom is another room that I am very very very proud of I absolutely love the way our bed came out and you guys know that I made this tapestry DIY by myself I'll lick the video of the girl that I like got the idea from and like the tutorial that I used cuz mine's not gonna be any help to you but I'll leave that one down below we've also got a wine fellow looking at us over there this video really shows how they follow us everywhere look look look who's here hi bench okay so we're gonna start with our like bigger furniture pieces so this dresser is actually from big loss let me have the whole set so we've got both nightstands as well next to our bed it's just like a simple cream fake wood looking dresser I guess but I love like this kind of like farmhouse rustic look that it has and then up top here I just have like a little jewelry sand and stuff I'm still working on how I want to organize all of this but I do have this little thing from the target dollar section it says the best time for new beginnings is now which I love this so I keep like when I'm not wearing my ring it goes in there my little willory plate and then this is something else that I'm not finished with yet I've been on the hunt for like a round circle mirror with like a thin black metal frame so that's gonna go here so just picture that here and then this cat tree over here is from Amazon it's just actually one of my favorite Amazon purchases because it was only like 65 bucks I think and we did originally have it in the living room but we ended up moving it in here just one who does it looks better in here you don't want this like really sitting out in the living room and – they use it so much more because when they sleep at night they like to sleep on here so Benji this is like his little spot up here and then Bella likes this one right here Oh apparently like so and showing off from the camera but yeah anyways I really like the way it looks in here because it's more like it's there little bit it should be where our bet is you know and I think they like it for so anyways up here is like a little succulent picture this is also from home this down here this is just temporary this is gonna go once I find more storage options but this is just like our extra sheets and pillowcases and that box and then our bed which is my favorite part of the room the frame is actually from Amazon it was only like 250 bucks and it's like so amazing we've had no issues with it I think it's really really pretty besides Benjy going on the side of it and clawing and making his way up to the top like spider-man but you know you get what you can get our duvet cover I get a lot of questions on this is actually from guess where it's from home good so I don't think I can find it online I'll try and then the pillow is also from home goods these big ones came with our couch I just put them in here so I'm not really sure where they're from I'm sorry and then the lamps that we have on each side of our bed are from Target and they were only ten bucks each super affordable we have a diffuser right here this is from TJ Maxx and then all of our little oils sitting in this cute little basket these plans on each side that you see these are also from home goods I feel like I've said that word 500 times and then this little corner is another thing that definitely isn't done yet this is where my desk used to be so we're still kind of decorating this area because it used to be filled with my desk so this plant is from this mirror from hung gets and then I took these hooks that you guys saw it in the mudroom these were the Amazon hooks and I just hung two of them here to hang my hats because one I thought was key decoration too I always forget it so maybe it'll help me wear them once the weather gets a little more and then this is the thing that I'm not finished yet these it the cats don't even use it's like a little hot and a Fed so these are gonna go pretty soon and then I'm just gonna get kind of like a little bench I'll pop up a picture of what I'm talking about and then over here these two signs are from Target they were in like the dollar spot for five bucks and I thought it could be a cute little thing to hang right here because no one really sees this anyway on the back of the door we just have a metal coat hanger with just some random stuff we've got robes and bags and hats and purses and whatnot and then this is our closet so we have a shoe rack here this is actually four five below and I've used it for probably three years and it hasn't hasn't done anything so love this thing moving on into our closet I am NOT gonna go in depth I actually have a closet tour that I did a while ago now it's a little bit different but you get the gist it's a closet there's clothes they're shoes there's purses this is my stuff this is Zane stuff we have a shoe rack back here that we di wide and then just our hampers and like more storage and stuff yeah and then also I'm still working on like the walls and stuff in here so this whole wall that you guys see over here is like totally empty so I'm still working on that but for the most part I think we did pretty good all right you guys so I think that's it for the long-awaited apartment tour I hope you guys enjoyed and I forgot to mention anything you have questions about anything just link them down below I'll try to get to as many of you guys as I can do you guys hear my candle crackling I think that's my therapy sniffles anyways today is notification shoutout goes to Nichole route linker hopefully I pronounced that right thank you so much for watching thank you for your part of the auditions what I love you so very much if anyone else would like an occasion shout out comment down below mr. Nam can you help you in the next video okay as much thank so much reading and you all next time bye guys

Dragons fight over jaw-dropping multi-million pound business | Dragons' Den – BBC

We both traveled in from New York. So we haven't been in the UK for very long so I think we're feeling the effects of travel a little bit Hopefully we're not too rusty as we start getting a grilling from the Dragons But will the pair be returning to the Big Apple with more than just a healthy airmiles account? Hi dragons, my name is Nathan Evans and this is Patrick M Braun and our company is called brand yourself. We're seeking a 100,000 pound investment in exchange for a 1 percent equity stake in our business Dragons meet Steve Steve is an Oxbridge graduate with a first-class degree Basically, Steve is an employers dream But when employers look Steve up online, they don't find professional Steve They find gap year Steve where one moment has ruined dozens of job opportunities for him Now Steve found out the hard way how you look online today? Directly impacts your career more and more employers are analyzing everything about you before making a decision That means a single negative online search result or single inappropriate social media post or image can ruin your career That's why we created brand yourself the most comprehensive platform that helps individuals clean up protect and improve how they look online first our technology scours a web and identifies risk factors that could hurt your online reputation and then walks you through the process of finding and deleting inappropriate images Now while your initial report is free users upgrade to a 70-pound yearly subscription to get full access to all of our features Last year, our revenue was over 4 million and this year were on pace to do over 5 Dragons, thanks for your time. We'd love to take your questions Cleaning up online is the idea Patrick and brawn and Nathan Evans hoping to clean up with in the den They're offering just one percent of their business in return for a hundred thousand pounds Taz Levani is first to quiz the profile polishing pair Nathan Patrick hi It's a unique idea But I myself could go and screen myself on Facebook and delete all the pictures that I think could be offensive or prevent me from Getting a job and save myself 70 pounds. Yes, but the average person has thousands and thousands of post and Thousands and thousands of images. They don't know what they all are. I went through it myself manually it took 18 hours But it's not just the time it saves you Online screening has just become so much more pervasive Whether you're applying to school or applying for a job or applying for an immigration visa You're going to get screened and these screens are way more than just a search. They go through everything So what it does is advise you any negative things on Google. Is that what it does? So let's say You have a negative search result and it's not something you can delete because it's not your own Facebook And it's someone else trashing you it shows up in Google. For example, I think at least in the u.s We've dealt with more victims of revenge porn than any other company Sometimes those things to be directly removed other times You can need to kind of minimize the damage of this by surrounding it and burying it with more positive things now We can do that for you Guys isn't the end result of all this cleanup The actually everything is so clean. They can't really see the real person and you're not branding yourself. You've just become bland yourself Yeah, what if it just came off social media to get all together. I'll just delete Facebook Twitter Instagram No footprint on social media. So there's one thing which is not having anything negative but more and more employers are looking for positive things that reinforce their decision online so not having any social media accounts that give them any Indication is a bit of a red flag to employers at the moment The online entrepreneurs approving why their service is a necessity not a luxury Touka Suleiman now wants to focus on the cash the techie twosome are bringing in It looks like you've got a business You've turned over 4 million F is 4.4 million last year and what was the gross profit it was 2 million net profit is a loss of 450,000 and That's because you always been on tech correct. It's a blessing. It's a shoe. You'll do 5 this year. We'll do 5.2 million and Level or you still lose money. We'll Expecting to lose money again this year hilarious a best same as last year by 450. Yes Ok, so it's very apparent that you're losing money and money doesn't come from thin air At the moment you're trying to raise 1 percent Which bet is a company at 10 million? Yes This is a part of a larger raise that that we're putting together this year of about 3 million pounds, right? But you've done your homework about me. Haven't you I have I Know you don't get out of there for 1 percent. Yeah, so I'm assuming if I want to invest you'll accommodate We're here we're here to make a deal. Yeah. Ok, that's good Tuukka suleiman tests the water and discovers the duo's terms appear to be negotiable But Deborah Medan wants to establish why the pair have traveled across the pond to seek investment in the first place I'm interested. So there's an equivalent of Dragon's Den in the US Why didn't you go to them cool shots tank over there, isn't it? We did appear on Shark Tank and we got a two million dollar offer But we just couldn't negotiate so I walked away from the deal gosh Okay, but I have to say the risk of sitting in this chair is that you don't do the same thing again You know in retrospect I didn't know that there was extra value and having a shark then there was the money We need to make sure we've learned from that mistake I don't want to be seen as someone who goes on a show like this and does the same thing So what we want to do is act drastically different this time around Good Can I just take us back to the investment, how much do you guys own to the company? Yeah, so I Hesitate to put the exact percentages of everybody, you know out there on on TV Why why would it you can just search and find that out? It's not completely public employees and things like if I'm investing in you, I wonder that Yeah, you you will know this before you make an investment exactly So I'm I'm now currently before I make an investment. So I need to know what you guys own the company Me and my co-founders Oh mister just picking you the founder 10% and Nathan what do you know? It's less than 2% and have you communicated to all shareholders? That you're here, yes, and we have the consent that we can negotiate to certain types of things. Okay. I've got it Peter Jones pushes the entrepreneurs to reveal their share structure and that they've got the green light to cut a dragon friendly deal and it appears Jenny Campbell is warming to the cyberspace sprucing idea a Lot of people need to clean up their act online. It's like moving up the dirt off the carpet, really It's isn't it sort of that extent it is a useful tool Where it doesn't work for me as I don't like be in a small fish in a huge pond I like to make a difference and I just feel that with this tiny tiny sliver of Equity that that's not for me So I wish you all the best and I'm out The 1% share offering has no appeal for Jenny Campbell and she ends her interest Touka Suleiman now wanted to talk about the pair's plans for relocation Hi guys, how big enough if you want? Very easy to please what if I said to you I'll give you a thousand square feet free of charge for 12 months in the West End of London If you give me ten percent of business I Don't think it it's not gonna give you temps may be Guys I'm gonna make you an offer I'll give you all the money They'll want 4% Thank you thanks to Casilla man tables are bid and throws some rent free real estate into the mix Does serial investor Deborah Medan think the online airbrushing idea as potential I Think it's great. It's bang on You guys are smart, you know you're on it and when a business comes into the den, there's absolutely ahead of the curve. I'm interested So I am going to make your mother And I'm gonna offer you all of the money and I want 3% of the business. Okay. Thank you. Thank you Guys You've been very transparent which is really good. And I think the bellman that you've got going on is very interesting as well So I – I'm gonna make you an offer One hundred thousand pounds all of the money for three percent Cage Levani and Deborah Medan make identical offers and join the party Where the hat-trick of deals already on the table? It's now just tech tycoon Peter Jones who remains Will he want to add the online business to his portfolio? I I Really like it and it is a concern as a dad as well with kids that one photograph that one annoying thing Their behavior has affected potentially their career and That's a shame. Actually, I think what you've done is is really good. Thank you. Thanks and you've gone Shark Tank You're in the real show now. Yeah, this is where it started These are the guys that do the deals tell you yeah, so you did the right thing coming to the UK I'm actually gonna make you an offer And I'm gonna offer you all of the money For two and a half percent of the equity Thank you, thank you very much Don't think about it. Yeah. Do you mind thank you. Thank you guys. Thank you The entrepreneurs have four bids to consider Touka Suleiman is offering free floor space, but once four percent of the company do you think? Oh shit Debora Medan antes Levani both won 3% to her pants and Peter Jones has sharpened his claws and undercut them all with his turned a half percent demand They regretted their decision to reject a deal stateside are They now ready to accept any of the offers on the UK table So firstly thank you very much for hearing us out and thank you for the offers Petey gave us the most generous offer. So I'd like to put a counter forward to yourself Would you be prepared? to Provide us with the 100,000 but in exchange for 2% of the business Is that offer open to other dragons or is it just to Peter At this stage its it's an open offer If it was open to other dragons I wouldn't accept it. Okay, so I'm gonna ask you what would you like to do? If you accepted the offer I think we'd be ready to accept that right absolutely Okay, I Would accept two percent but the most important thing for me is on the next fundraise I'm not diluting I'm prepared to accept that deal. Yeah Thank you very much thank you fantastic. Thank you. I'm gutted and delighted at the same time Peter Jones accept the counteroffer and shakes hands on a deal The entrepreneurs exit the den with the hundred thousand pounds they were seeking and detect tour de force on their board That's a great business. Mr. Jowell. Well, I don't want to say Big that's tough. They have very good poker faces the best being Peter Jones I actually felt quite bad closing everybody out you out then. Well, you should because that was quite rude actually the pair head off the new york with a possible celebratory stop or You might we might go to the pub and have a drink but uh, it's inconclusive You