Marketing with Video Games: Hulu Has Live Sports

Hi everyone. Welcome to a new segment
called Marketing with Video Games, brought to you by Mega Cat Studios. Marketing with video games is the idea that we can use a video game,
in the variety of forms that games can take, as a marketing tool. It can be
highly engaging, highly interactive, and drive the kinds of actions that we want
our prospects and our customers to take, whether that’s lead generation ,whether
that’s generating awareness or whether that’s actually converting new customers.
Maybe there’s a way to use a game to incentivize product purchases — yes there
is; those things exist — so for this first episode, I want to talk about Hulu Has
Live Sports. This is a Twitch integrated game that Hulu has launched
where you play as a football player. Yep, that’s him right there, and you’re on the
couch as the football player, the TV starts running away, and you have to do this
infinite runner style game to chase down the TV. They say
it’s not a game about playing football. It’s is about a game about watching football.
It’s pretty funny. It’s a really clever campaign, and what’s really interesting
about it is the way they’ve integrated Twitch. What they’ve done is they’ve
used influencers that play the game on stream for a set period of time. So
they have this funny game, it gives them something to talk to their audience
about, gives them something to riff on, and it’s also kind of competitive.
There’s a leaderboard, and then they’ve driven a lot of traffic to this campaign
with all sorts of ads. I’ve seen Reddit ads. I’ve seen Twitter ads. I’ve seen Facebook
ads. All driven round this idea of Hulu has live sports. Instead of just,
say, running a generic ad commercial, they knew that people that are
interested in this technology (aka twitch viewers) like games, and they
came to them with a game, and then they rewarded influencers who participated
alongside of them. It’s eye-catching. It’s different, and it’s interactive, which is
the big deal for me. I think that’s making the big difference
in this particular campaign, so I hope that starts getting your mind going about what you might do with your brand. There’s some really cool stuff happening in this
market and you could be a part of it. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you next

10 Worst PAY-TO-WIN Games Ever Made | Chaos

Three words that every gamer hates to hear pay it to Win that part of the whole reason we love videogames is the first place is the fact that everyone is on the same page at All times and the winner is almost always whoever played Better videogames don’t care about your age your background or anything else only your skill however Gamers get angry when that element of gaming is destroyed in the winner is now Decided by whoever dropped more money and in some games. They do this a lot worse than others What’s up, guys Jimmy here welcome to chaos top teams of today? We’re good. We’ve got a doozy We’re gonna take a look at and go over the 10 worst pay to win games that are out there ever made We are running a 200 dollar Amazon gift card giveaway the entire month all you have to do to enter is like this video Be subscribed turn on your notifications and leave a comment why you want to win it with your Twitter handle attached I will announce the winner at the end of the month on Twitter Kicking off our list at number 10 is game of war you guys know about this game right? How could you not? this is the game that famously just throws Kate Upton’s boobs at us and calls it an Advertisement this free-to-play mobile game was released in 2013 by a company called machine zone and has since become one of the highest Grossing apps ever made game of war is free to download But you have to pay out the butt to do pretty much anything else Mac world stated in their review of the game the game of war is the most aggressively monetized free-to-play game Ever made and Forbes similarly wrote the game of war is the most over-the-top cash grab They’ve ever seen according to slice Intelligence the the average game of war player spends five hundred and fifty dollars on in-game purchases throughout their time with the game as opposed To players of other free-to-play games only spending about 87 dollars on average now I think that sums up this game pretty well And when the average game of war players spending over five times more than other players on their own games. You know something’s up This one definitely could have been higher, okay? But just hear me out at number 9 Star Wars Battlefront to 2017 one of the most recent games on the list the sequel to battlefront if will the reboot takes our number 9 spot this online Multiplayer shooter is set in the Star Wars universe boasting gorgeous visuals awesome sound immersion in solid gunplay, but all that has been forgotten That’s it nobody’s looking at those things fans were fury CDA when they revealed that battlefront 2 would not have a traditional progression system like most multi players do and They’d rather lock almost all the upgrades and unlockables behind a paywall or an RNG loop box system making the entire game pay2win You could grind your butt off for 20 hours and still have some of the worst stats and someone who just bought the game in An hour and because they dropped a little extra money and got lucky with their drops They had the distinct advantage the insane luboc system completely broke the balance of the multiplayer and the backlash was so heavy that EA actually Had to turn off the micro transactions, which altogether although the game still a massive grind, and it will probably be back sooner than later At number 8. We have battlefield heroes develop my easy studios and published by the Oso wonderful, EA Battlefield Heroes is a free-to-play multiplayer game That was released in June of 2009 and shut down just six years later along with all of a s other Free-to-play games at the time the game attempted to compete with Team Fortress 2 another cartoon is free-to-play multiplayer shooter Although it failed miserably as not only was the game average, but the micro transactions were so intrusive Inescapable that it pushed many players away from the game. There are two weapon tiers in the game normal Which are the ones you get right off the bat and super uber weapons Which have to either be bought or rented to use and they have much better stats that’s right You can rent weapons in this game I don’t know about you guys But the whole concept of renting an extremely powerful weapon just seems wrong to me in every aspect And I can’t be the only one that thinks that you guys let me know in the comments section Another wildly popular mobile game right now still is clash of clans at number 7 it First launched in August of 2012 and has seen great success. Thanks to its huge player base and its pretty invasive microtransactions clash of clans is a game all about the leader of your village building it up to be safe in them fighting off the Other clans who are trying to take it over. Y-you can just work to upgrade in defend your areas It is far faster to just pay your way to victory especially with the game’s tendencies to time you out Unless you fork over some cash sometimes making your building construction actually lasts for days at a time Some players try to figure out just how much it would cost to max everything out and fully upgrade your base and according to them buying everything the game would cost you between 15 thousand and 20,000 real dollars Moving on to number six is EA Sports UFC three yeah There’s a lot of EA games in here you would think that after the insane backlash of battlefront to EA would have taken note of What fans don’t like about multiplayer games, but you would be wrong my friends to be fair this game isn’t out yet? It won’t be released until February 2nd But it’s still earned a spot due to how much of it was revealed in the recent beta and the fact that it’s multiplayer progression system is identical to battlefront 2 Which is even more? insulting because this is a fighting yet instead of working to upgrade your stats and remove upgrades altogether since it’s a freaking fighting game and The whole point of fighting games is for everyone to statistically be on the same page, right UFC three features RNG blue boxes that can upgrade your character strengths and Delete their weaknesses to use Jim Sterling’s analogy This is like if you were playing Street Fighter, and you and your opponent are playing his chun-li But their moves did more damage than yours despite you two being the same character doesn’t matter and this system came after the battlefront to controversy so ok EA a number 5 we have war face And this one kind of sucks because war face used to be a super fun game pretty well-balanced game, and it just I don’t know Unfortunately after a shift in publishers the game was introduced tons of new pay2win mechanics that has really fragmented the player base or face first launched in 2013 but shifted publishers after a while and that’s when things started getting Ugly new guns were introduced that were so far and away better than the other ones and the only way to get them was to Pay real money or grind for an absurd amount of time if you go through Steam reviews and forums for this page It is full of players Upset with how the pay2win game has worked in how it has become over the years since it shifted in ownership and that shows you it was a decent game people care about it or they wouldn’t be upset and Number four we have a leads online and this MMORPG launched in 2011 and was developed by Allen’s team and published by group The game was developed on a relatively small budget of twelve million dollars, which is still a lot of money? But it’s small when compared to some other games on the market and has since made up for that money trust me weed They have with the abundant micro Transactions in the game while it’s free-to-play And there are no subscription fees the empties are pretty insane and at one we even required you to fork over $100 just to get the basic items needed to play the game. That’s right It’s a free to play game, but you need to spend money to be able to play the game I don’t know how free to play your game is when you have to drop cash Just to have the basics of the game the game mechanics to function something doesn’t jive there something doesn’t add up to me That’s just I don’t know I’m confused at Number three we have Star Trek Trek Souls if you’re a fan of the angry Joe Show you probably already know about this game as he campaigned pretty hard against it when it was first released back in 2013 the idea was pretty cool, and it was you were gonna be a ship commander, and it was like FTL faster than light But with a Star Trek theme and an old-school retro art style. That’s cool. However That’s where all the positives end with this game as it has some of these shortest paywall timers that I’ve personally ever seen making them Almost impossible to play without real money I mean sure you can just grind the game, but that takes so long It’s not even worth doing it, and it was so obviously designed with the player paying you money, then money in mind What makes it even worse is the fact that after the first level of the game which doesn’t have any pay walls okay? It gives you a pop up and asked you if you would give it a five star rating Then they turn on the pay wall switch after you weight It which is just grimy and wrong to me And they did it on purpose don’t think that they did it all it was just coincidence. No. It’s not at all and Number two we have DC legends another mobile game that angry Joe took a hard stance against recently DC Legends released in 2016 is a free-to-play Team-based action game starring all your favorite DC characters, however if you actually want these favorite characters, you’re gonna have to drop between $25 and $40 for each that’s right. This is a game based around assembling a squad of heroes to fight together But every hero is going to cost you 25 bucks or more I don’t really think I need to say any more about it than that honestly and At number one on today’s best pay to win games Dungeon Keeper 2014 perhaps the most infuriating example of a greedy reboot ever the 2014 Dungeon Keeper is a reboot of the classic strategy game series that pissed off millions of people Upon its release aside from the fact that the entire then it can style the game was changed from the originals making it seem like it wasn’t even a dungeon keeper game the 2014 reboot was so aggressively pay to win and monetized That it was virtually unplayable for those that didn’t want to spin an absurd amount of money Much like Star Trek drexels Dungeon Keeper hits you with a paywall and then another paywall and by the time Well you have a time between pay walls, but it’s really short, and it’s just it’s it’s daunting Ea came under massive fire after the criticism of this game as they tried to Dismiss the entire issue in the most insulting way I’ve ever heard a publisher react criticisms and here we go in early 2014 EA was not only caught censoring user ratings that were lower than 5 stars, but they also tried to tell people criticizing the Microtransactions that they weren’t playing the game correctly and that people were upset with them for innovating too much That’s not an exaggeration or a misquote Frank Gabe you the head of EA’s mobile department was literally quoted saying that the out rage towards Dungeon Keeper was due to them Innovating too much way to go, EA and there you having my friends Those are 10 – the worst pay2win games out there you guys let me know if any others add it or added to your salty list that you can’t stand as well and drop a Like on the video if you guys enjoy these gaming top tens a brand new one goes up every single night turn on your Notifications, and if you want to submit ideas for future top tens. There is a link in the description to do that I hope you guys have a great night, and I’ll see you on the next video

RT Life – Joe the Cat’s Office

Barbara’s in the phone booth we’re gonna lock her in. Miles: I think it’s safe to say, “a job well done” It looks like she’s having a very personal, private, important call right now and we’ve ruined it *Meows* So how’s productivity been today? It’s down to, like, five percent. No, it’s been very productive I, um, I pet Joe I built Joe a desk held Joe I watched Joe nap It’s a very productive day so far I think she’s almost done on the phone I don’t think she’s gonna get out Oh shit, oh shit Barbara: You guys really think I can’t get out of this? Hey! Go to your desk, Joe. Now get to work. This is how Joe works hard. Fuck you! The person on the phone was like, “Everything ok?” and I’m just, like, “Yup”. It was like a buisness call. What do you have to say to all your fans? *Loud meow* I’m a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance dance, dance, dance I’m a kitty cat and I dance, dance, dance dance, dance, dance. Joe the Cat. He’s a kitty cat that dances.

(Gambiarra)Rodando The Escapists dado pela Epic Games- How to Make Works The Escapists (Epic Games)

I successfully ran the game If you try to run The Escapists It is now being provided by Epic Games for free. What I will show is not 100% guaranteed This shortcut was created at game installation. [Double click] Opens this small window and the language selection, and auto close This is what I do [Double click] If this window appears, Hold the window for a while Move the window across the desktop, release and hold again Doesn’t always work You have to try again I hope Epic and Team 17 fix this It worked for me Trying this several times Holding this window And moving around the desktop Causing some delay, I think, in the game loading Look, it works [bla bla bla lies lies haha] I’m still waiting for a game patch The game works [I’m a noob] There is no guarantee that the game will work perfectly. [I’m a noob!!!!!] There is no guarantee that the game will work perfectly. [You need that small window, works on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10] Click on Thumbs up Subscribe on this channel Thanks for watching