How to make a 2D Game in Unity

So, a question we get asked a lot is how to make a 2D game? Of course, this is a huge question to answer. But, hopefully, this video should help point you in the right direction. And this is actually filmed on our brand-new video camera. So, I hope the quality is all right. Apparently, this camera has a pretty narrow lens. So, we had to do this crazy setup to make it work. Luckily, making 2D games in Unity has gotten so much easier over the last couple of years Ever since they introduced the new 2D features in version 4.3 We’ve seen a bunch of cool features and workflows for different aspects of working with 2D in Unity Now, 2d games, of course, come in a variety of different art styles and genres. And the tools that are right for you are going to completely depend on the game that you’re making. But, in general, we can split Unity up into two primary workflows. Tile based. And sprite based. The tile based workflow is meant for games that are build on a grid As the name suggests You create environments by placing tiles. Which makes it pretty fast and easy to create and modify levels. The sprite based workflow, on the other hand, gives you more control As it simply means that you place object freely in the world As a result of this you can create more detailed and dynamic environments. But it might not be as quick. And, on top of that, Unity is also working on some tools for vector graphics In case you are really fond of illustrator. But, regardless of what workflow you choose We first have to create a project. So, to create a new project, we go “new” And your UI might look a tiny bit different here But that’s because I’m using Unity hub Which is still in beta But the idea should be the same We then select a name for our project I’m just gonna call mine “2D Game Example”. We then select a Unity version. I’m gonna be using 2018.2 Then we chose a save location I’ll just use my projects folder And, finally, as our template, we want to make sure that we select 2D. Let’s then hit create project And Unity is going to open up a new empty project. And, now, we can see we have this empty scene With only a main camera in it. And because we made sure to select 2d as the template Unity has set up some different settings on our camera And in our editor To work well with 2D. Awesome! Now, when starting with an empty project I really recommend visiting the Unity Asset Store to find some assets to use for your game. Of course, if you want you can always replace them with your own custom assets later. Luckily, there are some really great free assets available that we can use. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of my favorites. If you want to check them out you can use the link in the description. In here we have a pack for putting together cool pixel art caves They say picks up platformer pack As well as some more toony assets All these are based around tiles And so will fit perfectly with the tile based workflow. If you want to use the sprite based workflow There’s also an incredibly detailed art pack As well as a top-down dungeon pack that would work great for that Some of these also include characters But I’ve gone ahead and added a few separate ones just in case. Now, once you’ve picked something that you like We have to get it into Unity The way that we do this, it’s by opening up the asset store window. So, we’ll go window We’ll go under “General” and select the “Asset Store”. You can also press “Control 9”. We’ll then navigate to the package that we want to download. I’m just gonna get the free platform game assets. It’s right here. So we’ll click on that. And once you find the asset, you can simply click this red button to first download And then import it. We’ll then get this window Where we can see all of the different assets that are included in the pack And if there’s something in particular that you don’t want Let’s say, you already have a character And don’t need this one We can simply uncheck it, But I’d like to import everything. So I’m just gonna a select everything and hit import. This one is called BayatGames And under here we have the free platform game assets And you can see a bunch of different subfolders with the different aspects of our pack And most packs will also come with some kind of a demo scene. In this case, there’s a demo folder right here. If we open that up and double click on the scene to open it. We then go into the scene view And we can see this nice example of how you can combine the different elements to create a level. You can, of course, select the 2D Rect Tool at the top here. The shortcut for this is the T key And if you also make sure that you’re in 2D mode at the top of our scene view. We can then go in and simply click and change different elements around. We can, of course, move them. Rotate them. And scale them, as well. And so you can quickly start modifying these levels to make them your own. But, of course, we want to create our own custom level. So we’ll go back to the default sample scene And we can now start dragging in assets to use them. And how you go about this is going to depend on the pack that you’re using. This pack here splits up all the sprites into individual images. So, if we’re going to say “Tiles” and then “PNG” We have some different sizes available here. I’m gonna go under 256. I’m gonna select the “grass platform” and drag it in. And that works right away. We have all of our different assets and each one of them is a separate image. So, we can simply drag in some different images to sketch out a level. But what most 2D packs do is that they used a tile set And a tile set is basically just a very large image With a bunch of sprites laid side by side For example, if we go to the asset store and download the sunny land And open up the folder here We can see that on the artwork And then environment In here, we can see that there is indeed a file called tile set And if we have a look at this We can see that it’s basically just a bunch of smaller sprites in one larger image. Now, if you want to learn how to create your own tile sets And set them up in Unity. We have a tutorial that I suggest you check out But, luckily, this package has done all that for us. If we just select the tile set sliced here We can see that they’ve actually gone in and marked all the different tiles that make up this tile set And if we expand this arrow here We can actually see each individual tile in our tile set. Pretty cool! And just like any other image we can take any one of these. And simply drag them in to the editor. Now, this one is a lot smaller, but you can see it works just fine. So, now that we know how to work with sprites. Let’s try and build out a quick level here. So, we already have this grass platform here. That’s great. I’m just gonna place it here. Let’s also add a background. So, I’m gonna go under new background. Under PNG. I’m just gonna select the lowest version here Under background And here we have another file. Let’s simply drag that in, as well. And we can see this looks nice in our camera. But we can also see that it’s overlaid on top of a grass. And, of course, we want our background to be behind it. For this we use something called sorting layers So, to the right in our inspector here Under the Sprite Renderer We can see the setting called the sorting layer If we click this, we can add a new sorting layer. This takes us to another menu Where we can hit the plus sign to create a new layer Let’s call this one “background” And if we want this to be behind the default layer We actually need to put it on top That’s because this actually represents the drawing order In other ways, we first draw our background And then we draw the default layer on top Let’s just go in and add another one here called the “foreground” In case you want to have some foreground elements as well. So, now we can go into a new background And we can change the sorting layer here to background. And “voilà”! A grass platform appears. We can also maybe add a coin to our game To do that we’ll go under the coin animation. Let’s go into PNG again And let’s just select the small version here And as you can see this has a bunch of different images And if we go through these quickly We can see that they make up an animation. So, to add these as a single animated object. We simply select the first one Hold down shift And select the last one And we then drag all of them in Unity is going to notice that we are dragging in a bunch of images And so it’s gonna ask us to create a new animation with these images. I’m gonna make a new folder for this I’m gonna store all of our animation in here. Let’s open it up. And let’s call this the “coin animation”. Let’s hit save And inside of our animation folder Unity is now going to create both a animation file As well as an animator controller And this is currently named after one of our images. I’m just gonna rename this to “coin animator”. And now if we select our coin We can see that it has an animator component as well If we go to the animation window Which you can always find on the window Animation We can actually go through each individual image in this animation If we hit play We can play through it Or if we simply hit this button to play the game We can see that the animation plays and repeats by default. So, now we have an animated coin in our game We can, of course, move this around Put it anywhere that we would like And just like when creating any game in unity We can then add components to our different game objects in order to make them do different things Say, for example, that we wanted this coin to have physics applied Well, then we could go ahead and add a new component. We can go under physics 2D And here, we have a bunch of different components for adjusting 2D physics on our game object. I’m just gonna select the Box Collider 2D If we then go into the Scene view and select our coin and hit F to focus on it We should be able to seeing that there’s actually a green line surrounding our coin. It might not be too visible from the screen recording, but it is there. I’m just gonna give it a size of 1 on the X This way we can kind of see it more clearly And the Y is just fine as it is. But adding a Collider is not enough. If we want this to fall onto our platform We also have to apply physics to it To do this, we’ll go add component And we’ll search for rigidbody 2D This will apply it physics to our coin And if we now hit play We should see that immediately our coin falls. However, because we don’t have a collider on our grass, It’s just gonna fall right through on platform So, that’s here go and add a box Collider 2D. And we can go in and edit the collider here And I’m just gonna drag the top a bit down So, that it looks like our coin is landing at the center of our platform I’m also going to take the platform and drag it down a bit And if we now hit play once more We can see that the coin falls and lands on a platform We also see that we have this weird issue Where sometimes our coin is behind a platform And sometimes it’s in front And that’s because they’re currently on the same sorting layer And not only that they have the same order within that layer To change that we can go to our coin here And we can increase the order in layer So, if we set this to any value greater than 1 It will be drawn on top of our platform I’m just gonna set it to something like 10 And now when we hit play Our coin always appears on top of our platform. So, that is kind of the very basics of working with 2D objects in Unity, And currently we’re just using the default sprite workflow We can take any of these objects and drag it around freely. In other words, we aren’t restricted to a grid. However, because this platform actually has a bunch of different tasks in it. It would work great with the tile based workflow. So, let me just give you a quick preview of how that would work. If you want to learn more about using Tile Maps in Unity, We have a tutorial dedicated to that. So definitely check that out. So, for now I’m just gonna take these two objects and remove them And instead I’m gonna right-click in our scene and I’m gonna go to the object And create a new tile map This creates an object in our scene called grid And as you can see this does overlay a grid on top of our scene. I’m gonna set the cell size of this grid to 2 by 2 This way it’s a bit larger And under this grid, we have the tile map. We can also go and open up the tile set window So we’ll go window 2D And select the Tile Palette Let’s dock this to the side of our Scene view And the tile palette is basically just the window where we add all of our tiles And then we can select between them in order to paint them into our scene. So, I’m gonna create a new palette here Let’s just name it something like “Grass Platform palette”. I’m gonna hit create And I’m just gonna store it in the base folder here So, it’s select folder And now we can simply drag sprites in here in order to add them to our palette Of course, we have a bunch of tiles right here So, I’m just gonna select all of them and drag them right in. And it’s going to ask us where we want to generate all the tile assets I’m gonna right click and create a new folder for this. Let’s call it tiles And it’s it that folder It’s then gonna generate all of our tiles And voilà! We can now see all of our tiles inside of this window And we can select any one of them by simply clicking on it And by selecting the brush tool at the top here We can then start painting them into a scene. We can also see that they don’t quite line up with our grid To change that, we need to select all of our sprites. And to the right here, we’ll change the pixels per unit And each of these sprites is 256 by 256 And we want each one of them to be two units wide Because we set our grid to 2 by 2 And so we simply need to take this value and half it And that makes 128. So, we’ll set the pixels per unit to 128. And if we then apply that We can see that they snap right into place So I’m just going to use the paint brush and erase the two two a quick level here Awesome! Again, I really suggest you check out our tutorial on tile maps If this is the workflow that you want to use. So, hopefully, that should give you an idea of what tools you have at your disposal When starting to make 2D games in Unity. Of course, this is only the beginning And we’ll be releasing new videos on the different aspects of making 2D games going forward Starting with player movement If there are any particular subjects that you would like to see Like enemies, one-way platforms or shooting Definitely let us know in the comments Until then I recommend just playing around with Unity And having some fun sketching out your own levels Also if you like this video and the content in general Consider supporting us on Patreon Patreon allows you to make a monthly donation with an amount of your choosing You can cancel it at any time And it’s just a great way to help us keep making these videos On that, thanks for watching! And I will see you in the next video! Thanks of the awesome Patreon supporters who donated in June And especially thanks to… You, guys, rock!

Which Champion Can Deal The Most DAMAGE/DPS ? (over time) | PALADINS

hey what’s up guys it’s adrix here and
as always I hope you guys are having a better day than me and I don’t know if
you guys remember but around a month ago or something I’ve tested all the support
champions and I tried to find out which one can heal the most so today I’m gonna
do something similar to that so I think you can already tell from the title
so which champions can deal the most damage or DPS or whatever you want to
call it except this time it’s gonna be for all champions and classes so how am
I gonna do this basically we’re gonna go on a custom game with some awesome
people from the discord and I’m gonna be a Fernando with the card kavadi a which
extend my health from four thousand and six hundred to five thousand and three
hundred and fifty and we’re gonna see how long it’s gonna take for each
champion to take me down and no there isn’t gonna be any abilities it’s just
the left click okay I want to test the champions by their primary fire only but
sometimes I might give you some bonus footage of some abilities not for all
champs but still and oh one more thing I almost forgot the champions will be in
close range and only shoot for the head and I’m gonna say quickly if you want to
help me record videos and be in my video or anything like that make sure to join
my discord server or you can add me on Steam both of the links are gonna be in
the description so yeah with all that being said let’s start this damn thing
okay the damage class would be perfect to start with and the first thing first
Drogo’s and yes I am using the full side talent which increases the damage by 35%
and it took three point 36 seconds and now moving on to kanessa and I’ve used
the Eagle Eye which deals 50% more damage to headshots and it took her two
point sixteen seconds and she shocked me two fully charged shots and the third
shot was half charged as you can see I was already super low so yeah for Leon
it took three point thirteen seconds and I don’t
anything for her that is worth mentioning and now for Shaolin and I
have the talent we curve which allows him to draw the bow 50% faster and for
the duration that’s seven point seven seconds which took five fully charged
arrows and the last sixth arrow was half charged Tyra took four point forty
seconds Viktor with the thirty percent more damaged while hipfire took two
point forty two seconds and Viviane took three point 35 and Willa with the blast
flower it took four point thirty eight seconds and tricks with the ambushed
talent that gives you 50% more damage during stealth took three point
seventeen seconds and first two shots were installed but the third shot wasn’t
but still it got the job done but I have a quick bonus for Strix and that is the
crack shot talent and I only want to mention this because it takes two
seconds so basically you’re saving the one point 17 seconds for Cassie I’ve
used this just breathe talents I guess this explain why she is way far from me
anyways it took her three point 57 seconds which is basically four seconds
when BK it’s kind of up to you so I’ve used chain reaction and four bombs
almost killed me they only left me 90 HP and that took him two point 32 seconds
but if you guys want to surpass 5350 damage just stick five bombs and it
should do it and that was it for the damage class and now moving on to the
flank let’s start this with Andrew axis and obviously I have the heads will roll
talent which deals extra 50 damage to headshots and with that it took two
point forty seconds bak took six point twenty seconds and if he didn’t have to
reload he could have killed me in less than that but as a bonus spoke with the
talent ensnare or something anyways it’s the talent that grants you 30 percent
bonus damage for as long as the target is slowed and that took 4.50
seconds so it did help a bit maybe with over-the-moon took five
seconds for Lex I think I have two talents to show you so first one is
discovery which allows you to deal extra 30% more damage to your targets and that
took four seconds and the second talent is dead Hazen’s which deals extra 20%
damage to targets over 65% helped and that took two point thirteen seconds
then with Yomi took six seconds and I’m not sure but I think they did nerf is
damaged lately I made with nothing fancy took a while and by that I mean twelve
point forty seconds which is a lot of time for a flank anyways let’s do a quick bonus then and
that is the street justice talent and I’m pretty sure that all of you knows
this talent and honestly it does make a difference so we jumped from twelve
point forty seconds to four point thirty seconds and yeah there you go Mogi took four point fifty seconds and sky took four point zero five
seconds and by the way I know a lot of you are using smoke bomb talent so
another bonus wouldn’t hurt anyone and it doesn’t make so much of a difference
actually I mean you can still have the arrange advantage with this and it can
be very useful when you run out of ammo or something like that and finally for
the flank laughs Taos and he took three point forty seconds which is pretty
decent for a flank and another bonus maybe let’s see if his overcharge can
make things go faster and as you can see it does oh sorry
I mean it’s two point twenty seconds if you are wondering the tank champions are
supposed to protect their team and secure the objective so let’s see if
they can deal good damage while doing that and let’s start with Ashe cuz why
not and I’ve got this lock shot talent which allows the weapon shots to travel
50% faster and a hundred percent further but the shots no longer explode and that
took 12 point 50 seconds berrak with tinkerine the talent that makes his
shotgun fire a single bullet that deals 560 damage and it took nine point 55
seconds and I think I’m gonna have few bonuses for the tank class so barrack
with hair-trigger makes his shotgun fire 30% faster and it took five point 58
seconds and as you can see I think this proves which card is better in this
situation and even on to Fernando himself our Knight took thirteen point
forty seconds Wow so I guess another bonus so this
time I’ve used the talent dragon fire lens and that took 13 seconds so at
least you have the range advantage with this talent Inara with the rat of to log
off the tag allow shit I’m just gonna post a picture on the fucking screen
anyways it’s the talent that allows you to deal additional 200 damage if you hit
all three shots on the same target and that took 8 1 30 seconds and for a tank
I don’t think it’s bad for kaan it took 7.30 seconds
and another quick bonus maybe con with storm of bullets took 6 point 30 seconds
so pretty much you’re saving up one second and by the way if he didn’t have
to reload you would have finished me in less than that cuz I was really really
low at that point Torvald took 8.46 seconds and terminus
with seating rage which allows him to attack 20% faster when he doesn’t have a
charge stored anyways that took 7 point 13 seconds ruckus with overdrive so he
can eat 40% more damage based on missing health and as you can see I made him low
as much as I can and in result it took 4 seconds so I guess ruckus is
the best tank when it comes to damage dealing anyways let’s see if that can
challenge McCullough’s so with nothing fancy it took nine point forty seconds
and I was really low but again he had to reload so let’s give McCullough a bonus
and I’m pretty sure everyone who plays McCullough is familiar with the talent
block so I don’t really think this talent need an introduction but it
didn’t make that much of a difference because it only saves up one point 40
seconds and I guess we are done with the tank
class the support class should be a bit interesting because a lot of people do
play supports as damage sometimes but anyways let’s start with the recently
added champion furia and she took six seconds and grog took 10 seconds Grover
with ferocity took four point 50 seconds and Janice with binary star took four
seconds and for Madame BA I have two clips first one is with the vicunas rat
so when his magazine runs out he deals additional 500 damage and that took
eight-point 13 seconds and the second clip is for vicuna curse and that took
eight-point 40 seconds so there isn’t so much of a difference keep in mind he
didn’t hit me with his reload here moving on to pip and I was kind of
surprised that it took him nine seconds to kill me and for that I’m gonna have
to give you a bonus for the catalyzed Talent
and with that it takes 7.50 seconds so it does help a bit Sarris with the
soulcollector talent so each soul charge i detonate increases my maximum health
and weapon damage by two percent until I die
but we’re only gonna use it for the additional damage and anyways it took
8.57 seconds which is probably in nine seconds and she only got to use rent
souls twice and last but not least yin with the focusing lens talent which
allows the ink to deal 150 extra damage if she hit all five shots on the same
target which is me anyways that took seven point ten seconds so I’ve made a
list in order and I would like to remind everyone that this was in close range
headshots only no bonuses no abilities included just the primary
fire just the left-click and no reload buff and I hope you guys understand that
some champions cannot get a head shots and some are not that effective when it
comes to long range so with that being said here is the list blacks with dead
Hazen’s 2.13 seconds kanessa with head hunter 2.16 seconds bunking with chain
reaction to point 23 seconds and draw axis with heads will roll to point 35
seconds vector with firefight two point forty two seconds strikes with ambush
three-point 17 seconds vivian three point 35 seconds Drogo’s with fusillade
three point 36 seconds chalice three point forty seconds
Baracus would overdrive four seconds Jonas with binary star four seconds sky
four point zero five seconds kasi we’ll just breathe four point 30
seconds Grover with ferocity for point 50 seconds willow with blast flower for
point 38 seconds Tyra for point 40 seconds Mogi for point 50 seconds Eevee
with over the moon five seconds berrak with hair-trigger five point 58 seconds
theoria six seconds zen we do mean six seconds buck six point twenty seconds
Khan with storm of bullet six point 30 seconds
Shaolin with recurve seven point zero seven seconds Yin with focusing lens
seven point ten seconds terminus with seating rage 7.13 seconds
maul tompa with vicunas chosen eight point 13 seconds Inara with rat of
something eight point thirty seconds Torvald 8.46
seconds saris with soulcollector 8.57 seconds pip
nine seconds Makua nine point forty seconds grok ten seconds made twelve
point forty seconds ash with slack shot 12 point fifty seconds fernando 13
and also I want to thank everyone who participated on making this which are a
lot of people so I’m gonna try to say this fast okay here we go
all carafe Ella wet super Joshua triple seven a Korean ninety eight black dust
Phoenix spider halcon’s hydro nostril Sleepy Hollow tio tourist plays and
especially dark and are from these two helped a lot so I wanna say thank you to
all of you and I wouldn’t been able to do any of this without you so thank you
guys and that’s ladies and gentlement how long it took for each champion to
get five thousand and three hundred and fifty damage and I’m planning on making
a video on the new champion so if you are interested in the new champion you
don’t want to miss this video and I don’t think I have anything more to say
so it’s been a Trix and I hope you guys are having a better day than me I have a
dream I mean how make it happen so much so I’ll take it on how baby straights
but mistakes make you strong let’s break it down up

Dead by Daylight – How to deal with Tunneling

In this video, I’ll be discussing some strategies
to help you counter tunneling. First, let’s define what tunneling is, and
what it is not. Tunneling is when a killer focuses solely
on one survivor and refuses to chase any other until that survivor is dead. Even if it’s clearly a bad idea to chase that
survivor, a tunneling killer will ignore common sense and continue fixating on them. Tunneling is not the same as hook camping… slugging… targeting injured survivors… or even being chased for a long time. Killers may use these strategies in conjunction
with tunneling, but by themselves, they should not be considered tunneling. So now that we know what tunneling is, how
do we stop it? While you can’t force the killer to chase
another survivor, you can discourage them from chasing you by using various strategies,
items, and perks. The first strategy is to lose them during
a chase. A killer can’t tunnel a survivor they can’t
find, so equipping perks like Quick and Quiet or Dance with Me can make escaping easier. Flashlights can also help with this. The second strategy is to bring an insta-heal
medkit. If you’re injured and being tunneled, you
can pop an insta-heal medkit, and discourage the killer from wanting to waste even more
time chasing you. The third strategy is to equip the Decisive
Strike perk. If you’re being tunneled and are on the hook, it’s likely the killer will be camping or lingering in the area waiting for someone
to unhook you, so Decisive Strike will ensure you get a fair chance at escaping if the killer immediately downs you after being unhooked. The fourth strategy is to equip an exhaustion
perk. Perks like Sprint Burst, Dead Hard, or Adrenaline
can put some distance between you and the killer to discourage them from wanting to
chase you. The fifth strategy is to use a sabotage build. When used properly, a tunneling killer who
downs a player with a sabotage build won’t be able to hook them. They’ll either have to wait for the hook to
respawn, or go chase someone else. The sixth strategy is to equip the Deliverance
perk. This will allow you to unhook yourself at
a key moment if the killer doesn’t facecamp you, giving you a chance to escape. The seventh strategy (and yes this is a legit
strategy) is to be respectful to the killer. Doing things like teabagging or flashlight
clicking only increases the odds of the killer tunneling you. You might even wind up on their hitlist and
get camped or tunneled in future games without knowing why. So showing the killer some respect is an easy
way to improve your gaming experience. So those tips are great for when you get tunneled,
but what about when a teammate gets tunneled? In these scenarios, tip number one is to do
generators while the killer tunnels. I know, I know…your urge to be a hero and
save your friend may be hard to resist, but there’s no better time to get generators done
than while the killer is distracted. So focusing on your primary objective is often
the best option. Tip number two is to bodyblock for your tunneled
teammate. This will force the killer to either attack
or go around you, both of which buys your teammate time to get away. Tip number three is to bring an insta-heal
medkit. This works a lot like the insta-heal strategy I mentioned earlier, except instead of using the medkit on yourself, you wait for the killer
to down your tunneled teammate and use it on them instead. This will force the killer to do one of two things: start another chase with them, or start chasing you. Tip number four is to go for flashlight saves. When the killer downs your tunneled teammate,
you can flashlight the killer during their pickup animation to let your friend escape. Tip number five is to equip the Borrowed Time
perk. If the killer has your tunneled teammate on a hook, Borrowed Time will give them an extra hit, and a chance to escape in otherwise inescapable
situations. And the final tip is to get the killer to
tunnel you by being as annoying as possible. Doing things like teabagging, flashlight clicking,
sabotaging hooks, using the Object of Obsession perk, or just wasting the killer’s time, are
all great ways to get on their bad side and draw their attention away from a tunneled
survivor. So thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
to subscribe for future content.

[GAME MASTER] Chucky is Working for the Game Master! We Have To Tell Trinity and Beyond! (2019)

– [Narrator] Previously
on Twin Toys Access. – Do you remember when we
came home after the trip ’cause we thought the
Gingerbread Man was in our house? – [Kid] Yeah. – Well hello Twin Toys, but it’s not me. – So Randall Cloud’s over your house. – Who’s at our house? – Right exactly who’s here? – Maybe it’s-
– Wait wait shh. (doorbell rings) – Oh!
– Doorbell! (doorbell rings) – Doorbell! – [Dad] Doorbell. What was that sound? – [Kids] Jellybeans! – [Kid] I love. – [Dad] Oh my goodness. Should we open the letter? Oh my it’s from Chucky. – [Kid] Chucky. – [Dad] So, Chucky sent us the jellybeans. I wanted to congratulate
you on your escape house. Have you noticed Gingy
was never in your house when you pushed the
button in New York City? Yeah we noticed that now. Right? – [Kid] Yeah. – [Dad] But guess who is? – [Kid] Keep reading. (evil laughter) – [Dad] Wait, did you just hear that? – [Both] What? (evil laughter) – I think its —
– Yeah I hear it. I heard it! – [Mom] I’m gonna go try to find out where the laugh came from. – [All] Okay okay. – Where’s the noise coming from? Oh my gosh guys come here. – What is it? Guys you see it? – Yeah.
– Yes. – What is that? (sinister music) Do you see it? – Yeah. – What is it? Oh my … Wait listen, listen, shhh shhh. (toy music box playing) – Wait a minute, I remember this. Did you hear that? (toy music box playing) – I wonder what it is. – Eli, what are you doing? – I don’t know, but I
really like the music. – Eli, no! No, don’t go! (toy music box playing) – [Walkie Talkie] Guys,
have you seen my flashlight? – I think it’s in the hall. (toy music box playing) (sinister music) – Oh yeah, I saw this
from a couple years ago. But then I saw … – Wait a minute, guys. Guys, look behind the flowers. Look behind the flowers. – Yes, I see a blue —
– Jack-in-the-box! – I remember that. When I was standing behind it. And that thing was behind it. – Let’s go, let’s go see it. Eli, what? – This is the clown jack-in-the-box. – You think we should wind it up? Twin Town Army, you think
we should wind this up? And guys, if you’re new to the channel, you can’t make comments
anymore on the video, you gotta go over the Instagram account Twintoys_eliandliam. Find the picture for this video, and that’s where you put all the comments. (jack-in-the-box music playing) (everyone screams) – Woo! – Look at this! – It says “Gotcha!” (clown laughing) – Did you guys hear that? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Eli] Clown laugh again! – Why do I feel every time
I hear him laughing — – Every time when we find a clown that we already found from the last video, it makes a laugh! – Yes! So I really think that the
clown laugh is a good thing because that means that we did
what we were supposed to do and it’s gonna lead us to the next clue of where he is. – Yes! – The question is, where is he? – [Eli] I don’t know. – I think I heard it in this room, let’s try this room here, come here. I’ll check the stairs, you guys check the table, check the table. – [Eli] What are these? – [Dad] Is he over there? What did you find? – These. – Are those whoopee cushions? (farting noises) – Oh look at this! (farting noises) – This one’s good!
– Whoa! – Liam, use this one. – [Dad] Hey you want to sit on it? Oh ew! Aww Cam Cam. Here, you want to sit on it? You gotta sit on it, ready? Come here, come here. And three, two, one. Eww! (farting noises) – Ew! Oh mama! Wait a minute, wait a minute. Shhh shhh. Wait, do you guys smell that? No, I think we’re okay. I just remember that one time whenever Chucky came over and didn’t
something happen to you? – [Mom] Yeah, remember the smell? – It smelled bad and it
made you fall asleep. – [Mom] And I fell over. – It made mommy fall asleep. (clown laughing) – The laugh again! – [Liam] Laughing! – Every time we find something! – Okay, we found the whoopee cushions, we heard the laugh, so
that means it’s good. But where did the laugh come from? – The laugh came in here! There! – Came from in where? – Here! – Okay hold on, hold on. Ready? Three, two, one, no look,
he has nowhere to go. If it came from in here, then that means Chucky is in here, there is no way to get out. So you ready to go see him? – Yes! – You ready to go see Chucky? – I am gonna see him! – Twin Toy Army, are you
ready to go see Chucky? We can get him. You guys ready? Wait, where are the Nerf guns? They downstairs? – Yeah. – Okay, you know what? We’re fine, I don’t think we need them. Ready, three, two, one. Chucky, surprise! (Eli and Liam yelling) – He’s not in here! – He’s right there! – What, did he evaporate or something? – Maybe he disappeared in the mask! – Is there something inside? – Let me see what this looks like, ready? Hold on, I’m gonna be Chucky
for a quick second, ready? Hello! Isn’t that funny? Isn’t that funny? – I want to out on his face. – Okay, Eli’s turn. Okay, dance! Look, you’re Chucky! (Dad singing a silly song) (kids laughing) – Oh my goodness. Hey Cam, you want to try? Okay, Liam wants to try. – This is so funny! – Three, two, one. Look, Liam is Chucky! (Dad singing silly song) (kids laughing) Cam Cam, you want to try? Come here, Cam. Oh, wait a minute, what’s that? – Read it! – Alright, this is what it says. “The old me”. – [Dad] It says, “the old me”. – “The old me”. – So is this the old him … That’s right, remember we had that note and it says he looks a
little different now. This is the old him. Okay, so what’s that supposed to mean? (clown laughing) – What’s that noise again? – What? – [Eli] A laugh! – [Liam] Is it someone else? – But what I don’t get, if you heard the voice and it was in here, and then what, he vanished
and left this behind? – That means — – Does he have like magic
powers or something? – Maybe, he goes into a
tornado and leaves his hat here and then wrote a note. (clown laughing) – The laugh again! – Laughing! – Is it upstairs? – Upstairs? – Maybe, I don’t know. Wait, I heard a noise! – Maybe it is upstairs. Chucky? – [Liam] I heard a noise! – Let’s go upstairs,
come on, hurry, let’s go. – I heard a noise! I heard like a “dong”. – Liam, Liam, was that there before? – I can’t pull it down! – Oh my gosh, wait, what does it say? It says “Chuckles”. Oh my goodness, there’s
a note attached to it. What is this? This is his calling card from a while ago. He changed his name and
crossed out ES and it’s Chucky. Haha haha lol lol. Oh my gosh and it came with a note! “Clowns come in packs, which means, you’re not
the only one we are after. All hail the Red Order, Chucky.” What’s the Red Order? – [Eli] I don’t know. – Have you guys ever
heard of the Red Order? – No. – Cam, have you ever
heard of the Red Order? – Yeah. – Oh you have? – Uh huh! – What does it mean? It means he’s the cutest
thing in the world, that’s what it means. – Yeah. – Yeah, I am the cutest
thing in the world, my names Cam Cam. I love you so much. But wait a minute, it says “you’re not the
only one we’re after”. (phone dings) – Wait hold on a second guys, I got a message. Oh my gosh, guys? Guys, it’s a video. – A video? – There’s a clown over at Trinity’s house. (gasps) – Guys, we have to warn them! We have to warn them, okay? They need to know right now
there’s a clown at their house. (dramatic music) [Dad] How many more clowns are out there? (playful music)

I Made a WORKING PAINT PROGRAM in Minecraft!

Way back in the early days of my youtube channel I designed this thing right here I called it the programmable redstone display, and I have to say considering this thing’s about four or five years old It’s still pretty impressive down at the bottom We’ve got ourselves a handful of buttons if we hit one of these buttons you can see that the image on the screen Changes and we get one of the pre-programmed images now There are a handful of problems number one is the fact that these pixels are absolutely massive We’ve got 3×3 pixels, which let’s be honest. That’s just that’s huge and at the time I didn’t think they could get much smaller, but also the pre-programmed images are all we can show on the screen There’s not too much room for customization. You kind of get what you’re given That’s all about to change today after a lot, and I mean a lot of very hard work I have managed to build something that I previously thought was completely impossible I’d have to say I’m extremely excited to show you this so here it is I like to call it the pixel painter machine And that’s because each one of those buttons you see on the floor there corresponds to each one of those redstone lamps so if you press one of those buttons It will light up the specific redstone lamp that relates from that button if you press that button again Then it will turn off that redstone lamp meaning that you essentially can draw pictures in redstone lamps in Minecraft So let me give you a quick example And the industry standard for showing off drawing machines is to make use of the smiley face So I’m going to do a little bit like this. I’m gonna give him big 3×3 eyes and then I will switch on these ones as well so that’ll be that 3×3 area over there and Then I’m going to give him a big cheesy grin so I would say Something a little bit like this, so I’m gradually making my way down that should do all of those redstone labs, and I actually can’t remember how high up I went on the side I Can’t remember all right. Let’s see if we press all of these I’m assuming that’s good Let’s see have I gone a little bit too high on the redstone lamps on the left-hand side Yes, yes I have alright so we have gone one two three four so if we just press those two buttons Then eventually those redstone lamps will be switched off and you know what I’m actually not liking the big square eyes So I’m thinking we get rid of the outside. Yeah, the out size don’t know particularly good Let’s go one two three and let’s go one two three on this side as well And that should get rid of those, and we should end up with a fairly cool looking smiley face Now it does take a little bit of time because as you can see this thing is pretty massive But you know what I’d say the performance is relatively impressive considering its size all right, so that’s the smiley face done What if I want to change it up do a completely new drawing do I have to go back through? Pressing all of the buttons to delete all the things that I don’t want because that won’t be particularly efficient Thankfully I’ve already thought of this And I’ve added in a reset button all you have to do is hit this button right here, and we’ll see eventually That this thing will kick into action And we’ll get a nice wipe going from this corner here all the way up to the top And it should give us a completely clean slate to work with so now we can create some new images for example this one writing and also a smiley face or for example this one my best attempt at are creating your favorite kitchen utensil a Spoon and of course it is still tricky We’ve only got a 10 by 10 pixel area to work with it’s not exactly 4k or this one now I can’t quite make out what that one says Sub me? Subscribe to me maybe subscribe to my youtube channel I don’t know I mean this one wasn’t done by me I mean off as if as if I would be guilty of that sort of shameless self-promotion I mean, let’s just be totally honest That would be completely out of character anyway Subscribing to my youtube channel liking this video leaving a comment down the comment section and follow me on Twitter aside I really quite like this thing and now I’m going to try my best to explain to you how on earth it all functions I’m a tiny bit nervous for this one because I’m never particularly good at explaining my redstone contraptions and this one is Considerably more complicated than most and if you don’t want to listen to me ramble on about how the redstone works But you just want to play with it yourself There’s a world download in the description knock yourself out now it all started with this game mechanic right here When we turn on a redstone lamp it turns on instantly, but when we turn it off a tiny bit of delay It’s really tricky to see but you can see that We actually have one tick of delay between me flicking off the lever and the redstone lamp turning off, which means That I can do things like that Can you see I’ve managed to turn off and on that lever without it actually being visible in the redstone lamp and that got me thinking I Wonder if I can create super fast redstone clocks that will keep a redstone lamp on Which of course I could now this design is very loud But it’s also very handy to have because it’s only two blocks high And it’s only one block wide and most importantly it can be stacked next to one another and it can be toggled as well which Is very important for this design, so here we have for all of the redstone clocks lined up Here is the output and the output of that runs into really [a] big long observer strings Which are essentially transmitting the signals from that Redstone clock all the way around here into this area along like this And then they travel down like this up like this along here, and then into our display. Why the long trip? Well, it’s because we had to essentially flip the redstone signal time for another example now We’ve got ourselves a scale model of the display now the thing that made it tricky is that I wanted this lever here to correspond to that pixel and this lever here to Correspond to that pixel now if we take her over to the slightly larger one the reason that I wanted this is Because if this button corresponding to that pixel and this button corresponding to that top pixel if we drawn out our smiley face here it Would have come out upside-down on the screen, and that’s no good, but despite it being no good It would have been really easy to build because if you want to connect up this front lever here up to this bottom pixel all We have to do is do that and then to connect off the back one to the top pixel We just have to do something like this. No crossovers there Bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a working display However if we want to do it the correct way Then we run into a bit of a challenge because we have to run the redstone signal out like this and into this top one And then we have to run this back lever out like this We have to do some form of crossover in the center and connect that one into that one It’s a massive headache But I managed to solve it and that is using this observer setup right here Now what this will do is will flip over all of the redstone signal so for example if we hit this button In this corner that will send an input through into this observer And you can see the observer is the one that’s being powered for than the output after this processing is happened will be over on this side so the actual redstone output is flipped because Whereas it started on the right-hand side it is now on the left-hand side obviously, We’ve gone round a corner here, so now we have the output on the left Which means that we flipped over our redstone signals and now it’s the correct way up, and we aren’t mirroring the image Brilliant off so that’s what happened. It’s just a simple case of transporting that observer signal through all of these observers and Making its way over onto the screen then six or seven hours of debugging and trying to work out what on earth has gone wrong Later you’ve got yourself a pixel painting display that actually functions Oh, but before I forget. There’s one other feature of this thing that I personally really quite liked in fact It’s probably one of my personal favorites, and that is the clearing feature and to be honest with you it’s Super super simple all it does is it retract all of these redstone blocks so all of these pistons Extend and retract so any blocks that are sticking out will be retracted and then it spits out all of the redstone blocks which will Power all of our redstone clocks mean that we aren’t going to get any redstone lamps lit up on the screen Really really simple but looks cool, so we go I think that just about covers everything if you’re still a little bit confused and of course I’ll try my best to answer down in the comment section and of course there will be a world download down the description if you Do want to see all of the Redstone for yourself, and if you want to draw your own things; Please do submit your drawings to me on Twitter because I’d love to see all of the creations that you come up with but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did Be sure to hit that like button And if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching guys, This has been Mumbo And I’m out I’ll cya later

GTA 4 – Final Mission / Deal Ending – A Revenger’s Tragedy (1080p)

hey how you doing no sitting outside all right I don’t wanna fight you now nice choice you ready for a fight now huh oh yeah that’s a good choice Jimmy pepperiness poisonous a million of curry squid on the other error indeed Timmy just I’m gonna whip every you no no I think this we’re gonna leave it’s a great way to boundary today wait for me I’m on my way we will do this for Roman shit one of miracle yo you need permission to touch people get to unique oh alright membrane uh that blood guts is another piercer right now you’ve been following for some time I think his next step is with pecorino and Dimitri we’re following their scene Thank You Jacob I know you cared for Roman but he was my family you did not have to do this Roma was my way alone I’m doing this for him granted this big arenas boy your fish stick to him bredrin fuck we got a tail better lose this piece of shit on the way back to the peg I don’t want to be late come on that why would they care about this stuff off of the wrong meshes brain of the country best the mean-free integrity I let the desire which side to get everyone who’s up broke come on we’re getting closer I saw Sabrina want to find them uncheck them off the ring because the people down he was kidnapped don’t finger websites and we’re not gonna take off and I can’t sorry what’s the problem me and you’s partners now with that gun trap I didn’t work this hard to share the spoils of a victory goodbye Dimitri you and me is gonna end this euro will fall to someone will take you down do I have to keep killing you’re not getting away to be free damnit the drop boy that party for the chicken I’ll bet you have for every life boys for every agreement with Bangkok for every phrase the Train professor let me go along I want some personal time with Dimitri welcome to America much swimmin throwing speak English you’re a strange man and killed the best friend but I’ve trained everyone who ever came in contact with you you killed my cousin but yes the survival of the statistic really made good audio let’s go come on wah wah come on let’s go Romans never hurt anyone I can’t believe god fucking god chubby man has left fuck he didn’t leave us brucey he was taken away at the 8th coming back I know brucey believe me I know later on malory the man who doesn’t rob and kill is dead that won’t bring him back will it he’ll never even meet his son pregnant we were gonna say something and the reception your child will never worry about anything Mallory Thank You Nico I know you’re trying but the child without a father has a lot to worry about trust me on that one oh I heard about your cousin Niko I am so sorry so alive if you want to talk about it if you want anything need know if he just want company call me I was roaming beg don’t let this ruin you me go don’t let this make you even more insular and angry please call me and we can do something I might do that there are more important things to be doing now though so this all that the dream feels like this is the victory we longed for

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Copy Machine

COPY MACHINE Hello! Today, I’ll show you how to make an interactive copy machine! :] This weird floor will make sense in a bit! I have tried making it compact but very complicated at the same time. Now we need to open the iron trap doors. Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Just another cool prop to make your office cooler than everyone else’s! It fits in both small and big offices! If you need more detail ideas for an office, there’s tons on my channel.. As always, I hope you enjoyed the video and have a great day!

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Door Lock

[Music playing] How to make a door lock Today, I’ll show you 2 different locking mechanisms for doors The first one will be easiest to make while the second one will be the best Start off by creating a wall that separates in and out.. Here we have what could be your house, with a little imagination.. :] Now it’s very important you place the door sideways if you want this to work! That’s it, extremely simple! If close the door from the inside, you won’t be able to use the lever outside.. However, you’ll still be able to use the lever inside to reopen the door. There is one problem with this first design though.. This design works both ways, which means the door can be locked from the outside as well :I You also cannot leave the house with a locked door.. My next lock is a bit more complicated but avoids both of these problems! :] Here we go! I have tried making it as compact as possible, so that most of you will be able to fit it in your existing house. To make it this compact, the button has to be placed in a hole in the wall. Now I’m making a tunnel that will connect this to the door. If you find this hard to follow, don’t worry, there will be a layer overview at the end of the video! :]

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Toilet

TOILET Today I’ll show you how to make a toilet with a flushing effect! :] I’ve come quite a simple design, but it works really well! As always, I’ll need to make a bit of a demo-room for it. It also has a lid, that opens and closes. That’s a bonus! :] However you make the toilet, it should be connected to this torch behind it. Make sure both hoppers are facing eachother. We are currently making a double pulse generator. Once the button is pressed, two pulses will be outputted. This comparator will turn on, as soon as there is an item in the second hopper. Now the toilet makes a flushing sound, when the button is pressed! 😀 We need two pulses to both release the water and bring it back in the dispenser. Now you can make sure you’re the one with the coolest toilet! This will of course fit in with the rest of your bathroom! If you need to make a bathroom, there’s a playlist for just that on my channel. :] It includes all sorts of interactive stuff, much like this flushable toilet. I hope you enjoyed this video, have a great day!

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Bathtub

How To Make a Working Bathtub Today I’ll make a bathtub you can fill and empty by the press of a button! First, I’ll make a bit of a demo room for it.. The bathtub will fit in nicely in any bathroom with any style. I’m going for a simplistic look. Now for the bathtub itself! I like using chiseled quartz for the bottom since it kind of looks like the patterns used to prevent you from slipping. The tripwire hook is purely decorative, it’s supposed to look like a bath foucet. Nice and easy! If you want to make a working hot tub instead, you can use the link to my tutorial for that in the description! Adding a towel nearby and possibly a rug for the your feet makes it fit in perfectly! If you’re unsure how to make the rest of your bathroom, visit my channel and I’ll help you out!