Good News 😄 A Study Plan that Works

If you’re not learning English as quickly as you would like to or if you feel like your Fluency is stuck at the same level then It is partly because of your study routine in this English lesson I am going to share with you how to improve your study routine to Facilitate your English learning so that you can learn English easier and much faster The best thing is that it’s actually enjoyable to have a good study routine and it’s free Creating a good study routine doesn’t cost anything So follow my advice if you’d like to improve your English speaking skills. I’m going to share my own suggestions for your English study routine I’m going to share a special formula that I’ve created for my own study routine and what a study routine should be and should not be if you’d like to learn more with me in the complete go natural English course for Fluency and confidence in English. The wait list to join is now open. You can join the waitlist at Pre-reg you’ll get information about the benefits of the course and a notification when registration opens now Let’s talk about your study routine. What’s really interesting is that study routines are? Really not talked about in most English classes or any kind of classes at all Yet they are so critically important to successfully learning any subject So this is a very important thing to master a study routine Means time that you set aside to study Consistently a routine means something that you do over and over so it’s not a one-and-done Activity a study routine could refer to how you study by the hour The day by the week the month the year, but hopefully you’re studying more than once a year So we’re gonna talk more about how to develop your daily study routine It’s proven to be more effective to study a little bit Every day than to cram once a week or before a big event The idea is to make your routine consistent over time so that it becomes a habit Something that is easy and automatic for you something that becomes part of your lifestyle Let’s talk about what a good study routine is and is not you might think that a study routine is painful and boring but it’s not a good study routine is actually enjoyable and easy Something that you can do consistently over time So it’s actually better to commit to less study time That would be easy for you to meet and exceed Rather than trying to commit to too much study time and set yourself up for failure So let’s set you up for success if you think that you could dedicate 30 minutes per day to studying English well Let’s start with 20 minutes a day because that’s something that I know you will be successful at and then if you exceed 20 minutes and study for 30 You’re gonna feel really good about yourself. So it’s better to start shorts or small with your study time and develop consistency so that each day builds on the last a good study routine means you’re focused on one thing only you’re not checking social media or email or Reading something while you’re listening to something else multitasking is Really bad during study time. So make sure you’re not talking to a friend on the phone or Unless they’re helping you study, but you really have to be focused on one thing and the really interesting thing Is that the more you focus the last? It takes to master that task your study sessions should be building up Towards a larger goal over time one big mistake that I’ve seen a lot of English learners make is that they just sit down at their desk during study time without any real goal and they say Okay. I’ve been sitting here for 20 minutes. That means I’ve studied for 20 minutes. Why am I not learning? Well, it’s because you don’t know where you’re going with your studies. You don’t have a goal in mind And so that’s why you’re not really learning Just having your butt in your seat at your desk is the first step, but after that We really need to have a plan I’m gonna talk more about that towards the end of this lesson and really your study routine should be enjoyable Some people think that studying has to be difficult. It has to be painful has to be a challenge Yes, it can be a challenge. But how about a good challenge? Have you ever enjoyed? Achieving something that was difficult I think actually we enjoy achieving things that are more difficult if it’s super easy Well, we still can enjoy them, but maybe not as much So anyway, you should make your study time enjoyable by having some Consistent enjoyable thing that you do while you study for example I enjoy having a cup of coffee or tea or maybe you start your study session with some music that you enjoy Preferably music that does not have lyrics in it because that can distract your mind while you’re studying so maybe some some classical music or electronic music that you enjoy a good study routine is not Actually super ambitious because this sets you up for failure Don’t write down in your calendar that you’re going to study for three hours every day when you know, that’s not realistic Make sure that your study time is super realistic and achievable For you in your present life Don’t try to do too much at once Because you might get burnt out and that is not the result that you want a good study session is not Just sitting at your desk. Remember we have to have a goal and a good study routine is Not painful. It should be something that you actually look forward to doing as I mentioned You can help train your brain to look forward to your study routine by involving a cup of coffee or tea or a song that you enjoy or Always have a special space that’s consistent for your study routine Maybe you make your desk really pretty by putting some pictures on it that you like for my own study routine I’ve created an acronym that spells used Too because I get used to my study routine and that makes it a habit. I Understand my bigger goals. I Schedule my studies for the same time each day that helps me to build a routine. I Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I develop my skills over time I try new materials to challenge myself and I own my Results, I understand that I’m responsible for the outcome of my study sessions that spells used to So you could use this acronym if you find it helpful for you to here’s an example of how I would suggest You set up your English study time first write down your big English goals may be something like you want to be fluent in English so that you can give a presentation at school or at work or Whatever your big goal is don’t be shy write it down to break down that goal into weekly and daily Study sessions that will help you reach that bigger goal over time. Take your time with this again It’s better to write down your study sessions moving more slowly Than to rush yourself and maybe not give yourself enough time third choose materials that can help you reach your goals Watch go natural English videos or outside of go natural English. You could find TV shows movies Podcasts songs or other media in that help you to develop your vocabulary and fluency next test your understanding How much of these materials are you really understanding 5 try your own? Examples, of course when you’re learning English You don’t only want to be able to listen and read right? You want to be able to write and speak to express yourself as well? Now this is where you need help from someone else But there’s one way that I do suggest getting feedback on your own which is to record yourself Speaking because often when you listen to yourself on playback, you can catch your own mistakes similarly with writing you can Proofread your own writing and you often will catch your own mistakes This is a great way for you to give yourself feedback even before consulting your teacher next give yourself time to reflect on your Accomplishments how far you have come in English so far how much you have learned and then decide? what you want to learn tomorrow and Finally number 8 build each day after you reflect on your progress You can decide what you want to work on more tomorrow as you build a really successful great study routine be patient with yourself and Understand that when you enjoy the journey of building your English skills, you will be more successful More easily much faster it all comes down to building a good habit and a good study routine So, I hope that this was helpful for you. Thank you so much for watching Let me know if you have any questions if you’re watching here on youtube, and you haven’t yet? Subscribed to go natural English then click on that big red subscribe button So you don’t miss another great image lesson here. Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now

20 Native Speaker Expressions to Use at Work [Advanced Spoken English]

Hi, it’s me Gabi your American English teacher from Have you ever heard the terms Monkeywrench swamps or bang for the buck These are idiomatic English expressions that are very common in the workplace in business English and so in this free english lesson, I would like to share 20 of the most Common, most popular English idiomatic phrases that you can use at work Now you should be able to understand what they mean And so I’m going to explain the meaning as well as share an example with you So I hope that when you watch this lesson you get out your English notebook and you take notes and write these Expressions down and as you watch I hope that you repeat the phrases after me to practice your pronunciation If you are ready to improve your English for work Then let’s begin and if you would like to continue learning more with me in the go natural English Complete course the wait list is now open. You can join the wait list at slash pre-reg Our first expression is bang for the buck This means that you get more value for the amount of money that you spend the results are greater than anticipated for example, I think that we should get the Large-sized desserts because we’re going to get more bang for the buck It’s almost the same price as the small-sized dessert or another example related to businesses I think that we should try online advertising because we’ll get more bang for the buck as compared with a TV commercial to work out for the best is a great phrase to use if something perhaps Disappointing or negative has happened Maybe an unexpected delay something that has slowed your project down at work You can use this phrase to sound more positive and optimistic. For example our Speakers for the conference were delayed by bad weather But that’s okay because we needed some extra time. I think it will all work out for the best So this is a phrase that you can use to make someone feel Better if they’re worried about a situation to call it a day to call it a day means to end Work we have worked really hard and we can’t really do anything more until we receive more information So let’s call it a day to throw a monkey wrench in the works means that you have an unexpected complicated problem this storm threw a monkey wrench in our conference because five of our speakers were delayed by the bad weather to be swamped to be swamped means to be very Busy, I can’t go out after work today because I have so much work. I’m swamped I have to work overtime. Keep up the good work I just love this phrase because it’s a great way to encourage your co-workers or your Employees who you see doing a good job or making an extra effort I see you’re making some extra effort with your English Keep up the good work to put something off now This phrasal verb is super common because many people tend to wait until the last minute. This is exactly what it means to Procrastinate I put off making the slides for Monday’s presentation and now I have to work on the Weekends to prepare them to take off actually this phrasal verb to take off has several meanings One of which is to become popular Suddenly. Wow, this new product really took off Sales are through the roof or take off can also mean to take time off for example I’d like to take Friday off this week so that I can run some errands People person are you a people person? a people person is someone who is very Extroverted who enjoys talking with other people and who can relate to them generally Someone who is likeable a people person loves interacting with other people and get more energy from having lots of conversations Jessica is a people person so she got promoted to the head of public relations I’m sure she’ll do a great job there crunching the numbers means to do a lot of calculations Before we buy any new equipment we need to crunch the numbers To see if we can afford it to have a lot on your plate means to be busy it’s kind of like to be swamped, but Swamped is more in this moment and to have a lot on my plate means in general I have a lot of projects going on It may not be something where I have to work overtime today but it means that I’ll probably be working extra time for an Undefined period of time sorry I didn’t call you back sooner I have a lot on my plate right now selling like hotcakes Means that an item is selling very quickly something that is very popular and people want to buy it Additionally to be hot means something that is popular to think outside the box I really like this one because it means to think creatively so we need to come up with a new unique campaign we really need to think outside the box on this one a Win-win situation is a situation. That is good for both parties so if you have a partnership, for example, this is a win-win partnership because that business is going to gain popularity with our promotion and We’re going to have another stream of income. So it’s a win-win situation For me when you study with go natural English it’s a win-win situation because you enjoy improving your and I Enjoy teaching English to test the waters means that you try Something without fully committing to see if it will be successful or not. We’re testing the waters to see if Online advertising could bring in more customers than TV commercial advertising Learning curve a learning curve means the time it takes to understand a new system or procedure don’t worry about our Software there’s a very small learning curve and you’ll be able to use it in no time at all off The top of my head or off the top of someone’s head We usually use this when we’re talking about ourselves and you need to provide an estimate to someone How much do you think that Maserati costs off the top of my head I would say about $200,000 on the back burner on the back burner Means a project that is less important or has less priority than another one at this moment Going to new trade shows is an activity that’s on the back burner for me right now I need to focus on other projects in the red or in the black so these colors mean whether a business is profitable in the black or If it has a lot of expenses and is not profitable that is in the red Uber is a startup company that was in the red for many of its Startup years many startup companies are in the red for the first few years that they’re in business They don’t make a profit until later on to ramp up means that you increase Activity, we need to ramp up our efforts finding new customers We need to ramp up our efforts learning English. Did you learn any new expressions in this English lesson? I hope that this was helpful because you’re going to hear these common expressions at work at some point and I want you to know What they mean and also how to use them Feel free to practice your own answer in the comments and I look forward to hearing from you there Thanks so much for watching And again, if you’d like to learn in the complete go natural English course The wait list is now open at Slash pre-reg i’ll. See you there. Bye for now

How to Sound Smarter at Work [Business English Vocabulary Lesson]

Hello naturals, welcome back to go natural English, it’s me Gabby your favorite American English teacher today I match my plants and today I’m gonna help you to speak more professional powerful English in the workplace you might feel Frustrated with being limited to really basic English vocabulary, but you don’t know where to start You don’t know where to begin to improve your vocabulary So we are gonna work on that today with 12 words that you should know To make your English more professional and more powerful This will help you if you’re in a job interview at the workplace in a meeting or in academic Situations like at your University now I don’t know if you knew this But I have been an English professor at universities in the United States and in Japan and I’ve also been a business English trainer at multinational corporations both Abroad and in the US so I am here to help you with your professional English Now we’re gonna take a look at twelve words Now the number one thing that you want at work or in any of these situations is to sound professional so using these words at least some of them will help gain you the respect that you Want and deserve. This is an easy way to sound more impressive in English and these small changes will make a big impact when you speak stay tuned until the end because the last word is a Replacement for the most unprofessional sounding word that you definitely want to avoid number one certainly, you can use this instead of saying yes, or Okay, which are fine, but very basic boring words. So to sound more professional Say certainly, for example, if your boss asks, you could you come to the meeting today? You can say certainly instead of okay, or sure Would you mind making some extra? Photocopies for everyone certainly certainly I can do that. Certainly. That’s no problem. Certainly certainly We can also use the word certainly to mean definitely for example This is certainly a wonderful English lesson Next many people are afraid of change And they really don’t like when they already did some work and then they have to change it so instead of using the word change, let’s use a more powerful more professional vocabulary word modify to modify Now we’re going to have to modify this Project timeline because we’re a bit delayed after some unforeseen circumstances Unforeseen circumstances is a bonus phrase That sounds very smart which basically means some things happen that you didn’t expect unforeseen circumstances we need to modify the schedule because the last speaker ran late so modify is usually used for schedules or Timelines you can also modify a report or an email to in our professional lives We all should have goals. But instead of using this very common basic word goals Let’s use a more professional version objectives objectives Another option would be aspiration aspiration but the difference is objective can be used really for anything a project your career or anything that you would like to achieve an Aspiration is really more about your personal dreams. So for example if you’re in an interview Your interviewer might ask you. Well, what are your goals for your Professional life and you could say my aspiration is to someday become department manager. For example But you can also say objective my objective is to become department manager you could say the objective of the project is to reach 1,000 people instead of saying guess which in and of its self can sound a bit weak. We should say imagine if you feel like you’re not sure about something or you want to share a guess say I Imagine that’s correct. I Imagine this would have good results. I Imagine that our boss would agree with this I imagine this project will take about one week where guests might make you sound a bit unsure Imagine makes you sound like a visionary Instead of the basic word think let’s use consider Consider let’s consider the possibilities. Will you consider? Modifying the format now if you’re meeting with someone and they’re being a bit confusing instead of saying what do you mean? Which can sound quite direct and not very professional. Ask the person to Elaborate to explain more to tell you more information or give you examples. Could you? Elaborate on that last point should I elaborate or is this clear now? Don’t say happen say arise Arise we’ve had some unforeseen complications arise Surprisingly no problems have arisen Should any questions arise please don’t hesitate to ask Instead of saying result which is already a good professional English vocabulary word Let’s step it up a level and sake Ramification now ramification is more specific than a result a ramification is a result or a consequence but ramification usually has a Negative connotation. So be aware of that. For example, if we modify the timeline the ramifications could be severe if you just want to say some positive results you could say consequence or Results result is just fine – but if you want to sound really smart and there’s something negative That would be the result use ramification. Don’t ask for opinions ask for perspectives or Prerogatives. What’s your perspective on this issue? What’s your prerogative? On this point, I love these words. Let’s practice saying them because they’re a bit tricky to pronounce Perspective pay attention to that stress perspective and Prerogative Prerogative when I hear this word I do Always remember the Bobby Brown song or also a Britney Spears songs So you could listen to those to practice your pronunciation Now perspective or prerogative are for asking an individual’s opinion But if you want to ask a group of people you’ll sound really smart if you ask what is the consensus now consensus means what do we generally agree on so you’re not asking for each individual person’s opinion You’re actually asking what is the general agreement here everyone? It seems the consensus is okay Let’s see if we can reach a general consensus. Don’t say easy. Say straight forward straightforward means simple uncomplicated or easy but it sounds a lot better when you say Straightforward than easy. It sounds more professional More powerful and more academic and smarter. So this project should be pretty straightforward I don’t foresee any complications now many people consider the overuse of the word like to be very Unprofessional so especially if you are in an interview or a professional situation avoid using the word like Especially more than twice in one sentence Of course we can use the word like it can mean many things but if you’re using as a filler like to like say Like when you don’t know like what else to say? It’s like really unprofessional So avoid using it as a filler and another meaning of like is to say for example If you’d like to learn all the ways that native English speakers use The word like you can click up there to watch a really great video where I explain every way we use it and how you should and shouldn’t use it now in a professional situation if you want to say for Example avoid using like because it’s so basic and so overused and instead say for instance For example or such at we should modify this designs colors For instance more green and blue. I would like this campaign to have more diversity For instance. The model should be different ages next week. We are going to be talking about how to ace any interview how to answer the most difficult interview questions using professional English, of course so make sure that you subscribe and turn the Notification bell on because these days it’s not enough to subscribe you won’t get notified You have to actually turn the notifications on so that you don’t miss out last week We talked about phrases that you can use and your business email writing and that video is right over here So I’ll see you there. Thanks so much I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you there and then I’ll see you in next week for our Interview video lesson. Bye for now