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Oscar winner, Alfonso Cuarón is making big moves in the TV world. Following a competitive process
of multiple outlets bidding, Cuarón has signed an
overall deal with Apple. Under the terms of the multiple year pact, he will create and develop
new television projects exclusively for Apple’s
forthcoming TV plus. The deal could be considered
a big win for Apple. Especially after Cuarón
delivered a hit for Netflix in the form of “Roma.” Cuarón, of course, wrote,
directed, and produced the film that was nominated for multiple oscars including best picture. (soulful music) As part of the new pact,
Cuarón will still maintain his nonexclusive deal
with Anonymous Content, and will partner with
them on select projects, while also continuing to
produce other projects with different collaborators. The “Gravity,” “Children
of Men,” and “Harry Potter” grad becomes the latest
A-lister to sign a content deal with Apple. Apple TV Plus launches November 1st with original “See,”
“Dickinson,” “For All Mankind,” and “The Morning Show.” – Ahhh! – Ahhh! – You walk out that door, you
are never gonna get back in. – For more on this story, head to Until next time with The
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Sh*t Trans People Deal With Every Day with Riley J. Dennis

– You want a, you want another pillow? (laughs)
– We have quite a height difference. How tall are you? – I like to say I’m 5′ 4″, but I’m really
not. Oh look how tall I look now! – Yeah! Oh my god. I used to say that I was 6′ 4″. When I was like, stretching it a li’l bit
’cause I was like hehe I’m so tall. And then I transitioned and I was like, I’m
6′ 2″. (laughs) Which is like actually accurate. – Hi, I’m Jackson Bird and today I am at VidCon
and joined by… – Riley J. Dennis! – Woo! So today we wanted to talk about some of the
like smaller things that trans people encounter and have to consider in their daily lives
that cis people often don’t think of so for any of you out there who are cisgender this
might be a kind of like, ohhh mhmm kind of video
Sometimes I don’t have words I use sound effects instead. And for anyone who’s trans uh this will hopefully
resonate with you and you’ll probably be looking at your device being like, yes! finally! They said it. – You have to react like that. You have to. It’s illegal not to. – Illegal! – Yeah. – Wow. I didn’t look up the California laws. I know you have a lot of weird laws out here. – Yeah, it’s a thing. I just – we’re THAT progressive. – Speaking of traveling! Going through TSA
– Oh. – That sucks. – Yeah, ohhh that sucks a lot. It’s been really weird recently because I’ve
started to pass more. Uhm since starting hormones, I like sometimes
pass as female and sometimes don’t. And I never really know –
– Yes! – which is which! – I know because I don’t pass all the time
and I , it’s so hard to know – Yeah, exactly so I’m walking through TSA,
unless one of them says like “ma’am” or “sir” I’m like, I don’t know! And when I’ve walked through the body scanner,
I don’t know if they’ve hit the boy or the girl button. I’m just like, we’re going to do this and
see what happens. – Which by the way, I feel like not even everyone
knows that they hit a boy or the girl button. When you go through the back scatter thing,
like they have to assess if you are a boy or a girl and they hit one and it looks for
different heat sensitive areas on your body. – They don’t look at your ID and then choose
something, it’s like they just look at you as you’re walking in and they’re like looks
like that. – It’s really annoying for me that they don’t
look at your ID because I look very young, as many trans guys do. I had an experience recently where the guy
checking my ID saw my ID and was like “oh 27, gettin’ old, man!” and then I walk to
the backscatter area where they haven’t seen my ID and they’re like, “how old are you?”
because you have to be 12 to go through the backscatter. – Oh my god so they thought you were like
weren’t even 12?! – Yes, and that happens all the time. – Oh my god, it’s like you’re a literal child. – Yeah and but then also what happens, once
people have assessed that you are not a 12 year old boy. Then they’re like oh you are a butch woman
and so that’s usually when trans masculine people are then like… – Misgendered. – Read as female, yeah. – I remember going through a thing and I like,
you can see where it likes mark you uhm for like you have an object here and it would
like mark one in groin or like at my chest and I’m just like, how did no one at TSA was
like, maybe someone will come through and have like boobs and a penis. Like, that just never crossed their mind that like
those people might exist? – Yeah. Those are the types of scans that now make
me feel like a Ken doll. Of like, I have no parts that will trigger
something – Yeah, you’re just completely bare. Just like, plastic. – Yeah. – And they have no idea like what that is. Like, they’re not trained on that in any way
so they’re just like just going about it like it’s normal and you’re like ehhh-guhhh
– Yeah! They say that the TSA has been like briefed
on uhm trans people and there’s like some stuff if you go to the TSA website on like
what you’re supposed to do, but I think what has happened is they know what they’re supposed
to do if they encounter a trans person, but they don’t know what trans people actually
look like. – Oh you’re so right. People do that. They think of trans people as a theoretical
thing. Like, well if I ever saw a trans person, like
I’d be good to them. I’d gender them correctly or whatever. But then they see you and they’re like well
you’re clearly a guy. – Yeah. – And I’m like, you’re just not putting two
and two together. Like, this is a literal trans person in front
of you. – Yeah. You were saying when you’ve gone to the UK
and you have to go through extra customs with your passport you’ve had issues. – Yeah well it’s just, yeah, it’s just weird
’cause when I’ve showed them my passport they’ve asked for like my old passport as well and
which has like my old name and like my old photo and stuff. Then it like automatically outs me to the
person so I mean if the passport control person is transphobic at all that’s already like
a bias that they have against me. Or even just showing them my regular passport,
and them not thinking that I look female enough to match like the F on my passport. – Yeah. Anytime you have to show someone an ID and
whether it’s like your ID has not been updated or someone is not reading you as what your
ID says which is your true name and gender, you get all these other complicated things. Like, at the TSA, if you had a complication
going through the pat down and like people around you heard something and you got outed
in some way and then it’s like, you feel like you can’t even go to the bathroom because
y’know they’re going to be watching you or maybe they’re going to be on your flight and
then you have this like possibly transphobic person on your flight the entire time. – It’s just not safe. – No. – The ID stuff happens everywhere. Like, if you go into a club and you have to
use like a ID that you had before you transitioned or even if you use the one now and like the
bouncer doesn’t think that you look feminine or masculine enough or whatever and then people
know which bathroom you’re going into – it’s like that situation occurs in so many places
that I think people don’t even realize it or like I don’t realize until I get to that
situation and I’m like, shit I have to like – Yeah! – I have to show this stuff. – The bartender or the bouncer like has a
place of power over you – Oh yeah. – By having that knowledge of you, which is
so weird. – Yeah, no. I don’t like it. – I don’t like it either. Speaking of bathrooms… – Ohhh
– Why? -There’s some nice bathrooms out there. Aren’t there? – So like uh, plumbing is cool. I’m getting the tile re-done in my bathroom. – Yeah, oh that’s very trans of you. (laughs)
– If you don’t mind me asking – How dare you? – Like, when did you like start using the
women’s bathroom. Do you always? Like, how does it? – It’s weird at the moment. Like I said, sometimes people read me as female
and sometimes as male and so I’ve had situations where I start to go into the guy’s bathroom
and the guy like taps me on the shoulder and is like, women’s bathroom is over there. Or like, people will just like as I’ve walked
in been like, wrong bathroom! But then I also don’t feel like I look feminine
enough to go into a women’s bathroom without like making people feel unsafe or like getting
yelled out or something. Like, it depends on the situation. Like, if I’m dressed really femininely then
I feel like I can get into the women’s bathroom and just kind of like not look at anyone real
quick and like do my thing and get out. ‘Cause in those situations, I feel like it’s
less safe for me to go into the guy’s bathroom. ‘Cause if they see me wearing like feminine-ish
stuff, they’re some not great guys out there and I, no. I just, it’s stressful. I like, I just wanna pee. I don’t care which bathroom it happens in. It feels like neither
– Other people do. – Yeah, it feels like neither one I can go
into like without any stress. In some way, going to the bathroom is going
to be a very stressful situation. – I basically I just go to the men’s room
now. I have that privilege as a trans masculine
person. That usually happens sooner. When I was just starting to transition, I
was so scared to start using the men’s restroom. Especially when you haven’t been in a men’s
restroom before, you don’t realize like how little anyone cares in there. – Yeah. – So I was just so scared like people would
immediately think I was a woman and beat me up, but I was increasingly like every time
I went to a women’s bathroom having like women do like double takes
– Yeah so it was like you couldn’t be in a women’s bathroom, but also felt really awkward
going into the guy’s bathroom? – Yeah and it, well it’s similar to what you
were talking about. It’s like, the priority is women are the oppressed
minority here and we’re trying not to make women feel uncomfortable. – I feel bad ’cause I’m like, yeah it sucks. I know you don’t want guys in there, but also,
I’m not a guy and I don’t know how to communicate that to you in this brief like bathroom interaction
we’re having. – Yeah. – I would go to speak at colleges. Everyone knows that I’m trans and that I’m
a woman and stuff. Can’t go into the guys bathroom ’cause someone
from my talk will be like, why are you in here? But then I can’t go into the women’s bathroom
because someone else from the college will be like, why are you in here? So I’m just like, I’m not gonna pee for the
whole time I’m here and I’m gonna give my talk and be dancin’ a little bit. – That is a fact that I will share with uhm
with cis people sometimes and they’re minds are blown of the fact that like there are
higher rates of UTIs among the trans population. – Oh yeah.
– because we have to hold it in! – yeah!
– we like can’t go! – Speaking of public spaces where people get
awkward about how we look, shopping for clothes! – Ohh… yeah… no. That’s the worst. – It sucks that shopping for clothes sucks
so much because getting new clothes in that affirm your gender is so much fun. It is such a fun part of transition. – It’s so good. It’s so bad that you can’t. Like, you can’t go do it on your own. Like, a lot of times I’ve like recruited people
to come with me and I’m like, if I’m with other girls and it just looks like we’re all
like blending in and like looking for girls’ clothes then it’s like fine. I don’t know what have you… – Yeah, I mean, the problem is like guys don’t
like to shop for clothes together so… I think for transmasculine people, we… similar
with bathrooms. We freak out about it a lot more than the
reality actually is because if you’re read as a woman and you’re shopping for women’s
clothes they’re gonna think that you’re shopping for your brother or your boyfriend or even
for yourself and that’s okay because it’s okay for people to want to be masculine and
it’s okay for women to wear men’s clothes. – It’s like more tomboy-ish
– Yeah, but for trans feminine people… – Yeah, it’s just it’s seen as creepy. If someone who’s read as male is looking for
bras or panties or whatever, that has a very like creepy gross connotation to it that’s
just like society has put on that and it’s like so trans women have a really hard time
going to look for female clothes. Even if they’ve like started hormones and
have boobs and need a bra, it’s like people see you there and are like, mmm what are you
doing? So I’ve ordered a lot of stuff online. – Yep, same. – Yep. Yep. – But also that’s another point of transmasculine
privilege. We are typically smaller, but hey there’s
a section that is still like our gender expression, but just like little sized. – Oh man. There’s like not clothes for trans women. – Yeah! – I’ve tried really hard. If anyone knows of like good, inexpensive
sites for trans women, let me know. – Inexpensive. Operative word. – Well there’s some people will be like oh
this site is great and they link me and it’s like two hundred dollar shirt and I’m like
that sounds great, I will never ever buy that. – I know like all of the like suits, the custom
made like suits for like afab people, I want so much, but soo much money. – Feminine stuff doesn’t work with like often
trans women have smaller boobs, but larger rib cages and so bras sizes are done by like
cup and like the circumference around your boobs. – Oh yeah. And so a lot of times you need like a larger
band, but a smaller cup size and those just like don’t really exist. And also a lot of clothes like their shoulders
aren’t broad enough. I mean, I’m just like a skinny person in general
so there’s never – and tall – so there’s not like clothing that’s like skinny and tall
enough to fit me ever, but… – Is that why you cut your sleeves off ’cause
your shoulders are just bustin’ out. – Yeah. – Oh I was kidding!
(laughs) – Before I like changed my name on all my
credit cards, I would get really paranoid like I would have to think about should I
pay with cash so that the cashier does not like, I don’t get outed to the cashier. – One of the things that I remember happening
was my ID changed before my credit cards changed. – Oh yeah. – Because I needed my ID to like prove to
the credit card companies that I changed my name with like the court order and all of
that. I was afraid that like I would use my credit
card and they’d be like, ok show me your ID to like verify this is you really using it. And I’d be like uh they’re not the same, but
I promise I didn’t steal this credit card! I just changed my name. – I’ve had that a lot because I got my court
order in like January and now it’s June and I still don’t necessarily have every thing
changed. Like, my company credit card still has my
old name. – Yeah, people, I don’t think people realize
how many like how much is going on there. Like, they’ll be like just change your name
and… that’s that simple little thing is like five hundred different legal things that
all cost money and all require like faxing things and all this stuff. – I have had the situation where like, people
maybe don’t know that hadn’t changed my name or they just like don’t even know necessarily
that I’m trans and so prior to having a changed ID, they would put down Jackson on like reservations
for like a party or something, but then like said party requires a photo ID. – Yeah. – And then you get there and you’re like,
uhhh – Yeahhh. Well, one of the lucky things about my name
is it’s kind of gender neutral, but I’ve known trans women who have like clearly female names. Like Jennifer or whatever. So when they go into public spaces, their
friends have to be wary of like well do we tell them your name is Jennifer or like this
thing ’cause it’s like you just don’t want to like incite things with strangers. – Yes. Yeah. – And so I’ve kind of had that happen where
my friends are like, what pronouns should I use with you around strangers? ‘ Cause it’s like we’re not going to have
a whole lecture about trans issues with like the one person who like brushes by me on the
way, but like it’s also weird for your friends to use the wrong pronouns for you? It’s yeah… – Oh my gosh, I had an experience at VidCon. A bartender was like checking my ID and it
says like issued like this year, but also like expires next year and he was like, oh
do you have to get your license updated every year because of your glasses? And I was like, what? These are like, not a high prescription. And then he was like, how come your license
has to be updated every year? The real reason is like the original expiration
date was 2019, but I got the name change. I wasn’t about to out myself to this random
bartender – whoa! Oh wow. – I think he was only like giving me the sixth
degree because people see my ID and it almost comes off as like a McLovin’ situation where
it’s like, ok kid, you wanted a fake ID you should’ve gone for 21 not 27. Like, this is unbelievable. – They just don’t buy that you’re as old… – Yeah, so I always get asked questions. Like, what’s the zip code on this?
– what? – Yeah. – Oh my god, that’s wild. I haven’t had that happen at all. – I get pop quizzes on my ID. – Oh that sucks. Yeah, and they have no idea that they’re asking
like really invasive things and you’re like, yeah I don’t want to tell you I’m trans, but
like… what did you end up saying to him? – I think I said, oh I moved and so my address
changed, but it’s still… it’s like dude, I just want this Corona so I can pretend I’m
Dom Torreto. – Yeah. – There’s so much more that we could talk
about that we probably will when we turn the camera off, honestly. – Yeah, probably. – But I’d love to hear what you all think
so like other trans, nonbinary people, like put your experiences down in the comments. We can all vent together. – Yes, please. I want to see what everyone else is going
through because I know we’re not alone in this. – Oh absolutely. And we filmed a video on Riley’s channel about…
oh my god, it was like ten minutes ago and I already forgot what we talked about. Being trans youtubers, who don’t just post
about like your transition or just trans things. There’s more to your life than just being
trans. – Impossible! – What?! – Whoa! – Well especially after this video, it kind
of sounds like it is. – Yeah, all we did was talk about trans stuff
for like two hours – And how it impacts every single aspect of
our lives. – Yeah and we’re like, but it’s we don’t always
talk about trans stuff, just this time. We promise. – Uhm, but you should also check out all the
rest of Riley’s channel and subscribe. She makes awesome videos about like really
every intersection of activism. – There’s a lot of things. – All the things. Anyways, Riley is awesome. You should go check out her channel and watch
that other video that we made. Thanks for watching. See ya next time! – Bye!

jk rowling these days

Hey Psst You reading my book? Uhh Yeah, why? Hey, you know Hagrid? Uhh, yeah? He’s actually transgender What? Yeah, he used to used to go by Hergrid but he’s – but now he’s – but he’s transgender Okay… HERMIONE’S IN A WHEELCHAIR! What are you saying? Hermione Granger? Yeah, she’s actually …um… in a wheelchair the whole time No she wasn’t! I remember multiple scenes where she was running around, and you never mentioned a wheelchair once Well I just forgot to write it down! But I meant it in my heart.. How could you forget a detail like that? Hey! Don’t blame me! Do you even know how many things I had to remember for those books? Like, you know how many spells I had to write? Like so many! I can’t remember everything Um, I don’t know Ron was actually black! You said he had red hair! Harry Potter had Down Syndrome! What? What does that even mean? Professor Snape was a single mother! Alright, stop! Stop! Why are you doing this? Doing what? Listen, it would be fine if the characters were like this originally But it seems like you’re changing them after the fact so you can seem more inclusive and get good press Oh… um Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll stop… Okay Thank you. Wait, just one more thing? What is it? Guess – um… Guess which character’s actually gay? What? I said “Guess which character’s actually gay?” I don’t know… um – All of them!

Lego Friends Ball Pit Room & Baby Name Reveal Renovation Makeover Custom Build DIY

we've made the top floor into a studio apartment for the newlyweds Henry and Sophie the middle floor turned into a nursery for the unexpected triplets and thanks to your comments I now know what we're gonna build on the bottom floor of the old heart light performance school and make sure you stick around because today we're gonna find out the names of these gorgeous triplet babies welcome to le Fay toys I had so many marvellous suggestions from you guys about what to build on the bottom floor here of what's actually turned out to be Sophie and Henry's whole house which is not how I had originally intended it but that's how life often goes so we just roll with it right demolishing downstairs first we're getting rid of all of this cafeteria stuff lockers are gone are you ready to find out what the theme for the bottom floor is gonna be well I laughed my head off when a couple of you suggested in the comments that we make the bottom floor a ball pit for the babies I thought there was absolutely ridiculous and hilarious and that is what we're going to do we're not gonna leave it like this I'm actually going to pull it all apart after we've done it later but for this week pit so the first thing we're gonna need is a slide to get down into this ball pit babies are gonna have the best time we're actually gonna prop this slide up with a bit of a play area like a little Playhouse so we've got a a window a door thing down here and we'll put another window a bit actually we might we might put a roof on here first put a bit of a roof on our window on our door window so they can actually climb out through that and they can pick up out through the window it's so cute and to actually access the slide I have put a hole in the floor in the playpen now that is entirely not safe but this is just silly gonna be put if their parents put them in the playpen they're just gonna fall straight down on the slide into the ball pit let's try this out with a little green swaddle baby let's go oh that's not safe at all just bounced straight out again of course we haven't put the balls down so that is not safe for babies so not safe let's make it a little safer oh my goodness I am actually gonna take out a little bit of these internal pillars in fact I might take them entirely out might take those arches out entirely in a minute we'll see how much I hate having them hanging over there but they are needed for a bit of structure for the floors above and we're going to make a nice glass wall along here well not glass it's going to be perspex because that's safe for babies so a perspex ball so we can see the babies when they're diving under the balls into the ball pit having entirely too much fun no that's basically it I mean what more do you need for a ball pit except for a whole heap of balls so we're gonna use all these single studs that you have a whole load of when you have LEGO sets you even get spares you know fill this up with all of our little balls put them down the slide fill it right up to the very brim oh my goodness this is so cool bowled in the play area under the slide there are balls everywhere they're actually falling out it's so colourful we'll put the playroom back so they're ready to go down the slide and here we go the naming of the baby the first one the little boy in the green swaddle here were some of the most popular names but the most popular by far you Harry Potter fans you was Harry so this little fella his name is Harry hi Harry want to go down the slide first the top of those balls he's having a great time who's gonna join him next well it's gonna be our other little boy in the blue swaddle what names we have to choose from here now the second most popular name we had some really good ones for the boys but the second most popular name was Alex so down you go Alex we've got Harry and Alex's coming down here we go we go on Alex and stop oh he's landing on his head but it's in a pit full of balls so he should be alright he looks okay it's time name a little girl the little pink swaddled baby now most popular names were Lily violet and Sophia but the overall most popular name was violet so that's gonna be her name so the three babies let's in violet down violet is going down to join on a hold when she's landed on a face no she's right at herself she's okay so we have violence and Alex and Henry all there in the ball pit now where are these babies parents they need a responsible adult oh here comes Henry not certain he's being a responsible it just fell out let's see that again once again an extra slot motion always crashed on the floor oh Henry let's try it again and see if you actually land in the ball pit and here we go there we are obviously it's fun for parents but it's not designed to pens design for the babies now I have a serious concern sophie has been out shopping and these little mischief makers here at the bottom window they haven't told her that we've turned the bottom floor into a ball pit so she's come home now with the shopping she's gonna open the door and she's seriously wondering what is going on here while the other rednecks are still busy giggling over there at the window cheeky monkey that they are but she loves a ball pit as much as the next month and she's in there with them as well they're the best bottom floor renovation ever they are I'm gonna let them have some fun in this for a little while but we are gonna change it up a little later but in the meantime let's put the rest of this house back together doesn't it look cool there it looks so cool I have to be careful putting the other floors on because I've taken out the internal support structure so I just don't want to press down too hard on the middle boys a little collapsing but it looks so cool that bottom floor is a ball pit with a slide I want to go and live there but I can't all right we've named those babies we are going to do a serious renovation soon for the bottom floor so make sure you've subscribed and hit the little notification bell if you haven't already and I'm gonna be back with another video and hopefully on the build very very soon see ya