Online sex work in the 21st century – trailer

The work that I do is fantastic, I absolutely
adore, I adore any human being to be fair. I think I am just another self employed person,
the only slight difference is I have sex and flirt for money. I think when people have a perception of sex
work they think that we have sex incessantly. Since it has come off the streets different
people from different walks of life are doing it. Digital technology is imperative in my work. It is very important for me to protect my
identity because I don’t want my family and my friends to find out what I am working.

When can we expect to see marketing results? | Tim Queen

How long does it take for marketing to show any results? Let me give you some ballpark figures.
For most people there is a distinction between long term organic growth and
short term instant results. Instant results you will only ever get
with advertising and pay to play. You have to put in money on the
table to get people to take action. Action can be visiting a website, going
to your landing page, singing up for your newsletter, signing up for your
webinar, or buying a product. You always have to pay for that and
unless you have big pockets and a lot of money to spend and some time to
learn and to optimize your advertising campaign, this is the most expensive
version for getting instant results. A long term organic growth strategy
will always take at least a couple of months to take full effect. That’s
not something where you just say “let’s create some articles” and then you’re done with it. It is something where you have to have a long term commitment for. If you want to get into content marketing you want to create articles,
you want to write text posts, you want to create an Instagram post, publish videos
on YouTube. This is something you have to commit on for all eternity basically. When you start creating content you should create like a lot of content
initially and then make sure that you frequently create new content
all the time. This is then creating compounding effects. As an example: if
you’re getting on YouTube and you publish your first video, you might
get 0 views. You then publish your second and your third video. After a while
your have three videos. At some point someone is going to search for some keyword and
one of your videos shows up. There’s your first viewer. In the meantime we
continue to create more content until you have 10 videos, 50 videos, a hundred. Now it gets interesting. The more videos we have the more each individual
videos is getting used. And now, because you have related topics, people often start
with one video and then the watch the second one, and the third one and
then they binge watch all of your channel and subscribe. And then
you get like suddenly get this exponential growth. But you have to put
in the long work where you don’t see any results.You might publish videos for
six months, for a year, and then at some point, it suddenly explodes.
This is really how you have to think about your content. Once you have enough traction, and this requires you to be everywhere all the time, then it will take the most effect and some other techniques like building
backlinks that also take effect. It can take up to ten weeks for a new backlink to push up one of your other pages on Google. You have to
keep that in mind, if you want to do content marketing. Expect to see results
in six to twelve months. But this is something, if you keep this momentum up, which will will grow organically, exponentially at some point. The best benefit comes long-term. If you need quick, short-term results you have to put in a
lot of money to create a paid advertising campaign. And this is
basically: you pay, you get results, but when you don’t pay, nothing! Organic is: you’re creating content and it’s growing, you don’t create any new content more, it stays stagnant and then it’s some day it might decay. But it really has long-term
effects. It’s not: once you stop paying, it’s suddenly dropping. Organic content will continue to stay alive for a really long time after you
stopped creating content. And if you can create content on a continuous basis so you’re compounding and compounding on top of each other. This is how long it
takes to marketing strategy to take effect.

Modifications seen at unfinished Yeongbyeon reactor, but work unlikely to have resumed: 38 North

a number of unusual activities have been
observed over the past couple of years at North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear site
according to 38 Northey 50 megawatt reactor has never been finished the
us-based monitoring website believes it’s not likely that work on the reactor
has resumed a hole appeared on the roof of the reactor building between February
and June 2018 and there’s a new structure that appears to be a water
tank plus a new trench was constructed and a building likely used for
administration or support was torn down last year

Santa’s Secret – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union

(light music) Welcome to our home. Every nook and cranny of the Wallis home is filled with Christmas. The only room that’s not is the office. From the front entryway, This is new. To the bedrooms. This is Santa’s room. Even the bathtub. The little kids just eat it up. They all want to take a picture with the snowman. All the decorations are for a good cause. The Wallis family gives tours of their decked-out house to the public. We try to tell everybody a little history about any special pieces that we might have. They call it Santa’s Secret. They raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. We’ve known people effected by it. My husband had a 14-year-old nephew that passed away. Anybody is welcome and many have made the tour a family tradition. I want people to keep coming back, even if it’s the same people, but we want new ones too. The Wallises have seen their home bring a smile to faces of people who have lost loved ones or struggle through the holidays. If I can touch someone’s life like that, and they leave here knowing, you know, that they have a good heart, and they can go home and do the same thing, it just makes me feel good. The family sacrifices a lot of time to create their Christmas wonderland. It took us about a couple of months to put it all up. So it’s time to Pay it Forward with Tony Rasmussen from Mountain America Credit Union. So we actually have for you today $500 as our way of saying thank you, so that you can continue your great support to muscular dystrophy. Thank you!

Lemon and Peachy pay Loida a visit to the prison | Pamilya Ko (With Eng Subs)

– Can I accompany you here?
– Yeah. Hey, are you okay? I think I’ll skip school today. Just ignore the people
staring at you. They just want to gossip. I don’t really care about them. But there’s something
I want to do. – Will you come with me?
– To where? You’ll see. Loida Magtulis,
you have a visitor. What are you doing here? I don’t accept visitors. Wait. The officers have granted
my request to talk to you. Yes? I just want to take
a good look at you. To make sure
you’re behind bars. Now that you’ve seen what you
came to see, you can leave. My sister isn’t finished. Face us. Yes, dear? What is it that you want? I’m rather busy, you know. How could you do
something like that? How could you have
Stefano killed? You know,
I feel sorry for you. Your life must’ve been very sad. Did your parents
never love you? Didn’t you have any
siblings or friends – who loved you and guided you?
– Enough. It’s a good thing you
don’t have a kid Because if you did, your kid
would’ve ended up like you. Your kid would’ve grown up
with a heart filled with anger. You don’t know me, so you don’t have the right
to judge me. Tell that to the bars. And I hope you rot in jail. Thank you. Lemon. Hey… Are you okay? Yeah, I’m okay now. It’s like a weight has been
lifted off my chest. I’m fine, and I’m not
scared anymore. You know… I’m very proud of you. You were so brave. No, I wasn’t. I was really scared
a while ago. Besides, between the two of us,
you’re the brave one. A person’s bravery
is not measured

BT Daily: Why Work?

[Steve Myers] Why do you work? We all have our needs. Certainly, the Bible tells us we have to have
a job, we should be laboring. The Sabbath Commandment tells us that, that
there’s six days to do all of your labor. Certainly, we have needs that we have to fill,
we have to take care of ourselves, we have to take care of our families. And certainly, the Bible tells us that message
over and over and over again.But hopefully, that’s not the only reason we work because
God makes it pretty clear that just selfish interest is not what it’s about. There’s a passage that the Apostle Paul was
inspired to write that is in chapter 4 of Ephesians. Ephesians 4:28, he gives us some instructions
that is such a good reminder for us. It says we should labor working with our hands
what is good. So, we’ve got to take care of ourselves. But all too often, that skews our thinking
to just selfish interest so that it’s not just about what we need but now it’s about
what I want and I’ve got to have the bigger, better thing and the bigger house and the
better car. And that becomes our focus. But the Apostle Paul was inspired to direct
our thinking in another way. He says this. All right. We need to work, but he also says that he
may have something to give him who has need. And that’s the key as well. We shouldn’t labor and do our jobs just to
fulfill our own wants. Yes, we have to fulfill our needs, no doubt
about that, but we should also work so that we can help others, we can serve others, we
can share with others. That’s certainly a Christian biblical concept
that we have to do. In fact, it’s part of fulfilling God’s great
commandments. We know we’re to love God and we’re to love
our neighbor. And so let’s consider that. When you go into work, think about, “The only
reason I’m working is not just for me, I need to help and share others. And by doing that, I’ll fulfill that great
Second Commandment of loving my neighbor as myself.” That’s BT Daily. We’ll see you next time.

WORK OFFERS AND WORK PERMIT IN POLAND | African Queen in Poland πŸŒπŸ‘ΈπŸΎ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡±

I don’t understand people who are
telling that they don’t like me they are always coming to watch my videos and the
other first to love my stories please stop that in 2020 if you don’t like me
don’t watch my videos don’t watch my stories you don’t need to come here and
put thumbs down I see you all guys welcome back to my channel African Queen
Poland first of all happy new years all my best wishes for this new year I’m
sorry I didn’t have time to make videos all these weeks I hope that you spend
great times with your family and friends for me it was not one of my best
Christmas but anyway I hope that this year would be better I’m very happy to
make this video today because I have a good news for people who are asking me
for help about work or work permit in Poland finally I can help you so if you
want to have more information keep watching and we’ll give you information
but of course if you want to know more you will need to send me an email and I
will write my email just here okay so now I will give you more information
about the offers it doesn’t matter if you have experience or not because we
have offers for people without experience so don’t hesitate to ask me
you can send me message on Instagram or you can send me an email if you want to
have more information about one of the offers in my opinion it’s very
interesting because for some offers you get free accommodation and transport so
but always remember like I was telling that salaries in Poland are very low so
don’t expect to have a crazy salary you know you need us to see the
opportunities if it will be something which can help you reach your goal you
can just start by this and then find something better we never know so
currently we have offers in greenhouse worker for male and females couples also
are accepted in localization is in mooch so you will have trainings you will have
free accommodation transport to the workplace or free travel document
if it’s not closed of the place you are living another position it’s a welder by
the MSG 135 method for this one you need to have experience like I was telling
this one also is with free accommodation work clothes are provided and
transportation to the workplace also it’s supported by the employer
we have also welder by mg 141 method the offer is in Katowice for this one you
need experience you need to have ability to read technical drawings and you need
to have some skills free accommodation clothes and transport are also offered
it’s interesting for people who come already experienced we have also offers
for Muslims this is in Warsaw in the capital they need people with at least
one year of experience have also worker with reinforced concrete in Warsaw and
Chechen we have semi-automatic welders in would we have warehouse worker can be
women aged from 18 to 50 year old teasing all around Poland so there are
many cities have also bricklayers concrete workers and we accept for this
one unskilled workers because it’s something
you can learn fast you know another offer its production in
fish and meat factory production in warehouses so this is also in all Poland
so in different cities here so we have few offers like this if there is one
position which is interesting for you and you want to have more information
about the salaries the hours or the conditions you can send me an email or
you can contact me on Instagram I would be very happy to give you more
information if you know people who are looking for work in Poland just send
them to me it doesn’t matter if they live in Africa in Europe or in Asia
ha ha ok yo you understood what I wanted to say so it’s not important where the
person is living but if she wants to come if he or she wants to come to
Poland to work I can help them so guys this is what I wanted to share with you
today if you like my videos please don’t forget to give me a thumbs up subscribe
activate your notification and share with your friends if you know somebody
who is looking for work in Poland send them to me

ICL FertilizerpluS – delivering Polysulphate to a global market

This and this is polyhalite There is nothing more delicious than the tomatoes I grow. Looking at my crops growing in the field I would recommend Polysulphate. Very, very nice! Yield is higher than with other fertilizers. They have lots of new growth and most importantly, as coffee growers there is higher yield. By using Polysulphate we have experienced an increase of about 15% turnover with our crops. And that is good. Try it for yourself.

Self-employed immigration program Canada | Artists and athletes (2020)

Hi! Can artists and athletes immigrate to Canada? Generally we hear about engineers or people with other professional backgrounds such as people who’ve studied Business or law etc immigrate to Canada. But can athletes and artists also move to Canada ? Interestingly, there is a program specifically designed for these two categories of people if you are an artist or an athlete, you can actually immigrate to Canada through a program called the Self-employed program. In order to qualify for this program, you must meet one of two criteria You must either have performed one of these activities like you must have been an athlete or an artist at a world-class level or You must have been self-employed, which means that you weren’t working as an employee but you were Self-employed for a period of at least two years and if you were self-employed for a period of five years you get maximum points. With an experience of five years you can get up to 35 points and 35 points is the minimum points that you need to qualify for this. If you have a good Educational background, if you have good language scores, you can get even more points So which occupations are actually included in these two categories? There are two major groups. First one is major group 51 So first of all, we have professional occupations in art and culture and the major occupations are librarians, conservators and curators and archivists Then we have authors and writers, we have editors journalists, translators, terminologists and interpreters. Producers, directors, choreographers and related occupations We have conductors, composers, arrangers Musicians and singers, dancers we have actors and comedians Painters, sculptors and other visual artists. Then we have another major category Which is the technical occupations in art culture and sport. So these include technical occupations and library. So these include library and public archive technicians technical occupation related to museum and art galleries photographers, film and video camera operators, graphic art technicians broadcast technicians Audio and video recording technicians and other technical occupation and motion pictures broadcasting and Performing Arts Supporting occupation and motion pictures broadcasting photography and Performing Arts Then related to sports we have some more occupations that is Announcers and broadcasters. We have other performers There’s a specific category for that. Athletes, coaches, sports officials and referees program leaders and instructors and recreation sports and fitness. And finally, we have some more occupations, which is graphic designers and illustrators Interior designers and interior decorators, theater, fashion, exhibit and other creative designers artisans and crafts-persons, pattern makers, textile, leather and fur products So if you belong to any of these occupations and you have worked on a world-class level or you’ve been self-employed in these occupations and you can prove that you have earned a sufficient amount of income for at least two years by being Self-employed like you haven’t worked for any employer So this indicates to the Canadian government that you can become self-employed when you come to Canada in future These are some of the occupations. I will get into more details of each of these occupations. You can get more clarity on what this occupation means just to give you an example librarians excludes school librarians there is some specific criteria that you need to meet and then you can qualify for this occupation. To learn more click on the link below. Thank you very much