Anthony DeVito: Dream Occupation – Racism Will Be Impossible in the Future

(cheering) – [Announcer] Keep it
going for Anthony DeVito, let him hear it! (cheering) – [Anthony] Thank you. Thank you very much. (light laughter) Racism will die out eventually. Just everybody’s having
sex with everybody. So more and more
races are mixing. In a hundred years, racists
are gonna have to be so specific, they’re
gonna have to be like, “These goddamn
quarter-Mexican, half-Jew, “quarter-Koreans are
ruining this country “with their taco
bank laundromats.” (laughter) I don’t understand (muffled)
people could be homophobic. Man, one of the funniest
things that I’ve ever heard told to me by a
black, flamboyant, over-the-top, gay coworker. We’re talking once,
it was just freezing. I was making conversation, I
was like, “It’s cold in here.” He goes, “Cold? Uh-uh, it’s
chilly willy penguin bones “up in here.” (laughter) “Huh, how are you
not a weatherman?” Oh my God. (laughter) “You just described
the room temperature “with a great idea for
a children’s book.” (laughter) (applause)

Georgia Employment Lawyer | Marietta Employment Attorney | Jeffrey Daxe | MIJS

My favorite quote comes from my grandfather,
it’s actually titled “Recipe for good living.” Something to do, someone to love, something
to hope for. Hi, I’m Jeff Daxe. I’m a partner here at Moore Ingram Johnson and Steele, in our Employment Law Department. I’ve been here since I graduated from Law
school in 1997. I head that department and we work on both
employment litigation, as well as employment compliance issues, helping clients with handbooks
and contracts and severance agreements but also audits and responding to charge of discrimination
and wage and hour issues. All sorts of small business HR type compliance is what we deal with in the Employment Law group Referring back to my favorite quote, “the
something to do,” I feel like it’s worked I feel like it’s worked with the purpose here at Moore Ingram Johnson and Steele. I interviewed back when it had fewer than
20 lawyers and this firm has grown as Cobb County and its business community and population have grown. And we’ve grown in our sophistication providing services to those clients. Here at work, one of the things I’m passionate about is helping others and one of the nice things about Moore Ingram Johnson and Steele is it’s given me the flexibility to do a good bit of pro bono, community service work here
at the firm. I was very proud recently to be honored with a regional award for pro bono work but it’s something that I couldn’t have earned without the support of the firm. And doing that kind of work allows me again
to have a purpose here in the office. The purpose at home, of course, is family
and in supporting them. I’ve got three wonderful children, my wife,
Stacey who I learned the law from, she was the Employment Lawyer first, not me. I married into an employment law family and decided I had to know the family business to have conversation topics at the dinner
table. I live in Smyrna. I’m very involved in Smyrna events, Smyrna educational foundations, Smyrna business association for the Cobb Chamber. Those are the kinds of extra curricular that I’m involved in, in addition to scouting which has always have a very large impact on my life and remains one of the things I’m passionate about with my son in scouting now. My daughters in scouting, we like camping
as a family and hiking and just being outdoors. I love it when our clients come in before
they get audited, before they get sued, before there’s a problem and have us check whether
or not they’re compliant with their HR needs. It’s when they don’t do those things on the
front end then we see them later, and they have big problems. We solve those problems, but I would much rather see them on the front end before there’s a problem. Let us go out and do a little audit, an HR
audit, make sure everything is in order, make sure you’re compliant so that the business is compliant, the owner doesn’t get harmed through later litigation and the business
can continue to grow and flourish. That’s really what I hope for.

Welding at CRC

Our shop’s really great because we have a
lot of new equipment, we have a lot of brand new Lincoln Electric equipment. MIG, TIG,
stick welders, we have Miller, electric welders too. And we have pretty much every single
process you can think of. You get really good equipment, it’s top-notch.
It’s definitely something you’d see out in the field. The fact that they have this beautiful
new facility really helps. When you have better equipment, it just makes it that much easier
to learn. We have a machine for everybody here who’s
in the class. Everything’s what’s up-to-date and current in the industry. What I really like about this program is that
it’s really independent and that there’s just a lot of shop time to work on developing your
skills. [Instructor talking to students] He lectures and we discuss what we’re going
to do for that day and the processes. And then we come out here, he usually gives us
a small demo. And once we’ve demonstrated to him that we can do it, we get to come in
here and actually do it ourselves. The thing I like most about helping the students
in the booths, I get to go in there and show the students exactly how they need to do it…body
positioning, timing, travel speed…there’s a lot of different parameters involved. So
it feels good when I go in there and show them, exactly how I was taught to do it, and
then watch them apply it and turn out a quality weld. I just remember from last week we had these
projects. I was getting all frustrated and my TA came in and showed me this new little
technique and I literally screamed out loud when I saw the weld bead afterwards. And I
didn’t even get the project done that day, but, you know, I really learned something
and that’s what I’m here for. My main goal is to get a degree in construction
management, but I saw the welding classes and I figured that would be a really good,
useful skill to add on to that degree. The main instructor is a certified welding
inspector, so you can get your AWS certs right from this program, and they’re for free all
you have to pay for are your materials. It’s about certification here—to get you
certified by the American Welding Society, and that’s the one that really gets them jobs
is the industry certification. We have students who are placed now with different manufacturers
locally: Siemens, we have students working there, and GNB Productions, another big company. I would definitely recommend students to come
to Cosumnes River College because it definitely prepares you for employment in the future,
or whatever you want to do with it. You know, just to learn the skills. There’s people from
all walks of life here. I would definitely recommend taking welding
at CRC. It’s definitely worth it.

Stanley Yells at Ryan – The Office US

Ow, ow, ow, ow. You broke my hand. There is no way that hurt. Really? ‘Cause she’s pretty strong, Dwight. Little girl. Come over here. Shake my hand. Come on.
I don’t have all day. I don’t feel anything. Nothing. You are so weak. Uh, excuse me.
These are expensive collector’s items, OK? -Do you have any computer games?
-No, I don’t have computer games in my work computer. That would be innappropriate. Yeah, Meredith doesn’t have any, either. It’s so lame here. You call your mom Meredith? That’s very disrespectful. Whatever, OK? You could refer to me as Mr. Schrute. -That’s your name?
-Mm-hmm? -Mr. Poop?
-Schrute. Mr. Schrute. Sure, Mr. Poop. Schrute. Are you Mother Goose? I drink, like, a hundred Ice Macchiatos today and practically nothing else. Wow. There’s a really cool coffee place, Jitters, at the Steamtown Mall. Ever been there? No. You’ve never been to Jitters? Ryan, you are so dorky. Give me your number so I can text you. Um. Come on. You have an email address? -…that I thought you should know…
-Mm-hmm. -What?
-I think something a little fishy is going on. -A little fishy? Yeah. I mean, I’ve been noticing them all day. I was thinking that maybe… That little girl is a child. -I don’t wanna see you sniffing around her anymore this afternoon. Do you understand?
-Yes. Boy, have you lost your mind?! ‘Cause I’ll help you find it. What ya lookin’ for, ain’t nobody gonna help you out there. -Jesus can come through that door and he’s not gonna help you if you don’t stop sniffing after my child!
-OK. Stanley yelled at me today. That was one of the most frightening experiences of my life.

How Do You Win an Employment Law Case?

In labor and employment law, most of our claims
are witness driven, fact driven, document driven. So the process is really about cross-examining,
deposing, percipient witnesses, getting documents that might support them, support their statements
or impeach their statement. And basically we end up going to court, in
state court, you have to convince 9 out of 12 jurors that the righteousness of your claim. In federal court you have unanimous verdicts,
you often get the benefit of jurors forced to reach a consensus, while in state court,
when you have that ability where you need 9 out of 12, you’ll have a group of naysayers
who try to form and bring people over, so in my opinion, you often get the more mistrials
at the state court level than at the federal court level. So, although many attorneys, and federal court
is a little more difficult, you do need an experienced attorney, but Kesluk Silverstein
and Jacob, we have a lot of experience in federal court and in class action which is
also in federal court. All initial contacts are free, we have free
consultations with any contact. Our number is (310) 273-3180 or you can contact
us through our website at Feel free to call.

Maryam Rajavi – Iran uprising- Women are the force for change

Fellow compatriots, freedom-loving women of Iran, Iran’s Resistance units and rebellious youths, Heroes who have shaken the regime to its foundations, My dear daughters who have infuriated the enemy with your heroism, The blood of more than 600 martyred protesters shot to death by Khamenei’s revolutionary guards and the rebellion that expanded to 187 cities across the country inspire all of us to continue the uprising to topple the ruling religious fascism. The courage exhibited by women and men and young people, and your sacrifices, have affected the grieving cities. Rebellious cities have risen up in our fettered nation and shanty towns have become hotbeds of revolution and rebellion. Hail to our rebellious cities who compete in breaking out of the mullahs’ occupation. From Shiraz and Sadra to Shahriar and Islamshahr, to Sirjan, to Isfahan, to Karaj and Fardis, to Marivan and Sanandaj, to Javanroud and Kermanshah, and to Behbahan, Mahshahr and Bushehr, and other rebellious cities. Iran’s cities are rising up one after the other and everywhere; women actively participate, leading and supporting the protesters. We had already said that women are the force for change and will defeat the mullahs’ reactionary and religious tyranny. Now, look at the scenes of the uprisings. See, how our courageous sisters encourage people to protest and rebel, and lead the protesting units. The clerical regime’s Interior Minister said, “In the streets, two to three hours after the sunset, we encountered some forces in these places who operated as units comprised of five or four or six persons. Usually, they were accompanied by a woman who encouraged others and invited them to join the protest.” The regime’s experts said, “In various parts, especially in Tehran suburbs, women, between 30 and 35 years of age, had a special role in leading the riots… Women’s special role in leading the recent riots seemed remarkable.” Yes, it is remarkable, indeed. The arisen women of Iran have come to the battle field to bring down the regime. The mullahs have seen themselves on the brink of collapse. They want to evade this fate by committing crimes. They shoot young people in the head and chest. They strike the wounded in the streets with the axe. They shoot people from rooftops and they slaughter teenagers, just 13 or 14 years of age, making massive arrests which still continue. The number of those arrested is so high that the mullahs’ parliament deputies have admitted the arrest of some seven to eight thousand people. The actual number, however, exceeds 12,000. The arrests have been so numerous that in the early days they used grade schools to house those detained. In the meantime, the names of more martyrs are being verified. The Revolutionary Guards snatch the wounded from hospital beds and prevent the treatment of the severely wounded. Security forces haul away the bodies of martyrs from the morgues to conceal the scale of their massive bloodshed. Despite such brutality and ruthlessness, Khamenei is having nightmares over the regime’s downfall. He knows well that the volcano of rage and fury which flared in this uprising all across Iran is moving towards his headquarters. So, he has set aside any restraint and weighed in personally to command the killing operation. Hassan Rouhani, Khamenei’s president, has been also backing and praising the revolutionary guards, the paramilitary Bassij, and the murderers of Iran’s youths and teenagers. As admitted by the regime’s officials, his cabinet includes the largest number of Intelligence Ministry officials in the past 40 years. Now, he says, “I bow to them for their efforts (i.e. slaughter of protesters).” The IRGC has admitted that this uprising has spread to hundreds of cities. The uprising cannot be contained no matter how brutally they suppress it, or how many brave and rebellious protesters they butcher. The uprisings of December 2017-January 2018, and the uprising of August 2018 were also suppressed by Khamenei, but they gave impetus to November 2019 uprising. The difference is that the leading role of rebellious women and youths, who no longer tolerate the 40-year oppression of the criminal mullahs, and the sacrifices made by hundreds of martyrs, have enhanced the Iranian people’s resolve to revolt and rebel a hundred times more. As the Iranian Resistance’s Leader Massoud Rajavi said: “The Iranian people and Resistance paid a heavy, bloody price to achieve this enormous and irreversible leap forward.” This is why Khamenei issued his six-point directive to the Bassij, urging it to be on alert in all neighborhoods and stay ahead of the enemy. Yes, this is meant to confront the campaign to overthrow the regime, which Khamenei clearly sees on the horizon. The Iran uprising cannot be extinguished. The battle of Iranian people, resistance units, and the great Liberation Army will march forward and end the ruling religious tyranny. I urge my sisters and daughters across the country to: 1. Strengthen your resolve and become a hundred times more determined in leading and commanding the rebellious units. The more you improve your role in commanding the protests, the more durable and powerful the uprisings will become. 2. Encourage the fighting spirit and valor that characterize the young people participating in these admirable uprisings. The bravery, fearlessness, and roaring rage displayed by Iran’s younger generation have forced the mercenaries of Bassij and IRGC to flee the scene everywhere. 3. Aid and facilitate the treatment of those wounded in the uprising, particularly the youths who cannot go to hospitals due to security reasons. 4. Assist and support the parents of martyrs and the families of those arrested. 5. Inspire our fellow compatriots to actively participate in funeral services to commemorate the martyrs and protest the detention and torture of protesters. Hail to the martyrs Hail to the freedom-loving women and the rebels for freedom Hail to the Iran uprising for regime change

@TxRRC: Supporting Veterans through Employment

(Music) (David Olson) Today we’re celebrating “Hiring Red, White & You,” an annual job fair for veterans. We host this event in partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission and the Texas
Veterans Commission, it introduce the men and women leaving military service to
employer opportunities here in Austin. (Lowell Keig) It’s really important that we honor our
veterans for their service by putting them together especially with these
events with with great employers who are looking for vets to hire. (Joe Beach) We have three
IT manager positions open right now. Our presence here is our way at the Railroad
Commission of recognizing the sacrifices and commitment and duty and service that
our veterans have given so that we can say, we appreciate that, and it’s directly
relevant experience to a number of positions we have open currently as well
as we will have coming open in the next few months. (Music)

Addressing Barriers to Youth Work & Employment – Thinking About Mentorship

This concept of accompaniment or mentorship is so important that then we need to then develop the capacity within the community itself. The role that we play as frontline people is not only to work with our clients but how can we work with the community and build capacity within the community to actually provide support for the youth in order to advance. Youth have immense capacity and the capacity within them is latent and what can sort of be done, you know how can youth sort of like
realizing their true potential. Sometimes we speak with youth about like what do you want to do, but sometimes youth have trouble even answering that question because they don’t have enough vision, they don’t have enough information about
what the possibilities are so they can’t even describe what their potential is. I think mentorship, or sponsorship, or accompaniment has a huge role in supporting youth with employment. A lot of the opportunities I’ve had in my own life are because of people that I knew and the talents and skills they can see in me and connecting me with relevant
people. I’ve been fortunate to have folks who have a sponsorship mentality. To say: I know where this kid wants to go right? And water that. You know my best friend Mark his dad saying ‘Hey listen this is – you have these skills. Let’s! Let’s focus on these a little bit. Let’s – how can we leverage this?

Oficio: Chinampero

My grandparents told me that they still had to go to deliver the vegetables in the canoes to Jamaicas’ market, there they shipped the products in the afternoon, waited for the gate to open and to leave the product to sell it there in the city. We are talking about what is golden beet, we have varieties of lettuce, we have mustard, we have a variety of spinach called New Zealand, it is sold to restaurants, to private homes. The people who consume it have come to make us visits here to the chinampas to see where this product comes from and the effort that one makes as chinampero to be able to get those quality products. We have a great potential that we can exploit, but unfortunately people are no longer so involved in the field. Come and taste what we sow, and the kind of life we ​​have here in Xochimilco.