Open Office with Patty Darling

Our faculty here, the Jazz faculty is
amazing. It’s an honor to be working with them and and getting a chance to share
these new ideas and find ways that we can inspire and help our students really
find their unique path here musically Hi, my name is Patty Darling and I am an
instructor of music here in the Jazz department at Lawrence. Not only do we do composition and piano here but this is also the home of the Fred Sturm of jazz
library. It is an absolute treasure of big band music, small group music that we use for performing and sight reading and score study. This rocket Sturminator
has been here as long as I can remember I think that’s a bottle of coke in the
top. So this right here was the concert we just did this fall which was so cool.
It’s it was a huge collaboration with the Jazz Ensemble and studio Orchestra
and then we brought in faculty from the jazz department and we put together a
110 piece Orchestra jazz orchestra and we fit them on stage
and it was absolutely amazing. Feel free to stop by anytime. See you later!

Inside Red Hat’s Paris office

Welcome to the Red Hat office here in Paris. We are the headquarters for France. We have sales, consulting, pre-sales, marketing, and facilities, and we’re rapidly
growing. We’ve been here for quite a long time and
we have a lot of space where we can welcome new
associates, new team members. We have people who have been here for a
while. For example, we have been celebrating last
week the tenth year anniversary of one of our associates. So people like to come into Red Hat and like
to stay for a long time. We are in a business area which is very
convenient, plenty of our large enterprise customers are pretty
close, so it’s a good position in the city. We are passionate, we love our company, and
we love our country. We are looking at the global situation
because from here we manage accounts having worldwide affiliates,
so we are really open to the world, even if we are
bleu, blanc, rouge, as we say, meaning, you know, this is the colors of
our flag. Shh! People here are in the technical area,
so we don’t speak too loud. They are very concentrated on some high-level technical issues, so please don’t make noise. Being a predominantly sales office here, there’s always something happening, it’s very
fast paced. We have a lot of clients who come in here for
meetings. So, there’s always something happening. Okay, here, this is the best place
of the Paris office. This is the cafeteria, where we like to meet with colleagues to have a
drink, to have lunch together. We had a very nice lunch, one hour ago, here, and it’s all
clean, because Red Hat is all about efficiency and
execution. We clean everything and then back to
the business. There are people who have been here for
many years. They are still passionate like if
it was their first day. And they keep the thing all together. So there is a real sort of family spirit. People like to be here together. Thanks for visiting us here in the Paris
office. We hope you have more of a feel of what
happens over here in Paris. And we hope to see you again soon.

Pakistan gun market

There is an area in Pakistan, where model of any gun could be found and at very minimal price. This area is such a place where the police have been keeping away to come here. ‘Darra Adam Khel’ is a small town situated in the mountains, some 35 kilometers away from Peshawar. Here is a famous market but not for food items, but for guns. This is Pakistan’s largest black market of weapons Stolen arms are available here but there is a lot of demand for hand work. Russia’s AK47 or MP5 of Bulgaria, all are made here from the metal raised from junk. In Darra Adam Khel, some people are expert to do the exact copy of these famous weapons. The MP5 Gun is found in only 7000 Pakistani rupees here; it costs around four thousand rupees in Indian currency. Similarly, AK47 gun can be found here in 13000 Pakistani rupees i.e., eight thousand rupees in Indian currency. Sellers also show their testing by fire; they sell something after the customer is satisfied. These weapon makers claim that their employees are so skilled that they can make exact copy of any weapon. These people use the metal from the scrap yard to make weapons. This is often the junk of old sea ships, which is used for this purpose. Those living in the surrounding areas also have no problem because the area is dominated by Pashtun And the Pashtun families have been running weapons from the grounds. There was a time when every illegal item was found in this market, whether it was a stolen car or a fake degree. This market was flourished in the 1980. Mujahideen crossed the border from Afghanistan and used to buy weapons from here for the war against the Soviet Union. Later, this place was occupied by the Taliban. Now things have been changed for the past few years, the government is slowly trying to control this area. Shopkeepers say that there were more than 7000 shops, but no remaining half today. Due to the strictness of government the demand has been decreased. Nails have been put out of the city, people are taken to the place and searched. In such a situation, it is now difficult to take arms out of border.


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7 REAL Work From Home Jobs That Pay $100 Per Day Or More (2020)

What’s going on everyone Attan here and
in today’s video I am gonna share with you seven real work from home jobs that
pay hundred dollars per day or more. To find out all the details here all you
have to do is stay with me but first if you’re new around make sure to subscribe
to my youtube channel because I upload videos about how to make money online
work from home opportunities entrepreneurship and much more and make
sure you also hit the notification that so you can be notified every time I
upload a new video. Alright so as I said I’m gonna share with you here today
seven real work from home jobs that you can get started with as long as you have
more or less an internet connection and any kind of a computer and/or a mobile
device there as well. Now what you need to do here is pay attention I’m gonna
share a few tips and ideas and tricks here recording these sites so make sure
you don’t skip on anything here because you might miss out on anything that is
important so watch the whole video here so you get the most out of these
opportunities here also if you’re interested in making a full time passive
income online build a sustainable online business
I do have my number one recommendation right here below that I highly suggest
you to have a closer look at when we finish this video of course but for now
let’s see the seven real work from home jobs that pay hundred dollars per day or
more let’s get started okay so the first thing that we can apply for is to become
a virtual assistant one of the sites here I’m showing you right now is remote
dot co and you can apply here for any kind of remote jobs alright so I just
came here you can do a search of course if you have any specific skills I don’t
know your skills there but you can see your virtual assistant writing is one
health care for example marketing and so under lot of opportunities inside here
so go to remote dot Co there is another site very popular also which is flex
jobs calm you can go in here and you can say you can search
the full-time part-time job category and say that there is for customer service
for example 217 jobs available here so you just go inside and check out the
details some are worldwide some are only located
in specific countries they want you to so do your research here and we have
another one which is also one of my favorite sites its virtual assistant
jobs you go to the job section and you can search with a category pretty much
the same here also you can search for flexible full-time and so on I just type
data entry flexible and full-time and you can see that it founds 265 matching
records a lot of opportunities here look at this for example executive assistants
that pay you up to 49 thousand dollars per year here okay it’s not bad at all
we have here virtual travel coordinators up to 40,000 per year so a lot of
opportunities just go here and get stored to do your search here or
research let’s move on to the next opportunity and that is to do some micro
tasks and we can actually do a lot of other things also MTurk Amazon’s
Mechanical Turk here we go to enter comm you go to the section where it says
learn more and you can see here you can make money in your spare time you get
paid for completing simple tasks here so simple tasks can be anything as tagging
objects for example helping companies here select the best picture audit user
classifying and identify objects found in satellite imagery and so on here it’s
a great way has a lot of opportunities inside here just go to Amazon Mechanical
Turk you go to MTurk come here you sign up and you get started with whatever you
feel that you are you can do actually more or less so the next site I’m going
to share with you pretty similar also is clickworker calm and click worker you
can see here they always look for in users worldwide who can for example
create a correct text participate in surveys or search and categorize data
for us so they do have a lot of different tasks here you work more or
less as a freelance on this site here you decide of course how much you want
to work and all you need is a computer mobile device and with an internet
connection of course you can see here text creation categorization copy
editing proofreading Research Service mystery visit and so on there so there
is actually one site I wanted to share here also that you can do some micro
tasks doesn’t require any specific skills at all I mean if you just see
you’re for voting on a YouTube video you get ten cents here follow someone on
Twitter twelve cents this is not much but it takes you actually less than a
minute to do this kind of tasks so if you do get stored to do a lot of these
tasks you can end up earning pretty good amount of money actually with rapid
workers here so that is a good tip also to get started with very easy it doesn’t
require any specific skills actually okay let’s move onto another opportunity
and that is to become a web search evaluator or actually a social media
evaluator also now happen is the most popular site for do this kind of job but
they do have also a lot of other opportunities so I do recommend you
actually to go to this site if you see here they do have experience working in
hundred and thirty plus countries and 180 plus languages now this is a
worldwide company has a lot of jobs here okay what you need to do is go to the
section where it says jobs here and you can see that you can actually do a lot
of other things here also a good example would be a rater language jobs micro
tasks that you have micro tasks here also and of course corporate jobs so I
just went to corporate jobs I typed here grace remote ok which is available and
you can say social media evaluator and web search Evalia
waiter and that is companies they won’t help actually to see if they rank for
specific keywords so they tell you to see or if their ads are shown in
Facebook and so on so that is what you do as a social media
evaluator for example have a look at the details here for yourself see what you
can apply for and get started with it all right the next opportunity is to
become a transcriber this doesn’t require also anything that is hard to do
I mean you just need a good pair of headphones and get started typing
actually scree be calm is the site that we’re having a look right here now and
you go to the section where it says transcribers and you can see here that
you can earn anything from five up to twenty-five dollars per audio over here
okay for transcription but you do need of course to sign up for a few more
sites you can’t just wait for scree be calm and Rev calm is definitely one of
the most popular sites there you go to the bottom where it says freelancers and
you will arrive to this site here and you can see that you can earn up to 90
cents per audio video minute here and of course if you are a captioner which is
more or less the same as being a transcriptionist you watch the video
here and you get started to type and you need to sync of course the tight audio
and so under so you can earn up to 75 cents per audio video minute and if you
happen to know a foreign language then you can see it you can learn much more
you can anywhere from one dollar and fifty cent up to three dollars per audio
video minute here so this is a great site and I’m actually going to share
with you here soon some other sites that you can apply for as a transcriptionist
or a captionist also so I hope you like what you see so far make sure to smash
that like button if you do so let’s move on to another opportunity and that is
writing now writing can actually be like a proofreader it doesn’t have to be only
that your articles but you can be a proofreader
editing so keep that in mind as well one of the sites that is popular is
eyewriter comm of course it is good if you can write articles and
you’re interested in that you can apply here and another site is text broker you
need to go to the section here to get an idea where it says payments I’m right
here right now so the acceptor but what I wanted to share with you is this here
if you are a good writer let’s say for example that you get started with as a
four star rider 4,000 or words Oracle you can unfold in dollars but if you are
really good and you have an expertise in something and you are a five story
writer you can see that you can earn 50 dollars per thousand words
Oracle okay so it’s not bad at all but as I said don’t limit yourself for only
writing articles press releases or whatever you like to write but it can be
proofreading editing and so on there let’s move on to another opportunity and
that is to teach online I’m going to share with you two different ways here
the first one is to create an online course it’s super easy to do this I have
done two to these days I have audio video mastery where I teach people on
how to edit audio and video like a pro this is my background I have produced
over 20,000 radio commercials with my team together to this day this is where
I got started two decades ago actually more or less as a known on and offline
entrepreneur I would say and the other course that I created was good I’m sorry
daily list profits where I teach people how to make hundred dollars per day
online now what I did is I actually had to write sales copy video sales letter
and so on so this is a much better way to get started in my opinion it’s
totally free to get started with and all you have to do is upload your course
more or less and udemy will help you to promote it afterwards there when as soon
as you have uploaded the course there and if you get if you get started here
on your MA you can search for anything at all that
you can imagine there are so many opportunities here that you can get to
other people or hungry to learn a lot of things information of course that’s why
they come in the first place online and they do save themselves a lot of time to
go here and learn specific things look at this for example here let’s go the
ultimate drawing course for example you can see our seventy six thousand people
has enrolled in this course and it sells for twelve dollars here so imagine what
this person has made here alright we have a look at this Microsoft Excel
something really simple twelve dollars for the for this course and we have
eighty-seven thousand people that has enrolled here a lot of monies that you
can earn here a lot of them honey I’m sorry that you can earn on
now a tip here is when you have created your online course
which is super easy to do you can actually upload it on other sites like
Skillshare com for example this and there is teachable and there is other
sites there as well that you can upload the course so once you have your
original work done there you can upload it on other sites there so you can earn
more money with it now another way of teaching is to become a tutor you can
teach English online for example here VIP keep teachers you can earn up to
twenty two dollars per hour but you can also be a tutor in overall for anything
can be solving math problems or something like that check is this site
here where I am right now so they do have a lot of tutor jobs also available
here but you can of course just do research just google it to the ring and
so on and you will definitely find more sites that you can apply for all right
let’s move on to the final opportunity here and that is to become a freelancer
in overall if you come here two people per hour calm this is one great site
that has a lot of freelance jobs I will say in overall I just type call center
here to give you an example but let’s go
for a virtual assistant ok if I type virtual assistants and let’s see here
let’s go in all categories but you can search here for example for writing and
so on there but look at this I need virtual assistant experts this is
in euros it is approximately around $85 here this is hundred dollars virtual
assistant for business portfolio project virtual assistant for two hundred and
fifty dollars approximately here and you just go inside and see and check out all
the details here and see if you can apply for it now what I would recommend
you to do is sign up to a few of these sites actually go in on a daily basis
see what you can apply for bid low in the beginning until you get a good
reputation when you get a good reputation people want to hire you
definitely if you are good at your job there and you will get more and more
jobs so that is how it works another site is you can see I did
the same here I’m just typed let’s say for example data entry here on line 135
dollars here there are 69 bits so if you go and beat it for example hundred
dollars I can do this job you can see it’s data processing could be Excel or
whatever you can definitely get the job there alright so you see that there is
tons of opportunities here as well another site is also upward comm you
have here mail three sites already which is freelance sites and there are so many
things that you can apply for here and finally I would say you can
see here I just typed transcription if I open this up for example you can see
here there is over thousand people that has actually trusted this lady here with
this gig here and it’s not only about five dollars because let’s say for
example that you have twenty five minutes it will increase to 14 this is
fifteen dollars and for one hour this lady charges thirty three this is
approximately around 40 US dollars here so I mean you can apply for anything
okay I just let’s take something really simple here video editing for example I
will make video editing of 360 videos you can see it starts four hundred
dollars here one hundred and twenty five thirty dollars and so on so there are no
limits really one of the best ways to work from home is to become any kind of
real answer it depends of course a little bit on your scales here but you
can also apply for simple like data entry jobs and so on there
so there you have it seven plus I think I share some more opportunities here
actually on the real work from home jobs that pay hundred dollars per day or more
now as I said in the beginning I do have my number one recommendation to make a
full time hassle income online till the sustainable online business
you find it right here below in the description so make sure you check that
out if you got some value here I really appreciate if you smash that like button
below make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel make sure you hit the
notification bellow so you can be notified every time I upload a new video
and you’re going to find another make money online video recommendation at my
end screen here right now thank you very much for watching and I’ll see you in
the next one


Hey guys today we are going to proof of HASHRATEMINING this mining company I brought a week ago, here on the channel I invested, and she paid right So lets go guys let’s go here HASHRATEMINING for those who have not seen the other video, the minimum investment 6.20 in dollars only invests in bitcoin bitcoin only and the minimum withdrawal is 50,000 bitcoin satoshi let’s go here transactions on here you can see here my wallet 54,000 satoshi bitcoin the website he does the deposit of income in our account around 11 am, midnight I had 47k bitcoin satoshi 47 thousand when the income entered, it automatically paid me already went straight to my wallet that yielded another 7 thousand and a few fractions you can see, which is what I’m earning a day already hit the minimum, and already send my balance straight to my bitcoin market hash here for you my wallet, here my wallet yesterday’s payments were sent the wallet here the value 0.00054 l bitcoin satoshi 0.00054459 satoshi I will sample it here in my portfolio for you concluded here for me it was the first day but the shipment was yesterday, around about 11 hours, 11 and a half paid right payment is really high after you register, come here settings or you put to accumulate or automatic if you have the automatic, you have reached the minimum already go to the wallet if you don’t want to pay, you leave in profit accumulation and the balance will remain in the balance there staying here, you can use to buy or add, to accumulate and withdraw a higher value of the mining company I also promised to send an email I said I would get in touch with them I contacted them they answered I asked if the mining company was legitimate I said I would invest 0.10 bitcoin they said it was legitimate very important that the site has support why, without support it becomes difficult gets complicated to invest in an unsupported website UNIEX It has not support, we send a message nobody responds but are paying but sometimes there is a problem with our account and the site is not even support It has then it gets complicated so that was it guys proof of payment there legal mining company can last a long time remembering that it is 1.1% a day could be a good one for 2020 and pointing out that this is an online investment on’t put money gives your house or that you cannot invest always use the money on the internet of websites that you can get earn on the internet, for invest online thank you very much everyone, this big hug stay with god and until the next video

“Buy Streetfood, Pay Using Credit Card” | Comment Trolling

Bring a denture, talk to a stranger. Then in the middle of your conversation, the denture will suddenly fall off! Let’s see their reaction!!! Miss! Miss, just wanna ask if you know the nearest ATM Machine. Nearest ATM machine…. Try over there! where? What ride should I take? ride a tricycle Can you help me put it back? put it back but… it’s dirty! Is it good now? Okay, thank you! Twerk to the tune of ” The birds are flying” Can you help me check if I got dirt in my back? Do I have dirt in my back? The birds are flying! is loved by God There’s no dirt? Hi Miss! Ask a stranger anything, and speak on the contrary to their answers. Then tell them, I know this more than you do. Which way is going to Tagaytay? Tagaytay? in Pala-Pala! You should take a ride going to Pala-Pala What’s that again? Take a ride going to Pala-Pala Drop off is in Pala-Pala, from there take a ride going to Tagaytay! As far as I know, it’s should be going to Dasmarinas That’s right! In Robinson’s Pala-Pala.. But the one I know is in SM SM right? You gotta walk a bit more going there need to walk? as far as I know, you need to run going there! how? What should I ride from here? take a jeep. going to Dasma, Pala-Pala, Robinsons it should be tricycle, right? Whatever you want! Where is Dasma? Once you reached the crossing, it’s already Dasma. your drop off is in crossing Isn’t it Tagaytay? not yet. Tagaytay is a bit far from there! It’s just near I know. How about going to Bacoor? I’m kinda lost. Where are you heading to? Going back to Davao! You should go to Manila. Okay. Act like you’re Mute. Ask a random stranger for a place and if they help you say Thank you! HAHAHAHA ride a bus. Ride a bus! going to Tagaytay! Yes! It’s just going to Silang! Ride a bus! not that one! What are you saying? there’s no cab around here! Okay, thank you! Thank you! Buy anything paying with no enough money, but still say keep the change to the vendor. Hello, good morning! Do you have….. How much for the…. 1 Nova, please! Piattos?? Yes! Here. Keep the change! This is not enough! you can keep the change, sir! you can keep the change, you don’t have to give it back to me. That’s okay! Thank you! Buy streetfood, Pay using credit card! How much for this? 2 pieces, please is this okay now? I’ll get quail egg for take out! How much all? 40 pesos boss! We don’t accept card here boss! What do you accept? How about gold? just cash! only cash? How about debit? No! How much all? 40 pesos only! I don’t have cash! Is there an ATM machine around here? Do you guys have 40 pesos? I’ll return it I will be back how about 20 pesos! Do you have 40 pesos? How about you maam do you have 40 pesos? Can I just wash dishes for you, sir? I don’t have that here boss! Is there an ATM machine around here? I’ll just go back sir Okay 40 pesos! Do you have a signal here? Not really! Is the air here, fresh? Can I sit here? sit there? It’s fresher here. you can sit there! I’ll be just fine here! Is that Cartoons? Do you like cartoons? Do you have Chobits on your phone? A sexy cartoon girl? Do you like those kinds? Wearing mini skirts? I don’t like that! Like Dragon Bold Z!!? Something like Dragon Bold Z? With sexy… That’s pretty good! I always watch those! At night, before I go to sleep! Girls??? With round… It’s my stress reliever! Bro, it’s just prank! It’s just prank, we have camera right there! Where?? We have 2 cameras there! Hohohoy Tukos! It’s in the comment section below! Just click here! follow us on instagram where we always post our myday! Beef soup! Tukos, we’re here at one of the best restaurants that serve the best beef soup! here in Tagaytay! We can’t resist eating here, because they say the best beef soup is in Tagaytay! Just wanna share to you Tukos, that I have pimple! If you want to be like hypebeast, but it now! It’s in the facebook fanpage of TukomiClothing! Always remember! Continuous.. Good Vibes!

Gabo goes to his first day at work | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

I got him a job but he
didn’t even wake up early. Isn’t he excited at all? Be nice. It’s hard. Good morning, Mister Gabo. It’s Saturday,
your first day of work. You should get ready. Good morning! What is it? So noisy! But I thought you… Sorry. We switched places. Because mine was too long. I mean, my legs. – Whatever!
– I’ll wait for you outside. Goodness, you’re too early. What a show-off. We haven’t even had breakfast. – Sorry.
– See? No one’s here yet. We just wasted our time. Impressive, Billy. Showing our new employee
to come to work earlier. – Actually…
– Yes, ma’am. She woke me up really early And I swear I’ll do my best
not to disappoint you. Wow! You’re early. Here you go, sir. Just like you ordered. What is this?
I said no mayonnaise! Are you dumb? Yes. I put mayonnaise
too much? I told you not to put
mayonnaise on it! Do you understand? I’m very sorry, sir. – My mistake.
– Is there a problem here? – Yes.
– I’m sorry. – I couldn’t understand you.
– Could you please go inside? I’m going to sort this out. I told him no mayonnaise. – What do I do with this?
– Don’t worry. We’ll get you a new one. Gabo? Oh! Sorry. I thought you were pissed off. That damn customer
was really frustrating. It was just one mistake! Don’t worry about it. I actually found it exciting. You’re fine with it? It’s experience. Where’s everybody? Come here. All of you did a good job today. – Thank you.
– Thank you, too. Those are tips. the sum is divided
according to positions. I see. Here you go. – Well done.
– Thank you. Billy. Thank you. And Gabo. And also, since you don’t have
a bank account, this is your pay for the day. You’re rich now. You’re loaded. Let’s go. Can we drop by the market?

Lt Robert Howell Everyday Hero Henry County Sheriff’s Office

I was born here in 1987, my parents were the ones that left DeKalb and Clayton started moving south to start their
family here in Henry County I went to elementary school here middle in high
school went to college here met my elementary school sweetheart here at
Hampton Elementary Weave that right hand through…there you go. I have been training in jiu-jitsu for a little over 12 years now. I train at 6 am in the morning I run a 6 am class. You got to maintain your physical, you got to maintain your mental, and you got to maintain your spiritual especially with the law enforcement career. Yes, the four gang charges and the aggravated assault. I didn’t get into it because I wanted to drive fast and get out and chase people. I looked at it as a chance to provide back to the community that raised me. Policing to me especially in the gang unit is first-and-foremost you’re a public servant. We have got to remember that and keep that at our fore-front. We’re here for the people of our community, victims and suspects Few can truly appreciate the rigors of working in law enforcement. These everyday heroes are also fathers and mothers brothers
and sisters sons and daughters and our neighbors they go to work every day with
a passion to serve others and to protect us and our loved ones many serving the
communities in which they grew up because they love where they’re from and
see it as an honor and a duty to get back I’m US attorney BJ Pak so please
join me in thanking them for their dedication and service

International Students Pay FEES With SALARY! Life at University of Waterloo

so college is little bit isolated from the city. Co-op culture of Waterloo is very popular So to go to Waterloo i will have to change 3 buses. I though it will be covered in the day pass but it will not be. I is super expensive $20. Hopefully after 3 buses. I will take uber little bit walk. So it is very challenging I want to share when I first heard about Waterloo it was when I was at HackGT (Georgia Tech) I can’t say one is better or the other Finals are starting in 1 week here Whole campus has Pianos every where so that student can play. Can’t be stolen as it is huge Students come in a line here and then wait for their turn for mock interview and resume reviews Student choose this university just because of the co-op culture After spending that much money students didn’t want to be secluded from Downtown. so that’s why they don’t come here. is that true? Ride share program costs only $20 to go to downtown from here so not that inconvenient on a weekly basis