Make It Yours – Season 1 – Home Office with @krumble

♪ [music] ♪ ♪ Make it yours ♪ ♪ [music] ♪ – [Keira] My name’s Keira Rumble. I am the CEO of Krumbled Foods. I’m also a travel writer and a food
writer. So the home office really excites me
because I work from home, and I know the importance of being able to
have it functional but then also relaxing. ♪ [music] ♪ Okay. Not as bad as I thought. And the backyard is so pretty. This is not though. It’s so…that’s got to go. But it’s actually not as bad as I was
expecting. Cute. ♪ [music] ♪ What I am really excited to do is to
convert the wardrobe into a desk, but then have bi-folds so you can shut it
away, sort of wind down from the work, and have a really nice relaxing place. Bunnings have got an epic wallpaper that
I’ve been wanting to try. It gives almost a texture. So you can paint whatever color and it
adds that little bit of texture. When I was in Morocco,
you saw the walls that had this beautiful sort of texture to it,
so it’s not just a standard finish. So that will be really fun. This space is going to be divided into
three areas, and I’m going to try and bring a little bit of the earthy tone
element throughout. So you’ve got your work area with some
office cabinetry or filing cabinet. We’ll change the doors into bi-fold doors. So that will create more space and more
versatility in the room. Then you’ve got the bed space and then
you’ve got the meditation space. I’m going to try and find a cane hutch and
try and incorporate a little bit more cane into the room. And a room isn’t finished without indoor
plants. – [Monica] Hey, we are from Bunnings. – Hi, guys. – [Aishwarya] Hey, Keira. – Are you guys ready? – Let’s get started. – Doing the makeover with a couple of
friends, or in this case, the Bunnings team, just makes it so much
more fun and a lot easier. ♪ [music] ♪ I’m going to attempt to take the doors
off. Sorry. ♪ [music] ♪ How easy is that? That was so easy. I’m actually [inaudible] impressed with
how easy that came off. I’m going to go to Bunnings,
pick out those bi-fold doors. What do we need to do? We need to tape up and then maybe prep the
walls. – Yep. – And then we can start painting. – Yeah, sure. – Cool, awesome. ♪ [music] ♪ Going on Pinterest, I get inspo. Walking through Bunnings,
it’s almost better because there’s so much variety, and you could just spend
hours in here. I actually do. Lots to choose from when it comes to
doors. I had no idea how versatile
their wallpaper is. There’s texture, there’s different
geometric prints, there’s brick. I’m like a kid in a candy store. This is the wallpaper that I’ve chosen. It’s got a really beautiful fine sort of
grainy texture. And I’m going to paint some nice earthy
tones over the top of it. Mesa Verde for the walls,
and for the wallpaper, a nice earthy, the Rodeo Drive. ♪ [music] ♪ Loving the color. And it’s also tying in really nicely with
all of the outdoor. I’m no pro when it comes to painting. I’ll be the first one to say that. Sugar soap scrubs are a really good way
just to get off paint. And you know, that’s my little DIY tip. As much as I would love to show you all
how I would apply the wallpaper, which wouldn’t be that good,
we’ve actually got the experts coming in to show us how it’s done. ♪ [music] ♪ So it’s like a paste and they just put it
on. – [Man 1] Yeah, that’s a paste. – Yeah. – It’s going to be thin layer or else
you’ll get glue bubbles. – It’s sort of like laminating a school
book. – Yep. And you got to do the edge of the wall. – Yeah. – Cut it with a knife. – It looks so good. I can’t wait to put some color on to it. – It’s all yours. – Thank you. This is the Rodeo Drive color. Always have paint that matches your
scrunchie. Moment of truth, here we go. We’ll ruin it before we do it. Are you guys going to come help? – We’re going to get some… – I’m kidding. That was a joke. It glides on so much easier than I
thought. It’s a designer look for less than half
of the price that you’d normally pay. ♪ [music] ♪ It’s a DIY make-it-your-own artwork. What they’ve done outside is really
clever. I love the vertical gardens. I like the privacy screen. But why can’t we have this that’s meant
for outdoors inside? We’ve got these Neon Flex LED lights. Going to take this and stick it behind it
and then pop it on the wall. ♪ [music] ♪ It will fit right in the theme of that
earthy sort of tones. It looks good. The new office furniture from Bunnings is
really exciting because, obviously, we’re doing the home office today. Now, a really quick and easy way to make
it a little bit more you is to just simply change the handles. So what we’ve got here is Bunnings got
these beautiful little leather straps. These are the original handles,
so I’m going to use the same screws, take them off, and then pop the new
leather handles on to them. ♪ [music] ♪ Just like that. ♪ [music] ♪ Done. Easy. The electrician is going to put in the
power board with the USBs and then hang that beautiful pendant light. – [Man 2] So this works with Google Home. So you can control all your lights in the
house off the app on your phone. Download the app on your phone,
hit the On button. Dim it. – The Smart Globe in the lights actually
give you the power to be lying in bed, dimming your light, turning your lights
off, or simply just saying, “OK Google, let’s put on the meditation mode.” Boing. ♪ [music] ♪ Welcome to Keira’s Greenhouse Green Thumb
Workshop. I love indoor plants,
and we’ve got some really exciting ones. So aloe is something that I love and I
have in my own home office. And it’s got really good medicinal values,
too, which is handy. The devil’s ivy is one that I have
throughout my whole house, and these are great. They drape over really beautiful,
and this will be a really nice feature, especially with the grain that we’ve got
on the walls. And this one, this is the Zanzibar gem. So the Zanzibar gem is an up-and-coming
trendy indoor plant. This is the mother-in-law’s tongue,
and I’ve been told it is really hard to kill, which is good for me. ♪ [music] ♪ Oh, no. That’s how you do it. There we go. All right, nearly time for all of the
furnishing. So let’s clean this up. We’ll put the blinds on, the sheers on,
the desk in, and then we’ll start with the fun stuff, which is the styling. – Oh, perfect. – Let’s do it. ♪ [music] ♪ There we go. [inaudible] – Bi-fold doors are nearly on,
and we’re going to be putting these cute little chunky black handles onto them. – Looks good.
– Okay. Let’s put the desk in. – Oh, yeah. – We got it. [inaudible] The desk was a nightmare to put in. We really should have put the doors on
last. Good work. Wallpapers. Oh, no. Okay, it’s done. There would have been a lot more swearing
if I was doing that with my boyfriend. Cool. No, that looks good. All right. Ready to style. [inaudible] ♪ [music] ♪ – Perfect. – This looks awesome. – The cane hutch is a really good way to
add in a little bit more of a fun element, and then it’s a good place to put all your
indoor plants and some little knickknacks. ♪ [music] ♪ This is one of the most exciting things
that we’ve got going on in this little home office, which is the Google Home. And this will be pretty much the lifeline
to everything. ♪ [music] ♪ I think it’s done. It looks so good. – I know. It looks so pretty. – Well, who’s got the rosé? ♪ [music] ♪ The transformation from the start to now,
it’s just mind-blowing. Favorite part is definitely the wallpaper,
because it just gives this bit of difference, and the texture is great,
and it’s just a really inviting space to be able to do work. The bi-folds are great. They modernize the space and create a lot
more room. What I love about this room is that there
are three completely unique spaces. So you’ve got the workspace,
you’ve got the meditation space, but it also serves as an extra bedroom. Google Home is very schnazzy. Loving the dimmable meditation feature. Breath in through the nose. – [Woman] “Make It Yours,” season one. – Colors are very me,
especially when we’ve got the beautiful photos of all of the travels. It also helps with everything to pop a
little bit more. The home office, I didn’t blow a bomb on. You know, we upcycled,
we repurposed things, we put different handles on it to dress
something up. A little budget can go a long way. I’m actually very impressed with how good
it looks. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Steph] Oh my God. We have a lot of work to do here. I’m Steph Pase, and I’ve got the laundry. I’m also going to be organizing the
pantry, the linen closet, and the wardrobe. My favorite ♪ section . ♪ Jesse’s painting has got a little bit
haywire. – [Jesse] It’s my first time. – Hey, guys. Thanks so much for watching. I hope you’ve liked this episode. So you don’t miss out on any more
“Make It Yours” action, make sure that you hit the Like button and
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Zach’s Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY

– Zach. We are going to help you surprise Maggie with a brand new home office makeover. – [All] Three, two, one. (dramatic electronic music) – No!
– Welcome to Try DIY, the show where we transform
our friends’ forgotten spaces into beautiful new interior,
using the power of DIY. Ariel knows what she’s
doing, and I’m her husband. Why DIY, Ariel? – [Ariel] It’s cool to be
able to do something yourself. Also, rewarding. – [Ned] And it saves money. Each episode, we’re gonna
listen to what our friends need, and then, set them up with the DIY project that’ll help them save
money and be awesome. – Right. This show is about making
our friends awesome. (upbeat music)
(knocking) (light music) – Hello.
– Hi! – [Ned] So let’s talk
about Zach and Maggie. – Ooh.
– Ooh. – Let’s dish.
– Ooh, dish. – So Zach and Maggie. – Zach’s secret girlfriend Maggie. – [Ariel] They’re not new, but
they’re new to the internet. – [Ned] Mm-hmm, they
just moved in together– – That’s a really big deal. – That’s a big step.
– Maggie and I have been dating for two and a half years. We moved in together about six months ago? – It was actually a
really easy transition. I was nervous, but. – What were you nervous about? – I don’t know. – It’s really amazing living
with an angel like me, ’cause I just give you so
few things to be frustrated and angry and upset about. – [Ariel] That’s really
funny, ’cause it sounded like you were gonna say, living
with an angel like Maggie. – Nope.
(Zach laughing) No, I knew it was coming. (laughing) – When we moved in here, this place was not in the best shape. We joked that it was kinda
like a fixer upper apartment. The floors were scuffed and scratched, the walls were this putrid yellow. It’s really been a constant
redecorating of this place. We have a mix of pieces that we bought, and then, things that we
found at thrift stores. – I like neutral colors,
I like the clean space. I don’t like to see a lot of clutter. – She hates clutter.
– I hate it. I hate it. – [Ariel] I saw Zach’s apartment. This is like 99% Maggie. – [Ned] I was like, I don’t
think you need our help. This is beautiful.
– Yeah. – What’s wrong about it? What’s the problem? – So Maggie was in charge of
this room, and the bedroom, and the kitchen and the bathrooms, and then, I was in charge
of the guest bedroom. I pushed to have a two bedroom apartment. I’ve never had a home office,
and so, I was like, yes, finally, I’m gonna have a
place where I can, you know, be productive on the weekends, and work on other creative projects. – Well, let’s check it out.
– Uh-huh. – Let’s go.
– Uh-huh. – So this is our home office.
(dramatic horror music) (screaming) – Maggie has a very particular aesthetic. I just learned what that word means. This room also has everything
that we weren’t quite allowed to put in the rest of the house. So you have all of my
reject movie posters. The original patents for LEGOs. My old boops and bops. – What are boops and bops? – Boops and bops are like, you know, like miscellaneous like knickknacks. – You have a whole box full
of miscellaneous knickknacks that you call boops and bops? – I kinda told her that I’m
gonna take on this room. It’s gonna be my responsibility. – Oh, there’s stuff inside the dresser. – [Zach] Yeah. – [Ariel] Like this is
like craft supplies. – Yeah, I mean, some of this is mine, some of this is Maggie’s. I feel like I’ve let her down. She would never say that,
’cause she’s too sweet. I did a little home DIY. We have our Wi-Fi box. – [Ariel] You have a rug, and
it’s rolled up on the floor. – Yeah. – So Zach was in charge of this room. – All right, all right. Her happiness and her mental
well-being is dependent on calm and order in the home. Having this unfinished room
is just like this nagging little thing in the back of our brains that I know upsets her. – Well, today, Maggie,
as a special surprise, Zach is going to redesign this
entire room with our help. You’re not gonna be able to see
the end until it’s all done. Relationships are about compromise, and so, we’re gonna try and be the glue that holds them together. – I feel like I know what you want. – Yeah, uh–
– I’m gonna make you proud. – We’ll see. – We’re doing nice things for our friends. – Yeah. – Because we’re such good people. – Yeah, we’re humanitarians. – We save lives. – Do you believe in us?
– I believe in Ned and Ariel. (all laughing)
– Fair. (upbeat music)
– We know what Maggie wants. – Uh-huh.
– But I want to talk about what you want. – I need a home office, I have a standing desk that I bought, but I just need to make
it comfortable and cute and somewhere that I can
work on the weekends, and feel like this is a place
that I can be productive. – So you wanna leave work at work, and then, also–
– Come home to work. – Come home to work. – Our challenge is gonna be figuring out how to incorporate all of
these things from our old lives in a way that feels–
– Natural? – Aesthetic.
– Okay. That is not the correct way to, yep. – Yeah.
(Ariel laughing) (upbeat music) So now that you’ve seen their space, what’s the plan for the makeover? – [Ariel] Well, let me tell you. Zach wants it to be an office.
– Right. – So we’re gonna keep that desk in there. Basically, just make the room
look nice around that desk. We’re gonna put the
desk over by the window, we’re gonna put storage on both sides, we’re gonna put a big rug in there. This is the rug that Maggie
has actually already bought, which is great, because
it gives me an idea of the colors that she
wants to use in that room. What are we doing for Maggie in this room? – Maggie loves DIY and crafting, and so, I want it to be an office for me, but I also wanna give her a space for her. She always says that
everything has a home, but I think she would be
happier if we had like, is credenza the right word? – Sure.
– No. – [Zach] Great. – We are going to build Maggie
a fold-down craft table. I think it’ll be really,
really fun for her to have her own little space,
where she can store things that doesn’t have to use Zach’s
desk to work on her stuff. – This is all great, but I’m
not seeing a ton of storage for Zach’s boops and bops. – Well, I’m planning on
getting rid of a lot of that. – Nice.
– Mm-hmm. – [Ned] Well, we can make this work. – We can make anything work. – You can make anything work.
– Pow. (upbeat music) – [Ned] So are you ready
to clean out the room? – [Both] Yeah! – [Ned] It wasn’t freeze frame until Ariel popped her hand up. – So I have, you know,
books, and there’s a lot more where this came from. – First of all, you have two
of “A Confederacy of Dunces.” – Well, that’s just, yeah,
I mean, that’s a good book. – Let’s talk about some of that stuff that they are collecting. – Sure.
– ‘Cause Zach has a whole bunch of stuff that
he calls boops and bops. – (mumbling) version, arguably
my favorite movie ever made. “Spice in my Pocket,” there’s some really good facts in here. I never even watched Star Trek. – Toys.
– Toys. – It’s toys. – This person made Nic
Cage as different Pokemon. – Ay yi yi yi yi. He can boop them, boppa here. (groaning) I’m sorry. I’ll see myself out. What are we gonna do
with the boops and bops? I can’t believe I just said it like that. – Boops and bops. – Maybe we keep the
boops, but we throw away some of the bops. – So I should get rid of my LaserDisc copy of “The Lion King”? – Probably.
– Yeah. – I have a ton of records, and
we don’t own a record player. Maggie actually loves records. She has a ton, too. It’s a Hebrew copy of “Captain
Underpants,” but how fun. It’s backwards. – Actually, Zach asked us several times– – Yeah.
– If you collected anything? – Right, and I’ll tell
you what I do collect. – The answer was yes. – My board game bookcase. But Ariel made me put
it away in a bookshelf. That was actually kind of hard to get to. (groaning)
– You see what I did there? – An ugly Hanukkah sweater
called Llamakah, oh Llamakah? – Well, actually.
– That’s pretty fun, we have matching, a
Christmakah and a Llamakah. – Do you guys have a
box of Christmas stuff? – It’s pretty good.
– Do we have a box of Christmas stuff? How dare you ask me that in my own home. – It was difficult to
get Zach to eliminate some of the sentimental items. – For about five years, I kept every cover of “Entertainment Weekly.” – Zach, what is the plan with these? – I don’t know! I’m learning how to share
my life with someone, and a big part of that is
realizing that this place isn’t just my home, it’s our home. – You could take all of this
and it could be a metaphor for a relationship. – They each have a bunch of stuff from their own individual lives, but now that’s a challenge as to how are they gonna combine that to really make a space together? So Zach, why do you think
you keep all this stuff? – I don’t know. Dumb things give me joy. They always have. Maybe it’s because I’ve always felt weird, and so, I like surrounding
myself with weird things. – You surround yourself with stupid things because you like feeling stupid? Why don’t you surround
yourself with orderly, beautiful things–
– Yeah. – So that you feel really beautiful? – Boom. – Yeah, all right.
(upbeat music) I think my goal for the rest of this video is figuring out ways to marry my old self with our new self. Okay, goodbye “Eternal Sunshine,” goodbye “Lion King” on
LaserDisc, I’m keeping this. This is my old tax information,
that’s probably trash. – What, what, well, wait. By us transforming his guest room, it’s basically gonna
save this relationship. Do they give out Nobel Peace
Prizes for YouTube videos? – I think they do now.
– I think they do now! – Wow, okay, we did it. Empty room. – Okay. Here we go. – Not so fast, Zach, my boy. It’s time for your DIY project. – Oh wow. – So let’s talk about the DIY project. How are we gonna make
this fold-down desk– – Sure.
– Thingy? – [Ariel] The first step
is building the frame. – [Ned] And you already precut the pieces. – I precut the pieces, I
pre-painted the pieces. – Love it.
– I’ve basically done all of them. – Just the way I like. – (laughing) And once we’ve built that, we’re going to put the hinges on, so that we can have
the fold-down tabletop. – Mm.
– Since the front of it is basically unfinished,
because it’s the bottom of a tabletop, I think we
should put something decorative on there, and so, I was
thinking stick-on wallpaper, but you can put anything on there. You can put a piece of art, you could put, I mean, truly, anything you want, and then, the very last thing is we’re gonna put in a safety latch so that when you put the
tabletop up, it stays. – You know what? When you say it like that,
it sounds pretty easy. – It’s not that hard. – Okay, so I just gotta do a right angle, with this on the inside. I have these lined up, I think. I’m so terrified right now. – [Ariel] We’re using power
tools so he needs to be careful. Zach, I feel like, you
give him something heavy, he falls over.
– Okay. Hold on, I’m gonna do this with my body, push it like this, and then, use maybe the drill in my mouth? First incision. (drill whirring)
Holy shit. (laughing) This thing is powerful. I wanna surprise her,
but also, showing her that I’m committed and that
I can rise to this challenge, and be the man of the house
that I was born to be, dammit! (drill whirring sporadically) Work it. Ariel, you wanna come get
eyes on this real quick? (drill whirring)
– There. Nah, totally fine.
– Okay, sick. Then I’m crushing this
thing, get outta here. If you thought that I
was gonna fuck this up, well, then you’re a loser. – Oh my God. Do you think Maggie’s
gonna be proud of you? (drill whirring) – I think she’s gonna assume
that you did most of the work. – Will Maggie like it?
– Hmm. – Yeah. – That looks nice.
– Yes. – [Zach] I am afraid to, if I, I guess you just gotta commit, right? – Yeah, you just gotta commit. Just go for it. – Is this a metaphor?
(all laughing) – It’s a giant metaphor
for your relationship. Oh my God.
(Ariel laughing) You know what they say? Measure once, cut twice. – They don’t say that. – This is a bad position
to be in for a long time for a boy with a bad back. – I’m just hoping I don’t get a boner. – (laughing) What?
– Your wife is right here. Be cool.
– Be cool, man. (drill grinding) – That’s a fun sound.
(all yelling) Nice!
– Look at that. (smooth music) Zach is actually doing pretty well. He is struggling, yes,
but he’s really determined to make it work. Ooh, it’s like fake wood.
– It’s like fake wood. – This is totally–
– That’s Maggie. – [Zach] Maggie aesthetic. And I just peel and stick. Whoa.
– Ooh, wow. – Okay, I’m down, wow.
– It has texture. Nice job.
– That was easy. And this is gorgeous.
– Right? – I know that he was worried about this, but he really stepped up his game. – [Ariel] Zach did a great job. – It’s like a baby changing table. – Except the baby could fall off. – I rolled off the changing
table, and I turned out fine. – Huh. All right, Zach, you did a great job with this folding table. Oh, look at that. Oh, that is really nice. Now, it’s time to put on
the finishing touches, which means we’re gonna
need some montage magic. (Ariel and Ned humming) ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh, eh, oh ♪ – I was a little bit concerned
about certain things. I thought maybe there was
gonna be too much stuff, but I think we managed it. – [Ned] This is like a very special time in their relationship, and now, having this room be completed? It’s gonna really mean something. ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ – [Ned] Okay, we’re
about to surprise Maggie. How are you feeling? – Guys, I feel really good. This room looks amazing, and
thank you guys for all the help and the guidance–
– Of course. – And making this come together. I’m just so happy. – But do you think she’s gonna like it? – I think she’s gonna love it. I honestly, I look at this
room, and I think it’s actually a really beautiful
amalgamation of the two of us. I guess there’s only one thing left to do, and it’s see if she likes it.
– Let’s bring her in. – Yes.
– Are you ready? – Yes.
– Okay, close your eyes. – Okay. Oh, I can see–
– No, no, no, close your eyes.
– Keep your eyes closed. – You’re such a cheater. You’re so bad.
– You’re so mean. Just let her see.
– I wanna see. – Open your eyes–
– In three, two, one. – Wow! This looks really good! I love it! – [All] Yay! – [Maggie] Wow! Wait, it looks so much bigger. – [Zach] So we have a work area for me, so I’m gonna be, you
know, tippity typing away, but also, we wanted this
room to be functional for you, so craft storage.
– Ooh! – And a craft table.
– It’s like a Murphy bed! I’ve always wanted one of those. – [Ned] So that was a DIY
project that Zach did for you. – You made this?
– Mm-hmm. – I had a little bit of help. So what do you think, Maggie?
– I love it. And we’ve completed the house. – [Ariel] Yay! What this room shows is that
you can keep your stuff, your LEGOs, your boops and bops, and it can still look really nice. – [Maggie] You found a way to
incorporate his movie posters. – [Ned] Yeah, there’s still some elements of the beeps and boops. – Yeah!
– Boops and bops. – Boops and bops.
– Ooh! We got a record player?
– Oh, and this is the best. This is a Ned invention. Wi-Fi!
– How did you do that? – Drilled a hole in the back,.
– You guys are so smart. – It was my idea.
– It was my idea. – No, it was my, 100% my idea. – [Zach] You did such an
amazing job with the rest of the apartment, I wanted to do this to show that I am equally as committed to making this home a
fun home for both of us. – Thank you. You did a really good job. – Yeah!
– Yay, we did it! – This room’s great,
’cause it’s got so much of Zach’s dumb stuff in it,
and it makes me inspired that I can bring some of my
dumb stuff into our living room. – Okay. (upbeat music) – [Ned] Ariel’s sister Danielle just moved to Los Angeles, and she is
living in a studio apartment. – It’s very small. When I eat, I sit on the floor. – On the floor? – [Danielle] I mean, it’d be nice if I could show off my place. – [Ariel] We are going to
give her a surprise makeover. – We are secretly here–
– Well, she knows we’re here. – She does know we’re
here, but we’re gonna do whatever we want.
(upbeat music) The thing she loved the most
was the hidden Wi-Fi cords. Like it was my idea, and then, I like– – No, no, that was, I
just, I need you to tell, to tell everybody that it was my idea. – [Zach] Why you guys both trying to take credit for my idea? – No!
(Zach laughing)

Liza Koshy’s Dream Office Makeover | OMG We’re Coming Over | Mr. Kate

Previously on OMG We’re Coming Over. We’re here it’s happening Wait wait wait I straight-up thought that was white. I think we need to take the bed out Oh my god Oh my god. We got the bedroom done it is office time. Do you wanna have a knob race? OMG! Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG we’re coming Over Open up we’re here. Okay you’re yelling like so loud Part 2! Part 2 Liza Koshy Part 2 She loves her bedroom you guys saw It. Now you’re back. Guys before we get into this. Subscribe Thumbs up if you like the bedroom thumbs up if you’re excited to see what’s coming thumbs up before you even see it. Its’s gonna be good. Yeah. You guys saw us, we painted the Room I’m the paint salesman did you need some paint? We’re creating our own Built-in for Liza so we’ve started It. Crazy yeah we’ve got the countertop and we had to put down PlyWood with the countertop on Custom for Koshy and Guys We are here We’re still here. Let’s go finish the office. Okay comon move Good God I love Mr. Kate Guys I’m so excited I already saw the bedroom and now I’m just so excited to see what they do with the office I really really want to start something new on my channel where I kind of do like Interviews What are you a natural at? Interviews Different things like that and I really want a cool office that has good desk space That I can do my editing on but then also another desk area so I can do you know different work and writing and different stuff like that so I want this to be just like an office of opportunity Kate, can you open the door for me? So because the rooms so small we really want up So we’re gonna do a Built-in Shelving System with a custom countertop base cabinets the whole Shebang. Liza likes Bohemian she likes all of those neutral colors and the wood thankfully Is a neutral so we can bring in different tones of wood because we’re still playing with the neutral palette Welcome, to the most beautiful office, ever! Oh yea it looks so good All right so this shelving unit Is no joke you guys it’s custom so it is cut to size for the space. I know the original design was to have the two shelves here but I kind of really like It open like this. Since this is supposed to be like display behind her, I want it to look like a bookshelf but not a bookshelf more like a display shelf and so we’re playing with some verticality with those vertical pieces which are also helping to stabilize all the horizontal pieces that we’re using She already has a roller blind on this window which we want to leave because it’s really functional it’s inset and the window it’s not in the way so we’re just gonna dress the outside of the window with some curtains if she ever wants to black out the room she can just close those curtains and if not they’re just there for a nice luxe decoration and they also bring your eye up just further making This Room feel larger I’m so excited about this rug! Are you? Yeah Because this is her space she’s gonna come in and feel vibrant And work in I think that the presence of a little bit of a brighter color underfoot is actually gonna work really well for her energy. I feel like we should clean her gum off the floor Yes, that is a giant piece of old gum. That’s a weird habit. Does everyone know that Liza throws her gum on her own floors Liza Koshy I do declare my love for you. I will scrape your old gum off the floor You also have to taste it to see what flavor Joey, no We draw the line there. That came off pretty easy let me smell it Peppermint it’s peppermint. Dude we could sell This on ebay for so much money Liza Koshy’s used gum off her floor. Yeah Pretty sure it’s not gonna go for much. I think it’ll go for a lot Oh my gosh it’s so Pretty I can’t lay down with my faux hawk. My faux hawk is not compatible Plus there’s way too much to do.Joey Two Rooms One day Two Rooms One day GTFO Are we spinning this? Well don’t touch the sides. Oh Gosh. Got it? Okay go that way. No On top of the rug we’re giving her a really cool dark wood desk with some hairpin legs we just got to get it in here. No we’re gonna go She got little drawers here for her little Doodads pencils her chair will go here Tripod With her camera there right She’s Got a Nice light come in here maybe another light There? Okay so we’re gonna do the mirror here we do anything else as well just the mirror right Just The mirror it’s a big one do you think you can do it yourself? I’ll Phone a friend if i need to But I’m gonna be doing art work with Liza downstairs and we’re best friends and we talk So much, and we may not hear you. You always make such good friends with the people at whose homes we do and it’s like what am I? Chopped liver? I’m just saying Just, I don’t know what you’re saying I’m just saying I need friends too. Alright get back to me. I have some DIYs to do with Liza I am so excited. We are going to do a DIY Which I’ve never done before so you can see how the creative process is one that just Blossoms and there really is no wrong way to do DIY art I have a frame. Oh you do have a frame. Okay we are going to do a DIY together What?! Are you serious?! So Kate brings me outside and she tells me now it’s time to DIY and i’m like DIY not let’s go girl I suck At DIYs and I know you’re brilliant at them I’m actually Not I Just Know she pulls Out some frames and she pulls out some wire. and I’m wondering what’s gonna happen. I feel like you’re A very like physical person yeah What do you mean I’m confused by what you mean That’s a really good lead-in to this. Is It? Because we have bendable wire here i like the idea of doing wire art so some sort of Two-Dimensional Shape Yeah that will then mount on this Really thick paper ooh she’s thick okay yeah I get a lot of Inspiration off pinterest so I just looked at some other wire art and of course there’s a lot of three-Dimensional wire art out there but I wanted to do something two-dimensional so we could actually fasten It to a piece of watercolor paper and then Put them in frames. Here’s like a Skyline Oh my god mine’s not gonna look anything like an object. Well it can look very picasso-esque you know that’s $39 can we just buy it and say we did it? Okay what color do you like? I was thinking black I think it’ll stand Out Cuz we’re gonna do two of them okay so i don’t know what to design. Oh my god Just Like Butt Cheeks we’re Looking at the wire and we’re looking at the frames and like what the heck do we do with this and the first thing that pops into my mind is booty Wired Butt cheeks is really funny. I can have them on the frame behind me because i don’t have them on my body Butts it is guys Hey I have one I wanted to make some booties of all different sizes and shapes because mine’s really small But others Have Really Big old Booties and I love those and i love staring at those so i want to be able to have that art in my House so i could stare at Booty all the time i’m gonna make a bunch of butt Cheeks i think i’m gonna make different butts Oh I love that We all have butt cheeks. Everyone’s shaped differently Okay yeah and Every butt is Beautiful. Know why? because they all serve the same purpose We all just poop out of them no matter what they look like You’re right Butts are not discriminatory. You know who poops? Beyonce. It’s true i never thought about Beyonce pooping I am she has such a Hilarious sense of humor but she also has a Beautiful Aesthetic so Taking Wire and Making Butts Out of It is like The perfect combination of that Because This is gonna Be like Really Cool art That’s gonna look amazing in this Room but gonna be Hilarious Why not? How big do you wanna Make Your first butt? The biggest Booty you ever seen like Kim K booty. Oh that’s good oh Like If i do my Booty it’s like This What do you think i should do? Ooh first thing that came to my head was booty so What’s the word that comes to your head when you want To make art? I could do Boobies, it could Be Boobies and Booty. I like that. Genius Boobs. We’re Weird That’s like a super Round Boob like I’m gonna Need to get a little more Oblong but we could do a little A little Nipple right there is that It is that a Nipple is that like a Nipple piercing no what is that? I can honestly say this is the first, making a wire areola Look At That.That’s a Nice Ratio of Boobs to nipple. Yeah Mine don’t look like that Mine don’t either I have massive areola There’s no wrong Way to areola there’s no Wrong Way to areola I’m making boobs. I’m making them all different Shapes and Sizes it’s Really Easy Make a Circle Banana Oblong Pear Shape Along and Lean Tiny Flat e Droopy these are looking Very Picasso i think. Different sizes and They’re all Beautiful so you know it’s gonna go my wall Thirty six plus nine and a forth Thirty-six. I am going to somehow attempt to hang the biggest Mirror ever To get it on the wall i’m Just going to make My Measurements Definitely Looking For a Stud Here if you’re not on a stud you want. To make sure you’re using a Really Heavy-duty anchor Yeah That’s right I Got It, Come look at Yourself anyone, not anyone, no one come please just Liza please We’re doing something Really cool we’re Actually Hanging a Planter in One of The spaces for The Shelves so then this Beautiful Drippy Fake Plant of Course is coming Out and Dangling Carrying down to the Shelves Below On top of the desk I’m styling with some various trays and of Course we have clips and pins and all Those Things that Just Make It Feel like a Welcoming office Liza has this Amazing vintage Looking Gold Microphone that she told me about and of Course I had to like factor that in. It’s an Actual Working Microphone like There’s a Cord Plug It it Looks so good So you Guys remember how Funny that Was seeing Liza Sign Omg They’re coming Over so of Course we have to use that whiteboard in here so i’m Just lining It up on opposite side of the desk and I gotta change It because we came over in front of The Desk I’m placing This Little Stool It’s got Kind of a cowhide Looking Cushion It Doesn’t take Up too much space and it’s Just a Nice Textured Moment on that Beautiful Rug This Shelve is taking on so much life and of Course the benefit of a Shelf Is The Stuff on it is movable but she can arrange it However she Likes There’s so many options I’m creating another Quick art moment for a frame again she can change It out but I’m tearing a page out of a very old book it’s Just an old Book i got at a garage sale for like 10 cents so don’t get mad at me I’m not Really gonna Read the book guys I’d Rather Just use the page for some Art so I’m tearing This page Out and it’s really Cool and Naturally weathered Paper and then I’m Just writing Yeah It of Course Was Really Hard to figure out How to bring furniture into the space because it’s so small but a bench Under the window is awesome because she can have it for People to come and Sit on she ever does Collabs Where she Wants two People sitting Behind The Desk with her she can trade Out the Chair to put the bench there. Plant in the corner it’s like a Black Pot on The Brass Plants and The Same brass tone That’s going on in the stool Guys it’s done it’s time to bring her in this is a Very exciting Room for you because you’re gonna be Able to make lots of cool videos So what do you think? It’s beautiful I love it! I’m once again Very Moist there’s a Lot of Juices coming Out of my Body out of Excitement One….Two…..Three I can’t I literally cannot I can’t Okay okay. Ready? Hold on there’s alot of liquids coming out of me Okay I’m like peeing I don’t know what’s happening One…..Two…Three! Oh my god I dropped my gum again Oh my god Omg They came everywhere Oh my god it’s so pretty. I’ve never cried on camera I teared Up before on camera but, I’ve never ever cried This is my room. What are you kidding me? This is beautiful You Guys Already Seen It okay this is Beautiful. Oh my god you came The Most epic Like Mirror ever the most epic Built-in Shelving Could immediately Start Fixing My contour not my contour Isn’t it beautiful? My god oh my god this feels so good. Well you have your vlog You know situation Here right then spin Around and This is Your Workstation The rug is beautiful I know hand made. You handmade this? It’s 5:43 Yup I took an extra hour I’ve never had anybody do something so sweet for me it captured my Personality But Also Captured My aesthetic and also Captures Like My vibe for like an office and for my videos and it’s Just gonna look so So pretty on camera like It Does Right Now i know you’re looking at It and you’re so Jealous because you don’t live in my house. I’ve never had a desk. Really? I’ve never. I Shared a Room growing up with My sister I moved into a Bedroom apartment and i didn’t have a desk there oh my god now you have two front and back. You got the mullet You do it in the front you can do it in the back It’s 2017. First question How much fun did you have Working on this Project? You have to say alot because I’m right infront of you. Alot! but I mean it! Well Thank you Guys for coming over I mean this has been really fun Was that a seg-way? No. This is a segway High fives. Okay. We’re going to do it like slow mo I don’t want to leave. This is such a beautiful room! I am so so Honored that i have a little piece of you guys in my home This is Just a little piece but The Whole piece can Stay Here with me if you want Please? I’ll be back i’ll be back you know I will I saw that screening room. Yeah baby come on down. Can I come? No So good she loved it so much Are you making fun of her? No What’s Crazy Is we’ve had criers before but That Was like the most tears out of anyone and it’s like Liza. Oops Liza Koshy I will like Viscerally Remember That moment Forever. I actually think I shed a Tear did you catch that moment? Did you? No i just did one of These like a Very presidential like eye wipe It was such a Special Experience We Really want to hear from you Guys in the comments What you thought about the rooms and Liza’s Reactions of Course and if you Haven’t Seen The Bedroom yet Go watch That Right Now if you’re not Already Watching Liza’s videos Like You have to. It will change your life. Two Thumbs Up Actually three Thumbs Up for three awesome videos Two for the two videos we did One For the video Over on Liza’s Channel. We Got more coming though don’t worry we have some other W.A.C.O up our sleeves Maybe We Should Just Go to take a nap in the guest bedroom before we leave Good Job as Always You’re so good at what you do. Thank you, you’re so good at What you do that custom shelf We’re getting really good. What do we do next? Excuse me are you still there? Make sure to subscribe to MrKate and Joey they did a Fantastic Job I Cried I’ve never Cried before I’ve never felt Feelings before They made me feel a lot So make sure you go subscribe to them and you better give this video a Big Thumbs Up have a Good day Seriously leave no please stay Go, I have no friends. Please. I have a guestroom if you want. No Hey guys what’s up welcome back. Oh my gosh just breathed in I just breathed in water molecules. I’m sorry what is this an off-camera question? Have I ever nutty potted? Maybe It sounds better with an accent nutty potted. No it sounds worse.

Under $1000 Guest Room / Home Office Makeover

KATELYN: Okay, come on in. What? It’s so nice! (saloon music) When you just wanna
makeover your guest room, but it’s filled with robots. You got really close! Oh, whoa. Oh? MAN: Thank you,
Evan and Katelyn. (yelling) (laughs) (kissing) Just needed a boost! (laughing) This is more for
me than for you. Got me too, baby. Hey guys, we’re Evan
and Katelyn and today we’re going to be giving our
guest bedroom a makeover. We’ve kind of been giving
it little makeovers here and there for the
past five or six years, but you know, it’s just like
the problem child of the house. (chuckling) Big thanks to Lowe’s for
sponsoring this video. And uh, it all started
by throwing all of our hand-me-down
furniture in there. KATELYN: I think
that’s pretty common. EVAN: It’s pretty common but– KATELYN: Everyone
neglects the guest room. It started to fail
us when we started manufacturing products
to sell in our own store which we did a while
ago and in order to scale it up, we went
with 3D printers everywhere. We had an entire robot army, which lived in the guest room. Still does. EVAN: We tried to consolidate it using a 3D printer cart
which worked for a while. And then we were like, let’s
take this a step further. Let’s build a Murphy bed to add even more room to
our guest room! So we did that,
added more space. EVAN: But this is the room where everything just
comes and gathers. It’s just like, kind
of the junk room. (chuckles) So before we go into
what we’re gonna be doing in this project, let’s show you what it looks like right now! (scary music) KATELYN: So here are the
issues we’re dealing with. One, the robots have gotten
even more out of control and spread beyond
the 3D printer cart. And we don’t really need
this many robots anymore. We also have this big,
fold out plastic table. It just always ends up
getting covered with junk. (chuckles) KATELYN: Evan is constantly hitting his head on the fan. Constantly. (laughing) It’s literally a hazard. EVAN: Aside from the Murphy bed, which is the one thing
we have put effort into, everything feels kind of bland. KATELYN: And lastly, clutter
just attracts clutter, so this has fully
become the junk room. It’s gotta lot of junk. In its trunk. (chuckles) So here’s how we’re
gonna fix this room. We still use a lotta
these 3D printers and this is still kind of
the best spot for them, but we’re gonna give
some robots away to a local Makerspace and
consolidate their accessories into baskets on the cart. We’ll also replace
the big fold out table with a nice, small wood
desk that we’re gonna DIY. A custom one that fits this
space a little bit better. KATELYN: This will allow us
to occasionally work in there when needed and it
gives our guests somewhere to set their things. We’re going to replace the
fan with a flush mount light that can clear Evan’s
head and the Murphy bed. We’ll add updated decor
like curtains, a plant, a mirror for our guest to
get ready with and a chair for them to sit in, and
anything else we happen to find. I have a theory that if
we make this room prettier and put a little bit
more love into it, we’ll be less likely to just
fill it with junk again. Last, we’ll reduce
clutter by storing items we don’t need year-round
up in our attic storage. (clapping music) EVAN: Okay, Katelyn,
where do we start? KATELYN: The three-part method that we have used
in past projects– EVAN: POO! KATELYN: The POO Method. (laughing) Purge. Because you can’t fix
a room when it’s filled with so much stuff,
so we’re just gonna get it all out of here. Next, we optimize the room and
kind of get it how we want it then we bring back in the things that we are gonna keep
in here, organize them, and lastly, we shall decorate. EVAN: So it’s more
like the POOD Method. Instead of the POO Method. It’s the POO’D, the past
tense, POO’D Method. EVAN: All right,
let’s get purging! Let’s get POO’Ding, I mean. (laughs) EVAN: Let’s go! (soft music) It’s just… just so
many random things. We have, like, a turkey baster! That’s for the 3D printer! Gonna get worse
before it gets better. Yeah, the only downside is when we purge something
from another room and then it gets stuck
wherever we do it. Like that table which we
purged from our garage! (both laugh nervously) It’s like the shuffle. (laughing nervously) The Supurrvisor’s
helping us purge. KATELYN: Yes, Purrge. I don’t know them. EVEN: Purrge. KATELYN: Purrge. The Supurrvisor art! (yelling) You got it, you got it! (beeping) I wanna put this up somewhere. (laughs deeply) I think the hard thing
is we make things at such a speed we don’t
always have time to like, figure out where is the
best place to put them or finish that last
finishing touch, like making feet. (laughs nervously) You know, stuff like that! Let’s go for a walk. (laughs) C’mon, over here! (thudding) (laughs) KATELYN: All right, I
think just the table and then we’re
good on that side. EVAN: Yeah, now on
this side we have Evan’s rollin’ box of
shame which is just like all the stuff I don’t
wanna deal with, and then we have Katelyn’s
box of organizing…boxes. This is my box of
pride, not of shame. Look at all of these
things I can use to organize all the
things I need to organize. I’ve got bins. I got bags. I got boxes and bins in my bags! EVAN: So all the
rest of this is stuff we’ve just been collecting and getting ready to
move into the attic. It’s been really hot and we didn’t want to go in. EVAN: Some of the
stuff we’re keeping for practical reasons, and some just for mainly
sentimental reasons. This is our wedding
backdrop that we DIY’d before we had the channel. It’s on a very old
blog post somewhere. (laughing) We made it! EVAN: Yeah! There’ll be a
picture right here. I still love this. Part of me wants to just like, hang it in the house somewhere. EVAN: Just like, as art? Yeah. EVAN: Yeah. I feel like you
could put it like, behind your bed or like, over your window in
place of curtains! I don’t know.
(laughing) Don’t get my butt. At least I don’t have a
hole in my pants this time! (laughing) EVAN: Oh, let’s get
your stylish socks. KATELYN: Yeah, I
got fuzzy socks! EVAN: The only sock that
now Katelyn now wears. (soft music) EVAN: Comin’ in handy! I know. EVAN: Oh my gosh, I do
not miss this heat though. I know, it’s still hot up here. But our storage is awesome. How many times can we
thank Lowe’s in this video? (laughing) Still hot! Here you go. (laughing) (yelling) (beeping) (upbeat music) KATELYN: It’s
lookin’ pretty good! I feel like we can
move around in here and finally have a blank
slate to work with. EVAN: Yeah. This looks great! Now, the other side of the coin. Is that this is our living room! Yay. EVAN: Yay! It always gets worse
before it gets better. EVAN: Yeah, but I’ll
start dealing with this while Katelyn gets her edit on. Yes, good luck. (pencil scratching) We hit the windshield
with the mic. (beeping)
We are on our way to Lowe’s. We’re gonna pick up stuff
to make our desk today. This is gonna be like
a nice, easy desk. Yes. Yeah. Then we’ll get some
decor and stuff, too, so it’s gonna be fun. (quirky music) I have to get a jump
start on the table. *exaggerated grunt noise* We’re just gonna use
this butcher block and it’s like, pretty much done. We just need to add legs. KATELYN: Cheat code entered. Yeah! We’re gonna make some
simple legs using poplar. (quirky music) EVAN: Fancy! It even has a USB! (singing softly) (beeping)
Okay, so since the top already came finished, all we have to do is
apply some finish to it. Time to work on the legs which should be pretty easy. KATELYN: Ready! (sawing sounds) (classical music) I’ll apply the glue
and you can spread it. KATELYN: Aw, yes. So our legs are basically
two little open squares that we’re gluing up, and then
we’re gonna add a stretcher which should keep it all sturdy. All right, so you place it and I’ll screw it. Are we having like,
a Ghost moment? I don’t know what music
plays during that scene. (singing softly) (jazz music) (beeping)
Yeah, think that’s pretty good. KATELYN: Sweet. I mean we can– On one side we’ll sand
it the rest of the way– We’ll sand it down, we’re
just dyeing it ebony. Nothin’s gonna show up. No one’s gonna be able
to see our mistakes. EVAN: Giving it the clamp. (snapping) KATELYN: One down. Yeah, there’s a
little bit of twist, but we’re persuading it. (laughing nervously) Okay, one more glue up
and that is our structure. We wanna make it the
same thickness as these so we’re gonna glue this up into one… Thick guy. (laughing) Oh, Katelyn, check it out. Silicon spreader. KATELYN: Oh, fancy! Fancy. It’s like mayo dip. Like, more liquidy
than mayonnaise, but thicker than milk. (laughing) EVAN: That’s disgusting! All right, that’s probably good. Good, ’cause we’re almost out. Oh, yeah. You don’t need these anymore. (classical music) We haven’t used
poplar in a while ’cause it kind of like, it
has like, a greenish tint, but it’s cheaper than oak
and it’s decent hardwood. It’s a decent hardwood. I’m not sure why
it’s not more poplar! (laughing) (beeping)
And it’s ready to assemble? KATELYN: Yes! (classical music) Okay! So we will see you guys
next when these are dried. (soft music) Next up was sanding, cutting down our stretcher, and assembling the leg assembly. EVAN: Nice! Yeah! EVAN: Looks good! It’s backwards. You do it like that way? You savage! KATELYN: For the stretcher, we just Google’d
where to place it. Looking at a bunch of images
(typing sounds) really helps when you’re trying to design your own furniture. (singing) (Zelda chest sound) (laughing) KATELYN: So glue’s
dry, clamps are off. Instead of gluing this down or just screwing
it or something, we’re gonna be fancy
and we got these threaded inserts that we’re
gonna add to the countertop that we can just screw
these fasteners to ’cause that way, in the
future, if we decide we wanna change what this is, ’cause this butcher
block is really nice. We can just remove the legs
or change them or whatever. We’ve changed this
guest room so many times so we don’t necessarily
trust this latest makeover to stick for years and years. EVAN: And then we’re going
to stain and finish it and we are done! It’s like, is this the
guest room makeover or a desk building video? (laughing) (beeping)
All right, it is 12:30 in the morning and it is time to
finish our things. Yes. Okay, we had to set up a divider so I don’t get
stain on this piece and Evan doesn’t get
finish on this piece. Okay, you bread? EVEN: Yep, I’m bread. We’re about to apply the like,
really really dark finish for the first time. I hope we like it. There’s no going back. I mean, theoretically we could
like, sand it all off, but– EVAN: But that’s
not gonna happen! No. That is dark! And we went with a dark
stain instead of just a paint ’cause you still can kinda
see the wood grain through it and we thought that
that would look nicer. Where ya gonna start? Just right in the middle? (chuckling) Yep. It’s not that much
of a difference, but it does release like,
a little bit of the shiny. I did not realize how
late it was until I looked at my clock to like,
say what time it was. I was thinking it
was gonna be like, “Oh, it’s just 11 “or 11:30!” Look how liquidy stain
is, it’s so liquidy. It’s so liquidy. (beeping) Ah-hah-hah… It got more on you? Yeah. At first, I thought that
was like, a victorious like, “Hah-hah-hah-hah!” No. No. I’m just getting
covered in stain. EVAN: Oh my gosh, your hand! You should probably just go
out and put on a glove now even though it’s
already stained. It’s just gonna get worse. Ugh. (laughing) (beeping) What are ya doin’? Experimenting. Yeah! (laughing) I don’t know how
much better this is, but I feel good. You feel accomplished. EVAN: Zoop, zoop. Looks like you
got the pox, baby. Oh my god! You have so much! Yeah, I didn’t escape
unscathed though. (chuckling) Yeah, I’m lovin’ these
lines here though. I think once we put the
finish on top of it, woo! KATELYN: Woo! Okay, so we’ll just
wipe off some areas it’s pretty soaked in. Oh yeah, it doesn’t change much. That’s good. EVAN: Yeah, yay! Maybe we’re done. Aw, that looks so nice! Look at how you see
the grain through. Does that pick up on camera? Yay! EVAN: Yay! KATELYN: Oh, hi! Am hungry. KATELYN: Hello. (soft music) Good morning! So while our stain
continues to dry, we are actually
taking our 3D printers to a local Makerspace
called Maker Barn. Yeah, and for those
of you who don’t know what Makerspaces are,
they’re basically like, a collection of people
that come together to share tools and
resources in a central place because not everyone
has a workshop or all the tools to make stuff. So places like this exist
and they’re really cool! Yeah, so we’re glad to be
giving them to a good home. Yes. Walkin’, walkin’. JOHN: Hello! KATELYN: Hi! (laughing) It’s good to see you! JOHN: It’s good to see you! (country music) I’ve got the muscle. Thanks for donating this! This is–
KATELYN: Totally! EVAN: Perfect. Who are these people? EVAN: I dunno! Vandals, pretty much. (laughing) And it comes with a
free googly eye, too. Did Katelyn already
make that joke? KATELYN: Yeah, I did. EVAN: Aw, dang it! (laughing) JOHN: Thank you,
Evan and Katelyn. EVAN: Of course! KATELYN: Thank you! I’m glad that we can
give these a good home. (clapping) All right, so we’re
back and it is time to replace this fan because
our Lowe’s order has arrived! I am excited. Me, too. EVAN: I believe
this is the switch. (clicking)
Yep! I think we’ll just take
it off all at once. Okay, it’s pretty tiny. Been a while since
we replaced a fan. Oh my gosh. There’s just so many wires! There’s just so many wires! So this might or might
not undo the whole thing. KATELYN: Okay. Want me to spot you? Yeah. Okay? Oh, whoa. Oh? Oh? (laughing nervously) I feel like I should
take out the light bulbs. The light bulbs are the
nicest part about this fan. All right, now when I
lift this next thing out it’s gonna fall down. It’s gonna fall down? Not fall down, it’s
gonna be loose. You don’t mind if that shirt gets a little bit dusty, do you? Cool. Yay! I feel like the
Statue of Liberty. (chuckling) Well that’s not good! What? This side must be stripped
or they’ll just like push it all the way in. My gosh, that’s scary. It was really only hanging
on one that whole time. That’s scary. Wow. (laughing) Let’s not drop the glass. I know. Here, can you just
hold it again? I don’t feel like
I have a good grip. (singing) Nice. I can walk underneath it! You ready to turn it on? Yay! Nice! Oh, that looks good. That looks so much better. It just feels so much
more open in here without that fan looming. EVAN: Yeah, look at that! Let’s high-five underneath it! I thought you were
gonna punch it. All right, I think now
it’s all up to you! You can make everything
in here pretty now. Thank you. (laughs) (pencil scratching) So since we always
do projects together, we never really get to
have like, “a reveal.” So I thought it’d be
fun to do this last bit of the makeover today so
that I can surprise Evan. Hello? Do I have a helper? Hi! You gonna help? I fits. KATELYN: Good job! Thank you. Oh, this looks so good! Paint is dry, gonna
add some finish. Oh yeah! (upbeat music) (clapping) KATELYN: Okay, come on in! What? It’s so nice! Oh, wow! KATELYN: Right?
I can’t believe how much those little changes helped! (upbeat music) This looks, I just wanna
pull up and just sit here! Oh my wow! This is so nice! (laughing) Oh, yes. KATELYN: Don’t draw on the desk. (beeping) Wow, the curtains
look so much better! KATELYN: Right? Isn’t it so nice? Like, they’re so much
more light and airy and like, they bring
in a little pattern. It makes me realize
like, I thought like, “Okay, our home is
getting pretty g’done, “it’s getting pretty nice.” It made me realize
that we just need to keep on adding more
curtains, adding more plants, adding more tiny little pots. KATELYN: Curtains, plants, pots. Evan’s recipe.
(dinging) I think one interesting–
You did an awesome job. Thank you! I think one interesting
thing is like, you know, on HGTV they’re not gonna
be dealing with rooms that also have an
army of robots, but this is real
life and we need to keep our army of
robots, but like, I feel like we did a good
job of making it look nice. Like, it’s a huge
update, but we’re still keeping it functional, too,
for what we personally need. Yeah, and I love that
chair and desk combo! KATELYN: Right? Isn’t that so nice?
EVAN: My gosh! And also, this chair isn’t
just like, gonna be used there. When we don’t have guests over, then we’re gonna
have the chair here so that we can like, sit here and use it as a work
station while things print, and when we pull
the Murphy bed down, even though it does… Actually, I mean we could
technically keep it, it does fit. But if needed,
EVAN: It does fit! we can move the desk
into the living room Uh, move the chair.
to add– Sorry, move the chair
into the living room so that we have extra seating
when we have people over, so it kinda works out. (upbeat music) Well thank you guys so
much for following along with the journey of this
room and we look forward to seeing you next time. Bye! Bye! Joobie’s like, “I
want in that basket!” (laughing)
Release me. (beeping)
Don’t look, close your eyes. Close your eyes fully, actually. Close my eyes?
Yeah. Close your eyes fully
because I wanna react live and I want you to react
live, so I haven’t like, fully prepped everything yet. Oh my gosh, okay. Okay, Katelyn, look in the general
direction over here and open your eyes. Three, two, one, open. IN UNISON: Oh my gosh,
oh my gosh, oh my gosh. (beeping) Three, two, one, open. What? Do you recognize this? Baby, look at this
fountain right here! Nightmare bBefore Christmas? What the crap? (spooky music) Look at this zombie chicken! Oh my freaking gosh! Look at the green lake. Look! Oh my freaking gosh! This is what I’ve been
working on every night. I’ve been building this
village from memory. No you did not.

DIY Holiday Decorations with JoJo & Mom Soraya | Engaged

– Are you ready mom? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Are you so excited? – I’m so excited. – You have no idea what we’re doing. – No I don’t. – When I was younger, my mom said I was very bad at arts and crafts. Why was I bad? – You, you didn’t score good. – Like in art class? – Yeah, yeah. – She’s completely lying. And by no means am I an expert, but we’re gonna make
our own holiday decor. Because, we haven’t really
quite settled in yet. – We don’t have much. – We don’t have much,
so we’re gonna make it. – Cheers to a new thing
that we’re going to. Right? – Cheers to that, mother. Alright, well here we go. So yeah, keep drinking. Little nervous about this too. We’re gonna take old wine bottles that you have laying around your house, and we are going to decorate them and turn them into cute
little vases for the holidays. I’m saying this like
I know what I’m doing. But I kinda know. You look way too excited. – I can’t wait to see
how you approach this. – What color do you want? I’m gonna do clear. – Let me have the yellow. – This one? – Yeah. – First things first, drink
a whole bottle of wine. I’m just kidding. – This should have some left. (laughs) – But when it’s empty. Okay. That. Do y’all remember that? When she was on the Bachelor you guys, when I bought Ben home for the first time, Mom was so stressed out. Mom goes and takes a bottle of champagne and just chugs it from the bottle. – Oh yeah, that was a long time ago. – So mom, paint brush. Then we’re gonna take some glue. Then we’re gonna. – What do we do? – No, you know what? I think this stuff dries pretty quickly, so let’s pick out our glitter first. – No first we need to put this in here. – No! – And then shake it. – No, we’re not putting it inside. We’re putting it on the outside. – Oh, you’re not doing the inside? – I’m very confused by what you’re saying. Okay, so I’m gonna pick out some colors. – You be taking blue? – I’m getting glitter to start. Oh wow, be careful. – Green, green. And this. – Perfect, I love that idea. Before we start putting
the glue on our bottles, let’s get our glitter
concoction ready to go. – Let’s go. – I’m gonna take a sip. – Wow, you’ve become wine lover. – I know. I don’t drink often. But when I do, it’s with you. – Is this has glue in it? – No mom, it’s all part of the plan. Whoa, whoa whoa. Actually, I don’t know
how much we need, so. – So, don’t say whoa whoa whoa. – Hopefully y’all didn’t come here to see expert DIY, but. We’re not bad. – It’s like pepper shaker. – [Both] Shake, shake, shake, shake. – When we were growing up, Mom and I would be like the main
decorators for the holidays. – That’s exactly right. – We went all out. I don’t know what happened to us. We kind of slowed down a bit. – You grew up. – And you grew up. – And I grew up. (laughs) – You got older, you
were too tired for that. – Yeah, we used to go to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, and I would buy a bunch of things, we didn’t know
what we were gonna make. But then, we came home
and then we looked at it, and we made something. – We always got a bunch of garland, and we wrapped it around our staircases. You were so good at making bows. – Yeah, you remember, I taught you to hold your finger like that? – Yes, you’re so good at
bows, I totally remember! – Yeah! – Yours is pretty, I think I need more. Hold on guys. – You copy. – I am a copier, you
know I’ve realized that. When we were in Hawaii not too long ago, and I was with the girls,
we were making leis, or the head things. I was just copying everyone. – Okay so. – I’m so not creative. Hold on, I’m getting there. I think you have enough,
but I don’t have enough. – I’d like to have a
lot more, it’s holiday. – So, now. – What is this? (laughs) – What we’re gonna do next, we have our glitter set up. We’re going to just take a paint brush, dip it into the glue, paint
it all along our bottles, and then roll it into the glitter and hopefully it sticks. – Good idea. – Let’s go. – I like it, go for it girl. – Let’s see who’s so bad at
arts and crafts now, mom. – You’re impressive, girl,
if you can get this thing on. – Look at me go! – Look at you, go you. Okay now what Jojo? – You’re already done,
you’re fully covered? Okay, I think we should just try this. Okay, ready, go. Alright, that’s not great. – Oh my goodness, look at mine. It’s really holly holly. Look at that, holly holly. – Whoa, whoa whoa, sorry! – Don’t come to my territory. – I think I need more glitter. – I think you do. The more you saturate
it, the better it looks. – I think these might turn out. Let me not jump the gun. Mom, what are you getting
me for Christmas this year? – I’m making you couple
more of these bottles. – Wow. Mine’s looking amazing right now. – Well mine is half
amazing, and then, I think since I can’t reach. – We’re gonna sprinkle. – Just like that, just like that. Pup, pup, pup. Dashes of salt, dashes of pepper. Dashes of salt. – Is this getting all over me? Oh, gosh. Test this glue. Woo hoo! – Wow. – Ooh, I love that technique. – This is the only way
I can get it to work. – That was so good! What do I do, where’s my blue? – Don’t get your blue into my green. – Oh shoot. (blows) – Look like this. – What is that, what is that move? – I don’t know, you call it something. Like Jackson licking something. My phone! (laughs) Don’t mix your blue
with my beautiful green. – Mom, I’m sorry. – Yours really nice. I like the color. – I love the color. – But this is really simple, to make it beautiful, holiday decoration if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. – So true, because holiday decorations get so expensive. – So expensive! – You spend all this money, and then the next year you’re like, aw, I’m kinda like bored, do I want the exact same decor as I did last year? Just make new ones of
these in different colors. – This actually can sell in holiday. – Should we start a business? Should we start an Etsy shop? – A what shop? – What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten? – I think the best Christmas gift I got was from my Daddy. – Aw, grandpa? – Grandpa. – What was it? – It was the Rolex watch. – Wow, ugh. – It was a cheap Rolex
watch, it’s like two color. – Cheap Rolex watch. – Yeah, but. He wanted to impress me. – So where is it? Why hasn’t it been passed down? – Actually, it hasn’t been passed down because I lost it. – What? I can’t believe you lost that. – I got it. – First off, let’s try not to make too much of a mess in here. – I think mine looks
much better than yours. Mom is good at this. – Oh I kind of see what
you did there, Mom. You went like half to, oh! – One more time. – So now that we have
glittered our bottles, we’re gonna add. Ooh, we gotta, we gotta make
it like festive you know? Saw these online, not
really sure what to do with them, but. And then I made these cute little things, you’re gonna love this. Look at these cute little things. – Oh my god. – Look, its you and I. – Aw, this is so beautiful. You and I. – And there’s Jackson. – Oh my god! – Oh, you can do that, yeah. – After I wrap it. – So yeah, I guess it could go there. And then I also got, one second. Also got these. So I’m gonna try, do these work? – Oh yours is blue, mine is red. – You go red, I’ll go blue. I’m gonna try, oh wait. – We’re gonna feed it into there? Just feed it? – Mmkay, okay, okay. I feel you, I feel you. – Feed it feed it, like you’re. You know how you have problem
with the toilet sometime. You have to run the snake line. (laughs) – What? – This is how to. – Are you teaching them
how to unclog a toilet? – Exactly? (laughs) – A lot of experience
with that apparently. – Look, look how beautiful mine looks. – Yours actually looks so amazing. – And look at yours, my goodness. – I’m so proud of us. – This is gonna look so
good sitting in the kitchen. This is good, Jojo. – Thanks. – You do come with ideas. – You know Mom, I’m just full of. Oh my finger got stuck. Full of ideas. I’m the teacher. I am teaching, I am the expert in this. Now, we’re gonna take these. Cute! – You can make actually a small Christmas tree for the college dorm, you
know, some of the students? – Cute, yeah. – You can put your fraternity
boyfriend picture on it. – Yeah! – Sorority girlfriend on it. And what is this supposed to be? – You know mom, just
whatever you want it to be. You know someday though,
you know when I have kids, when Jordan and I have kids, this is like something that I feel like
I’d want to do with them. Jordan would love this. – Yeah, he would love that. He likes to handy craft, he thinks. – Wanna put it in more. – Let it fan out. – You know I don’t
know, I think I’m kinda. – Let it fan out. – I don’t know. – It looks so skinny and dead. – What? – This is my Christmas
tree, don’t mess with mine. Merry Christmas, folks. – Okay, you’re stealing all the ornaments. At least give me Jordan and I. – Here’s Jordan and you. – And let me have Jackson. – And you take Jackson. – Oh shoot. You know, I probably should
have put that on first. Oh shoot. Okay, it’s okay. – Why don’t you hang it into
your branches right here? – No, cause you’re making a tree and I’m making something else. – Well! I think they both gonna turn out really good, baby. That’s so cute, Jojo. This is cute. – It looks like Maverick and Noah made it. I don’t know if I wanna
put anything else in there. Wow, wow wow wow! – Not bad. – That’s actually so cute. Well I think we’re like, super easy. Quick, easy, right? – Easy, really easy. – Super easy. – Yeah. – And you know. – And it doesn’t cost much to do something like that. – Doesn’t have to be perfect. Beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. We think they are beautiful. – I think this is beautiful, we did good. And this is the finale part. – What? Fark? – Finale work. – Work. – Work. – Work. Say water. – I can’t say water. – Say work. – Jojo, I cannot say my vowels. You know that. So don’t tell me. – W is not a vowel. – Oh, it is. V, v. – Work is a w. Neither is V. Is there glitter on my face? – No. (holiday instrumental music) – You know what, I will say I’m not bad at arts and crafts. – And me neither. (glasses clink) – Cheers. Happy holidays, mother. – Happy holidays, sweetheart. – Love you. Don’t forget to subscribe, and you know. Just comment, let me know if I’ve improved since high school. (laughs) Bye guys! (holiday instrumental music)

Follow Me Around | Mom Life, Shopping, Working!

– Special thanks to Marshalls for sponsoring this video. (ardent music) (zestful music) Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Raven. Welcome back to another vlog. For today’s vlog, I just wanted to do like, a follow me around, spend the day with me, a day in the life, type vlog. So, I’m just taking you from morning, you know, all the way
through my whole day. They’re doing construction. I’m in my garage right now, because I am getting ready to A., take Zaya to swim lessons, B., take her to school, C., I’m loading up my car, because I have a bunch of
stuff that I need to take to Habitat for Humanity. So, sorry again for
the construction noise, but this is all the stuff that I am taking to Habitat for Humanity. It’s like, my old light fixtures. Not old, they’re actually brand new. It’s just the light fixtures
that were the standard ones. That kind of like, came with the house, but I replaced them. So, I have two of those
big light fixtures. I also have my shower, like my plumbing fixtures, since I replaced everything
with matte black. I have like, that towel rack
that I took out of my bathroom, in one of my last videos. So, this is all stuff that I could try to sell on
Craigslist, or whatever, but I wouldn’t make that
much money off of it, and I really feel like
Habitat for Humanity is a better place to just
go ahead, and donate it. Ready for swim lessons? Little nervous?
(distant murmurs) That’s okay. You did good last week. Today is your second week, and you’re gonna do really good. We’re going to swim lessons, and then to school, okay? Alright so, psyche! No swim lessons today. We literally pulled up to the pool, and right when we walked up to the gate, someone was like, no, don’t go in there. Someone just pooped in the pool! And I was like… Thanks for telling us. So, I saw Zaya’s swim teacher, and she was like, yeah, swim lessons are canceled for today. There’s been an accident. And then, I see like, a guy fishing around with a net, and he pulled out like, a big (mumbles). It was disgusting. So anyway, no swim lessons today. I’m just gonna take Zaya to school. She’s just been going to school late. Like, she’s been taking
swim lessons in the morning, and then getting to school late, and then having the
rest of her school day. But today, she’ll just get
to go straight to school. I forgot something at home. So, I’m grabbing that real quick. And then, my mom had actually
met up with us at the pool, because she was wanting to see how Zaya’s swim lessons were going. But, swim lessons got canceled. So, now my mom is just gonna ride with us to drop Zaya off at school. And then, we are going
to run some errands. We’re gonna go shopping. We’re gonna have a little
bit of a lunch meeting. You know, my mom is my momager. So, we do everything together. Okay, so I’m with my mom, and we just pulled up to Marshalls. I wanted to look at
their home decor section, for obvious reasons, but I also wanted to look
at their clothes for me, and for Zaya. So, just do a little bit of shopping. (energetic music) – [Mom] They’re so cute. – Tiny (laughs). – [Mom] Ooh, they’re so cute. – They’re only 2.99, each. – [Mom] I think those
would look good like, all three in a row somewhere. Like three in a row. – Get three of ’em? Oh, they’re only $5, so… I am planning a housewarming party. It’s gonna be like a little, a little grown up appetizers, barbecue, you know? So, I wanna get like, some nice… What do you call it? Trays, and things. To make like, a (stammers). I can’t say that word. Charcuterie (laughs) display, of like, all the cheeses, and the, you know, appetizers. So, I need like, boards and stuff. Like this. This would be cute for the party. To like, put appetizers on, or whatever. I’ve seen on Instagram, where like, people get like, a few of these things. Like, lay em’ out all on my bar. And then, have like, food on here. And, this one actually spins around. It’s like a Lazy Susan. – [Mom] Ooh, yeah.
(board clacks) A big one that spins, and a smaller one that just sits there. – What I love about shopping at Marshalls, is that they have such a nice
variety of different items. From home decor, to kids clothes, clothing and shoes, for me, bags, beauty products, so much different stuff. And, everything is at such a great price. I know that every time I go in there, I am bound to find a Marshalls surprise, (laughs) For my vacation
that I’m never going on. ‘Cause, I don’t have time for vacation. But, I can look like I’m on vacation. Pretend like I’m on vacation. As you guys know, I only have one type of
bag in my collection. If you saw that other video that I did. So, I probably need to switch it up. So, I think I’m definitely gonna get this. It’s a really good price, compared to the ones
I’ve been seeing online. So, I was really wanting to take like, a big Summer vacation trip, but that didn’t really follow through, but I am going on a little trip with Zaya. You guys will actually see, coming up in a future vlog. So, I’m gonna get like some, some little like, mini vacation type outfits. Not full-beachwear, but I think I deserve to
at least pretend like I’m taking a real Summer vacation. So, I’m getting some little crop-tops. I got my little beach bag in here. And then, I’m also gonna
look for some stuff for Zaya, for the trip too. – That’s cute. That’s for Zaya, for vacation. Here’s a really cute little
windbreaker for Fall, and it’s like $14.99. – $14.99?
– $14.99. (upbeat music) So, I found some really good basics. ‘Cause, you can never
have enough of those. And then, some cute options
for my little mini vacation. So, I’m just gonna try everything on. (beatific music) Okay so, I’m pretty
much getting everything. They were pretty much all yes’s. It’s just the dress didn’t fit me right. But, everything else fit, looks really nice. I think it would be really
cute for my trip too. And, I got some really good basics. These body suits, y’all. I have a problem with finding
body suits that like, fit me, ’cause I have a long torso. But, these fit super nice. And, I also found a bunch
of stuff for Zaya too. So, I’m excited about that. We gon’ be lookin’ cute on our trip. I found so many items that
are perfect for my trip, and my housewarming party, at really great prices. And now, I challenge you
guys to head into Marshalls, and find your #MarshallsSuprise. Okay, just left Marshalls. Now, we are going to take a lunch break. This is technically a business lunch, because I have to talk to my manager about some business things, okay? (bouncy music) (bystanders murmuring) So, this housewarming
party that’s coming up… In a month, I guess. Well, we have like a month. That’s a good amount of time. – [Mom] Gonna be the
first week of September. How many people? Yeah (mumbles). – [Raven] Yeah, looks great. Thank you. (bystanders murmuring) So, we are literally mapping out how my housewarming
party is gonna be set up. And like, how I want all
the food to be displayed, and stuff like that. So, I have like, the kitchen area, living room area, and my patio. So, this is the patio that
my mom is drawing (laughs). – It is not to scale.
– Kind of. And we’re like, looking on Pinterest,
of course, for ideas. So, I think this is cute. Mom wanted a drink station. I definitely wanna have plants, and fresh flowers maybe. Lights, and candles, and stuff. For when the sun goes down.
– Candles. Like, sitting next to the floor. Lanters, or candles. – Okay, just pulled up
the Habitat For Humanity donation drop off. My mom’s driving, ’cause I did not know where
the heck this place was. But, it’s like this… Let me see if I can show you. So basically, if you don’t know, Habitat For Humanity is
where you can donate like, house-type things. – [Mom] ‘Cause, the build
homes for low-income people. And, you know, if they’ve got somethin’ new, or nearly new, fixtures to put in, and that’s a couple of less fixtures that they have to buy. – [Raven] Oh, that’s fine. – [Man] We’ve been really lucky. I had to get stitches on my knee. – Oh.
– (mumbles) Ago. – [Raven] Yeah, I saw you limping. I was like…
– Yeah. Here’s your– (fixtures and boxes rustling) (wind rumbling) – And…
– All of that. – [Man] All of it. Just didn’t wanna take anything– – [Mom] Yeah, all of that. (plastic crinkling) That goes with, I think this lamp right here. (footsteps) Wanna take the mirror? – We can’t–
– Can’t take the mirror? – [Man] Not without the frame. – Okay, so there’s that done. He was super thankful
to receive the stuff, ’cause it was all brand new. And, he was like, they’ll definitely make
good use out of this. I feel good about
donating that stuff here. Rather than, like I said, tryna sell it. But, something I learned, is that these donation places, they will not take frameless mirrors. I have three frameless mirrors
I’m trying to get rid of. Salvation Army wouldn’t take it. This place won’t take it. ‘Cause, apparently it’s
like, a safety hazard. ‘Cause, it can like, cut you if, I don’t know. So, I’m still tryna figure
out what I’m gonna do with all these big mirrors. He did recommend one other donation place that he said might take it, but I have a gut feeling
that they probably have the same policy as every
other donation place. So, if anybody has any ideas, comment down below what
I can do with these big frameless mirrors, please. Alright so, I am back home now. My mom went back to her house. She’s not really feeling well. It’s actually already 4:00 p.m. Which is just like, this day has already gone by, and I still have more
stuff that I need to do. I just unloaded the car. All the stuff that we got from Marshalls. Should I do a little haul? So, really quick little Marshalls haul. Just in case you didn’t see (board clack)
exactly what I bought. I got this tray. Really nice, heavy tray. Just to have it, also mainly for the housewarming party. Then I got two of these
wooden block board things. This one just has pegs on the bottom. This one is actually a Lazy Susan. So, slightly bigger, slightly smaller. Also, for the housewarming party. And, my mom and I like, kind a planned the whole party at lunch. So, now I have a much
better idea of actually what I’m gonna do, and what I’m gonna need for that. I was kinda worried about it, because I just hadn’t planned anything. And, a lot of like, most of the people on the guest list are coming from outta town. So, I wanted to make sure I
planned it way in advance. To give people time to like, get flights and stuff. It’s like this big deal. So, I’m feeling better about that. God these three plants. These are fake plants. Three matching ones. Bowls. You guys saw in the store, I got four of those. I got two sets of these
stemless wine glasses. I got the shorter set. Which I think is for red wine. And, the slightly like, taller, more elongated set. Which is for white wine, I think. These two outfits for Zaya. Got her a really nice
jacket for the Fall as well. Got my vacation purse. Which I’m actually really excited about. I think this is really cute. The checkout lady was
from the Philippines. And, she was like, you know, in my country, you could get these bags easy, for like $5. You can get ’em like, anywhere. One, two, three, four crop-tops. And then, I got the two body suits. A white one. So, they’re just like, plain. Like, tank top type body suits. But like, with a really good material. And, they fit really well. White one, and then the
same thing in black. And lastly, I think
this is the last thing. These really cute little
brown sandals, for Zaya. To kinda go with her
little outfits, and stuff. And yeah, I think that’s everything. So, now I have about an hour before I have to go pick up Zaya, and I have a video that needs to be reviewed, I guess. You guys know I’m working
with an editor now, that helps me, obviously, edit some of my YouTube videos. She doesn’t just edit all of ’em for me. It’s just like, certain
ones that I’ll have her do. Or like, we kinda like, collaborate on it. So, I still am very much so, involved. She just texted me, and said that she is sending
over a video that she edited. So, I need to watch it, review it, and let her know if there’s
any changes I need her to make. Things like that. It’s also a sponsored video
that she was working on. So, it’s a little more like, important, you know, to make sure that everything is right. My office is still lookin’ the same way from when I first moved in. Not put together at all. I have quite a bit left to
do on the house in general. And, I’m trying to decide like, which rooms I need to prioritize first. Because, I still have my bedroom, I have Zaya’s bedroom, I have the office, I have the glam room, I mean, the mail room, the laundry room. I mean, pretty much every
room except for like, the kitchen, and my bathroom. Like, the kitchen, and my bathroom, and my closet, are kinda like the only spaces
that are kind of like, done. At least to a certain extent. Every other room in the
house still needs like, a lot of furniture, and a lot of work. I think the glam room is
going to be a top priority. Just because I’m supposed to be using that space to create content, and I haven’t been able
to create that content, because the space is not ready. And, that kind of holding
me back with work. I think I showed you guys this already, but this is what the glam
room looks like right now. Literally, just a big ol’ pile of makeup. All these boxes and bins
have all my makeup in it. And then, over on this wall, is just kind of like, the random furniture and stuff, and things that I want to have in here, but it just hasn’t been
set up at all, obviously. And then, through here, there’s you know, the full bathroom, and everything. Which nobody has ever
used this shower yet. Nobody really ever used
this toilet, or anything. I’ve come in here to do
my makeup a few times. Just because all my makeup is like, in this room. So, since the room
itself is not set up yet, I’ve been coming in here to do my makeup. But, it also has the closet. Which is actually where I think I’m just going to keep my wigs in here. Just because, I was gonna
have them out on display, in the actual glam room, but I don’t want the
room to be too cluttered. So anyway, yeah. That is going to be taking
top priority over other rooms. Just because, like I said, I need that room to work in. So, that’s gonna be one of the next… Rooms that you guys see me do. Of course, I’m gonna be
making videos about it. So, stay tuned on my channel if you guys wanna see the
transformation of the glam room. But yeah, anyway. Let me go ahead and review this video. Before it’s time to pick up Zaya. Okay, just… Oh, I almost fell (laughs)! I just finished watching the video, giving feedback to my editor. I’m literally running like, a couple minutes late to pick up Zaya, but I really needed to finish that, because like I said, I’m on a time crunch with that. So, that’s good. Finished, but now I gotta
go pick up Zaya from school. Where are my keys? (groans) I always do this to myself. Like… Trying to rush out the
house at the last minute. Got my keys. Okay. Gotta go pick up Zaya. Aright, just picked up Zaya. I actually made it like, five minutes, you know, with five minutes to spare, and I was not the last mom. There were still several parents, and several kids. So, I was not late. We’re heading back home. Zaya is all dirty from school. She needs to like, change her clothes and stuff. Freshen up a bit. And then, I’m actually going to my mom’s house for dinner tonight. My little sister has a friend in town, and we’re just gonna have like, a little family dinner before her friend leaves back outta town. So, that’s my dinner plans. I’m excited about that, because any time I can like, scam dinner, not scam, but go to my moms house for food, instead of having to make
my own food (laughs), is a good time for me. You are filthy, dirty, nasty! Come back, you gotta take a bath! (Zaya laughs)
(footsteps) You need take a bath first, before we go to Grammy’s house for dinner. (Zaya mumbles) And, I really need to wash
and detangle your hair. Hey! Because, with swim lessons, the hair has been an issue (laughs). And, she has like half of a… Hey! (Zaya laughs) Aright, now she has like
half of a hair style. And, I really just need to wash it, fully detangle it, and restyle it.
(Zaya babbling) (Zaya shouting) You just have dirt everywhere. Your feet are dirty! What were you doin’ today at school? Rollin’ around in the dirt? – [Zaya] No. – [Raven] (laughs) What were you doin’? – And, I was playing (mumbles). – [Raven] Oh. (water pouring) (water dripping) Okay so, Zaya’s literally in the bathtub, but as I was in here, putting her in the bath, I was looking around the bathroom, and I just had the random urge to take this towel bar off of here. Similarly to how I took
it off in my bathroom. I just don’t really like
the placement of it. I’ve never really liked towel bars that are right above the toilet. ‘Cause, it just feels like you kinda have to reach over the toilet. And, if the toilet lid is ever up, it kinda makes you feel like you might drop your towel into the toilet. I don’t know. I just don’t really like that placement. And, there is this other wall over here, on the opposite wall, where the door opens up like this, and there’s just this empty space. So, I really feel like if there was some hooks or something right here, that would be a better like, easier place to access the towel. And, for right here, in between where the
shower and the mirror, if I take that off, this could be a good spot to
just put a piece of artwork, just to make it look cuter in here. So, this is kinda what she has
goin’ on in here right now. So, I’ve already got all this like, pink and gold girly stuff in here. So, a nice piece of art that
kinda ties all this together, would look a lot better right there, rather than the towel bar I think. So, I actually already
have this little hooks. It’s like a little piece of
marble or something in there. These gold hooks. I have these already from Zaya’s bedroom in the old apartment. I have three of ’em. I think I only need to
use two of them in here. Maybe I’ll use the extra
one somewhere else. I guess it would nice if
Zaya could reach it herself, but then I’d have to put it way down here. And, I feel like that just looks weird. (light clacking)
(water splashing) (drill humming) (light clacking) (drill humming) (light clacking)
(water splashing) So, there’s those. Done. Like that. (Zaya murmuring)
(water splashing) (Zaya babbling) (bar clacks) (drill humming) Okay, so here area a couple of options of artwork to put in there. Just based on what I already
had from my previous apartment. Stuff that I kept. So, I used to have this
in my master bathroom. Start each day with a grateful heart. ‘Cause it’s like, you start your day in the bathroom. So, I thought that was cute. And then, these two used
to be in Zaya’s room. This one has the nice
pink and gold color scheme that matches her bathroom perfectly, but, it says let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains. So, it’s talkin’ about sleeping. Which kind of only makes
sense to put in the bedroom, not in the bathroom. And then, there’s this one. Which just says love. And, it’s just like, gray and gold. So, this one definitely fits. That’s cute with all
the rest of this stuff goin’ on over here. That one I think is also cute. It’s a little bit big. Might be too big.
– Mom! – [Raven] Okay, so actually, I figured out what to do with
the third little gold hook. So, I have these two right here. Right, right? This is lookin’ cute. But then, for the third gold hook, I actually took this towel ring off. It was right here, and that’s where the
towel was for the sink. But, it was kinda like, they put it in a weird place. They put it like really far over here, by the mirror, and really high up. Like, it’s hard for you guys to tell. I can’t get a good angle. But, it was just kind
of in an awkward place. Normally it’s… Like, a little lower down, and a little further towards you. Like, when you’re standing at the sink. So anyway, I just used the third hook that I had left over, to use for the hand towel
right here by the sink, instead of using that ring. And, I was able to move the towel over to a little bit more of an
easier to reach spot. You can see where the holes are. (stammers) How like,
weird the placement was. So yeah, I like it a lot better like this. It also helps to hide the plug right here. And, I know it’s a little bit more messy to have your towels like, hung on a hook like that, instead of folded nicely, hanging on the ring or the bar, but for a kids bathroom, I think it’s okay for it to
be a little bit more like, casual like that, and not have to have everything
like, perfectly folded. ‘Cause, you know it’s not gon’
stay perfectly folded anyway. In a kids bathroom. Zaya’s hair has been
washed, and detangled. So now, I just have to do the other side. And then, we will be heading over to my mom’s house for dinner. And, this is our little setup. Usually, I sit on the couch, she uses her little chair, and either she watches her iPad, or she watches the TV over here. Which just helps her to, obviously, like distract her, so I can do her hair. And, she just sits still. And, I’ll be doin’ more videos
about styling Zaya’s hair, and trying new products
and stuff, pretty soon. So, be on the lookout for that. Turn around. Let me see. Ooh. – Can I turn around like a princess? – [Raven] Turn around like a princess? Okay, go ahead. Wow. You ready to go to Grammy’s house, and eat some dinner? And then, I think we should come home, and clean this up. What do you think? – Dun, dun, dun! (Raven laughs) (door bell ringing) (door creaks) – Y’all like PJ. Y’all can smell food being cooked. (tranquil music) – Aright, back from my mom’s house. Now, getting ready for bed. I’m gonna end this vlog here. I hope you guys enjoyed
spending the day with me. Let me know if you like this type of vlog, where I kinda just take you
around for the whole day, of like, whatever I’m doing. Shout out again to Marshalls, for sponsoring this video, And yeah, that’s pretty much all I have. So, I will see you guys in the next one. Bye.

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hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so right now it’s Saturday morning today’s video is just going to
be very casual like sort of a day in the life style type video you guys have been
asking for me to do more of these so I’m going to be doing that today we’re just
going to be getting the summit projects done around the house today mainly in
the boys room because we’ve just got their bunk beds in the mail and their
bedding but first I’m making us some breakfast and our favorite weekend
breakfast to have is scrambled eggs toast and turkey bacon our other
favorite is waffles and fruit okay so we just got done eating
breakfast and Jaylon is out in the living room playing with the boys that I can
get this room cleaned up before we can set up the bunk beds before I can get
started on this room makeover this room needs to be cleaned and I need to go
through these toys again and get them organized I feel like I just did this
but I think that I’ve come up with a plan of a way that we can keep this room
clean and organized after I get this bedroom makeover done with we are going
to stick to the plan and keep this room clean hopefully oh I need to start
taking stuff off the walls the bookshelves the letters different things
like that before I do that though I’m gonna clean up this room I’m gonna move
Kyle’s mattress out of here just that we have room to set up the bunk beds okay so we made progress we got most of
the room cleaned up we cleared off this whole wall took down the crib took
everything off the walls now we’ve got a clean slate to work with but I took
everything off the wall in those bookshelves they require eight different
holes in the wall so I’m going to show you just how bad the wall looks
afterwards you can see I’ve got so many holes that I have to fill in here on the
wall and paint over I’m gonna try to do the best job that I can I’m not a
professional but I’m gonna try to do the best that I can so I’m gonna fill in
these holes let that dry paint over it and then we can get started setting up
stuff over here these were those IKEA spice racks that I had hanging on the
wall I just don’t want to deal with it again I don’t want to make more holes in
the walls so I decided that I’m just gonna pack these away probably use them
in my future pantry and I think I’m gonna go on Amazon today and order this
like black metal hanging a bookcase that I saw on there because that will only
require like two screws into the wall and that’s it I don’t have to put eight
more screws in the wall so I need to get this started so that we can get this
bunk bed set up okay so I just finished this whole back
wall I got all of the holes filled in I touched up the paint and now I’m going
to vacuum the floor here under this wall so that we can start setting up the bunk
bed so we got the whole thing put together
was a little bit more of a job than we thought it was gonna be I should say
Jaylon got the whole thing put together because all I really did was hold it so
thank you I’m not going to show you guys anymore of this room makeover until I
put out the room makeover video hopefully that will be out with you next
week so stay tuned for that okay so we are starving and thank goodness I have
an easy home chef’s meal to make for lunch it’s the weekend so I don’t like
to cook a ton over the weekend just keep it simple here is what I’m going to be
whipping up for lunch and home chef is sponsoring today’s video if you haven’t
heard of home chef before they are a meal kit service company so you can
click my link down below head to their website sign up with your email and then
pick out the meals that you want they have such a huge selection to pick from
over on their website you can select what your preferences are how many
people are in your family I selected to get this meal for four servings each of
these bags are two servings so I got two of these for four servings I love the
packaging on everything it’s just so convenient you’ve got all of your
ingredients that you need in these packages the meat is packaged separately
in the bottom of the box so that it’s all covered in ice pack so this is the
first time that I’ve ever seen one of these oven ready meals on their website
so basically you just mix everything in the container that it comes with and
then it’s just ready to put right in the oven so super easy it’s a perfect meal
for today because I don’t feel like cooking a ton I love to get a variety of
meals in my box some easy ones to have for lunch like salads and stuff and then
some bigger meals for supper you can also get some smoothie recipes in your
box and you can select how often you want to get the boxes like you don’t
have to get them every single week I usually only get one box a month just to
give myself a break one of the weeks out of the month I don’t have to grocery
shop or meal plan and with the coupon code that I’ll have come up here on the
screen you can get $20 off of each of your first four boxes which equals a
total of $80 off an amazing deal but we’re going to get this put into the
oven and get it baking so that we can eat because like I said we’re starving
I’ll let you know how this tastes once it’s done so we are outside now I came out to
check on the chickens and gather the eggs we just got done eating lunch and
it was very yummy all four of us loved it Jaylon is over here with the drone
he’s gonna take it up and try to get some footage we got a couple storms
around here on the mountain last night we got like almost an inch of rain in 40
minutes so it was like a flood around here there’s still a ton of puddles I
just love monsoon season I love being able to get rain every day because we
don’t get a lot of rain for most of the year I leave my chickens loose all day long
every day and theres the turkey flying up into the tree if you saw in one of my
previous videos I shared that we have a wild turkey that has been living in our
backyard for probably like two months now he’s just sort of made this his home
and he loves hanging out with chickens the boys haven’t been able to swim much
lately because it keeps being so cloudy and rainy and windy it looks like they
knocked over their feeder when their feed gets wet it just cakes around the
bottom of this feeder you got to try to get it unstuck so they can actually get
the feed came back here to check for eggs and it looks like the boys were
back here playing yesterday with the loader looks like we’ve got three eggs
unfortunately I just realized that I am missing a chicken there’s only four
chickens here and I’m supposed to have five chickens so I’m hoping that a
coyote didn’t eat one of my chickens so yeah that kind of stinks I guess I
shouldn’t be leaving them out all day long but they’ve just enjoyed so much
being outside and you would think with the dogs that the coyotes wouldn’t come
close to the house everything is looking so green from all the rain that we’ve
been having and it’s such a beautiful day it’s nice and cloudy
there’s just storms in the distance it’s not hot and sunny nice breeze going just
such beautiful weather I’m gonna miss monsoon season so much when it’s over I think I’m gonna close out this video
right here give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below if you want me
to do one of these more casual day in the life style videos every once in a
while on my channel and also stay tuned for the boys room makeover video which
I’ll probably be posting in about a week and one last thing don’t forget to click
the link down below to go and check out home chef and use my coupon code to get
$20 off of each of your first four boxes equaling a total of $80 off and I will
see you all in a few days with a brand new video bye