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introducing 99 beach street a beautiful multi-level ranch-style home located in the very desirable Ashcroft Oakdale neighborhood at the very end of a quiet street in Dedham Massachusetts the large living and dining room is anchored by a gas fireplace and it's surrounded by many windows bringing the outdoors the two great sized bedrooms a renovated full bathroom the kitchen with a mudroom and direct access to the two-car garage complete the first level double patio doors open to an oversized composite and hardwood deck for convenient entertaining during the warmer months just a few steps up and you will find the beautiful master bedroom suite with a walk-in closet a renovated bathroom and beautiful views of the yard and conservation land the finished lower level is large and boasts the family room with a gas fireplace a laundry room and work area this lovely home is located at the end of a dead-end street a budding conservation land walking distance to the Endicott commuter rail station and just a short drive to schools shops restaurants and entertainment you

Jim Collins Thinks Your House Is a Bad Investment | Rent vs. Buy Analysis | LIVE

yeah we are live hello everybody welcome to Mike and Lauren live high-five so tonight we have a very special guest really excited his name is Jim Collins and you have know him from JL Collins NH comm and we are so excited to have him here tonight we are going to talk about the highly controversial rent versus buy debate a lot of you have asked why we rent our house instead of purchasing it we've gone over that briefly in the past but tonight we're going to dig into it a little bit more and with the help of Jim we're going to go over some common misconceptions about the rent versus buy question that everyone has on their mind so that further ado let me introduce Jim Collins he can say hello and then I'm going to kind of introduce the topic for the night and then we will open it up to questions for the end so here we go Jim you are live hello Jim Oh Michael Oh Lauren so uh tonight we are talking oh there are nicely on the screen yes yeah so no quick um you may notice it's a little bit different tonight we're doing a google hangout instead of a Google live event there is a subtle difference um so the audio may be slightly out of sync there's just nothing we can do about that to do the telecommunication thing but there are some things I can change I can change the volume level of Lauren and I and I could change the volume of Jim so if you have any problems with seeing or hearing please let us know in the chat and I can make adjustments on the fly so what we can go from there and same to you Jim if you have any problems let me know and we can press pause on this thing so I have to move over this way because I have something special tonight in lieu of doing the Google live events we're going to hang out we can do some slides here and what I wanted to open up with this is how this conversation got started Jim has a blog post called why your house is a terrible investment and in it he outlines a lot of reasons why doing the math on the rent versus buy scenario is very important it's not just a cut and dry I know growing up I always heard that you always buy your house and actually I just realized this is why we don't try new things for the first time I just realized the camera wasn't on as we're talking so now you're back to us so this started from a blog post from Jim's called wire house a terrible investment and quickly before we get into things I want to kind of highlight some of the reasons in that blog post that he lays out that maybe you haven't thought of and to do that I did something a little new tonight and we actually have some slides were able to do so I'm going to show you real quick some slides and then we'll get into a gym I have a few questions for him so without further ado what makes uh what does a bad investment look like so we're gonna do a little roleplay here and imagine we are two people sitting on a bench and we're talking about different types of good investments and this is what he outlines in his blog post and the question comes up well if that's what makes a good good investment how would we describe a bad investment if we could outline all of the things that would just make an investment a horrible decision what would that look like and here are some of the things that he outlines on his blog the first is it should be a relentlessly ongoing drain on the cash reserves of cash reserves of the owner it should be illiquid will make it something that takes weeks no way even better months of efforts to buy and sell it should be expensive to buy and sell will add very high transaction costs let's say 5% Commission's on the deal coming and going let's say it should be complex to buy and sell that way we can lay it along lots of extra fees and reports and documents that we can charge for it should generate Lobert low returns certainly no more the inflation rate may be a bit less it should be leveraged so that if the price goes up a little bit leverage will magnify this and people will be convinced themselves that it's a good invention investment the flip side of that is any losses are off also magnified oh wait none of these points of showing up on your screen online or on the screen I'm looking at uh you actually you know you're about 30 seconds behind on that are they popping up now uh there's one just popped up yeah yeah you're a few seconds behind I forgot to tell you that um so I've got two more quick at the end here should be subject to the fortunes of one country one state one city one town actually let's make it one neighborhood imagine if our investment could somehow tie its owner to the fate of one narrow location that way the risk could be enormous you know if a plant closes or a street gang moves in or the government goes crazy with taxes or an environmental disaster happens nearby we have an investment that not only crushes its owners net worth but does so while they're losing their job and income and our final you know reason that we could come up with just for a horrible investment is it should be something that you can never really own since it's something we are going to give to the government the power to tax this investment every year owning it would be just like sharecropping well let them work it maintain it pay all the costs associated with it and as long as they pay their annual rent he means taxes actually will let them stay in it unless we decide we want it we being the government so some very compelling reasons to um sorry I'm this double switcher thing it's kind of weird for me so some compelling reasons uh to not invest in a certain type of asset and of course that was a tongue-in-cheek kind of example of real estate investing all those were you know different factors that that you would consider a home to be and so Jim if you could kind of explain to us where did this blog post how did this blog post start and um you know where are you coming from it seems like everyone you talked to and the pendulum is somewhat swinging the other direction recently but especially you know in the past decade or so it's common wisdom that if you're not buying your house you're losing out on you know equity and you're throwing your money in the garbage every month so where are you coming from and how did this blog post start for you well you you kind of just put your finger on where the blog post comes from I kind of tired of listening to the quote/unquote common wisdom then buying a house is always a good investment this is separate from discussing whether or not it's a good idea or a good lifestyle choice or something that you might want it on it to have but the whole concept of whether this is a good investment just kind of rubbed me the wrong way and so tongue-in-cheek I sat down one day and I thought you know let's look at this as if we would look at any other kind of investment and and see how does it stack up and then I kind of rattle off the things that you listed there and I think there were a few more in that post and I had published and the next thing I know I was getting the most hate I've ever gotten of anything I published and also the most loved right well as um as James all torture it's a how you pronounce his name I can never get there all toucher to Tom Ulta sure says you know the housing is an American religion that it's something that uh we would put up there with almost our faith in you know religion kind of the American Dream right the American Dream is you know you even the way we're sold it you know you start with a starter house and then you upgrade to a bigger house as you have kids and then a nicer house and then as you as the kids leave the nest you you know buy something a little smaller it's what we're told to do growing up and so my question to you I have two and I think they're kind of misconceptions that are kind of the root of all of these factors my first is when you say when I when I tell someone you know you need to do the math on whether it's better to rent or buy they say well if you're renting you're not building equity and after our conversations together over the past year and some email exchanges it almost seems to me like equity to you is almost synonymous with opportunity cost what could you speak to that a little bit of what role opportunity cost plays in the rent versus buy debate we you you covered a lot of ground there and there there are a couple of things first of all it's going to cost money to to live wherever you live whether you're renting or there's a house so it's a misnomer to say that you're throwing money away on rent you were getting something in exchange a place to live by the same token you are going to have expense is tied to that house some of them are obvious like the interest that you're going to pay on your mortgage assuming you have one you're going to pay maintenance repair on that home you're going to pay real estate taxes on that home and then as you build equity people this is this is I think where people lose sight of the real impact of the numbers as you build equity there's a cost to that too to having that money tied up in the house the financial term is an opportunity costs so if you achieve the goal that many have of having your home paid for and no longer having a mortgage which is a fine goal you have to then look at how much money you have tied up in that house and what could that money otherwise be doing for instance to view a hundred thousand dollar house and you wanted free and clear that's a hundred thousand dollars that is not otherwise engaged and there's simple ways to to evaluate what that opportunity cost is you simply pick a proxy of where that money would be where you would have it invest in otherwise and if we want to keep light – like an obvious proxy is something like a refund real estate investment trust fund man urine has one that I used to be in that I that I kind of like if I were going to do that and it pays a three and a half percent dividend CSRA at one hundred four thousand dollars that I have tied up could be earning me three thousand five hundred dollars a year now some people say well gee but a house might go up in value now with my neuroscientific trust could also go up in value so we have no way of knowing which of those want pace the other let's consider that abortion and so now you have an opportunity cost looking in it very simply I'm thirty five hundred dollars that's a real cost out of your pocket to maintain that pay for house so you're saying that looking at the appreciation of a house uh what we're trying to get when you see your house appreciate let's say if it were to go up a hundred thousand dollars in value instead of seeing a hundred thousand dollars uh in in value to you you should a $3,500 loss of opportunity cost is that kind of what you're getting at our site oversimplifying it well I would you know you'd certainly see a hundred thousand dollars in value but that that money is tied up so you at any given point with any investment you should always be asking yourself is there something better I could be doing with this money and what that what might that be in to the extent that there might be something better or something different you have a built in opportunity cost so certainly how she goes up $100,000 in value then you are your your net worth is increased by $100,000 and that is a good thing right but you were saying if you were to be invested in the you know real-estate index fund that could also go up you know similarily in in appreciation so you're missing out on the dividends right so then my next question is it's either the argument of you know building equity or it's the argument of tax deductions so everyone knows that your mortgage interest is tacked adduct axe deductible but there's a common misconception there could you talk about that for a second well I think the misconception you're referring to is first of all mortgage interest is deductible but everybody every taxpayer gets what it's called a standard deduction from the government so if you're a married couple your standard deduction for 2014 in this they adjusted upwards with inflation of year but for 2014 you have a standard deduction for twelve thousand four hundred dollars that's if you do nothing so unless your housing costs that's to say your interest and your real estate taxes are more than twelve thousand four hundred dollars there's really no deductibility advantage to owning that house now there are some comments that if you are generous with your charitable contributions that 2 goes into height what's called itemizing your deductions which if you owned a house you would idolize the interest you're paying on your loan who would I – mais your real estate taxes there are other things you can idolize in deduct charitable contributions being the most common one that the typical taxpayer might have so if you have a twelve thousand four hundred standard deduction and you're giving away $10,000 well now the bar is only twenty four hundred dollars above which now you're your mortgage interest in your real estate taxes are beneficial that makes sense yes so just so I'm clear because I'm actually I want to make sure I understand it is you have to pay more than twelve thousand for on this is assuming you know you're taking the other you would otherwise take the standardized deduction your your mortgage interest has to exceed twelve thousand four hundred dollars a year before would ever make sense to you know have a mortgage just for the deduction right and but you also get to direct real estate tax so it would be the combination of your mortgage interest and your real estate tax and then it live in a state it gets the taxes of course always make everything more complex if you live in a high-tech state New York California New Jersey you're also going to have state income taxes that you can deduct if you itemize your deductions so that might get a perverse sort of way make your real estate deduction more valuable but if you live in Florida as you do or New Hampshire's I do where there's no state income tax then you don't have that factor so it's a little becomes a little simpler gotcha so when I was looking through your posts for your actual rent by analysis for your home in New Hampshire I noticed a lot of your costs were were much much greater than we see here in South Florida so I want to make clear do you think it's always a bad investment to own your own home or or what is what is your point of that post because I think it's very controversial to say that you that Jim Collins thinks your house is a bad investment is where's the line there where what are you trying to say are you really saying that all homes are bad investments or what's your message on this no you know that that's that's a great question Mike and the the why your house is a terrible investment post is is one of the most widely read on my blog and it's wonderful that post it's that widely read but I I wish people would also read the post on on rent rent versus owning and how to run the numbers the why your house is a terrible investment post as you as you pointed out as you were kind of going through it talks on some of the characteristics of a house is a building that are unattractive from an investment point of view but you can look it's a relatively simple thing to run the numbers on a house and compare it to renting and there are a lot of calculators out there that do that and those are fine if you find one that you like I think it's a little bit simpler than that so in my case with our house in New Hampshire when I run the numbers and with with both houses that I own renting is is much more financially attractive in some areas of the country that may or may not be the case I think some places like Florida evidently from what you're saying in the Midwest for I'm from it might be a coaster horse right now I also did a post on rent versus buy it Ecuador Ecuador's of a country I traveled to on a very regular basis and I've looked at real estate down there and when you look at just the numbers there it is more cost-effective to buy than it is to rent in Ecuador now there are other mitigating factors to that to consider that are unique to that country that we get into if you like but make sure if you're looking at the numbers and you see it's more favorable financially mathematically to buy is that a green light for you to make that decision or if you think it's more emotional like obviously if you're we listed all those reasons in the beginning the entire you know blog or the essay that you wrote about you know you listed 20 different reasons that were non necessarily strictly financial things that kind of weigh you down there's like logical there motional how did those factor into your decision why would I would say this I would say that that money is not the only reason to make a decision like buying a house or a lot of decisions in your life but I think it behooves you to make sure you understand what the numbers are telling you so I would suggest anybody who's considering buying a house or who is renting and prefers to rent that you run the numbers and the numbers will tell you very clearly if you do that where where where the chips fall and whether the house is more financially advantageous or renting is more financially advantageous and then once you know that you're in a position to not make a rational decision but to understand the financial implications of whatever decision you make so for instance when we sold our last house it was very clearly financially advantageous to rent as it happens we also wanted to rent so those two things aligned and it made an obvious made the decision obvious if I'd run the numbers and the numbers it said you know what it is actually more financially advantageous to home now I have a work of flex decision but the numbers will tell me exactly how much more it would have cost me to rent if that was the case and now I'm in a position to say okay it's going to cost me X number of dollars more to rent which is of what I want am I willing to pay that premium or to turn it around if I ran the numbers if I was renting and I want to type on the house and I run the numbers and the numbers say well only house is going to cost me more than what I'm paying to rent okay now I know that and I know specifically how much more it's going to cost and now I can make a decision as to where that whether that extra money is money I'm willing to spend in order to to own that out so you're making a more rational decision or you're able to make your emotional decision in a better informed fashion where I think there the controversy is coming from is your opinion of renting or buying I think is fundamentally different than a lot of people were you've you renting favorably I think a lot of people you know whether or not they actually believe this or they've just been told to believe this they want to own their own house so you're looking at it like when you when you're talking like that you're saying you know I can look at it and say renting is going to cost me this much more per year or per month I know I can make a rational decision now but I prefer renting so it's worth it to me I guess that's just the way you take it both directions if you prefer to own your own house you need to look at it and say it's more expensive or it's cheaper to own the house but here are but like you said make a rational decision about it what it is what is it about renting that is so attractive to you why are you drawn to that that scenario well let me let me let me address the first point of what you said though remind me to know how I'll talk a little bit about why I like renting but I also wrote a post called roots vs. wings and it's kind of a companion to everything that we're talking about and I think but fundamentally there are two different kinds of people and people could be on either side of this at different points in their life so there are some people who put great value in setting down roots and these are people tend to like tone houses for obvious reasons other people tend to prefer to have more flexibility in their life and that's wings they like traveling and and moving to different places I think it's a matter of deciding which of those who you are and and pursuing along those lines for instance when our daughter was young we were more roots kinds of people and we owned houses now that she's grown and out of the house we don't have that requirement and I'd much rather have this kind of gets an answer your question up I like renting and much rather have the flexibility than renting allows I can live in a place for a while and enjoy what that has to offering what the environment has to offer and then when I'm ready to move on I can easily pack up and move on understood yeah emiliΒ΄s case it's a lot cheaper so I have extra extra money in my pocket our camera died can you see me now yeah we're back right do you hear me yeah I hear you what I'm looking at is a time delay kind of thing so okay yeah sorry about that guy okay right now on screen I'm looking at his me talk okay we've we're back on all right so um I kind of want to wrap up the the real estate portion of the the interview um I think what it comes down to is you know you need to run the numbers would you say first and foremost you need to run the numbers and then from there it's an emotional decision for you you can make a rational emotional decision if there's such a thing but taking into account those reasons that you outlined in your essay that maybe you didn't think about that that's what I really wanted to kind of highlight is you had a lot of reasons in that in that essay that I had never really considered so it's it's not cut and dry even if the math favors one over the other there are still other things that you should consider before taking the leap into homeownership is that would that be a fair you know review of your thought I think it is a fair fair review and if if you'll allow me to all kind of review a little bit myself yeah whenever whatever you're making a life choice I think it money is not the only consideration but it's an important consideration and I think with anything you should run the numbers and understand what your decision is going to cost and how it compares to alternatives that might be there so if you're interested in buying a house I wouldn't say don't buy a house I would say run the numbers see how owning that house stacks up against renting assuming that's what you're doing and then you know what it's going to cost in comparison you might find out that actually buying the house is cheaper and that you also want over the house that's a wonderful thing but if you find out the house is more expensive now as we talked about you have an idea of what you're going to pay for that lifestyle choice you want to make but then the second point it goes back to that to the post you're reading about why your house is a terrible investment I think you have to be there is there is so much propaganda and I don't think that's too strong a word out there touting the value of homeownership without looking at looking at it a little more deeply for instance the reflex well Corp sure your your your interest payments are deductible well yes but as we discussed you also have a big standard deduction so maybe it's not as beneficial as it seems so you could look at that and you can say you know do I do I really want to take on this particular kind of an investment if you do and there are some people who just definitely want to own their own house by all means go into it there are also a lot of people that I hear from who are almost pressured into buying a house they reach a certain age or they get married or maybe they have children and the world around them is telling them well of course you need to buy a house well not necessarily and there are other things to consider before you make that decision so a one-liner for me would be I've always been told that a house as an investment no matter what you're saying sometimes the house is not an investment I don't think a house is really ever an investment and to the extent that you think of it as an investment is that post points out it's really not a very good one but it can be a it can be a good it can be a good lifestyle choice I mean we moved to New Hampshire we bought a house and we bought it in a good neighborhood with the good schools because my daughter was in second grade and it was the expensive choice to make it was a an expensive indulgence if you will but it was one that I can afford and the benefits were were benefits that I wanted but I wasn't into it with my eyes wide open knowing that I was I was paying premium for to indulge myself and owning that house and then when I didn't need that house anymore I didn't need the school district I didn't need the space because my daughter moved on then you do something different but you just don't accept as gospel that owning a house is always a financially good thing to do it probably rarely is sometimes it's a good lifestyle thing they did excellent advice all right well let's open it up now for general QA we have a couple questions backed up in the chat so I will start with those and if you have questions for Jim about anything else you know life business money go ahead and put those over in the chat room to start our first question actually will go back a little ways to one more real estate question it says when buying a house and living in it what about renting a spare bedroom or two is that still a bad investment so what are your thoughts on the the roommates or the Airbnb nowadays side of things in homeownership well I think certainly if you if you own a house and you want to run out of spare room or do an air B&B kind of thing you're obviously going to generate cash flow that you didn't have before and that's a good thing I I would be careful about saying I am going to go out and buy a house soon and and this is going to justify the you know the financial decision to do it but if your house and you want to generate cash flow from it by by all means and certainly if you want it if you go to my post and read verses own and you look at the various categories and you want to run that calculation and you say okay well I know I'm going to my house with this extra room and I'm going to do an Airbnb thing you can put in some some numbers on that side of the ledger and see what it tells you excellent all right our next question is from Kevin our Oh can I add that I'm very glad that Kevin are brought this up because I actually brought up this post to Mike um I don't know maybe a month or two ago about kind of covering it his question is how much have your children followed in your footsteps one of Kevin's favorite posts is how I failed my daughter and a simple path to wealth well Kevin first of all I only have one children heck yeah and that's and that's my daughter Jessica and she is 22 and she's College and out of the house and they're out of the apartment are Kayson and on her own I think it is too early to tell whether she's going to follow in my in my footsteps have you read that post you know I think one of the mistakes that I made with her is that I think this financial stuff is so incredibly important and can be such a powerful tool in helping you have the fullest possible life with the greatest number of options that I think I pushed it on or – too hard and too early and in fact the whole blog comes out of out of a conversation for my daughter with and I think she was maybe 15 or something at the time and and I was again lecturing her as she would say on this stuff and she stopped me she said dad I know this isn't important but I just don't want to have to think about it all the time and the little lipo went off and I thought you know that's probably true most people they know it's a financial stuff is important and they don't want to think about it all the time you know I'm the I'm the aberration I mean financial people like this financial stuff like me and maybe the listeners and you may where the aberrations I mean most people are out there curing diseases or building businesses or or whatever they're doing and money is a very secondary thing and so the blog is written hopefully if I've accomplished my goal for people who know it's important but don't want to obsess about it so I try to make it as simple as possible sometimes go back to Kevin's question my daughter will make comments that made me think that she's paid more attention than she lets on so yeah the jury's still out but I am hopeful well I think you've done a great job one of the things I really appreciate about your blog about your blog is how you tell a story and keep things simply laid out step by step and not only that but the concepts that you teach you teach simplicity and that's that was an eye-opening thing for me we're investing and money in general were often taught is to complicate and just hands-off I it's too much it's too complicated where you're the voice in the darkness saying hey it can be simple this is how how to do it simply and you know set it and forget it so thank you for that well I may if I can I have egg in them yeah comment on that my first of all thank you for that because that's very much one of the goals I have and I would also say for your audience I I think it's it's unfortunate and to the extent that it might be intentional maybe even despicable that the financial industry tries to make this seem so complex so here's the truth um the financial industry and the investments in it are incredibly complex I mean they're so complex than when we had the last implosion and market crash in 2007 there were you know there was the the Treasury secretary saying you know he didn't understand what credit default swaps are here's the good news all of that stuff is meaningless for us we don't need it you know so you can take 99 percent of what what Wall Street is cuddling and just throw it in your mental trashcan you know the one percent which interestingly enough is the simplest and I'm talking about X index funds the one percent that really matters to you couldn't be simpler and moreover it is more powerful and will give you better results than all this nonsense a Wall Street's creating not to not to make their clients wealthy but to make themselves wealthy right both I guess the answer is it is very complex but the Complexo we don't even need to think about well that's good to know we have a couple more questions may need to do these rapid-fire we have three write up right now but the first is is Jim considering purchasing a little house in Ecuador well first of all Jim would would have to to be considering moving Dec padorin that is a consideration actually you know I don't know we've lived in New Hampshire for about 15 years now and I Love New Hampshire it's been a great experience but as I alluded to the roots versus wings thing you know where wings kind of people and we like change in 15 years as long time to be in one place at least for us so at some point in the not-too-distant future I do see us moving just for a change of scenery and Ecuador is one of the considerations now whether I would buy a house or not as I mentioned they did a post on that and if you want to make my link to it and bottom but in Ecuador as far as I can tell it is cheaper to own that it is to rent but there are mitigating factors to that one is that you know you're not in a country that is quite as stable as the US and I'm a little concerned about owning something that is as ill liquidus property in an environment like that I'm actually concerned about owning something that's as illiquid is that in this country so you can imagine I feel about it in place like Ecuador and the other thing is that buying Ecuador is a much more challenging process than it is here one of the good things about the real estate market in the u.s. is that if you're looking at a house to buy you know what the asking price is and you know that that asking price is the same that's put forth in for every other potential buyer now you might negotiate a different price in that at least you know what the starting point is and the playing field is level in Ecuador that's not true there's something that they had a laughingly refer to as the gringo tax so if you're a gringo you are going to be asked to and expect it to pay much more for given piece of property than a local and in fact I have friend an Ecuadorian friend who lives a little town little fishing village named San Clemente and but he's not from San Clemente and he was in the process of buying some property there and even he meeting an Ecuadorian was subject to the local San Clemente the tax because he was a local guy he was having one of his local friends ask out the properties and do negotiating and what-have-you while he stood in the shadows because he know if he did it himself even as an Ecuadorian he'd be paying a premium so it's a different different kind of kind of world doesn't mean I wouldn't necessarily buy but you know I have to again I'd have to look I do the Milo analysis and I'd see just how big the advantage to owning was assuming that I was still true when I made that if I were going down there and and then I waited against the challenges of buying and owning a place like Ecuador interesting very interesting that they don't have any sort of like MLS service don't heaven no I don't know no MLS service in fact one of the interesting things is that when you go out with a realtor the sometimes as I understand that the sellers will say ok I want to sell this house and I want $50,000 for it and you know I won't sell it unless you put give me $50,000 and then the realtor can go and sell it for whatever they can get and that's that's how they make their money so if they can sell that house for a hundred thousand dollars to somebody like me from from out of the country that maybe I don't know any better well they just made a fifty thousand dollar Commission on that house Wow you know even if I run the numbers and its total core cheaper to read I have to realize that when I comes time for me to sell that house I just pay twice what it's worth it unless I can sell it to do another gringo you're no local is going to be silly enough to pay that kind of money great let's go on to the next question Jim do you still recommend 100% Vanguard stocks for someone in their mid 30s um yes I you know with some caveats first of all I don't think it's so much a matter of your age I would recommend the hundred percent stocks to somebody in them but third piece who was working and was planning to continue to work now a lot of readers of my blog are wanted on the track to retire earlier they have and so you know for some of those people you know late by the time they therma 30s they've been retired for five years so I look at it more in terms of where your cash flow is coming from so other percent stocks is considered very very aggressive and very very risky and what mitigates that risk in my mind and why I would say to my daughter under 20s or somebody in their 30s who is is working in it and intends to continue you have cash flow coming in and assuming that you have a a good solid savings rate and you're using that cash flow to invest that cash flow that gets continually invested with each month or each paycheck mitigates and smoothes out the what's inherently a very volatile right here in the stock market now once you stop working once you retire whether that's at the age of 30 or the age of 65 and you don't have that earned income coming in that you're you're investing in some using that that cash flow to smooth out the ride you need something else to smooth out the right and typically that's bonds so for instance at the moment I hold 75 percent stock stand 25 percent bonds because I don't have earned income coming in any longer if I were to retire at 35 I would do the same thing I would I would add bonds to smooth that to make that to provide that that smoothing effect that my my cash flow had before interesting and by the same token you know you might have somebody who who retires at 30 and doesn't have cash flow for five years and I would suggest that they ought to have a bond component that's should be based on their own personal tolerance and let's say five years you know they get some wonderful job offer they get bored or whatever it is and they go back in the workforce and they're making a good salary and now they have cash flow and and they're they're saving and investing money again well I might call for your allocation shift again what sorry I could cut out there for a second our camera may die here one more time in a second edge have to turn it back off and turn it back on um sorry about that um just going on record to say thanks to each of you we love Michael Oren videos and I've read nearly all of Jo columns and H um I like Brad that's really obviously a very astute fellow hey what do you think of the fact that vanguards mid-cap fund has outperformed the total market and small caps over the past ten years I think that's that's a reflection of the last ten years and one of the reasons that I I own a total stock market fund is I don't know what the next ten years are going to break things go in and out of fashion so small cap funds and mid cap funds that can outperform large caps for extended periods of time and then the wheel turns and large caps outperform and I have no way of knowing what's going to happen over the next ten years so I I own it all good to know um we have a question can you give us a teaser for some upcoming JL Collins NH posts what do you have on the on the boiler plate the pointer click that's not a word is it what's coming up so obviously Brad's not as as soon as I thought it was because he thinks I actually plan this out I actually actually the the I I do have three I guess that are in the works now I have two case studies coming up which I haven't done a case study in a long time and I think they're a lot of fun and I like doing them and as it happens there we're two interesting situations came to my attention recently and I was kind of on the lookout for a case study or two to do so hopefully I'll have one of those up later this week and then another one coming after that and now the other thing I'm thinking of doing and I haven't actually decided if I'm going to when I when we headed out to Los Angeles over the Christmas holidays I mentioned in the post I put up just before we left that I was going to take the train back from Los Angeles we flew out there together and I had never taken a cross-country train crepin and this was the opportunity and I did that over 75 hours on the train couple the commenters on that post said why you got to tell us about train trip and so I'm kind of thinking about maybe doing that I always hesitate with the travel posts because I can see that the readership of those is not nearly as strong as the financial ones and that's not surprising because people think of my blog is a financial blog that's what primarily is but I like doing the travel stuff and some of my readership seems to like it so I might do it might do a post in the train trip okay and I'm not hearing anything coming back and me did I lose you okay Mike I don't know if you can hear me but I'm not hearing anything coming back from you so well I can hear you can you hear me I know I can hear you yeah okay cool yeah I can you hear my my last bit about the postal trip yes so I yeah I heard all that and everyone heard that all right my our camera when it gets to this point it just gets so hot it just starts freaking out so let's do a couple more questions and then we'll wrap it up for the night uh uh when will the Mike and Lauren video series featuring Jim be posted so this is a good question we were actually talking about this today uh basically Jim if you want to or I guess I'll just say and then you can kind of talk about where you're at with it we're trying to time the – with Jim's book publishing so I in the book publishing world things move slowly and in the motion graphics world things move slowly so unfortunately we're both moving slowly together so I guess that's a good thing but um what I do think we can have coming up as we can have some teaser videos coming up soon in the next month or so we had how long did we talk after we did the series we talked for about an hour and a half with Jim and we got it all on camera so we'll do some some videos with that and then the actual stocks here is itself Jim could you give us an update of just I don't know what I mean it's so hard to give him even a ballpark but where are you at with the book and publishing and what's your first of all just in ki you know it occurs to me as I'm listening to you that maybe not everybody listening to us knows what we're talking about so oh yeah last spring Michael Oren came up to the the beach house where we were spending the summer and and did some recording based on I think the first 12 posts on the stock series with the idea of making us some short videos about them which i think is a cool thing so that's the project that we're talking about and we wanted to tie this with the interdiction of the introduction of a book it's also based mostly on the stock series and some of the other stuff on the blog that I've been working on for it seems forever and it is a long slow process but hopefully it will finally be done and out to sometime this spring and from what my tells me that should them tell nicely one with when you get see anything done all these videos yep exactly so hopefully some teaser videos very soon and then we had one time in Wisconsin yes we did we had a lot of fun we stayed or how many days we were with you two days to or two or three and yeah we're I think yeah because we are two full days and then half a day that after that yeah this that's that's one of my favorite places in the world incidentally it is my wife sister and her husband owned this house on the beach in Lake Michigan in Wisconsin and it is it's right on the sand and the beach stretches for miles in every direction and I grew up in Chicago and along the near the shores of Lake Michigan and so that has a particular place in my heart and I always loved Wisconsin it's a beautiful state I've never lived there so they are very gracious about letting us use it pretty much whenever we we want with a little mats notice and that's where we were when you guys came up and it was a great place to get together it was absolutely beautiful for sure we had a lot of fun um let's see do we have time for one more look at this brush cameraman oh yeah Brian Parker who you guys have seen in our our friend is a trip video and he's been in the carbonation video all kinds of videos uh the lake was actually just about sixty degrees I think we found out it was and he went overboard in a kayak and lost his uh breath and nothing when I got back the one on me couldn't swim a knee admit of a panic attack yeah water yeah so close call with Ryan Parker uh but he survived and unless his mom is watching and then everything was fine yeah I think that's a good place to end we have a few more questions but I'm afraid that they're just too too in-depth to go yeah one here that I like to I'd like to add accident oh yeah your give the chat right there to go ahead yeah yeah it's from Ruffman forty two and I think this is an interesting question he he says switch to bonds when you early retire where you recommend a gradual transition leading up to retirement and I think you can do it either way it kinda depends on your risk tolerance I'm trying to remember what I did personally and I want to say because I I don't like owning bonds because bonds smooth out the ride but they also don't perform as well as tax night I have a pretty high tolerance for the volatility in the risks so I think what I did is I just waited until I actually pulled the trigger retired and then reluctantly added the bonds by portfolio but that's very much about me and and how I view risk and versus reward from what I read psychologically most people are much more concerned about loss than gain I guess I'm wired a little differently I'm working serving about gain and I'm willing to put up with the loss so depending you have to know yourself as the saying goes and and where you fall in that continuum but for a lot of people that that I talked to on the blog through the comments a lot of people are very very risk-averse and the volatility is troubling and they oughta have a gradual transition I would think and maybe even if you're really concerned about volatility there's nothing wrong with holding a little bit of bonds to smooth it out along with your cash flow from your employment while you're working to gotcha uh might as well do one more from dust from dust what are your thoughts on finding dates dating while working towards fire financial independence early retirement what's Jane always onboard or did you have to convince her or how did that relationship work let's do it let's uh make better last question while in here and then we'll do a closing after this okay let me let me just real quickly jump up cuz cuz rickman 42 had a follow-up question let me just answer there definitely and then I'll jump down to just adjust this follow-up question was it seemed with interest rate so low bonds aren't the best investment right now and I absolutely agree with you know I have a whole host on bonds if if what I'm about to say goes over anybody's head but basically what what interest rates fall the value of bonds rise and the corollary that of courses of initiative rates rise the value of your bonds will fall and interest rates are at historic lows and most people including me think at some point that they are destined to rise again now I hasten to say that predicting interest rates is a fool's game at best and people have been predicting that for last five years and they keep going down and down now but at some point it will turn so I do think bonds aren't the best investment down there a little bit open risky again I don't own them for that reason I own them because they they smooth the ride with with stocks right so let's see Oh dating does from nest well does from dust first while I've been married for 32 years so I'm a little bit out of date in the dating scene oh I I will I will tell you that that when my wife and I were dating and of course this is you know this is ancient history and before internet and before there were all these a source of information on early retirement investing and I was just beginning to invest in making a whole bunch of mistakes along the way but we never talked about financial things when we were dating and we never considered it as we were planning to get married and I think that's a huge mistake I highly encourage people to to talk about if he is the single biggest thing from what I read that causes problems in marriage is is questions about money as it happens we got extraordinarily lucky my wife and I have very much the same attitudes towards money and and investing and living hello I said frugally necessarily because I just loaded a term but living well within our means so that we money to to invest in build well quit but we didn't know that going in sometimes I think maybe we knew it on a certain level you know certain intuition is you get to know somebody maybe without consciously recognize that I recognize this was not a woman who squandered money for instance but we never we never talked about it but I would recommend that that you do very good advice that's interesting I just wonder if you would just have not have been attracted to someone like you said who squandered money so it wasn't an issue but no um so let's call it ending there uh we definitely had a great time thank you everybody for watching Jim thanks so much for being on the show yeah thank you we really need it thank you for having me and thank you to to everybody who watched I I'm honored that you did take time well we would definitely love to have you again I know we talked earlier about maybe we could come up with some more uh what was fresh I was aware fertilization you weren't even here well yeah like philosophical I don't know what the what the term would be uh conversations and maybe we could have some in the future so if you liked this video and you want to see more Jim be sure to thumbs up and leave your comments below if you're watching this afterwards and Jim I'll send you the link once this is posted that if you want to go on and respond to comments that would be great and I think that's it thank you everybody for coming thank you thank you everybody bye-bye bye-bye

Luxury Living On Lake Bonavista – Calgary Real Estate Property Video

welcome to a spectacular luxury lakefront home in Lake Buena Vista estates sitting on a well treed street this home has wonderful curb appeal and the convenience of a three car attached garage this estate home features impressive Coronado stonework is framed by lush greenery and backs directly under the peaceful lake barrel-vaulted entryways and a distinctive tray ceiling add an image enjoy scenic views of the lake through the floor-to-ceiling windows complemented by the 25-foot ceilings and completed by the two-sided gas fireplace the ambient light is stunning in the delightfully airy kitchen featuring marble countertops and state-of-the-art appliances the spacious pantry offers a built-in subzero freezer and ample storage space you can enjoy your meals from either the oversized eating area or the extended breakfast bar both of which provide unobstructed views of the lake designed to give you the most of a picturesque summer days in the Sun this estate features an outdoor kitchen and built-in corner fireplace spend the perfect afternoon under the Sun on your private beach or paddling on the lake and for those evenings next to the water enjoy the exposed aggregate fire pit area this home includes a digitally controlled home comfort and media system that is accessible from almost any room in the house imported light fixtures diffuse light elegantly along the mahogany staircase which curves slightly along to the upper floor stay in shape without leaving your house in the private gym just off the master bedroom all while enjoying breathtaking lake views imported Italian tile adorns the master bath adding just a stroke of understated distinctiveness step into the grand glass-walled steam shower at the end of the day or relax in the spa with a perfectly chilled glass of your favorite Chardonnay a walk-in closet awaits with storage space that you've only fantasized about the laundry room includes the convenience of dual washer and dryers and an abundance of countertop and storage space for when the out-of-town guests come to stay this home contains seven bedrooms and seven bathrooms complete with plenty of built-ins and cozy spaces for your friends and family the downstairs home entertainment system is a peaceful place to watch a film and with floor-to-ceiling windows this is an ideal space to simply watch the sunset indulge in a cocktail from the wet bar that is fully equipped with a wine cooler fridge dishwasher icemaker and wine cellar your dream home on Lake Buena Vista this property is currently listed by Steve Zakhar and Associates at Remax central please contact for more details thank you for watching

Who Can BUILD The BEST HOUSE? (Fortnite)

alright now we're inside the factory which is nice it's a very old tree you know how old is about a 2 billion years old Wow Wow you knew that number out of your head and oh yeah count all right hang on a second what now we're at the third balcony face what is it a sly third isn't it whoa this is the third year we go down well I mean yeah I mean sure okay this already how this is insane oh it's a slide come on come on I'm gonna die oh my goodness Johnny that is crazy I never said it was easy okay it's true it's a challenging slide I like a challenge Josh all right guys we made it to my house Oh actually no really we gotta grab the cars go to the driving let's go let's go I gotta drive it let's drive in here we are okay look your car right over here this is a garret this is the garage kind of yeah so the air by your bottom floor of the house is my garage you like it's not exactly like criminal I think you should have secured that place yeah dude where's the or tonight nobody steals anything you know what I mean we don't need security well private server we got the first floor and the first floor is kind of the relaxing floor we we got we got two tiny little like oh no I feel terraces here too I'd like to quite relaxed it it's relaxed right you got the windows everywhere here's another one yeah so this is actually not my favorite floor this is my lease okay the cool floors are about to come but you see it got a really nice view from you hey you like it from over here a little bit wrong wrong G all right so here oh the open space starts hook up guys we got a really really high ceiling so this is our kitchen area Mary I like to cook my food in the day we still in a in the house yes this is a window Josh look you can't go through it's not letting me it's not letting me go through doctor broke the window that window is open Josh didn't know yeah Vitelli was jumping okay whatever Keiko oh yeah this is my kitchen you know I like to cook outside barbecue you know Kelly we get it so here dad needs one room on the left one room on the light on the right and these are bedrooms so we got one bedroom and a shared wait I need to put a door you see so we can go one more floor up you'll right over here look at this oh whoa this is my favorite area so as you guys can see there's like barely any support walls that's because these steel they're not steal these metal metal relaxing them stairs are so strong they can hold carry start like halfway up there's no foundation anyway no no no no no so come back down alright sorry go too fast so this is this our special terrors I call it low tank Terrace hello destroy house the first thing you said to break each other's hearts come on I wasn't trying to break the Houser dinner as they'd break us this is actually our living room we don't need TVs we can just look outside you know look outside it's not the beautiful one Josh you got the rid of you I got the loop like you with the flow island right so it's not is the upstairs and this ladies and gentlemen is where the magic happens hahaha privacy for the magic is the know you can close the curtains look yeah I just closed my dirty good one nice level good one didn't think about that so yeah this is our I'm master bedroom beautiful very nice room thanks guys so what do you think you like me it's good love it Jen all right Islands great well can we take the helipad to go through mine no we can take the cars from the garage welcome everybody to the lazy links estate house like this yes I did winter Mike Hart Goldberg only electric vehicles are allowed on this oh oh we're just gonna be driving to the gate whoa look so good the entrance ooh thank you thank you thank you oh my god let me drive all right okay so this is a nice little road towards the area smooth a very nice Jory I like this wooden roads very often but it's very right over here is a covered parking spot a covering allium I got these these little barriers everywhere you know just in case I found the basement yeah no I'll show you the basement in a second so anyways Josh you're down here wait maybe stairs as I knew you guys were actually gonna do something also as you can see the entire house is built on stilts it looks so good it is also for protection protection yeah you know what about that we're living this close to loot Lake am I say okay anyways please come and join me right over here we have a nice little entrance that we can enter very very secure into these doors can close okay close I'm now going are the windows wait it's not letting me it's the windows are open close them I can close them yet we understand we understand your room right over here I build a couch corner and yet but we can sit here and you know just chill and look at the beautiful don't do it are you kidding me the basement we also have a little balcony up here and which is beautiful I went for the very tall ceilings Jordi Jordi we how about we try to do this without saying beautiful well you know I'm trying to sell this house very pretty bathroom the toilet windows are open I still have to put some Josh and if you proceed magnificent kitchen area wow this is where you can cook you know you can you can so what's your favorite me light and very nice my meal I love cooking eggs okay great great so no no no I love cooking a cereal let's proceed downwards right now here just down wheeze through this I don't want to go down there I don't know what's down here guys I love basements we have we have some apples over here well that's mold and moldy apple oh we can eat through the cracks oh we had some wood over here and everything is supported with these stilts once again make love it you the entire struck making sure that Josh is all gonna bomb down everything you never know when a Johnny comes over okay and if we proceed this way there's one more floor up Oh beautiful beautiful Oh to this bit it's very you a dove Geordi a little balcony and the windows are open so you can look outside very nicely are you guys ready it's nighttime this is perfect oh the mosque it's a romantic proceed into the moths orbit beautiful beautiful view over here once again but there's more right over here and you can decorate it as you won because we haven't put the bathroom in there yet this could be his bathroom okay this can be hers bathroom you're about out okay but it can also function as a walk-in closet depending on if you want to advertise your walk-in closet with a toilet in there I'd like that no wait what right over here is another room which could also function as a welcome to our multifunctional crazy connected rooms that's crazy and you could even say you know I love open-plan when it's a planned bathroom and then have these welcome closets hey and maybe you know that the person you're staying here with once a bigger welcome closet buddy hall closet Georgie I gotta say Jenny I want I want I'm charging 15,000 feet bucks for this 50,000 feet box while I'm at it from the outside this is so floating area I went with a roof I love the look yeah it looks so good team thousand feet bucks take it or leave it up to you guys I'll leave it what about you Josh uh yeah I'm already a big big yeah okay maybe with your heart yeah I'll take the bedroom alright guys so which house was the best what do you think I thought Josh's house was amazing Josh's house I think that Jody's is it's my favorite what about mine mine I don't know about that come on it was original yeah I gotta say he's pretty cool Jordi's yeah thank you I think Jordy won congratulations but you still don't get your free box sex watching this video if you enjoyed it subscribe leave a like and head over to jelly check out our limited 30% sale of a jelly shirt and jelly hoodie bundle 30% everyone 30% sick

Video of 65 Barrington Drive | Bedford, New Hampshire real estate & homes by Molly Miller

sixty-five Barrington Drive is known as the castle on the hill and it's located in the prestigious neighborhood of Bedford in Bedford New Hampshire you can leave your worries of the day behind as you drive through the gated entry presenting the perfect introduction to the outstanding architectural details of this home which include the front turrets adorned in stone you know something very special lies ahead 65 Barrington Drive is the ideal commuter location being just an hour's drive to Boston the Seacoast the Lakes region and just minutes to Manchester Boston Regional Airport shopping and amenities enjoy residential bliss and enviable luxurious nests in this exquisite estate on nearly six acres of lush peaceful grounds the custom home was built in 2006 and sits deliberately atop a hill taking advantage of the mountain views and the beauty of the four seasons that only a New England home can offer boasting expansive yet comfortable living spaces dramatic ceiling heights intricate details and the finest finishes at every turn this magnificent residence epitomizes class and style whether you wish to relax casually or entertain grandly indoors or out [Applause] every fall the foliage is simply breathtaking while the winter months truly offer a winter wonderland it's quite common to see a family of deer or wild turkeys right from the indoor pool room which is completely surrounded by windows lounging and entertaining simply doesn't get much better than the crown jewel of this home the stunning indoor swimming pool winter or summer poolside is surely where you'll spend much of your time the pool rooms well-equipped kitchen makes entertaining either indoors or right out at the patio a breeze known for its entertaining capabilities and hosting parties with guest lists into the hundreds the 2300 square foot pool room gracefully connects to the grounds making this the ideal spot to host your guests the resort feel of this pool room is ideal for those chilly snowy New Hampshire winter days there is nothing quite like watching the snow fall while relaxing in this tropical oasis the current owners have enjoyed many outdoor activities such as volleyball games family gatherings summer BBQs and outdoor living [Applause] [Applause] this home offers a lifestyle that you just don't need a vacation from Bedford New Hampshire is known as an executive bedroom community and has a population of just under 22 thousand residents and is a suburb of Manchester the largest city in New Hampshire Bedford places a high degree of importance on education and as a highly regarded school system welcome home to 65 Barrington Drive you you

Minecraft Tutorial: Modern House Building Tips

hey what's up guys in this video I'm going to be sharing with you some tips that you can use to improve and build your very own modern houses I always get asked on the channel TSMC what is your favorite kind of built make and honestly that's quite easy I absolutely love building modern houses I rarely do is my favorite kind of house to design and make for a multitude of reasons so I'm really hoping that this video can be at least a little bit educational for you hopefully you'll be able to get at least one tip or one little design quirk that you can add to your modern belts and if you even just get one of them I'll be happy and if you do enjoy these kind of videos I've really not made anything like this before perhaps you'd like to see another one of these but with like three houses or maybe you'd like to see one with like suburban houses or something like that please do leave a little suggestion down below if you'd like to see something like this again and of course give the video a light to show me that you enjoy it because I really don't know what you guys are even in life this one I've not made anything like this before but without any further ado let's get started the first thing that we're going to chat about ladies and gentlemen is materials and first of all the more preferred materials when it comes to modern building so every modern house or just about every single modern house 99% starts off with quartz you have the trifecta you've got quartz block quartz tears and quartz slab you can't be done without them because they are usually the backbone of a house they're why they're modern looking they're futuristic they go with any other core of block because they're white and they can be used to shape a molder house because you have access to all three kinds of blocks you'll be using these mostly in the structure and to cover up various parts of your modern house to shape it in some sort of way but you can't just get by with your quartz you need a secondary or sometimes even a tertiary material so we need something like gray concrete or black concrete those are two real good contrast colors because you can't get too much further away than white by using either black or gray not only those but of course you can pair these with woods as well so oak wood works really well some birch some acacia as a matter of fact you can really make a formidable looking house using some say quartz black and some birch planks they all go together very well when it comes to glass you really aren't limited you can use any variety of glass but blue in particular I really like with modern built and you're gonna see why later on when it comes to doors you don't have to be too picky I really like all of these selection but you could use literally any door my favorite two are probably the oak and dark oak so these are the sort of preferred materials so if you're making just a standard modern house you don't want to get too experimental any combination of these will probably do you quite well but we can literally use any variety of concrete that we like you can use any one of these out of that color spectrum and you'll be seeing that as we move along the same goes for glass you can use pretty much any kind of glass that you like whether that be block or pane and there's going to be certain situations where you can want to use black and certain situations where you use pane and sometimes when you use glass pane instead of glass block you'll find that the resort could be quite painful this this video is going to be bad so moving beyond at the glass and a horrible horrible puns here are a list of materials that you might just want to try in making a modern build so as I kind of hint that over there quartz gray concrete oak planks blue glass specifically dark blue glass makes a great combination the same goes for quartz black but and the black glass makes a really cool combination additionally quartz like gray acacia and light blue glass really cool classic combinations all of them but modern belts aren't just about the concrete in the quartz and the glass you can literally use all of these blocks as well to your advantage so you can't want to include a bit of nature you're going to need water in most modern builds nature-themed you're going to want to have leaves I do have my favorites a lot of these look very very similar but jungle is one of my particular favorites we have some vines as well you can apply this to certain types of builds you can substitute your concrete support erick otters as well you don't just have to use concrete's you can use terra cotta as if you like however they are kind of like the dual counterparts of the concrete and I probably wouldn't prefer those over the concrete myself you'll find that if you want to keep things that nice and bright and colorful you can use that the glazed terra cotta as an accent so you can use these in the bottom of your pools you can use these super plant parts you can use these to fill in particular panels of your walls and floors they really are the more vibrant cousin of the regular stained terra cotta and honestly I'd rather invite the glazed terracotta to my party Wow I sure am glad that we didn't glaze over those terra cotta huh that probably just about covers and materials and how you can put them together in different color combinations and some weirdest sorts of materials that you can use so the next part of this video is going to be about shapes entrances walls and all of that sort of business you'll kind of get the gist of this as we go along so talking about doorways first this is a pretty simple blocky modern door now this doesn't look so bad depending on the way you're using this but you're probably going to want to get a little bit more flavorful with your modern builds so for instance with this door is the same sort of idea except we've added another core into it and we've added a lot better depth using some gray concrete but we can do better and it doesn't take much effort if we move along to this door you'll notice that we have the same sort of deal we've used a lot better slabs as a little bit taller so that we can add more D and we even have glass involved in the door this is a very common sort of modern door that you don't see throughout the build as we move down you can see another example of this you can make it a little bit lower and you can take advantage of these slams to conceal a little bit of the glass and add a little bit of mystery so mysterious as we move down again you can see the equinox and this door shape so now we're using all of these techniques we've made the doorway a little bit wider a lot better glass involved different change of materials but we have this really cool accent as well at the top of the door you really want to use all of your assets all together in one to create an interesting looking door but you don't have to keep things like square and rectangular you can expand on things a little bit you can use circles in modern builds I know parish the four everything's got to be like squares and rectangles hasn't it but no you can use circles so this is a very very basic sort of like rounded top door but you don't have to be basic you can move it along a lot but this is a little bit of a double door you could use upside down stairs instead of the court slabs that's a perfectly viable door looking shape and it does look quite good with the right house as we move down you don't just have to have kind of like an archway you can have like a full-on circle this can look incredibly cool a modern as well given the right house and you're going to want to maintain the techniques that we talked about over there so it's gonna be depth and glass you could even place that door like backwards so that you create a little bit of extra debt and the same can be applied down and down and down so again this is a similar sort of deal here except it's a little bit bigger it might be possible to rearrange things a lot bit put a little bit of glass above the door and kind of complete the circle with some gray concrete but this might be a door shape that you rarely do like and you can see now how it kind of goes together with the log bed of the side of the house like it does fit in quite well you're going to have to what make of the house Halla if you are going to go for a wide entrance you're gonna want to make a huge house around it so that it doesn't look a little bit goofy as a matter of fact I don't know if anybody else can see this but I'm kind of seeing like a duck's head this is kind of like a duck head house right you've got like the head on the actual left side and then you've got got like the bill the beak on the right side is am I crazy probably so as we move down a little bit I mean you can get a lot of bit fancier with the shapes of doors as well I've used a lot of these varieties of doors when it comes to like tree houses and quite often when folks are a little bit more uniformed a little bit more square II I just want to show you that you really can use slabs to your advantage you can use depth to your advantage is is like you can make a really cool interesting looking door the same goes for here like not every door has to be on the floor how it didn't know it and you can use a little bit of glass in the use of the door you don't have to just stick to block you can use pane where appropriate I think that we should probably close the door on door talk because now it's time to raise the roof you'll find when it comes to modern building most modern roofs are flat it's just kind of the nature of modern building it really is it's a lot of solid shapes a lot of squares a lot of rectangles it can't really be held but just because you've got a flat roof doesn't mean it has to be boring this is the most basic of roofs it's just a filled-in shape there's an easy way to fix that so just one notch up on the creativity scale you can add glass to a roof you can even split it into to create what kind of looks like an affair your white butterfly but not only can you add a glass to a roof to make it look a little bit more interesting you can add some glass to a roof and you can also add some quartz slabs around the top of your roof so that's around the top layer of the concrete it looks a little bit more interesting this way so very common technique is placing quartz slabs around the top of roof area but beyond that cool thing to do is add glass to the wall of your build so in just having a regular concrete wall that's fine and everything you'll see a lot of those you can add glass to the top and then that allows you to use a little bit of quartz slab this isn't my favorite kind of roof by the way you can add a bit of quartz up around the glass to create an interesting level of depth and just to create something that's a little bit more pleasing to the eye so this is pretty much the inverse of what we have there we have the same roof except that the quartz is around the top of the glass it looks a lot better than the previous but you can go one step further so we have the glass built into the wall we have the quartz slab around the top of it you can go this this is probably the ideal sort of modern roof if you're going to use this technique this is pretty much what I would do you have glass at the top you have quartz slabs around the bottom of your glass block and then you have quartz slabs and you can see it creates such an interesting depth you can see that the quartz lamps are all the way around the top as well half a row higher than the glass of the roof that is probably my favorite design when it comes to modern roofs is you know it's very elegant it has layers of death it's very interesting it likes to read Einstein and listen to Mozart the weekends and last but not least if you want to stick with just a flat roof you don't want to make it too fancy I'd almost always recommend adding in a skylight not only does it create again it's kind of white levels and death and a change of material but you can also place glass inside of it and it keeps the inside of a building light and bright and again it's just a little bit more interesting this despite the fact that it's not too far off is more interesting than that over there and that's all I really have to say about Rose we should probably put a lid on this situation so carry on this dance I think it's going to throw some shapes at you this is one of the most common at shapes in the modern building wherever it's facing this way or this way I refer to this l-shape basically because it looks like a sideways L it also kind of reminds me of like a gun that I drew when I was like free years old that's it that's kind of how I drew them a little bit but you're going to see this a lot probably in different forms like you'll see them a little bit longer than we have here but as a general representation you'll see this a lot as we move down you'll be able to see that you can use this shape to structure a build this is how you could create an entrance if you make an L shape like this extend it backwards you can slot in using depth and a different color an entrance way and you can use this as walls anyway it doesn't just have to be an entrance you can take a little bit further though so now we have the L shape but we have a bit more of an interesting entrance we're using depth still but we have glass involved as well again a very common techniques if we move down a little bit more we can extrapolate and we can make even more fancy we can have a door we can have glass above it we can have separation in the wall we can have different varieties of windows and then if you could imagine that the build would go backwards and continue in a very very similar manner to this as we move down you don't just have to use this shape here as a structure to abode you can see all of these houses like the quartz is the backbone but on this one we have what I call the a shape to a build and you might be able to see why you'll see this a lot during modern building as well by the way a lot drawing entrances as well I call it the a because it's wow it looks like a capital letter a and we don't have to just use the L shape as the actual structure of the build it doesn't have to go around anything it can be used as kind of like a wall builder it's very versatile as we move down a little bit I call this particular part of a modern house and you're not going to see it in this form exactly I'll explain as we go now I call this the squiggle for obvious read okay it kind of just looks like a squiggle right so you might see it like this you might see it facing the novel way you can involve a little bit of quartz slab it might be longer this is a very versatile shape as well it's just pretty much the next level of the L so if we move down you can see that you can use this to create levels this is why it's such a versatile shape so you can create a bottom floor using the middle part of the squiggle and you can create a top floor you can create levels using the upper part as we come down you can see this is kind of this reminds me moreso of the handle bar so let's refer to as that if you look if you take a look like this and you're like sideways a little bit to the left it kind of reminds me of is however rabbit ears or handlebars my neck hurts ow so you can use this to create any variety levels of basically you can just use it to create a any sort of varieties of amounts of flaws that you like it's a great way to do it you can use it to create terraces or balconies you can use it to create gardens just easy ways to separate your modern house it's a very common shape you won't exactly see it in this formula because this is a bit small but you might see it like this now this isn't as far-fetched is it and a great way to use this technique as well is to split the house as I mentioned but you don't just have to split in terms of floors but you can include a different material in the split as well it's a great way to kind of just like put a put a cap on the lower part the house and include a different color or per book and if you just imagine these going backwards you can of course just have like a nice big normal-looking modern houses way you don't just have to stick to two floors you can absolutely have three of them if you like it's just the same thing over and over again if you want to use the rapid ears if you go even further I don't know what to call it I call it like I guess it'd be kind of like snake on like the old Nokia's where you're kind of just like bending into like and just like an unrealistically contourable shape that just doesn't look like anything but as we move down you're going to see again at the a shape and the L shape work together so the a shape is very very important and we saw it a little bit down there but this is a little bit more of a simplified version this just something that looks so clean and nice about that right like that's a good cool starter modern house as we come down a little bit you're not just limited to small versions but we can have big versions as well the owl doesn't just have to sit on the left side of the building can move through and join to the opposite side of the build as well like if you just keep the shape going is you can make really pleasing looking combination if I was to change anything I just expand out the a shape a little bit and then we'd really have some of them as we come down you're going to see this again so this is the squiggle pretty much so this is probably like the next level from there we have depth we have some interesting walls we have the squiggle being used we have glass we have birch we have a variety of shape like that's a cool modern house we never even indented the doors as well which is something that I like to do I live in this that that's a cool modern house that's a that's a perfectly great starter house you just have to make the side walls so just moving on a little bit ladies and gentlemen I don't want you to think that modern houses are all squares and rectangles absolutely not you can make them a lot more interesting if you do so choose sir these next few examples are going to show you how you can break the mold a little bit again you don't have to be all squares and rectangles you can add things like cylinders and circles to your build you've just got to do it correctly so for instance we have a pretty interesting looking addition to what would be kind of like a normal-looking modern house like if you just look at the lower bar that looks cool and all but you cannot really make it look a lot more interesting by adding a few abstract shapes I'd probably add a little bit of glass to the sides just to make it look a little bit more interesting both if you follow the same sort of rules in terms of death in terms of material variety you can improve a house by making it a little bit more interesting to look at and that's a shape that kind of works in a variety of colors as well so this is basically the same shape that I just added onto that house but we actually just have two of them and I can't lie this is kind of like a cool house if we were to add another one of these like in a cluster in the back like I think that that like be a really cool interesting-looking modern house quite honestly so these shapes are really kind of like diverse you can use them when it comes to your square houses as well you don't just have to kind of like have them in circles or by themselves but feel free to do add those to your bills if you want a bit more variety and not only that you don't have to keep the shape strictly like a big flat a so this looks a little bit horrible honestly but the idea is here you can around the edges of the tops of your modern bills they don't just have to be flat this is probably a little bit of a better example so like with the doorway you can see that now we've added a little bit of curvature it's a lot a bit stronger looking than that one because we've added a couple of different materials but it's a little bit longer as well and the best example of this that I can give you the one that looks by far the best this is probably what you're going to want to strive for is this sort of shape and why do you go the more acceptable more better looking and the kind of like the curved look so again you don't have to just have a big flat surface you can round it and you can add other material so you can add glass you can add concrete you can have planks it's just a Ritz just a little bit of a different idea like thinking outside of the outside of the box so to speak as a matter of fact I think it's time for us to go a little bit deeper ladies and gentlemen I want to talk about something that's got a little bit more depth to it ah too much pure nice to dig myself out of that hole so depth this is a standard looking modern walk as far as basic as you can get actually a little bit less basic because we actually have a bit of gray concrete in there how diverse you can make this wall as boring as it is way more interesting by doing one very simple thing depth I want this little section to convey to you how important it is to include depth in your modern build so obviously we also have a little bit of glass on that right one but which one looks bad I think there is pretty obvious as we move down a little bit you're going to see this again now this has more variety of depth we have our a shaped entrance we have kind of like the L shape or I guess it's more so a backward see but you guys get the idea and behind that we have some birch and we also used pain instead of block like there's a lot going on there like this is perfect this is kind of what you're going to want to strive for we are keeping things interesting looking by adding death it's such an important part of your house I'll show you how important is so this is a modern house right on the right we have a flat house it's flat like you'll be like if we just look at it from here it's all flat maybe maybe what we can do like if you if you cover your left eye maybe you could kind of see the fiber I'm talking about but on the right it's plant on the left side we have the exact same house pretty much but we have changed a lot better materials and we have included debt so you can see how important it really is when it comes to modern building things don't have to be flat and boring you can certainly make them way more interesting and the same thing goes as well for the squiggle we talked about this earlier how the squiggles a great way to separate ground floor second floor third fourth fifth seventh whatever this is a great way to do it as well so we have our ground floor here it's set backwards from the court so we've got a lot bit deaf we're using pain which is a good thing the second level is set a little bit backwards not far enough for me I like a lot of a bit better than that but it's at further backwards it looks better so not only do I want to talk about depth in terms of like forwards and backwards but I want to talk about depth in terms of up and down as well because it's very important so this house is a perfect example we have depth when it comes to front and back because the entrance to the house is set forwards in relation to the main body of the house even the sides of the house are different depths different levels in relation to the quartz frame the same goes here as well just off to the side and we have created levels we've created different depths up and down at by digging downwards into the ground and additionally not only is this lower part the house set backwards but it's also at a different level than the main body of the house as well we've done a great job here of also incorporating a little bit of nature in the form of grass or fake grass and flowers and leaves but we've also incorporated a little bit of curvature as well to the build it really does just make a build look a little bit more interesting if it has a bit of variety so I love this as well because of course it's got an underground sort of entrance I love this sort of thing but it also has a bit more to it as well like if you come around the back the backs of you builds don't have to be boring somebody's completely forgot about filling in this window but that's besides the point you can have stairs that come up and reach around and you can walk around and explore the balconies make your modern houses interesting you want to give them different ways to get in and around that's one of the most important things when I think it comes to modern houses all of my favorite modern bill to have an exploratory element to them and that doesn't just change with this house if we move down a little bit we have this one this has all of the same sort of elements that that one does so number one we've created death between the main entrance the sides all of this we have at different levels everything's different highs we have a different set of materials we have block where appropriate we have pain where appropriate we have a staircase leading you to the side of the build mysterious you want to explore where this staircase goes we have the main entrance to the house here we have a different color which kind of stands out we kind of have like a gray oak white red like I said you can make houses out of so many different colors it doesn't have to be the same ones all the time we even have a bit of nature we have a bit of curve to the house we have some flat to the house the panels are interesting around the back I probably would have included some more glass around it but you guys get the idea you want to keep things fresh and interesting you don't just have to stick to a particular theme this house is a great example of how you could really pull all of the different building techniques all into one and I think that this next one is a good example of that as well so this one is actually my favorite out of all of these probably all of the houses that you've seen and are going to see this is probably my favorite and I'm not quite sure why but it includes all of the previous techniques that we spoke about it has the squiggle it has l-shaped it has depth it has different levels it has intrigue just to get into the house you've got to kind of cross this oak trapdoor drawbridge we have water around the house as well a little bit of a mode you saw that we have an additional entrance all the way up to them the lower floor is separated from the upper floor which means you can only access certain things by actually getting up and going up to the second story of the house I love that it has a little bit of curvature to it it's probably like in a couple of windows on the back but it rarely is just an example of everything I love in a modern build I really like this this is like kind of like a really cool intermediate slash like high starter house I love that so much not only that you don't have to get that fancy with these houses so this is pretty much the squiggle shape that I referred to earlier but extrapolated so if you just kind of like take a look at this house this is kind of what you start with but if you use depth and if you use different levels then you can really make something that's quite a decent looking house it goes quite far back it's got a large interior it's not complicated to making the slightest a lot a bit of garden a little bit of pool you can see some glaze Terrica didn't want to glaze over that some glaze terracotta in the bottom of the pool like you can really just take simple shapes and really make them into decent looking houses but this next one this one's off the wall a little bit this is kind of like a nature modern house it's kind of like a mix between kind of like a little hobbit hole and just like a full-on modern jungle sort of vibe house this is something that you'd build like into a cliffside we have built up flowers and grass we have kind of like this stream running down from the top of the house plenty of nature plenty of vines grass we have flowers everywhere we even have a little farm down here and again we're using the same techniques though we have an underground element to the house the main entrance of course is at the front and we're using actual and actual circular entrance and curves if the house is actually exposed on the sides this would actually be built in a kin to a cliff in an ideal world you could add windows and stuff to the outside of varying different styles this one is a great example of modern houses don't always have to be clean they can be big and messy and strange looking and I actually think that that looks quite cool like you could easily build this into a cliff house or a cliff side into the side of a cliff somewhere in a survival world and it'd look pretty good I do think so so this is really a good example of modern houses not having to be the environment but modern houses being able to be built into an empire they don't have to completely overtake a space they can indeed be molded into one and you can just they look nice and natural depending on how you do it mosey on down to our final build ladies and gentlemen this is probably the most advanced of the houses that I've made in terms of size so it uses all of the techniques that we have used before we have the a that's the entrance we have the L that is the what I would call kind of called the poolside house we have the squiggle which makes up the main body of the house we have an elevated pool that you can see and look into as you come around the house the sides of the house are a little bit boring but the back of the house is a little bit more interesting we have a raised Terrace we have a bit of an outdoor area you could include a garden or a farm back here it really does use and cultivate all of the techniques that we have used all the way up into this point and it's really quite a cool-looking house I could probably make a tutorial on this and be quite happy with it and it does include a bit of a different color scheme in using the purple as well purple I think there's really well with the gray and the white and well now ladies and gentlemen I'm I'm sad to say that this is this is the end I think or at least I hope that I've managed to gloss over all of these simple techniques that you can use to make a modern house or to at least get you started and hopefully I've showed you how to cultivate those techniques and combine them all together so that you can make some really cool modern builds and hopefully you might now think a little bit more outside the box or maybe I've taught you more so how to think inside of my box I don't know but hopefully this has been at least some sort of used to you as I said this whole thing here all of this this is brand new to me I've not made a video like this before at all so I'm really I'm not sure how you guys are gonna take it I do hope that you did enjoy it though if you did please do remember to hit like button as it really helped me out and let me know that you did enjoy it if you leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to see another one of these and perhaps what that might be if you want to see like a suburban version of this or a treehouse version of this I'm not saying that all of them will be as big and exactly like this video but I could certainly give it a go and subscribe to the channel if you know around here click the little bar next to the subscription button and if you want to make any modern houses pre-built one's mansions all sorts of that check out the card system the description below and I'll leave a link maybe at the top of the comment section too maybe for my modern mansion playlist because I love making modern mansions I love making one the houses my favorite thing to build ever that's it thank you so much everybody for watching I'll see you in the next one good bye

Hydro Home 🌊 🐬 | The Sims 4 Island Living GIVEAWAY | Speed Build | CC Free + Download Links

hello there everybody it is me feasor bunny and welcome back to another video so today we're back with another speed build and I'm also going to be doing a very special Island living giveaway so stay tuned for that I'm gonna be talking about that in just a little bit but first let's talk about the build itself so today we're building the hydro home this is a very special house the name itself translates to water house and that is mainly because this build is built entirely in the water so this is basically just a modern glass-bottom houseboat it's got one bedroom one bathroom and I imagine this place would be perfect for a couple that's really adventurous and that's really into water sports so once again we are back building in the beautiful tropical world of Salani this time we're building in the neighborhood of Lani st. oz which is kind of like the beautiful vacationy holiday area of Salani at the moment we are building this on the beach lot which I believe is called the sand Somalian beach it is a 40 by 30 lot I feel like this lot was too big for this build so later on in the video we will be actually moving to another smaller lot in this neighborhood we will be moving into a 30 by 20 lon so yes now that all of that's out of the way I think it's time for the giveaway so I'm very excited to be giving away one copy of a living for you guys thanks to the EA game changers all the rules you need to join the giveaway will be in the description but all you need to do basically is to just be subscribed share this video leave a comment on this video including your Twitter and your Instagram handle and that is pretty much it the giveaway is open worldwide the winners will be chosen randomly and you guys have about a week to join the giveaway ends on July 1st philippine time which is plus a gmt by the way in case we I said no you guys can do the math yourself so make sure you enter before the deadline because the winners will be chosen on July 1st um so yeah good luck to all of you I'm really really excited to be giving away one copy of Island living because it is such a great pack and I'm pretty sure whoever gets it will have a blast so yeah I mean now that that's all said and done let's finally talk about this build itself so um if you guys follow me on Twitter I have been sharing some inspirations for this build now this build is mainly based off of the floating seahorse villa which believe it or not is actually a real-life structure in Dubai now as somebody who works in architecture Dubai is kind of well known as a place for really ambitious and over-the-top architecture I think Dubai is kind of like preparing for the time when it no longer has its natural resources specifically oil that's why it's investing so much on tourism and part of that investment is like spending a lot of money on just crazy over-the-top architecture and I think this is one of them so that's kind of like the main inspiration for this build the floating seahorse villas so yeah I think the end result of this build ended up being a little bit more exaggerated I would say because if you guys look at the reference material it's more like like the shape is more basic I guess which is something that I tried to do at the very beginning if you guys just rewind this video but it just was not looking interesting it just looked like a box so I used some roofing techniques to make it look a little bit more elaborate making it look more interesting so here we go this is what we have and I gotta say I actually really really like how this will turn out it's not the most detailed build it's not the most um you know biggest build by a longshot but I think it's definitely one of the more memorable ones because when you see it it really kind of like makes an impression so this is the color scheme that I ended up going with obviously it's not the exact same as the one in real life because obviously that's not really possible to replicate something in the sims completely as it looks in real life so I had to kind of like give myself some artistic license as I was recreating this for the steps um I gotta say that working with roofs is a lot of fun I think that's definitely one of my favorite aspects of building in the Sims 4 by the way this lot as you can see it is completely floating on the water it isn't really noticeable at the moment but it's actually kind of like hovering like on the surface of the water so I will do something about that later on I'm gonna be talking about that when we actually get there so I think for now the exterior is pretty much done um and now we are moving on to the interior by the way a dis build as much as I tried this build is not a limited pack only build I kind of just use whatever items I felt match the aesthetic that I was going for the thing is because this build was very minimalist and kind of like you know like basic I guess it was really hard to make it kind of worth it if you guys got what I mean like I wanted it to be functional and at the same time I wanted there to be a lot of gameplay into it as well so I used a lot of packs for the suppose I think spa day perfect patio city living seasons what else get famous and all of that stuff obviously all that will be listed in the gallery when you guys download this build also I mentioned earlier that this was a glass-bottom houseboat I finally incorporated those like glass pieces of flooring that we got with Island living I kind of forgot about it at first here but eventually later on in the build I will actually put them here in the interior and I think they really make it more interesting I kind of wish that there was an area where we can build it there's actually like some world reefs underneath like the ocean II area if that makes any sense because if you have like glass bottoms there's really no point in having them if there's nothing interesting to see underneath right so I that's kind of like the only thing that kind of bothered me a little bit as I was building this house on the spot I noticed that it had a very special launch rate I forget what it's called it's like a special luxury but that's that you can't remove it's like the marine life something luxury I don't know it lots of marine life basically so I don't know if the fish will like spawn here or like I don't know but as I was testing this I didn't really see any fish spawning so I'm not sure how rod Vaughn tree works necessarily so also I've used a lot of like decorative items here that aren't really functional like that bar right there it's not actually functional like the sims they can sit on the chairs I believe but you they can't really use that as like a breakfast bar or something but you know it looks nice so you guys can always switch that out and still looking forward to like the actual bar counters that we would get for island living I think they will patch that in eventually but yeah um the main living area of this house by the way is kind of like a studio design so basically the bedroom living room dining room and kitchen they're all in one unit basically so it's kind of like designed as you know a studio basically Here I am incorporating these glass bottom floor pieces which look really awesome even though there's really nothing underneath them so yeah also for the bathroom I just kept it really simple and basic lots of black and white color schemes I wanted everything to look really modern and futuristic also I wanted everything to look built in as well obviously since this build was intended as a houseboat you wouldn't want to make all of your furniture secure or when you're transporting you this house built from one place to another really funny thing though that I've seen online as I was looking up um reference images of the floating seahorse I've seen like some pictures of it sinking like it kind of made me giggle a little bit even though that's kind of wrong because it's kind of like really tragic but I don't know I that's really interesting how there's still some buoyancy issues I guess that makes sense but now we're working on like the top deck area this is mainly like an opens there's a bar that is an actual functioning bar so if you guys really need to have a dining area this is kind of like it and then I made like this daybed here I thought I would never do this again but I was like you know what I really want to have like some sort of day bed for like afternoon chilling out or whatever so I just made that there it's not really a functioning daybed but it kind of looks like it which looks really nice and here I just put in a massage table it came with Spa Day I just wanted to make this area more functional so I thought that that fit so I put that there and I'm just putting in towels here I don't know if these are actually functional but I thought they looked really good as well and by the way these ladders by the way they're all functional even the one here in the center hole of this like front deck area on the water level that is actually really functional and you guys will see in the house too or because I've already filmed it the sim will actually be able to jump from that ladder onto the ocean below which is super awesome so you guys would notice that a lot of the furniture and this build comes in pairs except for those I'm a trio of lounge chairs those are actually based game lounge chairs and they look so awesome I'm so happy they gave it to us for the base game I would use those literally in every single one of my belts and here I just put like a drinks tray for like some refreshment you'll also see me do some lighting here and there just to kind of show you guys how the lighting looks like these are from spotty and I thought that they looked really good they gave off some really good light now this technique I got this from sim Lisi I saw her do this in one of her recent builds I forget the name of the bill but she did like a houseboat a couple I would say maybe about a week ago I I saw her use this shelf she sized it up and she put it on the bottom of the houseboat so I'm gonna be using a couple of these just to make the houseboat look like they're properly supported underneath and look like they're hovering on top of the water because that would have been just way too futuristic trust me took me time to actually get this to look right but I think it's worth it especially for those of you guys who have a keen eye for the detail like that and now we are moving on to the final lot that I will be putting this build in but yeah I put a staircase there because the Sims can't access it without a staircase I would suggest you guys if you want to place this somewhere else to plop it in deeper water so that all of the ladders and things are functional but yeah let's see well something gonna say mmm and also you guys can just delete the landscaping so you can place this houseboat anywhere you want but that is pretty much it for this goes actually so hopefully you guys enjoyed it don't forget to join the giveaway if you want a copy of island living for yourself but yeah that's pretty much all I have to say for now I just wanted to thank you guys so so much for watching once again if you want to support the channel please don't forget to like share the video leave a comment subscribe if you haven't yet anyway I think I'm gonna go ahead and wrap it up right here thank you guys so so much for watching you all have an awesome awesome awesome day enjoy the rest of the video and I will see you guys next time bye bye