Tip #7 – How to plan a successful digital marketing campaign in 2020 and totally smash it!

hello again it’s Nelly Berova here
from Art Division this is day seven and tip number seven for estate and lettings
agents in the UK looking to plan and strategize a successful digital
marketing campaign in 2020 over the past six days I produced short videos helping
you understand who are you going to cover sorry who are you going to target
the problems that those people are currently facing what is the after state
so where do they want to be if those problems are solved what are
the sort of assets you need to produce in order to help your ideal customers
solve those problems what are the channels they’re going to use in order
to spread those assets and engage with your ideal customers what is the glue
that will help you put everything together and actually increase your lead
generation to move people to the next phase and actually get them to buy your
services and today is my last video of that seven-day series and I would like
to cover tracking and measuring it is really important that you understand
your figures and you really know which of your assets perform the best so
ensure that you have installed Google Analytics on your website and sure that
you have your Facebook and your Google pixels everywhere so you can track
exactly how many people have engaged what kind of assets are they engaging
with other engaging with your blog are they downloading stuff are they visiting
other pages do they leave the site from certain places how many conversions are
you getting if you’re not getting enough conversions perhaps the problem might be
that your calls to action are not particularly clear or in fact they don’t
exist at all so measuring is absolutely key
to have a successful marketing campaign because once you have that data and that
knowledge as to what works and what doesn’t work
you can then start tweaking and improving your assets if something works
particularly well then you can invest perhaps a little bit more money into it
and improve it and do even more of it if something doesn’t work then obviously
you have to stop stop using it and change it with something else so if you
don’t really have much knowledge about Google Analytics or Google tag manager
is is another way to really have proper tracking in place we also track our
clients calls as well and we know exactly where those phone calls are
coming from what channel they’re coming from so this is another thing that I
recommend that people track not just your forum inquires but your phone calls
that come from your website or other assets if you don’t really know how to
do this tracking speak to your web team or the marketing company if you don’t
have a web team or marketing company by all means feel free to contact us
it’s our division code okay I have a brilliant team behind me who can really
help and we are able to take a couple more clients at the beginning of next
year so if you’re are looking to grow your agency you really need help with
putting the assets together strategizing planning and execution of your campaign
then I would be more than happy to have a chat with you and see if we can help
if not then I wish you the very best Merry Christmas
and a wonderful new year all the best with your business and your business
planning thank you for listening bye bye you

Should You Build a Lifestyle Business or Have an In House Team for your Marketing Agency?

I’m going to Dubai Oman India and
traveled literally for a month at a time the reason why I’m able to do that and I
was able to do that back to the day was because I had set it up this one’s gonna be a fun one as you can
see got a little art going on here for you not the greatest artists in the
world Tom the art that I like to do is teach you guys how to make money and I
do that building an agency now what we’re going to talk about is a lifestyle
versus in house and you know what we’re gonna be touching on is the two types of
businesses and you know how far you can take them you’re gonna build a lifestyle
business and you know you want to be in the beaches of Bali or Thailand or
Mexico doesn’t matter you travel the world Europe we’re gonna be teaching you
how to do that and as well as you know how to build an in-house agency to where
where I am today and kind of tell you my stories one thing I’m gonna touch on is
the difference and we’re gonna be touching on my staff that I started off
when I started off with the lifestyle and I transition into thin house one and
how that came out to be and then as well as what we’re gonna be talking about is
the benefits between the two we’re gonna kind of hit the benefits and the
drawbacks on both of them when we go through the first part of it it’s just
like why why there’s two types and then choosing your path and you know just ick
to it at some point you can make a difference you can go from one way to
the other I usually suggest going a lifestyle first if you really wanted to
and then kind of go on in house but sometimes you you can go the other way
building in house and then eventually decide to take off lifestyle so let’s
get in right into it so lifestyle versus in house I went from making a lot of
money in sales and to letting that all that go and then you know trying to get
an agency moving with zero help or zero mentorship really and that’s far the
reason why I call this program the agency mentorships cuz I had none and I
want to kind of fill that void for you so that you don’t have to kind of go
through that cuz that being said what I ended up doing that for that is when I
got my agency moving I kind of got you know got to the 10k month walking back
to the $15,000 month mark and then from there I realized okay I’ve done this I
want to go take off and I want to go travel I just got married recently so
literally my wife and I made a you know a little pact with each other and we
just took off one of the first trips we did was Australia and then after that we
took off and went to Dubai Oman India and travelled literally for a month at a
time whenever we take off we take off for a month at a time and it’s because
of this business and the reason why I’m able to do that was because I had set it
up so I picked a niche that I really enjoyed working with and then I just
knew that you know when I was traveling that I could be able to manage those
clients when I was gone at them at the point where I was I was in around fifty
thousand dollars a month in business however that fifteen thousand dollars a
month in business was kind of a cap maybe you get in or twenty thousand a
month with clients because you end up in a situation where you have time zones
that are kind of you know your opposite time zones depending on where your
clients are if you end up selling clients in the time delay moving to
throw me the smartest way to do it but I didn’t really do that at that point so
like when I was traveling in Australia and you know my majority of my clients
were in the US and Canada a lot of the times I was working the opposite time
zones however it gave me the flexibility to do really whatever I wanted because
all I needed was my laptop and then I could be anywhere in the world at that
point in time so that was the lifestyle part of my business and you know the
path between the two so I did that for a decent amount of time we did Australia
we did Bali we kong-kong we’ve done the Dominican fast forward from that
lifestyle business you know we started getting a lot of demand at the agency
for the results that we were doing for the results that we were building
clients that we were just absolutely hitting it out of the park with and then
what we realized was okay it’s time to buckle down and transition to building
an in-house in an in-house agency and you know the reason why I was able to do
that is because of the team that I ended up putting together now when you decide
to go lifestyle the one thing you got to remember is it’s you
you know the services that you provide and then the clients a lot of the times
maybe a VA or so because you don’t really want too many people on your team
you want to be able to try and keep as much profit in your company as you
possibly can and you know when you hire an assistant or a VA and outsource all
all the entire fulfillment a bit you start to realize the number one thing
that you got to do is just make sure these concert getting results that’s it
he’s gonna make sure you managing it and communicating and delivering on what
you’re doing to sell fast forward to that you know what from doing the
lifestyle thing it came back and then decided it’s time to build an in-house
agency we started hiring people brought on a co-owned the company brought on
multiple account managers and since then we’ve been able to scale crazy okay now
the biggest thing there is you want to make sure that your systems are on point
how to onboard clients how to make sure that you know
you’re you’re telling them exactly what they should be expecting and then they
expect that and nothing else okay well I want that the hard way cuz a lot of
times client would climb to just think that always not traveling now I can
probably ask them for more things and you know you’ll probably just do it no
because at the end of the day you’ve got to draw that line and that’s kind of
where it comes down to so once you get to the in-house part of the agency you
know you got to make sure you have the operation system put together you have
to make sure your sales team put together you have to make sure you have
a back-end fulfillment team put together or it could still be outsourcing it I
know guys today doing a couple hundred grand a month the entire agency is you
know all they have in house right now is themselves the sales team and the
operations team and then on the back end the fulfillment side of the Facebook ads
and everything else they run is completely outsourced from there so the
benefits of it like I said the benefits of running a lifestyle agency you could
be anywhere in the world it doesn’t really matter where you are or what you
are doing as long as you’re communicating and delivering that is
really the drawbacks of that now the drawbacks of that is you are more than
likely on opposite time zones you have a cap really to where you can take it to
you know I’ve seen friends in the industry trying to get to that 60 70
$80,000 a month marked business however what usually ends up happening for them
is you end up you overloading yourself the end if I’m going to come home just
really get caught up and I kind of take puts into the spiral of doing it now the
whole point of a lifestyle business is you want to enjoy your lifestyle you’re
not building a business to exit you’re building a business to enjoy lifestyle
whether it’s with your significant other you depending on how well Jordan just
want to kind of have some fun and figure out what you’re doing
and then kind of take it from there so that’s it drawbacks are the benefits for
that one now the benefits for building an in-house agency and you know building
getting an office getting everything else sort of like we are right now is
what you end up doing is you end up being able to scale to literally however
big you want to get to it doesn’t really matter as long as you systems are there
once you get to that point you got to make sure that you’re hiring the right
people you make sure that they’re getting trained and make sure that your
delivery is on point because the more people you get the more clients you get
the more your delivery has to be absolutely pristine and if you do not
focus on delivery for your clients no one’s gonna want to refer you to their
friends and that’s the easiest way to get sales so that’s the benefits of that
other drawbacks of that like I said is you do have a lot more
you do have a lot more people to manage you’ve got payroll and everything else
like that so when it comes down to that what you’ve got to understand is you
know between the two they’re both amazing I’ve done them both I love them
both you know right now we’re in the in-house agency I do something that he
doesn’t mean you can’t take off at at times but you know what now when I take
off a lot of the times I got to make sure the team’s being managed even while
I’m away I’m still making sure the team’s being managed and you know the
operations people are making sure that things are getting done clients are
getting a full filled roast is when your lifestyle agency you can just choose you
and I guess I don’t know the VA to kind of help communications and everything
else so you know just figure out what you want to do figure out who you want
to attract figure out what type of business you want to build because
doesn’t matter which way you pick neither one is right neither one is
wrong it all comes down to how you want to how you want to build your agency how
you want to build your business so what I want you to do after this is choose
the lifestyle or eight house put it in the comments put in the group and you
know look forward to answering any of your questions if you have any questions
put them below there’s a lot a lot a lot of content coming guys
and I look for disease

Starting Your Own Business | Advice from Entrepreneurs

what’s going on guys John Santos and in
today’s video we’re gonna get a little creative with an event that we just came
out to so as you guys may or may not know the day after Black Friday is Small
Business Saturday and it’s an event where you support small local
entrepreneurs or brands that are in your area versus shopping at big-box retail
stores so the Good Wolf which was recently featured on our channel where
we actually shared and went into detail on how you could start up your own
boutique they hosted an event and I invited a couple brands out here to
attend and sell their merchandise and I figured what better way to really show
you guys or share some information or insight into the startup phases of a
brand or perhaps the growing phases of a brand and by speaking to a couple of the
people that came out today now there’s a variety of businesses here from people
that are opening up a pub their own brewery to clothing brands to swimwear
to everything that you could think of in between and we’re gonna be going into
some questions that are gonna really help anybody out there that’s starting
or thinking about starting a brand and we’re just gonna ask them some
rapid-fire questions and just have some fun with it so if you like these types
of videos make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on the post
notification bells and of course leave a comment with a future video that I
should create it’s a little cold today but we’re gonna do our best to go out
there and get these questions for you so let’s get started so I was filming this
intro I smelled the barbecue and I had and I had to come over here and figure
out the story behind this barbecue hey everybody my name is Melissa
I’m from Honolulu Hawaii I started his brand here in Las Vegas
it’s called obstacle we’re a lifestyle a clothing brand we make dad hats hoodies
and shirts we put like positive reminders on her clothing it was a
carried Nunnally I’m also a pastor I’m also a realtor here in town okay
but most of all I’m God son man of God and all of my all of our businesses all
of our businesses is geared toward helping people community development
helping God’s people so this business particular business it’s called keeping
it real pure and wash so what we do is that we
wash your car right while you’re eating barbecue or you can eat barbecue while
you get in your car wash and we build our brand because we wanted to help put up our own manufacturing Philippines
to put up a ethical sustainable plastic free and zero waste facility alright so
my name is Anthony Herrera better I’m Tony Martinez and we’re the owners
of Servezah a bottle shop at tap room so pretty much what we’re gonna be is
tap room for you good to have 24 beers on tap on premise we also have cans and
bottles that you get and recon from this or take home name sahibul in super al my
brand is Lobofitnesswear and they’re really stands for strength
I chose wolf because I chose leadership it’s just like teamwork and also lone
wolf so people can you know so I wanted to start my business because I used to
back in the day I used to wear like different brands likes to see the
hundreds which really inspired me that’s what I want to show you this our logo
right here it’s a monkey and since I worried those kind of brands I wanted to
see like kind of like how the backend worked like I didn’t know who the owner
was or like the process that they went
through so I kind of wanted to see how that process was so that’s why I decided
to make my own brand from the streets you don’t say the God brought me from
the streets you know when I had a bad cocaine habit you know like many people
do have and I call have it and I couldn’t stop you know so so I God
brought me to a rehab 32 years six months and four days ago and he led me
through that and that’s why I found all my brothers and my brother’s here and we
all are clean and sober and we give back to the community that’s what our
businesses are about what was the first little or big success that you had that
made you happier fulfilled and want to keep going
um from what I can remember probably coming up with like releases and stuff
even though it wouldn’t sell as good like for some of the products like I
want to say I’m just selling a couple of your ideas on a shirt and seeing
somebody that didn’t even like you didn’t even know was wearing your brand
I thought that was really cool this week we got 27,000 impressions just on
Instagram so we’re really excited so um now we have a lot of opportunities even
in Philippines or in other places people are people wanted to collaborate with us
with their stores and so we’re hoping to supply them with our products so we
actually had a lot of issues trying to find a location and whether it was gonna
be in Henderson City North mainly because of the style of business that
we’re trying to do it on and off Hamilton I think our first big big way
know is getting the special use permit actually approved for the Arts District
what is a moment or what are some moments you can look back at and just
laugh now but we’re really painful back it’s hard one we actually had at least
before we were actually signing at least luckily we put the right verbage in
there to get out of it because the city didn’t literally allow the lights
looking for but like we had keys we were like going visit like we already set it
up here’s how we’re gonna do it until same thing right we just didn’t get
approved on that permit I mean we’ve but I think we were taking
our parents like look this we’re yeah do it that’s what’s going on and like
that’s awesome like hey she’s like okay mijo you know so like I think they’re
having a hard time believing us now like oh I’m sure you got another lease ya
know there’s like so many instances like like chronic photoshoots I would I want
to say I used to take them on the ground I used to use a ping-pong table like to
take like hat products but now like I’ve noticed it should be like a nicer
backdrop so I use like a white backdrop now and then it’s all about the lighting
so it’s just so different what did your parents think about you starting this
business honestly my mom is very supportive my dad it’s very supportive
too and so we collaborated with them so we could take care of the business here
in US and they could take care of the business in Philippines
so they will take care of the manufacturing part and we will take care
of the brand so we’re collaborating together so we’re we love it because
it’s the first time we’re having a family business oh my goodness
okay let me just inform you guys so my mom she’s a nurse so they always they’re
a little bit old fashioned they really want you to like go to school graduate
college I don’t want to say like maybe the arts wasn’t like their thing but she
wanted me to go into nursing and I was like no I really like designing it’s my
passion it’s fun so now like they really understand it and they they tell
like our family and friends like it’s your passion so you should do it and I
was like alright cool but like it’s not their style but I love to do it
so it’s designing and stuff support you now they do they definitely do they
they have a really cool understanding about it now yeah at first no definitely
no well you know all those Filipinos know most visionaries when they have a
vision to do something yeah a lot of people they don’t think it could work
but the same time they’ll support you because they love you if you wait to do
it and try to get everything perfect it’ll probably never happen so you have
to let the ego aside and start when you can start the lot of people start
business don’t have a lot of money okay resources they should start where
they start with the heart into a physical growth and as far as the family
and friends they love you they’ll support you even when your vision seems
kind of crazy my parents is kind of like alright we’ll see we’ll see you know
they want to see it to believe they want to feel like they want to touch it they
want to be in the place when it’s open so right now is mostly be confident keep
consistent just keep going like some people are not gonna like your stuff but
you’ll have like most of your followers and it keeps growing save money save a
lot of money I should have started with like smaller and then once I learn a
little bit better a better then I could go look forward like it’ll be a little
more slower that’s that way I’ll be able to see things and plan
better use the money why Sir what to be honest with you I’m okay with it being
exactly well yes because I learned every mistake that I that was made we learned
from it and we met some very interesting people along the way so I think it might
change anything I believe wouldn’t be the experience that I’ve had to give us
some real it’s been tough by ourselves before we had the inside part we got
your bicep 115 degrees washing cars always glamorous and inside the brick
and mortar part outside but for the most part I wouldn’t change anything
because I believe that our experiences is what he’s gonna help the next
generation of next person go through lemonade stand or Pokemon cards? Pokemon cards for sure uh Pokemon cards lemonade stand Pokemon cards lemonade stand candy or bags of chips bags of chips snapchat or stories stories handmade or thrifted handmade thrifted events or online events screen print or dtg (direct to garment) screenprint dtg dtg degree or no degree degree not relevant dang i got a degree no degree to your good no degree it doesnt matter as long as you are doing what you love
no degree loans or bootstrap goodness I popeyes or chick fil a popeyes say oh thank you so there you have it guys I hope you
enjoyed this video that we just came up with I really feel that everybody shared
a little glimpse of what you have to look forward to when you’re starting or
growing or perhaps overcoming some struggles whether it’s family friends or
monetary setbacks the reality is it’s going to be a ton of them and the only
thing you can do is really just get started I feel that events are an
amazing way for you to be able to market and sell your products and more
importantly I really think they’re a great way to test some ideas that you
may have before you start producing a bunch of quantities and not knowing if
they’re gonna sell online so a huge thing that over the years like I
actually just want to share one of the stories that I have and it’s a question
that I asked everybody which was like what’s one of the moments that looking
back now you laugh and you find yourself laughing at but back then was very
hurtful to me it was as we were selling our backpacks in our bags
we’d go to different events or perhaps class presentations and we carry all of
our products in a hefty trash bag is a true story and we’ve carried them all
and we’ve rolled up to the class and we’d literally take the products out and
present it to the class and say this is high-quality products this is what
they’re made out of made in the USA right we were so proud of how we were
making our products that we never realized that by taking them out of that
trash bag people were thinking that was garbage
and legitimately somebody said hey have you guys ever considered putting your
products in a different bag because it looks like you’re taking out the trash
right so at that moment it was super hurtful to hear that because we had
spent so much time and we thought they were calling our cut our products trash
alright but looking back now I think it’s the funniest story that I could
that I could still to this day picture how I felt when she said that and I just
laugh at it now so the beauty of what you guys do when you’re attending a live
event is that you get to get some of that feedback from people in real time
and more importantly you continue to learn and you continue to make those
adjustments that you need in order for you guys to continue to grow

Starting a Business: Startup Founder Salary and Stock Vesting

There’s a lot to consider when starting a
business, but the relationship with your co-founders is probably one of the most critical parts. I learned about early vesting and salaries
the hard way. On the company I started in 2012, we did have
a good vesting agreement in place, but failing to define salaries spiraled badly. I ended up with about $16,000 in credit card
debt, which may not sound like a lot to you, depending on where you live… but 23-year
old me, living in Costa Rica where the salary that I could aspire to was $12,000 a year-
it looked like I was going to spend the rest of my twenties paying that back. So today, we are looking into founder agreement
when starting a business. Now, let’s start with stock and vesting. Once again, if you don’t understand how stock
works, you should check out this video. Let’s look at a simple and common scenario. Founder A comes up with a business idea for
a tech startup. He has a business background and is a great
hustler, but can’t code. He seeks out Founder B, who has a tech background
and has the experience to become the company CTO moving forward. By tech company I mean an app, a SaaS, a hardware
product, etc… an online store, for example, is not necessarily a tech company. If you’re Founder A and you are starting an
e-commerce platform, learn to use Shopify or Squarespace and build it yourself, at least
until you start generating revenue. So back to the original case,
How many shares should Founder A get, vs. Founder B? Probably a lot of debate here, but I am going
to say in this situation this should be a 50/50 split. While Founder A has the idea, he can’t execute
it without Founder B. The idea, and the business are worthless without Founder B and being
this a tech company, the product is just as important as the marketing, sales, fundraising,
etc… Now, this may be re-balanced if, for example,
the business has some traction before Founder B comes in. And don’t count ‘talking to customers’ as
Traction: I’m talking revenue, sales, rounds of funding… users at least. That traction is worth something, so Founder
A should be compensated for reaching that traction before Founder B came in. The essence of this story is, whether there
are 2 or 3 founders, the original company split should be equal- unless there is an
additional value already provided by one of the founders, in the form of money or traction. Now, let’s say Founder A and Founder B agree
on that 50/50 split, and six months later Founder B leaves. That would suck for Founder A who now has
a missing-in-action partner who owns 50% of the company. This is what Vesting is for. Founder Vesting is an agreement in the way
stock is issued, while the founders are entirely dedicated to the business. We’ll get back to the meaning of that. A standard agreement is a 12-month cliff and
4-year vesting. This means that we’ll take stock of each founder,
say 500,000 shares, and split them in 48 months. That’s about 10,416 shares per month. For the first 12 months of working for the
company, this stock will not vest: this is the cliff. That means if that person leaves, he won’t
take any stock in the company. The stock is a protection to the remaining
co-founders in case that person leaves very early in the company’s story. On the 12th month, at the stroke of midnight,
the vested shares for those 12 months will be executed, which means that founder will
now own 125,000 shares of stock in the company, one-fourth of his take. The remaining shares will continue to vest,
monthly, thereafter. In case of that person leaving, the remaining
founders are still protected and have additional stock for recruiting a new team member, and
the person who is quitting is compensated for his work at a critical stage of the company. Now, if you have a US business, it’s really,
really, really important that you file an 83(b) election if you are receiving vested
stock. I can’t stress this enough. If you forget, and your business grows or
gets funded, you might end up with thousands of dollars in taxes. You can find a free template for this on FounderHub. OK, so we’ve established vesting. An additional challenge here is many businesses
don’t start with funding or money in the bank. So the founders still have day jobs or side
projects to pay their bills. How do you establish, then what ‘fully dedicated
to the business’ means? It’s tough. I’ll lay out my example and hope that provides
some guidance. Once again, similar conditions are easier
and ideal. If both founders have day jobs, then they
can agree on a certain number of hours per day. The problem is when one of the founders has
a day job, and the other one doesn’t, or if one of the founders has a family to support
and the other lives with his parents, or in a city where the cost of living is lower. This is where salary agreements are useful. This is what I didn’t do the first time, but
learned a hard lesson and solved it for, my second company, Slidebean. When we started the company, we agreed that
each founder would have a $1,000 salary. While our living situations and monthly expenses
were different, we decided that was enough to live in San Jose. The priority was obviously taxes, legal
fees and so on… but as long as the company had money after those necessary payments,
everybody would get their full paycheck. If there weren’t enough money, we’d get equal
paychecks with whatever funds were left, and the company would ‘owe’ us that salary. We self-funded the company for about a year,
mostly with small consulting projects. We agreed that those were company projects,
not individual projects… so even though the project only involved one or two of us,
the money we made from that would be the company’s money, and not that individual’s. This worked rather well for us, only a couple
times we had to delay our payments- and we agreed that it was each one’s responsibility
to ‘survive’ until the next paycheck came in. Defining a limit here is also useful, maybe
3 or 6 months, after which the founders are allowed to take on day jobs without that being
considered ‘leaving the company,’ for vesting purposes. Defining that salary and where it stands in
the company’s cash flow priorities is critical. It’s not pretty when companies run out of
money, and there isn’t enough money to pay stuff. That’s a terrible time to agree on things. You should decide on things when things are
moving forward, on good-will… and put it in writing. It doesn’t have to be a lawyer-approved legal
document, simply draft these rules in a document, print it, sign it and stand with your word. Some other tips here,
Come up with salaries that you can realistically afford as a company. If you live in different cities, you might
agree on a salary adjustment for living costs. If one of the founders has savings or money
flexibility and the other one doesn’t, the solution is NOT to cut his paycheck but to
use that money as an investment in the company. For example, let’s say Founder A and Founder
B both live in the same city, but one of them has savings, and the other one doesn’t. A solution here would be for Founder B to
collect a salary and Founder A to not get a salary, because ‘he doesn’t need it.’ That will create a mess afterward. Founder B has been receiving a salary and
Founder A has been eating up his savings. A good approach here would be for Founder
A to invest $10,000 in the company and get a fair stock compensation in exchange for
that. Both get equal salaries since they both live
in the same city. This is my point when I say founder relationships
are like marriage. You need to be open about this stuff and be
prepared for new circumstances as the business progresses. I became a dad six months into starting the
business… which could have been a mess unless there were agreements that had been in place before that. Let me know what you think of these ideas. If you are open to sharing, leave a comment
below with the logic on how you distributed founder shares so that others can learn from your example. A lot of you have come to us with amazing
comments on the content we generate. We’re glad it’s useful! Each one of these videos takes about two weeks
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Top 5 Places to Find Profitable Business Ideas in 2020 | Small Business Ideas

Hey guys, my name is Wilson. Today, you are in for a treat because we’re
going to be talking about the top five places to find the most profitable business ideas
out there. A lot of people have always been struggling,
struggling with finding the right business ideas because they don’t know where to find
them, so today I want to be sharing with you how I look for business ideas, things that
we think might work and areas where actually it inspires us to dig in further. So without further ado, here are the five
places to look for profitable business ideas in 2020. The number one place to look for profitable
business ideas is at Proctor&Gamble, Proctor&Gamble stands for P&G. P&G is a multinational huge company that owns
a lot of big consumer brands and a lot of it is actually probably brands that you use
at your own home, so brands like Gillette, brands like Pampers, brands like Oral-B. These
are big, big brands that actually sits in my home as well. So how do you actually and why would you want
to look at these brands and how do you actually find business ideas from these brands? Well, the reason why you want to be able to
do that is because you want to choose a brand or a product that has a lot of high demand
because you don’t want to go in a space that has no one in it because when the product
is not in high demand enough, then your profit is not going to be big enough as well, which
is a reason why you would want to study what is existing out there that is selling a lot,
that has a lot of demand. And that’s why we’re studying P&G. Now, for example, Dollar Shave Club does an
amazing job when they were studying, doing their case study, they were looking at Proctor&Gamble
and seeing how they can differentiate from Gillette. Gillette is a huge, huge shaving company. And so how Dollar Shave Club was able to stand
out from the crowd is because they differentiate from the mass consumer product. With Gillette, because of the fact that they’re
such a big company, is very, very difficult for them to create other products and be agile
that serves multi level of consumers. They create products that appeal to the mass
market, but nowadays consumer would like to shop for something specifically catered to
them, which is a reason why it’s such a great opportunity for us to be in the market, create
something that differentiates from the mass market, something that is tailored specifically
to a certain segment of customers. And that’s what Dollar Shave Club does an
amazing job with because they were targeting people, millennials who has disposable income
and on top of that, that values the convenience of having the product shipped directly to
the consumers. And because of the fact that they are a direct
to consumer brand, they take out a lot of different costs and they were able to keep
the cost very low as opposed to Gillette selling the regular shavers at a premium cost. And at the end of the day, Dollar Shave Club
did an amazing job differentiating, which is a reason why they got bought up by Unilever
by more than a billion dollars. A billion selling shavers. Huge, huge company. But nonetheless for me, whenever I look for
product and different business ideas, I would always look for product ideas from P&G because
they are the ones that are selling products that people have to replenish all the time,
that are always in high demand. For example, like toothbrush, like diapers,
shavers, deodorant, all these basic consumable goods is what they really focus on. And for you, look at these items and look
at how you can differentiate from them and cater to that sub target market, and that’s
where you’re going to be able to find your niche and the next profitable idea. If you guys like point number one, I really
hope that you can smash the like button because it’s going to help me within this whole YouTube
journey. I’m making all these videos for your consumption
because I really want to be able to create more value in this YouTube space, so make
sure that you guys smash the like button. Help me out. Without further ado, point number two. Point number two on how do you find the profitable
business ideas in 2020, it is through Craigslist. A lot of people actually find crazy ideas
through Craigslist. So what is Craigslist? Craigslist is basically an advertising platform
that has a ton of thing on there, people that are selling houses, people selling items,
people looking at jobs, discussion forums, all these crazy things that people are needing
to match up with they put it on Craigslist. So how are you going to be able to find ideas
through Craigslist? Well, believe it or not, one of the biggest
companies out there, Airbnb was actually born from an idea that they found from Craigslist. How is that the case? The founder actually was looking for a place
to stay, and he was on Craigslist, and found that there’s a lot of people listing their
places to rent on Craigslist. And in turn he was asking their friends about,
“Hey you know what? How do you actually find places to rent if
you don’t want to go to a hotel?” And everyone was saying just Craigslist. But while he was using Craigslist, he was
finding a lot of friction and a lot of inefficiency, the whole design was not appealing, which
is the reason why he took that idea and created Airbnb, a platform that becomes seamless,
makes it super easy for people to find places and really directed just on matching people
that want to have a place to stay and people who want to rent out their place. That’s how Airbnb was born, was through Craigslist. So the second place to find profitable business
ideas is for you to actually dig into Craigslist, look at different forums, look at different
sections, and see where is it that it has a ton of demand, where is it that a lot of
people are posting things, and see how he can make that experience just that much better. Take out the friction and make that experience
better for your customers. And a lot of times you can find a lot of golden
nuggets through being able to take that friction out. So if you are looking for profitable business
ideas, go search on Craigslist. The third place to look for profitable business
ideas is on eBay. Very similar to Craigslist as well, but with
eBay, eBay is basically a site that allows you to bid for items or just buy different
items. It’s another marketplace, but now eBay is
a lot more directed to just selling stuff and buying stuff. So if you want to be able to find a profitable
business idea, you can actually create a platform out of a specific category that is a lot more
niche. Now, let me elaborate on that. So for example, if you see a ton of demand
on people who are buying a retro Harley Davidson, when you see a lot of demands and you feel
like that you can create a platform that allows people to have a better experience buying
second hand Holly Davidsons, then you can actually create a website call it perhaps
Retro Harley Davidson. And you can now sell specifically just retro
Harley Davidsons on your website. And if there’s a big enough demand, you can
actually create a big and very engaged audience through your own platform. And that itself is a very profitable idea
as well, given the demand and given the fact that you can actually take out the friction
from the different people. So you would actually look at the reviews
from the listings as well when people are selling and buying. For example, if customers are complaining
about the fact that they have to go through a lot of hoops to buy a car on eBay, then
maybe you can look at all these different hoops that people have to jump through and
see what you can take out. See how you can reduce the friction for your
customers. And if you can actually solve that problem,
then you can actually have a product that your customers would prefer over buying stuff
on eBay. If there’s a big enough demand, then that
becomes a very profitable business idea for 2020. The fourth place to look for profitable business
ideas is on job boards. Why is it that we’re looking for job boards? It is because this same theory as eBay and
Craigslist, job boards like Indeed has a lot of people looking for jobs and a lot of people
actually posting job applications. And what you can do is actually study the
amount of people that are posting and study the type of positions that are available and
see how you can help bridge that demand and supply. I’ll give you an example, and this is a personal
experience that I have and something that I’ve an idea that has came about with me and
my wife. So we were thinking about… Because a lot of high schoolers are looking
for jobs, they’re looking for jobs, yet people don’t hire high schoolers because they have
no experience because their schedules are iffy, they can’t really work long hours. So what happens is that they probably don’t
have jobs and they have very, very difficulty finding jobs. And then at the same time, a lot of food and
beverage places are looking for people that can serve, looking for people that are without
that much experience because the job is very, very simple. What we can do and what the idea that we have
is to be the match people who are looking for their first job and people who are looking
for a first timer with no experience to create a platform that specifically caters to this. Now my wife’s going to kill you because I
just shared with you our secret idea, but nonetheless, this is a clear example of what
inspired us from coming up with this idea is us looking at different job boards because
we were looking to hire people for our ice cream shop, and I find it super difficult
to do so. That’s how we came up with this idea of catering
specifically for talent with no experience. So if you have any ideas or if you want to
have profitable ideas, then look at different job boards. Look at different job boards that cater to
the mass market and see how you can cater to the subcategories and create that niche. Because when you can do that, that’s when
you can actually serve a very particular type of demographic and the pie is still going
to be big enough because you’re looking at this established website. As you can see with point number one to point
number four I’m sharing with you, is that all these places that catered to the mass
market, we’re talking about a big piece of the pie because throughout the last 10, 20
years, a lot of these companies are creating products for the mass market. Nowadays what we can do is, from this mass
market, we can actually cater to the subcategories, create a niche that serves a particular type
of demographic and from there onwards, these become very, very lucrative business ideas
if we can segment and target specifically to a group of core clientele that has certain
problems such as food and beverage people looking for non-experienced people. That’s secret number four, finding inspirational
ideas on job boards. And the fifth place to look for profitable
business ideas is in your annoying life. No, not your annoying life, in areas that
you find annoying in your life. That’s what I meant. So a lot of people have annoyance in their
life, they feel like there are better ways of doing something, they feel like that some
of the processes that they have and that some of the things that they do just doesn’t make
sense. For an example, a lot of people, they don’t
like driving cars because of the fact that they don’t want to pay for parking, they don’t
want pay for insurance, they don’t want to pay for the price of the car and they live
in the city, so commute is super convenient. However, sometimes they want to have the convenience
of the car, sometimes they want to bring a date out, sometimes they want to go out and
buy stuff, sometimes they want to go out of the city and travel as well, which is a reason
why they would need a car maybe once or twice a month. Now how do you solve that problem? That’s how cars and go services have been
born because they want to be able to solve this specific problem. If you have a problem like that, the majority
of the time a lot of other people have the problem as well. So if you’re looking for profitable ideas,
go in your life and find inspiration. Find inspiration from things that are annoying,
things that you wish had existed. And a lot of times if you find it annoying,
a lot of other people find it annoying as well and this can become a problem that you
solve. And usually businesses are just solutions
to problems that people face. So there you go, the five different ways to
find profitable business ideas. So there you go, the five ways to find profitable
ideas. Number one, P&G, Proctor&Gamble. This is a big company that serves the mass
public. If you can actually find and dig into every
single product that they have and find that thing that you can differentiate from the
mass market, that you can pull out and serve a very particular subset of customer, that
can be a very profitable business idea. Second place to look for profitable business
ideas is through Craigslist. Craigslist is a huge, huge advertisement platform
with a lot of people posting things on there. Go through and dig in each of these categories
and find areas where you can actually solve the problem, things that you can actually
take out friction from because of the fact that once again, Craigslist serving the mass
public. If you can take that one thing and niche up
on it and serve that particular type of demographic, you’re going to be able to find yourself another
amazing winner. Now the third type of areas to find profitable
business ideas is through eBay. eBay, once again, it should niche down a lot more for
buying and selling. And once again, you find that sub category
and serve that sub category. Number four is through job boards. Job boards, once again, serves the mass public. Job boards like Indeed only serve basically
anyone that has a job posting they want to post up on there. Look for the subcategories, look for the industries
that you want to be able to serve, that you think is annoying for you, you think that
you can take out the friction for you. And lastly, your annoying life, your areas
that you find annoying in your life. Find inspiration from that, solve that problem,
and that’s your profitable business idea. I really, really hope you enjoyed this video. It would help me a tiny if you just smash
the like button. Nothing else I ask for. I just want to be able to share a lot more
good stuff with you. If you guys enjoyed this video, please do
that for me. Otherwise, subscribe along the journey. I’m going to make tons of great videos for
you. And nonetheless, leave me a comment below. I’ll see you guys in the next video.

Getting Out from The Day To Day Operation of Your Business to Scale with Michael Zeller

are you ready to scale and outsource
your business okay let’s go welcome to the outsourcing and scaling show I’m
your host Nathan Hirsch a show where we talk about everything
Amazon shopify ecommerce and digital marketing let’s get started everyone
welcome back to outsourcing and scaling today I have a very special guest Mike
Zeller Mike how you doing today I’m doing great Nathan always great to
connect with other talented entrepreneurs like yourself that’s
that’s my tribe and and when you get to connect with brilliant talented
motivated ambitious people it energizes me every day so can’t complain at all I
love it and you and I met I think it was after a clickfunnels event at dinner and
we spent all dinner just talking about scaling businesses and when I launched
the podcast I thought man I got to reach out to Mike I want to pick his brain and
share it to share with my audience real quick before we dive into that Mike
is the founder of wonder house a CMO of life guides and the founders founder of
rising stars mastermind he’s a business architect and he helped helps
entrepreneurs and thought leaders win at business and life designing their
business around the life they want to live and we’re gonna talk all about that
but first I want to take a step back before founding the companies before
being an entrepreneur what were you like growing up did you always know you
wanted to be an entrepreneur were you a rebel were you a straight-a student yeah
great question man I was a super ambitious motivated like baseball player
I was like you know just hustling and baseball studying baseball playing it as
much as I could I was an A and B student in high school in college and you know I
wanted I saw myself climbing the corporate ladder like I remember I was
like man by the time I’m 30 I’m gonna have a BMW and I’m gonna be like you
know an executive or something and but by the time I was thirty I was like
fully self-employed and on my own I did have an Audi but I’m a BMW at that point
but you know I didn’t necessarily think I would be an entrepreneur but as I
journeyed down I realized man this job thing was not for me I was meant to
create and to lead men to chart my own path so when did you first get that
entrepreneurial itch yeah yeah I’d say I first really started
feeling it in my mid-20s when I was like 26 27 I was working in a mortgage
company in investing in real estate and so I wasn’t I was like man there’s
something here and then I started selling real estate that was the first
time I was truly like self-employed and I crushed it like I doubled my income
more than double actually almost tripled my income my first year being fully
self-employed I was like dude why do I have a ceiling over me and why I have
someone else dictating when I work and how I work and and then I was like as as
time went on you know I was at the top of my field in the real estate game
within a year or two like you know what if this game is this easy I’m meant for
something more I felt like my soul was by my third year I was at man decided to
stay in this game I feel like my soul was gonna die and so I was meant for a
lot more than that so I started making a shift and I went to Buenos Aires
Argentina for a six-week mini sabbatical and unplugged from work like Adam and my
business taking care of was there and then like at the end I realized my last
week there I was sitting in a cafe and it this epiphany hit me it was like Mike
if you’re the engineer your businesses you’re gonna get tired but if you design
the engine you could do amazing things and so I came back I was like you know
I’m not gonna how do I design a business where I’m not the engine and so came
back launched three more businesses that next year I love it so talking about
doing that because I think a lot of entrepreneurs they get involved in the
hustle the day-to-day operations of the business I’m guilty of that sometimes as
well how do you start that mindset where you’re creating something your business
is your baby well you’re taking a step back and you’re looking at from the
outside rather than staying on the inside Monday through Friday or seven
days a week yeah yeah you know at the beginning especially if this is your
primary or only source of income you really have to most of us we most
people start in the game of entrepreneurship because they are the
business you know that’s it’s like they had stabbed ended on them they get it
execute do all those things but then usually the three to five year mark if
someone is aware and alert and engage in awoke in a way then they serve realize
men if I stay in this I’m just gonna I’m just gonna grind myself down down to a
bloody pulp and you started thinking like how do I step back and start
designing the business and of course now that I’ve been through like twelve
different ventures I start at the beginning that way I started thinking
how do I design the business to leverage my genius to create a time and location
freedom like right now I’m in LA then I’m in Vancouver next week and I’m in
Europe for seven weeks this summer so you start most of us start doing the
business and we just run hard on then doing but we don’t spend a whole lot of
time designing it typically I find a lot of you know I’m coaching 50
entrepreneurs and five different countries right now and I’m noticed that
really at about a couple hundred thousand dollars of income is when
entrepreneurs start realizing man I can’t work really any harder right yeah
your limits and you like I got to do something different I’m if I’m gonna get
like a lot of them and taking vacations their health is suffering there they’re
like man I cannot keep it a space so I’m assuming it has a lot to do with the
systems and the people that you put in the business is it that and something
else that I’m not thinking of yeah it’s it’s partly that it’s partly the yeah
it’s partly really thinking through the four s’s systems structure strategy and
support and as you think through those four s’s you’re designing hey what’s the
structure like who who goes who gets the accounting contacts or the payer you
know who’s handling payments who’s handling logistics administrative stuff
who is handling you know sales calls inbound side and and then like you start
working on like what I would have found a lot of entrepreneurs we’re doing a lot
of $10 an hour activities many of us if we’re lucky we’re also doing some $100
an hour activities but that many of us are doing consistently
doing in even aware of what my thousand or my $10,000 an hour activities are so
for a business to go like you’re you’re you know with your business where you’re
at right now where you’re in the eight figure you know sooner approach the
eight figure mark man you are you’ve got to be designing activities that help
turn that nozzle just slightly different and then said $10,000 an hour type
activity so you start stepping back you start a removing stuff off your plate
and handing it off to other people that can do it at least as 80% 80% as good as
you can delegation most people violate two things they violate this situation
when leadership model which is this the scale of how do I get from from
directing and telling someone what to do to all the explaining and coaching
persuading side and then all the way to the supporting and then finally the
delegation where it’s full delegation out of sight out of mind most of us go
from step one to step four we skip steps two and three right and yeah go ahead no
I’ll keep going I I mean that just makes a lot of sense I mean even now Oh works
it in your zero to one didn’t work in your Judith Ari I’m slowly figuring out
that doesn’t work in year three four or five going forward do you have an
example of a without saying their name I know they’re your clients but of a
company that you came in and they were successful they were making money but he
was stuck in the day or he/she was stuck in the day to day operation that you
changed their mindset and they were able to work on those ten thousand dollar
tasks and get other people who do that yeah a great example um couple of them
so two of my clients Jordan Duggar and Aaron diamond their fitness entrepreneur
so they had a big you know online fitness brand but when her and a couple
of freelancers right and she’s making you know roughly you know a couple
hundred thousand dollars a year type deal and then I was like Aaron and she
hadn’t taken vacation she didn’t have a moment’s necessarily same for Jordan and
and then we worked on like alright there’s a systematic
bottleneck here you I you need to hire more people remove yourself extract
yourself from the operations you know it’s like you got to figure out how do I
design the business so that it falls apart if I step away I mean it so it
doesn’t fall far not something that’s followed barking yeah and so she started
working on that then she found someone to replace her for a lot of those
activities and then she was able to work on the higher $10,000 an hour type
activities and biggest strategic elements and now this year they’ll crash
north of seven figures for the first time in a year and they’re had they’ve
had record setting month after record seven month after record setting month
because one they they had space to think of oh who is my four percent client that
client that can Bruce you know they twenty eighty twenty rule top twenty
percent produces 80-percent results well if that is true why not apply it again
so the top twenty percent of the top twenty percent that’s four percent of
your clients they can produce sixty four percent of your revenue well he designed
everything around them your sales your marketing and messaging all those things
but most people would never make that level of intentionality and so they and
they’ve taken vacations they just bought their dream home literally last weekend
closed on it they have more income than ever they have more impact than ever and
they’re having more fun than ever I love it you might be mentioned delegation and
hiring people and a lot of people listen might say okay that sounds easy hire
someone that can replace me but hiring isn’t that easy and this is the
outsourcing and scaling show I’m assuming you talk a lot about helping
people finding find the right person and hire what is your hiring strategy what
do you teach your clients yeah and good question so it’s almost like the player
slave model and so at the beginning a lot of us you know and we need to test
out what our budget is slim our margins are slim we’re gaining momentum but
we’re not real sure so you know I love to encourage people test out a bunch of
different freelancers for example I hired for a design project simple like
slide deck for presentation for talk I was given I hired three different
freelance to do the same exact thing and they each
cost me another box one of them really delivered two of them did not and
fortunately I hired three so I was fine and and then now I’ll go back and hire
that same person again and same person again but as I grow in scale whether
maybe I hire one of those freelancers like I’ve hired some freelancers that I
earn I said hey what’s it take to buy half of your time right and then I get a
little bit of a discount on that and and get half their time and and they’re
incredible like you got a you know in the freelance world which is where most
of a start you got it you gotta be willing to sort through some people that
are not gonna follow through you’re not gonna be a great thin enough I’m not
gonna be a great fit I might give poor instructions I might be a bad leader and
that’s okay as long as I don’t stay there of course and then the next piece
they used to have freaking out all right ooh shift has to happen where we go from
hire and B players to hi what’s it look like to hire a players this is the slay
model and when you’re ready to slay you’re like ma’am it’s not how do i how
do I get someone good as cheap as possible it’s like how do I get someone
that’s the best and find a way to afford the best right yeah I think you’re
absolutely right a lot of people fall into that trap horse is cheap cheap how
can I save the most money and you’re just missing that that whole great group
of talent that would really take your business next level and do things in a
way higher level than you ever would I mean the average entrepreneur only has
their one to five core competencies whatever it is so what are some of the
biggest mistakes that you see people making when they’re scaling let’s say
from 1 million to 10 million yeah they don’t release control like I’ve
experienced it on both ends I think they they they give responsibility but they
they don’t give authority so if you hire someone for a position and you got to
give them not just a responsibility hey you got to get this done or you’re
you’re you know this is your old job but if they don’t have the authority to
make the decisions and that that’s one so Marian responsibility and authority
secondly really hiring a players and key leadership you know I don’t want to call
it seismic impact positions but there’s there’s positions within accompanying
that have disproportionate amounts of impact so when you’re hiring and scaling
you got to think i how do i align first how do I get those eight players attract
the eight players and now how much are they gonna cost and then how do I
actually design because it’s hard to replace yourself if you’re replacing
yourself with a bunch of C+ players we need need a z’ and B’s pretty much
across the board and then you eliminate C’s or you move C’s into different roles
if they’re seen sometimes people are C’s in one position but they could be an A
in another position so really I think entrepreneurs are often too
short-sighted on that thirdly they don’t design the systems you know your systems
is you know like as your business has grown your systems that supported you
when you were in their first six months are way different than your systems now
crank them through the volume you got a you got a scale up your leadership you
got a scale up your systems which might mean it’s going to be mean new software
new strategies new new support well it’s like for s’s systems structure strategy
and support so you got a you got to continue to elevate all four of those at
each level and not every entrepreneur is capable of doing that or as willing you
know it’s rare that an entrepreneur grows with the company and the company
grows like I had lunch with a guy yesterday he invested he was one of the
first investors in Pandora the music app before it became a billion
dollar company so he helped to get to a billion dollar plus company and he was
telling me the CEO who they hand-picked and they chose or not a handbook but
they that’s been the main reason they chose
a major investment in that company is like man he he grew with each level of
the company which is rare and and and it’s okay if you need to hire
professional SEOs like Eric Google hired Eric Schmidt um so I and I think also as
entrepreneurs a big gift that we can do is like when I’m hiring people I’m often
hiring air players so I can learn from them like I want to hire people that way
smarter than me and it’s like that’s part of my education yeah I’ll tell you
$100,000 but I get to acquire your advanced copywriting knowledge or your
advanced this or that and and so stretching to hire great people can
sometimes a massive dividends so how do you know if you’re a CEO you have a
growing business and and maybe you’re not someone that that is adapting how do
you know if you should let’s say work with you and learn how to adapt and try
to acquire those skills or just say you know what that’s not for me I’m good at
growing businesses from 1 to 2 million and then I need to hire a CEO or sell it
or move it to someone else how do you make that decision it’s a great question
it’s I think usually I think if you have enough true humility personally humility
you ask for feedback and I think you study the game like I I’ve studied dr. H
a cadiz Asst he has breakthrough the prime and he has he’s the world’s
leading authority on organizational cycles and life cycles and how what
types of leaders are needed to each what what the organizational strategy and
system and structure needs to look like as it’s a DZ’s Institute and you know
you have to be honest with yourself some entrepreneurs like if you ask me I don’t
want to lead a company that’s at the like a bureaucratic stage that’s not me
I want to be in the early years up until prime while it’s still got this high
entrepreneurial energy now if a company needs to be rebooted and they need new
entrepreneurial energy I could be a nurse than that but having a real
honesty and integrity it’s okay be who you are a lot of it and
that’s why one of the core processes I take people through is a zone of genius
process where you get real awareness man I am a freaking badass of this but I
suck ass over here stay out of the suck ass lane too many of us are trying to be
a suck ass and are trying to play in our psyche a slain and we’re never gonna be
a badass in our psyche a slain is there something consistent that you think
works to get someone from let’s say 5 million to 10 million that I know we
talked about a bunch of different things but is there something we’re like hey
across the board every entrepreneur should be doing this if they want to
take their business from five to two yeah yeah I’d say well at each level
it’s an it’s it’s really a multiplier effect of really irresistible offers
okay and like so you can get to even multiple six-figure I’m inserting
multiple seven figures with one irresistible offer one core product but
it’s hard really hard to get you know go from two million to five million was
just one core product unless there’s just a massive market most of the
companies like if I look at my buddies at ancient nutrition or otherwise known
as dr. axe calm they went from 2 to 15 to 45 to 96 to
145 to over 200 million this years well though hit and they started they got one
product and they got another product and then got another product I mean each one
helps them they kept on reselling where they’ve been tempted to go off off path
is they just you know they want to keep grading products and so their core
product that is their profit hub they would run out of stock and and yet and
so that part of what was helping them grow was they had all the they had
multiple products so I think for that 5 to 5 to 9 million mark let’s say 5 to 10
million it’s it’s doubling down on your highest profit maximizers and that’s
your clients that’s really like a core piece that helped dr. axe make some
massive leaps there’s an examples they got real
clarity on who their 4% a raving fan biggest client who they are and then
they just redesigned everything around them and then it helped him and then
they got closer to them and found out what is it they really want and then
started designing more products around what they really want because your best
customers will keep buying more and more and more if you serve them even better
this has been awesome before we wrap up I want to know where in the world are
you right now and where are you going next because I know you travel a lot
yeah yeah so I’m in LA right now till Tuesday then I’m off to being Coover for
some in-person consults with some companies up there and then back to
Nashville and then then we’re off to Cambridge in London and Barcelona and
Copenhagen and Croatia for the summer so it’s gonna be fun
can’t wait love it Croatia with that baby bathwater no no I wish now are you going
over there for that I’m debating it right now to be determined yeah no it’s
for MindValley events but then yeah so we’ll see you know I haven’t been in
Croatia yet some I’m super pumped awesome well hopefully I run into you
somewhere if people are listening where can they find out more value and what
are you excited about in 2019 besides the traveling yeah so 2019 I’m launching
actually launched my own podcast I haven’t finalized the name yet but it
might be called best life journal or best life podcast and then I have a
journal coming out called the best life journal super stoked about my mastermind
the Rising Stars mastermind com that’s the website there if you guys are
interested in that and then I just love you know I love creating and I love the
new opportunities that are incredibly potentially lucrative and a lot of fun
with amazing people that I have in terms of clients and the masterminds and and
just some business partnerships as well that are emerging and super stoked
so for second year marriage as well about to celebrate our one-year
anniversary next month so it’s been a great ride so far so yeah so super
pumped that’s awesome guys if you were
listening if you want to steal your business if you want
have a better life business balance and really create a good architect for your
business check out Mike Mike thanks so much for
coming on my pleasure thanks for having me on Nathan always great connecting
hey everyone thank you so much for watching
did you enjoy this content if so click like leave us a comment and subscribe to
our channel so we can continue bringing you great content all about higher

How To Open A Store and Start Your Own Business

secure come inside! check out this place
that’s gonna be a boutique and in this and in this video we’re gonna show you guys how you
can start and open up your own boutique from the ground up as you guys can see
this place looks like it’s falling apart there might be a dead cat up there I’m
just kidding there’s no dead animals here this place is literally the bare
bones of what you need to actually open up a boutique so if you’ve had a vision
for it in this video you’re gonna learn everything that you need to know in
order for it to be successful and we actually have the owners here thank you guys for having us out at this location thanks for coming! welcome to the Good Wolf Life Style Company as it is yes, in baby stages forsure what made you guys choose this location
well you know a couple things one being so this corner it’s got awesome
visibility from two major streets of Commerce and of course we all know how
all the excitement that’s happening on Main Street what everything else opening up such a thriving community for artists and people with a vision you know so
people who also want to enjoy a sense of community you know within the the Las
Vegas area so that’s a big part of why we chose the Arts District and in this corner in particular Amazing! I love it where you guys are going with it and I can’t wait to see this
transformation from this store and actually make it a reality
so let’s make it happen all right you guys some of you guys may be watching and wondering John it’s almost 2020 why would we spend thousands – even hundreds
of thousands to open up our own store when you’ve been telling us that we can
start a clothing line for less than zero dollars but in all seriousness guys the
reason that boutiques are thriving is because big-box truly is dying and if
you’re able to create an experience with authentic products you’re now able to
really build up a fan base of loyal customers in whatever town you may be so
a boutique is a perfect hybrid between the online world in the real world and
as you guys can see it’s not cheap to open up something like this and it
definitely takes some creativity from the types of products that you’ll be
purchasing you want to make sure that you know it really stands out and
creates an experience but I really think in all honestly the even bigger reason
that I wanted to share this video with you guys is to really talk about the
thought process and what it’s actually gonna take for you guys to go from an
employee to an entrepreneur you see the founders of this business actually quit
their full-time job and they spent their savings into opening up this location so
in this video I really want to share I want to have them share exactly what the
process they had to go through and some of the things that they had to think
about before they made that leap and I really feel that this video is gonna
help you guys so what better way to actually do this then by talking one of
the founders himself Sean what up man – see you dude thank
you so much for for having us out here dude the last time we were out here this
place looked worse than like a crack hit at the break of dawn it was pretty bad
but you guys did an amazing transformation it’s like legit thing
that you guys saw how this looked before and now this is like a real thing it’s
not made-up so how did you guys come up with the name like how did the good wolf
come to be and like what’s the meaning of it and how did you guys decide on
that name I think a lot of people watching are always like what should I
name my clothing line or my boutique and like you guys came up with such a good
name like how did it come to be thank you so the the tale of two wolves is
really the the backbone of the good wolf lifestyle company and if you’re familiar
with it it’s about a cherokee telling his his grandson a story about a battle
within each human being that consists of a good side and a bad side or a good
wolf in a bad wolf so day in and day out these two wolves battle each other and
which which which you know spawned a question in the grandsons
mind which was okay well which of these two wolves win the grant or the
grandfather then said it’s the one you feed you know and so what
so that really resonated with myself and my wife because we we we understand how
much of a choice it is to to feed positivity
feed courage feed loyalty and and and just feed that good side as opposed to
giving in into something you know negative that and that’s not not so
positive so it’s essentially you’re gonna be feeding the wolf that you feed
right and again that’s the one that wins so so we hope here at the good wolf
lifestyle company just to help reinforce the good and through product and you
know through through household pieces through decor and even just through
conversation and connection we hope to really you know reinforce that idea with
our shoppers and our guests so how did you guys come to actually you
know decide on this location is specific and specific like you guys have a budget
in mind when obviously you needed to have a budget in mind because you were
gonna like put your your savings into this business right so like can you
share some of the some of the expenses of the budgets that people should be you
know cognizant of if they’re thinking about opening up their own spot
well so as you know this area it happens to be a time where this area is taken
off in the arts district so you’ll see a lot of breweries a lot of places to hang
out and eat you know some of those some of our top restaurants in Las Vegas are
actually coming down here for another location or maybe a brand new look or
maybe a replacement location and so we knew that hey if we didn’t make it
happen what we did if we waited if we told ourselves like we had been for the
past you know a few years that we’d wait until it makes more sense then it would
never have made as much sense as it did so we knew that going into it hey we
would have to keep you know our initial rent cost under let’s $5,000 right so we
came across the property and this is after you know touring and visiting
multiple sites in the area that may have made sense but you know sometimes the
some doors shut as they say while another one opens and so this one opened
and it happened to be you know on the corner of Commerce which is which it
which is fed from main with two amazing well it’s just with a lot of visibility
yeah you know and so that’s what Lisa and I really really took to especially
when we do want to create something more than than just an average shopping
experience so talk to us about like the products like how much did you guys have
to kind of save up to purchase a lot of inventory here and a lot of good
inventory right so like tell us about the purchasing of the actual inventory
or like what type of budgets did you guys set for yourselves and was there
any other cost that like kind of surprised you guys or delays that might
have happened as you’re opening it Lisa now we really had an idea and and a vibe
of going it you know especially just having spent so much time in the Arts
District we knew what what kept up I guess we wanted to go after however we
also do believe that we could service every single person in Las Vegas
you know so we had our Tsar our anchor brands especially on the guy side that
we feel like okay so we can build around these collections and and continue to
service it and really find a way to invite every single person that we come
across into our shop and you mentioned like opening POS for some of these
brands right so like some of these new these new brands that that you might be
approaching right perhaps there’s people out there
watching that are like how do i purchase this brand right right so like what type
of commitments did you guys have to make to these brands in order to let them
know that you’re serious about selling their product right so I I would say
something that you know reasonable to expect would be with a lot of these
opening orders which of course when you’re opening a new store every order
is going to be an opening order so so the more that you can get those opening
orders to come down or orb or maybe even space it out to where you’re not
investing so much in that one order you know especially before you really have a
chance to find out who your guest is initially you know because maybe the
guest that you felt like would be shopping you it could be completely
different if you’re passionate about a certain collection definitely go after
it but don’t say yes to every single manufacturer or don’t say yes to every
single vendor coming your way because there’s always someone out there who
might not have a certain minimum so I say your average brand might come at you
with a one thousand to a two thousand dollar opening order and so we need a
couple big brands with that with that with that strict policy which is totally
cool because that’s something that we’re passionate about so that’s why we said
yes going into it you know we felt like hey if we can get these like a couple of
brands that we’re passionate we we know that the guest is going to feet or and
our customers will feed off of that passion you know and and we’re not gonna
regret anything we pick up because we have had our eye on it so it’s almost
like your anchor brands that allow you to go out and and place orders with
other brands letting them know hey we’re selling this brand right store right and
in terms of apparel you know it’s going to be it’s a lot of recognition you know
and so these these companies especially getting started they take care of all
the marketing costs for you when it comes to their brand so it’s
using it for your website or using it for your social media it’s nothing that
you really have to invest in to build yourself when these companies based in
New York in LA and Australia they have marketing departments which which help
the little guys out wrong you know so you don’t have to invest too much in
photography and getting models sort of things like that all you have to do is
get their permission and post it that’s actually a really good it’s a really
good thing that you just noted because it does take a lot of time to photograph
a new brand and to create an aesthetic around it right so tell us a little bit
more about what you had to do to mentally prepare to actually open up and
kind of take the dye from employee to entrepreneur like what were some of the
things in the mindset that you had to like or some of the things that you’re
still overcoming or perhaps you know you have to really overcome at the beginning
talk to us about the mentality and the shift that people need to take in order
to quit their full-time jobs and jump into a business like this Vegas one
would just be you’re never off the clock you know and I think even if you’re
currently working a corporate job or a 8 to 5 job or working for someone else
which is of course can sustain an amazing lifestyle but if you train
yourself now to you know just to kind of live your position or live what you do
you know day in day out I think once you do decide to take the plunge or take the
leap as they say is you’re not gonna have to make that much of a mental
adjustment if you start now where you’re around no no even if you’re not
completely passionate about it you know obviously you know you’re doing it for a
reason so if you start there you know you’re not gonna have to you know a
train you know and get that mental endurance that that that it takes to you
know to start something and sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels
but if you again like just like like I just mentioned if you just keep that
vision and that in that path in insight you’re never gonna stray too far off and
you’ll know that what you’re doing is is all of your efforts are feeding
something positive you you had a full-time job both of you you and your
wife both did write in the corporate and in the corporate world for retail so
what were some of your like after work activities that you might have been
doing to build us up because this didn’t come overnight right you guys were very
meticulous about the type of products you you put out from leasing this
building right it all took a lot of time so what were some of the things that
people can do immediately if they have a full-time job that demands our career is
there a certain thing that you would advise that created the biggest results
for you guys to be able to make the leap yep I would say the biggest thing that
really helped us turn the corner was you talk about it if it’s a group of you or
if it’s in my situation like myself and my wife we’ve okolice it we put it out
into the universe and then I think the next step would be talk talk about it
with friends family strangers and they might give you you know a couple curious
looks but if you believe it you can achieve it to sound as corny as that may
be but it’s the truth if you honestly believe like it’s gonna happen and if
there’s no other way it’s not gonna or that and if there’s no way it’s not
gonna happen then it’s going to happen but I but I think vocalizing it and not
just keeping it stirring around in your brain but you have to put into the
universe and and then your actions and your body will follow I think a lot of
things come together the same way right so like once you start putting it out to
other people in the community your friends family they might say hey I know
this person that knows this person that knows right and then you just start
building this thing up out of nowhere you’re like I found an artist right like
there’s a lot of amazing art around here and products and I’m sure it all came
through word-of-mouth after talking up it’s totally and just to add to that I
think the biggest thing is just you know getting getting opinions you know
finding out where in our situation where they shop you know what they’re missing
in a shopping experience what they like about shopping where they do shop you
know I feel like you can’t stop asking those questions because even if let’s
say you’re switching industries you’re all I mean in a lot of ways you are you
know forming a new identity for yourself you know and if you get others to see it
that way you know you’ll like they can be the
ones that give you courage to do it because in your mind you’re telling
yourself well I told John and I got to ask him and pick his brain about all
these things whether you know what you know about his shopping experience and
where he’d like to shop and why isn’t he shopping in certain stores and so he’s
already expecting that so it’s almost like not only do you not want to let
yourself down but you also don’t want to let the people that are around you down
because you’ve already put it out into the universe and they expected from you
at some point too so at this time I’d like to answer some questions you may have about opening up your own location such as what business licenses you’ll
need to get and what type of investment is required
to make your dream a reality now the first license that you’re gonna need is
to actually get a state business license and registration now at this point it’s
highly encouraged and recommended that you guys consider an LLC or perhaps a
corporation since you’re opening up a physical space that way you can reduce
your personal liability should anything happen but always talk to your legal
counsel to make sure that you guys are getting exactly what you need from there
you also need your city permits for your business operation and finally your
sales tax permit to be able to order wholesale and report your taxable sales
to the government now one big tip I recommend you guys if you’re thinking
about signing a lease to open up a boutique is I highly encourage that you
visit your local permit and Zoning Board before you sign it all right
that way you can get the green light to receive the permits you need before
signing it and making the deposits and a lot of the times they’re not refundable
so it’s not up to the landlord to make sure that it falls within the zone that
you guys intend to use it with so make sure you do your research before signing
anything and finally to open a store like this you’ll be looking around a
$50,000 investment in order to sell merchandise and make it fully
operational now this includes the products and the fixtures that you’re
gonna need in order to create the feeling that you’d like to portray and
depending on the aesthetic of the store you could definitely save some money on
the fixtures as you guys can see here Shaun and Lisa came up with an aesthetic
that didn’t require brand new fixtures this allowed them to go out into the
market and buy fixtures that they could probably get for a couple hundred bucks
versus thousands when opening up a brand new store with brand new fixtures now if
you have any questions about obtaining your business license or any other
startup things that we discussed I’ve actually linked a video in the
description down below when we walk you through obtaining a business license and
I highly encourage that you watch this as soon as this video is done mmm
there’s Parfum in here guys I learned something very important Parfum is an
oil-based substance and you know instead of having people spray the parfum and
like wasting your inventory you essentially just spray it in here once
every 7 days it’s a key tip to actually you know keeping your store and dynamic
flow right but I really anyways what I really
wanted to jump into right now is the thought process that came to actually
creating this store right so like how did they decide on which fixtures or
which products they were gonna bring in and of course there’s gonna be a
perfectly way in a segment to introduce the second founder of the business thank
you thank you for sharing your expertise and your knowledge with us yeah well
thanks for coming out today you guys did an amazing job I was I was joking with
Sean earlier about how this looked like a like this place looked like a
crackhead at the break of dawn you know like before and now it’s like it’s so
amazing so talk to us about how you came up with the aesthetic or the dynamics of
the store and what kind of went into bringing it to life today
well the fixtures we had somebody come in and help us place which i think is
the number one step and then we came in afterwards with all of our products
merchandise did and really we just want people when they come in to fill at home
so when you come in it smells like heaven it does smells really good and
the parfum is a really good touch yes yes and then also we just wanted it to
be able to flow so where women could be shopping but men could be shopping and
they kind of can shop everywhere we tried to pick brands when it comes to
candles and small collection that everyone could use so but I think the
most important thing the first step was setting all the fixtures so what the
fixtures you guys created the base and the aesthetic for the products is that
kind of work so in kind of a layout so basically we chose where everything as
far as the big furniture would go and then we came in afterwards with the
product to say okay this is gonna go here the men’s site is gonna be here the
women’s site is gonna be here here’s we’re gonna put spa product you
guys have a lot of different types of products here from apparel to jewelry
and to eve candles and parfum like how did you guys come up with like actually
sourcing for them how did you guys find these types of brands and what made you
want to purchase them yeah we went to market a lot of different markets did a
lot of shopping and as we are a market we you always have a connection with
somebody and we would meet people and different
vendors we would find products that we just fell in love with but not just the
product we have a relationship with the vendor also and I think that’s really
important as you open a boutique or a business to make sure like you have a
connection with that person because those are the people that gonna also
represent you when you sell out they’re gonna hurry to get you more products
when you have a question about how something is selling and maybe it isn’t
selling if you have a relationship with them they’re gonna be able to say hey
you know what not a big deal we’ll take it back let’s switch it for something
else so it’s really important to find brands that you can connect with the rep
also just don’t you also want to pick your favorites but you want to make sure
you have a relationship with the company – obviously you built a relationship
with the you like the brands that you guys were choosing what can brands do to
stand out to buyers like you guys so if somebody has a retailer a boutique brand
that they want to sell to boutiques or retailers as a buyer what makes those
products stand out or perhaps what makes that email or that first interaction
really come to you versus it just being a spammy type of feel like buy my
product you know like like what makes you guys kind of attached to the people
that do reach out and do take the time to to want to put their products in the
store that’s a great question I would say the story and everyone’s story it
means something and I think if you as the buyer of the boutique so if you were
the person selling the product to us if you have passion and you have vision and
you have a story and you share that with us and we can fill your passion and your
see your vision and fill your excitement we are gonna be excited to represent
your products so that’s how everything was chosen in this room people who had
passion they had a story they believed in what they were doing that I think is
the most important thing so I think a big challenge that every business has is
obviously the foot traffic right and like in terms of people walking into the
store especially when you’re not in a mall area and I mean malls are even
dying right so people aren’t even walking those anymore so what would you
say is like are some of marketing initiatives that you guys have already
put in place because I don’t watching that has been bringing people in and
what do you feel is gonna be some things that people
need to know out there if they’re thinking about doing something like this
well Sean said it earlier but to say yes to everything like anytime somebody asks
you to do something say yes another thing that we’ve really done a
great job is Instagram social media anything that you can do to be
consistent and invite people to your page like when you go to dinner and you
have a waiter that waits on you to be able to say hey we’re business owners
we’re opening a boutique in the arts district you’ve got to follow us on
Instagram Facebook whatever your social media thing is but be consistent with it
another thing that we’ve done is just word of mouth and we’re blessed because
we come from a place that taught us how to do that but really everywhere you go
you have to and you shouldn’t have to you should want to make sure you’re
letting everyone know like what you’re doing why you’re doing it why they
should partake everyone wants to participate but they just need an
invitation and so just making sure you’re inviting everyone to your party
every day to us is a party and so make sure everyone knows you’re having a
party that’s actually a really good piece of advice is like you need to let
people know because there’s billions of people out there right so it’s not like
you’re telling everybody every time you’re sharing that story like there’s
somebody new out there that doesn’t know about it
and to this day coca-cola market stuff right and like you would think they had
the market share like already locked in but there’s a new person being born
every day right and there’s a new person that needs to hear about your boutique
in your store so right about now you may be wondering how to best capture the
sales at your store now people are either gonna bring cars they’re gonna
bring cash or they might want to do something online right now there’s a lot
of options available and even the banks that you do business with will offer you
something but when it comes to opening up a boutique
where you will also hold inventory that people can buy online through your
e-commerce website there is one platform that truly stands out and I want to
discuss it with you guys right now so you guys are using Shopify to organize
your inventory and your sales platform and everything yep on what on
it really takes all the guesswork out of a kind of thing so yeah especially like
when there’s a because there’s a lot of different options right better like you
guys were looking into square until like my speed and all these like sales based
type of things what made you decide on Shopify though like what was the thing
that really sold you guys on it it was really just the ease you know in being
able to control it on yourself from the inventory management management
perspective to getting that imagery on a website before we had a brick-and-mortar
and in allocating some of that product for the brick-and-mortar once we
actually had a space and we’re up and running so just being able to transition
from one to the other and maybe and maybe back to that to the to the
original is going to be seamless so yeah so like the reason I say that it’s
because I always preach Shopify on my channel and like everybody that watches
if you’re a new viewer to this channel you will know that I always praise on
Shopify for the for the for the functionality and the ease of use yes
and I think that if you’re going to start something you got to do it you got
to have that that system that can grow with you I feel like you start at a
certain level when you’re just getting started you increase your package but
you never have to start from scratch exam and I think that’s like the biggest
hurdle that a lot of people have is when they’re switching to new platforms they
have to like migrate all the products or or find a way to integrate the website
to the excel sheet that updates the the warehouse or the fulfillment center with
your product inventory right Shopify has it all in one so that was pretty good
isn’t it this is not a paid plug actually but there is affiliate links
down below so yeah you guys want to get started click on the affiliate link for
Shopify get your setup so you guys can see I really hope you
enjoyed this video I wanted to leave this video off with just letting you
guys know that regardless of where you’re at right now you guys can do this
you could take this on if you really feel like it’s something that you want
to do as you guys saw inside they really took a risk
they left their jobs their full-time careers to start this business it’s not
something that’s easy it’s something that actually takes it’s very hard right
but I think the most important thing that you can take away from this is just
knowing that you can do it and just starting with wherever you’re at you
don’t have to invest hundreds of thousands or even thousands you can
literally start with something as low as a couple hundred bucks to test out your
idea and actually make it a reality so that’s what this channel is all about
guys it’s never been about you know China trying to tell you that it’s super
easy and simple it’s just been about trying to help those that really want to
start something because the world is always out there telling you that it
can’t so we’re just here to tell you that you can so always make sure that
you know that and make sure you hit that subscribe button if you enjoyed this
type of content see you guys on the next video