Is it possible to deal ZERO DAMAGE? – DS3

Is it possible to deal zero damage? Let us begin Lucky for us. We have a head start, the weakest weapon in the game can Deal 1 damage against most things But how can we lower this amount further? Will the game show a 0? Can you deal negative damage. Can it activate poise? Let’s find out So how could we do this? We could spend ages finding the enemies with the highest defense Or we could do this secret trick: if you attack then lock on mid animation you will deal one less damage ??? it always works Thanks for the tip snowman Thank you! But sadly, doing this was the weakest weapon doesn’t work it won’t reduce the one damage below 1 Let’s try some high defense enemies instead It seems you still deal 1 damage even versus the rock oh my Perhaps our old friends will fare better Nope! Still 1 damage. How about your big bruv tho? What? Is this actually working? We have no damage numbers and our attacks are being deflected Is this a consequence of dealing zero damage? Looks like things are about to get weird Here is how it works it has nothing to do with dealing zero damage The deflection is only based on one factor: Stat requirements broken weapons do not bounce They are just weak, but if you fail the stats of your weapon you will always be deflected broken or not This is also true for attacking shields with not enough stats to use them But this deflection rule isn’t always true Let’s call this property natural armor So if you fail stats, and hit anybody with natural bulkyness, you will be deflected It’s not obvious who has this ability These rock monsters don’t. But Yhorm, Vordt and the Black Knights do Makes me feel sorry for the lord of cinder Should have stuck to Black Knight armor, Broski But let’s get back on topic Is this actually dealing zero damage? It could be that damage less than one just doesn’t show up Much like my grandkids [Music of Sadness] Plz visit 🙁 With a bit of hacks, We can see the enemy HP we can see it change in real time, so will bashing the big crab deal no damage, or deal a decimal number less than 1 the answer is: You deal no damage, it is too small to be rounded up to 1. So there we go Actually, when you think about it If you deal zero damage is it even damage. Oh dear… I should not have said that. I think I’ve really broken it now, Mr. Krabs See you next time, my dears.

How to Fix Home Button Not Working on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Hey guys, this is Austin and today I’m here
with a tutorial on how to fix a home button on an iPhone, iPod touch
or iPad. It might be taking too long to do something, randomly
working or just totally dead but with this tutorial you should at least
be able to get your device usable again. The first step is the simplest,
just reboot your device. Since most devices are rarely rebooted sometimes
iOS can get a bit screwy after a while so all you need to do
is hold the power button down until the Slide to Unlock screen shows up.
Just slide it and once the pinwheel goes away hold the power button again
for a second and let your device boot back up. Unlock it and give
the home button a shot. If that didn’t work there are other things
you can try. The next step would be to calibrate the home button.
While it’s rare, sometimes your home button can get out of sync with
iOS and can be slow to respond. To fix, open up a Default app like Weather.
With it still open, hold the power button just like you’re restarting
it. As soon as Slide to Unlock comes up press and hold the home button. Keep
holding it until Slide to Unlock goes away and you see the app close.
Now give your home button a shot and see how responsive it is. If your
home button still isn’t working then the hardware button itself is likely
broken. Don’t give up yet though, there are a couple more things you can do.
The easy way is to enable a software home button. To do this go into Settings,
scroll down to General and then down to Accessibility. These are made
for people with disabilities however if your home button isn’t working you can
enable AssisitiveTouch. A small button will appear which you can push to any corner
of the screen. Give it a tap and you’ll see some options including Home.
Tap that anytime you need to use your home button and you’ve got yourself a working
device again. The difficult option is to replace the home button assembly. Depending
on what tools you have it’s not altogether expensive but it requires you to
take your entire device apart to get at the home button which isn’t easy at all.
If you want to give this a shot iFixit has some excellent tutorials for any device
you have and I’ll have a link in the description. Hopefully you guys found this
helpful. If you enjoyed, definitely be sure to leave this video a thumbs up and if
you’re interested in more tutorials like this be sure to subscribe!

Dead by Daylight – How to deal with Tunneling

In this video, I’ll be discussing some strategies
to help you counter tunneling. First, let’s define what tunneling is, and
what it is not. Tunneling is when a killer focuses solely
on one survivor and refuses to chase any other until that survivor is dead. Even if it’s clearly a bad idea to chase that
survivor, a tunneling killer will ignore common sense and continue fixating on them. Tunneling is not the same as hook camping… slugging… targeting injured survivors… or even being chased for a long time. Killers may use these strategies in conjunction
with tunneling, but by themselves, they should not be considered tunneling. So now that we know what tunneling is, how
do we stop it? While you can’t force the killer to chase
another survivor, you can discourage them from chasing you by using various strategies,
items, and perks. The first strategy is to lose them during
a chase. A killer can’t tunnel a survivor they can’t
find, so equipping perks like Quick and Quiet or Dance with Me can make escaping easier. Flashlights can also help with this. The second strategy is to bring an insta-heal
medkit. If you’re injured and being tunneled, you
can pop an insta-heal medkit, and discourage the killer from wanting to waste even more
time chasing you. The third strategy is to equip the Decisive
Strike perk. If you’re being tunneled and are on the hook, it’s likely the killer will be camping or lingering in the area waiting for someone
to unhook you, so Decisive Strike will ensure you get a fair chance at escaping if the killer immediately downs you after being unhooked. The fourth strategy is to equip an exhaustion
perk. Perks like Sprint Burst, Dead Hard, or Adrenaline
can put some distance between you and the killer to discourage them from wanting to
chase you. The fifth strategy is to use a sabotage build. When used properly, a tunneling killer who
downs a player with a sabotage build won’t be able to hook them. They’ll either have to wait for the hook to
respawn, or go chase someone else. The sixth strategy is to equip the Deliverance
perk. This will allow you to unhook yourself at
a key moment if the killer doesn’t facecamp you, giving you a chance to escape. The seventh strategy (and yes this is a legit
strategy) is to be respectful to the killer. Doing things like teabagging or flashlight
clicking only increases the odds of the killer tunneling you. You might even wind up on their hitlist and
get camped or tunneled in future games without knowing why. So showing the killer some respect is an easy
way to improve your gaming experience. So those tips are great for when you get tunneled,
but what about when a teammate gets tunneled? In these scenarios, tip number one is to do
generators while the killer tunnels. I know, I know…your urge to be a hero and
save your friend may be hard to resist, but there’s no better time to get generators done
than while the killer is distracted. So focusing on your primary objective is often
the best option. Tip number two is to bodyblock for your tunneled
teammate. This will force the killer to either attack
or go around you, both of which buys your teammate time to get away. Tip number three is to bring an insta-heal
medkit. This works a lot like the insta-heal strategy I mentioned earlier, except instead of using the medkit on yourself, you wait for the killer
to down your tunneled teammate and use it on them instead. This will force the killer to do one of two things: start another chase with them, or start chasing you. Tip number four is to go for flashlight saves. When the killer downs your tunneled teammate,
you can flashlight the killer during their pickup animation to let your friend escape. Tip number five is to equip the Borrowed Time
perk. If the killer has your tunneled teammate on a hook, Borrowed Time will give them an extra hit, and a chance to escape in otherwise inescapable
situations. And the final tip is to get the killer to
tunnel you by being as annoying as possible. Doing things like teabagging, flashlight clicking,
sabotaging hooks, using the Object of Obsession perk, or just wasting the killer’s time, are
all great ways to get on their bad side and draw their attention away from a tunneled
survivor. So thanks for watching! If you found this video helpful, make sure
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I Made a WORKING PAINT PROGRAM in Minecraft!

Way back in the early days of my youtube channel I designed this thing right here I called it the programmable redstone display, and I have to say considering this thing’s about four or five years old It’s still pretty impressive down at the bottom We’ve got ourselves a handful of buttons if we hit one of these buttons you can see that the image on the screen Changes and we get one of the pre-programmed images now There are a handful of problems number one is the fact that these pixels are absolutely massive We’ve got 3×3 pixels, which let’s be honest. That’s just that’s huge and at the time I didn’t think they could get much smaller, but also the pre-programmed images are all we can show on the screen There’s not too much room for customization. You kind of get what you’re given That’s all about to change today after a lot, and I mean a lot of very hard work I have managed to build something that I previously thought was completely impossible I’d have to say I’m extremely excited to show you this so here it is I like to call it the pixel painter machine And that’s because each one of those buttons you see on the floor there corresponds to each one of those redstone lamps so if you press one of those buttons It will light up the specific redstone lamp that relates from that button if you press that button again Then it will turn off that redstone lamp meaning that you essentially can draw pictures in redstone lamps in Minecraft So let me give you a quick example And the industry standard for showing off drawing machines is to make use of the smiley face So I’m going to do a little bit like this. I’m gonna give him big 3×3 eyes and then I will switch on these ones as well so that’ll be that 3×3 area over there and Then I’m going to give him a big cheesy grin so I would say Something a little bit like this, so I’m gradually making my way down that should do all of those redstone labs, and I actually can’t remember how high up I went on the side I Can’t remember all right. Let’s see if we press all of these I’m assuming that’s good Let’s see have I gone a little bit too high on the redstone lamps on the left-hand side Yes, yes I have alright so we have gone one two three four so if we just press those two buttons Then eventually those redstone lamps will be switched off and you know what I’m actually not liking the big square eyes So I’m thinking we get rid of the outside. Yeah, the out size don’t know particularly good Let’s go one two three and let’s go one two three on this side as well And that should get rid of those, and we should end up with a fairly cool looking smiley face Now it does take a little bit of time because as you can see this thing is pretty massive But you know what I’d say the performance is relatively impressive considering its size all right, so that’s the smiley face done What if I want to change it up do a completely new drawing do I have to go back through? Pressing all of the buttons to delete all the things that I don’t want because that won’t be particularly efficient Thankfully I’ve already thought of this And I’ve added in a reset button all you have to do is hit this button right here, and we’ll see eventually That this thing will kick into action And we’ll get a nice wipe going from this corner here all the way up to the top And it should give us a completely clean slate to work with so now we can create some new images for example this one writing and also a smiley face or for example this one my best attempt at are creating your favorite kitchen utensil a Spoon and of course it is still tricky We’ve only got a 10 by 10 pixel area to work with it’s not exactly 4k or this one now I can’t quite make out what that one says Sub me? Subscribe to me maybe subscribe to my youtube channel I don’t know I mean this one wasn’t done by me I mean off as if as if I would be guilty of that sort of shameless self-promotion I mean, let’s just be totally honest That would be completely out of character anyway Subscribing to my youtube channel liking this video leaving a comment down the comment section and follow me on Twitter aside I really quite like this thing and now I’m going to try my best to explain to you how on earth it all functions I’m a tiny bit nervous for this one because I’m never particularly good at explaining my redstone contraptions and this one is Considerably more complicated than most and if you don’t want to listen to me ramble on about how the redstone works But you just want to play with it yourself There’s a world download in the description knock yourself out now it all started with this game mechanic right here When we turn on a redstone lamp it turns on instantly, but when we turn it off a tiny bit of delay It’s really tricky to see but you can see that We actually have one tick of delay between me flicking off the lever and the redstone lamp turning off, which means That I can do things like that Can you see I’ve managed to turn off and on that lever without it actually being visible in the redstone lamp and that got me thinking I Wonder if I can create super fast redstone clocks that will keep a redstone lamp on Which of course I could now this design is very loud But it’s also very handy to have because it’s only two blocks high And it’s only one block wide and most importantly it can be stacked next to one another and it can be toggled as well which Is very important for this design, so here we have for all of the redstone clocks lined up Here is the output and the output of that runs into really [a] big long observer strings Which are essentially transmitting the signals from that Redstone clock all the way around here into this area along like this And then they travel down like this up like this along here, and then into our display. Why the long trip? Well, it’s because we had to essentially flip the redstone signal time for another example now We’ve got ourselves a scale model of the display now the thing that made it tricky is that I wanted this lever here to correspond to that pixel and this lever here to Correspond to that pixel now if we take her over to the slightly larger one the reason that I wanted this is Because if this button corresponding to that pixel and this button corresponding to that top pixel if we drawn out our smiley face here it Would have come out upside-down on the screen, and that’s no good, but despite it being no good It would have been really easy to build because if you want to connect up this front lever here up to this bottom pixel all We have to do is do that and then to connect off the back one to the top pixel We just have to do something like this. No crossovers there Bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a working display However if we want to do it the correct way Then we run into a bit of a challenge because we have to run the redstone signal out like this and into this top one And then we have to run this back lever out like this We have to do some form of crossover in the center and connect that one into that one It’s a massive headache But I managed to solve it and that is using this observer setup right here Now what this will do is will flip over all of the redstone signal so for example if we hit this button In this corner that will send an input through into this observer And you can see the observer is the one that’s being powered for than the output after this processing is happened will be over on this side so the actual redstone output is flipped because Whereas it started on the right-hand side it is now on the left-hand side obviously, We’ve gone round a corner here, so now we have the output on the left Which means that we flipped over our redstone signals and now it’s the correct way up, and we aren’t mirroring the image Brilliant off so that’s what happened. It’s just a simple case of transporting that observer signal through all of these observers and Making its way over onto the screen then six or seven hours of debugging and trying to work out what on earth has gone wrong Later you’ve got yourself a pixel painting display that actually functions Oh, but before I forget. There’s one other feature of this thing that I personally really quite liked in fact It’s probably one of my personal favorites, and that is the clearing feature and to be honest with you it’s Super super simple all it does is it retract all of these redstone blocks so all of these pistons Extend and retract so any blocks that are sticking out will be retracted and then it spits out all of the redstone blocks which will Power all of our redstone clocks mean that we aren’t going to get any redstone lamps lit up on the screen Really really simple but looks cool, so we go I think that just about covers everything if you’re still a little bit confused and of course I’ll try my best to answer down in the comment section and of course there will be a world download down the description if you Do want to see all of the Redstone for yourself, and if you want to draw your own things; Please do submit your drawings to me on Twitter because I’d love to see all of the creations that you come up with but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did Be sure to hit that like button And if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching guys, This has been Mumbo And I’m out I’ll cya later

Deals CRM

In this video we’ll cover the Deals CRM. This feature allows you to automate your entire sales process. What’s nice
about it is the visual layout makes it easy to use so you can understand what’s
going on with your prospects. To access the Deals CRM feature inside of ActiveCampaign select “Deals” from the top navigation. When you do you’ll be
presented with the next screen which is called our Pipeline View. Our Deals
feature consists of Pipelines and Stages. Stages exist within Pipelines and
Pipelines handle the entire overarching process in your business. From the top
starting to the left you can see, using the drop-down, we can select any pipeline
that we currently have existing or we can add a pipeline. We can use the gear
button to the right to provide options to update our existing pipelines, copy
the pipeline, or delete it. You can add a stage to the pipeline as well as a new
deal. Below it is our filter bar. You can filter all deals within this pipeline by
user by status by tags and advanced features give us the ability to get more
granular with our filtering and how we want to search for deals existing on our
pipelines below you’ll see the stages that are created by default whenever you
create a new pipeline. The stages are as such: “To Contact”, “In Contact”, and “Follow-up”.
To change or edit any of these stages simply select the gear and select “Edit
Stage”. This will allow you to change the name, the header color, the width, the Deal
sorting – how your Deals are sorted – and how your Deal cards appear on this stage.
Let’s go over how to add a new pipeline. Adding a new pipeline: select the drop
down, and hit the button add pipeline. Choose the name of your pipeline, as well
as the default currency you would like all deals to display in. Next we’ll
decide how we want to automatically assign our deals. The options are: “Round
Robin”, “Distributed based on value”, and “Automatic assignment”. The users are
displayed here and every user added to your account will be displayed as
available to be assigned using Round Robin, or distributed by value. You can select
one user or many to be eligible for this way of auto assigning a deal. To clear
all you can simply select all users. When disabling automatic assignment you are
now required to set the user based on the deal
or at the time the deal is created. Last option are “permissions”. Permissions go
by user groups. These are the same user groups you created in the setting in our
earlier videos. If I select “Admin”, this allows every user
that is added to the admin user group availability to view this pipeline. As with
Auto assigning users to deals, I can select multiple user groups. If I want to
select all groups I can simply select all and all user groups added to my
account will have full access to this pipeline. Let’s hit save, and we’ve
successfully created our first pipeline. next let’s create a new deal for this
pipeline new deals are created by selecting the “New Deal” green button to
the upper right. When you select this button you’ll be
prompted with a pop-up to configure your deal. We can give it a title, a value – it’s
important to note that all deals must have a value even if the value is 0.
We can determine which pipeline we would like the deal to be generated in as well
as the stage and the user. Entering the contact information here is the
information of your lead. I use my email address for instance but your’s will be
the email address of the contact that has opted in or you’re adding their
information to your database. We can fill in the name – the name will autocomplete
if this user is already in your database or this contact is already in your
database. We can select the organization and add the phone number. Let’s add this
deal. Once the deal is added you’ll see that it displays exactly how we
configured it to display in the stage. If I move this stage if i configure this
stage – and go to edit – and i want this to display differently, let’s say I will
hide the graphic and hit save, when I move this deal to that stage the graphic
is no longer visible. When I move it back the graphic shows. This just shows you
the flexibility on how you can configure deals per stage. Next let’s add a task to
this deal as you can see the deal displays on the contact record. By using
the tabs in the top you can access the deal itself or you can access the
personal information of the contact in which this deal is attached to. To add a
task you simply want to select the black bar at the bottom and select “Add Task”
tab. We can then add a new task, select what type of task this is, as well as the
date in which we want this task to be completed, and how long. Selecting the add
button will now add this task to this deal. Other options you’ll see displayed
on the deal view is which pipeline this deal is in as well as the stage, the
status – whether it’s open, won, lost, and the option to delete it. You’ll also be
presented with the deal information down here as well as any notes attached to
the deal or emails relative to the deal. To add notes to your deal select the
black bar on the bottom and type in your note. Select what this note is relative
to – since contacts can have multiple deals it’s important to note which deal
you will like this note to be attached to and select “Add”. You’ve just added a
note to your deal. Let’s go back to our pipeline view and look at our new deal.
In the pipeline view you’ll see that the task has now been added to the deal and
displays as “Due in two days”. As you continue to add more deals to your
pipeline it’s important to be able to keep track of all of your tasks and when
they’re due. You can do so easily in ActiveCampaign by accessing the “Task
View” for your pipelines. This is located at the upper right next to the search
pipeline option using the horizontal bars button. This is your Task View. You
can see all overdue tasks, tasks that are not assigned, upcoming tasks, as well as
tasks that are scheduled. To the right you can collapse each task view or
expand and using the plus button we can add a new deal. You can filter by owner,
status, tags, and the same advanced settings that we have with our stages view of our deals. Lastly, you can group by next action.
Let’s go back to our Stages View. You have successfully configured a pipeline,
created a deal, and are ready to go with ActiveCampaign Deals CRM. Good job! This
is just the beginning of automating your sales process and so much more. If you
get stuck, remember, we’re here to help!


hey guys it is Cara and if you’re
watching this video right now chances are that you have just gotten back a pretty
bad test grade based on the titles video or if not chances are that you’ve
probably experienced a bad grade in your lifetime and you will know it feels
pretty sucky I’m making this video today because whenever I get a bad grade back
I feel like I need someone to just shake me and say it’s ok you’re gonna be fine
hopefully if any of you guys have been going through this it can help you guys
in some way and just know that you’re not alone in this that there are so many
people who are feeling the same way and you’re gonna be ok I first tip is to
remember that you are not your test grade you are not defined by some letter
or number on a piece of paper in our society is very easy for us to be
brainwashed into thinking that tests are the end all that they determine our
intelligence and our aptitude and our ability to follow our dreams but that’s
not true the lips are you do really badly in class that is similar to the
career that you want to go into don’t think that because you did badly on one
test or in that class that it means you can’t ever go into that career because
trust me when I say that colleges and jobs and what not yes it might be a slight importance but
there’s more out there they’re going to look for how passionate you are
extracurricular is that you’ve been involved in what you bring to the table
beyond just being able to be a good test taker and it can be hard to remember
that because in school it feels like tests are everything but they’re not
also know that your test group is not a reflection of your intelligence some
people are just really good at taking tests and some people are in tests
really only look at certain ways of thinking I always think back to this
picture of all these animals lined up like a fish and an elephant and a tiger
and then there’s a monkey at the end and the teacher says alright you get a few
climb the tree the point of that picture being pat the monkey is going have the
easiest time climbing the tree and that’s not a really good way to test
their intelligence because if it was in a pawn the fish when Excel if it was in
a rainforest you know trudging through things health and mana done better you
know there’s just there’s different forms of intelligence and you need to
remember that some people have some types of intelligence and others have
others don’t let yourself believe that you’re a stupid person because you did
badly on tests I feel like a stupid person is the type of person who does
badly and has given up and that’s it and then just say alright well never gonna
try again that’s a stupid person but if you’re the type of person who when they
get knocked down gets back up and says I refused to lay down and let this failure
become Who I am then you’re a smart person another thing to remember is so
much more than grades when you look at this and thirty years to look back and
think oh man that geometry quiz got a 50 on that God is probably not I
really doubt it unless you’re just a super nit picky person but I doubt
you’ll even remember you took geometry in the first place life is so much more than grades and
tests and essays you know there’s people like relationships that you have the way
that you experience the world can feel like the end of the world when you go
out great it can feel like everything’s coming down every dream aspiration
you’ve had for yourself the whole identity is just falling down but don’t
let it you’re better than that you’re stronger than that and you’re going to
be okay you really really are you’re going to be OK hopefully this video can
be helpful for you guys and if you have any questions or you have any advice for
people going through this stuff leave it in the comments below but other than that they were so much
for watching if you like this video please give him big time and remember to
subscribe to my channel for more videos every single week by social media links
are in the downpour below but other than that thank you guys for watching and
I’ll see you next week by

Suzy Welch: Four Ways To Say ‘No’ At Work | CNBC Make It.

yeah yes person at work is generally a good thing your boss asks can you jump on this project you say yes you stay late for this assignment you say yes this back and forth happens all the time and generally yes helps you get a very good rep but sometimes you just have to say no the work is too much you don’t believe in the project or well occasionally you happen to have a life outside the office don’t panic there are actually four good strategies to say no but still be thought of as a yes player first repair list of no lines here are a couple you could use thanks for thinking of me but I’m over schedule to a fault right now or thanks for thinking of me but I can assure you there is someone far more appropriate than me for that job those two are no goal lines that are friendly respectful and pretty bulletproof next if your workplace is the kind that demands an explanation keep your no simple diplomatic and candid simple no I’m afraid I have a family obligation that I just can’t get out of diplomatic as you probably heard I wasn’t one of the biggest fans of that project I’m definitely rooting for its success but I’m not the right person for this assignment and remember to always be truthful wise always catch up with us third if a flat nose seems impossible negotiate start with I’d like to say no and then offer a solution that would make a yes acceptable to you and then finally this is super important after you’ve said no thank the person quickly and firmly for not asking you again this tactic is unbelievably effective it shuts down the conversation and takes away the ability for follow-ups the truth is it’s very hard to say no but know these strategies and save your yeses for asks that really count you [Music]

The Dutch culture (shock)… How to deal with the Dutch?

I think what summarises for me the cultural
shock is… how spontaneous Dutch people aren’t. I actually myself became a bit like Dutch. I am also very direct. But I know in Poland for example… especially towards people who you do not know… you shouldn’t sometimes say some things. In The Netherlands, there is no limitation! For me it was like coming home. When I got to this country
and I found out how direct people were, I was like: wow, these are my people! They tell you what they think. English are notorious for not saying what
they mean. I am not the kind of person who can catch
the meaning underneath the words. So it’s really good for me personally. When talking to my parents over the phone sometimes I explain things in a very direct and most short way
most efficiently as possible. They ask me:
“Are you mad or something?” “Are you tired?” Because it’s just not normal for them. And I understand that. I noticed an ad at a train stop for clothes
that the slogan was: “Fit in to stand out!” And that just caught me as something
that I would never see in the US. That would just never happen. The US has so much more of a focus on
you doing everything yourself than the Dutch culture. It seems like they feel more responsible
as members of society. Here, people are just more easy going in a way. It’s just easier to approach. Did you experience culture shock when you
came here? I don’t think people experience that. Of course we had some culture shock! They don’t like to share a lot. No, it’s 1 bitterbal 1 glass of juice. They are fun people to have drinks with, I think. They will end up all drunk
and then singing André Hazes songs… … till 4 in the morning. Also, in Brazil we don’t have a time to finish. So you don’t plan anything after…
because you’re not going to say to your guests, you know… “het is op!” They plan everything. And they are very well organised. They put everything in their agendas. So… let’s go out for a drink…
and they get the agenda and they say… which day? It all boils down to the level of respect
that people have for each other’s time. You need to be very observant… and not expect to just push your values on them. If you listen, and you observe, and you watch… you will be able to integrate and be able to work that much quicker with Dutch people. But I think that’s any society. If you don’t learn the language, you miss
out on so much. You never really are going to fully understand
the people that are living next to you. So, they are like always trying to speak English
with me… but it’s like, they start speaking in English
with me and then 5 minutes later they speak in Dutch
again. When there are those rare occasions
where it’s just Dutch that people are speaking then it can be quite awkward. And it reminds me that I’m not really well
integrated… and that I would like to be more integrated.

Power locks not working? Noisy Electric Lock – Fixed! (2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee)

if every time you lock or unlock your
car you hear this annoying sound like this Then you probably need a lock
actuator. And our guinea pig is going to be a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. For this
job we’re gonna need: Phillips screwdriver T20 Torx, T30 Torx and I
recommend a prying fork. Lock actuator is incorporated with the door latch right
here so all we need to do is just take those three out, but of course to get to
it we have to take the whole panel off there are three screws holding down this
panel the first one is right here it’s a Phillips, the second one is right in
there and that one is a t20 Torx and the third one is right here behind this cap
can use a small screwdriver to take that out and I believe that one is a Phillips too.
We’ll start with this one yep that’s a Philips now – Torx t20 and another Philips. There are plastic
clips all around the panel that need to be popped out so I’m gonna grab my fork
and slide it right here in the corner looks like this panel isn’t attached very
well and I’m gonna pop the very first clip Now once the first clip is popped
you can pry on the panel a little bit to see where the next one is and you can find one right there So pop the next one and we can go all the way around looking
for more clips once we pop all of the clips – the panel
will come off pick up the panel a little bit, like that.
And then it comes off Once the panel is off – we need to disconnect two connectors: one right there And one right there and these two rods which is pretty
self-explanatory – I am NOT left-handed and this last one will have a tab on the
other side so just wiggle that out and there we go! The panel is off. Now we just
need to remove this piece right here. Loosen all three first, and then we can take them out One… Two… Three this locking mechanism has a rod going
to it – another rod we need to disconnect and now we can take the whole assembly
out One connector Disconnect the connector and we’re ready to go. And there’s our piece so I just got a new actuator right here and the first thing
we’re gonna do is I’m gonna plug it in and make sure that it works get the connector and plug it in! Now with the key OFF, check it both ways seems like it’s working. Perfect! now
let’s just put it back in And the first thing I’m going to do is – I’m going to install the actuator. Make sure you bring this piece up otherwise it can be a pain trying to bring it up
once the rod is in there so… grab my three screws Tighten those UP! Okay. Now next thing I’m gonna do is put
the rod back in like that Now let’s plug the connector.. okay..
And we’re ready to put
the panel back on. Once you’re ready to install the panel look for Clips like
this one that somehow managed to stay in here and pop it out of there Like that one and install all of them
back in the panel Most of mine actually stayed in, this is the one I just popped out. So just slides like that and it’s ready to go on. Don’t forget to put your
plastic cover on. I’m going to connect these 2 rods Connect this connector that connector and then just clip these guys in and it’ll be ready to go Put this connector back in until it
clicks. Okay – one. And – two Now I can bring the panel closer just click this thing in line up the clips (like that) and just snap the whole thing now clips snap in by simply tapping on them like that So long as they’re lined up, they should go right in let’s put our screws in.
That was a Phillips here phillips right there put the cover back in and the last one goes right in there goes right in there. Okay. And that should be it! push the lock. And it works! Perfect!
job is done

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