Freelance Graphic Designer DAY IN THE LIFE ✍️Client Work, Procreate, Illustration

good morning so the first thing that I
do in the morning is make sure that I have filled up my water bottle I try to
drink three of these a day and then I get straight on to my emails I try to
get this done because I hate doing emails so much once I’ve done that I’ll
get ready I’ll put a little bit of makeup on it just makes me feel a little bit more
prepared and then today I needed to take a couple of photos for a thumbnail so I
did that and then edited it into a studio vlog thumbnail and let me know if
you watch the studio vlog actually alright I am now dressed and ready for
the day I’m not gonna lie some days I don’t get actually ready ready I’ll sit
in my joggers and like that cozy hoodie and stay like that but today I am
actually going out I’m gonna take my grandma we’re gonna go for food shopping
and for some lunch which I think is quite good actually it breaks up my day
a little bit and I can take my lunch break at the same time so yeah I’m all
dressed I’m gonna get in the car and whilst i’m out i’m also gonna take some
things to the post office because I’ve had some orders and they need to be sent
so yeah I’ll take you out with us many hours have passed as you saw I was
shopping with grandma and then we decided or I asked it whether she wanted to
go for lunch so we went for lunch and then we decided to go to look at some
show homes on an estate like a new estate thing most definitely can’t
afford them but I get a girl can dream maybe in like five years time so we went
and look looked at them and I just got home I’ve been out of the office for
three hours which I wasn’t planning I was hoping for like an hour and a half
max so I’ll just have to make that time up later tonight which is fine so don’t
have any like evening plans and I think that’s the beauty of working freelance
because I can kind of drop everything and go and do things when other people
are free which is nice I just have to be quite strict with myself on making
sure I can catch up with myself for the rest of the day I’ve already
ticked off two things on my little to do list actually let me show you this so
this is my weekly planner I sold these on my
online store and I’m currently in the process of creating some new weekly
planners so keep an eye out on my Instagram for those if you’re into
organization station with kind of things I will leave the link in the description
and on-screen but yeah I’ve ticked off let me show you this actually so today’s Monday I’ve ticked off two
things on there so far three actually I’ve ordered my new cello
bags too I’m gonna go back and sort out my video so I’ve got a video going up
tonight and then I’ve also got a video that I’ve pre-filmed ready for next week
so I need to do the annotations for that so the subtitles and the tags and
then I’ve got actual graphic design work so I’m gonna do some drawings on my iPad
before I start doing the subtitles I thought I’d quickly show you what I do
when I’m replying to like Commission emails a portion of my work involves me
creating logos for people creating little drawings for people stuff that
involves like one single client they pay me a fee and I give them a drawing or
whatever my services so I replied to a couple of emails this morning about
Commission’s I thought I would kind of go into that a little bit more so if
you’re wondering how I go about it you can kind of get an idea so let me just
record my screen if you’re wondering by the way I use an app called screen
recorder I think screen replay yeah it’s called screen replay on my Mac I get
asked quite a lot how I record my screen and it’s just that I got it off the App
Store I have an Apple Macbook and I use an app called screen replay it was free at
the time I’ve had it for years so I’m not sure if it’s still free but I really
like it so I mean it’d be wonderful if the internet would like to work yesterday let
me tell you the internet was driving me insane the one day I had like three
videos to upload the internet just wasn’t playing ball at all considering
the Internet is my job it’s pretty pretty frustrating alright for some
reason Gmail isn’t loading my emails properly but I’ll just show you my
little template thing so here in my Notes app so this is just the app that
comes with apple devices I guess I have this note here that
I wrote ages ago and in it are some kind of blanket style emails I guess so
I don’t send blank emails per se I hate blanket emails but this is like the basic
thing I will reply with when someone asks me for a commission so I don’t know
if you can see but I have one for Commission so if you want to pause it
and like use this for yourself go ahead just adapt it to suit you and it says
like thank you for getting in touch for a portrait like the one I have attached
because I always attach something because generally people email me like
hi can you do a drawing of me and my boyfriend and they don’t specify what
kind of drawing so I want to make sure they’re clear on the style and kind of
what it is they’re going to get and what I’m charging for and just so everyone is
clear you know so yeah it says I charge this much and then I always change that
to suit and this includes the full resolution digital copy so you can print
it as you wish three opportunities to make changes to the drawing and also an
A4 physical print I ask for the full payment amount beforehand via
PayPal or bank transfer let me know if you’re interested and basically that is
the same principle for all the way through so when I did a bunch of
different kind of cartoon style portraits I made one for just cartoons I
rarely use this one anymore I could probably get rid of it and then I have
one so like YouTube banners because I went through a phase of doing them a lot
and then the one I use the most at the moment is the logo one so I have like
thanks for your email the final price depends but it starts from and then I’ll
put a fee here tell them how they receive it and then I also have this
Google Forms link which I can go through in another video if you’d like me to so
just let me know in the comments if you would but basically this form this takes
you to a little survey online for the thing I’ve created asking you a bunch of
different questions what you want your logo for where it’s going to be used any
inspiration photos you’ve found all that that’s in that form and then if someone
fills it out it emails me and I have it all in one place rather than doing like
loads of back-and-forth email so yeah I find it really really helpful
to have these notes here because I pretty much need to say the same thing
every time so I’ll copy and paste it into my email account like into the
reply and edit the name if there’s anything specific they’ve asked for I’ll add
that into my reply and I’ll send that and then either people will completely
ignore that because they don’t like the price or they’ll reply and be like yeah
that’s amazing let’s go for it I never really get a no and you forget ignore or
let’s go for it so yeah that is how I go about that so I am now quickly gonna try
quickly anyway I’m going to quickly do the subtitles for my latest studio vlog
and so I try and make sure I’ve got subtitles on like 99% of my videos
because I want them to be accessible to a wider audience and it does take extra
time sometimes it takes a lot of extra time but I think it I don’t know I just
really value having subtitles and I got into the swing of things
and I don’t want to not do it anymore so I’m doing that maybe one day I’ll end up
having to like hire someone to do it but for now I quite enjoy it and I like
having control I’m very much a control freak so I go into my creator studio app
and on the app dashboard whatever it is and I’m gonna do the annotations and
luckily YouTube generates some annotations itself and they are usually
like 80% accurate so I just need to like scroll through and change the words that
it hasn’t picked up right so that’s what on the agenda right now and I might
listen to a podcast maybe watch a video actually what’s your favorite design
youtuber like graphic design Etsy person who else did you watch online because I
need some new people to watch can you hear how loud my laptop is yeah
it’s very loud it’s currently exporting a video because that video I was just
captioning has a clip in there that I was supposed to edit out and I didn’t so
I was just trying to save it again like re-export and re-upload it because it’s
due up soon and my memory on my laptop is full this happens a lot I have to
empty my laptop’s memory so often I have a really big hard drive in my drawers
down here I did like a full little office tour video I did it recently so if you
want to go and watch that you’ll be able to see where I store everything but yeah
I have the big hard drive for like a big clear out but then I also have these
little tiny ones so I now have two I think they’re like 50 pounds like
they’re not much at all and it’s one terabyte my new one could be 2 terabytes
I can’t really remember but this one’s just a one and it’s just usb
doesn’t require any power so I can take this around with me so what I’m gonna do
before I can do anything else I can’t even do any design work really because
it’s that full I need to move some of my videos off my laptop and onto this I
think storage is a very important part of my job because obviously I have like
6 years worth of videos and I save all of them and then I have design work from
previous clients I don’t need to keep at hand immediately on my laptop but if a
client wants something changing or wants another backup of it or whatever I need
to have that on hand too so all my old client work is on these my own uni work
all that kind of stuff so definitely definitely recommend these I’ve never
had a problem with them Touch wood that’s not wood is this wood so I’ll link it in
the description for you if you want to get one I got it from like Curry’s I
think but I’m pretty sure like Amazon or whatever I’ll sell them I’ll have a look
around and they’ll be linked in the description
for you whilst I’m waiting waiting for my video to export I think I’m gonna do
a little icon drawings so I’ll put a couple of them on screen these are some of
the drawings I’ve been doing I offered them a special offer price just before
Christmas and I’m trying to get through them so I’m gonna do a couple of those I
think I’ve got four or five left and I had twelve and it takes me a long time
to do each one so it’s been a bit of a mission I kind of I think I took on too
many but I enjoy it so I’m just going with it so I’m gonna do them I’ll give
you a quick little time-lapse talk through those once I got it done
recently I actually uploaded a video completely talking you through how I
create these icon portraits so I’ll leave that linked in the clickable I
button but in short I outline all the important features of the face and the
hair then as you can see I’m colouring it in so I pick up a shade of skin tone do
the eyes fill in everything and for this I’m using procreate as always I used the
smudge tool I use the pen tool I use a whole different range of tools but like
I said if you want a more detailed version and head over to that video but
I really like how these turned out I think they’re quite cute and simple and add a
little bit of personality to people’s profiles alright
I’ve been sat drawing it is now half past seven in the evening I think I’ve
made up for the loss of time working earlier but I’m not finished yet I want
to finish my to-do list I’m determined I’ve got one more icon portrait I’m
gonna do today and then I’ve got a couple of little doodles and kind of
drawings I want to do so I don’t know if you’ve noticed but if you go over on my
Instagram I’ve been posting some little quotes like in between my regular photos
have been doing quotes so I want to do a couple more of those because I’ve run
out now I’ve done like a big bunch of them and I’ve run out so I’m gonna do
some more of those but I’m gonna go and go and do that downstairs so I will
leave you with a time-lapse I hope you enjoyed this video and thanks for
following me along for the day I’ll leave all my online social
on screen in the description if you want to follow me elsewhere subscribe if
you’ve enjoyed this video I’m trying my hardest to get to 100,000 this year and
but yeah here is one more final drawing time-lapse
who doesn’t love a drawing time-lapse

Promoting Your Work

(coins dropping) – [Narrator] Music on Spotify, check. Artist page, looking great. Now it’s time to kick back, relax, and– (record scratch – You can’t just put the music out there and expect for something
magical just to happen. You gotta fight for attention. – [Narrator] This is Troy. He runs Creator Services. – This is one of the
first times in history where artists can have a direct
relationship with audiences. – [Narrator] Social media can
be a direct line to your fans, but you gotta know how to use it. Singer/songwriter TRACE, – Hey guys. – [Narrator] Has her
social media game on point. – Fun fact: I landed my first tour by creeping (laughs) on social media. It sounds worse than it is. I think it’s a public
intimacy that I’ve decided to kind of lean into,
and you kinda have to. I plan Instagram by first
looking at my calendar. So if there’s any cool
studio sessions, film dates, interviews, or creative meetings, I kind of think what visual
would look cool with that that I could share with someone. – [Narrator] And of course, there’s always your personal network. For more on that now, introducing– – Introducing the boss, Ricky Ross. – [Narrator] Hey, that was my line! – Nah, I had to make sure I let you know. How you promote your work is
you always start with your team and whatever’s closest around you. I could release an album, at 3 a.m. in the morning
I’ll be looking to see if some of my friends posted it on IG. Oh, he ain’t posted. Write him on that list. – [Narrator] And that’s keeping it 100. Okay, let’s talk to Mike Posner. – Are my feet in shot? – [Narrator] Nope, they’re not. – What about now? – [Narrator] Okay, now they are. So tell us how you use your network? – When I put out a project, I just go full-court press all in. Texting and iMessaging all
my friends about the record and asking them to share,
asking them to post about it. – [Narrator] Sounds like a good use of call to actions or CTAs. For more on that, here’s Drew and Bryan from Creator Services. – Up until recently,
Bryan had a crazy cliff. – Coiff.
– He shaved– – Coiff or cliff? – Cliff.
– Coiff. – Cliff?
– Coiff. – Is it called a Coiff? – A cliff is something you fall off. – [Narrator] Okay, so what’s
the best way to use CTAs? – It’s important for you
to think about social media as an avenue to drive a
regular traffic of people into your artist page. – You need to direct fans what to do. It’s like if you were selling
a record, a tape, a CD many years ago, you would
tell them where to buy it. Same with Spotify. You
tell fans, potential fans, where they need to go
to listen to your music. – [Narrator] Hey, Ariana and the Rose. – What’s up? – [Narrator] How do you
use CTAs to get followers? – I want fans to follow me, so
I try to give them incentives and a call to action
so that they feel like when they follow me, they’ll
be getting things back from me, whether that’s music or merch or anything. We use the platform as a way to give back to fans for following. – [Narrator] Using a follow
CTA is a great thing to do before you release music, too. Because once your fans hit follow, they’ll always be in the
know once your music drops. And once your release is out, tell your fans to add
it to their playlists. Once you’re in their playlist, they’re more likely to
listen to it over and over, which makes it more
likely to get picked up by our editors and algorithms
for even bigger playlists. And don’t forget about Spotify codes: scannable codes that link
fans to your song, album, playlist, or even your artist page. – We’ve seen artists put
them on posters, post cards, flyers that they hand out
at gigs, stickers, confetti. – Necklaces?
(laughing) I don’t know if that works. – I’ve been giving out cards that have the Spotify codes
on them at my live shows so an audience can love a
song, hear it at the show, and then go listen to it
on a playlist on Spotify. – One way to think about your audience is there’s passive listeners
and there’s active listeners. – [Narrator] Here’s Dave. – Hey. – [Narrator] From Artist
and Label Marketing with his take on it. – Everyone is at one point a passive fan. It’s just whether or not you convert that passive fan to an active fan. Once the song is out, like
the moment’s not over. What else are you doing? Are you reminding them? Are you telling them a week later? Are you telling them in a different way? – [Narrator] Makes sense. But how would you say in
that in four words or less? – Be interesting and engaged. – [Narrator] Smooth. Well, good luck spreading the word. And catch ya later.

How Do Indow Windows Safety Chains Work?

window inserts offer many benefits from
insulation, to noise reduction. but if they aren’t safely installed they can
become a hazard. this video will walk you through how to properly install your
Indow inserts using safety chains. I’m Kristina from Indow here to talk about
how to make your world more comfortable, efficient and sustainable. Our custom made window inserts use a six point laser measurement system to fit
perfectly in your windows. because of this they need no mounting hardware to
be installed or stay in your window but because of changing weather conditions
or just the overall size of the insert in some cases we add safety chains as a
backup precaution. we’ll be covering many topics like this in upcoming videos so
subscribe now if you want to learn more about insulating windows, soundproofing
windows, or how Indow inserts work with all sorts of windows. so safety chains attach from the inside of your window insert to your window frame you can
connect and disconnect them here where they attach the window frame
they keep the window insert from falling out of the window in the event of
seasonal expansion and contraction an earthquake or while you are in the
process of removing your insert so, window inserts don’t really just fall
out of the window by themselves the perfect combination of events has to
occur thermal contraction and expansion happens when temperatures change and
wood windows do that too they actually shift and our inserts are designed to
move with the windows but what happens when you have extreme temperature
changes is there’s a pressure of air that gets built up in between the cavity
of your window insert and the original window so when that pressure builds up
the top of the insert will pop out and we call that venting. this is when the
corner of the insert pops out to release the pressure safety chains keep your
inserts secure in the window not all window inserts come with safety
chains if you have an insert over eight square feet that could be a safety
hazard if it fell it automatically comes with safety chains. if you have a smaller
window insert that is a parallelogram and under eight square feet it won’t
come with safety chains unless you request them some customers like getting
them just so they can lean the insert out like this and open their window
without removing the insert another option for keeping your inserts in place in cases of extreme temperature change or earthquakes is to add frame clips
like these. they swivel back and forth so you can still easily remove your insert
when you wish. if your inserts come with safety chains they will arrive with the
chains attached to your insert. you need to install a bracket on the window frame
for it to attach to. your window insert should have a bracket location
with how many inches to measure up from the sill to install the bracket. make
sure to install your bracket on the same frame step and as deep in the frame step
as you will install your Indow insert just behind the tube. you can also lean
the insert out by the safety chains to open your window just don’t leave the
insert like this for a long time or it can warp the compression tubing. thanks for tuning into Installing Safety Chains Remember, we’re window experts. you can ask us anything in the comments or come over to our site our live chat is here to
help if you liked this video make sure to like and subscribe we’ll be making
lots of resources about how you can take care of your Indow inserts or deal with
extreme temperature changes and noise see you next time

7 Ways To Stay Healthy At Work

Hey, guys. Staying on track with
your health and fitness goals at work doesn’t have to be hard. Here are seven tips to help
you get through the day. Walking or biking
to work is ideal but if you have
to commute by car, try parking as far
from the office as possible. Those extra steps
will start your day off right. Set your desk up
for better posture and performance
with these few simple tools, adjustable desks, ball chairs, and laptop stands
are all great options. Sitting all day
can be hard on your body. Try some simple desk stretches
like spinal twist, hip openers, and neck rolls to loosen up. Another way to loosen up is to take short walks
throughout the day. Schedule computer-free meetings by walking around the office or taking a stroll outside if it’s nice out,
you get some real good face time with your co-workers
and get some sunshine. Office snacks like pizza
and candy are hard to resist. Bring your own healthy snacks
to keep you on track when you get those
afternoon cravings. Skip the alcohol and appetizers and try a different
kind of team bonding. Try group fitness or bowling
to get people moving. Thanks so much for watching. Now I have to get back to work.

MADE HUGE PROFITS SELLING AT FLEA MARKET I bought an abandoned storage unit

all right let’s see what we have told ya
something like one of the same spots we are every week Mike depends the certain
ones are reserved came to see this stuff it’s so dark here look lady Jenny we do
have a load whose life we threatening he took the samurai sword from Rob Carlos
and he’s been but I need to know who he throw from there and they need to tell
me because I can’t just go off he stole from him boys if the people that he’s dope from don’t
want to sing it dang he disappeared he’s playing walking
around to another booth if so the assumed out does darker that’s
weird I never realized that okay that might be one reason why we might have to
go to a GoPro because we are thinking of it huh that’s got guns and all sorts of
stuff in it toy guns don’t don’t get it confused
yeah I got a look at these Tony what is that they’re not original but they’re
cool though number 213 who is number 213 Jesus Christ that’s kind of nice what do we have stockings honey Imperial
oil oh yeah how much money is this worth 1
billion dollars you should take that home and put it here they look what year
it is 10 huh $10 each on this you’re one with the leg
issue oh look at them working hard look at this guy on a Monday morning this guy dragging stuff what I have no
idea hard at work these guys are giving them
props tony is really intrigued by this plastic container I like that is there a
hidden compartment in that see-through piece look Tony
Uncle Mike Juanita Tony’s got your back uncle Mike there’s two you just the two
of you you can Cavey if you try just the two of you look at this quality work
these guys – that’s a nice dresser I would have kept that if it was and shown
the top drawer now make him a price this good you knocking over Tony it’s alright
Phil in the morning – would you like to borrow mica knife I don’t my hands of
court I gotta keep them in my pocket that guy just put the good luck hat down that’s good luck when the handshake
think that remember tang yeah so she always said this choice gives me a new
life five dollars five bucks Tony can’t take five ladies and gentlemen look at
mr. fancy man over here on his little thing Oh Oh sir
part of me sir those bugle boys you’re wearing are they really leave ice you’ve
ever did bugle boys commercial yeah part of me sir this bugle boys I like the
skinny jeans but I don’t want I want the flare at the bottom like I want no I
want them skinny at the ankles not like loose this is like 1988 here I’m
stealing my old style I don’t want that anymore
yours a little skinnier at the bottom look at the sunrise ladies and gentlemen just so you know we’re filming Tony
don’t cast look at the hell me okay I found this yesterday it’s got a potty
mouth you give a dime attention on you you don’t have your tester you need to
break this here look at these old Phil those are priceless it’s a real diamond
here here we go this this is for Julian got three of them and
I don’t think any of them are an actual pair is it wrong if I said how hard
ladies and gentlemen one do is a minute here they didn’t that’s it hmm it’s not
very much man I always feel like and therefore like yes it’s always just like
that’s it yeah this is crap yeah I’ll put that in my silver but that my 10 for money money money alright in my one sale today guys yeah
Lester I got two guys out here on the clock and I’m like on Stu shouldn’t be
doing anything that’s good all right thank you soon fish ate that who is this
strange man picking in our garbage pile right here look at you
comment below if you know who that man is ladies and gentlemen what are we
doing guys why aren’t you talking to me what I do
ladies and gentleman Uncle Michael is not talking to me well what are you
doing about the money what are you getting you and play this okay you’re
gonna play Monopoly want to play for pink slips yeah Leslie
what do you got what are this truck right here no but I’m about to win yours
come on I’m not really champion life’s a gamble I’m willing to roll all the roles
that’s fine I just want a boardwalk and Park Place I want I like these two and
these two I like the two cheapest and two most expensive
I want to own the corner around go yep you’re down yeah oh crap got everything
out now this is everything now it’s time to make some money guess what you think
we’re gonna sell today what is it hmm are these your size Oh put away three
bucks look at all that money we got more stuff over here all right I
could use some tags for my truck could you get me some oh they try to steal my
whole truck and trailer all my old hats you know I bought this Michael the last
49ers game if they leave ice or the original candlestick no I paid like
probably too much it was a pic of the stick I can’t not wear my hustle grind
rewind $3 each – all right you know I’m gonna do I’m gonna give
this to Alex yes nope should he clickbait us trying to
clickbait us as a customer he’s got a gun why is every time
George’s in a video there’s a gun those are mine
those were my Nikes right there actually those are not how do you know those are
my shoes I think my favorite shoes I ever had
Uncle Michael just gave me 60 bucks in sales ahead of a garbage it I like to
track what you do I want you to least pay for yourself
oh that’s a good box right there that’s it what set those aside for now I wasn’t
gonna say this you let walk over 40 bucks
you left this beautiful priceless desk over $40 good job look the gang along
much better today guys there’s no lover’s quarrel last time you guys are
having a domestic dispute with us Charlie’s Angels Harry and Lloyd once
you say triple shot on it like you see it
are they multiple sighs what were that’s called the tie ax or ticks and I never
shock me those ones they still me that’s dropped
me I’m not promising anything great but I have a bunch of clothes from the last
units is here here and here I think this don’t come up myth I’m gonna save these
beginning for next Alameda that oh there’s a wreck did they go because of
my link or do they just okay yeah you were in one of my last videos kind of customers I’m barely digging wouldn’t
have a very great load never headlights just good fuckin I’ve
never had life is good you haven’t Oh Norma brings you nothing what is it I’ve been promising here I’ll
give for me yeah you place a leg and then you’ll see your song all right I
appreciate that let’s look at this it plays music nice that’s what we’re trying to right
now is make them walk the plank what is he singing okay the long winded dunk tank I
appreciate that thank you very much find anything good yet yeah what’d you sell all right pillows
or hot cakes today did you did you say you want a picture of my privates that’s
what he said oh it’s a private on the photo my bad that’s all I heard oh you’re gonna charge right he’s gonna try
to use my strategy I see where that’s all right I like me a teacher they don’t
pay enough long-term rent and there’s not enough for there I like the rent
that breaks the bank then they got to get a loan because in my rules you can
get a loan from the bank well everybody has their own real monopoly rule I don’t
think I have the same rule yeah house rules you can go into debt yeah well you
need houses in a hotel I guess the Uncle Michael doing that Yeah right
she’d every way you did take a lot more than 40 where’d your
friend go this gold and silver knew this looks like a dollar what awesome recipes
Uncle Michael shirts I’ll leave you with your gold kill me no no I want you to be
warm anything is saving darling I’ll be right you see my hands are busy my hand
just as they were my pocket Uncle Mike stop trying to get me to do stuff I’m
not here to do stuff there’s two of you what’d you say I got the ship here yep
that’s what Pirates do yeah she needs you to priceless right here are you
pretty sure I go to the $3.00 she’s a price on that Tony about 15 years can say thank you $3 $4
for it you hold this what am I giving you I’m gonna give you 80 and you’re
gonna give her five okay okay you see how that works
yep we’re learning money counting techniques that goes back in the pile
look at amazed you ever want to rob Tony top-right pocket when you’re at the
flame come up hit him in the head if a club front of my pocket leave tray right
here for you one dollar what that right there give me four bucks
they went from offering you 22 offering you 15 that is the worst bargaining
tactic in the world but this one time I’m gonna say go ahead nothing irks me
more when you make me an offer and then you lower your own offer like this Tony
what are you doing over there are we filming no we’re not do steamer steamer
yeah all right all right I’m gonna go take a break
work on a video that’s all we got left we’re gonna see what we guys can come up
with during that timeframe a piece yeah five bucks six eight ten there’s one
give me ten dollars all that then roll it welcome back how much does that one all
right sir I ain’t in-house you know today I have to ask this gentleman here
in the blue shirt says Uncle Mike what are you doing here Uncle Mike look at
peanuts that’s more than I pay you Uncle Michael turn this five into a 20 what
could you do water into wine this two more fives and two ones has changed for
a 13 there you go we was going over all this stuff inside of the boxes yeah
how’s business going out here no you know Tony talked to his employee
I don’t what that means Georgie special but do it Tony
we do the same thing every day try to take over the world
we’re not doing good today nice nice so I just wanna head a little sir
so if I no I’m saying if I give you a the night dollar I would keep the money
then give you a tea or I give you a tea and then you dollar it out and you get
half the money or something how about 77 69 70 why you’re gonna
split a lot of money you’re talking about you’re talking about Tony gomango so today 10 20
oh don’t stare you have no proof get a cuss he has a potty mouth look at
see everybody they hear us discussing this to see how they’re all piling up twenties man he’s looking small last
Monday Tony had his world record high I think Tony today is going with his world
record low talking about my merch blame it on the rain yeah any enemy $2 billion
Jim how many people know that I don’t like to talk it’s bad luck this week he
did this week he didn’t even cover his own wages 1 2 3 4 80 90 108 he made
three more dollars I think than he did last week all right let’s see what we
have total after paying George Antonio one two three four five six that will go
to Uncle Mike alone there’s hate 50s – I don’t hate him with her not my favorite
six one two three four five seven probably gonna have about 7:00 to 7:20
when I pay him for my go I feel what that was probably gonna have around 7:00
to 7:20 after I pay him that’s not bad after spins this is all just junk and
the one thing that sucks is most of that was gold real quick before it skips my
brain a lot of times I show this money at the flea market it’s not like I just
made it I say I made like twelve hundred and seven that’s not like money that
went to my pockets peer property you’re talking expenses it takes me two three
days to move the unit sort it that time of money in hell then you got the
expense to the unit you got the travel cost here like for example this was a
720 profit for me after all that time money and energy and 400 of that sale
today was gold one little tiny handful he made over half of my sales verse that
whole trailer load sometimes it makes me wonder if I should just throw literally
the whole trailer away for 200 bucks at the dumps and save myself the entire day
of time that I spend out here travel etc wear and tear
and possibly here’s the kit the kicker the the really crazy point is I could be
missing an auction right now that has a million-dollar unit cuz I was out here
to make a few hundred dollars

Pay your Australian bills with bitcoin

Hey guys it’s Josh I’m going to show
you how easy it is to pay your bill with bitcoin on the Digital Surge platform so
I’m currently on the website now i’m going to go
over here to where it says paid with BTC and click on it now i’ve got two options
i can either pay using a Bpay biler code or i can pay my credit card so i’m
going pay in a Telstra bill today so i’m going to leave it here on the default
setting i’m gonna go to my Telstra bill and look up the biller code so for
Telstra it’s seven seven nine nine and now I’m gonna answer in my reference
number which is also on the bill and my bill is $24.86 so I’m going to enter that amount you can see here tells me the approximate amount of bitcoin
it’s gonna cost me to pay my bill which is zero point zero two eight eight five
one nine I’m gonna click pay now it’s asking me to sign up and create an
account so I can either sign up using Facebook or I can sign up using my email
address or if you already have an account you can click sign in now I have
an account already and I can use my Facebook to log in so I’m just going to
click sign in with Facebook you can see here it’s now taking me to the portal
and it’s passed through my details that I entered on the main website so now
I’ve got two options I can either pay from my DS wallet I can pay from my
offline wallet so what that means is if you have some bitcoin already sitting in
your Digital Surge wallet you can use that to pay the bill
or you can send some from an external wallet such as your Trezor or from
another platform. I already have some bitcoin on my Digital Surge wallet so
I’m going to click pay from DS wallet now it’s going to ask me and confirm
that the details are correct so I’ve got the amounts which is $24.86 the amount of bitcoin that’s going to cost me and it gives me this guarantee for up to 10 minutes the BPay reference
number and my individual reference number so I’m happy of those details and
I’m going to click confirm and pay and that’s it
payment successful so if we check our email we should get an email saying that
this has been done ok I’ve now just checked my emails to
confirm that I’ve received the BPay confirmation you can see here
BPay payment received hi Joshua this is an email to acknowledge that
we’ve received a BPay payment and confirming the biller code reference and
the amount and saying the biller will receive the payment within 2 business