60 Secs Hairstyles for School, College & Office Girls – High Puff Ponytail, Braid Hairstyle | Anaysa

Hey guys!! this is Neha Today I’ll be sharing some easy & different everyday hairstyles & you’ll create each hairstyle in just 60 seconds so lets get started with today’s video centre partition your hair grab some hair from the side now create a normal braid secure it with a tik tac pin repeat the same on other side as well create a ponytail create a gap like this now pass this ponytail through this gap & now secure both the front braid along with the ponytail & done with our first hairstyle grab some front hair secure it with a rubber band pass that secured hair creating a gap grab some hair from side & tied it with the first one Repeat the same process other side as well create a normal braid create a braid this side too & done with the second hairstyle side partition your hair grab some hair & start creatin a braid like this continue with the braid taking hair sections like this continue the braid till the tip secure this braid at the crown area with tik tac pins flip hair like this to hide that pins done with the third hairstyle centre partition your hair grab some hair & start twist like this fix it with tic tak pin repeat the same this side too now create a high ponytail secure it tightly with a rubber band pull it like this to give it a volume done with fourth hairstyle side partition your hair create a normal braid grab some hair & again create a braid create a braid again create a braid below the first one secure these braids at the back side & done side partition your hair secure front strands like this fix a hair clutcher at the back secure those front sections at the back flip these strands creating a gap like this divide the hair into two equal halves create a normal braid with the first half again create a braid with the other half section & done with our sixth hairstyle grab hair from front slightly push towards front to create a puff like this secure the puff using pins now start creating braid taking hair sections like this continue this braid & secure it with a rubber band & done So have you liked these super easy hairstyles?? If so then get this video to 25,000 LIKES tell me in the comments which hairstyle you’ve liked the most?? don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel ANAYSA So will see you in my next video

How To Make Intermittent Fasting Work Faster (BURN FAT FASTER)

in this video I’m gonna show you how to
make intermittent fasting work faster because who doesn’t want faster results
these are the exact same tips that I give to all my private coaching clients
and they’ve all gotten some amazing results so you know it works alright
let’s see how you do it what’s going on guys
Carlo Macapinlac here from NewbieFitnessAcademy.com I help busy
professionals lose weight so they can feel more confident fit better into
their clothes and get the most out of their lives if you’re new to the channel
make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the bell to get notified every
time I post a new video every week listen in my opinion intermittent fasting is
the best method of weight loss bar none it also boosts your brain it improves
your heart health it increases your metabolism it improves insulin
sensitivity it enhances your energy it builds your immune function it heals
your gut it increases your growth hormones and builds lean muscle without
counting calories or following a complicated meal plan and it’s free
amazing right and I always say that weight loss might be the least
impressive benefit of fasting when you see all the improvements in your
biomarkers it’s basically just icing on the cake but its efficacy when it comes
specifically to weight loss is unparalleled because when you do it your
body specifically targets body fat for energy and if you’re trying to lose
weight that’s exactly what you want listen at any given time okay at any
given time you have about at least a hundred thousand calories worth of
stored energy in the form of body fat waiting to be used even the leanest
people have that amount of energy stored in the form of body fat I mean that’s
what it’s there for it’s not just there for looks you just
have to be able to tap into it now I want to focus specifically on one of the
benefits of fasting that you get in that it improves your insulin sensitivity and
if you’ve been watching my videos you’ll know that insulin is a very very very
important hormone in your body it’s the hormone that controls your body weight
and every time you eat assuming that it’s a blend of fat carbs and protein
your insulin goes up when your insulin goes up you’re in fat storage mode ok so
high insulin blocks fat burning because the opposite of fat storage is fat
burning if your insulin levels are high again you’re in fat storage mode ok
very important concept that you need to wrap your head around here fasting then
when it comes to weight loss is extremely effective because it lowers
your insulin levels down to zero because you’re not eating anything and when your
insulin levels are low that is the only time that you’re able to tap into your
fat stores for energy now if you want to make intermittent fasting work faster
you need to make it as potent as possible
and you do that by keeping your insulin levels low and this honestly is one of
my all-time favorite questions to ask what do you think will happen if you
stop eating what do you think will happen if you take a break from eating
you’re probably most likely gonna lose weight a lot of weight it’s honestly
really just a matter of compliance the problem is fasting doesn’t really move
any product because you’re not eating anything so it’s not really that popular
when it comes to food companies it also gets shunned by people from the school
of bro science you know these people are stuck in their old ways they haven’t
read a book since God knows when but here’s the thing fasting has been around
since the beginning of time I mean back then it wasn’t really by
choice you know back in the Paleolithic times our ancestors when they couldn’t
hunt any animals they were forced to fast and that’s how we evolved to tap
into stored energy in the form of body fat for energy when there was no food
available that’s how your body works and every religion has some sort of fasting
built-in when it comes to their beliefs think about Muslims for example they
fast during Ramadan season from sunrise to sunset now yes everyone is different
not every diet is for everyone I get that you know this video isn’t all about
whether you should go vegan vegetarian carnivore should you go iifym or should
you go low-carb or whatever but I will recommend a specific diet in a little
bit here and you’ll understand why but there are certain physiological effects
that happen in your body every time you eat it tends to be the same no matter
what so there are no special snowflake effects here and I mentioned earlier
that every time you eat your insulin level goes up so the first thing
that we have to address is this idea that you can have a little bit of this
and a little bit of that during your fast like can I have a teaspoon of honey
in my coffee can I add some Splenda to my coffee can I have 50 calories of this
bag can I just have a bite of my granola bar can I drink
zero calorie or diet soda can I have a sip of my smoothie can I have a bite of this
fruit do the calories count if nobody sees me eating and I get asked all those
questions all the time and the simple answer is no you can’t and here’s how I
want you to look at this okay the whole point of fasting is to voluntarily take
a break from eating it’s not about trying to see how you can cheat the
system and see what you can get away with I mean that completely defeats the
purpose all those things that I just mentioned break your fast because when
you eat or drink those things it triggers an insulin response and again
if you trigger an insulin response you’re in fat storage mode and this is
why eating six meals a day is a very very very poor strategy when it comes to
losing weight because you are triggering an insulin response six times during the
day six different times during the day so you’re basically in fat storage mode
all day long you’re blocking your body from accessing your body fat for energy
this by the way is why people who are in massive calorie deficits but they’re
constantly nibbling all day they don’t lose weight but again this is still the
stuff that gets repeated by the people from the school of Bro science right
like we are talking apples and oranges here the physiological response of your
body from eating six small meals spread out during the day is completely
different versus how your body responds eating all the exact same calories but
just in one sitting so I’m talking about six small meals a day versus just eating
once a day six meals a day bro science one meal a day you actually lose weight
and here’s the thing your body isn’t simply just a mathematical equation
where it’s just calories in versus calories out you can’t just simply
reduce your calorie intake and exercise a little bit more and expect to lose
weight and in the back of your mind especially if you’ve been struggling to
lose weight all this time you already know that to be true like not all
calories are created equal the quality of the foods that you eat and the
macronutrient ratio matters greatly in this so I want you to picture this okay
so if you’re eating six meals a day okay you have six different times during the
day where you have a massive insulin spike that’s no good if you’re trying to
lose weight now when you eat in an eight-hour eating window you only get
that insulin spike for eight hours when you do the warrior diet you only have a
four hour eating window okay so we have this much insulin
spike and then when you do OMAD you just have one okay one insulin spike for
the day which means that let’s say you have a
one-hour eating window for the other 23 hours you are basically in fat-burning
mode and if you can manage to do like a 36 or a 48 hour fast you are
supercharging your fat loss because again during that time your body is
burning purely body fat for energy and the point that I’m trying to make here
is that if you want intermittent fasting to work faster you need to fast for as
long as possible for as long as it’s comfortable for you to fast
the longer you fast the longer you’re giving your body time to burn your own
body fat for energy and again I mentioned at the beginning of this video
that you have about a hundred thousand calories worth of stored energy in the
form of body fat use it and this is especially true if you have a lot of
weight to lose there’s no secret to this guys you fast you lose weight contrary
to popular belief you’re not gonna die when you fast I think the longest
recorded fast was 382 days and the guy lost like a hundred and seventy pounds
in the process and you’re not gonna lose muscle when you fast because the body is
an amazing thing so when you fast there is an uptick in your growth hormones and
that protects your body from losing muscle and the next point that I want to
make here is fasting honestly is mostly mental if you want intermittent fasting
to work faster you need to stop making such a big deal out of it will you get
hungry during your fast sure but that’s because you’ve trained your body to eat
at certain times like if you’ve been eating breakfast your entire life your
body gets used to that which means that you can train your body not to eat
breakfast and this might seem kind of obvious already but you need to stay
busy during your fast don’t think about it boredom is the number one enemy of
fasting and this is a pretty big problem that a lot of people have is that
we just eat out of habit and we use food to entertain ourselves like every time
you feel like you need to eat just ask yourself are you really hungry or are
you just bored and at the same time when you’re fasting you need to put yourself
in the best position to succeed so you know try not to cook when you’re fasting
don’t go grocery shopping I mean that’s basically torture you know try not to
schedule lunch meetings when you’re on a fast and this is especially true when
you’re new to this and you haven’t built up you know the willpower to say no to
temptation because they are everywhere and I always
say that you should schedule your fast around your life not the other way
around now remember exercise makes you more
insulin sensitive and activity burns calories and if your insulin levels are
dropped and your human growth hormones are increased and those two things
happen when you fast then body fat becomes the main target for energy again
if you’re trying to lose weight this is exactly what you want so if you want
intermittent fasting to work faster I would start introducing fasted workouts
into your routine here’s the thing your muscles adapt to whatever energy source
is available if you have glucose in your system from eating carbs your body and
muscles will always prefer to use that up first but if you train your body to
use fat for energy then your muscles become even more efficient at burning
fat for energy and think about the benefits of being fat adapted so being
fat adapted is a term where your body burns fat for energy if you’re an
athlete and you’re able to tap into your unlimited fat stores for energy because
your body has to draw energy from somewhere when you’re working out right
like why not use body fat instead and this way of training when you’re
training fasted is starting to become a little bit more mainstream, you
have MMA fighters like George St. Pierre and actors like Hugh Jackman all swear
by training fasted and you know they look pretty good to me now some of you
might say that like oh I’ve tried fasted training fasted workouts
it didn’t work for me I didn’t feel good I had no energy yeah no kidding that’s
perfectly normal again there is an adaptation period here of about two to
six weeks because again you’ve trained your body all this time to use sugar for
energy especially if you drink like Gatorade and you know all that bad stuff
again which means that you can train it to burn fat for energy instead but you
have to give it some time again it takes about two weeks for your
body to adapt so give this an honest effort because the human body is such an
amazing thing again this is how we evolved as human beings this isn’t
anything new if you give yourself two weeks I promise you you’re gonna start
to feel great you’re gonna start to have more energy and you’re gonna lose a lot
of weight and you’re gonna come back to this video you’re gonna comment below
and say “Carlo, thank you!” when you wake up in the morning instead of eating
breakfast, fast. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day especially if
you normally eat breakfast cereal instant
oatmeal or granola bar or a protein bar those are all sugar bombs if that’s the
case breakfast might be the most important meal for you to skip and
breakfast literally means break fast it’s the meal that breaks your fast
which means that you can have your “breakfast” at noon or you can
have your breakfast at dinnertime scheduled meals are completely made up
anyway now you’re probably wondering what is the best intermittent fasting
schedule the best schedule is honestly the one that you can follow the minimum
effective dose of intermittent fasting in my opinion is the 16 hour fast so you
have a 16 hour fasting window and an 8 hour eating window ideally you’re only
eating two meals during this 8 hour eating window some people prefer doing
the warrior diet where you have a 20 hour fasting window and only a four hour
eating window other people can go all day and just eat one meal a day and
that’s me right now again I can’t emphasize this enough you need to give
your body some time to adjust especially if you’re someone who’s used to just
grazing on food all day again you’re you’ve been under the
belief that you need to eat 6 small meals a day if that’s you your goal is
to just start by eating like a normal human being I mean just eat three meals
a day and then you want to start eating a late breakfast and then just go from
there fasting is like a muscle okay so the more times you do it the better you
get at it now the last tip that I want to give you if you want intermittent
fasting to work faster is you want to pair it with a diet that moderates your
insulin levels so something like a low carb diet a paleo diet or more
specifically a ketogenic diet because here’s how it works
out of all three macronutrients carbs specifically refined carbs and sugar
stimulate the hormone insulin the most the problem is if you’ve been following
the standard American diet or SAD for short 70% of your calories come from
refined carbs and sugar and that’s a big problem protein on the other hand
stimulates insulin as well but a lot of people have a good grasp of how much
protein they should eat while fats stimulate insulin the least amount so
you want to pair intermittent fasting with a diet that keeps your insulin
levels low and if we’re strictly talking about what the best diet is when it
comes to achieving that there is nothing better than the ketogenic diet so again
fasting keeps your insulin levels low your body gets into a state of ketosis
and that’s where your body is burning fat for energy
and if you pair it with a diet that keeps you in nutritional ketosis and
that’s where the name ketogenic comes from you keep your body in a state where
it’s always just burning fat for energy whether it’s from the foods that you eat
or your own body fat for energy so when you eat you don’t have these massive
insulin spikes that you get from eating refined carbs and that’s what happens
with people that eat a high carb diet and they do intermittent fasting and
they don’t get good results from it but if you follow a low-carb diet you only
have minimal insulin responses because again it’s a diet that moderates your
insulin levels so as you can see if you want intermittent fasting to work faster
it’s all about keeping your insulin levels low which means that you need to
have a zero tolerance policy when you’re fasting you can’t have little nibbles
here and there. That breaks your fast. And then you want to introduce fasted
workouts to make your muscles even more efficient at burning fat and then you
want to pair it with a low carb diet so you can stay in ketosis and then you
fast for as long as possible if you follow all those things you’re gonna
make intermittent fasting work faster you’re gonna get faster results and you’re
gonna be an unstoppable fat-burning machine the next question then becomes
how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose weight because here’s
the thing 80% of your body composition is determined by your diet
you can’t just freestyle this part do you have a proven plan that you can follow?
To help you with that I want to give you a free copy of my lean body blueprint
this is how I melted all the fat around my stomach without depriving myself of
my favorite foods or wasting hours at the gym it’s a simple four-step process
specifically designed for busy professionals and it’s the exact same
blueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients and they’ve all gotten some amazing results if you want to be the next success story then download
your FREE copy of the lean body blueprint right now there’s gonna be a
link somewhere at the top here or in the description box just click on it type in
your email and I’ll send it to you right away alright that’s all I’ve got
give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and share it with your
friends please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I post a new
video every week and hey leave a comment below if you have any questions about
this video thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video virtual high

How to Choose Hairstyles that Work for You

Hi, Sharon Danley here with another
Two Minute Tip. This week it’s about your hair styling options and decisions. Often when we are looking for a new hairstyle and we find something that’s – well – it’s just gorgeous, that’s exactly what I want. The thing is that’s
important to remember is it’s often photoshopped, the photos are taken with a stylist just outside of the frame of camera. Like that would be – my hands
missing but it’s right there but you can’t see it when I put it there that’s
what I mean by outside of frame. And that stylist is adjusting the hair after
every few takes that are taken of the models hair. Little consideration also,
when considering a picture that you like, is given to the hair texture of that
model’s hair and your hair texture. The volume, the thickness, the manageability of the style, and most important the suitability of it for you. The other thing that often gets overlooked is we tend to ignore our own lifestyle and how
that hairstyle works for our lifestyle needs and what, you know, our lifestyle
needs require in a hairdo – you know – and not only the hairdo but the time we
are allotted to manage it so that it looks great no matter what. And the other
things that we tend to ignore or forget her don’t realize we need to think about,
are our head size in relation to our body frame. Also our face shape, our
hairline, whether it’s high or low, our neck length, our ear placement on our skull, and things of this nature. Important? You betcha! And what’s equally important is how that
hairstyle will hold up for us, its its suitability in the job we are doing, its maintenance and how it works with the actual hair that we have. I can tell you firsthand as having been a stylist in film and television – every model you see in pictures and I do mean everyone – is wearing some kind of hair extension or padding that
has been perfectly coiffed for the camera even if it is a so-called
red carpet event. Believe me. You can bet their stylists on the red carpet of
these celebrities are just out of sight of the cameras both moving and still –
constantly primping them between sections of shots and that’s on the red
carpet too. So to refocus our goals in having the ultimate hair styles for you
please remember these things. #1 hairstyle is more important than hair
color. #2 you should have 3 or more different looks out of any one cut that
you can manage easily by yourself. #3 your style should suit your lifestyle. If you
have to constantly attend to your hair if you have to constantly attend to your hair or it gets in your way a lot then it’s
not working unless this is what is required for your job. #4 once you
have a cut and style that suits you and your hair texture and weight keep a file
and note why you like it note any little tricks you have found to
style it etc and take pictures front back and profile for your file too.
#5 make full use of hair padding, extensions, scrunchies – believe me they
will make your styling much easier and more to your satisfaction. And #6 like all
skills practice does make perfect. Practice one hairstyle per week
while revamping your look and I promise you’ll be pleased with the end results. We’ll see you next time.

Farmer’s Market MOSAIC Soap – Cold Process Soap Making | Royalty Soaps

– Hello everyone. Welcome back to Royalty Soaps and the first video in the
Farmer’s Market Collection. As you can see, I’m wearing my overalls, so you guys know we’re
about to get farmin’ I love the entire concept
of growing something and then selling it in a local place with a lot of other sellers
all sort of commonly connected with this mutual love of growing stuff. Like, that’s just beautiful. I think farmer’s markets are so, ugh, they make me feel so good inside, and they only come
around in the springtime so I thought this would
be the perfect time to do this collection for March. Spring is just starting to come through. It’s just starting to
get a little bit warmer. Part of the proceeds from
one of the soaps this month is actually going to go to a
special charity for honeybees. We also have a birthstone
soap for March’s birthstone, which is aquamarine and
that’s a really cool soap. And we have a few specialty
soaps that we’re only gonna be making a very,
very small amount of. They’re super detailed, and oh
my gosh, I love them so much. And right now I’m gonna show
you guys my Pinterest board kind of highlighting all of the things that made me feel springy and inspired me for this collection. So you’ll see there’s lavender, and there’s farm-fresh peaches
in the back of a peach truck and there’s sprouts and all sorts of healthy fruits and vegetables. It’s a whole vibe. It’s a whole mood. Also, for this collection I
designed a signature soap. A soap that just embodies the whole thing. That’s today’s video. I wanted to start off with a bang, start off with the original,
the farmer’s market soap. It’s a cube soap, or a mosaic soap, and it has lots of
interesting colors in it. I’m so excited, so without further adieu, let’s make our soap today. We are working with
significantly less oil today because a good bit of our
soap has already been made. We have to use the ugly container because I have to be able to mix in all of those soap cubes evenly, and I didn’t want the
container to be so deep that I’m like scooping it out. So I’m gonna start by pouring my lye water solution into my oils. And then before I mix it, I’m
gonna add some spinach powder and some new leaf green
mica from Mad Micas and a little bit of apricot seed powder for light exfoliation. And then I am going to blend this without blending it, honestly. I’m just trying to mix
in a good majority of it before the soap comes to trace. (sprightly instrumental music) Now I’m going to be adding
in an essential oil blend of lemon, litsea cubeba and peppermint. It smells very uplifting, very fresh. And I’m gonna begin by blending in the essential oils without
turning the stick blender on. This essential oil blend makes the soap pretty darn runny, which is
great for our purposes today. And with all of our essential
oil blend incorporated, it’s time to start adding
our little soap cubes. Here are all of my soap cubes and this is a very lovely,
fresh color palette that is inspired by this photo. As you can see, there’s
a pop of purple in there, some red from the tomatoes,
there’s leafy greens. That particular photo is sort of the whole basis for
this month’s collection. I wanted it to just feel springy. I wanted it to feel delicious and fresh, and, you know, crunchy carrots
and sweeter vegetables. Like, just the whole kit and kaboodle. Pea soup. (laughing) I think it might be time
for a little shooka shooka. I thought I might add things slowly, but I just took the Nestea plunge. (laughing) That sound is so gross. – [Kenny] Ew. – [Katie] Well, that’s
pretty well incorporated. I might have to mix it
up a little bit more in our slab mold after this
quick commercial break. Now this is gonna be a little bit ploppy, and that, my friends, is
why we wear eye protection and long sleeves and gloves. – [Kenny] There are so many cubes. – I know! I’m gonna scrapey
scrapey my big containey. Now, just to make sure
everybody’s incorporated and there’s not gonna be, like, one place where there’s a ton of cubes and then another place where
they’ve all sunk to the bottom, I am gonna actually mix up the mold. It’s runny enough that
I can do this with ease. And I don’t want to tap
these down completely. I actually like seeing bits
and pieces of the colors, but if there’s a big one poking up like this guy right here, boop, boop, he’s going back down in. However, I am not gonna
tap this down on the ground because I know since it’s so fluid there’s not any air bubbles in it, and I don’t want all of these nice floating soaps to sink to the bottom. And that’s basically it for our signature farmer’s market soap. It’s a really easy make, but all of the time that it
takes to compile the colors, chop the embeds, that’s
where a good majority of our time for this soap is going. So short video but a little
bit more time intensive, actually, than some of our
other designs just because there’s so many embeds that
have to be made for it. All right, I’m gonna spritz the top with rubbing alcohol, and she’s done. We’re gonna let the
farmer’s market soap sit and then we’ll come back and take a look at the fresh and delicious inside, after this quick commercial
break, of course. (sprightly instrumental music) You guys, I’m so, so
excited to cut this soap. Look at that on the side; it’s beautiful. It reminds me of heirloom carrots. So I’ve lined it up
with my multi bar cutter and I actually get to stand
the soap right side up for this one because
there’s no decorations on the top that could cause any problems. Moment of truth. This is what it looks like on the inside. I love it. It’s perfect. Now something to note
is that I had to put in different amounts of the chopped soap, so I don’t have as many
purple and red in there as I do of the yellow and the greens because I wanted those to just be little pops of color here and there. I feel like if I had a
lot of purple and green, it might be visually confusing. Also, I just have to brag
on nurture soap a little bit because this is their
new trial by fire red. That’s what we used for these red embeds, and they do not bleed, like, at all. This is heavily pigmented. We really wanted to make
sure it was a true red, and even so, no bleeding. The question of the day is have you ever been to a farmer’s market? I know that in a lot
of European countries, that’s, like, a very common thing. Like, that’s where people go
get their weekly produce from, but here in America, and especially in Texas,
that’s a lot less common. In fact, I’ve only been to two or three, but they are more common in the country and if you have one close to you, it’s worth you checking
out because not only do you get to eat local, fresh produce, you also get to support small businesses. To vote on the question of the day, all you have to do is click the eye in the upper right hand
corner of the screen. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. I love this soap and it smells so good. It’s been curing in here for a while, but it’s just so invigorating. It’s so fresh. And if you like essential oils, this is definitely gonna
be the bar for you. If you enjoyed today’s video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up. Subscribe to the channel and
leave a comment down below. We’ve been sharing a lot
over on our Instagram if you’re interested in
following us over there. Y’all, I have been posting a lot. I am so proud of myself. That was, like, one of
my New Year’s resolutions to get more pictures and behind-the-scenes available for you guys’ viewing pleasure, so that’s over there if you
wanna follow us over there, and if not, that’s cool too. Be sure you do something
fun for yourself today, whether that is researching
your own flower garden. I am not gonna say anything more about it, because I talk about this
later on in the series, but sister may or may not be starting a new hobby this month. Or maybe making yourself a healthy meal full of fruits and vegetables. That’s a little harder to do because it’s still a little chilly outside, but hey, that’s what
Whole Foods is for, right? All those fresh fruits and veggies. Either way, do something
that makes you happy and I will see you guys on Saturday. And until then, bye for now. (sprightly instrumental music)

All Work No Play: Fire Spinning

– [Sam] On today’s
episode of All Work, No Play. – Oh my god. (yelling) (laughing) – [Sam] Coming up. ♪ All Work No Play ♪ (electronic music) – I’m happy to be with
you again, I’m Sam Riegel, this is Liam O’Brien. – Hi guys, welcome to All Work, No Play. – A show where we do stuff
together, talk about it, and also hang out with each other on a set that weirdly has like
doubloons as the set dressing. – And today, we have mimosas. – Mimosas, because, most of the time we film the show at night. – Yes, but it is early in the morning. – 6:00 a.m. – Yep, yeah, got the crew
out of bed, sorry guys. – Yeah, so we’re starting
the day off right, with some mimosas and some friend time. – Yeah it’s gonna be a
different event, though, that we’re gonna talk about later, because it was perilous. – It was dangerous, it was, it was very scary for all involved. Mostly for the crew watching us. – You are lucky to have your beard on, and hence I’m lucky to
still have my beard. – That’s true, yeah, yeah. But we’ll get to that later. First we’re just gonna catch up, like we always do on this show
that definitely has a format. – We used to go like
eight months or so before, so we could catch up on a ton of stuff, but I just saw you like three days ago. Has anything changed? – In the last three days,
so much has changed. – Okay, lay it on me. – Well no, I was, I started
to tell you about this before we started rolling, but, last night I walked around
the outside of my house naked with shoes on, trying
to break into my own house. – To break into your own
house, what do you mean? – Well the back of my
house is under construction right now, that’s where the
thermostat is for the house. – Okay I’m having trouble focusing, because I’ve just got
the visual in my mind, but keep going, I’m listening. – So it was 3:00 in the morning, I had to go turn the thermostat off, because it was on and there
was heat blowing into my house, and it’s, we live in Los
Angeles, there shouldn’t be heat. But it was, I had to go
outside to get back in, which means I had to put on shoes. And I was out there with
a flashlight and shoes and just my wang hanging out. – But did you lock yourself
out, and you had to? – I did not lock myself
out, and even if I had, I have a human lock pick. (laughing) No, no? – This tapers nicely into
the dick stuck in a thing conversation we were having
before action was called. – That was my night. That’s why I’m a little
tired, but happy to be here. – That doesn’t, you’re
not frequently outside with your doodle out? – No, well, no, well, how was your night? – I, well, I didn’t sleep
too well last night, but you’re reminding me of another thing that I do at my house,
it’s a regular thing. I don’t do it with my doodle out. That seems like a bad idea. My house has a lot of brown widows that hang out in it, so they’re– – Those are dangerous,
are they more deadly than black widows? – Less, I think I read that it would numb your entire leg and
be excruciatingly painful, but you’d survive it,
so those are everywhere. Every year at a certain
period in the summer they come out and I go out with a shoe or a flip-flop, and I let
out all my frustrations in the world on brown
widows, and just slap ’em. – Wow.
– Slap ’em dead. – Wow, you don’t have like
a fly swatter or anything? – No, shoe, I’ve used a stick,
I killed 20 two nights ago. – You’re a murderer. There’s like a brown widow
post office somewhere that has a picture of you
up on it, wanted for murder. – I do feel bad, I wish
that they would learn or could communicate or study. – They might, there’s a lot
we don’t know about the– – About their society.
– The arachnid society. Yeah, yeah. – Have you endangered your
life much in your life? – I have, I think I have. We were talking about this a
little bit before, also, too. Just like the ways that
you put yourself in peril just in a day-to-day
life, or just by choice. I’ve done things like skydive. I’ve done things like–
– I will never do that. – You will never do that?
– I will never do that. – It’s fun.
– I’m sure it is, but if I get hit by a bus,
I’ll just go, oh life is hard. If I am falling from the
sky and I’m doing this, masturbating.
– Oh no. (laughing) – If I am falling from the sky
and pulling on the rip cord and masturbating, and
the rip cord doesn’t work and no parachute comes out,
all I will be able to say is, man, fuck you, Liam O’Brien, you did this. – By choice.
– By choice. – That would really be the
tragedy of it all, but, once you’re up there
it’s very exhilarating. I think for me the scariest
thing about skydiving was the flight up, just like– – Just the anticipation? – Yeah it’s like 15
minutes of just, oh my god, I’m gonna die.
– It’s like sitting on the roller coaster–
– I’m about to die. – For 15 minutes, going
(clicking) to the top. – But then when you’re
falling, it’s just fun. – (sighs) Especially
if you’re masturbating on the way down. – (laughs) I think I did it wrong. My instructor did not
tell me that part of it. But have you been in danger? We both grew up in New York area, I’m sure there was dangers abound. – Well, I’ve never been
in a fight, period. I’ve been beat up on at
different points in my life. – That could be a future episode. – Sure, just us walking into bad places. – Just us fighting each other. – Oh, okay.
– Like a street fight. – Oh that sounds hot. No, never gotten into a fight, but when I was younger
and in New York City, I would often, much to the
consternation of friends, would try to stop fights that
I would see on the street. So I would yell at people if
I saw people getting heated. – That’s more dangerous than
being in a fight sometimes. – Yeah it’s dumb, you
should just stay out of it. – Because then both guys hate you. – Yes they do, there was one time, when I was walking on–
– Or ladies. – Third Street, it doesn’t matter, I was walking down the street and I saw some big burly dude grab
a little shopkeeper guy by the throat and push him up into a wall. I think he had done some
construction work, I gathered, and the guy didn’t want to pay for it, because it wasn’t done right. That’s what I gathered through
violence on the street. And he just starts yelling
to the guy’s face, going, fuck you, fuck you, nobody saw nothing. And I’m like eight feet away, and I went, I saw it, I saw the whole thing. – Oh no.
– And he turned– – Oh no, why would you do such a thing? – Because I’m so smart. But I waited for like two minutes until the police got there,
and as soon as they got there, fucking bolted. – Wait, you waited, he didn’t fight you? – He looked like he wanted to murder me. He never quite got to it,
he stopped holding the guy up against the wall.
– You called his bluff! – I did.
– Wow! – I’m basically a superhero. – (laughs) That’s amazing.
– What else? I have also, I went through
like a fire bug period. – What does that mean? – Oh I played with fire in
ways that I shouldn’t have. – Oh you were a pyro. – Just for a little while. Don’t do that, don’t play with fire, because it’s real easy to burn– – That’s our PSA for the day?
– Yourself. – Don’t brr de drrb. – I shouldn’t do it, but
I went through a phase of roasting G.I. Joes. – Oh, wow, well that’s
fun, I think that’s fun. – Until it isn’t. – (laughs) Yeah if you do
one or two, that’s fun. – Pretty good odds. – If you’re doing like
packs and packs of ’em, you’re troubled, you’re a troubled child. – Working on it. – I’m trying to think of danger that I did not
intentionally put myself in, but just happened into. I can’t remember if I told
you this story on our podcast, but my wedding night was one
of my most dangerous nights, just because, not because of
the hardcore sex that I had, but because of what
happened at the ceremony. I was Jewish, I am Jewish, I’m Jewish. – Seems definitive. – I’m Jewish. – Is that the core of your
identity, would you say? – Yeah it’s really important to me. No, I’m Jewish, but you
know, I had to convert to Catholicism to get married to my wife. – That’s also funny. – But, between you and me, no
one’s watching this, right? I was crossing my fingers the whole time. So it doesn’t count, right? – Which part, the hardcore sex? – No, no, the converting.
– The actual marriage? – But whatever.
– The conversion, oh okay. – But I converted to Catholicism. – I do. – (laughs) No that part I
meant, I meant that part. Wait, if I wasn’t a Catholic
maybe it doesn’t count. I don’t know, I don’t know, anyway, I converted to Catholicism to get married to this beautiful amazing woman. – It’s dangerous already. – And we had a beautiful
Catholic ceremony. She’s also Vietnamese, so then after that, we had a Vietnamese ceremony. – Lot of layers. – Where you have to, the groom. – Gotta jerk-off. – The groom’s family
comes in with like a pig and presents it to the bride’s family. I don’t know where that comes from. – Just dig that hole deeper,
let’s just keep digging deeper. – I’m insulting everything. Anyway, then we had, at the reception, to honor my side of the family,
we had a Jewish ceremony. – Okay. – We had a Chuppah, we
did the chair dance, we did all that stuff. We also smashed the glass. You know, you’re supposed
to say a toast and smash the glass.
– Stomp it, which means– – Stomp it. – It means, you do it because? – Oh, I’m a real good Jew. (laughing) I think it means, uh, in
all, in all Jewish things, it usually means we have to
honor the pain of the past. – I’m sending this episode to your mother. – Wow, I’m really a terrible person. (laughing) – We’ve learned a lot today. (laughing)
– Oh, shit. I think that you’re saying, you’re saying with every beautiful
new chapter of your life, it comes with some pain,
something has to break, oh boy. – Really, just the dislike
of formal wear, silver layer. – Next episode there’s
gonna be a rabbi and a priest sitting here
in my place apologizing for the whole episode. – Flanking you like parole officers. – Yes, anyway, as I stomped the glass, the glass that I had
bought at a dollar store, it shot up through my shoe,
which was also a rental. And stabbed my foot! And I was in pain, I was
bleeding all over the place. – Did the wedding stop,
did everything stop? – No, no, it kept going. – You just let it pool up in your shoe? Did you dance with a shoe of blood? – It took me a second to
realize what was going on, so they picked me up onto the chair. We were doing the chair dance,
I was being bounced around. – Masturbating on a chair, run with it. – Yeah, double masturbating on a chair. (laughing) I could feel my foot throbbing, I could feel it filling
up with warm liquid, and I could also start to
see it splatter around. (groaning) Yeah, so I tapped the guys, I was like, maybe put me down, maybe put me down. And they wrapped up my
foot, I continued the night. And then when we said
goodbye to the last guest, we went to the ER to get all patched up. – Here you live dangerously,
you’re a dangerous man. – Yeah. – Maybe it’s what attracts me to you. (laughing) – I probably messed up
a lot of that stuff. We may have to add some disclaimers. – It’s now, the show’s Cannon. It’s our alt universe version of Judaism. – We’re developing our
own religion on the show. – Right. – Yeah, cool. – We should sell tapes
to go along with that. – Yes. – I remembered one other
thing that I did as a child to put my life in danger. I, what’s up? – Our drinks are topped off. – Whoa! – Movie magic. – Mmm.
– Mmm. – That’s pretty good. When I was like seven or eight, I went to a babysitters around the block. And on her block, it was a hill. And we used to take skateboards. – Sure, this is a common thing. – Yeah, but we wouldn’t stand on it, we’d sit on the skateboard
and ride it all the way to the bottom, and that
would dump down onto like a T on the street. So you had to– – Like an intersection, a T section? – A T post. – Cars could– – Cars would be going by. But not that often, which
just meant like every 50th time you did it, you could die. So we would go down and skid out. And if there was nothing there, you could keep going and
go across the street. – Whoa. – Over towards the Pathmark Grocery Story. – Wow, shout out to Pathmark. – Do they? – Nope!
– I don’t know. But I did have that one perfect ride down, where a car came careening
down the street as I did it and I just rolled off
and burned all the skin off my forearms.
(groaning) Better than off of my face from a tire. – You’re so manly. – I was eight-ish. – You’re so boy-ly. (laughing)
Boy-ly? – I don’t like that. (laughing) – But, speaking of burning
the flesh off of your body. – We did that. – We did that. This segues nicely into the
fun that we done this week on All Work, No Play. – Just this week. – Yeah, it was just a couple days ago. But before we go into it, I feel like we’ve forgotten
some items on the show. We typically, people know the
format of the show by now. We’re five episodes in, four episodes in. – Right, we discussed Malaysia. – Right, we talk about ourselves. We get together and do a fun thing and then we talk about it, right. They know this all ready,
they know the show, right? – They gotta know it now. Where are you going with this? – I don’t know, I just
wanna make sure that our audience are with us. They’re real dumb. (laughing) We’ll cut that part out. Anyway, but also, we haven’t
mentioned Laura Bailey. (soft enchanting music) We haven’t, that’s about
all that we haven’t done. – That’s it, there aren’t that many running gags on the show. We have our home office in Malaysia. We have our harp (mumbles),
Bailey, Man Love. – Mmm hmm. Was there a Travis Willingham
sound effect as well? – You wanted to splice in either, it was just the sound of a
horse woodying, wasn’t it? (horse neighing) – I think that sounds familiar. But we can get that going. – Okay. – All right, we’ve taken care of business. We can get into it now. – Let’s talk about fire. – Let’s talk about fire. – I was scared to death to do it. We went with, well, we
met up with our good pal, Marisha Ray, who has lots of
experience with fire spinning. Stavs, staves. She introduced us to a woman named Ash. – Oh, hi there, hey. – Hey! – I’m Sam. – Hey, I’m Ash, nice to meet you. – [Sam] Which is ironic. – Fucking badass name for a fire spinner. – So cool, I didn’t catch her last name but I assume it’s like– – Cinderflame.
– Burnoff. Yeah, something cool. – We were just walking to the hills, didn’t know you were gonna be here. – Why are you walking like you
have the staff up your ass? – Well, because we’re
wearing (mumbles) clothes. – That’s right. – And everything feels a little awkward. We came dressed for success, Liam. We were in our finest hippy gear. I was wearing pants that
belonged to Matthew Mercer. – [Liam] I was wearing a top
that belong to Matt Mercer. – Yeah, and these clothes
had been worn at a burn, at a Burning Man. – Yeah, you looked like
you ran a pawn shop. (laughing) I looked like Tekken character. (laughing) – Marisha looked like Marisha. – [Liam] Yeah, pretty much. – She always kind of looks a little hippy. But in the coolest, possible
way, she pulls it off. No sleeves. – A hippy that could break your windpipe. – Yeah. – That’s kind of her brand. – And she had just come
from that little festival out in the desert. She just looked like she was
wind worn and just like– – Everything chaffed. – Yeah, just from Tank Girl or something, just ready to kill. She’s awesome. She’s also, she’s standing
like right over there, so we can’t really say anything too bad. – She’s the creative director, so you kind of gotta lay it hard. – Yeah, she could cancel
the show at any moment. – I mean, I think she probably should. – Yeah.
(laughing) Yeah, if the Catholic
league doesn’t shut us down for this episode.
(laughing) So we got there, it was
a nice open area where there were not a lot
of trees to burn down. – So, what do you want
to know about fire shit? – Well, I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna let loose but I wanna stay safe. I want to become a being of fire but I also wanna see my kids graduate college. – Yes. – So, if we could facilitate that. There was lots of safety
equipment everywhere. – There was lots of talk of safety. – Which really put me at ease, seeing so many fire extinguishers and seeing so many people with blankets ready to run in and smother me. – Yeah, we had fire extinguishers, we had a bucket of sand, I feel like. There was this gel goo that we never used. – Cool gel goo in case
we burned ourselves, and we could just dunk our
head or whatever in there. It never came to that. – She taught us a couple of things. She taught us to, if we feel
like we’re losing control, to just kind of drop it. – Yeah, just bring it straight down. – Bring it straight down. – Don’t go, ah! – Yeah, don’t fling it at the crew. Don’t throw it at the cameras. – She also talked about
when you wanna put them out. – So this is on fire, you want it out. (yelling) – I wanna it out, help me, help me! – So then your fire safety
person’s gonna come up to you. – Oh, well that’s easy. – Clap it around and
you wanna choke it off. And I hate to say this but
it’s true, like a baby. – That’s awful.
(laughing) – It’s a tiny little neck and you wanna– – We could do like a
squirrel or something. They take the poi and
they just, (groaning). And they snuff it out. (laughing) (grunting)
Stop crying! – It’s all about intention. (laughing)
And how you sell it. – Why would you ever choke anything? – I don’t have– – You know animals are the entryway. – We need to choke off so
that way it doesn’t breathe. – Like a baby. (laughing) – Or a squirrel. – Sadly. – This episode brought to you by Pampers. – #SmotherTheBaby. – It took us a while just
to get beyond the concept of smothering the baby. I felt like they could’ve
gone with something else. – Yeah, so we had to
practice without any fire. But the thing that we were doing, that we were specifically gonna
do, was called poi, right? – Yes. – Poi, which is fire spinning. – Yeah, they were, was
the whole device the poi or was just the giant
marshmallow on the end the poi? – Maybe we have footage where
she tells us about that, which we’ll cut to. – So, these are poi and
essentially, simply, basically what they are is an
object at the end of a tail. In this case, it’s Kevlar and it’s metal. The idea is that you soak these in fuel, and then you light them
on fire and you spin them. It’s actually originated from New Zealand, from (mumbles) the Land
of the Long White Clouds. – All I’m hearing is the
muted trumpet from Peanuts because all I can envision
is my arms on fire. – Yeah, all I heard is the
signs of my own screaming. We did a lot of practicing
of basic moves with the poi. Then we started just doing this. – The jump rope. – The masturbate, that’s
the theme of our show, every episode.
(laughing) – Now, the next thing I always
show people is a split time. So, split time is basically– – That’s like you’re throwing a tantrum. – Where one poi is up and one poi is down. – This feels like I’m having a slap fight. – [Ash] A little bit. – Liam, we’re hippies. – We did it.
– We’re officially hippies. – Yeah! – [Liam] We just did like circles, almost like giant pasty tassels
in front of us with the poi. (laughing) – [Liam] Then we did some crossover moves, where we would take the jump
rope and turn it on it’s side. – You’re gonna bring it
up, around to the right, and down to your left. So it’s like you’re scooping,
scoop with your hand, scoop. – Scoop, scoop, scoop. – [All] Scoop, scoop, scoop. – Cool, looks good, (mumbles) looks good. ♪ Scooping fire on my head ♪ So, do the jump rope motion
and then cross the body. Cross. (grunting) – [Marisha] And double scoop.
(laughing) Double scoop, double scoop. – Double scoop! Oh no, what am I doing, what am I doing? I don’t know what I’m doing! (yelling) (laughing) – In the end, we started
getting to this thing that I could not, for the life– – Yeah, it was this fluid samurai. – You got the knack of it. – Was that called the three
beat, I think, or something? – This part is very much
an epiphanous moment. The only way you can do
it is sort of like an aha. Don’t over think it, that is
the worst thing you can do. – Boy, that looks really– – I didn’t think at all
and it still went badly. – But it was a back and forth
that was so complicated. And eventually, she just said, like, the only way you’re gonna get
this is if you turn off your mind and just go with the flow. (slow eerie music) Oh wait, this was a flow
thing, wasn’t this a flow? The whole thing was like
a flow, I heard that word. – Just keep making hand motions, that’s the most important thing. – Being (mumbles) about. Oh my god, Marisha, you’ve done it! Oh no, you didn’t. – She cursed me, fuck,
fuck, you jinked it. – [Sam] You’re doing it. – Stop saying my name! – There you go. Oh, almost. Over, under, out, over, under, out. – No, this is not it. – You had it before. – I had it! – You had it, now you’re overthinking it. – Yeah, you’re right. I’m so stupid! (laughing) – [Liam] I think after
an hour of practicing, I could feel myself getting
there slowly over time. Right before we were about to
light up, I was getting there. – [Sam] Over. (laughing) – [Liam] But you got there sooner and Marisha was all ready
there when we started. You can just kind of feel it work. (groaning) – What is happening? – Except that while we were
practicing without any fire, every once in a while, you’re
hit yourself in your dick with the poi, or I’d hit
myself in the back of my head. – Yeah, and it did not feel good, it hurt. (grunting) – No, nope, nope, nope. – Those are heavy metal
balls and they can hurt, especially if you’re spinning, whipping around on chains
and stuff, it’s a weapon. – I did not feel very good for my chances to get through unburned
with the amount of times I kept bopping myself in the wang. – I gotta say, I could
see how, it was fun. – Oh, yeah. – It was kind of addictive. You know you have a complicated
video game or something and you’re like, I know I can get this, I just need to work at it. – That’s really apt, yeah. And I just kind of, it was
very zen working on it, even though I kept
hitting myself in my dick. It just felt really calm and
I wanted to get ahold of it but I knew that I couldn’t force it, I just had to feel it out. And eventually, it was getting there but not fast enough for me to feel comfortable to spin fire around my face. – Yes. – In intricate weaving dance. – Okay, so then we got
into the actual fire. – Uh huh. – [Sam] We did a wet down, where they covered the area in water. – Just sprayed you up
and down in slow motion. Very little clothing,
it’s called the wet down. – I actually like to spray
myself with these ones. And hair, hair’s always good. – This is good for cats too,
and again, not supposed to do. – [Sam] She also did a demonstration. – Yes, you hear that? – Whoa, whoa! (yelling) – These are all the things
I will not be doing. – Wow, the sound is amazing! – Sounds like a 747. – [Sam] She was deft and
agile, and confident. – [Liam] A dancer, basically. – [Sam] It seemed amazing, beautiful too. – Jeepers, I can feel it over here. – That is terrifying. – I feel like a cat following
a laser beam pointer around. (grunting) It was technically proficient but it kind of felt like
she was just improvising what she was doing. – [Sam] It was amazing. – Oh, backwards weave, backwards weave! – Humans are amazing. – [Marisha] One handed! (yelling) – She’s on the ground! – [Liam] Wow. (cheering) – And then it was our turn. (sighing) – Oh, man, patang. (yelling) Whoa! – Yes, yes, yes, yes! (cheering) – Techno music, techno music. – Whoa! (fun techno music) – The jump rope. – Holy fucking shit! (fun techno music) Now I’m gonna start the weave. – No, don’t do it!
– No, no, don’t do it! – He’s scared of the simple spin. No, no.
(yelling) This feels amazing. This is enough for me. – Oh no, it’s hot! (yelling) I did it, I did the weave! I did it, oh my god! Okay, out. (laughing)
Whoa. (laughing) – Just practicing it,
it was zen, it was quiet and just contemplative. And then when the things
lit up, they just went. (loud rumbling) And you spun it just. And instantly, massive
amounts of adrenaline surging through your body
because you’re like, yup, I could totally just go
up like Andre the Giant in Princess Bride because there’s fire two feet away from my face. It was exciting and scary,
and fucking awesome. Way more awesome than I– – That sound of fire is an ancient sound that your bodies are just tuned to, like, nope, get away from that sound. – Yeah, yeah. I tried to do like one
level above the basic move of just spinning them
and just instantly saw it coming at my face or something. Like, nope, nope, nope! Okay, I’m jumping rope, I’m jumping rope. And that was enough for me. I was able to do it in
different syncopation. Just all masturbation,
can’t get away from it, can’t get away from it.
(laughing) But just two minutes of
that was freaking thrilling and I would love to do it again. – Yeah, yeah. Me and Marisha were watching you, I think we had a little
blanket to protect ourselves in case you flung one
at us, which you didn’t. – The other thing with the
blanket was it was cold at that point, so that
blanket was great from saving your friend from certain death but also– – Cuddling. – You could snuggle it. – Yeah, that’s cute. I thought you did a
great job though because you did not burn yourself, and that is the only measure
of good in this game. – That’s right, apparently we all hit ourselves with fire and
just didn’t know it. – Yeah, I didn’t notice if I did. – I was told that I bopped
myself in the back of my skull with the flaming poi.
– With it lit? – With it lit, I don’t
remember feeling that. Most of the hair seems to be there. When you were doing it,
literally the fire snaked past your beard two or three times. – On the side of my face. It was petrifying, super
scary just to start. – You still did better than me and you pulled it off briefly for moments and then aborted out of it,
which is when fire would go, (rumbling), past your Tim Curry beard. – Yeah, because she told us if
it’s looking bad, drop them. None of us dropped them. And I tried to run away from the fire and it was attached to me. It kept chasing me wherever
I would go, it was not fun. Our producer, Natasha, was– – Looked like she was gonna
drop dead like a hummingbird with a heart attack. – Yeah, I think she had her phone out, had dialed 9-1-1 and would– – 9-1. – And just hadn’t hit send yet. She really wanted us to stop. – I will say that doing it
was exhilarating and a blast, but immediately once I
started watching you do it and then even more so when
I was watching M do it, like everyone likes to bust
our balls and joke with me, like, ah, dad jokes, such a dad. I mean, it’s literally true, right. I have never felt like
such a dad when you guys started spinning fire and almost burning. I was like, with the
blanket going, oh god, oh god, not my baby!
(laughing) Not my babies, it’s too soon! – Speaking of our babies,
let’s talk about Marisha. So she, she– – Wore crush velvet pants. – Which were certainly flammable. – Yeah. – I mean, they were made of oil. (laughing) – It looked like someone
had liquified somebody’s crushed velvet prom tuxedo and then just splashed it into pants on her. And when she was doing her thing, there were a couple of times
when, she’s fucking awesome, right, she’s done a ton of it. I’ve seen pictures of
her looking like a Jedi spinning fire, but there
were a couple of times when she was sort of at rest
and the poi were at rest by those crushed velvet pants. – Yeah, they would hang by her ankles. – And there was fire licking
up the side of her pants! – Yeah, when she stopped later, we saw on her arm was
a big black mark from, not a burn but from when the
thing had actually hit her and put soot all over her. – That is Satan’s touch. (laughing) – But she was able to do the thing that we were unable to do, which was, we gotta come up with
a name for this thing. Was it, what, what is this? What is this move? – I really just wanna
see how long you’ll go. The Samurai Jack? – The Samba? – That’s trademarked. The Samba, sure. – I don’t know, but she
was able to pull it off a couple times with real fire going. – Let’s call it the creative director. – Yes. And let’s say a cheers to Marisha Ray. Don’t ever cancel our show. – It just happened. (laughing) Wait, wait, yeah, just got canceled. I felt like we’ve got a
pattern of skill level here with the guests, and you and me, our guests tend to be pretty good at what we invite them in to do. You’ve got a knack for
it and I’m the worst. (laughing) I’m just always the worst. – I don’t think that that’s
true for this time around. – It certainly was true this time around. – It was true that Marisha
is way better than us. It’s true that– – That’s true, that’s a whole separate conversation on its own. – And then as a special treat, I think, when she finished, all
of our blood was rushing and our adrenaline was pumping. Ash gave us another little show. – Oh yeah, she turned into a dragon. She pulled out what looked
like a drunken master’s little bottle of booze, except it had, what was in that, kerosene? – [Sam] Must’ve been. – [Liam] Something flammable. – [Sam] Jet fuel. – Jet fuel, and she
would just go, (gulping). And drink it, spit stuff out. I don’t really know what
was going on there but there’d be 20 seconds of silence while she prepped her throat.
– [Sam] Throat, yeah. – [Liam] And just spit. (rumbling) (yelling) She said that you had to blow it out and then vacuum seal your lips. – So it can come into your mouth. – Otherwise it will go in
and light everything on fire. (groaning) – So scary unnecessarily. – Not my babies, not my babies. (laughing) – Well, it was very impressive. And in the end, we got to use some of
the safety equipment too. They sprayed you with fire
extinguisher for no reason. – [Liam] Yeah, (mumbles). – [Sam] And it’s super cold, right? – [Liam] Yeah, yeah, it’s a
chemical reaction happening. – Yeah, was your face
burned, chemical burned? – No, it was cold. It felt sort of like
a temporary antiquing. Just over and done really
quick and then it was gone. You know what antiquing is, right? – No, that’s when you go
antiquing to buy antiques from an antique shop? – Well, it’s also that
but it’s more in you, I feel like I shouldn’t
spoil it for you and I should just do it to you. – Is this, are you gonna slap
me in the face or something? – That’s a promise. – What, what’s happening right now? (laughing) – Nothing, don’t worry about it. – Oh, boy. – Don’t google it either, just let it be. – All right. – Just let it happen. – I won’t google it. Just like that time you told
me not to google lemon party. (laughing) Well, Liam, my heart is
just beating thinking about what we did this week. My heart is also just beating because I’m a living human being. – Fucking (mumbles) proximity. – Yeah, and because of you and your aftershave that you wear, musk. (inhaling) – That’s the smell of fear. (laughing) – I love it. But I feel like we learned
a lot about ourselves, our limits, our tolerance
of danger and fire. – It’s reaffirmed my lack
of coordination in general. – But I think we have a lot
to be proud of, we survived. – Sure. – We were hippies for a day. – We had fun, I felt like
a superhero doing that. – Yeah. – It was really cool. – It was pretty cool. – I would do it again, 10 out of 10. – Will do again. – Yeah, yeah. I guess that’s the show. – Sure. – Coming up next on our
channel is, I have no idea. – The replacement show, I guess. (laughing) – I also don’t know what we’re
doing on the next episode. I also don’t know the results of the poll that we’ve put online
to rename my son HGDT. – Right, there’s a little bit of sort of movie magic going on here. – It’s a lag. – All this was kind of bat
shot really close together. – Let’s say that the poll has happened, voting is closed and I know
the new name of my son, the new code name for my son on the air is gonna be.
– [Man] Piano. – And we’ll fill that in later. – Yup, yup.
– With voiceover. And I hope it’s a multiple syllable word. – We’ll get like, I’m trying to think of, not you, you shouldn’t do it, it should be like EK and Maury. – Yes, Darin De Paul. – Darin De Paul. We’ll get John DiMaggio. – Yes, it’ll be great, it’ll be great. Special effects on the show. Well, that’s it, let’s
finish these mimosas. – All right, cheers. – And go have a day, it’s 7:00 am. – Don’t fire us, Marisha. (sighing) – Good show. – Masturbating. (fun exciting music)

10 HAPPINESS Hacks You Can Do Today That Actually WORK

hello guys welcome back to my channel
today I wanted to create a video that is a little overdue because if you like
this video would have been amazing and like January 1st but better late than
ever I decided to create this 10 life hacks that I’ve done tested implemented
they actually work if you guys new to the channel thank you so much for
watching this video hack number one is committing to
learning there’s nothing better than to constantly be on a hunt of learning
something new if it’s through taking courses if you have the time online or
offline today we are so lucky to have so many resources that can provide so much
information for us a lot of the times they even just like learn new skills for
my kids like Jake it’s completely teaching me about tick tock it doesn’t
have to be this like serious big thing it can be smaller things that just you
never knew how to do before keep your brain moving hack number two is starting
your day right or making it right I’m sure that if you watch a lot of these
videos about life hacks or how to get more positive and things like that
you’ll have a way what probably heard about the Karoo teen that you can do in
the morning when you wake up if it said having your smoothie or drinking your
warm water with lemon which is great for digestion by the way in real life it
doesn’t always work sometimes I wake up and again bombarded or my kids drive me
crazy already first thing in the morning I don’t have time to squeeze that lemon
in the water things happen its life and we are busier today than ever there are
things that I do on days when it doesn’t necessarily start off right things like
just putting some music and dancing it already puts me in the right mood so
don’t think that if your day doesn’t start off right the day is gone it’s
like remembering that you have the control to turn it around and to make it
whatever it is that you want to make it have number three
the daily affirmations honestly I pretend to do it with my kids everyday
like for their sakes but actually I do it with myself a lot and it’s just kind
of reminding myself like Who am I and what I’m capable of and just you know
telling yourself that you’re worthy that you are ready that you’re in control of
your life there are three sentences that I repeat quite often on a daily basis
and those are number one everything starts with me number two I have the
power to change today number three I take responsibility for my life
hack number four and it’s one that is very popular
I still haven’t mastered it quite yet but I’m working on it and it’s organize
your life organizing whatever’s around you but you know what it’s not it’s not
working for me right now like I’m trying it doesn’t work there’s too many things
going on but I don’t let it put me down so what I do do just to give that
something of some sort of organization in my life is decluttering even when I
go to my closet and just give away or donate things that don’t serve me
anymore they’ll bring me pleasure that I don’t use this is huge for me and it
does make me feel so much better the same with like beauty products I would
go through my bathroom counter and I make sure to eliminate things that are
either done I don’t like I think someone else might like it and they’re not like
work for me so that already makes me feel better life hack number five is
pushing yourself physically exercise have been such a gift for me I started
loving exercising probably when I was about 24 like after having two kids
before that I would drag myself to the gym I would dread it and now I’m still
dreading it but I also know that this is such an act of
self-love it’s such a thing that will not only make me physically stronger and
healthier but also make my mind stronger and healthier and also will show me how
strong I am how its mind over matter which helps me with the rest of my life
and all the other things that I do I don’t have to tell you about the
bajillion different studies that showed how exercise is so important for a good
quality of life for aging gracefully for doing everything for being normal for
not losing your mind for like being positive strong person life hack number
six is do something that scares you on a daily basis would be ideal but even once
in a while just to shake you up a little bit no just like get you out of your
little cocoon that we sometimes get into it I try to do it as often as I can
one of the things that trying something that scares me brought me is you guys
this channel this channel was an active field of fear and do it anyways being on
camera talking to the camera putting myself out there was such a scary scary
thing for me and I went and I did it just to prove to myself that I can do it
and look what it yielded like look where it brought me to I am so proud of it and
I have so many more experiences so highly recommend to always keep in mind
that if you feel that fear yet butterflies like not fear of like your
body and your mind telling you know not to do it but like you know that feeling
where you really want it and you know that it can be really cool and you have
those nerves butterflies you’re scared do that that one life hack number seven
is cut out negativity and I’m not being like that person psycho I feel sad
nothing to be sad about stop being sad I’m talking about negativity that’s
coming from experiences or places or people things that are maybe around you
and you’re not aware of but those bring negativity into your life obviously it’s
very natural to feel sad sometimes to have failures and it’s totally okay
to feel these emotions I think that it’s important to feel these emotions I’m
completely against being constantly happy all the time I think that it’s
unnatural I do believe that you’ll learn from
different experiences but if you really sit with yourself and connect yourself
and look around the people that are with you the things that you do on a daily
basis there are some things or people that may be a constant source of
negativity letting dose and start walking away from it is so important so
please please be mindful enough and self-aware enough to see where the
negativity is coming from anakata Black Hawk number eight is reward
yourself something that I’ve noticed that I do a lot with my kids is that I
give them a little incentive to do things that I know they hate doing and I
don’t know if it’s gonna bite me in the butt in the future but I feel like that
really gets them to just forget about the annoying task they have to do and
think about what comes after it and I started implementing it with myself like
as an adult and with other people around me they’re not aware of it but I do it
all the time it’s really cool and you can do that at work you can do it in
your personal life if it’s even working out you can tell yourself you know what
after this workout I’m gonna do something that I’d like whatever it is
that you like do it hack number nine is to avoid anything single-use so I’m not
saying that it has to take over your whole life because honestly I’ve tried
to cut drastically this one use plastic stuff and it’s really really difficult
because there are moments where you know I’m running somewhere and I forget to
bring my reusable cup or usable straw or things like that but I make a really
conscious effort every single day to try to avoid single-use plastic bottles to
not get straws if not needed to pay a little extra for all it’s a composable
bag things like that that you can do bring your own shopping bag not to you
those road use bags that are plastic instead just like take produce and
either by those multi-purpose bags or just don’t put them in a bag I don’t
know why we feel like bananas need to be bad like what next hack is thank you
notes this has been a really interesting practice that I started doing that made
a huge impact on my life I started thinking about this whole showing
gratitude practice and I found that a lot of us don’t do it enough so what I
started doing is just sending random you know messages to my friends or the
people I just spoke to or just met with I saw just sending even Gary like I love
your text in the middle of the day out of nowhere or
you know I appreciate you are you doing great you’re doing a great job just like
a text that will brighten someone else’s day I love you I love you out but also
just by that action that you’re doing it but showing that gratitude and showing
the love and sharing thank you and actually like makes me feel more
grateful for you know this person and other people that I have in my life that
made it so impactful and so amazing so these are my 10 lifehacks I hope you
enjoyed it thank you so much for watching and I hope you have an amazing
20 20 to find out which 8 items are no longer where look like here thank you so
much for watching