Email Marketing in the Digital Age – April Mullen

hello everyone welcome to another
student expert session my name is Trevor Erickson and I’m
excited to introduce our email marketing expert today April Mullen she is the
senior marketing strategist at Selligent and as well as an adjunct
instructor at the University of Missouri st. Louis teaching an email marketing
course April’s going to share her knowledge and
experience on how and why email should be an integral part of any organizations
plan and how to optimize our email campaigns for mobile consumption so without further ado let’s turn the
time over to April meet I’m April Mullen and i’m going to talk
about email marketing longevity in the digital age today Who am I I work as a senior marketing
strategist that Selligent is a cross-channel
marketing technology platform with email as its core but we also do a SMS push notification to say retargeting
social media web that we really believe in the the cross-channel aspects of
marketing with email being our core I also teach at the University of the
very thing with citation email marketing course there and I also write twice a
month for media post email insider column I’m just writing about topics in the
industry that I think are are notable and worth writing about so feel free to check out that resource
to further your knowledge without further ado I’m going to dive into the
agenda today and the session that it’s kind of short and sweet so what we’ll get right to the point I
want to talk about why email continue to be successful and why executive really
love email is the channel and at the center
of their customer communication strategy and I also want to talk about
mobile’s role in email’s continued success because mobile has really done a
lot for email and so i’ll talk about what it’s done and tips on how you can
develop campaigns and be successful in the mobile age the diving right and email in the
numbers there are two point six billion worldwide email users I mean that’s just a
staggering number and so if you know it just continues to grow even though it’s a mature digital channel
and then two hundred and five billion messages are sent and received per day were sent and received per day in 2015 and you know this is staggering and and really one of
the challenges we have as email marketers is how do we stand out in the
inbox now cover a little bit about that when we get to the mobile section but
it’s it’s definitely increasing in it’s usage, email is and brands are fully
embracing it but why well the first and i think the
biggest one is that email has a tremendously high return on investment
and so it doesn’t matter if it’s a b2b on which is to make business to business
or business to consumer company for small business for a large business
across vertical email tends to dollar for dollar get a return on investment
and and is really a compelling investment for the C suite because they know they
they find that their spend in email marketing comes back in a major way and so it’s highly
effective it’s also effective in retaining
customers i’m fifty six percent of marketers in a
study and stated that you know it is the single most effective way to retain
customers and email can help acquire customers really it’s all about paid
search and display and that really helps to drive acquisition email’s all about
once you have driven them to your site with your paid media what can you do to continue to cultivate
that relationship into a lot of brands will ask for an email address i’m sure a lot of you have experienced
that where you go to a site and the first thing they ask is your email
address and the reason for that because once they know who you are as a customer they’re able to these brands are able to
effectively retain you because email is a great way to manage that
relationship and create a dialogue with customers it was a lot of chatter in the marketing
industry about Millennials and they are a very large demographics and they have
a lot of spending power and and are very discerning generation and you know
recent study came out this spring that determine that email really is the best
way to reach millennials if done properly and Millennials are more likely
than any other age group to check email on a smartphone on eighty-eight percent
regularly check email on their smartphone and so what used to be kind
of this experience where people would have to go instead of a workstation and make a
decision to check their email is now a kind of fluid process in the Millennial
there are definitely embracing that and after result of it being so
effective and well received by consumers I’m 61 percent of marketing executive they plan to increase email marketing
spend and so this is a study fielded by Selligent used to be called strong
view This is my company I’ll be transparent on that and every year we feel the
studying asking marketers how they plan to spend in different areas of digital
and each year this number continues to go up so you think email email could be dying
it’s really not it’s actually getting better and
executives there are definitely increasing their spend in this area so it’s
showing that it’s very important and then another thing I like to touch
I’m when I’m talking about email and and why it kind of had a great longevity
in the digital age is you know if you think about we use mobile apps every day
on our smartphone and email is the only universal mobile application so
consider when you know if I new iphone or android there’s always an app pre-loaded on your
phone called email and it’s one of the first things that anyone that gets in
your phone does you know you might load their Facebook and snapchat and
Instagram but they’re also immediately from day one logging into their
gmail account or you know is a lot of people are still using yahoo believe it
or not and pulling their email immediately into the mobile device and
no one really owns email you know email was created years ago and it’s you know it’s
a universal digital app and so it is something that you don’t have to have a
facebook account to you know you don’t have to just communicate with
friends that are using facebook with email you can communicate with anyone
that has an email address and it can cross different platforms and internet
service providers like yahoo and gmail on your company’s domain so because of that it has also continued
to grow and I think a lot of and students and even some marketers I speak
with and don’t really think about it that way but it really is the universal
app which made it adaptable and it’s made it stronger especially as we become
smartphone culture which leads me to our next section our next section which
is really about how mobile has driven continued success for email ok I kind of touched on this earlier but
you know it used to be you know I’m really dating myself here but it used to
be that you know you would consciously have to make an effort to check your
email and you do this once or twice a day and for personal reasons and maybe
you if you have email for your work you check it constantly but that was just
for your work email so you know people say well I’m going to go check my email and
whatever was in the inbox at that time is what they can engage with and I’m
doing that log in and for until hours later or they may not even log in for a
couple more days it was definitely an effort where you
have a set time aside to check email and make a concerted effort and position to
do it the smart phone age made it where everything we do on our device
whether we’re checking Facebook or snapchat or Instagram or email it’s because the fluid part of our day of
the average consumer in a recent study I read said something if it was 46 or 47
times per day is the average number of times someone looks at their phone and
so you can email being you know as you can see here on the on the visual and
emails right there at the forefront on on many devices and so you standing in
line waiting for coffee or you know you’re waiting for your professor to
show up at school to unlock the classroom what are you doing you’re
looking down your smart phone in your you’re engaging in a variety of
activities on the device and this has really only helped email and a large percentage of people from 18
54 years old I’m check email more than making calls
on their device and that doesn’t surprise me I mean I i rarely focus
group of one here rarely checking rarely making calls i’m
usually sending text messages checking emails and social so you know this this
is a staggering statistic here 80 percent delete a mobile email when it doesn’t
render properly and thirty percent unsubscribe and so this is really
important for you to know because you have to get it right so you know with with the smartphone
helping to elevate email it’s also putting a lot of competition over where
people put their attention and so if you don’t execute email properly then your
consumers your customers are just going to delete it or they’re going to
unsubscribe and so you know it’s important to keep in mind that the web
is no longer just a desktop experience and we’ll go into the details on how you
can enhance back and I also quickly want to talk about where people are opening
email so we know that huge percentage of the population is checking emails on a
mobile device so this is the most recent numbers from
Litmus they publish them this month Litmus is actually really great
resource if you want to look at the most up-to-date engagement by environment but
here they have fifty four percent of emails are opened on a mobile device and
it’s it has different times but it continues to remain and have been for a
couple years over fifty percent and so it’s really important for you to know as
a as a marketing student that you know really the the the primary place where
people engaged is on a smartphone you really have to put a lot of emphasis
on that experience and make it as great as you can because this is this is where
your consumers are engaging in this is only going to increase over time another thing I’d like for you to
consider um I I’m very user experience focused as
a as an email strategist so I’m always trying to think about what the consumer
is going through when he or she is engaging with your email so i love this I’m just visual here because it really
shows you all the effort that a consumer have to go through to make a decision to
click through your email and purchase something and they’re not consciously
thinking of this but you have to optimize every step of the process so
that they don’t fall out at a certain place so for example you send an email
to a customer you know the brand name in the subject
line are going to be critical in getting them to open and and if you are looking
at it on desktop and a preview pane what is showing above the fold is it
isn’t exciting enough to get them to engage and maybe read the whole email are they going to click through and then
even thinking further along with the landing page is the headline going to
grab them uh you know maybe maybe the product that
you’re showing but there’s a lot of steps here that were asking consumers to
go through in order to engage and convert on our email and so you think
about that as your you’re designing your communication because it’s really
important to think about each step and optimize the whole process so great way to really delight your
customers on a smartphone is to leverage what we call responsive design I’m it’s simply a single code base that
will allow your email to render you know properly on desktop versus the
smartphone but you’re just sending one type of email and then based on the
screen size the angle is rendering properly so if
you look at this REI, Gilt Group and Tom’s example
and these are all just one eat now each of these solutions three emails that
you’re staying rei guilt and Tom but it’s it’s a single email single code
base and the email is just intelligently rendering itself based on the size of
the screen this is a really really great way to
reach our mobile users and you know in general when you’re designing for mobile
you want to be as concise as possible it’s a very small screen so let’s get
straight to the point i’m using a single call to action i’m
using bulletproof buttons and what we mean by that is a button that even if
images don’t render i’m still show up you want to utilize white space to give
your text some breathing room which is also important for maybe like hyper
linked text because the last thing you wanted you is ask someone to click here
on your email are to provide hyperlink text and in the email that they actually
touch something else and go to a completely differently link that’s just a really frustrating
experience for giving breathing room and you want to use the minimum of 13 pixel
font and you want to design in the single column format I’m really important to ensure that your
emails render well I’m just some other things that this is a funny name here
called it’s called hamburger menu but it’s simply a coding innovation that’s
been made possible in recent years where you can have the three bars that you see
on the right but then like a menu might roll down as
you can see on the last and so this is you know not taking up what it does is instead of having all
these different categories like women and juniors baby and kids at
the top of the email taking up all this valuable real estate if the consumer
receives email from a retailer and they’re not quite interested in what
they’re seeing in the main graphic they can just tap that menu it’s very
intuitive consumers they may not know it’s called a hamburger menu but they
understand that when they see those three bars that it means it’s something
they can touch and then it can roll down and show other options so if they’re not
in the market for fitness wear but maybe they want to buy stuff for the baby and
kids will be able to access that but it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the
email another thing that I’m starting to see
more of is what we call image carousel where we can show you know a single
image but have small product images below it to show other other views of a
singular product or even let’s say that and you hear you’re seeing the tunic but
maybe showing other other product without taking up too much room in the
email will be thinking that I’m seeing well not too many marketers do with this
is definitely kind of a cutting-edge innovation that I think will continue to
increase with it’s usage and then another thing that I really love is live
content and here’s an example of an email with the countdown clock in the
top right corner but countdown clocks are great because they catch the users
attention and i’m kinda it was even when they’re looking at it on their phone and
they’re like oh this is interesting i only have this much time left to to
purchase the side out and they may not catch it right in that moment but we’ll
do what we call and at least we try to encourage what we call triaging where
the content is interesting enough on the mobile device and the offer is
interesting enough for the way the visuals are presented is interesting
enough that the customer will hold on to that email and maybe when they are
chilling on the couch that evening less than ipad or will they have a laptop
open maybe they’ll go through and make a
purchase that was all these things that i’ve shown you on to the innovation
really help with that triaging but live video it’s really into staying where you can start to play
video I’m right from the email without someone having to hit play and they’re
our fallback options for certain environments and social feeds so pulling
in the Instagram feed like your social team is probably writing a lot of
awesome content why not like you some that pull it pull
it into your right into the email and mobile deep linking so if you know
someone has a brand you work for in the future have a mobile
application don’t put Google Play and Apple Store
links in the email to say you know download mobile app and put the right
one based on the device and and plant content smart enough to understand and
you know what device you’re using it will point you to the right app store I’m water feeds in some cases and there
are lots of different animations here i’m just kind of giving the surface but
these are all really great thing to grab your your mobile users attention and
with that I i I’m I’m going to end but this is really all about enhancing the
moment so with the with the customers holding the smartphone in their hands
there may be waiting in line at Starbucks like it’s really all about
enhancing that moment and understanding what they need and grabbing their
attention and with its meaning all and so this is what we strive to
continue to do as an industry is to really enhance moments and and try to
drive conversion through putting forth consumer first strategy thank you for your time today

Mirror Work Technique Example Step By Step

hi this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics always bringing you another law of attraction metaphysical lesson
from the girl that’s just like next door today I want to speak to you about law
like give you an example of mirror work I get so many messages about mirror work
that I decided today that I’m going to give you a one-time-only example of what
mirror work is supposed to look like so I want you to watch this short video all
the way to the end so that you can practice and master mirror work for
yourself now I’ve always told people that mirror work is basically to release
what’s ever inside of you that’s holding you back whatever that’s
inside of you that could be causing a blockage now a lot of people say oh I
want to use mirror right the manifest money and all this other stuff listen it
may have worked for me and a whole lot of other people but maybe your blockage
is a blockage that’s getting you further along your career further you up further
along in your relationships mirror work can open the door to so many other
things besides money and I just want to let you guys know that before I go
further but I’m telling you by practicing mirror work you will see such
a big big change in your life that I’m asking you to watch this video all the
way to the end so people say Eyvette what am I supposed to be doing in front of
the mirror what am I supposed to be doing and I tell them I said listen just
let it out just talk to God just talk to the God that’s inside of you which is
really you and my thing is we are so caught up in trying to please
other people that we forget about ourselves so now
what I’m asking you to do if you watch my other videos I spoke to you about
going to the mirror saying I love you and if you cannot say I love you to
yourself then start off saying I am growing to love you more and more every
day because that’s more realistic sometimes if you have a real hard
problem in learning to love yourself so now you’re going to get up every single
morning and let me tell you this some people say I’m gonna practice mirror
work for the next seven days the next 21 days I’m looking like mirror work is a
lifetime you can put all your effort into making a business going to work put
an effort into your children effort into your friends but you can’t take two
minutes for yourself that’s all it takes two minutes this is a lifelong thing
that you should always be doing because you come first always you come first
now the steps are is that you’re going to say I love you and you want to repeat
that maybe a couple of days then you’re gonna talk to yourself and say I’m
loving you more and more and then you want to say that for a couple of days
then you’re going to say I forgive you for anything that you I have done I
forgive me for anything that I have done because I love me I did the best that I
could at that moment then you’re gonna say I
release any fear from myself and I release any regret any hurt any hatred
that I have for anyone out there because I know what
ever I’m throwing out I’m going to get back and I’m just hurting myself and I
love myself you’re going to say I forgive all those that have hurt me and
I ask for forgiveness from them for anything that I have done you’re gonna
keep repeating this and saying I love you because I love you I am worthy of
everything that there is that is mine as you keep repeating these things to
yourself talking to yourself in the mirror you then will start seeing doors
open for you things that you felt like was blocking you from getting further
you would then start noticing that these things are now opening up for you now it
might come in the form of money it might come in the form of better relationships
that might come in the form of new opportunities but things will start to
turn around for you so let me just show you this example of mirror work so now
let’s just say you just woke up in the morning and I’m gonna show you exactly
what I do in the morning when I practice my mirror work good morning Eyvette
good morning I just love you good morning the first person I want to
say hello to in the morning is you I want to say good morning I love you I
love you I love you if you having a problem of saying I love
you then you might will start with Eyvette I am growing more and more to love
you every day every day that goes by I love you more
and more and more Eyvette I’m asking you because you are the God within me I’m
asking you to forgive me for everything that I have done that was not right for
my path I’m asking you to forgive me for everything I have done and I’m asking
you to ask others to forgive me if I did anything to them I forgive them that has
done anything to me in that I did the best
that I could while I was out here and I just love you I’m growing to love you
more and more and more every day week number two Eyvette I love you
I just love you I love you I am so open and receptive for everything that you
have for us I’m open and receptive to remove any blockages that’s in our lives
for I love you and I know that I am deserving of everything that there is
everything that there is out there I am deserving of it you are deserving of it
I am deserving of it I love you Eyvette Yvette I love you
Eyvette I released from us anything that I have done to hurt anyone it it’s a new
day new month a new year everything that is does I am deserving of is ours right
now I love you I love you and because I love you is that I know we deserving of
everything that there is I know that you are the God that’s within side of me and
because I know you to God that’s inside of me I know we’re deserving of
everything that there is EyvetteI love you I love you I love you I forgive you
Eyvette I forgive us I forgive me I forgive me being on the outside you
being on the inside I forgive me for anything I have done to hurt us any any
negativity I have brought upon us I forgive me to allow us to be able to
move forward Eyvette I love you I love you I love you
I ask for you to forgive me for anything I have done in fact at this moment right
now I forgive myself for everything that I have done and we move forward knowing
that the God within us you the God that’s within inside of me that I am
worthy and deserving of everything I love you Eyvette I love you I love you
I love you more than anything at this moment right now I release any change
any blockages that may be upon us right now
it is release it is settled it is released it is released into the
universe for there is nothing stopping us from doing all that it is that we
deserve Eyvette I love you I love you I love you I love you I really do I love
you I love you more than anybody could ever tell you I love you to the rest of
our lives to the day that I died I love you I love you okay I can’t get
any better than that but to tell you guys that’s how you do mirror work
this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics always bringing you another
law of attraction metaphysical lesson from The Girl Next Door
today we talked about mirror work step by step to show you guys exactly what
you need to do to manifest your desires into reality remember people the God
that you serve is a God that’s inside of you if you look in that mirror and you
see anything else but love your misguided you truly misguided because there’s
nothing more than love when you look in that mirror and there’s nothing that you
can manifest in this world if you don’t see love in that mirror the love in that
mirror is telling you that you are deserving of everything that there is
everything that there is that is available to you if others have it why
not you but you must first know that you’re deserving of it and get out and
take it again this is Eyvette from my world of
metaphysics if you like this video you better you have to subscribe like right
now okay hit that Bell people follow me at and if you want to
buy crystals and metaphysical items I’m also doing one-on-one coaching so if you
want that go sign up for it again this is Eyvette from my world of metaphysics

Office 365 ProPlus updates for admins: new ways to deploy and manage your Office clients

[Music] Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics
Live! and we’re gonna today we’re gonna look at a new set of updates across
Office 365 ProPlus and Windows 10 really make it simpler to deploy from
new tools to help you with adding app compat and advanced configuration
options that install time optimizing network traffic updates for updates and
new ways to understand and plan the best path forward with tailored
recommendations using the IT Roadmap that we just saw so today I’m joined by
Amesh Mansukhani from the Office 365 engineering team welcome thanks Jeremy
great to be here as always alright so we’re constantly updating our
Office clients and we’re finding new ways to plan and deploy client
deployments and upgrades so what’s the team been working on to make Office
deployment even better well we focused really on three things based off our
customer feedback right we’re looking at install time configuration application
compatibility and network efficiencies for updates so what are we doing in
terms of let’s let’s have a look at some of the things that we’re doing actually
so in terms of the three things that we are actually focusing the most on let’s
start with install time configuration because I know that we’ve done a lot in
the past in terms of maybe granularity of control and other other package types
for Click-to-Run now we’re doing a lot more in terms of giving you more
granularity so let’s start with install time config then we’ll move on to app
compat and network efficiency that sounds great yeah so for configuration
we’ve really had controls in place to configure Office suites v Pro Plus right
we’ve had that for a good amount of time now then we focused on doing the
installation configuration change and update management through System Center
Configuration Manager but today we’re now going to be introducing the Office
Customization Tool for Click-to-Run this is the one that you’ve known and loved
for a long time around MSI so we’re introducing that now for our
subscription product did you just say the Office Customization Tool for
clicked or I did you know come on this has been something that we’ve been
asking for people have been asking for a while now but I know where this is this
is awesome can you give us a quick look about what it does yeah I could
definitely can so as you can see here we have a nice rich UI that allows you to
start customizing exactly you know what kind of configurations you want during
stall time on your left-hand side you’re gonna see a nice little navigation
around software application settings these are your preferences that you’ve
set in the previous OCT and then you have installation updates and licensing
and in your middle area is kind of where you start your configuration but the
thing that we’re really introducing here that’s new for folks is on the
right-hand pane you can start seeing that customization you know really be
generated in layman’s terms right so if I start saying okay what’s the
organization name I’m gonna go with Contoso I’m gonna add that I’m gonna say
I’m gonna want 64-bit and you could see on the right hand side we start updating
that directly in the pane itself and now I have the ability to look at the actual
Suites that I want we’re supporting exactly what you’re seeing in the office
deployment tool in Microsoft Intune as well as System Center Configuration
Manager so consistent with the things like the CSP for example that you might
use with a mobile device management suite that’s correct
so very cool but you’ve also done some other work in terms of and one of the
most requested features sorry I’ve got a lot of background here because I
actually managed kind of the implementation Wallis initially match OS
is another capability that we’re bringing back right match OS we are
bringing that back now that gives you the ability to actually look at what OS
is you have or what sorry what language packs you have on the operating system
and then start matching it directly on there and taking it from your source
file the other thing we’re also going to be introducing is this ability to fall
back to the CDN so we keep getting asked for smaller package size being delivered
to multiple locations where we now can say hey I want to be able to take one
core language file one language file distribute that across my
organization and then fall back for the all the other languages directly from
the CDN that’s awesome so and you’ve also done some work in terms of making
sure that you can initiate the deployment through Microsoft Intune as
well right that’s correct so let me switch over to that and I’ll show you
exactly what that looks like so this is the intern portal today and so we’ve
started because we know a lot of folks are now moving over to the modern
management right how can you actually take things like AutoPilot and then peel
the provision of Windows and then shortly after that install Office so
that’s what we could started with where we now can go into the into console we
can go into the mobile apps and start creating my first
applications and we introduced a new software type here where we’re calling
office three spot Pro Plus right so you can add that in here and similar to the
Office Customization Tool or the ODT I can select things like what applications
I want to exclude who what languages do I want and as well as the business so
once I have that configured I could start targeting those devices that are
being managed by directly by Intune very cool so beyond all of that I think
that a lot of people think about application compatibility and how I kind
of go from one version maybe I’m on Office 2010 or some of the other build
or maybe I want to go from one semiannual update to another are we
doing anything there to help you know we certainly are we’re doing quite a few
things around that so the first thing that we did is we introduced the ability
to get a full inventory of add-ins within your organization we’ve gotten so
much feedback that you know admins are certainly aware of what they’ve
purchased and what they’ve initially installed but since it’s been multiple
years we know organizations and business units have gone out and created new sets
of macros or purchase new add-ins so how do you know what your entire
organization looks like so the first thing we did is with the upgrade
readiness in in the Windows analytics we actually provide you that full list of
add-ins in addition to all of the hardware and software that you have an
upgrade readiness and this is great so if you detect something that maybe might
not be working from a deployment perspective that we’re showing that
report of it gives you nice nice reports about how many people have have that
added installed you can then basically prioritize if there’s only two or three
people with that add-in it’s not gonna block the deployment but if ik half of
the organization has it you’re gonna look at it see maybe if it’s a if it’s
an in-house one, recode or make any changes there if it’s third-party see if
there’s an updated version etc and that gives you all of that information at
your fingertips and it’s easier than some of the older constructs where you
deploy say an agent have that log back to telemetry and this does all of that
using the same telemetry infrastructure that the rest of Windows uses for device
that’s correct yeah so but not for those of you who are not delivering your
telemetry and you going through upgrade readiness we actually just introduced
the Windows readiness toolkit we just announced that several days ago here at
ignite and basically what this does for you is it allows you to quickly
scan your environment and go okay what kind of add-ins do I actually have
within that and in this example we see we have 16 unique add-ins but four of
them we actually need to go and assess now we have some additional smarts that
were actually telling us the insights that hey we know the rest of them are
going to be pretty good but we have some some stuff in here and we go into the
granular details as to which apps do we have what versions and how highly
adopted they are but we just didn’t stop there right we want it we started
working with the ready for Windows comm website and starting the added the
add-in functionality into that into the website as well now let me look at one
that’s fairly popular I’m just gonna actually go fairly generic to and say
PDF right what this tells you here is it’s gonna go in search and I clicked on
the office add-in section it tells me PDF architect for word if I had this
particular one what version is actually highly uh adopted across the 64 bit so I
can look at 64 or 32 bit against a target version of Windows very cool so
let’s go back though you mentioned also this is the appcompat we’ve covered
kind of the install time config that we can do now and by the way we’ve had
System Center Configuration Manager integration for about a year so we
didn’t cover that or show that at this point but hopefully you guys are using
that today why don’t we talk about network efficiency because we’ve changed
the update model quite a bit in terms of how Office updates are delivered it’s
consistent with what we’re doing in terms of Windows updating as well right
so we’ve got the semi-annual channel and we’ve also got the quality updates that
we do monthly so how would I prepare then for say a semi-annual channel
update one of the sizes look like what are we doing there in terms of network
efficiency yeah so network efficiencies certainly been a big thing that
customers have been asking us about so we did a couple of different things one
we looked at the overall package size we just crack those open and we said how
can we minimize those four better to be much more network friendly and so what
we did is we found a lot of areas that we really could be efficient at and we
took advantage of that right so if you’re going from a features standpoint
for in the semi-annual channel we’ve reduced that from approximately 600 MBs
down to about 350 so you can expect that as you were starting to plan your
overall rollout for those who are adopting semi-annual
channel but as you go from a month-to-month basis in the seminary
channel you’ll have about about a hundred MB’s that you would have to be
taking from there so those are your security updates that that were actually
delivering there but if you’re for those of you who are on the monthly channel
you can expect anywhere going from about three hundred MB’s down to about a
hundred 150 MB’s it’s kind of what we’re informing these days and we’re
starting to continue we’re continuing to improve that over time and are we doing
anything in terms of like Branch Cache or peer cashing to support the update
delivery yeah we actually are so the first thing that we’ve done is we’ve
worked with System Center Configuration Manager to actually integrate into their
peer-to-peer and the really nice thing about that it’s really easy to set up
and if I have a management point nearby I can set up and devices that I can
designate as a peer device right now if I want an update it will go to that
particular peer device and be able to get the update directly from that and if
it’s from two computers it’ll actually go to both computers all right can we
see where that’s configured yeah I’ll certainly show you that so
essentially if we go into System Center Configuration Manager this is available
from 1706 onwards in technical preview and will be out shortly but it’s really
simple I go into administration I have my client settings and I can open up or
create a new customization customization pane and the setting itself if I can get
this open my VM is not not being too cooperative but if you could imagine
with me I have a little configuration right here and I all have to do is just
turn it on and say yes I want to be able to use my OS as a distribution point and
then be able to target those clients to be able to support that capability very
cool so a lot of people watching they might it might have been a while since
they’ve done their last major upgrade and say to to Windows 7 or you know
coming from an older platform of the operating system in office are we doing
anything to really help with that planning process then to make it easier
for folks to plan their upgrades and kind of the capabilities they want to do
well Jeremy there’s a great new tool for you that you might have heard of right
it’s the IT Roadmap right yes it basically lets you look at what you have
running now and determine what you want in place and
then it gives you a plan of what you need to implement to get there right so
we can see here if we look at on the IT Roadmap and this basically has that four
level continuum where I can say what level of my hat now I can pick the
things that apply to me in terms of how I’m doing device imaging if I’m gonna
take my standard apps or my productivity applications and maybe users have
permissions to install them and a very basic level because Office 365 ProPlus
has that capability but a lot of cases they’re gonna be standard users and not
have the priviledge requirements they’re up to our devices our reimage and
they’ve got their productivity applications on them as part of maybe a
task sequence deployment then as I move to level 3 or level four then automation
starts to get a bit cooler where we can do things like auto enrolment like you
just talked about with MDM along with if we get maybe a new device using
autopilot for that kind of initial out of oxic spirit setup so we can actually
see on the continuum where we might want to go let’s say we want to get auto
pilot running it’s gonna then push out a bunch of recommendations that I can look
at in terms of some of the tools I’m going to need so you can see here a user
state migration tool config manager options etc that I’m gonna use along
that continuum of getting better and better in terms of the sophistication
and the type of deployment tools and processes I can use so we’ve got a nice
we’ve got a nice model there in terms of the four different stages if you will
just around the provisioning side and on management this is where it gets also
interesting from a app and OS perspective here we can say like how do
I get to the point where I can take monthly updates so I can take semiannual
updates because I might be just used to doing only security and then service
packs and I need to get into more of the semiannual flow then we have all the
different capabilities they’re also mapped out along that four level
continuum so another great resource hopefully that that you can use in terms
of being able to set up these plans and make sure that you have the right
capabilities in place let me just give you the link for that because I actually
just corrected the destination of that link which is or you can use to get
to it which was the direct link I should have used in the last session so just a
couple of tools this is pretty pretty big set of updates in terms of ProPlus
deployment where can people go in terms of they’ve got questions or
or deployment help yes certainly I mean we’re constantly delivering a lot of
information out of the blogs the office blogs as well as the tech community
forms right and also get a FastTrack FastTrack is a great resource we had a
great show on this a little bit earlier in the week where you can actually use
free deployment help for a lot of organizations that qualify to get Office
365 ProPlus deployed they’ll use tools like the IT Roadmap the updated Office
Customization Tool once it’s ready to help get all the deployments in place if
you’ve got config manager if you use it in tune all those things are things that
they’ve seen and can help you with on the deployment of Office so thanks so
much for joining us today and keep watching Microsoft Mechanics for all the
updates to Office 365 ProPlus and more and we’ll see you next time [Music]

Overview of Office on Windows 10

Welcome to Office Mechanics, the first show of the season, where we go deeper into the office 365 technologies and the people behind them. It’s a brand
new year and this is a brand ne demo-rich show today hot on the heels of the recent
Windows 10 announcements we’re going to take a first look at the touch optimized Office for Windows 10 on a tablet I’m joined by Ben Walters. Welcome. Great to be here. We had a lot of great
announcements around Windows 10 and the preview news just been released but what’s new in the world Office? This was huge news we have about Office today. We now have Office built from the ground
up for touch with Windows tablets so this means no more mouse and and no more keyboard if I’m on the go and get access my Office no matter what I’m
doing so what I’m gonna do today is take you through an example about using Office for for a company that is
building a camera. I’m going to go through all the apps and show you what that looks like. Let’s get started with Excel and here we have some demographic data for where wanna sell my camera and
what’s happening there of course Excel is one of these really fine tuned, high-precision apps today
but now it’s really easy for me just with touch to be able to do all the
things in Excel I love to do. So being able to select and manage and filter to my data really simple all just with my finger because when we working with Excel we
really wanna start to take some that data and format that we can present it
to people so over here my other worksheet I’ve got a set of data that has been given to us around book sales for the week We can see it’s raw and there’s no formatting to it but really easy for me to hit the Insert tab and convert this over to a table and
beauty is with only one cell selected Excel can go ahead and figure out the bounds of that data table, it’s got table header is actually applied that formatting for me so I don’t need to do all those selection pieces myself and of course once that’s done it’s very
easy for me to go ahead and start to reformat that widen columns move things around as I
need to course when the other big powerful piece in Excel is this idea charting data being able to put them into
graphs and we used to do this with a hover control at the bottom in the
table which you know was kind of hard to do with a finger. Right. So here I can go ahead and say you know what insert recommended charts I get this
great live view of the data rendered as it would be in that
preview very simple for me go ahead and select those charts greats have your data analysis you
researched and want to work on the spec and word that’s a great idea so here I
have my camera specification up in Reading Mode on Word this is great is really easy for me to
make my way through the documents see feedback and comments that have come
through as part of that I can also see things like my comments on that document
that have done so I can add review and comment to that as I’m going as I’m
making my way through and just transition through and read that
the way I would read a book the other great thing around reading
mode is this idea insights this is one other big
differentiators for Windows as well to the ability for me to be able to
select the word have a menu come up and that mean you give me an insights
menu and what this is doing is looking at the document and looking at the
context of what’s happening in a document and pulling back additional
information for me from the web on that we saw that Office Online Bing is
actually pulling in that information and surfacing that up right in the
document that’s right and really easy for me get great results in there as
well from that perspective course what I want to be able to do as
well as make edits my document so I can very easily switch respect and
it might and knows I have my document here picked up from where I was when I was
reading really smooth really really your response even the way I work with
that so with the change in a in the UI sometimes it can be difficult to
find features that we’ve had in the desktop you know where they are and this is where the idea of Tell Me
comes in so I can start to ask questions that were around where its functionality
is so for example here gonna go actually
asked for headers and footers bring it back up I asked how I can
insert a header or footer and you notice as I’m typing this in its
bringing up those commands not help topics are not taking up to a website to
read actually exposing their functionality
for me so I can simply putting header and it takes me straight to the header and header and footer at night so I can
insert company my head is important another great feature here is this idea of being able to lock the keyboard so as I’m never getting through document
I get this happening with the keyboard pops up instead what I can do is lock that out and
then released at never get through that document cleanly and easily without much
hassle that’s really cool are seeing a lot of
the features from the web services things like Insights things like Tell Me coming down
to the in the rich clients are Office for Windows tablet I know you’ve also worked on a pitch deck a presentation in PowerPoint for this camera so why don’t you give us a look at that? that’s right and one other big things around happen we’re looking to reviews its
ability to really take power the pain as one the big differentiator
is when we look at it Office for Windows tablet is the idea that we have stylus
is that we can use to do we’ll find grain control and review on that So here you can see I have my deck I’m
currently in presenter mode and I can make my way through the slides
really nice me transitions great animations as part of that that because I have my pen I can also
start to annotate some of this as well you can see here I have a slide I’ve
got a couple a couple bubbles on their highlighting
some things but I really want that to match so what I can do is I can actually take
my pen and start to put in annotations onto that slide to let me know what I
need to do so as I go back and make my edits I know
exactly what that’s done there and i cant say across things out have a
name I can also use this one presenting if I wanted to to highlight different
areas at the deck answer if I wanted to draw attention
over to certain things that go ahead and do that as well right so with my annotations in place I can pop out of my presentation and get
the option to keep those annotations as well so I know exactly where those marks were made and what they
look like one the other things we’ve got it is idea that I you know want to try and copy n paste my
formatting I was one of the things we noted down want to do it so historically this is
something they did take a mouse and keyboard and the copy formatting function to do that been now and go
ahead and do this with touch so by selecting the object I want to copy we get this little ellipsis and it shows me a
submenu these are all contextual show up based on what I have selected in this menu and alters as it needs to so I go ahead and pick copy formatting select my new object and paste that over there and then we go I’ve now got consistent
formatting across my deck so again really powerful really easy to use these
touch based applications really great so we see a lot of the on
the web services come in the support that we see the power of the pen on on Windows 10 especially the real
differentiator in terms of some of the things that you can do with that device in specific great terms of functionality have across
all your documents or spreadsheets the things to plan out your camera that you’re building the
specification in Word the PowerPoint file the great thing is really consistent
across all the different tablet form factor your using, so whether you use in iOS or Android on those tablets wanna make sure you can be able to
change from one platform to the other very easily just Office is wherever you
are in this the device that you have on your right that’s right is really
important and we say in the camera world the best camera you’ve got is the one in
your pocket now the best device I have is one that I got with me that’s really great to see. thanks for joining us today Ben. Of course for all the news go to the Office Blog and on Wednesdays Office Mechanics thanks for watching and
goodbye for now

How Does An Antenna Work? | weBoost

Hi my name is Don and I primarily
design and test antennas for a living and I’m here today to try to explain to
you basically a little bit about how antennas
work so the first thing I want to start with
is the antenna wire and we call it coaxial cable so the first thing we are going to talk about it what is not coaxial cable this is just normal power cable notice that
the lines are parallel to each other this coaxial cable you’ll notice that
there’s a shield on the outside and then there’s an insulator and then there’s a
center conductor, the center conductor is actually what runs the power to the
antenna. The reason this is important is how an internal works. So if you have two
pieces of wire side-by-side, you have current flow in this direction and
current flow in that direction the current flows cancel each other out if
you have a piece of coaxial cable this is actually grounded on the outside and the
current flows in this direction and the current flows in that direction on the
inside and the currents cancel each other out how we gettin intended to work and
actually radiate power is to change that so to change that we want to transmit
power out to the air so once again you have two pieces of wired and you have
current flow in this direction and current flow in that direction a simple dipole antenna like you put on
your FM stereo at home is just when you take this wire and split off over in this
direction and split it off over this direction and now I still have current
flow in this direction and I still have current flow in this direction but if
you notice the current flows in the same direction across this plane and that
allows us to generate RF energy that leaves like this, and can be received as
well. So if you have two pieces of wire side-by-side the electromagnetic energy that is generated from current flow
cancel each other out so if I have a wire here and have a wire here, this one we’ll
call it positive and this one we’ll call negative because this was positive in
this one’s negative you can’t get any energy to radiate out because they
cancel each other out I think that’s pretty simple but if I take and I
separate these two wires like this so this is still my feed point down here
and I have current flow in this direction and in this direction and I have current
flow in this direction and in this direction but every time you have current
flow you also have electromagnetic energy so now because I have current
flow in the same direction across this plane now I have an energy field that
looks like this. I have a high current point here and a low current point here
but high voltage point here and when that high voltage point hits they’re all
that electromagnetic energy jumps off the wire and radiates out into space that’s
basically how an antenna works, most antennas act very similar to a dipole
antenna and that’s what this is and remember a dipole antenna you have
radiated energy on both sides How does an antenna receive energy? Well
like on a cell tower a cell tower is radiating energy just like our antenna here
was radiating energy out, well radiated energy also can be received by
this same antenna so the antenna captures that energy and then transfers
it down to our feed point so we can run into an amplifier or maybe you just plug
it straight into your stereo system or on a car stereo you plug it into the
back of the car stereo and they all act very similarly. I hope everything that
I’ve explained today was apparent and you understood it and if you have any
questions or comments please feel free to leave that and please subscribe to
our channel we will be releasing more videos in the future. Have a great day.

How to download Microsoft Office 365 from Dcmail

In this video i am going to show you how you
can download office 365, your free version from Durham College. To start go to your myCampus and login using
your student number and password. If you hit submit, top right hand side there
is a button for dcmail. Just click that. It will take you to the login page. You can also access the same login page by
going to google and typing in dcmail and clicking the first link it will bring you to the same
login screen. To login to your dcmail, it is your same student
number but using your network password. Your network password can be obtained from
IT Helpdesk if you don’t know what that is. But normally that is your password will log
you in to any computer on campus. Hit sign in. Once you get there you come to your inbox,
on the right hand side there is a setting wheel at the top right, from there you scroll
down and you will see office 365, click on that for me. Once you get there, go to the left hand side
and click install status. This will now allow you to download for your
PC or Mac. Click on install desktop applications. Once you get here, you’ll hit install. This will automatically put the install on
your computer. Now depending where you have your installs
go, mine go to my desktop. So if i exit out of that now and exit out
again. I will come to my desktop and here i will
have a setup application. Just run this application. Once you run the application it will go through
all the steps and then you’ll put in your dcmail and the same password that you used
to login to your dcmail and that will help you to login to Microsoft and it will work. If you experience issues with your dcmail
and password for login, you can try using your Hotmail or gmail account. If you still have any problems after this
please contact your Assistive Technologist for further instruction.

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Office Cubicle

How To Make An Office Cubicle Hello! Today, I’ll show you how to make an office cubicle. You can combine lots of these to make a big cubicle office! :] (Music by Liltommyj) I’ll be making this with a blue clay theme, but you can use the materials you want. (Music by Liltommyj) It’ll of course need a chair.. A desk.. A computer with a mouse.. (Music by Liltommyj) A plant.. A trash bin.. Oops.. (Music by Liltommyj) (Music by Liltommyj) Let’s make a calendar to decorate the desk! (Music by Liltommyj) It’s a design I recently came up with, I find it pretty useful! (Music by Liltommyj) If you have decoration ideas for the cubicle, feel free to add them! (Music by Liltommyj) Line them up and vary them a tiny bit for a boring-looking office! 😀 Leave a like if you want me to do an entire office with lots of cubicles and other awesome details! See you next time! (Subtitled by Decimalize)

How to Make a Growth Chart!

Hey everybody, today we’re going to be making a growth chart for your family so you can take it with you wherever you go and it’s super cute So let’s get going I went online and looked up just Chevron pattern and this is actually even close to the colors that I want but it’s not quick the thickness So this is what I’ve done. I have a this is a stencil Sheet thing make your own stencil thing and now what I’m doing is as you can see I’ve already drawn Let’s see on here and all the way down here and instead of drawing every single line like I didn’t draw on this one because I actually want it to be a little bit thicker when I put it on the board, so I’ll just start again and I basically just done this to be able to get exactly the thickness that I want and exactly the pattern without having to go in and do it mathematically because I’m leaving like that It’s just easier. So why go through the trouble so this is where I’m at right now, so to finish I had, well I had just had it down here and lined up with everything to finish this top part I just unattached it and moved it down To another row to be able to get it perfectly all the way up to the top right there. So now I have my stencil and it’s going to work really well, I’m just going to take this Put it on my board and that will be the pattern that I have on when I’m completely done, so now I’m just going to go ahead and paint the board white and then I will get my color that I want to put on top of that. That’s just a little bit bluer than white, and then I’ll have that of my cute background. Okay, so I just spray-painted, put the stencil over this part down here and I just did the stencil over this part right here and now I just print up the stencil from right here, i’m gonna turn it on to this part here It’s windy all of a sudden So anyways, now that I’ve put it over here I’m just gonna line it up, you can see with with this arrow thing right here And then keep going up to this point and then I have a paper under here to make sure I don’t spray it on anything that I shouldn’t be spraying on and then I’ll just continue doing this until I’m all the way up to the top of the board And I don’t even think I’m going to need to do it two layers because this is pretty thick and it looks good just that way so that’s what I’m gonna do and we’ll show you when it’s done Alright so, I am going to put the measuring marks on here of like you know One foot, two foot – and I’m going to start it off by measuring at 6 inches off of the ground because we want to have if there’s a molding on the ground or you know, you don’t want it to set all the way to the floor because you don’t know if it might be popping out on the wall or if that makes any sense. So anyways I’m going to start it at the six inch mark and measure up from there, so here’s the first foot Just make little marks One foot two Right one And so on all the way to the top Okay, I am eating M&Ms No, I’m done measuring it out. You can see, thanks little marks all along the side So that is like exactly like what a ruler has on it Except for it’s a giant ruler anyways Now I’m going to paint it. Paint each little line black, and then we’ll see if I add anything else out. After that, i’m not even sure yet All right, so I have just went on the computer, found the font that are like sort of the numbers that I’m putting on here and then I like put it up to 5 like 200 or some things and then printed that off and then I cut out each individual number and this is what I’ve done so far, I just cut out them and then traced around So I have all these that are ready to go, ready to repainted and so anyways this is, I just kind of estimated just like guess where I want it to go and then trace over and by the way I know there’s an easier way to do this and my brain is just not working – You know what? This will work I’ll get done what I need to with this way too, so Anyways, once I’m done tracing around this, then I’ll be ready to paint the inside the color that I want. I was either thinking gray or black and I think I might be doing gray this time cause’ now just to give it a little bit more variety and then the last thing that I want to do is actually write speech at the very very top to the top of it and that’s going to be a review to finish it up, so i’m gonna go ahead and fill in what’s right Okay, ready James? -What do you think that is?
-A hand
-What did I put on it?
-Paint? What are we gonna do? -You wanna put it on that?
-Okay Okay, take it off Good Is that your hand? -Another one
-No, only one time. We’re gonna go wash it off now. We’re gonna write “James” -So you right James on it?
-Okay So, we’ve been in Do lots of trials and stripe I thought it’d be fun to have you know Daddy’s top, mommy then James and Corbin, you know and then whoever comes next, the little girls will be right here and however many more kids we have, we can fill it up to the bottom Anyway it is totally and completely finished. I’ll bring it over here – better You can see all of it is finally done. It took forever but it looks good, and I’m excited to hang it up in our new house, so Yeah, look at that Exciting. I love it. Cool Anyways, Subscribe if you want to see more crafts like this, this was really fun and it was, it was pretty simple it just a little like time, you know Yeah, oh yeah. I want to ask you guys a question. In the comments below, I want to hear where you’re from I thought that would be kind of cool be able to hear you know where everybody’s watching from and also just some crafts that maybe you’ve done, I would like to be I don’t know, I kinda want to hear about what you guys are doing too, so Anyway If you like this, please subscribe and then comment and tell me where you’re from and if you have any ideas for the baby’s name please let me know because we’re still looking and I think that’s it. We’ll see you next time So we’re going to measure James You gotta back up. You are getting tall You know that? Let’s put your feet all the way up. Back them up. There Alright, now put your head right there Let’s see here There, that’s how tall you are. Looks like you are three feet and three and a half inches Look at you. That’s you, right there That’s how tall you are