✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Electric Chair

HOW TO MAKE AN ELECTRIC CHAIR Today,I’ll show you how to make a cool looking electric chair.. :] You can actually take a seat and get executed! This is an improved version of my old design which couldn’t do harm. Making a fitting room is very important! These potions determine what happens to the player that’s sitting in the chair.. Now I’m ready to build the chair itself! This skull is supposed to look like the metal helmet that you have to wear. :I Now you’re sitting properly and it actually looks pretty good! :] You can’t do anything from here,since you head is inside the gate. Pull the lever a couple of times to execute the person in the chair.. I hope you enjoyed this improved version of one of my old designs! Feel free to leave a like if you want more like this!

How to Fix One Radiator Not Working – Plumbing Tips

– [Announcer] Plumberparts.co.uk,
honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by heatandplumb.com. Hi, and welcome to another
plumberparts.co.uk video. Today, I’m going to give you a
quick bit of advice about how to get your radiator working
if only one’s working. Now I’ve seen a few other
videos on the Internet about how to do this, and
some of them are plain wrong, and some of them could
actually cause leaks in your house if you do it wrong. Here’s the radiator in question. All the other rads in the
house are burning hot, the boiler’s on, the pump’s running, and the thermostat in the
room’s calling for heat. But this one radiator
here isn’t getting hot. We feel these pipes here. There’s no heat coming down here at all, and as I said, all the other
radiators are hot in the house. So the first thing we do is check that the lock shield is open. All you need to do is
remove the lock shield cap. You’ll find the lock
shield valve bit here. Get a set of adjustables on there. Open that fully up. Turn that all the way
you can anti-clockwise. Okay, keep going and keep going. Now you never know, now you might find that you’ve got heat
coming into the radiator. To get the earliest
affirmative answers to whether there’s heat going into the radiator, instead of feeling the
radiator itself at the bottom or the top, feel the
two pipes going to it. One will be a flow pipe,
and one’ll be a return pipe, and if now you’ve opened
up your lock shield, and you feel one of these
two pipes getting warm, then you know you’re getting flow. However, that might not
have solved your problem. You could still have air in the radiators. The symptoms of air in your radiators are quite simple to describe. If you already have a hot flow and return going to the radiator, if
you felt down the radiator, it should be warm at the bottom, and at the top it would be cold. This is always a sign of
air being in the rads. But before you get mental
trying to bleed all the air out of the radiators, I strongly recommend you turn the boiler and the pump off. Anyway, here’s how you bleed a rad. Right, so here’s how
to bleed your radiator. Your boiler and your pump are turned off. Both radiator valves are open. Even though we haven’t
looked at the TRV yet, so that could be stuck shut. We’ll look at that in a minute. Just get a little bit of cloth, get your radiator key in there. Open that. Fortunately, you can see
we’ve got water there already. Just let that run for a few seconds. That’s great. Now usually when there’s air in there, obviously you have a lot of air coming out before you get to water. Obviously, if the radiator does have air in the top of it, you
will get air coming out. You’ll be able to hear it really easily. It’ll be a nice, slight hiss,
and you can control easily the rate at which it
comes out using this key. As soon as you get a
bit of water come out, just tighten it up,
wipe up any excess water that might have spilled on the floor, or something like that. And then you should feel the radiator at the top getting nice and hot. The next problem you can have
is the fact that your TRV, or the control head for the
radiator, is stuck shut. This is where I’ve seen
a few of the other videos on the Internet telling you how to do this sort of thing have gone wrong. Now, let’s just go over it very slowly, and if you follow our
instructions, you should be able to get it working just fine again. If not, we’ll give you a quick
guide on how to change a TRV. So here’s the thermostatic
radiator valve in question. First thing you need to do is make sure it’s fully turned on. So at the moment, it’s on
setting number five out of five. Next, you have to be able
to remove the TRV head. Now there’s a few
different ways to do this. This one here is just a screw-on collar. Some of the other ones, like
by manufacturers like Danfoss have a black plastic
lug that you have to pop a screwdriver into, pop
that out, and then you just quarter-turn twist it, and it’ll lift off. But this one’s a collar-screw one. You put that there, and that means there we can reveal the head here. Now this one I know works. The way you can figure that one out is you just press this pin down like that. Some of them, the pin will be stuck down. On this particular type,
the best way to do this is to, while it’s stuck
down, just pressing it a little bit and see
if that’ll bring it up. The best way to deal with
these is to be gentle. Don’t hit them with a hammer. Now this particular model
won’t have that problem but if you got a tradition pin-type TRV, if you hit it with a hammer,
often the pin will just fly out and you’ll have a lovely
fountain of water just come out. The best way to deal with the pin types, is to get a very small
set of long-nosed pliers. This is a set of long-nosed pliers, and what you do is you grip the pin itself and you just wiggle it upwards. Just pull it out yourself, and pull it up, and that’ll get it working with any luck. Sometimes you’ll find
once you’ve got it free, you can push back down the pin,
and it will stay stuck down. At that point, you’re probably
going to be looking at getting a new TRV for
that particular radiator. This particular type
here, fortunately because we don’t have that problem with it being a traditional-type
pin, the best way I find to deal with these, would
be to get a large-ish, if it’s stuck down, get
a large bit like that, and then to slightly tap it. Just to shock it. That’s all you need to do. You’re not trying to bash the
hell out of this so it moves. All you need to do is shock the tension out of what’s holding it in place. And then it should pop up
and then if you’ve bled the radiator of air,
you’ve undone the TRV, and the lock shield,
you’ve got a great flow. You should then have a hot radiator. I hope you found that video
helpful in telling you how to get your one radiator
from working again. If you find that you’ve
got two or three radiators on a long run that aren’t
working, the potential problem for this system could be
that it is not balanced. We are going to do a video
for balancing radiators, and if you check our channel, or you if check our related videos, you should find it there. If you have any more
problems, you can contact us, or visit our website
at plumberparts.co.uk. Thanks ever so much for
watching, and I’ll see you soon. Bye bye. Plumberparts.co.uk,
honest reviews and advice. Sponsored by heatandplumb.com

How ELECTRICITY works – working principle

hey there guys Paul here from the
engineering mindset dot com in this video we are going to be looking at how
electricity works now this is pretty essential knowledge for any engineer so
we’ll run through the basic parts of what you need to know so let’s start at
the very basics and for that we need to take a look at the atom everything
including you is made from atoms all the materials we use are made from atoms the
materials are just different because the construction of their atoms are slightly
different the atoms are made from three particles two of which are found inside
the nucleus and the third particle sits outside this at the center of the atom
we have the nucleus inside the nucleus we have the neutrons which have no
charge and we also have the protons which are positively charged the
neutrons and the protons are much heavier than the electrons so these will
stay within the nucleus surrounding the nucleus are different layers of orbital
shells these are like flight paths for the electrons the electrons flow along
these flight paths much like a satellite orbits our planet except that the
electrons travel in almost the speed of light the electrons are negatively
charged and they are attracted to the positive charge of the protons the
electrons orbit around the nucleus in these orbital shells and there are a set
number of how many electrons can be in any one orbital shell the number of
protons neutrons and electrons and Atom has tells us which material it is atoms
hold on to their electrons very tightly but some materials will hold on to them
more tightly than others the outermost shell is known as the
valence shell and in this shell some materials have loosely bound electrons
which can flow to other atoms atoms which can pass electrons are called
conductors and most metals are conductors on the other hand atoms which
do not have free electrons and so they can’t pass electrons between alpha atoms
are known as insulators and these are things like glass and rubber now we can
combine these materials to safely use electricity by having the conductor in
the center which allows electrons to move but surround this with an insulator
to restrict where they can flow to ie not in to us
which keeps us safe if we look inside the slice of copper cable at the free
electrons surrounding the nucleus of the copper atom you’ll see that the free
electrons are able to move to other atoms but this happens randomly in any
direction if we then connect the slice of copper cable to a closed circuit with
a power source such as a battery then the voltage will force the electrons to
move and this will then all flow in the same direction to try and get back to
the other terminal of the battery when I say circuit this just means the
route which electrons can flow along between the two terminals the positive
and a negative of a power source so we can add things into their path like
light bulbs and this means that the electrons will have to pass through this
in order to get to the other terminal and so we can use this to create things
such as light the circuit can even be open or closed in a closed circuit that
means the electrons can flow around and in an open circuit this means that the
electrons are not able to flow voltage is a pushing force of electrons within a
circuit it’s like pressure in a water pipe the more pressure you have the more
water can flow the more voltage you have the more electrons can flow but what
does a volt mean well a volt is a Joule per Coulomb and a Joule is a measurement
of energy or work and a Coulomb is a group of flowing electrons we’ll have a
look at what a Coulomb is in just a second though so a 9-volt battery can
provide 9 joules of energy in the form of work or heat per group of electrons
that flow from one side of the battery to the other in this case the current of
electrons flow from one side of the battery through the LED light bulb which
produces light and then the electrons flow to the other side of the battery
therefore nine joules of light and heat is produced by the light bulb current is
the flow of electrons when a circuit is closed it means electrons can flow and
when the circuit is open no electrons will flow we can measure the flow of
electrons just like you can measure the flow of water for a pipe to measure the
flow of electrons we use the unit of amp one ampere means one Coulomb per second
and one Coulomb is a group of electrons the group is incredibly large and is
approximately 6 billion 242 million billion
electrons and that has to pass in one second for it to equal one amp that’s
why electrons are grouped together and just called amps to make it easier for
engineers resistance is a restriction to the flow of electrons in a circuit the
wire which carries electrons will naturally have some resistance the
longer the wire the greater the resistance the thick of the wire the
lower the resistance resistance to the flow of electrons is different for each
material and the temperature of the material can also change resistance to
the flow of electrons electrical circuits use specially designed
components known as resistors to purposely restrict the flow of electrons
this is either to protect other components from to meet electrons
flowing through it or we can also be use to create light and heat such as in an
incandescent lightbulb resistance occurs when electrons collide with atoms the
amount of collisions is different from one material to another copper has a
very low collision rate but other materials such as iron will have much
more collisions when collisions occur the atoms generate heat and at a certain
temperature the material will then start to produce light as well as heat which
is how the incandescent lamp to work when a wire is wrapped in a coil it will
generate a magnetic field as the current passes through it the cable will
naturally create an electromagnetic field by itself is just intensified by
the coil by wrapping it in a coil the magnetic field becomes so strong that
the magnetic field starts that actually affect the electrons within the wire but
we’ll look at why this occurs in the future more advanced video we can
increase the strength of the magnetic field simply by wrapping the coils
around an iron core we can also increase the number of turns within the coils and
also we can increase the amount of current passing through the circuit and
this is how we electromagnets work and it’s also the basis of how induction
motors work if you want to learn more about induction motors we’ve already
covered this in another video already to see the link on-screen now now when a
magnetic field passes across a coil of wire it will induce a voltage in that
wire caused by an induced electro-motive force which is pushing the electrons in
a certain direction if the wire is connected in a
circuit then this electro-motive force will cause a current to flow this is the
basis of how AC generators work and the electricity at your wall sockets within
your home is produced in a very similar way transformer now we can combine all
of the aspects together that we’ve just covered and when we do so we’ll see that
we can use one call to generate electricity and then we can place two
other coils in very close proximity to each other but not touching and this
will create a transformer the transformer will induce a voltage from
the first of the primary coil over into the secondary coil and this will force
electrons to flow if the coil in the secondary side has a closed circuit now
what’s important about the transformer is that we can increase or decrease the
voltage between the primary and the secondary coils simply by changing the
amount of coils on either side again this is a subject all by itself so we’ll
cover this in a more advanced video later on now something else which I just
want to briefly mention is the capacitor so a capacitor forces positive and
negative charges to separate across two plates when it is connected to a power
supply this causes a buildup or store of electrons within an electric field when
the power supply is cut or interrupted these charges will then be released flow
up and meet again this provides a power source but only for a few seconds until
the charges have paid back up again it’s slightly similar to a battery but
capacitors are very common and they’re in almost every single circuit board and
we’ll cover this obviously in more detail in a future video just be aware
of these so the last part I want to cover in this video is that there are
two types of current electricity that being alternating current or AC and then
direct current or DC alternating current simply means that the current flows
backwards and forwards in a circuit as the terminals are constantly reversed
this is a bit like the tide of the sea it goes in and out in and out in and out so
this is reversing constantly now alternating current is the most common
source of power and the plug sockets in your homes and your buildings and
schools and workplace etcetera we’ll all be providing alternating
current AC now on the other hand we’ve got direct current or DC and that simply
means that the current flows directly in in only one direction it does not alternate this is what’s provided from batteries and almost all your handheld
devices are from this as well so we can convert AC to DC and vice versa using
power electronics and this is how we charge and power you have small devices
and it’s also how solar panels can be used to power our homes because solar
panels produce DC power and our homes need AC power so we have to convert this
for it to be usable so both AC and DC have pros and cons to it but you know
for sure we’ll look at this and another later video it’s a bit more advanced and
there’s also quite an interesting history behind why we use AC and DC and
the inventors behind that if you’ve got ten minutes I definitely recommend
having a Google or a YouTube of this too alright that’s it for this video thank
you very much for watching I hope you enjoyed this and it helped you if you
have any questions please leave me in the comment section below also don’t
forget to subscribe and check out our website the engineering mindset dot com

hataraku saibou • red blood cell • cosplay makeup tutorial • cells at work

[Music] hello everyone it’s sanzu and welcome back to my channel today I present to you the red blood cells makeup from hot Eric’s eyeball I actually wanna do more cosplay related makeup tutorials like this so if you’re interested please let me know in the comments and please let me know which characters you would want to see next I’ve already done my foundation by using a BB cushion so I’m gonna be continuing with Michelle’s creamy concealer in the color frozen as always I use this concealer to highlight my face as well that’s why the amount I’m using is a little bit more than usual [Music] now I need to set the concealer on my under-eye area especially so I’m gonna be using this powder from VDL this powder became my favorite recently because it smells amazing but kind of smells like men’s perfume I think for my brows I’m gonna be using the vivid bright side liner in red from NYX and I could do this because my eyebrows are quite light so if you have dark eyebrows I’m not sure if this would work for you but you can still give it a try and see [Music] now I’m getting this Christmas palette I got from Sephora this year and I will go in with the lightest color in it on my whole eyelid since the character doesn’t have any hint of eyeshadow on her eyes you can skip this part as well I’m just doing it to complete the oral look but the eyeshadow will be very very light now I’m going for this light brown shade in the same palette I’ll only use it on the outer corners of the eye as well as the bottom part of the eye but I’m only doing it to create a overall balance with the rest of the makeup you can just skip the eye shadow part because it’s not gonna change a lot of things [Music] [Music] for the eyeliner I went for a double-sided one like this one from Minnie so I liked it because it has a liquid liner on one side and I pencil on the other side so I could just switch real quickly as I did the eyeliner our character has very droopy eyes that’s why I went for a droopy eye liner as well I just followed the eye liner downwards so it could create the illusion of a droopy eye [Music] [Music] before applying the fake eyelashes I use the mascara on my own lashes so they could blend well together with the very black fake eyelashes [Music] I also decided to apply some white glitter on the inner corners of my eye [Music] and then I decided to add sound fake bottom eyelashes but I only used a cup cart of it because I realized the character house but my lashes but they are very noticeable on the outer part of her eyes and then I applied the mascara on my own lashes on the inner corner of my eye to contour the face I’ll be using makeup Revolutions contour and highlight palette and I went for a cool toned Brown in it and I started to come to the tip of my nose to give it a bottom effect I used the same tone on my jaw line as well to make it more noticeable and as for the highlighter I went for the skimpiest highlighter from makeup revolution if you end up applying too much you can just get a powder brush and a little bit powder and brush off the excess highlighter [Music] now our character also has very blushed cheeks so I got the slip and Tipton’s that I got from brush go but I think it’s discontinued I started to apply it by tapping it onto my skin but if you feel like you applied too much that you look too red you can just get the BB cushion and go over the edges and on it as well as I’m doing right now I also got this pink blush cream blush from Candy Doll and when offered the same color to give it a more gradient if I as I layered the blush I kept touching it up with a BB cushion until I got it just right I also applied the same Candy Doll lip and cheek cream on my lips [Music] afterwards I went back to the lip and cheek tint and I applied it onto the inner corner of my lips it’s a very light watery product so I needed to build up the color a little bit so I kept doing it until the color was right and I smudged the other parts of it I also concealed the bottom outer part of my lips so it could have a gradient effect there as well and as for the last step I added some pink lip gloss onto the inner part of my lips just where I used the tint [Music] after the makeup I’ll be focusing on the wig styling a little bit our character has that hair that sticks out and it is one of her unique features so I wanted to emphasize that one the Vic already has that styled but you will need some hairspray to just set up just right so it can stay like that even when you’re moving around you can also spray the hair like this and curl it even using the spray bottle so it will have this natural curve going on after that I wanted to style the Vic with the hat on as well so I could just see the end result of it I took some hair strings and sprayed them so they could look more bulrush and natural also please make sure to cover your eyes if you are gonna spray the banks of the wig because if it gets in your eye it will burn alot and it may cause harm [Music] and with this our makeup is done the look is done and our cosplays done I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found my makeup for her accurate I really wanted to focus on how like pink and blessed she is because overall she ever red blood cell so yeah that was my take on it I hope you enjoyed it also if you haven’t watched the anime yet please go and watch it you’re not gonna regret it it’s really funny and cute as well at the same time and lastly for the wig and the costume and the lenses I’ll be leaving the links for them in the description below if you’d like to cosplay her as well and yeah I’ll be seeing in my next video bye bye

Does being taller mean you earn more at work? Watch 6 Minute English

Neil: Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English. I’m Neil. Catherine: And I’m Catherine. Neil: Catherine, are you tall enough? Catherine: Tall enough for what? Neil: Tall enough to be happy with your height. Catherine: Er, well, yes, I’m alright with my height, I can’t do a thing about it anyway so, how about you? Neil: Well, the same, really. I wouldn’t mind being slightly taller, I suppose, which is appropriate as today’s topic is about heightism. Catherine: Heightism. Now, you may not have heard of heightism before, but it’s like other ‘isms’ – like racism, sexism, ageism and other ‘isms’ that highlight a particular kind of discrimination or unequal treatment that people experience. Neil: But before we find out more about this topic, our quiz question for today. The tallest person ever proven to live was Robert Wadlow from the USA. How tall was he? Was he: a) 2.71m; b) 2.72m or c) 2.73m? What do you think, Catherine? Catherine: Wow, that’s really, really tall! I’m going to guess 2.71m. Neil: Well, listen out for the answer at the end of the programme. Tanya S Osensky is an attorney and author of the book ‘Shortchanged’ about her own experiences of heightism. Catherine: Clever title. To short-change someone is to not give them what they are entitled to, what they deserve. And originally this phrase comes from paying for something and not getting the right money back. So if I buy something for £6 and I pay with a £10 note and the shopkeeper only gives me £3 back, I’ve been short-changed – it means I’ve been cheated. And in the context of facing discrimination because you’re not tall, ‘Shortchanged’ is a really good pun. Neil: Tanya spoke about her book on the BBC radio programme Thinking Allowed. She talks first about our general feelings about height. What does she say people never wish for? Tanya S Osensky: Everybody that I’ve spoken to who is tall relishes their height. I have not met anybody who said they would wish they were shorter and people generally tend to even embellish what their height is when you ask them what it is. Neil: So what is it she says no one wishes for? Catherine: Well, she says no one wishes they were shorter! Neil: And that’s right. She said that tall people relish their height. This means they enjoy being tall, they get great satisfaction from it. Catherine: And another point she makes is that many people embellish their height, if asked. This means they say they are taller than they actually are. Now, to embellish a fact means to exaggerate it to make it seem bigger, faster, better and so on. Neil: Here’s Tanya S Osensky again. Tanya S Osensky: Everybody that I’ve spoken to who is tall relishes their height. I have not met anybody who said they would wish they were shorter and people generally tend to even embellish what their height is when you ask them what it is. Neil: She goes on to explain how some research has shown that shorter people are less likely to get jobs, less likely to get promoted and less likely to earn as much as taller people. What is the financial difference she mentions? She talks about the premium per inch. An inch is about 2.5cm and the premium is a word which means the extra benefit, the extra advantage. Here’s Tanya S Osensky again. Tanya S Osensky: One set of data showed that the premium for height is over $2000 per inch for men and $1000 per inch for women and over time that disparity grows significantly so it ends up being a huge chunk of someone’s paycheck over their career. Catherine: She says that taller men earn $2000 an inch. Neil: For women it’s a bit less, but still significant at $1000 an inch. Catherine: And this disparity – or difference – between the salaries of taller and shorter people, is an example of heightism. Shorter people, she says, are getting fewer jobs and fewer benefits because they are short. Neil: Well, one person who certainly wasn’t short was the subject of today’s quiz question. The tallest person who has lived, Robert Wadlow. We asked how tall he was, was it: a) 2.71m; b) 2.72m or c) 2.73m? What did you say, Catherine? Catherine: I said 2.71m. Neil: Well, you were almost there. The correct answer was b) 2.72m. Congratulations if you got that right. Now Catherine, much as I relish being in the studio with you, we must wrap up the programme now with a review of today’s vocabulary. Catherine: Well, relish was one of those words. If you relish something you really enjoy it – so thanks you for that, Neil. Neil: You’re welcome! This programme was about a kind of discrimination. This means the unfair or unequal treatment of people because of, for example, their race, religion, colour, age or indeed height. Catherine: And discrimination because of someone’s height is called heightism. Neil: Something which many of us do is embellish our height – we say we are taller than we actually are. Catherine: A premium is an extra benefit or advantage that can be gained, in this case, by being taller. And finally we had disparity, another word for difference. There is a disparity between salaries of tall people and their shorter colleagues. Neil: And that is 6 Minute English for today. Do join us again and until then we look forward to seeing you in all the usual places: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as our website, bbclearningenglish.com. Goodbye. Catherine: Bye!

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Roulette Table

How to make a Working Roulette Table Some time ago, I saw Sethbling’s working, but pretty complicated, roulette table.. I then later saw Grian’s roulette table, which was more decorative. I’ve tried taking the best of both worlds and came up with a design! On my channel, I try to keep the builds simple and this one is no exception! :] However, in my opinion this is both functional and really good looking. The hardest part is actually to get the rails to go in the right directions, which they are now. These rails will control the ball in the roulette. The cool thing about this, is that you will only see the top of the helmet through the carpet. The visible part of the roulette table is almost complete, soon I’ll make it work.. Here’s what the table looks like.. Now it’s time to make a lever control the powered rail.. You can place the lever wherever you want. If you want an employee to do the spinning, you could place it on the side instead of at the end. You! Rate and comment. I appreciate and read! You can hear the minecart going around.. Pretty cool looking, huh? :] Soon it will be functional too! Now you can turn it on and off! Obviously, it isn’t random where it stops, so you need to be random when turning it off instead. Red won! These two fields are used to bet. Place the bet on the color you want to bet on. I’ve just bet my shovel on black.. I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to rate the video and comment anything you want, I look in the comments almost every day! Feel free to click subscribe for more like this Thank you to my patrons! You can support me on Patreon or support single videos for free by following the guide in the description

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Drum Set

How to make a Working Drum Set. Today, I’ll show you how to make a cool-looking drum set that let’s you play your own beat! You can choose the material for the drum set yourself, I’m using birch… These are the cymbals. Those are the drums. This is basically what the drum set itself is going to look like… This is basically what the drum set looks like… Let’s add a chair for you to sit on! To get the best-looking chair, I’ll be using a helmet on an armor stand.. This lever is supposed to look like the bass drum foot pedal.. Cool, huh? Now let’s make it work! First, make room for a bunch of stuff below.. Add a piston below the bass drum. The lever should be able to activate it. This part will generate a pulse when you activate the lever.. Now it’s time to make your own beat using the noteblocks! 🙂 Use delays and customize the sounds of all the noteblocks. Now we can take a listen. A very basic beat! Tune it a bit till you’re satisfied with the result. You can turn the beat on and off using the lever. Because of the way we set it up, we can use loops to create endless beats! 😀 You can rename some levers and you will have yourself some drum sticks! Leave a like if you want me to design more instruments! 🙂 Remember, you can make any eat, it dosen’t need to be this boring! I will show you a few, I’ve been practicing my drumming skills! Some players can create the most amazing noteblock loops. These were made by grande1899, he makes tons of noteblock songs! The songs you can play can be of almost any length you’d like. The rest of my video overview of the build! I hope you enjoyed this video! Layer 1 (sort of) Layer 2 (sort of) Layer 3 (sort of) Layer 4 (sort of)

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Shower

HOW TO MAKE A WORKING SHOWER Today I’ll build a simple, but working shower! :] First we need to build a little demo-room for it. The dimensions I’m working with will be shown in a minute. The main square is 6×6. If you’ve seen my things to do with pistons video, you have already watched most of this tutorial… However, I will be showing an alternative shower and a bit of a bathroom design. Now the demo-room is complete and we can move on to the shower itself. For this first design, I’m using a piston. Due to how the mechanical part works, you’ll need some extra space above your shower. Now we just need to be able to control the piston. Oops, you can see through the top.. Let’s fix that. If you have the resources, you can use a sticky piston with a quartz block to block the water… That way, you won’t see the piston head. This is the working piston version! It fits perfectly with the rest of your bathroom. Add a banner nearby, it looks like a towel! I’ll quickly show you how to make a dispenser do the same thing. You probably also want to swap the lever out for a button, since dispensers act differently. Your dispenser shower is now finished! There you go, that’s the two designs! You can also use wood, stone or whatever material you can imagine for your shower. However, quartz is definitely the best choice if you’re going for a modern look. feel free to click
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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working TV

How to make a Working TV Today, I’ll show you how to make a TV that you can turn on and off with a remote! Spoiler: It won’t have changing images on the screen, I’m not Harry Potter! :] Firstly, I’ll build the room for the TV. Now we’re going to make the remote! It’s going to be a button that acts like a lever.. We’re going to use a bit of redstone logic.. I’m no circuit expert, but I think this is called a T-flip-flop. :] Now the button acts like a lever! This is our signal output, we’ll connect this to the TV next! Now for the TV! This bottom redstone stuff is just to power the pistons. I’m going to take advantage of the fact that light goes through pistons. Now we need to connect the output to the lamps. Now we can control the lamps behind the pistons! Let’s decorate it! I’m going with a very modern and stylish look, but you can do whatever you want! These skulls look like speakers! Feel free to click subscribe for more like this! Thank you to my patrons! You can now support me on Patreon or single videos for free by following the guide in the description.