IBM Spectrum Storage Suite at IBM InterConnect Part 2

Speaking of DLC (data life cycle) how can you ensure that the data is stored in the correct layer? Is it necessary to always record historical data on disk? For example, are there technologies that can automatically move data to the tape layer? Well, to answer this question, we have IBM Spectrum Archive, which is designed to address the efficiency of data storage, changing the storage economy with a layer of intelligent software. This software dynamically stores each data bit at the ideal cost. Helping maximize performance and ensure safety. It eliminates the need to manage additional software and tape to access data. IBM Spectrum Archive. How you can administer and manage diverse storage infrastructure? Do you create a single control panel? Nowadays, it is possible to administer and manage the entire storage environment through a single point of control, IBM Spectrum Control. In addition, there is efficiency in the use of storage capacity, which can be increased up to 80% in a virtualized environment, either with SBC Or some equipment in the Storwize family, V5000, V7000 and V9000, because all disks are then seen as a single storage point, and can be shared by all servers that are connected to IBM equipment. IBM Spectrum Control, with the virtualization option. Without traditional IT, is it possible to grow rapidly in the storage area? Are traditional storage solutions prepared for the cloud? We have IBM Spectrum Accelerate, which is an offer intended to facilitate the delivery of storage in blocks, in minutes rather than days based XIV technology, which has been in use in more than one hundred thousand servers worldwide. IBM Spectrum Accelerate offers a performance of consistent storage. It is scalable to over 68 useful petabytes, and has a set of functions including remote replication and granular multi-lease. It can be purchased on site through XIV storage equipment, or off-site in the IBM Cloud. With the exponential growth of unstructured data, “Big Data”, or even NAS environments, will companies be able to Manage this demand in a single space? Is it possible to access the same data in parallel? IBM Spectrum Scale enables the unification of virtualization, and analytics of a file object, into a single scalability storage solution for large workloads. Spectrum Scale can provide a single namespace, a single layer for all these data, offering a single management point with an intuitive graphical interface, using ILM storage policies that are transparent to end users, data can be used, compressed, migrated or accelerated for better latency, better performance, or reduced costs. IBM Spectrum Scale, for large workloads.

VersaStack Data Agility with IBM Spectrum Virtualize – Ian Shave

VersaStack is expanding its range of solutions ensuring it continues to be the most versatile converged solution offering in the market we already have a simple but diverse range of solution options for VersaStack ranging from remote office with the Cisco UCS mini and IBM storwize v7000 range and all the way through to the range-topping Cisco UCS and IBM all-flash V9000 which by the way delivered a record-breaking benchmark results for windows based applications facilitating business and analytics efficiency the VersaStack solution portfolio includes IBM’s Spectrum Virtualize family however there was one appliance version absent from the range which there has been high demand for as our sellers partners and customers look for the ultimate in flexibility and agility that enables them to not only at high-performance storage capacity to their data center but also transform the capability and value of existing storage assets and this comes with the announcement of the SVC being added to the VersaStack portfolio this not only enables a new bigger more versatile VersaStack solution to be proposed but also for the opportunity to create VersaStacks in the field utilizing SVC to help clients move from their legacy storage without disruption the Spectrum Virtualize set of solutions available in the market for over a decade are demonstrating enterprise-class reliability and adding enterprise-class capabilities to always 400 different storage arrays from a wide variety of storage vendors be that Hitachi, EMC, Pure, Dell, HP etc to give you an idea of scale and the market opportunity adding SVC to VersaStack brings there are already exabytes of data being managed by SVC and over 55,000 SVC engines installed at clients now we also happen to know that there are many clients looking to upgrade to newer SVC appliances in order to take advantage of some of the more recent security and efficiency capabilities our latest software releases have for those clients implementing VersaStack with SVC will accelerate and simplify that infrastructure refresh deployment time for both compute and storage for those of you not so familiar with SVC let me explain a little bit further what it does well it’s like a storage hypervisor it can group or pull storage from multiple storage arrays to look like one storage system so a VersaStack with SVC can provide clients with a single point of management not only for the storage in the VersaStack but all existing storage installed this reduces dependency on the value and functionality of the storage array increasing flexibility of choice for the client and also adding the ability to utilize lower cost options one of its core values that storage administrators value most is it also dramatically simplifies data movement of migration so it becomes as easy as a couple of mouse clicks for them to move data from an old array to a new one this data agility is particularly important for clients looking to add flash to an existing environment or even those looking to implement and new all-flash data center as it simplifies and de-risks the data movement normally associated with infrastructure change it also enables them to add enterprise- class capability to systems that otherwise do not support them allowing clients to improve service reliability and security so let’s look into a bit more detail on some of these core values so we grew these into three categories improving data value so reducing the cost of data storage whilst also accelerating applications to provide insights by analytics faster or even just accelerating existing applications to deliver improved and faster business process then increasing data security be that protecting data from malicious attack or from infrastructure failure all the way to complete data center outage and enhancing data simplicity managing all stories from a single point enabling a data strategy that can become independent of infrastructure with software-defined storage. Let me explain these core values a little bit further so we can truly get beneath the covers I mentioned enhancing data simplicity however VersaStack with the UCS director could become a single point of management for not only a converged solution but all storage in the data center so for clients who want to transform their opex and administrator efficiency VersaStack with SVC delivers but importantly SVC also enables hybrid cloud storage with the ability to extend new or existing storage capacity on demand into the cloud interfacing cloud storage into an existing on-premise storage environment another advantage to clients with this solution because it’s based on software-defined storage it provides versatility in the future to integrate new storage technologies as they become available without having to plan downtime or planning data migration through the use of analytics based data placement SVC can automatically move data between technologies to ensure the best performance is achieved where it is needed and costs are contained where budgets are constrained this segues nicely to data value what if clients could actually stop buying storage infrastructure that’s what SVC has delivered from a lot of its clients increasing the value of infrastructure through transformation of the utilization of storage assets we have clients who managed to stop buying storage infrastructure for 18 months imagine just imagine not having to buy storage infrastructure for 18 months by consuming the infrastructure that already exists improving the utilization of storage and also being able to store up to five times more data now this can free up budget for new projects new projects and new applications that will need compute power which is simple to deploy due to the scalable versatility Cisco UCS delivers. VersaStack with SVC therefore helps clients accelerate transformation through implementation of new applications and making increases in compute power affordable and finally data security this is becoming an increasingly hot topic in our clients today securing data SVC can encrypt data so that whatever storage device it’s stored on behind it’s storing encrypted data at rest even on devices that do not themselves support data encryption and clients don’t have to reinvest in your encryption capable drives SVC does the encryption of data in flight via software so clients can simplify their data center with a single point of management that can include existing storage adding enterprise functions to improve data protection encrypt the data without having to replace infrastructure to increase data security and also transform the economics of data storage finally an example of a client who has VersaStack with SVC already – Gala Leisure who have found the solution delivered a fifty-seven percent improvement in application performance a fifty-two percent reduction in storage based operational costs and a staggering ninety-eight percent reduction in floorspace proof if it were needed that VersaStack with SVC really does deliver transformation for the data center private cloud or even hybrid cloud environments

IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Essential Software for Cloud Deployments

We’re seeing clients really gravitating toward hybrid cloud. Analysts have said
that by 2017 80% of organizations are going to be
using hybrid clouds and by 2018 65% of IT organizations will have their
assets deployed off premises either co-located or located into service
provider organizations with the phenomenon of hybrid clouds. The number
one use case right now for clients moving to the cloud is backup or
disaster recovery implementations. IBM now offers Spectrum Virtualize software
as a software-only product which means that clients who are interested in
deploying software-defined infrastructures can now purchase the
software from IBM as as a downloadable image that they can put on standard x86
Intel hardware. Spectrum Virtualize has been in the market for 13 years shipping
on our appliances on our Storwize platforms, SAN Volume Controller,
VersaStack, and V9000. And so now we’re really extending that capability to offer it as
a software-only release. The benefit of building DR as a service on Spectrum
Virtualize is that it doesn’t matter what the end
client or the subscriber has in their data center they can simply purchase the
software either through an IBM reseller or IBM directly and they can deploy this
on-site on an Intel server and the service provider can deploy it on their
premises to put together a complete DR as a service solution with very low cost
cloud storage on the backend at the service provider location. One of the
key benefits for service providers with Spectrum Virtualize software only is
for the service provider that’s offering disaster recovery as a service. Having
that availability to the data is of the utmost importance and with the five 9s
availability and the hardened nature of the solutions that have been in the market for
so long, service providers–cloud service providers–offering disaster recovery as
a service can count on us and when it comes to disaster recovery, reliability
is king and reputation is king so they can bank their business on this software.
our ISV ecosystem for Spectrum Virtualize and really all the storage
portfolio is of the utmost importance for us to be able to provide complete solutions
to our clients. VMware is one example of a very important ISV: we integrate with
all of VMware’s key API.s around storage. In addition to VMware,
ISVs like CommVault, Symantec, Riverbed and and other infrastructure
ISVs are very critical. If you take a look at industry applications, solutions
such as EPIC in the healthcare space or SAP Hana for instance, these solutions
are well integrated with our Storwize family and Spectrum Virtualize solution.
IBM is excited about the future of the software, we’re continuing to optimize it
and add additional features and capabilities and we’re very excited
about helping our clients on their journey to cloud.

MSP Databalance Case Study: Business decisions in real time based on fast data-driven Analytics

In our modern datacenters, we prefer IBM infrastructure. For our environment we have a mixed platform from Intel, Linux, Power i and AIX.
For this we use the various IBM Power P, Power i and Intel servers. All these systems are linked using the capabilities of the IBM San Volume Controller, FlashSystem V840 and V7000. As central storage solutions we use the V3700, V7000 and V840 storage systems, because of their excellent speed, reliability and low operating costs. The San Volume Controller is used to easy tier, real time compression and mirroring. With these standard techniques present at our systems we are redundant and thus high available. To insure continuity, we are using Tivoli Storage Manager software on most platforms, fully integrated with our SVC solutions. Together with IBM we can offer all possible cloud solutions for our customers, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. The SAP platform used by Beeztees is hosted by Databalance Services. Databalance advised Beeztees to put the database servers on IBM Flash Storage. This IBM V840 Flash Storage delivers more than 400 thousand IOP’ s. The other servers have been placed on Easy Tier Storage, resulting in an optimal mix of speed and capacity. In practice the generation of reports, lookup jobs and batches are processed much faster. Databalance is a key partner of Beeztees in the field of automation. Throughout the whole migration Databalance has been involved and has advised and supported us. The result of the last months is a very modern and “state of the art” ERP platform based on SAP software and IBM hardware, which enables Beeztees to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. IBM Spectrum is based on software-defined storage and it enables users to obtain increased business benefits from their current storage products whether from IBM or another vendor. IBM has pioneered in this field since 2003 and supports more than 265 storage systems from several brands. This give you more value from earlier storage investments. Databalance is making use of the IBM Spectrum family in serving its clients. The IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a giving maximum flexibility and reliability by virtualizing the storage. You can also get more benefits by using features like Real Time Compression and Easy Tier. And of course you can create a disaster recovery environment by implementing remote mirroring. With IBM Spectrum Protect you enable a reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments.

Comprehensive hybrid cloud data solutions for any business, any data type

your business is unique your data is unique but there’s one universal truth your data needs are growing faster than your IT budget like other forward-thinking enterprises you’re seeking hybrid cloud solutions to efficiently and flexibly store the data needed for new generation applications with the hybrid cloud capabilities of IBM spectrum storage a cost-effective solution has arrived systems built with IBM spectrum virtualize modernize your unique data infrastructure smoothly integrating enterprise class capabilities to nearly any existing storage infrastructure without new hardware investment now with IBM spectrum virtual eyes you can use cloud storage to store snapshots or even archive copies of on-premise data freeing capacity for new applications combined with existing hybrid cloud functions in the IBM spectrum storage family and IBM Cloud object storage you can create a comprehensive data and storage solution for all your data everywhere so you can build your business’s cognitive future around the core of your evolving data IBM spectrum storage with hybrid cloud capabilities taking what makes you unique and making it better on the cloud

IBM Spectrum Storage Suite at IBM InterConnect Part 1

How is it possible to intelligently monitor a storage environment in a single panel? Well, for this problem we have Spectrum Control, which provides effective management in a subsystem storage environment, from IBM and not from IBM, through a single point of control. It includes an optimized interface for storage specialists, IBM users, UV center, IBM cloud environments and openstack APIs, allowing for greater adherence to IT modules and Agile Cams. This offer can be purchased on-premise and Off-premise, in the IBM cloud.
IBM Spectrum Control. How you can simplify and save on data protection management? Do you need to make multiple copies of the same data so that they are safe? IBM Spectrum Protect simplifies and has the smallest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared to other tools in the market, because it uses a more efficient architecture, without reliance on media servers, appliances or other equipment. Because it uses reduction techniques of native data, such as incremental and progressive security copy, in which only the recently altered files or blocks are continuously protected, without relying on synthetic or equivalent routines. We also have online deduplication, which is also incorporated in the product without additional cost. Deduplication and online compression, on the client and side server. With less data, less cost, less effort to manage this environment. Less infrastructure costs, to protect against media failures or disasters, it is recommended to have at least two copies of your data, which can be electronically replicated by the tool, at no additional cost, or through the media rotation process. With that, IBM Spectrum Protect eliminates the need for multiple backup routines for storing the same data, for example: weekly, monthly, yearly. Without compromising data availability. IBM Spectrum Protect.