Manage Service Provider RG19 benefits from IBM Spectrum Protect

My name is Lars Nygren, and I am CTO at RG19. We are a managed service provider based in the Nordics, and pride ourselves on going beyond solution delivery to act as proactive advisors to our customers. The Nordic managed services marketplace is highly competitive, so you need to stand out to win market share. When an acquisition left us with more than one backup solution (storage management environment we saw an opportunity rather than a challenge. By taking advantage of the IBM partner ecosystem, we could team up with a backup specialist to bring an integrated solution to market together. That is where we come into the picture. I am Magnus Thunberg, from the Marketing and Sales department within Cristie Nordic, a gold-accredited IBM Business Partner with the highest technical know-how in data protection and storage. Like IBM, we realize that today, data is a company’s most valuable resource, so reliable backups are now a business essential rather than a “nice-to-have”. To the end user, the component parts of our new offering are invisible. But behind the scenes, they are benefiting from a combination of RG19 and Cristie’s unique expertise and services, with rock-solid IBM technology – blending the best of all three. We now rely on IBM Spectrum Protect for all of backup our (storage management) needs. With IBM Spectrum Protect, we can offer clients the same security as a major worldwide bank at an extremely competitive price point, bringing enterprise data protection to everyone. Within our value-added model, Cristie’s customers’ data is backed up incrementally so back-up times are very short, and we can automatically send them reports on the success of backups as frequently as they like. Critically, we can also offer automated restore tests and totally transparent pricing on a “pay-for-what-you-use” model. As a result, Cristie can empower its clients with greater control over backups than ever before. Taking advantage of the RG19 solution, powered by IBM Spectrum technology, we can give our clients true peace of mind when it comes to data protection. Now that we have a single backup (storage management) solution, we can achieve greater internal efficiency and increase our business volumes. Both Cristie and RG19 commit to delivering a non-stop service that customers can rely on and that does not break the bank – IBM Spectrum Protect plays a key role in making this possible.

MSP Databalance Case Study: Business decisions in real time based on fast data-driven Analytics

In our modern datacenters, we prefer IBM infrastructure. For our environment we have a mixed platform from Intel, Linux, Power i and AIX.
For this we use the various IBM Power P, Power i and Intel servers. All these systems are linked using the capabilities of the IBM San Volume Controller, FlashSystem V840 and V7000. As central storage solutions we use the V3700, V7000 and V840 storage systems, because of their excellent speed, reliability and low operating costs. The San Volume Controller is used to easy tier, real time compression and mirroring. With these standard techniques present at our systems we are redundant and thus high available. To insure continuity, we are using Tivoli Storage Manager software on most platforms, fully integrated with our SVC solutions. Together with IBM we can offer all possible cloud solutions for our customers, IAAS, PAAS, SAAS. The SAP platform used by Beeztees is hosted by Databalance Services. Databalance advised Beeztees to put the database servers on IBM Flash Storage. This IBM V840 Flash Storage delivers more than 400 thousand IOP’ s. The other servers have been placed on Easy Tier Storage, resulting in an optimal mix of speed and capacity. In practice the generation of reports, lookup jobs and batches are processed much faster. Databalance is a key partner of Beeztees in the field of automation. Throughout the whole migration Databalance has been involved and has advised and supported us. The result of the last months is a very modern and “state of the art” ERP platform based on SAP software and IBM hardware, which enables Beeztees to stay a few steps ahead of the competition. IBM Spectrum is based on software-defined storage and it enables users to obtain increased business benefits from their current storage products whether from IBM or another vendor. IBM has pioneered in this field since 2003 and supports more than 265 storage systems from several brands. This give you more value from earlier storage investments. Databalance is making use of the IBM Spectrum family in serving its clients. The IBM Spectrum Virtualize is a giving maximum flexibility and reliability by virtualizing the storage. You can also get more benefits by using features like Real Time Compression and Easy Tier. And of course you can create a disaster recovery environment by implementing remote mirroring. With IBM Spectrum Protect you enable a reliable, efficient data protection and resiliency for software defined, virtual, physical and cloud environments.