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When we approached the automation manufacturers, the problem was they wanted to know the size of the bottles and the type of cap we have. Thus, we were forced to change bottles and that helped us in finding the machine that is suitable. So we've managed to cut down the number of different bottle sizes and reduced to just 5 to 6 different bottles. When we embarked on the new labouring machines back in 2016, it has solved many of our problems and improved our production capacity by a large amount. We're looking at new technologies such as the new roasting method that will enhance the flavour of the seaseme seed that will be better than what we currently have. The grant has definately helped to achieve what we wanted. The grant application process is quite fast. It is only narrowed down on what you have. It will depend on what you want and what you can achieve to justify the grant from the government. The space that is required, the technical know-how and the financial resources you have. We are always envsioning a robotic arm in automation. What if these machines were to break down? What is the downtime that you allow? Do you depend people in your business to repair them or do you depend on the machine supplier to do so? As for finances, you need to know what is your ROI for these machines.

SME Go Automation: Views from a Machine Integrator | Schneider Electric

To me, that isn't true. As low as $20,000 you're able to implement a small system, such as monitoring and inspection systems. These systems are without government grant. With government grant you'll probably pay just a few thousand dollars. The application process takes an average of three months for a small scale project. The first thing you should do is approach systems integrators like ourselves to help them understand their needs. So that we can give them the estimate application cost and from there they can look for a consultant. The consultant is someone who can help SMEs to assist in the proposal to get a government grant. In terms of manufacturing, they can start with either the packaging or quality control line. These are labour intensive areas. Automation wise, you can improve your efficiency and cut unnecessary labour costs. These are the main keypoints of automation.