Precision Group Modernizes with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

precision is actually a manufacturing company based in UAE remanufacture the moles and dyes we manufacture the plastic packaging products for major players like PNG you nearly were precision was running on a legacy system we had that issue of scaling up we had an issue of processing efficiencies we decided that the cloud would be one of the best solution because that comes with a lot of flexibility lot of agility we understood that Oracle as a cloud leader in the market has got much more capabilities compared to this ap or any other product like even integrating that with the manufacturing shop floor in terms of the smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence or IOT everything coming embedded in one package was much more efficient and easy to use it all is integrated and it comes as a service so that's the beauty of it you just need to subscribe it and you can start using it and also it is quite cost effective right now we have much more visibility of our order to cash cycle as a whole we can have real-time visibility on the shop floor from day one we are able to use everything on the mobile like all those quirky little dashboards which are available in the system which is quite impressive by having the system right now we achieve more efficiency in terms of by having more visibility into the shop load by having more visibility into our inventory organizations so that they don't go out of stock for our key customers so that's something which is very key for a business like us to sustain manufacturing industries are prone to be reluctant when it comes to the change kind of concepts our passion is to make sure that we continuously innovate and come up with progressive and innovative solutions for our customers with Oracle we expect to serve our customer in a much better fashion than what which we do earlier

Industrial Manufacturing Technician Training | AIM

America's manufacturing industry is growing an industrial leaders need skilled manufacturing technicians trained to be an industrial manufacturing technician it aimed to enter the workforce prepared for a meaningful and rewarding career learning the fundamentals of welding fabrication milling and computer-controlled CNC machines create precision crafted parts needed to keep a company running smoothly visit trained technicians comm or call eight eight eight six two six six three six zero

Industry 4.0

the fourth Industrial Revolution has begun and you have the chance to be part of it this isn't going to be like before it's not about the steam that powered our factories in the first revolution or the mass production model that dominated the second or even the emergence of computer driven systems from the third revolution that we're living in today industry 4.0 is about connectivity it's an opportunity to radically change the way industry responds to the needs of society as previous industrial revolutions were led by innovations in manufacturing processes and systems the advancement of industry 4.0 will be driven by a smart interconnected pervasive environment the opportunities for disruption are huge and those left behind will feel it acutely there is still space for leaders of this new revolution to emerge but the race has already started understanding what current leaders are doing will help you join them KPMG formally examined what those Trailblazers were doing in their factories and their offices and it revealed some thought-provoking findings our research highlighted a number of areas that current industry 4.0 leaders are focusing on leaders are planning ahead with clear strategic vision driven by performance and tying investment to proven opportunities for growth progress and innovation they are focused on discovering how smart products and processes can be developed integration is key the major players are moving away from isolated silo driven development which limits scope and value of new projects instead they are moving towards large-scale and proactive integration across their enterprise and among their customers supply base and products to ensure they are aware of every possible opportunity industry 4.0 technology has to offer perhaps most importantly they are not afraid to think big and act bold this means nurturing innovation developing disruptive thought processes aimed at devastating the status quo and looking for opportunity in every element of their value chain from which products are designed and how they are produced to who they are sold to and how they are purchased your organization may be radically different in the future with a range of products services and processes you can't currently predict do you want to join the leaders of industry 4.0 can you afford not to then our advices plan ahead fight radical change with integrated radical action and embrace the fact that it's time for manufacturers to step up and start making smart bold moves if you don't you could be left behind you have this chance let us help you take it