Cisco Industrial Ethernet Switches for Industrial Networks

the use of IP based devices is becoming commonplace in today's industrial world and often in remote harsh environments but as manufacturing transportation systems and utilities add more and more of these devices getting power to each one can be a complex and costly challenge to begin a qualified electrician is needed to help plan and install additional wiring to support each device and with more wiring comes the need for additional protection through more circuit breakers and transient or surge filters then what happens after all of this is put into place and you need to move some of the devices or add even more that's expensive and inflexible you need a better solution Cisco industrial Ethernet switches are the answer designed specifically for industrial applications the rugged Cisco ie 2000 and 3000 series switches leverage industry-leading Enterprise Ethernet switching solutions to extend Ethernet and proven standards-based technology to industrial networks and now these switches also feature power over ethernet in both fixed and modular solutions providing extended power options for p OE capable end devices modular cisco IE 3000 layer 3 switches can support up to 4 p OE or p OE + ports per module or up to 8 p OE ports per system while also providing a number of additional non pol ii ports for further network connectivity options and new cisco IE 2000 layer 2 switches now include 4 p OE or boe plus ports in a fixed form factor in addition to its non VOE ports these switches eliminate the need for extra wiring and outlets while providing up to fifteen point four watt boe or twenty five point five watt boe plus per port now you can not only easily add new devices such as closed-circuit surveillance cameras door entry badge readers IP phones and wireless access points throughout each location but also move them as needed without an overhaul of your electrical layout Cisco industrial Ethernet switches can consolidate your industrial networks and securely converge them with your corporate network to create a single secure network infrastructure this results in one network to manage higher availability improve quality of service and new collaboration opportunities using video and voice technologies and now power over ethernet support also helps reduce total cost of ownership and complexity to find out more about cisco IE 2000 and IE 3000 series switches visit us on the web you