Hey everyone, it’s Lucie Fink, and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today it is finally time to give you a tour of my office. As
you might know, a few months ago we moved into this two-bedroom, two-bathroom
apartment… and as you probably saw in a recent video of mine, I recently left
refinery29, so I’m no longer a full-time employee there, which means I work from
home a lot. And that’s why having a second bedroom in our apartment that I
could turn into an office space was really important for me. I do a lot of
filming at home… I really wanted a shooting studio where I can film videos
just like this with a very nice backdrop… I also feel like because I work from
home so often it is kind of nice to walk into a room and know that this is your
work room, so that I don’t have to use my kitchen, living room, or bedroom for
things like doing work. In my old apartment, I used to just do work all
over… at the kitchen table, in my bed… and I find that’s not really good for having
a sane mind, because then when I get in bed and I try to go to sleep, I’m
still kind of in “work mode”. So having this separate space that’s all about
work, and all about color and inspiration was very, very important to me, and I’m so
excited to finally unveil it to you and show you what we’ve done with the place.
This office, but also pretty much my entire apartment, was decorated in
collaboration with my mom. You might remember from an older video of mine
that my mom is an interior designer… so, when we moved, of course I knew I was
going to pick her brain and use her to help make this place as beautiful as
possible. She has incredible style, she’s really good at mixing and matching
patterns and colors, and personally I love everything she’s done with our
childhood home… so I knew that it would be great to use her for this apartment. I
know that I haven’t shown you guys my living room or the bedroom or even some
aspects of the kitchen yet, so stay tuned, because I am going to film an entire
video for this channel showing you the furnished apartment tour. You might
remember from my empty apartment tour video, that when I first came into this
office it was just an empty, blank canvas. It’s a
pretty small room… I’ll pop up the measurements right here… You also might
remember that this room has built-in bookshelves… and I’m really excited to
show you all the things we’ve done with them… So let’s just start
from the beginning. When you first walk into this room, there is a little bit of
a hallway… On the right side, there’s a really long closet that we’ve stored a
lot of shooting equipment in. We also put some other storage items in there… things
like our tools, boxes of things that we want to keep, old notebooks, and stuff
like that… And then, because each closet in the apartment has double height, in
the top we put all of our suitcases. Both Michael and I got three new suitcases
each from our wedding registry, so we have stored them all in a line on the top closet. On the left side of the entry hallway, we put up these really minimal
world maps. There’s three frames in a row… so the left photo is Asia and Australia,
the middle photo is North America and South America, and then the right photo
is Europe and Africa. Our plan is to buy little circular stickers and put dots on
all of the places that we’ve been together or plan on going as a couple.
Then once you get to the end of the short hallway, you’re in the room. On the
right hand side, you’ll see the ladder shelf desk that we got from West Elm… And on the left hand side you will see our futon, as well as the gallery wall that
we’ve displayed behind it. There are so many little details in here, so I want to
give you a closer look at each aspect of the room. Let’s start on the right with the
ladder desk. I knew that I’d love this desk because of the minimal look of it.
It’s pretty much just dark, solid wood, with white wood… It’s pretty much leaning
against the wall, although we did mount it to make sure that it doesn’t slip
back… and even though the desk itself is very sleek and minimal, I didn’t want it
to be empty. I wanted to fill this desk up with little pieces that are meaningful to me, bright pops of color, and things that are gonna make me smile.
So if you really look around the shelves, there’s a lot to look at here… but here
are some things you’ll find. Crystals all over the place… I used to collect
crystals in my old apartment… If you remember correctly, these triangular,
wooden pieces are a DIY piece that I actually made myself and painted myself
for an episode of Try Living with Lucie a few years back. In our old apartment, they
were hanging on the wall, but here they’re just displayed on the desk… and
then on the inside I just tucked away some brightly colored crystals. If you
peek around the desk some more, you’ll also see some candles in different
shapes and sizes. I have some fun little pieces that my mom picked up for me, like this really, really cute light bulb… that, if you turn on, glows
orange… There’s also some photos of me and Michael, as well as photos of me and
my sister… Some watercolors that I painted myself… My YouTube plaque, of
course… which has to go in this room, because this is my filming room… and just
some other little things that are meaningful to me. This little handmade
rainbow book that says “All That Really Matters” with our wedding date on it was
a gift from my friend Colette, and if you actually open it, inside there are photos
of me and Michael. I have a reminder that says “sleep solves everything”… Just a
little note to self when I am in here grinding away at 9 p.m…. What else do I
have? I have some pretty rocks, I have a sign that says “Lucie and Michael” that we
put up at my bridal shower… We have a printer in the lower right hand corner,
which is very functional… and just a few desk supplies out on the desk. I try not
to keep too much cluttered on the desk because we do have this entire bin on
the left hand side of the desk, which is filled with markers and colored pencils,
and regular pencils, and all of my bullet journal supplies and my painting
supplies… I put this together during Five Days of Organization, and I’ve kept it
intact ever since. Also on the left hand side of
the desk, you will see the two cork boards that I put up recently. As of now,
there are only two things tacked up there. One is a custom watercolor
illustration from our wedding, and the other is an astrological poster for my
sign, Leo. And I do plan to put a flipping calendar on this, or also maybe use it to
help organize all my projects… I’m not exactly sure what I plan to do with the
rest of these cork boards, but if you have any suggestions, comment below. And the right hand side of the desk is where the built-in bookshelves are… And we have
a ton of books, and we’re always getting more books. So we tried to color
coordinate into the four main colors… Black, white, blue, and then orange-y/
yellow-y… anything that’s beneath that is something that didn’t really fit into
the color scheme well, but books we still want to keep. And I would highly
recommend organizing your books by color if you want to smile every day, because
when I look at that shelf it just makes my mind feel organized and clear. Also
tucked up next to the bookshelf, you’ll see my camera tripod, which I use all the time… so I like to keep it readily accessible. And now we
can move on to the left side of the room… which is the wall you’re seeing behind me. When we first walked in, this wall
obviously had no wallpaper on it, and it was just a big, open, white wall. It was my
mom’s idea to put wallpaper on just one wall in the room, just to add a pop to
that side of the room and make it interesting without making it
overwhelming and having wallpaper all around. In the description box I’m going
to put the link to this exact wallpaper. I love this wallpaper. It was peel and
stick, so it’s not actually permanent. We can peel it off really easily, almost
like a decal… I will say, it was not an easy thing to put up. I didn’t do it
myself. We did hire a wallpaper professional to put it up, and they found
it was difficult to do just because there’s a lot of scraping to get all the
air bubbles out… That being said, it’s done, and it looks incredible. These are
12-foot ceilings, so I wouldn’t have wanted to try to attempt this myself… but
I absolutely love the way it came out, and I love the pink and orange look. It
just adds a nice pop of color to the entire room. And then, pretty much this
entire gallery wall that you’re seeing behind me was created in collaboration
with Etsy. So, not everything is from Etsy… there are a couple of paintings that my
mom painted herself, a couple of vintage frames that came from my parents’ house,
and also a couple of other pieces that I’ve grabbed from other spots along the
way… but the hexagon wooden pieces, the triangular wooden pieces, the hanging
shelf with the wood base, and the bronze air plant holders are all from Etsy. So
it’s not like you’re buying something from a factory that’s pumping out one
after the other… these are handmade items. And once they get to your door, you can
just see how much love and attention to detail went into them, and it feels so
good to know that my wall is decorated with all these individual, handmade
pieces. I’m gonna put a link in the description box below for all of the Etsy
items that you’re seeing on this wall. The two vases that you’re seeing on the
wall are also from Etsy: The rainbow one with the golden arches, and then also the
pinched, skinny arch one. Both of these were handmade, and hand-crafted, and they add so much creativity to the room. Along the
windowsill in the back of the room, you’ll see four planters… These are four
plants that I potted during Five Days of Indoor Gardening, and they look so good!
They’ve thrived in the light. My hope is to add more and more plants as time
goes on, because having pops of natural greenery around your space is always a
good idea. And I am actually filming this vlog right now before I put a lot of the
wall plants in… but I’m going to show you close-up footage right now of some of
the plants that I’ve added since filming this part. We are still considering
whether or not we want to get a rug in here… We initially bought a rug, but then
when I laid it out and I saw it next to the futon, I didn’t love the color combo…
So now I’m still wondering if maybe I get a yellow rug… maybe an orange rug…
maybe just something natural… I’m not sure yet. Let me know if you would
recommend a rug. I could always use your design expertise. And we did want to make
sure that it was suitable to be a second bedroom as well as just an office, so
that’s why the futon that we got from Urban Outfitters does collapse down and
become a full-sized bed. We do need to get blankets, and pillows, and sheets for
it if someone is going to stay here, but it is suitable for sleep… and, actually, my
first guest who’s coming to sleep over is my friend Marjolaine and her
boyfriend George. They’re coming in December because the two of us are
working on a secret project together, and they’re going to be staying in our
second bedroom. I’m so excited to see how this room fares as a bedroom, because… I
would sleep in here. It’s great. One other thing to call out… You’re
seeing on this side of the frame it’s a little bit empty right now… and that’s
because right here, off to the side of the couch is where I tuck away my two
softbox lights, and also my ring light on the stand… And as we were decorating the
wall, I wanted to make sure to remain aware of the fact that that is where my
lights live. In our old apartment, I didn’t like having the lights set up all
the time in our bedroom, so I actually kept them in storage or I would break
them down… But my problem is that when my lights are not up and assembled, and
ready to just plug into the wall and go… I’m not as tempted to shoot videos. It is
SO much easier, and it actually makes the process of filming so much faster, when
my lights are ready to go. So I knew that this office space was going to be the
place in the apartment where our lights were assembled and ready to shoot with,
24/7. So, even though it’s not the prettiest thing… I do keep them tucked in this corner… which is why the wall is a little bit emptier
over there. We also have this short end table next to the couch, over here by the
window… It’s from All Modern, and because of the shape, it has this opening inside
of it that’s kind of hidden when you’re looking at it from the top… So I sneakily tucked our weights in there. I used to use those weights more
frequently when I was trying to build up my arm muscles… Can’t say I’ve used them
in quite a long time… but they’re right there if I ever want to workout with
them. Another thing I love about this office is that we got these City windows
installed, so there’s actually two panes of glass, which makes it a lot quieter in
here than when there’s one pane of glass… And I’ve been using this front pane of
glass to kind of write on with the dry erase marker. Sometimes I’ll write my
to-do list… but right now what you’re seeing is some friends and family that
have come by and just written little notes on it. And that is a closer look at
our office space! I really hope you love it in here as much as I do. Please
comment below if you have any design suggestions or inspiration ideas… We are
always changing this place up. That’s just kind of how we roll. My mom comes
over, and the next thing you know… the whole shelves are different. So
definitely let us know if you have any ideas for any aspect of the room.
Especially for the carpet. I really would love your suggestions on that… And I hope
that this inspires you to take one place in your home and just make it yours. The
real reason why I wanted this space, and also why I wanted it to be so colorful
and vibrant, is because being in a space like this inspires me. It pushes me to
come up with new creative ideas, it gets me in the mood to sit here and film
these videos because the background is so beautiful and fun to look at… It’s
very important for the space around me and the environment to yell CREATIVITY
and FUN. Thank you so much for coming back to my YouTube channel! Give this
video a thumbs up if you liked it and if you want more apartment content… and
comment below to let me know what else you want to see on this channel. See you
next time!

Transforming Your Closet Into a Chic Home Office | Design Girlfriend | Harper’s BAZAAR

I’m Alia and this is Jamie. We have been dating for a year and a month. and I just moved to Simsbury, Connecticut a month ago. A month ago? Two months ago? Three months ago. So I wrapped up my whole studio apartment in new york had it moved up here and when you really break down what you own and you see it all in like fifteen boxes being wrapped up in one small truck you’re like, “huh.” I wanted her to be comfortable, this is a big change. I was more nervous about how I could make her happy than really whether or not she would fit in. He challenges me he makes me think about things really differently but once I think about it his ideas are really interesting and valid and when we do it together, we are better together. I think I’d like to take the upstairs empty bedroom and turn it into an office for you. So it’s a little bit of a fantastic catastrophe. I think I can transition that closet where you’re keeping some of your miscellaneous clothes to kind of a work station office area. For an office, it’s gonna be awesome. I want her to feel like she’s got a really special place. Again, more nervous face. I let you do the formal living room. I am surprised but sometimes it’s a very different type of surprised than I imagined. I was thinking, we create a little bit more space. but we could maybe put a desk some shelves, maybe a really cool light. But maybe it’s more of like a nook. We could do like a desk that comes out a little bit. Would you be cool if we took the doors off? I definitely want to take the doors off. The rail, the shelf will obviously come out. What if we do wallpaper? We are definitely keeping the wall paper people here in Simsbury, Connecticut in business. In fashion and design we call that idea a Feature Focus. That point in the room or that point in the outfit where your eye goes first. So I feel like if we do a really cool metallic wallpaper your eye will be automatically drawn to the office. I’m excited about this, this is gonna be awesome. Let’s do it. There we go. That’s impressive. In order to take the last bolt out of the door usually you need an extra hand. I need you to hold this door for me. Ooh, a little snug. Are you kidding me? Babe, this is my new look. We’ve got a clean palette here. I’m gonna have a guy, Joe he’s awesome, install the wallpaper and then I have an awesome chandelier coming. You’re gonna love it. Does that mean I get to get back to work? You’re dismissed. Perfect. So one of the most important parts of a modern office today is inspiration I really want to be able to look up and see something creative that inspires me. I call this project, your live mood board. I took a queue from the wallpaper and I actually got the same wallpaper but in a larger scale to create my mood board which I am going to use clipboards for and the plan is to wallpaper them in the same wallpaper pattern as what’s going to be behind them so in essence they become part of that wall and you can clip things to them that really represent what’s inspiring you in the moment. So what we’re going to do is literally just trace the clipboard. Take your exacto knife and make that nice clean line. Then we actually need to cut out a little piece to account for the top so we’ll just trace that. When you clip it in, you’ll see that it fits perfectly. and we’re just gonna glue it down and use a little double stick tape. Just like that. and a girls best friend in making sure that your wallpapered clipboard stays sticking to the clipboard is a big book to put on top for about an hour. Just let it sit. And then we’ll hang them. Okay, let’s check on the progress. So it’s been about an hour. I love it, look how cute this looks. This is gonna look great. Wallpaper can be really tricky to install. My strategy when thinking about how I’m gonna put this closet together. was to use what I call the investment strategy. In fashion, it’s sort of that same idea as wearing a t-shirt and jeans but really expensive shoes and investing in a hand bag right? Because that’s where you eye goes, that’s what you notice. I gave the measurements of this closet to Calico and they created a custom piece of wall paper for this entire closet. So I’m putting into the hands of a professional. This is my guy and I’m really excited to see what this looks like. I like to design every room with one dramatic element that really draws you in. in this case its calico wallpaper. They’re one of my favorite brands because they design beautiful wallpaper to look like artwork so it really defines the space. I am going to put together a really cool storage solution. A book spine basket It’s gonna look like a shelf of books when we’re done. I got this basket at home goods. I think I spent $4.99. The books, a set of 24 vintage encyclopedias got on ebay for fourteen dollars. I’m gonna measure the basket on the cardboard and just mark it off. I’m gonna cut the cardboard and I’m gonna affix it to the basket first and the easiest way to do that is good old fashion zip ties. Make a little hole and put the zip tie through. Make sure it’s lines up so once you have it zip tied put that aside and we are going to cut the books. So you take your exacto knife and I’m just gonna cut the spine. Keep one side on the left and one side on the right. So from the side, it looks like their’s still a book. and in the middle, we’re just going to keep these spines. Good old fashioned fabric glue goes a very long way and you could be generous with it. Once you have all of your spines You’re literally just going to line them up. Once you have all of your book spines lines up you can turn it right side up like it did. It needs about 20 minutes to dry to make sure that the spines are actually affixed to the cardboard. when I think about creating design solutions, I really want them to look elevated. That is number one for me. If it looks like a hack, it is a hack. If someone saw this and was surprised by it I did my job. Going out on the town today I’m thinking maybe some coffee table books, a few objects. Just things that have some personality i think really are going to bring that space to life. I’m at Beehive Home It’s a really cool home decor store and one of my favorite spots in town. I’m here to get some ideas for the closet and I’m already seeing some pretty awesome inspiration Wow, having a great oversized chandelier really makes a small space feel bigger. A lot of people think you have to match the scale of the room to the fixtures but I love a bang fixture or something that just jumps out at you and makes the space pop. It’s not the office stuff that really makes the office it’s the untraditional pieces that you find that surprise and delight that really make it come to life. I think you’re coming with me actually. So this is a desk from CB2. It is marble top, so it is quite heavy and I’ve never actually seen it in person I’ve just seen it online. Let’s get this box open. I love it. What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna bring it upstair to the room because we won’t be able to fit it through the door. This is gorg. These tones surprisingly just work really really well together and it has this really amazing textural, high gloss feeling. It looks great. I am obsessed. Obsessed with this wallpaper. So this is my favorite part. I am going to decorate the shelves. So what should we put on them? Is it a stack of books? Or is it a clever storage idea>A little bit of both. Where do you live? This is so awesome. I love it. I might live here now Let’s put the books in the tray. You’re like the style boss babe. Jamie, I’m impressed. What is this? The cherry on top. Thank you for this. It’s awesome, I love it for you. It’s awesome.

Zach’s Surprise $2,500 Home Office Makeover • Try DIY

– Zach. We are going to help you surprise Maggie with a brand new home office makeover. – [All] Three, two, one. (dramatic electronic music) – No!
– Welcome to Try DIY, the show where we transform
our friends’ forgotten spaces into beautiful new interior,
using the power of DIY. Ariel knows what she’s
doing, and I’m her husband. Why DIY, Ariel? – [Ariel] It’s cool to be
able to do something yourself. Also, rewarding. – [Ned] And it saves money. Each episode, we’re gonna
listen to what our friends need, and then, set them up with the DIY project that’ll help them save
money and be awesome. – Right. This show is about making
our friends awesome. (upbeat music)
(knocking) (light music) – Hello.
– Hi! – [Ned] So let’s talk
about Zach and Maggie. – Ooh.
– Ooh. – Let’s dish.
– Ooh, dish. – So Zach and Maggie. – Zach’s secret girlfriend Maggie. – [Ariel] They’re not new, but
they’re new to the internet. – [Ned] Mm-hmm, they
just moved in together– – That’s a really big deal. – That’s a big step.
– Maggie and I have been dating for two and a half years. We moved in together about six months ago? – It was actually a
really easy transition. I was nervous, but. – What were you nervous about? – I don’t know. – It’s really amazing living
with an angel like me, ’cause I just give you so
few things to be frustrated and angry and upset about. – [Ariel] That’s really
funny, ’cause it sounded like you were gonna say, living
with an angel like Maggie. – Nope.
(Zach laughing) No, I knew it was coming. (laughing) – When we moved in here, this place was not in the best shape. We joked that it was kinda
like a fixer upper apartment. The floors were scuffed and scratched, the walls were this putrid yellow. It’s really been a constant
redecorating of this place. We have a mix of pieces that we bought, and then, things that we
found at thrift stores. – I like neutral colors,
I like the clean space. I don’t like to see a lot of clutter. – She hates clutter.
– I hate it. I hate it. – [Ariel] I saw Zach’s apartment. This is like 99% Maggie. – [Ned] I was like, I don’t
think you need our help. This is beautiful.
– Yeah. – What’s wrong about it? What’s the problem? – So Maggie was in charge of
this room, and the bedroom, and the kitchen and the bathrooms, and then, I was in charge
of the guest bedroom. I pushed to have a two bedroom apartment. I’ve never had a home office,
and so, I was like, yes, finally, I’m gonna have a
place where I can, you know, be productive on the weekends, and work on other creative projects. – Well, let’s check it out.
– Uh-huh. – Let’s go.
– Uh-huh. – So this is our home office.
(dramatic horror music) (screaming) – Maggie has a very particular aesthetic. I just learned what that word means. This room also has everything
that we weren’t quite allowed to put in the rest of the house. So you have all of my
reject movie posters. The original patents for LEGOs. My old boops and bops. – What are boops and bops? – Boops and bops are like, you know, like miscellaneous like knickknacks. – You have a whole box full
of miscellaneous knickknacks that you call boops and bops? – I kinda told her that I’m
gonna take on this room. It’s gonna be my responsibility. – Oh, there’s stuff inside the dresser. – [Zach] Yeah. – [Ariel] Like this is
like craft supplies. – Yeah, I mean, some of this is mine, some of this is Maggie’s. I feel like I’ve let her down. She would never say that,
’cause she’s too sweet. I did a little home DIY. We have our Wi-Fi box. – [Ariel] You have a rug, and
it’s rolled up on the floor. – Yeah. – So Zach was in charge of this room. – All right, all right. Her happiness and her mental
well-being is dependent on calm and order in the home. Having this unfinished room
is just like this nagging little thing in the back of our brains that I know upsets her. – Well, today, Maggie,
as a special surprise, Zach is going to redesign this
entire room with our help. You’re not gonna be able to see
the end until it’s all done. Relationships are about compromise, and so, we’re gonna try and be the glue that holds them together. – I feel like I know what you want. – Yeah, uh–
– I’m gonna make you proud. – We’ll see. – We’re doing nice things for our friends. – Yeah. – Because we’re such good people. – Yeah, we’re humanitarians. – We save lives. – Do you believe in us?
– I believe in Ned and Ariel. (all laughing)
– Fair. (upbeat music)
– We know what Maggie wants. – Uh-huh.
– But I want to talk about what you want. – I need a home office, I have a standing desk that I bought, but I just need to make
it comfortable and cute and somewhere that I can
work on the weekends, and feel like this is a place
that I can be productive. – So you wanna leave work at work, and then, also–
– Come home to work. – Come home to work. – Our challenge is gonna be figuring out how to incorporate all of
these things from our old lives in a way that feels–
– Natural? – Aesthetic.
– Okay. That is not the correct way to, yep. – Yeah.
(Ariel laughing) (upbeat music) So now that you’ve seen their space, what’s the plan for the makeover? – [Ariel] Well, let me tell you. Zach wants it to be an office.
– Right. – So we’re gonna keep that desk in there. Basically, just make the room
look nice around that desk. We’re gonna put the
desk over by the window, we’re gonna put storage on both sides, we’re gonna put a big rug in there. This is the rug that Maggie
has actually already bought, which is great, because
it gives me an idea of the colors that she
wants to use in that room. What are we doing for Maggie in this room? – Maggie loves DIY and crafting, and so, I want it to be an office for me, but I also wanna give her a space for her. She always says that
everything has a home, but I think she would be
happier if we had like, is credenza the right word? – Sure.
– No. – [Zach] Great. – We are going to build Maggie
a fold-down craft table. I think it’ll be really,
really fun for her to have her own little space,
where she can store things that doesn’t have to use Zach’s
desk to work on her stuff. – This is all great, but I’m
not seeing a ton of storage for Zach’s boops and bops. – Well, I’m planning on
getting rid of a lot of that. – Nice.
– Mm-hmm. – [Ned] Well, we can make this work. – We can make anything work. – You can make anything work.
– Pow. (upbeat music) – [Ned] So are you ready
to clean out the room? – [Both] Yeah! – [Ned] It wasn’t freeze frame until Ariel popped her hand up. – So I have, you know,
books, and there’s a lot more where this came from. – First of all, you have two
of “A Confederacy of Dunces.” – Well, that’s just, yeah,
I mean, that’s a good book. – Let’s talk about some of that stuff that they are collecting. – Sure.
– ‘Cause Zach has a whole bunch of stuff that
he calls boops and bops. – (mumbling) version, arguably
my favorite movie ever made. “Spice in my Pocket,” there’s some really good facts in here. I never even watched Star Trek. – Toys.
– Toys. – It’s toys. – This person made Nic
Cage as different Pokemon. – Ay yi yi yi yi. He can boop them, boppa here. (groaning) I’m sorry. I’ll see myself out. What are we gonna do
with the boops and bops? I can’t believe I just said it like that. – Boops and bops. – Maybe we keep the
boops, but we throw away some of the bops. – So I should get rid of my LaserDisc copy of “The Lion King”? – Probably.
– Yeah. – I have a ton of records, and
we don’t own a record player. Maggie actually loves records. She has a ton, too. It’s a Hebrew copy of “Captain
Underpants,” but how fun. It’s backwards. – Actually, Zach asked us several times– – Yeah.
– If you collected anything? – Right, and I’ll tell
you what I do collect. – The answer was yes. – My board game bookcase. But Ariel made me put
it away in a bookshelf. That was actually kind of hard to get to. (groaning)
– You see what I did there? – An ugly Hanukkah sweater
called Llamakah, oh Llamakah? – Well, actually.
– That’s pretty fun, we have matching, a
Christmakah and a Llamakah. – Do you guys have a
box of Christmas stuff? – It’s pretty good.
– Do we have a box of Christmas stuff? How dare you ask me that in my own home. – It was difficult to
get Zach to eliminate some of the sentimental items. – For about five years, I kept every cover of “Entertainment Weekly.” – Zach, what is the plan with these? – I don’t know! I’m learning how to share
my life with someone, and a big part of that is
realizing that this place isn’t just my home, it’s our home. – You could take all of this
and it could be a metaphor for a relationship. – They each have a bunch of stuff from their own individual lives, but now that’s a challenge as to how are they gonna combine that to really make a space together? So Zach, why do you think
you keep all this stuff? – I don’t know. Dumb things give me joy. They always have. Maybe it’s because I’ve always felt weird, and so, I like surrounding
myself with weird things. – You surround yourself with stupid things because you like feeling stupid? Why don’t you surround
yourself with orderly, beautiful things–
– Yeah. – So that you feel really beautiful? – Boom. – Yeah, all right.
(upbeat music) I think my goal for the rest of this video is figuring out ways to marry my old self with our new self. Okay, goodbye “Eternal Sunshine,” goodbye “Lion King” on
LaserDisc, I’m keeping this. This is my old tax information,
that’s probably trash. – What, what, well, wait. By us transforming his guest room, it’s basically gonna
save this relationship. Do they give out Nobel Peace
Prizes for YouTube videos? – I think they do now.
– I think they do now! – Wow, okay, we did it. Empty room. – Okay. Here we go. – Not so fast, Zach, my boy. It’s time for your DIY project. – Oh wow. – So let’s talk about the DIY project. How are we gonna make
this fold-down desk– – Sure.
– Thingy? – [Ariel] The first step
is building the frame. – [Ned] And you already precut the pieces. – I precut the pieces, I
pre-painted the pieces. – Love it.
– I’ve basically done all of them. – Just the way I like. – (laughing) And once we’ve built that, we’re going to put the hinges on, so that we can have
the fold-down tabletop. – Mm.
– Since the front of it is basically unfinished,
because it’s the bottom of a tabletop, I think we
should put something decorative on there, and so, I was
thinking stick-on wallpaper, but you can put anything on there. You can put a piece of art, you could put, I mean, truly, anything you want, and then, the very last thing is we’re gonna put in a safety latch so that when you put the
tabletop up, it stays. – You know what? When you say it like that,
it sounds pretty easy. – It’s not that hard. – Okay, so I just gotta do a right angle, with this on the inside. I have these lined up, I think. I’m so terrified right now. – [Ariel] We’re using power
tools so he needs to be careful. Zach, I feel like, you
give him something heavy, he falls over.
– Okay. Hold on, I’m gonna do this with my body, push it like this, and then, use maybe the drill in my mouth? First incision. (drill whirring)
Holy shit. (laughing) This thing is powerful. I wanna surprise her,
but also, showing her that I’m committed and that
I can rise to this challenge, and be the man of the house
that I was born to be, dammit! (drill whirring sporadically) Work it. Ariel, you wanna come get
eyes on this real quick? (drill whirring)
– There. Nah, totally fine.
– Okay, sick. Then I’m crushing this
thing, get outta here. If you thought that I
was gonna fuck this up, well, then you’re a loser. – Oh my God. Do you think Maggie’s
gonna be proud of you? (drill whirring) – I think she’s gonna assume
that you did most of the work. – Will Maggie like it?
– Hmm. – Yeah. – That looks nice.
– Yes. – [Zach] I am afraid to, if I, I guess you just gotta commit, right? – Yeah, you just gotta commit. Just go for it. – Is this a metaphor?
(all laughing) – It’s a giant metaphor
for your relationship. Oh my God.
(Ariel laughing) You know what they say? Measure once, cut twice. – They don’t say that. – This is a bad position
to be in for a long time for a boy with a bad back. – I’m just hoping I don’t get a boner. – (laughing) What?
– Your wife is right here. Be cool.
– Be cool, man. (drill grinding) – That’s a fun sound.
(all yelling) Nice!
– Look at that. (smooth music) Zach is actually doing pretty well. He is struggling, yes,
but he’s really determined to make it work. Ooh, it’s like fake wood.
– It’s like fake wood. – This is totally–
– That’s Maggie. – [Zach] Maggie aesthetic. And I just peel and stick. Whoa.
– Ooh, wow. – Okay, I’m down, wow.
– It has texture. Nice job.
– That was easy. And this is gorgeous.
– Right? – I know that he was worried about this, but he really stepped up his game. – [Ariel] Zach did a great job. – It’s like a baby changing table. – Except the baby could fall off. – I rolled off the changing
table, and I turned out fine. – Huh. All right, Zach, you did a great job with this folding table. Oh, look at that. Oh, that is really nice. Now, it’s time to put on
the finishing touches, which means we’re gonna
need some montage magic. (Ariel and Ned humming) ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh, oh, oh, eh, oh, eh, oh ♪ – I was a little bit concerned
about certain things. I thought maybe there was
gonna be too much stuff, but I think we managed it. – [Ned] This is like a very special time in their relationship, and now, having this room be completed? It’s gonna really mean something. ♪ Gonna give you everything ♪ – [Ned] Okay, we’re
about to surprise Maggie. How are you feeling? – Guys, I feel really good. This room looks amazing, and
thank you guys for all the help and the guidance–
– Of course. – And making this come together. I’m just so happy. – But do you think she’s gonna like it? – I think she’s gonna love it. I honestly, I look at this
room, and I think it’s actually a really beautiful
amalgamation of the two of us. I guess there’s only one thing left to do, and it’s see if she likes it.
– Let’s bring her in. – Yes.
– Are you ready? – Yes.
– Okay, close your eyes. – Okay. Oh, I can see–
– No, no, no, close your eyes.
– Keep your eyes closed. – You’re such a cheater. You’re so bad.
– You’re so mean. Just let her see.
– I wanna see. – Open your eyes–
– In three, two, one. – Wow! This looks really good! I love it! – [All] Yay! – [Maggie] Wow! Wait, it looks so much bigger. – [Zach] So we have a work area for me, so I’m gonna be, you
know, tippity typing away, but also, we wanted this
room to be functional for you, so craft storage.
– Ooh! – And a craft table.
– It’s like a Murphy bed! I’ve always wanted one of those. – [Ned] So that was a DIY
project that Zach did for you. – You made this?
– Mm-hmm. – I had a little bit of help. So what do you think, Maggie?
– I love it. And we’ve completed the house. – [Ariel] Yay! What this room shows is that
you can keep your stuff, your LEGOs, your boops and bops, and it can still look really nice. – [Maggie] You found a way to
incorporate his movie posters. – [Ned] Yeah, there’s still some elements of the beeps and boops. – Yeah!
– Boops and bops. – Boops and bops.
– Ooh! We got a record player?
– Oh, and this is the best. This is a Ned invention. Wi-Fi!
– How did you do that? – Drilled a hole in the back,.
– You guys are so smart. – It was my idea.
– It was my idea. – No, it was my, 100% my idea. – [Zach] You did such an
amazing job with the rest of the apartment, I wanted to do this to show that I am equally as committed to making this home a
fun home for both of us. – Thank you. You did a really good job. – Yeah!
– Yay, we did it! – This room’s great,
’cause it’s got so much of Zach’s dumb stuff in it,
and it makes me inspired that I can bring some of my
dumb stuff into our living room. – Okay. (upbeat music) – [Ned] Ariel’s sister Danielle just moved to Los Angeles, and she is
living in a studio apartment. – It’s very small. When I eat, I sit on the floor. – On the floor? – [Danielle] I mean, it’d be nice if I could show off my place. – [Ariel] We are going to
give her a surprise makeover. – We are secretly here–
– Well, she knows we’re here. – She does know we’re
here, but we’re gonna do whatever we want.
(upbeat music) The thing she loved the most
was the hidden Wi-Fi cords. Like it was my idea, and then, I like– – No, no, that was, I
just, I need you to tell, to tell everybody that it was my idea. – [Zach] Why you guys both trying to take credit for my idea? – No!
(Zach laughing)

Pinterest Goals Office Makeover for Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, and Mamrie Hart | Mr. Kate

And over on the right… you have the wall of desks oooooh look at those beautiful lines and over on the left we have the beautiful speaking living room area type thing Are those butts? Can’t wait to decorate There’s so much we can make How will it turn out? OMG We’re coming over! Open up, we’re here! Okay, you’re yelling like so loud Oh my gosh This is gonna be a fun one. Guys I’m so excited we we call OMG we’re coming over OMG W.A.C.O and we are about to get so
Wakko today we are at the boss girl’s office aka the Holy Trinity Grace
Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart I mean like YouTube royalty Queens
Queens I’m so excited I’m such a fan of all of them I respect all of them so
much they’re all such hard workers so for them to entrust us with their office
space is just it’s big it’s a big deal Really big, guys if you haven’t seen our
other OMG W.A.C.Os make sure and check them out and also subscribe cuz there’s
so much more awesome stuff coming your way yeah make sure to check out their channels but first let’s get into this
video. I mean we have so much to do it’s so crazy oh my gosh oh my gosh.
Hi my name is Mamrie Hart I have a youtube channel called you deserve a
drink. My name is Hannah Hart and I have a show called my drunk kitchen Hi I’m Grace Helbig and I’ve got a YouTube channel called its grace together we’re best friends who share an office that needs
a little work our office is not for a lack of a better word
cute yeah it’s for lack of many words a giant trash can. It’s not the most
inspiring space. We actually avoid it it’s kind of like a physical
representation of a hangover. Wow what is this place? Well we liked it because we all
spent time in New York and it feels kind of New York loft yeah it has the potential
to be a really cool hip office space but right now I’ve kind of used it just more
of its like a storage facility yeah it’s just a glorified closet we shoot a ton
of stuff in our own homes and I think we all had like the mutual concern of
wanting to be able to separate our houses from where we do most of our
production so this was supposed to be office slash production space slash
another reason for us to spend time in the same physical space together oh I
totally get it when you’re an entrepreneur it’s hard to like have
those designated lines I really like all of you so much and I’m having to channel
three personalities usually it’s just one personality that I’m kind of trying to
vibe with and like decorate but the fact that you guys each have to shoot your
own individual videos in here and work in here I’m telling you it’s been a
challenge We have such low expectations that you guys can just take out our garbage we’d be like thank you so much. Goals are office space shooting space meeting space basically like take us seriously as business women
space while still a little storage yeah I have a giant inflatable penis
that I have just dying to get out of my house Do you guys have a name for this space?We were calling it vanity farts for a minute. Vanity farts on three yeah so
the first project we’re gonna do with the girls is painting we have all the
plastic laid out oh my god can only mean one thing mud wrestling. There’s one wall that we can pretty much paint in this entire room because everything else is brick. We’re not going to be painting brick because once you paint brick it’s pretty
hard to get it back to its natural state okay so we are gonna paint three
different shapes on this wall. I have this idea to do these geometric shapes behind white boards but I don’t want to tell them that the white boards are gonna go
over these are gonna be those cool glass stand off white boards cause it’s kind
of good for them to have low expectations cuz then it’ll be
better when they see it Trust me it’s gonna be cool the shapes
are just a baby that’s gonna develop into an adult. Guys I was not
prepped to make babies this is morning. It’s a baby they’re only scheming this project to
like age four but by the time it’s all said and done this is gonna be a
full-grown adult it’s gonna feel like an adult space I actually don’t really know
what I’m saying. My mom never had the sex talk with me and I’m so confused. Now I’m thinking you probably shouldn’t have the sex talk with your
kids. So we’re gonna make three shapes the center one’s going to be bigger the
two side shapes are gonna be a little bit smaller our three colors are here
they’re nice muted tones. So we’re looking at three paint colors
a very very flattering pink a blue and like a gray white yeah it’s a
very muted sophisticated Americana theme oh yeah
I find them Pleasant but not intrusive I would never ever have chosen colors like
this. Neither would I. Are you guys hacking from here. Yeah this has been like a big
problem since we actually moved in So we’re gonna do a straight line at the
bottom when you use painters tape it doesn’t always give you a clean cut line
the trick is painting first with the original wall color wow, it fills in any
bleeds that could potentially happen with the other color and then you’ll go
over with other and then you’ll have a crisp line thankfully you guys have the
white wall color. So we are taping off these shapes now. What’s really cool is
we’re just using the laser level to get a nice straight line at the bottom and
then we’re going up on right angles on the side but then on the side pieces we
are just going a little creative weirdos cockeyed Hannah and Grace are giving
each other paint tape jerseys. Oh are you getting wings? Yeah yeah she’s getting a
version of wings I don’t know what she’s doing but I’ve heard a lot of ripping I gave her a number one I’m just inspired by these abstract shapes. So we’re painting over the tape line it’s going into
whatever areas would bleed and sealing up those bleed areas so we can go over
with our beautiful muted tones and we’re gonna get nice crisp geometric shapes. So here’s the big decision what color where I kind of like the white pink blue let’s
do it okay and then it like leads you into the room. You know what Mamrie? That made perfect sense to me. I’m having a hard time conceptualizing
what the end product of these geometric shapes is going to be and it’s a real
trust exercise because some. We just painted a bunch of shapes on our wall all right the next project we’re doing
with the girls I’m so excited about this is hilarious you guys. Kate kind of
warned us that there would be a hands-on DIY project inevitably in our future turns out not our hands. Not our hands So don’t worry
there’s fun stuff going but on behind here don’t look! We just gotta thought that you guys would like a nice blue tarp wall like for a shooting background or
something yeah I think it looks great I always love to do personalized art in a
space because well multiple reasons One, you don’t have to get clearance you may be yourself we get to individualize and have it be something original and also
something that you can work on together The question is is are you
down? We’re down no really guys yeah well I was think of something that could represent their senses of humor because they’re all so hilarious and they also just laugh
so much when they’re together so we thought a funny piece of art and what’s
funnier than butts? Yeah that is so true we all have them and
there are all unpredictable. Wait a minute Are we actually gonna dip our butts in some paint and then put them on this canvas We were trying to figure out something
fun and quirky to do on a big canvas and Kate had the genius idea of making them
do butt prints I can’t believe that we’re painting with
our butts. Yeah and this is coming from three people that have done some of the
dumbest things on the Internet to date in the last seven or eight years of us
creating content and still today somehow Kate and Joey were able to make us feel
uncomfortable I personally expect you all to just go
bare if you’re if you’re too much of a wuss. We have these beautiful
legging, we can go bare butt or we have these disposable leggings. If you bare butt how do you get
the paint off your butt? You got We have towels and water. I’m ready to put on the most flattering leg wear of all time white leggings. Oh my gosh they’re game hallelujah yes thank you I’m so excited this is so weird and so fun. I would
personally go full butt to the canvas but then that would be pretty gross and
you might have some butt hair on the canvas. If they don’t want to put paint
on their bare asses which I totally understand we have some you know very
cheap leggings on hand they can wear. So this is like a charcoal gray so not a
black black I love. When you’re painting with your butt you want to be subtle. Yeah
I think we roll everyone’s butt which I feel like will be a nice bonding
experience. Let’s do it Lift up your shirt. And now I would go on the cheeks and avoid the crack. Exactly. Mamrie is painting my butt and it’s so cold and wet and I have to say I
never thought that this would be something that we shared as an
experience as friends. The crevices! Let me see. I don’t hate it I know it’s not the worst. I never went to
theater camp but I feel like this is a trust exercise and we’re in. Oh no! This is such a confusing sensation. Why is it this way? We paint each others butts with paint and
then in a synchronized dance stick our butts onto a canvas one two three and
let’s see the masterpiece. Oh that’s good! Mine looks like a square butt. It’s beautiful! It’s like a Scandinavian inspired minimalist butt
print I think three is good I think negative space is good I think have so
much brick this is our nice patch of like clean white here yeah actually I
think. We should kick them out, with paint on their butts? Yeah yeah Let’s go scrub our butts. So now this is the time when they make us leave and we don’t get to see anything until it’s completely
done which is really nerve-racking yeah I’m gonna be hiding in the bushes for
the next couple hours so best of luck Kate it’s a big space and you’ve only
got one afternoon you’re a little person all right so all right lots to do lots to do. I think we should. Dinosaur? mm-hmm what’s that for? No Kate
all right we have to move oh this is a long room I know no it’s it’s no joke I
think we should divide and conquer I agree so I’m gonna deal with finishing
this wall okay so whiteboards on here the glass whiteboards on here the
sconces sconces right Mamrie’s bar slagging light over it floating shelf above
we got rub couch butt art side chairs etc I’m not doing all of that right now.
You want me to do all that while you’re spray painting one dinosaur?
I mean it’s there’s lots of uh contours It’ll take a while. Alright go at least have the white boards and the lights up by the time you get back. I thought it would be really
fun to spray-paint brontosaurus gold don’t
worry I got Mamrie’s permission and so I’m priming it with white primer and then
springing it over with gold Look at those haunches oh you look gorgeous and I’m doing the same thing to the basketball hoop. Hannah pinned a
basketball hoop when they were sending me there like inspo images and I was
like okay of course I love the idea of having little moments of fun and humor
throughout the space. What we’re doing on this wall is we have three different
sized whiteboard we have one that’s really big that’s going to go in the
middle you have two smaller ones and we’re going to mount them to the wall
with standoffs Screw em on boom done they have these
sort of just basic commercial light bulbs where the sconces are so we’re
going to get rid of those and put a new really cool sconces that just bring in a
little bit of personal flair they’re going to continue to dress up this wall
it’s going to be a really cool space got it yeah all right so to finish this piece of artwork we’re just going to make that
wood frame trim it’s just a really simple way of cleaning up these canvases. I’ve never seen such minimalist butts. In the room we are moving in this amazing rug. Wow look
at this rug. I know this rug is so gorgeous okay I love the muted tones
we’re really playing with muted tones in here again trying to kind of pull away
from that really saturated brick color hand-made wool rug. Wow must’ve been
expensive. Why do you have to say that? Because I want to know if I’m gonna have an expensive rug cuddle or not I’ll take you on a date. I mean it’s a nice rug okay
got it for a great price let me take you on a nice but it’s a nice rug. Let me take you on a nice rug date. Here we go. Wait. I wasn’t mentally
prepared for this I wanted to see the rug but I always forget that we have a
rug cuddle don’t resist ah we cuddle on the rug hmm you can smell the natural the sheep. The natural wool? Shut up It doesn’t smell like sheep. Let’s go we’ve way too much to do. I’m giving you love eyes We have this really cool pink couch
that is both funky and fun looking but also really nice quality really
comfortable oh wow I mean this has to be my dream couch I
just have to say it this is my dream couch it’s so soft and it has tufting on
the bottom but clean lines. It’s like mid-century dreams come true the coffee
table is a marble slab coffee table with brass legs very minimalist but really
heavy just a nice piece to anchor this conversation area. I am so excited about
these accent chairs. Ready? 1 2 3 oh my gosh these accent chairs they look like kisses like lips but they’re blue and they’re velvet and they are pleated and they
have brass legs and they’re just dream clouds brass legs. Yes! I love how these shapes turned out yeah don’t you love that? amazing whoever hung those whiteboards did a really good job They look very straight. Thanks. Good job good job all right so let’s bring in the desk Yeah so we have the countertops
that are gonna be desks and then the file cabinets drawers storage they
requested storage. Let’s do it, let’s do it Okay so. Oh wait what I don’t want to the dry wall to fall apart. All right so we’re bringing the countertop desk and the way
that we are anchoring these is with drawer yunus they’re just a really light
gray and it’s really easy to put in these counter top desk we’re just gonna
lay them over the top tada they are stabilized and then you’re putting trash
cans in between. Yeah I have like little cute little trash cans to go in between These chairs are awesome they’re so
cool-looking They are comfortable and functional they
wanted more comfortable office chairs so this is the perfect blend of mixed
modern. Styling these desk is really easy I’m just placing a few personal items
like their books they all have like books it’s so cool some really cool dry erase
markers and erasers and of course some personal touches a picture of the three
of them on Hannah’s desk and a feather pen and then I have one final touch plan
for brontosaurus when I was looking at her I was very inspired by her very long
neck and I thought a rhinestone choker just put really flatter her assets. All
right so I’m mounting a three roll paper on the ceiling and basically it’s
going to give them options for different colors you know when you see people
doing videos and they’re sort of in front of just like a solid background
color a lot of times what they’re doing is using one of these they can change
out the colors as they go if they want to try something else and it’s just got
a really cool like pulley system on so you can raise and lower these sykes it
keeps it all organized very pro very cool I think it’ll be really functional
for them. Over in the corner we are placing the round marble table. What was
their sort of conference room table all right. Got it? Yep so Center under the
light yeah? Yeah I know it’s really nice it was that Grace’s house I think. What
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna make this corner the area where they can like eat
more as like a dining area because it’s next to the kitchen so over this dining
table I’m gonna swag this awesome gigantic chandelier Gold long industrial
looking it’s just perfect it’s gonna also put a lot of light in this corner
because this is a dark corner because there’s no windows over here. Kate? Wait hang on I’m like placing this chair it’s really heavy, but it’s so cool. Oh my gosh Grace actually requested a barber chair.
We scoured Craigslist we found this one it was yellow it had like slash marks in
it. It’s vintage, we got it reupholstered And now it is just this beautiful piece
she asked for a barber chair here it is customary upholstered so that is going
to go on the white. On a free round rug side table plant zebra mugs oh yes
zebra mugs and I want to style this with the white rolled down. I’m just gonna
hand paint a hanging plant on the white I just love the idea the paper
backdrop. Grace can do whatever she wants she can paint on that and
establish like a cool scene and then what’s so great is they just cut it off
roll down a fresh new piece. This is about where we want the eyes to start
right yeah yeah so like cascading down Yeah. On the wall we’re gonna put a
really cool neon sign we’re just gonna mount that to the brick and now we have
our dining area. I see you. It just looks so cool in that corner now like that
corner has just taken on an entirely new life. In Mamrie’s corner we’re building
her bar set up because she does all these videos with her bar setup which is
really great. This piece is just epic okay it’s glass on the front so she
could like write on the front with a whiteboard marker if she wanted to like
list her menus and this can become her desk with this really awesome stool OMG this stool is so pretty if she can sit here work on her laptop and then
obviously also have her videos shot here as well. I am accenting the bar with
vintage glassware of course with like a nice little ice chest and then
behind the bar we have a floating shelf that Joey put up thank you into the
brick not easy and then on top of that I’m putting a handwritten you deserve a
drink that of course is Mamrie’s book
title and I think just also a good sentiment to welcome people in and then
of course Brontosaurus has to make an appearance here on the shelf with her
choker. Fabulous So this office space came with like sort
of a little bit of a kitchenette setup they had like a counter top with some
base cabinet. This kitchen needed to be pulled together it was just kind of like a crap
collector kitchen. And you know Hannah does a lot of cooking videos and so what
we’re gonna do is we’re gonna sort of build this out for her to be her set.
Look Joey I wrote out this quote “Shout out to the tryers” this is something that
Hannah said. We got this really cool kitchen island it’s got a stainless
steel countertop. It’s on wheels so it can move around for ease of filming and then it also
has a butcher block that you can put up so that it can become like a counter
table so she can pull up stools or just have extra surface area. Look at this
vintage copper saucepan isn’t it cool? The heck are these balls? oh oh my god I’m obsessed with these Joey. What are they? They’re those grapes they’re on driftwood and they’re the like acrylic grapes
I have been wanting to use this for so long and now I can because we are in the
kitchen so I’m just styling that with some other pots and stuff like that. Yeah
this part is looking pretty awesome. No chef station is complete without
her super cool cutting board and sharp knife. So probably my favorite part of
this room is actually not in the main room they have this side room that they
were using as their like conference room / dining area this adjacent room is the
perfect place for a dressing room they have those two armois which are
chock-full of costumes we’re going to lay down a nice furry rug put in a
dresser we brought in a little vanity stool we have a beautiful round
minimalist mirror above. There’s a storage bench in the middle it just
makes it feel more like a closet when there’s like a little ottoman, a floating
shelf which of course we’re going to style with some of their cute weird
things and then just some other little accessories I also drew this other
little champagne glass so I drew that little thing and we framed it and yeah
this quote I love this is from Mamrie which is if I can pop a birth control
pill you can pop an allergy pill but I just love that there’s little elements
of humor throughout a beautiful space The last element we’re doing in this
room which is kind of the most epic element in my opinion is the golden
basketball hoop they call me mr. Golden Boy baller with
this Kiwi lover this may be the coolest thing we’ve done to date. You walk in and
you see a freaking gold basketball hoop in the middle of room. I know I love that.
Come show me your basketballs skills I’m air dribbling. She’s great at air
dribbling fourth quarter nine seconds ago Kate brings down the ball down the
court She better shoot. Alley oop! It’s time to reveal to the girls I’m so excited. This was a really tough room, I know Kate’s been super stressed about this room she’s been waking up at night
freaking out but I think she did an amazing job. Eyes are closed oh my god oh my god. They make us close our eyes to walk into the room which first of all with our
trust issues already this is insanity yeah
I’m so nervous but also not that nervous I’m just nervous that I’m gonna mess it
up Diane’s walking into cuz she wants to
see the space she’s gonna be working in the space with them. Oh my god oh my god. Okay. One…Two….Three Welcome to the boss girl’s office Oh oh my god. Why did you do this so nicely? I’m so confused! Look at those light fixtures! Look at this bar! Oh my god this is so cute I gotta try sitting in one of these oh yeah this is a chair I love it directly under the sunlight
also did you see that this plant is beautiful plant is fake. Yeah! We don’t have to take care of it. You got a barber shop chair! re-upholstered. This is so cool! This is so cool. Come back here like
you’re sitting and look how cute our whole offices is we look like actual adult.
Wow my God we are so professional Oh my god oh my god, first of all I’m obsessed with these 70s glass grapes And there’s a little arm the holds it up. Look at all this storage. And when you guys need to get ready for your videos. This is insane. Oh no! Look at those lights! Is this MTV cribs? Oh my god did you draw this? Yes. Did you write all this? They’re so precious yeah I love it
Your words my hand This exceeds expectations. Oh I’m so glad you guys are such a joy and all so inspiring. Every area you’re in feels like
you’re in a different space as the gold basketball hoop in the center of the
office yeah The crown design was a slam-dunk.
Here we go what did we say this place was called again? Vanity Farts. Ready?
good job Vanity Farts on three one two three Vanity Farts! Oh good job! We did it! How great is the Holy Trinity. They’re so fun. Vanity Farts, I love it. They just make me laugh so much it. This was such a high-pressure space for me just because there’s three people
Joey had to like drill into all that brick like we we worked our mental and
physical muscles like whoa on this space and I couldn’t be happier that they love
it so much. Subscribe, because we have more OMG W.A.C.Os coming your way plus some other
awesome new interior design series and other things we have two new series slash second seasons of series that we are gearing up to do that we’re both so
excited about the whole team of Mr. Kate’s really excited about it so you guys
please check those out when they come out. If you guys if we get to 100,000 likes
Kate will go on a roller coaster that goes upside down. Nope, Joey I don’t like those. Guys, Joey can just flip me upside-down how about that? Perfect okay great and guys go check out all of what Hannah Hart’s
channel Mamrie’s Hart’s channel and Grace Helbig’s channel and subscribe to them duh.
Thanks for joining us. Thank you see you on the next W.A.C.O Turn around let me just see that you’re
all with nicely saturated. The firing squad. This is the most vulnerable position I’ve ever
been in on the Internet and that’s saying a lot yeah exactly
Wow you want me to go in the middle because mine might be the full butterfly. That’s fine that’s okay.

Typeform’s new office gets a makeover

The challenge of
transferring a sketch into something that’s so much
larger really motivates me. Creating something
that’s bigger than you… it’s very satisfying. It’s as if something I’ve made
is now consuming me. Sometimes it’s difficult
to find walls to paint, and when you do get offered one
it’s like: “Great, finally!” But a mural isn’t always
the best fit for a particular space. We use a combination of tools. We always start off in pencil, then we digitize it
and try out different colors. We’ve been invited to
contribute to this space because Typeform are opening
up this new office, in addition to the one
they already have. They wanted to be able
to experience the same green, plant-filled
environment the other office has without being able to
cover it with so many plants. So the basic premise was that it had to relate to
plants and green colors. Our job is to understand
what’s in the client’s head. While they might not have
the aesthetics figured out, we can color in the blanks. Typeform humanizes
something that’s very robotic. I find that very interesting because they take something
born out of being human he need to collect information and humanize it once more. By reflecting on this idea, we try to ensure the meaning we put
our work endures over time.

Why Are Professional Office Chairs So Expensive? | ARTiculations

If you’ve ever looked into buying an office
chair and have say looked up some options online – you’ll find that it’s possible
to buy one for about $50. There are also ones for between a hundred
to a thousand. And there are ones for over a thousand dollars. You may think to yourself- aren’t they all
just things we put our butts on? What’s with the big price range? And what kind of crazy person would spend
over a thousand dollars on a chair? Well let me tell you a story. The first chair I ever bought for myself was
a chair from I think Walmart for like $39.99. After about 18 months of use, an arm had broken
off, the adjustable seat had gotten stuck, the vinyl had ripped in a bunch of places
and the seat cushion was as flat as pancake. In fact, this chair wasn’t even frequently
used – I maybe sat in it for about 1-2 hours a day on average. A good, durable office chair should last about
10-15 years while being used continuously for an average of a 40 hour work week. A cheap chair may cost you less initially,
but if you had to replace it every year or two It may end up costing you more in the
end. And that’s not even mentioning that cheaper
chairs are often very uncomfortable and not ergonomically designed. This is not to say that every single person
needs to spend a thousand dollars on a chair. For light residential use, you could probably
find a good quality chair for that purpose for a few hundred dollars. But if you’re looking to buy a chair for business
use, or you work from home and you do spend about 40 hours a week sitting it
in – you probably want to look into spending a little bit more to get a good quality chair
for the long term. Designing a quality commercial office chair
often takes years and cost a lot of money to implement. It involves a lot of research and development,
testing of materials, concepts iterations, and involve the work and input of many scientists,
engineers, designers, technologists and even healthcare professionals. For instance – the Steelcase leap chair took
four years to develop, cost 35 million dollars, and involved 11 academic studies. But why do furniture manufacturers bother
with doing all of those things? Well one, because it takes a lot of work to
develop something that’s strong and durable. Most commercial manufactures will put their
chair designs through vigorous testing methods for function and durability. An example of this is the ISO 21015 test for
office work chairs. This test would determine the stability, strength
and durability of a chair by applying various standardized simulations of functional use
as well as expected misuse. Number two, most high quality chairs are extensively
ergonomically designed, since most of us expect to sit in them for up to 40 hours a week. Sitting for a long period of time in an uncomfortable
seat, a poorly supported cushion, or a strained position – could lead to severe health conditions. Thus a chair should not only be comfortable,
but also adjustable. So most professional office chairs are designed
with mechanisms that allow a user to easily adjust seat height, back angles, seat depth,
chair tilt, arm location, chair width, tension, and sometimes even the locations of lumbar
support – allowing the chair to adapt to your body type, work conditions and personal preference. Many commercial office chairs are also customizable. At a residential furniture store you generally
have a limited choice of design and fabric options, because manufactures can keep costs
low by manufacturing a few standardized products in mass quantity. But commercial customers usually require a
wider selection of options, so commercial suppliers generally have a higher per-item
cost. A commercial chair supplier usually allows
you to choose from a greater selection of designs, finishes, and fabric options. You can even bring in your own fabric, or
have the option of printing a custom graphic or pattern onto the fabric. Many commercial businesses want to be able
to reflect their brand colour or image in the design of their offices, especially if
it’s for a customer facing environment. But if you’re just a person who’s looking
for a simple functional chair for your home office – you most likely don’t need
all of that. But the option is there if you have a very
specific design in mind. Ultimately – a great chair, like all great
designs, seamlessly ties together elegant form, innovative technology and functional
excellence. The Aeron chair, a Herman Miller product that
was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick In 1994 – is actually a part of the collection
in the Museum of Modern Art. An interesting and innovative part of their
design is that its seat as well as back are actually not built out of traditional upholstery. It’s made out of an intricate network of polyester
mesh that’s stretched over an aluminum frame. This make it light and flexible yet durable,
resilient, stain proof, splash proof and its open mesh helps to keep your butt airy and
cool. So if you’re looking to buy a chair – whether
you’re looking for a classic work of of art that’s worth of a museum, or you’re just looking
for a simple functional chair – hopefully this gives you a little bit of an idea into
what to consider and what to look for. Often I like to talk about how “everything
in this world is designed” – from the concrete curbs on the side the road, to toilet partitions
in a public bathroom, to the plastic trims on the edges of a chair. Most people don’t even realize, or take
for granted just how much work and thought has gone into designing some of the most ubiquitous
things in the world. So I’d love to hear from you guys. What are some of your curious questions about
the design world, or just what are some of your questions about the everyday objects
around you. Feel free to leave it in the comments below, or suggest it to me via any of my social media accounts. Thanks for watching and happy sitting! Subtitles by the community

Why MidCity Office Furniture? – Synacor Testimonial (2019)

So Synacor is a global provider of back end technology platform for some of the world’s most
recognizable products. They completely revamped our space. We have about 28,000 square feet here and if you came into our office in 2017 beginning of 2018 you would have seen something that
looked like it was from the 70s. Interestingly enough when I started, Synacor had already had a
partnership with MidCity. So we wanted to continue that
relationship and we just had a very strong bond with them. So we wanted to continue
that through our complete remodel. They worked with us on all the
design concepts on each one of the pieces that we
have which many are customized. They did the full breakdown and then completed installation of our entire new layout that we have for our office. So I can’t recommend them enough. It’s everything from their patients, with in some cases our indecisiveness. MidCity is always responsive. We get very quick replies from Kurt or anyone on his team that we need. They’re extremely creative with their design concepts. They offer a ton of options and they’re always on time. They actually were ahead of schedule
when we did the install as well. So it was fantastic to work with them. We actually used a couple different rooms. The ones that probably get used more often than not are actually more of the traditional
desk with the various chairs around the desk but we’ve created
stadium seating in some. We’ve created some rooms that just have chairs that people can
move around and have one on ones and be a bit more casual and comfortable. They’re used
differently based on what people’s needs are. I don’t think there is a specific client for them. I honestly believe that they can
meet the needs of any industry whether it be private or public. Whether it be a law firm, a tech company or manufacturing. Again they had such a diverse
portfolio of products and I think they can work with anyone and make everyone and anyone happy. No, they are completely a partner. They they not only listened to what
we needed, but they advised us and consulted us and I really see Kurt and his entire team as just an
extension of our company. Whether we need something small or again a massive re-rebuild. He’s just always there for whatever
we need and so is his team. We just loved working with them.

Custom Private Large Offices | WeWork

Over the past few years, enterprise businesses of all sizes have
been partnering with WeWork to create amazing workspace
experiences for the teams. We understand that mature scaling
organizations require offices that are specifically engineered around what
their company needs now and what they’ll need in the future. Introducing WeWork’s private large
office solutions designed to support the demands of a growing business at scale, a fully optimized and move-in ready and
private work environment just for your company. This product series was designed using
data gleaned from programming over 15 million square feet of space and research
from hundreds of enterprise offices globally.
From private entrances, dedicated meeting spaces and
enhanced AV and IT offerings, to executive offices and pantries. Teams that are 20 to 400 or more can
leverage this product to continue delivering experiences that make
your people excited to come to work. Once you’ve chosen the space layout
that best supports your company, we give you the ability to personalize
your new home and promote your unique culture of through custom moments such
as your choice of interior styles, art and branding opportunities like
having your logo present in the space. Private lounge areas
feature soft seating spaces, giving your office a distinct vibe that
makes both employees and guests feel at home, and meeting rooms that come equipped with
elevated audio and visual elements so your teams can always communicate
and perform at their best. Plus access to we work spaces, services,
and community around the world. It’s your office,
powered by WeWork. This solution is leveraged and trusted
by some of the world’s largest companies, from satellite offices,
regional HQs to everything in between. The right engineered environment can help
your company evolve with the future of work,
anywhere in the world. You focus on growing your business
and we take care of the rest.

Liza Koshy’s Dream Office Makeover | OMG We’re Coming Over | Mr. Kate

Previously on OMG We’re Coming Over. We’re here it’s happening Wait wait wait I straight-up thought that was white. I think we need to take the bed out Oh my god Oh my god. We got the bedroom done it is office time. Do you wanna have a knob race? OMG! Can’t wait to decorate there’s so much we can make how will it turn out? OMG we’re coming Over Open up we’re here. Okay you’re yelling like so loud Part 2! Part 2 Liza Koshy Part 2 She loves her bedroom you guys saw It. Now you’re back. Guys before we get into this. Subscribe Thumbs up if you like the bedroom thumbs up if you’re excited to see what’s coming thumbs up before you even see it. Its’s gonna be good. Yeah. You guys saw us, we painted the Room I’m the paint salesman did you need some paint? We’re creating our own Built-in for Liza so we’ve started It. Crazy yeah we’ve got the countertop and we had to put down PlyWood with the countertop on Custom for Koshy and Guys We are here We’re still here. Let’s go finish the office. Okay comon move Good God I love Mr. Kate Guys I’m so excited I already saw the bedroom and now I’m just so excited to see what they do with the office I really really want to start something new on my channel where I kind of do like Interviews What are you a natural at? Interviews Different things like that and I really want a cool office that has good desk space That I can do my editing on but then also another desk area so I can do you know different work and writing and different stuff like that so I want this to be just like an office of opportunity Kate, can you open the door for me? So because the rooms so small we really want up So we’re gonna do a Built-in Shelving System with a custom countertop base cabinets the whole Shebang. Liza likes Bohemian she likes all of those neutral colors and the wood thankfully Is a neutral so we can bring in different tones of wood because we’re still playing with the neutral palette Welcome, to the most beautiful office, ever! Oh yea it looks so good All right so this shelving unit Is no joke you guys it’s custom so it is cut to size for the space. I know the original design was to have the two shelves here but I kind of really like It open like this. Since this is supposed to be like display behind her, I want it to look like a bookshelf but not a bookshelf more like a display shelf and so we’re playing with some verticality with those vertical pieces which are also helping to stabilize all the horizontal pieces that we’re using She already has a roller blind on this window which we want to leave because it’s really functional it’s inset and the window it’s not in the way so we’re just gonna dress the outside of the window with some curtains if she ever wants to black out the room she can just close those curtains and if not they’re just there for a nice luxe decoration and they also bring your eye up just further making This Room feel larger I’m so excited about this rug! Are you? Yeah Because this is her space she’s gonna come in and feel vibrant And work in I think that the presence of a little bit of a brighter color underfoot is actually gonna work really well for her energy. I feel like we should clean her gum off the floor Yes, that is a giant piece of old gum. That’s a weird habit. Does everyone know that Liza throws her gum on her own floors Liza Koshy I do declare my love for you. I will scrape your old gum off the floor You also have to taste it to see what flavor Joey, no We draw the line there. That came off pretty easy let me smell it Peppermint it’s peppermint. Dude we could sell This on ebay for so much money Liza Koshy’s used gum off her floor. Yeah Pretty sure it’s not gonna go for much. I think it’ll go for a lot Oh my gosh it’s so Pretty I can’t lay down with my faux hawk. My faux hawk is not compatible Plus there’s way too much to do.Joey Two Rooms One day Two Rooms One day GTFO Are we spinning this? Well don’t touch the sides. Oh Gosh. Got it? Okay go that way. No On top of the rug we’re giving her a really cool dark wood desk with some hairpin legs we just got to get it in here. No we’re gonna go She got little drawers here for her little Doodads pencils her chair will go here Tripod With her camera there right She’s Got a Nice light come in here maybe another light There? Okay so we’re gonna do the mirror here we do anything else as well just the mirror right Just The mirror it’s a big one do you think you can do it yourself? I’ll Phone a friend if i need to But I’m gonna be doing art work with Liza downstairs and we’re best friends and we talk So much, and we may not hear you. You always make such good friends with the people at whose homes we do and it’s like what am I? Chopped liver? I’m just saying Just, I don’t know what you’re saying I’m just saying I need friends too. Alright get back to me. I have some DIYs to do with Liza I am so excited. We are going to do a DIY Which I’ve never done before so you can see how the creative process is one that just Blossoms and there really is no wrong way to do DIY art I have a frame. Oh you do have a frame. Okay we are going to do a DIY together What?! Are you serious?! So Kate brings me outside and she tells me now it’s time to DIY and i’m like DIY not let’s go girl I suck At DIYs and I know you’re brilliant at them I’m actually Not I Just Know she pulls Out some frames and she pulls out some wire. and I’m wondering what’s gonna happen. I feel like you’re A very like physical person yeah What do you mean I’m confused by what you mean That’s a really good lead-in to this. Is It? Because we have bendable wire here i like the idea of doing wire art so some sort of Two-Dimensional Shape Yeah that will then mount on this Really thick paper ooh she’s thick okay yeah I get a lot of Inspiration off pinterest so I just looked at some other wire art and of course there’s a lot of three-Dimensional wire art out there but I wanted to do something two-dimensional so we could actually fasten It to a piece of watercolor paper and then Put them in frames. Here’s like a Skyline Oh my god mine’s not gonna look anything like an object. Well it can look very picasso-esque you know that’s $39 can we just buy it and say we did it? Okay what color do you like? I was thinking black I think it’ll stand Out Cuz we’re gonna do two of them okay so i don’t know what to design. Oh my god Just Like Butt Cheeks we’re Looking at the wire and we’re looking at the frames and like what the heck do we do with this and the first thing that pops into my mind is booty Wired Butt cheeks is really funny. I can have them on the frame behind me because i don’t have them on my body Butts it is guys Hey I have one I wanted to make some booties of all different sizes and shapes because mine’s really small But others Have Really Big old Booties and I love those and i love staring at those so i want to be able to have that art in my House so i could stare at Booty all the time i’m gonna make a bunch of butt Cheeks i think i’m gonna make different butts Oh I love that We all have butt cheeks. Everyone’s shaped differently Okay yeah and Every butt is Beautiful. Know why? because they all serve the same purpose We all just poop out of them no matter what they look like You’re right Butts are not discriminatory. You know who poops? Beyonce. It’s true i never thought about Beyonce pooping I am she has such a Hilarious sense of humor but she also has a Beautiful Aesthetic so Taking Wire and Making Butts Out of It is like The perfect combination of that Because This is gonna Be like Really Cool art That’s gonna look amazing in this Room but gonna be Hilarious Why not? How big do you wanna Make Your first butt? The biggest Booty you ever seen like Kim K booty. Oh that’s good oh Like If i do my Booty it’s like This What do you think i should do? Ooh first thing that came to my head was booty so What’s the word that comes to your head when you want To make art? I could do Boobies, it could Be Boobies and Booty. I like that. Genius Boobs. We’re Weird That’s like a super Round Boob like I’m gonna Need to get a little more Oblong but we could do a little A little Nipple right there is that It is that a Nipple is that like a Nipple piercing no what is that? I can honestly say this is the first, making a wire areola Look At That.That’s a Nice Ratio of Boobs to nipple. Yeah Mine don’t look like that Mine don’t either I have massive areola There’s no wrong Way to areola there’s no Wrong Way to areola I’m making boobs. I’m making them all different Shapes and Sizes it’s Really Easy Make a Circle Banana Oblong Pear Shape Along and Lean Tiny Flat e Droopy these are looking Very Picasso i think. Different sizes and They’re all Beautiful so you know it’s gonna go my wall Thirty six plus nine and a forth Thirty-six. I am going to somehow attempt to hang the biggest Mirror ever To get it on the wall i’m Just going to make My Measurements Definitely Looking For a Stud Here if you’re not on a stud you want. To make sure you’re using a Really Heavy-duty anchor Yeah That’s right I Got It, Come look at Yourself anyone, not anyone, no one come please just Liza please We’re doing something Really cool we’re Actually Hanging a Planter in One of The spaces for The Shelves so then this Beautiful Drippy Fake Plant of Course is coming Out and Dangling Carrying down to the Shelves Below On top of the desk I’m styling with some various trays and of Course we have clips and pins and all Those Things that Just Make It Feel like a Welcoming office Liza has this Amazing vintage Looking Gold Microphone that she told me about and of Course I had to like factor that in. It’s an Actual Working Microphone like There’s a Cord Plug It it Looks so good So you Guys remember how Funny that Was seeing Liza Sign Omg They’re coming Over so of Course we have to use that whiteboard in here so i’m Just lining It up on opposite side of the desk and I gotta change It because we came over in front of The Desk I’m placing This Little Stool It’s got Kind of a cowhide Looking Cushion It Doesn’t take Up too much space and it’s Just a Nice Textured Moment on that Beautiful Rug This Shelve is taking on so much life and of Course the benefit of a Shelf Is The Stuff on it is movable but she can arrange it However she Likes There’s so many options I’m creating another Quick art moment for a frame again she can change It out but I’m tearing a page out of a very old book it’s Just an old Book i got at a garage sale for like 10 cents so don’t get mad at me I’m not Really gonna Read the book guys I’d Rather Just use the page for some Art so I’m tearing This page Out and it’s really Cool and Naturally weathered Paper and then I’m Just writing Yeah It of Course Was Really Hard to figure out How to bring furniture into the space because it’s so small but a bench Under the window is awesome because she can have it for People to come and Sit on she ever does Collabs Where she Wants two People sitting Behind The Desk with her she can trade Out the Chair to put the bench there. Plant in the corner it’s like a Black Pot on The Brass Plants and The Same brass tone That’s going on in the stool Guys it’s done it’s time to bring her in this is a Very exciting Room for you because you’re gonna be Able to make lots of cool videos So what do you think? It’s beautiful I love it! I’m once again Very Moist there’s a Lot of Juices coming Out of my Body out of Excitement One….Two…..Three I can’t I literally cannot I can’t Okay okay. Ready? Hold on there’s alot of liquids coming out of me Okay I’m like peeing I don’t know what’s happening One…..Two…Three! Oh my god I dropped my gum again Oh my god Omg They came everywhere Oh my god it’s so pretty. I’ve never cried on camera I teared Up before on camera but, I’ve never ever cried This is my room. What are you kidding me? This is beautiful You Guys Already Seen It okay this is Beautiful. Oh my god you came The Most epic Like Mirror ever the most epic Built-in Shelving Could immediately Start Fixing My contour not my contour Isn’t it beautiful? My god oh my god this feels so good. Well you have your vlog You know situation Here right then spin Around and This is Your Workstation The rug is beautiful I know hand made. You handmade this? It’s 5:43 Yup I took an extra hour I’ve never had anybody do something so sweet for me it captured my Personality But Also Captured My aesthetic and also Captures Like My vibe for like an office and for my videos and it’s Just gonna look so So pretty on camera like It Does Right Now i know you’re looking at It and you’re so Jealous because you don’t live in my house. I’ve never had a desk. Really? I’ve never. I Shared a Room growing up with My sister I moved into a Bedroom apartment and i didn’t have a desk there oh my god now you have two front and back. You got the mullet You do it in the front you can do it in the back It’s 2017. First question How much fun did you have Working on this Project? You have to say alot because I’m right infront of you. Alot! but I mean it! Well Thank you Guys for coming over I mean this has been really fun Was that a seg-way? No. This is a segway High fives. Okay. We’re going to do it like slow mo I don’t want to leave. This is such a beautiful room! I am so so Honored that i have a little piece of you guys in my home This is Just a little piece but The Whole piece can Stay Here with me if you want Please? I’ll be back i’ll be back you know I will I saw that screening room. Yeah baby come on down. Can I come? No So good she loved it so much Are you making fun of her? No What’s Crazy Is we’ve had criers before but That Was like the most tears out of anyone and it’s like Liza. Oops Liza Koshy I will like Viscerally Remember That moment Forever. I actually think I shed a Tear did you catch that moment? Did you? No i just did one of These like a Very presidential like eye wipe It was such a Special Experience We Really want to hear from you Guys in the comments What you thought about the rooms and Liza’s Reactions of Course and if you Haven’t Seen The Bedroom yet Go watch That Right Now if you’re not Already Watching Liza’s videos Like You have to. It will change your life. Two Thumbs Up Actually three Thumbs Up for three awesome videos Two for the two videos we did One For the video Over on Liza’s Channel. We Got more coming though don’t worry we have some other W.A.C.O up our sleeves Maybe We Should Just Go to take a nap in the guest bedroom before we leave Good Job as Always You’re so good at what you do. Thank you, you’re so good at What you do that custom shelf We’re getting really good. What do we do next? Excuse me are you still there? Make sure to subscribe to MrKate and Joey they did a Fantastic Job I Cried I’ve never Cried before I’ve never felt Feelings before They made me feel a lot So make sure you go subscribe to them and you better give this video a Big Thumbs Up have a Good day Seriously leave no please stay Go, I have no friends. Please. I have a guestroom if you want. No Hey guys what’s up welcome back. Oh my gosh just breathed in I just breathed in water molecules. I’m sorry what is this an off-camera question? Have I ever nutty potted? Maybe It sounds better with an accent nutty potted. No it sounds worse.