How To Use an iPad as a Video Whiteboard

Today I’m gonna tell
you guys about an app that you can use on your
iPad, or your tablet, or even your iPhone, to turn it
into a whiteboard screen, that you can then record and
use as a part of your videos. That’s coming up. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys. My name is Tim Schmoyer. And it’s Thursday,
which means it’s time to do some YouTube
Q&A with you guys. Felipe Cruz wrote and
asked this. “Hey, Tim. At the beginning
of your video, you reference using a whiteboard. Seemed like an iPad or tablet. If so, what app did you use?” Yeah, good question. I found it pretty helpful
in several of my videos here to use kind of like a whiteboard
to draw something, illustrate something, or kind of
using it as a teaching tool to teach something
that’s a little bit easier with some visuals than it
would be for me to just kind of animate the whole
thing on screen or something like that. It’s actually
really simple to do. All I do is pull up the app
called Paper on my iPad. And then I just simply
record my iPad screen using a program on my
computer called AirServer. And the AirServer
program lets me simply use the AirPlay
feature on my iPad to mirror my iPad screen
on to my computer. Then I simply, in
AirServer, can just click a little Record button,
and record it right there on my computer. It saves it as a movie file. And then I take that movie
file, and then just import it into my overall video
project, and then just kind of edit it as necessary. I’ve already did a video that
goes into more detail about how to record your iPad screen. So click right here. There’s a link in
the description below that will
take you to that. Kind of just start
walking through the step by step process. And I also put a link down
there to the Paper app that I use on iPad. I’m sure there’s many other
apps that you could use. And if you guys who
are watching this have one that you would
suggest as really good, that’s got like a
whiteboard type of a feel, please talk about those
in the comments below. And I’ll link those
up and mention them. So the rest of you
guys, if you’re looking for something
other than Paper– maybe looking for something
that’s free and maybe just as good, like– I love Paper. I use it. I totally think it’s
worth the money. But maybe some of you guys are
on a little bit tighter budget. So check out the
comments down there, what other people
are suggesting. If using a whiteboard
in some of your videos is something that
you would consider, I’d love to hear how you
would use them in your videos, and how they might
be helpful for you. And the rest of you guys,
again, go down there and look, if you’re looking
for some ideas of how you might incorporate this
into your content. So comments below. If this is your
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