How To Overcome Plateaus In Business To Make More Money

What’s up you guys so I got a Facebook message the other day from one of our arsenal agency members And I wanted to share the response that I would share with him With all of you guys here today because this is absolutely huge when it comes to growing your business doesn’t matter what business you’re in Doesn’t matter what level you’re at. So basically the message said he’s like look man I feel like I’m in this massive rut. I feel like I’ve been spinning my wheels for the last several months I know what I need to do but he’s like I feel like my issue is More with my mindset than the actual core strategies of what I need to go through and implement in my business which guys it’s funny because mindset goal setting planning Organization all that stuff. It’s not a very sexy topic but usually if there is an entrepreneur if there’s a business owner to someone that’s struggling and This could be struggling like in your physical fitness area of life. This could be struggling and your financial area of life This is like the number one thing you need. It’s the mindset, right? So I was like, you know, I’m gonna shoot this video It’s probably not going to be that sexy of a topic My only have a few hundred people that watch this, but you know, who cares this is what like for you guys This is actually true value right here of what I’m sharing with you guys So anyway what he says like, you know, I’m in a rut. I feel like I’ve been struggling for several months and Guys, I remember when I was back a few years ago the same exact situation in my business I felt like was in a rut I felt like I knew everything that I needed to do, but for some reason my business just wasn’t growing and Here’s the deal The key thing of anything like if you want to go and make a change in your life It could be financially it could be physically it could be Emotionally spiritually with relationships whatever it is, you will not make the change until you get sufficiently frustrated with your current situation Right now you might be think. Well Jason. I’m frustrated my current situation I’m not making the type of money and I’m I want to make you know And and I was exactly the same position. I was like, you know, I was frustrated with my business I was frustrated with my my situation But it wasn’t a frustration to the point where like I had hit like the dead-end rock-bottom, right? And I know that sounds that sounds kind of like doom and gloom but guys, you will never change if you’re comfortable Okay, so if you’re frustrated, but you have like your basic needs met and you’re somewhat comfortable and you can get by There’s no real reason to go through and make a change, right? There’s no real reason and so With me and my business it wasn’t until I was like man I’m not only frustrated but I had gotten married and I was like freak like I’ve gotta not only support myself Which I haven’t really been able to do previously before that But I’ve also got to support my wife now if I eventually have kids which I now have a little boy I’m gonna have to support mom, you know, my kids all that stuff And so I got to a point where I was like, I I had to make things happen I got frustrated enough. I got to that breaking point. I was like, you know what? I don’t care what happens I’m gonna go all in and make make things happen and I’m gonna implement the strategies but with that One thing that you can get frustrated, but if you’re just being busy at work as opposed to being productive Nothing’s gonna change right? So I actually learned this one back in my college days as well and I was back at the time, you know trying to be an entrepreneur I was more that want renewal or wanting to make things happen want to be rich want him do all this cool stuff? And so whenever my roommates or friends be like hey, Jason, we’re gonna go snow skiing Hey Jason, we go mountain biking were like whatever it was. I’d be like I Can’t go I’m sorry. I like guys I got just kind of work and I’ve got to make this happen because I’ve got it You know as an entrepreneur, you got to sacrifice what everyone says, you know, you got a sacrifice gotta work so many hours Basically, no joy, no fun, right which after doing this for a few years after having some success guys That is that couldn’t be anything further from the truth You can still have a lot of fun on your road your pathway to success but the reason why I was thinking I had to say no to everyone and everything is because I didn’t understand the concepts of being busy versus being productive and This analogy that I’m gonna share with you guys right now I didn’t learn until several years later from one of my mentors. His name’s Dan Martell He’s had several successful software companies that he started and sold but basically it’s the analogy of big boulders and Stones and sand, okay, and so the thought process of this and this like let’s we’ve actually got this If you guys can see this, this is a little picture of water right here So if we were going through and let’s say we’re gonna go and fill this up We had a certain amount of sand stones and boulders for this and we fill this up with the sand first And let’s say you filled up to like right here. Okay, and then next we’re like, okay, we’re gonna put in the stones Well, then at the end you’re only gonna have like so much room up here for the boulders, right? So it’s not all gonna fit into this little jar right here And that’s the same thing with activities in your day Right think of checking your email checking Facebook message like the sand. Okay, so if you fill up your day At the very beginning with checking emails Checking Facebook messages may be checking YouTube comments You’re already up to here and you’ve used up pretty much a majority of your day doing things that like that They just don’t really matter, right? Whereas if you start out by filling up your day and this this jar right here with actual big boulders Okay of like let’s say generating leads Booking calls for your business whatever business you might be in actually Performing those calls going to appointments and then at the end of the day you fill in the stones which the stones can then go fall between the boulders and fit into the little cracks and crevices right here and then at the very end the day at After that, you do the other tasks that are maybe a little bit less important like checking your email Checking facebook comments checking your numbers for the day all that stuff and the sand is able to fall between the stones It’s able to fall between the boulders Alright, so hopefully that example connected with a few of you guys and hopefully you look at your day and how its structured and what you’re actually doing in your day and think about just like take a step back guys pause this video right now and just be like am I like am I where I want to be in my life. Am I where I want to be in my business if you’re not Figure out first where you want to get to what is the goal? Okay, because if you don’t have a goal if you don’t know where you want to get to really it doesn’t matter, right? What is is like I think it’s like with The Wizard of Oz it’s like which I don’t even know I I don’t think I’ve ever seen the movie but I want to say it’s like she’s like which pathways should I take or no? I think it’s Alice in Wonderland and It’s like oh it doesn’t matter what path you take if you don’t know where you want to go, right? So That’s the first thing figure out where you’re at if you’re not happy with where you’re at Well, where do you want to get to? Okay, and then what is like? What is your frustration point what’s going to break you to actually get out of your current situation and if you’re comfortable right now figure out what is gonna make you to a point where you’re uncomfortable you’re frustrated to the point where you’re actually willing and wanting to make that change and Then as you go through and structure out how you’re gonna get from your current situation To where you want to be where your end goal. What are those big boulders? what are the first things that you need to do every single day and Perform them with consistency So you’re filling up your day like you’re gonna be filling up this little jug this little jar of water Okay doing the core things they’re actually gonna move the needle actually gonna change your business very first and then maybe the other things are like important like talking with your team your support managers your fulfillment reps or whatever like that and then very like last but not least doing your Emails facebook Messenger things that like guys so many people waste so much time checking all their notifications on their phone Delete your apps on social of social media on your phone I don’t have any social media apps on my phone and it’s been like when I first did it I was like I can’t do This because so much of my business is on Facebook Some of my business is like on all these different social networks then guys It has been a huge relief because that’s just sand filling up your day. So you can’t do the core activities that you actually need to do to get you out of that rut and To actually move you for so you don’t feel like you’re just spinning your wheels for months on it. All right so anyway guys hopefully the little training video this little YouTube video helps you guys and Got you some different things to think about on the big boulders of life’s the stones the sand all that and how to structure your day for productivity versus just being busy because guys Promise you if you’re just being busy if you’re just sharpen your pencil checking your email If you’re just wasting time, you’re sitting in front your computer, you’re lying to yourself because you think you’re being actually you’re working But you’re not okay change right now get to that frustration point set your goal figure out where you’re at right now Where you want to get to? Make it happen. So anyway guys, thanks so much for watching I hope you all have an amazing day with that said I will talk to you all later

How To Get Leads In Real Estate – (no one is showing you this..🤫)

What's up You guys Jason Wardrop here in this video going to break down how to get leads in real estate and I'm gonna show you guys specifically Using YouTube how you can generate those leads buyer leads so leads if you have listings don't have listings doesn't matter if you're bringing in real estate or even a seasoned veteran this works extremely well and the great thing about YouTube is that Facebook Instagram since they're owned by the same company they're taking away a lot of the targeting options, right? You can't target based on income can't do a lot of like the you know, the gender profiling or racial profiling stuff But you can go through and find people on YouTube based off of their income if they're in market to buy a home if they're homeowners and Facebook is taking a lot of that away Now if you guys are brand new to all this stuff and you guys do want to see my facebook ads set up as well As my Instagram set up All you got to do is type down below this video just type facebook leads and I'll share with you guys my 100% free Facebook Ads mini course on how to generate real estate leads on Facebook and Instagram Right now as a quick overview before we dive in I'm gonna show you guys step by step So just hanging with me here how to actually go into YouTube and AdWords to go set all this stuff up But this is the exact lead generation flow the exact lead generation Process and this is gonna be true for YouTube for Google for Instagram or Facebook doesn't matter what platform you're using what we do as we go through we have an ad or a post or a video something like that to get the exposure on these different social networks And we're leveraging these different social networks of these different advertising networks because that's where all the eyeballs are. Everyone's on YouTube Everyone's on Google. They're on Facebook. They're on Instagram and then we take them from that platform and we're gonna send them to a landing page also known as a lead capture page as you see right here and then after they opt-in get their, you know, We get their name phone number email address We have an automated email and text marketing follow-up in place that we can book more Appointments from the leads that we are generating So that is the simple overview the simple process of how we're gonna go through and set all this up so what we're gonna do right now is I'm gonna show you guys how to Set up this be YouTube ad with all the specific targeting everything that you do, too Then when somebody sees this video when they're on YouTube, you know You've seen those ads on YouTube when someone's watching a video and they're just in your specific area They click out hit the landing page They opt-in you have an automated email text marketing follow up and you're good to go. You're able to book more appointments close more deals so Let's jump over into Adwords now if you guys don't know if you guys don't have an AdWords account or anything like that go to Google Adwords just type that in Google go create your accounts 100% free, but then it costs money obviously to advertise But let's just make this full screen. So you guys can see this right here I'm gonna zoom in so this is a my actual Google AdWords account right now You can see I've only got one campaign running right now. I do most of my advertising over on Facebook This one's running about 250 a day generating leads for about a dollar and 44 cents per day So, you know, that's pretty good. So let's go over here. What we're gonna do is from your AdWords account We're gonna come over and click on this big blue create new campaign. Alright, then we're gonna go new campaign and Then what we're gonna be focusing on here is we want to focus on lead generation because if you're in the real estate business You got to be not gonna sell a home online You're gonna do get a lead and then take them offline and actually have the sales process offline So we're gonna hit leads and for this example, like I mentioned we're gonna do video we're gonna do a YouTube ad so we're gonna choose the video option right here and So this is gonna be focused around driving more conversions so hit continue and then This will take us to the next step just like on Facebook if you guys have followed me on other videos in the past This is where we can choose our budget. We could choose our targeting how we want to actually set this thing up Okay, so we're just gonna say video ad Test campaign and guys your daily budget really it doesn't matter like it's all up to you what your budget is I usually like to start with about $10 per day But obviously this is up to you and your budget and what you can really handle and afford, okay? Now you can say a campaign total that's just like Facebook's lifetime budget. So a lot of this stuff is very similar So if you guys have followed my videos you guys have launched some lead generation campaigns in the past when it comes to facebook as you'll see there's a lot of Crossover right here. Okay. So you got the start date end date same exact thing with Facebook. Okay delivery methods standard accelerated We just want standard. Alright maximize for conversions the networks We're just gonna do the YouTube videos and see these ones are all blocked out because we're going off of lead generation So that's all set up for you languages I like to just type in like I've you know I speak Portuguese, but no one in my market is really even know Portuguese. So I like to just do English right here. Okay, so Let's do English. If you are in a spanish-speaking market and you want to throw in Spanish if you speak Spanish Throw in Spanish as well But obviously you want to throw in whatever language you actually speak and then four locations once again You want to go through and spend target your specific market? What's not gonna do any good targeting the whole United States? You want to get in here and enter another location you do an advanced search right here and we say location So let's say I'm gonna do throw Bo, Utah Okay Coming here We can do all Provo Utah we can go in we could do a radius just like on Facebook Right so we can say hey we want to do Provo, Utah With a radius of 20 miles or we can say 10 miles or whatever it is So let's say maybe like 10 miles and see what this gives us right here So this is like the rap rap now over there. Maybe that's something a little bit big. Maybe we don't want a full Well, we don't 50. Okay, so you go through and you can go through and change this you can see that already We just changed this right there boom nailed it So we got like this is kind of covering some of the surrounding cities We hit save and then coming down here inventory type standard inventory. We just will leave that as is Excluded content. I like to go through and check all these boxes Okay, cuz all this stuff like I don't want my videos associated with this type of content I like my brand all that So I just I check all those boxes and then exclude types and labels we go through down here. I usually to uncheck where I check the mature audiences and I uncheck all of these the reason why if Someone's watching a live stream video and an ad pops up they're not gonna pay attention your ad because they're watching the livestream if their gaming if they're all like, They're more and into whatever they're doing right there, and they're not gonna want to pay attention to your ad Whereas like if somebody's watching a video that's not a livestream. It's not a game or anything like that They're more than likely gonna spend a little bit more time paying attention to whatever you gotta say. Okay now coming down here additional settings Come over here devices. We're gonna leave that on all frequency capping I like to do frequency capping because what happens if it is if one person Goes through and let's say they're on a youtube binge. You're watching like 20 YouTube videos in one single day. All right well If you don't put this cap right here what's gonna happen is that one person is gonna see your ad 20 times and so not only are you gonna be annoying that person but also you're spending all your money on This one person. That's probably not really gonna take action So I like to come over here cap impression frequency right there And I'm just gonna do I like to do two times per day So that means if they're watching multiple videos, you're only gonna have the chance to have that pop up twice for them and then we do a cap view frequency so view that means they've actually watched a Portion of your video and I like to just do one time right there and then moving down you just have an ad Schedule so I just leave that all day guys. It doesn't really matter Like I know a lot of people freak out like what days of the week are the best to advertise? Well, what if it's like 2:00 a.m. I don't really want to show my ads. The crazy thing is is I generate leads 24/7 365 days a year doesn't matter I have my ads on all the time and literally they perform like it's crazy people opt in at 2:00 a.m Because they're up you might be sleeping, but but they're up and they're often in so you want it on 24/7 365 Ok, so now right here. This is your ad group This is we're going to get into some of the targeting some of the targeting options that I talked about a little earlier That Facebook's taken away but Google slash YouTube. They still have them. Alright, so we're gonna come over here ad group name So we're just gonna say we'll call this one homeowners, okay? So let's say you're looking for sellers you want to go through and hit the homeowners down here. So we come over here to demographics and Someone that's like a lot younger right 18 to 24, maybe 25 to 34 Probably probably owned a home by it by this point But we just check all those we're gonna uncheck that and then you can have the household income Okay, so like you want to make if you want to go through and target buyers or sellers in a specific income I usually like to take off the lower 50% and I also like to take off unknown because if they're unknown a lot of times they're in that lower 50% because that's gonna be a majority of the people and then sometimes if you want to get really exclusive you can say hey I don't even wanted to uncheck the 41 to 50% here. Okay, but then everything else you can usually leave just as is All right. Now moving down here. This is we're gonna get into the targeting. So audience is right here So we just click on audiences and then we come down here this search this all these prefilled ones These are all my custom audiences which we don't need to worry about right now If we come over here to the Browse section, look we've got the home ownership status Which if you are a realtor? This is huge right Because you want to go through and you want to focus on home owners or if you guys have seen some of my videos with Ashley in the past. She's out in Memphis and in Memphis, there's a huge market of renters And so what she does is she's focusing on getting the renters to actually see that Oh, it's actually a lot cheaper for me to actually buy a home to put a little bit of money down first-time homebuyer Get all this stuff and my monthly payment each month is a lot less so she goes and she focuses on renters Okay, so you can come in here You can just click on homeowners if you're looking to find sellers or if we come over here to the search part right here We type in real estate And I'm just showing you guys a lot of these different target options So you guys can get in and explore so these different things yourself okay, so in market audiences Residential properties okay that they're in market right there and the crazy thing is you might be thinking Well, how does Google know this? This is crazy. They don't really actually know this well The crazy thing is is that Facebook and Google they have so much data on Every single person on the Internet, right they have way more data than you've been thinking even can be comprehend And so you might be thinking well how they know that they're in market Well, they know exactly what websites are searching for they know exactly what websites are clicking on They know how long they're spending on each one of those websites Okay, so they have all this data and so you can just use it to your benefit case will be coming here We can click on residential properties. Hey houses for sale in market audiences real estate residential properties Residential properties for sale right here. Okay. So you see all these different things right here new houses commercial properties I know a lot of commercial real estate agents have reached out to me about different lead generation tactics Today houses for rent apartments for sale. So you've got all of this right here at your fingertips, right? So recently moved. So even if you're in the mortgage space, I mean that there's a ton to tap into right here. Okay So coming down here, then we're just gonna leave the keywords topics placements You can go in and say like typing keywords of like homes for sale in your community But I would just leave it as the audience is up here that we've already got then right here This is where you're gonna go through shoot a 90 second a two-minute video talking about yourself your business Like how you can help that person if they're looking to buy a home sell a home whatever it is you're trying to focus on get that branding out there get that brand recognition your face and Throw the video URL right in there Okay, so I'm just gonna pull up a random YouTube video just so you guys can see how this works Let me pull up my channel Just give you guys a full-on overview So let's say this is the video right here this Instagram ads video and I'm just gonna pull this one up And I'm gonna throw it right here in the URL and then what we do is this is an in-stream ad what that means is just how I pull up this video and this ad is Running as an in-stream ad, okay So before I watch the video You're gonna have this video playing and they said after five seconds you can skip you guys have all seen this Right then coming down here. You have the final URL This is where you're gonna put the URL to your landing page alright, so like let's say for example, I've got this as a Landing page for our webinar. So what I would do if I'm trying to get people to my landing page for my webinar Which you're gonna be trying to get them to your landing page for your real estate business. You copy that Throw that in right there Has the display URL auto populated you can put a call to action right here. You can say learn more or whatever it might be have a headline and you can see how this all prepopulates and Gives out a name hit save and continue' and boom you're done. That's it Okay So guys go check this out because this is like this is extremely powerful when it comes to generating leads for your real estate business Leveraging YouTube and then a great thing is because YouTube has all of these Different targeting options that Facebook is actually taking away Well when someone sees your video ad they click to your landing page if you have your Facebook pixel Installed right here. Which for those guys were on a familiar with the Facebook pixel That's basically Facebook's tracking mechanism that tracks every single person that clicks your website They track every person that becomes a lead. Well if you haven't installed you can actually have retargeting or remarketing campaigns following up And showing ads to every single person that saw your YouTube ad click to your landing page and then when they get on Instagram or Facebook they're gonna see or Your attic in and they're gonna get them coming back and they're just like you were just gonna be in all places You're gonna be on YouTube Google Instagram Facebook. Just all over the place And so the branding the market exposure the lead generation. Everything is just absolutely powerful Okay. So anyway guys hopefully this video was helpful if it was go ahead give it a thumbs up I would greatly appreciate that if you guys would also drop a comment down below Let me know any questions thoughts concerns anything that you guys might have. I respond to every single comment So if you guys want my personal feedback opinion Whatever drop a comment down below Also, if you're a brand new here to the channel, make sure you subscribe hit that notification bell So you'll be notified every time we launch a new video and we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads Make more money and grow your business. So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I'll talk to you all later

BEST Real Estate Agent Marketing Game Plan! Dominate Your Market As The Top Realtor!

What's up, you guys Jason Wardrop here in today's video we are going to break down as you can see right here the ultimate digital marketing real estate agent game plan so if you're a completely brand-new to real estate and Maybe it's your first year or told newbie and nobody knows who you are in your community after Showing you this game plan right here every single person in your community will have seen your face Within the next six months I can guarantee you that so if your brand real estate this is the exact game plan that I would implement or let's say that you have a digital marketing agency and you run ads for clients, especially real estate clients This is the exact game plan the exact strategy that if you are completely brand new or if you want to get them the best results possible that I would leverage For your business now a quick note before we dive into all this is I'm basing this off of a $20 per day budget But even if you don't have that budget right now if you want to start with $10 per day You can easily shift this budget with what I'm gonna be explained to you but if you think about it guys even if you're a brand new starting completely from scratch from zero today if you just have faith in this model right here and the Confidence $20 per day. That's $600 per month over the course of 12 months. That's 72 hundred dollars for the entire year and Using this exact model, even if you just close one deal it pays for all of the marketing advertising Plus think about the massive branding potential that this is going to give to you. Okay, so let's break this down I'm gonna walk through step by step exactly how this is all laid out and How you guys can go through and implement it and if you need the step by step Tutorials of how I actually go through and set everything up I'm gonna add a link down below to a 100% free training will show you guys how to actually set up the ads and do everything So I'm just click down below and get into that training Alright, so basically what we're gonna do is we're gonna leverage the top social media networks The reason why is because we can get eyeballs we can get Attention for just a fraction of the cost compared to direct mail we can leverage our time So we have to spending all of our time cold calling Knocking doors all these things that really just aren't very effective for our time. We're even wasting money on Expensive billboards, right? So the first thing we want to do and this is something I've talked a lot about here on this channels We want to leverage Facebook and Instagram now Facebook owns Instagram So that's why I kind of put them in the same category and we're gonna have ten dollars per day So you can see right here Facebook Instagram ten dollars per day Going towards a our cold market people who don't know who we are They've never heard of us but obviously they live in our community because we want to work with people in our community and Then we're gonna have another five dollars per day going towards YouTube and I'm gonna talk about that here in just a second and then the remaining five dollars per day going towards our Retargeting now if you're completely brand-new to just digital marketing. You're like I was retargeting We're gonna break that down here in just a second So don't you worry about one last thing? I want to say and stress is that this works if you have Listening to market or even if you don't have listening this market this works for fire lasers works for so elites So it really doesn't matter where you're at in the real estate game and what you're going for This exact strategy is going to be able to be implemented to help you dominate your market so that everyone knows who you are alright, so Facebook and Instagram, we're gonna do ten dollars per day and what we're gonna do is we're gonna set up a facebook Instagram ad and we're gonna be sending people to a landing page Alright, so the old concept of a landing page you want to send them? There is a post our main website if you guys have seen some my previous videos You know the importance of a landing page over a website and if you have it, basically your website Like you've probably already noticed if you have a website right now, it's not really set up to convert Website visitors into actual leads so getting someone's name phone number and email address So it's great for them to go through and kind of search around your site get different information But you're never really gonna see about someone put in their name phone or an email address into a forum or call you or anything Like that. Usually your conversion rate is less than 1% Whereas if you send people to a landing page right here You can get your conversion rate as high as 20 to 25 percent Now the people visiting your page to convert into lead So to put that in perspective if you have a hundred people going to main website You might be lucky to get just one lead from those 100 people. Whereas if you get a hundred people going to your landing page you're gonna have as many as 20 to 25 people from those 100 visitors to actually become leads, right? So you're seeing 20 to 25 times more leads? From the website visitors that you're getting to a landing page and then the top everything off here We're gonna have a lot of different ways to go through and follow up with this new lead But the best way that we have seen is going through and having an automated follow up text message Following up with every single lead every single person that comes in opps in here now We're also going to have automated emails and maybe some automated Facebook messages But texting has been the number one thing that we have seen for people to actually Respond to and so you can actually book appointments from the leaves of your generator Which honestly at the end of day that's what it's all about because you can generate a hundred leads per day But if you're not actually connecting with them if you're not actually booking appointments from those leads Just really doesn't matter, right? So this is the exact strategy right here. And if you guys want me to I'll link out to several other videos I've got tons of videos on my channel showing you all different types of Facebook ads Instagram ads I show you guys the exact templates I show you guys exactly what to say on the landing page right here on this channel 100% for free But if you want a deeper dive training once again, just right below this video in the top comment or in the description I'm gonna have a link to that free training Alright, so then the same thing that we're gonna do is we're gonna do this with YouTube now the reason why I want to go through and branch off to YouTube is one because YouTube you're able to use video and when someone sees you in a video they're able to connect with you Your brand you're able to establish a lot more credibility a lot more authority through that video as opposed to just a hundred percent Text-based ad right now really quick guys I know some of you guys that might be new you might be I don't want to be in a video I'm like you're freaking out This video doesn't have to be anything professional. I'm actually shooting this video right now with my iPhone I don't have a microphone. I actually just bought one on Amazon. I figured after 40 thousand YouTube subscribers I should probably do that. But just shoot here their iPhone it only needs about be about 90 seconds to two minutes Talk about who you are what you do what community you live in so you can connect and let people know that are watching This YouTube video as a pre rup role ad before another YouTube video They might be watching That you're in their area and that you can help them buy a home or you can help them sell their home Right, look a lot of times you can use the same video on YouTube on Instagram and on Facebook So you're able to leverage your time even? Making that video now the great thing about YouTube as well is this gets into Google's advertising network? Which is a little bit different than Facebook well obviously it's completely different than Facebook and instagrams and They have a lot of the targeted options that Facebook's actually taking away and they've been taken away for last several months and so you can go through and maximize all these targeting options of homeowners people with higher incomes Maybe people that are looking there in market to buy a home or they're in market to sell their home So there's a lot of different interest targeting a lot of different options that are still available with YouTube But aren't available anymore with Facebook or if they still are They're definitely taking those away very soon because of all the scandals and everything that's happened with Facebook. Now the great thing about this Too is guys you're able to get views on this video you're able to get your face in front of people in your community in front of hundreds of thousands of people for just pennies on the dollar if you're paying money for a billboard or a bus advertisement or something that's like that now the awesome thing about YouTube Facebook Instagram and getting this video out there is you're able to get hundreds of thousands of people even millions depending on the size of the community that you're in of Eyeballs on your video on your face on your branding for just pennies on the dollar compared to a billboard Compared to Direct Mail a bus advertiser or anything like that and then also You're able to tap into these YouTube targeting options of home owners or people looking to move or higher income Individuals and the great thing is is once they've hit this Paige. So they've watched your video right here They click on it. They hit this landing page what we can do is set up our Facebook pixel to track every single person that visits this landing page so long story short What a Facebook pixel is is this basically Facebook's tracking mechanism that you can track every single person that visits your website Every single person that engages with your Facebook posts your Instagram posts and so you can know exactly who those people are. So now If we're marketing to these people on YouTube that are homeowners that are looking to buy looking to sell their higher income and they're clicking here they come over here now we're able to retarget to these exact people and take Advantage of all of those interests targeting that Facebook doesn't really allow anymore But we're still able to take advantage of them on Facebook because we've already done the target on YouTube they've hit here and then we just Remark it to those people. So retarding right here. If you're completely brand new to this concept remarketing retargeting. It's the same thing It's just like how Amazon Markets to you, okay? so let's say you're shopping on Amazon and you're going through you're clicking on several different products and then you go and you're starting to buy something and then it shows up in the side the right-hand side or shows down below the Product that you're buying a product that you have already looked at or you're on some other website And then that product shows up again So they know that you've already been interested in that product because you've already clicked to that product And so the remarketing retargeting is the same exact thing Because that person clicked on this YouTube ad they went to this landing page we're able to show them a Facebook or Instagram ad because we already know that they're Interested and most likely interested to buy or sell a home which guys that is super powerful So look at this for just $20 per day $10 per day on Facebook and Instagram to people who have no idea who you are $5 per day to YouTube to people who have no idea who you are and then $5 per day to Retargeting a people who have visit your website. They maybe have engaged with your Facebook post your Instagram post Maybe there are a past lead that you've had that so people that is some Have an idea who you are or what you're about and what you're doing you're able to retarget to these now Guys, if you're if like $20 per day right now is just like absolutely stressing you out and you're like Jason I don't know if I can make this happen cuz 20 hours per day is just way too much. Just cut this in half Right, just come down here Facebook and Instagram just do $5 per day YouTube you $5 per day and retargeting $5 per day or If I was cutting that in half, actually what I would personally do is I'd probably scrap YouTube for right now and I do $5 per day or I do 750 per day on Facebook and Instagram and Retargeting at just 2 dollars and 50 cents per day so that I can get my brand my face out in front of a lot more people now guys I dive a lot deeper into the whole strategy of the lead generation how to set up the Facebook Ads the exact copy and paste templates of the Facebook ads and even the follow-up of email marketing text message marketing and facebook messenger marketing and my 100% free training that as I mentioned a number of Times already. I'll have a link to that in the top comment as well as in the description So go through opt-in check that out Also if you guys are brand new here Make sure you subscribe the channel because I launched new videos Every single week on how to generate more leads make more money or and grow your business So if you are a real estate agent or if you are marketing agency owner and you help real estate agents Generate more leads and book more appointments This channel is the best channel beyond to go through and learn more about marketing strategies. We have worked with over 5,000 real estate professionals we've spent over a million dollars on Facebook advertising and so we are running tests constantly and Sharing what we're learning right here on this channel with you guys. So make sure you subscribe Also, if you found this video helpful, go ahead and give it a thumbs up I greatly appreciate that because that helps this video gets seen by more people to be able to help them with their business their marketing and Also, I'd love to hear where you're from drop a comment down below. Let me know what business you're in Let me know what you've tried as far as digital marketing goes for your real estate business I would love to hear love to hear where you're struggling to be able to help you out with whatever You might need to help you succeed. I answer every single one of the comments So if you guys want a direct comment right for me I'm just go ahead drop a comment down below and I will respond to your comments So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and give it a thumbs up and I will see you in the next video

How To Create A Facebook Business Page For Your Business In 2019 & Get 100 Likes FOR FREE!

What's up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video I'm gonna break down how to create a facebook business page for beginner So if you don't have a Facebook page yet, but you know You need to get one up Then I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to do that and show you some best practices Facebook actually recently changed the way you actually create that Facebook page So I will show you that I'll show you how to get your first 100 followers so you can establish some credibility and Really the reason why you want to have a facebook business page as opposed to just your personal profile is it allows you to run? Facebook ads now Facebook ads you may have heard our very powerful. They really can help You generate more leads make more sales grow your business so there's huge benefits to having a facebook business page and the nice thing is is 100% free to set up and Only takes about two minutes so enough of that let's jump into actually how we create this Facebook business page So if you log into Facebook and you're just on your main normal newsfeed, right? All you got to do is come up here and you see this create button. They made it super easy All you got to do is click create and then they have everything that you're gonna create right here so if you're gonna create a facebook business page and add a Group and event anything you can just go through click it right here. Now, we're gonna create a Facebook page So we're just gonna click right here. And then right here. It says create a page connect your business Yourself or your cost of the world like community of people on Facebook? So right here, we want to choose business or brand or community or public figure now I work with a lot of Realtors and so I'm going to give this example if you are a real estate agent now at first Glance right here. If I were a real estate agent, I would think I'm gonna be doing a community or public figure page. However, Facebook more likes to have the business or brand for a Real estate agent and I'll show you guys why here in just a second so all we're gonna do is come over here and click on get started and Then we're gonna give our page a name now the best the best way to name our page is just name it your name Right because you want to brand yourself. It's all about personal branding these days, especially on social media people want to connect with people They want to connect with an actual face. Not a logo. So we're just going to say Jason Wardrop and then we'll say Realtor demo page just because I like what I would do if I were you I just name it Jason Wardrop or your name but for this example I'm just gonna do realtor demo page so I know how to distinguish it and then for the category right here This is why we're choosing business or brand we're gonna click right here, and we're just going to type in real estate agent, right? So come over here. We're gonna click on that Whereas if you do community or public figure page, it actually doesn't give you that option okay now from here we want to go through we want to put in our address, we'll just do 1 2 3 Main Street and we'll say Salt Lake City, Utah right now, I don't know what the zip code is there, but we'll say hey for 605 or something like that and phone number obviously is optional if you are someone who has like a business like a realtor I had a hundred percent put your phone number because Obviously you want people to be able to contact you call you text you whatever so you want to have that visibility right here Okay, so and also if you're like in type business where it's just more online digital anything like that? You can say don't show my address. And so that's you know, people aren't like going to your house or anything like that Okay, and also one other thing you can put your business address right here So people aren't showing up to your house and that's probably what I would do if I were you Okay, so we're gonna come in here and click continue and then from here Facebook is just gonna walk us through these steps. It makes it super easy to go through and get all of this set up So the first thing it says add a profile picture help people find your page by adding a photo Now a quick tip right here as I mentioned earlier guys, you don't want a photo of your dog You don't want a photo of your office of your logo or anything like that You want a headshot profile picture? So that people can see who you are who they're dealing with who they're connecting with? Okay, so I'm gonna do is just you upload a profile picture and you can skip this step if you want obviously right here But upload a profile picture and then I believe I got one right here JW profile pic Which honestly guys a little a quick tip little feedback that I would probably do You can see I'm just in a sweatshirt right here If you are a realtor and some type of professional services or business I would probably get in a collared shirt, maybe a time maybe a suit. So you're looking very professional So it's probably gonna be a little bit different than the profile picture that you have on your personal profile Now right here at a cover photo So this is the big photo like when you go to someone's facebook business page, you'll see the profile picture You'll see the big cover photo so you can upload a cover photo one Easy software one easy tool that's a hundred percent free that I highly recommend It's called canva. So canv a Comm so you go through and you just create a free account right here And it looks like it's taking a second to pull up but they have all these different templates You can easily use for your facebook cover photo now. I'm not sure why it's not pulling up right now Let's get back over here so you can go through and create that easy designs easy templates upload that cover photo and then for this example We're just gonna hit skip right now now this is a cool pretty new feature right here where you can actually get online Bookings and kind of like have an appointment schedule or a calendar through Facebook So do you want to get online bookings through Facebook you want to add Facebook's free appointment booking tool to your page? So you can add that or not. Now we want to come in here just hit add online booking. It's really easy Facebook's made this very simple to go through and set all of this up right here. Okay So now right here you can see we want to add a cover photo And you can see right here this online booking You got add an out book now button you want to list services? So it has this little checklist of everything that you want to do to go through and get started So at this point guys, we have our facebook business page. It was super easy as you can see to set up We've got the name. We've got our profile picture if we go to canva and we ever get this to pull up right here we can get our cover photo and Then you can have the book now right here where if you test this button it's going to come over here It's going to add an appointment calendar that you can go through and have your people visiting your page to schedule appointments with you So it's just very beneficial Okay, now as far as getting your first 100 likes because at this point we have 0 likes All right, so somebody that has no idea who you are They come over here and they see your Facebook page and they're like, oh man, you know Jason doesn't have any likes probably not very credible Not not authority anything like that Which little sidenote the number of likes that you have number of followers? Really doesn't matter that much. If you go through and run ads you can get the same exact results, but Someone randomly does stamp StumbleUpon your page? It's good to have a few likes at least so in order to go through and get your first 100 likes the best easiest way that is a hundred percent free is to go through and invite your Facebook friends, okay Now you can go through and just click all these invite right here Which I'm not going to do because obviously this is not a real page as a demo example right here But you can go through and click see all friends And this is going to pop it up so that you can go through and invite every single person So you just click second select all and send invites and then makes it really easy to go get those first 100 likes so you can establish a little bit of credibility and authority on your Facebook page right now then last thing that I'm going to share with you guys that I would highly recommend doing is Coming over here and making a pin post on your Facebook page So a pin post is basically a pulse that once you create it so you can see up here This is like I update my profile picture You can come over here. Click on these dots and you can say pin to the top of the page Okay, cuz whenever you make a post, you know how it works It's just gonna drop down and down lower and lower in the facebook newsfeed But if there's something that you want all of the people that visit your Facebook page to see every single time Then we want to pin that post so lot size what I like to do is come and say, you know, something like a welcome post welcome to my page, you know, my name is Jason war draw And then tell a little bit about your story about your business what you do how you can help them and maybe even a call To action of saying hey click on the book now button to book appointment with me and then to top everything off right here I like to add a photo of myself Because photos catch the eye of people they'd make some stop and check out the post and see what's going on so I might just add my same profile picture right here and Then after I've gone through and that guy's this can be this can be a couple paragraphs This can be a little bit of info nation of going through telling about yourself your background Why you've gotten the business that you got in? Why you do what you do how you can help that person? And then a little bit of a call to action and then we just hit share now and so it's gonna upload and Then once this is uploaded we just come up here and we say pin to the top of the page Okay. So now every time someone new comes to this page doesn't matter if it's in six months 12 months, whatever it is Okay, they are gonna see this post right here at the top Okay, and then all the other posts that you you go through and post they're gonna drop down in the newsfeed But this is nice as a little welcome message a little welcome post to everyone that comes to your page, right? so anyway guys I hope this was helpful as far as getting started with your Facebook business page how to get it created How to add the profile picture canva looks like it just barely finally pulled up, or maybe it's not yet it looked like the okay the canvas having some issues right now, but Canva is a great site to go through and a hundred percent free add a cover photo and then go and invite your friends to Get a hundred likes initially and then go and make a pin post. And at this point you've got a pretty good Established presence on Facebook and honestly guys, it only takes maybe thirty minutes to go through and make all of this happen All right. So anyway, if this was helpful, go ahead give it a thumbs up drop a comment down below Let me know what business you are in and once again, thank you so much for watching And if you are brand new here Make sure you subscribe because we launch new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said hope you have an amazing rest of the day rest of the week, and I will talk to you all later

From Solo Agent To Real Estate Broker With 23 Agents In 3 Years!!

alright what's up guys Jason worked up here and I'm here with Ashley Ashley thank you so much for joining me here today yeah so for those of you guys who have been following me for a while now you probably recognize Ashley you've probably seen her before because she actually got started with Arsenal way back in 2016 I think it was like the late summer fall of 2016 so it's been a number of years now yes yes yes I know since that video has gone out I would probably say like 200 people between email text singing hit me up on Facebook calling my office well I think I think that video on Facebook now has close to a million views if not I think it might have even already passed a million views so let's just for everyone watching right now that maybe didn't see that video let's jump back over and I'm just gonna show you guys that video hey everyone its Ashlee here in Memphis when to shoot a quick video for Jason and just tell you yes the program does work I've gotten a ton of messages asking it doesn't work it does work I made it add uploaded it on Facebook and the leaves started coming in and Arsenal has really helped me just keep track of all the leads that come in arsenal I love Arsenal because I'm to follow up feature if you are not using the follow up feature use it I promise it's awesome I have actually gotten probably close to at least 90 something leads so far I don't know if you can see my computer screen but I have about six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 pages leads with people's names email and phone numbers so it definitely brings the leads in and I think one of the biggest things in our field is the follow-up so I definitely used Jason's follow-up I also use his appointment scheduler that he talks about in his videos if you have not watched the videos go watch the videos my appointments come straight to my phone I love them I recommend the system follow it's I use canva to create my ADD canv a canva looks like that kind of really simple program canva make the ad will just probably the video file the video upload the ad and do what Jason says okay I realize how bad my video quality was probably just the exported video on my side of things but well fast forward now three years I mean you said you've got 90 leads or something like that and all the videos it works what you actually made a post just a couple days ago maybe last week inside the Facebook group kind of given a new update and I know that this was going crazy tons of comments so just tell everyone what you say on that post what happens happen recently and kind of what's gone on over the last few years okay so last when I when I did that video I was a real estate agent of course so most people know I've been in real estate since 2006 so I've been in real estate for a while now I'm actually the principal broker Alec from here hello home we have about 23 agents so now on top of helping people buy and sell their home now I'm recruiting and training and motivating all the agents at the company so so cool yeah so that is changed since that video so yeah I did posts in the group because I still kind of I follow the group and I lie something some that is activist I could be in there but I've been I mean changing up my facebook ads a little bit and I sometimes I do engagement posts and just get traffic to my page and I get a lead generation post and Arsenal caked right on in I got alt likely she started coming to my email and so like I that's why I posted I said it still works after all these years all my email bundles kicked right on man he was emailing me how to get started and surprise me what didn't surprise me but you know everybody's like how do I get started and I was like oh my email photo kicked in like everything that it still it still works it's the works that's awesome that's awesome so so I know a lot of times agents are like they see someone that's successful just like you and they're like all right Ashley what does your ad look like what like how are you actually having success how are you actually generating leads and so I just wanted to kind of pick your brain and talk to you about that and I know you've done some cool stuff because like one thing for everyone watching one thing there's a she's done that I've absolutely loved if she's taken like the core templates of the ads that a lot of people have seen and stuff but she knows her mark like I don't know Memphis like she knows Memphis right so she knows that there are a lot of renters in her area and so she kind of tweaked her ABS a little bit to speak more to the renters and saying like hey look you're probably paying more in rent than you could if you like just bought a home and so I mean I remember that having that conversation a few years ago and that that's kind of like the one of the ways that you tweaked and target your ads so anyway talk a little bit more about your ad creation how you like come up with these ideas and you know get results like that so yes so I do to see if you can clearly telling them video how country I can but yes so Memphis is like I think about 49% renters we are a huge rental market investors love Memphis so I recognize this so in my ads a lot of times when the answer is running right now is I had like one of my friends who is happens to be like a single mom with two kids she's been renting for like seven years and she closed on her house so I have a picture like a boomerang of her holding sold signing her two kids are standing there in their new kitchen and I ran that adds an ad and of course I gave some details on her like single mom two kids renting seven years paying $1,100 a month bought her first house today you can do it too you know it's those ads that people can relate to and there later seven years you know I have that could be me you know so I have to keep it creative I know people love videos they hate just paragraphs on paragraphs you know they love videos they let me see somebody who looks like them maybe in their same situation and I cracked my eggs to that or here we have some loan programs to give you downpayment assistance so I'll post a picture one of my clients on the sole time and say she moved into our house with zero down you know worth it FedEx overnight you know it's kind of you have to know you're the market right so I know my market I know what people like and I could see when I post regularly if I get a lot of likes or a lot of comments or letting the shares I'm like okay this is what people like this is where I'm getting a lot of attention and attraction and then I'll just make it into an ad and that has worked for me totally has worked for me that's awesome yeah one thing I like is you're talking about knowing your market and that's I feel like there's kind of two fold of that it's knowing the people like the demographic like who are those equally renters then also you mentioned like knowing that like there's downpayment assistance that like is like every market is going to be a little bit different so what Pro they have to help the people so it's like knowing your market of the people know your market of the programs and then one thing that I love that you've done which a lot of people don't necessarily do is you took a little bit of extra time like yeah it takes it like a couple extra minutes to make a boomerang takes a couple minutes extra to go through and write out the story of like you know renting for seven years it takes a little bit more brainpower which not everyone wants to go through and do but obviously it's really paid off for you yeah it totally it definitely works people like a story people like people use people who they trust like I've learned that you know I'm not always like sale sale sale buy from me pick me pick me you know it you have to have that trust um I post consistently you know and I just it's just part of my marketing plan and you know like I use a variety of things like I don't only use Facebook ads I don't you know I use a variety of things to grow my business and it just takes time and consistency and effort for sure you got to put in some kind of effort you know just throwing up an ad and hoping somebody bites it's you got to put some time and effort into it and do it consistently oh yeah and like you said I mean I feel like there's a compounding effect like obviously it's great to start somewhere so it's great to get some Facebook Ads going but obviously if you're doing other things like even if you're marketing on Google or at doing SEO stuff or billboards or you're on buses like all that stuff's are compounding the fact where you're just super branding yourself which the great thing about Facebook is either you start with no money you're brand new solo agent you could throw a few bucks a day and get that exposure and like you're saying make a post on your Facebook page and test the engagement see if there's an even one even interacting before you even put money behind it which is kind of dangling that's what I do if people are always like actually I see you ever where I'm like I know they're like you're on Facebook I get something in the mail from you you know you're like that's that's the way and like I need you to see me everywhere yeah so yeah definitely tested see what kind of nation when you get before you put some money behind it for sure totally so do you have like an example of a Facebook ad that you can show everyone watching because I know we talked about the ads and sometimes on these interviews we talked about and it all gets them down in the comments can you just show us the ads oh let's check it out visual people if I can do this you know guys Jason is like you got it can you see my screen I can see your screen okay so Jason you to pay for your channel yeah you're the one who taught me how to like target and do all all the things you're the one behind that which Ashley is gonna be starting her YouTube channel here and so if you guys want to check out her YouTube channel out a link down in the description so here's one okay so I run multiple ads so here's one of me like at a property that I have for sale and I'm just talking about the property walking through it great way to start your portfolio then you can see you see like how many people it's reached how many plays it got like that that's an example of one it just depends on who I'm marketing to I have let's see the one that everybody loves is let's see if this works here it is here's one so like I said him a good friend of mine Horsham made a sign because her daughter's new house actually ran a video and it showed her daughter walking into the house and her reaction when getting her first home in that video I've got a time abuse like I had my phone was blowing up just showing a little reaction to our first house a new room but here's one and so you can see like you can see online I'm showing you I'm being transparent right here no this is awesome this is great stuff so you know well done girl woman powers so yeah just and it's just a quick boomerang you know and there's what I've said so this right here you are running because this one's not linking out to any really landing page or anything like that so this one you were saying you're running it as just a post for engagements right to get likes and comments on that post right right it's keep me top of mind like my direct messages are overflowing at the moment right now of just people who have seen this hey Ashley you know help me to you know even though they go here they still click on my page and send me a message tone oh so totally engaging I think let's see if I have any more they always people reacted to your video I don't know if it's the same video oh so I always run videos of me talking about the home buying process okay go ahead Jason oh no I would just say I was just saying okay that's great like so you're and this is another key thing that I think that a lot of people where they fail is they're always just going for the the kill they're always just going for a give me your contact information and give me this give me that where it's like I love videos like this and honestly this is why I started my youtube channel because most of my videos it's not really like I'm not saying buy this buy that opt-in here it's like it's just literally just pure value or at least that's my goal with it where it's like right here for your target market it looks like you're just giving value you're not really trying to go through and get them to opt-in or saying like hey message me to buy this or buy that or whatever exactly like I said you gotta built that trust before people use you so I was just waiting on my clients to pull up I was it the closing office we were about to close on a house and I was in the car and I just like hmm let me and it was a smooth process a really smooth transaction close in like three weeks and the people were super organized so I pumped on the video sitting in the parking lot and said hey the best way to go about is to get organized you know don't rush and all your paperwork together just offering a tip on how to make this process as smooth as possible and then you can see like the engagement how many people have reached you know so I'm just I run multiple ads if they don't get any engagement I'll stop my test you know I test my hands to see what works and this helps people come to spring-trap into my page they end up liking my page they'll go to my website they'll ask me questions so now I look like the expert in my market you know so they'll come to me when they have questions and in return they end up buying from me or if they know somebody looking for a house they'll say Ashley you seen Ashley in the video so that means not me saying pick me pick me but it's kind of like saying pick me without saying it you know because I mean she's offering the volume yeah so that's the best advice I'm probably give all my new agents have a lot of new agents you know you have just got to make yourself give out value you need to be the expert in the field especially new agents who don't have any clients like you don't have it kind of vouch for you or refer you know so you start offering value start offering knowledge to make people trust to you know so that's what I do that's what I do so once me let's say that I'm an agent and I'm watching this video right now and I'm like oh man well Ashley super good on camera she looks great on camera yeah but I'm like too shy like I don't want to get on video I don't want to do like what would would be some advice or tips of somebody's like maybe doesn't want to be in the limelight doesn't want to be on camera there's a little bit shy to be on video I know I get that all the time I don't want to know what I'm actually I don't like the camera and I get it like I used to number wanna go live I totally get that the main thing I'll say is you know really like just do it just get out there and the more you do it the better it gets like let me say that and so for YouTube a lot of times I think YouTube might be better because you don't really have anybody watching you you just talk to the camera you don't have to worry about you know people watching you basically at that moment because I'm go live like all the time so I can see when people like come into the live and I'm like oh no it's like two people now it's 20 people in here you know so that can be like going live I need it that's scary so maybe start with video or maybe do like a short video or talk about something that you know really will so maybe you know if you to house maybe at an open house just walk through the house or just practice like I shoot videos like five and ten times until I get the one so I'm taking a selfie like ten Sobeys before I get there right so you know practice and it's like like honestly and Jason this is me being transparent like yeah lot of times I don't want to do videos or I'm a little scared to post something but I just remember my why like I have a daughter who is six like and if I don't work she won't eat so it's kind okay actually it over remember you're why most people who are doing videos are nervous like you are yeah but just just get outside your comfort zone that's where the magic happens no I'm totally with you cuz like I most people don't really know this cuz like you know have a youtube channel and I do videos all the time now but like I'm super introverted and I remember a couple years ago I was like scared to death to shoot the videos but I was like well there's no one following me anyway so might as well reshoot the video so you go back my videos are super crafty towards the beginning and even talking like you're talking about doing lives like when I do lies I'll do lies inside of our groups and like even just like people that know like as soon as I see that number tick up like there's one person on two people on three people on I like I can't look at that number because like just gets in my head so like I mean that I i 100% agree with you you just got it you got to do it you got a practice and even still like as you go through and do it more and more like even after you've done it for a while there's still like you still get that little like yeah nervousness in your head like self-conscious or whatever and so you just got to do it just do it like it's just one of those things just I don't know you just have to do it now I'm with you like as soon it's it's like live my little red button start my okay I just have to turn it on and now people are like Ashley why are you not nervous or how are you not nervous I'm like I'm still nervous I just do it nervous like I still do it nervous oh man so what else what else do you want to share what other feedback or yeah some tricks that you want to share it look so you know it's legit I want to make sure you hear Jason dump Amy videos but this is like what my email looks like when I posted in Facebook and said hey you know it still works my funnel still works so these aren't my emails that have come through on the lead generation and it's just I don't make my lead generation capture too long I just really ask for their email first name and phone number yeah because I think if it's that too many it's not do it mostly you know so in after they do this they go into my funnel and I think I have about five or six emails that they get maybe every day or maybe every other day that just tells them how to get started with buying a house how they can reach me offering some advice or some tips sharing loan programs even if I have a house that maybe just hit the market I'll put that in the funnel so hey check out this house it's coming soon and it hits all my clients you know a lot of times they might not be interested in the house but they'll say I don't really want that area but I am interested in this area can you send me some houses in this area I'm like yes of course I can you know just to get that engagement that dialogue that communication going so it works but that takes time like I had to sit down and think about my email funnels the order I put them in what I wanted them to say yeah you know so it take it does take time but it was easy you just but you just do it you know the thing the thing we're like I like whenever I'm working on a project or something like that and you know putting together an email funnel or anything like this yeah like I I get more motivated if I know it can be leveraged out so what I mean by that like if I had a go spend four hours write an email follow-up and it's just looking for one person it's a little bit but if it's like hey this is good like every single person the next hundred or thousands or tens of thousands of people that come through this funnel are gonna see the same thing it's like man that for hours super leveraged exactly exactly I like because honestly I think the most agents are like this thing if I can have you almost converted by the time I directly talk to you the better like if I've already kind of weeded you out like okay you're thinking about fine thing about buying a year from now okay we really don't have to you know have a sit-down face-to-face conversation because you're not trying to bang for another year or two totally oh it kind of helps me weed out and filter who's ready right now okay your lease is up at the end of the month okay yeah we need to get a face-to-face sit-down gameplan those house hunting you know so it does some of the extra legwork for you if you get if you take the time and instead your buns up we're sure well any any last tips or advice that you want to share with anyone that before we wrap up here um just it takes time it's not overnight I know a lot of people new agents get in the business seeing other agents thinking you know they're gonna be rich overnight and it happens overnight it doesn't even though a lot of times I only posted good a lot of people think that's all it is no I still have deals perla part I still have you know I missed some clients but it takes time you got to be consistent you got to be disciplined I am a hundred percent full time agent um and I'm a mom and I still have to be disciplined like I work at a nine-to-five like it's just it is what it is so um no stay consistent I hope every I'm here if you have any questions subscribe to my youtube channel that's right go check out her you teach and you've got a couple of digital courses right they kind of break down exactly what you do and what you do on social media to tell us a little bit more about that yes so I'm came out with to ebooks basically one of them is for new agents because I know when you get started maybe you don't have a huge budget or you don't know where to market to so I made like a my top ten budget-friendly marketing ideas so you can grab it there I made that super easy it's not open houses not co crawling it's not door knocking for the record I never door not like that was just not something I like to do so I can find things that work for me in my personality so I'll put them all in the e-book you can grab it creative ways and I made a workbook for agents who hate to post on social media that's what I always did I don't know what supposed I don't know how to post so I made a workbook I even put like a Content calendar in there so it tells you what to post for 30 days awesome oh yeah just go grab it give me your feedback tell me if you like it you know I know there's a need so when there's a need I still try to help where I can as a campy hard or discouraging get into the business and not knowing anybody or what to do so you know yeah so Ashley Pickens calm and I'll add all the URLs down below this video so if you guys want to check that out Channel she's just getting started so make sure you subscribe so you can check out all the latest of somebody that is actually putting this into action like we were saying three years ago she was a solo agent now she had she's a broker you have 23 agents right 23 on your team 23 agents a lot of them are super node just to the test so everything I got teach them I try to share it with other people so kind of get leads how to market how to time manage so you know yeah that's what I'm doing now 23 agents and we are growing we just got a new office so we're growing yes I love it well actually thank you so much for taking some time and sharing with us and being super transparent showing us the ads and like telling us exactly what you're doing and same thing guys like go check out her channel because she's just as transparent over there she's gonna keep making video showing you guys exactly what she's doing so if you want to see what success looks like in real estate go check out her channel see what she's doing see how you can model what she's doing and implement into your business and really be able to grow your business in next three years maybe you could be a broker with 23 agents on your team I know god is good let me just say that so yeah and I'm here if anybody wants to reach out ask me any questions I'm always available clearly you all everybody already knows that because you're a much okay awesome well actually thank you so much again for joining us and appreciate you spending the time of course of course against Arsenal it still works after all these years it still works