Angela Kinsey Originally Auditioned To Play Pam On ‘The Office’ But Was ‘Too Feisty’ For The Role

– You found a photo from your first table read that you all did? – Oh, yes.
– Oh yes yeah. – Yes, our casting
director, Allison Jones, brought her camera and
she took a Polaroid of us and she gave one to each of us. And I’ve saved mine all these years. – That’s so cool, we do
Polaroids on this show. I love it. It just looks vintage and cool. – I didn’t get one because
I wasn’t there that day. – She hadn’t been cast yet. – I hadn’t been cast yet. – [Kelly] That is so. – I’m okay with it. – Wasn’t it funny though? Aren’t you, Angela, you tried out right, when everyone auditioning, you auditioned for her part, right? – I auditioned for the role of Pam and I went in you guys, and I thought I did so great. And it was a big room. – You did, you got the
job, just a different one. – I got a different job. But, it was a room full of people and there’s a moment where
Michael is fake firing Pam in front of Ryan the temp,
to like pull a prank. And Pam starts to cry
and calls him a jerk. And I called him like a jerk, and everyone started laughing. And I was like, “I don’t
think that was supposed to be “a laugh, I think I missed something.” And then of course, you
see this vulnerable moment that Pam, as much as she
hates that job, she needs it. And Jenna did such an
amazing job portraying that. But, so they said I didn’t get the part because I was a little too feisty, too feisty for Pam. – You were raised a bit in
Texas, so it’s understood. – I know, listen, I’ll call someone a jerk if they’re a jerk. – I’ll call someone something else, yeah. – [Angela] Maybe. – It depends on the moment. – But then they brought me back they said, “hey, we got kind of a judgy,
snarky lady in accounting.” And I said, “OK”. – That call’s amazing. “Hey, you know who you’d be perfect for?” – The snarky lady.
– The snarky lady.

Eric Winter Asks Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey His One Burning ‘Office’ Question

– I just got the best tutorial
on how to walk out here. – [Kelly] You did? – It was incredible. – [Kelly] Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. – It was so seamless. – Did they have a tutorial back there? – Yeah. – It was on an I-pad.
– It was on a video. – You watch a video. – Wasn’t it so helpful? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Step by step, took me
over, it was amazing. – Oh my gosh, it’s like
riding a ride at Disneyland. You know when you have to watch? – Exactly, yes. – It was amazing. – Only the best for y’all. Have you ever met them? – I haven’t, but I’m a huge fan. A huge fan of The Office and now this podcast is just incredible. – Thank you. – Thank you. – He loves The Office. If you had one question,
would you have a question? – I do, I have a question. Fact or fiction, some characters are based on a real name, or have
a real name attached to the actor and some are
just made up character names? – This is true. You know that the American
version of The Office is based on a British
show, so the core group of characters from the British show all got new names for the American shows. Like Pam, Dwight, Jim,
Michael, Ryan the temp. Then there was a character
that was based on Kevin, a character based on
Stanley, so all those people. But then, for the American version, they wanted to fill out
the world even more, so they created these new
characters like Angela. – It’s Angela, Phyllis, Creed, Oscar and then in later years, Clark, so I said to them, why do we have our names? Our writers and Greg Daniels
was like, it just worked. – [Jenna] We liked it. – You were cast and then they were like, perfect, we’re using your name? – Yes.
– Yes. – Exactly, exactly. – Wow, that’s so random. – That’s fascinating. – That’s a great question. – It doesn’t happen like that. – I know usually you play, yeah. – I’m Tim Bradford, I’m not Eric Grant. I’m not Eric Bradford. That’s amazing. – It is weird, though, ’cause I went out to lunch with Rainn and someone yelled, Dwight and then they said, Angela. I said, I think I know them. He was like, no, you don’t. Then he goes, oh my God,
they yelled your name. I walk around everywhere
being like, I know everybody. Oh, no I don’t, I don’t know everyone. – I love it. – They have a podcast. You and your wife, Rosalyn Sanchez, y’all have a podcast too, right? – Yeah, we just launched a podcast with iHeart and it’s been a blast. Our first episode just aired. – It’s unfortunate how ugly she is. – [Angela] She’s striking. – She’s really, she’s rough. – [Angela] I have met her. – What? You are married to a model. – I have met her, yes, I’ve met
her and she is so beautiful. – Well that’s good to hear. She’ll be happy to know
that you felt that way. – You’ve been married for a long time. – We have, we’ve been married almost… Well, 11 years married, but 14 together. – [Kelly] Wow. – Our podcast is called He Said Ella Dijo, which means she said. It took me a lot to learn
that in doing the podcast. People that we know always
joke about the fact that we disagree on absolutely
everything in the world, except we’re still in love,
we still love each other. That’s the tie in with the podcast. How we tackle being
complete polar opposites and dissect everything; pop culture, life, business, relationships, everything. – Yeah, that’s so cool. Podcasts are a hit, y’all. – They’re everywhere. – You play a cop on The Rookie. I love The Rookie, I watch The Rookie. I love your show. I was very excited when I got this show so I could have y’all on here. – Thank you. – ‘Cause I love it. The reason why I initially watched was because I was a fan of Castle. I love Nathan Fillion, I’m
a huge, huge fan of him, and so I started watching the show and I fell in love with y’all. What’s it like to work with him (laughs)? – He’s a great team leader. He’s a good guy, he’s been in
the business for a long time. – Yeah, Firefly. I’m like a real fan. – You are a real fan. Firefly was like the break. He’s super professional
and kind to everybody. Always wants to give and help. Always there for the cast. – Oh, he’s a super Canadian? – He is, super Canadian. Great guy. Actually, I had something done for you. – Oh my God, what? – Hey Kelly, I am backstage on The Rookie. Just wanted to show you
a little bit of the set. We are in the station now. – Yes! Nathan, one sec, I’m in the middle of shooting a video for
Kelly Clarkson right now. – Oh, Kelly Clarkson. I love Kelly Clarkson,
she’s America’s sweetheart. – Nathan, one sec, I just need a moment. – How you doing, America’s sweetheart? This is so exciting. How are you? – Nathan, she can’t answer you. – Oh, this is a video. – This is a video. – Then I will assume you are doing well. Kelly Clarkson, America’s sweetheart, we can’t wait for you to visit
us, sometime soon we hope. – We love you. – I love him! Yes! Y’all are so fun! – That is so sweet. – What a great cast. That’s so fun. – [Tim] We’re very lucky. – All the women on there,
everybody’s so talented. – Everybody’s amazing. – That must be a really fun thing as an actor, to really get in that–. ‘Cause sometimes it doesn’t
always work like that, but when you get into casting and you’re like, oh this is a nice fit. – We have been really fortunate. I think you guys probably
had a similar experience with a lot of your cast, it’s not common that a cast all gets along,
and we are very fortunate. – [Kelly] We want that tea. – Yeah, we really all
vibe and it’s been a gift. – [Kelly] Aw, that’s so cool.

Jenna Fischer And Angela Kinsey Beg For ‘The Office’ To Be Made Into A Movie

– Yeah.
– So would you do a reboot? Would y’all do it? – We talk about this all the time. We wanna do a reunion special. Like a reason that everyone in the office has to reunite for some reason, like a one-time special episode. – Like a movie! Like a reunion movie.
– Like a movie. Yeah, because I think
a reboot would be hard. At the end of the series, spoiler alert for anyone who’s still
in the middle of it, but some of the people
don’t end up staying at the paper company anymore. They move on, they move away. And so to manufacture some reason why we’re all working there
again I think would be odd. But I think there is a reason that we could all reunite in some other way. So that’s what we’re– – We have some ideas.
– That’s what we want. Call us.
– Call us NBC. – NBC.
– Email us. – I think it would be so good. Like I said, it’s just
got such a new life. Like a younger age are getting into these characters, it’s really cool. – And on a selfish level, I would like to work with all those people again. I’d like to have us
all in a room together. – Yes! – It’s such a great
chemistry, great vibe, yeah. – I teared up when I got here
because your security guy, Joseph outside, did security for “The Office” for seven years. We saw him every day. – We gave Joseph a big hug.
– We gave him a big hug. He used to help me when
my daughter came to set. I had like a little, you
know the little pink car you push your kid around
in and it’s really loud, it’s like (imitates clanking). – Yeah, and everyone loves you. – Everyone loves you. I would like push her around, and Joseph would like help me take it out and set it out, and he
was just a sweetheart. But I would love to see everyone again. – It would be amazing.
– We might have to steal Joseph for
that week of shooting, if you don’t mind, we want everyone. – That’s okay, I’m okay with that.

Angela Kinsey Explains Why She Finally Let Her Daughter Watch ‘The Office’

– I’m so stocked. We’re all stoked, everybody loves The Office even four thousand years later. – Yeah. – It’s kind of impressive though like still people are just
now cause the Netflix as well. Like my son he’s 13 and
he just told me last week, he’s like gone through so many episodes. He’s going through the whole things now, he loves it. – Yeah. – It’s like bringing a
whole new life to it. – You know we kind of
crush it at middle schools. (audience laughs) Like really, we do. Like I was touring a middle school and they were like can you
not go in the classrooms cause the kids were like. – [Jenna] They were distracted. – Yeah, middle schools! – I feel like the show is in some ways even more popular then when it was on – Oh yeah. – When it was airing live on NBC and I think it’s because of streaming, you can binge it. You can watch it whenever you want to now, there’s the internet. – There’s the internet! There’s that. – There was no Instagram when we were filming The Office! – Isn’t that crazy? – I think about that
with my career like what has happened in the, you know, the span of like with
social media and everything. – Yeah. – That’s insane but
it’s brought a whole new life to it and it’s such great writing, great characters, it’s just
such a phenomenal thing. So you started a new podcast and basically tell everybody what your Office Ladies is a podcast but tell ’em what you do. – All right. – You go ’cause you’re good at this part. – Every week we watch
an episode of the office and then we break it
down and we tell you all of our behind the scenes
memories, stories, and trivia. Everything we can remember. We reach out to cast
members and crew members and we give you all the scoop. – All the scoop. – We started from the beginning with episode one and we’re going in order. – All the way through. – [Kelly] Wow. – Yeah. – But this week your podcast the episode is about the fire episode right? – Yes! Oh, that was a really fun one because that was the first episode that we shot outside of the offices so we were, it was an exterior shoot. The fire alarm goes off
and we all have to go out to the parking lot and there was this, we’re gonna talk about
this on the podcast. – I know but I just
want you guys to notice, do you see how Jenna is? Here’s the synopsis,
this is what happened . – Yeah, it gives some context. – And then I’m like that’s
the one with the bug, remember the bug? – It’s like so different the personality, that’s why you go together. – So there was this giant bug
that started attacking us. I mean it was very large, it was unusually large . – Listen, it zeroed in
on me, I don’t know why. I think, I don’t know,
maybe because I look less threatening ’cause I’m so short. – ’cause you’re tinier? – I’m tiny, but it kept
like buzzing my head. I don’t know about you, I
don’t like anything by my ear. Don’t get by my ear! – There goes your social life. There goes making out. – Okay, all right, there’s one
person who can get by my ear. – You know what, I’ve
been on stage on tour and they attack me ’cause
I’m in a spot light. So if you’re outside in a
shed tour, yeah they just. And there’s these like
prehistoric ones down in Florida. – That’s what this was! It was from olden times. – I was like is this a dinosaur? – Yeah, it was the size of a Buick. It was like and I got,
we started doing a joke that it was gonna like pick me up and take me away cause
it landed on my shoulder. – I wish I could make that joke. (Audience Laughs) Things I’ll never say. No, but that’s amazing. – John Krasinski does great impressions of people or things or whatever. He’s an amazing impressionist. So he started doing an
impression of Angela being carried away by
the bug and it was like. – It was so funny. – Anyway you guys it was hilarious. Make john Krasinski do the giant bug thing for you when you run into him. – I will make him do it, I will get him on the show and make him, demand it. – Yes, and then make him
do his boom operator. Boom operator, he does
a great boom operator. – And he does a great Muppet. – [Kelly] These are random gifts. – Oh, he does a really good Muppet. – These are random talents. I can not wait to meet him. – I know. – John right now is like thanks ladies. All my bits. – You actually, you found it was from your first table read, right? You found a photo from your
first table read that y’all did? – Yes! Yes, our casting director Alison Jones brought her camera and
she took a Polaroid of us and she gave one to each of us and I saved mine all these years. – That’s so cool! We do Polaroids on this show, I love it. It just looks vintage and cool. – I didn’t get one ’cause
I wasn’t there that day. – She hadn’t been cast yet! – I hadn’t been cast yet. I’m okay with it. – Aren’t you, Angela you tried out right? Whenever you were auditioning, you auditioned out for her part right? – I auditioned for the
role of Pam and I went in you guys and I thought I did so great. And it was a big room. – You did, you got the
job, just a different one. – I got a different job but it was a room full of people and there’s a moment where Micheal is fake firing Pam in front of Ryan the temp to like pull a prank and Pam starts to cry and calls him a jerk and I called him like a jerk and every started
laughing and I was like I don’t think that was
suppose to be a laugh. I think I missed something. And then of course you see this
vulnerable moment that Pam, as much as she hates
that job, she needs it and Jenna did such an
amazing job portraying that but so they said
I didn’t get the part ’cause I was a little too feisty. – You were raised in
Texas so it’s understood. – I know, listen, I will call someone jerk if they’re a jerk. – Ill call someone something else, yeah. – [Angela] Maybe. – It depends on the moment. – But then they brought
me back they said hey, we’ve got kind of a judge-y
, snarky lady in accounting. And I said okay! – That calls amazing, hey you
know you’d be perfect for. – Yeah, the snarky lady. – The snarky lady. You’re both busy moms. I’m a busy mom as well, I get it. But do you ever give each other advice, you know when we go to that dark place? – Well, sometimes. We parent very similarly – Thank goodness! – Yeah, on of the ways
our friendship works is we have similar values in that way. But Angela had her daughter
before I had my son and so there was this period of time where she was a mother and I wasn’t. – That’s real different. – That was, we made it through. But I use to call her
up and I would be like “Ang, meet me out of
margaritas at 10 o’clock!” – 10 o’clock? – No, momma’s in bed. – Momma’s been in bed four hours like what are you talking about? I was like Jenna I haven’t
had a margarita in two years. – Well that’s you first problem. (audience laughs) I mean. – I corrected that but I was
in the weeds for a little bit. – You can make a margarita at home. No, but have your kids
seen The Office yet? Do they watch it right now? – Mine have not. Mine are still, I have an eight year
old and a five year old. – [Kelly] Oh, okay. – And my kids hadn’t seen it either, except this year they’re in fifth grade. Two of them are in fifth
grade and all their friends watched it over the summer
and so my mom was like, I mean my daughter was like, mom can I please finally watch The Office? And I was like okay and I was at the time watching Healthcare for the podcast and I was like why don’t
you watch Healthcare and she was like mom,
what’s an anal fissure? (audience laughs) – Oh my god, I love this conversaton. – [Angela] And I was like – Is that when you say go ask your dad? – Well no, I was just like it’s a real, and she goes is that real? I was like yes. Um, fast forward. So, I don’t know, so yeah
she’s watching The Office now. It’s not all anal fissures. (audience laughs) – Its not. – It’s not. – So out of all, it’s not! So out of all the episodes what scene was, for each of you, was the hardest to shoot? – We were talking about this
because I mean there’s hardest, emotionally hardest because
we were laughing so hard so, where should we start? – I think hardest because we were laughing so hard was the dinner party episode. We just laughed our way through that week. We ruined so many takes
the bunch of us on that. Yeah but then hardest
emotionally was just the whole episode where we were
saying good bye to Steve. When we sing to him, when I had my, I mean we were just
crying through everything and when I had my good
bye to him at the airport. That was really rough, yeah. – We were just so teary
all week and Will Ferrell was a guest star that week
and I was standing next to him for a scene and he goes I feel like I’m at like a funeral but I’m suppose to be funny at the funeral. – oh my gosh. – And I was like oh, that must be really hard to be around all of us. But yeah, and then also
there was awkward things that were hard ’cause they were awkward like I had to toss a cat into a ceiling. – [Kelly] You really did toss a cat? Like a real cat? – [Angela] I mean, look at that. Oh no, it was – I mean I remember that but I thought maybe it was a fake cat. – Oh, well there was a – Parts of it were fake. – Well not part of the animal. – No, but I mean parts of the
shot were with a fake cat. – Yes, but I had to like in the scene when like everyone’s going crazy and like Kevin has a copier and he’s like, I had to like take a cat out of a drawer. Which I guess my character’s kept a cat in her drawer all these years. – That’s not creepy at all, fine. – And the cat is huge, this
wasn’t like a little cat, it was like enormous. – It was a heifer. – It was, it was like a heifer. Bless her heart. – [Kelly] Bless her heart. – Bless her heart, she’s a heifer. Anyway, so I had to get
this big cat and then I had to like swing it
and do this whole thing. – And you’re little! – And I’m little! And it’s like (imitates cat meowing) it was like not into it. And then everyone was screaming
so that was difficult. – Or awesome. – [Angela] Or awesome, yeah. – So The Office is coming
to the NBC streaming service right now so
would you do a reboot? Would y’all do it? – We talk about this all the time, we wanna do a reunion special. Like a reason that everyone in The Office has to reunite for some reason like a one time special episode. – Like a movie, like a reunion movie. – Yeah, because I think
a reboot would be hard. I think at the end of
the series I mean spoiler alert for anyone who’s still in the middle of it but some of the people don’t end up staying at the paper company anymore. They move on, they move
away and so to manufacture some reason why we’re
all working there again I think would be odd but
I think there is a reason that we could all reunite
in some other way. So that’s what we’re – We have some ideas. – That’s what we want, call us! – Call us NBC, email us. – I think it would be so good, like I said it’s just got such a new life. Like people are, like of a younger age are getting into these characters. It’s really cool. – And on a selfish level,
I would like to work with all those people again, I’d like to have us all in a room together. – It’s such a great
chemistry, great vibe, yeah. – I teared up when I got here
because your security guy, Joseph, outside did security for The Office for seven years. We saw him everyday. – We gave Joseph a big hug. – We gave him a big hug. He use to help me when
my daughter came to set, I had like a little, you know, the little pink car you push your kid around in and it’s really loud. – And everyone loves you. – Everyone loves you. I would like push her around and Joseph would like help me take
it out and set it out and he’s just a sweetheart. But I would love to see everyone again. – We might have to steal Joseph
for that week of shooting. – [Kelly] That’s okay.

The Office Fan Theory That Will Make You Fear Jim

– [Narrator] The American Office is your typical workplace sitcom
full of wacky characters, harmless hijinx, will-they-won’t
they romantic drama, and, of course, a brutal serial killer. Oh, you didn’t remember that? Despite being a fun comedy
about paper salesmen, The Office actually had a running gag about a local serial killer, known as “The Scranton Strangler.” In Season Six, Andy holds up a newspaper with the headline “Scranton
Strangler Strikes Again.” One episode showed the gang watch the strangler’s arrest on TV, and Human Resource drone Toby even became a juror on the trial, later confessing that he feared he helped sentence an
innocent man to death. ♫ Oh yeah – [Announcer] Could this mean
the real Scranton Strangler is still at large, and maybe even one of the
cast members we know and love? A lot of fans certainly think so. It’s not hard to see why, considering that the
show’s producer promised “explosive” twists in the final season, adding that the killer
would be “unmasked.” And so, even though revealing
one of the characters was secretly a serial killer
seemed like an odd fit for a show built on unrequited
crushes and awkward silences, the internet went full Miss Marple trying to figure out who the hell it was. Let’s look at the suspects. The most obvious choice
seemed to be Creed, the office’s resident sketchy old man. Most damningly, in one
episode he runs away after mistaking a murder mystery game for a genuine investigation. Another time, Creed comes
to work on Halloween wearing a blood-spattered shirt, despite not knowing it was Halloween. – That is really, really good timing. – [Narrator] Some internet
conspiracy theorists believe it to be the needless creepy Gabe, Toby himself and even
Pam’s ex-fiance, Roy, who has a known history of violence. Dwight dressed as the
Strangler for Halloween, so he’s on the list, but one Buzzfeed writer proposes the most shocking choice of all: America’s Sweetheart, Jim Halpert. Think about it, Jim Halpert
is an effortless liar who spent eight years torturing
his office mate, Dwight, and borderline stalking
his office crush, Pam, even though he knew she had a fiancé, so we know he’s not the
most morally spotless guy. But okay, being a serial killer is a big leap from being a bully. How about the fact that
the Strangler only strikes when Jim is in Scranton, and never when he’s working in
Stamford or out on the road, promoting his new company? Could this floppy-haired, amoral sociopath have been the terror of
Scranton the whole time? I mean, probably not, the
evidence is kinda flimsy, but it is the unwavering
belief of this website that he definitely was. – Thank you, Scranton Stranger. I love you. You just took one more
person’s breath away. – [Man] Yeah.

The Top 12 Episodes of The Office of All Time! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Here are the top 12
episodes of The Office of all time! Even though it has been off
the air for over half a decade, The Office is easily one
of the most popular shows on Netflix. But sadly, 2020 will be
the last year to watch the workplace sitcom
on the streaming giant, as it is set to move over to NBC’s upcoming online service, Peacock. So we thought it was our duty, nay, our responsibility, to countdown the top 12
episodes of The Office, of all time, before it disappears forever. Unless you decide to sign up for Peacock, or, even worse, actually pay for physical media! Now, these episodes were heavily vetted by a team of Office experts, who carefully weighed
all of the humor, cringe, and classic moments and yes, there was many a hurt feeling. Sorry Stephen, but you and
Scott’s Tots can go to hell. But we did cut through
all of the 201 episodes to find the top 12. So let’s break them down now, starting with number 12, Murder. – There’s been a murder, in Savannah. – In the 10th episode of the sixth season, The office finds out that Dunder Mifflin is on the verge of bankruptcy. While Jim tries to keep everyone working, Michael pulls out a Whodunit party game and forces the staff to
play characters in the game to get their minds off the impending doom. – This plantation, we’re running low on greenbacks. – Not only did Murder
give all of the characters a chance to shine, it
showed us once again, that while Michael may
not be the best manager, Tube City anyone? He does genuinely love his employees, and sometimes that is the best
medicine to a bad situation. Plus, the cold open of
Dwight fighting himself is worth the price of admission. – Groin punch. Hip block, elbow to the gut. – Coming in at number 11, The Surplus. (whistling) – Whoo! – Practically a perfect bottle adventure, this season five episode finds the office with a surplus of 43 hundred bucks, and if it is not spent
before the end of the day, it will be deducted
from next year’s budget. – Why don’t you explain
this to me like I’m five? – This leads to the staff taking sides on whether it should be
used to buy new chairs, or buy a new copier, which has everyone vying
for Michael’s favor. Of course, things only get
worse when Michael learns that he can get a huge bonus
if he turns it back in. Couple the inter-office
politics with the B plot of Angela and Andy trying to set up their wedding venue at Schrute Farms, and you have a recipe for
a perfect little episode that also points out why
you should never buy a coat until you have the money, or eat tiramisu while
talking on the phone. – I am calling- (coughing) – With that, we’re in the top 10! And, to be honest, the 11 and 12 picks were basically just honorable mentions to keep a few of the
producers from quitting. Let’s get to the real gems. Number 10, Goodbye Michael. – T-shirt, idea, good bye stink. – Season seven’s send off of Michael Scott is easily one of the most
emotionally powerful episodes of the entire series. For seven years we have
watched as Michael Scott bumbled his way across the screen, but ultimately he found
his way into our hearts. While he may have made some
super problematic decisions, we’re looking at you, gay witch hunt, usually his heart was
always in the right place, and watching him leave
the show was undoubtedly one of the hardest and saddest moments. In this episode, Michael
quits to move to Colorado to be with the love of his life, Holly. And must now find a way to say goodbye to his pseudo family of 15 years. The humor takes a backseat
for heart, in this outing which hits the hardest during
Michael and Pam’s goodbye. Side note, this is Jenna
Fischer’s real life goodbye to Steve Carell. There are a few gems in the later seasons, but it’s clear that without Steve Carell, the show would never be the same. – Catch you on the flippity flip. – Next up, number nine, Casino Night! – I am going to drop a deuce on everybody. – It’s casino night for Dunder Mifflin, and the warehouse has been taken over to host a charity event. In the episode, we find out more about Creed’s thieving ways, watch
as Michael juggles two dates, learned about Kevin’s band Scrantonicity and witness one of the best
Michael Toby flare ups. – I hate so much about the things
that you choose to be. – But the night belongs to Jim and Pam. As much as The Office tried
to develop the love interests of other characters, the true heart of it was always those two. And in this second season cliffhanger, he lays it all on the line to let the then engaged Pam know how he feels. – I’m in love with you. – What? – Aw! While eventually find out that Jim ends up crashing and burning, there’s no denying that this is the moment that kicks off their
eventual relationship. Also, dinkin flicka. – Dinkin flicka. – At number eight, the season
three episode, The Convict. Following the merging of the
Scranton and Stamford branches, Michael has a whole new group
of employees to oversee. But when it is revealed
that one of the new staffers was previously incarcerated, Michael Scott goes off the rails
trying to defend the office after tales of prison
begin to sound better than working at Dunder Mifflin. While this episode has
it’s fair share of laughs, like when Jim tries to set
Andy up on a date with Pam, it’s a three minute scene of
Steve Carell letting loose that takes this episode
from great to awesome. – I’m Prison Mike. – Honestly, just pause
this video right now and go re-watch this scene. Because nothing we say is
going to do it justice. (upbeat jazz music) – Now, there’s a lot of debate over which holiday episode of
The Office is the best. But we had to settle on one, so we went with the one all
others are measured against. Season two’s Christmas Party
for the number seven spot. – Well Happy Birthday, Jesus. Sorry your party’s so lame. – It’s time for some holiday
cheer around the office, but when the party turns south, after Michael turns the friendly tradition of Secret Santa into Yankee Swap. – Yankee Swap, is like Machiavelli meets Christmas. – And everyone’s personalized gifts end up going to the wrong people as
the staff vie for ownership of the $400 iPod, he decides to violate the company’s policy of no alcohol. – Is this enough to get
20 people plastered? – 15 bottles of vodka? Yeah, that should do it. – Cool, cool, box it up. – And, off the chain it goes. Shots, lampshades, and of
course, a topless Meredith, which is why it made the top 10. – Alright, let’s head out. Sounds good, do you have a coat? – Let’s jump on to our number
six pick, Safety Training. In this season three
episode, the office is forced to go through the annual safety training. – It gonna be zoppity. – But, after feeling emasculated
by the warehouse workers, Michael decides how to show how dangerous life in the office can
be, due to depression. – Depression? Isn’t that just a fancy
word for feeling bummed out? – In true Michael Scott
fashion, it involves a roof, a bouncy house, and him preparing to jump to show the office the
real effects of suicide. – He’s going to kill himself
pretending to kill himself. – Yeah. – While everything ends up for the best, it’s a great episode that shows,
despite all of his antics, that Michael is truly
loved by his staff as well. – You Braveheart, man. – I Braveheart. – We’re in the top five, and what’s this? Another season three episode? That’s right, it’s Business School. Directed by Joss Whedon, this episode is hilariously
split down the middle with it’s A and B stories. As the name implies, one
plot focuses on Michael guest speaking in Ryan’s business class, which basically results
in him tearing apart a student’s book, and
throwing candy bars at people. While the second half
of the episode involves the rest of the office dealing with a bat that got loose in the building. Naturally, Jim uses this to troll Dwight into thinking that Jim
was bitten by the bat and is slowing turning into a vampire. But what solidifies this
episode as a classic is the Pam Beasley sub
plot, where she invites the rest of the office
to her art exhibition, and it’s only Michael who
truly appreciates her art. – Your art was the
prettiest art of all art. – Thank you. – It’s a beautifully vulnerable moment that highlights why The
Office is so much more than just a workplace sitcom. Now, for our number four pick. Some might consider it a cheat, since it was broken up
as part one and two, but it’s basically one supersized episode. Stress Relief. In one of the series’ greatest cold opens, Dwight holds a fire training simulation that goes about as sideways as any training simulation can go. Cats falling through ceilings, Kevin breaking into the vending machines, and of course, Stanley
having a heart attack. – Stanley! Stanley! Barack is president! – Though Stanley survives, it’s clear that after a CPR training
course gone awry, and an attempt at office meditation, Michael is the one causing
the stress in the office. And so he comes up with
the brilliant solution to relieve the tension by
letting everyone roast him. – I consider myself a good person. But I’m gonna try to make him cry. – While everyone has a good laugh at Michael’s expense, he’s clearly hurt by his co-worker’s jabs, and after a day of soul searching, feeding the birds, he returns to awkwardly
dish it back at them as only he could. The whole episode is bananas, but surprisingly
believable and that is why we place it firmly at number four. – Boom. Roasted. – We’re in the top three! And the bronze Dundee goes
to season two’s, The Injury. – I burned my foot! – In a rather insane, but
somehow completely logical set of circumstances, Michael burns his foot after
his George Foreman grill, that he uses to cook
bacon with by his bed, clamps down on it. – I don’t see what’s so
hard to believe about that. – From there, the episode just gets more and more outrageous. From Dwight’s attempt to rescue Michael, where he crashes his car, injures himself, and pukes all over the back windshield, to Michael hosting the
cringiest disability seminar with his special guest,
the wheelchair bound building manager, Billy Merchant. But, the cherry on top is Jim driving both Michael and Dwight to the hospital and using a spray bottle
to keep them in line. All of this adds up to one
of the funniest and silliest episodes of TV. – That’s what she said. – That’s my joke, dammit Dwight. – In the number two spot,
and this was a tough one, but we had to go with
Michael Scott Paper Company. – It’s Britney, bitch. – The whole arc of the Michael Scott Paper Company is one of the greatest story arcs for the entire series. And you should really just
watch all of the episodes, but here’s the too long, didn’t watch. – It’s gonna be mental! It’s going to be mental. – When the new boss, Charles Miner, played to perfection by Idris Elba, comes in to take over Jan and Ryan’s job, Michael decides to quit and
forms a rival paper company, the Michael Scott Paper Company. But even with a dream
team of Ryan and Pam, Michael’s new company struggles as they prepare to host
a pancake luncheon. But after some inter-office bickering threatens to tear apart
the fledgling company, leading to one of the best
screen grabs of all time, the team does manage to pull
through and make a sale, hinting that things might not be so bad for everyone in the long run. – Who would have thought, that the thing that would save
this company would be work? – Like we said though, just do yourself a favor
and watch the entire five episode arc, starting with New Boss
and ending with Broke. It’s basically one long episode. It’s The Office at it’s
best, and it proves again, that while Michael may not
have been the best boss, he was a killer salesman. – Our balls are in your court. – And now, it’s time for the number one pick. Drum roll, please! (drum roll sound) It’s Dinner Party! – That’s what she said! – Easily the best episode of the series, Dinner Party is the
perfect blend of humor, heart, love, sadness and most importantly, cringe. In this fourth season
episode, Michael is finally able to trick Pam and Jim into coming over to his condo for dinner with him and Jan. And from the moment the
two walk in the front door, it is off to the races with awkwardness. You’ve got the Serenity by Jan candles, the highly suggestive
song, That One Night, by Jan’s assistant, Hunter, the reveal that Michael had
three consecutive vasectomies, Jim almost abandoning Pam, the worst game of charades ever, Dwight showing up with
his former babysitter, only to reveal their
relationship is purely carnal. The list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and when the tension
between Jan and Michael finally explode in front
of all of their guests, with Jan killing Michael’s
200 dollar plasma screen TV, well, it’s almost too much. Ultimately, Dinner Party is a train wreck on top of a plane crash in
the middle of a garbage fire, it’s so hard to watch. But damn, if it isn’t one of
the funniest episodes of TV of all time. Which is why it is our number one pick. – Sometimes, I will just stand here and watch television for hours. – And there you go! The top 12 episodes of The Office. Don’t at us, don’t go in the comments and try to justify why
our list is bull (beep) without Robert California or why Niagara deserves to be in the top five. This is the list, and you know it. But what do you folks think? Why isn’t Niagara in the top five? Should a Robert California
episode have made the cut? And, what’s your favorite cold open? (car screeching and thud) Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? If you want to get notified
every time we go live with a show or drop a new video, feel free to mash that little bell so you can be up to date
on all the latest theories, news, and rumors in the pop culture world. (Closing whoosh sound)

Jenna Fischer & Angela Kinsey Team Up Against Ellie Kemper & tWitch in ‘Heads Up!’

Every year at the holidays,
my family plays charades. And since I have some of
my Office and Ellen family here today, we’re going to play
Ellen’s version of charades, Heads Up! And to make it
even more festive, bring out the sweaters! What? Oh, wow. What? What’s happening? [CHEERING] What is– I’m putting my
arm through there? Oh, wow. Oh, boy. So wait– Oh, we each get our own. I’m not in. Here we go. Oh, you’re good. OK. Now each team is
going to take turns, working together to
act out the clues. I don’t know what to
do with this hand. Yeah, I know. It’s very– go on your back. And the other team has to guess. So whichever team guesses
the most correctly, wins. Jenna and Angela,
you’ve already proved how good you are in the
sweaters, so you’ll go first. OK. But we can’t talk, right? That’s right. Charades, there’s no talking. OK, charades. OK, go to our dot. OK, so stand on the
dots over there. And we stand on this dot. And then we stand on these? OK. OK, ready? Now are you– Try not to pull so much. Ready? OK, sorry! You’re gonna go now. OK. Go. Go. OK. No talking. Jumping jacks! Yeah. Good. Oh! Playing the violin. OK, these are easy. Oh, riding a horse! A rodeo! OK, yeah. Oh, no! Push-ups. Push-ups. Oh, no. Uh-oh, they both knew
immediately to do that. A wheelbarrow! That’s not– Downward Dog. Yeah! [CHEERING] Don’t stop now! OK, wait. Guzzling beer. No, no, no! Wait. Oh– Oh. Oh, wait. Serving– Funneling. Bartender. Passing a beer. Yes, yes! Ordering a drink. Passing a beer. No, she said it! Bartender! Yeah, I said it. Oh. Oh, guys! Jumping jacks. Oh, no, we already did that. Wheelbarrow. What– Snow angels! You guys are good. You’re game. Oh, tWitch, you’re next. Wait, wait! Oh! OK, OK. [TIMER TICKING] YMCA! Yeah! You guys are really very good. Oh. Tango! Ballroom dancing. Keep going! [BUZZER] Going through a revolving door. Yes! Yes! He got it! [CHEERING] It was after. It was after. I am exhausted! That was good though. Now we switch? OK, cool. You guys, well done. You gotta get seven
to tie, eight to win. OK. OK. Ooo. Jump rope! Jump rope, jump rope! Yeah. Oh, sorry, I don’t– I don’t wanna do that to you. You’re kind of– Chest slam! Like a– Body slam. Body slam. Hello. Yeah. Oh. Boogie. Oh, oh, no, no, no! It’s the thing! Oh, oh, it’s the floss! Yeah. Oh, swimming! Swimming. Yeah, yeah! OK. Oh, no. Oh, boy. Push-ups? A plank. Push-ups! You got it. Yeah, OK. OK. Oh. Oh, uh– Prom picture! Prom photo. Prom, prom! Cool. Juggling. Juggling. Yup. [CHEERING] Robot! Slow motion! [CHEERING] What is this? Golfing? Golf! Yeah. Yeah. Oh! OK. [TIMER TICKING] Rowing something. No, wait. A pendulum. Oh, oh, oh, oh! Up and down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Nutcracker. Seesaw! Seesaw! Yeah, yeah. OK. [BUZZER] What? [INTERPOSING VOICES] No, no, I was going for a saw. You were right. You were right. We acted it out really well. You guys won! We all won! Ohhh! We all won. That’s the holiday spirit! Office Ladies is on Stitcher’s
comedy network, Earwolf. Subscribe now by going
to We will be right back.

Would Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, & Ellie Kemper Do a ‘The Office’ Reunion?

oh. This is surreal. This is crazy. So surreal. [INTERPOSING VOICES] It’s like we’re having lunch,
but in front of everyone. Hi, guys. Yeah, I love it. Hello. [CHEERING] I love acting like I was an
original part of The Office, even though I joined
the fifth season. You guys were so
welcoming to me. Oh. I was nervous. It was nerv– I was a
big fan of the show. I got to be on the show. And I felt like I
knew you, because I’d watched it for so long. You guys were so nice to me. Thank you. You were such a cutie. I remember the first
time I met you. We were in hair and makeup, and
you were like, hi, how are you? [INAUDIBLE] Oh, my God. I’m getting– I was like, OK. It’s what? What? Wait. Does someone speak Ellie? I need a minute. Not much has changed I think. You were so excited. I know, because
literally, this is a dream come true– my
favorite show on television, and I got to be part of it. And I’m very excited. We all match. I know. [INTERPOSING VOICES] No. Did not discuss. No. Did not discuss. But it’s Christmas, and
we all love Christmas. Yes. You used to do something
very fun around the holidays on the show. It was before I joined. You made ornaments for every- I did. OK, so every year,
for a while, I would make an ornament
of a picture of the cast. And then I gave it out to
everybody for Christmas. And then around
year five, I thought maybe people were like, I have
enough ornaments of us, Jenna. Thank you again– I love them. –for another ornament. I saved them. I have them all on my tree. I have a lot of photos
of myself on the tree– Thanks to me. –thanks to you. This is crazy– I don’t know
if you’re experiencing this– how popular The Office is. It’s over, but it’s gained
a new popularity, especially among younger people. Oh. Yes. Oh. Yes, yes. [CHEERING] Yes. I feel like it’s more popular
now than when we were on– I guarantee you that it is. –before like for sure. Yes. 100%. I was at the airport, and
there was a really cute gal in a jumpsuit– like, a big boxy
jumpsuit, maybe. I don’t know. It was sort of an
odd fitting jumpsuit. And she came up to me, and she
was like, I love The Office. Can we take a picture? And I was like, sweet person
in a big jumpsuit, yes. And we took a selfie. And then all of the sudden,
my Instagram was going crazy, because this girl named Billie
Eilish posted a photo of me– That’s who it was. –and her. That’s who it was. Yes. See, now, she has a hoodie on
over her big orange jumpsuit. But yes, and she was so sweet. Did you know who she was? I’m a dinosaur. OK. So– You’re not. You’re not. But I googled her,
and she’s fantastic. She’s a very
talented young lady. Yes. Angela– [LAUGHTER] Angela told me, and I
was like, who is she? I said it’s Billie Eilish. And we’re like two old ladies. We’re like, well, she’s very
popular with today’s youth. Yes. Her music speaks to them. Yes, and she’s very
fashion forward. Yes. She’s fantastic. [LAUGHS] Yeah. It is a combination of feeling
very cool with the kids, but also 89 years old– Yes. –which is fine. I know. Yeah. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’ve had young fans
come up to me in stores, and they’ll say, you look like
an older version of that girl from Pam, from The Office. No, no. And I’ll say, I am an
older version of her. It’s literally me,
15 years later. Well, I would argue, Jenna,
it’s a younger version of you. Well, thank you so much. Oh, Ellie, see. There we go. You’re the sweetest. You guys, I have been
loving your podcast. It’s been doing– just as
a side note– so well– in the top 10– Thank you. –every week. It’s called Office Ladies. You are going through each of
the 201 episodes that you shot. We don’t say that
number, because it makes her have a panic attack. I have some panics about it. How many have you done so far? Nine? Nine. OK. But Jenna called me one night. She was like, we have
to do 201 of these. Because I said it
was episode seven. The next day we were going
in to record episode seven. And I called Angela
at 11 o’clock, and I was like, I’ve
run out of stories. I have nothing else,
and there’s 200! What will we say? Well, but I said to
her, I go remember what Rainn used to say? Because– oh, my gosh. I’m so southern right now. Did you hear me? Remember what Rainn used to say? I was talking to my
mom on the way here. Anyway, so Rainn
would say– we would talk all day at reception. Then we would get in the car and
talk to each other on the car ride home. And he turned to us
one day and said, what more could you possibly
have to say to each other? You’re best friends. See? Yes. We’re best friends, right? Yeah. So we’re not going to run
out of anything to say. OK. You won’t run out of any–
you’ve, I guess, 192. Did the math really fast in– Why, why, why? I don’t know why I’m
obsessed with numbers. I want to ask you, though,
about ads, because you have ads on the show. And you told me you
love reading them. It’s so– What is so– –much fun. Why? I don’t know. Well, here’s something. I’m from the
Midwest, and I think we both share these values– just people of integrity. We didn’t want to suggest that
people purchase products if we hadn’t tried them ourselves. Right. So any company that
advertises with us, they have to send
us their product. And then we use it. Yeah. OK, my house is filled
with weirdest stuff now. Yeah. I have got a water flosser
that I am in love with. Yes. I would have never known if
it weren’t for this podcast. Now this can get
your endorsement. Correct, correct. I love that you do
your due diligence. Not enough people
like you out there. A lot of people would just
take the ads and read the copy. But you are in the– We’re going to– –trenches. –do it! Yes. We try them out. We try them out. I’m sure you get this
question all the time. I get this question. Will there be an Office reunion,
a reboot, and would you do it? Yeah, yeah. [CHEERING] I present a question to you. Would you do an Office reboot? I would not do an
Office reboot, but I would love to do a
reunion special episode. That would be fun. Yeah. I will– I’d like to get us
all together again. I would do anything
they called me to do. I’m with you, Angela. So if you want to
call me, I’m around. I would do– whenever they
ask that question they’re like and you know and
John Krasinski said, maybe not sequel maybe not– I’m like, I will be there. Ellie– So Angela and I are
rebooting The Office, right? You do such a brilliant job
portraying Angela Martin. Angela Martin? Yes, that’s her name. Oh, my gosh. I literally was
just like was th– my brain just did
a short circuit. You do such a brilliant job
portraying Angela Martin that so many people think
that you are that character. I know. Do you have to work harder
to contradict that image? Well, I think nine years– can I say the B
word on this show? Yes. I can? [INAUDIBLE] OK. Nine years of having
resting [BLEEP] face– my face just goes
there naturally. So I was at Disneyland. I was having the best time. And I was walking. I was like– [LAUGHTER] And people are like, are you OK? And I was like, I’m
having a great time! And then I was like, oh, my God. I just go like that. That’s it. It just happens. Yeah. We’re going to play
a game like this. Oh, sorry. [LAUGHTER] I’m not flaky at all. You got this. I got it. Thank you, Angela. We’re going to play a little
game when we come back.