How to Access Microsoft Office 365 for FREE – Tutorials for Point Park Community

Did you know that as a student and
member of the Point Park University community you can have access to
Microsoft Office 365 for free? Microsoft Office 365 is an online tool where you
can create and edit documents and collaborate on projects with your
classmates online. You will have access to Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel
among other Microsoft applications. You also have the option to download these
programs on up to five devices including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Getting
started is easy just follow these four simple steps. Step 1: log in to your Point
Park email on a desktop computer. Step 2: click the Office 365 link located in the
upper left-hand corner of your window. Step 3:
click the install office button located at the upper right hand corner of your
window. Step 4: install the software as you normally would on your computer. Your
username and password for Office 365 is the same as your Point Park email login.
Please note that your account is good for up to one year after graduation. If
you run into any problems accessing Office 365 please contact our IT help
desk at 412 – 392 – 3494 or by email at help
desk at If you would like to learn more
about Office 365 check out the resources at The point park community
has free access to Lynda. Here you can find thousands of educational videos on
hundreds of topics. You can even earn an official Microsoft Office certification.
Thank you for your time. Enjoy your free subscription!

Scientists Reveal New Study Tips That Actually Work

have a test coming up and you should be studying but you’re procrastinating, distracting
yourself by watching the Infographics Show. Luckily for you, this episode is a useful
one for your situation. If you’re struggling to figure out how to
study more effectively, we can help you out. While we’re at it, we may as well go into
depth and cover the science behind learning to better understand how to absorb information,
not just memorize. How do we learn and what are the mechanisms
of action that lead to a new level of understanding? Also, what did a bobo doll in the 1960’s
show us about human behavior? What we’re about to explain to you is powerful
information so we suggest you use it wisely and don’t abuse it! In the late 1800’s, Russian Psychologist,
Ivan Pavlov, was studying salivation in dogs in response to food when he discovered something
utterly unique for the time. He had already predicted that his dogs would
salivate in response to being given food. That was a given! But what Pavlov did not anticipate was that
his dogs would salivate just from the sound of the footsteps of someone delivering the
food. That’s when he had the idea to measure salvation
from stimuli associated with food, not just the food itself. With this, the concept of classical conditioning
was born. The ring of a bell on its own isn’t going
to make a dog’s mouth water. But what Pavlov discovered is that you can
teach a dog to react by pairing the sound of a bell with food. When associated, the dogs learned to start
salivating at the sound of a bell. This was not done consciously. Rather, it was the inner workings of the dogs’
minds that figured out that the ringing was an indication of the impending arrival of
their dinner. In this way, the dogs learned to adopt a new
behavior without realizing they were doing it. This can also be applied to humans. If you’ve ever watched the popular show,
The Office, you may remember the episode when Jim offers Dwight an Altoid every time his
computer reboots. After repeated exposure, Dwight holds his
hand out, not realizing why he suddenly expects to be given an Altoid after hearing Jim’s
computer reboot. Jim asks, “what are you doing?” and Dwight
answers, “I don’t know. My mouth tastes so bad all of a sudden.” Dwight was unknowingly conditioned to anticipate
fresh, minty breath every time he heard the familiar sound of the computer across from
him. Following Pavlov’s infamous experiment was
John Watson in the early 1900’s. In a time before ethical considerations, a
baby known as “Little Albert” was introduced to a furry, little, white rat before being
subjected to the obnoxious, distressing sound of a gong. At first, Little Albert was not afraid of
the rat. He was even initially amused by the creature. But after numerous pairings of the rat with
the gong, the baby began to cry upon seeing the animal, learning to feel afraid. This taught us a lot about how we develop
phobias to various things. Watson asserted that we are not born afraid,
but that fear is induced in us through association. For instance, you may be terrified of cockroaches
but that may only be because, when you were young, you watched your mother react by screaming
every time she saw one of those creepy crawlies. In this way, she taught you to be afraid of
them by pairing the sight of the cockroach with a fear response. But don’t be too hard on your mom for this. Odds are, it wasn’t intentional. She was just behaving naturally. And who could blame her? Anyone would do the same. Those things are gross! Unless you give it a diamond studded collar
of course. Now, let’s move on to psychologist, Albert
Bandura’s social learning theory. He believes that learning is a social process,
conducted through observation. To demonstrate this, he used a bobo doll. In 1961, the famous Bobo doll experiment was
conducted on children to measure the extent at which behavior was learned by watching
others. Some children were assigned to watch a clip
of an adult being nice to a bobo doll while others watched an adult committing violence
against it. The children were then placed in a room with
the bobo doll in order to see what they would do with it. Findings showed that the kids imitated the
behavior they’d seen prior to interacting with the doll. Some even improvised, adding their own creative
ideas along with the process. For example, a kid might have picked up a
toy gun and pretended to shoot at the doll despite only witnessing the adult punch and
kick it. This was huge in demonstrating how humans
learn to adopt observed behaviors by watching others. With this, the concept of a role model is
taken to a whole new level. Bandura explains four processes to learning. First there is attention or the degree to
which the behavior is noticed. In order to imitate a behavior, that behavior
first has to grab your attention. This is pretty straight forward. Next is retention or how well the behavior
is remembered. You may initially notice the behavior but
perhaps it doesn’t entirely sink in or register for a long period of time. If it isn’t remembered, you don’t imitate
it. Third is reproduction or your ability to perform
the behavior that the model demonstrated. Sometimes we’d like to imitate someone’s
behavior, but we are limited by our physical ability and can’t. You may see someone do a back flip and wish
you could do it, but you’re stumped. Finally, there’s motivation, our willingness
to perform the behavior. If the reward of performing the action outweigh
the cost, we are more likely to do it. For example, if you see that a guy dressing
well attracts a lot of girls to him, you may feel inclined to also start dressing better
because you’ve witnessed the reward from doing so. Okay, so now for the big question: what do
all these theories tell us about studying? What does the science behind learning teach
us with regards to how to study more effectively? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We rounded up some tips drawn from decade’s
worth of research. Here’s how the science says you should study
if you want to better assimilate the information and get that big, fat A+ on your next exam. First, it may surprise you to know that cramming
for a test last minute is not helpful. Trying to squeeze in a bunch of information
into a one- or two-night study session will not do you any good. The consensus states that spacing out study
sessions over time is way more effective for long-term learning. So, for instance, if you need to spend a total
of 12 hours on a subject, it’s best to spend three hours per week across the span of a
month before your test than to cram all 12 hours into one week. Now, maybe in the past, you’ve done just
fine on your tests after cramming but, odds are, you don’t remember the material as
well in the long run. Thus, if you want the cost of your college
tuition to be more worthwhile, space out your time in the library. At any rate, spending three hours at a time
hitting the books and then enjoying the rest of the night off binge watching videos on
YouTube is way more fun than a long, brutal, drawn-out 12-hour session. We should also mention that you’re more
likely to remember the first and final parts of what you study. The time spent in the middle tends to get
lost in the shuffle more easily. You can see this for yourself if you try to
memorize a large list of numbers and then try to recall what you remember. Chances are good that the numbers you spew
out mostly come from the beginning and end of that list. Thus, a longer study session means that less
information is retained in-between starting and finishing. That means more time wasted. Next, mixing subjects is best. If you have to study for more than one class,
the science says it’s better to switch on subjects while studying rather than focus
on a single subject for a long period of time. Why is this exactly? The explanation for it is that mixing or interweaving
subjects is key in learning, forgetting and relearning, which helps cement information
in the brain for the long term. You may study the answer to a history question,
move on to something else and then you relearn the answer to that same question and think,
“oh, right! I knew that.” The more often you have to remember something,
the more important your brain considers it. Thus, it becomes better stored for easier
access and future retrieval. Mixing subjects while studying also forces
students to pay attention to similarities and differences between the things they’re
trying to learn, which gives them an improved understanding of the material. So, don’t just block your study sessions
based on the topic. Feel free to switch off back and forth between
them. The learning theories we covered also centralize
around an important theme. That is, we tend to learn and remember lessons
that are more emotionally provoking or that are significant to us in some way, shape or
form. Try to incorporate some meaning to your study
materials. Find a way to connect some aspect of what
you’re learning to something personal in your own life. This will help the information feel more real
to you and make it more memorable. Applications of theoretical material to real-life
situations and scenarios also make the content easier to understand. For instance, if you’re trying to learn
a difficult math concept, try relating it back to something in your daily life. If you’re trying to figure out a percentage
question, for example, think about when you go shopping at the mall and you have to calculate
prices in your head when something is advertised as half off or 30% off. Then relate that information back to the question
in front of you. If you’re studying vocabulary, consider
the meaning of each word and try to use it in a sentence or two that applies to a situation
that is relevant to you. Let’s say your word is “misanthrope.” You could say something like, “My neighbor
is a ‘misanthrope’ because he surrounds his yard with a barbed wire fence to keep
others away. That and he wouldn’t hand out candy during
Halloween, which I’m feeling pretty salty about.” There you have it. Now you get the idea. Teaching others is also a useful tool in cementing
the information into your long-term memory. This is because, when you have to teach a
subject, you’re forced to think in-depth about it. You have to describe it in a way that will
help the other person understand, which, in turn, strengthens your own knowledge. Also, your student may ask questions that
push the bounds of your proficiency, forcing you to think deeply about the answer, further
grounding the information into your head. The final tip on this list is to test yourself
on your knowledge. If you just engage in repeated reading, without
quizzing yourself on the chapters, you get a false sense of familiarity. You feel like you know the material. But retrieving the material is an entirely
different matter. Thus, testing yourself on your knowledge by
forcing yourself to ask and answer questions lets you know what more you still need to
cover and what you’ve already grasped. Do you find this information helpful to you? What did you find most interesting about the
theories behind learning? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Why Would a Scientist Inject Himself with 3.5 Million Year Old Bacteria?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time

Applied Marketing Research vs Basic Research or “Spin”

How does Applied Marketing Research differ from Basic Research and from ‘Spin’? Applied Marketing Research is research done to improve a particular organization, or organizations’, decisions in topic areas such as… …competitive threat analysis, purchase criteria lists, customer satisfaction ratings and so much more However, not all Research you hear about, is Applied. Some is Basic or ‘Pure’ research an example of Basic or Pure Research might be research done to determine the average number of hours of sleep the average adult gets or the happiness of a society Basic research may be done without a specific set of decisions being made, based on its outcome, though it may advance the overall knowledge of an organization or group of organizations You yourself might do basic research on topics that you’re passionate about If you love car trivia, you might search the spec’s of new high-end sports cars even if you’re not about to make a decision to purchase one in the near future There’s a real chance that Basic Research may not trigger a specific decision on anything… because no one’s yet sure how, or if, the research may be applied, ever. What if there’s NO decision to be made using research findings, since ALL the decisions of what the research MUST reveal ..have ALREADY been made? ‘Spin’ often involves something CALLED ‘Research’… …done for political or commercial reasons In creating ‘Spin’, EVERYTHING is done to …support a foregone conclusion In ‘Spin’, Research is twisted using intentional bias, incentive, survey question wording or order, to make sure can deliver ‘data’ to support that foregone conclusion A coalition or industry group might do a ‘Spin’ study …to show that “Canadian consumers are, in fact, remarkably happy …with the rates they’re getting from their (barrier-to-entry-protected) telecom providers” show the government “There’s no need to open up this market to free competition!” Spin can also be used to woo audiences WITHIN organizations Franchises might ask their franchise locations to compete with one other to the point where individual locations might be tempted to get employees’ friends to stuff the ballot box full of unrealistically pleased customer service ratings Whether Spin is to woo external audiences or internal audiences, it’s still Spin The decisions have already been made – and any ‘Research’ that is done, is not Applied at all. For the sake of those of us in Applied Marketing Research, please keep in mind the distinctions between that field …and Pure or Basic Research on one side, and Spin on the other. As always, ‘Like’, Subscribe, leave comments below and follow me on ‘the twitters’ ( @strategysteven ) See you next time!

Subjects to avoid in British small talk: Salary

Neil voiceover: I’ve been working at the BBC for a long time now. I’ve met lots of people. And I sometimes bump into them… and make small talk. They call it small talk, but that doesn’t mean it’s of little importance. Neil: Hey Callum! Callum: Hey! Hey Neil, how’s it going? Haven’t seen you in ages… Neil: It’s been a while. Callum: Yeah, yeah. How’s the kids? How’s the family? Neil: Yeah, yeah. They’re good, they’re good. And you… I heard you’ve got a new job. Callum: Yes I have, yes. Started a few weeks ago, yeah, yeah… Neil: So… What’s the salary? Callum: Um… It’s OK. I’ve got to go… Neil: How much exactly? How much do they pay you? Callum: Um… some. Enough. Neil: What’s the figure? Callum: Sorry, I’ve got to run. See ya. Neil: OK. Nice to see you. Bye. See ya. Neil voiceover: Let’s see what our experts have to say about that. Sam: They seem to know each other; seem to have a little bit of knowledge of each other. Kee: Absolutely. He’s obviously found out that he’s changed jobs. Sam: Yeah, yeah. And he reacted really nicely to it. Kee: Yeah, absolutely. Until he decided to ask how much he’s earning. Sam/Kee : Yeah. His salary. Kee: Why would you not ask that question? Sam: It’s just not a common question. It’s considered very rude to talk about money generally… Kee: It is, isn’t it? Sam : But specifically money you make. Kee: Right. Sam/Kee: It’s just not done. No, you wouldn’t ask that, would you? Sam: So, what do you think he could have done instead? Kee: I think the obvious question is, ‘How are you finding your new job?’ Sam: Yeah. Kee: Are you enjoying it? You know, like, what are your colleagues like? Sam: Yeah Kee: Or even just asking about the job itself. ‘What are you doing in your new job?’ I think that’s a standard thing to do rather than… ‘So, what’s your salary?’ Sam: Exactly. Kee: And I think most people will want to talk about their new job. Sam: Yeah definitely. Kee: They’ll want to tell the other person about what they enjoy and what they’re not enjoying. But not this guy. Money. Neil voiceover: Thanks for the tips, guys. I’ll try harder next time.

English Addict Live Lesson – Sunday 5th January 2020 – Work Words – Fraud – Intention – Fast Food

oh here we go yes there it is the view
out of the window right now it is a murky cloudy rather dull day here in the
UK but don’t worry it doesn’t matter because everything is sunny and shiny
right here in my little studio in Much Wenlock yes we are all together again it
is English addict live hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so
are you happy I really really really really really hope so
here we are together again on the Internet and it’s nice to see that we
are all still here planet Earth still exists humanity goes
on the same way it did last week and the week before and also last year and the
year before that thank goodness so here we are then yes for those who haven’t
watched me yet in this particular year can I say
happy New Year to you hmm we are here again today I hope you
are having a super Sunday the end of the weekend and I suppose a lot of people
here in the UK are feeling a little bit down and depressed because last week at
the end of last week they had to go back to work so normally when people go back
to work they often have complaints or maybe they have something to say maybe a
comment that they make about what they’ve been up to
so after the Christmas break most people will have to go back to work
reluctantly it means they don’t really want to do it so if you do something
reluctantly it means you do it but you don’t really want to do it you would
rather not do it so today we are going to look at something very interesting
I hope it’s interesting anyway or else I might sell my computer things UK people
say when returning to work after Christmas so the things that people in
the UK say when they return to work after the Christmas break what are the
things that they say maybe you have said some of these things as well we’ll be
looking at that later on of course we will be trying to get mr. Steve to join
us today now today we have what do we have to lure mr. Steve oh this is
interesting today we are going to try to lure mr.
Steve with some lovely delicious snacks oh yes that looks very nice I’m not sure
what they are they look like twiglets so today we will
be tempting mr. Steve to join the live chat hopefully he will come into the
studio and he will join in with those delicious scrumptious
twiglets hmm we will have to wait and see what happens meanwhile it’s us here on the live
stream and the live chat is already very busy thank you very much for joining me
it’s so nice to see you here giving a little bit of your Sunday to me isn’t
that lovely thank you to everyone who has joined
already today and I suppose I should say congratulations to Vitesse guess what
Vitesse you have a very fast finger your finger is very fast because you are
first on today’s live chat I can’t control my excitement as you can
see so congratulations Vitesse greetings
from Lithuania nice to see you here also flower s Bois hello flower Espoir thank
you for joining me today Lily Lilia
Oh Lilia Oh have you seen Lilia Lilia the tattooed lady hello – Lilia also
grace Juli saj my roots also hang cry hello to you as well lots of people
joining we did have a few people last week did you notice on Friday some
people were complaining that my live stream is always too long so today this
particular live stream is going to be very short
so ta ta for now no not really
I’m just joking it’s it’s a joke I’m just joking I’m not really going so
hello to everyone on the live chat hello Sally Sally Sally she lurks down the
alley I don’t know why she does it I’m sure someone knows Eleanor also anna
kobe abdullah also Tomic hello Tomic I hope everyone here is well I’m well
however I do feel a little sad today would you like to know why I feel a
little sad because today is the final day we are approaching Twelfth Night so
that means that the Christmas trees and the Christmas lights here in the UK will
all be taken down so today is officially the day when everyone here in the UK
takes their Christmas lights down so later on today
my lovely Christmas lights there they are look they will have to be switched
off until next Christmas so I will be taking these down tomorrow I will be
removing them from the house unfortunately isn’t that a shame so this
is the final day where the Christmas lights can twinkle above the house and
also the Christmas tree will be taken down today as well it’s not very nice
really is it some beautiful views of my Christmas lights before we have to say
goodbye to them it’s not very nice really is it hard here me
oh well there’s nothing you can do about it unfortunately there is nothing that
can be done so that’s what’s happening today we’ll be taking the lights down
later on however some people are only starting to
celebrate Christmas because some people celebrate Christmas much later then here
in the UK and other parts of the world so some people start much later than we
do it depends on which calendar you follow so for some people Christmas
hasn’t even arrived yet isn’t it strange it really is hello to Abdullah hello
also to Julie G Julie G is here today Cory
hello Cory Wow so many people already here Lilia says I tried so hard to have
the fastest finger but my effort did not bear much fruit if your efforts bear
fruit it means you are successful in something you have accomplished what you
set out to do so the thing you try to do has born or it has bad fruit you have
succeeded in what you were trying to do you really do need a very fast finger
you do need a fast finger definitely to be first on my live chat Olga hello Olga
can I say thank you again for your lovely donation that I received thanks a
lot flower Espoir is still feeling under the weather I’m very sorry to hear that
I hope you feel well soon hello also to Joe say or jos or jose
maybe i know i’ve probably pronounced that wrong to be honest so last week
last friday we managed to get mr. steve to join on the live chat so we are going
to try again and today we are using another one of mr. Steve’s favorite
snacks and here it is right now so this is something that mr. Steve likes eating
twiglets so that is what we will be using to temp
mr. Steve on to the live chat in around about 15 minutes time will we be
successful find out later mm-hmm by the way we have a problem mr. Steve
has told me this morning he informed me with a very gloomy face he didn’t look
very happy apparently we are almost out of milk we
almost have no milk left so I might have to go round to one of our neighbours
houses to borrow some milk do you ever do that do you ever go to go round to
one of your neighbours houses do you ever appear on your neighbour’s doorstep
with maybe a cup or maybe a jug like this one and you ask your neighbour oh
excuse me I’m sorry to disturb you would it be possible to borrow some milk could
I please borrow some milk could you lend some milk to me because I’ve run out
sadly I’ve run out of milk I have no milk left would it be possible
to borrow some milk which is very strange when you think about it because
you can’t really borrow milk I mean if you borrow milk that means that you
bring the same milk back to the house that you borrowed it from so you can’t
really do that what you will actually do is replace the milk and you will give
some milk back to your neighbour at a later date so quite often we will have
to go round we must visit our neighbor to borrow
maybe some milk or maybe a cup of sugar quite often you might go round to your
neighbour’s house to borrow some sugar or maybe something that you have ran out
of maybe you need something unusual maybe you have to
borrow something very strange from your neighbour have you ever done that so have
you ever gone round to your neighbour to borrow something maybe some milk or
maybe some sugar have you ever done that now we might have to do this later on
because we have no milk mr. Steve made a cup of coffee
a few moments ago which was very delicious but unfortunately now we have
no milk so I might have to go round to the neighbour’s house to borrow some
milk from them it’s rather embarrassing as well isn’t it don’t you feel
embarrassed when you have to borrow something from your neighbours I feel
very ashamed to be honest talking of shame we went into town yesterday to
have our usual Saturday meal and mr. Steve well all I can say is I was very
surprised by mr. Steve’s table manners would you like to see mr. Steve’s table
manners or should I say his bad table manners so
yesterday we were actually having our lovely meal in Much Wenlock and
yesterday we had dumplings with stew potatoes carrots and also cabbage so
that is actually the meal we had yesterday doesn’t it look delicious
and there you can see mr. Steve eating his meal he looks as if he’s really
enjoying it and there he is pretending to speak to someone so mr. Steve is
going to show us his table manners oh dear
Oh mr. Steve I can’t believe mr. Steve just put all that food in his mouth at
the same time he’s a little greedy monkey aren’t you mr. Steve yes you are
I can see you looking at us oh no no no Steve don’t do it don’t do
it oh dear that’s disgusting I don’t know why mr.
Steve has very poor table manners don’t you think so there we were yesterday
having our lovely meal dumplings carrots creamed potatoes ah also cabbage as well
so there it was yesterday’s meal that we had in which Wenlock very nice we are
talking about food today McDonald’s has upset a lot of people today a lot of
people have become angry by McDonald’s here in the UK do you know why can you
guess why put a lot of people this morning were very angry they were
rioting on Twitter they were complaining on the Internet
about one particular thing but what was it find out later on hello also to
Helena hi Helena nice to see you here as well today lovely to see you here on the
live chat I have some nice words to show you here and these are all related to
our behavior and they are some interesting words and maybe they are
words that you can relate to so sometimes when you hear a word sometimes
you can actually relate to the word because maybe in the past or in the
present you have or you are doing that particular thing so here are some
interesting words and I like these words and some of these words are used quite
often especially when we talk about habits or human behavior the first word
is compulsion compulsion can you see the word there it is the word compulsion the
action or state of forcing or being forced to do something so maybe you have
no choice or maybe there is something that you want to do that you can’t stop
yourself from doing so maybe you are being told
you must do it or maybe your own brain or your own mind is telling you that you
have no choice so the word compulsion also a feeling you can’t hold back so
maybe a feeling that you have that you can’t control you can’t hold the feeling
back it is a strong compulsion and also we can describe this as an irresistible
urge so when we say urge it means something that you do or you must do
maybe a natural urge might be something that you do in nature so maybe you have
the urge to find a girlfriend or a boyfriend so yes I suppose you could say
that that is an irresistible urge you must do it or you have to do it because
it feels right the action or state of forcing or being forced to do something
is a compulsion compulsion I love that word another interesting word that I
will show you now on your computer screen intention now this sounds similar
to the previous word intention so when we say intention we are saying the thing
you plan or aim to do the action or fact of intending a person’s plans for
example a man’s intention to propose so when we say propose in this particular
sentence the man is going to ask the woman to marry him so maybe a man has
the intention to ask his partner to marry him
so your intention the thing you plan or the thing you aim to do it is your
intention I suppose you might use the word resolution as well as we are now
into 2020 I’ve just realized we are in the future
this is like science fiction this is isn’t it amazing to be living in the
year 2020 where are those flying cars why aren’t we all living on Mars we
should be by now obsession oh I think many people have
this a lot of people have some sort of obsession the state of being unable to
stop or give up doing something so something that you can’t stop something
that is hard to stop maybe you can’t stop doing it or maybe you can’t stop
thinking about it a fixation that can’t be controlled so
when we say fixation it means something you are constantly focused on in your
mind so a fixation can be something that you can’t stop thinking about or looking
at you have a fixation it is an obsession to be obsessed with a thing or
person is an obsession so obsession is the state of being obsessed with
something you can’t stop thinking about it I suppose you could say that I am
obsessed with English i am i i’m in english addict for goodness sake i can’t
stop talking about english i can’t stop thinking about all those lovely words so
yes i suppose you might say that i have an english obsession i am obsessed
with the English language and finally another interesting word I do like to
show these words from time to time something that catches my eye
and also my ear ooh reluctant reluctant so if you are feeling a little reluctant
yes you’re right I did use this word earlier so I
mentioned this word earlier if you are reluctant you are unwilling or wary of
doing something so to be unwilling or wary of doing something maybe you have
to do it but you don’t really want to do it a good example of that is going back
to work after your holiday most people feel very reluctant to go back to work
or maybe if you are a student you might feel reluctant to go back to school I
don’t blame you really so to be unwilling or wary of doing something to
shy away from a task so if you shy away from something it means you don’t really
want to do it you try to avoid it as best you can
the feeling of reluctance is to back away or feel disinclination ah I love
that word disinclination it means you don’t want to do it the feeling of
disinclination is the feeling of being reluctant you don’t want to do it you
feel as if it is something that you don’t really want to do you feel very
reluctant I don’t want to do it please don’t make me do it
hello also to a man hello a man or a man nice to see you here rakesh is here as
well nice to see so many red viewers here today where are you from my
friend do you speak English well I’m not sure if that message is for me I’m not
sure Silvia hello Sylvia mr. Duncan your
lessons are wonderful you are great you are a great teacher a big Chow from
Italy and also hang cry hello mr. Duncan yes we are all human
beings we certainly are at least we try to be hello to also Irene
Carmen Irene and joining my show be a part of the experience of learning the
English language Sylvia says Sylvia says I hope mr. Steve will be here well we
will have to find out now today we have some twiglets so we are using twiglets
today which I happen to know is one of mr. Steve’s favorite snacks so I will
try to tempt mr. Steve on to the live chat with some delicious twiglets that
coming in a few moments also Eric is here nice to see you here today so why
has McDonald’s made people angry here in the UK this morning many people woke up
to an amazing promise apparently here in the UK McDonald’s the famous fast food
chain promised a free McMuffin have you ever tried a McMuffin a McMuffin is a
little bit like a beef burger instead of beef they have pork egg and also cheese
as well and quite often you can only buy it in the morning
so there is a special promotion or was there was a special promotion this
morning courtesy of McDonald’s however so many
people tried to get their free burger that the whole website crashed here in
the UK so unfortunately because so many people tried to get their free McMuffin
from McDonald’s the whole website crashed so there were a lot of angry
people this morning complaining on Twitter because that’s what people do
nowadays when they feel angry about something when someone in real life
upsets them what do they do they go to Twitter to complain I tried to order a
McDonald’s today because they were giving away free McMuffins but I could
not get on to the website exclamation mark so a lot of people were very angry
this morning because they wanted their free burger they wanted their free
McMuffin unfortunately they could not get it Pedro Pedro is here that’s my
special greeting for Pedro I will do this from now on every time Pedro comes
on hello Pedro nice to see you here hello Pedro will give you a big happy
cheer Hawaii hello also to wring sack nice to see you
here thanks for your lovely comments by the way as well mr. Bruno also blue one
is here hello blue blue one I hope you’re okay and now we are up to date
with the live stream so shall we try shall we have a go I’m now going to try
and get mr. Steve to come into the studio
but I have to do something very special because mr. Steve is a shy person you
might not realize this you might not even think that Steve is shy because
Steve always appears to be very confident but you might not realize
since he was a child Steve has been a very shy person so the
only way I can get mr. Steve to appear is to lure him I have to tempt him with
one of his favorite snacks so today what do I have today oh look I have one of
mr. Steve’s favorite snacks we have a plate of twiglets so you can see on the
plate here there are some twig lips to be honest with you I don’t like twiglets
I think they are disgusting however mr. Steve loves the taste of twiglets I
wonder if he likes the smell so I will try now to attract mr. Steve and could
you please shout mr. Steve come on to the live chat please we are missing you
so I will stand here and I will try to tempt mr. Steve Shh
don’t say anything okay she could be very quiet we’ve got me again
I’ve got him again well then one of my favorite snacks yes and says oh oh
tonight I’m very caught more oh well you can have more later Steve I love to a
glitz mr. Duncan I love Twix Oh am i alive again yeah we are on live you
don’t have to shout in my ear first you know do you realize I’m actually going
deaf in this year hello everybody from he does this is it
twice he’s done this now I said I’m out in the garden I haven’t got time to come
onto the live stream but then he tempts me with one of my favorite snacks
interestingly enough do people know what twiglets are I’m sure they do
a twiglet no are they available I’d like to know if twiglets I’ll let me just
show one well I can show them close-up Steve right there I’ve got I’ve got I’ve
got a whole look at this so it’s so these are twiglets hmm
do you have twiglets in your country they are savory snacks but to be honest
with you I don’t like them Steve I don’t like twiglets they’re discuss their home
either made of wholemeal wheat hmm and that Brown coating that you can see is
yeast extract it looks disgusting it they’re quite salted it’s yeast extract
so if you know if you have something called Marmite in your country that’s a
yeast extract and it’s quite a it’s got a distinctive flavour to it is quite
savory salty no sugar in there at all they’re quite if you want to eat
something if you like eating snacks then I think they’re probably healthier than
crisps okay because their whole meal so which means you get all the fine
from the wheat but they’re also very salty so they’re probably not good for
you from that point of view and the Marmite of course has got lots of B
vitamins in it vitamin B in it so I think they’re of the snacks that are
available they are probably the most healthy it’s now straight now I would
never think that anyway do you have twiglets yes in your country when we
grew up they used to be much longer than that they used to be about that long yes
but they’ve they’ve shortened them over the years you know what that that is a
story of my life they’re very crunchy everything in my young life was much
longer than it is now well one thing that’s got bigger as you got older mr.
Duncan is your ego that’s got bigger and bigger
everything else is shrunk but your egos got bigger and bigger
ah I’m being attacked by mr. Steve only in a friendly manner so this morning
Steve something very curious happened go on something very curious happened this
morning here in the UK McDonald’s decided to give one free m’q
McMuffin have you ever tried a McMuffin I think I did once so that there were
there pork so it’s either bacon or actual pork I’m
not sure if it’s actual pork because it is McDonald’s after all but there’s
cheese and also one of those rubber eggs oh I see so it’s like it’s like a sort
of an English breakfast on a muffin it is a bit like an English breakfast on a
muffin but McDonald’s this morning decided to give a McMuffin to everyone
who wanted to have one what free yes can you imagine the chaos they must have had
a lot left over from Christmas they didn’t have any left over in fact they
didn’t have many customers because their website crashed so all of their websites
across the country for each shop or I think actually it’s a it’s a main
website and then of course you can actually contact your local franchise
that’s always the interest thing about McDonald’s you always think
that McDonald’s is one company that owns all the restaurants but did you know
that actually they’re not so you can actually run your own McDonald’s so what
home choice yes it it’s a franchise sorry buddy you’re going to say that had
you already said it no it’s a franchise as choice so franchise you actually buy
something or you buy a part of something that belongs to someone else and then
you run it you operate it as if it’s yours you buy the rights to to run the
business yes yes in that particular place and then McDonald’s will sell all
of the food to you so you actually buy the food from McDonald’s so all the
ingredients all the rubber eggs and the the meat can you see there I’m using
inverted commas so we don’t want to disparage we don’t want to disparage mr.
Duncan disparage what well we do you know they are probably a legitimate
company selling very fine food we don’t want to you know get ourselves into a
situation where we could be prosecuted for defamation
what are we gonna say then for defaming the reputation of McDonald’s who make
very fine food sorry why’d you it sounds that this is one
long advert for McDonald’s well it is it really we’re not exactly
being very flattering ah but anyway that’s what happened this morning so a
lot of people took to Twitter they went onto Twitter and they were all
complaining to McDonald’s that about the fact that they they couldn’t get their
free McMuffin I’m sure they’ll survive and it’s all
over the world are just in the UK no just in the UK in the UK right they’re
eating right is it is a special promotion because I think that what
they’ve done is they’ve extended their breakfast time so it used to be 10:30
okay and the breakfasts at McDonald’s ended but now they’ve extended it to 11
o’clock we don’t have a power mirror says do we have a McDonald’s and Much
Wenlock know we’d the nearest one probably about 10
kilometers away I would say I must say we are doing a lot of advertising for
McDonald’s today so hello McDonald’s if you’re watching
if maybe Ronald is watching hello Ronald the clown
so Lilia says here I’ve always imagined mr. Steve to be taller and mr. Duncan to
be shorter so curious well it’s the way mr. Duncan has the camera angled he’s
making me look short because he thinks it’s funny he’s got high heels shoes on
I haven’t stiletto heels about that tall I’m wearing my car and wearing my flat
slippers I’m just in bare feet bare feet well I’ve got no shoes on
I thought I thought for a moment there he was gonna tell me you’d had some
weird surgery so I think I’m gonna wear of my normal shoes in future so that I
don’t look so short well as we explained in the last episode mm-hm
I am actually about five nine so mr. Duncan is standing on your toes did you
see what Steve I do that all the time press one of these buttons mr. Duncan I
tell you what let’s pretend that we’re going because I did this earlier and a
lot of people got angry so we’re going now so thanks for watching everyone and
we’ll see you soon bye not really
we’re not really going you’re annoying people mister don’t why you did that
because I’m Friday I’ve had a couple of people complain that the live stream is
too long mm-hmm yes they’re saying it’s not looking right you know we need to be
more there we go so you used to be able to see you know you need to see a bit of
my shirt and my collar so this is what it looks like this is I’m now getting an
idea of what mr. Steve feels when he’s doing the livestream so now you’re me
and I’m mr. Steve the camera is angled so that he looks taller it’s it’s an
optical illusion the camera isn’t face on to us it’s at an angle so it makes it
makes mr. Duncan look taller than me well he is taller than me because you
are about 511 are you something like that I’m just over I’m over 6 foot 6
foot well I which is way over average for 400
people in the UK so I am very tall yes I don’t know what that is in centimeters
I’ll have to invert we don’t care we don’t use centimeters in the UK I’m
about 183 184 about 100 I’m about 184 Centron 84 cent are you bright ok
roughly yes that’s just over six foot six foot so if if I am and I’m about
three inches shorter than you so let’s take nine centimeters off that so what
were you do you say you were 180 what 183 so I’m probably about a hundred and
seventy four or five centimetres and that’s the truth you wish something like
that it was so funny the other day we went to this dinner party with Steve’s
for how it was so fun I was the tallest person there I was like it was like
being in the land of the ump Olympus on Willy Wonka I felt like Willy Wonka
surrounded by Ollie’s and Palumbo’s and it was actually Steve and his family so disingenuous mr. Duncan so
disingenuous you expect me to come on these live streams then you insult me
and my family I’m not insulting I’m just stating a fact yes but you’re doing it
in an insulting and disingenuous manner you know a lot of people in the UK last
week we’re feeling really upset and sad do you know why they couldn’t face the
thought of me not being on the livestreams after today I’m not sure
about that in fact they were they were feeling sad because they had to go back
to work so today we’re going to look at things UK people say when returning to
work after Christmas are these going to include rude things no what
how can rude things be in there because when you go back to work yeah I do mean
swearing yes so this is apart from swearing as it there was no swearing in
this I promise there is no swearing we might say bloody hell now and again but
other than that that is it yes Pedro I’m going to put some Pedro says why don’t
you add trick inside your shoes yes that’s it I could put well I haven’t got
any shoes on so I could put some shoes on and then put like a what would you
call it well if you put something inside you shame maybe why they call them lifts
lifts I’m going to put a lift inside my shoes I think you might need a an
elevator to come up to my height maybe you could have a little elevator or
maybe a little ramp you can stand on or maybe a little piece of wood so you know
we can actually have you standing on something to make you you you the same
height as me thank you Tom ik I’ve got people there supporting me saying that
you shouldn’t be it is unacceptable knock it off in somebody which is a that
that’s a very good phrase for you to know knock it off
they’ve been stop it stop doing it or if you knock somebody up which is a
different phrase altogether if you if you say to somebody if a woman’s been
knocked up it means that she’s been made pregnant if you knock somebody up you
means you make a woman pregnant so don’t go getting knock it off and knock it up
if you knock a woman herbalist it means you get her pregnant but you didn’t
intend to yes is wildly so quite often oh my girlfriend said I’ve knocked her
up it means I’ve got a pregnant although I don’t have to worry about that because
I’ve been I’ve been done by the vet I went to the vet and he did me do you
know what the vet did Yohan let’s just say he used a very large knife and a
very big bucket hello Oleg’s here and don’t say you’ve knocked somebody out
because that if you knock somebody out it means you’ve punched them yes and
they’ve fallen unconscious so well look we’ve got three uses of a word they
knock in it yes thanks to tommix so you can knock someone up to get them
pregnant you can knock it off which Ben stop doing it
hey kids stop making that noise I’ve told you already
knock it off and also you can what was the other one knock it down not out is
on a Friday night when Steve and myself we normally have our Friday night raow
and normally the furniture is being thrown all over the place and maybe one
or two punches but of course as I always say to mr. Steve I always say not the
face you can you can get anywhere else but not the face because this is my
livelihood this is my twinkle this face you can’t harm this Algren Julie you’ve
commented that they remember the days when I used to have my own chair my own
area to sit in no and those days have gone mm-hmm getting lazy oh yes Stalin
will lift special shoes as palomero as well he was very small and also
Berlusconi apparently wears them as well somebody’s commented on that account
remotely Luciano has said that Berlusconi there must be a
death must be in Italy uses lifts in his shoes but build Ascona is the famous
president president president berlusconi he likes to have his private parties
doesn’t he I don’t know much about I mean I know he’s a controversial figure
he he is that’s our lots of leaders around the world that dark but long path
Berlusconi used to have those parties he would have fight all of the big leaders
and and famous people to his special parties unfortunately we were never
invited I’m afraid we’re not important enough so what do people say in the UK
after they return to work after Christmas what do they say do they say
things or maybe they say nothing in which case this is going to be a very
short feature I wonder what people say when they go back to I used I it is this
what what do you say to yourself or what do you say to coworkers yes I know
anything really anything you say after returning to work after after a break
what would you say mr. Duncan if you were now returning after a break at mind
you didn’t really have a break over Christmas mr. Duncan never takes
holidays he’s always working I know I’m always working even on New Year’s Day on
New Year’s Day I was here live with mr. Steve on New Year’s Day and also the day
after Christmas we did a live stream we are always here well that’s because I
mean I’m an English addict you see I can’t stop it I love English so much he
is he is an e is an English addict himself he’s called his channel now
English addict and he is the biggest addict of all and soon there will be a
website so again things UK people say when returning to work after Christmas
this is something that I might say so you were right there Steve so this might
go this might be something what day is it what day is it yes you
get very confused after the Christmas holidays we all do here because
Christmas day is always on a different day of the week every year because of
the way the calendars are organized and so and so is Easter for that matter and
so when you get you because you a lot of people take a lot of time off at work
over Christmas you you forget what day it is and in fact we forgot it was
Saturday the week before last and we forgot to go and fetch our bread because
Christmas day was on the Wednesday and then we always collect our weekly bread
on a Saturday and of course we forgot because it didn’t feel like a Saturday
so yes you get confused about and the date how many times does it take for you
to when you’re writing the date down for the first time in the in the new year
and how many times does it take before you stop putting last year’s year down
so I’ve got to remember to put 2020 in my 2019 and a lot of the time it takes
several weeks to remember to do that I’m glad you haven’t spoiled anything that
I’m about to tell you so there’s the first one so after a holiday after a
break when you return to work especially after the Christmas holiday because it’s
a very long break and people just sit around eating and drinking so they might
ask what day is it I don’t know what day it is another one oh yes I think mr.
Steve will understand this one I can’t remember my computer password yes and of
course a lot of people don’t just have when you go to work you haven’t just got
one password you’ve got probably one to get in the into the computer and then
probably several to get into various other parts of the organization or
different apps so versus their own so this is you’ve written them down so this
is so this is so this is all you’ve stopped so this is something that might
have if you are going back to work and you
use a computer in your office and you have to enter a password so some people
forget their password because they’ve well they’ve had so much to eat and
drink that their brain cells have all died in fact I had to do something
briefly on Thursday for work and I had to go into my computer I wasn’t
officially supposed to be at work but I did do some work on Thursday and less
than two weeks and I went to open the computer and I had forgotten the
password to actually look it up because if you make three or four attempts it
locks you out which is very annoying ok this is the one that you just mentioned
so thanks for ruining this oh I keep writing 2019 instead of 2020 or 2022
that is something that happens especially to remember years ago when
you used to have checks and you had to write a check I don’t think people write
checks anymore nobody has a checkbook anymore they don’t in the UK you would
always get the date wrong when the new year
arrived so normally the first two or three weeks of the new year you would
keep writing the previous year on your checks or maybe when you are typing a
letter or writing a letter or maybe even talking about something so you might say
this year when you mean last year because you keep forgetting that it’s a
new year yes sir mr. Bruno says back to work
equals away from screaming children yes so for some people and I’ve heard this
from people at work that when they go back to if they’ve been on holiday it’s
actually a break for them particularly if you’ve got young children to get away
from them it sounds horrible they don’t mean you know they mean it
they just want a break from their children so we can understand that and
in fact when we have work trips when we have to say
way from home and of course the can’t take mr. Duncan with me and other people
in the organization can’t bring their husbands or wives so it’s just like a
sales meeting and run away for two or three days including nights the
expression I often hear is it’s all I’m glad to get away from my wife was glad
to get away from my husband for a few days or glad to get away from the
children so I will just or just all of them I’ve often thought but for many
years we don’t actually need all these sales conferences and training meetings
and actually pretty pointless because most of the stuff we cover is repetition
you know and sorry and but I think we have them because the man is senior
management like them because it gets them away from home I think that’s the
main reason we have them actually it’s just so that people could be away from
there so you think the Hartness you think the whole thing is a conspiracy I
think it’s a whole conspiracy because sometimes we sit there for three days
and I think what have I learned nothing okay by the way this is a very strange
way of handing in your notice so I keep writing 2019 instead of 2020 a common
thing that people might say after the Christmas holiday have you ever had a
beef burger or a hamburger that’s a good one Steve yes of course well would you
like to go to Poland because in Poland at the moment look at that that is a
McDonald’s burger what is that that is that looks very healthy cottage cheese
yes and horseradish and apparently in Poland that is actually being sold at
McDonald’s in Poland and that looks like some leaves of rocket yes I think it’s
rocket leaves and also a cup of coffee as well so that is something that’s very
healthy from from healthy food at McDonald’s to unhealthy food so there it
is let’s not say unhealthy but it is unhealthy
I wouldn’t say unhealthy it’s only it’s only becomes
healthier if you eat too many of Steve please let me do my bit go on and just
doing a bit here you see this is something I’ve already prepared in my
head go on there let me let me get it out of my brain for goodness sake so so
this is actually the McMuffin we were talking about earlier but doesn’t it
look beautiful what a beautiful McMuffin and I want one
have you ever noticed Steve how beef burgers and fast food always look better
on the adverts they always look a lot bigger yes well they look nicer look at
that that’s a beautiful looking burger however when you have it in real life oh
dear it’s not so nice so that’s the same
burger anybody so that’s a Mick Mick McMuffin just sound like one giant
advert for McDonald’s today mister to go is no way this is an advert so there is
a McMuffin that you actually buy in the restaurant and that’s what they say it
looks like so can you see a difference there Steve yes I can that had a bite
taken out of it I think it’s been dropped on the floor a couple of times
it looks quite tasty to me yes well I suppose that’s that’s actually an
interesting point Steve because it doesn’t matter how disgusting food looks
quite often we are still willing to to eat it and what’s this got to do with
the things people say when they go back to work absolutely nothing I thought
you’re going to say one of the things people say when they go back to work is
oh I can’t wait to have a McDonald’s burger again yes here’s an interesting
thing you can actually and this is something I can’t believe I know we
mentioned this a few days ago but I still can’t believe that you can
actually order a McDonald’s beef burger and it will be delivered to your house
but well yes yes you can do that here in the UK probably and other countries as
well so there are lots of services now that will actually deliver fast food to
your doorstep can you believe it that might be the the ultimate height of
laziness I think so so there it is I keep writing last year instead of this
year so these are common common things that people say in the UK when returning
to work after Christmas here we go Steve I think I must have put
on 10 stone yes yeah or put on weight everybody puts on weight over Christmas
apart from me well I think in this case you see people always exaggerate because
they feel heavier so they won’t just say oh I’ve put on a few pounds they will
often exaggerate so they will make out or they will pretend that they’ve eaten
so much that they’ve put on lots and lots of weight so quite often you will
hear people complain about overeating during Christmas I think I must have put
on ten stone even though they haven’t really but they just ten pounds may be
exact of course we talked about we talked about New Year’s resolutions
mm-hmm or new year resolutions in the last live stream and of course one of
the communist ones that people say they’re going to do and it’s probably
what they’re going to say to their colleagues at work is I’m going on a
diet and but it usually lasts on average about two weeks and then people just
forget about it wait well this is what you notice on on
television lots of there are lots of advertisements for gymnasiums so they’re
trying to get you to join their gym club and maybe there are people selling
exercise equipment all sorts of things and of course there are many many
companies that are designed or there to help people lose weight yes so it’s a
there is a huge industry out there to help you get fit and lose weight and of
course the last thing they want is for people to look after their health and
and keep them selves trim so they want lots of burger
restaurants opening up everywhere and fast-food everywhere and chocolate
because if people don’t put on weight there won’t be a losing weight industry
there won’t be we’ve got all sorts of schemes not schemes all sorts of
companies in the UK that you can go to in the new year or at any time and you
go every week your waiter and it’s encouraging you to lose weight so it’s
really that’s quite insidious in a way is this or evil in a way that you’ve got
you’ve got companies trying to get you to eat lots of foods okay and then the
other industry that comes out of that is companies trying to help you lose weight
because but fortunately it’s not the same company so so so you might not it
should be a business idea that would be quite funny with Donald’s opening oh yes
okay opening some gyms I am definitely I’m definitely going
deaf in this year what’s your favourite people quite interested in fast food on
here today and somebody’s somebody have been talking about it for most of the
live stream wise fast food so so popular somebody asked earlier it’s probably
because but it’s fast and people living such easy lives and they can’t be
bothered to cook you know it goes merits but Steve you know that food goes a lot
deeper than that it is all psychological some for some reason I know they don’t
know why you can see something a picture of food and immediately you want to eat
it you want to put it into your mouth even if it’s a photograph you suddenly
get that feeling as if you want to eat well that’s that that’s all to do mr.
Duncan I think probably connected with our inner drives to survive because if
you think about it even going back just a few hundred years not a few thousand
well even a few thousand human beings typically if you got some food if you
caught an animal and killed it to eat it that could be your last meal for a long
time so we are programmed as human beings
even though we live to live in a modern society where food is pretty much for
most of us plentiful certainly in developed countries hmm then we’re still
programmed to want to eat as much food as we can because you don’t know when
the next meal will come so part of our brains are telling us there’s lots of
food I don’t need to eat a lot but a more primitive part is saying eat eat
eat yeah because you don’t know when the next meal will be so you’re saying it’s
a primeval urge definitely absolutely definitely it comes it comes from our
caveman days it’s definitely because you wouldn’t know when the next meal was
coming and but it is strange isn’t it that but but you you know even if you
know that you are being manipulated in that strange isn’t it even if we
actually know that we are being manipulated we still get the same urge
yes it’s amazing isn’t it well because the advertising companies
know exactly how to switch on that innate drive in insight well it’s it’s
there but you know it’s something that you’re born with it’s an instinct that’s
it and they know that bush by showing you pictures of food and people enjoying
food and eating it particularly fast food hmm then that will switch on
unconsciously your desire to eat and your need to eat and you and your some
part of your brain primitive brain will be telling you I’ve got to eat have got
to eat because I don’t know when the next meal is gonna come it’s telling you
to do that even though your conscious mind is probably thinking I don’t need
to that I was plenty of food I’m gonna put on weight another part of your brain
is telling you know eat eat eat you’ve got to survive yes but that’s what I
mean it’s conflict going on this but even if you you know even if you you you
see something on TV and and there there is a beautiful big hamburger even though
you know that all they’re doing is is tempting you you still want it yes
because your primitive mind is very powerful and will usually win out
against your your what sort of conscious thinking part of your brain it is one of
those it is one of those uncontrollable jeers
yes but anyway yeah let’s move on we do seem to be we can talk about primitive
urges another time yes well you have you have enough to fill a whole livestream
you do that’s the trouble you have to try and control these primitive urges
otherwise life becomes a nightmare okay Steve Tomic says have you noticed
that the trend has changed in terms of advertising you used to be based on fear
but now they use other feelings Comfort well I think that’s been happening
certainly here in the UK and there is another thing that is is very it’s very
powerful in advertising and that is nostalgia so quite often during
difficult times for example if you live in a country where the economy is bad
you will find that a lot of advertising will use nostalgia it will use something
from the past that makes a person or might make a person react in a positive
way or a nice way so they remember their childhood or maybe they remember a
better time when things were nicer or maybe when they went out to eat a
certain type of food so nostalgia remembering the past is a very powerful
tool when it comes to advertising and also envy yes Envy is used to sell cars
it’s used to sell a whole range of things so yes having something better
newer brighter than your neighbor is is a powerful force in in advertisers
anyway we are talking about things UK people say when returning to work after
Christmas another one it seemed to go by quickly it really seemed to go by
quickly in fact this is something I said to you yesterday we were in town weren’t
we can I just show you the most disgusting thing ever so if you are
nervous if you are easily offended can you
please close your eyes now here is something that is absolutely disgusting
so there we were yesterday Steve having our lovely meal yes we had dumplings and
potato carrots and cabbage but in a moment we are going to see the most
horrifying thing we are going to take a look at mr. Steve filling his face he
won’t feel me were you mr. Duncan yes that’s why was pointing a camera at you
an idea didn’t you notice so there’s mr. Steve pretending to say hello now you
were there all my fans mr. dink okay watch oh my goodness and look what comes
next so don’t go away keep watching something really
disgusting is about to happen mr. Steve is going to you know you don’t look very
happy there look watch this here it comes
oh no that’s disgusting Oh mashed potato with gravy oh if you’re vegetarian don’t
don’t watch this no because that was beef stew beef stew and dumplings maps
look at that oh my goodness so I was talking about food making you feel
hungry when you see it but my mouth is salivating now and my saliva my mouth is
watering mouth is watering salivating it means the the juices come in your mouth
because you’re feeling hungry all I can say I want that now all I can say is I
hope your mother isn’t watching this because she would be disgusted with your
terrible horrible repulsive thing that was that bad mr. Duncan you’re horrible
table manners well I knew that you were filming me so I was just playing up to
the camera no laying up I don’t think sometimes I’m exaggerating what I do I
don’t think so really seemed to go by quickly Christmas seemed to come and go
quickly and of course that could apply to any holiday yeah it couldn’t it but I
don’t know why we spend so much time building up to Christmas it’s it’s on
its way only two weeks to go before Christmas only one week to go before
Christmas only two days before Christmas and then Christmas arrives it lasts for
one day and then it’s gone Anna says here what do you drink with
your meal and Rosa says it looks like a cup of milk that’s interesting does it I
don’t understand that what does it look like it was actually tea it was tea it
was tea but it was probably I added quite a lot of milk to Steve Steve likes
to put lots of milk in his tea but it definitely was tea we don’t have alcohol
because well they don’t serve alcohol in this Pitino restaurants the reason why
we wouldn’t anyway because we’ve got to walk back but yes I usually just have
tea mr. Duncan has water mm but it probably looked a bit milky
interestingly enough in that particular restaurant that we go to well it’s more
of a I wouldn’t call it a restaurant it’s more of a sort of cafe tea shop yes
it’s kind of a cafe but also a restaurant they serve yes it serves the
most amazing food it’s called a copper kettle only wait we might we might get a
free meal next week I sent it it is called the copper kettle in Much Wenlock
High Street and the food is delicious and can we please have free meals next
week it is very nice they make all the food there they make a whole range of
things you can just have little snacks you can just have tea and scones can I
just say can I say Steve you’ve been very good today so here’s another little
treat for you wait wait steak steak though calm down calm down crazy person if I calm down calm down
calm down no no stay stay I can’t keep this up for
much longer mr. Doug by the way don’t worry you’ll faint the
white ambulance is coming oh no be good wave your fingers Ben mr.
Duncan I shouldn’t accept food from mr. Duncan
I don’t know where his fingers have been it might be dirty don’t worry I know
where they’ve been so okay good boy good boy good boy take
this gently gently for goodness sake I can get into your mouth in one go they
are quite sticky it’s the yeast extract why is this so sticky mmm got it in you
can’t really miss mr. Steve I’m gonna choked you can’t miss his mouth it’s so
big oh it’s been stretched with use right right
I do not drink alcohol says Ivan more than ten years from December 2009 watch
lectures of zan off well that’s very that’s very good yes
because you know alcohol can be bad for you
particularly if you overindulge yes so there’s a laudable thing to do we say
something laudable we say laudable we say that it’s it’s very it’s very good
we look up to that we aspire to it we appreciate it we admire what you’ve done
if something is laudable one of my friends died from alcohol he fell off a
brewery roof actually yes I know somebody that was
that was so drunk at a party I wasn’t there at the time okay that they they
were on a balcony they lived three floors up in a block of
flats and they just fell off the balcony and landed on their head who okay they
did survive but when I went to visit him in hospital his head was twice the size
very nice he was a nurse as well so it just goes to show you know you think
somebody who was a nurse would would would appreciate the dangers of alcohol
but that’s it you see that’s the the inner mind they’re working away telling
you you want to have fun and laughter and you don’t always listen to you your
your common sense and of course when you’re young you are quite foolish we
all do foolish things when we are young by the way we are talking about and
context still we are still talking about things UK people say when returning to
work after Christmas Oh Thank You Jimmy Jimmy’s is amused by
what we’re doing today you’re the only one that’s poor mr. Steve because I’m
being made to look a fool and of course I am a man of high intellect and station
in life as we can so you are degrading me mr. donut and making me beg for food
like like like a dog yes well we did see your rating we did see your eating
habits from yesterday here’s one here’s something people say this is a little
joke by the way so so this is a joke coming up now I hope you will appreciate
this joke I really do go on are you ready
we had the mother-in-law for Christmas Day it made a change from Turkey we had the mother-in-law of a president
Oh said the joke is that you were pretending that you were eating the
mother-in-law so the joke here is we were pretending or or maybe we are
making out that that’s what happened we had the mother-in-law for Christmas
Day it made a change from Turkey so sure that that is well some people might
appreciate that as a joke mr. Duncan let’s see let’s see how are you seeing
yes mr. Bruno says after all the
food-related topics he’s now feeling hungry and I can’t wait
to put something on my barbecue oh do you know it’s too cold in this country
at the moment to have a barbecue I love you I don’t know
it’s very I’ve been out in the garden again today it’s about 15 16 degrees
it’s actually quite warm I don’t think it’s that was very well mind you I was
chopping up bits of wood and cutting down plants I saw you looking at me out
of the window mr. Duncan doesn’t like it when I chop down bushes and he was
looking to see what I was cutting down I wasn’t trying to I caught you trust me I
was not watching I was not watching mr. Steve trim his bush I’ve got about a
million emails something people say when they go back to work after the Christmas
holiday I’ve got about a million emails so quite often in work I bet you will I
will have well I’ve got 42 oh I didn’t look at them but I just had a brief look
at how many there were and there were 42 most of them will be rubbish which of
course is what people find out at work that they get lots of emails and most of
them are rubbish but you have to look at all of them in case one of them is
important you never know so quite often you go back to work after a break and
you’ve got about a million emails of course
there are not a million emails that’s once again a slight exaggeration away
Argentina of Belarus she says many people are still on holiday in January
there seems to be quite a quite a slow period of getting back to work after
Christmas and that it’s true because quite often businesses and people have
done a lot of things in preparation leading up to Christmas so they might
have stocked up a lot on food so they don’t need to go to the shops for a
while there’s another reason it’s some of her okay I think that vaping that
summer holidays begins as Belarus yeah so at the moment in the South the
southern hemisphere of planet Earth it is approaching summer time or if you
live in Australia it’s hell on earth yes so I think but the point I think Belarus
here is making there is that when people come back after a long public holiday
period like Christmas then it takes a while for things to get going again
because people are still in holiday mode and a lot of the shops aren’t going to
be very busy because people have probably spent out because but a lot of
people overspend going towards Christmas so January is a bad period for
businesses particularly shops to make money because people have spent they’ve
got to wait for their next wages to come in in January to pay for the debt of
Christmas and maybe till February shops don’t really start picking up until
maybe February March time until the weather starts getting better yeah it’s
a bad period of time for shops they have to have to try and make all their money
before Christmas and then in the Christmas sales in early January so yes
things take a while to get going people are probably booking thinking about
booking holidays yes well well this is this is what I’m leaving to now okay
strangely enough a lot of people at this time of year are saying roll on summer
they can’t wait for summer to arrive so most people don’t really care
spring I love spring I think springtime is a great time of year it’s a wonderful
season however most people don’t care about spring they just want summer to
come so they say roll on summer it means come on summer hurry up I want summer to
come I don’t like the cold weather and the dark nights the long dark nights so
roll on summer please summer come as quickly as you can roll on if you say
roll on in anything it means hurry up doesn’t it so you could say I’ll roll on
the holidays hmm it just means what will your willing them to come faster roll on
the end of this live stream I hope nobody’s saying that yes people seem to
be interested that we’re having milk with our tea well power mirror says tea
with milk is useful for breeding mums not quite sure what you mean there but
yes we do tend to put milk in our tea you don’t some people put milk in coffee
here some people don’t mmm I would say it was half-and-half but
I would say virtually everybody in the UK puts milk in their team but it
depends what type of tea if it’s black tea quite often they will put milk in it
yeah if it’s green tea or herbal tea they never put milk in it you would just
put honey in it but most people green tea is an acquired taste so green tea in
the UK isn’t widely a probably is quite a lot of pea I know okay but do most
people drink black tea and yeah okay although herbal tea has become very
popular now with all the health-conscious people and all of the
people who follow the the new religion have you heard of the new religion I
have I have a new wave the news all praise the carrot yes veganism is now
officially recognized as a thing so you can actually have the right to express
your v views the High Court I think it happened
yesterday they said yeah it’s official veganism is now official so it’s just
like anything else that that a person has the right to do or express
themselves with so you can go up to someone in the street and say do you eat
meat and they might say yes and the the vegan will say that’s terrible yes ethic
or what they’re calling ethical veganism is virtually acquired a religious status
now okay according to the courts and therefore you have certain rights
associated with that so please don’t go into that do you think vegans will have
a church then and maybe at the front there’ll be a giant carrot or maybe I
don’t know a big big pot of cauliflower a big ha a big pot of herbal tea on
honor on a throne I drink a lot of herbal tea now and tell mr. Duncan I
only have I used to have two or three cups of tea a day I only have one now
and I have her and one cup of tea one cup of coffee a day and then I have her
booty in between because I’m trying to reduce my intake of caffeine which is
quite high in tea and coffee as we know think of all those who think of all
those poor caffeine animals that were killed oh hang on
caffeine doesn’t come from animals so mr. Steve doesn’t like to get too
excited you see he’s a man who tries to control and curb his enthusiasm for
everything in life no well because III you can get and I’ve been getting sort
of mild palpitations I would say which I think is sometimes if I go to see my
customers they’re off often offer me a cup of tea or coffee and sometimes I can
go to two or three customers in a row and then you don’t like to say no if
somebody if a customer says would you like a cup of tea or a cup of coffee
it’s difficult to say no because they were
might be perceived by them as a type of rejection you could ask for something
else yes you could do but it’s asked for a glass of water but you don’t want to
trouble them too much so that’s less trouble oh I miss it and will you just
let me finish that’s the point I’m trying to make mr. Duncan is that you
can I can often accept 2 or 3 cups of coffee in a row within a short space of
time because customers have offered it to me and therefore the caffeine levels
go up and then you can get palpitations so so misters heart oh oh mr. Steeves
heart goes into a little flutter well you just feel the occasional extra
thumb see I think this is just what happens when you see me you see I think
what happens when mr. Steve sees me his heart goes into a little flutter because
he’s so excited no it’s actually anxiety because I’ve gone now I’ve got to come
back home yes we’re not we’re not making any sort of statement about veganism or
meat eaters as such it’s just a comment what is choice what they want to do in
line okay then okay this tea Steve’s really afraid of offending anyone
we’re not offending anyone don’t worry this is fun this is the Internet you see
never confuse the internet with real life so when you go out the house later
today that’s not the Internet that’s real life but this is the Internet and
it’s anything happens here everything happens it has been today it’s all
strange imagine if mr. Steve and myself stood in
the town and behaved like this oh hang on we have we have done that and we’ve
been arrested for it well you were but that’s another story right any other
code anything people saying mr. Duncan all right dough in the UK Saturnino says
does the UK court give the same right to cannibals well I’m not sure about that
now thankfully not I haven’t heard of many cannibals but I know I know that
Satur eno is joking there but yes I think the point she’s making is well if
you were to say hmm I know what she’s saying there that if you talk about
something for long enough you can turn anything into a religion can’t you yes
and say and say that you want special status for that but yes don’t think you
could get it for being a cannibal no well I don’t think you’re allowed to be
a cannibal it has to be legal first of all so I think if you went round your
neighbor’s house and chopped him up and had him with dumplings in a nice thick
stew and a delicious Chianti I think people would complain longer they know
what that reference is that will be funny that’s it so if you were born
before 1993 you will know what that reference was Alamgir says never trust
anyone on the internet never not even ass not even us not even us don’t trust
Israel you know why don’t you because a lot of people on the internet and turn
out to be a charlatans charlatan charlatan what is a charlatan a person
who is a charlatan is someone who pretends to be something they are not
and the internet is full of people doing that a lot of people go on the internet
nowadays and they they call themselves inspiring motivators or entrepreneurs
have you noticed that at the moment on YouTube there are lots of commercials
for these guys who come on and say hi guys hi my name’s Chad and I’ve got a
great new scheme to help you make loads of money all you have to do is get my
free book so click click here and find out how I’m making 20 million dollars a
week things like that but they’re not really the Charlotte’s and somebody who
pretends to be something or to sell something fake that isn’t true they
might also be an imposter an impostor the her sister and in person
a person who I can’t remember how to speak an impostor is a person who
pretends to be another person or two or pretends to be doing something that
they’re not really capable of doing yes and input somebody I for example might
might come on here and we’re an adidas hat and a pair of glasses and pretend to
be mr. Duncan and I would therefore be an impostor
yeah somebody who’s pretending to be somebody else yes I won’t be doing that
of course fraud stir a fraud stir a person who is a fraud stir is a person
who cheats are the people so maybe they pretend to be representing a company or
maybe they pretend to be from a certain organization they are trying to trick
someone into believing that they are the person they say they are they are frauds
that quite often people will trick other people into giving them money fraud stir
also a swindler oh I like this word swindler a person who swindles other
people is a person who tricks others into giving them money or maybe trust
you can swindle someone by making them believe that you are a good person maybe
I think that’s usually referred to in the context of money mm-hmm you swindle
somebody out of money you might swindle somebody out of their home hmm or their
property yes by pretending that you’ve solved the
property for them it’s all a car okay then here’s an interesting word cheat
now this word Steve is interesting because it can be a noun and also a verb
okay so you can cheat someone as an action but that person will be a cheat
you are a cheat you cheated me so to cheat
and be and now on overt tell you could cheat you could cheat somebody you could
cheat on somebody couldn’t you hmm if you’re being if you’re having an affair
with somebody else yes then you then that person might say that you cheated
on me yes you could cheat somebody out of their inheritance yes by doing
something that means that they’re there that the somebodies will has been
altered yes so she wants somebody out of their inheritance you are getting
something through false pretenses you are pretending to be a person who you
are not a con artist I like this one con artist a con artist is a person who goes
around fooling or tricking people into quite often buying things from them
which are of poor quality or maybe they pretend to be another person or someone
they’re not so they can get another person’s money yes if you’ve been conned
by somebody then it means that that they’ve they’ve defrauded you out of
something so in this case it means confidence so actually in this case it
means confidence artist so you are trying to gain their confidence you are
trying to con them you are getting them to believe something that isn’t real so
you can get your hands on their money oh he’s a good one Steve do you know this
word vlag this is used a lot in English especially lot in sales yes British
English as well you will hear this a lot too blag is to use words or your your
personality to get something or to get into a place so you use your words your
gift of speaking or maybe your personality so you are cleverly
disguising or hiding the fact that you shouldn’t be there or you are trying to
get into a place and you we’ll do anything to do it so blag blag
I love that word it means yes it means that you’re talking a lot using you’re
very clever with words phrases and you can convince somebody of something even
though it might not be true hmm you can blag your way into for example
you might you might you might try to get into an expensive restaurant and or you
might pretend that that you’re going to a movie premiere for example and that
you you you only invited people are allowed but you sort of manage to talk
your way around by pretending that you’re somebody that you’re not for
example hmm also maybe some people actually get a
job by blagging they were blag blag their way in yes a black a job interview
so they will say things maybe they will make up things that they haven’t even
done yes they could they could say oh can I come for an interview with your
company I’ve got all the experience you need I’ve done this I’ve done that
they’re probably lying but on the basis of just what you’ve said that person
might get an interview or might get something then they’re very clever with
words and in the end what they do is they overpower you with words and
phrases and then the other person gives up and says a lot might as well it’s an
interesting message on the live chat Jay flaner says we can say that you have the
gift of the gab or the gift of gab we normally say the gift of the gab so gab
means speaking or talking so you have the gift you have the ability to speak
in a very fluent and also a very persuasive way you have the gift of the
gab some people have said that I have the gift of the gab er what do you think
Steve well you’re not trying to sell anything as search or sell yourself no
but the ability to speak yes the ability to speak coherently and to make people
believe what you’re saying and that often has a lot to do with your
expression as well on the way that you put that infant
across because people can usually tell if you’re lying or giving false
information but if you’re a good actor then you can then you then you you can
say whatever you want and people can believe you without any evidence you are
a terrible liar by the way Steve Steve is the worst liar in the world I don’t
know why but you you lie so badly because I feel guilty I think I’m going
to go mister don’t couldn’t let you finish oh okay then because it’s getting
dark and I need to do some more things in the garden
okie dokie so I’ll see you all probably not probably not not Wednesday certainly
won’t be Wednesday not Wednesday not Friday but you might be back next Sunday
I could well be back next Sunday like sunnin in so that’s when you can
catch us on Sunday Wednesday Friday 2 p.m. UK time so the next livestream will
be Wednesday but you will be able to see mr. Steve hopefully next Sunday isn’t
that nice lovely very nice so lovely to see you
all today and I hope I’ve been helpful mr. Duncan in helping you to teach
English and see you all very soon before you go you can have one more one more
twiglet okay so that’s it very good steady steady stay stay this is so
demeaning so demeaning don’t you think so viewers stay it’s very demeaning I
shouldn’t be treated in this in this this it’s like public humiliation it
isn’t it is staid hurry up good boy off you go run he’s going for a
play in the garden there I am going to get so much– such a hard beating
tonight for that so if you brag your way you might also deceive someone as well
you might deceive a person into thinking that you are doing something you can’t
deceive you pretend to be someone you pretend to be a person that you’re not
maybe you take another person’s identity you pretend to be another person or you
pretend to have a certain ability trick you can trick someone into believing
that you are another person or maybe you have a certain ability con so maybe you
con someone you get a person’s confidence you get them to believe that
you are a real person or maybe you get them to believe that your intentions are
real you con that person so that is actually a verb and it also can be a
noun as well so a con is the trick and also you can con someone finally sham oh
I like this word so if something is a sham it means it is not real it is
something that appears on the surface to be a real thing however in reality it is
not real it is a sham such as a marriage so quite
often in I don’t know in celebrity circles you might find that two people
will get married however the marriage is not a real marriage they are just doing
it to to make them seem normal a sham marriage so something that is not
real something that is being done for other reasons not the genuine reason
sham and that’s it today I met a word bilk and it means deceive to yes I think
you can build someone I think it’s a combination of two words Thank You Bella
rusia Thank You Valentin I will be going around to my neighbour’s house in a
moment I have to go next door to ask if I can
borrow some milk because we haven’t got any unfortunately we are completely out
of milk we have no milk left if you want to get
in touch by the way before I go if you want to get in touch send me an email or
perhaps you would like to send a lovely donation well you are more than welcome
to do so it’s been so nice to have your company
today don’t forget also if you want to you can also subscribe if you want as
well I know it sounds desperate but please like like my livestream and also
if you want to you can also you can there it is
you can subscribe to my youtube channel as well and then you will never miss
another one of my livestream so I hope you have enjoyed today’s lesson lots of
things today we talked about so many things and as I mentioned at the start
of today’s livestream this is the final day for the Christmas lights tonight
they will go out for the final time and then we will have to wait until next
Christmas which will soon come around I think so thanks also to pal mirror thank
you also to Noemi Thank You pram Thank You ciao
Thank You Guadalupe hi Lee Kwang thank you very much to you as well for joining
me today so many people here Thank You Martha
thank you Anna Coby thank you to everyone for joining me today
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s lesson I was hoping to see the birds today but
the birds are actually being very shy outside there is one now did you see it
oh that’s nice so I was hoping to show the birds but unfortunately they are
being rather shy today so we didn’t we didn’t have a look at them Thank You
Alamgire Thank You Berlin thank you very much to Ivan sudeer thank you also
to Sasi and also to Prem Singh please where are you from sir
I am from England and this is a live stream from the
birthplace of the English language sadly it is time for me to say goodbye I hope
you have enjoyed the past hour and 45 minutes Oh a very long one today quite
long indeed time to have a lovely tea cake and a cup of tea with mr. Steve and
of course I have to have my regular walk one of my new year’s resolutions for
2020 this is mr. Duncan saying thanks for
watching I hope you’ve enjoyed today I hope you will join me on Wednesday 2
p.m. UK time and of course until the next time we meet here on YouTube you
know what’s coming next yes you do… ta ta for now 😎

Community Helpers | Learning Street With Bob | Word Play | Children Learning Video by Kids Tv

Hi kids! Guess who’s here.. Yes it’s me bob… Join me for learning street with bob.. Hop on kids… Coz we are gonna meet
Some really cool people… who make the world complete Who,Bob ? They are the helping hands… that we all really need They work without a fuss… right upto speed Community helpers… they make our day so great Community helpers… they never make us wait Hey Mr. fireman… you’re doing great
With your big red truck… and your helpful mate Mr. traffic cop… how are you doing there
Controlling all the traffic… all fair and square. Mr. Policeman… Sometimes we’re scared of you But you keep the city safe and us safe too Community helpers… they make our day so great Community helpers… they never make us wait Teacher o teacher… the lessons you teach so rare It shows us how much… for us you really care Look over here… a Mail Carrier at work
Riding a red mail van is her favourite perk Doctor doctor… help us you always will
Our biggest to smallest worry… you heal with your skill Mr. Lifeguard… you’re so big and strong
When you are around… nothing can ever go wrong Hey Mr. Cleaner… look at you clean this space Making all the world such a beautiful place Day and night… they work around the year
Don’t you think they deserve a loud cheer? Community helpers… they make our day so great Community helpers… they never make us wait Kids… I hope you learnt about the people who make our community a better place. See you soon for our next lesson…Ta Da!

Why Your Work Disappoints You

– This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Use the link in the description down below and get a two-month free trial which includes my productivity
essentials course. If you’re an ambitious person, then you like me are also probably somewhat of a perfectionist, whether you’re trying to write a novel or make videos or record your own music, the work that you’re creating right now probably doesn’t measure
up to your standards. There’s always some tweaking you could do or something you could
change or some improvement that you could make, but it seems like no matter how much tweaking you do, it still never quite measures up to that vision you have
in your head, right? This is called the taste gap, which is the term that was coined by the podcaster, Ira Glass. You’re inspired to start creating by other art that you know is good, which means that you
start out with great taste but as a beginner your skills don’t quite match up to that
taste, and by extension, neither do the first
things that you create. And I recently got an email from somebody that echoed this exact idea. They were in the process
of writing a novel but they were frustrated with the fact that the quality of their own writing didn’t match up to that
of their favorite authors. The taste gap was still there, despite the fact that they were able to successfully and accurately analyze what authors did, the way
they described environments, the way that they developed characters. Now, you might not be writing a novel but it’s likely that you’ve
experienced something similar in some other discipline
that you’ve been a part of. So what I want to talk about in this video is a rule that I’ve used successfully over the past few years. Start closing this taste gap, and actually start making progress instead of remaining paralyzed
by my own perfectionism. It’s called the one percent rule and before we get to the specifics of it, I want to do a quick thought experiment that will hopefully put
things in perspective. So picture in your mind’s eye, if you will, your normal everyday routine. Think about the mundane
boring sequence of actions that you go through every single day, but with one slight twist. You haven’t done any of them ever before. Now you’ve seen other people do them, so you know how to do these things, but you have precisely zero experience with brushing your teeth,
with tying your shoes, using a microwave. You don’t know how to
read and how to write. You don’t know how to use a computer. You’ve never done any of
these things in the past. But again, you’ve seen people do them so they should be easy. Now in this thought experiment you can probably come to the conclusion that if you’ve never
done these things before you’re gonna have a hard time with them. In the real world, the
only reason your able to go through your routine,
basically on autopilot is because you’ve done every single action in that routine so many times that they’ve all become habitual. Now, most people
intuitively understand this, but a lot of them fail to apply it to the art that they
wanna make and the skills that they want to build. Writing a novel is just
like your daily routine in that the process of doing it contains lots of individual steps. And your favorite fantasy author has spent years, or possibly even decades, practicing each and every one of them. At this point, certain
parts in the writing process are automatic for these people, which means that they can now
focus all of their attention and their creativity on other things. Meanwhile, as a beginner, you’re over here trying
to split your brain power between adequately describing environments and developing characters
and relationships and catching plot holes
and 800 other elements that you haven’t practiced before. This is why you’re
experiencing the taste gap. You simply haven’t had enough time or enough tries to make
some of these sub-skills into nearly automatic habits. And this is what stops a lot
of people in their tracks because so many people are unwilling to let their idealized perfected vision for their first piece go, and as a result they never finish it and they never develop
the necessary skills to close that taste gap. That’s where the one
percent rule comes in, and it’s really simple,
it just has two parts. Number one, put yourself on a schedule and publish on a regular basis. It could be a once a week schedule. It could be a once a month schedule. That will allow you to not get mired in perfectionism because
you know at a defined point in the future, you’re going to have to say this is good enough, it’s going out I’m shipping it. Number two, each time you make something on your defined schedule, focus on getting one percent better in some element of that discipline. This is exactly how I got
over my own perfectionism when I started my YouTube channel. I had that taste gap. I was watching tons of YouTubers that I really looked up to, and I understood what
made their content great, but I couldn’t replicate it myself. So, instead of getting
mired in perfectionism I put myself on a once per week deadline, and with each video I would
try to focus on something new. Sometimes I would focus on the audio. Sometimes I focused on
my delivery as a speaker. Sometimes I would get
really into animation. I remember one week, I was learning how to keyframe animations
so I can make pictures move across the screen. And then another week I got
really into After Effects and learned about easing curves so I could get rid of linear motion and make more natural motion. And then eventually I got
into really complex masking, and if I were to try to do
all these things at once, well, I would have failed on my first try. But because it was focusing on just one of them for each video, I didn’t get overwhelmed and I started to build a repertoire
of skills, over time. Now, I understand lighting setups. I understand audio. I understand animation. I understand lots of elements that go into the process
of making great videos, but it took four or five
years to get to this point. Now the one percent rule is something you can apply to any discipline
that you’re pursuing. It doesn’t have to be video making. Because let’s face it,
video making is a pursuit that is very easily broken
down into different steps. Pretty much anyone can
identify that there’s lighting, that there’s audio,
there’s on-camera presence, animation, all these different things that you can focus on. So let’s take one more example that’s a little bit harder to break down. Let’s take the discipline of singing. I remember when I started singing I thought it was pretty difficult to identify exactly what
a great singer was doing to sound the way that they did. But this is a discipline
where the one percent rule can apply as well. In this case, you just need to do a little bit of extra work
beforehand to figure out what the sub-skills are, and that can involve, working
with a coach like I do, or just going and doing a little bit of extra reading or
joining an online community where people can give you some pointers. And eventually you’re gonna learn about all kinds of different sub-skills. There’s resonance. There’s eliminating nasality
in your singing voice. There’s dynamics, vocal fry, head voice, and enunciation, singing with emotion. And once you’ve identified
those sub-skills, then you can go start picking projects that allow you to focus on one at a time. For instance, I have a whole
bunch of playlists on Spotify, that breakdown singing skills. So I’ve got one for high voice training. I’ve got one for low voice training. I’ve got one for really powerful singing that utilizes a lot of vocal fry. And since I have one
vocal lesson per week, I usually pick one or two
songs to work on and practice and make recordings of, which
means that I’m essentially on a once per week schedule
with singing as well. So to recap the two big benefits, of the one percent rule are
number one, the deadline. As the old aphorism goes
perfect is the enemy of good and well, a deadline is
the enemy of perfect, meaning that it’s the friend of good. And it’s also the friend of completion. Putting yourself on a schedule means actually finishing things. And let’s just say you put yourself on a once per week schedule for two years, that means two years from
now you’re gonna be able to turn around and look
back on a body of work containing more than
100 finished projects. Secondly, there is the improvement, because focusing on
getting one percent better in a new area with each project means that over time you get vastly better in many, many different
sub-areas of your discipline. Again, if you make 100 things
over the course of two years, that means you’ve given
yourself 100 opportunities for practice and improvement, and each time you’re picking
one new area of focus you continue learning and
expanding your horizons, but you’re also gaining more practice in the areas that you
have focused on before. Now I do want to point out one resource where you can go to learn the sub-skills in whatever skill that you’re trying to build and that is Skillshare. On Skillshare you’re gonna find a library with thousands of in-depth courses covering video editing,
photography, illustration, animation, and even productivity. And since I talked about my
own video editing journey in this video, the course
that I want to recommend this week is how to make
an animated YouTube video by my friend Evan who runs
the channel PolyMatter. And if you go to his channel you’re actually gonna see evidence of the one percent rule in action because he’s been publishing
consistently for years, and you can see gradual improvement in his videos over time. And you also might want to
check out Jake Bartlett’s course on Animating With Ease in After Effects, especially if you wanna
learn how to start doing some of the things that
we did in this video. Also Skillshare is an
incredibly affordable platform with unlimited access to their platform starting at less than 10 bucks a month, which basically makes it
like a Netflix subscription that’s a lot more useful to your future and your skill development. And even better if you want
to get a two-month free trial, you can actually sign up
with the link down below and get that while also
supporting my channel. And by the way, I
actually have a brand new Skillshare course coming
out in January, 2020. So even if you sign up right now and activate that two-month trial today you’re going to get free access to that course when it comes out. By the way, thanks so much
for watching this video. Hopefully you found this useful. It’s definitely a rule that
has been very, very useful in my life so I really hope that you can apply it to yours as well. And if you enjoyed this video definitely hit that like button so the YouTube algorithm kind of likes my channel a
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a couple more videos on the screen that you
can check out if you want, and I will see you in the next video. (soft music)

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work in any type of office environment. That could be business, it could be attorney offices,
it could be any place where you might would be an office manager, recordkeeping, and digital
formats. Students themselves will encounter a lot of computerized software. These are
students who really need to know all the ins and outs of how recordkeeping is now digital,
the use of iPads and other technical devices that people they work for need to know so
they can help with assistance with that and formats of different software in terms of
Excel, PowerPoint, timekeeping, there is some payroll involved as well and some business
classes too. I think that most students who really want to get into the secretary, administrative
assistant role, or office manager this is a good program for them. The Office Administration
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