What does substantive mean?

What does substantive mean? substantive. Adjective 1. Of the essence or essential element of a thing; as, “substantive information”. 2. Having substance; enduring; solid; firm; substantial. 3. (law) ; Applying to essential legal principles and rules of right; as, “substantive law”. 4. (chemistry) ; Of a dye that does not need the use of a mordant to be made fast to that which is being dyed. 5. Depending on itself; independent. 6. (grammar) ; used like a noun substantive (see below) ;. Compare with predicative and attributive. substantive. Noun 1. (grammar) ; A word that names a person, place, thing or idea; a noun (sensu stricto) ;. Compare with predicative and attributive.

What does perturbation mean?

What does perturbation mean? perturbation. Noun 1. (uncountable) ; Agitation; the state of being perturbed 2. (countable) ; A small change in a physical system, or more broadly any definable system (such as a biological or economic system) ; 3. (countable, astronomy, physics) ; Variation in an orbit due to the influence of external bodies

The Summit on PLC at Work®: A Career-Changing Experience

Tim Brown: “How did you come to the Summit today?” Audience: “Ready to learn!” Tim Brown: “Yeah! Ready to learn, ready to explore!” “We’re here at the PLC Summit in Arizona. It’s very inspiring to get together with so
many educators.” “We have a new vim and vigor that we’re really
taking back with us to Kentucky.” “We can go back as a team and effectively
implement PLCs, and really make a difference in the lives, of not only our students, but
our teachers.” “This conference has been wonderful, in terms
of reminding us that collaboration is key.” “The moment I met them, I knew they were wanting,
they were ready to be unleashed to be leaders. When I saw them at the conference, I was like,