Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Kulaklık İncelemesi/Review

Welcome to Fragtist I have a very important equipment in my hands I will review it today I am calling it very important because it is the latest Logitech Headphones We are reviewing it first in Turkey And Logitech has totally changed the desing The code of the headphones is Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum In G600 series there is another wireless headphone as well. Ours is the cabled version As I said the design changed dramatically Now I will leave the box and go on with the headphones Here in my hands lays Logitech’s G633 Now you do not see the trick of Logitech because it is unplugged The LEDs on the headphone is not on I will plug it in a second but before that I will tell you very fast about the other things in the box so I can go on with the headphones With this headphone there are 2 cables going out of the box It is quite interesting. Now you see that it is unplugged. But this headphone is not wireless. The cable is “unpluggable” This headphone has a 3,5mm in and a USB in. There are 2 cable connectors below the speaker. This means you can connect this to two different sound sources Now let me connect the cable to the PC and go on with it Now I have plugged the cable to the PC and you can see the trick of the headphone here We received the heaphone 3 days ago But the latest driver released yesterday Logitech updated the driver yesterday So we started to use the headphone with full performance That is why we did not made the review before or it would not be a right one We were not be able to use a lot of features of the headphone without the software Lets start with the physical features Logitech used LEDs with different lights here as you can see These two LED lines and the G logo near the headphone can be lightened seperately You can change the whole color scale here with 16.8 million colors It is same with the logo here There is an interesting detail as well. The side caps can be removed. I have no idea about this but maybe you can change the caps or you can easily repair the LEDs. The caps at the both sides can be easily removed If you ever used Logitech before you know that Logitech has famous G buttons. These buttons were at the sides But this time the buttons are behind the left speaker They are here When you out on the headphone the LEDs are behind your head So when you use your hand the G buttons are behind your head just below there is the sound adjustment wheel The best thing is, this sound wheel warns you with different beeping sounds when you level up and level down the sound So you can understand if you raise or lower the sound Up the G buttons there is a switch This switch lets you switch between USB and 3,5mm in. The headphone can mix the two sounds at the same time But to use it seperately there is a switch here I will tell you about the use of the switch later on the video If the front you see something missing. There is no microphone. Where is the microphone? The microphone is hidden here When you pull it out you again has a warning beep Now there is a detail here. In the old desings of Logitech In G35 etc there was an on – off button near the headphone with the sound adjustment wheel You could easily silence the microphone with the on-off button Now that does not exitst To silence the microphe, as it was before in the G series You fold the microphone up, but when you open it the microphone is always on until you switch between the sound sources there is a small adjustment detail here at the microphone as well so you can near it to your mouth or push it away so you can make a little adjustment here for the performance as well this goes in again and when you close it you hide the microphone this is a very nice detail. Because in the previous versions the microphone used to stand up there like an antenna and you used to look like an alien my friends use to have fun with me as “you look like an alien with an antenna” Now it is over because it can go in Now lets talk about the other specifications the ear pillows here are made of fabric and the good thing is they are removable it usually happens in the video. We remove them and cannot put them back in place for hours at least let me show you that they are removable. Than we can give a break and put them back to their place again. The best thing here is as you now these parts gets dirty very easily and fast or they wear out. So when you want to change them you can change them easily. Of course I assume that Logitech will bring the spare parts to Turkey as well. Now lets give a break to the video so I can put this back to it’s place 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day (And yes We love Benny Hill) At last we managed to put it on with Sonat’s help. I am quite disabled with these things. Lets continue At the crown part There is a same soft fabric as well this part is plastic every part of the headphone is plastic, there is no metal but lets talk about the dangerous part here generally these are the parts where these headphones can break very probably this part is a strong plastic again but the crown part is metal generally Logitech’s headphones are broken from here when you drop them I have broken my previous G35 It fell 6-7 times from a meters high that is quite normal. You can break everything from that height. I will tell you about this ones performance in the long usage as well these are the general physical details the PC cable is coated with a high quality soft plastic but as I said there is another cable that goes into 3,5mm it is here on my desk when you plug out this cable the headphone deactivates automatically because you unplug it from the power source And you pass to this Now this is the second cable. It is probably 1m long. It is fabric coated this is for two things there is a three lined tip here at the end of the cable. This means you can send the microphone sound and take the headphone sound from the same cable so you can use this with your cell phone or if you want you can use it for different devices this makes you mobile Logitech says you can order your pizza while in the game without distracting your game or when your girl friend, friend, parents calls you can speak here as well that is a good thing. You will loose your concentration at most. And since this makes your headphone mobile you can put this on and go for a run But of course I do not reccomend this with such a big headphone there is a controller here on the cable. With this you can switch between the microphone and headphone at the other side thare a control for the sound and you can mute-unmute the microphone. It means there is a fully functional mini controller here as well As I said these two cables can be used together as well you plug this to the 3,5mm in next to USB in And use it actively. You can listen both of the sound sources from here at the same time. G633 is on my head Now I am quite sure most of you has this question in your minds How is the sound isolation And how much sound leaks out To be honest the isolation is quite good. When someone calls you You reply like “Eh?What?Who?” because you do not hear a thing.The Isolation is quite good But there is a small detail in comparison the the Logitech headphones I used before It presses your head a little You have to get used to this headphone When the headphone covers your ears fully due to it’s big size Now I hear my voice very low and mono The isolation is very good but It presses your head from the sides The previous headphones were not that much thight You get used to them faster So as I always say: If you have the opportunity to try a headphone before you buy it do not miss the chance. It is a must. It is the same rule for this headphone as well Now lets talk about the software First, let me say that you can easily program the G function keys You can alter the commands to the G keys as you wish Here you can see the previous song, next song etc commands but you can change them to your will This is the first thing Secondly Logitech has a wide range scale of colors Here’s breathing effect to change in different colors to a constant color As you remember I have told you about 16.8 million color spectrum here you can use them You can change the logo and the sides with different effects you can make the brightness adjustment the interesting thing here is there is a light sleeping timer you can choose the time lenght of the LED and than let it off automatically since you have the profiles according to your games here the light change again as you activate your profile Here at the equiliser part there are different equiliser pre sets according to the game types of course you can make arrangements for the movie as well when you profile activates these settings activates automatically The last thing: Headphone has 7.1 surround support as well. When you activate dolby surround You can listen your movie with dolby surround this is a very nice detail for this headphone Of course to make all of these things you have to update your Logitech software Logitech 6633 Spectrum has a beautiful and interesting design. but we’d better say the plus and minuses In the minus part I can say one thing and this is totally realted to your habbits. I wish I could put on and off the microphone with one button. Having sound from two different sources at the same time is a very interesting thing and this is totally a plus. this has not been done by another firm before and we did not experienced it before You can hide the microphone and this is fantastic! And the beeping sounds are very functional you do not need to distract here you get used to it naturally the colors are really fantastic They really attacts attension and looks cool The material quality looks very good and high quality The material quality is one of the things Logitech rarely lacks of. Maybe we could have something that arranges the cables and keep them together If you do not want to keep 3,5mm cable on this due to the cable chaos on your desktop. If you do not connect it to your cell phone you may want to take it off and keep it somewhere. I wish we had a keeping box or a carry box. That might be useful Beside that I had no problem with the software I have done every thing I want with this headphone Logitech has changed it’s desing Passed to a very beautiful desing and created a very beautiful headphone You can get used to the use of G buttons easily because these buttons are placed here with different angles Meaning when you put your hand behind your head you can find the G buttons naturally and get use to it put on and off the sound. In the name of functionality and usage the headphone is nearly perfect Now lets come to the most beautiful part: Price. Turkish market price is not known at the moment. When we have the price we will write it below. But we do not know it and waiting for it impatiently That’s all for now Lets see what will come at the next video Will Logitech surprise us with different produtcs? If you like this video please subscribe so we can shoot more videos Now we will go on playing games with our Logitech I wish you good games as well BYE!

Case Study: King County Technology (KCIT) Cuts Costs with Logitech SmartDock & Skype Room Systems

King County IT on Logitech King County is one of the largest counties in the country we have 14,000 employees. My department King County information technology provides technology services, to those employees. We wanted technology that didn’t require a half hour set up before they had their meeting. The smart dock and Skype room systems have really improved the collaboration and communication. Logitech smart dock is really is the foundation that drives, you know day to day business. We test, we saw it’s a great product and we’re in a time crunch and we just implement about 17 within a one month. Now she was a great success KC IT will easily hold, over a hundred two hundred meetings a week using the smart dock system. I like that I don’t have to be a hapa to a County car and drive for miles down a crowded freeway just to be able to talk to someone about budgets or an Excel spreadsheet. You come in you can see if the room is available and for how long, you push two buttons and you have a meeting all we do is we just hear the great things about it after the meeting and how easy you went and how great it was. We interview people using the technology. Before we used to fly them in, now we do a lot of Skype interviews save ourselves a lot of money and can interview more candidates. One of the strains in using the logitech smart dock and Skype room systems is document integration. We don’t have to pick up our laptops to bring them with us we embed things in the meeting we log in they’re already there. I think we have about thirty of our collaboration spaces with the technology and I can tell you that they’re always full meetings are shorter and more productive, and the collaboration and teamwork is increasing. I see the smart dock system rolled out everywhere not only is it convenient but it’s it’s time-saving, it’s money saving. Imagine having a standard dice conference rooms in the whole county, so no matter what department you are, no matter who you are, you know exactly what to expect when you walk into a room and it’s great to be a leader it’s great to be the one that you have the courage to do it you do it you have a great success and you can just share this with the world. LEARN MORE
logitech.com/vc logitech®

3 Easy Ways For Teams to Video Conference with Logitech


Video Conferecias con Skype Empresarial – Subtítulos en Español

Transforme su sala de reuniones y puesto de trabajo con el sistema de conferencias de
Skype Empresarial – Hey Lina como estas?
– Muy bien y tú como estas? – Hola Wesly.
Bueno ya que todos están aquí, empecemos!! cuál es el estado del proyecto Contoso? – ellos aprobaron el presupuesto y arrancan mañana – esa es una excelente noticia!! – reunámonos con el resto del equipo y continuamos la reunión Invitando a la reunión.. Amar Huley – hola -hola Amar.
te cuento que arrancamos el proyecto de Contoso ¿puedes unirte a la conferencia ahora?
y agrego a Gabriel a la video conferencia. – perfecto me conecto en mi puesto de trabajo. – espera, Gabriel está disponible ahora? – el está fuera de la oficina, pero voy a tratar de comunicarme con él. marcando al celular…. – hola
– hola Gabriel, estas disponible ahora? – sí, tengo unos minutos antes de entrar a reunión. -bien, te cuento que nos ganamos el proyecto de Contoso – Genial… Ok.. ehh
voy a ponerme en contacto con el jefe – en este momento estamos en conferencia con
Lina, Wesley y Amar estamos escuchando ruido del
ambiente de fondo, Gabriel. podrías silenciar tu micrófono? – por supuesto
– genial, me gustaría agradecerle a todos por reunirse de forma rápida. como pueden ver Omar, ha hecho un excelente
trabajo con la presentación excelente trabajo con la presentación entonces vamos rápidamente a la diapositiva 7 todos tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer, espero que todos estén tan emocionados como lo estoy yo, para trabajar en este proyecto Amar…. Transforme de todas sus reuniones,
con Skype Empresarial Traducido al español por www.villa.net.co

Logitech MeetUp Overview: 120° Field of View, 4K Optics & Advanced Audio

logitech® Let’s think about today’s business conference calls, more than 50% are small with just two or three people meeting in a room for quick discussion or focus collaboration. Often these meetings rely on imperfect technology where everyone crowds around a laptop straining to see in here. Now there’s a better way Meet up is Logitech’s premier conference cam for huddle and small conference rooms. It’s super wide 120 degree field of view ensures that everyone in the room can be easily seen and it’s high definition 4k lens with pan tilt and zoom capabilities allow you to quickly change focus is needed. An optional mount attaches meet up to a flat panel monitor or TV So you can make the best use of tight spaces meetings can sound as great as they look with meetup. It’s compact all-in-one design includes three beamforming mics and a custom tune speaker for larger rooms you can add the expansion mic from unit to extend the voice pickup range up to 14 feet. Starting a meeting with me up is simple just connect it to the usb port in your computer and start your preferred video conferencing application it’s that easy to get clear audio and razor-sharp optics in a small room. Logitech Meetup, optimized for huddle rooms designed for the way you meet. logitech®

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Overview: Exceptional Optics & Smooth Pan/Tilt

logitech® What does simplicity mean in the context of technology. Simplicity is elegance. Simplicity means obvious answers to tough problems. Hi I’m David Zhai product manager at Logitech. In designing the PTV pro 2 we set the bar high. To improve one of our most popular video cameras. To do this, we manufacture our own lenses to create a camera with exceptional optics, brilliant resolution and outstanding color. The mechanics were we re-engineered to enable direct preset preset movement for an even smoother pan and tilt that captures all the action. Video quality was improved to achieve greater clarity whether up close or across the room. So every person in the room is shown naturally and accurately PTZ pro 2 is the smart choice for conference rooms,
classrooms,auditoriums and medical facilities or as the ideal complement to your existing audio conferencing system. Using the PTZ pro 2 couldn’t be easier, a power adapter and USB cable is all you need to get started. Just plug and play. And at half the price of comparable models, the PTZ pro 2 is surprisingly affordable. Simple yet elegant, PTZ pro 2 is the answer to all of your video needs. logitech®

Logitech SmartDock Overview: Make Skype Video Meetings Easy

logitech® Hi I’m John skeehan senior product and portfolio manager at logitech and I’d like to introduce you to logitech smart dock and our next-generation Skype room systems Skype for business is used globally by millions of people today at the desk and on the go. In contrast 97% of meeting rooms today have just a display or phone, but are not enabled for video collaboration Logitech smart dock transforms any meeting space
into a modern collaboration space with the Skype for business feature set. One touch join for scheduled meetings. Start a new meeting and add participants or rooms from your company or outside. Traditional PSTN call means you no longer need a separate telephone device and project content to share with local or remote participants all this is the enabled through smart dock, a center of table console. Smart dock scales – to all meeting space sponges and integrates with your existing investments in HD displays and projectors. Logitech conference cams and Skype certified audio and video devices. Smart dock is a premium secure meeting room console designed for the center of the table placement. It has a rotating base and integrated presence detection, that instantly wakes the system when people approach. Smart dock has extensive i/o including three years B 3 ports dual HDMI display output, Gigabit Ethernet and more. It also integrates an HDMI input for content sharing in call or locally up to 1080p 60 and sharing content is easy just connect an HDMI source, such the Mac PC iOS or Android device and automatically shared to the screen and active call inside it. With the tamper resistant assembly and integrated
security locks your investment can be secured in your meeting room. Our Skype room system includes everything you need in the box and leverage your existing display investment it’s easy to deploy and simple to manage. With a familiar skype experience low training effort is needed and adoption will be swift. Make any space a skype meeting place For more information, please visit
logitech.com/smartdock logitech®

Introducing Logitech Capture

Looking for an easy way to start creating content with your Logitech c922 – webcam. Then, Logitech capture is the perfect choice for you. Logitech capture allows you to record video, take snapshots and can be used as a virtual camera in your favorite video chat software. You can download logitech capture from logitech.com/capture Once you’ve installed, let’s add some sources. You can add two sources to logitech capture. These sources can be any combination of Logitech webcams or capturing a desktop from your PC. Once you’ve added a webcam, you can customize the settings such as adding a colored border. The streaming preset will set your priority to framerate and is useful if you be recording something with high motion on your desktop. The video calling preset will focus on exposure or lighting. And is good, if you’re using logitech capture in conjunction with video chat software. When using the zoom feature, you can use the pan and tilt to adjust the framing of your camera. You can also adjust a variety of settings on your camera such as focus, white balance, brightness, sharpness, contrast and saturation. If you have a green or a blue backdrop, you can activate chroma key to remove the background. In the Advanced Settings, you can enable camera mirroring. If you add a desktop as a source, you can also apply a border chroma key and mirror the desktop Now that you’ve added your sources you can use this section to switch between or layer your sources. If you are layering your sources you can position and adjust the size of the smaller source. You can start a recording or take a snapshot here. But let’s look at the sayings first. In the recording sayings, you can apply a filter to your sources. Your resolution can be set to either landscape or portrait if you decide to make snapshots or videos for mobile. Next, select your recording quality frame rate and video encoder. Select where your recordings and snapshots will be saved. Some advanced features, include a countdown for a recording on snapshot is taken taking enhance snapshots and excluding logitech capture from desktop capture. The audio menu, lets you select your audio input and out devices. Audio input captures audio from your microphone and audio output captures audio from your PCs playback device. The transition menu, lets you select from a variety of effects along with the duration. You can set hot keys to switch sources, pip shots, start/stop recordings take snapshots and mute, unmute audio input or output. You can save your settings to a profile. Logitech capture is a great tool to get starting creating content. If you’d like more features in the ability to stream with your logitech webcams. we recommend checking out xsplit broadcaster.

Звук из игры музыка в Skype

Как сделать так чтобы при
разговоре в Skype собеседнику были слышны звуки вашего
компьютера, ну например из игры? Прежде всего зайдите в
устройства звукозаписи, щелкните там правой кнопкой
и включите отображение всех скрытых устройств. Теперь сделайте Stereo Mix устройством
звукозаписи по умолчанию, а микрофон – коммуникационным
устройством по умолчанию. В списке рядом со Stereo mix
должен быть значок зеленой галочки, а рядом с микрофоном
– зеленый значок телефонной трубки. Теперь заходим в свойства
микрофона и ставим там галку “Прослушивать с данного
устройства”. Подтверждаем все, заходим
в Skype и там выбираем в качестве микрофона Stereo Mix. Всё, теперь абонент будет
слышать не только ваш голос через микрофон, но и звуки
которые издает компьютер. Если вы хотите наоборот,
отключить это все, то снимите галку “Прослушивать с данного
устройства”, а в настройках скайпа выберите в качестве
устройства записи микрофон.

Case Study: Zoom Takes Video Conferencing on the Road with Logitech MeetUp

Zoom on Logitech I have a lot of meetings with my customers and every single one is just blown away with wait a minute. You have a video conferencing room and
your RV and I’m like yeah I got a zoom room in my RV. It allows me to truly have a meeting with anyone anywhere from any device anywhere in the world. The whole concept of the video enabled RV was because I got a 10 month old and I have a little boy that just turned 4. It means so much to me to be able to spend more time with them. I was once told that your family should always come first, your work will always come second, but what if you can have both of them in the same environment. With today’s work/life balance, One of the things that I see is that people want to work remotely they want to work from home. I almost feel like I get three times as much work done remotely than if I was inside the office. People are going to have video conferencing all the time. This room is really special because this is running a dual screen unit where I’m using a TV. I’m also using to display 10 touch screen, we are able to do up to 49 video feeds in a gallery call, I’m using Logitech for my video and my microphones. I recommend off of what I use personally
and what I’ve actually tested. Logitech hasn’t failed me once. The thing I like the most about this room is the meet up because it’s all in one, it’s hundred thousand bucks and it works for almost any size room. With Logitech and the zoom capabilities, it’s a hundred percent integrates with one another. I tell all my clients that if you just plug in and it’s gonna work and that’s the thing with zoom and Logitech it just works. LEARN MORE
logitech.com/vc logitech®