Perfect Productive Workspace – Minimal Office + Desk Tour

To do our best work we need three things:
clear goals, time to focus, and a distraction-free workspace. Hi I’m
Matthew Encina and in this video I’ll share my perfect productive workspace,
which I use for writing, editing, and designing. I’ll also share a few of the
tools and processes I use to stay focused. I’ve been working in this office
for about eight years. While it was beautiful at first, overtime I
accumulated tons of stuff and let it get a bit messy. I felt like I needed a
refresh. Luckily a new office in the building
opened up, so I took the opportunity to start with a clean canvas and design it
from the ground up. For my job as the chief content officer at The Futur, my
time is split doing two things: making content, and managing the team. So I
wanted a space that would allow me to do deep work, and incorporate systems to
help me focus on the most important day to day tasks. To start the office design
process I blocked out the space in my favorite 3d program. I know it’s super
nerdy. This helped me figure out the general layout before committing to any
big efforts or purchases. Personally, I like dark minimal spaces, so I decided to
paint two of the walls dark grey. Which I color matched to the other areas of the
building. Once the space was cleaned out and painted, I began getting furniture
and accessories to meet my essential needs. To start off I needed the perfect
desk. I’ve previously used a standing desk for five years and it’s helped me
with my posture and relieve my back pain. So now I was looking for an upgrade that
would look handsome in my new space. Luckily, the good people over at Ergonofis had sent me the Sway desk. It’s a motorized sit-stand desk that’s
made of solid walnut and has black detailed finishes. It gives me a lot of
real estate to work on, and has programmable settings so I can lock it
in the optimal height for both sitting and standing. When I’m doing management tasks like reviewing work or emailing, I prefer to be standing. Yhis adds a little
more immediacy to the task and gives me a reason to get up several times a day.
When it’s time to create and do some critical thinking, I move into a seated
position. To sit comfortably for long sprints I use the Herman Miller Aeron
chair. This allows me to forget about my surroundings and dive into some deep
work. To keep me focused I use a project management tool called Notion. In it I
have a custom document that I use to track my big goals as well as daily
tasks week to week. For the rest of the space I wanted to keep a consistent
aesthetic so I tried to match the rest of my accessories to pair with the
walnut wood at my desk and the dark paint on my walls. To maximize my desk
space I have this Ergonofis office desk shelf to elevate my monitor and use this
vertical dock for my MacBook Pro. On my desk I have an Apple Magic Keyboard,
Logitech MX2s Master mouse, and a set of accessories from Grovemade to bring it
all together. I also use this Native Union dock to
charge my iPhone when it’s not in use. Because I work on video content,
monitoring audio is very important to me So I got the set of AudioEngine
speakers, which sound amazing and connects to my laptop through
Bluetooth. One of the key accessories on my desktop is this Echo Spot which I use
to set timers for my critical thinking work. If you’ve seen my other video on
productivity you know I break up my day into
90-minute focus sprints of uninterrupted work.
During that time I set a sprint goal and blocked myself off from all
distractions. I close the door, turn off notifications and emails, and
set a timer for 90 minutes of deep work. While having focus is very important,
little breaks throughout the day are just as valuable. I designed this cozy
corner to help me relax and add a little warmth to the space. This corner of my
office is especially designed for decompression. A big comfy Barcelona
chair surrounded by beautiful green indoor plants. The round rug on the floor
helps to visually anchor the open area and the organic shape of the plants
break up the straight lines in the room. This corner helps me rest my brain and
collect my thoughts in between sprints of work. To promote mental clarity, I
wanted to keep the space visually minimal. But with all the devices I use
come many many wires. To tame this mess I routed everything underneath and behind
the desk using these adhesive cable clips, and velcro ties. For power, I
mounted a power strip underneath my desk using this 3M frame adhesive and screwed in an additional power strip on the side. For easy access to keep my desktop
clutter-free I installed this matching drawer to have quick access to my
writing tools. To connect my MacBook to my setup I’ve hidden this USB C hub
behind my monitor and attached it using the same 3M adhesive strip. I also
mounted this catch-all by Grovemade which I used to hang my keys and empty
my pockets as I get in. To the side of my desk I have a vintage coat rack to hang
my jackets and to hold my backpack. Across the room I built this industrial
style storage unit from Ikea. In it I store the books I reference often, ideas
of the past, and a few boxes for things I rarely access.
To light my space I was looking for a flexible system that would adjust as the
day transitions into night. To accomplish this I invested in a set of Philips Hue
lights. I use these play lights behind my monitor, and added these bulbs in the
lamps I had in the room. The cool thing about this system is that I can access a
wide range of colors with the app and control it using Alexa voice commands
through the Echo Spot on my desk. This gives me plenty of ambient lighting,
which I can adjust for cool temperatures during the day for focus, and can shift
into warm temperatures at night when I’m winding down. And that’s my perfect
productive workspace. There’s a lot of empty space in the room for potential
shelving or decorations, but for now I thought I’d keep it minimal and live in
the space a bit before I add anything more. If you’re interested in anything
featured here I’ve left links for you in the description. And if you want to see
more content from me don’t forget to subscribe and check out my other videos.
I also want to thank Ergonofis, Grovemade, and orbit key for sending me their
goods to help me optimize my space. If you have any questions, leave me a
comment and I’ll do my best to answer them. With that out of the way it’s time
to get back to work.

How to Setup Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam


Logitech c930e Webcam | In-Depth Review | #Logitech #Webcam

Hey, how you doing? This is George Price here at the Pendleton Gazette in Pendleton, Indiana. What we will be doing today is doing
today is a review on Logitech’s newest webcam. The c930e digitized webcam. Been wanting to do this review. for several weeks now. And just received the c930e, The biggest difference between this webcam and the previous model, the c920 they to include this privacy cap which put over lens in case you feel
you need to. but this is the c930e from Logitech and this is the predecessor, the c920. and we’re going go be doing some comparison and
talking about showing a differences ah the pros of the c930e or maybe
some things that aren’t quite so good. I think you’re going to be surprised. The thing about both webcams Logitech is pretty generous with the USB cable. Both have about six foot of USB
cable. makes them easy to put up on a tripod if you want to away from your computer, Ah, the the c930e is certified for high speed USB the c920, the predecessor webcam from Logitech is USB 2.0 although, I have used the c920 are on high speed USB without any issues whatsoever it
worked fine. Now think the biggest thing your
going to see when you look at these two webcams
compared, the c930e and the c920 from Logitech is the focal length. The c930e has a focal length on 90 degrees and the c920 is 78. So we’re or take a look at the first at the c930e and I’ve got theses two webcams about
three feet away from me in front of me and we’re gonna take a look
now at the c930e and you can see what kind-of area it gives you as far as space around the monitor in back now we’re gonna look at c920 and again, both of these webcams are about 3 feet away from me up in front of me and you can see how it narrows up. Now what’s going to help with the c930e is if you have several people you want to get in your are video or your Skype call or your conference it’s going to be easier to do that with the camera
closer to you which may help some on the audio. And we’ll get to the audio in a minute. but again it gives you a wider angle of
view then the c920. And again we’ll go back the the c920. The other thing I’ve noticed about
the c930e is that perhaps it looks like the color that the c930e picked up may be just a little bit
better then the c920. Now we have them here side by side and again you can
see the focal length difference and you can see the color difference or
what are I’m seeing is the monitor in back looks like perhaps its got just a little truer color then on the left the 930e than does the 920. Again all your in a box is the is 930e. That little cap. An instruction manual. If you want any
software, and you will need some you need to download that from Logitech’s website. Now I did two videos with the Logitech software. I did one with the c930e and one with the c920 and I used the audio directly from the webcams for these videos and I want
you take a look and listen to these. This is a test of the audio and video from the Logitech c930e. The newest webcam they have on the market. And I’m capturing it with the Logitech software. Again, I am using the audio directly out of the c930e. This is a test of the video and audio. This that you are listening to now is the video and audio from the Logitech previous webcam, the c920. And again, I am using the Logitech software to capture this video and audio. And again, this is the c920 the previous webcam from Logitech. Now what you’re looking here is it audio
waveform; the audio these two webcams produced. the first, the Logitech c930e and this is what the audio looked like from it. And now the audio from the Logitech c920. And actually they’re pretty comparable. Now personally I don’t think
the audio from either, direct audio from either one of these webcams is anything to cheer about. I don’t think you’ll want to use this audio on YouTube, for Skyping for conferencing
anything else. If you’re going to use these webcams find another audio source whether it be a headset or a microphone. But again I
don’t think that you’re gonna want to use the audio that comes out of these webcams for any kind of video or Skyping or conferencing that you do. I use these webcams on a weekly basis at the Pendleton Gazette. I use them for tech reviews on smartphones and tablets use them for a weekly YouTube show Rodney Conner and I do each Thursday, Tech Spot vCast the they’re probably the most widely used camera device in the world. One because they’re cheap they don’t cost very much they give you pretty good video quality and they’re powered by
USB small, portable and again a a widely used device. But again I don’t think I would use the the audio directly from either one of these cameras for any type of video I’m doing
and I certainly can’t recommend that for you. Again if you’re doing YouTube videos are you Skyping
with someone if you doing conferencing find some other kind of audio device to use with theses cameras. Now issue I ran into with the c930e when I was doing those videos
directly with the webcam software is that I couldn’t get it to full 1080p. I’m going to switch over here to the webcam software and going show you what I ran into. Now this is the software comes from Logitech. And this is the Logitech webcam 930e. And we’re going to do a quick capture. And I keep getting this box pop up to download a some drivers and I
want to Logitech’s website and downloaded the latest information they had. Again, this is the 930e and the highest resolution I could get was 720 with the 930e. when I switched over to the c920, the predecessor, then I could get fill 1080 with the previous webcam. I did some searching in some of the forums and there are some issues with that. So, that may be something that might
concern you. They say there’s a fix for that but it doesn’t sound like an easy fix. And perhaps Logitech is going to come up with some software here in a near
future that’s going resolve the issue. So that again one problem I ran into. When I pulled the camera, the c930e, into my camera mixing software then I had no issue with that. So, which camera would your buy? Would you buy the Logitech new c930e? or would you buy the predecessor, the c920? The pros for the to c930e you for me. I kinda really liked the video quality the picture quality you get with it. I think its a little better then the 920, the c920. I think the color is just a little better with the c930e then is the c920. The cons, it is more expensive. It’s going to cost you
more money to buy the c930e than over the c920 and is that worth the extra expense? Audio quality is no better on either camera so I have to give that a negative. I don’t think the audio is what perhaps it should be for
for these cameras. If there is another a negative the issue about not getting or be able to get full 1080p out of the c930e with the same software without some kind of major fix to some drivers in your computer. And I tried this on both a Windows 8.1 computer. A Windows 7 computer. And on neither computer could I get full 1080p out of the c930e. Now I put some links down below to the
full specifications for both webcams. And from Amazon for pricing information if you want it. and no, I’m not an affiliate for Amazon. Those links are for your information only if you want.
So if you have any questions about this, something I missed, something you’d like to know about put a comment down below and I’ll do
the best I can to answer them for you. So from me to you wherever you are hoping that you
have the best day ever for the Pendleton Gazette
here in Pendleton, Indiana this is George Price.

Logitech SmartDock: Fast, Affordable, One-Touch Join Video Conferencing

logitech Hello, hey there, how is it going? All right Just wiggle it. Guys we are going to be late. Lets just do video call from my phone We all can’t fit in front of your phone. I got it Okay, all right Hey guys Oh hey guys we can’t hear you Can they hear us? I think they can see us but they can’t hear us Audio, audio Whats he doing? Here we go A little help here, a tiny hand Why does everything think I have the tiniest hands, they look big to me Are they playing patty cake? I bet she wins You got baby hands man, just get under the table. I don’t think you can win at patty cake. Not with hands that small Got it No no no no Hello, what just happened? Can we reschedule? Uh ya! sure I thought this was the reschedule Untangle your video meetings smart dock Logitech

Hear the click of Logitech’s new GL switches in the G815 and G915 keyboards

Logitech’s new G815 and 915 gaming
keyboards are some of the slimmest sleekest keyboards on the market and
marked the debut of Logitech’s new line of GL mechanical switches the new
keyboards are made from an aluminium magnesium alloy that allows them to be
much thinner than typical gaming keyboards while also maintaining a
strong backbone and a solid weight on your desk to avoid slipping around
Logitech’s new keyboards feature dedicated gaming and macro keys to allow
you to have all the power and functionality you need at your
fingertips They also have dedicated media keys and a
handy volume control wheel. The wheel isn’t the fanciest we’ve seen in the
gaming keyboard arena but all of the other features of the board rival
anything the competition has to offer Logitech does RGB lighting as well as
anybody else and they also take things one step further with their light sync
RGB features Lightsync allows your peripherals including your keyboard to
sync automatically with your games or music and you can even designate it to
auto match certain areas of your screen you ever wanted your keyboard to match
the colors of the movie you’re watching on your PC you can do that with Lightsync the major difference between the G815 and the 915 is the 915 is a
wireless keyboard using Logitech’s acclaimed Lightspeed technology light
speed first showed up in some of Logitech’s gaming mice and its
reliability and one millisecond report rate have converted a lot of gamers who
were once wireless sceptics now Logitech says that you can game for up to 30
hours on the G915 on a single charge making it an attractive new option for
people interested in couch gaming or other setups where you need to be cord
free the most notable thing about these new keyboards is the debut of Logitech’s
new low profile mechanical gaming switches for a few years now
Logitech’s gaming keyboards have made use of their Romer G mechanical switches
but with the 815 and 915 we’re getting our first look at these super low
profile GL switches which come in tactile clicky and linear varieties the
GL switches are fast and thin and feel a lot quicker and lighter to use than
traditional mechanical switches those of you out there who like switches with
heavy actuation force and a ton of tactile
feedback might not be sold on the GL switches but despite their thin profile
they pack a surprising amount of physical click for reference let’s see
and hear what typing is like on one of these boards close up [click click click…] [softer clicking sounds] [medium clicking sounds] both the wireless G915 and the wired G815 are available with all three of the new GL
switch types so you can find just the right option for you at launch the 915
is going to cost you $249.99 and the 815 will sell for $199.99 but check
out the links in the description below for current pricing and availability

Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum Kulaklık İncelemesi/Review

Welcome to Fragtist I have a very important equipment in my hands I will review it today I am calling it very important because it is the latest Logitech Headphones We are reviewing it first in Turkey And Logitech has totally changed the desing The code of the headphones is Logitech G633 Artemis Spectrum In G600 series there is another wireless headphone as well. Ours is the cabled version As I said the design changed dramatically Now I will leave the box and go on with the headphones Here in my hands lays Logitech’s G633 Now you do not see the trick of Logitech because it is unplugged The LEDs on the headphone is not on I will plug it in a second but before that I will tell you very fast about the other things in the box so I can go on with the headphones With this headphone there are 2 cables going out of the box It is quite interesting. Now you see that it is unplugged. But this headphone is not wireless. The cable is “unpluggable” This headphone has a 3,5mm in and a USB in. There are 2 cable connectors below the speaker. This means you can connect this to two different sound sources Now let me connect the cable to the PC and go on with it Now I have plugged the cable to the PC and you can see the trick of the headphone here We received the heaphone 3 days ago But the latest driver released yesterday Logitech updated the driver yesterday So we started to use the headphone with full performance That is why we did not made the review before or it would not be a right one We were not be able to use a lot of features of the headphone without the software Lets start with the physical features Logitech used LEDs with different lights here as you can see These two LED lines and the G logo near the headphone can be lightened seperately You can change the whole color scale here with 16.8 million colors It is same with the logo here There is an interesting detail as well. The side caps can be removed. I have no idea about this but maybe you can change the caps or you can easily repair the LEDs. The caps at the both sides can be easily removed If you ever used Logitech before you know that Logitech has famous G buttons. These buttons were at the sides But this time the buttons are behind the left speaker They are here When you out on the headphone the LEDs are behind your head So when you use your hand the G buttons are behind your head just below there is the sound adjustment wheel The best thing is, this sound wheel warns you with different beeping sounds when you level up and level down the sound So you can understand if you raise or lower the sound Up the G buttons there is a switch This switch lets you switch between USB and 3,5mm in. The headphone can mix the two sounds at the same time But to use it seperately there is a switch here I will tell you about the use of the switch later on the video If the front you see something missing. There is no microphone. Where is the microphone? The microphone is hidden here When you pull it out you again has a warning beep Now there is a detail here. In the old desings of Logitech In G35 etc there was an on – off button near the headphone with the sound adjustment wheel You could easily silence the microphone with the on-off button Now that does not exitst To silence the microphe, as it was before in the G series You fold the microphone up, but when you open it the microphone is always on until you switch between the sound sources there is a small adjustment detail here at the microphone as well so you can near it to your mouth or push it away so you can make a little adjustment here for the performance as well this goes in again and when you close it you hide the microphone this is a very nice detail. Because in the previous versions the microphone used to stand up there like an antenna and you used to look like an alien my friends use to have fun with me as “you look like an alien with an antenna” Now it is over because it can go in Now lets talk about the other specifications the ear pillows here are made of fabric and the good thing is they are removable it usually happens in the video. We remove them and cannot put them back in place for hours at least let me show you that they are removable. Than we can give a break and put them back to their place again. The best thing here is as you now these parts gets dirty very easily and fast or they wear out. So when you want to change them you can change them easily. Of course I assume that Logitech will bring the spare parts to Turkey as well. Now lets give a break to the video so I can put this back to it’s place 1st Day 2nd Day 3rd Day 4th Day 5th Day (And yes We love Benny Hill) At last we managed to put it on with Sonat’s help. I am quite disabled with these things. Lets continue At the crown part There is a same soft fabric as well this part is plastic every part of the headphone is plastic, there is no metal but lets talk about the dangerous part here generally these are the parts where these headphones can break very probably this part is a strong plastic again but the crown part is metal generally Logitech’s headphones are broken from here when you drop them I have broken my previous G35 It fell 6-7 times from a meters high that is quite normal. You can break everything from that height. I will tell you about this ones performance in the long usage as well these are the general physical details the PC cable is coated with a high quality soft plastic but as I said there is another cable that goes into 3,5mm it is here on my desk when you plug out this cable the headphone deactivates automatically because you unplug it from the power source And you pass to this Now this is the second cable. It is probably 1m long. It is fabric coated this is for two things there is a three lined tip here at the end of the cable. This means you can send the microphone sound and take the headphone sound from the same cable so you can use this with your cell phone or if you want you can use it for different devices this makes you mobile Logitech says you can order your pizza while in the game without distracting your game or when your girl friend, friend, parents calls you can speak here as well that is a good thing. You will loose your concentration at most. And since this makes your headphone mobile you can put this on and go for a run But of course I do not reccomend this with such a big headphone there is a controller here on the cable. With this you can switch between the microphone and headphone at the other side thare a control for the sound and you can mute-unmute the microphone. It means there is a fully functional mini controller here as well As I said these two cables can be used together as well you plug this to the 3,5mm in next to USB in And use it actively. You can listen both of the sound sources from here at the same time. G633 is on my head Now I am quite sure most of you has this question in your minds How is the sound isolation And how much sound leaks out To be honest the isolation is quite good. When someone calls you You reply like “Eh?What?Who?” because you do not hear a thing.The Isolation is quite good But there is a small detail in comparison the the Logitech headphones I used before It presses your head a little You have to get used to this headphone When the headphone covers your ears fully due to it’s big size Now I hear my voice very low and mono The isolation is very good but It presses your head from the sides The previous headphones were not that much thight You get used to them faster So as I always say: If you have the opportunity to try a headphone before you buy it do not miss the chance. It is a must. It is the same rule for this headphone as well Now lets talk about the software First, let me say that you can easily program the G function keys You can alter the commands to the G keys as you wish Here you can see the previous song, next song etc commands but you can change them to your will This is the first thing Secondly Logitech has a wide range scale of colors Here’s breathing effect to change in different colors to a constant color As you remember I have told you about 16.8 million color spectrum here you can use them You can change the logo and the sides with different effects you can make the brightness adjustment the interesting thing here is there is a light sleeping timer you can choose the time lenght of the LED and than let it off automatically since you have the profiles according to your games here the light change again as you activate your profile Here at the equiliser part there are different equiliser pre sets according to the game types of course you can make arrangements for the movie as well when you profile activates these settings activates automatically The last thing: Headphone has 7.1 surround support as well. When you activate dolby surround You can listen your movie with dolby surround this is a very nice detail for this headphone Of course to make all of these things you have to update your Logitech software Logitech 6633 Spectrum has a beautiful and interesting design. but we’d better say the plus and minuses In the minus part I can say one thing and this is totally realted to your habbits. I wish I could put on and off the microphone with one button. Having sound from two different sources at the same time is a very interesting thing and this is totally a plus. this has not been done by another firm before and we did not experienced it before You can hide the microphone and this is fantastic! And the beeping sounds are very functional you do not need to distract here you get used to it naturally the colors are really fantastic They really attacts attension and looks cool The material quality looks very good and high quality The material quality is one of the things Logitech rarely lacks of. Maybe we could have something that arranges the cables and keep them together If you do not want to keep 3,5mm cable on this due to the cable chaos on your desktop. If you do not connect it to your cell phone you may want to take it off and keep it somewhere. I wish we had a keeping box or a carry box. That might be useful Beside that I had no problem with the software I have done every thing I want with this headphone Logitech has changed it’s desing Passed to a very beautiful desing and created a very beautiful headphone You can get used to the use of G buttons easily because these buttons are placed here with different angles Meaning when you put your hand behind your head you can find the G buttons naturally and get use to it put on and off the sound. In the name of functionality and usage the headphone is nearly perfect Now lets come to the most beautiful part: Price. Turkish market price is not known at the moment. When we have the price we will write it below. But we do not know it and waiting for it impatiently That’s all for now Lets see what will come at the next video Will Logitech surprise us with different produtcs? If you like this video please subscribe so we can shoot more videos Now we will go on playing games with our Logitech I wish you good games as well BYE!

Case Study: King County Technology (KCIT) Cuts Costs with Logitech SmartDock & Skype Room Systems

King County IT on Logitech King County is one of the largest counties in the country we have 14,000 employees. My department King County information technology provides technology services, to those employees. We wanted technology that didn’t require a half hour set up before they had their meeting. The smart dock and Skype room systems have really improved the collaboration and communication. Logitech smart dock is really is the foundation that drives, you know day to day business. We test, we saw it’s a great product and we’re in a time crunch and we just implement about 17 within a one month. Now she was a great success KC IT will easily hold, over a hundred two hundred meetings a week using the smart dock system. I like that I don’t have to be a hapa to a County car and drive for miles down a crowded freeway just to be able to talk to someone about budgets or an Excel spreadsheet. You come in you can see if the room is available and for how long, you push two buttons and you have a meeting all we do is we just hear the great things about it after the meeting and how easy you went and how great it was. We interview people using the technology. Before we used to fly them in, now we do a lot of Skype interviews save ourselves a lot of money and can interview more candidates. One of the strains in using the logitech smart dock and Skype room systems is document integration. We don’t have to pick up our laptops to bring them with us we embed things in the meeting we log in they’re already there. I think we have about thirty of our collaboration spaces with the technology and I can tell you that they’re always full meetings are shorter and more productive, and the collaboration and teamwork is increasing. I see the smart dock system rolled out everywhere not only is it convenient but it’s it’s time-saving, it’s money saving. Imagine having a standard dice conference rooms in the whole county, so no matter what department you are, no matter who you are, you know exactly what to expect when you walk into a room and it’s great to be a leader it’s great to be the one that you have the courage to do it you do it you have a great success and you can just share this with the world. LEARN MORE logitech®

3 Easy Ways For Teams to Video Conference with Logitech


Video Conferecias con Skype Empresarial – Subtítulos en Español

Transforme su sala de reuniones y puesto de trabajo con el sistema de conferencias de
Skype Empresarial – Hey Lina como estas?
– Muy bien y tú como estas? – Hola Wesly.
Bueno ya que todos están aquí, empecemos!! cuál es el estado del proyecto Contoso? – ellos aprobaron el presupuesto y arrancan mañana – esa es una excelente noticia!! – reunámonos con el resto del equipo y continuamos la reunión Invitando a la reunión.. Amar Huley – hola -hola Amar.
te cuento que arrancamos el proyecto de Contoso ¿puedes unirte a la conferencia ahora?
y agrego a Gabriel a la video conferencia. – perfecto me conecto en mi puesto de trabajo. – espera, Gabriel está disponible ahora? – el está fuera de la oficina, pero voy a tratar de comunicarme con él. marcando al celular…. – hola
– hola Gabriel, estas disponible ahora? – sí, tengo unos minutos antes de entrar a reunión. -bien, te cuento que nos ganamos el proyecto de Contoso – Genial… Ok.. ehh
voy a ponerme en contacto con el jefe – en este momento estamos en conferencia con
Lina, Wesley y Amar estamos escuchando ruido del
ambiente de fondo, Gabriel. podrías silenciar tu micrófono? – por supuesto
– genial, me gustaría agradecerle a todos por reunirse de forma rápida. como pueden ver Omar, ha hecho un excelente
trabajo con la presentación excelente trabajo con la presentación entonces vamos rápidamente a la diapositiva 7 todos tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer, espero que todos estén tan emocionados como lo estoy yo, para trabajar en este proyecto Amar…. Transforme de todas sus reuniones,
con Skype Empresarial Traducido al español por