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[Music] hello everyone it’s sanzu and welcome back to my channel today I present to you the red blood cells makeup from hot Eric’s eyeball I actually wanna do more cosplay related makeup tutorials like this so if you’re interested please let me know in the comments and please let me know which characters you would want to see next I’ve already done my foundation by using a BB cushion so I’m gonna be continuing with Michelle’s creamy concealer in the color frozen as always I use this concealer to highlight my face as well that’s why the amount I’m using is a little bit more than usual [Music] now I need to set the concealer on my under-eye area especially so I’m gonna be using this powder from VDL this powder became my favorite recently because it smells amazing but kind of smells like men’s perfume I think for my brows I’m gonna be using the vivid bright side liner in red from NYX and I could do this because my eyebrows are quite light so if you have dark eyebrows I’m not sure if this would work for you but you can still give it a try and see [Music] now I’m getting this Christmas palette I got from Sephora this year and I will go in with the lightest color in it on my whole eyelid since the character doesn’t have any hint of eyeshadow on her eyes you can skip this part as well I’m just doing it to complete the oral look but the eyeshadow will be very very light now I’m going for this light brown shade in the same palette I’ll only use it on the outer corners of the eye as well as the bottom part of the eye but I’m only doing it to create a overall balance with the rest of the makeup you can just skip the eye shadow part because it’s not gonna change a lot of things [Music] [Music] for the eyeliner I went for a double-sided one like this one from Minnie so I liked it because it has a liquid liner on one side and I pencil on the other side so I could just switch real quickly as I did the eyeliner our character has very droopy eyes that’s why I went for a droopy eye liner as well I just followed the eye liner downwards so it could create the illusion of a droopy eye [Music] [Music] before applying the fake eyelashes I use the mascara on my own lashes so they could blend well together with the very black fake eyelashes [Music] I also decided to apply some white glitter on the inner corners of my eye [Music] and then I decided to add sound fake bottom eyelashes but I only used a cup cart of it because I realized the character house but my lashes but they are very noticeable on the outer part of her eyes and then I applied the mascara on my own lashes on the inner corner of my eye to contour the face I’ll be using makeup Revolutions contour and highlight palette and I went for a cool toned Brown in it and I started to come to the tip of my nose to give it a bottom effect I used the same tone on my jaw line as well to make it more noticeable and as for the highlighter I went for the skimpiest highlighter from makeup revolution if you end up applying too much you can just get a powder brush and a little bit powder and brush off the excess highlighter [Music] now our character also has very blushed cheeks so I got the slip and Tipton’s that I got from brush go but I think it’s discontinued I started to apply it by tapping it onto my skin but if you feel like you applied too much that you look too red you can just get the BB cushion and go over the edges and on it as well as I’m doing right now I also got this pink blush cream blush from Candy Doll and when offered the same color to give it a more gradient if I as I layered the blush I kept touching it up with a BB cushion until I got it just right I also applied the same Candy Doll lip and cheek cream on my lips [Music] afterwards I went back to the lip and cheek tint and I applied it onto the inner corner of my lips it’s a very light watery product so I needed to build up the color a little bit so I kept doing it until the color was right and I smudged the other parts of it I also concealed the bottom outer part of my lips so it could have a gradient effect there as well and as for the last step I added some pink lip gloss onto the inner part of my lips just where I used the tint [Music] after the makeup I’ll be focusing on the wig styling a little bit our character has that hair that sticks out and it is one of her unique features so I wanted to emphasize that one the Vic already has that styled but you will need some hairspray to just set up just right so it can stay like that even when you’re moving around you can also spray the hair like this and curl it even using the spray bottle so it will have this natural curve going on after that I wanted to style the Vic with the hat on as well so I could just see the end result of it I took some hair strings and sprayed them so they could look more bulrush and natural also please make sure to cover your eyes if you are gonna spray the banks of the wig because if it gets in your eye it will burn alot and it may cause harm [Music] and with this our makeup is done the look is done and our cosplays done I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found my makeup for her accurate I really wanted to focus on how like pink and blessed she is because overall she ever red blood cell so yeah that was my take on it I hope you enjoyed it also if you haven’t watched the anime yet please go and watch it you’re not gonna regret it it’s really funny and cute as well at the same time and lastly for the wig and the costume and the lenses I’ll be leaving the links for them in the description below if you’d like to cosplay her as well and yeah I’ll be seeing in my next video bye bye


Hello everyone, it’s Anzu and welcome back to my channel! Today I’m here with a very late video I will be opening NYX Face Awards’ TOP 10 box. I haven’t opened it here yet! I couldn’t make the times meet with the first challenge, so I will finally open it on my channel today! Since I opened this for the challenge, everything won’t be sealed, but I will try to show some stuff by swatching them. Then let’s start! There is a primer spray, which I have used before, I like it a lot, even though I normally use cream bases, I use this kind when I’m lazy. These are to set and finish the makeup. I used both of them but I prefer glowy makeup, so I use the dewy one more. Sorry, there is too much light- So one is for matte finish and the other is for a dewy finish. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundations are here as well! There are 4 shades. Lightest one is called Pale, it is too light for me, This is one or two shade darker than it and is called Vanilla. This appears too yellow on my skin. But if I mix them together I can get a good shade for myself. There are also two darker shades, these are too dark for me so I haven’t opened them and will do a giveaway along with the stuff I already have! So stay tuned, it won’t be foundation only as not everyone might be able to use these shades. Continuing with the names, this is medium buff, this one is… called Deep Walnut! There are two foundations which I already opened (sorry) They are Total Control foundations, my favorite foundation from them is this series. I tried and compared these series and if you have oily skin, this one might be better for you, because compared to my skin it was too dry, and I have dry skin. I even prepared like hell, with moisturizers and stuff but ı still prefer this one. There are two shades of this one, Alabaster and Vanilla. Two lightest ones. My fav part, lots of body paints! Let me show like this. Gold, purple, Orange, but it kinda looks like red actually through the camera it looks orange irl it looks a bit like red. Silver color, A dark green and… there is a pink/fuschia like this. NYX also has a white body paint, so if you want lighter shades in body paint, you can mix the white with these to have the color you want. Some brow pencils, called Micro Brow pencils. In different shades, and with a thin tip. It also has a brow brush. Some Suede lipsticks! I used this one today, what is it called- Don’t Kill My Vibe. I really love the packaging in these because it has hearts. There is a red one called spicy. I haven’t opened it yet. These have a velvet finish, they look matte at the end. Why- it already says Suede on it why did I even try to explain- This other one is close to the one I used today. It’s a lighter version. it’s called… The Day. It’s a lot lighter. There are 4 palettes. There are mini versions of the Ultimate Palettes. Like this. Ultimate Edit, Petite palettes. This one is Brights and the other is Warm Neutrals. There is another Ultimate palette, it’s called Electric. I already have this palette so, I haven’t opened it so I can add it to giveaway. And Born to Glow highlighter palette. I also have this one and it is one of my favorite highlighters. How do I show- This gold shade, the lighter one, and the pink ones are my go-to ones. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop also has concealers here, This one is Vanilla and there is also the Pale one. But I used it in the previous video so- it’s in there somewhere. Let me show like this- Pale is also almost the same as this foundation. It’s very very light so it might be too light for a normal makeup unless you have REALLY pale skin. Next there is NYX HD Studio Powder. I also used this in the previous video. It’s transparent. There is another item I forgot to put back here- I also received Vivid Brights liners in yellow and red. Again, I used the red one in the previous video. Born to Glow illuminating powder. I thought this was a bronzer. It’s an illuminating powder, could even be a highlighter. There are single lower lashes and top lashes. It’s called… jksajfklsal called On The Fringe. Before lipsticks, there is the Worth The Hype mascara. It’s a really good one. Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They come in mini tubes. But I think this is their original sizes! Let’s check the colors. Copenhagen, they took inspiration from city names. Sao Paulo, I have some of the shades already so I will put some of these away for you guys, Amsterdam, it’s red- Milan. Now some nude colors, Stockholm and Rome. Andddd Prague. This looks like a dark purple- Transylvania. It looks like black but I’m sure its dark purple. Because I have it. Some Jumbo eyepencils! There are 5 colors. A silverish one… Let me show like this, Blue, green, a gold and silver one and lastly- black. These are very handy. You can use it as eyeshadow, body paint, etc. I found another concealer! It’s called Walnut. Concealer or to highlight some areas. I really loved this color- I wanna use it. It looks like my shirt’s color. What’s it called… Peacock. There is also some, dark greens. called Kryptonite, and Vermouth. GO H.A.M pigment. I love this pigment, it’s amazing, You can even mix these with a medium and make it more liquid-ish, like eyeliner. But some of them are shiny, so if you have light shine on it, they might shine- not all are matte. You can even use these in body paint so I love it. There is one very light called Brighten Up. It might be nice to use on the inner corner of the eyes. Another dark blue, ooh! It’s darker than the one before. Called Constellation. Another darker one– wait a bit it’s purple. I’m blind so- Name is Egotastic. Another shiny pigment, Old Hollywood. It’s a dark gold shade, but shiny. And another dark purple, It has a tag on the name so I couldn’t read it but the code is PIG16. Hello! And with this out TOP 10 box is done! A big thanks to NYX for sending me all these! Then, I will see you in my next video! Bye bye!

Top 10 Industry Controversies in Anime

it ain't all daijoubu after all welcome to watchmojo.com and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 anime industry controversies that's disgusting before we begin we publish new videos every day so be sure to subscribe for more great content for this list we're looking at the scandals that have blown up around various anime series as well as some rather awkward behind-the-scenes antics of the industry itself prepare for cringe prepare for rage and prepare for some weird yep number 10 the say you prank workplace hijinks sir commonplace and the anime industry is obviously no different but many are in agreement that this little stunt is really mean a newcomer to the voice acting game Mitsu here oh you cheeky thought he was auditioning for a role in the anime Kokoro connect except there was one problem the whole thing was staged he was made to say some really embarrassing dialogue all while being unknowingly recorded the real kicker was that he was called in at a later date thinking his character was about to be revealed only for them to show the hidden footage humiliating him on a stage as a result number 9 deal and the Quran seems like Dio Brando wasn't satisfied with just making an enemy out of the Joestar family he also wanted to piss off an entire religion while he was at it did he succeed well of course he's deal just look at you sittin there with him back to me leaving yourself wide open there was a scene of the stand user reading excerpts from what appeared to be the Quran and as you might have guessed with Dio being sort of a vampiric amalgamation of all that's evil Muslim groups found this to be rather offensive since it painted the holy book in kind of a bad light needless to say there was some rapid fire at its required I don't know bright endless 8 there's that feeling again and it's stronger than all the others now I know we've done this 10,000 times before as anime fans there are a lot of tropes cliches and overall weirdness that you can put up with especially when it comes to miss Suzumiya can you destroy the entire universe with just a thought sounds good time travelers no problem however we've draw the line when you give us eight episodes of pretty much the exact same thing we don't care that they're trapped in a time loop you could have done the exact same thing with three or four episodes in order to get that message across but eight episodes come on needless to say the studio had to make a public apology for this stunt number seven child pornography scandal Scott Freeman was quite a notable voice actor in the world of anime providing the dubs for favorite characters like England in Hetalia Axis powers Pierce in a certain magical index as well as Issei in highschool DxD however in a shocking revelation freeman ended up being charged with eight counts of possession of child pornography leading to a three year sentence as of 2015 as expected his contract with Funimation was terminated all his characters were swiftly replaced and his entire career in the world of anime was tarnished to say the least number six the Evangelion TV finale as fans of the anime can attest the ending of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion wasn't to everyone's taste by all means give Shinji a satisfying ending but did it all have to take place in his head well some Japanese fans got a little heated creator Hideaki anno was on the receiving end of some otaku anger despite the fall flying in a lack of budget rather than the lack of ideas it got so bad that some fans sent death threats to a no what was his response show them off in a montage in the movie sequel End of Evangelion duh number five sex scandal yep here we are again talking about Haruhi Suzumiya only this one is even more petty for Japanese voice actress aya hirano was also a rising pop star who was also pretty vocal that she had no love for her fans and otaku culture in general things only got worse for her fanbase after photos were leaked suggesting that she had been sleeping around with bandmates as you can imagine the Haruhi Suzumiya fan club weren't exactly pleased number for political dubbing stick up your ass are you one of those dumbass gamergate creep shows most of the time fans have no issues when an English dub changes some of the dialogue around just as long as it faithfully portrays the intended meaning of the source material however when people caught wind that the Funimation English dubs of prison school my girlfriend is a cow and Miss Kobayashi's dragon maid made reference to Western political events and social crazes they did not take it well outraged stemmed from the idea that the meaning behind the scenes was essentially flipped and real-world political agendas were incorporated instead book days been canceled you guys another win for us JW Millennials number three Tatsuki gets the pink slip so there's this anime called kimono friends it's all about anthropomorphic animal girls at a zoo it's animated with some pretty subpar CGI and the Japanese audience friggin loves it for whatever reason the series hasn't really resonated with fans as well in the West but the Japanese fanbase more than makes up for that so when season 2 was announced people were elated until they noticed the original director that Sookie had been removed what followed next was a series of protests by the community until the production company Kota Kawa announced that they were in talks with mister Tatsuki once more number 2 nice boat how can something so tragic become a meme well this one revolves around the anime school days spoiler alert it's a friggin abomination it centers on a guy called Makoto who cheats on his high school girlfriend with his best friend before he goes on to cheat on her with a million other girls all of which leads to the show's finale where said best friend stabs him to death however the airing of this final episode was delayed following the actual killing of a Japanese citizen who was murdered in a similar fashion afraid that the finale would be compared to the event the studio delayed the episode and instead aired replacement footage of a boat number one electric soldier porygon before Pokemon go this was the deadliest phenomenon that the franchise had ever produced there's nothing wrong with this episode per se in terms of its content it's more the fact that due to its dependency on strobe light effects it managed to injure around 700 Japanese citizens while the effects buried many of the victims who ranged from children to the elderly suffered mass epileptic fits in the horrific aftermath the episode was taken off the air and never rebroadcast it also got itself a Guinness world record in the process most photosensitive epileptic seizures caused by a television show Wow way to go porygon do you agree with our picks check out these other great clips from watch mojo and subscribe for new videos every day