Demand-Driven Manufacturing

syncro no is the leading provider of demand-driven manufacturing software solutions that synchronize complex environments and drive business results the syncro no demand driven manufacturing platform transforms manufacturing operations into more competitive more profitable demand driven enterprises our software solutions help you take demand driven initiatives to new levels by syncing your workforce methods machines materials information and more in real time to provide everyone within your organization with actionable information from the shop floor to the top floor for greater clarity control and confidence and a clear competitive advantage syncing your demand driven operations with synchro know you'll be more effective enabling flow managing constraints and driving on time production here's how it works sink manufacturing synchronizes and controls all activities in your manufacturing operation and extended supply chain its schedules and executes your production plan to help you manage variability and drive flow and it adaptively adjusts your production plan if there's a constraint such as a delayed delivery or a machine down sink Kanban drives consumption based replenishment of parts or finished goods in real time when an item is pulled it's scanned automatically sending a replenishment signal across your organization and extended supply chain you create a more predictable environment so you're in a better position to respond to changes in demand manage constraints and control variability quickly and effectively sync operations gathers time-series process and event based data during every phase of production it a grenade data from synchro no systems as well as from machine level and disparate enterprise systems enabling real-time workflow automation and giving your continuous improvement and engineering teams actionable information sync view makes all of this information visible to everyone within your organization as it happens this interactive user directed visual information system provides role and work cell based views that expose data and empower action with the syncro no demand-driven manufacturing platform you gain more control across your operation you're empowered with information to make more proactive decisions and with complete visibility across the organization you're never caught off guard get real-time status anytime from anywhere it's that simple exchange simultaneous data across systems and resources use predictive data to preempt issues before they happen address critical issues instantly generating alerts escalation and action plans ensure quality and production flow in alignment with demand drive data-driven continuous improvement efforts our integrated intuitive demand driven manufacturing platform is an unprecedented interactive operations communications tool from planning and inventory replenishment to shop floor execution and production support to sales and customer service to the executive suite the syncro no demand driven manufacturing platform empowers everyone to make more informed decisions taking demand-driven to new levels and improving flow across your organization greater clarity control and confidence begin with real-time synchronization of your work force methods machines materials information and more everyone is on the same page with clear priorities on-time delivery improved predictability and greater overall performance will follow that's what we mean when we say we deliver a clear competitive advantage real-time synchronization and real-time communication define the world-class factory of the future what can you do to take your operations to the next level today tomorrow and 10 years from now partner with the leading and most trusted provider of demand driven manufacturing software transform how you do business with synchro No

Manufacturing Software – Fishbowl Manufacturing

hi this video is to talk about some of the really great manufacturing functionality that's found within fishbowl so fishbowl as well as being a fantastic warehouse management and inventory system also has some great manufacturing functionality and the core of that manufacturing functionality is our Bill of material screen so every time you manufacture something you always need a recipe or a bill of materials so in here we keep track of all of the items that we produce in our business and when I open up any one of those items I can instantly see what I'm making what raw materials go into it and when I click on any raw material line I can see the quantity being used whether or not it's a one-time item that can be used for things like set up times as well as whether or not it's a stage or a sub assembly so I can set up stages or daisy chains in mobility riyals in fishbowl I also have up here below the description what's called the auto create bar where I can set the auto create function to never short quantity order quantity always create and build order and that's all about our MRP functionality within fishbowl so you have the ability to have the system automatically draft a manufacturing order based on demand and that demand can come from a sales order or a transfer order or from a apparently Bill of material if it's a sub assembly that's our Bill of material screen now every bill of material to be produced must go through a work order or a manufacturing order so the second screen that we have is our manufacturing order screen why let's quickly create a new manufacturing order here to make a mountain bike I now have a job card in the system where I'm producing a mountain bike and that's pulled the details from my generic bill of materials so if I looked into the details of this job I can see all the raw materials that are required for that the really neat thing with fishbowl is you can actually remove one of those lines or add extra lines to it just for this one job so without having to go and change your bill of materials you can update how this particular manufacturing order is going to be produced and cost it once you've got your details of your manufacturing order correct you have all sorts of reports you can run you can run a costing report to see the cost of what this mountain bike is going to cost you to make today in this case it's two hundred and sixteen dollars and seven cents I can also print off different job cards to give to the factory floor an example is a work order traveler so this is a basic document which is to give into the warehouse floor that shows this is what's bit to be produced and needs that raw materials that are required and some space to record things like the serial number what raw materials were actually used and any scrapping that may have happened along the way now to give us inventory control on our manufacturing it's all about pushing this manufacturing order through stages so over here on the right hand side we have the ability to start a work order pick or commit goods to this work order for our raw materials and then lastly finish that work order and it's that finishing step that's going to consume our raw materials put our new finished product on the shelf and roll up the cost of those raw materials as the value of our finished product the other neat function we have in our manufacturing order screen if you don't want to create a manufacturing order from scratch is we have up here in the top icon bar and oto mo feature so the auto manufacturing order will actually go through and draft a manufacturing order based on demand that could be existing sales orders in the system for these things it can also be for reorder points so if you're trying to manufacture to set reorder points in stock levels then this order mo is going to be great for you well that's some of the basic manufacturing functionality that fishbowl offers as always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call our office on one 307 eight five seven five five in Australia or Oh 8 hundred seven eight five seven five five in New Zealand or you can always email us at sales at fishbowl inventory dot-com that a you thanks for your time bye