Three Principles to Help You WIN at Marketing

choosing the right marketing principles and building the right knowledge is frequently the difference between success and failure. online, and offline. that’s why we’ve coined this mantra: in today’s video, I’m going to be sharing three of our marketing principles and the one non-negotiable so you too can have a better chance when it comes to winning at sales and marketing quick sidenote: these are our principles but there’s a lot more depth to them so please leave some comments and questions below. in my world, I often hear: “I’ve done marketing before
and it doesn’t work” to me, this is a marketing excuse. business owners keep dwelling on the bad marketing choices they made in the past they may have undervalued the importance of choosing the right agency to work with sometimes, agencies are too eager with businesses that aren’t the right match. one way we
can fix this is taking ownership of past marketing mistakes and focus on building
the right partnerships and marketing relationships. if you don’t have time to
do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it again? people want the result but don’t want to put in
the time. so how can we fix this one? at the beginning of any marketing project
or relationship both parties have to understand they need to be patient. marketing is no longer siloed and you can’t just focus on one thing: you have to understand your customers now rely on your online presence how they see you, and interact with your social channels and then learn and develop from your
website. marketing is a patience game not a get-rich-quick game. if it was, everyone would be smashing it. because of marketing excuses and
a lack of patience I find business owners can’t appreciate and be grateful of the big and small wins in marketing: the ones that immediately affect their
business performance. Marketing is, and will always be a two-way street between agencies and business owners. on one side you’ve got agencies: they need to embrace the business goals, the timeline, and the cost to the business to achieve them. On the other, business owners need to embrace the day-to-day challenges of an
agency and the way they work. so how can we fix this one? agencies and business owners need to work together from the beginning, and to learn, communicate, and
understand each other’s roles and goals. and finally the last one the
non-negotiable: this is the truth and the
reality behind marketing: it’s a risk because you’ve got to try and fail with a couple of marketing strategies first. these failures cause marketing excuses, lack of marketing patience, and lack of marketing gratitude. there are so many experts out there preaching marketing opportunity, and confusing that business
landscape. opportunity lies in business owners not listening to those experts, preaching those one-dimensional solutions. that’s like backing a donkey as opposed
to a stallion. here at my marketing brain, we have that stallion. it’s called design marketing. it covers it covers all the principles we’ve just talked about, and creates more opportunity for your business. if there’s one thing I’ll
leave you with, it’s this: Marketing is always going to be complex, competitive, ruthless, and fast-moving. so the key to this business success is understanding market excuses, patience, and gratitude, and accepting how risk/opportunity is a
shared experience between marketing agencies and business owners.