4 USELESS Marketing Tools You’re Still Using (STOP Wasting Your Money)

– While six to eight years
ago some of the tools that I’m going to mention
were really useful. Today, they’re just
going to waste your time. So, when you read about
them on the blackout forums or SEOs talking about how they
can skyrocket your rankings, you should avoid them at all costs cause they’re going to risk your rankings. Hi everyone. I’m Neil Patel and today
I want to teach you four useless marketing tools
that you’re still using and you should stop wasting
your time and money on. (gentle music) Before we get started,
make sure you subscribe to this channel and if you’re on YouTube click the alert notification. The first tool is automated
link building tools. A few years ago, you could
use tools like Scrape Box or SEnuke to build a ton of backlinks, which would end up helping
your website rank better. But, those days are gone. Since the penguin
update, Google has become more and more sophisticated
with algorithms created to detect artificial
backlink patterns. When you’re using an
automated link building tool you’re likely going to
build irrelevant backlinks from pages that aren’t really
related to your content. This can hurt your rankings. The biggest problem is you’ll
leave footprints behind you. Google will be able to
identify these patterns with your backlinks and they’ll know that you’re artificially inflating them and this is going to either
keep your rankings flat or it can actually hurt
them at the same time. Google even has clear policies that forbid you from doing things like creating malicious backlinks. They go as far as even
saying that creating links that weren’t editorial
placed or vouched for by the site owners on the page, otherwise known as unnatural links, could be considered a
violation of their guidelines. They will often either
ignore these links or, worse case, they could penalize
you for these bad practices. And that’s rare. Most people don’t get penalized but still, why risk it? Why waste time on something that’s not going to help
you rank any better. So, I want you to stop using
automated link to link tools. Instead, you need to create value. Put the user first, whether it’s content, whether it’s tools like Ubersuggest. You know, if you look at Ubersuggest I’ve generated over 10,000 backlinks. How’d I do this? Purely by giving away something for free. That’s helped tremendously
for me over the years. And you don’t have to
create a tool like that or go as far as I have. You can use sites like CodeCanyon, buy tools that have already existed, buy them for 10, 20 dollars,
pop them on your site and generate natural
backlinks as well from that. The next tool you need to stop using, it’s any text or content spinners. Spinning content in an automated way in rewriting articles
has been done for ages. Back in 2011, people could just spin up, rotate up, content on
already popular articles from other sites, repurpose them, and put them on your
site and people are like, “Wow, look at all these pages
of content I’m creating”. But now, with the panda algorithm update, Google now looks at
this kind of being like, “Whoa, it provides very
little value to a user”. And if that’s the case and
your user metrics are terrible, your rankings are going to plummet. Not just for that page,
but your whole site. If you have a lot of pages
that are just spun up, that are not a great user experience, it can affect your whole
site, not just those pages. So, what you need to realize is creating content doesn’t
guarantee your rankings. Creating amazing content that people love is going to give you a much better chance of ranking fairly well. Google has a pretty smart AI and they can easily
identify variations of text that you have on your website that other people have and the
places that you took it from. So, instead of using these tools, what I want you to do is do research, people love research, they’re more likely to link to articles that have research, look for reputable sources
and tie in that data into your article and site your sources and make sure that you’re writing high quality, original content. The next tool that you’re
wasting your time on is LinkedIn lead generation bots. A lot of people say great things about using automated tools that generate you leads on LinkedIn. These tools can help you
add dozens of contacts on a daily basis, hundreds
on a weekly basis, do cold outreach and
semi-personal messages selling your products, your services. So let’s say you’re a sales
rep for a software company and you need to get in touch with as many potential
clients as possible. The best thing to do on Earth would be use an automated tool, right? Wrong. The main problem with this is that A, LinkedIn doesn’t want
you to use automation and it goes against their rules. And two, people know that you’re sending them spammy messages. They’re not going to convert. You’re going to be a
sales rep at a company or marketing person promoting some content and it’s not going to get you any love. On top of this, LinkedIn has sited that they’re going to
battle up and fight people who are creating these chrome
extensions automated tools and put them down for good. So, instead what you want to
do it create valuable content on LinkedIn that people want to read, especially if it’s video based,
cause LinkedIn loves videos. You’ll also can go live on LinkedIn, which does tremendously well as well. And by doing those things you’re
going to get more followers from there as well, you can
sell your content and services. Just think of it this way,
if I create a live video on LinkedIn and I’m providing value, people are going to be like,
“Oh Neil, this is great”. And within that video not
only getting more followers, more shares, more
comments, more engagements, I can talk about my ad
agency, Neil Patel Digital, and some people will go
from my LinkedIn video to Neil Patel Digital and
then become a customer. Last but not least, comment bot. Much like automated
content creation tools, a lot of people have been using bots to automate commenting
on other sites for years. This is what plugins
like Akismet by WordPress are so popular. No one wants all these
spammy blog comments. I literally get thousands and thousands of blog comments per day. Now, I even conducted an
experiment to determine or not whether comment links
have affect on rankings. And believe it or not, they do. But, when using automated tools, you’re leaving a lot of
footprints behind you plus, you’re providing no value to people. Those comments are just
going to get deleted or get caught in comment spam traps. So, instead, if you
want to leave comments, write up something that’s thoughtful that helps people. Not just the person that wrote the article but other people reading
it and then leave it. When you leave relevant comments A, people are going to know about you and start following you. B, if they like what you have to say they may check out your business. And C, they may end up
converting into a customer. Now, Google is looking
for spammy comments, you don’t want to associate your
website with spammy comments cause all it’s going to
do is hurt your rankings. My recommendation is for
you to think long-term. Don’t take those quick hits being like, “Yeah, I just do this and my
rankings are going to increase”. Anyone that tells you something
that’s too good to be true, chances are it is and it’s
just going to hurt you in the long run. If you need help with your rankings, your digital marketing, check
out my ad agency, NP digital. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to the channel, leave a comment, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.

The Two Marketing Careers That Will CRUSH IT in 2020

– Are you considering career marketing? Not sure where to start? Do you want to know which ones
have the best future outlook? Hi everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today, I’m going to break down the two marketing careers
that’ll crush it in 2020. (bright music) Before we get started, make sure you subscribe to this channel, and if you’re on YouTube,
click the alert notification. Marketing is a ever-evolving industry, so it’s no wonder that
new marketing careers are always coming in. However, in 2020, marketing has seen two new big careers that
are going to take off. The first is a marketing data scientist. One thing that marketing is for sure, there are a ton of
different metrics to track. Numbers don’t lie, right? This is so important to be
able to take these numbers and have a clear understanding
with your audience their behavior on your
site of what’s working, what’s not working, where
companies should focus their time, and where they shouldn’t. Not only can it help you
with your marketing strategy, but it also can help you with
your overall business as well. One of the biggest issues
that I see in businesses and even ad agencies that are facing is how to take that data
and make sense of it, and paint a clear, easy
to understand picture of a site’s performance, and a strategy of what they should do next. See, here’s the thing, data scientists weren’t as
needed five, 10 years ago because there weren’t as many sources, but now, just think about
it, there’s paid ad, Google, Facebook, Pinterest,
Taboola, Outbrain, the list keeps going on
and on, there’s even Bing. So that’s why a data
scientist is so important because there’s so many different metrics that are required to focus
on from time on page, unique visitors versus
returning versus cohort reports, balance rates, click
through rates, traffic, traffic growth rates,
average time spent per visit, all these things are really important, and the list can keep going
on and on about metrics that people should be tracking and ones that are confusing
and hard to understand and because there’s so many sources where you can get the data, a lot of times you’ll find discrepancies and companies are looking at, like, hey, who can help read this data, make clear and easy sense of this
just because there’s way too much conflicting data out there. Now, the job description for this job, according to Data Mania is generating perspective insights, tactical and strategic insights to
improve marketing effectiveness, exploratory data analysis, advising and assisting management
and other professionals in working with and understanding
organizational data. The average salary,
according to Glassdoor, the national average salary
for a marketing data analysis is $61,473 in the United States. The skills required is understanding of online analytics data, strong communication
skills, and statistical and machine-learning
based predictive modeling. Now, director of growth marketing. This is another job that is
booming in the marketing world. One thing that I see a
lot of in my ad agency is companies, these days, have
a lot of issues with growth, and they’re finding that
their growth is plateauing, and they’re becoming stagnant. Why? Because it’s the easiest
time to start a business. As Howard Schultz from Starbucks put it. “Now is the cheapest
and most affordable time “to create a business.” But that’s caused everyone
to just go out there and compete with you, which
makes it harder to grow. So these days, companies are
looking for a growth marketer, and a growth marketer is someone who identifies a gap in the company, and they work with all departments to increase the overall ROI. Now the job description is growth marketers are data-driven pros who work to find innovative
ways to drive user acquisition, to keep customers engaged, to retain them, and ultimately, turn them
into brand champions. The average salary, according to Indy, for a growth marketer in the
United States is $96,790. The skills required
are brand storytelling, digital marketing and data analytics, executional skills and
marketing automation. Now, with a growth marketer, remember, your key isn’t to just grow
a marketing department, it’s to figure out how sales, engineering, marketing, product development, every department can
combine and come together to grow the business and
generate more of ROI. Because a lot of things
put together, such as, let’s say if you’re a software company, marketing may bring someone in, automatically sell a
customer, they sign up, customer service may get in there and figure out ways to
upsell that customer, right, or sales may come in, sell a customer that marketing drove a lead for, and then customer success
upsells that customer. These are all examples
of how a growth marketer can help a organization. Now if you need help growing your company, especially your growth spot line, check out my ad agency,
Neil Patel Digital. If you enjoyed this
video, like it, share it, tell the people about it,
subscribe to the channel, thank you for watching.

Three tips for mobile marketing in China | Need-to-know

China has the largest online population in the world, which makes it very interesting to businesses wanting to expand internationally. If you want to crack the Chinese market, you have to embrace mobile marketing. 98.5% of Chinese internet users go online using their mobile phone, so your marketing efforts must be geared towards mobile from start to finish. This video will look at three tips for mobile marketing in China. Firstly, make sure you’re on WeChat. WeChat is known as China’s “super app” because it’s hugely popular and many users spend multiple hours on there every day. It’s a place where you can share content, interact with users, sell products, and provide customer support. People expect to see brands on there, so don’t miss out on this massive opportunity! Secondly, make sure you create videos. The Chinese online video market has more users than the population of the US and Japan combined, so it cannot be ignored! Always use a professional Chinese native to help you choose your topics and write your scripts, so that the videos are as relevant to the local market as possible. Be aware that YouTube is banned in China, so you’ll have to publish your videos on local alternatives like Youku and Tencent Video. And finally, make sure your website is optimised for mobile. As well as obvious user experience benefits, the mobile-friendliness of your website design is a ranking factor on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Meta titles should ideally be under 17 Chinese characters, and meta descriptions under 60 Chinese characters. Speed is an important part of mobile friendliness, so try to optimise your website to be as fast as possible. Can you think of any other tips for mobile marketing in China? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, we have a more detailed guide on this topic on our training platform. Check it out using the link in the description.

MSc Digital Marketing students work with the London Wildlife Trust

How do you engage young people with
wildlife? This was the challenge London Wildlife Trust set for me and my fellow
students. They knew they had to reach them online and through social media but
wanted to know if they were cutting through the noise. We visited one of the
LWT sites, Woodbury Wetlands, to make sure we understood the challenge. We could
combine the theoretical and practical together. So it’s not only about staying
in class and learning particular skills but it’s also very much about applying
them outside of college. The London Wildlife Trust is a NGO based in London.
I might be working for an NGO and help the world be a better place.
The funny part was trying to explain what a badger was everyone now knows what a
badger is and looks like. We discussed our ideas and teams and shared our ideas with the LWT. What
are the key message that you want to deliver to your target audience? It’s
interesting for us to think about what we’re doing I’m gonna see it through
their eyes that’s been very valuable for us. We analyzed the data, researched best
practice, and then share our ideas with the LWT so that more young people can
discover amazing spaces like these feel like you’re doing something but not only
benefits our selves with our education but doing something good then people
should be aware that this is around us


Hello Cuties! what? you wanted a second part? do you remember what I said in the previous video? “Tell me if you’ve liked the video. If you want me to continue explaining biases I’ll do it” “If not I will just give a course and i’ll earn money from it” And you’ve supported me a lot Of course you wanted a second part That video has more than 80000 likes that means you’ve really wanted a second part If you liked the Anchoring Effect, anchor yourself to your chair because what i’m going to tell you now is really good Bias number 5 How could it be bias number 5 if the video have just started? this is a second part, in case you didn’t notice This is the first part, and you have to watch it to understand otherwise you won’t get anything ok, watch it. done? let’s continue then hold on, hold on, hold on, HOLD ON Before we continue we will make something clear In the previous video you told me I had made a CLICKBAIT thumbnail That was the Decoy effect and i explained it in the video it’s “The Good, The Ugly and The Bad” The one in the middle is the decoy so that the bigger size seems to you the best option buy the biggest one hurrah for fats! Bias number 5. Halo Effect Halo! If a product or a person looks physically attractive, we tend to make positive impressions of them in other areas I mean If a guy is hot you will probably think that he’s also intelligent and also that he’s a good person I will tell you about 2 people that are a perfect example of Halo Effect Think about Ted Bundy Ted Bundy was a serial killer that murdered more than 36 women When this man was going to court there were many women waiting for him outside because they believed in his innocence The logic is, since this man is HANDSOME, we automatically see in him other POSITIVE features not negative we think he must be a GOOD PERSON It’s impossible he has killed those women Another example of Halo Effect would be Jeremy Meeks Also known as Hot Felon, sexiest convict ever This man was a member of a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION and he was convicted of being in ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF WEAPONS but with that sweet face, he must have a good reason to do what he’s done Between being a member of a criminal organization and stealing a piece of cheese in a supermarket there’s just a little difference we must forgive those things I don’t know if you remember what happened But when this photo was published people started making donations in facebook to get him out of jail because he is handsome, so he obviously must be a good person too And also… this is so funny, seriously, so funny Nowadays, when a brand sponsors you and you screw up a little bit Like posting a tweet that offended somebody You screw up just a little bit The brand kicks you out because the brand doesn’t want to tarnish its image Well, this man, despite of being arrested for illegal possession of weapons and being a membership of a criminal group he’s been working with bands with that record, you can never set foot in Canada But the Halo effect was so strong, that nobody cared about his past Amazing Going back to marketing. Today we’re going to answer a question that i’m sure you’ve asked yourself many times Why do brands only hire pretty people as their models? because if they are pretty, you will think they are also smart, a good person, kind and those positive features are UNCONSCIOUSLY assigned to the BRAND Cuties, it’s the same that happens with me You love my face so you say “look at her, she’s so perfect and smart” Beauty There’s a lot of famous people partnering with brands specially one: George Clooney He is Nespresso’s image when you see this Coffee tastes so good right? but if you see this it doesn’t taste that good anymore, right? And you may think “Beauty is subjective. My Manolo is very cutie” I didn’t say he’s not. Your Manolo is very cutie I’m just telling you what SELLS and what DOESN’T SELL and that’s it Do you know where we see Halo Effect a lot? Of course, in POLITICAL MARKETING Politicians are normally attractive, depending on the beauty standards at that moment We can also see Halo Effect in PRODUCTS I believe the best example is Apple yes, i’ve said Apple not Apple this is how we say Apple here we say it wrong If I say Apple they will not understand me have you ever noticed that Apple, Apple, Apu is always using ROUNDED SHAPE? This is all about Neurodesign Rounded shapes or curved shapes please our brain much more than straight lines because they are not seein as a threat Apple has taken advantage of these shapes, this minimalism and it has been attributed with other positive features like FUNCTIONALITY and EFFICIENCY This was another good example of Halo effect Bias number 6 MERE EXPOSURE EFFECT We prefer things that we see more often Seeing something frequently creates cognitive ease and congnitive ease creates a feeling of familiarity And familiarity is very difficult to distinguish from truth I mean, I you are very exposed to a stimulus you end up believing that the stimulus is true the more you are exposed to something, the more you believe in it have you ever heard this sentence: “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth” it’s based on this bias Do you have a friend that… (or maybe you are that friend) that meets the ugliest girl or guy in the group (why do you always like those people) but the more you see that person, you don’t see them that ugly anymore Of course, because the more you see them, the prettier they look This happens also with songs The first time you listen to it you think:”but what’s this?” second time you think “it’s not that bad” and 3rd time you’re like There’s a very interesting EXPERIMENT about Bolesław Zajonc thank you for sending me this audio in instagram it would have been impossible for me to pronounce it My language is already difficult enough, i’m not learning a new one This psychologist spent most of his life conducting research about this bias and he published in 2 university newspapers turkish words like The words were displayed different number of times in the newspaper After 2 months, no more words were displayed without notice When they did the experiment students that had been exposed to these words were asked to classify the meaning of these unknown words either good or bad The words that had been displayed more often were believed to have a positive meaning and those that were displayed less, were rated as something negative As i said at the beggining repeating continuously a stimulus ends up by creating a sense of familiarity, trust or truth This bias is related to EVOLUTION They say that to survive in a dangerous environment an organism must act CAUTIOUSLY when being exposed to a NEW STIMULUS When an organism has been exposed many times to a stimulus and nothing happens, they believe it is something good where in marketing can we observe this? Exactly, in REMARKETING What’s remarketing? Very easy When you see an ad and you click on it does it happen that THE SAME AD shows back again (or the same person anouncing something else) Do you know why? That’s because when we publish an ad, we have the option to do a remarketing which means, everybody who clicked on the ad will be showed the same ad again and you may think “but I am a rational being” “If i have already said no the first time, why would I say yes the second time?” Don’t waste your money advertising your product again because i won’t buy it Marketing works really well really well why? because of this bias, because the more we see it, the more we feel it familiar or true Can you imagine doing remarketing to flirt? Hi! Do you want to have a thing with me? And this bias can be seen only in remarketing? no, we can also see it in BRANDING Do you know what Branding Campaign means? don’t worry, I will explain it to you by giving you as an example the brand that has used branding the most in the whole history Which brand is that? What brand am I talking about? Think, wise fellow! TIK TAK YES COKE This is a branding campaign This is a sales campaign When doing a Branding campaign we are raising awareness of the brand so that the brand is in consumer’s mind it’s those kind of ads that after watching them you think “but what are they selling here?” “they didn’t sell anything. What do they mean with formula of happiness?” That is BRANDING Thanks to the big investment COKE has made in Branding campaigns you have the feeling that this Brand has ALWAYS been there WITH YOU that it’s part of your MEMORIES, of your LIFE your CHILDHOOD COKE sells to your Subconscious mind I will make a video only about COKE because there’s a lot to talk about hey, COKE Call me and let’s talk about money which is the true formula for happiness In fact, I always tell my clients “You need to invest in Branding” It’s a long term investment, yes, but it’s IMPORTANT IMPORTANT In short When we are highly exposed to an advertising stimulus we end up trusting that brand Trust is one of the most important factors to sell Bias number 7.PRIMACY AND RECENCY EFFECT Primacy effect happens when we are likely to remember better what we have read at the very beggining and Recency effect happens when we tend to remember more what we have read at the end This is because our memory can operate in short term or long term Where in Marketing can we see this? in calls to action all those advertising texts that call you to do a specific action, like BUY NOW, SIGN UP, WRITE DOWN YOUR EMAIL, etc… Appear always at the beggining and at the end Also, when we are watching some tv show, brands that sponsor it are shown always at the beggining or at the end Something very important What is the golden minute of a debate? exactly the last one I’ve tried with you this bias In the previous video about biases, the first bias I talked about was the ANCHORING EFFECT and the last one was the DECOY EFFECT and then i saw in your comments that these 2 biases were the ones you remembered the most the ones that blew your mind why? because one was the first one and the other one was the last one No one can get rid of it. I do marketing to everybody you will develop marketing paranoia You will start thinking that YOU are marketing You already know, Cuties. Support this video if you want me to post a new video about biases Otherwise I will just make it a course to earn money from it i’m a marketer I love selling, i sell it all sell good and don’t ask who Seriously Cuties. Many of you are asking me if I will release any course for proffesionals Yes, I will just tell you when it’s ready so that you can register, ok? kisses

Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Today we’ll talk about influencer marketing. and it’s been used a lot nowadays. What is influencer marketing? If you are an influencer then what can you do and if you are company then how can you use it? To grow your business. and If you are not an influencer then how can you become. and what do we mean by influencer? Okay? today we will clear all these points. First of all let’s understand influencer marketing. It is a type of marketing where we use influencers for marketing. Who is influencer? Influencer is a person or a group of people who motivate people to take an action. Suppose i fought with someone Then i influence my friends to help me beat that person. and my friends went to beat that person without thinking about the consequences of that fight. This is influencer marketing. We think that influencers are celebrities, Youtubers and they can do influencer marketing. Before using this, person need to be an influencer ( someone who can motivate people to do something) Let me share some cases of influencer marketing. You may have seen that celebraties are promoting their movies through youtube channels. Now here do they get money? Normally we say that we get paid for influencing. Now will shahrukh khan take money for promotion? No right because Here they both have win-win situation. If shahrukh khan comes on a channel then his fans are influenced too. Maybe will subscribe their channel. Or subscriber of that channel will listen to shahrukh and may take actions based on that. So influencer marketing is sometimes free. and sometimes paid too. Suppose if you ask me to promote your product. and i am asking money , this is paid promotion. Now paid promotion does not mean Doesn’t mean i am lying. Here i am just influencing my audience to buy a certain product. and i am sharing pros and cons of it. and influencer marketing is never about selling a product also. Sometimes we use this marketing for brand awareness. and sometimes to sell a product. and sometimes for traffic on your website. sometimes for registration process. So influencer marketing can be done in many ways. Now sometimes on youtube channel You see unboxing videos. Product hasn’t been launched yet. but influencers already received the product. Company deliberately gave them product For promotion Win-Win situation for both of them. audience, influencer and for the company And create hype before the launch of a product. Product hasn’t even launched but It has created a hype in the market. Earlier before the launch of samsung M series , it already had the vibe in the market . Youtubers had the sample product before the launch. Now along with the unboxing , they review as well. But some people feel obliged after getting money. That they have to give positive reviews. This was the reason i never promoted any product. Till now actually. Till today you’ll see there are no promoted videos. Because of paid promotion, i may not be able to give genuine reviews of that product. But now I receive around 10 mails regarding this. They want me to create a case study on them. I haven’t approached them yet. But i am thinking of approaching them Tell me in the poll section . Should i approach them or not? According to you But thing is, i’ll put honest reviews along with the pros and cons. and how can they grow their business. and their business needed any business strategies Basically you can call it business consultation. Now that will be beneficial for them or not I don’t know. If your brand is faulty Then don’t come to me. Now in influencer marketing , try to understand one thing as an influencer. and as a businessman. If a business wants to be promoted on youtube channel Then they’ll check their brand equity first. If a youtube channel is collaborating with intellectual indies. along with brand equity of intellectual indies and that product Both of their brand equity will combine and that will help in selling the product. Okayy If my image is bad and a big brand collabes with me This will affect whom? Big brand it won’t affect me. And if my brand equity is better than the product Ultimately this will affect my market too. So as a influencer, we should always do a proper research . Before collaborating with a brand. Sometimes what happened, if we do the required research of the brand But at the end we face unusual problems and you can not do anything about it. As a sponsor, you can inform your audience that this video is sponsored. That’s it. In case of any blunder , you can clear things as it was a sponsored video. and you have mentioned pros and cons of it. Try to be honest on your end. Now what we can do? If we are influencer or want to be We need to work on our brand equity. Will big brands collaborate with me? You may have seen channels with million subscribers and views But their brand equity is low. Big brands won’t consider them. Same is for small channels Who has brand equity even with less subscribers. So big companies may consider them . This is power of influencer marketing. How this will help brands? Try to understand it logically. I have one lakh for promotion. for my website or for my business idea. So what did i do? I run ads via adwords. or facebook ads. Possible results will come. Or i went to a youtuber Let’s say normally they get 1 lakh views. i gave him 1 lakh rupees. asked for a sponsored video. a normal video about my brand ,and pros,cons of it. So that people get to know about us. So for 1 lakh views , i gave him 1 lakh Just suppose. Means i rs per video. If i use adwords. Maybe in that case i could have spent 2.5 lakh. For one lakh views. But their audience will be defined. If i want i can show the ad to only boys if i wanted the ad to an audience specially in delhi. i could do that too. Although adwords would have costly to me. But Overall it could have been cheap. So when will a brand use influencer marketing. When they want to use shotgun marketing. I’ve made a video on this too, you can check Here we don’t know much about our target audience. Or our target audience is very broad . Like coca cola They don’t have a specific audience. What did we do? If we have a product which can be bought by any audience. Their we can use influencer marketing. Here you need to be logical here. If i am coming with a product which will be beneficial for business Then it’ll be better if it’s on business channels. Not on vlogs. If i show ad of business related product on a tech channel It may be possible that people who watches tech videos may not like business related videos. And people who watch business channel may not like tech videos. Here i can show business related products on a business channel. and tech related videos on tech channel. For a mobile phone promotion , i can approach tech channel. And logically Many brands launch their phones on tech channels. OnePlus Who recently used shotgun marketing. They used amitabh bachchan and every category of youtubers. Comedy channels. Tech channels, series So this is a good example of shotgun marketing. combined with influencer marketing. Now is it good or bad? and should you use it or not Logically think. Good for brand awareness. And don’t think that your brand equity will touch the sky. No Irrelevant expectations Until Unless your product is not good Otherwise zero benefit. Now what is marketing means creating awareness You asked me to promote a product and i explained the pros and cons of it Now after watching the sponsored video Whether they get influenced or not They may see your website and if they examine your website and after some research , decision will be theirs. Let’s say people who blindly trust They bought it. and if that product didn’t turn out to be good. So product is the most important thing here. If you want to use influencer marketing as a brand or as an influencer if you promote on your channel and testing of that product is very important. Do ask for reviews. Be prepared for this For both promoter and the influencer Here we need to understand our goals. Some may have a goal of just selling their product or conversions. some have different goals. We need to inform our influencer about our goals. Whether their goal is conversion or Brand awareness. Whether they can do it or not. If someone comes to me for promotion I think i’ll include it in my case study. How they started, their pros and cons. Because i think this is the way i work. and is better for my channel too. There can be products who may work directly on sale. Marketing vlogs. If they directly sponsor a product so chances are high that they may buy it. Suppose big youtubers. Like bhuvan bam He has countless fans. Who blindly trust him Whether the product is good or not. But they may try atleast once. This can be successful too If we are thinking of this, we can approach people like bhuvan bam. As a marketer As a company we need to think through this. About the benefits from different channel. Brand building or sales. Will it helpful or not If you want to be an influencer Now i am repeating again To be an Influencer, you don’t need much audience. If i do have big audience I’ll be able to influence large audience. mean more sales. More the sales More the revenue. If i have a small audience and money according to that. If there’s a student of lapaas He liked our course. and he recommended to his friends too. And our of those 10, 5 were converted. This is influencing too Audience was small This is the game. I hope you liked this video. Everything must be clear. and must be motivated to become an influencer. If you want to be an influencer Doesn’t mean only youtube channel will work. You can do youtube acting or singer or can promote offline. All the politicians , they’re influencers You can use instagram also Also on twitter. Here you have opportunites everywhere. If you are making a video on youtube. and you can get money for posting a picture. and you get money for a tweet. For offline influencer They can get paid for speaking at an event. Analyse motivational speaker If they are giving something for free. There’s something behind that free stuff. I am not talking about everyone But you’ll see this. There’s a hidden agenda behind their speech. Think about it. I hope you liked this video. Like share and do tell me in the comments below Do share And do press the bell icon. Some people watch my video without subscribing my channel. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Gooafternoon Whenever you are watching this video.

Volunteering For The Canterbury Oast Trust | AM Marketing Charity Day at The Rare Breeds Centre 🚜🐖

Welcome, it is AM charity day! As some of you may know every year the whole of the AM team spend day working for a local
charity This year it was Alex’s turn to pick and we are here in the beautiful
countryside at Canterbury Oast Trust Rare Breeds Centre We’re here for the whole
day volunteering helping the guys with loads of stuff around the centre first task of
which is spreading some green hay then I think we’re going to be helping painting
parts of the chicken area which I am super excited about I’ve already seen
some goats there’s a lovely cow it’s gonna be a great day I’m Paul Harris I am the Volunteer
Coordinator here for Canterbury Oast Trust The Canterbury Oast Trust is a charity in Kent and East Sussex which was set up almost 30 years ago by a group of
parents that were raising children with learning disabilities and they were
finding it difficult to get education and care once they’d reach adulthood so
they decided on themselves to club together and and start something up
themselves to try and do that and the first home that they purchased was in
Canterbury hence Canterbury Oast Trust and was a set of Oast houses. Eventually that wasn’t big enough so they acquired a property here at Highlands Farm and it
expanded on from there A byproduct of that was the Rare Breeds Centre, which is an extremely popular family destination where we have livestock, goats, sheep, pigs, miniature pygmy goats and a whole range of other things as well, falconry
displays, turkeys They do different events throughout the year the place is designed and set up to help and educate adults with learning disabilities to
reach a better independent living and that’s our aim that’s what we do so we’ve had an incredible day
volunteering at the Rare Breeds Centre We have spread a load of green hay to try and make more flowers grow We have painted two chicken coops mm-hmm a duck coop, and a turkey coop We saw a pig race. We saw a pig race yeah that was pretty cool and now Alex is buying a load of plants If you are thinking of volunteering for a local charity, honestly this has been an incredible day the Canterbury Oast Trust and Rare Breeds Centre are in constant need of volunteers and donations so even if you just come down visit to see what they do here, we highly recommend it. We will see you next time. Bye! you

5 Hacks to Turning Sales Calls Into Sales – Awkward Marketing

♪ This is the call that never ends ♪ ♪ Yes, it goes on and on, my friends ♪ ♪ You’re trying hard to make this sale ♪ ♪ And they’re wasting your time ♪ ♪ They pick your brain and babble on ♪ ♪ But all they want’s the price ♪ ♪ This is the call that never ends ♪ – Oh God ♪ Yes, it goes on and on, my friend ♪ – Uh huh ♪ You let them book it on your site ♪ ♪ With very little strings ♪ ♪ And now they’re talking
endlessly ’bout unrelated things ♪ ♪ This is the call that nev – ♪ – Okay, okay, I’ve had
just about enough of that. (whistling music) Hey, this is RKA, and
this is another episode of Awkward Marketing. Because marketing your small
business can be awkward, Sometimes awful. I’ll help you make it awesome. (whistling music) I don’t know about you, but I
have a love hate relationship with sales calls. On one hand, I love
getting to know new people and sales calls are one
of the most important ways I pre-qualify folks who are
the right fit for my services. On the other hand, I’ve found
myself on more than a few seemingly endless sales calls. They were just a prospect’s
way of trying to pick my brain, or get a price and run, or treat me like their business therapist. Before you know it, an
hour of what could have been billable time has
slipped through my fingers, and nary a sale was even close to made. Luckily, these days those
sales calls that Lamb Chop was singing about don’t happen too often, because I’ve figured out a
few hacks for sales calls that make them more positive
and productive for me and the prospect. So, how do you turn more
sales calls into actual sales? Number one, start preparing
prospects for a sales call long before they ever request one. Prepping for a successful
sales call starts with content. The content that you
share on social media, the content on your website, the content in your lead magnet. One of the jobs that your
content has to do is to prepare prospects to become your client. Often before they’re even thinking about becoming your client. You wanna create content
that educates prospects about you work, your
approach, your philosophy and put that content front and
center in all of the places that you meet potential clients. If you want an example,
you’re looking at one. Any prospective client
that watches this video is gonna get a feel for
my style and my approach, and what my sales process looks like. Yes, I’m educating you, my viewer, on how to improve your sales calls, but I’m also educating
you, my future client on what it’s like to work with me. Number two, pre-qualify
prospects before the call. I talk about the importance
of pre-qualifying clients in the episode Four Ways
to Avoid Clients from Hell, so you’ll wanna check that
out to get the full scoop. But here are the Cliff’s notes. You wanna set up your
sales process to weed out the wrong fit clients before
you ever meet with them. In my case, this means
having an application process that the prospect must
go through before we ever schedule a phone call. Some might call this overkill
kand many people have encouraged me to lower
my barrier to entry, but I have found that this
helps me save my sales calls for the people who are truly
serious about working with me, and have many of the
qualities that I am looking for in an ideal client. Number three, once they book that call, you wanna manage their
expectations right away. One awesome way to do this
is to send a follow-up email with info on what you’ll
cover on the call, and how they can make the
most of their time with you. Bonus points, if you do this
in a quick one to two minute video that you embed in the email. Video is a great way to
create a personal connection with your prospect, so they
feel like they know you before they’ve even met you. And it sets you apart
from the crowd of folks that simply have a scheduler and a boring appointment confirmation. The other benefit of this
expectation setting email is that you’re creating
an agenda for the call. This isn’t a time to pick
your brain about anything and everything related to their business or treat you like a biz therapist and pour out all the ways
they’ve been burned before. You control the agenda,
you control the meeting, and you give your prospect
a sense of structure and confidence that if
you can lead a sales call, you can certainly lead
your work together as well. Number four, once you’re on the call, listen more than you talk. This tip is short and sweet. You’ve already laid out the
agenda for the sales call in advance, so now it’s
time to get to know them, and let them describe their
needs and pain points to you. Remember, you’re still leading
the call, but effective leadership in the sales call
setting means guiding them with the right questions, and
then creating a safe space for them to open up to you. Make sure you repeat
their needs back to them, which shows that you’re listening, you care about their needs, and allows you to clarify any fuzzy spots. Number five, never leave a
sales call without scheduling the next engagement. In my case, I always
follow up the sales call with a proposal presentation call. Or you can set up a quick
10 minute follow up meeting, or schedule a time to connect on email. Too often in the sales
process, small business owners leave the next engagement to chance. They’ll have a sales
call, send the proposal, and then wait by their
inbox with baited breath for a response. I don’t need to relive my dating
years in my sales process. When is he gonna call me? Schedule your next engagement,
prepare your prospect to hear from you, and then
when you do follow up, you won’t feel like you’re
salesy or nagging them, you’ve already scheduled the interaction. Notice that none of these
hacks are about manipulating, pushing or sliming your way into a sale. In my experience, the best
way to turn more sales calls into sales, is to manage expectations engage authentically, not
use triggers or tricks. Try these five steps and
see if your close rate doesn’t skyrocket. You’re about to get a whole lot busier. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya’! (whistling music)