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Hi awesome people welcome to yet another exciting video from External Experts. Today we are going to discuss on how to get a highly paid job by learning the art of digital marketing. So without further ado, let’s begin. Digital Marketing is an evolving field that offers a wide range of opportunities therefore starting a career in Digital marketing today is a great choice. So is it possible to land a highly paid job by becoming a digital marketer? Yes, absolutely. This is what you need to know. Firstly, you need to be well versed with a various digital marketing skills that include a SEO that is search engine optimization pay per click click that is PPC, email marketing, content marketing, Google AdWords and others. You will have to acquire these skills thick and fast to start your digital marketing journey. Secondly, you’ll need to get certifications under your belt, which will show as a testimony to your knowledge. Some of the certification that you can opt google ad certification, google Analytics, bing ads, hubSpot certification, content marketing certification, facebook blueprint and so on. Next, you need to get hands on experience to make your skills even stronger. More over organizations prefer candidates who have been a part of live Global projects. You can either do it yourself by freelancing or enroll with us for the digital marketing course online. Finally, marketing yourself is of utmost importance. If you really want to make it up back in the digital marketing landscape, hunt down jobs and linkedin, naukri and other recruitment web site. This will show how eager you are to join the Digital Marketing Club, along with testing your expedites, if you can pull these off, you’ll get land now highly paid job in digital marketing arena, which is bound to make your life much easier. Since we are a digital marketing agency and a training company, we do provide a hundred % job assistance. If you have any questions regarding this, drop in the comment below and we will get back to you. Now it’s your turn to let me know in the comment section below. How did you get a highly paid job? all by learning yourself and take years to mastered the art of digital marketing or learn, an online digital marketing course with our industry experts. Click on the link below. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Please do like and shared this video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more such content.

The BIGGEST Marketing Mistake You NEED To Avoid

Copy, closing, speaking, that’s what we
cover here every single week as part of the weekly skills family we’re gonna be
going into something that works and is related to one two three all terrible
check mark all three of them all right all three of them here today I want to
give you two principles and I’m gonna reveal to you what it is that we’re like
the thing we’re gonna play with we’re gonna work with here today all right the
first principle we know we’re going over it is the best part is getting leverage
all right here’s what I mean by this when it comes to you influencing your
prospect closing a deal making a sale whether it’s on the phone it’s on a
video it’s through email copy or social media post or Instagram caption whatever
it is we want to make sure that we have leverage on the prospect and here is
what I mean your prospect doesn’t matter what industry that you are in they’re
not life waking up and thank you to themselves man you know I really wish
someone would sell me a guitar today I really wish someone would sell me a book
today I really wish someone would sell me
social media agency services today I really wish that you know I would get
called on my phone unexpectedly like no one wakes up and goes I wanna get sold
list on what they have is they have some combination of agitations or
frustrations in their life and it’s those things that for the most part they
wake up thinking about all right now it’s really important in marketing and
copying all this stuff that we don’t become our prospects meaning just
because your prospect wakes up and they’re worried about the bills and the
job and the fact that they’re not excited about the work anymore and their
relationships not going to well like just because they wake up thinking about
the frustrations in their life and that’s how it is for most people that
doesn’t mean you need to wake up that way right I wake up I’m thinking usually
about yoga to be perfectly honest I’m like I can’t wait to do yoga all right I
didn’t like frankly if I didn’t do what I did here I probably just just moved to
a mountain somewhere and just do yoga probably all fucking day all right so
like it okay to wake up and think about the
things you want to think about in fact I encourage it but understand your
prospects they have not evolved to that level yet what level is that
I’m not really sure but they just haven’t involved that level this is what
they wake up thinking about in fact many of you be perfectly honest you may wake
up thinking about the problems in your life as well the frustrations and here’s
the issue when we are selling to our prospect we are over here we know all
about our products and we know all about the benefits that it offers to them
because we think about our product all day and we think about the benefits all
day we’re trying to sell it all day long that’s what we’re thinking about all day
long and your prospect doesn’t give a fuck they could not care less about your
product they don’t care I don’t care what you saw they don’t care right
they’re thinking about their bills and they’re thinking about the job and
they’re thinking about the relationship and they’re thinking about you know why
the fuck did I eat two pizzas last night notice what’s not on this list you you
are not on this list and here is the problem here is the huge mistake most
marketers make we think of this is like a timeline when they are marketing to
the prospect they are talking about themselves or their product or their
service and again prospect doesn’t tear prospect cares about these things and so
if you talking about yourself your product your service that’s how you
start that’s what you talk about that’s where it goes in your marketing not even
phone and your marketing this right here is going to fall on deaf ears instead
and by the way you should be listening to me right now and you should be saying
to yourself duh dude this is so obvious duh of course you’re gonna talk of
course you’re not talking about their pain points and their frustrations of
course of course you would do that and yet most
of you don’t do it most people get this in theory not in practice if you get an
in theory like take your Theory go to Bank of America
tell them how ya grand of theory I’d like to deposit here
for cash can I do that and see what they say they you’re not gonna get shit it’s
about action it’s about execution implementation practice right it’s got
to put into practice and so people get this when I show it to him but they
don’t actually do it I look at their marketing they’re not doing it I look at
a lot of your marketing you guys don’t even know this I look at your email
sometimes the people who join the program and I go check your instagrams
just to see how your marketing yourselves your products and a lot of it
is very disappointing and I get really excited cuz I go once they start
consuming all of the trainings inside weekly their shit’s gonna explode
because they’re sitting on a goldmine hey why don’t you have the time you want
for yourself yet why does your job keep letting you down it’s because you have
been developed the high income skills yet to create your own high income
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your personal mentor completely free for the next seven days you have a free user
name and password I’m gonna get started with you right away and if you love it
it’s only ten dollars a month after that are you paying more for Spotify and I
promise you Spotify is not going to change your life in your business the
way that this can never I can do this forever so hit that link and come join
us inside right now

Digital Marketing News 1-17-2020: B2B Social Media Marketing: What Are You Missing?

Welcome to the digital marketing news
I’m Tiffani Allen and with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Yeah
hey you know what people like to watch videos yeah much like this one right and
you know where people like to watch them Internet and the Internet yes but I was
thinking of Facebook specifically some of you might actually be watching this
video on Facebook should the algorithms be kind to us but marketers who are
trying to get people’s attention on Facebook are going to find it a little
bit easier because Facebook has announced their video traffic source
insights Wow and now this is a little
counterintuitive but what it is is it gives you insights about the source of a
certain kind of traffic video traffic right so this is a new dashboard it’s
actually kind of graphically compelling really easy to look at and it gives you
your video watch time and retention data and it’s divided into separate audience
categories as well so you can look at people who are followers of yours people
who found it through a share people who had it recommended to them by the
algorithm and people who were reached by your paid campaigns you can kind of
break it all down to those categories in addition to these new tools Facebook
gave us a couple of the hints best practices for how their algorithm picks
things to choose they said if you’re looking to increase your reach you want
to publish at least one to two videos per day if you have an exceptionally
large follower base you may want to be even more frequent than that they said
that the algorithm prioritizes distribution for videos that are at
least three minutes long okay not coincidentally that is the number of
minutes that gives you eligible atif or some interstitial ads so maybe sometimes
it they want to help promote but they said most of all the algorithm is gonna
promote pages who inspire regular returning viewership so if you want
Facebook to recommend your stuff build that audience through regular consistent
quality content that makes that I like it so we make 2 videos a day yeah 2
videos a day that are at least 30 minutes off perfect get on that next
year social media everywhere have you heard
of LinkedIn LinkedIn oh they’re that hashtag client of ours who are doing
super awesome and the war on the pain yes they are so emarketer estimates that
there will be 62 point 1 million LinkedIn users in the US this year
that’s quite a few that’s quite a few so that they think will be growing by about
four point two percent next year and three point three percent in 2022
so that would be sixty six point eight million users by the end of 2020 three
sorry I forgot spare the 7 yes sixty six point eight you’re right I can tell you
we’re doing the mental math so that’s a fraction of what we have seen of course
on Facebook and Instagram but it is much more targeted for b2b so for b2b
marketers folks who want to connect with their professional networks it’s still
definitely the place to be and seeing that healthy audience growth especially
as we’re doing your reports on diminishing returns body and straw or
other social network so it’s a really great thing about yep and we should also
point out that this is eMarketer revising upwards their estimation so
given this new estimation we may actually see faster growth than that so
LinkedIn turns out for me to be it’s a thing you might have heard it’s good you
know what also is a thing for b2b marketers and we have kind of a
love-hate relationship with mostly love I mean come on guys but Twitter so
Twitter known for being great for getting your message out there great for
maybe fostering a little bit of engagement maybe not so great for civil
discourse any kind however do seem to be addressing this a little bit so Twitter
is testing right now some controls that you can have over who gets to reply to
your tweets okay so if you’re a brand say that wants to start a conversation
you don’t want to have a bunch of trolls to begin on there and saying ridiculous
stuff now you might should these roll out white might have a few more options
so their first one is global that’s everybody as we usually have anybody on
another planet not gonna be able to respond but that’s pretty much how it is
now but then you can narrow it down against a group which is just people
that you follow and people that you mentioned in that specific post and you
can further limit it by panel and just have the people
you mentioned in the post be able to respond and then finally there is
statement which no one can respond to but you so I can see the value of this
though if it gets wide you know for one to just to be able to say sup and nobody
can say anything back right and also for influencer marketing imagine if you were
saying hey you four amazing people who are marketers and have insights what do
you think about this and only they can respond so keep your eye on that that’s
something that Twitter is rolling out testing and if it goes well should be
coming to your inbox sometime soon speaking ah
Twitter do you know you want to hear story I do okay so there are more people
that complain on what social network then on Twitter whatsapp no it’s
Facebook Facebook really – was shocked by this so a new survey from who is
hosting this of a thousand people so that Facebook is the most often used
site for complaining about a company Twitter and reddit are number two and
three right okay so I might have dramatized that a little bit but that’s
a little bit shocking the planners are most likely to get a same day response
on Twitter however of course it’s probably that thing of you think of when
someone complains it’s going to be on Twitter and you’re ready to respond a
lot of companies have action plans for that specific situation of course these
folks aren’t just complaining in general they’re complaining about bad customer
experience bad service things of that nature most of the time so only 36% said
though after complaining on social the brand apologized and offered
compensation from that experience so we see a couple of pretty big opportunities
there for marketers one if there is a platform that people are more likely to
complain on should probably keep in here on that platform yeah and two if
somebody’s complaining then maybe respond to them and it’ll get a bit
nutri in the complaint on twitter make it a statement so nobody can respond
just a panel and call out five other people who are also mad at McDonald
homes justly awaiting your response right great finally I want to talk a
little bit about Instagram stories because it is something that I am still
struggling to understand but that I think for a business purpose marketer
be paying attention to we have some new benchmarks from rival IQ they looked at
29,000 stories Wow and a hundred and forty five thousand individual frames
within those stories so as we know stories have frames that are each one
can be an image or an animation and you can kind of swipe through them as you do
with instagrams but these stories are getting a lot more reach compared to
posts so they are kind of becoming one of the primary ways that people interact
with the site so they found further benchmarks the average brand is posting
stories nine times per month but the most active are getting up to every
other day Wow stories stories also just have a higher reach rate across the
board then post it can be three to five percent at three to five times the rate
depending on your number of followers found so and the lower number of
followers you have the higher percentage of those followers are going to get
reached five stories or by posts but stories are consistently hitting and I’m
much much higher rate so across the board the reach rate is down a few
percentage points for stories and posts as well so that three to 5x boost from
having a story rather than a post is definitely something to keep an eye on
yeah definitely and when Reach is declining you do want to focus on things
like your attention better engagement to make sure that when you are reaching
folks you’re getting the best bang for your proverbial buck that they might
stick around a bit thicker maybe engage with your stuff yeah the dream so
retention rate through slides is up slightly from last year so from folks
sliding from image to image that is up a bit so engagement is rising retention
rate does drop with every slide added so about five frames per story is what
they’re telling us it’s kind of the sweet spot that’s where you should start
and the medium for stories is three frames per story so on average about
three and so over 25% of brand stories are one frame only so it seems like
there’s a bit of an opportunity there if you’re oh one framer you probably had a
couple more without dropping too many users but if you’re up at the the it
went all the way to 12 plus brain and I think that I speak for all of us – yeah
nobody has time for that I think that’s a huge purple title is yes well
stories you got a slide through those are also digital marketing news
highlights we have for you this week the way back next week with more news in the
meantime if you need some more you can follow top ranked on Twitter at top
ranked or me at Tiffany under for Allen that’s right you can find me on Twitter
at night right so it’s an ite WRI tes and please do make sure to subscribe to
the blog to our YouTube channel if you follow us on Facebook you can like us on
whatsapp you can find us on Friendster and myspace at Orkut and in the meantime
we’ll see you next time bye

Twitter Marketing Tutorial – Part 1

Hello, and Welcome to Episode 1 of the
Virtual Assistant Technologies FREE Twitter Marketing Video Course. Over the course of this video series,
we’re going to be looking at a few of the elements that make Twitter such
a powerful social media marketing tool. “What is Twitter, exactly?” Twitter is a micro-blogging service
that started several years ago as a simple means of instant communication
amongst like-minded individuals, this enabled them to share ideas,comments,etc. no matter where they were miles away, or
right down the street all instantaneously. This quickly became one of the modern
standards for communication amongst peers and has grown to mammoth proportions. So, how can a successful Twitter
campaign work for your business? While Twitter started off primarily
being used for personal communications like text messages it has since been
adopted by forward-thinking businesses, small business owners & entrepreneurs. Utilizing a social media vehicle such
as Twitter, companies have been able to successfully get the word out about
their services, keep their clients updated with the latest company news and events,
tradeshows, special offers and promotions, and gather new clientele through
digital word-of-mouth, etc. Since Twitter is so easily accessible
from convenient internet browser plugins to smartphone applications, to SMS
texting services it’s easier than ever to keep in constant communication
with your peers and clients. Many of us now act upon impulse,
and are less patient when it comes to keeping “in the know” that’s why
we do so many things on the go.. read the news, check the weather report,
send email from our smartphones while riding in a cab, sitting at lunch,
or even standing in line. Now that I’ve painted that picture;
think about your prospects, your new leads, even your existing client base how
much of an advantage can you gain, how much leverage do you now have
over your competition when you can keep in constant contact with your clients?
That being said.. Who’s to say that your competition hasn’t
already implemented this strategy? This is one of the things that makes Twitter
such an extremely powerful tool to have an once business strategies.
So what you waiting for.. Go out and get yourself a Twitter account
today if you don’t already have one. If you do already have one, perhaps it’s
time to utilize it to its fullest potential. Here are some examples taken from of a couple
of case studies we’re currently promoting: One is a cutting-edge medical device
design and manufacturing company. And the other is, the Owner of
Virtualssistant Inc. “Craig Donnelly” We’ve just started to promote both Twitter
accounts over the past couple of weeks, using various unique Twitter marketing
strategies that are specifically designed to increase the list of people we’re
following, the people who are following us, and ultimately driving more
traffic to our targeted websites in the shortest amount of time as possible. Throughout the course of our campaigns,
we have been rigorously testing optimizing, and re-optimizing the dynamics
of each of these accounts so we can maximize the results
and as well as productivity. In today’s online marketplace, it’s important
to stay up-to-date with current trends and as the rules change regarding viral
marketing tactics, search engine optimization, promotional give-aways, etc.,
it becomes even more critical that you stay ahead of the game,
and ahead of your competitors. Join us for the next episode.. where we’ll be discussing how to
define your target audience. Until then, I encourage you to go ahead
and sign up for your free Twitter account if you don’t already have one,
and follow us:

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

education on attribution. We are embarking on an the cross-channel capabilities and insights. From our technology powerhouses to support our education would. That technology has proven to increase identify specific users and audiences who are New automated technologies are emerging faster shape 2019, please let us know in the other digital marketing trends you think will using the link below. And if you have any out to us via our website at, trends, using them to your advantage, please reach your digital marketing efforts. If you have any attribution tools to improve the effectiveness of questions about how to get started with these utilizing data, audience insights and available For 2019, continue to focus on unlocking their amazing growth potential. we believe that education is key in understanding our clients’ business needs and needs. At Lever Interactive, supportive tools available outside of the interacts with one another. We’ll also be exploring each marketing channel, and how each channel attribution, understanding how attribution affects understanding the concrete fundamentals of on immediate application, and rather prioritize As an agency, we have decided to take a step back independent study and immersing our teams into and business needs. master attribution for their marketing and next step solutions in helping our clients was left hungry after Q4 for more information expecting in 2019. Lever Interactive agencies and brands were anticipating and originally advertised, and falls short from what This definitely is a different approach than towards client KPIs. channel attribution can impact optimization they’re focusing specifically on how individual Google is halting movement on cross-channel attribution in 2019. Instead, sorely disappointed, as advancements amongst each channel were prioritized. Therefore, it complicated direct sources, Unfortunately, agencies and brands were left 2019. The technology powerhouses have attribution solution in 2018. lofty goals of unveiling a cross-channel a hot topic of discussion in digital marketing in Hi, I’m Emily Czachowski, Director of Media 2018, attribution continues to be successful in the coming year. Operations at Lever Interactive. As discussed in systems, what worked well in the past may not be as constant evolution of AI and machine learning risk falling behind their competition. With the If they haven’t already, businesses need to start utilizing automation, or customers. resolving common issues and pain points for communicate with customers in the same way humans customer satisfaction and retention by quickly allow organizations to use automated tools to realtime approach to customer service, Chatbots their customers in conversation, for a more Finally, customer service organizations are user experiences. quickly adopting chatbot technology to engage information to offer better and more personalized companies can better understand the needs and wants of their current customers, and use that engaged. With AI enhancements, are also using automation to keep customers to buy specific products and services. Companies market audience comprised of users most likely predicting future behaviors and creating in social activity, machines are getting better at Intent advertising is also continuing to evolve. By analyzing user actions, search patterns and exhibit the same behaviors. customer data is then used to find others who actions and behaviors of current customers. That able to find potential customers by analyzing look-alike audiences. Using AI, machines are services we’re promoting. One example of this is most likely to engage with the products and learning technology, we’re able to target and across all channels and devices. With machine have evolved to focus on key audience segments with many other individuals, resulting in make an impact. Today’s digital advertising plans advertisers paying for impressions that didn’t audiences were most likely to engage with, along focused on specific places and websites target Media plans of the past were finding potential customers for our clients. modeling algorithms are changing the way we’re better. First, machine learning and predictive- automation is changing digital marketing for the and attain their goals more efficiently than ever before. Today I’m going to touch on just a few ways than ever, allowing marketers to be smarter, faster verticals. engagement strategies across all industries and learning are quickly and dramatically transforming digital marketing and customer another trend that is continuing to evolve in 2019. Artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine Services at Lever Interactive. Automation is Hi, my name is Kristin Kaplan, Director of Client ways that are meaningful and impactful to their business. opportunity to connect with their customers in technology that provides our clients the Lever Interactive has invested heavily in Are you prepared to continue that conversation with your clients with the use of things like chatbots and/or dynamic remarketing? So in 2019, the interaction truly begins with your customer. your website. Once they engage with your website, now doesn’t stop when you finally get the customer to is the usage of AI and machine learning. So the journey And finally, connect with their devices to find information. useful when consumers are utilizing voice to utilize basic functions on their devices. Brands must be there, and again, be relevant and their devices using voice to perform searches or voice. Consumers are increasingly engaging with or banner ads just cannot compete with. Next is story to customers in a way that standard text Video provides the opportunity for brands to tell their and most impactful ways to do this is with video. One of the best solution that your customers are looking for. days of just being able to serve up an ad. Your touchpoints with your customers must provide that throughout the consumer’s journey. Gone are the content. Your brand must be helpful and relevant experience for your customer, it all comes down to So tp make the most truly relevant and impactful we enter 2019 are content, video and voice. Those trends that we feel are the most impactful as and pull them into your consumer journey? to implement as a brand to be able to reach new consumers category targeting, what are the strategies you’re going things like prospecting. So without partner to conversion. And then you need to think about initial touchpoint with your brand, all the way through marketing strategies to reach your customers and ensure they have the best experience, from the data lists and turn them into meaningful and impactful resolution – being able to take your first party creative with their data; things like identity Brands and advertisers today have to be even more their consumers in the most meaningful ways. to ensure that brands are able to connect with It’s that first party data’s job smarter utilization of their first party data. when interacting with brands. So first is the even customer experience marketing trend. Consumers today expect a seamless and frictionless experience Back in 2017, we talked about the importance of first party data as we move forward into this they look to connect with their customers. advertisers have to be much smarter about the ways capabilities. Gone are the days of being able to reach consumers based on purchase-based targeting or income data or household data. Now, brands and Facebook’s pulling their partner targeting and next thing you know, Cambridge Analytica scandal hit, enter 2018, and now things like GDPR and the before. But fast forward a few months as we actually reach and connect with their customers like never to offer brands and advertisers the capability to finally catching up with that big data – as a trend At the time, we viewed big data – and technology marketing. So back in late 2017, I spoke at Google about big data and its role in customer experience Hi everyone, Brian Yaro here at Lever Interactive. to any comments or feedback you may have. you find these insights helpful and look forward up to the hype and making a significant difference in the success of campaigns. We hope how artificial intelligence in practice is living leverage attribution. We’re also here to discuss grow and communicate with audiences, and better ways to use various data sets, smarter ways to there is an opportunity to take these trends even further. This year we’re looking at new ways to innovative marketer. In 2019, however, continued to be important considerations for any 2018 digital trends video have It is no surprise that the topics we covered in our measurement. advancements or methods that will help lead to better campaign efficiency, effectiveness and productive strategies to our clients’ marketing efforts. This involves uncovering and testing new trends closely, in order to apply the most As savvy marketers, we follow digital marketing comments below.

Content Marketing: What’s Stopping You?

Content Marketing: What’s stopping you? Hi, I’m Brian Pombo welcome
back to Brian J. Pombo Live. Today we’re going to cover some of the
areas of content marketing and really what is the main concept that
stops most of us from doing it. I know for years and years I’ve helped
other people build their own content marketing empires, help set them up in podcasting, help them set up and video marketing, help them set up basically a long-term
blogging careers and so forth. One of the main issues was getting my own
self there and getting to the point to where I could start doing content
marketing on a regular basis. It was coming to this one conclusion
and it was even a conclusion that I had thought of for years and years but never
believed it completely and never really knew where that line was drawn. That is the conclusion that
good enough is good enough. You know, you just need to get to a point to
where you aren’t wanting everything just perfect. Like this backdrop here. I didn’t have any of this stuff set up
when I first started doing videos and I slowly just kind of have
put it together over time. It’s not exactly what I wanted it to be, but at least I got something to look at
that’s behind me. Before I just started, I just grabbed my phone. I don’t
have a wonderful camera or anything. I don’t even have the best internet
connection for a live video like this. But I do it anyways because
it good enough is good enough. It’s more important that I start putting
things out there and do it on a regular basis versus waiting.
because when you wait, nothing happens. When no content gets out,
nothing occurs for you. Unless you have a reputation
that you’re trying to save, then trying to keep your
reputation or it’s even created, doesn’t matter much. Getting your business out there and in
the public eye and having people talk about it or at least having yourself
talk about it or make reference to it in your content marketing is what matters
most. It’s a quantity over quality, especially in the early days, don’t worry about having
everything perfect. Gary Vaynerchuk talks about this a lot. Just getting a lot of stuff out there
on an ongoing basis is what matters most right now in terms of actually trying
to gain some form of attention. So for example, I had sent out a message, I’d seen a quote earlier today, and I’m going to talk
about that quote tomorrow, but you can go and find it over at
BrianJPombo. com’s Facebook page. I saw this quote that had
been put out by a Rick Cesari. Rick Cesari wrote this book. I
spoken about this before, By Now. It’s an awesome book all about
television, direct marketing. He talks all about very specific stories
in the lessons that he learned by working with, he was one of the ones in charge of
setting up the George Foreman Grill in an infomercial. And Oxyclean and Sonicare and all these
other famous things that the only reason why they’re famous is because he
understood the process of how to go about building that. Anyways, he had put a quote out and I shared
this quote and when I shared this quote, I had some other people
looking at it and enjoying it, but also Rick saw it himself, which
is pretty cool. And he commented and liked like the fact that I shared
it and he also liked on Facebook. So, hi Rick. Welcome to the welcome to the
gang and happy to see you here. And there’s a lot of attention out there
that you could be getting from either individual people or your mass market
in general if you just get out there and get moving. I had a lot of great ideas on content
marketing and really the energy that you ought to be putting towards
it comes from this book. I’ve mentioned Austin’s work before,
called Show Your Work, by Austin Kleon. In the first chapter there’s a couple
of great quotes that he sourced. One is from Charlie Chaplin, it says that, all of us are amateurs, we don’t live long enough
to be anything else. A lot of times we want to be seen
more professional and everything else. We want everything to be just right
before we start putting out content. That isn’t necessary. You just need to start
putting out the content. There’s another great quote from
a Dan Harmon, of animation fame, Rick & Morty and so on and so forth. Find your voice shouted from the rooftops
and keep doing it until the people that are looking for you find you. Those are just a couple quotes that I
think apply to this when it comes to content marketing. It’s about getting
the process going first for you. So that you can find your voice and start
developing things and start developing what you know is going to be necessary
to move your brand, your product, your message ahead. And doing it in social media is a great
way to start because not everyone’s necessarily watching right away and it
gives you a chance to kind of work out all the bugs, which we’ve talked about
in the past, so don’t, don’t delay it. I was discussing this with Sean Douglas, who we talk about all the time here,
even though he’s not always on the show. Sean is our producer of the podcast
Off The Grid Biz and also of Brian J. Pombo Live here. And when we were talking back and forth, we were talking about what kind
of gets us stuck in this mode, wanting to have everything perfect and
it occurred to us was that school did this. That really modern day school,
especially in the United States, the way it’s set up, it encourages you striving for
perfection and nothing else. Anything short of 100% on a test is not good. The further away you are from it, it’s
worse and worse and worse and worse. And you say, well, yeah, but how else
would you deal with something like that? Well, when it comes to being an entrepreneur
and being a business owner, the idea of trying to get 100% right
off the bat just isn’t going to happen. The whole idea, people who are rewarded the most when
it comes to business are people that act the most. It’s the doers.
It’s getting out there, putting it out there over
and over and over again. Even if you fall flat on your face
and if you go F, F, F, F, D-, F , D plus C -, you know, you work
yourself into something, but you start from the very bottom and
the only way you get out of it is through action. And I know, I know I got caught up in college not
feeling like I can really move because I knew I couldn’t. I wasn’t able to hit the level I needed
to hit to pass the class or do whatever else. I couldn’t keep my focus. There’s a million reasons for that, but the system trains
you to not want to fail. What you should want to do
is you should want to fail. You should want to get out there, you
shouldn’t want to fall on your face, and now you have the ability to do it
and have a whole bunch of people see you. But honestly, right off the
bat, they’re not going to. People aren’t going to see you. So
get out there, start the process, put some stuff out there. Yeah, you may
have some friends that see you. Yeah, you may have some people that know
you that will see it, but beyond that, not a whole lot of people are
going to see it right off the bat. It gives you a chance to build on content
and it doesn’t matter whether it’s video like we’re doing here or audio like
we take video from this and put it out via podcast or whether you’re doing
any type of writing online or pictures, any type of visual art that
you would put out online. All those things are the same concept. Just do it and do it over
and over and over again. Lay it all out there, see what comes back, see what type of results you get from it. See what people are saying and see what
you think about it and where you’re taking your message, what’s
the end game with it. So that’s just a little piece on content
marketing. Good enough is good enough, get things moving. That’s
what’s most important. When I started realizing that everything
started to grow for my business. So that’s just a little tip for you.
Go and check out Especially if you are in the self-reliance
field and if you’re an owner or an executive of a business that helps people
to become more self reliant through your products and services,
go check out There’s a quick video there. I’m specifically looking for those
people to be able to talk to. And so if you’re one of them,
go check that out. It’s free. Eight and a half minutes long. Go watch
it. Let me know what you think. Hey, you have a great night. We’re
going to be back here tomorrow. So in the meantime, get out
there and let the magic happen.

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