5 Affiliate Marketing Lies That Are Holding You Back & Keeping You From The Success You Deserve!

Hey Miles here… MilesBeckler.com. In this video you are going to learn the five
lies about affiliate marketing that are keeping you from earning the income that you desire. So I started making money online as an affiliate
in 2003 I’ve generated millions of dollars online in profits and today currently I earn
hundreds of thousands of dollars as an affiliate. And I’m seeing there’s a lot of lies being
passed around by the fake gurus and on forums and Facebook groups that are keeping you from
having the right mindset to truly create the success that you desire. Affiliate marketing works when you do it the
right way. So let’s break down these five lies and give
you the positive alternatives so you can build a proper mindset. Number one is that it’s easy. Now this comes from a lot of sales messaging
from the fake gurus who are selling you how to courses. And if they sold you the reality, which is
it’s a three to five year plan, it’s a ton of work now. It’s a lot of late nights and early mornings
and banging on your keyboard solving problems. And that ain’t very fun, but they can’t sell
you their thousand dollar course, their $500 course or $2,000 course with that truth. So what do they do? They make it sound easy. And here’s the problem with making affiliate
marketing sound easy is when you get engaged with the process and you realize this is extremely
difficult, you might give up and if you give up, you’re never going to earn the income
that you truly desire. Okay? So that’s how this kind of unrealistic expectation
that’s passed around from it being easy is really hindering a lot of people because ultimately
it is a three to five year. My best analogy that I use all the time is
that we have gigantic pile of manure that we need to move and we have a spoon to do
it. So we might as well roll up our sleeves and
get to work the magic when you get it right, the lifestyle can be incredible, but it’s
a three to five year game. You need to publish hundreds, if not thousands
of posts, hundreds if not thousands of videos and iterate on everything you’re doing right. You got to work hard and you gotta work smart. So that’s number one. Number two is that it’s passive. Somehow. This world of affiliate marketing is passive
income. And as someone who’s been earning income online
for over 16 years at this point, I can tell you nothing about it is passive. Your server’s going to get it on at certain
points. Your WordPress site is going to need updates. Your WordPress site is probably going to get
hacked at some point. You’re probably going to get an SQL injection
at some point. Somebody is going to take over your website
and redirect people to um, unmentionable websites happened to us multiple times. There is, you might think, well, I could outsource
the whole thing and I can let other people run it. Well, who’s going to hire those individuals? Who’s going to manage those individuals? What happens when they stop showing up because
they see the owner isn’t showing up? The truth is that there’s nothing passive
about the world of affiliate marketing. It takes a lot of work and that’s okay. What are we doing with our time anyways? Right? As an affiliate marketer, we focus our time
on creating helpful, valuable content for our audience. This video here is an example of me just taking
some time on a Wednesday afternoon to create some helpful, valuable information for you. Am I going to call you to action in this? Am I going to try to sell you something? Absolutely not. I’m just giving some value to build trust,
to help connect with new members of my audience, et cetera, et cetera. And with that said, if you are new to my channel,
if you haven’t seen my videos yet, hit the subscribe button, hit the thumbs up and let
me know you’re new in the comments or if you’ve been around for a while, subscribe. Anyways, I appreciate you. So knowing that it is active, it’s a real
business. It’s an active business. It takes constantly refining your skills. It takes constantly publishing new content. We have to stay ahead of the game. You have new competitors entering the world
each and every day who are all vying for that number one spot on Google or YouTube or whatever
platform you’re on the day you try to coast on easy street is the day like me, ambitious
and individuals like myself and like the millions of other people here who are hungry. That’s when they’ll start to overtake you
and anybody who tries to treat this as passive is lying and you can see all the people selling
you passive income lies. They’re blogging, they’re posting to social
media, they’re sending emails to their list. All of this is active work. Embrace the work, do the work, and you will
be rewarded if you stick with it and you’re strategic and intelligent enough. Number three is the biggest third biggest
lie is that it’s all about finding the right product, okay? So many people are like, well, what network
is the best network and what products should I go after or what niche, what this, that,
the other. That is the wrong way to look at it. Okay? Affiliate marketing is not about products. Affiliate marketing is about helping people
accomplish their goals, solve their problems, and really, truly achieve more happiness in
their life. And when you realize that as an affiliate
marketer, you’re literally taking on the role of problem solver for other people, you start
to align with the right way to do affiliate marketing. What do I mean by this? So let’s use this channel and let’s use my
current miles Beckler brand and business. I have six different websites generating cashflow
right now, but let’s use this one as an example. So within this one website, people are trying
to figure out how to rank a YouTube video, how to rank a blog post on Google, how to
do keyword research, how to do Facebook ads. Okay? And what I’ve done is I’ve taken my time to
learn the process from my 1516 years of experience, digital marketing online. I’ve taken all of this time to learn all of
these tactics and processes. And then I take the time to create content
that shares how to do this. So I’m not only learning how to overcome other
people’s challenges, I’m taking time to craft content that teaches them how to overcome
their challenges. And the truth of the matter is people buy
from those who they trust. And if you’re helping your audience members
get on the path to their goals, get solutions to their problems, get answers to their questions,
you become their trusted advisor. And when you are their most trusted advisor,
you are the one who is affiliate links. They will click on, you’re the one who’s recommendations
they will pay attention to. And that is how you ultimately make affiliate
sales. So the world of affiliate marketing is literally
committing to an audience of people and saying, you know what? For this group of people, uh, it could be
racing drones for racing drone, new racing drone enthusiasts who want to build their
first racing drone. I’m going to take the time to teach them how
to do it. I’m going to take the time to discover the
wrong ways to do it so I could teach the right way to do it. That’s what we do as affiliate marketers. And really, truly embracing that it’s not
about the product, it’s about the audience, their goals, their needs, and how you can
craft the right kind of content to help them on that path. Number four, biggest lie is that there’s a
shortcut. Now, I’ve said many times in other videos
that the shortcut is really sticking with one thing for three to five years, but what
happens is so many people in the world of affiliate marketing think that there is some
magic system or there’s some magic traffic source or there’s some magic thing out there
and what does this lead to? Well, it leads to reading sales letters late
at night, feeling overwhelmed and hopeful and dopamine hits and anxious. It leads to watching webinars, thinking that
the person on this webinar has some magic secret that they’re going to teach you and
that they’re, they’re back to number one, right? Their explanation of how easy it is with their
system and all you do is copy and paste everything that they’re doing. It’ll work for you. It’s just not true. That’s how they make their income. And when you think that ultimately there is
a shortcut, this opens up a seed of doubt. This is an opportunity for the fake gurus
to get in your mind to help make you think there’s that. You’re missing something and without their
system, their tool, they’re this, they’re that. They’re training their 500 $902,000 thing. Without that, you’ll never figure out the
game and I can tell you firsthand, my wife and I started our first business that’s still
running to this day with nothing but web hosting and a domain. We installed WordPress. It costs us less than a hundred dollars and
that website has brought in millions of dollars. Why not? For many fancy courses, I couldn’t afford
it. I was flat broke. I had to move back in with my parents at 30
I had $50,000 in student loan debt. I did not have money for 200 400 for a $50
course. I had no money at all. We did the work. We committed to crafting the kind of content
that our audience wants, likes and enjoys. That helps them, that answers their questions. And sure enough, we built trust with this
audience. And then when we started recommending specific
products and tools and services, et cetera, they took our recommendations, they clicked,
they purchased, we earned money as an affiliate. So there is no shortcut and that’s a good
thing. It’s active and a passive and not a good thing
cause we affiliate marketers are ultimately helping other people solve their problems. We take their challenges on for them, we do
the research for them and we craft great content that helps them get what they’re looking for. Number five biggest lie is that it’s too competitive. And this is amazingly incorrect. Now I do a lot of, got a little inner circle
membership and I do a lot of niche research and I’m working with hundreds of different
individuals right now. So I’m able to see inside of many different
niches and I end up doing keyword research and, and niche research in dozens if not hundreds
of niches and am astonished at the major niches that have maybe three or four big time players
in them. And that’s it. And these are what I would consider major,
major niches. There is always room at the top for ambitious,
hungry, hardworking people willing to outwork their competitors intelligently. You know, there’s this old adage of, um, you
know, we’ll work smarter, not harder, hate to break it to you, but the game is about
doing both. You need to work smarter than your competitors
and you also need to work harder than your competitors. There’s not too much competition out there,
but there are people who have a headstart on you and that’s all it is. You’re never going to go to Google and type
in a search phrase or a YouTube and type in a search phrase. You’re never going to find zero results, right? It’s just never going to happen because Google’s
one job is to deliver you something and Google is going to deliver you the most relevant
piece at that moment. What can happen, you can actually step up
and create better content. You can be more optimized with how you create
it. You can outwork and out strategize your competitors
and you can take over the top spots. I don’t care if it’s the world of podcasting,
if it’s on YouTube, if it’s on Google, the playing field is wide open. Now you got to remember it’s kind of like
playing a professional sport, right? If you want to play in the big leagues, if
you really want to go up against tiger woods and you’re trying to think that weight loss
is going to be, that’s your key. Rephrase. You’re going after. You need to realize that that’s a heads up
match against the best golfers in the world and 99.99999999% of people can’t do that,
but when you get down into these little sub niches of how to hit straighter drives for
men over 50 or how to hit longer drives for women in their forties et cetera, they are
wide open and there really isn’t too much competition. I’ve said for years, there’s always room at
the top. I was able to take this channel into one of
the foremost digital marketing channels on YouTube in three years. Out of nowhere. People had decades worth of headstart on me
and I currently rank up with some of the best search engine optimization and video marketers
in the world. Three years of hard effort, not too bad. My blog is now generating 55,000 visits per
month in the same way in some very competitive spaces. Remember, I’m going up against digital marketers
and when you focus in on racing drones or quilting or knitting or whatever it is you
are interested in, um, old home style, Hungarian recipes, whatever that is that you’re into,
you realize that the quality of competition goes down drastically and the number of competitors
go down drastically. Then you need to be more strategic than they
are. All 570 videos on this channel are designed
to help you with just that. And then you need to outwork them. And this is the truth. And I’ve been working 60 70 plus hour weeks
for over a decade now and I love it because all my time is focused on helping you understand
how the game works to get the tools, the tactics, the techniques you knew you need to truly
create the business of your dream. I wake up at four or five in the morning,
every morning driven, no alarm clock. I’m just excited to get up to give more value
to you and when you find that level of for your audience and you’re engaged in doing
the active work and you’re excited and you realize there is no shortcut, that this isn’t
easy, and that’s okay because you just love racing drones or or a Hungarian cooking or
whatever it is you do and you just, every day you get to publish more great content
for your audience. That’s the mindset then you need to just stick
with it. Okay, so you need to publish more frequently
than your competitors do. If they’re doing two posts a week, you need
to do at least three posts a week to start to catch up and overtake them if they’re optimizing. At a C level, you need to optimize at a B
level or an a level, right? You need to work harder and smarter than your
competitors, and then the key is to stick with it long enough for all of your results
to compound. And that’s why it’s about a three to five
year plan. Those are the five big lies of affiliate marketing
here on the end screen. I’m gonna have a video pop-up. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, I have
a one hour long free course here on YouTube for you. Click on that. Watch that. If you have questions for me, that’s what
the comments for below. I appreciate thumbs up. I appreciate comments. I appreciate you and I look forward to seeing
you on the next video. Be sure to subscribe so you get notified when
that comes out, till we see each other again. Be well my friend soon.

Digital Marketing News 12-6-2019: What’s the Best Channel for B2B Marketing?

Welcome to the digital marketing news,
I’m Tiffani Allen. And with your first story this week I am Joshua Nite. Hey,
we are in a different location. We are. We wanted to show you guys a little bit of
the super cool office that we work in you can see we have our bright pink
cloud chairs I want to call them not inflatable those are courtesy of our
clients Adobe thank you for this amazing Christmas gift and feeling sproingy yeah
I think I’m ready to go yeah all right well our first story this week
is there has been a major report on Instagram brand post engagement and
frequency so this is focusing specifically on brands and whether
people are paying any attention to them on the gram as I have been informed the
children College today yeah it’s a social insider research they looked at
7.4 million posts and they found sadly engagement has been declining a little
bit since last year so we’re talking about a 3% decline year-over-year not
major but in the margins that we work in and social media still makes a bit of a
difference what I thought was interesting though is they found that
the highest engagement comes to the smallest accounts alright so up to about
5,000 followers gets the most amount of engagement and it goes down steadily
from there the more followers you have Wow that makes sense the more folks you
have out there the just kind of a numbers game that way yeah but if you
are one of those big brands and you are looking for more engagement and they
found that carousel posts actually sparked more engagement than just a
regular picture post or even a video post Wow
so carousel posts kind of like multiple posts and one still not as fun as an
actual carousel but definitely something to look into if you’re a brand looking
to boost that engagement rate and we are we are we are another News Twitter
publish their 2020 marketing calendar excellent very excellent indeed so this
is going to help marketers keep their tweets timely and includes major
holidays media events sports political events all the things you might or might
not want to tweet about as a marketer it also includes some high-level tips
things you might want to do to make your tweets more successful get that our
engagement what have you and you can use Twitter ads tools to
check on the engagement of these posts and the volume stats for events is worth
a download check out the news post or a link to access this report yeah it’s
kind of a handy little PDF thing you can just print out and keep on near your
desk or if you’re a paperless office like ours keep on your desk top haha
personally I’m going to be waiting for Twitter to roll out their advent
calendar for next year where you open a little door and get a new hashtag every
day Oh have you thought only especially if
the hashtags are made out of chocolate they should be it’s the only good kind
for our next story I have to tell my Generation X folks that there are birds
and snakes and aeroplanes and that Lenny Bruce is not afraid because this is a
report on the end of personalization as we know it how do you think that makes
me feel fine not bad for a millennial thank you loving it I do have a bit of a
tummy ache but that has nothing to do with the report this is Gartner for
marketers their research team is recording a prediction that 80% of
marketers will stop investing in personalization period by 2025 just five
years from now Wow they said marketers are observing a lack of return on
investment in their personalization efforts they’re having trouble dealing
with customer data and an age of legislation about customer data and
customers just getting leery of why do we have all this and what are we doing
with it so these are things to keep in mind but I do think it’s worth pointing
out personalization in this case they were looking specifically at allowing
users to customize marketing assets so brands attempting to have customers make
these things their own so upload a picture of yourself using this tool and
add it to this picture of our mascot and move I hope it’s not the weird mascot
guy from the Phillies the Phillies flyers or a politically insensitive frog
you know any of these things and thousands of them now are just baby Yoda
so I know just take a moment for baby Yoda so that doesn’t mean though that we
should be giving up on making things personalized and relevant for customers
targeting segmentation and brand personalizing content for the user such
as dynamically generating content for a website based
on browser history and also of course in your email no yeah getting email that
you might send to a user that should all be personalized email hey do you do you
want to talk about email oh I had no idea you wanted to talk about you know
hey I do if it looks okay great so big news get ready the biggest email tops
b2b channels for b2b customers no I know it’s crazy
so the b2b digital experiences report just came out by EPI server
they said that b2b buyers prefer email over any other channel for brand
communications 54% want brands to communicate more frequently by email but
marketers list paid search and website as more effective channels than email
that’s it is weird but 49% of companies plan to invest in email marketing
systems by 2022 so we have picked up on my do say none we may not think of that
as the most valuable Channel but it is definitely worthy of continued
investment exactly also I hope it is a new fresh email marketing system and
you’re not just sitting there manually sending emails we’re going to pay Bob
two more dollars per email to write and individually personalized email for each
person it works I wouldn’t recommend it but of course the purpose of all of this
marketing that we’re doing and personalized as it is is to try and get
some customer loyalty going right right well there’s some good news there too
there’s a new survey from some folks called yopo
perhaps a multiple why OTP oh they did a survey of 2000 and 100 adults and 89% of
them consider themselves loyal consumers to at least one brand that’s super cool
but 67 percent defined loyalty as just I tend to buy from the same brand not I
love the brand I want to invite the brand over for Thanksgiving dinner you
guys I’m so tired of eating turkey by myself right but I tend to buy from the
same brand but eighty-seven percent said that they needed to have at least three
purchases before they consider themselves a while so I think that’s a
pretty decent indicator right what I thought was interesting you know we talk
a lot about custom experience in this particular survey 78%
of folks said that the product itself was the driver of loyalty that price was
a close second and that customer service so that customer experience was kind of
a distant third only 26% said that that experience was really what was driving
that loyalty so that’s something that’s worth keeping on yeah customer service
was up from 7% of responses last year though okay so that is a pretty big jump
looks like customer experience is starting to close hey keep an eye on
them and then you know if you think about if you’re buying a product and
it’s really really bad but the service is really good you probably still aren’t
gonna buy that product again right like them but my cars on fire you know it’s
not good all right fair enough but what we really should ask ourselves as
marketers and we don’t ask enough is what will customers do for a brand
loyalty even mean what’s an impression so 59% said they’ll join a loyalty
program a gun great way to nurture contacts through email 59% said they’ll
recommend the brand to others which is ultimately the goal is our customer
advocacy right yeah 36% said they’d spend more money and ignore cheaper
alternatives which on the one hand that’s less than half on the other hand
that’s a third yeah those are all factual accuracy that’s how numbers work
only 10 percent said they would follow or engage with a brand on social media
though even being loyal customers so that’s a challenge that we’re gonna have
to look at that’s a challenge or you can think about the other way if they’re not
engaging with you but they’re buying your products mm-hmm okay you know five
percent said that they would do anything for love but they wouldn’t do that we’re
still trying to figure out what that means we will google it and get back to
you this is all the news we have for you this week if you need more of course you
can follow top-rank on twitter at top rank or me at tiffany underscore Alan
that’s right you can find me on twitter at nitrites that’s ni te w rit yes and
please do subscribe to the blog and to this your YouTube channel and we will
continue to bring your awesome stuff all through this year and 2020 and beyond
and beyond we will see you next week thanks for tuning in bye bye


Hi guys..This is Pooja from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities for MBA Entrepreneur Management Masters in business and administration in
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study and research. It deals with knowledge of overcoming the challenges faced by an entrepreneur,
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IT, retail, environment, biotech, healthcare, marketing or finance. One, on completion of
the bachelor’s degree in business related area, can join in this course who have interests
based on management of business as an owner. The course is a one year period program. Lotus Business School in Pune, Delhi Institute
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the course. Universities of Sheffield, Southampton, Nottingham, Toledo, Brunel University London,
AUT University, The university of Sydney are some of the many universities abroad providing
this course. Doctors degree can be taken in this field through further studies. MBA degree in entrepreneurship holder can
become: • Company’s CEO
• Corporate Manager • Employee Supervisor
• Business consultant • Department Manager
• Corporate Vice president • Management Analyst To work abroad one must have an experience
of atleast 2 to 4 years as an entrepreneur. There are also companies that seek for entrepreneurs
to lead and venture innovative ideas in one company so as to bring about growth and development
directed towards company’s profit. Some companies that help train and become
an entrepreneur are as below: • Nirman, Bangalore
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Established businesses also need entrepreneurship for more assistance in sales promotion, market
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the facts like how established he is, companies market profits and his experience and hand
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Internet Marketing

Mistake number 1: Analysis Paralysis You do want to get started you know a lot
of people including myself get analysis paralysis and what that means is you already start to think about all the
challenges that you may face before you even get started and then you already get
overwhelmed and you already get burnt out and you haven’t done anything right
yet even put up a website – you haven’t even created a strategy – you know so you
say I got to do this, aww all is too hard let me not do it. I would say the first
mistake that people make is … they don’t get started. If you have an idea … implement it, and then build from there. Mistake number 2: Getting Rich Quick Mentality They think it’s a get rich quick scheme
and it’s not. I mean you can’t just put up an affiliate site and expect to make
money overnight. You need to promote that site you need to have constant new
content all of the time you need to promote your site. And it’s not as easy
as when I started people wanted work at home like I did and back in 1998 I didn’t
have a lot of competition, now I have a ton of competition so I’ve also had to
diversify. I don’t put all my eggs in one basket … and I monetize my cites several
different ways now. Mistake number 3: Isolating Yourself Not making connections. I really think it’s networking. If you don’t talk, you don’t understand how the industry’s growing, you don’t understand
where it’s going or what you need to do to be successful and you do that by talking to
other people and seeing where they are successful and learning from their mistakes
and their failures – and if your closed off and you’re not using those tools and
that knowledge, it’s only your short coming at that point. Mistake number 4: Not Tracking Analytics Properly The most common mistake I would say is they don’t do proper tracking. This industry is – when you go and walk the show floor, basically, all you hear is … drive traffic to the offer and make money. Well unfortunately, the majority of the people who drive traffic to an offer do not make money. You don’t make money – because that’s just the way it is. I mean that you’ll get the You will get the occasional rare situation that I actually came ahead – but yeah it generally will require you to tweak the offer Changing the copy. Changing the offer. Just changing color – until you get over the hump … where you actually profitable. But you
don’t know the mistake of making on this unless you able to track the response to everything.
Of all things I do, yes tracking and analyzing the numbers is probably the
biggest in terms of increasing the bottom line. Mistake Number 5: Being Overly Promotional Be overly promotional – a lot of affiliates,
they are just selling selling selling instead of being helpful to the audience.
Now I am not saying to people who sell don’t make money – I just don’t see them
making money over the long run. So it may be good like the first-year second-year
but then it slowly dies down. But those people that I’ve known who have stuck around the industry you know the last 7, 8 10 years are the ones who have been
constantly adding value and they’re recommending the products – not necessarily
just selling selling selling, all the time. Mistake number 6: Not Focusing On Value What makes me sad about the affiliate world is there’s not enough people focused on value. I used in my presentation: Why
would my mom come to this website? What what makes your website, what makes your App better than other apps? How do you add value to the customer? Ultimately you want wealth to be some kind of
indicator of the value-added and so in the affiliate space don’t try to trick anyone. Please nothing shady … just try to add value. Why
would a customer want to use this? Is it because you write glowing reviews of
products that don’t have reviews about them do you have coupons that give
instructions on how to stack them that adds a lot of value to the customer. Figure out how you add value to the
customer and you have enough customers … you will figure out how to monetize it, that’s for sure. Keep it real? Yes, Keep it real! Mistake number 7: Selling Before Connecting A lot of people are looking for
information and the sales funnel is big and sometimes can be long it’s great
when you can find somebody who’s ready to buy but a lot of times people are
researching a product so if you can provide really good information and help them through that process you know by collecting their email and creating some
kind of relationship sometimes … what common right now is you can
very easily put up instant chat and push offers to people on your site and
there’s so many different ways do this now. To engage and have people feel
like you’re helping them and that there’s a true relationship there are
more likely to buy from you and convert that sale … when they are ready to buy.
You never want to force it. You want people to be really happy and to be learning
something through the process. You want to be answering their questions
and helping their pain. Mistake number 8: Not Looking Out For Your Partners As an advertiser I was approving
affiliates that we’re just kind of thin affiliates. That’s a new term that I learned
which they don’t have a lot of content they just were like coupon sites – things like that.
And also I wasn’t doing a lot of newsletters or engaging them and telling
them how they can become better affiliates. And now have a lot of information that I
will probably share over many newsletters I mean I have enough
information to share probably six newsletters worth of content with my
affiliate then hopefully make them better which will make the company
better and get us more leads. Mistake number 9: Selling without Solving A common mistake is that people think that they should
sell instead of offer a solution. So they look at the product – they don’t look at
the solution provider or the solution that they’re going to provide because
the product that people think that they have. If you think that my dog bed is
going to be the ‘Rocking” dog bed that you want. Well maybe you’re looking for something
for your arthritic dog – that’s different than selling them a dog bed. It’s totally 2 different levels. and I think affiliates, the problem with affiliates and affiliate marketers is that they’re looking for: “How many sales can I do for that dog bed?” Not if I do this person a
favor by finding them the right dog bed – and they have 20,000 Twitter followers – I can
then get how many more sales? That makes so much more of a difference then can i sell this one dog bed. HUGE difference! Mistake number 10: Trying To Do Everything For Free When your new, generally
speaking you’re not well-funded. When you get started, I don’t know too many people
to start in the industry with $100,000 sitting around ready to invest in
campaigns and software. So a lot of people will try to go online and a forum
start asking – What’s the best way to get free traffic? Well I promise you there’s
no such thing as true free traffic. If its SEO traffic – well eventually, yes it’s
free after you log in countless hours of dedicated yourself to optimization
strategies for your SEO model. That is the biggest hurdle. Being
okay with taking the risk of spending few thousand dollars to get started. Even if
the few hundred I mean you can get things going in some aspect or another –
and run a $10 a day Facebook campaign to a funnel you built out out just to catch your email needs.
It doesn’t have to be that intensive with spending money right off the bat. We just have
the idea in mind that you’re going to have to to get some investment in here. Produced by MilestoneVideo.com

TWITCH pierde espectadores frente a MIXER y YOUTUBE | Noticias Marketing Digital y Redes Sociales

Hi curious and inquisitive social networks.
Like every Monday, we make a summary, with the best news of Marketing, Social Media
and Technology across YouTube. And eye, news this week are amazing. For example, we will discuss the EU and UNICEF
have passed TikTok. O Loom, a tool to WhatsApp style but with messages on
video. I also explain that YouTube It will show a huge ad in the Smart
TV. Or that YouTube Music replace Google Play Music. In addition, Facebook has launched ‘Facebook
Viewpoints’, an app that pays you money answer surveys. On the other hand, we will discuss a study that
indicates that the engagement of business in Instagram has fallen. Or that Twitter has been rectified
and will not clean dormant accounts … or at the least for the moment … In addition, LinkedIn has modified Terms
of Use. Pinterest Launches “Shop Pinterest.” And Twitch is losing viewers compared
to the boom Mixer and Youtube … Come on , you see, these and other news that
I will explain, they will not remain indifferent to nobody. So I recommend that ye see
to the end … and if you want to be informed, continuously, feel free to subscribe and give it
to the bell. 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss!!!! INTRO These are the best news of the week.
Let us begin! 1. The EU and Unicef ​​are passed TikTok This year celebrates the thirtieth anniversary
of the Convention of the United Nations the Rights of the Child, and perhaps, aware
of the need to reach also the most European youth, the European Union (EU) and UNICEF,
decided to join forces globally, launching a joint campaign called #TheRealChallenge. Well, the initiative has used the
social network juvenile Tik-Tok, to be the same children and adolescents who
share their views on their own rights, also using their own language. Issues such as bullying, child labor,
family unity or equality, lead and all month on the table. TikTok encourages
users to recreate the original video in duet with the songs. Young people have already created more than 51,000
pieces of content related to the campaign and the hashtag EU-Unicef. So far, the #TheRealChallenge campaign
has garnered over 299 million views, 19.8 million views and 1.2 million
shares, reaching the audience most 41 countries … Surely if you disbelieved in the social network,
now your opinion has changed you? 2. Loom a WhatsApp messages but with
video Do you know Loom? For it must be attentive …
This is an instant messaging service via video. This application already has over 2 million
user and including 50,000 companies, who already share 15 million minutes of
video a month. Is not no wrong? And it is also useful level
corporate: why not send a companion, video explanation of how to do
a certain process or how to solve an issue? In addition, Loom preserves a repository
of all videos: Why not record brief tutorials that
allow us to explain anything at any time, by sending the recorded video before? In addition, the company has just announced a
new round of financing of 30 million dollars and between the new investors
have entered Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founders. And … they enter into the business, it gives an
idea of what is to come. And is that even videos on Loom, can be shared as
a YouTube video, and they can be add reactions, and even pass the video
faster, to go to the grain. Thinks that Mark Zuckerberg himself has
assured numerous times that in the next 5 years, 90% of the content
that users share on social networks video will become. And Loom, from popular, could be a first
step and a good example. moment Loom, it can only be used from the desktop,
but next month will see the application for iOS and provide creators, for the
first months of 2020, have availability Android. We remain attentive to its evolution. 3. YouTube will show a huge ad
in the Smart TV The YouTube app for TV
smart just out, have some changes in usability, quality of relay
and menus, but above that, first that users will find a huge
banner that will occupy more than 60% of the screen. From the official website of Google Ads, it
has promoted space for all Companies wishing to place their ads on
this banner that will run on mobile phones, computers and / or televisions. This looks like a big change, in contrast to
the current view of the YouTube app on TV. We will see that usability and responses
from users. 4. YouTube Music replace Google Play
Music It seems that Google Play Music, will no longer be
the default music app on Android, because of its unpopularity among users. That is why the company is mulling
replacing it with YouTube Music, Platform they are seeking to promote, clearly,
for months. The truth is that this application has been
gaining prominence fairly recent months, It is increasingly promoted and forming
part of the strategy of the firm. For the it was something that many hoped would
happen, as has finally been the case. It is not known how far that
would take place this transition, Google has not said anything about his plans. 5. Facebook Launches ‘Facebook Viewpoints’ an
app that pays you money for answering surveys After a few days ago launched its own system
of payments, Facebook Pay, the company Mark Zuckerberg, has now announced ‘Facebook Viewpoints’,
a new research application market that rewards people for
participating in surveys and research tasks. Come to the style of Google Opinion Rewards. As explained in a statement, Facebook
believes that the best way to improve products is to obtain information directly from the
people who use them , so use data to the new app, to enhance
products like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Portal and Oculus. So far, though, only
available in the United States. 6. The engagement of companies in Instagram
has fallen For if curious, according to a study Socialinsider, it
seems that the engagement companies achieved in Instagram, it has fallen steadily
over the past year. The study analyzed how it has evolved
receipt of branded content between 2014 and 2019 data show a graphical
almost perfect rise and the time of wonders before entering the
less glamorous time. Until January 2017, the graph shows a
brutal sprint, middle engagement that They received the contents that are published
on the social network. Each month, the data is going doing better. From there, things
begin to slow in its rise and in the recent months, the engagement has begun
to directly As recalled in MarketingProfs, in November
2018, Instagram announced that it would begin to eliminate false accounts service.
But possibly the explanation is limited. Instagram has grown significantly
in recent years and entering a phase maturity, which usually also
implies a slowdown in things for businesses and some disenchantment and attrition
among users. Thus, if in November 2018 the average was
an engagement of 3% (between comments and I like you) now has remained at 2%. In addition, the most popular accounts, are the
most affected by this desacelerón. In However, accounts of less than 5,000 followers
are, according to data from the study, which some data show higher in engagement. 7. Twitter rectified and will not clean
dormant accounts … for now … Many users of Twitter, received the news
that social network, would make an important cleaning inactive accounts from the
11 December. As he reported, in that date, all accounts that have not recorded
any activity during the last 6 months They would be deleted and the user names
would be released and made available of those who would like to use. This is
what a lot happier than in the Recent years have seen can not use
the name they want on Twitter, because It is being used by another person who also
does not employ its own. But the process posed a question … what
about the Twitter accounts of people Deaths? Since, in contrast to Facebook, where if
there is a protocol to convert accounts of a deceased user in profiles “in
memoriam” Twitter does not have this functionality. This means that cleaning occur,
would be removed from Twitter accounts many people died. In the case along with celebrities,
their usernames could again be released and anyone who knows
what intentions, I might start using. Well, this has done to rectify social network.
In a statement published by of their own support on Twitter,
the company says will not start perform cleaning inactive accounts
on 11 December, but delays it until you have implemented a functionality,
which allows people to retain accounts died in his memory, and that they are
controlled by their “heirs”. We’ll wait for … 8. LinkedIn modify its Terms of Use Professional social network, most commonly used in
worldwide, it has announced the modification of the Terms of Service. This involves
modifying the texts in Privacy Policy, Terms
of Use and Cookies Policy. Changes to the Privacy Policy will come
into force on January 6, 2020. According to the company, changes have been made
in order to simplify the language, include new features and more
than 645 million users who have the network social owned by Microsoft, have greater
knowledge of how their data is used on the platform. In addition, the legislation is modified to include
some services that the company already has activated, such as the new functionality
that facilitates event planning with members of LinkedIn, to facilitate
the desvirtualizarse so offline. Another innovation policies, is
the inclusion of Drawbridge, wallet service. Drawbridge is a company
that was acquired by LinkedIn in exchange for 300 million … and that integrates
a tool that draws on intelligence artificial, to segment the audience
and professional network will help to understand best professional audiences and measure
ROI, Return on Investment, its campaigns, both computers and smartphones. 9. Pinterest launches “Pinterest Shop» Last week, the online commerce sector
completely went crazy with Black Friday. Virtually all businesses,
launched promotions and discounts during that week, and the laggards, still
remain today CyberMonday them. Well … to celebrate these dates
shopping, Pinterest has launched the “Pinterest Shop ‘, a space to highlight products
sold in options and are made by small artisans, or sold by SMEs,
entrepreneurs and small traders, who They have a story to tell behind. The “Pinterest Shop” is nothing more than a
Pinterest account, which, as a pins, social network selects products that
are already published on the platform, but which, being featured here, earn notoriety. The idea is that users of Pinterest, will
find this selection of products “cured” by the company. Options selected at the
moment 70, but will be updated account with more. In fact, companies can choose
to make their products featured filling a form where they will have to tell,
how Pinterest has helped them sell. If you have store on Pinterest and you’re
taking …. 10. Twitch loses viewers against the rise
of Mixer and Youtube Since its launch more than 8 years ago,
Twitch has grown beyond belief. By the way, here I leave a video where
I talk about this platform. And, since 2016, the number of viewers
of a page grew disproportionately. However, since this past August
2019, Twitch seems to be losing visitors at an alarming rate. Thus, after an incredible increase in 2016,
where they went from 16 million to nearly 461 million within two months, the rise
in the number of spectators was practically keep going. However, during this 201.9 began with
more than 900 million viewers and high point was reached in August,
with 982 million viewers. But … from that point and “almost”
reach 1000 million, the platform He has started losing viewers at a rate
worrying. So much so, that in October and had fewer
viewers than October last year. One of the strongest reasons is undoubtedly
the march of his most famous streamer. And it is that Ninja, this year abandoned the platform
for exclusive streams in Mixer, competitive platform owned
by Microsoft, with whom he is said to have signed a substantial exclusive contract. Thus,
in its first stream Mixer, Ninja and 570,000 subscribers got an average
of 80,000 spectators. It is true that the figures handled in Twitch
were much higher (14 million subscribers at the time of leaving), but no doubt,
that gradually attracting more and go more viewers Mixer. But … as well as the progress of Ninja, other
two have left Twitch streamers popular to leave to Mixer: Shroud and Ewok. And part of the ongoing concern of each
and more content creators, many of the current top, are reducing their amount
of content on the platform. Example of this is TFEU, which announced a long hiatus
on stage . And he did it because of the stress. Although everything seems to go wrong for Twitch,
not only they are concerned about the amount content creators who have lost,
if not that to some extent they take to joke. Beyond the jokes, Twitch and
has taken action on the matter and decided assure their own stars to ensure
minimal content. In addition, also is fichando stars on YouTube as Nicolas
“Nick Eh 30” Amyoony or The Greft … But it is that the war has done more than
start from streaming platforms, in Spain, for example, Lolito Fernandez
launched its own way, this time Facebook direction. Which is also
betting heavily on streaming gaming … But bueni recently Twitch broke his
own record of spectators in the final of the World League of Legends with
a staggering 1.75 million viewers. An amazing and hopeful figure, which
allows to believe that Twitch can recover of his slump sooner rather than later. And
is that remember that behind Twitch is Amazon… Well, here ‘s the best news
of the week, next week more and better. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What
news has impressed you the most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
read all … And nothing, apart from him like a video, subscribe
and campanita … Watch this video here is brutal … If not a subscriber, give this
button ya !!! And these two buttons is my other channels, both science Science
and Stories of History. And remember, knowledge is an essential requirement
for survival. Many thanks.

What is Marketing – Marketing definition

So what is marketing Actually, there isn’t a common Marketing definition Marketing means many things to many people. The well-known marketing author, Philip kotler, answers what is marketing as follows: “Marketing is managing profitable customer relationships.” On the other hand, the 30-year industry veteran Drew Boyd answers what is marketing as follows “Marketing is all about changing beliefs in the minds of customers.” And if you see these two definitions very simple and Generic, The American Marketing Association, or AMA, defines marketing as “The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings. That have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Ok, that seems complicated 🙂 The main goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value. Not only that but also keeping and growing current customers by delivering satisfaction. For example, Walmart has become one of the world’s largest retailers by delivering on its promise, “Save money. Live better.” Nintendo surged ahead in the video-games market backed by its wildly popular Wii console and a growing list of popular games and accessories for all ages. McDonald’s fulfills its “i’m lovin’ it” motto by being “our customers’ favorite place and way to eat” Marketing is critical to the success of every organization. Every organization has customers, regardless of whether you’re a commercial for-profit firm (as Procter & Gamble, Google, Target, Toyota, and Marriott), or a non-profit (as colleges, hospitals, museums, symphony orchestras, and even churches.). All companies must be seen as relevant to those customers if they want to survive. Marketing then, is getting customers to believe that your products or services are important, and that they deliver a better value than the competition’s. Smart companies see marketing as an investment. That’s because the marketing function may be the most critical in any organization. You already know a lot about marketing—it’s all around you. Marketing may come to you in the good old traditional forms: You see it in the abundance of products at your nearby shopping mall and the ads that fill your TV screen, spice up your magazines, or stuff your mailbox. But in recent years, marketers have assembled a host of new marketing approaches, everything from Web sites and online social networks to your cell phone. These new approaches do more than just blast out messages to the masses. They reach you directly and personally. Today, marketing must be understood not in the old sense of making a sale, but in the new sense of satisfying customer needs. If the marketer understands consumer needs; develops products that provide superior customer value; and prices, then distributes, and promotes them effectively, these products will sell easily. The management guru Peter Drucker says: “The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary.” Selling and advertising are only part of a larger “marketing mix”—a set of marketing tools that work together to satisfy customer needs and build customer relationships. So Finally what is marketing? We can simply say it as that: “Marketing is the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships in order to capture value from customers in return.” In the next video I will be talking about “Marketing Mix”, don’t miss it 🙂

Ink Replay Office 365

– [Narrator] You know when
you’ve been making a load of scribbles on a Word
document or a PowerPoint? Well, now you can make
sense of all your notes and annotations with Ink Replay. This clever piece of software is included with all Office 365 subscriptions and it’s a great way to bring clarity to your notes on documents. You’ll discover how easy it is to replay ink strokes as they were drawn. And the animation replay feature allows you to fast forward
or rewind as you go. Ink Replay is available in
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Just go to the Draw tab,
select Ink Replay, and go. It’s like an interactive flip chart that you can carry around on your devices. There are dozens of useful
hidden features in Office 365 that your IT support company
should be telling you about. Contact us today. We’ve got plenty of ideas to make your business more efficient. (upbeat music)

How To Hire The Right Marketing Agency | The Honest Truth!

– We’re sick and tired of seeing people getting
ripped of by agencies and we’re stopping it in this video today! – Disclaimer, not all agencies are bad. There are some really good ones and we’re not talking about
any agency in particular, just in general terms. Right?
– Yep. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – So, firstly, what tips do we have for a brand or a business that wants to work with an agency that’s going to deliver
on their expectations? – Great question, Lloyd. – Thank you, I said it myself. (laughing) – So, I’d say the first
big thing is evidence. Looking for evidence of the results they’ve delivered for other companies, and even better, other
similar companies to you. And you really want to be delving into getting as much data
and evidence as possible, because anyone can say
they do a great job, but you really want to be, when you’re provided that evidence, ask probing questions. – Yeah, and I would say there’s no reason why businesses shouldn’t
be providing evidence. It’s so easy. If you’re genuinely doing
good work with a client, and you’ve provided good results, it’s so easy, even if you don’t mention
the client’s name, if there’s confidentiality
issues, or anything like that. It’s so easy to say, this is what they wanted us to do, and these are the results that we got. Like, how easy is it to put
that on a social media page, or on a website? So, if there’s no evidence
I’d be a bit wary. – Yeah. And I’d say the
second key thing to focus on is a good cultural fit. So, make sure, once you’ve
done your research online, make sure you meet the
agency and get to know them. Are they someone you’d want
to go down the pub with and have a drink? Are they the kind of team
that you get on with? Do their values align with yours? And that’s just down
to intuition, isn’t it? Going to meet people. But you kind of get a gist if someone’s on your– – We might be shooting ourselves in the
foot a bit there, though, coz you’re an idiot. – Oh, thanks mate! – So, obviously, people wouldn’t want to– – Yeah. I’m the one that attracts them in, and then you normally
repel them with your face. – Yes. Oh! (laughing) Oh, you went there. – Boo! (chuckling) But yeah, good cultural fit. And the final one is
kind of a tip, I guess. This is what some brands do with us, who we’re starting to work with. Have an initial trial campaign, which is a smaller scale campaign, to test the water and see what
results you get with them, rather than going all in
with a big-boy campaign. Start with a little baby one. – Yeah. And again, I think there’s no harm in asking to do this. And I don’t see why an agency, if they genuinely wanted to work with you, why they would say no. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to demonstrate–
– Show off their– – that they can get good results with you. It’s a no-brainer, why wouldn’t you do it? As an agency or as as someone
that’s looking for an agency. So, good tips, but when people approaching an agency, when they’re emailing or
they’re calling to inquire, or they’ve met someone
at a networking event that they might want to work with, what are the questions
that they should be asking? – So, I’d say prior to
asking the questions, do as much research as you can with the information that’s
out there in the world. Their website, their social platforms, anywhere that you can find
information about them, so that you’re setting yourself up to know a bit about them before
going and asking questions. But I guess the first key
question I’d be asking is, “How are you going to track and
deliver return on investment “with this campaign, “based on my objectives? “I want to sell 100 new cars this month,” or, “a thousand new of these crap hoodies. “How (laughing) how are
you going to do that? “And how are you going to track results? “And how are you going to
deliver those results?” And I guess another
thing I’d be asking is, “What makes your agency
stand out from the others?” Coz there’s loads of agencies
out there to work with. And they should have some
good, tangible responses to that, to say, “Well, we do this, we
do this, we do this.” But also, be careful to avoid the fluff. What?
– Well, yeah, I was going to say, the hard thing is, as agencies, we’ve won lots of awards. – Multi award winning! – So almost every agency is
a multi award winning agency, delivering results for
brands around the world! So, I do think it’s about
asking those questions. “Oh, what brands around the world?” – At the end of the day, you
pay for the value you get. So, a smaller, like, or an independent person, or marketing consultant or someone that’s just starting
out that’s helping you, you’ll be paying a lot less for that than a more experienced agency. I guess it’s weighing what you’re paying and
the value, isn’t it? Coz you don’t just want to shit
on other agencies who are– – No, no, I’m just saying, I’m saying to look out for
the, kind of, exaggeration. So it might be that someone’s worked with
five companies in the past, coz they’re relatively new
and they work on their own. It’s fine if they’re honest with you and can say, “I’ve
worked with this person, “this person, this person.” But if they say, “I’ve worked
with hundreds of companies “around the world.” And you ask them who they
are, and they can’t tell you, that’s what I’m saying – What about when they’re starting and they’ve never worked with anyone? (laughing) – Then, they probably won’t tell you that they’ve never worked with anyone because that would be tough, wouldn’t it? – Yeah. “My long list of clients.” – Yeah, yeah. “Yeah, there’s loads (mumbles) “Yeah, Steve and Gary and Tim.
– Gary! – The big worry for companies
working with agencies, they’ve heard horror stories of, “Oh, we signed this 12-month deal’s work “with this agency, “and it was just a
complete waste of money.” So, what can people do to completely avoid getting
ripped off by agencies? – Asking the right
questions, like I, kind of, focusing on the previous point. But I’d say the big, big one, again, I’m kind of repeating myself here. Couldn’t think of the word then. – Repeating.
– Repeating myself, which is evidence, evidence,
evidence, evidence, evidence. Get as much evidence from
that agency as possible. And the alarm bell you’d be looking for is if you ask for evidence
and there isn’t any. That’s kind of something
that I’d say be careful of. If they haven’t got evidence to show, “Here’s the results we
achieved with someone else”, and actually have some detail around that. And not just saying, “We sold a thousand of these crap jumpers. “It was really good, and that.” More, “Here’s the campaign we ran “to sell a thousand of these crap jumpers “that Lloyd’s wearing. “Here’s how it worked. “Here’s how it was broken down. “Here’s what they invested,
here’s the return they got.” And more of those details. – Yeah. And can I? I’d like to make a point. I could have just made the point, but I’m announcing it before I make it. – Go on. – From the other side, I do think, as well,
looking for an agency, be realistic. If you’re not willing to invest the money in a digital marketing agency, or any kind of agency, don’t expect the world in results. So, don’t expect to work with a business that works with huge
brands all over the world and be paying them 50 quid. Coz I think that’s another thing. People sometimes think, “Oh, I’ve failed coz I paid this person “and they didn’t sell 300 of my cars.” You’ve got to think, okay, you want to sell 300 cars, you’re going to have to be investing– – A significant amount.
– Yeah. – I think another, another we kind of discussed this off-camera, but another thing to look out for is when agencies have a really
bad online presence themselves. A lot of agencies will say, “We didn’t have time,
we’re so busy,” and things. Fair enough, but even
if they’re really busy, if you looked at their
website or their socials and it was really terrible, or it really wasn’t that great, that is an alarm bell that… I understand if there’s
not of huge volume of… We’ve even missed some
weeks of content before, because we’re so popular
and so in demand, you know? – Yeah, there’s always
peaks in how busy you are, but I think, yeah, if there’s no evidence of the company you’re trying to pay being good at what they do, even with their own brand, you’ve got to be worried and, you know, questioning whether that’s
the right agency to work with. – Yeah. And I think another
kind of an alarm bell to look out for is results
that sound too good to be true, with no evidence to back up how they could ever deliver those results. I look back at when we
started out years ago, kind of not really understanding
the value we could deliver, and just plucking random
numbers out of the air that we thought we could deliver. Whereas now we’ve got evidence
to back up what we can do, it’s much more, kind of, real, not just saying, “We’re going
to sell a million of your…” – Yeah. Again, it’s about
asking questions, isn’t it? – Yeah.
– If I asked 2014 Dan, “How are you going to
sell 50 of those things?” You probably would have gone, “Err, I’m going to do really
good businessy stuff.” (laughing) So, you know. And then I might have thought, “Okay, maybe this isn’t a good fit.” (chuckling) Whereas now, “How are you “going to sell 50 shit jumpers, Dan? – Oh, do really good businessy stuff! – Oh ho, nothing’s changed! (laughing) – Okay, on that note, Lloyd, we want to find out some
more tips, don’t we? We want to hear from you what’s your experience of
working with an agency, good or bad. What tips do you have to other people that are choosing to work with an agency? Comment below, coz we want to create this, kind of, resource of people. – Yeah, we want to hear
your horror stories and hear what you’ve learnt. And we also want to hear from people that are working with agencies
that they absolutely love, and how they found those agencies. – And also, it anyone
bought this crap hoodie, please let us know in the comments below. That would be really helpful. – Actually, not many people did buy it, coz I remember you posted me a link. You posted me a link? (chuckling) You sent me a link to it couple of weeks after I bought it, and it was, like, half the
price I paid for it. (laughing) – So, I think I’m the only
one that owns this hoodie. – Comment below!
– Hooray!