Box Office – Birds of Prey, Mulan, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984

in the wake of birds of praise
box-office implosion there has been a very unfortunate take away from fans and
haters alike and that’s that men don’t want to see
female led action movies and that women alone aren’t a strong enough audience to
support blockbuster movies I think they’re coming from people just being
incredibly disappointed in having an emotional over response to birds of prey
failing and not looking at the obvious reasons that have failed and that also I
think people are trying to scare and guilt people into seeing in its second
weekend I see a lot of shady tactics for trying to get the birds of prey box
office numbers up but again I broke down birds of prey in my box office report
this week there’s a link down below in the video description as to why it
didn’t work out so many reasons but here we’re gonna talk about female led action
movies in general where they’ve you know you know why how they need to be
constructed to work and what’s gonna happen the rest of this year because
it’s a big year for female led blockbusters let’s hope all right so now
first glance you might think right that these statements are correct right
because birds of prey is the latest female action flick to underperform or
downright fail at the box office and it would seem to be part of a disturbing
disappointing trend if you were just looking at it from the surface or not
taking even a few seconds to think about it alright because it’s a very obvious
and honest answers to what the problem is and that’s these films may be all
made the exact same mistake and that they failed to have strong supporting
male characters now I’m sure that many of you are appalled by that statement
and furiously typing down below why should female lead films need to
cater to men well male led films have been doing that since the beginning of
Hollywood because no single demographic can deliver blockbuster sized box-office
women of course can’t deliver on their own a blockbuster because they’re just
simply aren’t enough of them just like only men can’t deliver a buck a strong
box of blockbuster box office either and on that note every
single major franchise has had strong female characters in each movie
even bond has this Vaughn girls yet that is beginning to seem dated to audiences
and has is having an impact on the box office and now as Hollywood tries to
flip the script and have female characters drive these movies you need
to flip the entire formula I don’t see how people don’t understand something
that’s so obvious you need to flip the entire formula and have strong
supporting roles for men so they feel included just as for again not just
decades since Hollywood began female supporting roles in the past
strong female supporting roles have made women feel included now flipping the
whole script the whole formula is why trailblazing female life franchises like
alien and Hunger Games worked they had strong male supporting characters
especially in the first two alien movies which were the most successful and then
more recently Wonder Woman Captain Marvel and even the new Star Wars
trilogy did the same very important there are of course exceptions to
everything and here you have Lord of the Rings which has almost no female
characters it was very successful ah that’s almost like a fantasy war movie
though so I think that kind of works for that reason and then also the recent
Joker film Joker really didn’t have strong female roles either even though
they did try to play up Zazi beats and his mother not really in the movie but I
think Joker transcended that because of the mythology and the mental illness and
its larger message you know in terms of it really resonated with a lot of people
across the globe we saw it multiple times Dobby helped push it into the
billion dollar club and then I’m with all women films right now the first sex
in the city was a pop culture moment so it did particularly well and then you
have Kill Bill which was generally well-received perhaps due to Quentin
Tarantino’s very strong male energy behind the camera even though he well
sometimes he appears on on screen but he has such a strong presence in his movies
no matter what even when he’s not on screen although I have to add Kill Bill
was very low at the box-office very very low like that was like before I think
people pay close attention to box-office as they do now and Kill Bill couldn’t
even get to a hundred million the century mark which is really a mark that
shows a movie has even done moderately well at the box
office domestically now as I said 2020 is supposed to be a big year for women
in front of and behind the camera when it comes to blockbuster films Ana’s
birds-of-prey kicks things off with a big disappointment many are wondering
and are fearful if the whole damn year is going to be that big of a bummer so
let’s take a look and remember this is a business and the best thing in Hollywood
can do for these female led movies is to have them be successes
alright so Mulan like birds of prey Mulan is expected to have a much smaller
debut than other entries in its same franchise and I’d like to point out that
both those films have very strong male and female characters and on that note
Mulan has made many of the same mistakes that birds-of-prey has made and while
the original animated film featured strong supporting male characters and
not just strong supporting male characters but big male energy and I’d
like to point out they did not overshadow Mulan but both li Shang and
wushu have been cut from the live-action movie now to be fair Donnie freakin Yin
is in this new movie he’s fantastic and he’s a huge superstar she still has a
love interest this time a fellow soldier the same level as her not not above her
like Shang was and then yowling and chin Poe also returned but none of them have
been played up in the trailers really only Donnie Yen has made kind of an
appearance the rest of them really not at all
the new love interest did get a poster to his credit he looks super cool but
you know Disney has already released the final trailer for this movie so maybe
they could do some TV spots to play these characters up so they don’t have
the same problems at the box office the birds of prey I had I don’t know why
they would hide these characters they’re so great now next up Black Widow this
film has strong male supporting characters in place creatively it did
the work but marketing wise it’s not doing the work right they have not
really advertised them at all sure Scarlett Johansson Florence Pugh and
Rachel Weitz all look very cool in this new movie but David Harbor is a fan
favorite and he’s been in the trailers but not as much as I think he should be
especially post birds-of-prey he is a fan favorite actor and he’s playing a
very cool and interest character russia’s version of captain
america i can’t believe they’re doing red sun first some degree a taskmaster
isn’t getting nearly the spotlight that he should despite intense interest from
the fan base now some of you think taskmaster is actually rachel whites but
it’s OT fag manly and he hasn’t been shown at the trailers at all even as the
other character he’s playing to kind of I think throw you off right he was a
Comic Con it’s not a secret that he’s in the movie why isn’t even put in the
trailers Ray Winstone and William Hurt are also in the film and they should be
played up as well Black Widow has probably at least one
more trailer left to go and hopefully they fix this marketing mistake it has a
bit of a cushion that it’s part of the MCU but you don’t want to be one of the
ant-man’s of the MCU right it would be an ant-man and the wasp you want sure
that Black Widow needs to be another Captain Marvel which means it needs to
get into a billion dollar club or at least pretty darn close Wonder Woman
1984 this movie is in excellent shape just as the first one was thanks to
Chris Pines Steve Trevor and patty Jenkins and Warner Brothers know how
important it is as they brought him back from the dead for the sequel my dad
loved Wonder Woman not just because of Galka doubt he thought she was wonderful
but he really liked Pines Steve Trevor he could really relate to him and after
that movie he in fact became a huge Chris Pine fan watch I am I am I am the
knight from Jenkins and pine pine starring it’s very very good and my
family watched it because my dad loves Chris Pine so much from that movie and
you know and we were rewarded as they said it’s very good but I do not
underestimate with Chris Pine brought to that first film and I what I believe
he’ll bring to the second as well pines Trevor is truly Wonder Woman’s Lois Lane
but even better as he gets to be in on the action and this dynamic make no
mistake about it is what helps Wonder Woman stay at the front of the pack
success wise Pedro Pascal is also in one room in 1984 but I think you can’t just
it would be very bad if they only up the only strong male character in the movie
was the villain because that’s the mistake birds of prey mate I think birds
of prey felt and had male representation but it wasn’t it made them all the bad
guys now Eternals I’m including this film because it has an indie female
director and many strong female characters
but as you can see from this cast lineup and has the kind of balanced cast that
would make Thanos proud right it’s perfectly balanced dissolve things
should be and we’re talking not just in terms of gender but also ethnicity and
as Feige has promised sexuality well see how the movie does but from a business
perspective it’s beautifully constructed and then finally one division o fans are
chomping at the bit for this Disney Plus series or Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda will
finally get to be front and center and her most iconic comic book story will
finally be adapted for the small screen will also seek Monica Rambeau all grown
up very also very well known Marvel character
well kat dennings returns to the MCU and kathryn hahn is going to be in the cast
and is rumored to be playing Agatha Harkness and immortal which cool
character but again Paul Bettany’s vision is also front and center he’s in
the freaking title well Randall Park also returns we haven’t gotten a full
trailer for that and I’m sure they will play up all of those characters Wanda
envisions twin boys are also set to debut wicked one of the most famous
LGBTQ characters in comics he has powers similar to his mother and that his twin
brother speed who of course takes after Wanda’s dear departed our departed
brother Pietro so it would seem I think that Milan isn’t going to similarly
underperform to birds of prey unless they can fix the optics on that because
it’s shame because it does seem to be in the film itself and of course the
relationship with her father I think that’s all really beautiful but they
they’re not playing up enough I think Black Widow is in some danger we’ll see
but I think wonderful in 1984 eternals and Waterman Wanda vision are all in
very good shape business-wise and I think you’re poised to do much better or
it just do well at all at the box office after birds of prey bombed so what do
you think share your thoughts down below subscribe today and of course as always
you can check out some more videos right now

Box Office for Ant-Man & The Wasp Opening Weekend

hello and welcome to this week’s movie
math where God Almighty or at least mother nature or maybe even
storm soon to be owned by Disney took pity on the movie industry and sent a
mighty heatwave across the land so sweltering that only commercial grade
air-conditioning would do yes it’s estimated that ninety four million
people in the United States were hit with heat advisories over the fourth of
July holiday and many of them took refuge in their local movie theater
hallelujah the result a refreshing downpour of money for Hollywood where
everyone got a little wet and while you would expect Disney to have gotten
drenched they did not plot twists yes while plenty of movie goers witnessed
the debut of the wasp thank you for those of you who sent in pictures I
couldn’t do a ticket montage for this movie because of the holiday and a
family event on Sunday but the next ticket montage by the way will be for a
Mission Impossible fall out I’m so excited for that movie but anyway a lot
of people were excited for ant-man and the wasp and xx MCU flick opened right
where had been expected to open at seventy six point five million so what’s
the problem well first off number of you going into
the weekend we’re like that’s too low don’t worry ant-man and the wasps was
gonna blow that number out of the water be careful when you make predictions
like that also speaking of you know trash talk throughout the entire weekend
leading up to you know the final numbers the trades were saying that ant-man and
the wasp boys over performing right and it would come in at ten million more at
eighty five matching the debut of Doctor Strange in 2016 the trades a little too
eager to kiss up to Disney this time perhaps the downside of everyone trying
too hard to be your friend Disney’s like ixnay on the predictions or the
exhibition’s pay whatever it’s like you’re making us look really bad
uh and happened is that ant-man seems to have
turned his dial too far on Saturday as his audience shrunk by 30 percent from
Friday the movie was unexpectedly front loaded with those hardcore Marvel fans
hitting the multiplex whereas the trades head into their predictions factored in
only a 15 percent decline and it’s also worth noting that that heatwave while it
maintained on the West Coast particularly in Los Angeles were some of
the highest grossing theaters were this weekend in the North West due to some
rain on Friday the heat wave ended just in time for Edmund and the wasp to hit
theaters so only The Incredibles 2 benefited from that and hey Disney’s the
one who decided to split their fortunes or fortune and little smaller fortune
alright so audiences those who did see ant-man the wasp gave it an A – a cinema
score which is actually low for Marvel the lowest MCU cinema score is for the
first Thor with a B+ isn’t that just shocking it goes to show
the strength of the brand that even audiences are reluctant to at least
publicly rain on the marvel parade Thor the dark world has a – and unless that a
stands for awful I just don’t understand that grain that’s crazy we all know that
Marvel has made some B movies but you wouldn’t know it from their cinema
scores and again that’s against strength of the brand when somebody says what did
you think of this Marvel movie nobody from a lot of critics – a lot of
moviegoers wants to say anything negative fascinating they’re like a –
that’s the lowest I’m willing to go I love it that’s um that’s an average by
the way so some people had to of course score lowered it to get that score but
anyway well Feige has taken a bit of a box-office hit this is the MCU slowest
opening since the first ant-man and before that the first Captain America
hmm remember how they fixed Captain America they got new directors I’m just
saying anyway it’s pretty clear especially
after the end credits sequence and ant-man and the wasp that ant-man is
going to be a vital character in Avengers 4 so audiences needed this
refresher this was a short-term loss for hopefully a long-term
gain and while it might not be as big an audience theatrically it will likely do
very well on smaller screens now you might wonder why make a small character
so pivotal pivotal in Avengers 4 well he was a lot of fun in civil war again
different directors right keep that in mind that man was great in Civil War so
I’m very excited to see what the Russo brothers do with him in Avengers 4 so
the only mistake I see here quite frankly is Peyton Reed so bring on
Avengers 4 with the always delightful Paul Rudd and I would actually love an
ant-man and the wasp or you know whatever they want to call it a third
film in this series just with a different director even though because I
didn’t like this film but a lot of the problems I think stemmed from Peyton
Reed just to low energy felt too cheap and not good not enough action they gave
a lot of the way a lot of way in the trailers but it’s Peyton’s read fault
for not giving them enough right but he gave him just enough for the trailers
and he didn’t have enough left over for the movie
so I’m sorry Peyton Reed I saw on Twitter over the weekend he has a lot of
friends who are you know fellow directors I think that’s wonderful I’m
glad there’s such a supportive community evolving amongst directors but be
careful they’re helping friends out and they might inadvertently be pushing
subpar films to help friends out oh sorry
alright so men we have a tale of two movies The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic
world 2 neck-and-neck and their fourth and third weekends respectively
fascinatingly they are the exact inverse in their global breakdowns now Jurassic
world 2 just passed a billion dollars and The Incredibles 2 is not far behind
and interestingly they’ve been going you know they’re neck-and-neck right now
they’ve been going head-to-head for the past couple of weeks and direct they
took they took opposite opposite approaches when it came to dealing with
the World Cup Jurassic world 2 got into theaters just prior right it only has in
fact Japan to go but they do love giant lizards over there and then in a lot of
countries as many of you who’ve been quick to point out in your defense of
The Incredibles 2 which has been slower to build but that’s waiting until the
world’s most popular sporting event everywhere both United States
is over now by the time it’s done The Incredibles two domestic versus foreign
split should be more even like the first film and side note The Incredibles 2 is
not only the highest-grossing animated film of all time now domestically but is
very close to knocking out rogue one to join the all-time top 10 list
domestically as well Disney is eating themselves alive over
there or it’s just more bad news for Star Wars a rogue one I thought was a
great movie though and it just shows you know Disney it’s there just dogpiling
these top 10 lists and they’re knocking themselves out out of out of the
competition so I wonder what that’s like for the cultural the corporate
environment actually over at Disney between the different verticals right
we’ll all become more cutthroat they have to write themselves those nice
little tweets when it’s one of them out does the other with like an opening
weekend or something but I wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes even
animations in the in the mix now to take a live-action down
I’m sure the Kathleen Kennedy and foggy you’re like we don’t need another
vertical in here competing with us but you have one Bob iger’s just laughing
all the way to the bank and maybe the Oval Office all right so that asks for
Jurassic world 2 it’s a real mixed bag over there at Universal they’re like we
can’t get Fox now we have a problem with one of our most our largest franchises
they don’t have a lot over there but they have a couple verticals at
Universal they should be proud of Jurassic the drastic movies fate and
fate of the Furious films which is going to come roaring back to life I predict
with Hobbes and Shaw that look is coming together very nicely not a number of
great headlines over the holiday weekend and then of course they have their
illumination animated movies that do incredibly well Universal which i think
is appropriate for their logo is very much a global brand they have very
strong overseas numbers now some we’ve been talking about the fact that the
30/70 split is not is not great that’s like transformers level you know for for
Jurassic world it’s not a great development however I look back in time
and I saw that that’s always been the split when it comes to this franchise
dating back to the very first entry so actually the 3070 split is not too
much of a problem but what the problem lies is that domestic number it’s likely
going to come in a good 300 million less than the last entry domestically and
that is a real problem 3070 split ain’t so bad as long as those domestic numbers
are strong which was the case with the first drastic world but not the case
this time around hopefully this is a problem that Universal in the Jurassic
team take seriously overall though for both movies time is running out as
they’re entering their end game now speaking of time running out you only
have until the end of this month to enter the my road real short film
competition where I am one of the four judges and we will be giving away a
million dollars worth of prizes plus if you submit your film and get over a
hundred votes on the my road rail web site by July 15th you will get a free
video mic Pro Plus so check out the link down below to see the short films
already entered this year to scope out the competition or vote for some of them
and help one of those filmmakers get a free awesome
microphone now maybe you’re on the fence about entering the my road real
competition maybe you need some inspiration or if we have to get more
aggressive about it kick in the pants well I’ve got something for you
meet Gerard McMurray associate producer of a little movie called Fruitvale
station now we all know what happened to Ryan Coogler and Michael B Jordan but
this guy hasn’t given up either and he just made his theatrical debut as a
director he directed one film before on Netflix but this is his first theatrical
release with the first purge and it did okay opening it number four it isn’t the
lowest three day debut for the franchise you’re getting some idea how agents spin
these things right but for the five day it can hold its head high and with a
moderate 52 percent on Rotten Tomatoes that’s his agent talking that’s not so
bad I wish seen films get much worse that
smack in the middle right McMurray should be able to land another directing
gig he is firmly on the board as a director and if you would someday like
to be a Gerard McMurray you got to get on the board and you do so by making
films short films and entering them in competitions like my road real you gotta
build your resume and this is a great opportunity to do so alright so as for
the overall top 10 movie goers took a hit out on Sicario – ouch
as it fell a shocking 62% in just its second weekend any talk of that becoming
a franchise and there was talk is dead but let’s let some specify a film
franchise because I think there’s clear strength in the Sicario brand I would
consider moving it to a smaller screen to streaming and you know Apple Amazon
uh Hulu maybe also soon-to-be Disney but all these places are looking for the
next big thing one of them should start you know sniffing around Sicario then
mr. Rogers continues to expand his audience and actually moved up a spot to
number nine then in the specialty market sorry to bother you had a very strong /
theater average as it opened in just 16 theaters a nice feather in the cap of
everyone involved especially writer-director boots Riley and his
stars like Heath Stanfield and Tessa Thompson but you know what’s even more
exciting black films started out with like like comedies remember people like
Tyler Perry Malcolm D Lee Tim story built the brand but now I’m moving into
so many exciting different genres quite successfully black you know black film
you’ve had they know biographies horror blockbusters and now I think this is a
big one experimental Indies very exciting I saw some comparisons to
Michelle gondry with this movie and that’s that’s a very big win even if
nobody sees it you know it’s just the perception perception is so important in
Hollywood not just from selling movies to the audience but in building careers
so I think that’s fantastic and as for this coming weekend it looks like Dwayne
Johnson is going to fall short indeed as Adam Sandler’s animated Hotel
Transylvania 3 is expected to easily beat him out at the box office and be
the one to do battle of ant-man and the wasp for first place Wow that’ll be very
interesting but that’s this week’s movie math
for going over the box office with me I look forward to hearing your thoughts
down below and remember the next ticket montage for movie math will be Mission
Impossible fall out and then of course as always you can check out some more
videos right now

Sony Pictures CEO Made A Sad Confession About Spider-Man

The Spider-Man debacle between Sony and Marvel
is getting even stickier. When it was reported at the end of August
2019 that the two studios had failed to reach an agreement to renegotiate terms of their
deal that allows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man to be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
… “Who would do something like that?” … it seemed that the main reason why things
came crashing down was financial in nature. Disney, which owns Marvel Studios, was said
to have requested a 50 percent co-financing stake in the Spider-Man franchise – a dramatic
increase from its previous five percent yield from day-one profits – which Sony reportedly
denied without countering. Now, Sony Pictures CEO and chairman Tony Vinciquerra
has revealed another reason for the Spider-Man split with Marvel — and it doesn’t have
anything to do with Disney and Marvel wanting more money. During Variety’s Entertainment and Technology
summit on September 5th, 2019, Vinciquerra stated that Marvel Studios president Kevin
Feige had been “stretched incredibly thin” following Disney’s March 2019 acquisition
of 20th Century Fox. With Feige’s workload ramping up to include
discussions and plans for what to do with the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and
more, the studio head apparently became overwhelmed and evidently could no longer properly focus
on keeping Spidey in the MCU. According to Variety, Vinciquerra pointed
to this as “one of the reasons behind the breakdown” in conversations about establishing
new terms of the Spider-Man deal. What certainly didn’t cause the divorce was
bad blood, as Vinciquerra affirmed that there was and is “no ill will” between Sony and
Marvel. He also had some nice things to say about
working with Feige, who produced both Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home,
and noted that neither Sony nor Marvel simply threw in the towel in regards to the Spider-Man
franchise, saying, “We had a great run with [Feige] on Spider-Man
movies. We tried to see if there’s a way to work it
out. The Marvel people are terrific people, we
have great respect for them, but on the other hand we have some pretty terrific people of
our own. Kevin didn’t do all the work.” Vinciquerra also made a sad confession about
the situation: there’s no chance of reconciliation as of right now. He explained that, quote, “for the moment,
the door is closed” on having a professional relationship with Marvel, and the studio is
“not for sale.” Vinciquerra also detailed that Sony has big
plans for Spider-Man without the House of Mouse involved. A Spider-Man universe is well underway – set
to include the Tom Hardy-topped Venom and the upcoming Venom sequel, the Morbius movie
starring Jared Leto, and “five or six” television series that take place within the Spider-Man
world. The executive reiterated that Spider-Man is
going to do “just fine” after swinging out of the MCU, using the Academy Award-winning
animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as an example of the famous hero thriving
without input from Marvel. Vinciquerra said, “Spider-Man was fine before the event movies,
did better with the event movies, and now that we have our own universe, he will play
off the other characters as well. I think we’re pretty capable of doing what
we have to do here.” Clearly, Sony executives are confident that
Spider-Man will succeed without Feige, Marvel, and Disney – but what does Spidey himself
think about all this? Star Tom Holland has remained diplomatic about
the split and hasn’t taken sides, stating that playing Spider-Man has been a dream come
true and that he knows the hero’s franchise is in safe hands with Sony. “You ready?” “Yeah.” “You’re gonna love this.” What happens next for Spider-Man is slightly
unclear – at least in terms of where his story will head after Spider-Man: Far From Home,
which tied into several past MCU movies and included a number of MCU characters – but
we do know that Holland is lined up to appear in at least two more movies at Sony. As for Marvel, the studio is gearing up to
enter the fourth phase of the MCU. Meanwhile, Feige is getting his footing as
the new head of the X-Men film franchise, which he reportedly plans to reboot with a
brand-new, younger Wolverine. Here’s hoping he can juggle it all and avoid
getting stretched too thin yet again. Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
Marvel characters are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the
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Scarlett Johansson on Black Widow & Bruce Banner’s Love Story, Working with Adam Driver & More | THR

(upbeat music) – Growing up I got in trouble for… I have a twin brother and we had bunk beds and my parents put the bunk beds up against a wall that was my mom’s, like, part kind of book shelf,
and I got in touble for making my brother, ’cause
he was just a little bit taller than me, go up and get the books from the really high shelf
and then bring them down and then ripping all the pages out. And my mom actually
heard me going like this, “No, get that one, get that one,” and then my brother went,
“No, Mommy’s gonna get mad,” and I was like, “Do it.” I still feel bad about that. (upbeat music) What was your reaction to saying goodbye to the story of Natasha and Bruce and how did you cope with them never getting their happy ending
and ending up together? I think that they made a choice that was for the greater good. I think everybody must have had that where you kind of meet someone and it’s just not the right time. It just wasn’t really meant to be. But I would love to do like the other kind of story line where they have like some Bogart and Bacall romance, yeah. Truth or dare, what is your next tattoo? I thought maybe of getting
something Black Widow related because, you know, just to kind of mark the end of this time of life. I don’t know, and then I was like maybe I’m just done getting tattoos. You know, I’ll probably
go get another four. I just wanna see what the dare was. Give us your best impression
of Mark Ruffalo as the Hulk. Oh, thank God I didn’t do that one because I would have
popped vein somewhere. (upbeat music) In “Marriage Story” you
have a viscous spite with Adam Driver who
plays your character’s soon to be ex-husband. What was the secret to getting that right? I just got super lucky that I was able to make this film with Adam Driver who’s an incredible
actor, totally present, and in it for the long haul. I mean, it was a really
exhausting two days of absolute brutal fighting
and really upsetting fighting. There was really, like I said, no secret, I just got really lucky with my costar and the dialog is so incredible. That’s Noah Baumbach, he
just, everything is there. In the 2020 presidential election, I hope that, I hope that people vote. I believe that if people actually voted then we would be in the
best place possible. (upbeat music)

New Rumor For A Mega Disney Spider-Man Deal Is Turning Heads

Cheer up, spider-fans; Spider-Man’s ejection
from the MCU may be short-lived. According to a new rumor started by YouTuber
TVO, Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney and Spidey film rights holders Sony Pictures
are back at the bargaining table, trying to work out the details of a new deal that would
keep the wall-crawler in the MCU for a long, long time. “YEAAAAAAH!” The unconfirmed report says that “inside sources”
at Marvel have given TVO the skinny on new negotiations between the two studios, who
recently failed to reach an agreement to extend their shared custody arrangement for Spidey. Again, we stress that this report is completely
unconfirmed, but it would be pretty exciting if the rumors are accurate. According to TVO, the new deal being discussed
would involve no fewer than six feature films starring current Spider-Man actor Tom Holland,
and an option for a seventh. Who wouldn’t want seven more Spider-films? One of these as-yet-imaginary features would
serve as a direct sequel to this year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, and would conclude the story
of Peter Parker’s high school years. An additional three solo vehicles would focus
on Parker navigating the ups and downs of college life while contending with a growing
array of supervillains. But wait, there’s more. The other two films proposed in the deal,
according to TVO’s anonymous and unconfirmed sources, would be the fifth and sixth Avengers
movies, which have not yet been announced by Marvel Studios either. And in true fan-fiction fashion, these sources
also report that the plan is for one of these team-up flicks to depict Parker meeting up
with one of his oldest allies: Johnny Storm, the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch. Is it likely that Marvel and Sony have planned
that far ahead, and those plans won’t easily change? Not really, but technically, this meeting
would be possible thanks to Disney’s recent acquisition of the film and television rights
to the X-Men and Fantastic Four. As the youngest member of Marvel’s First Family,
Johnny Storm was the first hero to offer counsel to Spidey when the latter was first embarking
on his crime-fighting career, way back in The Amazing Spider-Man #3. During a speech at Peter’s school, Johnny
Storm spoke about the virtues of never giving up. It was a message that hit home with Parker,
who had just suffered his first humiliating defeat at the hands of Doctor Octopus. Inspired by Storm’s words, Parker saddled
up for a rematch with Doc Ock – and this time, he won. TVO’s mysterious sources also offered up one
final tidbit: Marvel has allegedly come back to the table with a couple of bargaining chips
that would incentivize Sony to get the deal done. First, the deal would reportedly stipulate
that Disney, who holds the television rights to Spider-Man, would allow Sony to move forward
with their TV universe based around the wall-crawler and his pals. Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who co-produced
the Oscar-winning animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for Sony Pictures Animation,
have been tasked with developing the slate of live-action series, which presumably are
dead in the water until Disney and Sony hammer out a new deal. Second, Disney is said to be interested in
integrating Sony’s Marvel Characters, which include Venom and Morbius the Living Vampire,
into the MCU. The Tom Hardy-starring Venom was a resounding
commercial success, raking in $856 million dollars at the worldwide box office. Considering that Far From Home recently became
the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie ever, and Sony Pictures’ best box office performer
of all time, the idea of folding Venom into the MCU has to be a tantalizing one. It would virtually guarantee an even more
stellar global take for the Lethal Protector’s second solo vehicle, which could conceivably
feature Spider-Man next time around. Once again, and we can’t say this enough,
this report is in no way confirmed. But it’s not too difficult to imagine that
talks could begin again. Fingers crossed that TVO’s sources aren’t
yanking our webs. We’ll be here to report on any official announcements
that may come down from Marvel and Sony. Until then, the biggest question remains: “Peter, you’re still with us?” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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