Using the Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker

Using the Microsoft Office
Accessibility Checker. Microsoft Office’s
Accessibility Checker is a useful tool for verifying the
accessibility of your content. The Accessibility Checker can
point out common accessibility errors such as the absence
of alternative text or a missing header row in a table,
and the ideal time to use the Accessibility Checker is
after you’ve applied accessible design techniques to your content,
so it can help spot anything you may have missed! To run the Accessibility Checker,
select the File tab and from the Info menu item,
click Check for Issues… and select Check Accessibility. The Accessibility Checker will
open as a pane on the right side of the window. From here, the Checker will
either indicate that there are no accessibility issues,
or it will contain a list of issues and tips. In this example, the
Accessibility Checker is indicating that the presentation
has an image that still needs an alternative text and there’s a
slide with no title. Click on an issue to jump to it… and make the needed correction. [silence] It’s important to note that
the Accessibility Checker doesn’t read your content, it only
checks to see if certain accessibility considerations have been met. For example, in this Word document,
the font style in this paragraph is difficult to read, but the
Accessibility Checker does not notice this concern. It’s a useful tool, but vouching for the
accessibility of your content will be up to you by taking a
moment to manually review your file for accessibility considerations
before sharing it with your students. After you’ve corrected the
errors appearing in the Accessibility Checker, click the
X to close it, and save the file.

How to Increase Your Salary as A Developer | Self-taught, Easy Tips

hi everyone this is Lee welcome to my
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this video I will share with you how I triple my salary in two years including
what steps and strategy I used to make it happen if it is something interests you
make sure you stay to the end in the previous video I share with you how I
got my first developer job without experience before graduating from
college if you want to know what strategy I used you can find the link on
the right corner with the further ado let’s get started if you want to triple
your salary the first thing you need to do is to find a low salary job at the
beginning then you can triple it very easily okay when I got my first job the
salary is on the average level for the junior developer it is not high or low
normally the salary will be increased from 5% to 10% every year how can I
triple the salary in the first two years when I start working as a junior
developer their first suggestion is to choose the right trend when we talk about IT technology just
gets changed very quickly every year if you are working as a developer you
should get used it as some technologies represent the future some
of them may be gone or replaced shortly if you have to invest your time and
energy to learn new skills make sure you pick the right direction otherwise it is
really hard to survive when the trend to get changed and you didn’t get yourself
prepared but how do you know what trend that you need to follow in order to make
sure you are on the right trend you need to broaden your knowledge you have to
understand what’s happening in the industry you don’t have to know how to
use all the new technologies straightaway in fact I don’t recommend
you do that either because some new technologies or concepts are just
invented for marketing purpose some of them take a long time until they become
practical solutions it is not difficult to get the latest technology information
for example you can simply do some research on YouTube follow some channels
that keep you updated about the latest news in the industry
I know people complain about YouTube feed them a lot of videos they have no
intention to watch it is a big waste of time
in fact YouTube can do a better job you just need to know how to train youtube to
do it for example if you want to learn game development or programming you can
only click the video which is related to these topics every day you can only
subscribe to the channels which deliver the content you’d like to watch shortly
you will find YouTube you’ll recommend more videos relate to the game
development or programming for you now you can easily know what the chain is
and how to invest your time but how should you learn practical skills in the
workplace a very effective way is to learn from
the experience developer in some companies the mentor will be appointed for the new
employee or junior developer but if you don’t have any mentor at the beginning
it is still okay you need to spend some time to observe how the senior or
experienced the developer work in the company for example you can review the
code they write just imagine if you are the one to write the code what will you
do what’s the difference and why the senior
developer choose a different way to do it if you still don’t understand it
don’t be shy ask them politely when they are free
gradually you start thinking and working like an experienced developer you will
improve your skills very quickly in this way but does it mean you need to follow
senior developers all the time the answer is no you need to learn from the
senior developers but you don’t need to follow them
all the time once you understand how the system works you may come out with some
better ideas about writing the code or implementing some specific features
always ask yourself if there is a better way to do your current job if yes try
to propose the solution and discuss it with other developers during the breaks
you can even make some quick prototypes to show your solutions no matter it is a
tool you created or the framework you improved or the new way to write code
quickly and efficiently as long as if you improve the current work process
share it with other developers and keep improving now you can go as an
experienced developer how can you really make yourself stand out the other developers know you are very
creative and active person from time to time they ask your opinions about
solving some difficult problems if you can use the skills you have learned and try
your best to solve them if you really give you more confidence later on and
this way you start building your reputation in the company now people
know you are very capable and always ready for the challenges don’t forget to
keep track of your work achievements I will explain why it is so important in
another video now you may find out something is missing here I still
haven’t talked about money yet I know it may sound weird but if you want to
increase the salary you need to forget about it first what do I mean here if
you just start working as a developer don’t worry about this area too much in
fact I would suggest you don’t think about it at all
no matter your current salary is high or low trust me it really doesn’t matter
that much you need to concentrate on your job completely try the best make
yourself learn the skills and broaden the knowledge as much as possible the
secret here is if you want to increase the salary don’t trace for them may
yourself become a better developer who deserve to be paid more another reason
is that you current salary is a really small figure compared to the one we will
receive in the future I personally took all these steps and
strategies evevry day when I start working as a developer after two years another
opportunity showed up I just applied for it and passed the interview and called the
author yes my Sara gotcha but this time again I won’t say it is easy you need to
spend a lot of spare time to improve yourself out of work but it can be done
if you follow the steps and use the right strategies which one do you think
it is useful for you please leave a comment and let me know if you like this
video please like comment and share it is very important for me to keep making
the video in the future don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and turn on the
bell then you won’t miss my next video thanks for watching I will see you next

Northrop & Johnson boosts sales and marketing efforts with Dynamics 365

(light music) – The super yacht, it’s
the ultimate lifestyle. You have to have the time
and the money to enjoy it. You can go wherever you want. You can do whatever you want. You have your floating, amazing
five-star property with you. There’s nothing like it. It’s is the epitome of ultimate
luxury and satisfaction, to create memories for
you and your family. So, the level of wealth that
we’re dealing with in this particular segment is,
uh, is extraordinary. – It’s a very small and targeted market that we’re going after. And so, all of our
marketing has to be spot on. We don’t have a chance to have a mistake. We need to make sure everything’s
completely personalized, the right message at the right moments, to really have impact on our clients. We’re about quality over quantity with our marketing efforts. – It’s trust, it’s personalization
and it’s innovation. Those are the three areas that we tend to focus on quite a bit. One of the areas that we really heavily invest in is technology. We really started looking at certain areas and how we can improve, how
can we get the entire ecosystem under one banner, and that’s
why we chose Microsoft. – Dynamics 365 was an easy choice. We initially moved to Dynamics
365 Marketing and Sales because we used a whole
suite of different services; for email, for event
planning, for social media, for landing pages and other services. Eight or nine different
systems that were all not connected at all. Then to go to a full suite
where it’s all just one system that’s fully integrated with our CRM data is absolutely amazing. Dynamics 365 gives us the ability
to see as soon as a client first comes to our website
and interacts with a form or they’ve clicked one of our emails, and then we get to follow
them and score them on how much they’re
interacting with our business. And that really gives
us a lot more insight into our customer journey, which we didn’t even know before. For our salespeople to be able
to go and see all the sales insights and all the analytics right there in their contact records is huge for them. The insights provide our
sales people with knowledge that nobody else has. This is a competitive advantage for us. – We have systems in our disposal, that no other brokerage
house has, it’s everything. Especially when you’re dealing
with clients at that level. They wanna know that
they are taken care of. Sometimes you get very few
minutes with them, you know, they’re very busy individuals. If you mess up and
you’re not fully briefed, it could cost you a sale. So, having it at the palm of
your hand and having a system that connects the entire company no matter where you are is huge for us. With Dynamics 365, we’ve
tripled the company in any KPI, whatever you wanna measure it on. We pretty much tripled everything.