✔ Minecraft: 10 Office Furniture Design Ideas

This video will show you how to build some cool things for your office! ;D I’ll display what I’m working on in the bottom left corner. This first thing is very simple, just to get this video started. This is my go-to office chair. Now I’ll show you how to make an interactive copy machine. *amazing song plays in the background* This weird floor will make sense in a bit! I have tried making it compact but very complicated at the same time. Now we need to open the iron trap doors. Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Just another cool prop to make your office cooler than everyone else’s! It fits in both small and big offices! It’s meant to look like one of those classic red and white calendars.. This one will look like it’s leaning against the wall. You can add it to your office desk! The squares on the banner look like the boxes on a calendar.. :] Now for a filing cabinet that you can use to store documents.. :] You can use any type of slabs you want. The stone slabs fit well into an office, in my opinion. Now we need to hide a minecart with a chest inside the cabinet. This is what makes it functional. The slab that is further out kind of looks like a pulled out drawer! Now the minecart looks like it’s part of the cabinet! You can still see the top, so cover that off with carpets. Now it’s time to decorate it so it looks like it has categories. There’s many ways to do this, but I think color-coding looks cute.. You can have more than one pulled out drawer if you like! You can also categorize it alphabetically using signs! Turning the color-coding also gives it a cool effect. Now you are ready to file all your boring office related documents! An obligatory addition to any boring office! :] This water dispenser will fit any office! Not really, but it’s cool! Blends in nicely! It’s time for a really cool computer! It won’t be very functional, but it’ll act like a real working computer! 😀 There’s quite a bit of redstone behind this thing, but nothing we can’t handle. We need to connect the pressure plate to what is called a T-flip-flop. It’s a thing that sort of makes signals act like a lever would. With this, we’ll be able to make the computer do all sorts of things. Hmm, something is not right.. Oh, I see what I did wrong.. There we go, back on track. Now the T-flip flop works! As you can see, the red block changes position whenever it receives an input. This is basically the entire structure, we just need to place some redstone stuff. As you might imagine, different things are going to happen when we activate the pressure plate. The lines of repeaters on the right will activate two different sound effects.. We can customize these a lot! I’ll be using them for start up and shut down sound sound effects. Let’s make the computer look good as well! This might take a while Finally Looks good, but it’s not done yet! I’ll need to create the sounds I want. That was the start up sound. Sounds good, I’ll make the shut down sound a reversed version of that.. The computer is done, let’s test it! Start up and shutdown sounds.. While it is on, you can click the mouse which play a sound too.. While it is on, the screen also lights up, but that can only be seen in the dark. When the computer is turned off, the mouse won’t do anything, perfect! 😀 Here’s a little demo. Interactive and lights up when on. You will definitely have a cooler computer than all your friends! And that’s what this game is all about. :] Make sure the armor stand is facing straight forward. Hmm, I’m going to try again, maybe I can get them to line up perfectly.. Oh well, that will do.. :I The levers look like antennas on the router. You can even posiition them as you want, like most real routers! :] This router will also add to the rest of your office. :] Now it’s time for another interactive thing for you already cool office! 😀 Rename some paper to something you’d like your printer to print… It could be homework or very important documents, I’m being a bit boring here… It’s important to have some lighting by the base of this banner, which is why there’s a hole in the wall. It’s a great looking printer and it can be activated using the iron pressure plate. It’s just a nice detail you can brag about if your friends want to see your office. Fits well into your existing office! Now for a tablet design I’ve used for a long time. To make this, we’ll have to use an armor stand trick. Now push a block into the armor stand, so only the top of the helmet is showing. The helmet will be the screen of the tablet. It has turned dark, which is perfect. This is actually the best viewing angle… As you can see, the screen is a bit thicker than the rest… Another cool detail for your office! Now for a whiteboard using a variety of different banners. I will be making the type of whiteboard with wheels that you can push around. I’ll also show you some additional useful office banners at the end. Right now we are making the wheels… Now it’s time to somohow connect the wheels with what will become the whiteboard itself… I’m using iron bars… The fun part is right around the corner… Once the basic whiteboard is finished, it’s decorating time!


I have to say goodbye to the office today. We’re about to tear her down Strip her completely naked and move her to a new place No, Nick nobody’s getting naked I’m talking I’m having an emotional moment with my old office stop stop Ooo these are nice flowers. Wait his office has to be around here soon. Oh, this looks like a secret door Preston are you in here Nick Preston. What are you doing? Found you. I heard you had a secret office and I wanted… Nick It’s a secret. You’re not supposed to know about this. I thought it was a fan! I thought it was a viewer. I love my fans, but this is my house. I’m your biggest fan though You can’t just come to my house right now. But this is the secret lesson school like this office is so secret I have two doors. Look this is door number one And it works you all and that’s door number two Because look it’s so secret that you’re not even supposed to know about this office What why you were supposed to know people who work with me aren’t supposed to know Nobody’s supposed to know it’s my office It’s secret Nick stop. Okay, so I can’t come in the secret office No, if you bring me check for you can come in one eternity later Preston Preston Preston Yes outside, what do you want Nick I said you had a bring a chick boy that’s hot chick boy Depends. What is it? Okay, so they would let me go through the drive through There so ice in here though is gonna pending on what drink, this is Nick I won’t let you into the office Do you know what my favorite is you’ve gotta check play with me before you should know the answer. Is it milk? That’s disgusting whatever want to have milk from chick boy, I don’t know maybe they had good oh, is it Nick um Cold good cool one Preston no, sir. I just want to say that ladies and gentlemen, you gotta get the hottest merch in this scene right now We are pressing Stiles merch we’ve launched so many new items colors of hoodies all kinds of crazy stuff at the web store Preston sales.com You can check out the card up above here somewhere or down below in the description. It’s just Preston Stiles calm. Look at this It’s new go check it out down below in the description all kinds of sales happen during the summer. Um, I gotta go Take care of this. Just go check I Don’t know why I had to film this vlog naked today You never had to film the vlog naked. That was your own prerogative Okay, what property productivity barakah TIF that’s the right word. I’m looking for look today We have to tear down the old office because we are going to be moving it to my new studio at my house and I’m never gonna see you again, and I’m so unhappy very Sorry Feel like I’m Michael Scott right now And this is no you’re not someone say make it I feel like I’m Michael Scott right now and you’re Toby from the office That’s not a very mean thing to say dude. That’s not a very mean thing to say No, that’s a very mean they had to change my mind I was like, they just really don’t like you, but I need you at the same time You know, like I really don’t need doughnuts, but I really like them. So it’s kind the same thing with you except the opposite You’re stupid go get some coffee up I Was gonna I was gonna drive this time the doors not The door that’s that’s honestly your fault. So I’ll just hop inside the Tesla and there we go Okie dokie, this is good how to lock the doors No Preston you I was gonna lock but I was gonna lock the door I Was gonna so you’re driving or what? I actually actually don’t know how to drive. Well today, you know how to drive Nick. Okay Tesla Do you think well see the car’s name is Preston drives, so it doesn’t drive for anybody except for Preston That’s actually a really smart feature. Yeah Also, I am driving This is the hot guy behind them all those hot guy number one There’s there’s there’s two hot guys here that are working behind the – yeah One of the boards on my wedding we made that judgment who made that Alice you see he’s hot But he’s not as hot as the other two that I chose. Where do I right? Kind of like in that 100 percentile, you know what I mean? You didn’t Wow, I’m really good. Well like it’s a relative scale Okay 100 that’s like God didn’t like number 100,000 I forgot that a couple of smiles. So I mean the top one hundred thousand one hundred million There’s seven billion people in Texas very good. Can I get a medium Dunking them up great Trustin. Hi, welcome to start by Pressing you’re not allowed to another job. Welcome to redefine native you already too much stuff to do You can’t keep getting more job trying to order a latte. Is he catching on? No, no Are the worst water we have that’s that’s how I feel when he’s at Mile it’s to Preston. He doesn’t really get this handled Okay, we’re doing a pretty good job, honestly, how do I add the planner to see? I don’t have the points I don’t want to receive sir I’m gonna put my points. Well, you can’t show that’s my number. Oh my god Where do I rank, but did it change? Some 100 million which is pretty good. Hey, you like that ticket? Preston come on. Stop messing around we gotta go around guy’s hand. Give us some camo. I thought you’re over there Busting I think I’m just gonna wait for this guy together. I don’t want to go home in your tonsil anymore. That’s funny No, wait, actually, it’s kind of hot. He could be in there for a while Where’s the computer I thought we’re keeping on here for me. No. Yeah, look at it look at it. No, it’s you Know we’re pretty good there precedent Looks like pretty happy. Okay. I got a nice little pose there in your lines. I like it. Well put your legs Okay, we’re good We’re putting it in my car so I can take it home I’m gonna play so much for tonight on this thing. How are we gonna get it out? We’re gonna park my car in the office you got a buffalo. I don’t think that Wow pretty good Look at you you’re gonna make a good dad someday Buckle in safety first Oh am I gonna make a good sack? Dad? Someday? I’ll make a great dad someday Actually that’s coming in the blow. I’ve announced them to me, you know computer I know Preston dropped you but you’re gonna love living in my house. I have so many friends well You’re just gonna love it Mom big strong hands. I’m just tying the knot man. You’ve got that was a lame joke. You’re already married You can’t make puns about it soon. I’ll be a dad Do it tight do it. Yeah you got this There’s a problem this cable it’s not plugged in what kites gonna solve this Look at these dirty workers, you know, it’s only 8:30 Nick in the morning I’m gonna go outside It does kind of look like 8:30 in the morning Is it 8:30 in the morning spirit? Why do my wife you’re keeping secrets already we going to married for a month? So I wanted to give you guys like an updated view of what the studio we call this the studio it’s not the office you guys have seen the office in a lot of videos before this is the studio at Brandeis new house since we’ve been married and what you guys probably have seen already. It’s it’s changed quite a bit So I’m gonna give you guys a little bit of a tour Here we have Billy he’s my new friend is that his actual name though. I named him Billy when I get a little jealous, but I love Billy. It’s easy Wow more affection than India and by the way guys, can you leave a like down below on this video? I can promise for tons of freebie bucks You messed up the purpose Anyways, like I was saying we upgraded our camera to a 4k camera It looks like the news station these guys right here they like the green screen and then these two back here like the back of my head in the back of my shoulders and then You’ve already seen these two big ones in the front Katinka chain. Yeah, you know those do those make my eyes bleed eight hours a day But I love it because I can’t go videos Oh, this is what Bayesian Canadian or Mitch got us at our rehearsal dinner the day before we got married. It’s just We’re not really sure what it is. But if you touch it it falls over This is a wedding gift from Rob and the cosmic team So cool. It shows the launch of cosmic all the way up until latest update of cosmic. It’s so beautiful. Alright guys. Thank you So much for watching this video. Seriously. You guys are the best this studio this house? none of us would be possible without any of you guys in the massive amount of support you guys give us every single day of All of our videos on all three of our channels. We appreciate it so much you guys and gals are awesome Let me know what you guys think about the studio down below in the comments. Take care. Keep dabbing. I’ll see you guys next time

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Office Cubicle

How To Make An Office Cubicle Hello! Today, I’ll show you how to make an office cubicle. You can combine lots of these to make a big cubicle office! :] (Music by Liltommyj) I’ll be making this with a blue clay theme, but you can use the materials you want. (Music by Liltommyj) It’ll of course need a chair.. A desk.. A computer with a mouse.. (Music by Liltommyj) A plant.. A trash bin.. Oops.. (Music by Liltommyj) (Music by Liltommyj) Let’s make a calendar to decorate the desk! (Music by Liltommyj) It’s a design I recently came up with, I find it pretty useful! (Music by Liltommyj) If you have decoration ideas for the cubicle, feel free to add them! (Music by Liltommyj) Line them up and vary them a tiny bit for a boring-looking office! 😀 Leave a like if you want me to do an entire office with lots of cubicles and other awesome details! See you next time! (Subtitled by Decimalize)

10 Hottest Video Games Houses On The Property Market

Well… the housing market’s certainly gone
to hell, hasn’t it? You might think it’s all because of the
‘B’ word, but frankly, this has nothing to do with Biscuits. No, this has been happening for years, as
more people realise the best properties aren’t tied to acreage, but data…-age, data-age? Yeah, that one… It’s obvious when you think about it, Phil
and Kirsty have been telling us this for years – Location, location, location! And video game houses have provided us with
a near limitless choice of exotic postcodes to call home, covering even our most ridiculous
demands. Need a built-in Armoury? Comes as standard. Hi-tech combat simulator? No problem. A discreet annex for producing mountains of
cocai- erm, sugar, it’s sugar, ok? Look, a friend asked me to hold on to it,
it’s just sugar…and baking soda. And a small amount of meth – Hey, look,
en-suite, fancy! The point is, your home can be literally anything,
all for a fraction of the cost of real-world real estate. So, let’s put on our flashy blazer and look
at some! I’m Ben your friendly neighbourhood estate
agent from Triple Jump Residential, and these are our 10 Hottest Video Game Houses on the
Property Market. 10. Ethan’s House, Heavy Rain Our first property is slightly more traditional
in the context of the wider video game market, but make no mistake – this trendy contemporary
haven is the ideal home for any modern suburban family. The open-plan living area gives a light, airy
feel, with clear lines of sight to make it almost impossible to lose important things
like say, your keys, or one of your children. Legal disclaimer – Triple Jump Residential
are not responsible for any loss of offspring that occurs away from said property. All mishaps after purchase are the sole responsibility
of the owner and said owner’s careless parenting. Ahem – notice the distinctive integrated
units, designed by the previous owner, for a truly unique aesthetic. The spacious garden also includes a custom
treehouse, perfect for all kinds of adventuring. Best of all, this property has just recently
come on the market at a reduced price, as the previous owners are looking to offload
quickly due to some, ahh, unfortunate family circumstances. 9. Carrington Institute, Perfect Dark Having a house you can call a home is great,
but in order to pay the bills, you’ll need the perfect office space too. Which can be tricky, especially if you’re
in a very…secret agent-ey line of work, if you know what we mean… Well, the Carrington Institute may just have
everything you need. This state-of-the-art facility, complete with
beautiful skylights and faux-sci-fi interiors, offers the Perfect professional space for
spy-themed admin. There’s a combat simulation room, for honing
those karate chops; A research and development centre, complete
with gadgets and their own staff; A shooting range – err, try and keep all
rockets inside the safety zone; And even parking facilities for your helicopter
and/or hover bike. Now, before you sign the lease, there are
some caveats that we should warn you about. There’s limited lift access to the balcony
offices, and it does get a bit…busy. Sorry, would you mind not RUNNING AROUND in
the elevator please?! Some doors are just permanently locked, for
some reason. Oh, aaaand bloodthirsty aliens may kick down
your doors and start shooting indiscriminately, but that’s what the armoury’s for, right? Seriously, sign here, quickly… 8. Your Minecraft House, Minecraft Ok, so this one’s less of a ‘fixer upper’
and more of a… ‘build it yourself from scratch’-er. More work, sure, but you can make it however
you want! No restrictions, and no planning permission
required! You could get back to nature, with a hobbit-themed
dirt hut – err, maybe something a little fancier than that – AH, there we go! Or, you could go big, brash and industrial,
with a nuclear power plant! You can bring even the grandest of visions
to life, without having to deal with Kevin McCloud making sarcastic comments to camera
about being over-budget – we can STILL HEAR YOU, KEVIN! If you’re feeling generous, or maybe a little
lonely in a world populated mainly with gormless villagers and undead monsters, you can build
a neighbourhood, a district, even an entire city, if the mood strikes. Base it on a real-life metropolis like London,
or LA, or even Stoke on Trent, famous fictional cities like King’s Landing and Stoke on
Trent, or even locations from other video games, like Bioshock’s Colombia or the Witcher’s
Novigrad or Stoke on Trent… anything’s possible! And it’s easier than ever too, with our
deluxe creative mode package, to make all thi- oh, you… can’t afford the deposit… Ahh…well, here’s a pick and a shovel. Good luck! 7. The Normandy, Mass Effect This is no run of the mill motorhome – in
fact, you won’t have to set foot in another hellish caravan park ever again, as the SSV
Normandy has the rather handy benefit of being a Spaceship that can travel the universe,
with advanced FTL navigation and stealth running capabilities. So if the weather’s a bit grey in the Historic
Town on the River Trent, you can always up sticks and head to the warm, radioactive ash-lands
of Tuchanka – the local wildlife is rather active this time of year, too, which is nice. The ship itself is surprisingly spacious –pun
kind of intended –with the latest model including a luxurious captain’s quarters
featuring dynamic surround sound, a fish tank, and displays for avid model collectors. No need to fret about your driving license
either, as the resident pilot, Joker, also comes with the ship. Mainly because we couldn’t pry him away
from the highly advanced ship AI, EDI – it’s an… unusual relationship, best not to ask… 6. Your House, Animal Crossing Compared to our previous candidates, this
property may seem a bit small and basic – Wait, no, that’s not the right- where’s our
Estate Agent Thesaurus… Ah, yes, “Cosy”, and “Rustic”, is
what we meant… But that’s the inherent charm of living
in a town populated with talking anthropomorphic animals – everything is quaint, and relaxing,
and jolly. It even makes the local crook, Tom Nook, bearable
– see, he can’t possibly be a ruthless loan shark when he’s actually a weird racoon
thing, right? Your town in Animal Crossing is very much
your Escape to the Country option, letting you live The Good Life, like that famous show
– err, Lost. Well, that’s our TV reference quota filled
for today… You can decorate your home to your exact tastes,
with a staggering number of options. Oh look, a TV that looks like an apple, huh… But everything needs to be earned through
hard work. You’ll even have to build the house yourself,
starting with just a tiny tent! Wait, we mean, erm, conveniently-sized tent… You know what, this is the last time we take
a commission from Tom Nook… 5. Link’s Oasis, Zelda: Wind Waker Given that we have about 7 thousand different
versions of Hyrule in our database, most of Link’s Houses are disappointingly similar
shades of treehouse –but the tropical archipelagos in Wind Waker provide something different,
with not one but TWO island getaways! Nothing says ‘starting out on an epic adventure’
quite like this modest abode on Outset Island, colloquially known by the locals as ‘Grandma’s
House’. It has all your standard amenities – open
fireplace, indoor ladder, legendary shield descended from the Hero of Time … and obviously,
the location itself. The only thing better than an island house,
is your OWN personal island. You’ll have to jump through some hoops to
acquire the Cabana deed to this Private Oasis – bringing tatty jewellery to a crazy teacher
lady, mostly – but it’s worth it. The calming waterfall and beautiful views
from the lounging area will make you forget all about the pressures of saving the world,
and inside, you’ve got a small but cosy setup, with vanity bathtub, priceless Ming
vases, and, err, tile puzzles… All protected by your own personal door-man. Yeah, we literally mean a door, that’s also
a man. The only downside is a [under breath] slight
undead infestation in the basement… But – island paradise! 4. Lakeview manor, Skyrim We’ve seen some truly remarkable properties
on the Tamriel market, not least from Morrowind, where aTelvanni wizard’s tower made from
a giant mushroom, is par for the course. But Skyrim’s Hearthfire expansion gave budding
property developers 3 new plots of land to work with – unless you wanted to outsource
to friendly housecarls who are SWORN TO CARRY YOUR BURDENS, of course. Now, Windstad Manor comes with a useful fishery,
but the windchill is a nightmare; and Heljarchen Hall has a mill for making flour, if you don’t
mind freezing to death. Lakeview Manor, however, is free real estate. Situated in the milder climates of Falkreath
Hold, overlooking Lake Ilinalta to the North, this idyllic spot is great for rest and reflection,
in between dragon attacks. Or wolf attacks. Or bandits, ok, the area’s a bit dangerous,
and you should probably ignore that weird cultist guy that’s always hanging out down
the hill. At least the interior, once upgraded, offers
some safety and utility, with optional extras like an armoury, to store all your definitely
stolen loot; a library and enchanting tower, for you spell-book hoarding NERDS; or even
a greenhouse, if you’re a staunch pacifist that enjoys picking flowers instead of fights. 3. Hound Pits Pub, Dishonoured Who doesn’t love a good converted pub? It’s run down, it’s in a plague-ridden
part of town, the regulars are all nutjobs – and we think it’s perfect. This delightful pub hub is your respite from
all the mechanical hustle and bustle of mainstream Dunwall, and a perfect get away from its more
unsavoury aspects of xenophobia, class division and lanky carnival robots. Everyone’s equally welcome, at the Hound
Pits Pub, from eccentric mask-makers to political conspirators (most staff members are very
discreet, and the drinks are almost never poisoned). This 300-year-old listed building retains
the old town’s architectural character, with its distinct, Victorian/Gothic/‘Ye
Olde Worlde’ features. What other property includes a brewery, wine
cellar, workshop, and nearby facilities for housing estranged royal children? Of course, the interior needs some work, especially
the sparse living quarters, but it’s ideal for anyone looking to keep a low profile after,
shall we say, a heavy night at the masquerade ball in town – which, by the way, is just
a short, scenic boat trip away. All in all, a fine establishment in a very
up and coming part of town! Just, make sure you put rat traps down… 2. Villa Auditore, Assassin’s Creed 2 For anyone who enjoys semi-accurate history,
wearing conspicuous hoods and traipsing about on rooftops, the Villa Auditore might just
be the dream home for you. While it’s another ‘fixer-upper’, it’s
also an incredible opportunity to have your very own luxury Italian mansion, overlooking
the beautiful town of 15th Century Monteriggioni. Despite all these rumours about, hah, a local
‘Secret Guild of Assassin’s’ – can you imagine? – Monteriggioni is a sleepy, tranquil town,
that stays fairly true to its real-life counterpart, while the villa itself is modelled on the
Villa Di Maiano, situated near Florence. And with a few thousand florins and a new
lick of paint, this virtual Villa will really look the business. The grand staircase leading up to the property,
the lavish entry hall with polished marble floor and archways, the vast library – which
even comes with a scale model of the town… Everything here gives an aura of importance
and extravagance. You also have a sizeable armoury, great for
displaying pretend weapons from a definitely made-up order of trained killers…and a lovely
gallery to peruse your priceless collection of renaissance drawings! And there’s a sizeable basement, with absolutely
no secret switches or hidden treasures, stop asking, ok? 1. Croft Manor, Tomb Raider What’s the point in risking your life in
old ruins, fighting mercenaries, wild animals, and dinosaurs, so you can nab all manner of
valuable and possibly cursed relics…if you can’t enjoy a bit of down time in a lavish
mansion? If you, too, feel like you’ve earned yourself
a country retreat, then step inside the legendary Croft Manor. Lara Croft’s home of choice when she’s
not desecrating ancient graves, is the video game equivalent of Bruce Wayne’s iconic
digs, going through plenty of renovations over the years. Short of an actual bat cave, this luxurious
stately home has everything. Numerous training rooms, obstacle courses,
firing ranges and even a race track, are here to keep your skills sharp. No self-respecting Manor house is complete
without a hedge maze, of course, along with a healthy dose of hidden doors behind dusty
bookcases. And a billion other secrets and treasures,
because the previous owner liked to bring her work home, apparently. Remarkably, for an older property, there’s
not really a single problem we can think of – Oh, no, it’s that creepy stalker butler,
we thought he left – ok, not to worry, we have a contingency plan. Let’s have a look at the freezer, shall
we? That’s it, walk right in…
…and contained! And there we are, some of the most desirable
homes that video games have to offer, but by no means exhaustive! Let us know your favourite prospects on the
digital property market in the comments below, or give us a call – our rates are very reasonable! You can follow TripleJump on Twitter here,
and while you’re at it, why not support the things you enjoy by having a look at our
patreon. Finally, don’t for get to like the video,
share it with your friends, and subscribe to the channel. I’m Ben from TripleJump, and thanks for

Empowering all students to engage and collaborate | Heather Chalmers and Raffaella Coletta

>>I am so excited
to be here today. Our very first two changemakers are going to come out here
and share their story. Heather and Raffaella teach in the York Catholic School
District School Board in Ontario, Canada. They teach in
a STEM-focused school and see the same group
of students, which has allowed them to develop a problem-based
learning environment. So, although the students see Heather during one period for geography and Raffaella during a different period for science, their team teaching model has truly had monumental impact
on their students. So, let’s welcome them
to Hack the Classroom. Thank you guys so much. We’re so excited to have
you. Take it away.>>That’s great.
So, hello everyone. We are so excited to be here
today with you to share our experience with
Minecraft: Education Edition. My name’s Raffaella Coletta, and I teach high school science.>>My name’s Heather Chalmers, and I teach
high school geography.>>We co-teach in a STEM-focused laptop program
at a school in Markham, Ontario, Canada, which is
just outside of Toronto. We teach a common group
of students. I teach them during period two, and Heather teaches them
during period three.>>So, I’m sure you’ve all heard some version of this
in your classroom. “Why do I need to learn this?” “I’m never gonna use
this in the real world.” “We already learned this
in another classroom.” Raf and I quickly
realized that we needed to do something
different in our classes. We wanted to find a way to
engage all of our students and make all of our students
feel that they were valued regardless
of their ability. And this is how
our cross-curricular projects started with Minecraft:
Education Edition. In our project, students
design, innovate, and create communities
that represent communities in our own country using
Minecraft: Education.>>When we mention
Minecraft to the students, they are already engaged. We have them hooked and
then the learning comes easy. And to quote one
of our students, David, “We are working together in
playing a game that we love, and that we have all
played as kids.”>>The gameplay of Minecraft: Education
Edition facilitates critical and creative
thinking that’s required for students to
collaborate to solve problems. So, on our project, students work together
to address the issues of sustainability and livability
in Canadian communities.>>These issues of
sustainability and livability resonate
well with our students. The content itself engages
students, because it deals with environmental
issues and stewardship. And many of our
students really care about the impact that they’re
making on this planet. This spans both of our
courses, so we were able to cover both curriculum
expectations with one major project. And to quote David again, “We really like that
we can focus on one project instead of
two separate ones.” So, the students were happy, but we were too, because
they were able to dig deeper and better understand the complexity
of these issues. The cross-curricular approach also demonstrated to students that problem solving’s never compartmentalized
according to subject area, and that many different
perspectives needed to be considered to solve
issues that we face today. By teaching science perspectives and geographical perspectives, students use different
lenses to really engage in the content and
create awesome final products. So, this is how we implemented
the project as teachers. The first thing
that we did was we took students and we placed
them into small groups. Each group was given a profile of a community that already
existed in Canada, but needed some improvement. Students were assigned what we’ve named an innovator role. This role included
science expectations as well as geography expectations
that focused on issues of sustainability
and livability. For example, one
student may explore sustainable agricultural
practices for science and then in
the same project, focus on urban planning
for geography, and then a second student
in the same group would focus on energy consumption
and production, and then sustainable
transportation. Before building in Minecraft:
Education Edition, students research
their communities, innovators apply
their research to redesign and improve
the community, and students realize
that this was a really important step because they understood
the more research that they did, the better they can implement
their design in Minecraft.>>So, when students have
redesigned their communities, they began to build
their version in Minecraft. And when all the communities were finished and they are built, students presented
their work and then reflected on the changes
that they made. So, let’s take a look at some of the builds that
our students have done. So, one of the focuses
for a lot of our students was looking
at agricultural practices. So, in the pictures
that you can see, a lot of our students focus
on building vertical farms, and it was a great connection between science and geography. One, they were
preserving land space. Two, it was a closed
ecosystem, so it required less water use and
less pesticide use as well, and it ultimately produced
higher agricultural yields. So, we’re gonna jump into one of the worlds that our
students created. So, in this particular build, we can see that their focus was on renewable energy sources… so, in particular,
solar and wind energy. With solar and wind energy, students had to be
responsible to figure out where is the best
location that will produce the most amount of energy production and be
also ecologically sensitive. Another issue that
this group took a look at was looking at a 20-minute commute
within the community. This is really important,
because students wanted to make sure
that all citizens within a 20-minute commute
of where they lived had easy access to schools, to jobs, to social services, where they could get to stores, and that was all within
a 20-minute commute. To do that, they needed to
make sure that they had accessible forms
of transportation. They needed to
ensure that they had bike paths and walking paths. What was really interesting
about this particular group, they also focused on the
social needs of the community, and they put in a lot of
co-housing options. One of the things that they
identified that was really important is that seniors were feeling left out of communities. So, what they wanted to
do is they wanted to have communities where seniors and all age groups were
living together in buildings, where they could share
their lives with each other, where they can help each other, and we thought that was a really great way that they looked at how to improve how people
live in our communities. Lastly, being in Canada, we have to deal with
the climate variations. So, this group also
took a look at building vertical farms, so
that they could have fresh food for
longer periods of time. Another challenge that
we face in our country is for people who are living
in our Arctic region, which is in the northern
region of our country. And we have real issues with food security which
is really about the accessibility of
nutritious and affordable food. So for this particular build, student made sure that
in each residence they had rooftop gardens so people could have
food all year round. They also had to address
the issue of climate change. So, they looked at what was happening with thawing permafrost, they looked at potential flooding because of rising sea levels. So, they wanted to design houses where those houses were
actually built on stilts, so that would address
those climate issues. So, here, in another world that we’re going
to take a look at, what we can see is that in
this particular community, their focus was a
little different. They wanted to increase residential density
because their idea was, let’s make sure that we preserve the green space that we have so we’ll make sure
that people are living in vertical villages. But to do that, not only did they have to
put in rooftop gardens, but they had
a great idea in terms of the social dynamics. They decided to create allotment gardens
throughout the community, and those allotment
gardens were to allow anyone who needed access to food to clearly go and harvest the food
that they needed. So, it would be fresh
and affordable and anyone in the community
could actually use it. And this was a way
that they can improve the quality of life for everyone. We’ve seen all kinds
of things within our communities and we’ve seen some really innovative
things as well. We’ve seen places where students have put
in motion sensors, so the street lights turn on and off as a person walks by them. The idea behind
this, students felt, was they wanted to improve
energy efficiency and they also wanted to make sure that
there was public safety. So, we saw some real
engaged students when they were
talking about how to critically and creatively fix some other problems in
some of our communities.>>Students directed
the vision of this project where we
never thought it would go. By letting go a little and letting the students
lead the way, the learning
environment started to become way more authentic. By demonstrating
flexibility and grit, we learned from our students and they were able
to learn from us. This is when we realized that Minecraft: Education Edition is way more than just a fun game. It’s a place where students
are able to collaborate.>>Negotiate.>>To fail.>>To code.>>To design.>>To redesign.>>To visualize.>>Ultimately to create. It’s these intangibles, as teachers, that we value the most. Watching our students grow in confidence after they’ve
created their vision, they become so invested
and engaged in their own learning that they don’t even realize
that they’re learning. We watched some of our students transform from not wanting to present in front
of their peers and they’re so introverted, to seeing them speak with passion and conviction and compassion. We see that they take
those ideas and we’ve heard them present them
in a formalized setting, and they presented
to IT professionals, they presented to
superintendents of education and
environmental engineers.>>Using Minecraft:
Education Edition has leveled the playing field for many of our students that
struggle academically. I will never forget
a moment in my class in the first year that we
implemented this project. A student that struggled with academics in the
traditional sense was given the task of making energy production more
sustainable in his city. He figured out a way
to represent how wind turbines could generate electricity and make things move. Essentially, he
created a generator in Minecraft using redstone. Once the students found
out that he could do this, he became our go-to
Minecraft expert in the class. He said, and I’ll never forget his response was, “I
can’t believe it. Nobody ever asks me for help in science class and now
everyone’s asking me. I never knew what
that felt like.” So, this dramatically increased his self-esteem and
self-worth in the classroom, and it really served
as a reminder to him and his classmates that everyone has strengths
to be shared. Sometimes they just
need to be given different opportunities
to do that.>>Minecraft: Education Edition, we thought, was just a
simple building tool. We had no idea
the impact that it will have on our classroom
social dynamics. We quickly realized
how wrong we were. My game changer moment
was when I saw how the chat function
improved one of my student’s ability
and who faces severe challenges with
social interactions. He had a challenge and he
came to me and he said, “I really want to do
this design in my community, but I don’t want to
talk to my group members,” and I said to
him as a typical teacher, “Go back to your group.” And he went back
to his group and I held my breath to see
what would happen and the chat function
popped up and in Minecraft and he typed, “I don’t feel comfortable
talking face to face, but here’s what I’d like to do, and here’s how I
think we can do it.” I waited for the reply and my students thankfully
didn’t disappoint. They said, “What an awesome idea! I didn’t know you had
the ability to do that.” I noticed at that moment, that’s when the group
dynamics shifted. This student now had a voice
that he didn’t have before. So, imagine the possibilities for students who have
exceptionalities, or students who are on
the autism spectrum. Minecraft: Education Edition
allows all students an equal entry point in the classroom to become
active participants. As a teacher, I want
all of my students to experience those successes
and feel valued. Working together at Minecraft allowed the other group members to value and appreciate the talents
of their fellow student.>>So, if this sounds
like something that you would like to
bring into your classroom, here are some tips that we have. Firstly, you do not
need to be an expert in Minecraft to implement
Minecraft into your classroom. Allow yourself to learn
with the students. They’re the experts.
This is a reminder that the best part of
teaching is that we get to learn every day
alongside them. Here’s a prime example of us
learning with our students. Our students wanted to take
what they built in Minecraft, export it, and then 3D print it, and we had never
done that before. So, here you can see
our first adventure. This is a house that’s
missing part of its roof. For us, this was
a great lesson in engineering, reconsidering
structural supports, and a lesson in patience
for our students and our teacher librarian who helped us on our 3D print journey. We started with a print time of 12 hours and then we
tinkered and tinkered, and we finally got down to
about a two-hour print time.>>So, next, reach out
to other educators, Microsoft Innovator Educators and Experts, Minecraft: Education
Edition Mentors. For us, this is how it changed the nature of our
projects because we realize now we had a community of people that we could
go and ask questions, we could seek advice, and share common experiences. Within this group of people, there’s a wealth of knowledge. They share lessons, they
share their own projects, they share their roles, and it’s an amazing
opportunity to connect and see what other people are
doing across the globe.>>Lastly, persevere. Things will never go
according to your plan, but sometimes that’s
the best thing for learning. This is where we’ve
seen the most gains. The feedback from
students and people that have interacted with
our classes has been amazing, and Minecraft: Education
Edition has opened the door to this learning, and
student engagement. So, our classroom has
gone from this place of, “Oh, Miss, we already learned
this in another class Do we really need
to do this again?” to, “Can we learn how to do
this?” It’s been great.>>So, this is all
possible, because Minecraft: Education
Edition provides students with a hook and a place where they can bring
their ideas to life. We can’t wait to see where
the next iteration of our project will take us
in Minecraft: Education Edition.>>Thank you guys. So nice. Oh, my gosh. I kid you not. I’m standing over there and when you told me the story of – I may get all teary again – You told me the story of
the student who’s failing and struggling to learn and finally felt valued
and appreciated. You all have those kids in
your class. I know I did. I get teary when I
think about that. This is when I’m talking about teachers being changemakers. This is huge and
you’ve absolutely changed the life of
every one of your students. So, let’s give them
a big round of applause again. Super excited. All right. So, for those of you
watching online, we’re going to bring Heather and Raff back and the rest of our teachers for
a live Q&A session. So, if you have
any questions for them, put it in the comments section
now of Facebook Live, and we’ll come back and bring those out
for them to answer. All right. Now, for
also all of you online, Minecraft seems sometimes like
you don’t even know where to begin, because most teachers really have never
played Minecraft. So, I wanted to show you. We’ve put together a bunch
of resources for you tied to all the speakers you’re
going to hear today on what you can do
to get started. So, if you were inspired
by Heather and Raff, and their project they did, and you want to know
how to get started, go to our speaker page, the URL is on the screen for you. At the bottom of
our speaker page, we have put together all kinds of resources
to get you started. So, in the Computer Science STEM and Minecraft: Education
Edition section, you’ll see, and where I
really suggest you start, is our Minecraft Journey
series of courses. It’s 10 courses and they’re there to get you from how to install
it, how to get started, all the way through projects like Raff and Heather were doing, and even to how to use Code
Connector and bring that in. So, definitely, check
out these resources, dig in and that will
get you up and going.

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gonna be for power simulator it’s been a popular game recently so this script
will help you auto-5 all your stats and stuff so let’s get on with it first you
want to join the game and of course you need a script executor um
let’s turn this down I’m gonna be using synapse which is $20 I’ll put a link in
the description where you could purchase it I think other script executors work
but paid ones work the best I will also put the download link to the
script in the description below as well so
what you want to do first is joyed the game then open your script executors
fear synapse and click attach so then Jackson here it’s already
attached let’s execute it and as you can see I’m not doing anything I’m not
moving or anything but all my stats are going up as you can see the source with
the quests as well so as you can see in stats they are going up and they will
save as you see they’re slowly increasing I think you can upgrade them
with coins so you can get more but yeah at least you don’t have to like keep on
smashing your keyboard to farm all this what else does this guy want so I’m
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