World’s Strongest Laser | Overtime 5 | Dude Perfect

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Overtime. Did you guys notice anything
different about my signature move there? You spun the other
way, didn’t you? I did– first time
to spin right. Well, we have an extra special
episode for you guys today. Make sure you stay
tuned till the very end because we are giving away
our brand new Dude Perfect basketball. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. No, we haven’t started yet. Now, it starts. You guys are going to
make me look silly. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading
on to Overtime. You guys want to know an extra
cool fact about this episode? You’re going to
tell us either way. I don’t know if you knew this
or not, but if you take your mic and you turn it upside
down, all of a sudden your voice becomes super deep. Oh wow. Yeah. That’s amazing. And then, if you turn it to
the right, it goes helium mode. OK, whew, it feels good
to be back to normal. OK, let’s dive right
into the first segment, and a brand new one at that– Awkward Situations. Awkward. All right, here’s how
it’s going to work. Typically, you walk into the
front door of our office, and it’s a lobby. Today, you walk into the
front door of our office, and you walk into an
occupied bathroom. Awkward. OK, what do you guys
say we head downstairs? Here we go. We’re in the middle of filming
the third season of our TV show, and there’s a new
girl who’s about to walk in. This is her first day. Welcome to the office. Oh, man. Oh, I feel bad. Oh, sorry. I’m so confused. Is that Tyler? Why would you put a
bathroom on an entrance? Codes, how you feeling? Sitting on a toilet. He’s such a weirdo. Oh, sorry. I just need a minute. That got awkward. Come on in. I need my food,
if you don’t mind. If you’re not worried
about it, then I’m not. OK. Take care, buddy. Oh, this is good. Oh, sorry. Hey, sorry– this
door is broken. Oh, it’s broken? But that other one should
work– to your left. OK. Oh, sorry, man. Somebody’s in here. So what went through your
head when you opened the door? This is not the right door. I feel like you could almost
smell the awkward in there. Well, now it is time to head
to everybody’s– but mainly Cory’s– least
favorite segment– Wheel Unfortunate. So for those of you
following along at home, you may recall that Cory
has been selected randomly for the last three
Wheel Unfortunates. That is unfortunate. That is very unfortunate. Poor kid. Let’s make it four, baby. So, in fairness to Cory–
who no longer trusts us– we’ve decided to
mix up the mojo, and we’re going to
bring in a guest picker. OK? Calling in to help us out,
one of the best football players in the game– Rob Gronkowski. Let’s go. What’s up, Gronk? What up, dudes? All right, Gronk, we know
you’re busy with football and the cool new Good
Rewards Charity Campaign from Honey Nut Cheerios, so
we appreciate your doing this. Yeah, man, I’m
definitely busy, but I’m excited to be here to
help you guys out today, especially you, Cory. Thank you, Gronk. I appreciate it. All right, Gronk, we’ve
got a bowl in front of you that’s got all five
of our names in it. We need you to
pick one name out, and that is the person that will
be spinning Wheel Unfortunate. OK, here we go. Not me. You guys ready? I can’t look. Barely. We have– Garrett. Love this game show. Gronk, great job. You definitely helped Cory out. I’m sure he’s very appreciative. If you’re ever in Dallas, and
you want to stop and hang out, let us know. Appreciate it, man. Sounds like fun. Oh, by the way, Ned Forrester? I’m a huge fan. Nice. All right. I’m sure he’ll be
happy to hear that. Thanks, Gronk. Rob Gronkowski, everybody. Hey, Garrett Hilbert, everybody. Hey, Garrett. Hey, come on. I just don’t understand
why we changed what was working for us. Whoa, Rob, that’s some high
praise coming from you. I’m gonna have to power
through this one, eh? Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m Ned Forrester, and it is stupendous to
be here with you today on the set of the greatest
game show in all the lands. I just got word that we were
nominated for the greatest game show posted online
on Monday afternoon. So, truly, from the bottom of
my heart, thank you very much. It means a lot. We have got a great
show for you today. A special guest– I actually
got word, it’s not Corey– ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together for Garrett Hilbert. For being a first timer
on the show, here you go. Also, for being a first timer,
have a little Ned Forrester golden boy. How about that? I have four of these. Well, then, I’m sure a
sixth one couldn’t hurt. You still not satisfied? Really? Goodness gracious,
you need another one? What’s it gonna take to
put a smile on your face? Do not say, you need
another one, Gar? Come on now. This is plenty. This completes my collection. That’s enough? Can’t get enough of that– Let’s just get this over with. Don’t ever do that again. Here, hold my mic, please. OK. Ned, is that chest hair natural? The chest hair is not natural. The regular hair is natural. Hey, you know what
I just realized? A couple of redheaded
brothers here. I am very sorry about that. Kids, that is why you
don’t use too much hair gel in seventh and eighth grade. Careful with that stuff. All right, Gar, spin that wheel. That’s a good spin, Gar. Well, good news– you’re
not gonna have to get frosted tips, because
that could be awkward. But you will have to
run a mile as a mascot. All right, Gar. Am I literally going to have to
put a mascot costume on and run a mile? That is what it says, Gar. Why don’t you join me in
saying, That’s unfortunate. That’s Ned–
signing off for now. All right, Gar. We are exactly one
mile from the office. I hope you know how to get back. You didn’t tell me this
was going to be in public. All right, so just take off? Yeah, see ya. Hey, there’s another
runner– look. How’s it going, man? Oh, he smiles. Absolutely embarrassing. [CAR HORN] How’s it going? Oh, I’ve got to catch
up to my buddy up there. Hold on. Hey, you won’t pass him. It’s not sprint a mile. He’s flying. Show him how it’s done, Wizard. Go, Garrett, go. Oh, yes. It’s a good pass, good pass. Dude, look at the
mutual respect there. Look at Gary go. Well done, Gary. Dude, that looks amazing. It’s not everyday you get
passed by a wizard, you know? Dude, this is the best
consequence of all time. Oh, man. I think I see a wizard hat. I see the tip of a wizard hat
bouncing over the vehicles. Garrett. There he is. Finish strong. There it is. Oh, I see how that works. I passed a guy though. I saw that, yeah. We saw that. That was nice. All right, Gar, how was your
first time at the Wheel? Sweaty. Nice. I did enjoy running
past that jogger though. That was amazing. That was a good time. That kind of boosted the
confidence a little bit. A special thanks to
Honey Nut Cheerios and Gronk for helping us out
with this segment of Wheel Unfortunate. Make sure you click the
link in the description below to support Team
Gronk and find out more about the Good Rewards Program. All right, coming up next– Cool, Not Cool. Who should start us off
in this Cool, Not Cool? I’ll start us off. Man, I’ve been working on it. I want to introduce you guys
to the air-conditioned jacket. You might be
saying, it’s summer. Why wear a jacket? Does it blow up? Oh, he’s inflating. Wow. I’m telling you right now–
my body temperature just dropped five degrees. Can I feel the jacket? Oh, yeah. Feel the air coming
out of there. Oh, wow, that is a lot of air. Hey, I’ll give it to you. I already gave it to him. I like it. I would say, another plus
is, dude, you look jack. Could you sleep in it? Oh, yeah– on your
side or something. Because you can sleep in it– OK. I was going to go
green, initially, but I did make a rule, a long
time ago, that I would never wear zip-off pants or jackets. Oh, that hurts. It wasn’t easy. I’m sorry, folks are home. Moving right along– Coby, would you like to go next? We’ll just go down the line. Today, I have a
bucket of sunglasses. You’re going to need
to put these on. Why? Gentlemen, I proudly present
the world’s strongest handheld laser. Oh my goodness. It is certainly bright– very, very bright,
very, very dangerous. Sunglasses feel
like a good choice. Cody, you will find underneath
the desk two balloons that I have placed there
for this demonstration. Cody, please hold the
balloon in front of you. I’m kind of nervous of– OK, are you ready? What’s going to happen? Oh, oh, man. No. That, ladies and
gentlemen, is not magic. That is the world’s
strongest handheld laser. Here we go. If this pops, I am super cool. OK, all right. Ty, you will find under
your chair a box of matches. No way. No way. I think we all know where
we’re headed with this. Sorry. Safety. All right. Ty, are you set? Are you moving? I need you to be still. I’m still. OK. No way. I rest my case. Thank you. Coby Cotton, you have just
erased a lifetime of poor Cool, Not Cool decisions. Is that your first
super cool product? It’s got to be. Absolutely. It’s got to be. I’m afraid my item is not– I’m not going to say it’s
not got super cool potential, but it’s not like
world’s-strongest-handheld-laser potential. My newest fashion in footwear– fish flops. OK, I want you to feast
your eyes on this footwear. OK? Why would you buy those? You know what– being a
fellow fisherman, I’m going– Wow, I’m going to be honest. I did not see that coming. OK, I was setting
myself up for failure. Well, I’m going to go
ahead and slap my answer. Yeah, you don’t
have to rub it in. This company went
above and beyond, and they put fish eyes on
the backside of the sandal. Because of the
attention to detail– –green. Yes. Wow. You all have lost your minds. Thank you, Cory. Well, thank goodness
I get to follow that. My cool thing for today– The Dude Perfect backpack. — comes inside the
Dude Perfect back pack. Raise your hand if you had a
rubber band gun growing up. Of course I did. You’ll love– fully
automatic rubber band gun. No way. Check that out. Fully automatic– there’s
a little iron sight. It’s so much better
than I thought. What do you say? I’m going to do
this thing again. Can I shoot it one time? It probably took me 30 minutes
just to put these bands on. 30 minutes to reload? It’s really an hour– Wait, did you cool
my fish flops? I did. I did. No, I did. Did you? You already voted. You can’t unvote. No, I did. Remember, I love
largemouth bass. Too late, already decided. Are you all ready to
end on a good note? I am. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d
like to introduce you– It’s a bazooka. Yes, yes. This not only shoots amazing
rings that you can see, but it’s got power. No way. Go. Rapid fire rings Rapid fire rings. No way. Can we all, at the same time– three, two, one– Well done, Cory. Thanks, guys. Thank you. Very nice. Cool, Not Cool has
gone to the next level. All right, it is time to
head to the next segment– a brand new one at that– Wives Versus Chad. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the long-awaited series Wives Versus Chad. Wives, it is great to have you. Please, join us in welcoming
Allison Jones, Amy Cotton, and Bethany Toney, for the
first time on the Overtime set. Of course, as you
all know and love, one of our all-star
editors, Chad Terrell. Big round of applause
for Chad there. That’s awesome. It’s great to have you guys. Today, on Wives
Versus Chad, we’ve decided to have a little
sports trivia segment. How about we get a little
background on each contestant? Sports could disappear tomorrow,
and I would have no idea. Once, I even played
fantasy football. My parents did
everything for me, but I ended up getting second. I have two kids and
no time for sports. For an interview with
DP, they asked me how much I liked sports
on a scale of 1 to 10. I said, six. That was a lie. It’s more like a two. And ladies and gentlemen,
those are the contestants today on Wives Versus Chad. What do you guys say we dive
into a little sports trivia? How many runs are
in a grand slam? Is this football? It’s baseball. It’s baseball. This is baseball. Well, there’s four bases. Oh, gosh Girls? What is your final answer? Four. Chad? I answered way too fast. OK, the correct answer is four. Congratulations, girls. You are going to learn
pretty quick here that the points don’t
matter, and we’re just having a little fun. So, next question– how many
points is a safety worth? I think it’s either
two, one, or six. Girls, how many
points is a safety? Two. All right, all around. Very nice. OK, next question–
what is a double double? Chad seems pretty
happy with his answer. Chad, what did you say
a double double is? A burger at In-and-Out. Half a point to Chad. Well done. Very nice. Name one current
baseball player. No chance. I say we move on, Chad. How about you? OK, all right. Ladies, please explain
to me second and five. Two are down, two
people have fallen. No, not people. Two plays down,
five yards to go. Down, like, they’re done. I’m going to give it to them. All right, OK. Here we go. Here’s another person question. Who is Lamar Odom? He was married to a Kardashian. Yeah, basketball. Chad, let’s start with you. Who is Lamar Odom? Sports player. I like it. Very nice. Girls, who is Lamar Odom? He played for the LA Lakers– Then, he got in trouble. –got in trouble, went to
Dallas for like a season– Oh, he did– –didn’t do great. He did. He didn’t do great. I am blown away by
the talent level here at Wives Versus Chad. We are headed to the final
round, the lightning round. I will ask a question,
you buzz in at any moment that you feel led to, and
shout out your answer. Name four positions in baseball. Amy– she’s a baseball wizard. Hitter, first base,
left field, catcher. What a way to get
there, but she does it. What is the mascot of
the Oakland Raiders? A raider? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Chad– seeing through the
trick question– well done. And we will end it on this– a wrist shot would commonly
be found in what sport? Basketball. Incorrect. What? Frisbee. No. Keep buzzing in. Yes? Soccer. No. Yes? Football. No. Yes? Golf? No. Tennis. No. Lacrosse. No. Man. Is there any other sport? Yes, there is. Oh, oh, hockey. Yes. Well done, girls and Chad. Very nice. So who won? The real winner was learning. Knowledge was the
real winner today. We are proud of you guys. We love you dearly. Thank you for being participants
on Wives Versus Chad. Thank you very much. We’ll see you next time. That was enjoyable. Oh, man. OK, well, last but not
least, it’s give away time. If you are a subscriber,
and you share this video, we will be picking 10 of you
to give away the brand new Dude Perfect basketball. There it is. Congratulations to the winners
from last time’s giveaway. Here they are. Nice, congrats. I’m still in the running
to get my free basketball. We’ll see, we’ll see, Gar. All right, if you want to buy
a basketball for yourself, click right here. If you want to see the last
video, click down here. Signing off for now– we’ll see you next time
on Overtime all the time. Oh, fake mic. Oh, fake mic.

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new video. Special thanks to our
friends at PUBG Mobile for making this video possible. Click right here
if you want to play the mobile game for yourself. If you want to see some more
DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

*Whir of bearings * Oh, she’s humming! She’s ready to let loose. This is the Spin Bender Shot. LETS GOOOO! Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re Dude Perfect welcome to fidget spinner trick shots! Here we go! This is the Spinning Ninja Star sticker! Lets Go! Whooo! The Long Blue Weird One vs. The Dollar Sign. *Cha-ching* FIGHT! Golden Snitch vs. Rainbow Trout! FIGHT! TKO! This is the spinning bounce to a buddy shot! This is the blow dart spin shot. Ladies and gentlemen this is the Ten Spin Tower. Got to start with a solid foundation. Ahhhhh The Golden Beauty. And of course to finish it off: The Purple Hoser. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ten Spin Tower! What a beaut! This is the super-speed-spinning-spinner-strike-slamin’-smash shot! Here we go! I say we call that good. Hey, and also if you get too sweaty from sitting Indian-style too long use one of these to clean out your pits This is the Ninja Star Skeet Smasher. The Golden Beauty vs. The Dance Party! FIGHT! OFF THE TABLE! Ninja Star of Catastrophe vs. DP. 3 hour minimum spin time. (Only if you set it next to an aircraft). OFF THE TABLE! Get that weak stuff out of here! This is The Twin Toss! Got a little game for you guys. Comment below and let us know if this is the high to low or the low to high? Here we go Experienced ninjas only. This is the Kick Spin. Cory, launch me. (Cory): Gotcha. This is the Ninja Star Balcony Bottle Blaster! Nice, the bottle got blasted This is the super tall transfer toss. Coming up Cory. (Cory): Send it. What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here because you don’t want to miss our next video Beach stereotypes It’s going to be a good one also If you want your very own DP spinner click over here if you want to see the last video click over here Signing off for now Spin it and buy it. I’m just kidding you can if you want. We’re kind of over it. Pound it! Noggin! Later!

Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Cody: Ty, You got a package Cody: Tomato me. Ty: Gotcha. Cody: Thank you, sir. Ty: Yep. Cody: It kinda smells in here. I’m gonna light a candle. Cody: Hey Cor, don’t forget to take your vitamin. Chad: Codes, can you throw this away? Cody: I got ya Ty: Cake me. Thank you. Ty: One more. Cody: Delivery! Ty: We’ve got a hat rack for a reason. Cory: Hey, T. You forgot your backpack. Ty: Oh, my bad. Hit me. Thanks. Ty: Yep Cody: Hey, Gar, try this new game. Cody: Alright, I’m taking off. Ty: Alright. Hey, it’s cold out there. Cody: Delivery! Oh, damn What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Kay Jewelers for making this whole video possible. If you guys want to win Valentine’s day go to Kay or click here. They have all kinds of can’t-miss gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Also, if you want to check out our brand new series “Overtime”, click right here. Signin’ off for now. Pound it, noggin. See ya.

NERF Build Your Blaster: ROCKET Challenge!

are you putting darts on your fingers are you stupid idiot it's the rocket challenge man stop screwing around rocket challenge that's right pick your blaster man we have to mod the blasters rocket blaster yeah and then we we just like customize it and then you know what we're gonna do then what we're gonna have a rocket shooting challenge for accuracy I'm gonna win this time guys Danny's was feeling goo Danny's lost every time those aren't rockets though all right what do you have what do you have no first thing you have to do is pick your blaster demolish ah wait a second wait a second that what's wrong i I wanted that you want it that you wanted to see I just that's the only one that shoots rockets changing the stock I don't like the stock you know why because I need my stock to hold some locates where can I use with that on hey wait what are you doing what are you doing what do you mean you picked up your blaster I picked my blaster then we do this customization stuff you know why you already started keep going keep going keep going so this is the stock I'm definitely going to use wise it holds two extra rockets I'm putting on this barrel attachment check it out dudes check it out wait a second wait hang on we're shooting rockets yeah I need this on there because of the part two because there's another attachment I'm gonna put on my rocket whoa this isn't fair I don't get all this stuff nice stock there buddy I need more rockets come on man this isn't fair it's just the way it is guys this is not cool Danny's taking everything we're just gonna pop this on and we're good to go right there okay that's what we're gonna do got my blaster who's gonna be done dude okay guys look at all this stuff Danny has on this on this blaster here but you know what in the end he's gonna lose so what matters it won't matter for Alaska jeez Tommy's here you took the water rocket blast he's a little bit shook up but doesn't know where to go with the UH yeah you gonna take down the part now yeah this is a rock class but we can't use the same thing that's how these challenges work we have two big different right different blasters took the demolisher you gotta take that stock off man all right get it off well first of all take the back off you have a whole bunch of knives up there man whoa guys whoa we have throwing knives oh yeah that's the new addition to the wall guys throwing knives click like if you want us to do a knife-throwing contest in a future video cuz you gotta sharpen your throwing knives man oh yeah there you go the rocket blaster that I have is just oh just that yeah it's a stock attachment let me show you again hold on man hold on I got all of this but hold on sorry little blah I'm gonna give you an idea why the da stock came with this blaster so you can kind of hook it up make it look decent adding weight this is true this is true I'd have better accuracy just doing like this you got a little rail up top there you can do something to that alright we're gonna add a sight take that big sight man you're gonna love it this one that one that's too heavy man alright on and see you these two have you ever looked through it look through it hey where's the on button you like it no yeah yeah you know what what I'm gonna tape some throwing knives to it that's what I'm gonna do duct tape guys Danny's blaster fell apart when he brought it upstairs now he has to screw it together what an idiot – dude this is a bad sign man I'm pretty sure this is a sign you're gonna lose the challenge what do you think here we go now we're good to go now you're a whoa is this a thumbnail might be there's an idea well let's see I don't know if YouTube allows us to shoot right into the camera so just show us – dangerous that's too dangerous you know you're out of focus so that can't be a thumbnail okay that's the problem where's the duct tape man Oh got some oh dude it's white it matches my blaster why don't light he's duct-taping throwing knives that's right dude – is here's a thing what happens when you run out of Rockets especially with this one this guy's not gonna run out for a while I have one rocket what happen when I run out of rockets clearly I need a backup weapon or in this case several old backup weapons dude whoa check it out is the first one look at that how come nerf doesn't make attachments like this check that out that looks scary and kind of crazy a short-range melee weapon Wow Wow hey let me ask something on a scale of one to five how much do you love duct tape you probably has it I'm surprised you don't have in your pockets in your jacket all right I'm like a little to go package Wow Wow more on the bottom Wow all right what's the challenge talk to me what's it what's the challenge what would I do listen do not try this at home because just trying to load it you could stab yourself this is leave this to the professionals man that's right the pros you just got a tune in here and watch the videos that's it Wow all right what we got to do do it do you remember the target we had from the previous video uh-huh this one oh yes all right the one I lost just I remember it well into a box that's right all right the keys we'll shoot from an angle over here from there Rob here how many Rockets how many Rockets you know what talk to me I'll leave that up to you all right let's do it do three three let's go all right done who's going first oh that's what sucks when you keep losing you got to go first man right here grab the camera guys here's Danny with his huge custom blaster with like $500 worth of attachments let's see how much that's worth 250 oh but it's a bit to the heavy side so I don't know how this is gonna work out all right so he's got a shoot from here and try to get it into there and remember he gets five rockets three three rockets no three let's go shoot idiot okay stop what did you hit this ceiling Wow Wow dude you your aim gets worse by the wig okay sure buddy oh dude you can't lean over it or anything is there yeah that's fine number two number two I'm gonna back up so they can see how bad was it was it that close really no you're not go we're waiting don't keep the audience waiting idiot okay that's great but your aim sucks oh who cares alright last one last one right now he has zero the pressure is on and he is not good with hey hey hey hey hey dude he was practically on the other side relax back it up cheater hey guys he's leaning look how much lean all right let's go let's do this ready go Wow Wow Oh four three oh four three your aim is awful how do you feel about yourself right now two hundred fifty dollars and five cents worth of aim he's locked and loaded all right be careful with that all right I'm gonna set it up here do it you ready I'm ready but still didn't get it in eight I was oh four two right this is the last one dudes the last one doesn't matter man by Amos so much zero zero go back and see how Danny hit the ceiling and my hit fill the box maybe that's my first to hit right here y'all dude they but you still didn't get most the point to get it in so my aim is better no you know what you changing your challenge now man I had one close to good night dude Rocky's are practically grenades mission accomplished guys make sure to subscribe are we done yeah we got mo but we got more you've gotta help me sell my car we still haven't done that oh yeah good weeks just do it guys we gotta go come on yeah let's do it main rule with any kind of car do you want to sell you want to wash it want to clean it I don't know why we gotta wash this car looks pretty clean to me man man look there's stuff on the floor here the this dirt everywhere so this character dude this look at this dude's got clean that man we don't go through a car wash so let's go do that for this car washes aren't free dummy I'll chip in for Carlos all right okay happen like that you're paying at least 90% anybody wants to buy this car let me know in the comments below I'll give you a good price and I'll the subscriber special I'll even autograph it right here give me a what is your price point they gonna sell this car for what are you looking at it's good what is he looking at its girl oh my god it just hit 130,000 Columbus look hey guys it just hit it can you guys see this is a monumentous occasion let's see alright so what's the price you know once you got a disguise – no that's not miles that's kilometres it's less than miles kids this is like 90,000 miles that's very low you should be very lucky what's the year end up with this what's the earnest again do this in 97 97 dudes it's practically brand-new Wow alright so what are you gonna sign for what are you actually what are you thinking you want to snuggle I don't know 10 grand 10 grand 10 grand I think this was new 10 grand but anyways that's quite a bit I mean it's pretty mint it's pretty men what do you think I can get for it maybe 9 maybe a grand I know you want me to sell that's are you looking at you want me to sell the official tommy-gun vehicle maybe a grand with an autograph like if you put an autograph on there maybe it gets good stuff for that otherwise you're looking at under net but we can't put your autograph on it or it's gonna lower the value here we go we got ourselves it takes a dollar two dollars whatever you put money there but here's the thing you only get a certain amount of time for the amount of money put it under the clock yeah so you put in a dollar you probably have like two minutes I don't know the one token three minutes and 45 oh so he's got he's got three minutes to wash this card cuz I know he wants to use just one token I'm sure oh yeah yeah I usually go through like two or three tokens for token no there's no half a token I think it's best if you do it oh my gosh we have to send in the specialist since we're under the card you got to do it oh oh this oh this is true I am a specialist I was able to do this back in the day with one token wash the whole car there's a lot of pressure on you have our car wash tell we only had enough money for one that means we have three minutes and 45 seconds for him to watch this entire car there's no way he's gonna do it I could do it man I can do it if you have to focus on any part of the car go for the bird poop we got to get that off that's not gonna be the burger booth we want to get rid of that I'm nervous I don't know if I can do this you could you guys I don't think it's gonna do it here he is guys I think the clock starts now I'm gonna prepare I want the soap bread gotta be on the soap set it you gotta be on the soap set I'd be on the sore it up you don't want to be on the foam brush you wanna be so definitely not the boy it's going in 345 oh my god he just sprayed himself he just sprayed himself he's got to be quick you got to get the part Pope Danny did you get the bird poop you got to get the bird poop wet so now we switch to foam brush foam we got to get the foam brush hurry up Danny did you change you got to change the time oh oh thank you guys I just helped him otherwise it would have been screwed we would have been screwed guys we're gonna call this the carwash challenge and we challenge other youtubers to wash their car in 3:45 I'm gonna check the time two minutes and 40 seconds go go go bird poop you got to get the bird poop did you get the bumpers they're kind of dirty man here we go cool okay the backs done let's do this I hear uh-huh Danny we're down to 215 oh you got a hurry front bumper front bumper I think we've got to go to the next next setting lakhs alright we're on the wax setting you have 1 minute and 45 seconds god man you're gonna run out of time and we don't have money I'm gonna have to take pictures with foam all over the car like an idiot 130 130 can you have 90 seconds we got to get to rinse I don't know if we have time to wax I don't know if we have waxing time Danny oh my god you're pushing your luck Danny Boy one minute one minute one minute one minute Go Go Go Go Go rinse man rinse rinse we are on rinse you have 37 seconds in the car is full of Sun hurry there are Suns everywhere you idiot we have 20 seconds 20 seconds how about the other side get the other side now you sprayed me did you get the front oh no oh no guys guys look at the suds don't look at my license plate look at this suds I can't sell it like this I can't sell like this Danny Danny is such a sucker he just washed my car for me any paid for it ha ha he fell for it he fell for it guys I mean there's suds all over the car what did you make we wash the outside of the car now you just go to the inside and we're set to go man that's it you put on sale so I start thank you what is this uh are you serious you have this in here the whole time can you put that just put that back in yes yes you might want to lower it turning I'm surprised anyone else to see this let's turn off the camera you

NERF Build Your Blaster: SNIPER Challenge!

get off your phone idiot we're doing a vlog pick a sniper rifle for today's challenge sniper challenge that's right dude sniper challenge to kind of think about how your aim is so bad that you're guaranteed to lose this today oh please all right sniper rifle I want this one can I get this one no don't give away what's happening later in the episode dude just don't touch it that's all I'm saying Centurion where is that sniper right why I see you here I don't know man this is your nerd room you think I play around in here Wow is this a secret doorway guys this is an exclusive exclusive sneak peek Oh dudes we got a double sided Arsenal holy cow it's pretty dark back dude whoa bring it out into the light man get out into the light Danny Boy whoa whoa whoa whoa hang on I think I want that wine what do I want to say about this boss in the past remember we had problems with this thing fired and stuff oh yeah oh that's true but Danny Danny yeah what is the number one rule of the build your blaster challenge the rule is when you take it off the wall you can't put it back you got to use it oh all right well this is my blaster and this thing fires all right my turn here we go I told me oh we got to that do these guys know we were just on TV oh yeah we're like real-life televisions right if you miss the back whole deal the episode is online not on our channel it's on the Discovery Channel you all right kind of big you know what I'm saying you guys check that out for sure don't go check out now though you know we're about to us like a challenge building blasters man yeah yeah just just relax all right Wow let's see what blaster you gonna pick for your sniper whoa Wow Raptor strike Raptor strike let me tell you something these supposedly Accu strike blasters rang I've let us down in the past yeah the aim was never any better in our experience they stopped by duh you know that's what I'm gonna go away like many nerf guns around here's that suck but yeah whatever anyways all of them so that's your go-to weapon yeah you know what the problem is so what's the problem this thing is that this is your build build the blaster challenge build your blaster challenge right which means you got puts up on it you think a I dunno it's got nothing real that's why nerve sucks why would they design this with no rails or anything I need to put aside okay let's come up with a whole bunch of attachments but then we're gonna make guns that you can't really put those attachments on to Wow smart these people are so smart man but but I will honor the first rule of the build your blaster challenge which is do not take anything dudes I'm so curious to see how he's gonna mod this thing now I'm really curious because this thing is almost you can't mod it pretty much but let's see well Danny we always have a duct tape all right pick your attachments man put it back it's a secret doorway nobody can know about this hey guys if you're watching don't tell anybody this this is very private this has been private here's the attachments wall [Applause] here's the attachments wall now sniper white wall first roads I need to have a little click for a maganet otherwise I can't shoot anything is this is really the only one that I can use I can't believe in the other ones that thing's empty dude thanks thanks for that Wow hey dummy all right can we do that later yes I mean this does not make for exciting television let's go alright I can attach a bag come on I need a scope I need a nice wide oh no scope Susan wall what's going on here man this is the one I want this why is that night find your technology dudes all of the modulus scope I don't know if this thing things batteries I'm gonna have to see you I remember making fun of that thing in a previous video oh great this isn't fair man you got all these tactical rails and I got nothing this Wow good job because yeah wrong side dummy I need to have a fear factor element to this sniper rifle so what am I gonna do hang on stop stop a fear factor do you know how snappers worked I mean you don't see them you don't see a sniper you feel them it just needs to be stealthy guys Danny's the type of sniper that likes to be seen what an idiot hey guys look at me over here everybody after we're done setting these up we're gonna have a shooting challenge a sniper shooting challenge so hang in there for that alright you don't need to post that's okay no you can stop Tommy you already goes here's the thing this has this built in I guess scope thing can you check this out yeah now this this is completely useless this is too it's literally just a piece of plastic sucks with some marks on it it's just for show it doesn't actually it doesn't magnify or anything so that's dumb I need a scope I'm a frickin snag right here so uh let's see are you gonna be able to put a snook scope on that with a power of duct tape aha anything – anything there duct tape upstairs yeah guys I'm gonna have to build my blaster upstairs so right now we just have to get the parts so check it out you know which way that's supposed to be this way yeah yeah that's right that's right you're right we got that get up next here's the thing here's the thing with a sniper you got your target and your hidden huh okay you take your shot if for some reason you missed I never would I'm just saying your location is now No whoa sniper let's go get up right so what are you gonna do then this is no good at close range so now I need a little backup Wow you know what I mean you're gonna see an enemy lines I'm gonna duct it all the way interesting you're stuck behind enemy lines you just missed your shot you gave away your position what are you gonna do a little stab you stab me actually ow dude I can't wait for this I can't wait for this job because I feel like I'm gonna win I feel like I'm gonna win this time what yeah I have a good feeling about it but your aim sucks I know but I have a good feeling by today there's no win in the house they usually win in the house and then the darts ricochet and I'm just really pumped to get to the challenge let's do it man let's go I'm pumped to Matt's gonna set this together yeah and do it let's do it let's see what he's gonna do here dudes Wow you know what this calls boys and girls this is called Manby or just a dangerous weapon don't do this at home dudes this is only left to professionals like this guy over there I've lit bit nerve we put in what machete attachment rails guys in the comments below communal good job oh my blade dad don't chip my blade you drop this on me and I swear to god Danny I swear to god Danny I'm holding a friggin knife and a friggin Cameron the other hand won't strength don't let go yeah hold it right here man guys Danny doesn't understand the complexities of war okay if you're a sniper you missed your shot you were in trouble it's got a real don't here did you just tape over the real yeah you might not be able to use this bipod that crap good we just duct tape that too man oh I need to umph to close this thing is dangerous wow this thing is something right now guys I cannot emphasize this enough do not try this at home nope do not try this at your friend's home don't try anybody's idea and try it ever he's duct taping to scope Wow look at this thing this is gonna be a thumbnail again I think so it's pretty cool no should we do it now sure dude good whoa oh wow this can fit into the frame here we go there kind of like this you turn it down though yeah yeah yeah that's the one Wow I mean just make sure it's focused look at this dude look at this guy epic now before we get to the challenge I want to show you guys the Accu strike darts because they are different all right dude careful this thing's so dangerous this is the active strike ammo I don't know who to look at that in there look that guy's Danny tried to say I had nothing just bust be yourself and is it all know then you're stop talking guys the Accu strike guns are made to work with a cue strike darts and this guy tried to sabotage my job I did none of that and okay so where's the dart law that you need be able to do that hopefully you just have a part of a cue strike cars just sitting here for no reason yeah well there's darts everywhere it's not like I did throw any of this stuff either oh sure all right just load it up let's see so much I need a straight one that's not straight how many do we need what's the challenge the explain the challenge what are we gonna do I'm glad you asked all right let's do this talk to me he needs a straight dart which means probably just one there are no straight ones that's right do you know why I need one why because in this challenge you only get one shot oh snap do you know why why I explained this earlier downstairs as a sniper you got one shot to make it or you're dead because when you take that shot if you miss they heard you a bullet just blew up next to their head and look holy crap take cover you gonna get the hell out of there you got to get out of there you lost your shell see I dig so I'm not gonna give you five chances one chance all right so we're gonna shoot we're shooting cups we had go shoot some cups oh boy there's no way these blasters are gonna be able to hit that cup that far I'm telling you right now even though it's indoors there isn't any other obstacles ah this is not gonna be that easy are you saying I'll blame it on on the blaster I'm blaming it on are you saying you're giving up right now no I'm not giving out right now I'm just saying that you can make it from here yes I'm not gonna say no okay you want me to bring it closer don't you would I do bring it closer like halfway down this thing Okwe yeah I'm telling you guys danny has no faith in his ability so wait all right so listen it is my courage none of us hit it are we counting who gets it closer is that that the winner or he's gonna yeah if you're a real sniper you then hit the target or you don't you don't get points for trying that's pretty far that is pretty far I'm gonna have to measure this okay do we have a measuring something tape I don't know it's pretty far dude I think the back door there or front door there is 20 feet who's going first you're going what am I going first because you suck all right here we go dude make sure we caught this that was crunchy but hopefully it worked hopefully this blaster dr. dart wait a minute I don't know this might be a thumbnail and so on probably not dude this thing this scope is nice it's nice alright I'm ready I'm ended up I'm ready to go you gonna go get the truth film the cup I'm pretty confident this coming yeah I am certain you know as long as this blaster shoots miss dart out I'm good to go me all right I'm going to move up and get the close-up and I swear Danny if you hit me I will come over there with that machete do you understand me are we good go he missed us he missed you know what that means guys that Danny you don't have time to explain because the enemy because the enemy is coming after you right now here we go setting up sitting up he's got the AK you strike darts dude this could be a thumbnail this could be a crazy time gonna have a dramatic angle though yeah this one is pretty nice that's pretty good that could be yeah I get the whole knife in it that's pretty good I'm talking right now alright this is what I mean didn't you just it what if it doesn't work no you're gonna take a chance man hold on hold on oh you're all aimed up here we go here we go I'm gonna slide down you'll slide down here right there I'm ready to go dude let me turn you so it's show where you are okay and we're good to go man nothing happened Oh guys what's happening oh this guy no ammo clip you didn't put an ammo clip in there he puts the wrong ammo and laying it on me dude he's blaming that on me you saw you saw him holding this camera am I supposed to how did I touch that clip no way I touched it alright it's not my fault this guy ready to go okay let me just turn it around here make sure I focus in so that the audience sees what's up in here alright we're good to go haha it slid down the Florida it's right there what dude I hit this box my dart my dart at least at the box my what's happening make sure that thing doesn't drop on your foot let's just make sure that doesn't happen oh what nobody won this challenge today that's fine I know I was closer I hit the box at least so I was at least closer than dummy the purpose of a snipe is to take out the enemy I just took them all out right now I drew the Torah does my plan all along I hate you Maya he white boy guys make sure you subscribe click like this video if you want to see more subscribe to big boy toys yeah

NERF Build Your Teammates Weapon Challenge!

since my brother continues the cheese how am i cheating you placed me in a room with a giant window I'm going to penalize them a weapon no no we're playing build your winners guys today we are doing the build your weapon Channel last time they have to build their own weapons this time they're gonna try to build it for her for him for ya and for scale Mathiason iron team though and Bryan and I are oh yeah there you go these are the team's team Blanco's and team no the first teams gonna go in but why send them it's like this team Blancos – Oh more weapons alright guys and girls right just right just her right I got you do you see what's going on right here yeah alright you have your stocks you can add your accessories you have your ammo and you also are purview to these fine things on the shelf anything here is usable Mariah you have Oh minutes alright alright are you ready for this I am and go this one so I'm going to do extra ammo okay it's hot yeah I'm gonna actually do this one you have B seconds left okay and I'm also gonna do an extra clip [Applause] okay Brad okay Mariah you actually did it with five seconds to spare well done alright we're gonna put you in the quiet room and bring somebody from the other team alright so you have two minutes to meld your weapon for your team and three two one bananas okay I'm gonna go so why knees they go first why didn't they go so penalty now you only have seven seconds off your two minutes so now you have a minute are you messy and right now you will have a are you touching the rep now you have ten seconds less we're touching the referee sir go can I wanna choose between the stripe or the demolisher Joey don't look I'm have to say that that's the demolisher okay all right I want it even to be more accurate someone put a long barrel on it Pinterest paint it'd be even more accurate and a good stock so it's more like a rifle we got a sight on vision we want to put this right here that's perfect 30 seconds left side arm this guy I mean I think that's pretty intense right I see I don't even need all the time dude all right okay so please are Matthias I see you built your weapon yes for Joey okay all right this is go get the other I'll missing you back into the world so you can that tell into the Brian please start right here this is my only choice right here now remember yes you have a minute in 30 seconds for touching a gun without me saying go you're detected another 10 seconds so now you only have a minute on the touching again now you only have a minute in 10 second he touched it one more time okay a minute now keep pushing keep pushing and 3 2 1 green and you touch little Tommy saying go now you only have 40 seconds to build your weapon keep pushing it and 3 2 1 go let's see let's see okay I don't need a stock these are grenades grenades are useful and now have 20 seconds oh no I'm nervous you have 15 I mean 10 seconds what nine eight seven six five do everything I can get four three two one wait if you get that I'll let you have it I was going the wrong why would you point the bullets at yourself when I got you oh my gosh that's pretty rad huh judging based on Matthias is body language I know something's going on he was just playing I was a nerd with a gun does that touch any weapons until I say go please okay all right so now because of your penalty points you only have a minute and 40 seconds alright sir are you ready thank you for calling me sir yes well nice when I say go you stuck her you ready yes three two one green go gotta have this dope stock on there okay it doesn't fit oh it does fit interesting interesting interesting alright ooh I'm digging this oh okay I'm digging this mag alright what's ten seconds I think this is gonna have to be it there's streamlined and basic alright time is up trying to keep the simple y'all because my brother continues the cheese how am i cheating you place me in a room with a giant window I'm going to penalize them a weapon no no gonna lose this one ah I'm tired since I was limited on time it's done no it's the get hand grenades grenades grace grace hair get hand just pure power and accurate what I did not available that's not how it works it wasn't available sleep all right guys are you ready to reveal your weapons to your opponents yes this in three two one reveal your weapons that guns the best that guns the worst yeah I know this is even worse though so how is that the worst that that's the worse this this is the worst on my team that's the worst the worst ring all right for the first challenge guys it's gonna be target practice are you guys ready to test your weapon yeah all right let's go hi We're team Blanco that means white we're a little intimidated by Brian because to be frank I'm I've always been a little intimidated by women yeah yeah we're team swirl welcome to the first obstacle guys this is a time challenge all right for the first obstacle he has to go from number one knock them all down you peel peel and number two once he knocks that down he has to move to the next square shoot down three targets after he knocks those down he has to stand in this square right here number four knock down these three targets and for the fifth one and final knock that down as soon as he does that the time will stop team Bunco is first who is going first Mathias is the thighs okay please stand in square number one are you ready you know this time trial go Oh so I going to all so far huh I'm not okay he has disqualified himself Jake right are you ready copy that I don't know if I can do much worse are you ready yeah three two one go number two move the next we're nice and used went too soon now I'm outta ammo all right teen swirl are you ready are you going first the team swirl yes in three two one go yeah one number two you can't modify your gun bro no no you can't throw up my weapon didn't work what just fell off Oh God next word next we're number 4 hmm this is bogus man we're both dealt a bad hand by each other are you ready for team squirrel yes in three teams rocks one so these two are like team girl you should know to use a fantastic gun shot nice shot next you gotta know how to handle two gun penalty oh nice give back the square please one really that's all I'm racking up your time now girl you completed all 10 targets in the last round team swirl just dominated team belong thanks for sucks for this challenge guys it's gonna be one be one but the twist and there's at worst is one of the teammates gonna be blindfolded and the others gonna try to help the other one shoot the other ponies yes it'd be crazy alright guys are you ready for team Blanco J Fred is going to be blindfolded Oh with his gun and Matt's going to be directing them mariah is gonna be blindfolded and brian is going to be directing are you ready yes if you get hit any work on your body it's an immediate elimination and three two one go go left left left go for it now forward forward you said work for your path good here let's just know I'll tell you know I'll tell you faster left faster go faster Easter Easter Easter stop stop shuffle – you're right Shante Rachel you're right you go right there keyboard blow that will halt that wall still left fold that wall stop stop why does he have a gun yeah okay all right team Blanco you have lost the last two challenges really are you really really I wasn't aware nope all right for this one is to be to free-for-all style all right last person standing wins are you guys ready pull it up Wow I'm not three – that's good let's this is a kill shot anywhere trust me lay down like you are you got shot and they'll walk by you mmm another game just gonna keep shooting oh my teammates shot me Oh Joey nothing in the game wait look at your knees you can throw grenades oh yeah you're right oh okay yeah Oh Joey friends that oh you can't be the chest the bias I got him Mariah you're the last person standing person standing that wasn't even close guys team swirl just dominated hey that was a lot of fun click on this video over here to watch the last build your weapon challenge and click on this video over here that YouTube thinks that you're gonna like yes you all right guys disassemble your weapons high five