[DAY 6] #STARTSTRONG2020 – Marketing (Facebook & Google)

Hey and welcome to day 6 of #STARTSTRONG2020, question for you have you got your tickets yet? Kingdom Business Summit 2020
tickets are selling out they will sell out well early before the event and you
will miss out because we have room capacity so if you’re coming register
early you go to KingdomBusiness.com.au that I you in this little morning
episode I want to talk to you about marketing because it would be crazy if
we didn’t touch marketing at least once in this thing like it kind of answers so
many of your issues in business right if you can market get more customers in the
door make more money it solves about 99.9% of issues in business if you can
market your way out of them so I want to talk about these two right I want to
talk about Google Adwords and Facebook Ads I could have picked one of 20
strategies that we teach our clients but these two are going to be relevant for
every single one of you now of course prerequisite you need a very well
designed website right it’s 2020 you you can’t use your 1998 website anymore
you can’t probably even use your 2016-17 website anymore because you know all the
platforms have changed Google’s demands are changed it’s got to be modern ok for
me, I’m always building a website like there’s always work going on a website
somewhere here because I’ve always got to be updated and modern so with Google
Google Ads what do I want to tell you about that, I want to tell you that once
you’ve got a decent website it’s the best place to be marketing your business
why it’s intent-based marketing there are people that are searching on a
device today for your services somewhere in this country and beyond right there
are people today that will go to a browser and they will type in you know
whatever uniform supply Gold Coast lawyer Sydney accountant Melbourne
whatever business that you’re in there are people that are searching for
that right now today on devices and laptops all over the world so why
wouldn’t you run an ad so that they can see your ad click on it and go to your
website and find out about you like there are people already searching and
so why wouldn’t you put your company in front of the people that are looking
right now of their own volition they’re searching why wouldn’t
you go and put your company in front of them all right so all you have to do
okay I want to kind of draw these steps out for you do some
research on keywords you can do that by going to the keyword planner under the
tools section of your AdWords account and you can throw in you know just brain
dump 50 different keywords that you think people might be searching for
your business and it’ll give you a report on how much it’s going to cost
give or take to run ads against it how many people are searching for it gives
you all the data and then you can run ads against those keywords the second
thing you need is a well-crafted ad use all of the available tools three
headlines two descriptions site links call-outs everything that you can have
you need to have it all for every single ad to give you the biggest real estate
so that you take up the most amount of screen okay
then you know it’s got to be compelling got to talk about what uniques got to
include the keyword phrase in the headline that’ll get people’s attention
they click on it to go to a website website needs to build trust at the
start and it’s a video of you talking about what makes you unique any
guarantees that you give okay put a face to the name and then we want to put in
front of them basically the information they’re looking for so if they typed in
uniforms Gold Coast we want to build trust and talk about uniforms Gold Coast
and then lead them down a path to a call to action somewhere on the site if they
typed in workwear Gold Coast they’ll go to a different page but it still has to
build trust and then we, you know take them on a path and lead them to an
outcome okay if you can put those steps together
then you can turn on Google Adwords and it will work day and night for you yeah
you got to go back and maintain it and manage it and review it and tweak it but
that strategy is a passive strategy set it up once watch it unfold over the next
days weeks and months okay Facebook yes there are less people on Facebook than
they used to be yes it’s a lot more expensive than it used to be but if you
want to target people in that 40-45 and over bracket who are the people that have the
most amount of money for discretionary spending on products and services then
Facebook is still the number one place to run ads yes Instagram is there yes
Tik Tok ads are there and there’s a whole bunch of places you can spend
money but Facebook still has even though the economics
are higher now it still has the lion’s share but I would say this to you gone
are the days where you could just run an ad run a video run an image to an
audience and drive them to a website and get it to convert okay those days are
getting harder and harder and harder what I would say to you is you need to
learn custom conversion ads okay so it’s not a traffic ad it’s a conversion ad
and basically, you have to go inside and I don’t have the luxury of telling you
exactly step by step unless of course you come to the summit because it’s one
of the things I’m going to be teaching there how to do this step by step but
basically, you tell Facebook I want this outcome and there’s about 20
different options that you can choose from one of them is a purchase one of
them is somebody put something in a shopping cart one of them is they filled
out a form one of them is whatever there’s a whole bunch of different
options you say to Facebook I want that group okay I want that outcome and then
you build a really big audience and you say I want you to go to that big group
of interests or my database or look like or you go to that audience and
get me that outcome and it will do it’s machine learning and find out from that
group who is most likely to take the action that you are looking for and
it’ll market your products to them and it’ll you know over time it will learn
who does and who doesn’t and it’ll get better at finding you your best client
okay you’ve got to learn this is a bit more sophisticated than just
running a traffic ad and working out why it doesn’t work you’ve got to learn
custom conversion ads and I’ll go one step further then you’ve got to learn
how to do remarketing ads which is where you basically you know you go to the big
audience and you say give me this outcome and then Facebook is able to
learn who does take that outcome and who doesn’t take that outcome so currently
I’m running remarketing ads to people that went to the Kingdom Business
website and didn’t buy tickets so I’m able to get a distinction between the
audience that did and the audience that didn’t and send a remarketing add to the
ones that went to the site but didn’t buy a ticket that’s the level of
sophistication you need with Facebook now because that’s where it’s at okay
it’s become more expensive my cp/m my cost per 1000 impressions when I
first started Facebook ads in 2013 was about three dollars to three dollars
fifty four one thousand impressions today it’s somewhere between 28 and 32
dollars per 1000 impressions and it’s still insanely cheap so that’s ten times
the price of what it was in 2013 okay but but if you don’t jump on it now
it’ll be ten times the price again and then you’ll be paying a lot more money
so just jump on and start taking this stuff seriously if you’re not marketing
your business now out of the blocks 2020 then you’re gonna be chasing your
tail at some point okay start marketing using both of those tools if you’re
doing them but you’re not doing them great double down get them working for
you and and and it’s money for Jam because they’re happening while you
sleep which is a beautiful thing like I run my ads I’ll wake up in the morning I
checked my Facebook people have bought tickets and I didn’t you know I just set
this up three days ago four days ago whenever and it runs
without me and it’s a beautiful thing so you should be learning how to do those
Scripture of the day why it’s got nothing to do with Facebook ads and
Google Ads but we are believers in business so we should be including God
in everything, we do here is a random scripture that I absolutely love Hebrews
12:11 and I’ve got the New King James I like a little bit of that regal but it
says now no chastening okay discipline if you want another word now no
chastening seems joyful for the present but painful nevertheless afterwards it
yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness for those who have been
trained by it other versions say no discipline seems
great at the time it’s painful but it yields a good harvest down the line and
I firmly believe that so here’s a prayer that I think you should be praying every
single day for the next year or more this is the prayer God show me where my
character is letting me down if you will make that prayer he will show you and
you’ll be able to get stuff out of your life that’s in your life and when you
get it out of your life he can trust you with more because you look more like him
God show me where my character is letting me down hey thanks for watching
I’ll be back tomorrow with another episode see you soon

CAREERS IN IT– Information Technology,MNC ,Software,Jobs,Institutions,Salary Package

Hi guys..This is Pooja from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel in jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in IT The job role IT
creates a buzz and is the hot job which is
in demand these days. With the assistance of information technology all tasks related
to business and also other fields are made simple with their programming. With IT, work
is executed efficiently and productivity is also maximized. Communication with speed,
storage in electronic means and safety of records are few aspects IT was able to do.
With IT into the scenario every field today is computerized. The powerful field stands
to be the backbone for any nation. IT people take initiatives for developing,
designing, support and management of hardware and software. In other words IT deals with
computer applications. Up gradation and development of software is accomplished by IT employees.
Since work related applications have been automated, IT plays a key role in today’s
situation. IT has developed globalization with hindrance free communication across continents.
The main advantage of communication is cost effectiveness for many industries. There are various diplomas and IT courses available for IT aspirants. To enroll for
BSc (IT), 10+2 with science subjects is mandatory. For B.Tech (IT), 10+2 with science subjects
is required, for the same course certain reputed colleges require students to pas IIT, JEE
exams. In the same manner MSc (IT) is also a degree course for 2 years. And finally MBA
in information technology is another post-graduate course. Higher studies can be pursued abroad
too depending upon the individual’s interest. Distance learning and online study can also
be achieved for information technology courses in India and abroad. Each university has their
own eligibility conditions and criteria to get enrolled for distance education programs. The field keeps elevating and has seen a tremendous growth in the recent years. For the ones who
are hunting jobs are a number of options in the IT field. With appropriate key skills
and knowledge getting into IT field can be easy. IT graduates can work as application
developer, games developer, information security specialist, IT consultant, IT technical support,
software tester, system analyst, system developer, web designer, multimedia programmer and lot
more opportunities. There are legion of companies which recruits
masses of IT graduate in India and abroad with a high pay salary than any other field.
Here are a few companies which recruit IT graduates on their knowledge basis.
• TCS • Infosys
• Wipro • HCL technologies
• Mahindra Satyam • Tech Mahindra
• Microsoft • Siemens
• Accenture • Infosys
• IBM • Oracle financial services
• Yahoo • HP
• Dell • Google
• Mind tree And many more IT companies recruits graduates
based on their aptitude and reasoning skills by screening them. A graduate of IT with full time course from recognized university can gain government
jobs in India. There are many government companies which hire IT graduates for their various
technical functionalities in their company. Few government companies are
• Power grid • Rites
• Coal India ltd • BPCL
• NMDC • Mazagon dock
• BANKS And many more government jobs stick to the
list. They conduct an entrance exam for passed out graduates to test their eligibility level
and recruit skilled graduates. The website www.freshersworld.com is an informative
website which offers complete details for freshers, graduates and job questers. It provides
all details and applying method for ones who desire to apply for job whether it’s government
or private jobs we will be back with such more videos so stay connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

Networke Yeni Başlayanlara İlk Tavsiyeniz Nedir? (Network Marketing Soruları)

Network marketingle
to new friends If we need to give you a recommendation: Set your expectations correctly. It is a trade, a
profession is a job Start knowing friends. It’s not a hobby. Or what unemployed people do,
idle as any endeavor
If you look, you’re wrong. In this trade,
Of course, as in every profession, There will be difficulties.
You’il hear no. With unwanted answers
You will encounter. These are quite normal. Please be patient about this. Second, to succeed your skills in this trade
You need to improve your skills. For this, meetings, trainings
It is very important to take it seriously. Most people
thinks; ” Or you already have 3-5 people.
I’il talk to them. I get the answers I want. ”
says Or ‘Education, meeting
it’s what you need. ‘ he thinks. But we’re wrong about that. We’re talking to 3-5 people.
We don’t get the answers we want. Later, this trade
according to our opinion. And we give up. As Randy Gage said; Actually this trade is from 2 to 4 years
needs to be considered. So start this trade in 1 month If you wait to reach your goals,
experience frustration. 2 to 4 years; To improve yourself,
To improve your skills, to learn better
enough time. So, be patient,
Set your expectations correctly. And go ahead.

Israel Business Forum 2016

this is about bringing people together.
Marketplace believers from around the globe and introducing them to the
Body of Messiah here in the land. We take them to the ancient roots of their
faith through the pages of the Bible bringing them into modern reality of what
Israel is today – The land of opportunity and investment. They get to meet local startups and
government officials and learn firsthand about what God is doing through the land. If you have a sincere desire to try to help build the Body here, then you’ve gotta come here and see it,
and get to know the people. Take the opportunity because it’s an unbelievable experience. Yes, the tourism is one piece of it, just being able to understand the history here. But it is really… what is the future?
And you can be a part of something really great. It really gets me excited is to see local believers engage in the marketplace. To see the hustle and bustle of that day. To see people talking and moving and deals being formed in one place at one time is amazing to me. The kingdom of God is about
relationship. Its people and the connection between
them that really is the House of God. Because this is going to be one of the keys for the Kingdom of Yeshua in Israel. To be able to see people engage. To be able to see people go into the marketplace and be a light in it. That’s exciting to me. We want to invite you – whether you’re an
entrepreneur, investor or business advisor to step into something new. Invest yourself in the land of Israel, in its people and watch your investment become a harvest as you join us next year at the Israel Business Forum.

Employment opportunities for Indigenous Students | Curtin University

>>The Aboriginal Student Placement
Program focuses on hiring students internally on campus.>>At the moment I’m working as a
Scholarship Assistant. I’m just working in the holidays,
that allows me to focus on my studies throughout the semester.>>When I first began working here I was
working as a receptionist at the Centre for Aboriginal Studies.
And right now I’m working at People and Culture just as an
admin assistant as well.>>I’m doing a little bit of
administration work, we’re doing a mail out for
prospective students next year. Some data entry, some filing, archiving.>>You don’t really get that sort of
experience like just as a student but working here as well
you get to see like behind the scenes of what’s
going on, around here. I really like that side.>>Being able to put that theory that
I learn in the classroom into practice, in like a
real-world experience.>>It’s just really convenient
working on campus and then being able to
go to class as well.>>You’re earning money, so supporting
myself while I’m studying.>>So we also run resume workshops and leadership workshops
throughout the semester. As well as different networking
events that students can attend to help with their personal
and professional development.>>Yes I did one of the resume workshops,
which was really, really valuable. I’ve only ever had one job
my whole, whole life so never really had a resume before. The resume workshop was really
good in terms of being able to build that resume from scratch
and see what employers want, and what they’re after, and how
to highlight my attributes.>>A lot of people here have
helped me develop those interpersonal skills that you don’t
really get working elsewhere. And it’s probably helped the way
I’ve thought about the workplace and especially like what I’m studying,
and what I want to do, once I do graduate.>>I can really recommend the
Aboriginal Student Placement Program because it’s flexible, it allows me
to work around my study and also allows me to earn some
extra income during that time. And I think it would be really valuable
to have on my resume, sort of help with future job prospects.>>I love working here and since
I have started working here it’s definitely given me
a lot more confidence in not only the workplace but just like
who I am as a person.>>Students can get involved by
either going through UniHub or they can email
[email protected] and then I’ll send them all the
information of how to get involved.