Door Knocking Guide: How To Deal with NOT INTERESTED

so you guys want to know how to deal with not interested when you’re not going one of these stay tuned what’s up guys it’s BC still feeling a little bit under the weather but I wanted to create this video because I still get this question a lot now for 10 seconds before I get into the video number 1 my first door knocking product gives you one or two tips on how to do with this more so on the unconscious level purchased versus conscious which we’re gonna go over in this video it’s gonna be more verbal number two I have my new door marking product coming out volume 2 January 1st so stay tuned for that so you come to this door you knock and the person says not interested what do you do well before I even answer you guys have to understand something that for a lot of reasons people are going to tell you not interested right they’re busy things are going on in the background they didn’t hear you write or understand what you said how many times have you guys heard something from somebody right didn’t quite understand what they said and they were trying to sell you you told them not interested or if they’re trying to engage in a conversation with you or do something you were just like yeah and you’re not it right then you really don’t understand think about that for a second you see everybody’s so busy they don’t even want to acknowledge you sometimes and especially if you’re a sales person coming to the door people just think automatically you’re gonna push something down their throat that you’re gonna take up a lot of their time so that initial unconscious response is not interested how many times have you guys gone to the store or the mall and when somebody even approaches you and you even smell or get the hint that they’re selling something you immediately just fire off not looking not interested or something like that just that alone is gonna help you tremendously because now as a sales person coming in you know it’s gonna happen and you’re ready for it alright so next what do you say well first and foremost I can tell you that it’s not what you say it’s your delivery if you say the best line and it’s delivered unconfident ly unclearly it’s not gonna work one thing that I do and I suggest for all of you who maybe are not selling a product on the spot maybe you’re selling a service or something like that like us the Realtors tell people right when they write when they open the door if they already look or give you the hint that they’re gonna say not interested say hey I’m not selling anything and don’t pause there this is critical don’t pause get immediately into your pitch another thing you can say is if they say not interested you acknowledge that say hey got it well I’m only gonna be here a second pause that’s called the false time constraint I’ve talked about it before I learned it in pickup and what it is is hmm it’s an illusion because you’re letting the person know that you’re only going to be there for a couple seconds now you may be there longer however you’ve just eliminated that fear in their mind of you staying there for a long long time now some of you may get right into your pitch and then after that hmm they tell you’re not interested right so in my case in real estate I will tell them look I know I know you’re not looking to sell your house and I don’t pause they’re right this is this is a key point that is can be applied universally everywhere else so sometimes you guys get hit with not interested or something like that and then immediately you answer and then you pause so you give them time to think or say something else at which point you relinquish your control and you give it to somebody else you need to answer ask a question keep the conversation going so you’re in control because now the second time or what I’m in the conversation and they say not interested I can’t say look I know you’re not looking to sell and then ask the next question I’m acknowledging their previous not interested but I’m keeping the conversation going now a very small amount of people may close the door on you or say look man I’m really not interested in the conversation big deal that’s the exception to the rule that’s gonna be one maybe two out of ten the other eight are gonna continue in conversation with you now what’s unconscious like your body language and that kind of stuff in your tonality is much more important and I’ll cover that in depth as far as and more techniques of course on my new product but real quick just some applicable stuff is what I’ve gone over it with this video with you guys and I’ll give you a little bit more but just keep in mind that you don’t need 20 tricks one or two good ones that you master is all that you really need now I’m more often than not especially I believe after you get really good you’ll tend to get the not interested after your first initial line or two I’m gonna challenge you guys to do something make it tweaked to your tweak sorry make a tweak to your initial script so in the beginning you’re giving some sort of value an update on the market if you’re in real estate or something that will grab people’s attention not give them the opportunity to say no right and throw they’re not interested off the table or if they throw it it’s almost like it’s ridiculous and you can keep the conversation going because you didn’t trap yourself into saying hey do you want to sell your house and they say no now I can get past that pretty easily but for the average person going door to door who’s not really advanced it’s gonna be a lot more difficult for them to get around that right or even outside of real estate so what I’m saying is tweak the beginning so you’re setting yourself up for more opportunities and less distractions and objections all right all in all guys remember that experience is going to be your best teacher pick a few of them look forward to my door knocking product January 1st is I’m gonna go really really in-depth to help you even more but even these basic tips are more than enough for you to get out there and do some real damage at the doors again less people are doing it more people are skeptical about it I’m still getting questions asking oh is it visit legit does it really work are you kidding me man door-to-door sales business to business face-to-face is some of the best connections you can ever make not only for the sale but for business relationships networking or anything else nothing ever will be face-to-face remember that so get out there even if even if you’re not a big door knocker get out there and do it a couple days a week for like an hour and tell me your social life doesn’t get better your life doesn’t get better and especially your sales alright make sure you guys subscribe to the channel share this video and I will see you on the next one [Music]

Succeeding as a New Real Estate Agent | Real Success Episode 2

great agents this is mr. bill pipes over here with tom ferry your coach and our real success interviews hope you guys are doing great hope you are alive excited and most of all full of energy and making a lot of money in this wonderful game of real estate um yeah we're welcome you guys back to another you know great real success interview and today it's like super special because we've had a couple of individuals on the previous interviews that are been in the business for a while they're up there running they're like eight or nine years they built their team so today I can tell you just yet who we got on here but I've got someone who in his first year is just killing it I mean knocking it out of the park and I can't wait to introduce you to him here in a second but before I do right before I do um I know that naturally since you're watching this you're someone who's busy you're someone our viewers or individuals that are you know running from one appointment to the next doing the best they can to manage their business and their life and we've got some really good feedback from in fact I was talking to to Arnie the person's going to be on the call here today we're talking about some of these other interviews that are just you know they're out there on the market they're like an hour long and we had some of our great viewers and listeners and will and individuals who are watching this say gosh you know we love about this what we love about the real success interviews is that they're 30 minutes long they're quick I can fit it into my schedule I just don't have time to spend an entire hour so I want to I wanted to sort of reiterate for you what our promise is to you as a viewer and as a participant in this real success interview and that is that in 30 minutes we're going to bring you the top agents you know at different levels in the business that are bringing you the most relevant strategies that are sharing with you very succinctly exactly what they've done to be able to succeed at a high level and you're not going to have to fish through a our we're going to give you three or four key points that you can go and use immediately to be able to actually have an impact on your business impact on your clients impact on your bottom line profitability so um so that's our promise to you and thanks again for being back you know as an industry we source add because 80% of all new agents are out of the business within 18 months and it's just sort of an accepted fact that you know you come into the business and you know brokerages look at and they say wait unfortunately 80 percent of these agents are going to be gone within the course of the next year and a half and see I believe it doesn't have to be that way and the the guests that we have today is just proving what is possible if you really buckle down follow the right strategies are intelligent and where you're investing your time energy and money and because all agents come in and they're all excited they're lit up they're inspired they have the same resources so we look at it go why is it the some fail and why is it that some succeed so today it is really my pleasure to introduce to you he is a new agent in the business this is his first full year he sells up in Minnesota the dude is on friggin fire he's going to sell 70 or he's at 7 be closed and pended right now now first year in the business 70 closed impended is his goal is a hundred transactions for this year right which I believe I believe you're gonna make it there's no doubt in my mind and on top of that dude he is one of the most killer fun you know guys to be around and and you couldn't wish success for someone more than you do for Arnie Johansen so is my pleasure to introduce mr. Arnie Johansen from Minnesota right so Arnie I'm going to turn it over to you we want you to reduce yourself to everyone and just tell them well you know maybe a little bit about why you got into real estate what you were doing before and then we'll start talking about your first year and why you've been so successful man so after Arnie Johansen okay thanks oh yeah I'm uh Arne Johansson in Minneapolis that's my market place Johansson Realty I own my own brokerage I got into real estate well I started full-time in real estate in January 2014 I was sanding floors before that I owned a hardwood floor refinishing company for seven years is a good business um and I was just sanding floors every single day and you know I had my real estate license I was just you know I buy foreclosures you know on the side you know and I'd remodel and sell them um and I wanted to do real estate full-time for a job you know I wanted to have a business I wanted to be a broker but I didn't really think it was possible because you know I was just I didn't know anybody that was really selling a lot of real estate and I don't know you know you get into a career and it's hard to kind of give up get out of it and it was a good gig you know I I work you know made good money and I got done you know at two or three and I had freedom so but then finally I just um I just wanted to you know get out of the trades and I wanted to build a business where I had more leverage you know where I could build something and you know I didn't have to be there to make the money you know and I loved real estate I loved houses um you know I love helping people get good deals I liked finding good deals and so and I love Minneapolis and Minneapolis isn't like you know my market place and I love selling here so yeah I just went for it in January and now uh eight nine months later Here I am talking to you know I know anything I we just had we had you on stage at that blueprint and and just you inspired everyone in the audience yet you know um I love what you put down here because we're talking advanced I wrote some notes and you said I wanted to get out of the smell of polyurethane I want to get off my knees and get the smell of polyurethane out of my nose and I thought what a great great way to say hey you know I'm do it because how old are you Artie if you don't mind me asking man up sorry you cut out on the last that last part in here this question how old are you man oh I'm 33 I just turned 3333 years old awesome gift so you got into business okay and jet it was January right so you did you shut down your your hardwood the the flooring business yeah I mean I shot it down because I was you know and I'm thinking about I know in retrospect maybe I'll get that business up and running have somebody run that business because I still get a lot of calls on that every single day but I just wanted to go a hundred percent you know and I know myself and I knew that if I wanted to do really well at this I had to just go all-in and so I literally just like stopped taking calls and um yeah I was like how am I gonna get business I don't know I can't remember why I just was like well just buy leads online you know go from zillow trulia or whatever and I was like well all I need to do is just talk to these people and get in front of them and I'll make money and I that's how I started you know and so I thought it was going to be easier really than it has been um but yeah that's what happened so you know what we heard the promise that we want to bring to every single one of the viewers that's watching this which is to give them four key things three or four key things that they could do whether they're a new agent in the business you know just starting off or whether they're a veteran looking to really increase their production or add a new component to their to their already existing business model um so you come in what do you attribute like if you had to say here the three or four reasons that I've been able to succeed I mean because let's be very clear I don't care if you're the first year in the business or you're 15 years in the business to sell a hundred homes right in one year put you in that top 1% so you're obviously doing something right so what are the the three or four things that you look at and say here are the components to my success here's what someone else could do that would allow them to be able to duplicate the success that I'm having well you know the biggest thing the most influential thing obviously was that I I bought a lot of you know marketing I just you know I advertised a lot and I did that through online advertising you know and specifically through Zillow and you know the way I figured I looked at it you know in a real estate transaction you know you whatever if it's a 200 or 300 or 150 thousand dollar house you know that's four hundred four thousand five thousand six thousand dollar commission so from my floor standing business I was like well you know if I do spend you know the you know thousand dollars on advertising and that I get that back from one job or two jobs well then it was worth it right so I figured well if I spend that amount of money there you know one transaction or two transactions a month in real estate and if I could double or triple my money then it's worth it you know as long as I'm making a profit and you know I'm building a business then so that's what I did I just I bought enough zip codes to get enough leads to talk to enough people because real estate is a contact sport you know and you just have to meet with a not as many people as you can about real estate somebody's looking to buy or sell and you know you're going to make a deal happen you know and then the rest is through your skill set so that was by far the biggest thing about a lot of leads so number one was you got involved with Zillow right you said dill and there there's other there are other options true and I think you said Zillow you just liked the quality of the leads are coming in etcetera right so yeah were you uh now I know that you you have somewhat of a substantial spend on Zillow and there's agents are listening going gosh I I can't really afford to spend a whole bunch but would you recommend that they they just hop in and they start getting smaller zip codes and build up I mean you know they're if yeah if you're not going to spend the money I would say as I thought about that you have to do something a lot like do a lot if you're not going to spend the money do an open house every single day like or you know door knock every single day or if it is um visit if it is going to be online advertising or geo farm like you know take the loan out and if you don't have the cash take a loan out or borrow against your house this is an investment in yourself that's how you guys see it you're you're going to college like people spend twenty thirty forty thousand dollars to go to college you should spend twenty thirty forty thousand on your business and say hey I'm gonna double triple quadruple or more my money and that's how I that's how I see it every dollar I spend on this is a dollar I'm investing in myself so you know just spend the money or just like pound the pavement do it a lot because he's gotta meet a lot of people as tom says check equity or sweat every baby right the other one of those two and you know what I love here man what I really dig is that you have burned your boats in the harbor like you're – I mean when you got rid of your business you there was it was all or nothing you're talking about hey I'm gonna take a loan out against my house twenty thirty thousand dollars it's all or nothing I mean that is no big massive pressure on on you know like creating stress and pressure so were you always which i think is great by the way I think stress is a necessary thing in order for people to be able to grow the appropriate amount well always succeeding with zillow like with that with your online leads where it was it always like hey I turned it on and then paying here we go I'm just closing left and right or was it a growth process that you went through definitely a growth process because here's the thing when I started I had no idea what I was doing and it's the sense of I didn't know how to convert a lead for uh buying a house yeah I could convert somebody who called me floor sanding because I took thousands and thousands of calls and I knew what I wanted I knew what they wanted and I could read the people but you know houses I had no idea and that was the thing it took me months really up until maybe just a couple months ago where now I'm very confident on the phone I can tell somebody's you know really interested or not I know the right questions to ask and now my conversion rates are more and so now I don't need to spend as much money because I have enough leads I'm converting more and so but yeah it was tough at first and it was stressful and you know it hasn't been mean I've sold 70 houses but I mean I'm working a lot and and that but the thing is is I'm putting the time in now because I know in like a year or two or three years it's going to pay off and I'm not going to have to put as much time and I knew that was because when I started my floor-standing business you know I put a ton of time up front you know because you're learning you know and and then once you have developed those skills then it becomes easier so but no it wasn't easy right off the bat so I'm I'm a new agent or I'm an agent it's new to online leads can you tell me like couple of things that you've learned in the last nine ten months uh that I could do that would collapse that growth curve that would have me succeed quicker and have me converting those leads over faster yeah I'm gonna tell you that I should like people should write me a check right now for like $10,000 I'm gonna tell them like the key to success right here there's four questions that you want to ask these people okay and this is the order you want to ask them one you want to know what they're looking for and that's just like a general question a one-story or two-story house or you know a one-bedroom or two-bedroom or three-bedroom house – wanna know where they're looking you know in Minneapolis do they want to live in south Minneapolis North Minneapolis Edina etc okay then three you want a wider movie you know what's their motivating factor are they renting or did they relocate did they you know just sell their house and then for you want to know when they're moving when do they want to buy those are the four most important questions that you want to ask ask those four questions and you will convert a lot of leads how many times do you think you've asked those four questions this year then well I'll tell you what I didn't know to ask those questions for a really long time and it was it wasn't really until like a couple months ago when I started training um my my he's actually used of floors and for me I was like he's a hard worker I can teach him this and then I realize like hey I do have a process I do have have a system um but yeah I have asked those questions a lot and for me you know maybe it works differently for somebody else maybe it's not those four questions but for me that's what works and you know you need to know you know it's like you know Tom says it or you know Gary Keller sells it you know the quality of the questions you ask will determine like the quality the answers are the results you get and that is totally it so asking the right questions on the phone is like the most important thing good and so you know I love is that I'm listening to you go through this and I can hear you I can hear the tonality the dialogue you know how big I am in terms of like scripts effectiveness and being able to present this the right way um so I mean you have yes swagger man you know I mean yeah there's dialogue I mean honestly you know so how important is like your confidence the way you're asking these questions how critical is that on the on these online leads and if it's important how did you develop it yeah that is paramount and at the beginning I wasn't confident in all and now is why I you know my conversion rates were way low and it was very stressful um but um you have to be confident and the only way to get confident is to practice you have to practice and so you know and I knew that so um you know I I had role playing partners that I practiced with you know I got tons of stuff from you know tom ferry online and just stuff online and I was looking for scripts everywhere I could and I was just like why don't I know this why am I not good at this and you just have to practice over and over and over again you have to fail over and over and over again and you know it's like this I used to have this um Michael Jordan poster in my room and it was like you know I've I've missed like 27,000 shots or you know I've I've lost like all 250 games and I've been trusted to take the game-winning shot like 32 times and miss and like over and over again I fail but you know and then it's like Athena says that is why I succeed and that is it you just have to fail and fail and try and try and try and then once you start winning and once you start converting you collect start closing deals you build that confidence and then that confidence comes and then you have your dialogue in your scripts that you're comfortable with and then everything gets easier I love it man excellent anything else to say on on Zillow I mean we so we've got the dialogue is important we got the four questions we've got we got to fail right totally out anything else in terms of your guys follow-up structure or or that you would share with us that would edit you know if these guys follow this would insure them some success with their online leads regards but Zillow Trulia or you know any other online sources you gotta get back to them right away that's the most important thing they're on the computer when they click that button and you get that email or that text message you got to get to them right away because you know that you don't know if they're going to be there still so just get to them right away and then as far as with the follow-up that that is huge really and I didn't learn that now something my coach Dan told me um you know with buyers it's all in the follow-up you know because these people are looking to buy and you know they're this is the biggest decision of their life they're not just going to necessarily just work with you just because you were the first person to call them you know sometimes you might need to call them two or three or four times follow up the day how's it going you know have you seen any houses that you want to look at no you know what's your work schedule like this one just came up you know do you want to go check it out if it's a criteria that you're looking for you know and just build a relationship with them but follow up get to them quick and um you know and and and those are the two most important lengths so on the key to follow up it's build its don't give up is what I'm hearing you say like do it again and again and again like how many times do you typically have to follow up with someone before you get an appointment for them to come into the office do you think well you know I used to do where yeah to meet you know there's some people that you know like today I got a lead came in called her boom set the appointment meeting her at the property that's cool with me because like I'm so confident now like I don't need them to come to my office I'll close them out the property on me I'll build a rapport with them and get them to see me as value their you know arm if that's not necessarily the case the one everyone sometimes you need to call them you need to talk to them three or four times they might not take your call the second or third time they might not respond to your email you know they're I remember this is one customer I'm working with right now they're like a four hundred thousand dollar buyer I called them and I called them I sent them like a video text message you know like Tom would tell us tell us because a lot of people don't know about that man so that I love this so do you use video texting I I do it's hard to do everyone and I wish I need to figure out a way how to do it on every single lead you know because you got to do it send it takes while from your phone what you do tell them what you do is I don't think what I don't know this yeah so I mean I was just like hey Kim it's Arnie Johansen I got your message on Zillow about one two three main street you know I'd love to help you out give me a call or shoot me a text back when you can and when you're doing this with your phone you've got your phone yeah I got my gun out set on selfie right it's like like something then they see you and they send it one it separates you from like everybody else and two they get to see who you are they know you're not just some you know it's like you're a real person it doesn't work every time but on that one it I really do believe that that helped and then I know I got another customer that way because I was using video bomb bomb which is a good way to do it um and you can send out you know video emails and she actually was like I'm really impressed with your follow-up you know cuz I met with her and I followed up with your her and I said hey you know I'm Kate – it was great meeting you I'd love to you know earn your business and you know let me know when you're ready and then she's like hey I'm really impressed with your follow up you know there's a property I want to go see and you know we took her out so it's all about separating yourself from the competition isn't it whether it's video text whether it's being the person that's going to follow up consistently whether it's having that professional dialogue right every single time I love it man so watch that's one piece um I know there's a couple of other things that you and I are talking about that really had you succeed at such a high level this year as well – in our conversation so what else do you attribute your success to that someone could follow in your shoes and model okay so get enough leads and then the second is get an assessment like right off the bat I III don't even think I've ever really done it like I've never done off filled out a transaction maybe one about all the deals I've done you know I'm a broker I can supervise my assistant it's okay to do that um and she does the electronic signatures you know online and we send em out to our customers and you know it's a standard Minnesota real-estate purchase agreement we're just filling in the blanks you know that is you know I don't have to worry about that she does it I get the email I call her up I say here's the terms of the deal she writes it I'm on to the next one you know and as soon as we get the deal locked up you know she's transit coordinating the transaction boom she's handling it from there to close 95% of the stuff yeah I gotta talk to the customer yeah maybe you know we I got negotiate with the you know the agent on the other end about the transaction things like that but all that other stuff with the parties of the transaction that takes up so much time that really isn't producing another deal she's doing and that's allowed me to stay focused on all right let me get another customer in all of it and so that like getting an assistant arm and then and I know our you know you did I know there's a lot of people out there they're going oh my gosh I I can't afford assistant but I think they'd be surprised right now I mean you could go to oDesk or my out desk and you could look at these virtual assistants that could basically help out a lot maybe it doesn't take everything off their plate but it's like seven dollars an hour six dollars an hour where they could have a virtual assistant if they're not able to afford a full time would you would you recommend that for them yeah I yeah I just hired a part-time lead coordinator he's in Guatemala he's like speaks perfect English I think he's from Michigan it's like eight bucks an hour and he helps me phone call and you know the other part of it is you make it like you know make it so um you know there it's incentive so you know she gets paid based upon you know how many deals we we do you know and so it's like you can keep your overhead low but then you know so you're not you know because you got to manage your cash flow on everything so it is worth it just do it you know like I said at the beginning invest in yourself like you're going to college like first year agent think about yourself in college like you or your parents spent all that money on you to go to college or whatever just like invest in yourself like put it towards your assistant put it towards you put it towards your business like this is how you're going to make your you're gonna have to spend some money on it and just do it and you will not regret it love it man awesome so we've got have enough leads coming in number one right through Zillow we went through that number to hire an assistant get some help so that you can put your your attention to highest and best use right to go out and where's my next client where's my next customer um and and utilizing some of these online sources for virtual assistants or even starting with someone part-time like you said just you know ten hours a week or 20 hours a week what's number three number three is know your market like become the expert I know everything in Minneapolis I know everything in mini up not everything okay probably like 70% but I'm gonna know everything you know know the best streets know the best schools know where the deals are know the square foot price know the days on market know the average sale price the median price like know all the little neighborhoods like the you know I know you know there's Minneapolis or South Minneapolis or southeast Minneapolis there's Hale there's page there's field there's Nokomis neighborhoods you know as Longfellow Cooper like all those and I didn't know like I knew Minneapolis in general cuz I lived here before I started but people want a local neighborhood expert know the inventory like know that house just sold on the street for you know 86,000 or 126 or 357 you know know that it was on the market for six days and there's multiple offers on it like just know everything you possibly can go through ten fifteen houses a day just know more than everybody else study the market go to you know whatever we have Minneapolis realtor or you know Association of Realtors and I just study those stats all the times go on the MLS all the time like drive around go to the bars just coffee shops everything and just become the master of your marketplace and that will give you the confidence when you meet with people and they see that confidence and they know that you're the neck spurt and and then they want to work with you because that's what they want and there's so many Realtors out there they can choose anybody but like how I sell product myself is that I know how to find the best deals in Minneapolis I know how to find the best deals most of my properties because we represent most mostly buyers are properties that are multiple offers that sell within the first day at like or first couple hours and that's because I know the market so well I can spot an online when it comes up and I know that's a deal that has equity in it that's a nice house that's gonna sell and we go and we get it and we NAB it and I don't know I think people want work with me because of that reason it well they here's what I notice I'm sitting here going crap man I want to buy some house in Minneapolis and I've never I've flown in on the airplane before and flown out that's about my extent I'm like I wanna buy a house yeah but because you're so sure of because the knowledge that you have that knowledge that you have creates so much confidence that comes across and it creates confidence that there that the client has in you I can totally see why it is that your stick now um how much time do you spend studying the market and and do you go out and preview properties do you are you just sitting online going okay here's page and I'm gonna go through page and look at you know like how do you do that how would you recommend that these guys study alright oh yeah so you know everybody knows you know or not everybody knows but you know the book good to great you guys spent ten thousand hours on one thing to like master right and like Michael Jordan Kobe Bryant like those guys spend hours and hours in the gym they're not just like gifted they're the hardest workers they put the time in you know and like when I started floor sanding I was not good right away like but after doing it over and over and over done I got good what I do is I mean I spend a lot of time on it honestly I do I love what I do and that's a big part of it like I love doing what I do but you know um yeah I go look at properties every single day I go look at properties for customers if I think I see a good deal I'll go look at it you know I I go through at least five six seven properties a day every single day you know I spend hours online on the MLS you know I by driving around and looking at properties you're just you're you're learning the neighborhoods you're learning the city because you're just driving around you're in that environment um so what I would recommend for P is yeah go look at ten properties every single day no matter what like go look at past sales see what's gonna hook by neighborhood and see what is sold in that neighborhood in the last 30 days 60 days look at the square-foot prices like analyze the market from a year ago to now you know is know that condo prices in Bloomington are up twenty two percent but condo prices in Minneapolis are up eighteen percent figure out why that is you know know those areas and just spend the time online on your MLS getting the stats through your association your realtor association and then you have to know the inventory preview the houses you have to go through the houses and then here's the other thing you know I came from construction so I had a construction background so I know a lot about built you know how houses built I know prices for things like if you don't know anything about construction or like you know get in touch with some contractors learn how much does it cost to replace a furnace or a water heater or put a address window in or do a granite you know countertop or put a bathroom in a house or do addition like that's what a lot of people want you know because you know the first-time homebuyers is a huge investment decision this is money you know and they want an expert so go out there and learn about real estate don't you know just don't be like you know Oh a pretty face and you know I came dressed up I got my open house signs and whatever like no like be a professional like learn your game like take this super super seriously and then you'll get the customers and you'll make a lot of money love it man phenomenal um so we're whiting down on time I think we got we hit our three anything else that you would tell them yeah the last thing I had is track and measure what I mean by that is like track and measure where your leads are coming from where your deals are coming from you know what's working and what's not working you know as you build this business if you want to build a business where you're doing you know a hundred transactions a year like it's not just all profit there's expenses you're going to have salaries you're going to have um yeah office space you're going to have lead generation sources you're going to have gas you're going to have you know flyers for open house and signs and you're gonna have a lot of expenses like run it like a business track and see where your money is going you know if you have you know there's a like I just cut like $5,000 worth of unperformed means if codes that weren't making me any money that's $5,000 in my pocket a month but you wouldn't know if you weren't keeping track of it if I wasn't packing and measuring it I wouldn't have known and I didn't do that all the way from the beginning and if there's one thing I can tell you in addition to what I've already said is track and measure from the very beginning because I would probably I would have thousands and thousands of dollars more profit in my pocket right now if I would have been doing that from very day one a lot of that fat Fanta yeah I love here man what what I dig is this it's a business I mean what I'm listening to you we could be talking about opening up a subway shop you know what I mean I gotta invest in this and that and marketing I could be talking about opening up a you know McDonald's or whatever you know or you know a ski shop you're talking about this from a business perspective and I think that's the key thing is all of this is run the business like a business and you just gave us an incredible outline I mean look if the industry followed these four principles right here we wouldn't have the 80 percent fall out right we'd have a bunch of people coming in and selling the the heck out of whatever area that they're in so if they want to get a hold of you because obviously I know that they got referrals coming into Minnesota right so yeah and to Minneapolis st. Paul and as well as if they've got questions um how do they get a hold of you what's your what's your email address man okay if you have anybody who's looking to buy or sell a house in Minneapolis Edina Minneapolis metro area call me my number six one two four two three zero two zero two my email is a RN e @ J our home sales with an S comm are me at junior home sales comm an expert here my team is an expert here we're just a team looking to help people get houses or sell your houses I know actually I don't know but we work very very hard and I don't even know for number one year yet but I think we will be sometime I like the yet I like the yet that is the good part do my best I know you off anyone's gonna dude I know it's you um so thank you sure I'm walking away I got notes upon notes and just you're kept looking over and taking notes and and I'm inspired I mean I'm really inspired I can see why it is that you sell a lot of homes and I'm I'm proud that we're in business with you man I'm proud that we have the opportunity to work with you I mean yeah and you know for all of you all of yours scripts dialogues support material listen if you haven't gone yet to our to the website to tom ferry dot-com there's as Arne was talking about there's all types of scripts all types of audio to support your growth so that you don't have to guess this doesn't have to be a guessing game you know we've gone through and we've got through through our exposure to great agents like Arnie and Darin Lang Gail who you've heard from and and we just all of these amazing agents we've had the ability to put their best practices together and we make that available to you for free okay so please check us out at tom ferry dot-com there's you know for the support material and most importantly hey I'm excited about the next I'm excited about this real success interview and I'm excited about the next one as well too so I look forward to having you guys as our guest thank you for taking time out of your day and most importantly right keep in mind keep your mind focused on the future like Arnie as I always moving forward keep your actions in the present right and keep on moving forward keep on being powerful thanks again for being our guest on real success Thank You Arnie for being on here as well – really appreciate you taking time out and we look forward to seeing you soon take care thank you bye bye

Doing LIVE outbound prospecting calls trying to find Real Estate Sellers

oh and at least one and a half okay um and well let me do this your um is the five six five number best or the five five zero number which one's best five five six five okay well I will do your first name is Gwendolyn is that correct oh no it's one money no no I got I got all kinds of crit crazy stuff RC spell le and I write when i ii l o n okay oh and my best friend is named Lonnie and he's is it's a guy and okay he's a Hawaiian guy so in LA and I for him but okay Lonnie uh yeah I just way cool heard that I'm like you don't sure that name all that often you don't you don't and um that yeah i that's funny cuz yeah I was named after my Hawaiian and your name Oh money money my name is Greg McDaniel and yeah I what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna stay in contact with you and just to confirm I mean you're not looking to buy right now but you definitely want to buy something that's gonna be like a 3-bed 2bath because of this the only in-home care and then I'll have Casey get ahold of you after the first of the year to start the whole process of getting you getting you ready to roll so that you know when the time is right you know you and I can hit the ground running and we can just go out there and get you something and you know get to get this whole party started right like a plan hey awesome you know what it's been a pleasure talking with you thanks for being kind to me and just taking the time to chat thank you my pleasure and we'll talk down the road okay all right well you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year you too Lonnie have a great New Year's talk to you soon all right guys what's up okay so what we're doing right now is we're doing some calls and that was a gal that I just found and we'll see here she's a buyer buyer after the first of the year now she had all the money she needs to put down she has great credit and she just she started a new job so she needs job history that's why we're holding on that's why we're not jumping in off the right away and having her you know get out there look for stuff but I mean there's a recording of this guy's it is December 4th reminds me I got a payment card oh thank you for reminding me about that and so we're gonna pass her over to my friend Casey case is my lender I just sent him an email with my standard my standard thing that says lead lead lead in all caps with a screen shot of her which he'll probably call me and ought to put him to voicemail because we're recording this right now but very interesting after the first year Susie sent as a sent her to Casey all right so now I'm gonna put I'm putting these notes into top producer taking the actions and I'm pushing them one that's in mojo and then I'm pushing them over to two top producer in KC now has that lead so that's marked as a contact and I we are off to this to the next person doing the calls you guys have been giving me a lot of good positive feedback you guys like when I do these duties calls on YouTube for you so I'm gonna keep them going and you know I just have a feeling I got a feeling that something's gonna go really well with this so let's just keep it rocking our own all right let's do this we're gonna actually go live let's see here probably post something on this hopper and you've reached my cellphone voicemail I'll just leave me a message and I'll get back good all right so I got him there let's do that there let's do that there cause for the first time are we gonna okay huh all right well hey so just so you guys know what we know what else I am doing I am and I don't have YouTube I can't see YouTube automatic voice message system nine one seven eight dropping so I use system called mojo and so on mojo when I do is a triple line dialer so I'm dialing three lines at once and so we're able to really you know crush through the numbers and get a lot of people on the line at one time so as when it's quiet like this it's not that I'm just sitting here and I'm not doing anything I am actually being incredibly predictable okay um hi I'm sorry well hi where do I reach I'm sorry I Johnny with over Oh Johnny my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real-estate agent in the area which I rock the fritters don't you so close to okay yeah you got the wrong number yeah that's what I thought man sorry about it you have a good one huh you guys up this is a new list that I'm using today it's not a list I've ever called befores not usually in the same market but cundinamarca place is that usually calling to but it's a special list and so I'm interested to see what it does in productivity but no matter what we're gonna be calling through so in the list that I haven't spun up for us right now those 326 numbers in here and right now as a rule during this there we've called through 28 of them and I this is a list I've actually uploaded into mojo from another CSV I haven't done that a lot so I think I may have screwed up somewhere on their regards to you know see you let's go see if I can go to youtube and see if you guys it because it's yeah what's up dude I'm trying to get over to YouTube right now so that I can see if there's any questions or anything I can answer from you guys on YouTube I can I think better photos the voice mailbox of five one zero thanks oh no I have a pre-recorded message did I have that I push it out to people and so that is what I am pushing out okay so now I I I can see oh now I can see all the messages okay very cool to an automated voice-messaging system boundary okay so I'm living in what's his for this guy dude Edmund nice bro love it guys he what he was doing to all you guys on Facebook everyone was calling through his list I was doing his list and yeah he got out you got a 1 million dollar listing appointment how cool is that right I'll take that all day long so knuckles nuts good bro I like it I like it a lot as you guys are just joining in on YouTube please leave a comment for me however come let's have a conversation hello come on what's going on my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent here in the area which he rocked off-roaders I'm doing some outbound calls today from my office and we actually record them all for training and in quality control and what kind of yeah I'm doing I'm looking for anyone's thing about selling their home yeah no I'm good I have a realtor thank you okay I'm out of curiosity are you guys you want seven either cell and sometimes people I did not that Nastia but it's why I've uploaded a primary and a secondary okay phone number so I it's gonna be a mixed bag I'm not 100% sure what I'm gonna get but I do know that with hello oh hey good afternoon hey my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area which a rock cliff realtor's I'm actually doing a couple of outbound calls from my office where we actually record the calls for training and quality control no okay hey I appreciate your time have a good day okay you know the quality of the humans that are apparently picking up the phone today is higher pretty I got it I got it I gotta get a good feeling though I don't know why I don't know why but I have a good feeling about it so this is what I'm doing guys so we're doing cold we're gonna do mailings I actually did well hey what's going on my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent here in the area with Jay rock cliff Reuters the McDaniel kelly-ann team hey I'm doing some outbound calls from my office where we record our calls for for training and question for you are you by any chance thinking about selling your home in the next couple of months or like sometime next year at all perfect opportunity to buy one right uh yeah yeah are you thinking about buying a house by any chance not anytime soon okay hey man I totally appreciate your time today I pretty thank you so much I hope you have a great day all right okay cool thank you guys hi nice do you don't which is cool right okay so mojo up I can kill LinkedIn I don't need to LinkedIn alright so what I'm doing as they went around yesterday I did thirty pop buys in one day three zero pop bias one day a lot of movement guys and I brought him this letter now I'm a dumbass if they got to put my phone on Bronner's I stapled my card I don't know what screwed that up but I wrote a quick little letter Mina says this hey sir very missed you today I came by one to see everything no selling your home in the next one to six months I know this is out of the blue but I always have people looking in your area here in the area I'm a top real estate agent in here here in the area and if you can't read a letter a real estate agent here in the area and if you are thinking of selling I would love to talk with you and if you're not sorry to bother you have a great day PS we have all-cash buyers as well now why I put the PS because people have PSS hello hey what's going on my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area which in your orders I'm doing some outbound calls from my office today and we actually record them for training and I got a quick question for you are you by any random chance thinking about selling your home in the next six seven months or something yeah no you're not yeah no we're not okay do you know anyone the baby and now alrighty well I know this is totally out of out of the blue and I appreciate your time won't we have a good day okay thank you okay talk to me and when they things you guys do calls load up on agua water is a big one guys you can know he can dehydrate your Conroe like that later on if you guys are on youtube follow me on facebook guys go to Greg McDaniel I'll be in my face I may or may not have a beard at that point we never know but uh you know go follow their colleagues I could've pick up we need likes I'm gonna call you back he's on Facebook box of five one zero eight Facebook guys it feels like these types of call I do I'm also on my facebook or also have a podcast called real estate uncensored where we record it live on video so if you guys like more real estate content going on this down yeah real estate uncensored go to greg mcdaniel and you guys can follow me there you know we can keep this content flowing through i'd love doing these calls I've been doing calls I've been doing real estate for almost 18 plus years at this point long time I know Zach what up man and you know when I started in the business I was a screw-up to put it lightly and so what I did is my father my team leader you know the old dude in the middle there you guys you guys know tea duty and he made me go out and Dornoch for a year straight and I was I was all I was allowed to do was to door knock yeah so I got really expensive 1:09 really do the prospecting because uh as a voice mailbox that have not been set up yet I mean you don't have anything else to do what do you think you're gonna do you're gonna go out and you're gonna you're gonna try to find buyers and sellers and so this is my comfort zone so many people are not comfortable doing calls well for me this is this is fishing water man we're dead to an automatic voice-message system fine it's weird I know I should be there's something wrong with my head but I loved is getting out and just you know pound the pavement yesterday going by you know Hannah's it's foggy five one one zero seven five four to both of those next to each other because I bought the live there next to each other there well but yeah so I handed out these these letters here and yesterday and I found a couple of interesting properties well a couple that were super super beaters I mean my beaters and they were the most interesting to me because those are the ones that I can I've already researched it and I found the mailing address versus the site address so the site address is the physical property the mailing address is worthy out of non-owner occupied lives right and so I'm gonna we're gonna write a letter gonna put a um and they're trying to find them on Facebook I can't I think I found the guy on Facebook I'm not sure though and I wanna take a photo of the property so I want to send him a picture of the house house looks like it's been automatic voice-message system for a while but that's okay we like those homes they sell investors love those homes and so I'm gonna send them a letter to an automatic voice message system all right so we have a lot of voicemails they've not been set up on this yeah so here the got a case of the properties in is in Pleasant Hill but the actual the owner lives in San Leandro which three guys are watching anywhere in the world right now it's about 40 minutes that that Southwest a little bit message thank you all right I don't know if : during the middle of the day is the best part but I'm so eager to try this I couldn't help myself I had to get on the dialer I had to get out and start doing some calls then for all of you guys on YouTube yes let me know hit me up with some comments let me know what you guys want me to do because I'm gonna start putting out a lot of videos probably about one or two a day on YouTube all myriad of different subject matters so hit me up let me know what's going on what you guys want to learn about what question you have that I can answer for you if you guys want to get all of my super quick go over to Facebook private message me again Greg McDaniel search me I'm very easy to find I don't hide I don't hide thank you for calling me I am NOT available phone call right now please leap in yeah we can we can figure out what kind of videos you guys are look you guys are looking for cuz I'm gonna put them out anyways might as well hopefully you know like them everything else is it not a good time to you okay okay seven that's quite a head at yo from 11:00 till 2:00 I usually go from 4:30 to 5:30 or 4:30 to 6:00 in the afternoons evenings is when I found them really good hello no it was hearing near me yep yep yep I hear you just perfectly hey um my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area with j-roc Laura litters I'm doing awesome outbound calls from my office we actually record all the calls for training and stuff and out of curiosity are you ok do you do you know any now do you know anyone that might be we did some people you know beating down our doors over you can understand alright and now I go okay all right not a problem I appreciate your time hope you have a great day okay okay thank you okay bye bye okay so the address is right it's a sick-ass house it's in a place called Discovery Bay and or do we Disko Bay depends if you're a veteran please leave your message for so I discovered dude this guy's is how he was he yeah he's super close to fast water get a duel boat dock I'm a boating nerd by the way love me some boat time yeah these homes are mm-hmm can you call has a voice mailbox that have not been 70 million plus easy like straw hat easy stuff like that and they're the the back yard is the front yard if you know what I mean only the the the back yard is kinda like your frolic that's what everybody wants to spend time I'm not here right now because of your name number and uh Mosely you ever do leave follow up Zach I follow up with leads that are four hundred plus days old hello aunt yep there you are hey how are you hey my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area which a rock cliff Realtors don't do some calls from my office where we record all of our calls for training and quality control and stuff and quick question for you are you by any chance thinking about selling your home yeah I'm getting all day long trust me do you know anyone who may be thinking of selling by any random chance no it's just basically Park you dang it I'm a daily in the dollar short right all righty Wow hey man I appreciate you taking my call I hope you have a great rest of a great rest of a day and yeah again appreciate this to you sticking the call all right all right have a good one bye bye see you guys just making it I'm not making fun but we're just having guys I'm getting callbacks and I hope I still a voicemail I think I took some using ringcentral right now should be should be going over there I should get let's go see if like any emails I get emails food from voice messages right now it'd be super awesome huh there's a voice mail you heard to an automatic voice message system 9:00 to 5:00 5:00 okay what set up that message there yes actually I do do fall I do do but I will never grow up with promise I follow up calls or something that I'm putting back into my rotation you know way more than I used to and I'm getting phenomenal results out of doing the follow-up calls with listing appointments and everything else [Laughter] yeah the doo doo jokes never get old um how are you getting your weeds and phone numbers we're gonna get it from sick good thank you brother yeah um but yeah I'm getting them from well this is another list from another source that I'm testing today and a party guys I've already picked up a hot buyer she got lead over to make my lender Casey she wants to buy after the first year they're recording of this right now is December 4th 2017 so she was the body in the early early part probably in the January time frame if for business cuz she has an in-home childcare business that she's starting so she was a supersuit or her first name was Lonnie my best friend's name is Lonnie so we got a bond there feels good it was really good and so yeah getting the getting the first buyer off the list does not suck yes you're probably for $500,000 if not a little bit more casual it's a 3-bed 2bath yeah okay all of you guys that are watching on YouTube your figure out what does money go back three to five four three I'm doing a triple line dialer called mojo it's dialing right here in front of me yeah see this is more gel and it's running through numbers here and then it'll pop up and so when it's silent like this page is waiting for one of these lines to write those three lines ringing all simultaneously five rings per and then you'll see it see it's leaving a message and dialing and dialing incredibly effective when it comes to getting crushing through numbers waiting for something pretty easily I found this whoops I found this a little while ago a couple years ago and I need to become more effective and efficient and so I there's a lot of triple line dialers I just use mojo because that's the one I've used for eons but there's a lot of other really good ones out there okay so a couple questions are all I'm getting the numbers I get them from mojo I paid three dollars a year a year of nine to five six to eight um I turn the books a year or twenty five dollars a month for the opportunity to have the numbers and then I can I can call as many as I can possibly ever want they're predominantly home lines so you know I a lot of people are calling me home yeah apparently I have someone angry they just texted me never harass me again resources system Sharon Renault is not available at the count no yeah no no I I stay away from cell phones like the plague if I'm gonna put them through if I'm gonna put through mojo I do not use a triple line dialer not to my acknowledge at least I always try to get home phone numbers because they're legal to call cell phones to an automated system it's a legal to text people on their cell phone without being having condition hello hello this is Mark hey Mark my name is Greg McDaniel on a real estate agent in the area with a rock cliff Realtors and the mcdaniel Callahan team hey and I am doing a couple of calls from my office where we actually record the calls for training and quality control and all that good good snow goodness this is what I'm doing one question looking for anyone maybe you that might be thinking of selling their home I'm not I'm not interested in being recorded on a call okay and I'm not interested in the marketing call all right okay you tell me let it be my distinct pleasure to Tyler's doctorate as our oops so I can't cuss on this on this private group well I just did and so what I get a box of nine to five seven six eight eight nine was so weird yeah oh there you are hey my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real-estate agent in the area with Jay Rockefeller doors and the McDaniel Cal AM team I am doing some calls from my office where we actually accord the calls for training and quality control and quick question for you are you any chance thinking about salon your home in 2018 no no okay do you know anyone that might be your inventory just low and gotta go out there you know beat the bushes and see what comes out right okay I appreciate it and those who's totally out of the blue and I appreciate your time thank you all right have a good one I like eye contact how bad I don't know how to call anything else but a man you got a housing disco dude if you're thinking about someone what's let's chat man hit me up on this I'll give you my cell Oh Melissa much better pal bad some Melissa here in anyone else I'm not shy about giving out my number that was my cell phone you can hit me up on that text or call and you know whatever I can do to help we're did to an automated voice-messaging system all right mother curiosity are you guys on hope fast water you guys in the golf course we're did to an automated voice-messaging system nine to five Gulf Wars Lake fast water you know stuff crap that's for me all right is that good to see man newer agent is a seven million dollar lead that's pretty awesome dude thanks man what's Lefty I appreciate it all of course I wanted getting all kind words fast water by the marina ah damned that's a sick ass house that's a killer location why you guys thinking about selling it out of curiosity just don't spend a lot of time out and just go anymore or just don't need the house or system nine to five eight nine nine one four she'll send this spell for Nia there you go fifteen railroads easiest one it's my parents and they're selling out from under myself dude that would be most of that be sick maybe I don't know anything about you but that would be awesome 8:2 it's not available OC is nice uh yeah I spend quite a bit of time down south with we have a team that we're gonna be expanding and growing your mailbox of five one zero seven nine eight is it is it just me or is it really annoying when people do not put a voice to their voicemail it's like dammit people I've got no one talking to so don't leave me hanging us hello oh no you have the wrong number please don't call again anything out I don't know what that was uh yeah I know it is annoying right I just read hey Chris my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area with Jay rock cliff Realtors – well ma'am he calls from my office and we actually record them all for training and quality control and stuff and quick question I know it's out of the blue are you by any chance thinking about selling your home in 2018 no okay I mean like I said those toy out of the blue I appreciate your time oh do you know anyone who might be okay already hey man I appreciate you hope we have a great day all right take care all right bye-bye so this list is literally bouncing all over parts of Contra Costa County I should do it I should do a punching bag of my office just be like thank you for calling Sakura fine Tech you've reached the voicemail for Elena watch and see what happens uh like Batman no I have no plans joy and I know me whoever's cool man he's coo coo all right guys let's do quick time check here all y'all's ever watching this in the recording and our live with us we've been down for 43 minutes and 35 seconds hello hi hello hi hi my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area with Jay rock cliff realtor's in the McDaniel Kellyanne team him do a couple of outbound calls this afternoon we actually record all of our calls for training and wanted to quickly ask by any random weird chance are you guys thinking about selling your home in 2018 okay and decency want to write out the window with you good sir you're gonna blow your hemorrhoids yeah keep that down brah yeah okay let's get where were we you know what did you economy show yes you did I will sit here and talk like a drunk monkey till the cows come home and let people yell at me it's like if I think I'm therapy for them it's like I'm the dog that they get to kick and just waiting then they're just like wow okay hurry well your dude London damn what's going on Carlos how are you Alexis good to see you this is great good I'm glad I can help you and kind of give a give a relief on for everybody because you know what hey when you're doing calls you can't get your panties all up in a bunch all the time because life is too damn short I'm telling you if you want to get inked if you want to be aggro and you know lose your on a consistent basis because you know everybody says something mean to you really guys really you got to understand when these people are having a or being grumpy atcha – it's just them having a bad day it's nothing against you at all uh I was calling Friday and had automatic voice message system ass and I couldn't stop making a long day better good brother dad is what I'm here for see me the cool thing about doing these calls right it's one I get to show people that it's not hard even when people yell it's yeah you're not the only one getting yelled at we all do y'all that just what you do with it go one seven four one seven nine six – okay so we've done a 116 phone calls guys in 46 wrong gonna be 48 40 see hold on wait for it 47 minutes um talk to 13 people then promptly yell that I've had someone texts me said stop harassing them doing at our grumpy kitten who we just heard a few minutes ago but we found a real buyer one of our very first calls do an automatic voice-message so if you guys go back and re-watch this it's the was the very first person that I was talking to Lonnie and so we just wondered for that along and yeah okay so we're gonna go for bet another six minutes or so my four to six minutes because then I'm gonna hop off I got a jump on pre-show for the podcast so if you guys don't know I do a podcast called ruse hello I'm sorry maybe I misdialed is this the problem okay I'm sorry about that man you have a good one he was a fellow agent I heard heard my total banker Better Homes or something on what I don't want to give my pitch man then to an automated voice messaging system who knows guys people are weird doing this for more than 10 seconds know that people are just you're strange ducks a person is an intelligent kind loving compassionate creature people okay hello yeah hey good afternoon my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area with j-roc the through letters I'm doing some calls from my office where we actually record the calls for training and quick question for you are you by any chance thinking about selling your home this year or next year okay hey I appreciate it thanks for watching for your time I know this was totally out of the blue so again I appreciate you being kind to me all right you do Bob I know they do yeah okay so why is that only recording for 35 minutes for 40 this to an automatic voice message from five one zero to one nine this isn't going for an hour something is afoot here so on calls what if you guys are doing calls or when I get into calls or you'll have done calls or anything else what I do is I I try to break it up so I don't have to go in such long single stints I'm just sitting here so all let's see I've reached nine two five three eight one four zero zero three please leave a message I will do so I pick it up sold you like an hour or two to take a break hour to hour or two and then take a break back on the couple years ago I was doing calls like all day long because it was like the season was down what time of the market was down so just nothing but hardcore prospecting right and do it I would do 750 to a thousand phone calls a day just one after the other kermin how often do you actually get someone says they're playing on-site about 3% of the time sort of a 97 percent failure rate on doing the calls but it's about a persistency inconsistency of doing the calls so I know that every about 250 outbound active 9 by 8 is leaving a message not were not leaving the message or talking to somebody it was a reach about everyone average running average about 250 I know I'll get a good nurture or good lead so it's about persistent and consistent like I said so I'm only 129 deep on this this whole list is 326 which means I it can automatic voice-message system theory on I should get at least one solid lead or solid nurture from this list yes miss ninety percent ninety seven percent fund rate it is it's a rate of something other than phone calls you also do market on social media yes I do a lot of Facebook lives let's YouTube live I do a lot of Facebook lives we do a lot of postcards door-knocking sphere of influence please leave your message or nine two eight nine my one of my partner's Chris he's a cyclist nearly a professional great cyclist and so he we call it his mobile marketing we slapped on spandex and gets on little tiny tires and rides for 100 miles I love picking on it for that but I mean yeah that's his mobile marketing in my mailbox 9:05 it's been the business for 47 years as of this recording so he's been you know you can do in the business we work on fish spear spear a lot so we do a lot of old-school new-school this is to keep the funnel going you know put people in this in the stuff then I use a company called viral marketing for video database emails and stuff like that do this for you comment the people that do these calls for you well I've tried them maybe I'm biased I'm just better than them and I'm not trying to be egotistical I'm just better they also say hello you see my cell phone please leave a message I think and so what I'm doing is I I know that I can they are trying to set up appointments and they're not really trying to build a relationship which is the difference in to an automated voice-messaging system yeah so with what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to make a relationship with the people that I'm calling and find some sort of opportunity of value that can bring to them and the people that do these other calls like I tried to work with another company cause they were they weren't they weren't providing the leads I had I was just doing a better job yeah pulling trying to blow on heartstrings I was a live chat on YouTube saying way cool would you guys and give me thumbs up here cuz I don't think you guys gonna be hard trying emoji things like you can't on Facebook I'm gonna start doing some Popeyes I can't show you anything about the property or the person to reveal their identity but I start to improvise to show you guys how I can draw it you know would that be something of interest for you guys yeah so I knew Popeyes you see all the you know how atonality and the conversations flow and the whole nine again you won't see anything about the area and you will not see anything about the person that is going to be doing they're gonna be talking to complete anonymity is is what we're going to provide for them okay Carmen you're in for it ed you're down cool guys and I will I'm gonna start doing a lot of stuff any I'm not really kind of start doing all hey what's going on my name is Greg McDaniel I'm a real estate agent in the area which they watch with rotors I'm doing some undo some help down calls today and during my offers were actually so what come on thank you okay okay so I guess lines free so alright so I'm gonna stop this and now if you're gonna play this for you guys oh okay let's do this and that my darling time let's see here how long have you been in the business until you team I've always been on a team always been on a team my father started the team home cheese are in the middle here is my is my my dad and then this is Chris you know the one that likes to wear spandex I'm riding bikes he kills no but I've been doing I I'm always been on a team but there's a hole that's a whole new discussion let's see you're any kind of text message drips no I don't really do a lot of that stuff because I get weirded out when I get text messages and let's they've done like a double opt-in and they know I'm gonna get drips on text like that then that's okay music Spector than my brain can put together but yes I agree with whatever you're talking about my pleasure guys oh okay so because I've never seen you before go if you want to go to YouTube before we go to Facebook and just search me Greg McDaniel it's very easy to find me and you can watch the podcast and you guys know this is this is our podcast link or channel for real estate uncensored so you want more education you can watch it live on Facebook by going to my channel today we're gonna talk about a lot about prospecting and we got a great guest who's gonna be joining us today and you know just name is James fess teeny he's a door knocker and a prospector just like me so it's gonna be a great show but guys as if you guys are watching this in the recorded version please go ahead and put messages in here so that you guys can let me know what other kind of videos you guys like my friend Kita's has called me three times I hope the world is not falling apart oh-ho no minute Candace okay so facebook into the group love you guys what was helpful talk to you later and then YouTube keeps telling me some messages guys I appreciate your watch and share it share the site with a friend if it was helpful for you and we'll keep these rocking or rolling all right yeah peace love ya talk to you soon bye

How To Become A SUCCESSFUL Real Estate Agent

right in this video we're going to talk about what normal real estate agents do and then what's successful real estate agents do right there's a lot of agents in the United States that make 30 40 50 thousand dollars a year and then there's a lot of them that make 300 400 500 or more thousand dollars a year okay so what is the difference by the way you know what is the difference between one versus the other and why can some make a lot more money than others right I mean you're probably asking yourself right now now how you can make more money right if you're a real estate agent you watching this you want to become a real estate agent kay right now currently in the United States I believe there's somewhere around 1.4 million real estate agents and the statistics aren't very good right you know your average agent I think 87% of agents are not licensed in two years okay out of the 13% I would love to know how much money the average age and makes it's not that high right so let's just kind of jump right into it okay so basically you don't want to be the average real estate you know what is the average real estate agent doing okay here's a couple of things that they're doing obviously they're late all the time okay they can't show up to a meeting on time they're not ever at the brokerage they're not at the team they're not seeking out support right they're not making calls they're not doing the things that they should be doing now however they think that they are right see you talk to a normal real estate agent you're like hey they're like what are you doing blah blah blah and they're like aw man I'm so busy I'm working all the time I'm busy all the time I'm getting leads right I'm making it happen and the reality of it is that they're supposedly busy all the time but they're not closing any deals right and what's interesting about that is that if you were actually busy aka you were doing money-making activities okay you're MMA's and you were moving that needle in your in your career right then ultimately you'd be making a whole lot more money than you are okay so let's talk really quick about you know what you can do right to become more than average better than you're having real estate right step number one is you have to use systems and processes okay so what do I mean by that well here's what I mean are you implementing systems and processes right so let's say you get a lead okay you get this lead and you get the lead from an open house right you get the lead from expired calling calling expire it's calling fizzbuzz right however you get the lead okay you're actually busy you're moving the needle forward you're doing money-making if it is an aioli okay what are you doing with that means I would say that out of 10 or 20 or 100 leads not that many of them are ready to buy yourself right here right now today okay so are you using systems and processes to follow up with the leap okay so you might have a CRM okay a CRM that is gonna follow up with that lead for you on your behalf right it's gonna send emails okay a good CRM will send emails it might send text messages okay it might even drop voicemails on your behalf literally every single day every week every month whatever you tell your CRM to do it's gonna do okay on your behalf right and so now ultimately you're staying in contact with all of your leads without actually having to do that every single day that way you're focusing on again the money making activities and then ultimately when a lead goes from cold to warm to hot then you can personally reach back out follow-up aletan get in contact and ultimately make the sale obviously this is just one example if you have a system or a process that you can use but I encourage you right you're watching this video to Google systems and processes for the real estate agent space okay and what is that one could feel like right obviously this is big CRM I can tell my CRM to tell me what to do right what do I mean with that I can say hey CRM I wanna I need to follow up at this lead in a month and then I can forget about that lead for an entire month and in a month I'm gonna log into my serum because I do that every morning at 8 o'clock or 9 o'clock or whatever the time is and my CRM is actually gonna tell me what to do that day rather than me tell it what to do okay so again got systems and processes okay maybe it's people right maybe you build big enough team to where you can get an assistant you can get a transaction coordinator so you're not doing your documents right you're not filling out all these crazy freaking documents and somebody else can do that for you can moving along social media right are normal agents using social media okay I'm just curious our normal agents using social media I would I would imagine that they're not right so what did I mean I mean you can get on to Facebook right are you on face are you in every face of a group right are you going in to the groups in your area and adding yourself into the group's going to the meetups right talking to people networking with people are you on Instagram okay are you branding yourself as a local expert okay you're the local expert in Atlanta Georgia or in in New Hampshire and freaking wherever it is okay are you the local expert when somebody associates your name when they think of your name do they associate it with real estate right with buying or selling real estate okay are you on LinkedIn okay linked in okay after shirts felt their own are you on the LinkedIn okay and are you leveraging this LinkedIn right now is still wide open right there is no algorithm on LinkedIn unlike Facebook and Instagram so what does that mean that means that everybody sees your posts okay that also means that you can reach out to people there's emails there's phone numbers right you you have literally you have contact information for buyers and sellers that other real estate agents right maybe you reach out to other agents in other markets and you research the top ten markets where people are moving from into your area right so you live in it you live in Phoenix Arizona Kay where where do people where are people coming from to Phoenix where Phoenix is one of the fastest growing or sorry Maricopa County is one of the fastest growing if not the fastest growing County in the United States of America right where are people coming from well they're coming from Sacramento right they're coming from Texas they're coming from okay where are they coming from and then are you reaching out to agents in those areas saying hey I'm the guy writer I am the girl send me your referrals I'll pay you a 25% referral fee I'm gonna keep 75% and I'm gonna take amazing care of the client okay are you on YouTube right YouTube is obviously not an easy algorithm to crack but you also don't need to make informational videos you could just make a much simpler video targeting your demographic whoever it is that is gonna buy or sell real estate in your area right in your location okay so maybe within 10 or 20 or 30 miles of your area you might be talking about hey here's the home values in the area here's the median price here's you know what what that what the rates are doing right here's the the growth of the market okay is inclining is a declining is the time to buy now is the time to sell now right should you be renting should be buying these are things that you can make videos number you can go to a local title company and you can get these statistics right take this statistic and literally just make a video on it okay so you're not good in front of the camera then maybe you blog about it right you write about it or maybe you post it on Facebook Instagram LinkedIn YouTube okay Twitter right are you tweeting okay random things throughout the day throughout the week throughout the month again guys this is just a very simplified version of what you could be doing on social media can I encourage you if you're not on social media okay you should be so go ahead by the way speaking of social media and like the freaking video okay before I keep going did you like it I'm serious like just just like the video right now I really appreciate it alright that's moving on main objectives right what what are you what is your duty and our obligation and responsibility as a real estate agent kay when you're representing a seller what's your job right you're your fiduciary to this hour is to net them the most money possible as quickly as possible that's it right that's your job so you're representing the seller what are you doing what you're negotiating on their behalf right you're presenting all the offers you're guiding them and showing them what offer could potentially net them the most money right here you're taking everything into account you're figuring out the difference between the terms and the price and the down payment and what type of financing the buyers trying to use etc etcetera right if you're representing the buyer you're trying to get them the best deal possible right you're trying to net the seller the least amount of money possible okay you want to get the buyer the best deal possible right so who are you representing what is your objective and are you worthy of the commission you're about to make right and these are questions that I'd be asking myself by the way okay so you know understand this right what are you what are you doing and what value do you bring to the marketplace that other agents aren't bringing right because of other agents are just sitting there scrolling through the MLS all day not really doing anything twiddling their thumbs and you're you know doing ten or fifteen different things on a daily basis literally going above and beyond for the seller for the buyer when negotiating right and you're taking all-out massive action then do you or do you not deserve to make more money okay I'm short that the answer is that you do deserve to make a money pit who are you connected to right most agents you're like hey man do I need a good lender they're like log yeah I don't really know a good lender but I'll Google one no you should be going out there and making relationships with lenders right title companies inspectors okay cool guys freakin termite guys okay loan modification guys right you should have connections with everybody that way when your client buyer or seller says hey Austin hey hey whoever right I need I need a blank you're like hey I got a blank right and he's the best of the best or she's the best of the best hey this lender is the best of the bed maybe have three lenders right and that way you're never thrown under the bus you're like hey I tell you what I'm gonna give you three lenders that way you can pick which one you like the best but by the way I know all three of them are awesome okay that's exactly we should be doing right you shouldn't wait until you till you get asked the question to make the relations also what can these connections do for you they can give you freaking leads okay your lender should give you leads especially if you're giving them leads okay so if you're giving your lender leads they should be giving you leads right if you're giving your title company leads they should give you these if you're giving your inspector leads they should give you leads okay so guys this is a total it's a two-edged sword okay at the end of the day you know real estate is pretty simple right it's pretty freakin simple it's a consistent action day in and day out of just making it happen and doing things that other people aren't willing to do right at the end of the day and by the way it's that way with any industry okay so understand that what are some things you need to doing I would take notes if I were you okay right here right now you need been making phone calls right are you gonna call expires are you gonna call fizzbuzz are you gonna call who you gonna call are you just gonna cold call do you want to skip trace a certain area right this goes back to what we were talking about before tech your vendor can literally get you a list of people are sellers or homeowners in a certain area you can skip trace they'll help you right that's what they're for they're gonna spend their marketing money make them spend their marketing money and then you can make phone calls to those people in that area that you're farming or maybe you're holding an open house on inviting to an open house right you're going above and beyond you're doing this again how many calls you to make a day right Senegal okay at the end of it if you don't have a number of what you're gonna do every single date it's not specifically outlined you're just dreaming in the clouds right you gotta have a number for it to be a goal okay what are you doing meeting with clients right are you meeting with clients okay are you taking your bodies out I'm doing a buyer consultation getting the coffee buying Emma coffee buying them a frickin beer whatever you need to bind right go build-a-bear add the build-a-bear workshop okay whatever you got to do studying the market okay do you know what the hell you're doing if you're if you're if you're persons like if your clients like hey you know what what's the average price point in in nine nine oh two one out right what is it okay you should know that right you should know the questions or the answers to the questions again previewing hums right are you going above and beyond all by yourself and looking at houses before they even realize that it's on the market so you can call you say hey Sally you know I know that we talked last month you you're looking at it for a three-bedroom two-bathroom here and Gilbert Arizona well I tell you what I went out today I was in the area this this one hit the market I didn't want to tell you I wanted to go look at it first but by the way I think it fits your criteria perfectly but here here's some pictures here's a link and I talked to the seller or the sellers agent and we can go look at it tomorrow between 3:00 and 5:00 okay open houses are you doing open houses three open houses four or five a week okay these are things needing client appreciation okay are you doing client appreciation events right you closed ten deals last year what are you doing to stay in contact with these people okay networking with other agents right are you networking with other agents like what we talked about before in your in your area and out of your area okay these are just a couple of things by the way that you should be doing I'm happy to make more videos on things that you should do as a real estate agent but guys at the end of the day if you're not doing things to elevate you a tip to get you to the goal okay then what are you really doing right you're not an entrepreneur you're not a business owner and you're not a good real estate agent right and you're never going to succeed at any other business if you can't succeed as a real estate agent if you can't succeed at one to remember how you do any is how you do everything okay so if you can't do it here what makes you think you're gonna be able to do it somewhere else right it's just not practical it doesn't make sense it's an unrealistic expectation to set on your life and your business guys with that I appreciate you watching this video drop in the comments section down below what you would like to see in a future video and I'd be happy to potentially make that for you guys smash that like button smash that subscribe button and I look forward to seeing you in the next one

I made $100,000 from saying yes to a LEASE!!! ALL REAL ESTATE AGENTS NEED TO SAY YES…

what's going on YouTube in this video I'm going to talk to you guys about something that is extremely extremely important and pertinent to your success that I believe and I'm going to tell you guys how I actually made a total of about seventy-five to a hundred thousand dollars by just saying yes to something that I would normally say no to and why in the beginning of your career whether it be in real estate or something else that my story is going to apply to real estate specifically being a real estate agent but why it is so important for in the beginning you to say yes to everything and no to very little so with that guys let's go ahead and dive in and let's get started hope you guys stay here till the end because at the end I'm gonna do something pretty cool I'm gonna do a cool giveaway so make sure you hang out until the end but guys if you're a real estate agent definitely keep watching this this story actually applies directly towards real estate agents and if you're not a real estate agent then you're maybe you know real estate investor or you're in a different industry altogether I would definitely still watch this because it does it does pertain to just being an entrepreneur in general or being a business owner and you know just becoming successful you know and a lot of people a lot of you guys that are watching this right now probably you're you're not making millions and millions of dollars you're you're in the startup phase of whatever it is that you're trying to accomplish so you know the startup phase is always the hardest phase and and my story is gonna apply to to how you can truly maximize you know your your income and your potential in the beginning so with that guys you know I want to tell you guys a quick story that's something that happened to me it's a true story and I think it's very very very important so I was going to cryotherapy one day okay if you guys aren't familiar with it cryo therapies where you go and you freeze yourself okay you basically go to in this big machine and it gets do it like really really really cold and it's good for you I don't know I'm not gonna make any claims on here I don't really know what I'm talking about but you know if you know what I'm talking about you know I'm talking about so anyway gonna cryotherapy and you know I get all dressed and everything like that and I'm getting ready to walk into the to the thing and now the cryotherapy place that I go to it you actually like open it up and you go inside of it and you're completely submerged ahead to tell you know cuz there's obviously if you know what I'm talking about there's the other ones where you just stand in the tube and you know your heads sticking out so I was going into the the one where you actually like walk into the thing and I I basically got ready to go in now the one that I can go into you can play music okay so I hint I took my pulled my phone out because I had to hand my girl my phone for her to play a song you know that I wanted her to play so you know I quickly pulled out my cell phone and I handed her my cell phone and when I handed her my cell phone little did I know I'll show you guys here really quick view follow me on Instagram okay if not link is in the description down below make sure you go follow me on Instagram but I handed her my phone and I was on Instagram I don't know if you guys can see this hopefully let's see hold on one second can you guys see that all right so I handed her my phone it was on Instagram and I had I don't know how many call words that at the time but I had quite a few okay I got this refocus three two one focus okay so I handed her my phone it was on Instagram she takes my phone she's like oh oh my gosh she had a lot of followers you know what do you do and I was like oh I you know I mean I told her so guys look when people ask me what I do I don't like to compartmentalize myself because I don't want people to think that I only do one thing at the same time real estate is definitely my primary thing so naturally I said well you know I'm a serial entrepreneur and she said oh that's amazing what does that mean and I said well you know one of the big things I do is is real estate and she's like oh no way you know we get to talking and she's like so she's like I'm actually looking to lease my house and I said oh that's amazing she said yeah you know and I love you know I don't have anybody that can help me I would love for you to help now if you're a real estate agent you're watching this right now you'll understand exactly where I'm about to go with this house was like thinking you myself if you're not a real estate you're looking to become one Lisa's you don't make very much money okay you make a very small amount of money and a lot of times you probably even lose money because of the amount of time that you have to put in to get somebody into a lease or to get you know or to lease a property and you know it's really just not worth it so I normally don't do leases okay normally my response to her would be no I'm sorry I don't do leases now for some crazy reason that day I decided to say yes you know she was probably about 19 or 20 years old and I decided to just say yeah you know what I'll help you out now little dude does a client ever no I don't make money or very little my clients don't ever know that they just assume that you know they don't really necessarily know how real estate works right so they just think that we're making money regardless and you know it's a win-win for everybody so you know that's what I made it I made it seem to be and and I proceeded to tell her yes and she calls me the next day and she says hey Austin actually you know that that house that I was telling you about that I needed to rent it's actually my parents house so you know I'm sitting here thinking to myself I'm like okay well you know her parents probably have a little more money than she does she's young obviously and maybe her parents house will be worth a little bit more money and maybe I can actually make you know a couple of dollars on this thing right and so my god thinking to myself am i great so I tell her okay awesome you know basically long story short I end up going to meet her and her parents they end up living in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Arizona okay it was in fact a lease now they happen to own the house next door and then the house right here so they own two houses in a row okay so I they lived in this one and they rented this one out so I met them at this house where they lived in and they're like hey let's walk next door because this is the one that we're gonna be leasing so I said okay so we walked next door come to find out they want to lease it for $5,000 a month for 18 months so I ended up leasing this property $5,000 a month for 18 months I ended up making more than obviously you would on a normal lease because five thousands a lot more than normal in 18 months of more than 12 so I ended up making a decent amount on that not a ton of money but a small amount of money more expect it okay and then they call me about two weeks later they say hey Austin by the way we actually want to sell this house too and when we sell this house we then want to move and we want to buy a new house now the house that they wanted to sell is worth about a million and a half dollars okay so I list this house for sale and I sell this house for about a million and a half dollars and I move them into a new house and the new houses they want to move into it is right around a million dollars so now we have our $5,000 a month lease for eighteen months that I made 3% on we have a 1.5 million dollar house I sold made three percent on in a million dollar house I sold them to live and now made another three percent on that about three weeks after all that was all said and done I'm like this is you know really amazing their next-door neighbor calls me I'm sorry not their next-door neighbor the neighbor across the street they said hey Austin we uh we saw your sign in the front yard you know the last couple of weeks and now we're actually looking to sell our house and we saw that you rented this one here and and you sold this one here and we were actually good friends with those people and they said that you were really awesome and you know we'd like to see if you'd want to help us sell our house now their house was worth about 1.7 million dollars okay so do the math I end up selling their house and I ended up getting even some more referrals out of that but I'll stop the story there and the moral of the story is because I said yes to something I would normally say no to I ended up selling almost five million dollars worth of real estate traditional real estate as a real estate agent now if you're not familiar real estate agents make 3% you do the math so guys what I want to you know just really beat into your head I guess in this video is leases okay if you're an agent first of all say yes in the beginning okay don't say no because you never know what will come out of it you never know what's going to come out of something okay if you're not a real estate agent same thing applies you never know what's gonna come out of something so small okay I've I've developed some of the best friendships best relationships and best business partners from DMS on Instagram or Facebook okay from YouTube I have built some of the most amazing friendships and business partners from YouTube and I'm not even that big yet so my point is say yes to everything in the beginning gives you don't know what will come out of it you never know who that other person knows it's called indirect income okay indirectly you will make money you won't see it in the beginning you won't understand but if you have the time if you're able to say yes I encourage you to say yes because you never know what will come out of that that could be truly amazing so we'll learn how to say yes in the beginning and I do agree with you if you're sitting there thinking to yourself well yeah stand but you can't say yes forever I agree there comes a day there comes a time where you have to assess what your time is worth and there will be times your are going to have to say no and I understand that okay you can't say yes to everything I get that but in the beginning say yes to as much stuff as you possibly can because amazing things will come out of it okay I promise you that so that's a true story for me that's real that's not fake that really happened to me you know and I've had other stories like that so you know I like to call this one turning Lisa's into buyers or turning Lisa's into six figures you know what it means so a truly amazing experience and you know really humbled me and taught me that I'm no better than anybody else and that I do need to at say yes do as much things as I can possibly say yes to so that's my story that that's what I kind of wanted to talk to you guys about so now really quick I told you the beginning of the video that at the end of the video I was gonna do something cool so for the next couple of days I'm gonna do something cool for the next couple of YouTube videos if you go comment okay so first of all what what you need to do is you need to subscribe if you're not subscribed to me okay so subscribe to me on youtube and turn on the notification belt okay so you have to subscribe to me and turn on the notification belt and and then what I need you to do is I need you to go comment on my most recent YouTube video okay so this video right here I need you to comment on this video like and comment on the video I'll be choosing somebody that liked and commented on the video to give away a half an hour one-on-one mentoring with me and you just one-on-one whatever your business is whatever your goal is whatever you're trying to achieve I will help you with whatever you need help with for a half an hour completely free of charge just for liking and commenting on this video so make sure you make that happen I'll be choosing that within the next 48 hours so I'm gonna be doing that probably for the next quite a few YouTube videos so definitely you know go ahead and go subscribe to me on youtube make sure you turn on the notification bell I'm gonna be checking to make sure that you're subscribed and you turn on the notification Bell and then that you liked the video and that you commented on the video a real comment just comment on the video it can be anything just a real comment not a spammy comment and I'll be picking one of you guys to do a half-an-hour one-on-one mentoring call with and I'll be announcing the winner in my next YouTube video so you'll have to make sure your notification bells turned on so my next YouTube video and that way we can do our one-on-one mentoring call so make sure you guys go ahead and do that even if you don't do that make sure you subscribe make sure you turn on the notification bell and I look forward to seeing you guys in the next video

I Want To Get Started In Real Estate. Any Advice?

he latches with us in Jacksonville Florida hi Elijah how can I help a mr. Ramsey how you doing today better than I deserve what's up basically I just graduated college couple months ago and I got a full-time job at the place that I was interning at it's the perfect place for the degree that I got but I really think that kind of being drawn towards the real estate industry I got my real estate license while I was in school and I just kind of watching the device and how I can start to work my way into the real estate industry get some experience while I still have this full-time jobs and potentially just start going to real estate full-time I just want some advice on how to kind of make that transition and get experience while I'm still working full time so you went to school for years to get a degree in a career field that you started a couple of months ago and you're already wanting to leave it but I still kind of enjoy it but after actually you know like being in the office and getting to see how the business is actually run I'm not sure if it's what I want to do a full-time personal life how long have you been doing it long you been oh wait how long have you been in the office how long you been out school I've been out of school I graduated in late April so I've been full-time for about two three months I've been at the office since February what do you do it's a it's a I work with a lot of CFPs financial advising I got my degree in financial planning and finance and what is it that you thought it was going to be that it's not I wasn't very surprised that I just thought I would probably enjoy the work for you need to just get a little more fulfillment out of it after doing it for a while you never done it's not that you've done it for three months yeah that's not very that was five years I don't really know if I want you to go that distance on me I mean I just feel like I'm being drawn towards a real finish I just want to kind of want to start she doesn't get experience and see if that is what I actually want to do okay well you're gonna struggle at whatever you do if you don't give it more than three months to figure it out it takes a little bit more time I mean you spent four years on this goal and then in three months you're abandoning that goal because and using phrases like I'm being drawn to like by a mysterious force no I it just sounds real impulsive the way you're describing what the calendar of what's going on I mean if you've been in there three years and you hated every minute of it I don't I don't want you to spend your whole life doing something you hate that that's not my goal but you know you need to really kind of think through what was it that drew you to the financial planning world and then what is it that's turning you off because it's not logical that you spent this much time working on something knowing what it was and then after three months just decide you don't like it so anyway the way to move into the real estate business would be if you've answered those questions for yourself it doesn't affect me but if you've answered those questions maturely for yourself then with a way to move into it would be part-time and get a broker that would allow you to get your license and place your like you said your had your license already place your license with a broker and start working part-time the good news about residential real estate is most people look at houses when they're not at work and so your most premium times showing houses and working real estate deals or evenings and weekends so it really doesn't interfere that having a full-time job doesn't interfere that much with doing real estate I mean there's sometimes you do stuff during the day but the vast majority of your actual eyeball-to-eyeball knee kept and he kept with a potential buyer or seller is on an evening or a weekend so you can do a lot of that stuff and build up your experience your book of business and not have to go from making money to making nothing for six months and starve out because it usually takes about six months in residential business to start actually getting closings and making a living and so forth and you know but there's a good news there's a lot of your financial planning training will help you in the academic side of this I'm sure you probably picked up some marketing classes in that degree as well those will help you obviously the the financial parts of you know helping someone look at a different finance plan for a home or whatever will help you you've got a you know a good base knowledge of all of that but I just don't want you to sit down and I'm gonna challenge you that you you've spent four years working on something and then three months later have decided it's not okay that just doesn't ring well and you need to think that throw that part of this through it could be that where you're doing it the group of people you're doing the financial planning with you don't like you don't like their process it feels slimy to you you went into this to serve people you don't feel like people are the center of this that numbers are or you went into this to serve numbers and these folks you're working with or two people or in it I don't know but you need to think about is that the place and the group you're doing it with is that the particular activity you plugged into and so on and that that's what I would try to figure out so hey thanks for the call

My Earnings as a Real Estate Agent (ACTUAL NUMBERS)

what's up everybody Ricky Carruth here welcome back to my channel so today I'm gonna go through my numbers for you I want to go through my earnings as a real estate agent actual numbers behind the scenes so why would I do that because I want you to know what is possible in this business okay I want you to know that you can achieve those really enormous goals that you have for yourself okay if you put the work in if you have the best intentions and your patience okay and you just continue trying to help people and build that brand right personal brand is key I want you to know that this is my life this is real relationships are universal before I get into my numbers if you haven't signed up for my completely free real estate coaching program that's at zero to Diamond calm link is in the description there's a 90 day action plan online course there's live training twice a month and you get emails from me daily and you're really deeply connected with me I answer all DMS on Instagram emails any questions that you have just reach out okay so let's look at my numbers so far this year okay right now it's June 27th 2019 and I'm sitting on five hundred and twelve thousand four hundred twenty eight dollars and forty five cents in gross Commission's earned so here's a check stub right here you'll see the gross commissions right there five hundred and twelve for 28:45 I give one percent of all my commissions for as long as I can remember the Children's Miracle Network so that comes out to a little over five thousand also I pay my Remax fee which is five percent okay so that's about twenty five thousand all right and so my net figure after that five percent and the Children's Miracle Network donation brings me down to four hundred eighty one thousand eighteen dollars a seventy two cents so far this year so I'm looking at about the same numbers as last year last year i grossed 1 million twelve thousand dollars okay so this year it's almost halfway through the year and I'm at five hundred and twelve thousand dollars so I'm right there in line with where it was last year the year before okay I did 1 million 60,000 dollars okay so I'm right there around a little above a million dollars a year for the last two years and going on third year this year so let's break down this five hundred twelve thousand dollars that I've made so far this year okay so I asked to mate that I have about twenty five thousand in marketing another twenty five thousand for my assistant and then the twenty five thousand for the five percent remax fee and another five thousand for the Children's Miracle Network donation that brings my net figure to about four hundred and twenty thousand dollars for this year now out of that four hundred twenty thousand I put thirty percent back for taxes so that's gonna be a hundred and twenty six thousand that I've put back in a separate account just to pay taxes with so that brings my net net net figure down to two hundred ninety four thousand dollars halfway through the year in my earnings as a real estate agent so out of the two hundred ninety four thousand after living and all the other expenses let's say end up with two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to save and invest sounds incredible right I know everybody wants to be at a million dollars a year save a half a million dollars to put into whatever they want stocks by real estate whatever they want to invest in I think the problem is is that you're basing your happiness on this million dollars a year and I'll tell you right now when you get there it's not what you think it is okay it's just another day right and then tomorrow you start back over at zero we have to continue on this journey of trying to figure out where our next deals coming from every day when I wake up I'm thinking where is my next deal coming from who can I help please don't base your happiness on the fact that you want to make a million dollars a year and only making that million dollars in years what's gonna make you happy be happy with the process be happy that you put as much effort as you could possibly put into making that million dollars right and that you know you're gonna make it based on the effort you're putting in today don't let this depress you that you're not making a million dollars yet don't let it hold you back don't let it hold you down okay here's the reality of it you make a million dollars okay and based on the numbers I shared with you today you have a half a million dollars to save and invest okay now you made a million dollars you have a half a million dollars left over okay now what are we gonna do well we don't want to spend it because we want that to be our net worth okay we want to add that to our net worth so we have to invest it so now we invest it now we can't touch it because now we have to let that investment grow okay so now we're right back to being broke that's why I say we start over at zero every day because we're gonna take what's left over we're gonna invest it for the future okay we're gonna put it there we're not going to touch it so we're right back is zero yes we have a nest egg yes we're building wealth yes where our net worth is going up however our day-to-day life doesn't really change that much and this is something I learned in the crash journal lost everything I had homers and Cadillacs I had two houses that had so many material things that I didn't need right I didn't invest properly and the investments I did made I borrowed too much money and they were short-term investments so when the market crashed I lost everything so I learned my lessons from that moment of how to invest and now I'm in a situation where I only have one house it's paid for I'm not borrowing a bunch of money to buy a bunch of properties on a short term investments right I am borrowing money but I'm borrowing money against long term investments so there's two parts of this there's the fact that you have to learn how to save money you have to learn how to live way below your means right and also learn that happiness doesn't come from hitting those goals yeah you can be really happy when you hit that goal I'm not saying don't celebrate hell you know I'm celebrating every day because my happiness comes from the effort that I put in on a daily basis so let's talk about the progression of my income over the years okay when I got in the business I made twenty thousand my first year okay my second year I made about a hundred and then third and fourth year made a hundred two fifty a year now I know everybody says well I thought you made a million dollars yes because I was flipping properties on top of this right I was flipping properties on top of this and I had a million dollars saved up okay what did I do i reinvested in a more property borrowed more money at a million and a half worth of debt and then the market crashed lost everything okay so 2005 and in selling properties 2006 and 7 I didn't sell any properties 2008 I got back in the business that was after I read a hundred books and studied the market and really kind of figured some things out about relationships over transactions 2008 I made $80,000 and I was ecstatic to be back in the business off the oil rig where I was making 40,000 to double that doing real estate I was so happy at that point right and it wasn't that I wasn't happy before it was just that I was happy with the fact that I knew that what I had learned through crash was working 2009 I made a hundred thousand two thousand ten one hundred and fifty that was a year during the oil spill it was a down market a mini recession you know everybody's running for the hills and I made fifty percent more money that year 2012 I doubled it I was at three hundred thousand two thousand thirteen I was at four fifty right 2014 I was just a little bit higher than that it was like right at five hundred thousand okay and then two thousand fifteen and sixteen I made six hundred thousand and then I made seven fifty okay and then two thousand seventeen was the first year that I broke a million I did 1 million sixty last year I did 1 million twelve and this year so far I'm at five hundred twelve so that's kind of the progression of it that kind of gives you the whole story of you know the ups and downs of the market and everything I went through so I hope this video helps you out a lot just hear a little bit about my journey and the hardships I had to go through and the lessons I had to learn to get where I am this business is not easy but it's so worth it so just continue to put the work in let me know what in the world I can do for you please subscribe to this channel shoot me a comment let me know what video won't you want me to make next we'll talk to you soon [Applause]

3 Ways to create AWESOME real estate videos for lead generation

what's going on guys this mic here and in this video today I want to actually talk about video I want to go over how you can actually create video that is that you can use for you know your online leads for your database for your website whatever it is that you want to use the online video for I'm gonna go over how you can actually create it we'll go over three ways to actually create it so the first way that you could create your video and all that is to you know shoot it yourself so this is the cheapest way to do it it's the most best most time effective way to do it and it's the way that you have the most control over it so if you just want to you know shoot a video yourself with your cell phone or something like that and you can use it to set up whatever video that you want and you know if you need information on you know different types of videos that you can run I've had multiple videos going over at a different type of videos that real estate agents can run and if you like actually creating the video all you have to do use your cell phone with plenty of free apps like iMovie and a few other there's a couple paid ones that you can use as well like a video mic Pro I think that's that I think it's called video mic Pro let me actually check so I want to make sure I'm sorry filmic Pro filmic Pro is the really good app that you can use if you have a you know cell phone in the past like two three years it'll take advantage of the cameras that you have in there that are almost better or as good as a lot of the DSLR cameras that we're using and making like these types of videos and if you actually like video you're gonna want to increase her spend and start picking up more camera equipment as you start to like and learn more about what you can do with video that you know you can't necessarily do on a cell phone but you know just starting out just making your YouTube videos or making videos to go wherever it is that you want you really have to spend no money you can create him with your cell phone use free apps if you have a Mac you can download iMovie I know there are plenty of free versions of things on Windows PCs as well and you can do all of your editing there until you want to actually start spending money on doing things so the next way that you can create video and you know kind of have some success with it and I've showed some of these videos and pests and I'm gonna have some haven't playing on a screen probably on this side yeah over here I'm probably gonna have a video where to playing while I'm talking that I've created on this site called let me just get it practically slide that Lee / promo I used them for a little bit of a while I like the product that they were putting out I liked some of the videos that I was able to use however it got to the point where I was like I had too many videos and you know a lot of the videos were going over the same topic and what you're kind of doing is throwing videos out there at least what I was doing was throwing these videos out there seeing which ones would stick which ones would you know have people you know like them and get better engagement and kind of go from there they weren't necessarily real informational videos so of course you're not gonna use something like this to do a market report or talk about an open house or something like that these are gonna be more so for entertainment but still learning or educate mentor some people would say or something like that so if you want to check out slightly once again I'm not sponsored by them or any of the other places that I'm gonna mention in this video you can check them out I'll put a link to them in the description if you're interested in doing that like I said I would still probably using them to this day they have the pricing is pretty good for what they're actually offering what you can use it for if you can get a good return on investment from it I was mostly using these for my Instagram videos and stuff and I still haven't posted one a video of these probably in about a month or so I'm very inconsistent on Instagram but I'm still get sellers doing home valuations and things like that when they go and you know out of nowhere coming from the Instagram page from just you know scrolling through the page and the hashtags and all that other kind of stuff that you don't want Instagram so for what it is I mean unless they change things yeah I was paying 199 dollars and I was getting 10 videos a month so after about a couple months I had about 30-40 videos that I had all logged up and all backed up and if I was posting you know one a day you know at the end of the 30 40 days I can post another one I could post that same one that I posted before so just got to the point where I was a little bit too much so actually still have probably about six videos left even after I cancelled my subscription and you can still go back and use them whenever so one of these days I may go back and make some more videos or maybe I'll give some out to some of you guys if you're interested but let's go on to the next the next type of video with a service that you can use and this is sort of a lot more customizable this is something that you know you have a little bit more money to spend because each individual video is gonna cost a little bit more but you have a little bit more money to spend you want something more custom you want something from an actual you know a video editor or somebody that knows exactly what they're doing when it comes to graphic design or maybe animations or something like that then you're gonna want to go to a custom one-off site and get something created something like Fiverr or legit or upwork if you want something extremely custom and curated specifically for you so if you're going on Fiverr or legit I prefer using legit but if they don't have anywhere one legit I'll go over to fiver because that's where it's more known however once you're on those sites you can take a look at what people are actually offering so a lot of the sellers are gonna offer kind of the same things and they offer different stuff based on your searches a lot of times what you can do and not a lot of people know this is if you you know message if you don't see something that you specifically like or you have some sort of specific request that you're asking from the seller you can always message them and say hey look I'm looking for someone that can make me five ten videos a month or whatever however many videos you want and I want these types of videos I like your content that you're putting up but I want to see if there's some sort of discount if we're doing this every single month on a monthly basis and by doing that you can get someone that's going to cost you considerably less than you know paying their regular market rates for a one-off video so yes it may look expensive going on their site and seeing like oh they're charging fifty dollars for one minute video you know if you actually talk to them and say hey look I want you know certain amount of videos at certain times every single month maybe them not that price down because of the volume that they're doing for you so also if you want something a lot more custom it you want to kind of hire somebody to or you want to have somebody freelance that's going to do it for you you can always go to up work or another sort of freelancer site up works the only one that I know but I know there's tons more out there and once you're on those sites you can pretty much just set out a job posting like you would if it was on except it's usually for people that are overseas even though there are some people in the US and Canada that are on there as well and they're just looking to supplement their income from their regular day jobs or it is their day job because some of them are on there making 50 to $100 an hour doing whatever it is that they're doing however off on a tangent these are the people that if you want to say hire somebody or if you have something specific that you want done so say you shot a video yourself and you aren't the best at editing but you want something that's edited a certain type of way and very nice you can send them the files or set up a job posting to have somebody that's interested and you know working for you to edit it a certain type of way you can hire them on they can do it for you freelance however many times you want to do it if you have something more custom that isn't going to be done on legit or fiber you can go to upwork and they can take care of you there so that's pretty much three ways that anybody can go out and start making video from the cheapest to the most expensive you can start out with your phone you can use slide ly / promo you can use legit or fiber up work whichever one you want like I mentioned I'm not sponsored by anybody I'm just giving you guys some options that you can use to go out and start making video that you're gonna use for your Facebook Ads your other types of online marketing to send out to your database or your website whatever it is that you want so if you guys have any questions about what I'm doing or anything else you can leave it down in the comments section if you like the video short leave your like unless we know you enjoy these types of videos if you're new be sure to subscribe so you're not missing out on any new videos that I put out and my name is Mike I'll see you in the next one