Real Estate Tips for New Agents – Guide to MASSIVE Success

hello everybody brian kocel here bc your real-estate source in southern california by the way if you have any referrals for the Southern California area my team now services a huge huge market area go ahead and reach out to me we'd be happy to service all your referrals and we will pay you a good referral fee so let's get into this video real estate tips for new agents right and I want to start a series right now that's really going to help you whether you're a new agent or not I know I do attract a lot of newer agents because I'm younger compared to the average realtor so I wanted to make a series specifically geared towards you guys and or anybody in the business world or real estate world looking to up their game and step it up right now the first tip is going to be very simple and this is the way I'm going to rake it down for you guys is when you're new you can at times feel overwhelmed you feel like there's so much to learn and there's not enough time and you're kind of like pulled in 30 or 40 different ways so I'm going to give you a quick tip that's going to help you with that and help you master key areas of real estate that are important and then help you move forward all right number one you're going to have to remember that no matter how much you learn and how quickly you learn it a lot of what you go through and a lot of what you learn and knowledge that you're going to in wisdom I guess you can say that you're going to have later on it's going to come down to experience right experience is going to be your best teacher in a lot of cases however a lot of what you you you see in need just the confidence the calmness a certainty a lot of that ash actually has come from experience okay I know it's kind of a tough pill to swallow at this point in your career because you knew however keep in mind that no matter how good you get for example at role playing you're going to have to go on some listing presentations to get that experience under your belt and full confidence all right so that has to be in the back of your mind as you do have to pay your dues so experience alright number two this is what you need to focus on guys you need to focus on picking one area and mastering it now as a new agent I'm always going to recommend that your scripts and dialogues and your communication with clients and possible prospects yeah that back and forth motion of communication is what you have to focus on absolutely master to the degree that you know how to communicate effectively powerfully emotionally of course backed up with logic and logical communication to to that same degree is going to propel you ahead of other agents the biggest missing ingredient in this industry is proper and effective sales training most brokers when you show up they're like there's your desk there's your phone get to work this is missed your ability to be an effective communicator will determine your success and how long it will take all right most of the people that I know that are top producers or great agents are great communicators ok so how can we take this data and apply it right now as a new agent or somebody looking to set up the game I always recommend you pick a script or a system to follow as far as dialogues that's up to you we started with Mike Ferry and Kevin ward however you can dig fearless agent Moreno whoever else that you want that's up to however pick one book one system one set of scripts and presentations and stick to it right don't make your own little changes to it stick to it all right and learn it and master it so what I did and I'll walk you through that's going to help you is I take the script book I started with my fairy and I mastered that thing I think the expired script master it I picked the first Sale By Owner script mastered it I picked the listing presentation mastered it I got all the comment objection handlers that you can get for free from them and all the script book mastered it I literally I literally could be called at 3:00 in the morning you can ask me hate with lines three on the expired script boom I knew it right listing presentation what's the first line of the second portion second paragraph boom I knew it that is what I'm talking about so for you pick the first script pick the expired script and drill it with people memorize it go in the mayor and say to yourself and has that thing internalized and memorized and then once you have that one down boom go to the for sale by owner then go to the just listed script just sold script listing presentation pre-qualification by your presentation whatever it is pick one master it and then move on your ability to small chunk this thing this whole book into little bite-sized chunks and mastering it will make it so so much easier edition we stretch yourself push yourself outside of your comfort zone I used to do listing presentations in front of my old office in front of 60 or 70 agents imagine the nerves the emotions that come up when you do that now do it over and over and over and over again and guess what now 2 or 3 weeks later when you have that first listing presentation in front of the seller it's easy you're like wow this is so much easier than doing it in front of 70 people you see make your practice tougher in the game right think of a professional athlete they practice 15 20 hours a week for a one-hour game do the same thing take that same mindset that I did from sports and apply it into real estate and you will kick some serious ass ladies and gentlemen for sure all right next step after you master that and you have that would be to invest either in a coach products services or whatever but first you want to take this and master it right second step would be to invest in yourself like I did I'm spending you know 30 40 50 thousand dollars a year or more investing in myself right that steps to step 1 get the basics master the scripts okay and when you do that guys the rest of your career will become easy and these next couple videos that I make are really going to help get into your head and give you the right framework and path in order for you to be successful not only successful in real estate however you can get quick success all right so thank you guys for watching video 1 don't forget to smash that like button subscribe to channel if you haven't already in the link below you have a link to my website my product section my services and all that stuff you guys can look through that if you want to invest feel free email me and let me know alright I'll see you guys on the next video

Real Estate Training – Open Houses

hey it's coach tom ferry welcome to life by design your place online for ideas inspiration on how to stay in action so I just got a phone call a few days ago and the call basically went like this Tom I'm a new agent you talk about a lot of these strategies energy sucking vampires and you know all these great things we can do online and offline I'm brand new where do I start I can find a client today do you need to find a client today Jean to make your next sale and then X a week to 30 days if the answer is yes I want to share with you one of the techniques that we're teaching all of our coaching customers and that is effective open houses effective open houses you've done it before we've we've been doing open houses my goodness as long as real estate has been sold but consider remember your strategy managing your passion rules right so let me give you a few techniques you might want to consider let's make sure you're doing these actions these activities to make sure your open houses are a real success so it starts with number one selecting a great property too often what do we do we just find any property being open open got a brand new I just need anything I'll just you know so you find yourself you know seven cul-de-sacs deep in an area that no one is ever going to find that's a no-no and you put one sign up that's even worse right now you got to ask yourself what am I looking for in my marketplace today I was doing a google analytics search a few days ago and when I typed in the phrase foreclosure there was 37 million searches in the month of January 37 million for foreclosures water buyers looking for today perceived deals so selecting a great property you're listening or someone else's that's key great property meaning price location opportunity bank owned you know anything that makes it special or unique i one of my clients sits in the high end of Laguna Beach who just happen to have a great listing off Pacific Coast Highway lots of busy traffic throughout the weekend she had 15 multi-million dollar buyer opportunities walk through that open house in two hours so selection of property is key number two you want to email your entire database and invite them and ask yourself o to the property who do you know that might be right for this property come to the open house come see me this weekend very important you got to drive traffic number three door not the day before I said if you're a brand new agent you got nothing else to do get out there have an open house invitation knock on their door and let them know that you'll be holding the property open and you'd love to know who else they know that would like to live in the community number four five craigslist ads let the buyers that are looking online the 50 million people every single month that are going on craigslist let them know that this property is open and available have a few photos maybe your email address and of course an address somewhere to get their number five ten to thirty signs you want to put up as many signs as you can legally in your marketplace some places you know some areas some cities you can't do signs if we're in New York City you know what I'm talking about downtown Chicago not an option you know but if you're somewhere in Iowa put up as many signs as you can try four hundred whatever the number is the deal is this you got to think to yourself alright buyers are going to be coming in from what major streets what major intersections my job is a ten minute radius around that open house as many signs as I can driving them back in to your property remember it's about driving traffic and converting the next one on the list is remember your sole purpose of why you're there is just to find one buyer you're just looking for one bar you might end up you do everything I'm talking about here we have clients like Letitia Hickson who says some I do all this stuff and sometimes I get fifty and sixty people through through an open house in one day fifty to sixty people right now in today's marketplace in today's environment that many buyers looking at these properties and yet I was a reminder of one thing you're only doing this to find one person just one person that you can help in the next seven to thirty days to buy a house so that's my thought for you if you're if you're looking at January and you're not you're you're not happy with your production you're disappointed with your sales efforts consider select the right property email your database code or not put it out on Craigslist get as many signs as you can and remember while you're there you're just looking to connect with one just help one person fulfill their real-estate dreams so simple thoughts were you're on this Wednesday remember always your strategy matters in your passion rules thanks for watching this video

Tom Ferry's Formula for a Successful Business Breakthrough | Keynote Speech

he needs no introduction he is the number one real estate coach in the world ladies and gentlemen give it up Tom ferry [Applause] hey guys hey Oh grab your seats grab your seats hey hey hey hi Deb all right how's it going is this like day three here day four what's just what's the story day three how's your energy that is so lame stand up stand up even if you've never seen me before just play along stand up thank you Sam exactly get into a group of at least four people at least four people get into a group of at least four people like this is an interactive moment a threesome is awesome you're a smart dude good job get into a fun move around let's go get into a group of at least four people at least four people all right so here's the deal how many of you have never seen me before say aye awesome who has seen me speak before say hi so you know what's coming make sure the rest of them pay attention we're gonna just get some energy going inside this room because there's something I want to talk to you guys about requires like some brain juice I'm going to be thoughtful we're gonna talk about six different ways to grow your business we're gonna talk about some unorthodox stuff I'm gonna probably say I might even say something else it's going to be interesting but you need to have energy so here's the deal you and your group of four just for like 30 seconds I'm looking for so much energy in the room that you make all the other people around you get even more amped and excited in whichever group has the most energy you win so here's the deal if I see hold on if I see like banker style I am gonna run out and punch you in the throat I need like in the air full jumps lots of fun screaming and hollering moving your body just for 30 seconds are you in are you in alright hold on hold on you better you might want to like loosen your shoulders up for a second loosen your soul Todd are they always this interactive come on man let's go all right loosen your shoulders up all right we ready we're gonna go for 30 seconds Sam I need it heavy 30 seconds on three ready one two three go [Applause] yeah yeah okay all right okay so just be clear that was good for a normal seminar but this is mastery yes so what are you doing sitting this is like a Simon Says thing come on you got to play along all right so that was really good for like a normal event now I need like level 10 look up here you don't give a what anyone else around you thinks and you're just gonna play full out because it's super fun and it makes you feel good you dude yes stand up good job all right I want 30 dude beard get up Thank You Owen the girl next to I didn't catch good job now I want 30 seconds like total spaz just have a lot of fun it'll make the event way better 30 seconds make sure you entirely shake the room 30 seconds go come on yeah yeah yeah there you go there you go [Applause] okay okay okay all right that was good that was good this is good this is good okay now do me a favor look at somebody in the room at sample I've excited and full of energy all right take your seats and a really fired up mood feeling good really excited by the way put the camera around the room we're live on Facebook everybody say hello Facebook all right so since I just wasted all my time to do an introduction can I just assume rapport I mean after that can I assume before you have red hair we're automatically connected somehow is it real maybe okay that's good that's good all right all right so here's the deal can you put my slides up Sam who's never seen you speak before hi I'm Tom that's how I build rapport so let's go to by the way Todd just a little coaching the social at this event sucks this group is not on Facebook not on Instagram not on Twitter I flew from filling up I woke up at like 3 o'clock this morning in Philadelphia flew here got online went on to social and when is there a conference happening how many of you want way more business say I I didn't see a single video like this hey everybody back in Oklahoma I'm sitting here with 2,500 the most extraordinary loan officers on the planet and we're discussing right now real-time solutions to make sure that all of our transactions close in a seamless beautiful way so our customers exceed a six star experience and if you want to know some of the things that we're learning it's boom and boom and boom and boom and I look forward to talking I'm in San Diego if you need any help I'm always here for you I love you guys bye boom I didn't see that once what are you people doing you're just drinking and going to a conference sleeping with people you shouldn't be sleeping with oh oh it's one of those conferences okay I get the deal all right thank you Sam exactly you two only just pay attention all right I'm I love you I'm just sayin all right so you ready who wants a breakthrough that is the topic of the conference yes okay so how do you get a massive breakthrough breakdown as part of it so I'm gonna give you guys a little inside you ready my whole life is been breakdown to breakthrough is the second book that I wrote so when I saw the you said breakthrough I was like yeah I love it here's how I look at breakthroughs the only way I can create a breakthrough my life is to choose to operate at what I call level 10 save your buddy level 10 so level 10 just you guys are clear is not me against you right you're handsome dude you're more tan you got better hair right like I'm not gonna win that match it's me against me you with me it's me against me but here's the real hook you ready the first time I really understood level 10 I was landing on a red-eye flight from New York City down to Los Angeles to Vienna New York City and it landed six o'clock in the morning and I actually had for the first time in my life what I think was like a panic attack who's ever had like that nervous anxiety like you can't cut who's been there before say I doesn't that suck I only had it once and it wasn't like when I was in New York on 9/11 it wasn't that it wasn't like here's your first baby it wasn't my wife saying to me you know year and a half ago I have cancer it was holy I'm stepping outside of my box and I'm going for something really big that is not in my comfort zone who's been there before say I and all of a sudden it hit me as I was landing I am an unchartered territory I've never been here before and I've told about 50,000 people that I'm going to achieve something what if it doesn't work out who's ever been there maybe not the numbers but ever been there before okay who's married that you're aware of who's married have you ever like said to your spouse I came back from Todd Chuck entails mastery and this is the year you guys know what I'm talking about and they're like okay all right you have coaching now right okay everybody go like this but like this this is you when you come back from a conference every go like this like I'm fired up I make money I'm kicking ass I'm gonna fall my schedule I'm gonna do Facebook ready now go like this without killing your neighbor this is a two-handed move here buddy gonna be all right know what buddy what is this what do you like hey no look this and this there you go now you know that's why I said don't smack your neighbor do you know what this represents guys this is I want to break through this is your behaviors what happens when your behaviors are over here which one wins right your behaviors always win yes or yes so to create a breakthrough you know you have to do you have to align your behaviors that's how you win that's how you win but that's really easy to say in a seminar yes or yes and it's even easy for like guys like Todd now who say I'm gonna go for this I'm gonna create this big sexy go I married the woman of my dreams I don't make a lot right but if you don't align your behaviors nothing happens and the reason why nothing happens and the reason why most of you don't do the stuff you know you should do discuss of that part see I believe a breakthrough comes when you finally say I choose to be at level 10 in all air in my life with no apologies you don't like it screw you right the people around you don't like it I love you I'm still gonna do me because on my deathbed and we're all gonna die someday even you and guess what on my deathbed do you want to be saying they're pants my whole life I tried to please everyone and it sucked and now I'm here and in this moment is that how you want to live yes or yes that was a trick question thank you for asking the right way so the reality is guys and I'm just listen just a friend to a friend a sales guy to a sales guy an entrepreneur an entrepreneur breakthroughs come when you stop giving a about what everybody else thinks and you say I'm gonna follow my schedule for me and I'm gonna do the schedule that works for me and I'm gonna do the activities that I love and the things that I'm passionate about and by the way they might not be in the mortgage business and if that's the case get out because working for money sucks you guys with me on this working for passion working for purpose working for things that we believe in then the money just seems to pile on top of you and you all know what I'm talking about so do me a favor before we even get into the slides just turn to your buddy and say he's really talking to you right now especially you dude with the hands like what were those hands like you're like Steve Martin wild and crazy guy like that's all I got out of that thank you very much so you ready will you just say choose to operate a level 10 it all here's my life with no apologies just say it out loud please go [Applause] with no apologies that's the hook with no apologies I've been married to the same one for 25 years into my family that's a big deal you with me on this like I'm married the longest out of all of them you with me I married her twice just to like you know like keep up with everybody you know I'm talking about just saying but here's the deal even with your spouse can you be a level 10 with no apologies what do you guys think hell yeah I'm like baby I'm a level 10 like this is this is the way it is you you married me like this I'm not changing this is how it's always gonna be and you know she says well then I'm gonna be a level 10 awesome awesome that's life you with me on this now that's personal stuff let's get into business how many of you are seriously want to go breakthrough in your business no listen I'm gonna seminar I'm just gonna react I'm hungover it's day three so let's talk about it you ready if you can't tolerate critics don't do anything new or interesting just buy a you know pretty smart guy start that little company Amazon if you guys are you familiar with them do our little fun fact 65% of all US households now as a prime account 65% of all US households now as a prime account and now today The Wall Street Journal is writing articles saying Amazon is making us fat and lazy it's not McDonald's fold anymore now it's Amazon right it's so easy to buy stuff they make the process of working and doing what they do so easy right it's effortless we're gonna talk more about how do we do that in all areas of our life and inside of our business so let's look at the next one you ready I want to talk to about six drivers of growth but I want to I want to preface it by saying you all Todd knows cuz we get to spend time together and been friends for a long long time and like I look up to Todd and you know like just inspired by who he is and the way he is Todd Duncan rocks yes or no guys hold on hold on hold on that's this is like I'm not gonna it's not a paid endorsement I got paid Todd Duncan rocks yes or no well then Thank You Deb it's always louder that's awesome Deb UN Todd knife had these discussions talking together businessperson too but how do you drive how do you grow a business how do you move beyond how do you create massive audience how do you impact and change lives the stuff I want to talked about has nothing to do with being a loan officer it has more to do with being an entrepreneur it has more to do with thinking outside of the box it has more than he was saying it doesn't matter how long I've been doing this guy I'm here for 29 years and let me say after 29 years I'm still doing number three four and five all the time six is an automatic one and two is just my DNA and the more you do this you start to see outside of the box and you stop looking at your competition who gives a what your competition does you've ripped me on this your competition doesn't do any loans you with me on this and if you think they do have Amazon go to the mortgage business because what happens tomorrow if Amazon goes hey you know what let's just throw up a page and say you want to do a loan how many clicks would it take to think about it guys are they coming what do you guys think they already control 50% of all purchasing online shopping that's pretty good right that's called a monopoly yes or no they're just doing things differently so I'm not going to talk to about the real estate agents I coach I'm not going to talk to you about you know that the agents you want to work with or I could probably introduce you to a bunch and I've shot like 15 videos already with people you should use this lender right I can do that stuff but I want to talk about like big crazy audacious fun sexy goals of what you can do but I'm not gonna tell you to do anything I'm just gonna plant seeds is that cool all right so let's go number one ambition scale from one to ten how ambition how ambitious are you twelve I call who said twelve stand up stand up okay okay first of all yeah I'm over here say again Rick Rick Tom nice to meet you you have good hair also it's like the good hair group so Rick Rick scare everyone to ten how ambitious are you how do you know that to be true say again you live it every day cool so what are the like so what would a 20 look like just I'm just curious like if you're a 12 what would a 20 look like myself or Todd you're very generous right you have no idea what my business looks like I did four dollars last year in total income that was for you the IRS thank you very much stay away no Rick stand back up so so Rick here's the thing you say that and I get it because it's the spirit like I'm sure you're an ambitious guy and you've got a big personality and I get that but I'm telling you right now buddy you're not spending enough time with people that are doing so much more than you and I'm not talking about loan officers you with me I'm talking about like I've been so blessed in my life not to piss enough people off and to bring enough value to people but I get invited to meetings and I get to hang out with people and they're not my friends but I get a slowly make my in and bring a little value and bring a little value and do the dance and that eventually we become friends and then we've got cell phones and then I stalk the out of them and I just figure out everything that they're doing you with me and they're running billion-dollar businesses and five billion dollar business they're taking companies public and they're buying it or their early investors in Facebook and uber and slack and all these cool companies and I talked to them you know what they all say I'm like a 3-man cuz I look around and I challenge you on twelve I think your ability is probably at twenty if you're operating at twelve so let me give you some thoughts you ready Rick play it play along with me what is your ideal business look like in 2020 don't tell me out loud sit down Rick what is your ideal business look like in 2020 write it down right now I'll give you all the slides you don't take photos what are you like sudden to be on social media and start posting stuff dude you're never gonna look at slide photos ever just for the record ever like you should just like you know just delete them now what is your ideal business look like in 2020 the biggest challenge I see most people making right now and I'm a business go try to coach all these great people and we have a hundred fifty three coaches and this is what we do is too many people right now are thinking about 2018 2018 is already over the stuff you're doing right now equals 2018 the stuff you do in the fourth quarter is you're 2018 my question is what do you want in 2020 and you start spending 10 to 15 percent of your time now on your 2020 plan so you naturally and automatically get there and I'm challenging all of you to be thinking right now 5 Xing 10 Xing any one of those sexy exciting seminar numbers something like that I'm gonna give you guys an example turn your neighbor tell him right now how many people you have on your marketing staff your personal marketing staff tell your buddy okay awesome come back to me tell your buddy right now tell your buddy right now how many people you have booking appointments for you either with agents or clients everybody how many people you have booking appointments on your staff for you tell your buddy all right let's come back to me tell you buddy right now tell your buddy right now how many people you have personally processing all of your transactions tell your buddy your personal tell your buddy who's doing it for you how many oh you're gonna you're gonna really enjoy this talk I want to challenge you guys and I'm not gonna give you the answer but I want to tell you this is your industry changing yes or yes yeah yeah yeah so is the residential real estate side right I don't think it's going away anytime soon I think people are still buy houses and do loans but the way they may do it may be differently I don't know where the puck is going I'm thinking about screw the puck buy the arena you with me on this and figure this out do something radically different what do you want it to look like in 2020 I just said the f-word on my facebook account Live sorry guys number two what about my what about my psychology is stopping me from getting there naturally and automatically this is gonna be one of those tonight conversations when you're like yeah you know what I want to do man I want to dismiss this I've gotta see it like it looks something like this and then what about your psychology is getting in the way what about your personal beliefs is getting in the way what's gonna hold you back from being level 10 right and I'm telling you like I coach CEOs of companies they comments on my office and they lay down on the couch and they're like dude when my brother was four he hit me with a phone and I walk by your telemarketing Center and I just it freaks me out like I hear that stuff from people I'm not kidding like we got some do me a favor look at your neighbor right in the eye and say your head is a scary place to be right or wrong we were just having that conversation right and and listen sorry I said the F word sorry sorry number three what systemic changes are required to realize the goal most of you are processed based right I'm assuming a lot of you and your dis profile or s and C's right doing lots of transactions lots of loans like you calculated right systems oriented what are the systems that are required right guys how do we make the process easier more enjoyable I just did along with it like a you know a loan officer and it sucked it was a horrible experience a horrible experience and I've used him three times right I mean you know relationships matter right or wrong but I'm like dude like you know if you could just like I don't know in the middle just sing or something like just like send flowers during the experience because when I have to sign this much paperwork still and not just put my thumb on it or better yet just a facial recognition yeah that's me let's go now you may not be able to change that but write down this question what are the breakpoints in the transactional process like what are the break points what are the break points have you won't read the book the experience economy what okay write that down what are the break points and then you want to read the book the experience economy the experience economy and I'll just give you the fast version you ready why did we spend you know like pennies for a little coffee bean why did we go like make our own coffee and get it ground and maybe it cost like a few more pennies but I'll spend for the same amount of coffee beans four and a half five bucks at Starbucks all day long think about that it's all experience because Starbucks coffee it's pretty terrible have you had it I mean there's a reason why you put the Frappuccino and all the sugar and everything else it because you taste the coffee you're like that's three bucks think about it read the book the experience economy and ask yourself what are the natural communication break points with my clients where do they get frustrated where does the agent gets frustrated where does the buyer get frustrated where do I get frustrated where does the Backhouse get frustrated if I can just work on solving every year a few of the breakpoints of the transaction to make it smoother guess what the client experience goes through the roof you get way more reviews and the business becomes fun again if you just ask yourself that question now that's a really good slide let's go to the next one you ready say that out loud please so just play a game it's 20 20 how much money are you making are we all like from the US here is there anybody from Canada okay so it's a worry from Toronto loves just in Toronto right love it be like one of the greatest cities on the planet what I love about California right is I've great weather but I've your taxes seriously 53% now in California right so so here's my solution to taxes because they're gonna go up make more money that's my solution my wife's like screw California and I'm like I don't know the beach is pretty nice just let's just make more money what do you guys think do me a favor turn to your buddy and say make way more money so it's 2020 it's 2020 how much do you want it's 2020 how much do you want everything you're learning here at this extraordinary event is about the tools and the tactics and the mindset the strategy and everything you need but you need to be thinking way bigger now here's the next one number two how many of you read the book two four disciplines of execution do you guys read Todd do you not like have like a recommended reading list it's like if you're there on their own oh now you have a coaching program they're gonna be just fine so here's the deal there's a wonderful book called the four disciplines of execution and as a businessperson rides the CEO running your branch manager agent loan officer whatever you want the four disciplines and I added the fifth because I thought it was important are really the framework for what every one of us needs to do when we leave this conference to go back and say this is the model of how I'm going to do everything I learned so let's take a look you ready this one you might want to take a photo of dude because you I'd actually use it alright so here's that here is the fast version you don't have to read the like the 300 page book number one you have to have a wildly important goal that's number one you got up a while the important goal something that inspires you right so whether it's money or whether it's transactions or whether it's recognition or right now guys one of the things that I'm focusing on is just how happy am I like how happens that's like that's kind of one of my big goals like can I just be level 10 happy all the time like on a red-eye and like this is awesome you with me do you guys ever taken a red-eye flight before but that's the only way I can frame it this is awesome you with me but what's your wildly important goal what do you want by 2020 number two then you got to break down a convergence to the monthly weekly daily key performance indicators KPIs you know I used to coach a couple loan officers way back in the day like alright where's your business come from comes from agents a little bit and refi awesome so how many agents you have in your you know like in your model match I got like 15 great and that gets you like 10 loans a month awesome and you're starving great we need more agents right how many agent appointments you need how many Apple points do we need we broke down the whole thing my dude all you have to do is call five agents you know and five agents you don't know and have three conversations with your past clients to make sure you're staying in communication you do that every day triple this business kpi's know the numbers right number three is you got a scoreboard everything so if I watch in your office right now what I see your goal on the wall what I see the breakdown of how many appointments how many apps how many you're like how you would track it am I going to see that visually on the wall or is it in your head or is it on your laptop or is it inside some app here's gonna tell you guys who has kids that's awesome who does not have kids you should get some you have dogs I agree I have dogs too so here's the deal I married a dark-skinned Italian and I have two redhead boys okay so here's the deal because we're 3% of the population and shrinking so you have time like get some kids help the cause I'm just saying just help the cause like we're we're gonna be extinct she's like uh yeah this could be a good seminar for you she's like screw you all right who has kids raise your hands really high do you like him okay you ever been to one of their games before okay so my son for a while played football which I'm not a super fan of right have you had dr. Daniel Amen speaker yet awesome alright so that would be a good one so Eamon says me he's the brain doctor right who says Oh your son play football like as I'm walking out he's like have him stop that immediately and I was like why and he goes come back in here here's the study the 143 NFL guys in all of their concussions you probably saw the movie concussion he's like I was the research piece for all of that he's like you're killing your child I was like damn and then he's like you can go I was like thank thank thanks for leaving with that Dan alright good watch out home honey he can't play football but could you imagine going to a game and here's the deal hockey baseball football basketball tennis whatever but we never kept track of the score or the time how much fun would that be at what point you'd be like look at those 11 guys attacking those 11 guys for no apparent reason but the moment we put a clock on it what happens to our heart rate right the moment we see the score 20 to 20 with only this much time left and also like the anxieties there right well that's what happens when you start scoreboarding all of your goals every month every week every day every quarter every year and we all know that that like okay I got to step it up that's important if you want to really execute obviously number four up your cadence of accountability so tell your buddy right now who is holding you accountable and what is the frequency to everybody who is holding you accountable and what is the frequency that's awesome all right come back to me come back to me so here's the dealio folks what do we know if we track and measure our results our performance improves everybody knows that right like you want to lose weight get on the scale every day at the same exact time every day for the same exact time and if you really want to do it great hit the live button on your Facebook page do you guys know the live button oh it's live oh that's right so you hit the live button and you stand on the scale just for like 30 seconds and turn it off and you do that every day and guess what's gonna happen you're gonna lose weight because all of your friends you'd be like dude I think I saw your car at McDonald's I'm gonna repost your video with a McDonald happy face during a meme oh I have no idea what they show but I love Sam and his team but but guys right or wrong if you track and measure your performance goes up but if you track and measure and then you report your numbers to someone that cares who can then say dude you're getting in your own way let's just rely on your behaviors not massive steps how about like let's just get up 30 minutes earlier 15 minutes early start aligning your behaviors over time that's how you win that's a big part of the formula and then the last one number 5 is you got to celebrate because how many of us guys be honest like celebration isn't going to a conference and getting drunk that's not celebration celebration is like sitting in gratitude with the people that you love in a place that it's just remarkable and really coming from a place of like we did something special and that could be every week with your team that could be every month can be every year but I'm just going to tell you if you really want to crush it you got to be celebrating all the time it's like it's like building a muscle that's what it does tell you buddy right now of the five disciplines to really have a breakthrough tell your buddy which of the five you're missing right now watch alright you ready come back to me Shh so first one is ambition are we ambitious enough and by the way like my wife has different ambitions than I have my kids have different ambitions remember it's level ten right so it's not my ambition versus your ambition it's your ambition versus your ambition it's you and your deathbed saying did I go for it you with me did I give it my all like in everything like everything did I give it my all you with me and like if you just go you against you and you just say screw everybody else then it really gets fun you with me because I don't really care what anybody else does you with me I wear sneakers and no socks I don't give a you ask me makes me happy you follow me like I just don't care and I want to grow my business and serve my customers and work with people I love and do what I love for the people I love in my way you with me my goal my dreams let's go makes sense like that's the game ambition second one is you got to go from ambition to very tactical kiss like look at the secret you guys member the movie the secret did anybody else get a free Ferrari me neither remember I want a Ferrari Hana naval free Ferrari free Ferrari free Ferrari it didn't happen the secret was cut out of the movie it was all of us saying you have to work your ass off they cut all that stuff out the five disciplines makes it come to life the third one though is team and I'm guaranteeing inside this room the vast the vast majority of you are under teamed right now you're under teamed so I got a couple of thoughts for you you might want to take some photos I'm razzing this guy over here you might want to take some photos you ready the first thing you have to understand though is if you're gonna be a team leader are you an artist are you an operator or you an entrepreneur are you an artist an operator or an entrepreneur you with me are you the artist I get excited I buy like everything I don't met anything and it doesn't matter because I'm just so good at what I do and people love me and I figure it out and I'll work 24 hours a day seven days a week artist are you the operator my CEO Oh Cindy who her favorite word is no her second favorite word is checklist you with me on this and everything that she does for me is boring but when the two of us work together we arguing in Yang and it works you with me her back-end operational skills allows me to express my art when you know before her inside the business in all my ops people now we were a small little all over the board business you with me me usually driving the whole thing as soon as you get the operators in charge and they're running the ship everything takes off make sense or of course you could say entrepreneur but here's the deal every entrepreneur slants either artist or operator so tell your buddy honestly which one are you tell your buddy real quick which one are you artist your operator artist okay by the way in case you're wondering the artists make all the money the artists make all the money here's the caveat they only make repeatable and scalable money when they align themselves with an operator you with me they only make repeatable and scalable long term money unless you want to work seven days a week responsible for every file and you don't mean like if that's your gig and you wear leather and you enjoy a good beating like I don't know you with me on this but that's up to you so now you ready there are four team structures let's just maybe just take some notes and write down which one maybe resonates for you so there's four different types of teams in the mortgage space and the rule Sates piece is the tech space like every business I talk to you the first question is like tell me about your team like who's on your team and the vast majority of teams that I talk to in the mortgage space the real estate space the tech space the you name it space they look like this do you guys know this team how many of you know what I'm talking about right and you literally you're like okay wait a minute you're all artists who runs the shop they're like I do I do know I do right it's just crazy so here's what I want you to get you ready this is not a team and the reason it's not a team in is there's no operator you're not a team it's like having football but no quarterback how's that gonna work you have me you're a baseball team but no pitcher right you've got to have that anchor who's keeping everything in alignment the biggest team right now that I'm seeing in the mortgage space and in the real estate space is this one the family business and this my friends this is awesome and we know it can be challenging it's awesome because like your son went to UCI and you spent $300,000 and he's like living in your house and he's 30 and he smokes weed and he plays video games and you're like look you're gonna be my processor right like right just know what I'm talking about exactly and if you're that 30 year old in the room I'm talking to you stop smoking weed move out of your parents house buy a house damn it so here's the deal the family business is beautiful though right who is anybody in the room work with their spouse today may the room used to work with their spouse hahahaha it's always a few of those mom dad brother sister kids whatever but you know it is it's I have this this business that pays me hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and at a certain point I don't want to do it anymore so you grab you know Sally over here and you say come in and boom now the photo is the two of you versus one of you and all you do is extend the lifetime value right very very typical the next one though is probably how the vast oh I'm gonna say this please don't be offended this is probably how the vast majority of you operate with your assistance and your quote unquote team it looks like this how many of you know what I'm talking about right you fly in in your fancy-pants Mercedes right maybe now it's a Tesla right and you're all hot and you're like oh I'm going golfing with agents sure you are but before I do here's like 48 things that I never want to do that you should do and like it you notice it's fundamentally it's now guys i'ma let y'all hook ladies this is actually mostly female no it is right because you've raised your husband sometimes two or three you with me on this and you've raised some kids right and and just by nature your ability to manage so many more things than us guys that are just in like there's just not enough brains in there right so we're just gonna do okay honey right so you've figured all that out and the challenges you don't know how to delegate you don't know when power you don't understand repeatable and scalable you do this I'm just gonna be your mom right there like but I'm your I'm your processor you're like no it's okay honey right and we do stew too much of that and I'm not it's not a sexist thing in any way shape or form I just coach way too many people and I just look at the facts you with me on this guys are far worse they sleep with all those people just sayin just saying some of the guys you're like no let's not you baby that wasn't you I swear you're the best processor ever I just love this quote if you hire people just because they do a job they're gonna work for money if you hire people who believe what you believe they're gonna work with their blood sweat and tears right Simon is just so on with that higher passionate people that are super fired up about you I'm gonna show you guys a team is anybody here from Orange County California right OC alright so so you know we have like gazillions of agents we work with this one you'll recognize right so the business builder this is you know this guy right here comes to me and he's got one assistant it's 2007 the markets falling apart he's totally dying and he's like I need help and I'm like the solution is better process better people more expansive marketing he's like but the markets falling apart I'm like that's okay man you just got to find the market segments like we probably don't want to be in shady candy trying to sell five million dollar houses when no one has any money and they're all gonna short sell right like just change your model a little bit it's okay you can pivot over time now all of a sudden he went from by the way you know that's Tim and by the way this guy right here actually runs the sales team he was the former vice president for Cola banker for like three offices like 800 agents and he left to run an agent team think about that like this is where it's going not just in the real safe space guys everywhere we're seeing this these super groups where it's not about the individual it's about the team this guy right here does 40 million dollars a year in sales and she's on a real estate agents team forty million in sales do you think she gets offers every single day to leave the team for hire splits what do you guys think what do you think every single day and guess how long she's been there six years and she said multiple offers from companies saying we'll give you this check if you'll just leave she's like I don't want to leave because I belong to something there's a culture here and there's values here and there's a mission and purpose and not all of its family but some of its family for a lot of them it's just they realize it's strength in numbers let's go take over the world I now have him convinced he should have a hundred and twenty sales people on his team in about eight or nine different locations do about three and a half billion dollars in sales and you know what for the 45 year old real estate dude that's not bad even if you only gets like 2.2 percent commission it's okay you guys with me on this do me a favor turn to your buddy and say are we thinking big enough let's keep going all right next one is innovation next one is innovation next one is innovation so level 10 innovation here we go can you just read this out loud your buddy really fast just read it out loud how many of you how many of you know what I'm talking about ask yourself this question in your business what have you just done forever because you've always done it why are you dragging the rocks up the hill I don't know we've always tried the rocks up the hill it's Tuesday it's you know drag the rock dead that's what we do how many of you know what I'm talking about right by the way everyone write this in your notes please I want you to Google tonight the 20 years of Amazon's shareholder letter from Jeff Bezos 20 years of his you know letter to the shareholders 20 years all he talks about for 20 straight years is make the client experience extraordinary for 20 years first because they had a hundred thousand books that can sell on their website and now 20 years later they sell everything but the focus is not like guys they have no products you with me on this they're not like a product company got a couple little things here and there right but if you look at the totality of all the things that they sell it's everybody else's stuff they focused on making the process beautiful if I was sitting in your chair right now with all of these extraordinary speakers and the energy of the extraordinary people inside this room I'd be asking what's the break point your business and how did you solve it what's the break point your business how did you solve it where have you pissed your clients off and how did you solve it right over and over and over trying to find how am I going to make the experience I provide so insanely great for people that they want to just send us money piles of money all the time that makes sense tell your buddy what's one part of the business in your current situation right now they the software you have to use right the number of you know things you have to do what's one thing about you business that drives you insane tell your buddy alright come back to me hey where is um where is Bill Hart Bill Hart bill Hart please stand up give bill Hart like the giant round of applause this man deserves okay that guy was like my sales manager when I was like 11 years old seriously like he was like when you were like 17 like my hair went like purple mohawk I kind of got it back to normal color and like Bill Bill heart was like every day coming to the office hello sales and I was like two headsets banging the phone dude I love you you've always been an inspiration thank you for being you just give him a big round of applause love you buddy love you so take a photo of that or write it down cuz this is really what I'm asking you develop a relentless focus on removing the break points of your client experience develop a relentless focus to remove the break points of your client experience and I'm gonna give you guys some very tactical examples especially when we talk about one of the I think it's like the next point but think about it like this guy's um how many of you in this room want more appointments okay that's so that was a weird response how many of you have to meet with someone in order to have something happen but that's very vague who wants more appointments say I fight fires right you know whatever builders whatever whatever your flavor develop a relentless focus on removing the break points of the client experience to get more appointments with you I'll give you want some numbers so last year we generated 75,000 people that put their actual name actual cell phone actual email like double validated and then answered six or seven questions right to tell us about them right seventy-five thousand of those and guess what then they'd hit Enter and my team would then try and call them as quickly as possible to say hey Todd thanks for a minute I'm very calm you'd request some information about hooba-dooba hooba-dooba so we'd like to casual appointment but as we all know when you call and sales people they never answer their phone right or wrong so you game the system and you get this you get the specific area code that matches their area code so at least you're calling from the area code and then you get from like 10% one out of ten answering the phone all who have SAR like 13 and a half percent it's awesome right and it only cost you twenty nine ninety five for every desk in the office and we go to that and I'm like this is stupid and my buddy who runs a little company called three day blinds anybody know that company right so my buddy Dan Williams the chief revenue officer of that company and he's worked on a lot of businesses he basically helped you all the original Facebook LinkedIn Twitter and everything else for a little company called Zillow right help them kind of get off the ground so he's a pretty smart digital marketer he looked me one day he said Tom what's the biggest break point you have in your business I go we generate all these leads and inquiries and I don't mean like cold leads I mean like yes I want to talk to you right and then he's like Walden why don't you create a situation where they can just book an appointment online I was like you know like right and I'm like oh that's right we paste Salesforce eight billion dollars a year for all their crap right I'm like there's got to be and I go to my guide David shanks and he's like you know my VP of electricity is what I call him like if it touches electricity David's got it and he's like okay dude I got this he's like okay cool bam-bam-bam done and guess what he adds one piece of software called sumo appointment setter and now the same 75,000 people that are coming guess what 80% of them say yes here's my cell phone here's my name here's my information Tuesday 4:00 o'clock perfect done you guys with me that comes from a relentless focus on removing breakpoints one little breakpoint in January 7th the first day of the year my team walked in and I'd like 30 consultants and the 30 consultants were all double booked all day long best day of their life because all they did was just talk to people does that make sense relentless focus on removing the breakpoints what are the breakpoints of your business does that make sense like tactical example let's keep going you ready what good is an idea if it remains an idea try it experiment iterate fail try again then change the world I love Simon right totally gets it like what do you go back and test coming out of here well we'll get to that in a minute you ready so let's talk marketing I think it's number five around number five there's no number so it's just the next one marketing who likes marketing say I okay how many of you you're a business person and a marketeer who happens to have a product called loans yeah you're lying some of you yes businessperson markets here I'm in the people business I'm in the talk to as many people as I can in the widest variety possible to see who's interested to you know bring them value bring them value bring them value bring them value bring them value bring them value and maybe out now and then ask that makes sense but you bring enough value of the marketplace and they just start saying hey here's my information itself on let's sign up so check this out I want to talk about marketing but maybe from a different point of view three things we've officially entered the age of video first marketing video first marketing please say that out loud okay say it again so what does that mean what does that mean that means before you send an email unless there's a video in it before you print a flyer before you even do a face-to-face everything is video first now this is not me talking how many of you know Facebook okay tell your buddy right now how many live Facebook videos you've done this month good job good job Congrats good job how many show me on fingers how many show me on fingers all right how many of you think how many of you think that the 2.1 billion people currently on Facebook 1.75 billion every day every day 1.75 billion every day some of them are in the u.s. just saying you're in Canada there's like five in Canada right but they're all in Nova Scotia yeah you could really go after them how many of you think how many of you think if every day or some level of frequency how's the market here's what's going on in our space or you know what would be actually really cool is if you guys just did behind the scenes get to know you because here's the reality you sell a commodity right or wrong right or wrong guys it's a commodity right like your flavor isn't any different your value proposition your USB is different you have a different color logo but at the end of the day the money somebody's the money's the money and it's rates and yadda yadda right so if it is a product the degree of separation is likability that's the degree of separation so why don't you do content every single day to find the ones that like you and the ones that don't won't book an appointment which is awesome because it sucks when the ones that don't like you book an appointment and then you have to find out that you don't like them you guys with me on this how many of you just got what I said now I don't have to tell you video video video Google has already come out you might want to write this this down this is you know the almighty Google Raluca Monay who manages a little over a billion five a year and Google advertising daughters which is nothing but for one gal it's not bad right probably makes a decent money she said to me Oh Tom and her beautiful photo Tom tell all of your friends that you see at Google the internal dialogue is that 85% of the world's content 85% of the world's content will be viewed on video first 85% of the world's content will be consumed video first by 2019 now who knows Google I got a buddy there named David on who in 2007 said to me oh you blog I'm like yeah I'm doing like these audio podcasts and he said that's stupid I'm like dude I have recorded like I'm about to do a deal like this is how lame I was I'm like I'm about to do a deal with blackberry yeah say I was like oh we want Tom ferries exclusive content in a company that's not gonna exist really soon and I almost did the deal but my buddy David in a loving way at Shady Cannon said dude that's stupid and I was like what what do you recommend he's like well we bought a company called YouTube you should check him out right and I switched to video now I've got I don't know thousand videos five and a half six million views 67,000 followers which is nothing it makes me a micro micro micro celebrity but even today sat down in a flight flying from Philadelphia and the guy you know who's like the attendant he's like you're Tom ferry I was like yeah he's like my daughter sells real estate in Washington DC for fine homes property right and he's like and she sent me a couple of your videos he's like could we do a selfie I was like I'll do you one better man and I literally got on my laptop and sent his daughter a free ticket to my event New York City like boom right like just that kind of you with me but if I didn't listen to my buddy and David on but here's what you gotta understand he said to me but video is not gonna come first we're going photos next and then what happened in 2009-2010 right it went all photos and then what did Facebook follow first it was just I'm having a burrito and people like that's awesome I'm going to the bathroom me too right right come on I'm old school I was on Friendster you guys with me I have a myspace account I'm seriously right so now what do we know about Facebook today you go post something like ham at Target sales master and no one sees it I tell the agents I go even better you post one of your listings right and you're like hey look we have this listing and it's a photo with a link to another website taking them off Facebook and surprise Facebook drops it out of everybody's eyes unless you put your credit card in and pay makes sense so what is Facebook now video video video video video video video video video yeah you should avoid that no I mean it totally makes sense how many of you gonna be out of the business in the next five years like no you're done like you know just like you are the bank now you're like screw it I'm going to hard money lending for the rest of my life okay so no one alright so do me a favor turn to your buddy and say it doesn't matter what your hair color looks like and your friends know what you look like you know what I'm saying listen okay all the dudes in the room especially the guy over here with the beard guys are easy right most of my clients are female above age 55 you hit me on this and I'm like you gotta do video and they're like they just like panic and I'm like well like you're stunning like one okay one of my clients Maxine gallons my client Maxine gallons is gonna be 80 next year 80 80 she's slinging deals in law in La Jolla do you guys know La Jolla right her daughter Marty killin it they do videos all the time and you know what she screws up she's like hey it's Maxine I'm already a movie but she's just dude I think he's like look that's her personality and when she finally got wait a minute the people that are on my Facebook page actually know me so if I go on there and I'm perfect they're like that's not Maxine how many of you guys know what I'm talking about and the ones that wouldn't like her anyway don't want a user right and the ones that love her refer a ton of business she's just being real does that make sense now let me give you some stats write this in your notes really fast Thursdays and Fridays we'll get an 18 percent lift in every post you do Thursdays and Fridays 18 percent lift ready like it's the Monday through Friday 9 to 5 people that are like oh my god it's almost the weekend let's see whatever else is doing there life is so special their life is amazing oh my god my life sucks right like that's what they're doing Thursdays and Fridays 18 percent left between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock every day you will get the highest amount of traffic if you do a live show between 1 o'clock and 3 o'clock the highest amount of traffic 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock and whatever time zone you're in if you have international clients be mindful of that if you're doing your stuff you ready if you want maximum engagement 7 p.m. 7 p.m. you want maximum engagement 7 p.m. by the way there's a solution called OPM check it out OPM check it out OPM no I'm not an investor I wish I was I use the product you can pre record your live show and select what time you want it to go on and then you get a call your friends and say hey my shows gonna go live at 1 o'clock will you do me a favor and immediately start commenting and liking and Harding because the moment a bunch of you like your staff your mom your dad your brother your aunt your dog goes on in likes and hearts guess what happens to Facebook Facebook goes Oh live show algorithm people are liking it and they put it front of everybody that makes sense all right video first marketing number two do I have to say anything else Facebook is the Internet now how many of you know what I'm talking about Facebook is the Internet we didn't even go to the internet anymore we've got a Facebook how many of you wake up in the morning be honest be honest lying is the devil you bed in the morning and you look at your phone immediately and what do you look at and if not Facebook Instagram guess who owns Instagram and by the way if you're a female who's who's female and wants lots of loans do Instagram on steroids do Instagram stories do behind the scenes at your office take a whiteboard and put up like you know don't put up their name just put like T&K because you don't want to obviously use their name because it's probably not a real person anyway and then you write out the complexity of what you're doing and then you talk about how you solve the problem and you're like just want to give a little bit you know behind-the-scenes mortgage is a commodity right who you work with really matters so we have this complex situation here's the deal the guy's got 47 K ones that's how he gets paid you guys know blown I'm talking about right and he's at six bankruptcies but he's got four million dollars cash like in a bank account so this is how we solved it that that that that's right and you show behind the scenes how you solve problems for people and they're like holy this guy's amazing this guy's got it going on you had me on this like that kind of stuff and that's just like a silly example you're probably already doing that all right look at the last one I know Ryan is alright marketing's only purpose what is marketing's only purpose my friends what is marketing's only purpose to generate appointments the only purpose of marketing to generate appointments the only purpose of marketing is to generate appointments a facebook live is not marketing that's content I'm putting content out to say hey mortgages and mortgages but look I like green checkered shirts so if you're in a green checkered shirt it's like I'm your guy you like it's just being authentic and real it's you coaching your kids Little League you ripped me on this like other people also coach like a league that might want to do loan don't hide your life have your life be an expression of work and play and how you solve problems and how you do what you do and guess what they're gonna go I like that gal that makes sense that's the world we live in today how many reviews do you have by the way on Zillow 35 I love you one of my clients is 1100 guess what most of are now saying I'm the most reviewed agent in and the most reviewed agent in on an Instagram ad and on a Facebook ad and on a live video crushes you want to know why because nobody believes anybody anymore so if I go to Zillow or Yelp or Google or whatever you choose you're gonna win turn to your buddy this is this is where this is like 2013 you ready turn to your buddy and say you need at least 200 reviews on Zillow in the next 12 months at least now now you ready Google Yelp I don't care Google Yelp Zillow I don't care I love the guys at Zillow I love the guys at Yelp it's all good now so you ready Shh let's talk tactics ready you might want to take a photo of this one for my photo guy what's your photo guy what's your name Tim Tim Tom easy love it cool ready this is basically what my buddy said to me he is like the chief revenue officer by the way you know he does listen this he has like 400 sales people in the company or in the company which is the country and he books 4,000 appointments a week for them and this is what he does number one simplify your offer stop trying to sell somebody on 30 different things we are the most reviewed lender in Orange County find out how booked an appointment you with me find out how booked an appointment simplify your offer number 2 model best-in-class sights model best-in-class sights most of your websites even if it's an about me page is probably too complex your site should be pretty simple you ready here's a site today now going to give you guys a little head do you guys know the company Zillow do you guys know Zillow ok so my buddy like runs it like I'm friends with them we you to hang out we do seminars together supercool guys they are really ridiculously smart I tell agents whatever Zillow does steel that in my world we call it R&D ripoff and duplicate you guys with me so if Zillow is doing it that means with a hundred and seventy eight million you know eyeballs go and do it every single month uniques if they're doing it it means it's been tested and it works does that make sense right so I send Greg the chief business officer of the company hey I'm looking at this company I think I'm gonna invest in it what do you think I sent in the link to watch like look at the site and he goes like this it doesn't have a video I don't care send that's what he said to me it doesn't have a video explaining who they are what they do who they serve their unique selling proposition their value whatever it is if I go to your site and I don't see a video of you explaining who you are what you do what you're all about I immediately go like this next move on tell your buddy did I just bounce from your site or am I gonna stay tell your buddy bouncer stay no no bouncer stay is a question not a am I gonna bounce no video bounce or since eighty five percent of the world's online like everything guys is video if there's no video of your site i bounce instantly does that make sense okay third make it easy to schedule an appointment make it easy to schedule an appointment like it was so simple talk like what he said it the temp i was like literally like i have sixteen guys and gals sitting in a division of 85 salespeople in my office they're called Isao SAS and you know what they do they call to lead in four seconds and say oh you're still on time very calm we'd love to talk to you a little bit and then they booked an appointment and guess what they would book appointments for seven days out and people would forget they booked an appointment so he said to me oh I have another one make it even easier if you get him on the phone do a transfer oh you mean don't book an appointment actually having talked to someone like instantly that's what we do now you with me and I'm trying to get to seven days a week because we all know people are working 24 hours a day seven days a week make it easy this is a really cool easy site calendly dot-com do you guys know that one do you guys know calendly who just count the already it's supercool calendly compo can I give you guys another one I'm not an investor I really want to be though so if you guys can't get me a let me know crystal knows do you guys know crystal knows comm oh you're gonna freak if you google it it'll say did you mean I think it's probably like crystal like Crystal Gayle like CR ys tal you now know the music I was raised on with my mother Crystal Gayle thank you very much crystal knows and guess what it is it's it's a Google product connected to your LinkedIn page so when you talk to anyone so I talk to a lot of people all day long it before I go to the before I go to the meeting or before I do the meeting or before I do the video chat I go to crystal nose I type in Todd Duncan I click alright going to LinkedIn hit crystal knows it's connected and it shows me with about 85% accuracy his disc profile how to communicate to him short fast speedy got to go soft got to go warm and friendly first tells me all of his motivating factors everything I need to know he's a Heidi better get to the point he's high I need to express with him it's killer and crystal knows and it's free there's this thing called the internet you should look into it it's really exciting alright number four is even more important you ready create a culture of abt what is abt stand for you all know ABC Glengarry Glen Ross right what's ABC always be closing what do I always be connecting I love you Todd Duncan I love you trust baby ABT is always be testing always be testing we're running anywhere between fifty well just let's just take the marketing department fifteen to twenty tests a week switch the you know switch the headline of the site right change the facebook ad organize or reshuffle how the email works testing testing testing testing testing testing testing all the time all the time all the time because guess what our prospects change how about yours and they act differently in the winter time than they do the summer time and they act differently during spring break anywhere in the world right so testing testing testing so once you say this is my site your site is never done once you say this is how I do live video it's never done once you start Instagram you're going to go wow Instagram is really good but if I start putting text on that's even better if I figure out the hyperlink strategy or start to promote it that's even better test test test test does that make sense who's your marketing person if they're sitting in your chair you're screwed huh yeah okay let's keep going the last one number five is obvious ready so you all know ask you know email your new social you know mail you know phone your landing pages of face to face how about DMS how about a direct message right now I am on Facebook guys look up here our conversions going through the roof connecting with real estate agents they won't answer their phone but they'll respond instantly to an instant messenger on Facebook instantly so if you're not playing there consider that live chat if I go to your site is there a live chat box where I can communicate to you and ask you some questions Oh what what year is your site are you up to nineteen ninety seven yet guys see I'm asking you what's broken in your business and most of you haven't even really thought about like really thought about what's broken and what's exciting is I'm not talking about radical sup I'll talk about incremental little adjustments at you test and you get a twenty or thirty percent lift for no extra work because you finally said what's broken how do we fix it breakdown every part of the top of the funnel all the way through the transaction and just go one at a time all the way down does that make sense all right live chat how about bots are you guys using BOTS yet AI what okay do me a favor turn to your buddy and say you've got some homework baby so stop for a second I only have like a few more slides my okay on time I've even looked at my watch my okay okay all right so there's five things you can do very tactically marketing is where it's at you guys with me on this listen you have a commodity technically I have a commodity right you can hire a coach a coach a coach Coach coach Wright every therapist now as a coach and every person they did three loans is now a coach right like everybody's a coach right when I got started I would like I'm a coach they're like really for what team I'm like Realtors AI AM BOTS super big right now and I'm not talking about the 20 years from now like the robots are coming in the world's gonna be taken over and you're never have to do your laundry I mean like 24 hours a day seven days a week people are reaching out to you and they're getting real-time responses from a super-intelligent source you with me no one else listen just you because you'll go smart dude so right now we're building the largest wikipedia side of every frequently asked question by real estate agents on the planet you with me and then guess what I'm gonna do with that I'm gonna plug that right into either Watson or my own and literally I'll have this machine learning conversation with millions of agents all over the world answering their toughest questions right and just doing it for free you want to know why because the world needs better real estate agents and if I'm bringing that much value for free do you think what am I might say that goes pretty cool and do something what do you think and that's what's going on right now like that's what's happening and some of you are still thinking should I hit the live button on Facebook I'm just saying okay let's keep going do you guys get it by the way do you get a photo that good you have a question I don't know if I have time to go ahead so artificial intelligence AI artificial intelligence and BOTS is just a funny way that they described this little human interaction so you're on Facebook and you're like hey I'm just curious we've been thinking about refiling what are the rates right now or whatever question they ask and it's reading the language and Auto responding in a beautiful humanistic way to say well currently the rates are in a range of and they fluctuate every night and year of course you know it's midnight and you're drunk and you're texting me I might you know it doesn't say all that but wouldn't be awesome if it did but so that's what it's doing you with me on this okay like that's the world today in this like will start gonna be in the mortgage space because we're very protected and governance and we got to keep it all organized and you know let's keep going alright last one is your psychology do me a favor look your buddy right in the eye and say I have extraordinary personal psychology you just have a beautiful smile so let's talk about it you ready do you want to break through stop giving a about what everybody else thinks and just do your thing that's it that's it like that's it because Todd is a master of psychology so there's nothing else I'm gonna teach you guys on that you know you need a morning routine you know you need to read you know you need to probably go to dr. Daniel Amen to get your brain fix because most your brains are really scary but all I'm gonna say to you is this you ready guys I think I'd like one last slide Oh life's too short to hang out with people who aren't resourceful I just love that it has nothing to do with my talk but I look at it all the time do me a favor turn to your buddy and say that's why I'm sitting next to you that was a compliment in case you guys were wondering so as I wrap up I want to just say a couple things Devin Todd happy anniversary 25 years insanely great and I'll just leave you with this is the world gonna change or are you gonna change the world Thanks hey it's coach tom ferry have you been considering hiring a coach if so click the link below and check out what we do

Current Real Estate Trends and the Future | Real Talk with Stefan Swanepoel

everybody's tom ferry welcome to our first episode of Real Talk where I get to sit down with the industry movers and shakers and find out what's on their mind to have you become more informed more empowered and at the end a day be the expert in your marketplace because you're just getting the information you need to stand out in this very crowded space so we're doing is live we're doing Facebook I think we're also on Instagram we're probably also on Twitter and of course also the Senate on YouTube so whether you're watching us live or you're watching this later thank you for being a part of this experience and I want to juice my guests if you've been in the real estate business for I'm going to say more than two or three years certainly if you've been to business for twenty or thirty years you know stephane swamp all as the guy that I think I described this morning when I said you know like he's the Nostradamus of real estate he is the guy that says this is where it's going if you remember a few weeks ago we did it a wonderful interview with our friend Steve Harney who I refer to as the Oracle of real estate who really gives us that the talking points to be effective with buyers and sellers Stephan in my opinion you can kind of take your real fate library card throw it in the trash because he studies the industry like no one else and does a magnificent job codifying everything that's happening so today we're going to talk about trends we might maybe use the word fear we're going to talk about the future we're going to talk about how do we serve the customer better how do you be a better business person so with all that said ladies and gentlemen step on swamp oh well that is a big introduction nostradamus I'm not sure so I mean I cannot predict the future but but I do agree with you that the more homework you do the more you research the better you have knowledge which you can use to interpret what the likelihood is of things happening so yes we have a pretty good handle on the industry we're proud to say that but then again you have I could return the compliment that you're an exceptional coach and really this is this is live on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter and YouTube I you must be the first person in real estate to do this kind of online live everywhere kind of a fee I look at the end of the day it's having a magnificent team and it's also realizing thank you it's know your customer so share with them maybe for the people that don't have the kind of rich context that I have I mean when I started this company 14 years ago this was probably the fifth phone call I got but one of the most significant phone calls hate's on Perry let's talk and we walked Balboa Island and you basically you shared your experience in real estate would you take just a minute or two and give them some context for who you are beyond just the research oh wow just not version version I have been CEO of a real estate company I led three times I have started twice I have built a real estate company up from zero offices to a hundred and twenty offices in 18 months which countries I have done real estate practiced real estate and physically managed the company both in Africa as well as the US as well as in California and I have physically visited for real estate purposes and speaking of consulting Australia New Zealand England South Africa South America Canada extensively so I've been around a lot of places I've run a franchise as big as at 26,000 agents so from small startups to big I've been CEO of a national Realtor Association I've been CEO of an MLS I've written 36 books as alpha we could silico congratulate every 90 days done probably about 1400 presentations probably wrote three four 500 business plans for companies and been involved with yeah I would say just about 99% of the top 500 of everything in our space yes I mean so so my friends this is a treat we know each other we get to spend time together but I really wanted to share with you because here you you get to talk to agents but it's not it's not your primary focus no by them and and you know me what I want is I want to have the most empowered most intelligent most prepared real estate professionals on the planet to serve the customer goal because it is a big goal but that's that's how we roll so you do an event called t3 it happened last week yep could you could you share with them who's there and this is you know this is a big question what were the two to three most important takeaways that a broker might be watching a team leader might be watching and maybe a brand new agent in real estate watching what were the big three takeaways from your event big questions yeah we as a company we don't focus on agents we understand that you're the key part of the industry you're the guy that where the rubber meets the road you make it happen but the market which we serve is that 1% of the leadership that that basically keeps managers leads and prepares the industry to function so whether that is on a on a franchise side in the pennant side a brokerage side the Multiple Listing side that the tech vendors side the association with its national state or local doesn't matter those leaders that basically I don't want to say they're right now industry books they don't really run industry but they lead they've managed I industry so the t3 summit is their event it is the event where there the media is not there there's no no vendors no sales pitches no play to play no trade exhibitions no marketing no flyers it is purely just people like you people like the people that hit up the big franchises the associations this is where the CEOs and other c-suite leaders come together to to think-tank it's their place where they get a chance to do what you can do with him they get to come and do that with me so we try and find the the big issues the issues that cross a brand companies state lines and a molasses Association or at all of everything yep so it's where they come to not only learn because we do the research and we deliver that research but where they come to network with each other to find out the commonalities between problems and issues and challenges and where we bring the key people to them to discuss I mean we specifically don't bring people and that I've spoken at your event or an imminent or or a NIR Evan because that's not their leadership group so we try to find the next thing that they're not necessarily the best next wonderful thing but but the things that are critical important the things that are shaping in we take things that are knowledgeable to you as well we would look at why is it happening to what extent is it happening how is it going to impact all the players in this space yes so we try to take that that very deep dive which you often can't take in a convention where there's selling going on the whole time and there's lots of white noise and there's lots of vendors in the media's in and out and agents come running out we don't actually allow agents to come to Alvin in most cases we focus just on the leadership of the industry so with all of that said and that was a beautiful description that goes on there because it is I mean I've been every year except for just a big event which is still upsetting me so I want this maybe for myself what were those two bit two to three big things that were on the minds of the leadership of the real estate industry and maybe how it relates to again agent individual someone watching this right now we we spent that time with some outside speakers people unlike the former CEO of Whole Foods the kind of people to say how do you lead at that high level it's it's hard it's difficult how do you find balance is balance even possible what is balance mean how do you build a team not just on the team which you guys are talking about which is very very important but how do you build a team when you're the CEO and you're looking for a CFO or CMO an IT guy how do you build a team how do you stay focused the same stuff that you teach the agent yes we're trying to help and try to help empower the leaders to do that same step but but at a smaller level right at the top so we spend a lot of time leadership yes we looked at some of the changes as you will know you know I've had a good discussion many of the big franchises many of the some of the big independence and National Association of Realtors we're going to get into all that our goals if we're in Canada realize that Association has leadership at the moment is stepping down not because there's anything wrong but many of them have been in those leadership positions two three decades and they've reached the station in their life where they'd like to maybe retire because we were or step on to other things so how does an organization handle it when you lose two or three or four or five people at that level it'll take your hands big figureheads so we discussed the changes that are taking place we discussed data MLS's lots of consolidation happening how is that going to happen how does it function is it mergers and acquisition who's impacted how did the brokers play a role into that so that was discussed extensively and then are there hold on are there any more any fear that or or points that should be important to something because we're about to talk about home buying and selling in the next five years that's my next question I want to I want to tease them a little bit but speak to the agent on MLS's what should they be prepared for you through the word for a second they fear I don't there's the wrong word yeah no but it's a good word because our industries paranoid well it's changed Jane what creates anxiety so whole time and when you read the media often you get that sense of end of times yes and I simply just don't believe in end of times I mean there this is the industry is not coming to an end now yes there's change yes there's innovation yes there's creation and yes in the process certain Realtors certain structures certain companies certain associations surpluses need to reinvent themselves yeah and that's important you help facilitate that I help facilitate that so we are both in favor of innovating yourself yes we encourage that yes innovation but that doesn't mean that you should ever be scared you should be knowledgeable you should research you should be empowered you should stay current with change you should have a coach I meant or a trainer you should have a team and you should be progressive in your thinking but not scared scared scared not the right word jump to your second question you said MLS MLS analysis what should they when should they be aware of what's coming soon to their MLS so in the last two years we have been consolidating I say we added VV / same in the industry we've been consolidating maybe three MLS's roughly per month every month so that's not quite one a week but close to one a week we think that actually that the momentum is going to pick up we think that we are probably going to move to four or five or six per month so probably maybe in a year close to us Ridge so we're going to get eventually to in five years the numbers coming down the notes are gonna have a 1 MLS I don't think so we've probably just broken a 700 number so we're not win the 690 something amber but even if you were to come summer they call it 50 to a hundred per year we're still talking about a 5 to 10 year exercise to get to 1 is that is that power to the people like for art for our friends watching is that going to give them more power better access greater access serve their clients more effectively I think that technology and multiple listing services through the fact that you now have broadband and Internet and you have connectivity anywhere anytime you have mobility I think information those silos of information which existed many many years ago I think they're slowly merging you know many people would say it's not happening fast enough I agree I ran faster and the industry moves slow there are a lot of pieces whether you're looking at title or escrow or mortgage or associations or emili´s as a brokerage firm or just a number of real estate professionals there are a lot of players in the space so I think in that space yes consolidation is happening and every time you have innovation when you have outside companies result you have a Zillow you have a Trulia you have a realtor com you have some of the other technology companies the bomb bombs and the boom towns and the place there is in the real estate webmasters have those are all innovations they come in with a great idea they push and then they hit against the existing establishment right and they find out oh this is harder than I thought everybody's resisting and and we then have to gradually power through the legacy systems that lie behind we are on the right track it is slow it is slow yes alright let's talk about the future the future so one of the questions that was asked was how do you think the home buying and selling process is going to change over the next five to ten years I'd really pay attention your page so if you're watching on Facebook harder dup give me some thumbs up if you want to know more about home buying and selling in the future the next five to ten years what advice so I'm a big believer that I do not think that the real estate professional or the realtor is a member of the National Association of Realtors is destined for extinction anytime soon I simply I can find no information to validate that now remember two three years ago I was commissioned by the National Association Realtors to write the the danger report with with no editorial control on their side we were able to publish whatever we found talk no action so so I can't find any action that is removing the realtor from the transaction shaping them yes changing them yes becoming more professional yes doing more transactions yes consolidating yes growing of teams yes maybe using the web and technology better and more efficiently yes higher levels of customer service and maybe even more professionalism yes yes and yes going away no the indications are that the consumer in most cases not all cases but in most cases is still looking for guidance advice counseling influence and information that they receive but they don't know how to interpret it thank you they're saying Wow overload right I've got too much stuff block scorers pricing of ten years yeah how do I interpret that here's 20 websites which give me 20 pieces of information and they contradict you to each other do you think the Commission model will change in real estate yeah I do unfortunately so I I do think that there is pressure generally speaking the the population as a whole would always want something at a cheaper lower price now again that's not everybody yeah but people like to have a sale people like to have some kind of reduction so but don't you think that there's always going to be room for the Walmart and then the Nordstrom's or the Neiman Marcia experience even on a perfect level I agree with that absolutely but there are lots of models in between yeah so between the robot model minute service model there is an Amazon model yeah so there are other variations in between and I think our industry will be the beneficiary of multiple models for a long time so when you say five years change but nothing to worry about at all yes so five years now changed ten years you're getting further out there I think some of the technologies that are currently being funded and tested will have to first see do they survive the test of time yes do they get to critical mass do they have the right leadership and do existing companies adapt to counter them to such an extent that their innovative model maybe is no longer that innovative because it has been Supply Store sort of it comes by existing models but I would say there are numerous existing models super interesting super interesting everything from virtual online models to discount models to maybe a some kind of a fear abatement kind of a model to a shop which they will take you for a lower fee maybe a lower service I'm gonna use some of the negative words you might be creating anxiety right now was a little better water you say excited ok so again it's innovator dye right it's it's Darwinian like you you're going to continue if we're friends you're going to continue to evolve but again remember we went good thing yes we went 10 years out five years no major changes maybe a few model adjustments none of the changes are going to happen so suddenly and so quickly that you'll be caught off guard you will have to get a warning by physically staying in touch with I don't know commercial time Tom ferry but by staying in touch with Tom ferry by staying in touch and reading things we published we track the changes and you can see it happening if you if you have a very high picture it looks like it's happening fast it's actually not happening that fast you will get more than enough time to adapt innovate reposition yes and it's not the guy at the top of the pile that's at being attacked guys you know that everything gets divided into quartiles the top quartile and the bottom quartile when I'm trying to weight the ladies at the top that sell all the houses and then everybody else is yes and if you're in the first quadrant or the second quadrant if you stay current if you stay educated if you stay productive if you met your goals if you say what you're supposed to do you're okay it's the bottom quadrant that is going to be attacked first so I think I think we're okay so you said earlier consolidation of agents and I have always been of the opinion that an agent should have to sell a minimum standard a number of transactions to maintain their license to maintain goodwill in the community if you're selling a house every now and then you make me nervous right not saying those people are bad people there might be something watching us right now that's brand new or it you know year 15 and something happened in their life I'm not referring to that but I think there only should be four or five hundred thousand agents in the US what are your thoughts on that I think our current licensing model which allows you to pass a relatively in my opinion to lower bar to become licensed and then to keep that license depending which state you are in for as high as four years in some states is a too easy barrier to entry and a too easy barrier to maintain your license and because so many people have a second career second job they are maybe a part-time spouse where their primary spouse is earning the primary income and they are doing maybe they're the housewife of the house husband and they're simply just doing this task as it is a very supplementary income those statistics skew all of our numbers and when you look at average stats all of our numbers give the picture which you want you tell me the answer you want I'll get you that all yeah so the stencil stats they lie yeah I mean they're skew if you're talking about the real professionals that you say full-time committed want to do this I want to do this at the top of my game that's not a bad number that is not a very number I agree for for 500,000 that's not available yeah I mean that's your basically everybody above $100,000 in GCI is kind of a way I look at the market so let's go let's go super granule for a second what can a gents do better to be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology ahead of the curve devious this is an innovative they're watching on two or three different platforms right now and commenting and that's essentially iving and doing a set thank you very much and they're listing properties as we speak so so what are what are two or three things that if you were to say boy I'd be paying attention to this and this over the next 18 months when it comes to technology they want to be ahead of the curve so I'm going to give you a surprising one is the first one which is not actually a piece of technology but it is technology related I'm going to ask whoever you are watching this call on this thing to this call today firstly thank you for doing that thank you very much whatever technology you decide to use select you go to a conference you go to a very conference you go to an hour conference you walk the played for and you saw a new site eat wine and you pick the shiny toy go and implement the shiny toy we get squirreled away and distracted way too easily so don't go from one initiative one toy one one widget to another to another to another our biggest failure as a as a people as a realtor as an industry is that we get distracted too quickly if you just go and implement and follow through with whatever you've decided to use a lot of the technology which we have we mentioned some of the vendors just now they're all great companies yeah they're all great companies and you shouldn't think that that technology of that company is going to be the winning silver bullet which is going to solve all your problems every piece of technology hardware software or otherwise has its own and its own flaws and its own growth steps implement the software is probably your biggest step follow follow through all right then if you say what other areas are super cool people are talking BOTS and AIS and and how is that can I see all that five years out seven years out ten years out VR it's there today I have one my kids love it for a day and they're like I'm getting sick while I'm doing this now is that how Real Estate's going to be sold it was I think was it your conference last year where I gave a talk about sixty minutes about the future of innovative technologies and most certainly augmented reality blended reality virtual reality robots and any kind of smart devices smart fridges some kind of integration and motion control motion fusion and artificial intelligence AI software learning or learning Korean learning machine learning all of that is super exciting I'm fascinated by we look at it we write about it but it's not here yet it is here at a super super early stage and it is being rolled out maybe maybe the impro two types maybe it only stuff I don't generally think that it is mainstream yet and it hasn't really wrote start which our industry that it's going to have a big influence you have come is like like what's it real Scout that is using me I'm learning so it's starting to filter through in some places all these stages look at it be fascinated by it read it don't be scared don't be worried and then call your past clients and sphere and send them text messages and be in communication know what they are because when the clients start talking about it you better know what they are yes you must be knowledgeable about it absolutely but but you don't have to be first with every single piece of technology make sure that you're in the first quadrant make sure you're the top 5% up 10% whatever it is you don't have to be sourced alright so so one sort of big question you are known as the trend guy you're the guy I mean like every year I get the book I go on a long flight someplace I read it cover to cover I'm highlighting it you know I'm trying to figure out how do i best position our clients for these trends some of them not as relatable them consider them but the entire industry but the number-one trend this year very relatable everybody watching so what about two to three most important trends they should be thinking about today as it pertains to their business after we talk technology we don't need a Miles's so every year we identify the ten most significant activities strategies trends shifts innovations happening and then we say does it have legs yes does it have brains behind it does it have money behind it can it cross state lines do we think this is going to stick is it going to carry over to the next year and if we say no we throw it off the list if we think yes we got hmm deep diving like a diver then we take a deep dive into that product and we find out everything we can every player every vendor every whoever plays in that space and then we put it together and we say well we have so much information too much to handle how do we get it down to a kind of an executive summary kind of how do you condense this back into a nice easy readable I don't know 60,000 words right how do you put it into 200 pages so the top 10 trends for this year in know particularly said leave out the analysis I would say number three probably platforms yep I think that villo truly a boomtown place here yeah maybe popular they were largely black nice right exactly there's multiple players in that space yes people are understanding that that software whether it's mobile applications are no longer just in one bucket or one silo they no longer just do one or two functions they're starting to branch out across and you need to apply for whether it's on top of this an umbrella or something beneath it to start it up but you need something which is the backbone of your company they're the kind of the engine we're almost talking like a my asset management information sounds like this is how I run my business I used this and it runs everything so so you need my poems you need a platform that basically almost plug-and-play that you can plug the other stuff into it and you can like you with if you use let's say Apple you can drop and drag something from one application to the application we need to be able to do that more in real estate where you can interchange data from one MLS to a franchise Backson independent to your coaching system maybe it's a National Association of Realtors to my local state let's say the Houston associations office you got to be able to do that we can't do that yet so I'm there are enough smart people that get that they know that and everybody would like to be the switch everybody would like to be their platform so we have a let's say a dozen companies which are really seriously vying for that space it's still going to take three five years before we see who's the most likely winner in that space some platform one like what is your management information system what are you running your business on and please don't say outlook really just mean just to be clear so what's number two number two of importance I would probably say understand that that the real estate business model every three four five decades really tends to start evolving and then it starts reinventing itself and the franchise was a way to expand real estate in the 1970s which basically changed real estate yes the Remax the 100% concept or the management fee kind of concept was a new concept a religion really for finds refined the art of M&A work right now how do you buy companies and sold them in grow Keller Williams has introduced more of a more transparency teen money money growing kind of tree concepts these new models every time when they come in they don't destroy the rest of the market your business isn't God now but but it impacts your business all of these companies when they came into the market share their zero and and after a decade they started having tens of thousands of agents and after two decades those four companies which we've mentioned let's say I think who is first century twenty four money one was the first company event ago to 100,000 then we max yeah then Kabul Bank are not killer so we've only had four companies ever go to a hundred thousand now a hundred thousand isn't a magical number it doesn't mean that that that feed on the street is the biggest cult that you should of course GCI and profitability super super important but we don't always have all of those stats there sometimes private companies they don't always share so feet on the street is just it's an easy number to compare because you can get that number easier so four companies have reached that they call it magical hundred thousand number I would say there are one two three four five four or five there would maybe be about four companies today that I say could potentially reach that number by Twenty twenty two to twenty twenty-five so so five to seven years out I think there are four companies that have that in these sites do not name them no I was you guys do not name them they're all I wait we want the deal yes those are exactly the part that's it no we weren't we were denying them that wouldn't be nice if that wouldn't be there but so there are companies which are always evolving that doesn't mean that they have the Silver Bullet yes it does mean that and size doesn't always matter right not to the agent watching some of them want to be a part of that big brand so they love being smaller dependence and we like being a team as you said there's a place for Walmart there's a place for Nordstrom the place of Amazon and fifty spots in between that's exactly right not Fifty Shades of Grey P asphalt yeah so you can handle all of that so there's a room for everybody in a space but what's important is that when innovation happens whether it's at the Zillow level whether it's at the the technology level with it's at the MLS level or whether it's at real estate brokerage model level that innovation creates a not a perfect storm but it creates a it creates a storm right yeah it creates a tornado or hurricane whatever you want to call it and that impacts everything in its path and as it impacts everything in its path you want to be aware of that because you want to know when do you fight it when you join it when do you go underground when you say above god that's all I'm not saying that you have to love it love it or hate it but you have to be aware of it you know what this is remain this is like a just a massive awareness creation opportunity for everyone that's watching right now if it's we get so myopic in doing what we do what I'm loving about this is you're exposing them to what's happening out here on the bigger level on these rooms with three or four hundred people that are truly deciding the fate of the rule so there's no hashtag mind-blowing yes hashtag mind-blowing no I love it what's the number one trend I think I know what it is yeah I think you do not because you asked it because you read my report yes yeah we think that that teams has come of age it's been around for a while it's not new but it has over time been sort of gathering momentum and maturing and there of course as we said in our report there are many different types of teams not all two teams are equal now it's a way for a certain older generation that is retiring to transform it is a way to teach new people it is a way to maximize the leads which you get from some kind of a portal it's a way to get critical mass it's a way to scale it's a way to it achieves a lot of points that where it seems like the station of teams is there and the trains have been pulling into the station hundred percent and the number of people that are using teams in some shape or form it seems to be exploding it seems to be growing disproportionately fast as compared to the rest of the market now the whole market is having a great time no doubt the last couple of years awesome so it's been a great time but teams is ahead of the curve it's going faster than the curve and that's why we put us at the moment number one because I know you're a very strong supporter of teams but you can see that many of the big franchises many of the big companies are also supporting it yeah and when you have multiple entities you have trainers writing programs about it and trading around you have franchises giving courses and manuals about it you have these companies adjusting the Commission packages to do that you can see it's no longer just the one horse race yeah it's not multiples yes so so here's the question now someone's going to watch this and I get this all the time so if they're only going to be room in the marketplace for teams no no I don't know those little yeah I don't I agree I do not believe that that when franchising came in they took over all the business now there is today just about the same amount of non franchises in franchise when remax came in and a great company and they created a new concept they were very successful did they get all the business no they didn't even get to 10% approximately so there is room for innovation there is room for change never all and never takes out everybody yeah teams is a great way to build a legacy build a system build a business transfer business sell a business grow a business get scalability does it also promise no nothing does nothing solves all and the beautiful thing about the real estate industry is it is so accepting right the industry is when you have a great person that knows how to communicate with clients right that brings value to their buyers and sellers you could be any color any flavor right any language I mean it really becomes it's just exciting it's exciting but this is exciting we do sometimes say yes to easily that is true so we do sometimes without even thinking through it and I know that we are an industry of charismatic gregarious outgoing flavorings a driven personalities I get that I probably want to but but so we're all that same bucket and not all of you I know many of you are very analytical like we do we should sometimes do our homework just a tad better we sometimes I think jump in to where the fire is burning sometimes without looking and analyzing everything yes preparation preparation so so making it easier for people to connect with you not that they're going to be emailing you and I'm sure they would love to do that website that they can go to if they want to be on the list to know when the reports come out so the report is easy it's re trend so re occurring for real estate so re trends calm is where the report is every year when it comes out if you want to try and get me I'm not as wildly famous as this man on all of the Instagram and social media but on Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook just take my last name swanepoel yeah SWA in EPO l at least I can get it right yes yeah so that on all of the a major social media services I'm fairly active I have about a hundred and fifty five thousand friends and fans of followers yep I tell people basically if you care about the industry and you care about your profession there are just a few people you really need to pay attention to even just a little bit every single day week month and you're absolutely at the top of that list so thank you I just want to say as we get near wrapping up thank you thank you for being the first person on realtalk thank you just for being you lots of thank you for navigating so effectively all these extraordinary leaders in the industry not every person here knows directly that the touch and the impact and the love that you have for the real estate business so I just want to say from all of us and myself and my team to you thank you to you and your team for doing what you do I do yeah we absolutely we don't sell real estate we don't sell software we're not a coach we're not a news service we are simply the guys that are the most passionate about your future our industry we don't want people to hamat we want to try and see if we can help people like Tom and and all of you indirectly and all of the companies to have a opportunity to build your businesses and have a successful wonderful gratifying life in this place which we call home which is real estate yeah love it hashtag thank you yes I love it look at you half a tank you're out and that's often all right so hey guys thank you so much for participating if you know some smart people in this industry that you want to share this with that'd be a really good idea lots of information for you to go through probably want to watch this at least twice take out your notes think about the future think about what's going to happen at the end of the day what do we know your strategy matters your passion rules and being ahead of the curve absolutely is the game today so thank you guys so much we'll look forward to reading the comments and talking you all soon take care guys I lost someone hey thanks so much for watching we have a number of events coming and we'd love to have you there visit Tom berry comm forward slash events and reserve your spot today

Real Estate Success Story: What They DON'T TELL YOU About Being A Real Estate Agent

what's up ladies and gentlemen this is brian kocel avicii welcome to my channel if it is your first video I'm a 31 year old realtor I've been in the business about four years I've created a pretty fabulous lifestyle for myself I own multiple properties I just bought a Lamborghini about a month ago I have a couple of the cars life is good I've grown and expanded I'm a traveling speaker and trainer now it's really just blossomed into the lifestyle that I always envisioned so I named this video the one I love about being a realtor and I wanted to break it down for you because a lot of times we see a negative side or you see a lot of videos people making vlogs and complaining that they couldn't cut it and basically a lot of these videos they if you really pay attention to it they didn't give it like a real honest effort they just kind of went through the motions and fell into the trap that most people run into and then they failed and left and decided to go and then they just complain or they get negative about it but I'm gonna tell you some of the opportunities and positive side of it because I feel like somebody who has gone through the motions right or gone through the trenches I guess you can say has made it out has become successful needs to give you the honest perspective and benefits of being a realtor and everything that it entails because it really is glorious man it's one of those careers that gave me a lot more than I expected I initially had very high expectations of it and admit that it actually in fact exceeded my expectations so let's go over a couple things and I have a special special announcement at the end for you so make sure that you watch the video all the way to the end and you're really gonna enjoy it so what do I love about being a realtor well number one coming from an athletic background right I play basketball overseas getting into real estate transitioning into it it it allowed me to make a connection we know and a lot of things like sports for the most part right there always are exceptions to the rule but you get out what you put in some people are just have amazing genetics and they're super talented that's fine right that's a small percentage but the majority of people in sports and some other endeavors if you put in a lot of work working on basics and fundamentals and you master them you will be elite very elite you will get very good and you get out what you put in same thing applies to real estate this is an industry that a lot of people come in and they have that average mentality if you come in like I did training before you get your license committed to mastery learning all the scripts and all the presentations on the contracts and you commit to just being obsessed about doing that and being the best right and you have that desire just to be number one you don't even have to be the number one realtor in the nation or the world but just have that drive saying I want to be good at this thing I don't want to just be average I really want to be good I want to deliver a good service I want to know the process I want to help my clients I want to give them the best result that kind of enthusiasm and energy really translates into you being successful there's a direct correlation there that's why I was able to do what I did I took massive action whether it was knocking on doors or making calls or whatever it was you know learning the contracts and all that stuff I literally just said I'm gonna be the best at this thing and I just went at it every single day and the average person who makes these vlogs and says Oh real estate wasn't what I thought they didn't give you that that honest effort you know they really didn't give it their all they gave it like 10 20 30 % and even if they did give it 100% they did it for such a short period of time that you couldn't really make a fair assessment so that brings me to number two is this is a business that will test you and try you emotionally which I love because it's turned me into and been a very big catalyst and transforming me into the person that I am today as far as attitude confidence energy enthusiasm it's really forged me into a very strong and powerful individual for sure but I love the fact that it's a business that it will reward you if you commit to the long haul what I mean by that 87% of agents fail in their first year why is that because they expect maximum return for a minimum gain I knew especially coming from sports it's going to take a tremendous amount of effort to go from here to this level and then a lot of effort again to go from here to here you see but in real estate the payoff is huge because we're working on 100% commission which is another thing I love right you don't get paid per hour you get paid for your production which I love you get paid a proportion to what you produce now for just showing up which is something I hated about the nine-to-five world was I noticed in my campus job when I was in college that I would work two three four times as hard as everybody else but I was getting paid the same that didn't make sense to me I didn't like that so I said this is something where I can get paid a proportion to what I produce however I'm not going to get rewarded right away I wanted to put in a tremendous amount of effort for minimum gain and then later on the scale tips you guys see this in graphs with any business that has quote overnight success is it goes like this the graph and then all of a sudden a year two or three years in boom they have explosive growth and that's what's gonna happen to you that's what's happened to me that's what happened to a lot of people who came into real estate and we're successful additionally right what I love about real estate is it has unlimited scalability and income potential what do I mean by that well you can sell five hundred homes on a big team and make millions and millions of dollars a year or you could just have it as a side hustle and sell one or two houses a year and make you know five ten twenty grand that's up to you right and scalability meaning I know a lot of top agents who have grown teams and now they're just basically the CEO of their team or company and now they don't work in the day-to-day they just kind of manage it and that's a separate form of income for them and now it's like they're running a fortune 500 company that runs itself now it took a tremendous amount of work to get there and if you haven't I would recommend you read the millionaire real estate agent because that kind of outlines the model for you written by Gary Keller which is in the description by the way all the books that I recommend and and you see so unlimited income potential meaning like in my first year I made one hundred twenty thousand dollars in Commission I just made a video if you haven't I'll link it here so you can see it and at the end of the video but there's no there's no limit right you can do ten thousand five thousand zero or you could do millions and millions and millions that's up to you you see but having that option and having that opportunity where else you're gonna find it right and I've practically been doubling my income every year so you do the math what other career can you do that mmm no other career additionally here's another thing I love about it is now with that it's opened a lot of doors now with social media right I'm traveling and speaking I've become a figure in real estate I've been doing training for sales company if the company sorry it's allowed me to to work on this craft of being a speaker and and help me blossom into that individual who now part of my pitch goal is to give back and help to a lot of people that's why I continue to make the free videos on almost a daily basis and I just did a training for my company last last Friday I enjoy doing this I want to give back I want to help people break through their limited mindset that they currently have because of their surroundings or upbringing and help them see that you can do it I have somebody who didn't come from a lot of money but my parents they provided for us and I had a good life you know I wasn't living out on the streets but at the same time you know I wasn't born into a family with millions of dollars in Lamborghinis and all that stuff I had to envision that for myself and nobody in my family had ever achieved that kind of success and I'm the first one and I'm proud to say it alright but now that I've kind of unlocked those keys I want to give it back now real estate was the vehicle that allowed me to do that right you see a lot of people will paint getting it to real estate it's tough and all this stuff but there's beauty in that because it forges you and builds you into a powerful individual a business minded individual and somebody who has to think quick on their feet grow a business learn about money and do all these things that we were never taught in school it just depends on the individual coming in when they feel that a little bit of pressure and force which the business will any business will put on you are they gonna break like most people are you gonna be like me and stand up to it and push back and then breakthrough and live the life that you want you see now lastly I'm gonna touch on this I mean there's so many more things I can talk about but I don't want to make it too long lastly it it forced me this business to master communication now am I where I want to be at yet no however when it comes to interactions with men and women men and men people in general I know I'm near the top for sure and my abilities and my skills and my knowledge and wisdom now in it now real estate was that door that opened that and really made it clear to me we live in a world today where everybody's on their phones everybody's texting everybody's emailing the art form of communication and being very skilled at it has been lost and this has allowed me to step into that field and say ah there's beauty in this because not only is it gonna help me in business but it's gonna help me in life alright and a lot of you maybe you're watching this thinking oh I have social anxiety Oh that'd be great or when I tell you and you even envision the thought of making a call or knocking on a door all these negative emotions come up and you can you're like I wouldn't even think about doing that that's what I'm talking about because when you master this you're gonna look forward to knocking on somebody's door approaching people on the street or whatever it is because now you want you want to share this gift that you have right you want to make connections I've made so many connections now because I've always been a car guy real estate has given me the income to get the cars I have the Lamborghini I'll put it right now so you can see it there you go meeting people with that thing just driving around people approaching me that thing is a walking marketing piece now I didn't just get it to show off I loved cars always having that's been on my wall forever so goal achieved but you get what I'm saying here imagine that having that having the social skills comfort confidence and skill to go out there and now live life meet new people grow your network be successful make more money and do everything it is that you want to do okay I'll end the video here there's so many more things I can talk about maybe I'll do a version two however I want this video I sincerely hope it goes viral because a lot of people that I've been looking on YouTube there's a lot of videos although I didn't like of being a realtor why I failed being a realtor and there's a lot of negative here but I want to give you the beauty in it because the beauty in real estate is it's like a diamond that's gonna take a lot of pressure and force but if you can withstand it and understand that it is a part of the process you will turn into a diamond you will lift the life that you want and I and I really I ask you I come I'm really just request of you especially if you're a newer person watching this or you haven't watched my old videos and you have been a follower watch my old videos and and look and compare that person who got into real estate four years ago to now and you'll see exactly what I'm talking about okay at the very end now I told you guys that I have a special announcement are doing a couple events coming up global XLR is this weekend sign up through Facebook if you have it my moderate success program is booming there's a lot of bonuses involved with it it is my personal program to teach you how to live the life that I live make more money be successful to be healthy be wealthy and all that stuff that's in the description all the stuff that I recommend from Amazon is in the description and the special announcement for you guys that the special special announcement is going to be I'm doing not the global SLR but I'm doing another at my office in a couple weeks now and I'm really really gonna focus on this one in regards to doing things in life and and getting out of your own way right having a more internal alignment so that when you go to sell you go 100% when you go to meet new people and approach if you're a man approaching women going 100% and not holding yourself back all the internal blocks and locks that we have I'm gonna give you the keys to unlock them so there's I'm going to release another little video or sniff it on Instagram that's really gonna go deep onto the details but be ready for that event because that is the event that all of you have been asking me for a lot of you ask me the inner world do an event do a product on the inner world this is for you okay and I will have a special guest there it's gonna be phenomenal and we will open up registration for it very soon if you enjoyed this video please share it I will also upload it to Facebook make sure that you subscribe to the to my channel because I will continuously pump out content regardless of any changes in money or whatever it is alright see you

Should New Realtors Be a Solo Real Estate Agent or Join a Real Estate Team?

what's going on guys it's Mike here and in today's video I'm going to be answering one of the questions I get a lot from people that are looking to get into real estate and that is whether they should join a team or whether they should go and be a solo agent and from somebody that has contemplated this a few times especially when starting out and a few times during my real estate career whether I what I whether I wanted to change what I was doing or what I want to keep going what I was doing I'm gonna go over some of the pros and cons and what are their differences to being a solo real estate agent versus being on a real estate agent team I myself I am a solo agent meaning that I pretty much work for myself basically underneath my broker I'm with a one hundred-percent brokerage meaning that I get 100% of all of my Commission I don't have to do any splits I don't have to pay for any transaction fees I pushed that off onto the buyer right a seller or anything like that so 100% of the Commission comes to me so if you're working with a team or a different type of broker that's I'm making you play a commission split or anything like that you could be paying up to upwards of like sixty seventy five percent of all of your commission going to this team or broker and you pretty much need to know what you're going to be getting for that amount that you're paying for and when you're working with the team you are pretty much paying for usually it comes down to leads and training and helping you get to where you want to be and the main point about being with a team is that when you're with a team you split up a lot of the responsibilities and bigger teams usually have everything separated out so no one person is doing everything so you will have buyer's agents she'll have listing agents you'll have of course buyer's agents work with buyers listing agents work with sellers you'll have is a or inside sales agents or outside sales agents that will be making calls and doing all of your follow up or doing on cold calling out to get new business and new leads a lot of times you'll have transaction coordinators these are people that are going to be handling all of your deals from as soon as you get a contract as soon as you get a client under contract to for a house your transaction coordinator is going to be the person that is going to be taking over as soon as it's under contract making sure that all that all the T's are crossed all the I's are dotted everything is going to go smoothly and that's one less thing you have to worry about and you can go back out and continue making more deals and making more money and there are going to be plenty of other people that are involved inside of a team that their hand in the pot and all of that and that is one of the reasons why teams have bigger splits and the money that you are getting in off of your commission is split out to go to everybody so no one person is handling everything and this has its advantages because if you're somebody that's newer and you say you're good at sales but you don't know all of the things that have to be done inside of a real estate transaction you can go out and do all of your sales work and bring in new clients show people houses or get listing appointments and sign people up and all of that and once they're under contract then pass them off to people that understand the real estate business while you're learning the real estate business and you can start to learn all of these things so that eventually you can go out and be on your own and and it could also work vice-versa if you don't know sales you can be more so on the transaction side when you're dealing with the exact real estate business itself and this is an advantage because if you're focusing all on sales you don't have to worry about spending of your time dealing with you know inspections are dealing with appraisals and drilling lifting negotiations and all of that you can just deal with getting more sales now the of course the cons when it comes to working with the team is you know if you don't necessarily end up on a team that is very progressive and you can be a part of all moving parts and learn other pieces and you can grow and all of that you're gonna be stuck doing one thing whether you know say you don't like being a buyer's agent well if they don't have any room for another listing agent or if they don't see it for you moving anywhere else and they want you just stick with being a buyer's agent that's what you're stuck doing you all you're doing is working with buyers all day every single day and if you're somebody new in real estate this can be advantageous to you because you can work under somebody that has experience you can work with a team of people that know what they're doing and get multiple points of view in of different ways of doing things to create your own way of doing things as opposed to being a solo agent where you're having to learn everything on your own now this all comes with a price of course because like I've mentioned before you're stuck doing working with the team and potentially being one thing longer than you actually want to be and you're going to be paying for being part of this team now of course every single brokerage is different every single team is different but usually it works out the broker gets their split usually and then the team leader gets their split for being owner of the team and being in charge of the team seeing as how they're the one that is bringing in most of the business they're the one that is doing all the lead generation and giving the leads and giving the training and all of that and then everybody trickles down from there so say if your brokerage takes twenty five percent off the top period out of that twenty five percent that's straight to the brokerage you don't have to worry about that and say if you're team leader takes another twenty five percent now that's 50 percent of your of your commissions you may not think oh that's not that's not that much five a five thousand dollar sale you know if I have a five thousand dollar commission check that's not really that bad if I'm giving away twenty five hundred for getting free leads and necessarily free leads but getting leads and you know having all the training and all of that but then you have to think about your taxes you have to think about your cost of running your business because even though they may be giving you your leads a lot of times they may not be giving you all the tools that you may have some of them do but they may not that's one of the things that you're gonna have to ask and find out so by looking at all these other expenses that you have to pay for while being part of a team well yes you have the opportunity to get in front of more people get more leads because there's an established team and an established area that you're working with you're also going to be making less money overall so that's one of the things you have to look at and that's the major con that comes with being part of a team is the fact that you know you're splitting out a good bit of your commission to be part of this team now if you're doing you know 10 15 deals a month as opposed to potentially doing one deal of one or two deals a month as a solo agent of course it's going to make more sense to be on a team but you have to look at being a solo agent as well let's go over and look at that now being a solo agent you are doing everything you get all of the money yourself but you also have to do everything I myself I have to do all of my lead generation I have to do all of my lead follow up I have to do all of the accounting I have to do all of the sales work when it comes to going on buyer up by our appointments and listing appointments I have to go show all of the houses I have to do all the open houses as soon as I get something under contract I'm dealing with the other listing agents I'm doing all of the negotiating being there with the inspections the appraisals I'm there at all the closings I have so much that I have to do as a solo agent but at the same time all of this is payment for me getting all of my Commission back if I'm selling a house and I was a $5,000 Commission check I get the whole $5,000 I don't have to worry about paying my broker and paying my team lead and all of that I get the whole Commission check so it's more of a incentive to be a better real estate agent and to be a better salesperson and to be better at your craft and learn more about real estate by being a solo agent in my opinion because it forces you to to learn everything you know if you're not putting into work you're not going to eat if I know I don't do any lead generation one morning if I'm not making any phone calls or if I don't do any Facebook ads or anything like that then I know that I'm not gonna have any business coming up down the line and that's something I have to think about and if you're not somebody that's good at holding yourself accountable if you're not good at you know setting a schedule and you're not good at you know setting aside time to do all of the things that you have to do when it comes to this business and I've made plenty of videos that comes that comes down to the schedule that you have to keep as a solo agent or somebody that has to be that wants to be a top producer or any of that I have plenty of videos when it comes to the schedule that you'll have to keep and all the things that you'll have to do in a regular day and able to do everything that you have to do and if you don't think that you're willing to do that or you don't think that you're able to do that at least starting out then you know a team would be a better place for you because not only are you going to learn a lot being as part of a team you'll actually get some experience under your belt you'll get some transactions done you'll get some recognition to your name you'll build your sphere of influence and then when you go out and be a solo agent it's something that you can just transition to a lot easier than if you're somebody that did like I did where I was a solo agent from day one the day I got my real estate license I became a solo Aging and I started working with zero sphere of influence because I had just moved to Florida and zero sphere of influence no database no nothing I started from complete scratch and I had nine months of zero transactions that could have been something that could have been avoided if I had joined a team knowing what I know now I probably would have joined a team back then however I'm glad I didn't because it taught me to have a better a better work effort better work ethic and a better understanding of the entire real estate market and forced me to get trainings from other people and seek out other people that knew more about real estate than I did as opposed to if I possibly joined a team I would probably still be there and I probably gotten comfortable and I probably would have just listened to everything that my team leader or the top producing agent in the office knew and just did what they did instead of branching out learning what's learning what's working in LA what's working in New York was working in DC was working in Texas was working in the middle of nowhere over the flyover States was working in all of these places and testing things out and seeing what works for me and of course I landed with Facebook as these work the best for me but this is something that you know you'll have to figure out you have to weigh the options of both and see whether you want to be a solo agent or if you want to work for a team and now if you have any questions about this topic be sure to leave them down in the comment section below you know you may be able to help somebody else out that's looking to become a real estate agent whether they want to join a team or bring your solo agent if you liked the video and you got anything out of it be sure like it lists the channel to grow and lets me know you enjoyed these types of videos and if you're new be sure to subscribe because I put out new videos on this channel on a regular basis and as always my name is Michael Hicks I'll see you in the next

11 Videos All Real Estate Agents Should Make | Realtor video marketing tips

mosconi as interresants jan corby cover voor apple i was er samen de video's en juwelen cev cup and check the mad king te helpen alberta marketing en wanneer zijn tempels er aan mee from te gaan a real estate is dat mijn video marketing piria deur maitreya managers die de link or greening video en chuma je business and into my marketing en korea to clients en al dat yes i can see if you wanna go back my channel locatie help but they work and they still gummy zoals distillery balloo yami yugi stiekemerd in de comments en en te helpen increase business and grow and grow in microsoft humor guys go back aantrekkelijke die zijn zie jou bij de arbeid de information is bayer en we konden zowel bij de is uw stille evolueert clients to respond to make you some information at demonen zijn ofzo les great inch in de video en versie video die moord uw tabel is cabine my ex limo succesvol video zo niet shallow binnen alsof je nooit lukken bek van de kwaliteit en 2 3 bar is voor meezing first time home buyers morgens programs en wat we deden deze video waarin u barrique en duw is dik en tackelen canary je ziet worden best home mortgage programs euro worden de best aan program that you can use to get to compute hel buyers duidelijk in de pages like niet lief er staan om buyer at peopleware aan de kinderen van hun eten bna om buyer and eating mijn tijd aan die 's morgens program en zal simpelweg en e-bike in google innerlijke die brug in videovorm us a preacher zelf voor mijn buddy lcr de red cloud in is ryan about the strength of het is tabel voor verstaan home by programs het in alles en ebuddy kopieerde qualify for en and if you can go ahead and the dead 2 en de knicks video door aankondiging to talk about dit is de reden om haar first time home buyers club ik de release tdv6 in the night everybody and white eagle zover is worden de kwaliteit die we willen cd's en t is kunnen shares or tambo testimonials uit houten bal experience tabblad knowledge area and knowledge of dat de markt in altijd zo spray die simpel stuff but this information you seek and a terrace uw people dergelijk incident buy or sell real estate zo de nek video die creator dan ben ik over is een humbug eye for verstaan haalbaar is en in deze league step by step to a greeting de first aan ambar is mobiele team 2 keer min dr online angles interview met dr bridging so those working for him to qualify chu looking for houses and men ging en de huizen en de kaart sjabloon of innovations to inspection zijn pre-sales and i'm going to do things and everything within both in de high line proces arm en over in deze video en muziek indische something that i've said you allemaal buyers after my god pony channel en bin helpt en helpt ouwendorp ipo en wonnen de meting cities video's duw in de dissel een specifieke ideeën de held scud en online questions and graphs eist om enkele base is mijn god mayn't maar database kittelaar basis ook van meenen say i know this is something bij dr en familie visser first 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What To Do AFTER You Get Your Real Estate License!

what's up everybody this is brian kocel avicii welcome to another video and welcome if it is your first video on my channel you saw how popular my previous video was on what to do before you get your real estate license I wanted to make this particular video on these steps required and what you must do after you get your real estate license I still see a ton of confusion and I forget that what is obvious to me being a realtor now having experienced four years it's not so obvious to a newcomer or somebody who's a brand-new agent so I wanted to break down a few simple things to ensure that right after you get your real estate license you're good to go now I'm gonna make this video assuming you've never seen another video I give them a bunch of tips in my other video so if you haven't checked those out be sure to browse my channel I'll put some cards up here and on the end screen to guide you the right way but you have to understand that there's the right way to do it and the wrong way to do it and a lot of people are not taught the right way I have a ton of content for new agents giving them the light and the path however of course because this is the way the world works some people will come after they've already started or they're been in the business two or three years and some people are lucky enough to find me early so hopefully you fall into the category of finding this before you actually have already gone through the process right now let's start what to do right after I get your real estate license well this is where confusion number one pops up for a lot of people a lot of people believe that when you get your license now that you can start working by yourself that's not the way it works okay you have to join a broker when you start you get a sales person's license right that is just to be a regular salesperson you will have to hang your hang your license with a broker which means they're gonna take you on ok now that does not mean you're joining a team this is where mistake number two comes in as people have this misconception when you join a brokerage you're still a solo agent unless you personally elect to join the team you are still working alone when you join a brokerage a lot of people think that when you join a broker you're automatically part of a team you're not you still work as a solo agent okay and remember when you get your license have to go to a broker you can't just get a salespersons license and start selling real estate yourself that's not the way it works now you could start your own brokerage by getting a broker's license that's a completely separate subject okay now this is a pivotal point for a lot of people and one of the main reasons that so many people fail in real estate is this next thing you joined the company you choose a broker which I can cover here in a second after this you show up the first day brokers like there's your desk there's your phone get to work and now it begins and you're kind of sitting there clueless saying what do I do this is why so many people fail you're you're you're promised a lot of times all the bells and whistles trainings guidance and you show up after you have your license and nothing happens right I hear so many people tell me that this was the case for them when they join and it's sad and this is one of the reasons that there's such a low level of professionalism in this industry a lot of people don't have sales skills at all and so many people feel lost and continue to be amateurs because they do not have the right guidance all right so before I jump into that I want to talk a little bit about choosing a broker now I'm a part of exp Realty and a lot of people who ask I always say exp is a great company it's a new company it's a cloud-based brokerage if you want more information on that you can message me on Facebook I don't want to make this an advertisement for exp if you're choosing a brokerage you need to find out what needs you want fulfilled a lot of newer people want training want guidance want mentorship want help you need to find a company that's going to provide that not one that just tells you they're gonna do it but one that will actually provide talk to some other agents see what's going on message other people that you follow all right maybe in the comment section below right now you can even state where you're at what state you're in and if anybody recommends a broker and if you're local to me here in Southern California I'll recommend a broker for you use this comment section here as a means for you guys to connect okay so you have to create a list of what you want that might be guidance that might be a one-on-one mentor you might want to join a team so you would more than likely want to go to a brokerage that has some successful teams not the mom-and-pop courage down the street that has no teams and when you tell them can I join a team they say what's a team that would obviously be the wrong choice so that's something you can do okay picking the brokerage for a lot of people they make one mistake by only focusing on the Commission split and let me explain to you why that's bad don't worry about the Commission splits okay if you have to exchange 20 30 40 or 50 percent of your commission however the brokerage that you're gonna go to will have somebody that you can go under their wing they'll teach you the ropes and then in a couple months you can be rockin and rollin already doing deals that is more worth than any sort of commission fifty percent of ten deals in a year is much more than 100 percent of zero or one okay I've been there I've done it I was with century 21 they took a lot of my commission however I did get a lot of training in exchange for it I didn't leave there until I've been with them for a while and I felt like we were now out of exchange so don't focus on a brokerage just to see how much you're gonna get and what you get see what they provide and if you have to give up 10 20 30 % or whatever it is then make that decision do not base your decision solely on the Commission split one of the biggest mistakes people make okay I wanna make sure I don't lose you on that alright now you're a new agent you picked it now you're gonna have to literally have already a laundry list of activities that you have to do this is where a lot of people again make another error that you do not want to do your immediate job now after you got your license you found a brokerage you're good to go is to start getting business and training immediately you need to learn there's gonna be the school or class knowledge there's going to be the experiential knowledge which is experience so do not be afraid to make mistakes guys I'll repeat that again do not be afraid to make mistakes otherwise you're gonna bind yourself to inaction and you're not gonna get out there the reason I so very quickly became a figure in authority is because I had been through it all very quickly sticky transactions great transactions bad transactions things falling apart getting back together you name it I've literally virtually heard it all and seen it all you want to talk to other agents shadow them see what it's like going on appointments with them sit down with the transaction coordinator which is somebody who manages escrows and files right sit down with them and have them explain to you what it's like going through an escrow get to know contingency periods contracts start studying the stuff that actually is relevant to the actual business of real estate now what you learned in the courses a lot of the stuff they learned in the courses will not apply now in field okay other than that you trained right through experience now you got to get out there and actually find leads and convert them into business now this is where so many waves of information are gonna be thrown at you okay now if you hear any noise that's my sing scat down here being rowdy a lot of gurus will tell you cold-calling door-knocking prospecting the old ways are dead I'm one on my channel that will push you very hard to get out there in cold call and or knock for many reasons I'm not gonna explain here okay now what I invite you to do the viewer is pick one I don't care what it is even if it's against my advice pick one and you stick with it pick somebody to follow whether it's me this guy that guy doesn't matter pick somebody who has a system and follow it period that will now be your source of systems CRM customer relationship management system right a system where now you can build a database or a sphere of influence what it's called people that you know people that can provide you leads people that might buy or sell because they already know you that's a sphere of influence okay also it's gonna provide you with some sort of lead generation tools and tactics meaning how to find this that's how to find leads outside of the people that you know that will want to buy or sell and how you can capture them and how you can convert them this is the name of the game ladies and gentlemen now they've gotten your license all the schooling and all that is over and now you're off to the races you're now a competition with everybody else to find buyers and sellers that's it that's what you need to do you need to find people get them to know you like you trust you then get to use you and let's say your name is Bob you Bob to represent them the purchase of a home or the sale of a home that's it that's it now I'm gonna be making subsequent videos to continue the series I will stop it right here because I don't want it to be too long I think 10 minutes is a threshold for a lot of people's attention especially when it comes to this take some notes watch this video again again connect with each other in the comments section this is a great opportunity for a lot of you guys to get to know each other if you want to reach out to me regarding exp or anything else all the links to everything in my social media flashed in the beginning and it's also in the description below I offer a ton of stuff that you can check out it's all in the description mainly if you want to get up to speed on sales some real estate stuff and really getting everything together as a package off for a modern success program that's $97 a month up to you to join other than that be sure that you like the video be sure to subscribe and take a very close look through my channel and browse and check out the cards as well because I have compiled a lot of playlists that will help you especially if you are a newcomer to real estate somebody who's in the licensing process right now or maybe if you've been in the business already and you haven't had the success that you've been wanting to have okay so again I appreciate everybody who has watched this and I look forward to hearing your successes and seeing all the comments below team BC I will see you on

From Solo Agent To Real Estate Broker With 23 Agents In 3 Years!!

alright what's up guys Jason worked up here and I'm here with Ashley Ashley thank you so much for joining me here today yeah so for those of you guys who have been following me for a while now you probably recognize Ashley you've probably seen her before because she actually got started with Arsenal way back in 2016 I think it was like the late summer fall of 2016 so it's been a number of years now yes yes yes I know since that video has gone out I would probably say like 200 people between email text singing hit me up on Facebook calling my office well I think I think that video on Facebook now has close to a million views if not I think it might have even already passed a million views so let's just for everyone watching right now that maybe didn't see that video let's jump back over and I'm just gonna show you guys that video hey everyone its Ashlee here in Memphis when to shoot a quick video for Jason and just tell you yes the program does work I've gotten a ton of messages asking it doesn't work it does work I made it add uploaded it on Facebook and the leaves started coming in and Arsenal has really helped me just keep track of all the leads that come in arsenal I love Arsenal because I'm to follow up feature if you are not using the follow up feature use it I promise it's awesome I have actually gotten probably close to at least 90 something leads so far I don't know if you can see my computer screen but I have about six pages 1 2 3 4 5 6 pages leads with people's names email and phone numbers so it definitely brings the leads in and I think one of the biggest things in our field is the follow-up so I definitely used Jason's follow-up I also use his appointment scheduler that he talks about in his videos if you have not watched the videos go watch the videos my appointments come straight to my phone I love them I recommend the system follow it's I use canva to create my ADD canv a canva looks like that kind of really simple program canva make the ad will just probably the video file the video upload the ad and do what Jason says okay I realize how bad my video quality was probably just the exported video on my side of things but well fast forward now three years I mean you said you've got 90 leads or something like that and all the videos it works what you actually made a post just a couple days ago maybe last week inside the Facebook group kind of given a new update and I know that this was going crazy tons of comments so just tell everyone what you say on that post what happens happen recently and kind of what's gone on over the last few years okay so last when I when I did that video I was a real estate agent of course so most people know I've been in real estate since 2006 so I've been in real estate for a while now I'm actually the principal broker Alec from here hello home we have about 23 agents so now on top of helping people buy and sell their home now I'm recruiting and training and motivating all the agents at the company so so cool yeah so that is changed since that video so yeah I did posts in the group because I still kind of I follow the group and I lie something some that is activist I could be in there but I've been I mean changing up my facebook ads a little bit and I sometimes I do engagement posts and just get traffic to my page and I get a lead generation post and Arsenal caked right on in I got alt likely she started coming to my email and so like I that's why I posted I said it still works after all these years all my email bundles kicked right on man he was emailing me how to get started and surprise me what didn't surprise me but you know everybody's like how do I get started and I was like oh my email photo kicked in like everything that it still it still works it's the works that's awesome that's awesome so so I know a lot of times agents are like they see someone that's successful just like you and they're like all right Ashley what does your ad look like what like how are you actually having success how are you actually generating leads and so I just wanted to kind of pick your brain and talk to you about that and I know you've done some cool stuff because like one thing for everyone watching one thing there's a she's done that I've absolutely loved if she's taken like the core templates of the ads that a lot of people have seen and stuff but she knows her mark like I don't know Memphis like she knows Memphis right so she knows that there are a lot of renters in her area and so she kind of tweaked her ABS a little bit to speak more to the renters and saying like hey look you're probably paying more in rent than you could if you like just bought a home and so I mean I remember that having that conversation a few years ago and that that's kind of like the one of the ways that you tweaked and target your ads so anyway talk a little bit more about your ad creation how you like come up with these ideas and you know get results like that so yes so I do to see if you can clearly telling them video how country I can but yes so Memphis is like I think about 49% renters we are a huge rental market investors love Memphis so I recognize this so in my ads a lot of times when the answer is running right now is I had like one of my friends who is happens to be like a single mom with two kids she's been renting for like seven years and she closed on her house so I have a picture like a boomerang of her holding sold signing her two kids are standing there in their new kitchen and I ran that adds an ad and of course I gave some details on her like single mom two kids renting seven years paying $1,100 a month bought her first house today you can do it too you know it's those ads that people can relate to and there later seven years you know I have that could be me you know so I have to keep it creative I know people love videos they hate just paragraphs on paragraphs you know they love videos they let me see somebody who looks like them maybe in their same situation and I cracked my eggs to that or here we have some loan programs to give you downpayment assistance so I'll post a picture one of my clients on the sole time and say she moved into our house with zero down you know worth it FedEx overnight you know it's kind of you have to know you're the market right so I know my market I know what people like and I could see when I post regularly if I get a lot of likes or a lot of comments or letting the shares I'm like okay this is what people like this is where I'm getting a lot of attention and attraction and then I'll just make it into an ad and that has worked for me totally has worked for me that's awesome yeah one thing I like is you're talking about knowing your market and that's I feel like there's kind of two fold of that it's knowing the people like the demographic like who are those equally renters then also you mentioned like knowing that like there's downpayment assistance that like is like every market is going to be a little bit different so what Pro they have to help the people so it's like knowing your market of the people know your market of the programs and then one thing that I love that you've done which a lot of people don't necessarily do is you took a little bit of extra time like yeah it takes it like a couple extra minutes to make a boomerang takes a couple minutes extra to go through and write out the story of like you know renting for seven years it takes a little bit more brainpower which not everyone wants to go through and do but obviously it's really paid off for you yeah it totally it definitely works people like a story people like people use people who they trust like I've learned that you know I'm not always like sale sale sale buy from me pick me pick me you know it you have to have that trust um I post consistently you know and I just it's just part of my marketing plan and you know like I use a variety of things like I don't only use Facebook ads I don't you know I use a variety of things to grow my business and it just takes time and consistency and effort for sure you got to put in some kind of effort you know just throwing up an ad and hoping somebody bites it's you got to put some time and effort into it and do it consistently oh yeah and like you said I mean I feel like there's a compounding effect like obviously it's great to start somewhere so it's great to get some Facebook Ads going but obviously if you're doing other things like even if you're marketing on Google or at doing SEO stuff or billboards or you're on buses like all that stuff's are compounding the fact where you're just super branding yourself which the great thing about Facebook is either you start with no money you're brand new solo agent you could throw a few bucks a day and get that exposure and like you're saying make a post on your Facebook page and test the engagement see if there's an even one even interacting before you even put money behind it which is kind of dangling that's what I do if people are always like actually I see you ever where I'm like I know they're like you're on Facebook I get something in the mail from you you know you're like that's that's the way and like I need you to see me everywhere yeah so yeah definitely tested see what kind of nation when you get before you put some money behind it for sure totally so do you have like an example of a Facebook ad that you can show everyone watching because I know we talked about the ads and sometimes on these interviews we talked about and it all gets them down in the comments can you just show us the ads oh let's check it out visual people if I can do this you know guys Jason is like you got it can you see my screen I can see your screen okay so Jason you to pay for your channel yeah you're the one who taught me how to like target and do all all the things you're the one behind that which Ashley is gonna be starting her YouTube channel here and so if you guys want to check out her YouTube channel out a link down in the description so here's one okay so I run multiple ads so here's one of me like at a property that I have for sale and I'm just talking about the property walking through it great way to start your portfolio then you can see you see like how many people it's reached how many plays it got like that that's an example of one it just depends on who I'm marketing to I have let's see the one that everybody loves is let's see if this works here it is here's one so like I said him a good friend of mine Horsham made a sign because her daughter's new house actually ran a video and it showed her daughter walking into the house and her reaction when getting her first home in that video I've got a time abuse like I had my phone was blowing up just showing a little reaction to our first house a new room but here's one and so you can see like you can see online I'm showing you I'm being transparent right here no this is awesome this is great stuff so you know well done girl woman powers so yeah just and it's just a quick boomerang you know and there's what I've said so this right here you are running because this one's not linking out to any really landing page or anything like that so this one you were saying you're running it as just a post for engagements right to get likes and comments on that post right right it's keep me top of mind like my direct messages are overflowing at the moment right now of just people who have seen this hey Ashley you know help me to you know even though they go here they still click on my page and send me a message tone oh so totally engaging I think let's see if I have any more they always people reacted to your video I don't know if it's the same video oh so I always run videos of me talking about the home buying process okay go ahead Jason oh no I would just say I was just saying okay that's great like so you're and this is another key thing that I think that a lot of people where they fail is they're always just going for the the kill they're always just going for a give me your contact information and give me this give me that where it's like I love videos like this and honestly this is why I started my youtube channel because most of my videos it's not really like I'm not saying buy this buy that opt-in here it's like it's just literally just pure value or at least that's my goal with it where it's like right here for your target market it looks like you're just giving value you're not really trying to go through and get them to opt-in or saying like hey message me to buy this or buy that or whatever exactly like I said you gotta built that trust before people use you so I was just waiting on my clients to pull up I was it the closing office we were about to close on a house and I was in the car and I just like hmm let me and it was a smooth process a really smooth transaction close in like three weeks and the people were super organized so I pumped on the video sitting in the parking lot and said hey the best way to go about is to get organized you know don't rush and all your paperwork together just offering a tip on how to make this process as smooth as possible and then you can see like the engagement how many people have reached you know so I'm just I run multiple ads if they don't get any engagement I'll stop my test you know I test my hands to see what works and this helps people come to spring-trap into my page they end up liking my page they'll go to my website they'll ask me questions so now I look like the expert in my market you know so they'll come to me when they have questions and in return they end up buying from me or if they know somebody looking for a house they'll say Ashley you seen Ashley in the video so that means not me saying pick me pick me but it's kind of like saying pick me without saying it you know because I mean she's offering the volume yeah so that's the best advice I'm probably give all my new agents have a lot of new agents you know you have just got to make yourself give out value you need to be the expert in the field especially new agents who don't have any clients like you don't have it kind of vouch for you or refer you know so you start offering value start offering knowledge to make people trust to you know so that's what I do that's what I do so once me let's say that I'm an agent and I'm watching this video right now and I'm like oh man well Ashley super good on camera she looks great on camera yeah but I'm like too shy like I don't want to get on video I don't want to do like what would would be some advice or tips of somebody's like maybe doesn't want to be in the limelight doesn't want to be on camera there's a little bit shy to be on video I know I get that all the time I don't want to know what I'm actually I don't like the camera and I get it like I used to number wanna go live I totally get that the main thing I'll say is you know really like just do it just get out there and the more you do it the better it gets like let me say that and so for YouTube a lot of times I think YouTube might be better because you don't really have anybody watching you you just talk to the camera you don't have to worry about you know people watching you basically at that moment because I'm go live like all the time so I can see when people like come into the live and I'm like oh no it's like two people now it's 20 people in here you know so that can be like going live I need it that's scary so maybe start with video or maybe do like a short video or talk about something that you know really will so maybe you know if you to house maybe at an open house just walk through the house or just practice like I shoot videos like five and ten times until I get the one so I'm taking a selfie like ten Sobeys before I get there right so you know practice and it's like like honestly and Jason this is me being transparent like yeah lot of times I don't want to do videos or I'm a little scared to post something but I just remember my why like I have a daughter who is six like and if I don't work she won't eat so it's kind okay actually it over remember you're why most people who are doing videos are nervous like you are yeah but just just get outside your comfort zone that's where the magic happens no I'm totally with you cuz like I most people don't really know this cuz like you know have a youtube channel and I do videos all the time now but like I'm super introverted and I remember a couple years ago I was like scared to death to shoot the videos but I was like well there's no one following me anyway so might as well reshoot the video so you go back my videos are super crafty towards the beginning and even talking like you're talking about doing lives like when I do lies I'll do lies inside of our groups and like even just like people that know like as soon as I see that number tick up like there's one person on two people on three people on I like I can't look at that number because like just gets in my head so like I mean that I i 100% agree with you you just got it you got to do it you got a practice and even still like as you go through and do it more and more like even after you've done it for a while there's still like you still get that little like yeah nervousness in your head like self-conscious or whatever and so you just got to do it just do it like it's just one of those things just I don't know you just have to do it now I'm with you like as soon it's it's like live my little red button start my okay I just have to turn it on and now people are like Ashley why are you not nervous or how are you not nervous I'm like I'm still nervous I just do it nervous like I still do it nervous oh man so what else what else do you want to share what other feedback or yeah some tricks that you want to share it look so you know it's legit I want to make sure you hear Jason dump Amy videos but this is like what my email looks like when I posted in Facebook and said hey you know it still works my funnel still works so these aren't my emails that have come through on the lead generation and it's just I don't make my lead generation capture too long I just really ask for their email first name and phone number yeah because I think if it's that too many it's not do it mostly you know so in after they do this they go into my funnel and I think I have about five or six emails that they get maybe every day or maybe every other day that just tells them how to get started with buying a house how they can reach me offering some advice or some tips sharing loan programs even if I have a house that maybe just hit the market I'll put that in the funnel so hey check out this house it's coming soon and it hits all my clients you know a lot of times they might not be interested in the house but they'll say I don't really want that area but I am interested in this area can you send me some houses in this area I'm like yes of course I can you know just to get that engagement that dialogue that communication going so it works but that takes time like I had to sit down and think about my email funnels the order I put them in what I wanted them to say yeah you know so it take it does take time but it was easy you just but you just do it you know the thing the thing we're like I like whenever I'm working on a project or something like that and you know putting together an email funnel or anything like this yeah like I I get more motivated if I know it can be leveraged out so what I mean by that like if I had a go spend four hours write an email follow-up and it's just looking for one person it's a little bit but if it's like hey this is good like every single person the next hundred or thousands or tens of thousands of people that come through this funnel are gonna see the same thing it's like man that for hours super leveraged exactly exactly I like because honestly I think the most agents are like this thing if I can have you almost converted by the time I directly talk to you the better like if I've already kind of weeded you out like okay you're thinking about fine thing about buying a year from now okay we really don't have to you know have a sit-down face-to-face conversation because you're not trying to bang for another year or two totally oh it kind of helps me weed out and filter who's ready right now okay your lease is up at the end of the month okay yeah we need to get a face-to-face sit-down gameplan those house hunting you know so it does some of the extra legwork for you if you get if you take the time and instead your buns up we're sure well any any last tips or advice that you want to share with anyone that before we wrap up here um just it takes time it's not overnight I know a lot of people new agents get in the business seeing other agents thinking you know they're gonna be rich overnight and it happens overnight it doesn't even though a lot of times I only posted good a lot of people think that's all it is no I still have deals perla part I still have you know I missed some clients but it takes time you got to be consistent you got to be disciplined I am a hundred percent full time agent um and I'm a mom and I still have to be disciplined like I work at a nine-to-five like it's just it is what it is so um no stay consistent I hope every I'm here if you have any questions subscribe to my youtube channel that's right go check out her you teach and you've got a couple of digital courses right they kind of break down exactly what you do and what you do on social media to tell us a little bit more about that yes so I'm came out with to ebooks basically one of them is for new agents because I know when you get started maybe you don't have a huge budget or you don't know where to market to so I made like a my top ten budget-friendly marketing ideas so you can grab it there I made that super easy it's not open houses not co crawling it's not door knocking for the record I never door not like that was just not something I like to do so I can find things that work for me in my personality so I'll put them all in the e-book you can grab it creative ways and I made a workbook for agents who hate to post on social media that's what I always did I don't know what supposed I don't know how to post so I made a workbook I even put like a Content calendar in there so it tells you what to post for 30 days awesome oh yeah just go grab it give me your feedback tell me if you like it you know I know there's a need so when there's a need I still try to help where I can as a campy hard or discouraging get into the business and not knowing anybody or what to do so you know yeah so Ashley Pickens calm and I'll add all the URLs down below this video so if you guys want to check that out Channel she's just getting started so make sure you subscribe so you can check out all the latest of somebody that is actually putting this into action like we were saying three years ago she was a solo agent now she had she's a broker you have 23 agents right 23 on your team 23 agents a lot of them are super node just to the test so everything I got teach them I try to share it with other people so kind of get leads how to market how to time manage so you know yeah that's what I'm doing now 23 agents and we are growing we just got a new office so we're growing yes I love it well actually thank you so much for taking some time and sharing with us and being super transparent showing us the ads and like telling us exactly what you're doing and same thing guys like go check out her channel because she's just as transparent over there she's gonna keep making video showing you guys exactly what she's doing so if you want to see what success looks like in real estate go check out her channel see what she's doing see how you can model what she's doing and implement into your business and really be able to grow your business in next three years maybe you could be a broker with 23 agents on your team I know god is good let me just say that so yeah and I'm here if anybody wants to reach out ask me any questions I'm always available clearly you all everybody already knows that because you're a much okay awesome well actually thank you so much again for joining us and appreciate you spending the time of course of course against Arsenal it still works after all these years it still works