The Most Important Marketing Question You’ll Ever Ask

This is my favorite tip
that you’ve ever given. Okay. So I’ll let you introduce it, go on. Okay, the one simple question to ask, really this is the only question
you need to ask yourself at any point of any time in your business is what happens next? So like your customers whether they’re consciously or subconsciously doing this, anyway they’re always
looking for you to lead them. Dan Kennedy once said that
people were wandering around with a umbilical cord in their hand, looking for somewhere
to plug it into, okay? They’re looking to be led. So if you can answer the
question, “What happens next?” In every step of your marketing at every step in your business, you cannot fail. So basically say for
example, you’ve got like, an ad on Facebook, you’ve got a question, “What happens next?” “Oh well, they’re gonna click the button that sends them to my web page.” “Cool okay, what happens next?” “Okay, they land in my website
and they look at the copy and they ready to start reading the copy.” “Okay what next, what happens next?” “Oh, I want them to watch the video okay?” “What happens once they get
to the end of the video?” “Oh, well, I want them to click
the button below the video,” so you need to tell them in
the video to click that button, so on and so forth. And you keep on going, following that through all the way, and even to the point of it never ends. Once somebody’s bought your
product, what happens next? What email are you gonna send? What’s the next thing that
you’re going to sell them? And it’s like you’re always, constantly asking that
question, “What happens next?” You cannot fail, and it’s a great way of just clogging the holes in your bucket, ’cause otherwise, if you
don’t ask the question “What happens next,” you’ll
feed all of this traffic into your bucket and it’ll just flow straight out the bottom. And like you’ll not really capture, you know, maximize what you’re trying to
do with your business. So yeah, ask that question all the time, “What happens next?”

The Principal’s Office: #TurntUp – Episode 202

♪ [theme song] It’s the Principal’s Office and
we’re talking about episode 202. This is Matt Huether.
He’s one of the executive producers, one of the head writers.
I’m really curious about how they’re going to react to our
racism storyline this season. Reiya did a lovely performance of a girl
who’s never had to think about it before. I’m really curious to see how
Frankie comes out of this as far as the fandom is concerned. -Yeah, I mean she goes on a long journey
and I hope she does some self-examination and uh…
-But I won’t be surprised if we get some people that are just like,
‘I don’t think she did anything wrong.’ -Well, yeah, and that’s interesting too,
and I think that will be one of those moments where the conversation bubbles up,
where those people get online and they say, ‘I don’t think what she did was that bad’
and other people take them to school about how it was and I think, you know,
there’s two parts of her act as well, there’s the mistake she makes
and there’s her response to it, which is as bad or worse. A lot of times, microaggressions or
full-blown racism kinda skates by because of privilege and white privilege
and I think that what this season does is recognizes that Degrassi has that
and how they can talk about it I think what’s great about our cast
is that they’re all young and they’re smart and their generation, more than our
generation, knows how to have these conversations so you open up
the dialogue and they can help educate us. -Kudos to Sara, like, she’s playing a
character that is fairly well loved and has had to take on something that
will make her not as likable. -Yeah.
-But she’s doing it in a way that feels like she doesn’t truly
understand and she truly feels like she’s not a racist, so she’s not –
it’s not coming from an evil place, it’s coming with a fair amount of
strange compassion that she’s just getting all messed up with. Hunter, stop! [patients murmur] [keycard lock beeps] [Stefan]: Spencer’s pretty awesome, huh? [Matt]: Yeah, Spencer’s great in that episode.
You know, it’s fun when you have an actor who is improving and improving
and then you give them the big plot with the heavy scenes and they
just rise to the occasion. [Stefan]: I mean, it’s a very fine line with
the character of Hunter about us not hating him based on
what he did last year. There was a lot of people who
just wanted to see him go. -Yeah, and I think that’s the process of
episode 202, is that he has mental illness, we wanna see him accept that
and go through the treatment and hopefully come out the other side
a more aware, better person and I – you know, I think that’s what happens
partially in that episode but, yeah, I mean, I hope there is still debate
online about his actions. [Love Connection by Julian Taylor Band plays]
[restaurant chatter] [chewing sounds] [fork clatters] [muffled] Mmm.
Damn, that was good. If you ever cheat on me,
you’re bringing me here. [Stefan]: I watch Amanda and that was
one of the first times I realised like – I mean, we knew she was funny,
but she suddenly showed crazy comedy chops in that scene. -Yeah, and Courtney wrote that episode,
Courtney Walker, and she’s been around for a couple of seasons and she wrote
some of the very early Lola comedy, so a lot of the Lola comedy voice
flows through Courtney, -Right.
-and when she wrote that scene it was a perfect marriage of, like,
Courtney knows where Amanda’s comedy is going to come from,
-Right. -and Amanda just nails that. -Matt, will you do the cute button? -What do we –
what do I do? Cute button! ♪ [synthy end card music]