Drip Market To Motivated Sellers For 2.5 Cents – Video 3

I’m going to show you how to drip market
to your seller leads and your buyer leads for 2.5¢ per message. Instead of having to
send out a postcard that costs you a dollar to send out, you can send out a text or a
voice blast that costs you 2.5¢ and you can also put them into a drip system that sends
them a sequence of messages over a period of time.
The Automarketer is actually set up with sequences already in place. We’ve got a three-month
sequence for For Sale By Owners to help them, to make offers to them so that they will contact
us and allow us to buy their property on terms. And when we buy properties, by the way, we
buy them with no money down and in fact we’re not just able to buy these property without
using our money. When we close, we get money. So we set these structures up so that we get
money. And all this is taught inside the Automarketer.
You can also look at my blog and my other videos. I talk a lot about the For Rent Method.
I talk about the other Zero Down Structures. The whole hierarchy of zero down structures:
Subject To, Multi-mortgage, Land Contract, Contract for Deed, Assignable Cash Deal and
Lease Options. If you’ll understand how these zero down structures work, you can make
an offer on For Sale By Owners. You can make an offer on expired listings, you can make
an offer on absentee owners or any other type of seller lead that you come in contact with.
The Automarketer is actually set up so that you can create your own campaigns if you want
to, or you can use the preexisting templates that we use, that we have tested and tried
over the years that work very effectively. Let me how you how the drip campaigns work.
Let’s take a look. I’m logged into the Automarketer now, and
if you’ll remember from the last video I showed you the Automarketer, Zillow Automarketer,
and showed you how the campaigns work, how they scrape leads and how they put them into
the system and how they send them out with a campaign. In this video, I’m going to
show you how to use the follow up campaign that will, how we actually set up the follow
up campaign. So the system scrapes the lead, it then puts them into a campaign and these
campaigns will actually send out a series of messages. And they can be voice messages,
voice blasts. They can be text messages or they can be emails.
And the emails can only go out to opt-in leads. We don’t have a way to scrape leads from
craigslist or Zillow with emails. But we do have their phone numbers. So, what I’m going
to do is go into the Automarketer campaigns, because we’ve got different campaigns that
do different things. But I’m going to show you the Automarketer campaigns that are set
up. And let’s look specifically at the three-month
campaign because that’s the one that I was showing you yesterday and that’s the one
that we use the most. So, I’m going to go here and I’m going to actually – and you
can see here I’ve got 655 people that are currently in the Automarketer, and 1,700 of
them are in the system right now. So I’m going to look at the details of this particular
campaign. You can create your own campaign. You don’t
have to use this one and there’s a lot of different ways that you can create these campaigns.
And I want you to know right up front you don’t have to do this at all. This is already
set up for you. You don’t have to know this stuff, you don’t have to understand how
it works. You don’t have to do any of this stuff. I just want you to see what the capability
of the system is because it can do a lot more than you’ll probably ever need it to do.
And we set it up so not just, so that you couldn’t just send out the kind of campaign
we think you should send out, but you can send out a campaign that you want to send
out. Or, you could modify one of the campaigns
that we create. And we’ve got it set up here so you can actually clone our campaigns
and then you can go in and modify a campaign so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch,
or you can start from scratch. So, let’s take a look at what this means and how this
thing works. This is a campaign. You can see that there’s
14 total events. In this particular campaign it’s all text messages. But it could be
a text message, it could be a voice message where it leaves a message on their voice recorder,
on their phone. Or it can send them an email. It can also set up a task system so that we
can say here’s a task that needs to be done and have that message go out to one of your
team members and remind them that hey, you need to do this today, or you need to do that
today. And you can create templates of tasks. I’m going to show you how to do that in
a later video. It’s a very cool thing that will make it possible for you to completely
automate and systematize your business. It’s absolutely an amazing addition to this Automarketer.
But this is a text blast campaign that is designed for the Automarketer, for the scrape
ads, the FSBO scraped ads, of the For Rent ads that are coming in from the Automarketer.
And you’ll see here I’ve given it a title. We gave it a category so this in the Automarketer.
And I could set it up so that if, when this campaign ends I could have it start another
campaign. I’m not going to do that on here. I’ve got it set up as active. I’ve also
got it set up so that the email events, the mail events, oh, yeah – it also sends out
snail mail which I’m going to show you in a later video.
This will send out postcards, self mailers, letters – We Will Buy type campaigns that
all you have to do is click a button and it’ll send those things out. But I’ve got that
turned off. You can put them in a campaign so that you could do a series of postcards
that go out over time. It sends out text messages, I’ve got that turned on. And voice blasts,
I’ve got that turned off in this particular campaign. You can see I’ve got 2,400 people
that are active in this campaign right now. Now, as I scroll down the page, this shows
you the events that are going out. Again, it’s got 14 events. That means 14 texts
that are going to go out over a three-month period. Because I set this up as a three-month
campaign. And I can create new events on this and I can put as many in here as I want. If
I wanted to add voice blasts into this campaign I could. If I wanted to add snail mail into
it I could. I could add, you know, email into it as well and create these new events if
I choose to. But I just want to show you how these events, what these events look like.
So, on day one the first thing that gets sent out is a text that says, “I saw your home
advertised and I was wondering if you’d consider selling it” and this would go out
immediately. If I wanted to change this to go out over a period of time I could change
it to this and then I could change the days, hours, weeks months – how often it needs
to go out. But I’m gong to have it go out immediately. So as this campaign is attached
to a lead that is scraped it’s going to send out this text blast. “I saw the home
you had advertised . . .” If I wanted to modify this message, I could.
All I have to do is click on this little button here and it’ll open up this in a window
and it’ll allow me to change the text message that is going out. The second message that
goes out is on day four, and these are days that I decided. You can change them if you
want. I think this makes a lot of sense and you probably want to use the system that I
set up at least until you understand what you’re doing and are able to get going on
it. And it’s going to send out a different message on day four, with a URL this time,
that goes to one of the clone sites. This goes to the Rent To Buy seller site.
On day eight it sends out another. And again, I can modify these, change them, I can add
things to them and make that work. And down below, if I scroll down below, you can see
the activity log of this campaign. So, you can see all the ones that have been sent out
since you know, since I’ve been running it. About 40,000 text messages have been sent
out through this particular account to these particular campaigns that I’ve run in the
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My Business Allows Me To Help People And Communities In Need

My name is Malikah Woody and I’m originally
from Columbus, Ohio, but I now live in Tallahassee, Florida. I had been involved in real estate for some
time, just as a person who was a property owner who didn’t live on the property and
wanting to rent it out. But then over time became more and more interested
in the concept of making money that way, making passive income. And so over the years I would go out onto
the internet and search for information about how to acquire more properties and build more
passive income that way. By doing that, eventually I came across Joe
Crump’s website and I just really, I really liked the way that he spoke, the information
that he shared. He seemed really trustworthy, genuine, honest
with the information that he presented. And so I just looked further into his information
program. In order to make my first deal it really took
only a couple days. I started by using the Automarketer and calling
people who had responded to what was sent out. I ended up speaking with a person whose sister
owned the property, but the sister was not capable of being involved in its management
or care. So, I just talked with her, the person who
didn’t own the property, and her husband and tried to help them figure out what I could
do to assist them with what to do with the owner’s home. The home was in severe disrepair, the yard
was overgrown, they did not live in the same city and they were all up in age. So it was a burden for them to try and figure
what to do hours away with a property. And so I really just researched things that
Joe had suggested, different options, and found something that worked for them and was
able to kind of help solve their issue and help take that off their hands through finding
a buyer for them, getting it at a really reduced rate and getting it over to a buyer that way. What I consider to be the best deal so far,
actually it’s probably the one I just described to you. It was my first, but it was also the one I
feel most, I have the most sentimental attachment to. I made a smaller profit on that one, but I
felt like I made the biggest impact for everybody involved. So, on that deal I made $5,000, which is about
average still. In the coming year I plan on really ramping
up my business and I think that I’ll be able to hit six figures with real estate investing
in this way. Also, my person goals moving forward as a
real estate investor outside of my own financial security and stability, I really want to use
these methods to help other people and other communities. Really, that’s the best part of it for me. I would like to help regenerate communities
that are falling into disrepair, help people be able to learn how to take better care of
their finances, but also grow and establish legacies for their families. So, that’s really my long term goal. In terms of personally, I plan on leaving
my full time employment and being able to spend more time with family as well as travel. I know people who live in lots of different
countries around the world and I’m getting older and getting close to retirement age. And so I want to start moving into that phase
of my life where I can spend time traveling and volunteering. So, the impact that real estate investing
has had on my life, it has been freeing. It has allowed me to not have fear of financial
instability or fear of markets. It has allowed me to be independent. I used to be a stay-at-home mom. And having financial independence, even though
that wasn’t something I really sought, it is nice to have that and to know that I can
do things on my own and be really well financially off. Financially well off. It’s not currently being automated. I’ve used the Automarketer in the past. I have not used it the last probably two years. I see myself doing that, automating, again
though in the future. So, the event this weekend. I really hope to get some new information. I also hope to meet people. I’ve already been networking with other
attendees which is really easy to do here because everyone is so kind and down to earth
and easy to talk to. And we’re all here for similar reasons. But gaining knowledge, information and inspiration
from the other event attendees is the best take away for me. I would say jump in and do it. Don’t wait, don’t over analyze. Don’t allow yourself to not take action
out of fear. Go ahead, pick up the phone. Go ahead, figure out what you’re going to
say and say it. But also listen to your potential clients. Listen to your sellers, because they will
tell you even without you asking, they will tell you what areas they need helps with and
that allows you to then propose solutions. This is a family affair for me. I brought my little brother here today. I am significantly older than he is. I’m eighteen years older than he is. So, we did not really grow up together as
siblings in a traditional way. But he’s all grown up now, and graduated
form college and entering the work force and things like that. It is so exciting to me, the idea of being
able to share this opportunity with him. And we’re sitting at a table with a father
and daughter. The young lady’s in her early twenties. So I’m really excited to see other people
making this opportunity a family affair and recognizing how extraordinary it is to change
not only our lives but the generations that come after us.

Example Deals: 100% Owner Financed Real Estate Investing Deal Analyzed – Does It Make Sense In FL?

Joe: Hey, it’s Joe. I’ve got another deal
to analyze here. This is another email that I received. This one came from C.R. Harpe
in Florida. Thanks, C.R. C.R.: “I have a deal that has some good features
to it but I’m broke and have bad credit. I need this deal to get some cash flow coming
in and start replacing my income and allow my wife to be home with the kids. I’ve located
a grouping of duplexes that the seller is willing to sell with 100% owner financing
for $109,000 for each building. They’re rented and in good shape. I contacted a local realtor
that I found on Craig’s List and she drove by and said that they looked good and that
his rents are normal. If I can get my own financing, he’ll give me a 20% discount for
not having to carry the note. I cannot go to traditional lenders because my FICO is
596.” Joe: And these days if you want to get an
investment loan you’re going to need a 720 and you’re going to need to show income to
support those properties even without their rent. It’s very difficult to get an investment
loan these days. C.R.: “I found a private lender but most won’t
touch anything under $1,000,000. The only one that I found that will handle smaller
acquisitions will do 65% loan to value on the appraisals or purchase price, whichever
is lower.” Joe: This is hard money he’s talking about
here and I would stay away from hard money, unless you know for sure that you’ve got a
buyer and you’re going to be able to get out of that deal quickly. Hard money — I can’t
say it’s never profitable — I’ve used it and I’ve made a profit from it, but it eats
into your profits so much and there’s so many other ways to finance a deal than using hard
money. This is one thing that I guess I should reiterate — you don’t need cash to buy properties
if you find the right properties and go after the right types of deals. What so many of
you are doing are looking at properties that are not going to be available that way. This
one looks like it might be possible to do it on terms without cash or hard money because
the guy said he would finance it 100%. So let me finish the letter here.
C.R.: “The county has the building assessed at $121,000. For the three that I would like
to buy, the total comes to $363,000, so I would need to get $265,000 to the seller.
That’s not quite the 65% loan purchase price.” Joe: He’s talking about the 65% loan to value
that he could use for hard money — don’t do it that way. First of all, if you try to
show that you’re paying a certain price for a property, and if you’re trying to show that
you’re paying more for it than you are, and then getting the down payment funneled back
to you through the seller, that’s loan fraud. You’ll get yourself in trouble; you’ll get
yourself put in jail — so don’t do that kind of thing. Make sure that the lender understands
exactly what you’re doing and that all of it is revealed. We’ve done some very creative
stuff in the past where we have been able to do rebates and things like that, and all
of that’s legitimate as long as the lender’s aware of it and accepts it. I’m not just talking
about the loan broker being aware of it but also that it’s in the loan documents and that
it’s obvious that that’s what’s happening. Because the broker and the actual lender are
two different entities, and a lot of times a loan broker will just tell you, ‘Well, just
do this this way and that way and the lender will accept it.’ When in fact, what he’s saying
is that that way the lender won’t know about it and he’ll get his fee and you’ll get the
deal done, but you will have committed loan fraud. That’s happening less these days simply
because investment loans are fewer and farer between than they have ever been.
C.R.: “How can I structure this to get no out of pocket costs and still pick up the
property? He has 17 of these to sell total. He wants to do 6 at a time and here are the
details. Don’t share the address or the city as it’s so small that others can find it easily.”
Joe: The thing you have to know that he didn’t give me the information for is how much they
rent for. And he doesn’t need to know just the amount that they rented for. He also needs
to know what the history of the rent is. So you want to look at the Schedule E of the
owner of this property. Ask him to just send over the Schedule E of that property so that
you can see what he reported to the IRS. Typically he’s not going to report more than what he
made. So if you can see the Schedule E you can tell that he made x amount of dollars
over the last year. If you average that out then you can figure how much you can expect
to make with this with this particular manager in place. Can you keep that manager in place?
Is that manager a good manager? Can you talk to that manager and find out a little bit
about the properties from him? What kind of condition is the property in? How long have
the tenants been in there? How often do they turnover? All of these things are going to
be important if you’re going to buy these properties as investment properties. If you
are, and he’s willing to do 100% financing, can you do them using the hierarchy of zero
down structures that I taught you in one of the earlier videos?
Joe: In this case, we’re talking about doing a subject-to deal. Now does he have a loan
on these properties? We don’t know if he has a loan on these properties; we need to find
that out. If you’re paying $363,000 for these properties, how much in loans does he have?
If he has a total of $200,000 in loans on them and he wants the rest of his equity to
get the $363,000, and if he wants the full assessed value and you’re willing to give
that to him, and the numbers make sense because it has enough income to cover the payment
on that — let’s say he owes $200,000 on regular notes and he wants to get to another $163,000
in notes — you could do a multi-mortgage on this, and have him deed you the property.
You could make payments on the existing loan for that $200,000 and then you could make
a payment on another loan that equals $163,000 for these three properties to him personally
to where he has a mortgage on all three properties so that if you default he can take all three
properties back from you and protect his equity. Joe: There’s lots of ways to do this. The
next way down is you can do it on a land contract from him. He could just say, ‘Okay, 363. Do
a balloon payment after 5 years, x amount interest rate.’ Let’s say your payments on
that thing are $3,000 a month and the income on it is $3,600 a month and the payment covers
taxes and insurance and you’ve got to figure in your property management — do you still
have enough money to break even and make these deals work in the long term? And if you do,
and they’re good selling investment properties, do you keep them yourself at that point or
do you want to try to make another chunk of money and maybe sell them for $5,000 more
to an investor who gives you $5,000 for each duplex so that you make $15,000 on the deal
and then turn it around and sell it that way? You have to — because then you can show,
if the investor only has $5,000 on each of these deals and they break even and again,
remember what we talked about in depreciation on long term investment and how properties
go up in value and you can take deductions even if you’re breaking even, it’s going to
make sense if they pay off over a period of time.
Joe: What you want to try to go for when you’re making this offer to this guy is to get as
long a term on these loans as you can. I don’t think I’d do it for 5 years, I’d want to try
15, I’d prefer 30 years — I want to be able to pay these off over a long period of time
so that I know that they’re advertising. And if there’s enough money to make them pay off
sooner than that then obviously you want to pay them off sooner than that so that they
start cash flowing for you personally. I hope that helps.

How Do We Deal With Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate?

Hey, it’s Joe Crump. I’ve got another question here. This is from John Canada. He says, “How can we cope with AI in the
real estate business?” I’m not really worried about coping with
it, I’m excited about using it. Because AI is how we built the Automarketer. It’s a pretty smart system, and it goes
out there and finds the properties that you want. You have to put a little bit of input in there. It analyzes the responses that come in, let’s
you know whether they’re a yes or a no, it puts them into the appropriate follow up
system once they know that. It notifies you that somebody is interested
in the property so that you can call them and put the deal together. So that AI does a lot of the work for you. If I look at all the work that I had to do
before I had the Automarketer versus the amount of work that I have to do after it, 90% of
my work has disappeared. The other 10% still has to be done and I have
most of that done by outsource workers. So, I have somebody working for me as an admin
person, somebody working as a buyer finder, someone working as boots on the ground and
sometimes working as a seller finder as well. So, those different tasks, that’s about
10% of the work and then the other 90% of organizing and keeping track of all this stuff,
making sure everything goes out as it should, doing the marketing, which is the main purpose
of any business. If a business isn’t marketing it’s not
in business. So marketing is the main function of a business. Nothing happens in business, as Peter Drucker
said, until a sale is made. So, and marketing is what drives those sales. Everything else besides marketing and innovation
is an expense. So, marketing is the only real profit center
you have in your business and as long as you’re doing that, you’re in good shape. That’s why you want good AI, you want good
automation, you want a good system to do that work for you and that’ll keep you moving
forward. All right. Hope that answers the question.

Structuring Deals #1:”Subject To” Deals

Hey, it’s Joe Crump. In this series I’m going to do, I’m going
to explain the different zero down structures. There’s five of them that I’m going to focus
on that encompass just about every different type of structure that you can use. And there’s a hierarchy based on the type
of offer that you’re making, whether you’re buying or whether you’re selling. I’m going to try to explain some of those
things in these videos. The first five videos in this series are going
to be explaining each of those different structures. So you’ll probably want to listen to them
all eventually, one after the other. But right now we’re going to trickle them
out, you know, once a week or whatever, and you’re going to be able to listen to them
that way. After that, I’m going to do some example deals
and I’m going to show you here is a situation, here’s how much they want for the property,
here’s how much it’s worth, what kind of offer can you make on it that would work as a zero
down structure that would make you money. So that’s how I’m going to go through this
next series of about 15 videos or so. So let’s start, first of all, with subject
to. What is buying property subject to the existing
loan? Essentially, what you’re doing is asking the
seller who already has a property and has a mortgage on that property to transfer the
title to you. Transfer the deed to you. And so they sign over the deed to you, you
take over the property, and you start making payments on their existing loan. You’re not going to qualify for that loan,
you’re going to take over that loan payments. You’re also going to transfer the insurance
into your name and you’re going to start making the tax payments as well. So you’re going to be paying principal, interest,
taxes and insurance on that property. And you’re going to go out and find someone,
probably, to lease option that property. And they’re going to make payments to you. So you’ll, let’s say you have a property and
it’s got $150K mortgage on it and it’s worth $160K. You turn around and sell it for $165K,
$170K maybe. You get $5,000 as a down payment and you’re
going to get let’s say $1,200 a month for the income for it. But the payments on it are $1,000 so you put
$1,000 towards the payment, the PITI, plus you take $200 for yourself as cash flow for
that property. So that would be one scenario where you could
keep this property and pay it off over time, using the existing loan on it, getting, having
no money into it, making $5,000 pretty much when you close that deal because you’re not
going to close it until you find a lease option buyer to move in. So you’re making money immediately on it. But the way you’re taking control of that
property is having the title. This is the strongest way to buy a property,
having control of the title and not having your name on a loan. Now you don’t have to qualify for the loan,
you don’t have to have good credit, you don’t have to have any down payment and you have
full control over this property. The seller has no control over that property. You now have control over it. If you don’t make the payments on that property,
you trash their credit. So you’re obligation, your ethical obligation
is to make sure you make those payments. If you take that property, start collecting
rent on it, don’t make the payments, that’s considered fraud and they can put you in jail
for that. So don’t do that. It’s also not the right thing to do. I’ve seen people do it before. I’ve also seen a guy go to jail for it. So make sure that you do this properly and
you watch out for the people who you’re buying the properties from. If you get into a position ever where you
can’t make the payments, my promise to our sellers whenever I take a property from them
is that they won’t ever have to worry about this again. But, I tell them if I ever get into a situation
where I can’t sustain this property for whatever reason, I will give it back to them in as
at least as good a condition as I what I took it over at. And I won’t have, you’ll also get it back
without the payments being late. So even if it’s a few days before the next
payment is due, I’m going to do that. And if the next payment comes do, then I make
that payment so that they, so it’s never comes late on them. So you have to take responsibility. So by learning these things it gives you a
great power and with great power comes great responsibility. I feel like Spiderman’s dad, or grandpa. Anyway. So, use this stuff wisely. It is the best way to buy property and you
can build a whole portfolio. The likelihood that you could put together
ten of these $150K properties in one year, one a month even, is very high. That means that you just built $1.8 million
worth of property and it’s probably worth more than that. So, you can probably get close to $2 million
worth of property in a year doing it this way. I’ve had lots of students that have done it
that way. And a lot of these things you can get with
some equity in them. A lot of times you’re buying them without
any equity where you, like I said, you get $150K mortgage, and it’s got $10,000 of equity. Okay, $10,000 of equity isn’t real equity. You can’t turn around and sell it and pay
a realtor and get out of the deal. You’re going to have your expenses to sell
that are going to be higher than that. But if you keep the property, you’re going
to get some benefits from it. You’re going to, every month, you’re going
to get a buy down on that note, you know, ,maybe it’s a couple of hundred dollars down
on that note. You’re going to get tax depreciation which
is over 27.5 years on the tax basis of that property so it’s about 3.64% of the improvement
value of that property. So, on a property like that you’re probably
talking about, I don’t know, $4,000 or $5,000 a year and, which is you had, you’re in a
30% tax bracket, that means you’re making about $1,500 per year in you know, your tax
benefits. You’re also going to get appreciation on that
property. The properties typically go up over time so,
if it goes up just 1% in a year, it’s gone up another $1,500 in value. So you get the buy down on the note, you get
appreciation, you get depreciation and of course you get the rental income on the property
as well. And eventually, and you’re also going to get
the lease option fee. So anytime somebody buys it on a lease option,
they’re going to give you a down payment. So, let’s say they give you $5,000 and you
can get anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000 on a deal like this, on a lease option. Let’s say you get $5,000 so you get that cash. You probably want to put that in an escrow
account and hold that as a reserve because you’re probably going to get that property
back. The likelihood that they’re going to exercise
that option when they buy it is very low. Less than 30%. And if they do, then, and you sold it for
$165K, that means they still owe you $160K on it, you owe $150K, they give you $160K,
you get $10,000, you make a profit if they buy it. If they don’t, you get the other benefits
of owning that property as a rental property for as long as you own it. And you’ll pay it off eventually. If it’s 20 years left on the mortgage, in
20 years it’ll be paid off. If you’re making more cash flow on it and
as time goes by, you’re rents go up typically, and as your rents go up, you could start paying
more down on your principal and pay it off instead of 30 years you could pay it at 20
or instead of 20 years you could pay it off in 10. And you can get to that place where those
things are paid off a whole lot quicker. Or, you can just keep the cash flow for yourself
and use that to live on. Just make sure you keep a reserve on these
properties. I’ve seen too many people buy a bunch of subject
to properties and then they’d have vacancies and they wouldn’t be able to make their
payments because they spent all of the money that they got in lease options to live on. And that’s a mistake. So, don’t get into that situation because
you don’t want to default on these properties if there’s any way that you can avoid it. And you don’t want to have to give it back
to that seller later if you can avoid it. One thing, though, when you do have to give
it back, if that ever happens, it won’t damage your credit. It won’t cost you anything other than what
you promised them that you would do which is keep it current. So, that’s how you do a subject to. That’s the basic structure of this and all
it takes is them deeding you the property. Now, we have a whole package of documents
that we ask them to sign, you know, disclosures, and you know, giving us the right to have
control over the insurance policy, you know, those types of things that we have on every
subject to property that comes through. We also have the right to talk to a lender,
which we get in writing, we ask them to give us the password to their online account, their
bank account that shows the mortgage account so we have access to the mortgage. We can pay it online if we want to and do
it that way. One of the things I’ve talked about in previous
videos is the due on sale clause. A lot of people are concerned with subject
to because of the due on sale clause. Every lender has, or every mortgage has a
due on sale clause that says if you transfer that property they have the right to foreclose
on that property. There’s some ways around it by using a land
trust or doing things like that or hiding the fact that it got transferred from the
bank by not recording the deed, you know,. We’ve done those things as well, but I’ve,
we’ve done so many of these subject to’s, hundreds, and with my students, thousands,
and when I look at over all the years that we’ve done this for, I’ve never seen one bank
every foreclose using the due on sale clause as its reason. So, I wouldn’t worry too much about that happening. Of course I can’t give legal advice. I’m not an attorney, so, take my advice as
from my experience, not because I legally have the right to give you legal advice. I don’t. I don’t even play one on TV. So, anyway, hope that helps. That’s subject to. Next time when we come back, I will talk to
you about multi-mortgage as the second in the hierarchy. All right. Hope that helps.

My First Deal Earned Me $13,500

My name is Adam Campbell from Windber, Pennsylvania. I was doing some research on the internet
and couple other mentors online, looking through different scenarios. Joe seemed to share everything that he knew. He shared it very well and he portrayed himself
as a genuine person. The first deal I’m going to be making $275
cash flow a month and that ended up being a subject to deal. So, I’ll be, whenever that’s cashed out
I’ll be making no less than $13,500. So, it being my first deal, that one probably
took me in the neighborhood of thirty hours of work, I would say. I was all hands on deck when I started the
program and you know, didn’t limit myself to just the Automarketer. I would reach out to various you know, wherever
I could find houses for sale. So, I did, like, let go apps on the phone,
I did craigslist and basically a bunch of cold calling. So, that’s where I found my first deal,
on one of the cold calls. Went and saw the property because it was about
a forty-five minute drive for me. And so, yeah, I checked it out. There was an investor, another investor that
I learned that they were talking to at the time and they couldn’t get it, apparently
they were working with this investor for a couple months prior to meeting me and I explained
what – how we did it, and how I could help them sell their property. And they decided to give me a shot and within
the first day of marketing it, it was sold. So, yeah. For sure it was the first deal. It was originally going to be a lease option
deal and like I say, there was another party interested and I could sense that nervousness
with the sellers. So I went ahead instead of keeping it zero
down, I know that they, from conversations that I had the seller, they were willing to,
you know, they kind of gave me a figure because they wanted a boiler for their new house which
he said cost about nine thousand. So I just offered subject to existing mortgage,
plus the nine thousand. They called me an hour later and said let’s
do that deal. So, I was only going to make four thousand
dollars as a lease option. Now I’m making no less than $13,500 plus
the $275 a month. My goals moving forward are to acquire one
unit per month. So, having the tools in my tool belt that
Joe has taught me and you know, along the way he’s helped me, even, through emails
from, you know, within one day he’ll get back to me if I have a question. That’s what I like about being a mentor
– him being, mentoring me. He’s always at my disposal. Be it, it’s not just going after lease option
deals. It’s whatever I can help the seller get
out of their situation with. So, whatever structure best fits their needs,
now I can, I have a broader range of tools to use. So, the impact on my life that it has, it
definitely, it will help out financially. My goal is to eventually have this be the
primary source of income for me. I want to be a full time investor, eventually,
but you know, as of now I, like I said, I’d like to acquire one unit per month and eventually
build up to the point where it can exceed my expenses and become financially free. The most appealing aspect of doing this full
time is that it gives me the freedom, the freedom to do what I want, when I want. I can make the calls whenever I want, you
know, you know, I can spend more time with my family and just the freedom all around. I do plan to automate more. I started with the Automarketer when I began
this and that helps some, but still a lot of my time is spent talking with the buyers
and I realize the moneymaker is talking to sellers. So, I would like to definitely automate the
buyer side of it. The advice I would give to a real estate investor
starting out is just do it. Whatever you’re thinking about, just get
started. Doesn’t matter what it is, just do it. Additional information would be, you know,
it doesn’t have to be just the zero down structure. I still work with a real estate agent and
I still buy properties off the MLS. But this just helps add to that repertoire
of tools, like I said, to be able to help the seller one-on-one structure the best deal

No Money – How to Start a Cleaning Business When You’re Broke ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask
a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Okay, so today’s question comes from a student
whose just graduated from school and she’s hundreds and thousands of dollars in student debt. And she cannot find a job. So she’s decided to start a house cleaning
company. But because she’s so in debt she doesn’t have the money to dump into building a business. Or to buy a franchise. So, she wants to start her own cleaning company
on the cheap. How do you do that? Okay, so I actually wrote a book on that exact
topic for this reason. There are ten or fifteen people that ask me
that question every single day. Now, in a perfect world you would be able
to start a business with no money, and no research, and no experience, and all those things. Right? Yay! That would be perfect. But what kind of business would you end up
with? It would be like trying to cook a meal with
no ingredients, and no recipes, and no history of how to cook. You would make something, and it might turn
out, but probably won’t. And the same goes for your business. So, I wrote this book called How to Start
Your Own House Cleaning Company. And you can buy it as a book it’s actually
a paperback book with pages. And you can either buy it on Amazon or you
can download a free copy of it on Amazon as a Kindle copy. Okay, so in that book I’m going to teach you
how to set up your home office, how to go buy your cleaning supplies. What kind of uniform to create. How to choose a company name. How to choose a company logo. All of the things that you need to start your
business. So that’s a really good resource for you. Like I said you can download a free version
of it on Kindle. But what I really need to let you know is
this. No business is going to be 100% free. You’re going to have to make some investments. And you want to. Right? You don’t want to be the cheapest business
on the block because you have no advertising, and you have no branding. And you have no company image. Because then you’re not really a business
are you? You’re a hobbiest. Hobbies cost money and businesses make money. But in order for you to make money, you have
to invest a little bit. Now in the beginning, you have student debt
and you don’t have a lot of cash to dump into your business. You have time. Time is also a resource. It is a limited resource and most people will
argue with you that time is actually more valuable than cash. Because once that time is gone, you’re never
going to get it back. Right? One of the things you want to focus on, right
now as you’re starting your business. You’re going to invest back into your business,
not cash because you don’t have the cash. But you’re going to invest time. And so with that time, you’re going to spend
a little bit of time every single day building your business. So, until your business is full of clients
and you’re just working full time, right now the very early stages as you’re building your
business. This is the time when you want to get all
of your rules and regulations in place. You want to answer all of your frequently
asked questions that customers will ask you. These are things like do you work by the hour
or the job? Do you work on the weekends? Do you charge more if you work on the weekends? Do you work around pets or do I need to crate
my pet when you come? Do you water house plants? What are the rules and parameters by which
you work? You don’t want to show up at a customer’s
house and wing it. Right? You want to know what all of those questions
are. And I do have a list of 63 of the most popular
questions that customers ask when you get that very first phone call. And they say; “Hey, can you come over and
bid my house, or give me a free estimate?” So if you want that list of 63 questions,
the link will be in the show notes. That’s the easiest way to do it, the link
wil be in the show notes. And then, click that link and that will open
up a little thing that you add in your email and my machine will automatically send it
to you. I’m not there personally to send it to you,
there is an automated system set up to do that. Okay, so having said that, you want to figure
out all of the things that your business is going to need. Now one of those things that you need is number
one: How much money do you need? There are a lot of house cleaners that start
businesses and they just fly by the seat of their pants. They have no idea how their bills actually
cost month by month. Or they don’t know how much money they need
to bring in. So they settle with however many customers
they have. Before realizing, hey wait a second. I need five more customers to make my note
at the end of the month. And so along with knowing how much money you
need to make, then you can start breaking down your time into small segments. Saying well, I need three houses a day in
order to pay my bills. Two of these houses I’m going to live off
of. The third goes to paying my student debt. Right? So, what you do is you’ve got to figure out
how many houses you need in the course of a day and that will tell you how early you
need to start in the morning. And how late you need to work at night. So, that when a customer calls and says “Can
you come over at ten o’clock in the morning?” “I can’t. That’s right in the middle of one of my cleanings.” And so it’s going to prevent you from booking
appointments randomly to suit the customer, because you’re on a really tight time schedule. Remember, time is a limited resource, and
right now it’s your most valuable asset. So, once you figure out how much money you
need to make, and you figure out your scheduling there are a couple of other things you need
to figure out. Like, how much money are you going to spend
in cleaning supplies? Are you going to have professional uniforms? Or are you just going to buy some inexpensive
uniforms but make them consistent every day? Are you going to put logos on your company
car? And if you are, why? Are you going to be marketing all over town
because you’re going to hire a whole bunch of people? Or are you going to be marketing small in
the beginning? Because if you start out really small in the
beginning, as your business grows, and as you get more money coming in, that gives you
the money to expand. Now, sadly, I’ve got a buddy who just spent
$30,000 dollars. I’m not kidding. He did not buy a franchise, he started his
own business. But he spent $30,000 dollars setting up his
company with like wrapped cars and billboards, and signs, and all kinds of fancy things. But he skipped a whole bunch of steps in between. So now he has this amazing marketing plan
and no customers. And he’s not really in business. he just has this great big smoke and mirrors
show where people will say, send me your referrals. Show me the ratings and reviews. There aren’t any. Okay? There aren’t any. He hasn’t cleaned any houses. He just has a really expensive flamboyant
looking business from the outside but it’s a facade. So, if you start small, and this is where
I want you to start because you don’t have the resources to go out and be spending a
lot of money. Start small, and build your business. And as your business grows, as you have new
experiences as you have new money coming in, that’s going to allow you to still pay your
bills, to pay off your debts and to reinvest in your business. So, it’s a whole entire process. But my encouragement to you would be to block
out some time right now, and I say right now because you’re starting your business right
now. The habbits that you create right now are
the habits that will continue on and serve you for the remainder of your business life. I would suggest right now that you take an
hour or two hours a day to learn about business. Now I know that sounds like crazy, “I’m just
going to go clean houses.” No, you’re going to start an empire. And if you start an empire it doesn’t happen
on zero information. You just went to college, you just spent four
years or six years or eight years learning a specific trade. And so, it would be foolish to think that
you’re going to go in and build an empire with zero or no research behind you. You need to study about finances. You need to study about business. You need to learn about management. You need to learn about hiring employees. You need to know what motivates those employees. You need to learn about customer satisfaction. There is so much to learn about business then
once you start earning money, how do you do your marketing? How do you do your advertising? Do you know about search engine optimization? There’s a whole bunch of stuff that you can
learn in one or two hours a day if you really focus your time and energy. But that is business time. That is you spending time right now reinvesting
that in to your business. And I want you to do that. Because if there are house cleaners out there
and they are flying by the seat of their pants. And you are spending one or two hours a day
learning the business and implementing what you’ve learned. Suddenly you are going to be so far ahead
of all the other house cleaners that are in your market. That you will ace everybody. You will pass them and leave them in the dust. And you will be the one that builds the empire. So, it is entirely up to you. But right now you have the studying skills,
and you have the time. So create those slight progressive moves right
now in your business that will propel you into the future to a really successful company. That would be my suggestion right now for
starting out a business with no money. Okay, that’s my tip for today. And if you found this tip helpful, give us
a thumbs up. Let us know how you liked it. And until I meet you again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

UK Property Investment Channel £500M Of Real Estate Deals By Former BBC Dragon & Dragons Den Star

I've done very well of real estate news and my career and property both residential and commercial I have been involved in over half a billion pounds worth of transactions that has billion with a people that's right in excess of 500 million that's not as an agent or broker but as a state builder the purpose of this series is to allow me to share my expertise and my acumen to help you that's right you'd become a successful real estate investor or developer I've had an incredible journey as a real estate entrepreneur there have been highs and moves along the way and I'm ready to pass it all on to you and the base bet I'm not after anything in return I'm not sailing I'm not asking you to part with your money I just want you to watch and listen to what I'm saying run from it and ultimately start or grow your real estate business I do however have one request please hit the subscribe button and the bill icon on my youtube channel now we you will be informed whenever I upload a new video

NO MONEY DOWN REAL ESTATE – Tai Lopez Guest Jaelin White Live Lesson

welcome to today's live show we've got something important here what's going on Lamborghini key now we're not really gonna talk about Lamborghinis but I thought this was cool cuz how old are you Jalen 21 21 he's been buying and selling real estate properties and he's gonna explain his formula money's not everything but when I was 21 if I could add on Lamborghini it would have been cool but took me a little longer I didn't have all the you're lucky modern world got more tools he's gonna lay out his formula how he is buying real estate no money down if you notice I have no shoes on somebody noticed from my video team but they're like it's your house so you don't have to wear shoes I'm actually not gonna stay the whole time cuz he's got a whole presentation he's got for you it's gonna whiteboard this out talk about and literally you could take this information and run with it for free I met you what two years ago it was probably two and a half I remember I hit you up after I closed my first deal and I was like hey ty you know what 19 right it was 18 18 18 and I met he's married you got married oh at 19 yeah 19 and his wife is a big YouTube blogger she said she's doing a deal at Disneyland today that's why she didn't go so he's been doing what have you been doing a lot you showed me a check you made a hundred five thousand last month we did we did about a hundred and thirty and after like expenses about 105 so you netted one hundred and five thousand dollars last month now just to be clear this is gonna get rich quick scheme obviously Jalen is better than most people I'm not promising you that if you take his formula you're gonna go out and make $100,000 a month I just want to get that out of the way because sometimes people are like but I want to also say the flip side I'm more and more people are doing deals like this and are learning real estate this kid sent you a message a guy sent so I get all these testimonials I'll show you one this is a guy who sent me his check here's an actual check you can contact them on Instagram if you want where should I hold it up right there Haiden dot Ludlow on Instagram this is I did not pay him or anything to make up this testimonial you can talk to him directly he's oh you got it okay there he's holdin his check for $33,000 this is what he just wrote me I get people fault yesterday I spoke at a big crypto event and a kid came up to me and he's like actually two people it's all my snapchat right now one of them is doing e-commerce making sixty or eighty thousand dollars a month gross probably netting really 20% of that so 20 grand actually I think a lot of these guys do about 30 percent so 15 20 grand so here's a guy goes what's up ty I took a real estate course while back did a testimony when I closed my $33,000 a wholesale deal we're resetting Twitter okay there you hold that yeah we got to reset this for Twitter I don't know if I'll say the whole thing over again some of you missed it some am I gonna get though sir what's up Twitter talk we've got jaylen here talking about how that's his destiny yeah you're he's got a Lamborghini his first Lamborghini at 21 from real estate so before I was talking about his story you guys came in late cuz Twitter live has a lot of glitches I was showing you this story of this Ludlow guy and I posted Hayden Ludlow on Instagram and $33,000 check and he just wanted to say to died tire I want to let you know I just closed the $50,000 wholesale deal forty thousand and a twenty five thousand wholesale deal so he made six figures so jail is gonna map it out he's got a white board I'm gonna go off here so that he's not interrupted and he can just talk and like I said background is we met when you're 18 or 19 p.m. and you were how much were you make him back then I was my first year I pulled in probably about a hundred select under the grand a month like you're one deal every month ever got in half and then the next year I pulled it up to 200 okay and then this year think we did about just above 300 yeah how we're scaling so yeah you know just have my first six finger months so you know I had about six figures a profit yeah yeah it's easy like I know I seen your lies and you were talking about some kids who talk about gross and obviously doing a lot gross is great too yeah for sure the cool thing about wholesaling is I keep 80 cents of every dollar that comes into the business yeah because marketing expense and some employee expense it's not like there's no product that I'm dealing with you know so we're gonna he's gonna lay out this formula those you don't know there's he's doing this with no money down so if you don't have a ton of money if you're like me you didn't grow up with rich parents that can help you out he's got an actual formula and you're not the first it's actually it's called wholesaling it's not new by the way but there's simpler ways to do it people overcomplicate this thing and he's gonna lay it out for you so I'll give a little preface what wholesaling is basically is there's a home on your street or in your neighborhood and you see the for sale sign and you walk up to them and you say I'll buy it from you but you don't have a lot of money so you put it under contract using certain kind of contract and you just put a little money down sometimes as little as five hundred ten bucks you've done ten my first few deals like my first six months I was doing a $10 earnest money that's I will talk about what that means but we shouldn't have said no money down yeah ten dollars down turn it from my at the time girlfriend dad so ten dollars if you don't have ten dollars bro you know ten dollars you can't ball ten dollars then go get a job minimum wage save one or two hours words you ain't got time oh so you put the house under contract and then you put a clause that you can get out of it if you can't resell it and so you basically try to resell it yes to somebody else who might want it myself is good on track so yeah it's not like you're not an agent you're not a broker you're getting a piece of real estate at a certain price under contract then you're selling the rights to that contract so I'm over here you know and you've got a property under contract and I lip ER I've got money I've got hundreds of thousand dollars in the bank I'm like hey you know and you bring the property to me my gate I'll close on that in seven days pea tendril for the contract yeah now somebody said it's simple but not easy and requires work yes you will have to do some work if this is not a program where you listen to what Jalen says you go lock yourself in a room lay in bed watching Netflix 24/7 send one email and boom you make a hundred grand in a month that it I hope it's a sad world that we actually have to give that disclaimer because there's probably someone stupid enough to think that if you are that dumb then do not watch this immediately turn this livestream off so I'm gonna I think I'm gonna get out and I'm ready he's gonna talk now I'm gonna tell you this he came all the way out here because he was living both in Arizona and you got a place in Hollywood and now you're back in Arizona and he came all the way out here to give this presentation so this is a time-sensitive one that you watch it for those of you into crypto I see somebody asking about Tron and investment a great thing that you can do and a lot of people in crypto and investments in general they're you build a business that creates cash flow and then you could take some of the profits and invest it in the crypto or invest it into a social media or whatever it is you're trying to do oh oh your wife might be mad some girl said jaylen so cute yeah so I want you to pay attention take notes he's gonna you gonna map some out look he's right I drove all the way out here from Arizona my wife's at Disneyland right now I could be in Disneyland with my wife right now but I'm here to teach you guys so I'm not gonna be wasting time I'm gonna talk about deals actual deals that we've done in the past month I'll go over my first deal I'll go over some of my bigger deals yeah let's pull why don't you go ahead and start on the whiteboard yes one thing that I'll show you is just good just like right out anything you're saying little maps little diagrams and stuff isn't it good you could cover up there yeah real quick in case you curious you probably want to see a picture of the Lambo just before we do this this is Lambeau in to business I just bought it some dude I was at a convention and some dude you know come outside he's like take me for ride them like all right bro haters will say you paid him $20 to sit in the drivers yeah haters will say you rented it but I mean you can't fake a Lamborghini on Instagram so and even a for all the people that say people fake stuff what I've learned is almost always most insecure people type the most negative stuff it's just reflection on you know I and I have to say probably there was a point in my life growing up if I would have seen stuff like this I would have been a hater because I was insecure about finances because nobody ever showed it to me if you're super insecure I don't know go do something else go watch Netflix we're gonna talk to those of you wanna learn real stuff watch this take notes and I might pop back in I'm just gonna be over and different meditating with no shoes on yeah I'm shoeless all right there you go cool cool all right so first thing I want to say guys is seriously thank you for being here with me I'm gonna take the Lambo down cuz I'm just gonna look like a cocky mofo up here having that up but first thing I want to explain is really just reiterate what exactly hole selling is I seen love you too damn Dylan love you too bro but yeah so I'm gonna go over real quick one more time just what exactly is wholesaling so that you can actually see it you know visually so it makes sense to you because believe me when I first heard about the fact that you can go find a property get a good deal and make like 10 20 grand I was like what the heck and I was actually sitting in a free seminar probably a lot like this live call that you watched right now and you know they showed me how to do it so let's say we got a property right here I suck at drawing so excuse it but that property's got a bunch of cracks you know the roofs kind of falling off whatever I don't really know what that's supposed to look like but that property is distress okay and let's say Jim over here Jim owns that property he knows its distress but Jim doesn't really care about that property in fact maybe let's say Jim lives in another state and Jim happens to get one of your marketing pieces that you know I show you guys how to do and he calls me and says hey you know I'm interested in selling my property I got your letter or got whatever sort of sell your website whatever you know marketing channel you were using he says I want to sell this property and let's say you know for our sake let's say this property when it's all fixed up is worth a hundred grand all right this is worth a hundred thousand dollars and obviously we can't get those up in LA I just did a deal we bought it for 600 so you can't really do 100k deals but it works just as well on million-dollar properties as it does on 100k properties and I'll talk more about like other deals in a second but let's say this property that Jim owns is a hundred thousand dollars and and he calls us and he says hey look you know the property needs a lot of work I don't really know anything about the property I live in another state if you can give me fifty thousand dollars I would sell it to you and we say okay we do our research I show you how to do everything we look at the comps figure out it's worth 100 we look at the property figure out it probably needs and I there's easy ways to do repair repair estimates I'm not a contractor I'm not some super genius and any of these things and let's say it needs 10 grand and work so 10 K and repairs and we say okay Jim let me sign a contract with you we'll buy it for 50 thousand dollars now we put specific things in the contract that are very very important basically that's it's assignable we can get out of the contract you know low amount of earnest money deposit stuff like that so we signed that contract with Jim okay now we're in the middle so we have that contract signed now let's say we've got Brian over here and Brian's the fixin flippers so he wants to go into that property he wants to do the work he wants to deal with the squatters or whatever is their deal with the situation and he wants to flip that property now we don't have any money you know obviously we had that contract and uh you know in the contract it says specific things subject to partner's approval stuff like that but we hit a bride and we say hey Brian we've got this contract on this property we think it's worth about a hundred thousand after it's fixed up you know here's some pictures what do you think about it and obviously there's more to the process but I'm just breaking it down real simple for you guys so Brian says you know what I'll take it for 60 K you know I'll pay you a $10,000 assignment fee for that contract so Brian is that $60,000 and all this is done through a what's called a title company I don't know how many of you guys have bought and sold houses I'll look at you know in the comments in just second but you go through a title company or an escrow company closing attorney depends on what state you're in for me Arizona we do title companies so you give that contract with Jim to the title company do what's called open escrow you put in your earnest money deposit and it sounds a lot more complicated than it is it's actually very simple and then Brian signs an assignment agreement with you where he's gonna pay you $10,000 to take over that contract with Jim and then Brian is gonna wire in that 60k of which $50,000 is gonna go to Jim and 10k is gonna go to you again it's through a title company a lot of you guys might be thinking right now not a lot of you guys but some of you guys who don't understand real estate contract law stuff like that are like oh that's impossible you can't do that well guess what banks who you know do mortgages banks to give you car loans they assign stuff all the time in fact if you go back on anybody you know and their property you look in their deed history their mortgage had probably been assigned multiple times assignments happen all the time assignments are quick and easy ways to make money and now I give you $100,000 you know example now let's imagine if it was a million dollars this is where you can start making a hundred grand assignment fees stuff like that but some of you guys are small-minded and can't imagine making 100k in a week so I'm really going to push that too hard let's start with easier numbers and you can do this and no matter what state you're in I'll go through some deals in just a few minutes on deals I did in Indianapolis yodels I did in Memphis I do deals in Phoenix I've done a couple deals in California so you know really whatever price point you want to be at you can go over there and get but this is the rough outline of you know whole selling real estate so you know pretty beautiful little business model and let me rip this off look at the comments see what everybody's saying how many people are real No mmm this is actually live best way to generate leads I'll talk about that everyone's going it's real it's real yeah this is real I love to make that in a week it's possible man like I'm not up here trying to like make things up I mean if you follow me on Instagram you'll see like shit you've seen me post checks and stuff like that this stuff's actually happening like is no joke lol I love you can I be a banker and do this doesn't really matter if it's under contract with a realtor we don't really use Realtors all right let me keep going so oh it's tough okay yeah so all right so all of my socials are the same it's just at jaylen white jaeyi li n white my wife's name is Breanna white she's on YouTube as well so yeah if you curious to find me that's where it's at you get lambo stuff all that so first thing I want to talk about is a couple of deal examples and I want to tell you a quick little story so when I was 18 and I'll actually write down the address that you can look it up 506 east randy street oh my gosh she's actually showing us a real deal what so this was my first deal and I'll show you guys more recent deals but this is my first deal 506 east randy street in fact the buyer actually just sold it to you three years later almost like few months ago so 506 East Randy Schrute was my first property that ever flipped go look it up on Google Maps maybe not right now if you're on your phone or whatever but you know take a note of screenshot it later but that thing was a dump okay and I was in high school I had switched to like online high school I'd done you know done the normal high school thing halfway through you know my senior year I was like dude my parents live in another state I'm sleeping at my grandparents couch you know my family didn't have a ton of money I wasn't like going out to eat every day and stuff you know I didn't in fact I was actually negative in my bank account whenever I closed this deal so I did the research I got the contract blah blah blah blah you can go look it up and I bought the property for excuse me I put the property under contract for 15 grand so I've got the property under contract for 15k and here's the purpose of this is two friends who went to high school with me heard that I was doing this real estate stuff now obviously you want it I was a kid not making money yet so you think the worst you're a skeptic you know most people think like that you know this isn't gonna happen no way you'll make money on that property but I take two of my buddies out to this property 506 is Randy Street we rolled down to my girlfriend's mom's HHR it was like I don't even know what year was we just I borrowed the HHR because I didn't have a car to get to the property so I locked it up over the phone they literally scanned me back the contract and yeah but anyways I roll up with these two buddies and I show them through the property I show him how I got the deal which it was through bandit signs and you'll learn what that is later and I talked about the process with them and one of them my good buddy Alex which I'm not sure if he's on this right now he was like dude I need to figure out how to do this and then the other dude I won't mention his name but he was like this is awesome but one of them which is Alex went out and actually like learn how to do it and this year Alex no joke I think he hit 700 grand this year so he made more money than me this year he's got an office he kind of you know I try to stay virtual virtual office I don't wanna have a physical office so he makes more money than me at this point all because he learn the freakin strategy I used and actually went out learned how to do it and followed it and me and him actually did some deals together in the beginning and now he's doing making more money than me so just goes to show like if there are any of you skeptics on here which I know there is because there's so many it's hard to deal with them pay attention man because you never know like one kids now in college still broke the other kid is making seven hundred grand a year so who do you want to be you want to be this kid you know probably living a great life partying and stuff but that's not really life I wanted for myself I wanted a Lamborghini which obviously you know again money's not everything I don't want it like iterate that or make you feel that way I put a big amount of attention into my relationship into my family it's uh you know church and stuff like that and all of that would not be possible if it weren't for the strategy and really this first deal that kicked me off and really validated this strategy for what I did so I ended up selling this deal for 30k and I used a strategy called double closing which it's very simple it's just a different way of assigning and I made 12 grand after closing cost so I got that check two days before graduation and there's a ton of podcasts I've done talking about it and stuff like that that was like my hallmark deal and then I you know spun it into multiple other deals and stuff like that but I got to this business for time freedom and that's why I love it so I'm gonna look at the comments one more time virtual so cops can't find she now luckily I mean luckily it's not you know you're not dealing with drugs or some way looking properties double closes big bucks yeah for sure start early is the key to success I agree to that but I feel like you need to start today because yeah I'm now 21 I was 18 but I could have done this at 50 and I actually have friends like I'm in masterminds with other people who were you know 50 years old making millions of dollars and are like dude I wish I had done this at 21 but I'm glad I started at you know 48 or whatever so I got my other buddy Brandon Simmons know deep pockets no credit required yeah literally that's the beautiful thing about wholesaling and before I move on I just wanted to talk real quick you got to understand you're not gonna make money without bringing value so some of you guys might be thinking right now well why in the heck would this seller be willing to sell me a property worth far 100k for 50 you know to where I can make 10 grand on the property well why in the world would you trade in a car to a dealership I just bought not the Lindt not only Lamborghini but I also bought a Ford Flex like a family car and I trade it in our BMW and I actually had a $2,000 more offer at one of the other dealerships down the street but for convenience I took their offer and it was the other dealership I was buying the other car from I took that offer for convenience even though I did under another $2,000 higher offer over here I did it for convenience because I didn't want to have to go sell that car first get the payoff or whatever we needed to do and deal with that so why would I rip the page but why would somebody sell a you know 100k property for 50k number one they probably don't have the money to make repairs and they probably don't have the time to go show it to a bunch of different people so no time they maybe they're dealing with squatters who they just don't want to deal with those squatters if you don't know what a squatter is is basically basically someone who's living in the property without paying you rent and yes I bought plenty of properties that had squatters in there and sellers literally a closing will kiss your neck for freaking getting the deal done because the average person who's not extremely knowledgeable in real estate just inherited this property or you know got the property in some which way where they don't care about it they live in another state or whatever it is they don't realize that you know there still is some value that they still can sell that property so they get your marketing they're like oh my gosh I didn't even realize I could sell it what a blessing you know because maybe they're hurting for money I bought properties where sellers will have this property that would be worth 100k fixed up but they owe $20,000 in back taxes on that thing they're getting literally letters where they'll lose it to the freaking city and state if they don't sell it so you got to understand we're bringing value here by helping a seller out of an issue maybe they don't have the money for the repairs maybe they don't have the time maybe they don't have or maybe they have a squatter that they can't deal with whatever it is that would create that motivation to sell just like for me it's just convenience I wanted to sell that car to a dealership for a little bit cheaper than the other dealership would have offered me well a lot a lot cheaper you know when you compare like percentages because 2 grand is a lot more on a $20,000 purchase and you know 10 grand would be on a hundred grand purchaser it'd be about the same so anyways so that's exactly why I went through them convenience and y'all understand the sellers are searching for a solution through us so that is my business model is to literally bring solutions to home sellers who have troublesome properties and they're okay with trading some of that equity in the property for the convenience of not having to deal with it so yeah I just want to make sure you understood that because don't come into this call thinking like oh you can just randomly start generating money like you need to bring some value to the transaction and that's exactly how we bring value so I thought that was pretty important to understand the next thing you have to understand is this thing is very step-by-step this process of wholesaling so my main deal whenever whenever I was excuse me my deal whenever I was getting started in a business I was 17 I knew that you know my dad's a truck driver my mom's a nurse I knew they lived in another state and I knew I wanted to create a better life for my family and for who my now wife but my girlfriend then and I knew I wanted to get into business so I wanted to find something that was really step by step by step and I started in network marketing it didn't really work well I think I made a whole like 50 bucks off of like a couple of my friends signing up or something like that out of pity uh-hum so then I stumbled upon this which is very cut and dry you know you do your marketing it's a real business model a lot of you guys are looking in these Ponzi schemes and other kind of stuff you got to find a real business model that involves something that's long lasting real estate so we do our marketing we get leads ok what are called leads so people will have properties that they want to sell ok from those leads we're gonna have you know appointments you they can either be over the phone or they can be in person from those appointments we're gonna have contracts and from those contracts we're gonna have an assignment which is you know I talked about what an assignment is so where the buyer takes over that contract with the seller and pays you a fee and then you're gonna have a closing and then guess what you just mapped out 100k a year or month or whatever you want to scale to biz model business model and it's so sad how a lot of people would tell what I do to don't understand the simple fact that is literally so step by step you send the mail you you know do the door-knocking you put up the signs you do that send the postcards whatever you're gonna do for your marketing stream do the online marketing and a lot of the marketing is free I didn't spend anything to find that first deal you don't need to go out and spend thousands of dollars a month in marketing obviously if you want to scale to 100 grand a month you have to be sending a proportionate amount of marketing out like you can't expect to make a 100 km month of a hundred dollars in marketing spend that's unreasonable but can you expect to get your first deal off fifty dollars in marketing hundred dollars in marketing absolutely you can and that's the beautiful thing about wholesaling you know you don't need to go out there and buy a bunch of inventory and drop shipping you don't need a bunch of inventory but then guess what you need to figure out what works because you only make a small amount per sale so it's hard to stack cash here we do that marketing we talked to the leads people want to sell their property we we have an appointment over the phone or at their property you know to figure out what they want for the property to get all the details then we sign a contract with them at a given price then we assign that contract again we're not really selling the house to the buyer we are assigning the contract we're selling the contract and that's the biggest thing you need to focus on we do not you know put properties on the contract and then sell that property we sell that contract on that property and then the buyer brings in his money closes and you get you know your profit margin and don't think that just because I mentioned 10 grand I'm spitting all over the place but just cuz I spent mention 10 grand don't think that that's the cap to what you need to make I've made a hundred K on on this I mean I made 35 K I made 3 3 grand you make whatever the deal you know permits in that situation so you know we did this real estate thing really my goals to help you guys go out there and get your first deal in 45 days or less and you're probably wondering like why would he come on and help and stuff well ty promise me that I'll have the opportunity to joint venture with some of the students on deals and for me my biggest goal is to do more deals across the country I told you guys earlier I'm in here all I told you guys earlier I've done deals in Memphis and we'll go through a couple of these deals in in a few minutes but Indy Indianapolis California Parsi California Phoenix I've literally been all around and that you know I don't remember every single deal we do a good amount of deals and I forget individual deals so that's why I literally I'm gonna have to pull up my phone when I give you guys addresses but I'm all over the place and I can do deals anywhere in the country you know I don't care where you live you can always do things virtually but if you live somewhere and you like okay yeah I want to be able to see these properties I'm wholesaling I can join venture with you guys on deals so get that out of your head if you're wondering oh he's just coming to spew BS at us he doesn't actually do this well I'm sharing this with you guys so that we can joint venture on deals in fact I actually just joint-venture with another dude in one of my markets because that's that's one of my main business models is partnering with other people I do the marketing I had I should have just freaking flipped it over but I had the process I do the marketing I get the leads and then he sells them to sells the contract to his buyers so that's what I want to do with you guys I want to bring buyers in I want to help you out with that situation so that's why I'm here sharing this information so I'm sure you're probably wondering what are these deals that you that I can share with you so you can see real numbers on how I do this let me look at the Frederico he sold one at 506 East Randy Street yeah that was my first deal man I don't remember who bought it from me but boo Thank You Man very nice to meet you a moose ed good meeting you and your white Guyardo at the find and flip summit I need to give my Guyardo a name now everyone's excited to meet that more than meeting me simple indeed yes it's very simple obviously I'm sharing just the basic breakdown there's a lot more to it like having negotiate how to figure out what a property is worth but for times sake I'm trying to make sure you guys understand the big picture and stuff like that how do you write the contracts we'll talk about that have you done any deals in New York City no but I really really want to do some New York City stuff because I already showed you guys the profits of average profit of flipping 100k house if you wholesaled a million dollar property a ten million dollar property I mean like I was reading an article on this one guy it's a company I don't know if it was a single dude but in New York City it was a big building like a Donald Trump type building maybe I can't remember the purchase price was like 10 million or something like that but they got it under contract and on those big buildings you have longer contract period so you know let's say in whole selling we signed that contract with the seller to close in 30 days on a big building you might close in six months and so one company put this building in New York City under under contract it's just wholesaling on a bigger level they wholesaled that property for a seven million dollar assignment fee I'm not joking you can go look it up on google and type in like New York City seven million dollar assignment fee and I'm sure you'll be able to find that find that thing real estate license Pradesh says no you don't I don't have a real estate license you don't need one again we're not brokering deals we're getting a contract on a property and if you want to flip a property there are so many ways to still actually flip it with no money down hit me up I'll freakin look at your deal and think about jvu but as far as wholesaling goes all you're doing is getting a contract to purchase a property at a given price and you're selling that contract you don't need to be a realtor there's no brokerage or anything like that as long as you do it right don't go out there trying to write contracts on random houses and trying to sell properties you don't have you know that you do want to have under contract you're selling the property not the contract don't go doing all that stuff do what I'm talking to you about right now you get a property under contract and you sell that contract to the buyer for an assignment fee so yeah can a 16 year old do it if your parents sign the paper works or the paperwork sees me just by some ripple coin and hold till June yeah I mean that's the beautiful thing about wholesaling is it's easy to stack cash quick I mean imagine if you know being an eighteen year old if I had just stacked you know I like e-commerce but you got to go and make ten twenty dollars a sale I like to make ten grand a sale and then you can go invest some in marketing you can go invest some in crypto or whatever you want to invest in so okay so can Canadians do this I do want to talk about this real quick I see Walter serlano ass yes I have friends who flip from Canada it's even easier to do when you're just assigning a contract because there's a lot of the paperwork that you would normally need to fill out if you were actually buying the property you don't need to fill out as an assignment you're literally just doing property assignments and so yeah you're you've got obviously you've got to talk to your title company and your state and I talk about how to find title companies and stuff like that but yeah you can definitely do that from other countries and I know I actually know one guy who lived in Kimball can't remember if it was like Lebanon or something like that and he actually started wholesaling in America and I think he made like a couple hundred grand his first year and then he moved to America and now he's like taking over his local market so it's pretty crazy see ya and by the way one more time if you guys didn't see my Instagram in the beginning it's at jaylen Jie Li n white I see a bunch of people like what's your Instagram what's your Instagram so yeah as far as properties so you probably want to see actual examples it wasn't about Nick but so yeah okay 6-2 to North Oxford Street I'll pull it up on Zillow right now on the screen so this property is in Indianapolis Indiana alright let me pull up the screen for you guys so you can actually see what I'm looking at it's markers on the port okay so let me try to get out of the way Oh get out all right Zillow here we go okay so 6-2 to North Oxford Street so this particular property in Indiana we got the lead the guy right off the bat the seller he was a police officer and he had a couple of other rentals in the area this is not one of the best areas of the city hence you know that's where you find some more distressed properties I don't stray ray from the rough areas when a whole selling obviously you want to be safe when you look at him but this property he it was vacant he did some work one of the the staircase you could see like right up here I forget I'm like looking on the camera not screen-sharing but these the staircases right here we're kind of separating from the house so there was a little bit of foundation damage and I didn't go look at the property I have a partner on the ground in Indianapolis who I'm I have go take a look at the properties and stuff like that so I can do it virtually and the seller right off the bat was asking $8,000 for the property now right off the bat you can see the Zestimate and by the way if you guys don't know this is Zillow calm it's just you know you can go and look at look up the property address and stuff like that you can see properties that are listed for sale in the area if you can see that like I'll click out of this real quick so you can see shows up like a map and stuff like that but for this particular property the seller lead came in and what's up Oh perfect here yeah I should probably make this full screen to a live stream newbie um but yeah so the seller just wanted to get rid of it it was vacant wasn't making him any money it was costing him money in City taxes so he said yeah I want to buy it or I want to sell it for $8,000 and we said okay let's do $8,000 so we signed a contract with him and we actually sold this one I think for thirteen thousand so again we do I'm gonna show you guys multiple other deals it's they kind of all blend together at this point but this was one deal this was actually just like a month ago not even a month ago so I'll show you and some of the other like past past deals like six months or a year you know in the past it'll say it'll say sold for the price that you had the contract for obviously when you assign its money to you so when the property sells it sold for technically eight thousand but we got an assignment fee the buyer paid thirteen K so yeah on that property that be five K so that was quick 5k I don't know how many of you guys would like to make five grand just flipping a dump the buyer I actually was friends with the buyer I knew the buyer he was going to come in and rent out both sides and maybe sell turn-key so that's another business model in real estate where you you know you buy property wholesaler sells your property or whatever you're doing and you fix up the property and you put tenants in it and then you sell obviously it takes money we're not talking about that today but that's what my end buyers strategy was so he bought it now he's fixing it up or whatever he's doing so I don't know I mean is this size this good for you guys I'm not five four by the way I'm actually like six foot but maybe it looks like it all right right off the bat zoom zoom in please yeah sorry about that how do you sell the interest in the contract okay so I mentioned that we sign that purchase agreements called a purchase agreement now you don't want to just go randomly find agreement to buy real estate need to have specific things and I'll be taught I'll talk more about that in a little bit but basically in your purchase agreement says jaylen white or you know my LLC name I don't actually put my name on the contracts I have an LLC I did not have an LLC for my first year in the business so it's not like you need one LLC is just a business entity if you don't know but let's say jaylen white and/or signs is buying the property at sixty to Oxford from sellers name blah blah and because I said and/or assigned and where signs I can assign it to somebody and they can take over my position in that contract and then you know I signed a one page assignment agreement with the buyer saying they're gonna take over that contract for you know X amount of dollars they're gonna pay me an assignment fee and I don't get paid that until the deal closes so you can't expect to you can't go out there and you know have a deal that you that's not gonna close and just run off with the money like it's all through title company it's all like tracked and stuff like that so don't be stupid about it but let me take a couple more looks with how much did I start I literally had a negative one hundred and fifty dollars in my bank account I told you guys in the beginning went I was still here I I borrowed ten dollars from my then girlfriend now my wife from her dad to use his earnest money in my first deal and the seller is very happy that I was buying this thing he his dad he had inherited it on that you know the not this property but the first deal I ever flipped and he had inherited the property and that thing was a dump I'm pretty sure if you go on Google Maps you can see what it looked like and oh that thing there's holes in the floor the front was about to like follow or didn't even look like a house you could probably tell if you look at the rehab pictures like on Zillow of the property it doesn't look like a house so he was very happy and I was surprised like I knew I could pull it off but I was even surprised myself that I was able to flip something so ugly do I have my LLC in a flip yes I have an LLC that's that's like more of an advanced thing and you what you do is you go out there you close your first deal and then you go open an LLC don't get all caught up and all the you know the BS Brandon Brandon Simmons my man is on the call right now leverage joint venturing works leverage other people's knowledge and contacts I actually joined venture with Brandon and my second deal I don't remember the address maybe Brandon I'm seeing you on the comments on Facebook live if you can you know maybe comment that address of you remember you probably don't but we made sixteen grand on that I made eight eight K on that first or that second deal from Europe I was in Poland and I had this property under contract before I left and I handed it over to Brandon and we made 16 K I got a wire for 8 grand while I was in Europe can't I buy this on a land contract yeah that's more advanced I don't really want to confuse everybody but yeah that's basically a seller finance kind of deal sound is lit on YouTube as YouTube sound good good I don't know what he's talking about check oh okay alright good good good what's the website somebody said website is zillow.com that I'm on right here looking at his property alright let me pull up another one from this month when my wife texts me but it was one minute ago if I wait like one minute to text her back oh I'm in trouble now kidding alright let me figure out or let me pull up the other address so you guys can see that or one of the other addresses now we'll look at okay to 814 North LaSalle Street okay so line two eight four two North LaSalle now it was also in Indianapolis okay so LaSalle Street let me pull this one up on Indian apple or I mean on Zillow for you guys as well I hope by the way you're appreciating that I'm actually showing you actual deals that we do like I do I haven't really seen many people show stuff like this um but hopefully this helps you understand that this is actually real and happening everyday in your back yard people are making money doing this okay Zillow always had my dream home sold yeah buy from a wholesaler you'll get a better price okay to 8:42 North LaSalle this also was like less than a month ago so it's not my step over here so it's not showing that you know the update I'll show you what that looks like on a couple of other deals in just second but this one was also in the same areas of other property of Indianapolis lower end the people in fact I don't even remember what the main motivation was on the steel it I have team members who negotiate with the sellers and stuff and we just literally use like Podio on our phone to look at transactions and so yeah I don't know I remember what the exact motivation was all I know is that LaSalle was vacant and that it was another turnkey type property so basically what's gonna happen is the end buyer is gonna go fix up the property they're gonna rent it out and then they're probably gonna sell to somebody who wants cash flow income so this one on the south street we got our contract for and I know Nick my acquisitions is watching right now we got this one on a contract for like maybe 11 K and I think we made like make we made like 6k on this obviously lower price properties you're gonna make less money total and you know 6k not bad again easy property that took us probably 2 or 3 weeks to finalize and the reason it took that you can do a wholesale deal in a week the reason it took a couple weeks was I think we had like some city tax payoffs like the title company we've taken to the title company I showed you guys the contract with the seller they pull title on it with what it's called and if they all sell arrows taxes you got to get like payoffs and stuff like that so yeah another easy one that was in the books and again follow my Instagram I post checks and stuff like that I post Lamborghini stuff like that so you can know that uh you know that it's real that I don't regret my Lamborghini because I'm sure there's been a couple of comments dude rinses Lamborghini so yeah don't they ask you for proof of funds one one Duke said I hope I said your last name right man but proof of funds okay so here's the cool thing I don't deal with Realtors and if you're dealing with Realtors they might ask for proof of funds but when you're dealing with a seller who you can show that you you have expertise you know I'll show you guys all the info you when you have all this info in your head and I'll show you guys you know I did a course with Ty you literally can you know show your expertise they'll understand you know you kind of know the area you know what to do they're gonna actually trust you you know and your truck their trust should not be ill-fated you need to actually know what you're doing and it's pretty simple to learn how to do this correctly but a seller who respects you and understands that you're an expert expert you don't need to be doing it for 10 years to be an expert you just need to know a little bit more than they do and know how to do it you know they're not gonna ask you for a proof of funds and if they do here's a cool thing hit me up and say yo Jalen I got this smoking hot deal or throw it in the face I'll talk about the Facebook group in a second but throw it in the Facebook group yeah I got this deal does anybody want a JV you know then can it can you send me proof of funds if you have it guess what there's different ways to get proof of funds online because when you have a good deal people just kind of want to throw money to help fund that deal hard money lenders and stuff like that so you can get proof of funds in a second if you did need them I've only been asked for proof of funds on like two deals in three years so I wouldn't really worry about that much at all so yeah so LaSalle Street that was a good property and yeah okay by the way for a new view he just let me know I need to get better live stream but for new viewers my name is Jalen I'm going over I've wholesale real estate I'm going over some deals this property on the south street we made like 6 grand on bought 411 assigned it for you know I think it was 16 so I just bought my Lambert my first Lamborghini at 21 years old it's kind of fun I showed a picture of it here I'll pull it back up and obviously you know again I'll say it again money's not everything at all but this was my lifelong goal there it is I don't know some dude that I was at a convention some dude wanted to ride in it so I'm like hey have your son take a picture – yeah that's its convertible follow me on Instagram again it's right there I can't hide having a Lamborghini I didn't rent the thing – come on ties livestream right now but yeah I started flipping our whole selling at 21 years old alright excuse me 18 I'm 21 now close my first deal two days before graduation and turned it into a multiple six-figure business hopefully soon to be a seven-figure business we just had our first six-figure month on this last month so yep what's your Instagram Tony it's a write up here I might probably can't see it that great cool is it good okay so actually Brandon who I was telling you guys about a JV my second deal with him he just texted me the address to my second deal so this should be fun Thank You Brandon if you're still watching I appreciate it let's see that was six nine three nine West Shaw Butte Drive Peoria okay so as you can see the flippers actually let me move this jaelyn white jaeyi li-an white as you can see right here this is the property fixed up this was not what it looked like whenever we walked in these particular sellers I was very excited to do the deal again it's about bringing value with them I you know they saw one of my marketing pieces I did bandit signs they're called and I called me and they had two mortgages they had moved out of this property and they were living in some other property and they couldn't afford the two mortgages so you can imagine they if they want to go the average days on market in Phoenix is like forty-five to sixty days and if they wanted to go and sell that property retail which number one it did not look like this I'll show you the pictures but are we all good okay okay so yeah so did not look like this it wasn't a retail ready condition but if they wanted to go listed it could have taken 45 to 60 days maybe more on the market because when it's not fixed up it takes longer to sell so they contact me you know my offer was a little bit lower than what they wanted to see so we didn't make a deal on the spot when I went to look at the property this was back when I actually went to see him as he could see the the flipper who I sold the to sold it in September of 2015 I did this deal in like a closing in June of 2015 so so yeah they we didn't agree to the deal on the spot but three days later they called me back three or four days I don't was three years ago home also they call me back and I say hey Jalen we want to do the deal we if you can come up two grand we'll do the deal no Mike okay and I already had a buyer for the area that I'd been networking with and he offered me three I think we had the contract for like a hundred and ten I'm not these numbers I don't know for sure because this was three years ago we had the contract for a hundred and ten or something like that and that guy offered me a three thousand dollar assignment fee and I went in negotiating Gabey with Brandon he's on the he's on the call right now and on Facebook and he helped me sell it we made 16 grand assignment fee and I got 8k you know we split 50-50 so not a bad deal and he took care of the closing while I was in Europe we helped the seller they said thank you they're very grateful you know and we got the deal closed up and brought value so that was my second ever deal so now I showed you a couple from this past month I showed you a couple from when I first started let me show you one that I was actually very proud of it was in Memphis I think it was 68 45 cardinal laughs I hope this is the address you do enough deals they like all kind of blend together I try 69 45 no that's not it bear with me I got I don't remember this freakin address 68 dang I don't know man I wish so anyways I don't remember the specific address of this it was like it was 68 if one of you guys can find it let me know in the comments but I think it was six to eight forty five Cardinal Avenue in Memphis but again this was this was mid 2016 so like a year and a half ago oh maybe I can find it on here because I really want to show you guys that particular property let me see the comments real quick please talk about cally I'll talk about in a second expection period so yeah so some of you guys are asking how do you like be able to back out of the contract so number one you shouldn't have to bet I've only backed out of like three contracts and in business and you should only have to back out if you didn't do your numbers right you don't know the area but if you're newbie network with some buyers and figure out what's the going rate for that area but how do you back out so in contracts there's something called in this inspection period in a real estate contract so basically what that is is let's say I'm signing the contract with Joe and we have a 10 day 10 business day inspection period that says I have those 10 days to go inspect the property go figure out if it's worth what I thought it was worth and make sure I really want to have that thing you know and in our situation bring in a buyer to assign the contract to and hey you know if it's not worth what I thought it was worth and within the inspection period I can back out now I like to sign contracts to where the whole contract period is an inspection period but obviously good business tactics you don't want to like string out a deal that's not going to be a deal you know typically if it's a deal you can close that thing in a week or two you know especially if you've been networking with buyers which I talked to you guys about how to do so grace period of inspection exactly so it's very simple just simple contract law even with Realtors you have an inspection period it's kind of very strange not to have an inspection period and once you become more advanced and you know you know what a great deal looks like you can sign them without inspection periods if that helps you win the deal but when you're starting out you don't want to take away inspection periods and in fact you should always have inspection periods but there's deal on Cardinal Avenue so it was like a two to two at the time and I wish I could pull it up but I'm gonna spend probably too much time trying to figure out where it was but this one was funny because this was my first virtual deal so I live in Phoenix or I lived in Phoenix now I live again in you know the metro area in Scottsdale but this was my first virtual deal and so I did some marketing in Memphis and I found this deal it was a two two the guy had inherited it he'd never even touched the property he didn't want to deal with it and it was down to the studs which means like totally stripped like if you can imagine no walls you know electricity's kind of messed up whatever and I got the contract on that one I believe that was like 120 or 110 this was in mid-2016 I think I was like 19 or maybe 20 at the time and we signed the contract and I realized you know shoot I should have talked to buyers beforehand so I talked to one of my other buddies who did business in the area and he's like yeah I could help you find a buyer for that deal easy to assign the contract to and so we looked and this dude who we assigned it to was literally driving down the street he lives right down the road he's like oh holy shit I cannot believe that this friggin nineteen year old just got a deal my backyard from across the country and now I have to pay him we made fifty five grand on that Simon fee and I was very happy to hear that because that means that I was doing something right that he was not doing which was doing the correct marketing which is very important and again I'm just I'm talking about the deals right now so I won't get too into that we'll talk about that again in a bit but how did you get the contract how do you get the contract so basically you know you do your marketing you send letters you do bandit signs stuff like that and show that you're looking to buy properties and the seller says hey I want this amount you say hey I can pay you this amount using our formulas and all that I talk about that in the course and stuff like that but yeah so using all that to figure out and then once you agree on a price you sign a purchase agreement I have a simple two-page purchase agreement that works for my business maybe it won't work for years but yeah very simple no okay good question good question cuz I'm sure a couple people are thinking that so here's the cool thing I technically maybe I've lost money but that's like I put a hundred dollar earnest money and I just gave it to the seller instead of taking it back when we closed the deal I give him $100 extra so didn't really lose money I'm just giving my extra money to the seller but since we're wholesaling there's no risk so I've got the property with Jim you know where's my put my marker down so oh right here let me rip these cool okay so yeah I was talking about was I told losing money so you don't lose money on wholesale deals here's why is because I got that contract for 50k well Jim and that contract has an inspection period and for me it's the whole contract period for you maybe it's ten days I don't know depends on what you can negotiate with the seller let's say my inspection period is 30 days and we're set to close in 30 days so let's say 7 days goes by and I realize oh shoot this property is not worth 100k like I thought it was gonna be worth you know I did my numbers wrong I maybe I didn't know the area maybe comps have changed in the past okay we're resetting Instagram all right what's up guys Jalen white I just bought Lamborghini at 21 I did it through a hole selling real estate and I'm talking about that we've got YouTube live call periscope everything Instagram just reset everything is up and I'm showing you guys how I did it I was going through a few deal examples I think it should be posted on Ty's snap or an Instagram go rewatch it if you're new from Instagram I'm talking about some of the deal examples made 6km one deal made 5k made 100k on a deal before talking about a deal right now on Memphis that I made 55 grand assignment fee on in 2016 I went through a couple from the past month I went through a couple of deals that I did when I first started and I'm going through a couple from like in between so you guys can get an idea of you know the deals that I've been doing throughout my career so this yeah this one was in Memphis but somebody was asking me what happens if or have you ever lost money on a deal and my answer is no because the process is is Jim's got that property for sale and you agree to 50k you sign a purchase agreement with an inspection period so you can get out of it get out of the contract within that inspection period and that could be whatever amount of time you negotiate with the seller and let's say you just you realize that oh shoot the property is not worth 100k it's actually worth 60 K and my numbers were off so I'm gonna call Jim and I'm gonna say hey Jim I really apologize I is the first time I'm really doing this specific area of the city or maybe you're new and you say be honest and say Jim look I'll be honest with you there's my first time flipping in this in this area or whatever I'm new to the area and I'll be honest I thought I could pay 50 grand but looking at comps at this point now five days later I'm realizing you know with the repairs of the property this thing is not worth 50k to me I can't make any money on that so Jim look I'm gonna be really straight up with you we can either get a reduction I you know and again if you don't want to do this when the Jim it's fine but I can either come down to 30k you know because the properties were 60 or we can just cancel the contract now obviously that's not a fun call to make and if you built rapport and you're actually an ethical person they're not gonna be pissed they're gonna understand you're being upfront with them you know purchases don't go through someone who sells their property on the MLS it's called with Realtors is gonna have people back out of the deal sometimes this is gonna have to happen so you want to make sure your numbers are right but if it does happen you don't lose money on the deal because you don't have any risk in it you know you realize okay I can't make any money even if it's just $1,000 I can't make that assigning the deal so Jim I'm gonna need you know I'm gonna need to come down to 30,000 or I'm gonna need to cancel the contract which one do you want to do either ways fine with me and he's either gonna agree to that $30,000 drop or cancel and you will know what to drop by by the feedback of the cash buyers you're talking to so maybe some one guy says look man that property's in rough shape I can give you 35 and you know you don't want to beat Jim to down cuz you want to be ethical well you don't want to say Jim I'll give you $10,000 for the property now you want to be ethical you offered him 50 K you know you want to make it a 5k is a fair profit maybe 3 K or whatever you think is fair and you want to say Jim I need to come down to 30 and if you can't do it I totally understand but I'm trying to give you my top dollar here and I've talked to a couple of my partner so we're gonna help me get the deal done and we need to be down at 30 or we need to cancel the contract so I don't lose money on deals because I don't put any money into that deal do you have a Facebook group yeah we'll talk about that what if Jim says I found another wholesaler that will give me 60 K good question so here's a thing that people maybe people don't understand so the cool thing is once you sign that contract with Jim now there is mutual understandings in that contract – two pages like we go through it line by line before we sign it with the seller with them so everybody understands the situation Jim cannot back out of that when Jim signs that purchase agreement he's signing it for good now obviously if Jim has some family issue or he's got to move back into the property or something like that I'm gonna work with him on the deal I'm not gonna force him to sell it now in some situations maybe Jim is is gonna try to sell somebody who has more mother is ought trying to offer more money he can't do that because he has a signed agreement with you now the inspection period is for the purpose of the buyer for the buyer to do his due diligence the seller once he signs that agreement is locked in so at that point if you want to be nice then you can you know do things with it but so find those 10 buyers they make contract to sell them yeah I mean you can mention to you know go to different networking groups and I talked about that in the course as well how to get these buyers and then you go out there and you market for good deals and here's a cool thing if you're like oh I don't want a wholesale this the basic process of wholesaling is finding deals you don't need a flippin wholesale to deal and make money you have these buyers you have me you know you can say hey look I've got this deal in Phoenix it's worth a hundred I got the contract for 40 I'm a little baby and I don't feel like get it I can get a 5k assignment fee I'm scared can you come in on the deal and I'll say yeah I'll put up the money and we can split them up split the profits or I'll put up the money and I'll give you 25% of the profits whatever the buyer is gonna agree to and you know you can flip with no money down there you go simple process is the same process of finding the deal and stuff like that except for you pay a lot quicker on selling and it's legal you're doing it through a title company everything is laid out you know it's not like a scary thing to make money on a deal and deliver value to a seller like no so so to be clear we're not fixing the house or are we nope you're not doing anything to the house you do not put one penny into that property especially when you just have a contract on a property no way I don't ever touch a property I this year we my wife and I do want to do more fix and flipping just because you want a healthy mix of well you know once you've been doing it for a while you have cash to play with you want to buy some properties to fix and flip that are gonna be better deals and then some deals you just want a wholesale or the majority of deals so maybe out of ten deals I might want to wholesale eight and fix them flip two so no I don't fix up these wholesale deals at all if you're a newbie getting into the game or really if you're no matter what you are you probably want to start get started out wholesaling because this is the basis you know wholesaling is an exit strategy you find the deal you know you got the deal down here and then you can wholesale you can fix and flip or you can buy and hold so rent right now so you're finding the deal using these marketing campaigns you're negotiating you're figuring out what it's worth now for me my personal favorite strategy is wholesaling because look I'll be honest with you on most of these deals I wholesale the people I make the same amount that they're gonna make fixing up that property in six months or three months or however long it takes them I may I might make 20k on a wholesale deal 20 grand and they might make 20 grand flipping that deal actually putting in the rehab after they buy it from you and close on ideal they might make 20 grand in three to six months and I make that money because finding a deal in today's market is where the value is wholesaling is valuable so I wouldn't even think about doing work especially if you're just starting getting started on the thing yeah all right only two pages yeah my specific contract is two pages but someone said California formula so here's a cool thing this same thing I'm explaining you it's the same process in every state it's literally specific states you have different title companies and like you might have a closing attorney in New Jersey might have a title company in Arizona you might have a title company and an escrow company in California but all you got to do is just call up title companies or go on forums and say hey is New Jersey a title company state or hey how do I is New Jersey a closing attorney state there's literally it's gonna be one of those three most likely unless you live in like Guam or something and you're trying to wholesale there which I can't teach you how to do that but uh yeah Soho it's this there's no different process for like a different state some marketing campaigns work better so like I use things called bandit signs in Phoenix bandit signs don't work as well in like California some parts some areas they do you got a test for your area door-knocking is always good and I'll talk about those in just a few seconds but so we did this side you know I did this course with Ty and I came in because I wanted more JV partners so all I need is for you guys I'm showing you guys this stuff for free like I not being paid to be here right now I am coming here for free I'm showing you stuff all I need to know is that you guys need to JV deals and you get into the course we'll talk about let's do some deals together so this will work in Covina absolutely I have a buddy who does about two or three million dollars a year hole selling in in California in SoCal here and he lives in you know LA County in fact I just saw I just did a couple deals in LA County but okay so one thing you understand is I did this course with Ty and you can go out there and you can try to you know do all your different marketing campaigns and stuff like that but I literally spent tens of thousands of dollars on like different mailing campaign different Bannatyne campaigns and this is after my first two deals I got with literally like 50 bucks and marketing spend just money I saved up I was negative in my bank account after getting my marketing um so I literally went into debt debt overdraft on my bank account to you know do that I did bandit signs come to me about fifty bucks so you can get your deals with that but then you can go out and you know what how do you know what's gonna work the best I literally for the past three years have done so many different campaigns that it would be unimaginable to you so you don't probably don't realize at this point you're thinking like Oh finding by I see a lot of questions about buyers I see a lot of questions about contracts and stuff the toughest thing is finding these motivated people who want you to help them and buy their properties off of them that's the toughest thing so when I talk about marketing is the most important thing and that is where I believe my expertise really comes in like I can you can give me any address and I can figure out kind of the rough value on it you can get show me pictures of the property and I give you a rough repair estimate and I know how to do those things but I'm the best at marketing for these you know sellers finding people just like any other business you got a social media ad agency you need to be able to find people who need help doing social media in their business so as far as marketing goes I like to do what's called bandit signs so basically what bandit signs are is just these signs that say we buy houses with a phone number and you got to be careful in your area some areas don't allow them I like to pick the areas that do allow them and that aren't is strict on them so that's how I got my first two deals I do direct mail so basically I'll pull I'll pull up a letter real quick of something so you can handwrite your own letters like I'll show you right now basically you wouldn't you would be like dude this is actually work to get people who want to sell their properties if you've seen if I just try to explain this to you but no it actually freaking works and this is how I got my like 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th deal in that first year I started sending letters so here's an example oops zoom out I'm a PC guy I don't know how to use Mac that well ok so here you go look this is just an example letter I wouldn't go call this was it's like a fake number it's all my mail house so Dear John John is owner to the property my name is Kyle and I would like to buy your property located at 413 sponge Avenue my name is not Kyle my name is Jalen white if you're new to the freakin stream so this is not me writing this letter is not my phone number this is just an example but I would like to buy your property located at blah blah blah 413 sponge Avenue please call me with the phone number with some asterisks we can close on the date you choose I buy the property as is no repairs to make I we buy the property with cash obviously not our cash but it's other people's money that's like one big real estate thing other people's money you don't have to deal with real estate agents and you don't have to pay commissions and fees so that's like kind of a sales pitch when you're offering to buy property they get to save on that Commission for real estate agents and then you got your phone number and again I did this course that I'll talk about in a few but I show you like how to get the correct number how to track that how to get the lists because I could literally spend three hours on data like right now and not even be halfway through talking about how to find the correct properties target tax default list so people who owe on their taxes vacant lists so properties that are vacant in fact I'm currently developing some software to like provide these lists maybe you know I can have Teich air that with you guys but yeah so you mail these to like tax delinquent properties tax delinquent they owe on taxes vacants pre-foreclosures i'll tell you what my parents we lost our house in os– oh wait whenever the economy crashed there was somebody that could have come in and saved us from a pre foreclosure situation I'm sure that would have changed their lives cuz you know obviously that hurts credit hurts a lot of things so we marked those people because if we can help them in that situation and make some money on it then it's the win-win for everybody so yeah I like to send that letter so some other marketing tactics I like to use well I'll put I was gonna PPC on so basically online like Google Ads slash online and in here you could throw in a lot of different things so we got like Craigslist marketing we got for sale by owner marketing there's just so many different ways to dip your hand in the paint and you know find these sellers who want to sell their property at a discount so yeah what's up okay yeah by the way guys you so you can actually check out the program that we I did with Ty now some of you guys like to actually learn in an organized step-by-step fashion we sat down for like a long time I couldn't talk afterwards it was a couple days I think recording the program and you know I talked about exactly how you get those bandit signs exactly how you find those lists how you prepare the letters and the phone numbers on the letters how do you pick markets to you know flipping how do you know whether you want to do in your local market or a virtual market and you can find that actually I'm gonna pull up it's just ty Lopez calm slash real estate live yeah but I want to I want to show that real quick cuz I'm gonna use the screen so we don't really be done so if you guys are interested we recorded a course together that's gonna share like everything you guys already see what I'm talking to you about and look I'd love to sit here for 10 hours and try to share everything but it wouldn't even be a portion of what you need to know and not to mention I'd be training tens and hundreds of thousands probably millions of my competition so we got some really in-depth info in there you can go check out on the links but yeah so real quick what's in that course you can go to that link or you can wait whatever but we got a few different modules so like I started out talking about basic like how to pick your market some different like mindset things that you have to figure out because make no mistake man a lot of you guys a lot of people who look at getting in a real estate they don't have the correct mindset they don't understand that when you go into a seller's property all you need to do is is just understand some of the basic information and be an expert yeah I talked about how to go in there how to do the marketing I just showed you guys a couple different options of like 5 6 7 8 9 10 sometimes different options that we use to market to sellers and you know I talk about exactly break down how to do each of those how to find the list how do you send the mail how do you get the bandit signs how do you do the online marketing you know some of you guys probably don't have money someone said my my wife is beautiful thank you I think that's a girl so who I can say that where's ty I think he's meditating he had no shoes on when we started out no so yeah so we gotta talk about marketing we talked about negotiation so what do you do when you're actually talking to a seller and you you know you look and you're looking at the area how do you figure out what the property's worth how do you figure out the repairs of the property how do you you know negotiate the price how do you sign that contract what does that contract look like line by line to literally break down my personal contract move into how to find buyers we move into how to do assignment agreements literally everything you need step-by-step on how to do this business and I just showed you guys examples like I'm sure there's probably a couple of comments I'm going to stay focused but a couple of comments like oh this is fake I just showed you deals man go follow my Instagram I mean you can't fake a Lamborghini like I'm not some you know coach that made all his money coaching or whatever I do deals you know so yeah let me move the board a little closer for you guys that seen some comments like okay so yeah I showed you the deals I showed you examples I showed you from different points in my life to kind of give you a clearer picture as to what it looks like and I'm gonna be honest with you guys some of you guys like okay real quick what what market are you guys in like what area are you guys in where you guys in Philippines you can do deals in in the United States from the Philippines why is this a thing well honestly everything has a purpose because where there's value needed where there's a need somebody will fill that to make money so people have these properties that they need to you know get rid of and that's where real estate flipping came into fruition people who actually want to do the work on the properties need to be connected to the people who want to sell their properties fast and that's where wholesalers come into the picture you know I don't know I don't know if you guys realize this but this might sound so foreign to some of you guys the real estate thing but cars it's the same thing in the car industry you have car wholesalers you have car wholesalers who are posting ads on Craigslist hey we buy cars for cash and they're gonna go and they're gonna buy your car for let's say you have some a Prius let's say you have a priest is worth 10k retail at a dealership and that they're gonna come to you and they're gonna say hey I'll give you five grand for that car and you'll sell it on Craigslist for five grand or whatever and they're gonna take that car and they're gonna sell it to a bigger dealership now obviously with a car it's a lot lower price point than houses you know and there's no escrow period so there's no really way to do it without money but it's the same process so distribution is it's in like the meat industry the food industry you know you have a company that creates the product and you have a mineral company that kind of distributes the product and then you have a retail company that you know sells the product to the customers and so we have a seller who has a product that they do not want to fix up they don't want to deal with we come in we take that product off their hands we bring in a buyer who's gonna do that and bring it to the public and fix it up so yeah I thought you I always thought you needed to know construction to do real estate Justin said nope I don't do any construction so no what's my name tap-tap said jail and white jail and white jaeyi Li and white I'm you can follow my Instagram or YouTube or whatever you want to do nope you do not need to know construction Thank You Breanna Annette New York people want to work on this together dude I tell you what people do not understand that's the power of real estate since there's such a big like piece of the pie to doing deals JV deals are great to do it's great to you know find other people to do deals with you know there's a lot of meetup groups out there you can start going to your local real meeting real estate investor association you can start you know talking to different people in your market figuring out who's doing deals it's gonna help you feel comfortable you know some of you guys are so like oh my gosh you're scared I remember laying in my bed at 18 I just gone to this free seminar maybe some of you guys like oh this is scam that that same free seminar some dude was in the bathroom like screw this BS I'm I'm gonna leave and I'm like okay I went back in and I didn't even think it was possible for myself so I remember laying in my bed laying looking up at the ceiling be like dude is this too big of a deal for me to get into a 18 like that's a serious deal like flipping a property with no money you don't think it's possible and then once you do the Ferdie lits kind of like it's like riding a bike you know when you first take off the training wheels it's kind of hard you're kind of wobbly you're scared of falling you think you know you're thinking about the worst-case scenario you break a bone or something and you know but then eventually you have no problem riding that bike you can even hop on that from a running start and you know start going 100 miles an hour it's easy and that's how it is at this point you know once you start doing more deals it gets simple it's a simple process you find a seller you you know agree to a price with that seller you have cash buyers you assign the contract that you signed with that seller to that cash buyer for a fee it's a simple process as long as you're upfront with everybody as long as you're ethical people are happy to do business with you so I want to know how much he usually tries to profit so my specific profit goes off of and I share this in the course as well I call it a quick profit formula so I go basically I figure out what the property is worth and depending on your market I talked about how to figure that out it's gets a little a little complicated not really but like a higher end market like la you can do times eighty percent minus repairs – your wholesale fee so basically let's say the property is worth a hundred grand times 80 percent of that is 80 80 grand and then – repairs let's say it needs 20k so 60 minus your profit which let's say I want to make 10k my yeah you can choose what you want your average profit to be so let's say I want to make 10k so I'm gonna go shoot to get that property for what was that gonna be like 50 I don't you remember my math that I was just talking about but yeah how do you find the people I just talked about different marketing campaigns you can use bandit signs direct mail online marketing on Craigslist you can call people who have properties landlords who own properties and are trying to rent them out you can say hey looking to buy property in the area are you interested in getting an offer and god don't understand don't think that you're gonna go hit up your first person and get a deal like some of you guys will go to Zillow and look at the for sale by owners and like expect fuck the first five people would be like ten thousand dollar profits on every single deal for every about twenty five to thirty offers I make in my business we get a deal that makes us let's say 15 grand so yeah tap-tap I don't have a Twitter I need to make one but I don't have one so yeah I have a couple of people like saying yeah this will change your life how much does the assignment fee Stotts o fuh assignment fee can be however you want it however much you want it to be you pick it so get to know real estate agents they have databases to hundreds of investors and buyers I love to use real estate agents for my buyers that I'm assigning the deal to put how to find buyers okay I already I talked about that so how do you find buyers so you can go to different real estate meetups you can do craziest ads and again if you want to step-by-step like in-depth way of seeing this I can't I'm not gonna sit here for 10 hours 20 hours doing this we're on a time schedule my wife's at Disneyland right now waiting for me to get back but I down in the course you can go to meetups you can do craigslist posting saying hey I'm a wholesaler I'm looking for buyers to network with and partners you can you know talk to real estate agents and let them know hey I'm doing marketing in the area looking for good deals blah blah blah so would this work in Charlotte North Carolina yes and I have multiple friends doing deals in Charlotte North Carolina this literally works in every single market like I'm not joking even if you live in the boondocks there's a buyer for everybody at the right price now I talked about that in the course that you are gonna need to account for that when you are buying the property you have to get it for a lower price if it's like in the middle of nowhere where do I get my comps I use Zillow and redfin someone mentioned connecting with Realtors if you have a good realtor they can also give you comps but personally I use I use Zillow in redfin or my team because I have you know now I have an acquisition guy and inside sales rep who you know helped me deal with sellers would this work in Hawaii yes in fact I want to get into Hawaii because I want to doesn't want to live in Hawaii so yeah and they're high price point so the more money a property costs the higher you can make per deal so somebody said do you need San Diego is not too expensive one San Diego is not too expensive dude San Diego is more expensive which means instead of making 10k on a deal you can make a hundred K so just keep that in mind you do not need a license and guys can I get another Lacroix thank you real-deal type of thing no license need yeah no license needed it worse everywhere everywhere in the US now if you're in another another country and you want to do it I would recommend doing it in the u.s. because I can't teach you how to do it in like freakin South America or whatever I can teach how to do it in in u.s. that's where I do my deals and yeah have you ever done any deals in Houston Chadwick yes actually I have my buddy Jake in late 2015 we did marketing Houston we closed a couple deals together so it's funny you actually mentioned that that was one of the markets I was forgetting to mention okay willing to learn here really interested thank you very much yeah definitely you can go to the link again I sat down for a long time I shared a lot of the stuff and my only thing is I would love more JV partners so do you drink too much bad nervous habit I'm losing my voice man so I don't know if he can hear that but I'm trying really not to lose it too much yeah how do you get $0 down so I talked about in the contract you're only money that you're putting in the deal is a earnest money deposit so when you sign that contract with a seller you know you put down what's it called an earnest money deposit with the title company or the closing attorney and you can choose whatever amount you want you that could be zero I don't recommend zero because in some states in order for it to be a binding contract between you and the seller in other words for the contract to be illegitimate you have to put some sort of money so my facebook page is jaylen white the world's youngest real estate investor actually so yeah you where can I get the course part on its if you're on the live call on the site it's ty Lopez column slash real estate live if you're on YouTube it's a tie lope it ty Lopez comm slash find deals if you're on Facebook live it stylo PES comm slash find contracts Instagram live Tai Lopez comm slash fine property if you're on Twitter which I'm sorry I thought I think we had some issues in the beginning is Tai Lopez calm / quick flip so I think they actually did some specials for the course do you guys have that for me so I can mention them so yeah they actually include some pretty sick things which I'm actually excited to watch these as well so you got the course you got the lifetime access to the mastermind community so that's the Facebook group that I mentioned so you can throw deals in there look for JV partners if you're in an area that I do deals in maybe we can work together and do a deal together they got the accelerator persuasion bundle so basically it's going to teach you different persuasion techniques very important when you're dealing with buyers and sellers just you know sales stuff you've got overcoming objections with the wolf of Wall Street so I actually bought Jordan Belfort's program my first year and I can tell you that changes the game and real estate because obviously when you're negotiating there's some sales and stuff you need to know how to talk to people you need to know to know I didn't go she ate so that's huge they got Jordan Belfort to come in and record some stuff for you for the course you're gonna have productivity and time management mastery so that's important obviously because you're dealing with different leads you're dealing with different marketing you're dealing with different buyers you got to know how to manage your time yeah you know know how to get shit done so that's gonna help that you got negotiation tasks tactics from the former FBI hostage Chris or negotiator Chris Voss so again more negotiation tactics I told you guys in the beginning the most important thing in this business by far is being able to negotiate a good price with sellers getting the deal and these things are gonna help you with that so that's why I you know I knew that'd be the most important thing that we cover or one of the most important things is just negotiating persuasion stuff like that so then we got replay of Ty's 2018 mentor conference if you didn't go that's pretty freakin valuable he had a bunch of mentors there and that'll be good so right now you can get it for 697 so obviously when you bundle all this up you'll probably spend 7 8 grand but he's you know we threw up for 700 so 697 so you guys can go over again to one of these sites and I'm not gonna sit here and like try to hard sell you I don't really care if you buy this or not but for the people who do let's do some deals together let's get it done cuz we talked about the marketing we talked about the process we talked about finding the deal doing the marketing leads buyers contracts negotiations figuring out what properties are worth you know how to do all that and it's literally gonna be like you know step 1 do the marketing step 2 here's something to go she ate and process your leads step 3 here's how to sign a contract step 4 here's how to find buyers step 5 blah blah blah so that's what we cover in the course again if you don't buy it I don't care you're at that point you're either my competition or my you know or my joint venture partners so for those of you who are like oh man just trying to sell me a course I really don't care if you buy it or not I'm over here my wife's at Disneyland I'm just trying to help people and hopefully get some more JV partners so yeah so do you need a lawyer doing the deals with you and others I do not have a really solid lawyer like specific lawyer I mean that eye contact for deals because I don't have a need for one when we got our contracts written up that's we contact a lawyer when we got our assignment contracts written up through a lawyer but beyond that you just use a title company and if the seller has a lawyer that they want to look over the contract that's totally fine we don't hide anything in the contract not like trying to be shady or anything like that very upfront very honest open and honest and if they have an attorney they want to look over the contract that's fine but as far as as far as me actually having an attorney we don't do that so by the way if you guys do buy the course and you're like oh shoot what if I'm too scared or what if this doesn't work they do have a money-back guarantee which is pretty sick so you really have nothing to lose I mean like I said don't buy it if you you know if you're not good with that don't buy it well we got a 60 day money back guarantee can actually can I show that that's kind of cool way it's not a perfect cut but there you go there's their 60-day money-back guarantee in case you get a little scared but we give you literally everything you need to know to go out there and do deals so I showed you guys the deals I showed you how we do it you know I'm seeing Daymond John the power broke yeah I think he was just here a day or two ago talking about that and I see a couple of comments like what if I'm broke work harder figure out how to get money you know go out I tell you what for the people who say they don't have a couple hundred bucks you're lying to yourself man because you can sit here and say oh this kid doesn't know what he's talking about I did not I can't call my mom today and say hey mom can I have money to pay for marketing absolutely she'd be she slapped me across the face you know you know I I had to start just like most of you guys did no money and if you're gonna sit here and tell yourself that you can't come up with a couple hundred bucks to do marketing and you don't have to buy the course but you're gonna sit here and say oh I can't afford that course I need to buy my Jordans I need to go out and eat go look at your budget and you probably spend like I was looking at what we spent on food and we spend sometimes like 500 bucks a week on food just going out to eat and when I was broke I spent a lot of money on food like I would do little pieces of work for people I knew make maybe 50 bucks here for a few hours of you know four or five hours of work and you know I'd spend it on food or new pair of shoes but for once just make a little bit of a damn sacrifice and you know start a real business you know people talking about Bitcoin and stuff like that most of you guys have a thousand dollars to your name create a business that creates cash flow create a business that you is can actually be predictable month in and month out and obviously there's no way to have a perfect business I just click buttons and make money but have a real business that's gonna be here for a long time to stay and understand that business so you can pretty much print money I know at this point in my personal life and I'm not gonna speak for anybody I know but I know what what in my specific situation now that I have this skill if for some reason in ten years the market crashes and I lose everything I know that in 45 days or 60 days maybe 30 days I can go back I can do some basic marketing get a hundred 200 bucks worth of marketing I can talk to a seller and in 30 to 45 60 days at max I can have another 10 20 grand in my bank account and that's a pretty amazing skill to realize that you've developed so and you know for me there's people who say Oh what about e-commerce what about all that well that's fine but I like to have something that is here to stay in real estates never going away this is a skillet that will pay you for the rest your life we will always need houses to live in and apartment buildings to live in you can go wholesale apartment buildings one of my one of my my mentors actually just flipped a apartment building wholesale dip got it under contract I sign that contract and made four hundred grand on an apartment building so that's crazy Isaac said thoughts on the Detroit market that's a very good market to be and I showed you guys some of the deals in Indianapolis those are like the easiest deals I ever do Phoenix easiest deals when they're in the you know like rougher areas Detroit has some rougher areas just figure out where people aren't buying and I talked about that in the course as well and and yeah click buttons make more money I know bro that's Jeff literally that is like every live stream you see nowadays obviously not ties but all these scammer internet marketer dudes like telling you hey click this button do that do this and that no pick a real business and that's why I like tie and I like I like all this stuff he puts out real business you need a real cash flow business that can make you money every single month and pay your bills so is this useless for Europe tap-tap I would say no because no matter where you're at in the country you can do deals in the u.s. you can assign contracts in the US now I say that because I know people who have flipped from Prague I know people have flipped from Canada I was saying earlier I knew a dude I don't know him personally but I've heard about him in the SIRT you know real estate kind of the community he was flipping my you made like 200 grand last year from from Lebanon or so that whole selling in us do you need a team to do this absolutely not you do not need a team I have a team now after growing because obviously ties got a team here to help with you know all the stuffs go on in his company you need people help and you can't do it on your own to scale up to a million dollar business 10 million whatever your goal is so for me yes I have a team now but for you maybe you want to make do one deal a month yeah how do I feel about Atlanta Atlanta is a killer market I would love to do deals with you in Atlanta Renee yes I do have a youtube channel my name is just Jalen white Jay AEL I and white jaeyi Li n white I've YouTube Instagram stuff like that do you need a Realtors license Samara aye you do not know I don't have a license no reason to have one because we're not agents we're not doing anything like that Yvonne you know bro beignet sign marketing is pretty much free hi my boy Haim is on the call this is the guy who I was telling you guys about we did that deal in Memphis like a year and a half ago that was I was proud of because the buyer literally like holy crap how did this freaking 19 year old get this deal in my backyard and you know he made I had to pay him you know this amount so I worked with him on that deal so there's a work in Massachusetts absolutely yeah Howard County Maryland I don't know I don't specifically know that County but there's no reason that wouldn't work what's up Donald my boy I see a couple of my buddies on Facebook I'm in masterminds mentor me Alex get in the course man well I'll be in the Facebook group will be talking doing deals together in there so yeah you do tell buyers you're assigning you know when I'm what's up absolutely in fact that's actually one of my goals is I want to for 2018 I want to get into some commercial wholesaling so obviously now I've got the residential figured out we know how to market for sellers we know excuse me how to run our numbers now I want to get into commercial deals cuz if you find a commercial deal and you get it for two million and you you could excuse me wholesale for 2.5 million and make 500k those deals are happening now that doesn't happen in two or three weeks might take you two months to wholesale that deal but it's totally possible so this assignment kind of strategy is you know counts for any in fact I was I was talking about this article I read in in I was about some dude in New York their company so they had a building and under contract in New York and I can't remember the exact numbers they had it for but you can look up the article they had another contract and they assign that contract for seven million dollars that's when I was I seen somebody comment do you want to do this in New York City yes I do want to do this in New York City because you know you got those big buildings that you can make a lot of money per deal now I'm not saying I'm gonna go out there and be able to make seven million on one deal I'm just saying you know there's a ton of opportunity in every single market so em carry fee no capital gains taxes now talk to your CPA but when your whole selling a property we get paid as an assignment so it's income you know to the business so it's just tax as a business there's no capital gains in this strategy obviously you want to talk to your CPA for that situation though because I can't give you tax advice so yeah hopefully that I seen Jhelum what about taxes yes of course you pay income taxes there's different ways to structure your entity again talk to a CPA but it's I pay income not capital gains on my wholesale deals so math you asked how did I get sent to Ty's house so ty picked me up on the corner of the road earlier I needed some food now I'm just kidding I met ty by two and a half years ago and VidCon yep my wife my wife said a youtuber and we were at VidCon and Ty and his team were there and Ty I'd reached out to him a while ago and he followed me I was like so ecstatic I was you know I was like he probably will never look at my account but I'm very excited that he followed me so I was able to DM him when he was at a VidCon and I went and said hi and I I think I just made 70 grand that Mont that was like probably two years ago and and yeah so we stayed connected and stayed caught up and he's really mentored me and it's been a blessing so yeah that's all I got tied with him by Bitcoin when okay I'm not gonna talk about crypto cuz I don't know much about it yet I know about real estate that's what I know so yeah man um so you have no money you have no time you know I showed you you can make 10 grand on one deal the average time into a deal is not a lot of time you might be spending you know 10 hours on one deal you might spend 3 hours on a deal that you make 5 grand on you never know so you don't need a ton of time you just need to focus and actually follow the steps again it's a step by step of a business as it can get this is a formula and I'm not trying to get all cheesy here but that's what's beautiful about it is that you literally send the marketing and get the sellers get the contracts get the buyers make money so yeah if you don't have time you're good you know you can do it around your job I have friends who do deals around their job cuz they're afraid to quit their jobs so yeah no money obviously I told you I started with negative in my bank account obviously if you can afford the program you're gonna want to go in there because you're gonna save like it took me like four months to learn how to do this actually just watching youtube videos online so and I made plenty of mistakes beforehand that I wish I could have avoided because they were very embarrassing like getting properties at too high of a price and stuff like that and you can avoid all that by you know joining the course so yeah does this strategy apply to Australia so not I don't know how the Australian market goes but you can wholesale from Australia into the US or in the US it's the same sort of situation personal name or LLC creation to do this Isaiah said I have multiple LLC's that I use now but from my first year I did wholesaling just with my name so Tony said did you have a job when starting I kind of had a job I was helping to load trucks so I would make probably like $450 a month and I was still in high school so I wasn't working full time but helping the load trucks and no it sucked so that was a motivation how about the Las Vegas market curve in I did a video on my channel with the dude who does like a hundred grand a month in Vegas one of my friends ad and he kills it and here's the cool thing you wouldn't even know how many deals actually sell at a low price like in LA you'd think oh it's so competitive I'll tell you what every month there's like 300 properties in LA that sell for under 50% of what their tax assessed value is you can go look up the stats so let's say I get one deal a month let's say guy who's really good in LA he's doing five to ten deals a month there's so many deals to go around you know each month let's say here's someone who wants to make like 50 grand a year okay this this is actually a good example and by the way what's your Facebook page jaylen white jaeyi Li n white by the way I figure this is this would be kind of cool because this makes me excited whenever I run numbers on my business and I look at like actually what it's gonna take to make a certain amount of money so let's say you guys want to throw in like amounts you want to make in 2018 just give me some numbers like realistic numbers they don't say like a billion bucks or something what are some numbers of money you want to make let's see I'll break down how you can make that in real estate okay Ted I see I see your comment first on YouTube 50 grand a year I'd be happy with yeah okay so you want to make 50k a year okay Ted let's say you live in I'm just gonna pick a random city let's say you live in Dallas Texas Ted let's say you live in Dallas Texas and you want to make an extra 50k a year okay I didn't well I was 18 I didn't even know what you know $1,000 in your bank account looked like by the way I want to say congrats to Mike Gonzalez and Colma Theroux for picking up the course congratulations I see a bunch of comments coming in yeah so will 50k let's say you want to make 50k whole selling properties in 2018 now some of you guys were saying like a hundred K some of you guys are saying a million all you got to do is scale it up from here so we want to make 50k in income okay so let's say we're going to be in Dallas Texas this could be any city but let's just say we're picking Dallas Texas and let's say in Dallas Texas we know the average price point and you don't need to like go in and plug all the info and do a lot of kind of stuff but you know you look on Zillow you see the average property is probably listed around 150 you know you can take 10% of that property price and you can guess that's probably the average price or the average profit per deal so let's say we're gonna make $15,000 per deal 15k per deal I made 12 $12,000 on my first deal and Phoenix is similar to Dallas so this is very realistic and you want to do 50k this year 50k and income okay so you make him 50 $15,000 a deal and let's say you know we talked about the process you got to have leads people want to sell so let's say you're going to you know for every the average industry average is one in 25 leads equals a deal okay we're just going through the math on how to make 50 grand in a year whole selling real estate so you're making $15,000 a deal you got one in 25 leads are equaling you one deal that'll make you that 15 grand so now you got to go out there and we talked about some of the marketing you know we had let me see if I had it right here we had like Direct Mail we had bandit signs we had PPC and online we had there's cold calling there's driving for dollars and it's all on that course you know I I just had had up this sign but we got like you can go to Tai Lopez com slash real estate live tile Lopez comm slash real estate live I show you how to do all the marketing step-by-step and everything else we've been talking about but you're gonna do that marketing to find 25 people who are interested and selling their property and it's pretty easy I mean you know you got find five for sale by owners or ten for sale by owners you do some bandit signs you get five people to call you and bandit signs are actually a lot hotter so maybe one of those five will turn into a deal for you but let's say you contact twenty five people who are listed as for Sale By Owner on Zillow and one of them happens to say yeah your price makes sense let's do a deal and you make a deal so we made 15k how are we going to get to 50 grand in a year so now we know 15k that's about how much does 50 grand per month that's like I should have done 60 grand to make it even but 50k divided by 12 so you're looking to make four thousand one hundred and sixty six dollars per month roughly so that's one deal every three months so that means every month if you're not falling the math is okay I'm like I will fall off too if I get too into math so you got to do one fifteen thousand dollar deal every three months that means pretty much each month you've got to talk to roughly ten people or leads so people are interested in selling so I tell you what if you can't find ten people in a month that's like a person every three days if you're too lazy to go out and call one person every three days to get a deal and make 15k and then turn that into a consistent business I don't know what to say to you you're just too freakin lazy if that's what's amazing about it it's a numbers game you talk to enough people you will get a deal so you need to talk to average of ten people per month you know making offers make 10 offers per month and there you go at the end of the year you look back and you made a fifty grand okay and if you're really cool you know you're a hustler you're ready to go guess what you're gonna close that first fifteen thousand dollar deal and you're gonna follow I showed you right here you know the scaling patterns you're gonna start doing some bandit signs you're gonna start doing some direct mail you're gonna start doing online ads you're gonna start bringing them all into the mix and guess what by the end of the year you might make a hundred grand all you know now is you need to talk to 25 people to make 15k and that's what I love about the business obviously we showed you the process and stuff like that but it's a numbers game you talk to more people you make more money that's what I love about it and finding the people is a lot easier than a lot of other businesses that you have to you know get leads it's very simple because people want to sell their property you can drive your neighborhood and look for you know shitty properties and I hope I'm a lot of customer so look for shitty properties in your neighborhood and you know going to your county assessor page I show you you know talk about how to do what's called driving for dollars in the course you go to your County Assessors page and you know you figure out who owns it then you contact those people you can call them I show you guys how to you know call yous like white pages or intelligence to find their number you can give them a call and you know make it happen so Victor says I like this guy no homo Thank You Victor I appreciate it bro I'm just trying to help out man like look at the end of the day I told you guys the story about the two kids who went to the house with me and one of them is now on college he's broke and I hope I wish them the best but the other one made seven hundred grand this year so you can either take what I shared his name's Alex signs by the way I'll put I'll put I'll put my Instagram in his Instagram I just broke down by the way how to make 50k so you literally have no excuse at this point on being broke at this point because I don't know so mine is at Jalen white on all social medias but in case you guys think I'm making this story up or whatever cuz there's so many cynics out there um you can follow my boy Alex signs or actually his Instagram is not Alex it's fyb signs follow him on Instagram hit him up ask him if it's true did you actually go to that first deal on 506 east Randy Street with Jalen in 2015 when you were all still in high school with another guy and did you actually make close to 700 grand shir and he made he's in college broke because he didn't follow it so and i'm not saying i'm like some like real estate superhero I'm just saying I followed the process I understand the process I've been doing it for three years and see ya oh cool Mike Mike Gonzales okay cool cool cool okay so yeah so if you guys have any more questions is this real Kenneth yeah that's real I just showed you like six different examples of deals I showed you two from like the past month I could show you a lot more but I figured showing you six is probably enough till I get the point across because everyone was like show me how to find the deals I showed you two from the past month I showed you two from like a year or a year and a half ago and then I showed you two from when I first got started so yeah yes it's real Lucas says he's not making it up but he's definitely oversimplifying it yes it's not easy we talked about this in the beginning of the of the livestream wholesaling is not easy it's simple the process is not complicated I wouldn't say I'm over simplifying look simplifying it I'm saying I would say I'm presenting the opportunity and they you know organized fashion but you got to realize it is not easy you have to put in the work you've got to be willing to make the offers you've got to be willing to if you want to make 50k talk to ten people a month make ten offers it's not easy to talk to a seller and when you ought to make the offer it's not always easy to say hey the max I can give you is fifty thousand dollars now there's strategies and techniques and that's why I've been on here for already two hours spitting you know trying to share some free information with you guys and you know I I can't literally sit down that's why we have the course you know so they those you guys who are serious can you know have this you know in-depth walkthrough on everything so yes I'm a little bit oversimplifying it but the process is not more complicated than I've shared with you it is actually a real business and yeah to make 15 grand in two weeks you've got to put in some work he knows D way my my wife made up the show she said Moo bitch get out beware if any of you guys know that you it's probably not that funny but mmm but yeah he said nothing nothing is ever easy especially fucking making some money that's right Keith seriously it's not easy to make money but as long as you follow the right business model you know it's not that crazy house is in my market are way overpriced though should I move to another one to look into getting into this you don't need to move somewhere else you can do it virtually I just showed you like three or four different states that I do deals in I live in Arizona yeah I do deals in Arizona but I do deals in Memphis Houston Indianapolis so you if you think your market is not good for what and I talked about that in the course how to pick a market you can do it and different so yeah but I'll tell you what your market might seem overpriced but if you use these marketing strategies these are people that you would have never known about unless you actually did the marketing and these people are actually open to negotiation doesn't mean everybody's gonna be open to a deal like I said 25 leads will get you a deal and that's not exactly maybe it takes you 30 maybe it takes you 10 out of out of my first marketing campaign I got like five calls and two of them were deals I made 20 grand total I showed you guys the 506 East Randy Street we made 12 K well I made 12 K and then the other deal the second deal we shop you we went over that as well we made 16 K total I made 8 K so I made 20 grand from that first one that was five leads and that was bandit sign so some marketing strategies is gonna take less amount of leads to get deals others it's going to take a little bit more but either way you know whatever how much is the course it was 697 I believe correct and by the way let me pull up this so that you guys can see it I hope this makes sense if you might if you want to make 500k per month or per year just talk to you you know a hundred people per month just 10x this number 100 people per month you got to talk to that's how we did 100 over 100 grand last month is because we got literally like 300 leaves or something like that so I think it was like 295 crazy but uh yeah where's that uh where's that other one cuz I have some people where do I get the course all right okay so yep so let me answer some more questions for those of you guys who he doesn't know do you weigh I don't know by the way if any of you guys don't know I have not I haven't even posted on my my like a picture on my Instagram I posted stories but I did get a Lamborghini that was one of my goals and here it is I'm 21 some dude I was that I can like a real-estate event and some dude came up I was parking the car I was being one of those guys that takes up two spots and he's like you know can you give me a ride I'm like bro let's do it let's do it so did I think I'd be driving a Lamborghini at 21 I was hoping I'd be driving a Lamborghini at 18 but I didn't know how the hell I was going to do it so I got into real estate and yeah Lambo when I got it like let's see like a week and a half ago maybe so by the way if any of you guys are wondering we do well it's gonna be either one payment of six ninety seven or if you don't have as much money you can do four payments of 197 so yeah whatever your whatever works best for your situation so what if no one wants to buy the property we're Kara we we talked about that earlier but I'll just reman ssin it in your purchase agreement with the seller and this is standard real estate you know lingo is this how deals with Realtors go to you have what's called a inspection period so the inspection period you can choose how long that's going to be for me I like to make it the length of contract so 30 days and as long as you're within that inspection period you can back out so selected stone bottle Lambo with my Bitcoin that's awesome bro Congrats if that's true okay the whiteboard is in the screen in the screen is the whiteboard in the screen it's okay oh yeah sounds good yeah so I mean yeah did I expect a Lambo no but I just showed you how to make 50k I just I realized I want to make 100k a month and I started working the math and I was doing that Derek said how rich are your parents I don't know bro you tell me my dad is a truck driver and my mom is a nurse so and I have five younger siblings so I do not have rich parents in fact they still wonder what the heck I do to make money so yeah does this only apply to marry America Mike said yes it only applies to America but you can do it from other countries you can do it virtually and I talked about that in the course so where's my network of cash buyers that's that's actually Brandon that's the easy part and I talked about that forgetting in the course yes backing up backing out of a deal is as easy as I say because of an inspection period and as long as you set the expectation which I talk about that as well we talked about this that on the livestream set the expectation that you know we're doing our due diligence now we got the due diligence period and you know we're gonna work on it that's kind of the standard process of doing a real estate deal is having an inspection period for the buyer so David you don't want to have to back out of a deal that's a bad thing I back backed out of like three deals in like three years so yeah make more vids Corbin tomorrow I got you bro daily I got you Corbin is it an illegal in Ohio dreamchaser said is it illegal in Ohio without a license so here's the thing though you got to focus it's not illegal if you do it right now I told you earlier if you do this wrong like any business it could be illegal if you go sell a property you don't have a car you know any interest in then it's illegal you can't just sell a random property that's like obviously common sense but you need to here's the important part you have a contract with a seller you need to sell that contract you need to market that contract for sale not the actual property you're selling your contractual interest in the property and that's when it will be you know when it's legal and okay to do of course it's not easy if not everyone will do it the cool thing is man is most people are lazy that's why there's this opportunity so most people are not willing to get up and you know they don't care to go talk to people make offers to make 50 grand a year or hunter grant or whatever Derek you said help a boy out Derek probably start hole selling property so let's do a deal together seriously what about privacy laws when finding sellers now obviously there's do-not-call list and stuff like that but remember we're trying to buy property so you can get lists of seller and I talked about that in the course that could be another hour of talking about but what state of mind I'm in Arizona physically I lived in LA for six months so yeah how do you sell the contracts just through an assignment we talked about that as well earlier in the live so if there's more buyers than sellers you just got to get the property if you're in a market where there's more buyers than then sellers you just have to you know you can pay a little bit more you can make more on the deal you know most people 99 percent of buyers are not doing the marketing strategies that we teach you that's our specialty or especially is finding those good deals and those sellers who have property that they are having issues with so yeah does it work in Mexico I don't know if it works actually flipping properties in Mexico but you can definitely I definitely know it works if you live in Mexico and you can you know wholesale in America ATM Mook said I'm trying but I don't have the money dude I just I just talked about it I was negative in my bank account when I first did it when I first closed my first deal made 12 grand so if you're broke then just start taking some action and follow a real business model and start making money where can I learn about real estate Erik no – you know if you're on YouTube go here live call ty Lopez comm slash real estate live real stylo PES comm slash real estate live and then if you're on YouTube Facebook Instagram go here I'm they can see it right pretty pretty well cool so if you can't see it ty Lopez comm slash real estate live excuse me real estate life how about Miami Henry said Miami is a great market bro I was not joking when I said you can do this in any market you just have to do the right marketing strategies so I'll remember you Derrick I will remember you bro how long will the course be up Ashley wants to know anybody know not long I'm sure all right okay how many hours in the day are you working Rene said now as you grow you're gonna be spending more hours obviously getting your operation bigger but for me personally I normally work anywhere from two to four hours a day on the business because I have team members who fulfill each task you know we talked about marketing really a my role in the business is just the marketing part getting those leads and then the selling the contracts part I had people who you know who deal with the leads and who lock up the contracts so I have 10k and lived in my home for two years where do I start Jonathan you're ahead of everybody else start whole selling make 10k and then you have 20k in the bay and then make another 15k on a wholesale deal so Lenny I invested a thousand dollars in 2010 in Bitcoin good stuff man good stuff then you asked some money to play around I would wholesale though if you're because if you learnt here's the cool thing if you have money and you learn how to wholesale once you get the deal if you want to flip it just flip it but if you don't you know you know how to make a quick 10 20 K oh is this ty won't everyone's asking about you what's up everybody that could be you oh sitting next to jaylen that's a bonus he's gonna take you driving around are we gonna do a live event or what sometime yeah I'd be down for that okay so social media marketing or wholesaling we're talking a whole cell in real estate that is my business that's what got me to get the Lambo so how do you find buyers for the contract okay so actually this is very important so you guys seen the bonuses we had you get lifetime access to the mastermind community you get the accelerator bundle you get the overcoming objections with Jordan Belfort and then all everything else it only lasts for the next hour you said next hour so I would say you should probably buy before an hour if you're planning on getting it like I said earlier if you don't want it don't get it like it's simple as that I showed you guys it's real I showed you my deals I showed you guys my freakin Lambo I don't rent it follow me on instagram you'll see I'm friggin second I get back to Arizona on Thursday I'm gonna be driving that thing so yeah Ashley said is there any hidden fees so no there's not when your whole selling there's closing costs but when you're assigning a contract this the buyers the one who pays the closing costs but yeah Corbin said an hour what yeah so yeah Yohan said another bullshit bro I literally just sat here for two hours and gave you two hours of my life sharing the business that I do that got me out of you know being a broke 18 year old and I showed you my Lambo I showed you my life if you don't like it get off the stream no problem like I said that means less competition for me I could care less bro to be honest with you can I do this wall in college Kendall said absolutely there's no reason not not to be able to in fact I have a dude who I'm actually trying to bring onto my team to do acquisitions you know with sellers in Phoenix and he's in college so yeah I'm buying my first home it's it's a Barbie Dream House yeah try to wholesale a Barbie Dream House Renee said how much money should I save look I'm I'm with Grant Cardone on this about how much money you need to make because literally if you're if you're still sitting around right now and you know you got the course or whatever you're sitting around go through the course but take some freaking action you never know you could have tenure I you know I can't promise anything I don't know how hard you work I don't know what your work ethic is and your whatever but if you actually implement you'll have results is pretty simple what's the minimum start of cash so Craig I started out with with literally I was negative 150 bucks in my bank account whenever my first deal closed and I made 12 grand on that deal so Anthony said I live in Phoenix are you hiring reach out to me on Instagram Anthony I'm definitely interested if that bro but I'm not joking I'm sick of people who don't work hard like it's just I'm sick of it so hit me up if you're a hard worker but Ashley said she can't buy till tomorrow I don't know if it's gonna be up all I know is what they're telling me which is that these bonuses are coming down in three hours right you said oh the next hour okay one hour so again Jordan Belfort I think I can't remember how much I paid for his course but it's pretty it's more than what you'd pay for you know what the whole selling course is for sure for just Jordan Belfort stuff and you get Jordan Belfort teaching of overcoming objections in here and then obviously you know Chris bosses boss Chris Boston the boss the FBI negotiator so this guy did it yeah is there any contracts with the program yes I do provide my contracts now that's not to say they're gonna be a perfect fit for you but they work in my business so maybe you want to consult with like a rocket lawyer attorney just to make sure it makes you comfortable buh-bah that's fine but it works for me you know I have all everything that I've needed to do it so where do we go to get the course Turkey said you go to let me flip back so if you're on on the site you go to Ty Lopez calm real estate live if you're on the YouTube live you go to tile up Escom slash find deals if you're on facebook live you go to tile up Escom slash find content contracts Instagram ty Lopez comm slash find property Twitter ty Lopez comm slash quick flip so to a my hiring in Texas not right now one but you know you never know so I'm not gonna say I'm not gonna expand to their full time so by the way there is a link on YouTube and Facebook if you guys are still confused on where to get it on Facebook in YouTube you can just click the link and you can go in there and get in the course again and look I appreciate a Pancho said you're awesome and inspirational man I appreciate it because there are gonna be a lot of people who will try to drag you down who will try to you know degrade you or whatever even I even see some people like oh this is fake whatever that's fine dude I showed you my deals I showed you my life I don't hide you know I'm drinking a Lacroix Lacroix water it's like sparkling water but so I appreciate that I appreciate the positivity so yeah let me see what does the mastermind community include so basically it's you got Facebook with me we're gonna be in there it'll be a couple of other real estate experts in there you can post deals you can look for JV partners you can ask about title companies in your areas it's basically gonna be a Facebook forum where you can or Facebook group where you come in and ask anything you need and then people like me and some other guys who do do deals will go in there and help you out ashley said how long and jason said how long did it take to make your first deal so for me it took me four months because I didn't get a course or anything like that and it took me I think I put a one deal or I almost put one deal on a contract but then I realized it wasn't a good deal um and so luckily I didn't sign it because I didn't know what clauses to put in the contract I didn't have a contract somebody I was literally like screwed so if you want to skip and save four months your life and just get into doing it right and save a bunch of embarrassment and burning your name with it Realtors in your area huh I would recommend the course but it took me four months to close that first deal from when I heard about the strategy and started learning and got into it so how many houses do a month do you close on typically we stay around four to six now some of the deals are smaller some months we only closed two deals but they're bigger deals but our general goal is to stay around thirty to fifty K a month now last month we just did like 125 130 hundred thirty-five I can't remember after expenses we made a hundred and five grand and you know that's our standard now for under that we try to get there I showed you the numbers that means we got to flip roughly six to ten properties a month consistently so giving to charities beats Lambos all day I agree Benjamin I'm not look here's the truth I got inspired to take action by seeing people with nice cars and stuff like that I'm not gonna sit here and tell you like money needs to be your only focus maybe you want to retire your parents look I said I send a good amounts of money to my parents because not because they need money or because I'm I feel bad for them what it's because they raised me and I want to give back to my family you know and I go to church and I tithe and stuff like that I'm not gonna get into all that you know a bunch of religious stuff on you but I'm not sitting here and saying the only reason to do this is to drive Lamborghinis I am sitting here saying go create something with your life and if you're broken you want money go out and follow it Eric said how old is this guy I'm 21 which by the way I have Justin Bieber looking and floppy hair cuz I got a big forehead and so I keep my hair down remember I was 18 closing deals with Justin Bieber hair looking like I was like your son's friends football partner or something like that you know football teammate and I was out there doing deals so literally I don't care how old you are what you look like agreed Jonah agreed but I don't care what you look like I don't care what your Excuse is I was 18 years old looking like 15 and most of the sellers I dealt with thought I worked somebody and I was fine with it I was like you know I technically what you technically serving the buyer and the seller so yeah most people assumed I worked for somebody even though I didn't say you know hey I work for somebody but that's how young I looked and I still looked at young I still look like a baby when I take off my hat I probably still look like a baby right now but yeah how do you get a contract so we talked about that you got to find the seller you got to figure out what it's worth blah blah talk about that in the course again you guys are interested Tai Lopez comm slash real estate live Haley said doing an amazing great vibe thank you thank you Annie said just joined in who's the speaker my name is jaylen white you can follow me on Instagram I wholesale real estate I'm 21 years old I did just buy a Lamborghini that's like the talk of the town for this call I guess and I share that because again I got motivated by that when I was young and I still am young but before I was in business and I'm sure that motivates some of you guys so Kyle how long ago that I film this course like a couple weeks ago but yeah my name is jaylen white you follow me on instagram you'll see no I don't rent my Lamborghini and the reason I put my buddy Alec signs his Instagram is cuz I told the story about my first deal I was and I'm sorry for those you guys who were hearing this the second time but I'll just summarize took two kids to my first deal to show him what I was doing some friends from school and one of them actually did something with it Alex at fyb signs if you want to like a look at it again there's my Instagram and I'm on YouTube – there's Alex's you can DM and then ask him is it true and he'll say yeah he made like seven hundred grand this year and the other kid is in in college broke because and I'm not saying that's bad I'm just saying that you know he could have been down a different path not that not that this path is better I respect his grind I respect whatever he's doing in college but I'm just saying if you want to make money you want a business go make it happen it's if it sounds too good to be true it probably is the green my man you are never going to make any money with that mentality I literally just sat here we are now 2 hours and 20 minutes into this live call I showed you deals I've done I showed you the exact process I showed you literally physical addresses that I have wholesaled yeah geez open up your mind seriously so yeah student loans are killing people Rene I agree dude there are people who still have student loans to this day so if you have student loans and you have a degree that you never use get a degree in something that will make you some money this is not a real this is not a degree this is online education but this is something that will make you money for years to come what does flipping mean flippin means vertex to get something for a certain price and to sell it for more we're talking whole selling though well this is where you can look at the course but we're talking a whole selling where you don't have to put any money into it let's see so uh Austin Brady said even though Lacroix is green always think about that money yeah I got two green water bottles I'm trying to think about that money baby this man is tricky speaking truth and is an optimist Rene I really appreciate that man look I'm gonna say it again my wife has a YouTube channel so I'm used to hate and stuff like that but if you're if you are sitting here saying all this is too good to be true and all this kind of stuff you need to reprogram your mind cuz you're never gonna make any money you're gonna be broke and you're just gonna hate the world and that's the sad state to be and that's why you know it's so easy as as like making money and it sounds stupid because maybe you don't understand it once you actually have a business that makes you money you start to be like why in the world would I share this but it it actually is fulfilling to help people I'm sure that's why I got into this that's why I'm happy to help do a course and stuff like that is because people are in the dark man they don't understand how to make money I was there when I was 18 and I'm still there I want to be able to make millions of bucks you know I make hundreds of but I want to make millions so now I gotta buy courses and get education and have mentors to get to that next level so you know J sir sir carpe diem said J if you don't have haters you ain't pop in so you pop in man thank you bro I appreciate that people arts are small-minded they're lazy they don't they are very very pessimistic so I want to say congratulations to Leland Jo Cheyenne Keith we all Arthur Burney air curse star Jacob Wilson all join the course again I just want to remind you guys they threw in all these bonuses that I even did not know look I'll be honest with you this course is worth okay let me let me break this down for those of you who are cuz I seen some comments like oh 700 bucks why do you why is 700 bucks for a course look well you could charge 10 grand for this course and it'd be worth it because guess what all you need to know how to do is go talk to 10 people or 25 people make 25 offers and I'm not saying that's an exact number that so that's an industry standard that you can use talk to 25 sometimes 30 sometimes is less sometimes it's more but talk to a certain amount of people make offers do the marketing tactics and get a deal you're not in e-commerce where you're making and I'm not hating on e-commerce this is just my business I love it I love real estate but you're not ecommerce where you're making ten dollars a sale you're in real estate this is where you make 15 grand a hundred grand on a wholesale deal I sent ty one of my checks I made just shy of a hundred grand on a deal you know when you're making that sort of money how can you expect how are you gonna expect me to go out there and train my you know I just sat here for you know we're over two hours sharing free info but how are you gonna expect me to give away every single secret for you know to people who aren't serious about the business that's why there's a course there's a barrier of entry now some of you guys can't afford the course right now you're gonna go out there and do a deal you'll buy the course after that's great that's what I did I had no money now it's probably gonna take you four to six months to even get close to getting your first deal and you can skip that by getting a course but if you know on the money you know bull wah but what I'm trying to get at is don't be afraid of some of a price tag on a course especially when it teaches you how to make high ticket or high profit sort of deals so I'm not guaranteeing anything you got to come in and work I show you the process that I use to make money I show you the process that got me a Lambo you know it's your choice and how you do it so have you heard of fortune builders little blah yeah most said to buy into this other people's program it's 25 grand of 50 grand to buy into this other real estate program I cannot even believe that we're sharing this stuff for 700 bucks it's still like I don't know because the seminar the free seminar I told you guys about I went to it didn't share it with me much chaired with me a lot less probably 1/100 1/100 of the actual stuff I share with you guys today they were charging like 25 grand for coaching and that's why I didn't get a course because I didn't know there are people sharing this for 700 bucks so who's the girl on your IG she's hot that's my wife bro she's married homie and I got a Lambo so watch out so not a magic Yvan said not a magic pill takes a lot of work and hours and marketing and rejection before finally closing a deal yeah honestly man look you cannot expect cuz I texted ty like two years ago I was like bro I'm having a hard time hitting like 50 to 100 grand a month he's like how you gonna expect to do that and have it be easy it's supposed to be hard it's not supposed to just be one button that's if it was one button everybody would do it you've got to put in effort you got to follow a proven method we give you the proven method you got to put in some effort and make it happen you know it's not just you know it's not just there so Jane woo said don't complain about 700 bucks being too expensive think about how much you're going to make with that $700 where's the man phone absolutely here's the funny thing so many guys explaining or complaining about 700 bucks just wait until your spending wing up when you want to make 100 grand a month I've spent 15 grand in marketing per month right now because I'm trying to scale to 100 km month you're worried about step one hundred dollars right now one time on a course and titus up there he probably spends millions of dollars in his marketing budget maybe tens of millions he's got problems that are a hundred times bigger than me you've got Pro I've got problems that are probably 10 to 100 times bigger than you know whoever is worried about that you just keep leveling up you make your problems bigger and you know along with that comes making money you know so yeah you're worried about 700 bucks but you're not thinking about the fact that you can have a hundred grand of your business implementing that so take your hat off George said you want to see honestly yeah how you like that huh can you imagine me showing up at your house buying the house for 100k No well guess what I I know my numbers and I show you guys how to know your numbers and people respect me people do deals with me so yeah I look like that I got hat head right now but I'm not like some like good-looking super suave dude you know you can be 70 years old you could be whole selling deals so I hope you are happy George this is a really good video Joshua said thank you very much Louise said LMFAO it's Justin I know bro look I really love this hairstyle for one reason I would love to make short hair cuz then I don't have to shower every day no I'm just kidding my wife would kill me but I like I like having uh I would love to have short hair but I got a big forehead so yeah I've got a thousand dollars is that I'm in the Detroit areas do it if you got a thousand bucks here's my advice if you have a thousand bucks and you can do whatever you want I'm not gonna say but this course is seven hundred in the course I show you how to buy bandit signs in that course I show you how to get low amounts of earnest money and I give you a contract so go there spend too much spend a hundred dollars a month for three months on marketing and get a deal that makes you 10k or more so yeah again hey I'm just gonna repeat it if you don't want to buy the course more power be to it I'm not here to pitch you I was Ty asked me to come teach this yeah that's me to do the course on my okay I respect Ty I love having him as a mentor I'm happy to come help I just sat here for a very long time giving you guys a lot of free info I'm about to lose my voice when I leave here and I have to pee really bad it's like a balloon like blowing up right now I don't care if you buy the course or not it's not my deal you know it's not my my decision it's your decision if you want to stay broke stay broke if you want to do deals together more in real estate go there you know if you're on the live call Gentile Lopez comm slash real estate live YouTube / find deals Facebook live ty Lopez calm / find contracts so on and so forth so oh yeah this right here okay oh you know I get P in the bottle and eyes that is that legal on Facebook and YouTube life thanks Ben well the sad thing is is I'm like so like someone was making fun of me for drinking so much which what am i popping like whiskey right now I'm drinking water but uh yeah I drink a lot of water it's just people in the comments repeating yeah people are repeating questions you don't have to maintain a real Mitch said what what about the license fees you have to pay to maintain your Realtor license he said about eighteen hundred two grand a year here's the cool thing you don't need a real estate license we're not being their agent I'm getting a property under contract and selling that contract there's no eight being an agent involved you know how to Damian said pee in the bottle bro I don't I don't know about that geez bro yeah so someone said what's your IG I'll just repeat it my boy Alex better take me for a nice dinner I told you guys that story earlier that's his but my Instagram in YouTube is jaylen white Jalen white many minimum amount of money for an assignment of contract Isaiah asked I like to make a minimum of five grand on my assignments sometimes I make less sometimes I make more so dude this is a so what's that why can't you open the bottle these are weird caps they're like it's like a popping captain oh cool I've never seen that on these ones huh that's cool everyone yet Joshua said why is everybody concerned about him taking a piss bro they should show you guys I care about you guys I've been sitting here for two and a half hours sharing stuff with you so okay so what should we do now should we leave this stuff up we're kind of getting a little repetitive on the questions and stuff the way Daniel I'll repeat this one more time in case anybody's new do you do any rehab no you don't do any rehab you just wholesale to contract my said who is actually creating the contract in all capital letters um you create the contract I'm the one signing the contract with the seller and then I'm selling that contract to a cash buyer how do you convince the owner to go down on the sale price dude number one you know bringing this back up they're doing the bonuses there's probably like 45 minutes left on that but there's a lot of different strategies you know I like could talk about that for another two hours but in the course not only are you gonna have and that's like one of my specialties is negotiation and I talked about that plenty in the course but you're gonna have the personality preview so you can understand personalities and then go she ate better you're gonna have Jordan Belfort the king of closing teaching you how to overcome objections which you just asked about and then you'll have the negotiate note negotiation tactics from the former FBI hostage negotiator Chris boss so you're gonna have some pretty legitimate negotiation stuff mr. Jibril said make me rich inbox me I can't make you rich I can show you what I did I'm hopefully becoming rich I wouldn't say I'm mega rich but I'm working I'm trying to get there and I'm not even guys look I'm gonna make one thing very clear I'm not even saying I'm the best real estate investor in the world I'm saying I know how to go out there and make 15 grand on a deal I know how to do that multiple times a month and I know how to teach you how to do that so swazey said hey I'm 21 how would I get the opportunity to work with you I would recommend Swasey if you got the money join the course you really have no excuse it's like six ninety seven one time or 197 four times four payments so you'll be in the Facebook group with me show you one time you got that bonuses for like another 45 minutes you got the Facebook community I'll be in there answering questions I'm sure a couple of other real estate guys will be in there you can help you with deals and get that done so biggest mistakes beginners make when starting Isaiah man I'm gonna be real honest with you it's not following the right advice some people look there's people out there who are teaching like you see these signs on the side of the road real estate investors seeks apprentice those are people who are teaching methods that worked 10 years ago like marketing methods like for example doing newspaper ads some people are out there buying courses on how to make newspaper ads worth in 2018 and people are teaching other people how to make newspaper ads to find sellers like find people who yeah someone said is that the guy from wolf of Wall Street on the bonuses yes act Jordan Belfort dude from the wolf of Wall Street is actually in the course he's teaching how to overcome objections so yeah I really have to pee so where do you guys where should we go from here yeah I'm turning the mic off for now that's cool definitely feel free to mute that microphone folks right now here in the studio we may need emergency surgery that's a reference to a point of YouTube video if you can if you can quote or tell me what YouTube video it is I just referenced and quoted I will I'll do a five minute phone call with you about that another clown indeed alright so y'all say people are leaving comments weekend there's the secret kind very secret deals I like doing a lot of secret real estate deals but I don't tell people about ties approached me a few times to be in the in the course or to teach in the course and I I said man listen we go way back you're my brother I love you I want to do whatever I can to to be involved with this exciting venture but one thing I will not do is teach a course on real estate you've gone too far oh I don't know anything about the z-coil well that's right yes it is it is my cryptocurrency yeah so I can't answer any questions on real estate but I'd be more than happy to answer questions if maybe we could do something I don't know a little easier quantum physics or any kind of time travel let's see I don't know I'm looking here for the Zach smoking weed no I'm not but I appreciate the compliments I want your wisdom oh thanks Kenneth well I'll if you win that five in a phone call I'll in part as much as I can what's your favorite quote that's tough most likely it's going to be from Winston Churchill as Winston Churchill is my favorite historical figure why was the camera just off of me take off your hat what is the obsession with people wanting everyone to take home so yeah I mean ladies and gentlemen welcome back get your questions ready okay are we on yeah it should be screaming oh good okay so yes I went pee I'm all good I took care of it so tell us a redneck joke Anthony Reyes said tell us a redneck joke do you have any good redneck jokes nobody knows it's what Jack does in the background Google's Google's jokes and then I don't have herpes I can't guarantee that so I have I can't my fly can't be open whoever pointed that out because I have button zipper so they're all closed brings Isaac said bring Zach back they're starting to movement over here okay so back to the real estate stuff I think okay the Lamborghini gets people focused boom there we go Troy's head Zach I love to smoke a joint with you [Laughter] awesome say a houston is in a bad neighborhood but it's cheap and you could get a good deal on flipping it it's real estate and is real estate in bad neighborhoods and saluté no-go or that's ty asked that so ty I showed you right now two deals that I just recently did this month and a few others that I've done and though those are really crappy areas I'm not gonna hate if someone else you know lives in those areas that's fine but I'm saying from a real estate investor standpoint those are not the best areas to be buying in and I wholesale deals in the hood all the time I don't shy away from those that's where I got my first deal and that's where I like to work it so let me make sure I just want to make sure okay so yeah how long has this been up about three hours almost any thoughts on buying and selling cars no I like buying and selling houses you can buy and sell cars it's gonna be probably just as hard to find deals but you're gonna make like a thousand dollars on a deal and you have to put in all your money so I don't like cars I like houses because I do it without any money and I can go out there and make 10 20 grand on one deal get deals in Compton Hugo said Compton's are great area to wholesale what's your Joshua Pacheco said what's your opinion on renting versus flippy so for me I've got to be very honest and upfront I do not have any rentals right now the reason being is because we're in a market cycle that's very hot right now so a market can go only only go up for so long before it goes down and when it goes down boy wholesalers make a lot of money when the market goes down because sellers loosen up on pricing stuff like that so do i I can't even remember what the question was renting versus flipping so I don't rent in this market again I only got in three years ago I started out built my cash and you know maybe in a couple years I'll start renting once the market kind of simmers down and takes a little dip and but for now I'm stacking cash so yeah how do you stay focused on one industry there are so many options to make money but how do you do it Johnny look here's what I like I found I found some people who have what I want I found some other investors drive drove driving nice cars and stuff like that and you know I looked into it realize you could all sale real estate and you know what at the end of the day I have dabbled in other things over the past three years I tried starting ecommerce store didn't work took some maybe that was one reason it took me so long to get to 100 km months but you know dabbling is gonna kill you so what you gotta realize is that every business is gonna be hard and every business is gonna have its pluses and minuses I told you guys earlier that I texted ty and I was like dude I'm having a hard time getting to like 50 to 100 grand a month he's like dude it's not supposed to be easy it's not supposed to be like some walk in the park you can't expect to literally just turn a switch and start making 100k a month so you got to realize that every business is gonna have a little bit of struggle and that you've just got to push past that struggle pick one that you're excited about I love real estate why do I love real estate because it's gonna be around forever the same most of houses I wholesale were built in 1950 you could people were wholesaling I'm sure people wholesale some of the properties I've wholesaled people wholesale them in 1980 that same property it's always gonna be around people are always gonna have property and it's just it's a skill that'll carry me so what's with the bottle cap do it I know this is the weirdest bottle cap I've ever used maybe it's like a California thing but instead of screwing you have to like tip it up like that it's weird okay let's see what's my number one tip right white rhino said what's my number one tip to make money my number one tip to make money is just follow a damn proven course and just take action dude I told you already like me white why didn't I make over a million dollars this year it was because I did not spend the amount of marketing 15 to 20 grand a month every month is because I got lazy I might have spent 15k had a nice 45 K months I might have spent 3k had a nice 20 K months and then you know taking on the next month off the reason you don't make your income goals because you don't take action you know and that's why now we're being consistent I had 100 K month you know yeah I went I've consistently grown my income every single year to multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars but the reason I'm not making millions is because I haven't stuck to that until now so now that we're sticking to that we're gonna hit a million dollars I'm sure you know Dave day said if your home is on wheels and your car is on blocks you might be a redneck okay so follow a proven course and take action that's right man yeah seriously you look at the end of the day there's so many like Ponzi schemes and stuff I know big big connect just got shut down like and number one ID dude in my opinion I never put money in a bit connect I knew is a Ponzi scheme but I didn't even think about it because there's too much opportunity in real estate if you have the money to invest in big connect if you have a couple hundred bucks a thousand bucks go put that in just doing some marketing for wholesale real estate get a 1020 thousand dollar deal that's more of an ROI than you would have ever gotten doing doing the the big connect so money at a young age said how old do you have to be to start flipping real estate well you can be any age I started at 18 but I would have tried to start at 16 if I would have known about it okay how big of an if in effect do you think your dad was to you and your brother's success so I don't have a brother who has a business so I'm not really sure what you're talking about on that end but I my dad raised me to be a very hard worker he's a very very hard worker not a business dude but a very hard worker and you know that carry along I actually just took Ty's personality test and I scored really high in the diligence factor and I think that because of the way I was raised you know my parents made us clean a lot you know we had I have five younger siblings and that really carried over so Alejandro said is this course for beginners yes so it's it's for beginners or it's for advanced people because if you closed a couple of deals look at the end of the day I spent I've spent probably now again I don't spend millions of dollars like Thai but I spent probably like I don't know already closer to 30 grand on education stuff this year and I'll tell you what if I was somebody who is a beginner obviously this is for you you're gonna know step by step we've already talked about the process how to do each and everything but if you already do deals you're gonna see a couple things so wholesaling maybe you do deals more than more deals than me you got Jordan Belfort teaching you how to overcome objections you've got productivity and time management you've got the former FBI hostage negotiator Chris boss teaching you how to negotiate in a business that negotiation is one of the most important factors to making money you gotta know how to negotiate and you get a replay of the mentor conference with their people who probably spent a thousand dollars just to go to the mentor conference you know between the ticket between their travel between the hotel you can watch it for free it's included you get the accelerator persuasion bundle look even if you're doing more deals than me and you're like okay this kid yeah he's got a Lamborghini but you know I made five million dollars last year I make more money he you got all this stuff so yeah it's for beginners advanced I don't care how many deals you do all right why have I stopped making YouTube video has been two months I took a break to really focus on scaling big and that's how we did 100k last month over 100k so yeah I'll start posting in giving some free info as well okay okay wallah well wait for Instagram to go back live again if some of you guys are asking questions I can't see all of them there's a lot of comments rolling through so I apologize if you yeah hole selling is flipping contracts Nathan when did you get married I got married at 19 Moe said where can I get the course you can get the course at make sure I don't knock anything off here at if you're on the live call on the site Tai Lopez Tai Lopez comm slash real estate live if you're on YouTube Tai Lopez comm slash find deals face book Tai Lopez comm slash find contracts Instagram live Tai Lopez comm slash find property Twitter live Tai Lopez comm slash quick flip so any one of those you can go by the course klausy said where can i buy the course in all capitals Alex said if I find them if I take the program could we be partners bring me some deals Alex and we will work together on deals I told you guys I need more JV partners now if you're in like a market that I don't 100% know I'll refer you to someone I know but Novus said his name is jaylen white and Instagram is at jaylen white so I appreciate that Nova yeah it's at just jaeyi LAN white so we're gonna go live on Instagram again right now Casey Adams no I'm my name is jaylen white is this a step by step course absolutely you there's gonna be nothing left to guess you get the marketing you get you know negotiation tactics how to figure out what it's worth I show you my presentations with sellers on how to break down your offer point your offer price using different percentages and stuff like that to make it make sense we show you the contract step by step how to fill out a contract along with the buyers yeah there's gonna be nothing in there that you're gonna have to guess on what's the hardest thing you had to overcome and wholesaling honestly it's just getting started that was like the main thing believing that it could be done like I'm sure there's a couple of people in here who are like no it makes sense I showed you the deals you know you guys seen my car you know it works but you don't know if you can actually do it that was my biggest hurdle when I was first starting so manly said I came late what's going on mainly we're just talking wholesale in real estate I showed you guys a couple of deals it's basically wholesaling is where you get a property under contract for a certain price and you sell that contract to a cash buyer for a profit so let's say 10 grand okay Hey but in the course you'll have step by step you know how to pull this how to do act in it etc um one second okay oh I'm all good oh shoot okay can you guys hear me all right can you hear me tax key said the course isn't showing up okay we're good okay the course isn't showing up make sure you know if you if you're having trouble on any one of the links just try tylo PES comm slash real estate live he said it's not showing up is it still working guys the course is up right some dude said he's having trouble with the link Alejandro said why not a Ferrari bro the Lambo is I see I saw ty Lopez dad with his Guyardo in that first video in like 2014 or something like that and I was broke at the time I didn't make my first deal until May of 2015 or closing my first deal and at that point I was like I need a Lamborghini Guyardo and so there was no Ferrari there was no Audi r8 in question I knew I needed to get a Guyardo so what's a JV partner out Anthony house JV partner is a joint venture partner basically means that you get a deal and I'm gonna help you either find a buyer or I'll put up the money and do that deal with you Chris Starr said he doesn't see the course either how much money would you say you needed to get started I just almost fell you need literally well if you're gonna buy the course 700 bucks or 197 times four payments and then after that I got started with $0 I borrowed my $10 earnest money deposit from my girlfriend and my now wife's dad so is that my Lambo right Ryan oh yes it is here let me show you guys my Instagram real quick okay cool just want to make sure so everyone says show me your Instagram here's my Instagram I live in Arizona so go follow me you'll see me driving the Lamborghini when I get back home on Wednesday night or Thursday morning having decided when I'm gonna go back but you'll see me driving the Lambo then you'll see me drive in the Lambo on Saturday then probably next week on Wednesday then maybe next week on Thursday so no I didn't rent it I don't want a Lamborghini it's a Guyardo and it was paid for by real estate so yeah so Daniel you said show me at my ig there you go man by the way guys this Instagram phone right here that shows comments needs to be plugged in it's got 10% okay let's see who are you going for the Superbowl I don't do it I'm a Steelers fan I was going through the Steelers that game with the Jaguars my dad was probably they live in another state my dad was probably throwing his shoe at the TV he was probably so pissed so I really don't care at this point I'd say the Patriots probably are gonna win just because Tom Brady is the goat but I would have much rather seen the Steelers go against the Patriot or Steelers go against the Patriots in the AFC I think is but honestly I do business I don't really worry about sports that much anymore so yeah let's see thoughts on cryptocurrency bro well actually we'll you said can I get the program tomorrow will I don't know if you can they might close it I have no clue but I can't tell you that you won't get the bonuses and stuff so again if you guys need the links Tai Lopez comm slash real estate live and all these but you will not get the bonuses which we're probably inching out until on where you know we probably have like I don't know 30 minutes 20 minutes left where you can actually get the bonuses with Jordan Belfort and all that kind of stuff that I talked about so if you want the bonuses you're better by soon if you got the money and you have more than enough money you're still thinking about it honestly don't buy it because you're one of those people who is too afraid to take action and if I had well let me tell you this I closed that first deal I made 12 grand the next day I bought like three different courses I spent like probably $2,500 of that first check on courses so yeah if you got the money and you're backing out dude 197 times four four payments or 697 one time I'm not gonna sit here and give you every single secret I have like to everybody in the world and trade hundreds of thousands of people my biggest secrets that wouldn't make sense and you wouldn't want that info to so those of you who are serious about it you want stuff that you know a groups gonna see you're gonna be in the Facebook group with us have all that extra stuff you know get in there so yeah Jeff we're in the reselling business Anthony I'm in Phoenix White Rhino do you ever donate to hospitals I haven't yet I go to church and I love you know tithing and stuff like that and I give to my parents so Karl the tactician said most of this knowledge on hole selling real estate is already free on YouTube bro that's duh you're on a free live call right now you're like nobody is gonna sit there and give you every single secret of look if you're if you think you're gonna watch free content that somebody made and know every part of their business and how they make money you're a fool because someone who makes money and actually like feeds their family with those strategies they're not gonna be sharing everything everything for free so you're a fool if you think that you can just go out there and get every single secret for free now if you don't have the money has a different story go figure out how to get the money go go go look if you don't have a couple hundred bucks in your bank account right now it's cuz you're lazy oh and I'll say that like to be frank because some people like to say you know if you have family whatever you everyone's got different situations but for most people is if you don't have a couple of hundred bucks you can you'll know why look at your bank statements and look at how much did I spend on food this month how much did I spend on clothing and shoes how much did I spend non-entertainment that I didn't stuff that I didn't need and I can almost guarantee you that at least 10% of your income was spent on stuff you didn't need so if you make $2,000 a month there you have $200 a month that's your course right there or that you know marketing money or whatever save that up so ya know the gentry mom said ah man nothing is free absolutely that doesn't mean I'm not going to share everything with you guys here I'll pull my Instagram up one more time cuz I seen a couple more comments Instagram in YouTube is that Jalen white reason I have this my buddies up is cuz you know him and another dude went to my first deal with me and he actually followed the strategies he's making like seven hundred grand a year now and the other dude is broke in college cuz he didn't do any of it so that's why I had his so at jaeyi li and white so you're a puppet calm down dude I don't know bro we have like probably thousands of people comments so far saying thank you so much so if you want to be a puppet and follow the average you know cycle of going you know go get your job go do whatever you need to do that's fine like I said get off the livestream I could care less I'm just sharing what I use to make money young because you know yeah alright so alright guys what should we do next should we just leave up the links and stuff like that yeah all right so yeah we're good I think I hope you guys have enjoyed this and hope I've shared some valuable information for you and I hope I see you guys in that Facebook group if you join the course so again flip this oh yeah absolutely so all these bonuses remember you probably got like 20 minutes 15 minutes so hopefully I see you guys in