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Office romance ohohoho juicy but most times taboo it should be no surprise that co-workers can develop feelings for one another given how much time you spend at work office romance is often viewed negatively because it might lead to conflicts of interest as well as other issues At best, you are this month’s tea At worst, you may need to switch jobs However, there are ways to handle an office relationship professionally Just ask Bill and Melinda Gates Okay, just kidding If you are starting a relationship with a co-worker, or you are already in one, or you just want to be “kepoh”, here are some things to consider: It’s important to know how your management feels about office romance Some companies require you to inform HR or your manager if you’re in an office relationship This is to create transparency and help others manage the situation accordingly Unfortunately, some companies have strict rules against office romance Once you have determined your company’s stance you should ask yourself if it’s truly worth it Which brings us to point number two You can’t really know if a relationship is going to work out Life is uncertain that way But that doesn’t mean we cannot assess if this is it Ask yourself hard questions Is this relationship budding from multiple late-night work sessions? Sharing the same frustrations about your clients? Or, do you actually have a connection beyond the office? Ask yourself these questions before moving on to the next point. If you have decided to be in a relationship keep a professional distance and be mindful of your interactions with each other PDA or public displays of affection may look unprofessional Moreover, it could make others in the office uncomfortable and affect workplace dynamics Don’t let your relationship distract you from work or affect your decision-making People may still gossip but at least you are keeping it professional Every relationship has disagreements and arguments However, try not to bring your personal issues into the workplace It’s not easy when you share the same office but try to keep things professional and address your personal issues after hours So, before you dive into an office romance remember the points above Always be professional and honest with yourself, your partner and your colleagues Some relationships don’t work out Usually, we just need some time to heal But if office romance becomes a serious issue you might want to think about whether it’s worth staying in your current workplace And of course, no matter where you are we hope your romance will blossom As you grow together may your careers grow too Thanks for tuning in to Elephant in the Office Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate And we will see you in the next episode

OFFICE REBEL Ft. Akshat Dixit | PDT | Comedy

You tell me one thing what problem does the
management people have with us? Who calls people to work on 1st day of the
year? You tell me you’ll party on 31st and will
you be able to come to office the next day? Am I going to finish my life travelling between
my home and office all the time. I won’t come to office on 1st at any case. Listen, bro! Don’t do any such things you’ll get a
warning from the HR. Why do you want to get fired? Oh, please! I am not scared of the HR! Have you seen her condition? She’s not been able to find a partner on
tinder also Then she decided to try on that stupid what’s
his name the IT guy? Pankaj, is her new lover. What are you saying don’t joke around? Is this really true? Yes, bro people do anything for sex these
days. All right, then you go and meet the HR and
talk to her, hurry up! What do you think that I won’t be able to
talk in front of her? Bro, I do not only preach I’ll prove it
with my actions. You keep sitting here in your seat doing nothing! I won’t let my new year plans go to waste. Bro what? What do you want to say? I am going to escape in the end moment By saying that.. that.. I have diarrhea. Do what you want to do! What will they do? Ask me for samples? Bro, I am not going to come whatsoever. I told them if you guys have problems with
her then tell her about it why are you telling me? Technically what I am saying is.. Did you get to know something? What? The leave, which we used to get for 2 and
a half-day which they used to give us like charity is
going to get cut short to only 1 and a half days
now. What non-sense man there’s no such thing
happening. Okay, tell me one thing.. you were the one who thought that 1st of January won’t be a working. But you’re coming to work right? I am telling you this is how dictatorship
begins. Today they are telling us to come on 1st January
to work Tomorrow they’ll say your paid leaves won’t
be carried forward. Then they’ll ask you what’s Diwali bonus. And then seeing you get 5 mins late they’ll
deduct your whole day’s salary. Then CAB, NRC, demonetization and what not. We don’t know tomorrow they might say your
nail filer Is a deadly weapon? I ahh how can they say like this? We can’t let this happen. Exactly! That’s why I am saying we should raise our
voices. And say no to working on 1st January. Exactly! we will not work on 1st January. That’s like my girls! Sorry! Testosterones. Bye! Bro I’ll say I am not coming to office I
have high fever And I cannot come do whatever you feel like. Bro these management people don’t have a
life of their own And neither will they let us live peacefully. Bro I just go married a few weeks ago. When I get home my wife checks the
door thrice before opening up. Instead of doing bondage sex, I am stuck up
in bondage labor. Bro, that’s bonded labor. You just shut up! Why are you worked up, man? We are also coming? This is happening because of people like you. Take him for an example. He behaves in front of the boss as if he’ll just removing his pants
like he’s ready to lose his virginity to him. Listen bro there’s nothing like that. Why don’t you just shut up man. Why do you think the whole office keeps calling
you rosemary? Now what should we do? Should we go and fight with the management? Yes, that’s what I am talking about we should
fight. We should raise our voice for our rights. Say no to coming on 1st January. Or else can you see this? This? You’ll have to keep playing with this for
your lifetime. Tell me one thing do you seriously think that I am boss’s pet? Yes! I mean no, no I was thinking that even we
shouldn’t come on 1st January. He’s actually right! Bro I’ll tell them my car was torched in the ongoing protests. Now tell me how would I have come then? Today… we all are gathered here to fight for
our rights. Because this management thinks of us as Anarkali and themselves as Akbar. But we’ll let them know that we are also
not going to comply with their demands. What do they think? That they will make any new announcement and
make us follow that without anything? No! Now it’s time that the management starts
working according to us. (Screams out loud) FREEDOM! FREEDOM! We’ll take it anyhow. FREEDOM! This is what I expect from all of you. And remember one thing! That in this battle.. I am not with you guys. What! What? Hello?? I mean.. I mean I am standing in front of you guys. So, how’s the josh? High sir! (low tone) I said how’s the josh? Actually it’s 3 pm so.. the management is having a meeting. Okay then… we’ll approach directly to the
boss. Follow me! Sir there’s something serious we want to
talk to you about. Yes, tell me. Are we getting a leave on 1st January or not? Who all wants a leave? Sir everybody wants it. Oh, right! That means you are their leader. Do one thing pack your things and leave. You are fired! Sir, fired but why sir? Sir, these people manipulated me to do this. Sir, I don’t want any leave. In fact, none of them deserve a leave. Oh, is that right? Yes sir. Sir this
Sharad, he keeps sitting in the washroom the whole day
Until someone switches the net off. And sir this girl does online shopping for
the whole day And sir the guard who sits downstairs is receiving
salary for picking her orders for his lifetime. And sir, him 10 a.m. is the time for office;
he comes at 12 every day. No, sir, no! Sir, it’s all lie. There is nothing as such in fact we all are
very happy working, right guys? Yes, sir! Okay! Then everything’s sorted, right? So, get back to work. and exit my cabin right
away. Thank you, Sir! Sir, your shirt is looking great. Happy new year in advance. Did you guys see how they take advantage of
such poor people like us? Lodi’s coming, right? I swear I am going to
get all of you leaves. Everybody Get him! Hey guys! We hope you enjoyed the video Please do not forget to like, share and subscribe To PDT!

Office Splash Zone

♪♪ Guys! Guys, you wouldn’t
believe what happened on The Bachelor last night! Becca is out! [spits] Oh my goodness, I am
so sorry, Dalton. You just caught me off
guard, are you okay? No, um, yeah, don’t sweat it. Anyway, it seemed like Becca
was going to be a shoe-in from the commercials, right? But she didn’t even make it
to the rose ceremony! [spits] I am so sorry, I wasn’t
listening the first time!
Whoa, guys, guys, guys! You know that interview
I had last week? I got the job! [spits] How long were you
holding that in for? A couple minutes, I guess. I was just trying to
savor the flavor. That’s not how you
drink water, James! You’ve obviously
never had Dasani. Aaron:Guys, guys!Whoa, wait, wait, wait! Okay. So you guys know how Valerie
and I have been dating for a while now, right? [all spitting] No! I didn’t know that! I knew that. She’s just way out
of your league. Well, I proposed,
and she said yes! Oh my goodness, yes! No! Why?! Why? I don’t know. [spits] I am still thinkingabout
the Bachelor, you guys!
Stacey:Whoa, whoa, whoa.What happened on the Bachelor?Becca’s out! What? No. No! No, stop it! No, what are you doing?! What? Me? Nothing. No! Stop it! Stop it, this is not
what friends do! We’re sorry, buddy. Yeah. Sorry Dalton. Sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m– It’s just a bad habit. Do you– Yeah. Thank you. Whitney:Hey guys!I’m pregnant! [all yelling] I can’t believe it! Take me, sweet death. [all screaming] Hey guys, hope you
liked that video. Please like, comment and
subscribe to our channel, and– Jason, are you
swallowing that, or– Mmhmm. Do you have anything
to add, or–

Office Politics – How to Deal with Difficult People at Work

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda Raynier of guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy and in today’s video I’m going to share with you four key strategies on how to deal with difficult people at work and office politics so that you can be happier and more productive at work without the drama as a career strategist I’ve had the honour of being able to help numerous professionals land their dream job offers and if this is something that you’re interested in working with me one-on-one I can give you details about that at the end of this video as much as we don’t want to believe that office politics exists in many workplaces unfortunately they do and it comes with the territory of working in most organizations so just to clarify what our office politics now I’m sure you have your own definition of what office politics is but essentially the apprentice is all about the idea of using one’s relationships one’s connections for their own personal game meaning they there’s a lot of schmoozing happening there’s a lot of side conversations that are happening and people are being able to get opportunities are able to move ahead not necessarily based on the quality of their work but more so based on who they know and who they’ve been able to develop relationships with and so there’s a bit of favoring that happens amongst the team’s certain managers prefer certain people over others and so that creates drama and negativity and gossip and so overall I would say that that’s what office politics most people can agree with that’s what it entails so if you’re someone who seems to be struggling in an environment where office politics seem to be rampant then this video is for you here are my four key strategies on how to deal with office politics now before I go into full detail into these strategies the first thing I want you to understand is the underlying message behind all of them and that is in order to truly navigate office politics successfully you have to set yourself apart setting yourself apart means developing a strong personal brand and when you can set yourself apart from others in your organization and really stand out from the crowd what’s going to happen is it’s going to give you an opportunity in space to still continue to grow in your organization and not get lost in the drama strategy number one is to demonstrate high value high quality work daily a great way to stay away from drama and conflict at the office is to be a superstar at the work that you do now why is that because if you’re known to be someone who delivers consistently high quality work then you’ll be trusted by your managers and senior managers to do your work you’ll be given more autonomy and independence which means that you won’t be as closely intertwined and working with those who like to stir up drama as often because you’re not going to be on the same level as them essentially you are physically setting yourself apart from the rest of the crowd in a good way so go ahead and start shining strategy number two become the expert at your job now this ties in to demonstrating high quality work but part of navigating office politics and making sure that you’re immune to it as much as possible is to become someone who is irreplaceable in your company ideally what this means is that you want to specialize in a certain area in your company or organization that is crucial to the business for example let’s say that you work in a large bank and you happen to work in a specialized area such as risk management compliance social entrepreneurship or supply chain management then you want to really know the work that you do and you really want to know that specialized area and become the go-to expert or advisor or knowledge champion in your company for this specialization and this is all because becoming the expert gives you immunity from the drama yet you still have opportunity to grow in advance in your company because you happen to be one of the very few key employees in your organization who are truly really needed because you’re the expert and so like I said you’ll be immune from the office politics immune from the drama as much as you can be and still be able to move up strategy number three engage in important conflicts but avoid the petty ones many people think that avoiding office politics means you have to avoid all types of conflict entirely and just stay away from it but actually I don’t feel this is true if you truly want to be someone who can demonstrate your value your influence your brand and your level of importance in your organization then you can’t go into work every day covering your eyes and ears there are two types of conflicts professional ones and personal ones I say that you should engage in the professional conflicts professional conflicts of course there are a time and place for you to engage in them but they’re basically instances where there are disagreements between you and let’s say your boss or someone on your team on how certain processes are being run if they’re going to be inefficient if they’re costing the company time and money if it hinders you from being able to do your job in the most effective way then those are the types of professional conflicts that you should stand up for you should politely disagree with senior management if they’re making decisions that are limiting you from being able to successfully perform your job and that have an overall negative impact on the organization and its customers for example let’s just say that you work in a bank and they are discussing a potential new rule or policy that’s going to hinder you from really successfully helping your customers in an efficient way if that’s the case then feel free to raise your voice and make your stance but don’t make it sound as though it’s a complaint you have to have a backed up evidence based solution on what they can do differently and suggest that so you’re gonna politely disagree but you’re going to offer a solution as well but you can see that these professional conflicts are way different from those petty personal conflicts that a lot of people get into with their co-workers you do not want to be around those drama-filled employees stay away from them and this leads me into strategy number four which is stay away from the stalkers but be friendly and courteous so for example Suzy the office gossiper even though you know that she knows everything about everyone in the office you don’t necessarily have to become enemies with her you could still be friendly and courteous just don’t get too close to her or Joe the male version of the female gossiper in the office he likes to also talk a lot you can still be friendly and courteous and polite but just don’t get too close to him either the key here is that you still want to be friendly courteous light and to all your co-workers in your company and if they decide that they want to tell you things or ask you specific types of questions want to try to find out information just don’t give it to them just be very short and sweet with your conversations and walk away so here is an inspiring quote that I think wraps up my message nicely you will never influence the world by trying to be like it so there you have it my four key strategies on how to navigate office politics and still get ahead in your company without being tied to the drama now if you’re at a point in your career where you’re ready for a new move and you’ve been trying to look but you haven’t landed many interviews or you haven’t landed the job offer you’ve been wanting and you realize that you need that one-on-one professional guidance then feel free to reach out to me head on over to read through my page fill out the application form and if I think that we’re a match then either I or a member of my team will reach out to you directly if you like this video then please give it a thumbs up subscribe share it with your friends thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time