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Office romance ohohoho juicy but most times taboo it should be no surprise that co-workers can develop feelings for one another given how much time you spend at work office romance is often viewed negatively because it might lead to conflicts of interest as well as other issues At best, you are this month’s tea At worst, you may need to switch jobs However, there are ways to handle an office relationship professionally Just ask Bill and Melinda Gates Okay, just kidding If you are starting a relationship with a co-worker, or you are already in one, or you just want to be “kepoh”, here are some things to consider: It’s important to know how your management feels about office romance Some companies require you to inform HR or your manager if you’re in an office relationship This is to create transparency and help others manage the situation accordingly Unfortunately, some companies have strict rules against office romance Once you have determined your company’s stance you should ask yourself if it’s truly worth it Which brings us to point number two You can’t really know if a relationship is going to work out Life is uncertain that way But that doesn’t mean we cannot assess if this is it Ask yourself hard questions Is this relationship budding from multiple late-night work sessions? Sharing the same frustrations about your clients? Or, do you actually have a connection beyond the office? Ask yourself these questions before moving on to the next point. If you have decided to be in a relationship keep a professional distance and be mindful of your interactions with each other PDA or public displays of affection may look unprofessional Moreover, it could make others in the office uncomfortable and affect workplace dynamics Don’t let your relationship distract you from work or affect your decision-making People may still gossip but at least you are keeping it professional Every relationship has disagreements and arguments However, try not to bring your personal issues into the workplace It’s not easy when you share the same office but try to keep things professional and address your personal issues after hours So, before you dive into an office romance remember the points above Always be professional and honest with yourself, your partner and your colleagues Some relationships don’t work out Usually, we just need some time to heal But if office romance becomes a serious issue you might want to think about whether it’s worth staying in your current workplace And of course, no matter where you are we hope your romance will blossom As you grow together may your careers grow too Thanks for tuning in to Elephant in the Office Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate And we will see you in the next episode

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I have two things to discuss One is a minor thing While the other is a big one. Start off with the big one. No let me begin with the small one Ok tell me. There’s a fabulous story Our first hero is a mechanical engineer working in an IT company Our heroine also works in the same office but in a different department He fell in love with a girl from the same office. He wants to talk to her but he cannot. He tries to talk to her but even that fails. He is desperately looking for an idea And a friend who is our second hero helps him out Why are you wasting your time following a girl ? I love her Did you talk to her? I don’t know how to His friend gave him a fabulous idea. What idea did he give ? Install Happn App. What is that ? Open Playstore Download Happn App And login What will happen after that? If a girl crosses you her profile will appear here How come? Can you see her profile? It came Yes it came Press like 
And she will like back. It’s already late. I am leaving. Where are you going? To meet my girl. Hey dude she’s hit like. That’s all.Your life is set. Their love begins
And so does our concept Wear your Dupatta properly. Call me during the break. 
I will come Thank God. She’s still in her place. What are they looking at. What have you done? Naughty girl OMG Looks like you were having fun talking to that guy. We were just simply talking. I am the only person you should talk to. My team is planning for a movie outing. Even I haven’t watched the film. I didn’t even tell you what the movie was. How does he know you ? Don’t accept such friend request. Why are you looking at him? What’s the plan for the evening? I am going to the beauty parlour with my friends. Why ? For Waxing. I will also come.To drop you. Has anybody seen my girl She’s not here. I looked for her everywhere. But can’t find her. Dude she used to roam with many guys in college. What are doing here. Where are you coming from? Where will you come from when there is a need to use the restroom? What does that mean? You are single right. You will know only when you see it. Dude. My girl’s calling. What are you doing? What will I do? Do you know how boring it was to be in the office without you ? How was it? It felt like a barren forest. Dude I brought an Olay cream yesterday It was fantastic Do you want to know the name. It’s Olay. I will call you later. What is she doing ? Oh God. Why is her hand placed on her forehead. Can you help me out. I need medicine for my girlfriend. All the medicines are here. Please have them. Your curd rice and ginger coffee are on the way. Don’t wash your hair for two weeks Don’t sit near the AC. You might get headache again. Then you start getting more diseases. Who is having a headache? It’s for you baby. Did I tell you that? I looked at you from there And your hand was on your forehead I was just wiping the sweat since the AC wasn’t working. You were sweating Don’t wipe like this Wipe it differently Otherwise you will get scratches because of your nails. Does this box have medicine for all diseases? Yes definitely. There is a disease called stupidity. When was it discovered ? Just 10 minutes back. Take care of her. I will be back with the medicine for that disease too. He is committed but I am still single In this scene a senior girl is in love with a junior guy. What are you doing here.? You came in the last scene right.
Give me a role too. I am narrating a story dude. He gets a call and is talking on the phone. Did you guys finish this week’s sales report? I gave it to him long back. I designated it to Raghavi and she hasn’t finished it yet. It’s seems like you haven’t finished this week’s sales report. Did you finish it or not ? These guys are working sincerely. If you don’t finish it. How will I submit the sales report? Submit the sales report within an hour. Atleast you guys try to complete it next time. Where shall we go?
Park or beach ? Why did you shout at me like that? That is just to show off. When I told you I had work. You called me for a movie. It’s me My ear is paining You wanted the report within an hour right It will take two days. Atleast one day. No. It will definitely take two days. You wanted to tell me something This Raghavi isn’t doing any work And you are also not strict with her. When I asked her about this she brushed it off saying you are her guy. Did she say that ? Yes I will look into it. You can leave. What are telling to everyone in the office? What did i say? Bhagya told me everything. What did she tell you? Why is she talking to you? Who are you to her ? I am her manager. I know everything. Looks like she is roaming around your cabin the whole day. Nothing like that. Where did she come and complain? She came to my cabin only. Are you lying to me? We were just discussing. What were you guys discussing ? She was there for a long time. Didn’t I ask you something? Did you? No. I will just start the car. Why were you alone in the room with him? With whom? With Praveen. We were just having a meeting. A meeting is supposed to have many people. But you were alone with him. Are you doubting me? Yes. Answer me. What? Don’t ever talk to me again? I will never talk to you. Go away. I will find another lovely family girl who only loves me. A girl who only loves him ? Only him? This scene is hilarious. Dude it’s not funny. This is serious. What happened is! Can you come down? Let’s have coffee I am a little busy. You go by yourself. Ok bye I was told that you haven’t submitted the report. I wanted to talk to you about that But you were busy. I am free only. I am going for a tea break. 
Come with me. Let’s discuss. You won’t get anyone like me. What are you doing here ? What were you doing with her ? We were just discussing about the sales report. Is this a discussion? We were just discussing over a cup of coffee. You don’t have time for me The Ex who left you is a cheat. I will talk whatever I want. You can just go to hell. I will block you right now. I don’t care. I will never have coffee with her again. You also tell something. I will never go alone for a meeting. With whom? With Praveen. Are you satisfied now? It’s time. 
Shall we leave? Can we take a selfie? For what ? For Instagram. Is this your 50th post ? No. 5050th post. For 500 followers 5000 post! How does he know your number? When your partner is in the office good things happen too. Where are you Why are you late ? Why are you saying sorry now? Why are you always saying sorry ? Can’t you come early atleast once? How long should I wait for you ? You are always irresponsible. Look at me and talk. Can’t you look at me? Shut up. Don’t talk to me. You are always doing like this. Now will not talk. Just because I told you so. Talk now. Dont talk to me. I am shouting at you. But you are not answering at all. What are you going to say now? I know you don’t like me at all. Just break with me and leave. The biggest mistake I did was hiring you. He spoke too much. What happened ? There is a limit for everything. I am quitting this job. What will you do after that? I will find some other job. And work there peacefully If you leave whom will I talk to. All of you are shouting at me. Am I a human or something else. Okay okay chill The hero hugs the heroine. You will never see the hug. Are you ok now? Yes. I feel better. If we do more than this. They will throw us out. Is it so? Will you get this love elsewhere? If I find a girl in the new office it’s possible.

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Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT What happened with Pooja and Puneet wasn’t good I’ve heard that there’s no network in Nagaland I hope this doesn’t happen with us What Raghav! We decided all night, right? That we aren’t going to tell anyone Why don’t you understand, this is not gonna solve anything at all Why don’t you get it, that this is the best option we have right now We’ll sit, talk and sort this out Raghav, please! We’ve spoken about this a lot already Ankita! Let’s go for our meeting, we’re getting late Hi! Shall we? I’ll see you Lets go, please Let’s see, among these five, which gadget can you gift your sister on Rakhi this year Nice channel dude, nice video Yeah, I know! “Recharge” is India’s best Tech Channel I think the best part is that they have female anchors which is very good Anyway… Hi Pankaj Deepak is looking for you outside Deepak? Yeah, just outside here Okay, I’ll see you Ankita Bye, see you Hey What was he doing here Nothing much, he was just showing me a video with his hands on your shoulders? Raghav, there is nothing like that I know Pankaj really well If he asks me about you, I’ll tell him that there’s something cooking between us The way you behave everyone in office will find out anyway It’s no big deal if both of us cut the next farewell cake Why can’t you be even a bit optimistic? and why can’t you be a bit realistic I am real… The reality is, that both of us are a couple I can’t act anymore now I wanna come to office with you and not wait and walk in 5 minutes after you This thing of always maintaining a distance of 2 feet I won’t be able to do it So where is the distance? Now we can do whatever we want but not when we are in office and What are these typical teenager fantasies you have Like holding hands You might as well imagine about something wild Like.. Making out in the boss’ cabin What? You want to make love in the boss’ cabin? You turned out to be very wild What else can we do? One second! The point is I don’t want to pretend anymore But we are not even pretending… You’re behaving like a kid Is it paining? Yeah, a little bit It can be cheek tumor Cheek.. You need to consult a doctor I’ll forward you a number I’m going to a doctor right away Hi? What was this going on? What? Since when did this witch become a doctor? She was just helping me See, my cheeks have swollen up so much At least brush your teeth Your mouth is stinking more than the Seelampur sewage Hi! Hi Who uses this gents handkerchief? One minute What is this? What? This is an allergy A lot of mosquitoes bit me last night It’s mine only I mean I’ve started using it, just for a change Not sure about mosquitoes, but it surely looks like some girls’ teeth marks There’s nothing like that Listen Look here Is there something between you and that witch? No, no… Yes, yes… There’s something going on between the two of you I’m getting late I forgot my handkerchief, I’ll just be back Hi Goodeve-after… Hello (making things obvious with his nervousness) Thank you He’s so cute! He mentioned the other day that he is committed Do you know who the girl is? Me.. How would I know? It’s none of my business, right Are you and him a thing? No, no… Yes, yes… He is definitely into her They know about us I tried convincing Deepak but he is not buying my story That’s why I said that we shouldn’t do this Now tell me what should we do about this Now, let’s just wait Till they fire both of us Now, it’s not a joke Are you getting it? IT’S NOT A JOKE! Let’s call a strike then Say no to torture and yes to colleague relationships Raghav! You’re not understanding, they’ll literally fire us! Both of us I got it What are we going to do with your strike then? Relax, calm down We’ll think of something Let’s think I think.. I have a plan We can do something like, At this point if any one of us puts in our resignation papers there will not be any problem I mean.. I have my appraisal this month but if you resign Things will fall into place One second Why should I? Because it’s not about the job anymore It’s about us But you don’t even like your job and it’s better to switch Like, somewhere better where you’ll be happy Anyway I’ll still be there for you One second Just because I keep having fun on and off You think I don’t care about my job You think I’m lazy and immature, right? That’s the image you have of me One second, wait Ankita, I think you don’t know me at all, okay Please stop the car Hey Raghav… Listen, please be quiet Driver, stop the car Raghav, I didn’t even say anything like that Raghav! Okay leave then, fine! Yeah, whatever *The number you have dialed is currently busy* *The number you have dialed is currently busy* *Please try again later* You get angry real soon, right? You get triggered so easily Raghav! I’ve been calling you continuously for the past 5 days and it isn’t possible for you to even answer one call? What are you looking at? Just go from here! Are you crazy or what? I’m genuinely sorry You know that I don’t usually behave this way I don’t know.. how I behaved in such a selfish manner It’s okay Anyway, I didn’t really like my job It’s just that you were there so I was sticking around too Next time you get angry, you can be mad at me We’ll fight for a while, we can fight in the cabin too but please don’t ignore me again If you ignore me one more time, I’ll kill you Okay, you can do that But please laugh now Right now, your face looks like a round gourd Come I mean.. I was thinking that We can figure something out Like anything wherein you don’t have to leave your job and.. One second What? You’re telling me this now! After I’ve resigned What? Ya! You did what? God, this guy Before taking such a big decision you didn’t even discuss? I did discuss it with you before! When? You only told me that Firstly, I’m getting an appraisal So this means, you can look after me Secondly I’ve taken out so many xerox’s this month that when I give it to the scrap collector I can get two months’ worth of salary and thirdly The one who wins after losing is called a maverick You know what What? If you recite one more dialogue of Shah Rukh Khan I’ll just throw you out of my house Do you know how cute you are! Raghav, do you know how cheesy you are! Oh, you’ve cut your nails too Yes! Wow, 1 lakh likes in 8 hours! This definitely calls for a party But I was thinking Why not have a combined party for the 1 million subscribers too So quickly go and help us reach a million subscribers and you can be that 1 lucky viewer who can come and enjoy with us at the success party So go press that SUBSCRIBE button and I’ll go get your invitation made Okay bye!

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Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Please drive a little fast No, you can drive slowly at your own speed I merely get 10 minutes with you in the cab Why do you wanna reduce it to 7? and.. What good are these 3 minutes gonna do to you? Every minute is precious, Senorita “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” You won’t get it I never understand how I fell in your trap Oh hello! You made me fall in your trap Oh please! Really, who used to enter my cabin with an excuse to drop a file? Even now I enter your cabin with the same excuse Listen Raghav, please don’t behave this way Yesterday in office, Pankaj asked me seriously Seems like you two are really good friends So what’s the problem in that? You could’ve answered, there was no need to be scared Fear is essential You know it very well Can’t get away with office policies You are scared of everything Thank you What I really expected my girlfriend to be you didn’t live up to that By the way, start staying away from Pankaj he gived me a really bad vibe Look who’s talking Driver, slower please Plese stop right here Listen, you leave after 10 minutes I’m coming just after you I want to get off right now Come on driver Let’s go for a round Hey you! Yesterday you got 30 copies done Today you’ve got 40 copies already Why don’t you take the copier to your house There’s too much work today I better leave now Look at the beardo’s face Resembles a burnt corncob I’m sure he is deprived of pleasure from his wife Maybe the company is actually suffering from a loss Don’t jump to sensible conclusions Good morning guys Good morning sir I have a bad news for you all This year our company is facing a loss of 18% and I want to know why? Who is responsible for this? Product Team It’s all their fault Why has God given her a mouth and even if she’s blessed with one why does she open it so often What makes you say this Shivani? Sir will be able to explin that better Ultimately, I had to bear a loss of 18% Sir I think the Product and Marketing Team should work hand in hand In fact The teams should work together with unity What say Ankita? What I think sir, is that.. Both the departments are unaware about how the other one functions So, isn’t it the better decision to work separately like always But sir.. We’ve already tried working that way Oh yes! We’ve tried it Don’t you think it’s time for a change Ankita Good idea Raghav Sir I think we should also reduce the distance between the coffee & photostat machine Absolutely sir It’s anyway a long walk Shivani Sir You approve of this idea, right? Good idea Where were we? Sir, under the table… Sir We were taking about the departments the distance between them and how they should work hand in hand Oh, right! So, I’ve decided that this year both the departments will work together I will assign your new partners Ankita, I’ll send over the brief Do mail it to everyone in the office Okay? Yes sir Oh God, these never ending mail threads! Your laptop… Yes, you can get it iPhone has now become a style statement Everybody wants one Raghav? Be it just for showing off, but people do want it Raghav? Why do you keep doing this? Hi You are still not getting it? You won’t put an end to this behaviour What? You held my hand in the conference room So what? Why are you so scared, we are not school kids Plus you hands are too soft So, Raghav Are you getting it? I want that file right now Bro, I’m telling you This woman is crazy Why was she shouting on you? Just help me find the damn file Oh no! Oh yes! Who is your partner? Ankita Really, Ankita? Ew, that’s real bad In the 2 years of my career, I’ve never seen her happy Even Thanos laughs more than her in the second half But, Thanos is not even there in the second half Is it so? Yeah I better go and give her the file or else… Okay? I’m also changing my partner I’ve been paired up with that brainless Shivani Hi partner Hi Raghav Come here, listen to me I’m all ears I was thinking that… and you were thinking about… You wanna change your partner? Why? You need to understand this Raghav Ma’am Coffee? No, thank you See This is the problem Just because you don’t wanna have coffee, you’ll change your partner? Damn, Raghav! Why don’t you understand? See This is you and this is me Till the time they are poles apart Everything is perfect But when these two come closer to each other This is the problem I actually can’t resist when you are around Why does one have to resist? Why can’t we be like this.. always But what about the office policies? Colleagues can’t date Look, office policies keep changing Who follows them? People hide those things which are wrong Being with you is the only right thing I’ve done in my life You’re right But we are inviting unecessary risk on our end We have to take a risk someday Then why not now and you trust me, right? I trust you Trust me, I won’t let anything happen Are you sure? 100% sure! So we are not hiding it? Not anymore Guys! Have some cake Pooja & Punit have been transferred It’s their farewell cake Why? They were involved in a romantic relationship for 2 years The HR got to know, now one of them is in Nagaland and the other one in Jammu You know what the fun part is? Shammu was saying that there’s another secret relationship in the office Do you have any idea who it might be? Ankita got scared after the cake cutting ceremony knowing, she might be the next in line to cut the cake Out of fear, she said that no one cares about our love But then our hero said, no They do care about our love and this story will definitely get 100k likes Till the time this deal doesn’t get sealed We won’t release the next part So guys, do LIKE, SHARE , COMMENT SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT and be alright!

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Stop the car in front of that madam You are looking very pretty today I have always been pretty I am telling you, you got lucky with me. I am too good for you Listen I have a surprise gift for you What? That thing you’ve been wanting for the longest time What? Why should I tell you? You just leave office on time But tell me what is it NOOOO. I am not telling you anything It’s a surprise Okay listen, is it… It’s a surprise Hey listen, did Minal ask about me? No one asks about us why are you thinking about it I have this pure and pious facade going on, so no one is suspicious just chill Yeah that is there too, it’s been 4 months and no one knows But you have to leave office on time today done done You can stop the car here I’ll come up in 5 minutes Okay tell me what it is what are you doing here I will mail it to you Why does Nick keep staring at you I don’t know but I think he is staring at you not me Are you crazy? Tell me what the surprise is It is a surprise Will you just tell me If I tell you it’ll spoil all the fun I have to take a print-out Hello Sir Sir I have to leave at 5 pm today, my aunt has kept a prayer meeting at home for me to get married soon Yes leave early Plan a puja for the office as well Absolutely What do you want? Sir actually my doggy is keeping well, so I have to early WHAT? But you don’t have a dog My Granny My granny’s isn’t feeling well, so I have to take her to the hospital What happened to her? What time will you be leaving Are all the reports ready? Give me the reports before you leave Bloody asshole Listen, send the reports to the boss asap There is a prayer meeting at my place, I’ll get the offerings to work tomorrow Even you have a half day today Have you sent the reports to Sir? Send it fast Has he come? Bloody asshole