Inštalácia MS Office 2016 Pro Plus

Launch the web browser. Enter Click on “Služby/Services” and then on
“Pošta – prihlásenie do Office 365/Email and Services”. Log in to Office 365 using your credentials
as you can see in the video. On the top left corner click on “Office 365”. On the new page, click the top right “Install Office 2016”. The file will begin to download soon. Run the installation file. In the START MENU
find one of the MS Office applications,
for example MS Excel. To activate the licence
sign in with your Office 365 credentials
in the upper right corner. You have successfully installed and activated
Office 365 ProPlus.

Box Office – Birds of Prey, Mulan, Black Widow, Wonder Woman 1984

in the wake of birds of praise
box-office implosion there has been a very unfortunate take away from fans and
haters alike and that’s that men don’t want to see
female led action movies and that women alone aren’t a strong enough audience to
support blockbuster movies I think they’re coming from people just being
incredibly disappointed in having an emotional over response to birds of prey
failing and not looking at the obvious reasons that have failed and that also I
think people are trying to scare and guilt people into seeing in its second
weekend I see a lot of shady tactics for trying to get the birds of prey box
office numbers up but again I broke down birds of prey in my box office report
this week there’s a link down below in the video description as to why it
didn’t work out so many reasons but here we’re gonna talk about female led action
movies in general where they’ve you know you know why how they need to be
constructed to work and what’s gonna happen the rest of this year because
it’s a big year for female led blockbusters let’s hope all right so now
first glance you might think right that these statements are correct right
because birds of prey is the latest female action flick to underperform or
downright fail at the box office and it would seem to be part of a disturbing
disappointing trend if you were just looking at it from the surface or not
taking even a few seconds to think about it alright because it’s a very obvious
and honest answers to what the problem is and that’s these films may be all
made the exact same mistake and that they failed to have strong supporting
male characters now I’m sure that many of you are appalled by that statement
and furiously typing down below why should female lead films need to
cater to men well male led films have been doing that since the beginning of
Hollywood because no single demographic can deliver blockbuster sized box-office
women of course can’t deliver on their own a blockbuster because they’re just
simply aren’t enough of them just like only men can’t deliver a buck a strong
box of blockbuster box office either and on that note every
single major franchise has had strong female characters in each movie
even bond has this Vaughn girls yet that is beginning to seem dated to audiences
and has is having an impact on the box office and now as Hollywood tries to
flip the script and have female characters drive these movies you need
to flip the entire formula I don’t see how people don’t understand something
that’s so obvious you need to flip the entire formula and have strong
supporting roles for men so they feel included just as for again not just
decades since Hollywood began female supporting roles in the past
strong female supporting roles have made women feel included now flipping the
whole script the whole formula is why trailblazing female life franchises like
alien and Hunger Games worked they had strong male supporting characters
especially in the first two alien movies which were the most successful and then
more recently Wonder Woman Captain Marvel and even the new Star Wars
trilogy did the same very important there are of course exceptions to
everything and here you have Lord of the Rings which has almost no female
characters it was very successful ah that’s almost like a fantasy war movie
though so I think that kind of works for that reason and then also the recent
Joker film Joker really didn’t have strong female roles either even though
they did try to play up Zazi beats and his mother not really in the movie but I
think Joker transcended that because of the mythology and the mental illness and
its larger message you know in terms of it really resonated with a lot of people
across the globe we saw it multiple times Dobby helped push it into the
billion dollar club and then I’m with all women films right now the first sex
in the city was a pop culture moment so it did particularly well and then you
have Kill Bill which was generally well-received perhaps due to Quentin
Tarantino’s very strong male energy behind the camera even though he well
sometimes he appears on on screen but he has such a strong presence in his movies
no matter what even when he’s not on screen although I have to add Kill Bill
was very low at the box-office very very low like that was like before I think
people pay close attention to box-office as they do now and Kill Bill couldn’t
even get to a hundred million the century mark which is really a mark that
shows a movie has even done moderately well at the box
office domestically now as I said 2020 is supposed to be a big year for women
in front of and behind the camera when it comes to blockbuster films Ana’s
birds-of-prey kicks things off with a big disappointment many are wondering
and are fearful if the whole damn year is going to be that big of a bummer so
let’s take a look and remember this is a business and the best thing in Hollywood
can do for these female led movies is to have them be successes
alright so Mulan like birds of prey Mulan is expected to have a much smaller
debut than other entries in its same franchise and I’d like to point out that
both those films have very strong male and female characters and on that note
Mulan has made many of the same mistakes that birds-of-prey has made and while
the original animated film featured strong supporting male characters and
not just strong supporting male characters but big male energy and I’d
like to point out they did not overshadow Mulan but both li Shang and
wushu have been cut from the live-action movie now to be fair Donnie freakin Yin
is in this new movie he’s fantastic and he’s a huge superstar she still has a
love interest this time a fellow soldier the same level as her not not above her
like Shang was and then yowling and chin Poe also returned but none of them have
been played up in the trailers really only Donnie Yen has made kind of an
appearance the rest of them really not at all
the new love interest did get a poster to his credit he looks super cool but
you know Disney has already released the final trailer for this movie so maybe
they could do some TV spots to play these characters up so they don’t have
the same problems at the box office the birds of prey I had I don’t know why
they would hide these characters they’re so great now next up Black Widow this
film has strong male supporting characters in place creatively it did
the work but marketing wise it’s not doing the work right they have not
really advertised them at all sure Scarlett Johansson Florence Pugh and
Rachel Weitz all look very cool in this new movie but David Harbor is a fan
favorite and he’s been in the trailers but not as much as I think he should be
especially post birds-of-prey he is a fan favorite actor and he’s playing a
very cool and interest character russia’s version of captain
america i can’t believe they’re doing red sun first some degree a taskmaster
isn’t getting nearly the spotlight that he should despite intense interest from
the fan base now some of you think taskmaster is actually rachel whites but
it’s OT fag manly and he hasn’t been shown at the trailers at all even as the
other character he’s playing to kind of I think throw you off right he was a
Comic Con it’s not a secret that he’s in the movie why isn’t even put in the
trailers Ray Winstone and William Hurt are also in the film and they should be
played up as well Black Widow has probably at least one
more trailer left to go and hopefully they fix this marketing mistake it has a
bit of a cushion that it’s part of the MCU but you don’t want to be one of the
ant-man’s of the MCU right it would be an ant-man and the wasp you want sure
that Black Widow needs to be another Captain Marvel which means it needs to
get into a billion dollar club or at least pretty darn close Wonder Woman
1984 this movie is in excellent shape just as the first one was thanks to
Chris Pines Steve Trevor and patty Jenkins and Warner Brothers know how
important it is as they brought him back from the dead for the sequel my dad
loved Wonder Woman not just because of Galka doubt he thought she was wonderful
but he really liked Pines Steve Trevor he could really relate to him and after
that movie he in fact became a huge Chris Pine fan watch I am I am I am the
knight from Jenkins and pine pine starring it’s very very good and my
family watched it because my dad loves Chris Pine so much from that movie and
you know and we were rewarded as they said it’s very good but I do not
underestimate with Chris Pine brought to that first film and I what I believe
he’ll bring to the second as well pines Trevor is truly Wonder Woman’s Lois Lane
but even better as he gets to be in on the action and this dynamic make no
mistake about it is what helps Wonder Woman stay at the front of the pack
success wise Pedro Pascal is also in one room in 1984 but I think you can’t just
it would be very bad if they only up the only strong male character in the movie
was the villain because that’s the mistake birds of prey mate I think birds
of prey felt and had male representation but it wasn’t it made them all the bad
guys now Eternals I’m including this film because it has an indie female
director and many strong female characters
but as you can see from this cast lineup and has the kind of balanced cast that
would make Thanos proud right it’s perfectly balanced dissolve things
should be and we’re talking not just in terms of gender but also ethnicity and
as Feige has promised sexuality well see how the movie does but from a business
perspective it’s beautifully constructed and then finally one division o fans are
chomping at the bit for this Disney Plus series or Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda will
finally get to be front and center and her most iconic comic book story will
finally be adapted for the small screen will also seek Monica Rambeau all grown
up very also very well known Marvel character
well kat dennings returns to the MCU and kathryn hahn is going to be in the cast
and is rumored to be playing Agatha Harkness and immortal which cool
character but again Paul Bettany’s vision is also front and center he’s in
the freaking title well Randall Park also returns we haven’t gotten a full
trailer for that and I’m sure they will play up all of those characters Wanda
envisions twin boys are also set to debut wicked one of the most famous
LGBTQ characters in comics he has powers similar to his mother and that his twin
brother speed who of course takes after Wanda’s dear departed our departed
brother Pietro so it would seem I think that Milan isn’t going to similarly
underperform to birds of prey unless they can fix the optics on that because
it’s shame because it does seem to be in the film itself and of course the
relationship with her father I think that’s all really beautiful but they
they’re not playing up enough I think Black Widow is in some danger we’ll see
but I think wonderful in 1984 eternals and Waterman Wanda vision are all in
very good shape business-wise and I think you’re poised to do much better or
it just do well at all at the box office after birds of prey bombed so what do
you think share your thoughts down below subscribe today and of course as always
you can check out some more videos right now

Open Office with Patty Darling

Our faculty here, the Jazz faculty is
amazing. It’s an honor to be working with them and and getting a chance to share
these new ideas and find ways that we can inspire and help our students really
find their unique path here musically Hi, my name is Patty Darling and I am an
instructor of music here in the Jazz department at Lawrence. Not only do we do composition and piano here but this is also the home of the Fred Sturm of jazz
library. It is an absolute treasure of big band music, small group music that we use for performing and sight reading and score study. This rocket Sturminator
has been here as long as I can remember I think that’s a bottle of coke in the
top. So this right here was the concert we just did this fall which was so cool.
It’s it was a huge collaboration with the Jazz Ensemble and studio Orchestra
and then we brought in faculty from the jazz department and we put together a
110 piece Orchestra jazz orchestra and we fit them on stage
and it was absolutely amazing. Feel free to stop by anytime. See you later!

THE SCHOOL (The Office spoof) – ENG/PL subs

What do I like about the school? Lunch breaks. They’re so… relaxing! I like the fact that the rules are clear. Okay, the bell is for the tea- Here we go. I meet my friends and spend time with them. I like the school but sometimes I want to swap the roles. Stop running. Watch this! I like the exit doors. I like the discretion. Hey, did you bring it? I did, but shh! Hey guys, cheat sheets are here! No, those are not- Teacher speeches are cool! Thank you! You’re our hero! I’m not a hero. You know who’s a real hero? The Superman. That’s a real hero. He’s strong, good-looking and wise. That’s a REAL hero. Also Bono. We can always confide in our teacher. So Bartek stole my pencil and- I like my classmates’ attitude. Thank you all for being here. Let’s get started! Whoa, that’s a great attitude Szymon! Sorry, I was talking to these markers. There are a lot of interesting school competitions. That’s a great result, now Paweł! I don’t know but I think the knowledge is important. I really feel that the knowledge is important. I like Filip. Like in the Fortnite. You need to know where the drops are, what weapon should you choose and where your enemies go. I no longer like Filip. About the things I don’t like, well I don’t like when students become TOO involved… Okay, so who knows the answer? I don’t like misunderstandings. So that’s picture C. Great job, Julia! I don’t like boredom. Let’s change this! Can we sing a song about the school? HIGHWAY TO HELL! I’m on a… We have too much homework. Do this ONE sentence as your homework, ok? We should have more school trips. We want to go on a school trip again. Okay. To your left there is a fire extinguisher. Let’s go back. Lessons are too long. Okay, we have a lot to do for today. Okay. But after all… WE LIKE THE SCHOOL! Okay, you may begin.

Inside Identity with f5 Networks

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Sue. I’m here with Calvin. We’re here today to talk
about how Microsoft and F5 are working together and
using customer obsession to make great value and
benefits for our customers. How are you doing, Calvin? – I’m doing great. It’s a pleasure to be here. – Good, thank you. And thank you for the cup. – [Calvin] You’re welcome. – So tell me what these symbols are. – Well, it represents F5’s values or the behaviors that we’re
all supposed to follow. There are five of them. I’ll reference a couple of them, though, because we have them in common. – [Sue] Okay. – One is, you referenced it, it’s obsessing over customer need. You know, we’re in business
to delight our customers, provide value for them, if you will, and so obsessing over their
need is one of the things that you need to do to be able
to be successful with that. And one of the other behaviors is standing for diversity and inclusion. (playful instrumental music) – Let’s talk about being
in someone’s shoes. I think our, we have to walk
a mile in our customers’ shoes to know what they need.
– That’s for sure. – And we’ve been collaborating together, and I think the partnership is going well. Love the meetings we’re having and the things we’re talking about, and I think that really, like I said, came from customers telling us that they needed to have help. – That’s why we’re sitting here together. – Exactly, exactly.
– Yeah. – So we’re telling everyone
to go to the cloud, and they’re like, “We
can’t get there from here.” – [Calvin] That’s right. – Let’s slow down, let’s talk
about what we need to do, and lo and behold, F5
has a great solution. – That’s right, that’s right. You know, we need to meet
customers where and when and how and with what
they want to be met with and as it relates to
their access strategies, what they’re saying to us
– Certainly. – is, “Hey, look, I want
something that covers “all the bases, of course, I want it all, “and I want it to be easy.” Okay, great, can you be
a little more specific? “Well, I need access for my applications “that are in the cloud that are SASS apps, “but also, I have a lot of applications “that are still on-prem
in the Data Center. “Can you give us a solution
that encompasses all of that?” And working together,
that’s how we’re doing it. – Well, you know, you mentioned SaaS apps. I think that that’s an
area where, as Microsoft, we feel like customers are often confused, and they think of Azure Active Directory as just being for Microsoft products. – Right. – Like Office and Azure. And we really want them to understand that it’s also available
for all those SASS apps. So we’ve come up with
a new tagline for that in saying that it’s, our
solution is from Microsoft, not just for Microsoft. – [Calvin] That’s true. – And you help us then create that ability to have all apps under the protection of Azure Active Directory. – That’s right, that’s right, of course. They want access for their
SaaS apps, their cloud apps, but also for their, you
know, Oracle Business apps, maybe it’s J.D. Edwards, maybe it’s CIBL, maybe it’s PeopleSoft,
E-Business Suite or SAP HANA, or ERP applications, you
know, and so since F5 is ubiquitously on-prem, sitting
in front of applications of that build, adding our APM solution in concert with Azure Active Directory gives them that full
suite of access capability they’re looking for.
– Exactly. – Yeah.
– Yeah, that’s great. (playful instrumental music) – Of course we obsess over customer need. You know, everybody has a different way of getting this feedback,
this diversity of perspective from the marketplace. So F5, of course our primary
source of customer feedback is through our field. They are the primary
advocates for our customer. They come back to headquarters
and advocate on their behalf as it relates to the sort of
innovation they’re looking for for us to be able to lean
in on their success more. But we have found that we
need to widen the aperture, if you will. And so we’ve created this
bespoke experience for customers, from all geos, of all different sizes, different implementation constructs, different technology needs, if you will. And we bring them to
Seattle, F5 headquarters, for a three-week event we call Aspire. We aspire to do a better job
of satisfying their needs. And so we bring them in for
this bespoke experience, and we get their unique perspective. We hear their voice in a unique way. And so we get a better, a
more diverse perspective, if you will. – Sure, sure, like one of
the things my team does is works, you know, our
job is to cut the distance between engineering and our customers so we can operate at cloud speed. One of the things that we do is what we call Customer Onsites. It sounds a little bit
like your Aspire events. And what we do is we
bring customers together, and we’ve done this now for four years, about every six months. And we create this agenda,
and we have the ability for customers to hear what’s coming. And we learned over time that
it felt like we were just in “tell mode” too much and
not in “listen mode” enough. – Yeah. – And then when customers
started talking more, they started to tell us how
much they really enjoyed hearing from each other. Then we got to the
point where they started bringing their own case studies,
and so most of the agenda, about three-fourths of
the agenda is actually customers talking rather than us talking. And even our latest iteration, what we do is we actually
ask the customers for what they want the agenda to be. So they actually drive what it is we’re gonna be talking about. And we’re finding that those events are just amazingly valuable for us. It energizes the team to understand what customers are really doing. And as, like you said,
the customers feel heard. And they feel like they
get more value than that, than even say in an industry conference or even our own Ignite, because
they have that immersion and an ability to really go deep, and then for us to really
understand their scenarios. – And regarding listening in in Aspire, something that we have learned
that is super valuable is you can’t just listen to
seek feedback from your fans. It’s as important, more
important, to get feedback from folks that are less happy with you. Maybe they’re not your fan, not as aware of your
solutions as possible. They bring a unique perspective
to the table as well. – We do the same. We have people, we have
in-product feedback, and we see whether
people are dissatisfied. And we get an opportunity to talk to them, and we give them an opportunity to really tell us what’s missing, tell us what they need more of. – Right. – And hopefully move
them from being someone who’s dissatisfied, of course, to someone who’s satisfied.
– You want to reward their bad news.
– Yes. – It’s not what I wanted to hear, but it’s what I needed to hear. – Absolutely.
– You know, so thank you. – Absolutely. (playful instrumental music) So the solution that we have is secure, which is paramount for CISOs. – Baseline. – But then you have the users
who have to have something that’s easy.
– Right. – So if it’s not easy, then
they’ll try to go around it. We all know that. So we have to have security
balanced by user experience. So can you tell me a little bit, how does that turn out in your hallways? – Sure. Well, you know, so starting
out what got us here. Customers were looking
for modern authentication. SSLO, multi-factoral authentication, conditional access, et cetera. And so we have the technology
today to make that possible. Okay, so now, customers
are taking advantage of it. What feedback are we
getting from them now? Well, okay, this is great. Thank you, Microsoft, thank you F5. Now we’re looking for an easier
implementation experience because, you know, our
application portfolio’s only gonna grow. You know, my users have
this sensational appetite for more and more application, which increases my attack surface. And so can you make this as
easy as possible to deploy? And so working in concert
(clapping) with Microsoft, you are informing our customers, and you are informing our roadmap for working on simpler
implementation scenarios. Call it an easy button if you will. – Yeah, well that thing about the roadmap, that’s like basically our
customers are building the roadmap for us.
– Right, sure. – And so that makes it
much easier for us to know that when we build it, it will be used. – Right. One of the primary on-premise applications that we are highly likely
to find our customers wanting us to provide access for, let’s provide easy
configuration out of the box for those applications. And so that’s what we’re striving to do. – Yeah. And Satya coming in and
telling us and reminding us that we ought to be partner-led, always, that that was in our beginnings,
and that’s still our ethos, I think that’s really
given us the wake-up call to really be a good partner. And we’re really, really
serious about doing that. (upbeat instrumental music) So we’ve been talking about
how we’ve been listening to customers, and now
let’s talk a little bit about how are we listening
to our employees? What are we doing to make sure
that their voices are heard? – Super important, it’s super important because if we’re gonna get the most informed portfolio of insight, it’s overwhelmingly gonna
come from our employees. Yes, we’re talking directly to customers, but our employees are our
advocates, our informers, if you will.
– Yeah. – [Calvin] So we have to do that. – Well, if you want to create a solution for a diverse world, it’s best if it comes from a diverse team. – True, that’s right, and then we don’t have any blind spots. – Yeah.
– Right? And so you have to take
very specific actions. This has been my experience, if you will, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. You have to be deliberate in your actions to make sure that other voices are heard, that people feel comfortable speaking up, that they feel included,
because when they feel included, they just give that much more. They lean in on the
project that much more. The data’s indisputable. We know this now from social science. – So that reminds me of one
of the things we’re doing now at Microsoft are values conversations. And that’s really a
way for us to make sure that respect, integrity,
and accountability are a part of everything we do. And it’s really exciting to see. People really respond to that ability to see what they can do
better, or what are we like when we’re at our best, what are we like when we’re not at our best, in order to make the
environment just more, giving everyone a better
sense of belonging. (playful instrumental music) – So we’re talking quite
a bit about the values and the practice of making
people feel included to get a diversity of opinion. What are some specific
actions people can take? What sort of things
have you seen that work, or what sort of experiences have you had on the other side of it? – Oh, you know what they say, you don’t always remember what was said, but you remember how they feel? – [Calvin] Yes. – Just even yesterday I was in a meeting around a conference room table. Everyone was introducing each other. I was in between two men. And I was skipped. And I was thinking, “Seriously,
in this day and age?” So you know, it’s still happening. And I’m sure it was not intentional, and that’s the notion of unconscious bias. – Right. – But it does happen. But what to do about it? I think, I’ve always
said start with yourself. I know that I do those same things. And so it’s really
important to become aware when something happens, think about how you
could do it differently. And if it is really egregious, speak up and say
something to someone else. Or I think there’s
another, even a third one, which is help someone else
when something happens to them. And that’s what we call allyship. So it’s the ability to
see something that happens and then, or even to prevent
something from happening, be a person who can advocate for someone, make sure that, you know, call on them, make sure that they are being
able to be contributing, invited to the right
meetings, all of those things that help that person
have a seat at the table. – So model the right behavior, but then also specifically have
a positive impact on people. – Yes, yes. (upbeat instrumental music) I’m a voracious reader. I’ve most recently been reading this book, it’s called “The Four
Paws of Spiritual Success” by David Michie, and it’s
actually how to apply the Buddhism concepts to daily life. – Okay. – You know, you can be
any religion, really, and apply these concepts of good living. And so I was a first reader. I actually had a chance
to get an early copy, and I wrote my first review on Amazon. So I’m in print, I feel
kind of like Navin Johnson in “The Jerk.”
(both laughing) – Free publicity. – That’s right, that’s right. So anyway, what are you reading these days besides newspapers? – Business book that I read
recently, not once, but twice, was Geoffrey Moore’s “Zone to Win,” the principles of which
we’re using at F5, actually. – So I’m familiar with
his “Crossing the Chasm.” So this is new print. So tell me about it. – Well, the point, the
middle level with the time that we’ve got here is
companies historically miss horizon two and horizon
three opportunities because they run the entire business in what Geoffrey would
call the performance zone. And so you invest behind revenue. And so in that kind of environment, you starve incubation
opportunities for horizon two and horizon three from the
blood and oxygen that you need to get launch velocity, if you will. – So tell me, what we’re doing together, where does that fit in this model? – Well, actually, I would argue, and I think Geoffrey would agree, that my customer at F5 is
our security business unit who owns the APM on BIG- IP solution. And so this is an integration
that will help them satisfy their business goals in 2020. However, Geoffrey would say every zone has its own quadrants, if you will, and so we are incubating. This is an incubation zone
within the performance zone of taking a solution
as a result of feedback from a few forward-leaning
customers for the benefit of the rest of our customers, and we will be graduated
into common implementation scenarios for the rest of the customers. But maybe you would say
now, going back to another Geoffrey Moore book, we’ve
got to get ’em across a chasm. – Oh, absolutely. It’s really been a pleasure
talking to you today. – Likewise. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. I’m looking forward to
continuing to drive innovation for our customers. – Excellent. Sounds great. (upbeat instrumental music)

Fix Office Apps not being read by screen reader | Excel | Word | Power Point | Microsoft

Hi, I’m Chitra with Microsoft Accessibility
Team, and today, I’m here to tell you what
to do if you’re using an assistive technology
like JAWS or MBDA, and noticing that
some Office applications are not being read by
assistive technologies. If you’re having this issue, you may need to repair Office. Before you contact disability
incidents for for support, please try the following steps. To launch Narrator, press
control+windows+enter. Starting Narrator. Now press Windows+X and select Apps and Features
to open settings,. Context. Apps and Features. Android Settings. Settings.
Allow Apps from Anywhere. Now that I’m under
Apps and Features, I’m going to tap down to
the search field here. Map. Search Box. Search
this list. Editing. And once I’m in the edit field, I’m going to search for
My Office Installation,. I-C-R-O-S-O-F-T,
Microsoft O-F-F-I-C-E. In the search results
that appears, I’m going to select
Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. And I’m going to select the Modify button
using my tab key. Modify button. Enter User Account Control. When the user can
control pops up, it’s going to ask you, “Do you want to allow
this app to make any changes to your device?” I’m going to select Yes. Yes button. Settings, Open. How would you like to
repair your office programs? Repair button. When it’s prompting
to select the type of Office repair,
choose online repair. Online repair. Radio button. Pair button. And to confirm
repair, select Repair. Enter. Ready to start
an online repair. Repair button and Desk Top One. Repairing Office pane. The repair hold on
in the background and you may still continue
to use Office applications. Office will let you know when the repair is
complete and all you have to do is select Close. If this doesn’t
resolve your issue, you will need to repair
your assistive technology. Check out a video
on repairing JAWS. If you’re not a JAWS user, contact your
assistive technology manufacturer for
additional help. If you enjoyed this video, please select the like button and subscribe to our channel for more videos related to
the assistive technology. Microsoft Logo in high contrast. Logo in Braille. Logo
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Office Romance | Elephant in the Office | EP 5

Office romance ohohoho juicy but most times taboo it should be no surprise that co-workers can develop feelings for one another given how much time you spend at work office romance is often viewed negatively because it might lead to conflicts of interest as well as other issues At best, you are this month’s tea At worst, you may need to switch jobs However, there are ways to handle an office relationship professionally Just ask Bill and Melinda Gates Okay, just kidding If you are starting a relationship with a co-worker, or you are already in one, or you just want to be “kepoh”, here are some things to consider: It’s important to know how your management feels about office romance Some companies require you to inform HR or your manager if you’re in an office relationship This is to create transparency and help others manage the situation accordingly Unfortunately, some companies have strict rules against office romance Once you have determined your company’s stance you should ask yourself if it’s truly worth it Which brings us to point number two You can’t really know if a relationship is going to work out Life is uncertain that way But that doesn’t mean we cannot assess if this is it Ask yourself hard questions Is this relationship budding from multiple late-night work sessions? Sharing the same frustrations about your clients? Or, do you actually have a connection beyond the office? Ask yourself these questions before moving on to the next point. If you have decided to be in a relationship keep a professional distance and be mindful of your interactions with each other PDA or public displays of affection may look unprofessional Moreover, it could make others in the office uncomfortable and affect workplace dynamics Don’t let your relationship distract you from work or affect your decision-making People may still gossip but at least you are keeping it professional Every relationship has disagreements and arguments However, try not to bring your personal issues into the workplace It’s not easy when you share the same office but try to keep things professional and address your personal issues after hours So, before you dive into an office romance remember the points above Always be professional and honest with yourself, your partner and your colleagues Some relationships don’t work out Usually, we just need some time to heal But if office romance becomes a serious issue you might want to think about whether it’s worth staying in your current workplace And of course, no matter where you are we hope your romance will blossom As you grow together may your careers grow too Thanks for tuning in to Elephant in the Office Happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate And we will see you in the next episode